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Louder than bombs

Posted on September 12, 2015 by


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    1. 12 09 15 08:43

      Louder than bombs | Speymouth

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    1. john king says:

      The sound of David Cameron saying “look the UK spends more than any other country on foreign aid”
      said it all, the only thing he and his sad cohorts recognize are balance sheets
      human misery is irrelevant to them,just chuck some money at it and hope it will go away,
      I feel sad for them, their souls are empty.

    2. jimnarlene says:

      The beat of a butterfly’s wing would be heard more loudly, than one from that man’s heart.

    3. Stoker says:

      “Sorry, but we’re overcrowded as it is. You wouldn’t understand.”

      Aye, and according to Lizzies representative, they seem to be a tad preoccupied with teaching the Pakistani community “basic common courtesy and civility.”

      Obnoxious bastards! The sooner we’re out of this union the better!

      Have a great and safe weekend everyone!

    4. louis.b.argyll says:

      Cameron as a person, must have a basic regard for humanity.

      He closes his eyes and turns his back, to deny his human feelings.

      As a politician, he has exposed the UKS elitism, to appease the establishment.

      I am embarrassed that the rUK has placed it’s trust in such a knob.

    5. carjamtic says:

      Back turned,eyes closed……..talking with no one…….kintorycnut

      So good Chris,you have captured this so well…… heartless,soulless,shameless.

      Meanwhile MSM/BBC look the other way as if ok……#lookafternumberone.

      Grrrrrrrrrr. :-((

    6. Macart says:

      Whatever that man does, he does it with a UK mandate.

      It doesn’t matter that Scotland rejected Tory policies in May (of either variety). Its not a get out of jail free card or a salve for the conscience when people suffer from Westminster’s geo political stance. A no vote signed us up to every action he and Westminster takes, because we didn’t feel ready to make our own choices or shape our own future.

      The real cost of voting no last September.

      A second chance will come and they’re bloody rare in life. We can be better than this.

    7. Helena Brown says:

      Superb cartoon yet again Chris, you always get to the nub of it. looking at the report from the camps in Lebanon I was struck that those stuck there are the poor, those without any means to get any further. Strangely enough those refugees getting into Germany are those with the means, the professionals, and Germany will reap the benefit.
      I agree with those who say that Cameron is hoping he will not have to take many but he is forgetting his Government’s actions normally make things worse, much worse.

    8. louis.b.argyll says:

      The Tories have changed ‘their’
      British ‘Great’ into ‘Grate’.

      Scottish Government should apologise on Westminsters behalf…


      They’re dragging us all down with them.

    9. louis.b.argyll says:

      What’s the point in having a divinely approved monarchy, if the divine part is corrupted.

      Religious leaders of the world speak as one, on the need to help those suffering.

      Shouldn’t the Royal families of Europe, who’s existence is justified by established religions be duty bound TO AGREE PUBLICLY?

      An evil will, of denial and deliberate division, is being rolled out, creating a new terrifying future without compassion.

    10. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent cartoon, as usual.

      There are a lot of aspects to the refugee crisis, but not least in the case of the UK is the fact that they played a central part in destablising the Middle East. Iraq and Syria were not nice regimes, but in my amateur opinion they weren’t as bad as Saudi Arabia. The UK & US reasons for regime overthrow and destablisation are very selective!

      Having basically caused the problem, the UK needs to accept more responsibility for the consequences of their actions!

    11. galamcennalath says:

      louis.b.argyll says:

      Scottish Government should apologise on Westminsters behalf

      The SG does need to speak out on more issues, including reserved ones.

      Who speaks for Scotland? WM & the Tories sure as Hell don’t have a mandate to represent us. The mandate can only lie with a combination of the SG and our MPs.

    12. Suzanne says:

      Cameron is an embarrassment and he doesn’t speak for me. Lots of posing and posturing, but little to no substance. Good at withering put downs and thumping on the dispatch box. Humanity? Compassion? Integrity? Not so much.

    13. galamcennalath says:

      Going a little OT, but the obscenity of WMDs and the UK’s obsession with them does contrast with WM humanitarian attitudes.

      The Times today appears to have a YouGov poll.
      66% of Scots want to scrap Trident
      24% back Trident’s replacement
      [that is my interpretation of the figures!]

      But then there is the lies, damned lies, statistics and manipulation. The actual figures were
      37% scrap nukes
      29% wanting cheaper less powerful nukes
      24% back a direct Trident replacement

      The Times then adds 29 + 24 and says 53% of Scots support the retention of nuclear weapons. Very sneeky.

      It’s all in how you ask the questions, and what options you include in the multiple choice answers.

      Perhaps if an option had been, “Spend the money on humanitarian aid instead”, the results would be more revealing.

    14. heedtracker says:

      BBC vote NO Scotland news outfit’s relentless “migrant” coverage has been exemplary though, but without the difference between BBC migrant and BBC refugee even occurring to honest and noble Pacific Quay news ed’s, did it.

    15. gordoz says:

      Yeah agree with others sentiments; he is but one man.

      Say what you like about Cameron the Tories and their partners in crime Labour; as being heartless, imperial masters lacking compassion or the beating of heart, but remember, significant amounts of British society continually return this lot of Charlatans including the Scot/Brit and Brit/Scots within our borders so they were given a mandate by UK majority.

      And many of the journalistic bleaters of mainstream media are complicit in ‘cheerleading’ of the Westminster circus that perpetuates.

      O/T Like GA Ponsonby’s idea of a documentary over on Newsnet Scotland. Very powerful snippit – tempting, very tempting to support / fund that.

    16. Robert Peffers says:

      @john king says: 12 September, 2015 at 8:08 am:

      “The sound of David Cameron saying “look the UK spends more than any other country on foreign aid”
      said it all … “

      These people know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

    17. heedtracker says:

      Maybe it’s a toryboy thing at the beeb but when does UKOK propaganda ever make much sense.

      Europe migrant crisis: Germany expects 40,000 weekend arrivals

      Thousands to attend vigils in Scotland for refugees

    18. Dr Jim says:

      We must definitely assist the Refugees….eh but not the Immigrants….eh or the Migrants because they’re all not good

      Now that we’ve helped the Refugees and made their lives wonderful by our last statement we must get on with the job of saying Immigrants and Migrants a lot because in this great United Kingdom of our Great Britainness people don’t like the sound of those words so we repeat Migrants and Immigrants are a very very bad thing for AhUKingdom and must be controlled meaning stopped for the good of all

      God save good Queen Bess and all who sail in her and I’m determined to see that through to the end

      The man’s like a BUM turned inside out

    19. ArtyHetty says:

      Excellent image once again Chris. These people, such as cameron, see themselves as gods and law makers, and write off people’s rights and lives with the wave of a hand. Talking of which, we are soon to see the end of the Human Rights Act in ukok.

      How scary that is for all that reside here, how convenient for the present regime to be rushing this in for the ‘end of autumn’.

      Brrrr, it’s so cold and not even winter yet. Teeth chatteringly so.

    20. Robert Peffers says:

      @Stoker says: 12 September, 2015 at 9:00 am:

      ” … Obnoxious bastards! The sooner we’re out of this union the better!”

      Aye! Stoker and then there is this news item : –

      “France has suspended its honorary consul the Turkish port of Bodrum after a TV report showed she owns a shop selling dinghies to migrants.

      Footage secretly filmed by France 2 TV shows Francoise Olcay selling dinghies and life jackets to migrants hoping to reach the Greek Islands.

      The UN says 124,000 people reached Greece’s shores by sea in the first 7 months of 2012.

      Ms Olcay said the items would be bought elsewhere if she did not sell them.

      This type of selfish thinking is just what Chris has crystallised into his cartoon. The Tory mantra of, “Me first, me second and, if there’s anything left over, me again”.

    21. ronnie anderson says:

      Sky News Labour Leadership Election.

      Interviewer interviewing Interviewer,what happened to aw they people interviews.

      Keep it tight boys ,keep it tight.

    22. heedtracker says:

      Neat display of UKOK media normalising tragedy, liberal and progressively

      Geoffrey Boycott, left, chats with Dickie Bird and David Cameron. Photograph: Stu Forster/Getty Images

      Assuming toryboys aren’t psychopaths, what’s Cammer’s got to laugh about at the cricket? he ordered the deaths of two Brits by flying killer robots in the middle east a few days ago, UK not at war there, but all sends a warlike UKOK signal though. War is hell.

    23. Capella says:

      Great cartoon as always. But I think they understand more than most.
      From Syriana:

    24. theMadMurph says:

      @John King said
      I feel sad for them, their souls are empty.

      John, if they had souls they would have sold them or privatised them!

      They have no souls, no compassion and no humanity! They very definition of scum!

    25. Dave Hansell says:

      The cogent point made by Helena Brown (above) about the Germans reaping the benefit of allowing the professionally qualified and experienced refugees who have the means to escape the camps contains an interesting flip side.

      Cameron, on behalf of the British establishment, has committed to the extremely limited quota of 20,000 over five years from the camps. Which suggests that those who will eventually be allowed into the UK will be those less qualified with lower skill levels in terms of the job market compared to those that Germany has taken in.

      This might well lead some to the understandable “commonsense” observation that Cameron, the Conservative Party and mindset, and by extension the British State Establishment, have allowed kneejerk prejudices about “foreigners” and “immigrants” to overule economic interests and allow “our competitors” to gain an advantage by obtaining skilled professionals whilst we are left with the less skilled.

      Whilst this might well be portrayed as evidence of the stupidity of prejudice it has to be noted this is consistent with other key aspects of the Conservative and Establishment mindset. It has been evident over generations that the oxygen breathers at the heart of the British State have never been comfortable with the messy business of manufacture and getting ones hands dirty. They have always been far more comfortable as rentiers using established patterns of land ownership and City networks to create and maintain wealth from money manipulation.

      Injecting a further 20,000 low skilled people into the economy, rather than professionals with scientific, technical, social and engineering skills, fits the low skilled rentier economic system favoured by that particular network of individuals, families and group interests.

      Britain may well have been the first country to develop forms of mercantile and subsequent industrial Capitalism using techniques of trade and manufacture. However, it does not necessarily follow that previous established patterns and interests of feudal land ownership and the rentier mindset which benefited from these patterns (the old money) were swept away.

    26. One_Scot says:

      Does this now mean that Scottish Labour can no longer say ‘SNP bad’ anymore.

    27. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I can’t see any coverage of the Corbyn anointment, so I’m having to imagine it…

      It’ll be cool if he emerges clean-shaven, wearing a toga.

      Hail Jeremy!

    28. One_Scot says:

      The ‘Tom and Jerry’ show, surely someone has copyrighted that.

    29. call me dave says:

      Great political cartoon today. Sums it up and no mistake.


      ‘Tom and Jerry’ Excellent!

      59%+ in the first round.

    30. manandboy says:

      Corbyn – nearly 60% of the vote.

    31. One_Scot says:

      How impotent does this now make John Mcternan.

    32. X_Sticks says:

      @ One_Scot

      “The Tom & Jerry show” PMSL 😀

      The labour party has just give a seriously large middle digit to the blairite neo-liberal capitalist politics of WM.

      The times they are a changin’ as someone once said.

      We live in interesting times. The establishment will be out to destroy the labour party now as it has become a threat to their existence. Our chance for freedom may come sooner than we think.

    33. HandandShrimp says:

      Well unsurprisingly Tom and Jez have won the Labour elections. Odd combination of Brownite and Radical left. Stella Creasy put in a good show…thought she may have added balance to Jeremy’s team but whatever.

      I think we will be able to agree a lot on social policy with Jeremy but as an old school centralist he is no friend to devolution, so there is a healthy differentiation there between Scottish aspiration and where Labour are going which should keep the independence flame alive.

      I dare say that the English press will demonise Jeremy as some sort of Stalin re-incarnate but then they demonise every non-Tory.

    34. joe macfarlane says:

      interesting to see they gave out exact voting figures for those who voted , bit different to the Slab vote , kept figures well secret of how many voted

    35. gordoz says:

      Complaint !

      Why has the Labour leadership contest result not been covered by TV ?? …..ppppffff 🙂

    36. Craig says:

      If there was one positive thing I can take out in regards to this crisis

      I now know who my friends are, especially my Facebook ones, I have quite a few pals in England and we do meet up regularly for gigs and what have you

      In the last week alone, I removed 2 who I thought were human beings but are instead avid followers of the right wing media despite me trying to show otherwise.

      Chris, this is one of the best you have done, straight to the point.

    37. Stoker says:

      “DOWN IN THE DUMPS” – Featuring Tom & Jerry with Spike & Tyke.

      ((((( STARRING )))))
      Jeremy Corbyn as Jerry the Mouse and Tom Watson as Tom the Cat.
      John Prescott as Spike the Dog and Ian Murray as Tyke the Pup.

      Lookout for special cameo appearances from Clatty Kez & DimJim.

    38. Ghillie says:

      Well, if Mr Cameron and his cabinet were to emigrate to sunnier and more lugrative climes then that would give us a wee bit more space to allow some decent folk in.

    39. Bill Greaves says:

      I believe that Scotland sees itself as a small northern European country with a socialist bent to look after its people. England, in contrast, sees itself as wannabe American. People are only collateral damage in the desire for bigger profits.
      Independence will come when more and more people are sickened by the English craving for more bombs, bloodshed and austerity

    40. Will Podmore says:

      Who is really trying to solve the problem at source? The answer is not Cameron, but Russia. The Russian foreign minister has visited Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Iran to try to assemble a military coalition against ISIS. And the Iranian foreign minister visited Saudi Arabia as part of this process. Syrian President Assad announced his government was happy to share power with the non-jihadist opposition and move towards new elections.
      This was the basis for a broad anti-ISIS coalition that would include the Syrian Government and regional forces, exactly what was needed. Russia had made the simple truth clear to all those countries involved. If Assad falls, then ISIS will take over Syria and the refugee exodus would make the current “migration crisis” look trivial.
      German capitalism is exploiting the Syrian civil war for its own benefit. It is taking the cream of Syrian professional workers who would eventually have been needed to rebuild Syria, as well as the young men and women of military age who should be fighting ISIS.
      The rest of the EU is squabbling over numbers.

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