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Moodievision: 50 Shades Of Fluff

Posted on June 24, 2015 by

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  1. 24 06 15 13:17

    Moodievision: 50 Shades Of Fluff | Speymouth

60 to “Moodievision: 50 Shades Of Fluff”

  1. blackhack says:

    Please sir, can we have some more…??

    Naw, eff aff…….

  2. Doug Daniel says:

    “Ye nivver used the last Granny Smiths ye bought, nutjob!”


  3. Joemcg says:

    Ha Ha Ha! great! Murray has got the fizzog and belly for a pub bouncer right enough! Where did Mundell get that fluffy nickname from? Always wondered.

  4. gillie says:

    Excellent and painfully true.

  5. No no no...Yes says:

    Superb. Mundell and Murray, Scotland’s version of Dumb and Dumber. Moodie has caught the sneer of Murray perfectly.

  6. MajorBloodnok says:

    Oi, that’s Murray, my duly elected representative you’re insulting. On the other hand, he’s just a wee nyaff that deserves it. #vile

  7. No no no...Yes says:

    Joemcg 12:10pm. Alex Salmond used the term”Fluffy” at an SNP dinner.

    Can’t remember how to do the You Tube link without breaking Wings and getting a row from the Rev, but if you type “Wee Eck and Fluffy” in google, it’s the first result. It lasts for 24 minutes and shows Alex at his best, enjoy.

  8. Strak1314 says:

    Just me or does Stuart look like Clark Kent?

  9. Joemcg says:

    This begs the question who in their right mind voted for that wee dick Murray? It truly is astonishing that this is his SECOND term.

  10. Joemcg says:

    Thanks no no no. Will check it out.

  11. heedtracker says:

    Fluffy’s the last king of Scotland and Ian Murray’s a rather disturbing lad too. Jakey Bird’s BBC tour of his Edinburgh SLabour constituency’s £1.5+ million Victorian villas and mansions was a total freak out this week, who knew so many Embro lefty SLab types were loaded.

  12. Bob Mack says:

    Prior to the referendum the mantra was out of the film Carry on up the Khyber.As Bernard Breslaw said to Terry Scott in the harem “deny yourselves–nothing”.
    Well the honeymoon is over and the mantra is now “you will have nothing”
    All we can do now is “Carry on screaming”.
    Infamy ,infamy they’ve all got it in for me.

  13. jakedm says:

    Brilliant 🙂

    Well it’s closer to the truth than anything so far!


  14. Luigi says:

    Joemcg says:

    24 June, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    This begs the question who in their right mind voted for that wee dick Murray? It truly is astonishing that this is his SECOND term.

    He most certainly benefited from tactical voting by the blue rinse, fur coat brigade of Morningside (aka nasty old tory unionist wrinklies). Once widespread around the “well to do” parts of Scotland, they are thankfully a dying breed. Imagine them voting Labour :>

  15. TheItalianJob says:

    @Joemcg at 12.34pm

    Often thought the same myself but anything to keep the SNP out in that part of Union Scotland succeeded.

    He is a terrible representative forb an MP but there you go. Thr folks in that part of Edinburgh voted for him.

  16. ScotCat2015 says:

    Rev, apologies for going OT, but there is yet another abysmal and utterly hypocritical article in the Daily Heil trying to link alleged ‘Vile Cybernat Trolling’ with Nicola Sturgeon (yawn).

    However, the follow on whine from the ex-MP for Glasgow East (that felt soooooo good to type…) seems to accuse this site of something which I’m not sure it ever actually said (may have been said in a comment, not sure if that is covered…?) and I thought you might want to take a look.

    Sorry, not sure how to create a link to an archive version.


  17. fletch49er says:

    24 June, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    This begs the question who in their right mind voted for that wee dick Murray? It truly is astonishing that this is his SECOND term.

    and a little help from the MSM as the dished in the SNP candidate with rather skewed (I’ll not use ‘false’ as I’m being nice) accusations

  18. Scott Borthwick says:

    Heedtracker, Luigi. Edinburgh South does indeed encompass Morningside, but remember the population density in the big hooses is far less than the many retirement flats, tenements etc.

    Remember also that Edinburgh South also encompasses Slateford, Veiwforth, Liberton, the Inch and other relatively high population density areas which would not be considered naturally Conservative.

    Part of the

  19. Lesley-Anne says:

    As always Greg hits the unionists where it hurts. 😀

    No doubt this has been linked to before but I feel we can never put up enough links to this particular call for help in this fund raiser.

    Lindsay Jarrett desreves every last penny found down the back of our sofa’s and so much more besides. If there was anyone in 21st Century Scotland who desreved Scotland’s highest honour for what they have done in the name of Scottish independence it is Lindsay. To suffer the agonising debilitating illness that she does but still to have been able to climbe Edinburgh Castle during the referendum to plant that amazing YES sign makes he the ultimate heroine in my book! 😀

  20. Scott Borthwick says:

    Joemcg, Heedtracker, Luigi, TheItalianJob.

    Please note that the population density in larger houses in South Edinburgh is far less than the many retirement flats and tenements. It’s easy to cast aspersions, but remember South Edinburgh also encompasses Veiwforth, Slateford, student central Newington, Liberton and the Inch. None of them would seem to be natural Conservative areas. These areas would far outweigh the population in the larger houses in Morningside, the Grange, Blackett etc.

    Murray won for two reasons: he fought a dirty campaign against Neil Hay (who was ultimately hung out to dry by Nicola), and he has a strong local reputation, mainly because he has (rightly or wronlgy) taken most of the credit for saving Hearts FC.

    There may have been some tactical voting, but I doubt that was enough to swing it.

    He is a nasty piece of work though, and he seems to be relishing the opportunity to put the boot in, as Greg Moodied and his team have expertly satirised.

  21. Charles Edward says:

    The ongoing adventures of Fluff – man and his trusty sidekick Lint – boy, coming to a navel near you.

  22. Dal Riata says:

    Ian Murray Ha Ha Ha (referencing Roddy Doyle).

    Perfect portrayal of Murray by Moodie and co. He showed his pure naffness when being interviewed by Glen Campbell on BBC Scotland just after his win in the General Election was confirmed, all huffy and snarling.

    The fact that Murray, from Wester Hailes, one of Edinburgh’s poorest areas, is now the Labour MP for some of Edinburgh’s most salubrious neighborhoods such as Merchiston, Morningside and the Grange never fails to amaze: Labour’s last man standing in Scotland representing one of the richest areas of Scotland.

    An absolutely shameful state of affairs for Labour, “the champions of the working-class”.

    Still, absolute comedy gold for those, myself included, who despise Labour for selling out Scotland on behalf of the Tories and wilfully denying us our independence.

  23. @Joemcg
    I think Murray was helped by Scotland`s largest immigrant population, in Morningside and the Grange who still hold an allegiance to their country of birth.

  24. Luigi says:

    Joemcg, Heedtracker, Scott Bothwick:

    RE: Ian Murray;s election.

    Edinburgh South is indeed a mixed bag, and undoubtably several factors came into play, the most important IMO being a combination of the tactical vote (Morningside unionists)and a sustained MSM attack on the SNP candidate. Together, they were able to withstand the SNP tsunami.

    On the tactical side, it is interesting that the Tory vote fell by 4% and the Labour vote increased by 4% (did it increase anywhere else in Scotland?). Possibly a coincidence, possibly not! 🙂

  25. Dal Riata says:

    Sorry, a wee bit early for an O/T. Hopefully, it’ll pass!

    Just when you think the (Scottish) Daily Mail cannot fall further into the Marianas Trench-deep gutter of UK mainstream media, lo and behold, down they go again…

    Today’s edition has a three-page hate-fest on another of their favourite subjects… [20-second scary music introduction]… [deep intake of breath]… Shock! Horror!…”cybernats”.

    Front page headline, taking up a third of the page space: “FIRST MINISTER’S LINKS WITH VILE CYBERNAT TROLLS”. Pages four and five consist of some concocted lie/smear about Sturgeon not “controlling” ‘her’ “cybernat army”… Ha-Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    And there on page five is the piece de resistance… An article by Margaret Curran…! entitled, “CESSPIT OF UGLY VICIOUS, SEXIST ABUSE”… Yes, really! It is, as you can guess, pure comedy gold!

    Their comment section then has their opinion: “Time to shun the cybernats”, which is, of course, yet more comedy gold!

    The Scottish Daily Mail – hating Scotland so you don’t have to.

  26. Les Wilson says:

    Soooo near the truth. We get nothing! Well, that’s how Westminster works right? I really dislike Mundell and Murray.

  27. muttley79 says:

    @Scott Borthwick

    Nicola Sturgeon had no real choice but to hang Neil Hay out to dry imo. If she had defended him to any extent then the MSM would have turned the story on her and the SNP, and it would have caused much more difficulty for the party in general. Even with the smears and misrepresentation, Murray only won by around 2500 votes, and is now dependent on Morningside Tories. Better to lose a seat where the SNP was up against it anyway than probably cause more loses elsewhere.

  28. Joemcg says:

    Scot F. Good yin! Lol!

  29. Lesley-Anne says:

    Joemcg says:

    Where did Mundell get that fluffy nickname from? Always wondered.

    I seem to recall hearing that Fluffy said that was a name he himself created … I may wrong however. 😉

    No no no…Yes says:

    Joemcg 12:10pm. Alex Salmond used the term”Fluffy” at an SNP dinner.

    Here’s the link guys.

    No no no, when you want to put up a link to a You Tube video copy and paste the link onto here but make sure you remove the http:// part of the link before posting your comment.

  30. Scott Borthwick says:

    Luigi says: On the tactical side, it is interesting that the Tory vote fell by 4% and the Labour vote increased by 4% (did it increase anywhere else in Scotland?). Possibly a coincidence, possibly not!

    Probably a coincidence. Lib Dem vote share fell over 30%. Those 13,000 votes also had to go somewhere. Many will have gone to SNP and Green, who also had a pretty good showing. Some will have inevitably gone to Murray though.

    Also, UKIP, standing for the first time in the constituency, captured 1.2% of the vote. I’m guessing that’s the place to start looking for some of the missing Tory votes.

  31. Bob Mack says:

    Liars, character assassins, deceivers, selective hypocrites, ("Tractor" - Ed)s,odious vile insinuations without proof.
    Cybernats ?
    No —that is the mass media I am describing.

  32. Joemcg says:

    Poor Neil Hay, collateral damage for tweeting links to other websites and a pretty tame comment. Murray benefits. You can take the boy out of wester hailes…..

  33. Luigi says:

    Just out of curiosity – did Labour increase their vote share in any Scottish constituency on May 7th, apart from Edinburgh South?

  34. Scott Borthwick says:

    Muttley79. I’ve no doubt that’s the case. The MSM were trolling Nicola and daring her to rise to it. It’s just very sad that, desperate though they were to create a permalink between the SNP and the ‘cybernats’, the Neil Hay stuff was the worst they could find.

  35. Ken500 says:


    Who elected Curtice and Tompkins?

  36. Dal Riata says:

    Re Margaret Curran’s article in the Scottish Daily Mail entitled, “CESSPIT OF UGLY VICIOUS, SEXIST ABUSE”. Yes, *that* Margaret Curran, ex Labour MP writing for the Daily Mail, the fascistic far-right propaganda voice of the British Establishment…

    Some choice excerpts from just the first third of an amazing diatribe:

    “… following Labour’s defeat in Scotland, I’ve had a bit more time on my hands to reflect on the debate we had in Scotland.”

    …”What concerns me… the sustained campaign of attack launched on me and people like me. An innocuous photograph of me campaigning would be met with accusations that I was covering up child abuse. A tweet that I was visiting a local Asda made some think I was a Labour sellout.”

    …”My husband was furious when Wings Over Scotland – with more than 40,000 followers – said I should only be believed when my tongue had been ‘cut from my cold, dead mouth’.

    …”Another man told me”… [blah, blah, bad words, poor me, and I was working so hard, too, blah]… “Facts didn’t matter; he just wanted to abuse a Labour politician.”

    …”But the most depressing thing of all was the deep sexism I and other women experienced.”

    …”At the core of this is the right of women to speak out… without being bullied harassed or intimidated.”

    No pulling of punches there from Curran and the Daily Mail in their accusations against those who opposed Scottish Labour, their policies and their Scottish parliamentary representatives: viciousness, ugliness, vilification, offensiveness, abusiveness, sexism, misogyny…

    And breath… Phew!

    And there’s more. Much more!

    Oh, and, Hi there Mags! [waves]. And we love you too!

  37. schrodingers cat says:


    disappointing for the borderes who have fluffy as an mp, but as an object of ridicule and dislike in scotland, im not sure if he is a hinderence or a gift.

    as for his union jack suited side kick, he is an image the labour party would be happy to avoid at the moment.

    had we won 55 or 57 mps, im not sure the narrative would be any different, either way carmichael has shot himself in the foot and wont be fronting anything bar his leagal team any time soon

  38. Dave Robb says:

    We were at Ingliston for “Any Questions”. A large coterie of posh accented Barbour types of both sexes were doing the usual private chat in over-loud voices in the centre of the room before it got under way.

    A key boast was how they had been forced to vote tactically for that horrible little Labour man in order to stop the SNP, and lamenting how Labour had let them down by not reciprocating – no mention of 7,000 Labour votes saving Mundell.

    Another theme was “Poor John – such a good man”, and why hadn’t Labour done the decent thing to stop the SNP, and help to elect another Tory.

    My wife started talking very loudly to me about what a great guy Calum Kerr is, and wasn’t good to have someone elected to represent Scotland, and not the bankers and rich tax-avoiders. Cue laser glares.

    Utterley pointless, doesn’t change a thing, but it felt good.

  39. Morag says:

    Oi, that’s Mundell, my duly elected representative you’re insulting….

    OK, carry on.

  40. Valerie says:

    Thanks Greg and team!

    I always thought Fluffy referred to the Weetabix hair atop Mundells napper?

    Anyone who watched Murray on election night will agree this toon captures his sweaty, angry, snarky demeanour perfectly.

  41. Andy-B says:

    Brilliant you’ve found a new star (whipping boy) in Murray, he’ll replace Murphy, Labour are a deep pool,of talentless individuals, but they make great, comical characters.

  42. Tinto Chiel says:

    Whenever I hear Fluffy Mun’ell’s name, a picture comes into my head of a shifty, sweaty little man in an oversized pith helmet, waving his veto about.

    It’s great living in The Last Colony, isn’t it?

  43. Robert Louis says:

    Regarding Ian Murray, the depiction by greg Moodie is cuttingly accurate. Those morningsiders just love his union jack suit (aye, it’s real).

    In the run up to the general election, not only was Neil Hay (the SNP guy) smeared with what were actual lies in the media, but some of the biggest poshest mansions (£1million+) of morningside had Ian Murray banners in their windows. It spoke volumes about what had become of the Labour party.

    Meanwhile, don’t forget, a certain Mr.Darling lives in the constituency, and may well have pressed his millionaire friends locally to vote for Murray.

  44. No no no...Yes says:

    Lesley-Anne 2:17pm. Thanks for that. Is the http bit is added after the post as it appears in your post?

  45. Stuart Hosie looks a lot like the fragrant John McTernan. Come to think about it, I don’t recall ever seeing them together…

  46. Lesley-Anne says:

    No no no…Yes says:

    Lesley-Anne 2:17pm. Thanks for that. Is the http bit is added after the post as it appears in your post?

    Yes it is No no no. The magical workings of the site automatically adds the http:// bit to any You Tube piece you link to.

    Funnily enough you can leave the http part attached to any other links apparently it’s just the You Tube ones I think you have to remove it. 😉

  47. galamcennalath says:

    Westminster, the Parliament which like to say No, No, No.

  48. Robert Peffers says:

    @Strak1314 says: 24 June, 2015 at 12:33 pm:

    “Just me or does Stuart look like Clark Kent?”

    Naw! Stuarts mair like, “Weel Kent”, these days, Strak1314.

  49. Robert Peffers says:

    @heedtracker says: 24 June, 2015 at 12:40 pm:

    “who knew so many Embro lefty SLab types were loaded.”

    Aye! An maist o thaim ower lazy tae gan oot tae vote so jist hud a posral vote.(Ahem!).

  50. Craig says:

    I can’t even laugh at this…’s too depressing as it’s true, teh attitude towards Scotland

    Too stupid, Too wee, incapable of looking after yourselves, you will only waste the money that is rightfully Westminster’s.

    We huv been telt, we should know our place and it sure as hell ain’t at the dinner table but on the floor as a wee pet dug looking for scraps to keep us going.

  51. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dal Riata says: 24 June, 2015 at 2:50 pm:

    “Re Margaret Curran’s article in the Scottish Daily Mail entitled, “CESSPIT OF UGLY VICIOUS, SEXIST ABUSE”. “

    Just ignore the ignorant woman. Remember this was the total idiot that proclaimed to the entire World”, That if the Scots Gained independence they would not be British anymore”.

    Can you imagine any other educated person coming out with such idiocy? Did the silly woman imagine Scotland was going to detach itself from the rest of Britain and sail off across the North Sea or Atlantic Ocean, (depending upon which way the wind was blowing that day)?

  52. Robert Louis says:

    I’m just waiting for Mundell, who is the very epitome of the descriptor ‘promoted above his abilities’, losing the rag in Westminster one day, and loudly shouting ‘No surrender’.

    Smith is dead, the vow has been broken, Westminster yet again showing itself for what it is, and its scant regard for Scotland.

    It seems the unionists just can’t help themselves, constantly trying to snipe the Scots, then wondering why we want another independence referendum. It is really rather odd, when you think about it.

  53. Robert Peffers says:

    @Tinto Chiel says: 24 June, 2015 at 4:16 pm:

    “Whenever I hear Fluffy Mun’ell’s name, a picture comes into my head of a shifty, sweaty little man in an oversized pith helmet, waving his veto about.”

    My late wife once bought a terracotta pottery Garden Gnome. I kid you not that it was the image of , “Noddy”, Mundell. However, I didn’t give it much care and, being unglazed pottery, it froze one bad Winter and shattered into a thousand bits.

    I used to hold my breath when Fluffy used to sit on the front benches in the commons nodding like the TV cartoon character always hoping it was cold enough in the Commons to freeze the Noddy character.

  54. Chitterinlicht says:

    That is a very good Ian Murray.

    Well done


  55. Rock says:


    “Who elected Curtice and Tompkins?”

    Pravda GB did, with their licence fee block vote.

  56. HandandShrimp says:

    The Murray and Mundell show 🙂

    I think it captures them both beautifully.

  57. @Tinto Chiel 4.16pm

    “Whenever I hear Fluffy Mun’ell’s name, a picture comes into my head of a shifty, sweaty little man in an oversized pith helmet, waving his veto about”.

    I immediately thought of Gunner ‘Lofty’ from `It Ain’t Half Hot Mum`,I think Greg Moodie could use the similarity in his cartoons.

  58. Another Union Dividend says:

    Robert Louis says:

    The reason Union Jacket Ian Murray won was down to his gutter tactics aided and abetted by the Daily Mail and other anti SNP media.

    Apart from Tory tactical voting the constituency has a huge number of non Scottish students and academics to whom the “Quisling” claims struck a chord plus alleged attacks on the elderly.

    After the Ashcroft poll showed Murray trailing by 3%, Labour gave up on the other seats in Edinburgh and poured volunteers into Edinburgh South.

    Murray also had declared expenditure of over £36,000 which is probably the highest in the whole of Scotland.

  59. G4jeepers says:

    Best yet and so true.
    Somebody’s never gonnae live that jaiket doon 😀

    Well done Greg Moodie!

  60. JebToothbrush says:

    Doe anyone think that this isn’t funny? Perhaps, looking for the jokes but not quite able to reach them? No, it’s satire and therefore automatically funny.

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