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Looking forward with trepidation

Posted on April 09, 2014 by

As well as asking the respondents in our latest Panelbase poll what they were thinking right now, we also invited them to have a shot at peering into the future – to be more specific, the future of the UK.


It’s fair to say that their predictions weren’t exactly overflowing with optimism.


Q: The current UK government has pursued a policy of “austerity”, cutting spending and public services to reduce the national debt. There is scheduled to be a UK general election in May 2015.

REGARDLESS of how you personally might vote in that election, which of the following statements do you THINK are likely to be correct with regard to the years from 2015 to 2020? (Tick as many as apply.)

– David Cameron will be Prime Minister of a coalition government: 19%

– Ed Miliband will be Prime Minister of a coalition government: 16%

– David Cameron will be Prime Minister of a majority government: 15%

– Ed Miliband will be Prime Minister of a majority government: 14%

(Total Cameron PM: 34%, total Miliband PM: 29%)

– austerity will continue much as it does now: 26%

– austerity will get worse, with more cuts to spending and services: 25%

– austerity will lessen, with fewer cuts and more spending: 17%

– there will be a referendum on the UK leaving the EU: 17%


Exactly three times as many Scots (51% to 17%) think austerity will stay the same or get worse between now and 2020 as think it will ease off, despite an almost dead heat over whether they think David Cameron or Ed Miliband will be in charge.

(Party divisions see SNP voters dead-heated, with 31% each predicting Cameron and Miliband, although the biggest single group – 22% – expects a Tory-led coalition. Labour voters naturally see Miliband winning in 2015, by 48% vs 26%. Tories also back their own man to win – this time by a whopping 73% to 11% – while 39% of Lib Dems think Cameron will get a second term, against 22% who think Miliband will take the keys to 10 Downing Street.)

Tories, perhaps slightly strangely (given that their party is the one which essentially regards austerity as a good thing which should be made permanent), were by far the most optimistic – 34% saw a reduction in austerity ahead (against 21% of Lib Dems, 17% of Labour supporters and 12% of SNP voters), compared to 30% who thought it would stay the same and just 8% saying it would get worse.

Supporters of the other three parties were all much of a muchness, with only a few points between their positions – for example 27% of Labour voters thought things would get worse, as did 23% of Lib Dems and 31% of SNP voters. 29% of both Labour and SNP respondents predicted no change, along with 34% of Lib Dems.

In terms of referendum intentions, 17% of Nos (and 37% of Yeses) said they expected austerity to worsen during the next Parliament, with 24% saying it would ease (as did just 9% of Yes voters) and 32% of Nos (22% of Yeses) thinking it would stay the same.

We were rather surprised by the low numbers on the EU referendum question. Only 22% of Tory voters appeared to believe their leader’s pledge of a 2017 vote on taking the UK out of Europe, barely any different to the figures for supporters of the SNP (19%), Labour (16%) and the Lib Dems (14%). Perhaps voters have been promised too much and seen too little in this regard.

(There were no very significant differences across either genders or age groups with regard to any of the above issues.)

Finally we asked a directly Scotland-specific question:


Q: We’d like you to think about how the Westminster government treats Scotland generally, in terms of public spending and prioritising Scotland’s interests relative to the rest of the UK.  

In the event of a No vote, do you think Scotland will be:

– treated more favourably by the UK government than it is now: 13%

– treated the same by the UK government as it is now: 37%

– treated less favourably by the UK government than it is now: 38%


It’s not the most resounding vote of confidence in the three Unionist parties’ solemn promises of a stronger, better devolved Scotland within the UK, is it? Barely over one in 10 voters think we can expect a better deal from the UK in exchange for a No vote, with almost exactly three times as many believing that we should anticipate punishment for our temerity in even daring to raise the question of independence.

Again there were no notable differences spanning age or gender, leaving party affiliation as the main determinant of opinion. 21% of Tories thought Scotland would be rewarded for sticking with the UK, as did 19% of Labour voters, with just 9% of Lib Dems and 8% of SNP supporters agreeing.

Interestingly, the ratios weren’t mirrored among those who thought we’d suffer for a No vote – this time the Lib Dems aligned with Labour (34% and 35% respectively) rather than the SNP (57%), with a mere 4% of Tories prepared to countenance Westminster exacting revenge on the Scots with the deterrent of independence removed.

Most enlightening of all, though, were the figures for Yes and No voters.

Almost a fifth (18%) of those intending to vote No are doing so in the belief that it will result in Scotland being treated worse by Westminster than it is now. Only fractionally more – 19% – of them expect Scotland to do better out of the UK in return for a show of faith, with 53% seeing a No vote as a vote for the status quo.

Advocates of independence are sometimes accused of regarding the No camp as “anti-Scottish”. But with nearly 20% of them apparently intending to knowingly and consciously vote for worse treatment for Scotland, it seems to be a charge of which a significant proportion of Unionists are – by their own admission – clearly guilty.

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    61 to “Looking forward with trepidation”

    1. Betty Boop says:

      Re Some Unionists being “anti-Scottish” which seems to be evidenced by the poll. I suppose Jimmy Hood MP, Ian Davidson MP and Ian Carmichael, Secretary of State for almost anywhere except Scotland might well be at the top of the list.

      Mind you, amongst MPs the list is very long.

    2. Clootie says:

      It takes a certain type of folly to vote for worse treatment!
      Perhaps they like leather too!

    3. Clootie says:



    4. Alex Grant says:

      As to your last point about the 20% who will vote No in the knowledge that we will get worse treatment does your data say the same people are even more negative about the consequences of independence? If they are that might explain their attitude? Just saying…

    5. Desimond says:

      First Bucks Fizz, then Geri Halliwell, then The Smiths and now a picture of Pet Shop Boys…bravo Rev!

      Who are these SNP folk who believe Scotland will see some sort of reward from a Tory Government if we vote No?

      In the words of Jim Morrison, People are strange!

    6. MochaChoca says:

      Excellent depth of questions and analysis. Prof Curtice must love this stuff.

    7. Bill Fraser says:

      I am more than a bit surprised that 43% (26 + 17)of the people polled think austerity will stay the same or get better when the government have clearly told them it is going to get worse and last forever.

    8. Michael says:

      Perhaps they are just masochists, rather than anti-Scottish.

    9. Grouse Beater says:

      Considering the historical evidence extant that’s a torrent of outrageous abuse and revisionist propaganda designed to reduce or beliminate Scotland’s history and culture politically to no more than a region of England, no one can deny we’re subjected to the venom of Scotland-haters. Pitifully, some are Scots.

      Is there a facility to e-mail you direct not via a post?

    10. tartanfever says:

      I’m shocked at the austerity responses given that both the tories and labour have said they will cut deeper. Add to that the continued rising debt – a £100bn deficit a year adding to a national debt of some £1.3T.

      With growth ‘apparently’ improving very slowly, I just don’t understand how only 25% of respondents thought that austerity measures would get worse.

      It does make you wonder just how informed some of the respondents actually are ?

    11. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      “But with nearly 20% of them apparently intending to knowingly and consciously vote for worse treatment for Scotland”
      That is the haardcore British faction. This means that upto 80% of the electorate are reachable to the YES campaign, with the right message. If you also consider that the harcore indepdendence vot eis 30%, our side’s base is 10 % greater. I think that will be of great importance at the end of the day. It means that our core will out vote theirs come september. 3 to 2. If things go the same with the rest of the informed electorate, 60:40 Yes : NO is still the prediction (another 3:2 ratio).

    12. Bill Fraser says:

      @tartanfever What is worse is that the ‘growth’ is mainly based on house price increases in the South East and not in increased production or exports.

    13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Is there a facility to e-mail you direct not via a post?”

      Well, there’s a Contact form helpfully located right at the top of the front page…

    14. Murray McCallum says:

      I guess this is your 18% hardcore Britnat element of the No vote that is not remotely interested in Scotland’s economic welfare.

      Rational debate is lost on these people.

    15. Grouse Beater says:

      there’s a Contact form

      Done. Mny thanks.

    16. Oneironaut says:

      So at a time when the main parties in Westminster (not counting the Lib Dems since they’re probably too busy making cups of tea and polishing the silver!) are supposed to be trying to convince us all that we’re better together, they’re quite openly admitting the fact that they’re planning to utterly shaft us all in the very near future…

      I’m not sure if that’s extreme arrogance or extreme stupidity.
      Likely some combination of both.

      It’s actually quite impressive really. I’ve never seen someone publically shoot themselves in the foot so spectacularly…

    17. heedtracker says:

      “- austerity will get worse, with more cuts to spending and services:” and its all down the colossal kelptocracy called the City of London finance industry(still not one single banking crash/fraud conviction) and former Labour Chancellors such as Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, only two of several Labour in Scotland lunatics and buffoons currently trying desperately to frighten the life out of Scotland with Project Fear. Meanwhile socialist worker Tony Blair, enjoys his £75+million fortune and half a dozen mansions.

      Rule Britannia as George Galloway wants to scream.

    18. Grouse Beater says:

      “- austerity will get worse,”

      For “austerity” read: the implementation of irreversible neo-liberal ideological reductions in democratic rights and structures shifting power from the electorate to corporate interests and institutions.

    19. heedtracker says:

      O/T Reverend Stu, WoS is still not working properly in chrome or firefox at least. The page loading arrow thingee up there keeps on going round on round even with the whole page on screen.

    20. Brian Powell says:

      While it comes down to numbers, Yes or No on the day, I did wonder how the ‘argument’ for Independence looked if those who didn’t want a Holyrood Parliament at all were taken out of the count.

    21. galamcennalath says:

      “Almost a fifth (18%) of those intending to vote No are doing so in the belief that it will result in Scotland being treated worse by Westminster than it is now.”

      To my mind, that has to mean that their support of No is ‘soft’. If they believe their No vote will make things worse, the obvious conclusion is it may be possible to persuade them a Yes vote will have the opposite effect and improve things.

    22. Arbroath 1320 says:

      It really beggars belief, in my view, that anyone would actively vote NO whilst still believing that Scotland will be treated worse than it currently is by Westminster. I am truly having a serious problem with this one. What sort of masochist actively votes NO believing that in the event of a NO win their country is going to be worse off than it already is?

      This sort of behaviour just doesn’t make any sense. Surely if anyone seriously believed that Scotland was going to be treated WORSE than it currently already is they would want to vote YES. To vote NO believing more financial hardship was planned to befall your country is, in my view, totally unbelievable. What sort of thought processes goes through the brain of someone who actively votes NO fully understanding that a NO win will financially cripple their country even more so than it is already?

    23. CameronB says:

      Need to get to speksavers. 🙂

    24. heedtracker says:

      “This sort of behaviour just doesn’t make any sense” It does make sense though. Turn on radio, tv etc and watch BBC Scotland or open any news paper. Vote NO pressure is everywhere unionists can put it and a great example is the ghastly Press and Journal in Aberdeen, local sports, local pets, massive project fear pressure. Yesterday Press and journal ecstatic joy over royals, Orkney and Shetland “envoys” demanding indepdence from evil and cruel Alex Salmond, ConDem ending wind energy in Scotland and that’s just one days headlines up here.

    25. Desimond says:

      Masochist…an anagram of ‘I AHM SCOTS’

      Pure Masochist…an anagram of “Harm Scots? U Pie!”

    26. Grouse Beater says:

      @ CameronB

      Rapprochement is our guide.

      We will be generous in victory.

      However …

      …we should ensure the same folk are not able to regroup and, by wealth, bribe or status, undermine the wish of the electorate for constitutional change.

    27. CameronB says:

      Is the Contact form private, Rev.?

    28. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Is the Contact form private, Rev?”

      Yes, of course.

    29. Lee Rogers says:

      @ heedtracker

      I get the same, and it takes longer the more comments appear on the loading page; so I put it down to the site security measures (doesn’t happen anywhere else) and accept the necessity.

    30. CameronB says:

      Grouse Beater
      …we should ensure the same folk are not able to regroup and, by wealth, bribe or status, undermine the wish of the electorate for constitutional change.

      Isn’t that process about to start with the draft Scottish Constitution?

      P.S. I found this poking around. Don’t know if it is of interest or any use to anyone?

      A Draft Constitution for an Independent Scotland

      Prepared by the Scottish Provisional Constituent Assembly (1957 – 1964)
      Under the direction of Roland E. Muirhead

    31. CameronB says:

      Stupid me. 🙂

    32. gerry parker says:

      Reminds me a bit of the attitudes displayed by the workers in Robert Tressells book “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.

      “That sort of thing is not for the likes of us”
      “Things have always been like that and they’ll never change”
      “The masters works with their brains, and the men works with their hands”

      It’s available on the internet for Kindle, still a good read.

    33. Papadox says:

      I have quietly watched and noted people known to me over the past 6 months and their attitude to the referendum.

      Out of 17 people who intend voting no, when I asked then all why? Everyone of them said “I don’t like that Alex Salmond. When I ask why they don’t like him they just say, I don’t know I just don’t like him. Change the subject that conversation is over.

      These are not politically aware people (so I hope they don’t vote which is probably the case)

      However the personalisation and MSM slagging of ECK and SNP are apparently working. The only proviso I would add here is most of these people are not very adventurist types prefer things not to be disturbed.

      It’s just my armature observations and opinions.

    34. theycan'tbeserious says:

      The 18% that would vote No against Scotland, it’s people and their own best interest are those who’s position, finances and standard of living could cope with the austerity and are very scared of change. In the army these people would be described using the statement “I’m alright Jack…push the boat out”! The Union = Self interest.

    35. CameronB says:

      It is a bit much if passing a wry comment is perhaps considered frightening to the undecided. Down with this sort of thing. Just saying. ;(

    36. a2 says:

      There’s an assumption in your analysis that everyone thinks “Austerity” is a bad thing and thus a negative for the Union. That dosn’t take account of the line that has been punted by the Daily Mail et all that ‘everything is the scroungers fault’.

      If you buy into that idea then – “Exactly three times as many Scots (51% to 17%) think austerity will stay the same or get worse” dosn’t make sense as you wouldn’t think of more austerity being worse.

      So it’s not exactly Turkey’s voting for christmas if you don’t think you are one of the Turkeys.

      Also There lies the justification for the argument that we shouldn’t be having A referendum at all as it’s diversery and of course , like everything else Alex Salmond’s fault. So any worsening in treatment by westminster post NO will be spun at the feet of the SNP.

    37. a2 says:

      @Arbroath 1320

      There’s also the view that being treated worse by westminster will not be as bad as what will happen if we go YES.

      They may believe they are choosing the lesser of Two Evils

    38. Bigdrone says:

      No matter what the result of the vote Scotland will not be the same or even , more of the same, and I firmly believe that us ‘rebelious Scots’ will be crushed for daring to challenge the delusional Westminster empire that still thinks it’s important in the eyes of the world.

      Promises of further devolution cannot be trusted from any of the parties! They need our massive natural resources to continue the above misconception more than they want us Scots!

      Lord George is right, but is coming from the wrong direction. If it’s a no vote it will be cataclysmic for us and the Dark Forces will ensure a dark age for Scotland!

      There must be only one answer in September and that is of course YES.

      The future after a YES is, of course, unknown but it is full of promise and positivity. After a no – lets call it ‘austere,’ totally unknown and depressing!

    39. Jamie Arriere says:

      Remember these (voting No expecting worse) are the people who think an Indy Scotland will be kicked out of every international organization, will lose trade to everyone left right & centre, the oil will run out next year, are genetically incapable of running a country etc – so of course being treated worse by Westminster will seem like a blessing to them (and deserved too, for having the temerity to want independence).

      Not much we can do to counter them other than appealing to commonsense, as they do not believe much of what they are told, or more likely are not bothering to find out themselves.

    40. Mary Bruce says:

      I’m a bit shocked at these figures, tbh. Only 25% think austerity will get worse and 38% think Scotland will be treated less fairly by Westminster if it is a no vote?? Christ, get a grip, people of Scotland. How many more clues do Cameron/Osborne/Milliband/Balls have to give us? Both these answers should be 100% and 100% if people had been paying attention to what is in store for us in the event of a no vote.

      So it is up to us to get out there and spread the negative word. The yes campaign have to focus on the positive, but there are clearly lots of people out there who need educated in the negative consequences of what no really means, cos it sure ain’t the status quo.

      As for the 18% of no voters who support Scotland being treated less fairly, I come across these guys on twitter all the time. They look forward to the day when public spending is abolished, they can’t stand the thought of paying a single penny of tax that might end up going towards some kid’s dental treatment or education, God forbid. They are the psychopaths who don’t care about their fellow people. Just ignore them, they are the minority, thankfully.

    41. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Austerity LOL they make monies out of THIN AIR so WHO do we owe it to? Is it not time to publically OPEN the BOOKS lets see who has been raping this country for 100s of years,oh thats right how could we do the Queen with treason lol easy in Scotland she is soverign of the people so if shes involved in harming the people well what happened to Wallace is what should happen to all ("Tractor" - Ed)s of Scotland,i honestly hope they rig the vote to give no 95% its the only way these fekks will get whats coming to them.

    42. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Rev an idea for a billboard a big bit of toast with JAM on it with the words 18th sep JAM day.

    43. Andy-B says:

      It seems to me to be a contradiction that a fair amount of voters realise that austerity will continue and more than likely intensify after the 2015 election, yet voters,still persist on voting no.

      Also with a fair percentage of voters realising that Westminster won’t treat Scotland any better or possibly even worse than previously, after the 2015 elections, only adds to the confusion of why any Scot would vote no.

      O/T I do apologise.

      Ed Davy Energy minister flew up to Scotland today, to scaremonger, regarding the rUK not buying power from Scotland after a YES vote, and that Scots energy bills would rise steeply, its all doom and gloom.

      Quick pass the sick bucket David Cameron is to make his chart debut,along side Danny Dyer, Cameron will record a track on an album. I wonder if the track will be about doom and gloom, for Scotland if it goes independent.

    44. tartanfever says:

      a2 says:

      ‘There’s an assumption in your analysis that everyone thinks “Austerity” is a bad thing and thus a negative for the Union.’

      If UK austerity sees the Barnett Formula being slashed (which a No vote will inevitably cause) the knock on effect in Scotland could see us having to scrap universal benefits, stop the council tax freeze, charge for prescriptions and so on.

      I personally don’t know of many Scots that really want to see that happening. I could well be wrong, but certainly most posters here, and the Rev clearly think that the austerity drive is bad.

    45. a2 says:

      But do those who were polled all share our views?

      My comment is about what they may think, not about what we think.

    46. Blair paterson says:

      These Tory ministers who fly up to Scotland do they not realise that nobody up here I was going to say likes them but that would not be true we hate them and their lies tell them to get back in their box and if they are so sure of their facts why will they not stay and debate them with the Scottish government. Vote yes

    47. bald eagle says:

      these are my thoughts and people might say i’m scaremongering but the more i think about it the harder it gets to shake them off

      IF a no vote happens we are going to be sent back to the dark ages they have already started with the most vulnerable the only way left is up next it will be small companies get them out the way then merge medium companies get them to do all the work that nobody touches once thats done onward and up even higher

      next transport railways stripped all tracks moved south do you think they will spend money on new tracks for h.s.2 get real scotland will be the souths d.i.y superstore

      water privatised

      oil owned by a selected few

      gas owned by westmidden

      coal sold to china and russia

      people used as very cheap labour

      towns and citys will be left to crumble after all the elite will want hunting grounds and somewhere for the weekend

      I cant remember her name she was the mp that got a bollocking for going into the jungle I read in some paper or on tv that she didnt understand why with the mp’s expenses scandal why london didnt just build one big building for all mps and with the level of terrorism enclose london inside a wall think of the movie escape from new york and you will get my drift

      once that is done n.I and wales would think twice about going down these roads after all london needs anybody to lord over right


      scotland will do the right thing and the house of cards will come tumbling down people will waken up and see london for what it is thieving bastards out for what they can get from each and everyone off us sometime soon the s’e of england is going to implode and there is going to be shit everywhere and the rest of the world are going to sit up and notice and make changes turn you’re tv off for a wee while and think about it or is that too much to ask for remember future children and grand children cant think for themselfs do it for them

      i’ve only touched on a few things as i would have been here all night and the list is endless makes you wonder what if
      sorry for thinking out loud rant over

    48. call me dave says:

      BBC Mr Beattie programme. I missed it but Millie in another place highlighted it. Worth a listen.

      Starts at 36min 15sec in a wee debate on energy investment bills then Tom Greatrex for better together gets his say followed by Prof Strachan who blows a hole in his argument at 43mins 12secs.

      “Off Shore being strangled at birth” he says eventually!
      stick with him. 🙂

    49. Capella says:

      I think it’s a manifestation of the “Caledonian Antisyzygy”!

    50. Heather McLean says:

      Bill Fraser says:
      “I am more than a bit surprised that 43% (26 + 17)of the people polled think austerity will stay the same or get better when the government have clearly told them it is going to get worse and last forever. ”

      Ah! but people don’t believe a word that politicians say!
      Or pehaps they think Osborne is only kidding!

    51. Andy-B says:

      @Call me Dave.

      BBC Mr Beattie programme. I missed it but Millie in another place highlighted it. Worth a listen.

      Starts at 36min 15sec in a wee debate on energy investment bills then Tom Greatrex for better together gets his say followed by Prof Strachan who blows a hole in his argument at 43mins 12secs.

      “Off Shore being strangled at birth” he says eventually!
      stick with him. 🙂

      Thanks for that, this morning Gary Robertson on BBC radio Scotland 7.30am, gave Ed Davey plenty of free time to spout his piece, first Davey said, that the rUk would buy power from France, then Norway, before it would buy it from an independent Scotland.

      Mr Davey then blatantly continued to scaremonger by, claiming Scottish businesses would see a huge rise in the cost of power, what Mr Davey didn’t say was that in England at Hinkley Point a nuclear power station is being built, and its two reactors will cost £8 billion pounds each.

      Hinkley is being privately built, at a huge cost, which will eventually be passed to the consumer, which means the whole of the UK’s bills will rise.

    52. Helena Brown says:

      Personally I have thought for a while that though we need to be positive about the things which independence will bring that we need to be as honest as possible what we think or know that a NO vote will bring. I am sure that we will certainly suffer for our impudence in holding this referendum and after all this is about as often said in the past dishing the NATS. So that nobody will approach this again in a very long time. That way those in Westminster will be safe for another longish period to continue rob us blind.
      There are still too many people in Scotland who are pathetically not aware or are burying their heads in the sands and believe the moon is made of green cheese and nothing is ever going to change. If they do not vote, so be it, but if they vote No we are in trouble. I am working on the fact that many will not vote and never have and those who have been newly invigorated will vote the right way.

    53. john king says:

      Clootie says
      “It takes a certain type of folly to vote for worse treatment!
      Perhaps they like leather too!”

      But those people will willingly vote no in the certainty the Scotland will be punished for its temerity just for the opportunity to say “told you so” without even getting it.
      eg think if the genius in the video attacking the yes campaigners (no the brichtest shall we say).

    54. call me dave says:


      Look in on the ‘wee ginger dog’ blog it’s his topic of today.

      link up the page on menu.

    55. (Total Cameron PM: 34%, total Miliband PM: 29%)

      So who do folk think will be PM from 2015 if it’s not Cameron or Milliband? Maybe they’re afraid it will be our First Minister!

    56. Robert Peffers says:

      The actual truth is the survey is based upon an oxymoron. The oxymoron being the statement, “such and such a percentage of the people polled think that … … …”. The actual truth being that figure is the exact percentage of respondents who didn’t think.

      Just today I asked a, ‘wee auld wifie’, “Hello, Hen, still no made up yer mind tae vote YES”?. Her reply was, “Ah’m still votin NO”. I replied, “Noo why wid ye dae a daft thing like that”?. Her retort, “Ah hate yon Alex Salmond”. So I said, “Jings, Hen, Alex’s a rare wee mannie – whit fir dae ye hate him”?. Came the reply, “Ah dinna ken why, bit Ah jist hate him”.

      She was coming out of the local Newsagents shop with a copy of the Daily Record sticking out of her wheeled shopping bag. ‘Nuff said?

    57. HorseHead says:

      I’m regard myself an expert on BBC Radio Scotland, I’ve listened over 20+years 24/7 to John Milne, Colin Bell, Eddie Mair Lesley Riddoch all ok but from 2005 all suspect, guilty of broadcasting falsehoods. Can only be London Labour placement trolls.
      Over approx last 8year I started noticing change.
      I observed bias, social engineering, same agenda’s & campaigns over and over. BBC are corrupt and even criminal. We could recover their salaries and pensions under proceed of crime, and jail management. Corruption and criminality always comes from the top. Top management and politicians use plausible deniability.
      Today an Aberdeen Energy Professor trashed London Labour’s energy scare on John Beattie Joke Show, I listen all day, it was never repeated. I’ve noticed BBC avoid uncontrolled live broadcasting. BBC get 2billion pounds annually and employs 20,000 staff for what. they are grossly over funded and over staffed. They don’t create wealth, they are an overhead. get rid asap.

      ps. Wings are u under attack again cos loading taking long time?

    58. CameronB says:

      ps. Wings are u under attack again cos loading taking long time?

      Same as it always was.

    59. GrabTheThistle says:

      BBC Scotland use trainee reporters on tonite ENERGY DEBATE.
      She must have a Science degree! or an Economics degree! No. Does she have any degree? Scotland and Glasgow are full of Scots but BBC parachute in an alien at great cost, to report on Scots affairs! I’d be better at it. I would lift it from Google to.

      On NewsNight Scotland: Gordon Brewer – tonite Wed.9/4/14

      Today’s Better Together Energy Scare BBC Reporter:
      Emma Ailes(JTS 2013)

      “We get a month where we can go anywhere we like in the BBC.”

      The entry criteria for this year’s scheme was broadened, so it was also open to people with a qualification in broadcast journalism – though this is by NO MEANS a requirement.

      Now in its 8th.YEAR the BBC’s Journalism Trainee Scheme(JTS) offers a year’s PAID WORK as a TRAINEE in one of our UK newsrooms and the chance to work in one of the greatest broadcasting organisations in the world.

      Most of our previous trainees still works in the BBC !!!!!!
      Previous trainees include past and present BBC Director Generals MARK THOMPSON and TONY HALL, news presenter HUW EDWARDS, Radio2 presenter JEREMY VINE !!!!!!

      One year contract pay £19k (non-London), £23k (including London weighting). Plus we cover some travel, accommodation expenses.

      First-class training – led by the BBC’s College of Journalism.
      To be considered for the JTS you need to be an avid follower of news. You regularly read the local and national newspapers, watch television and listen to radio.

      University degree is not compulsory – we think talent, potential and determination count for more than an academic background.

      BBC is committed to diversity and if you are disabled, the BBC Access Unit can help with the necessary adjustments for you to be able to work here.

      There are specialist JTS traineeships, Traineeship in politics and public policy, based at the BBC Political Programmes unit at Millbank, London ??????

      You can find out more about JTS with BBC ACADEMY ???


      This is whats wrong with BBC, 2nd rate junior trainee unskilled reporters. Think I spotted another standing in Douglas Fraser! Check it out.

    60. Captain Caveman says:

      “Advocates of independence are sometimes accused of regarding the No camp as “anti-Scottish”. But with nearly 20% of them apparently intending to knowingly and consciously vote for worse treatment for Scotland, it seems to be a charge of which a significant proportion of Unionists are – by their own admission – clearly guilty.

      Sorry, I’ve kept my mouth shut here for a good month or more, as I’m not here to deliberately piss people off, but I cannot let that one stand, sorry.

      Has it not occurred to you that, perhaps those “anti-Scottish” Unionists might regard a ‘No’ vote simply as the lesser of two evils? There is no “admission” of being anti-Scots here; it is likely merely a pragmatic realisation on their part that things would be even worse still in the event of a Yes vote (a not unreasonable fear as far as I’m concerned, given the smoking ruins of the SNP’s much hyped White Paper and all the rest).

      My fear here is that you’re not daft and thus you will have been fully aware of this likelihood, which would mean this is a deliberate, highly divisive smear? Just the sort of thing you complain about rather a lot?

      I don’t agree with any of the views on this site but I’ve supported it – symbolically and even financially albeit to a very modest extent – not just because I know you, but because I believe in fairness, democracy above all, and that all sides of the argument here must be heard, and heard widely. That threat of legal action you had against you was the last straw for me in this regard; standing up to this, even if only symbolically, seemed more important to me than my mere politics.

      However, stuff like this, which in my opinion will only serve to generate avoidable division, alienation and ill feeling, quite possibly well beyond Indyref, along with a whole bunch of other things such as loose talk of “crowd funding libel action”/stomping around threatening court action etc., really makes me think I’ve made a mistake.

      I’m sure you won’t lose any sleep over the loss of either my support or £2/month subscription. After all, it is inarguable that this site, whatever else it may be, is a huge success by any measure, upon which I always have, and continue to extend my earnest congratulations. But I don’t want to be a part of it any more.

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