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Message received, not understood

Posted on May 28, 2019 by

While we’re on the subject of Unionists not listening:

At the Tories’ request, Scotland did indeed send Nicola Sturgeon a message:

We’re not sure they heard it, though. Because this was them today:

What do you think it’ll take to get it through, readers?

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    1. 28 05 19 18:56

      Message received, not understood | speymouth

    102 to “Message received, not understood”

    1. What will it take to get through to the Honorary Colonel? What about a point blank blast from her little tank?

    2. TJenny says:


    3. Orri says:

      Message received and understood. A vote for the Ruthettes is the only one that opposes a second referendum. So Scotland rejected that rejection. And a vote for the SNP is one way of voting for independence.

      We heard her. We gave her our answer.

    4. What will it take to get through to Colonel Ruth? Maybe a point blank blast from her little tank would shake a few brain cells about. Enough for them to read simple graphs and tables.

    5. Welsh Sion says:

      My wife works in Audiology.

      Her prognosis? Ruth (and her Party) are beyond hope.

    6. handclapping says:

      Only in their parallel world did we listen and agree. IRL not so much

    7. Sorry I thought I had lost my first post. Damn this modern technology. Doesn’t happen with my trusty quill.

    8. Col says:

      Just keep posting when she said they wouldn’t stand in the way of a referendum if that’s what Scots voted for. Show her up for the anti Scottish and anti democratic hypocrit she is. Let’s finish her abysmal career as a politician sooner rather than later along with Leonard the dullard.

    9. Winifred McCartney says:

      Remember you have to get through a brass neck no listening skills and only two sentences known ‘no referendum’ and ‘no surrender’ and her BBC friends don’t ask her any hard question or interrupt or she would have a wobbly or just walk away or go AWOL her pals will never doorstep her. They just keep all that for SNP.

    10. Auld Rock says:

      I never like to mock the inflicted but I must break my golden rule and ask her, “Are you blind as well as deaf ya numptie.”

    11. Breeks says:

      If Ruthie doesn’t want to respect the principles of democracy, then throw her out of Scotland’s democratic parliament and have a by-election to replace her with someone who does.

      The referendum she wants to bar is literally the Democratic expression of choice by the actual people she’s meant to be serving.

      I’ve got a message for you Davidson. Keep your sticky fingers off Scotland’s democracy, you damned Tory. It doesn’t belong to you, you fatuous, arrogant gobshite.

    12. Auld Rock says:

      Sorry spelling error, substitute ‘afflicted’ in place of ‘inflicted’.

      Auld Rock

    13. Graeme J McAllan says:

      To avoid any confusion, a 21% drop in votes is clearly a victory in Ruthyville 😉

    14. Peter Macbeastie says:


      What colour is the sky on Ruth Davidson’s home planet?

      I mean seriously, that’s a special kind of not picking up on the omens, isn’t it? You’ve just trailed in a very, very long way behind the party you specifically targeted in all your amusing election propaganda, and you STILL think the same ‘no referendums’ (haven’t these balloons heard the plural of referendum isn’t referendums anyway?) shite that failed to make any impact whatsoever is the right tactic.

      What did the SNP do? I mean, they must have made a deal with the Devil or something, because no one is ever as lucky as this.

      Imagine all your opponents being utterly shite at the same time.

      Deal with the Devil, Lady Luck is a personal mate of Nicola Sturgeon, or something of a similar level, I think.

      Let’s not moan, though. Never interrupt your enemy while they’re making a mistake, eh?

    15. Josef Ó Luain says:

      Even without a manifesto their faithful drudges went out and got them an MEP. It was probably the Baroness title that conned them – some things we’ll never change.

    16. Scottish Steve says:

      Ruth Davidson is obsessed with Nicola Sturgeon and independence. It’s very unhealthy. They basically have no policies and constantly shriek about referendums and consistently lose elections yet stick to the same failed strategy.

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. The Scottish Tories have clearly not taken heed of this.

    17. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Evening Times poll:

      ‘Do you want a second Scottish independence referendum?’

      15,175 votes cast.

      Yes 65%
      No 35%

      13 hours left

    18. Steph says:

      Yes, Ruth. Scotland does want to move on – by going independent and staying in the EU, you effing fruitcake. The “no referendum” mantra has done the opposite of what you want.

      Madness ensues in the Tory party.

    19. Davy says:

      Frankly do we expect anything more from the tories ?, they will always be looking for ways to keep Scotland down and under the thumb of Westminster.

      Even after we gain independence you can expect ruthie to be shouting we can reverse indy2, we can remain 2nd class citzens, come on vote Ruthie of the Vote Ruthie she’s a beezer with a tank or a buffalo party.

      Note : remember never ever trust a tory.

      As for the red tories, well if they still don’t get that possibly and only possibly by supporting independence have they a chance of surviving as a political party.
      If they don’t take that chance then just lift the bog lid and let them flush themselves away.

    20. Alastair Ewen says:

      Peter Macbeastie says: “haven’t these balloons heard the plural of referendum isn’t referendums anyway?”

      Actually…. The word referendum is derived from the Latin word referendum, which means what must be referred. Some believe that the plural form is referenda, following the Latin rules of pluralization. This is incorrect. Referendum is now considered an English word and follows the English rules of pluralization, simply adding an s to form the plural as in referendums.

      Just saying……

    21. jfngw says:

      I see the unionists are back on twitter using the percentage of total electorate to claim the SNP have no mandate.

      But they are arguing against themselves as the Tories in 2015 only achieve 24.4% of the total electorate to call the EU referendum. In 2016 the SNP achieved 25.8% of the total electorate and even in 2017, which they describe as a disaster for the SNP, they achieved 24.5%, still more than the Tories 2015 mandate.

    22. winifred mccartney says:

      Need to keep reminding her of her latest u-turn when asked before about indy2 she stated the PM could not withhold consent in a democracy – she has flipped on everything else so why not this. Democracy is not for her unless it is the tory kind from London. Maybe TM will resign her seat and get Ruthie to stand and with no list to protect her she will fall on her face.

      She is a busted flush the lovely Murdo will split the party and try to have tory lite, good luck with that, and the car salesman will don his sheepskin jackit and get back to commission land he has had plenty practice robbing the poor

    23. robertknight says:

      Someone might like to Photoshop that last image with the caption “Do you like cake, Bogtrotter?”

      I can only see The Trunchbull whenever I see Mooth Davidson.

      No wonder they’re running scared – they know they’d lose.

    24. yesindyref2 says:

      Why aren’t there any Tory blue bits on the map of Scotland?

      Does just about everybody want Indy Ref 2? Is that the message Ruth Croydon wanted to hear?

    25. Orri says:

      And the plural of mouse is mouses

    26. Ken500 says:

      No one is listening to the Tories, Toast.

    27. galamcennalath says:

      Worst result for the Tories in Scotland since 1865, someone claimed, quite probably correctly.

      They last won most seats in Scotland in 1955.

      They were a legacy haven for right wing BritNats. Now they can’t even claim to represent that having been displaced by the Faragists.

      Their only relevance to Scotland is that more often than not England elects them to London and we are forced to take their destructive policies against our democratic wishes.

      No IndyRef2, they say! Well I have news for Ruth Davidson …. she is part of the problem and Indy is the perfect solution. She is a pathetic puppet doing the bidding of English Nationalists who are now running out of control.

    28. ben madigan says:

      slightly o/T Some thoughts on the outcome of the EU elections

    29. Dr Jim says:

      The secret emergency meeting of the Labour branch office in Scotland is postponed because Ruth Davidson couldn’t attend

    30. CameronB Brodie says:

      (t)Ruthless is a one-trick Tory pony, largely a construct of the media and with a very shallow appreciation of liberal democracy, apparently. Subsequently, her nationalism tends towards the illiberal.

      Democracies and World Order

    31. Dan says:

      Col says:
      28 May, 2019 at 6:26 pm

      Just keep posting when she said they wouldn’t stand in the way of a referendum if that’s what Scots voted for. Show her up for the anti Scottish and anti democratic hypocrite she is. Let’s finish her abysmal career as a politician sooner rather than later along with Leonard the dullard.


      Vid from this previous Wings article.

    32. Clydebuilt says:

      Scotland’s Women’s Football International against Jamaica

      At 7.19 Nicola Sturgeon presenting international caps to women who played for the country 46 yrs ago

      BBC Caesar! coverage starts at 7.25

    33. Clydebuilt says:

      Bbc Caesar! . . . Where the Eff did Caesar come from

    34. geeo says:

      What will it take to make Davidson listen, you ask?

      Probably nothing, until the day after indy when she turns up at Holyrood and she is denied entry and is told, after demanding why not, that “non-Scots parties can no longer operate in this building, try WM, see if they will have you”

    35. ronnie anderson says:

      Orri 7.02 and in the scots parlance its mices lol

    36. Giving Goose says:

      Actually lets not have a referendum and just declare Independence through another mechanism. That’ll keep Ruth happy.
      Win win!

    37. The minute Ruth stops saying SNPbad the establishment will destroy her,

      and promote some other manufactured leader to supply soundbites to the compliant Scottish MSM,

      like a shark that if it stops swimming it will die,

      or a monkey that does not dance when the organ grinder starts playing,

      Ruthie not saying SNPbad will result in her political demise, maybe to join Kezzia at the weird and wonderful John Smith thunk tank thing.

    38. call me dave says:

      Ha Ha! Footie on Ceasar!

      We all know what that means don’t worry. Revs filter!

      I’m off to watch it.

    39. Bobp says:

      Her pal Arlene was pretty pi***d off that the yoons in NI lost one of their 2 seats in Brussels, lol.

    40. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Here’s the direct link to the Evening Times’ ‘Do you want a second Scottish independence referendum?’ poll that Ian Brotherhood mentioned.

      It’s currently sitting at 81% YES, 19% NO, as I type.

    41. jfngw says:

      What really irks people like Ruth Davidson is she wants Tory control of Scotland no matter what the Scots vote for. They are perfectly content with the current situation where they have controlled Scotland for the majority of the last 60 years without once winning a vote or holding a mandate for Scotland.

      She believes in democracy in the context that another country should always control Scotland no matter how we vote. It’s democracy for England, vassalage for Scotland, and that’s how she likes it.

    42. yesindyref2 says:

      Worst result for the Tories in Scotland till the next time.


      Worst result for Labour in Scotland till the next time, if there is one for them.

    43. Bobp says:

      Joseph O luain 6.40. And we all know who her faithful drudges are. The up to our knees brigade and daily mail loyal. Decent people would shun this sorry excuse for a human being, and her party.

    44. geeo says:

      Alastair Ewen @6.52pm

      Both plurals of referendum are accepted as accurate.

      Referendums is logically preferable as a plural form meaning ‘ballots on one issue’ (as a Latin gerund, referendum has no plural).

      The Latin plural gerundive ‘referenda’, meaning ‘things to be referred’, necessarily connotes a plurality of issues.

      Clear as can be. !

    45. Abulhaq says:

      Tell me Ms Davidson, said Dr Freud, when did this morbid obsession with the word ‘no’ begin?

    46. HandandShrimp says:

      The SiU/Tory crowd on the BBC HYS are particularly swivel eyed today.

      The butt hurt is strong with this lot

      Oh dear, how sad

    47. Robert Peffers says:

      @Orri says: 8 May, 2019 at 7:02 pm:

      … plural of mouse is mouses”

      Not according to my friend Tom it isn’t and he should know:-

    48. Jock McDonnell says:

      Now there is talk in the media of a realignment in politics, they say the old left/right divide no longer applies, there is sometimes a caution about saying ‘the two main parties’.
      Help add fuel to this fire on social media by recalling that it is not compulsory to have a labour or Tory Party & perhaps their time is over.

    49. yesindyref2 says:

      Basically speaking the deceitful, stupid and Independence obsessed SNP were severely punished in the EU elections for their deceitfulness, stupidity and Independence obsession by having their vote increase by more than 50%.

      Stop that! You’re doing it deliberately! It’s not fair! Mama!


      I’m not playing so there, mnerrr.

    50. mike cassidy says:


      But a useful read as we slide towards the nirvana of a ‘no-deal’ brexit.

      “Although there is a long and rich history between the UK and Australia in terms of culture, language and cooperative agreements, Brexit presents a strong case for Australia to look pragmatically beyond the UK to broader opportunities. The UK’s imperial past, and even Commonwealth ties, do not form the basis of a future partnership with the UK. They are not the strongest argument for cooperation as they barely go beyond historical symbolism, particularly when present-day trade ties in Asia are taken into account “

    51. Col.Blimp IV says:


      Did that count as signing of with a slogan?

    52. CaGey Bee says:

      Thanks Brian
      I don’t do twitter 4398 votes so far 3562 for 836 against

    53. Mac says:


      Ruth shouted loud and clear.

      The people listened.

      The people chose

      She was tangoed, but not in a pleasant way. Although the colour is about right.

    54. Petra says:

      Flipper no policies Davidson comes across as being as sleakit, dictatorial and insane as her Big T boss, who’s just been given the heave-ho. If she continues in the same lying, anti-democratic vein she may find herself joining her. I could go on about her forever but suffice to say let’s just get support over the 50% mark to remove the only thing that she ever says … “the majority of Scots don’t want Independence” … other than … “Nicola Sturgeon, Nicola Sturgeon, Nicola Sturgeon……”

      In other words money, around £70,000 a year, for nothing.



      Ha ha ha. Another boo boo from Rory the Tory. He was being interviewed by Jon Snow, Ch4, earlier tonight and explained that he’s the only contender for the PM post that doesn’t want a No Deal Brexit. He additionally doesn’t want a second EURef or to remain. In other words he wants to leave with a deal. Jon Snow said, so how will your deal differ from T May’s? His bright idea is to emulate Nicola Sturgeon and form a Citizens Assembly (previously used in Ireland). Anyway this Assembly consisting of people from all walks of life and from all over the country has to sit around a table, discuss how to go forward with Brexit and then submit their findings to Parliament. Jon Snow said, “will they be allowed to discuss remain or no deal Brexit?” “Oh yes”, says Rory. Snow says, “but if they decide that remain or a no deal Brexit is the best way to go forward you as Prime Minister will just dismiss their findings, as you don’t want that.” Rory … “stutter, stutter, stammer, stammer.”

      And that’s before we even consider the fact that the members of the Assembly might not have a clue about CU, SM, WTO, be totally biased or realise that the EU has stated that the negotiation period is closed. And then the Commons, the Lords and more than anything the EU will probably just kick their suggestions into the long grass. Rory Stewart another Tory nutter.

    55. Mac says:

      Ruthie, you know when you’ve been banjoed.

      Honestly my favourite part of the whole Brexit saga.

    56. robertknight says:

      Looking at all that Tory bumph, it’s the nearest thing to electoral stalking of an individual politician that I’ve seen.


    57. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      A bit like her boss TMay with her EU Withdrawal Bill in the Commons, Colonel Yadaftie continues to ask the same question in the vain hope of a different answer.

      The Sovereign People of Scotland have spoken, once again.

      And once again The Sovereign People of Scotland have rejected The Conservative & Unionist Party and their Full English Brexit.

      These Tory muppets from Scotland are toast when the Brexit Party hoovers up their votes in elections going forward.

      They have become to Pro Leavers what British Labour in Scotland became to the Unionists who vote “No Surrender to IndyRefs”.

      The Lite Version of British Nationalism.

    58. Pete Barton says:

      82% now…

      2 – 1 to Scotland @ half time..thank you, ladies..

      Oh, for a lady poacher!

    59. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Does anyone have much of a clue as to what the salient points of the alleged “Deal” were?

      And who/what was standing in the way of an agreement being reached?

      I can’t say that I bothered trying to find out, or that I recall stumbling across an article, pamphlet or T.V. prog that spelled it all out.

      i.e What was suggested and and what was declined bu both sets of negotiators?

      I’d bet I am not alone on that count.

      No Googling or making it up as you go along please.

    60. Dr Jim says:

      Scotland’s lassies winning 2-1

    61. Pete Barton says:

      Don’t think I’ve seen someone symbolise the spirit of Scotland as well as Erin Cubert.

      See the look in Shelley Kerr’s eyes..

      Steely, but passionate.

    62. Col.Blimp IV says:

      …or if you do Google – show your working.

    63. Frank Gillougley says:

      Message received, not understood – over and out.

    64. Clootie says:

      Ruthie knows that her party press releases will be tomorrows news in the Scottish media. I suppose in that sense she has a point.

      She may not win the election on results but she does win the spin.
      Mummy knows best.

      The drawback being that to become FM you need MSPs

    65. msean says:

      I voted SNP to send a message to the Tory Party…I don’t mind referendums at all.I like democracy.

    66. Republicofscotland says:

      In Colonel Rape Clause loving Ruth Davidson’s case, the penny will never drop.

    67. Macart says:

      Hailed on all sub space frequencies cap’n. It appears the yooniversal translator is fecked again. The Cling-Oan high command of Ru-Uth an’ Mun-Ell are cloakin’ in the huff again.

      Set phasers tae malky… Jist in case. 😎

    68. Fairliered says:

      It’s time that Ruth Davidson person went back to her job at BBC Shortbread, where she can continue to utter blatant lies, even after she has been found out.

    69. jfngw says:

      Poor old Michael Gove, just spotted the video of him desperately trying to ingratiate himself to the English by slagging off anything Scottish. He wants to be English but they will always see him as a jumped up Scot, whereas the Scots will always see him as an arse.

    70. mike cassidy says:

      So Neil Findlay on The Nine

      Labour has to win back the votes of those working-class people who moved to the SNP.

      And that can be done by getting more powers for Holyrood.

      Not independence, of course. Don’t be silly!

      Just more devolution.

      Unfortunately, he wasn’t asked the obvious.

      Why NOT independence?

    71. mike cassidy says:

      My first look at The Nine.

      Its like they’ve been told.

      Away and play in the corridor!

      And don’t be noisy!

    72. Phil says:

      And – eh – whats this guff about the BBC doing a 10-way debate show, and a Question Time show, AND to crown all Andra puffing the two Tory Finalists? Do the 65,000,000 UK residents get good service so that the 120,000 Tories can have private help with their decision on the 10 lame wannabes?

    73. galamcennalath says:

      Macart says:

      Set phasers tae malky… Jist in case. ?

      It’s like hee haw we’ve ever seen afore, Captain 🙂

    74. Big Jock says:

      No more referendums? I think Scotland has only had one since the SNP came to power.

      You would think we had already had at least 3 the way Ruth the mooth goes on.

      No more fat pigs frothing at the gash I say.

    75. Col.Blimp IV says:


      It’s worse than that … they’re dead, Jim!

    76. galamcennalath says:

      More devolution? They had their chance with Smith and they blew it. No BritNat can be trusted again.

      There must be no middle ground between a Brexited Greater England with diminished devolution and full Indy. Any suggestions of FederalSuperDevoMax need shot down whenever they arise again.

    77. Petra says:

      @ Mike (9:24pm)………”Findlay.”

      More devolution is the answer, says Findlay. Too bad he wasn’t questioned as to why the Labour Party, in the main, stymied Scotland getting further powers devolved in 2014/15. Sooking up the Tories ar*e’s plus preventing us getting any more powers, when they thought that they had the upper hand, is what led to the beginning of the end for them in the first place. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something far wrong with the Unionist politicians. Suffering from selective memory loss, sheer insanity, obsessive behaviour or just brazen, compulsive liars who seem to think, hope, that the independentistas are as forgetful, crazy and / or as ignorant as them.

    78. ben madigan says:

      @ Jock Mc Donnel who requested “Help add fuel to this fire on social media by recalling that it is not compulsory to have a labour or Tory Party & perhaps their time is over.”


    79. Neil Anderson says:

      Sensory deprivation tank… no… wait…

    80. Phronesis says:

      Scotland’s citizens have been engaged and empowered by a well- informed, inclusive and cooperative discussion for several years now, a penultimate referendum on Scotland’s future as an autonomous nation is essential. Any democrat would actively support such an investment in democracy and society. Scotland continues to be an oasis of calm and sensibility, has consistently expressed a majority opinion about her future in Europe and should not even attempt to translate the psychobabble emanating from the WM psychodrama.

      ‘deliberative democracy focuses on the communicative processes of opinion and will-formation that precede voting. Theorists of deliberative democracy are interested in how deliberation shapes preferences, moderates self-interest, mediates difference, produces reasonable opinion and policy, and potentially leads to consensus..Voice rather than votes is the new vehicle of empowerment’

      Chambers S. (2001) Constitutional Referendums and Democratic Deliberation. In: Mendelsohn M., Parkin A. (eds) Referendum Democracy. Palgrave Macmillan, London

      ‘The prospects for deliberative democratic constitutional reform may therefore remain limited without new approaches to public constitutional voting. For example, a proposal for “integrated referenda” would partially redefine voting and deliberation — traditionally conceived as separate — by merging voting with deliberative fora such as Citizens’ Assemblies’

      Levy, Ron, ‘Deliberative Voting’: Realising Constitutional Referendum Democracy (June 29, 2013). Ron Levy, “‘Deliberative Voting’: Realising Constitutional Referendum Democracy” (2013) Public Law 555.

    81. geeo says:

      Bercow insisting MP’s will get say on no deal.

    82. jfngw says:

      By my reckoning that’s the fifth national election defeat in a row for Ruth Davidson as Tory leader. How many times does Scotland need to tell? And in the most recent her vote tanked, very appropriate.

    83. twathater says:

      This is the problem we the people of Scotland have and it MUST be rectified in independent Scotland , just who does trumpets tRuthless , Leopard ,or the wee bus clippie Rennie think they are , TELLING the people of Scotland that we CANNOT and WILL NOT have a referendum on our desire for independence

      They may aspire to being a dictator they may even get away with acting like one to their sycophantic crawling parasitical crews but as a Scottish citizen who not only pays their wages but is an avid believer in democracy , my response to them is they can FUCK right off and when they come back they can FUCK right off again

      The problem with these people is that they think we care what their opinion is , they are merely pawns of the electorate and can EASILY be returned to the obscurity from which they came , and quite honestly if the 5th estate ( churnalists ) had any integrity or honesty they would expose them for the shallow imbecilic parasitical twats that they are .

      And just as I am writing this the 10 o’clock news is showing pictures and interviews of the cluster of idiots vying to be leader of the tolie party

      The UK is fucked we need out NOW

    84. Pete Barton says:

      @ Phronesis 10:04pm

      In a word ..Yes.

      Those principles are the mantle above which emancipated society can grow.

      In Any country in the world, not just here.

      But, the exciting bit here is that we use that blueprint you give to make meaning of our lives.

      Not easy,but nothing lost if we fail.

      Everything possible if we win.

      Im quoting Dr.Goebels here..loosely…

      The problem with the big lie is when it starts to fail.

      Ruth and Co:

      You have no plan B when the lie that Scottish people don’t want another referendum is patently a big lie.

      To keep peddling it exposes you to ridicule then disbelief.

      Dr.Goebels was a great admirer of the bbc; based much of the state propaganda of Germany on the British system

      Alas, Ruth maybe you should take a refresher @ PQ, maybe they’ll offer you a job doing something worthwhile?

    85. @Petra,

      what a strike from Erin,

      some great goals and nobody diving in penalty box hoping to cheat for a win,

      such an honest exiting game of football,

      what a difference from some of the mens games at Hampden lately.

    86. Pete Barton says:

      Coz lying ain’t worth selling your soul for, Ruth.

      Nor you, Willie.

      Or Richard.

    87. Pete Barton says:

      @ Scot 10:22- totally agree with all 4 lines..

      ‘ If it wisnae for the lasses o…’

      I reckon and have a while now that Phronesis’ ideas appeal to the lasses and fair minded among our land,

      And that the freedom of Scotland will be won in the hearts
      and minds of those fair minded.

      ‘Mon the lasses!

    88. Cubby says:

      No more referendums. Aye right. We’ ve only had ONE independence referendum in the 312 years of this horrendous union.

      The Britnats are running scared. They know the union’s days are numbered.

    89. jfngw says:

      I think this sums up the Scottish Conservative EU election outcome.

    90. Effijy says:

      McTernan on TV giving Labour advice on where they went wrong
      That would be the man who reveres Thatcher and the man who has
      Lost more campaignes than anyone in Labour’s history.

      Please Labour take this loser’s word for it.

    91. jfngw says:

      My goodness, BBC Newsnight running a piece on how did the Brexit Party Company become to so much recognition in such a short time. I think we know, not sure how the BBC missed their own output!

    92. Petra says:

      @ Scot at 10:32pm ….. “Scotland’s National Women’s Team 3-2.”

      Great game Scot. They did us proud and what a goal right enough. Fantastic. And oh, to see those Saltires flying.

    93. yesindyref2 says:

      Ruthie’s Song

      I gave some letters to the postman, he put them in his sack
      Bright in early next morning, he brought my letters back

      Voters wrote upon them
      Return to sender, address unknown
      No such number, no such zone

      Return to sender, return to sender
      Return to sender, return to sender

    94. Jedburgh says:

      Why is Chris Grayling not running for Tory leader/PM? The man is a political colossus all the rest seem pygmies compared to this great man.

    95. Gary says:

      One small point. It was HER party under David Cameron that authorised not ONE not TWO but THREE referenda during his time in office.

      Referendum 1 – AV Referendum
      Referendum 2 – Scottish Independence Referendum
      Referendum 3 – Referendum on Membership of the EU

      So, if we ask for a second referendum we’re STILL one behind her party…

    96. Mary miles says:

      From Tassie:

      Has the message got through to you yet Ruth? INDEPENDENCE soon!

    97. Willie says:

      Hon Colonel Ruth the Month Davidson certainly know how to send a message.

      Failed soldier, failed politician. Totally and utterly wiped out.

    98. geeo says:

      Gary @3.56am

      “So, if we ask for a second referendum we’re STILL one behind her party”

      Emm…we are NOT ‘asking’ for anything, we are doing it it because we have the legal and sovereign right to do so.

    99. Gordon Forrest says:

      the people voted to reject Ruthie by more than 3 to 1. Her desperate appeal to reject the SNP was rejected utterly!and still the glorious leader of the Conservative & unionist Party in Scotland is so blinkered that she thinks she will win the next election, the referendum, and the first ministers post I think the strain is beginning to tell on her Don’t you think she is looking tired? do you think the strain is beginning to tell on her? Shame really I think that she is in the need of help

    100. iainmore says:

      It is now the 31st and Ruthie still isn’t getting it but hey nor is Sarah trippin face Smith or the BBC.

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