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Last Call

Posted on May 13, 2019 by
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Total at 9am, 18 June: £169,266. Last 24 hours: £6,357
(Includes donations from all sources)


When we launched our 2018 crowdfunder, more than 14 months ago, we said “this is probably the last time we’re going to ask you to put your hands in your pockets”. This is one of the very rare occasions that one of our predictions has turned out wrong.

We said it because Brexit was supposed to be signed off by the UK Parliament last October, giving the EU a few months to ratify the withdrawal agreement and have the UK leave by March 29 this year, and so we expected that one way or another the chips would be down and we’d all know where we stood regarding a second independence referendum (and hopefully be campaigning in it).

Alert readers may have spotted that that didn’t happen.

The UK government’s monumental incompetence has now postponed the withdrawal agreement by (at least) a full year to THIS October, which has had the knock-on effect of delaying the Scottish Government’s independence strategy by the same amount of time. So here we all are again.

We’ve been putting off the crowdfunder in the hope of some clarity arriving, but as deadline after deadline has passed and Westminster has failed and failed again to reach any sort of conclusion, we’ve come to a point where neither we nor Scotland can afford to wait any longer, and we need to get on with it.

Because the clock is very much ticking, folks. At the time of writing this, the current Scottish Parliament with its pro-independence majority has under two years to run, and polling suggests that hanging onto that majority past 2021 is at best on a knife-edge.

(Readers fostering a sense of complacency over recent polls might do well to ponder significant events due to happen later this year which are, to put it delicately, unlikely to play out in a manner helpful to the SNP.)

Despite these facts, no steps have been taken in the three years since the Brexit vote to secure the legal right for Holyrood to hold a referendum, a process which would almost certainly be a lengthy one.

(Particularly if you also factor in the amount of time that would be needed to organise a vote should the right be obtained. The Scottish Government has at least announced its intention to have the legislation ready in advance, but you still need time to arrange the vote and have a campaign, which means several months more.)

So what we certainly can’t afford to do is just sit around and blindly hope for the UK government to have an inexplicably magnanimous change of heart. Because clearly, the higher that support for independence grows the less likely they are to concede a referendum voluntarily. They only gave us the last one because they were confident they’d win it, and they aren’t confident any more.

We also need to be prepared to act swiftly should circumstances change suddenly, such as in the event of a UK general election.


So there it is. You know what we do and how we work by now. Wings Over Scotland is the most-read Scottish politics website on the planet (we get more traffic* than the next FIVE biggest sites combined), the only one that Unionists fear and the only one they constantly smear.

There are no cosy regular punditry gigs on BBC or STV for us, no nice respectable newspaper columns. We get arrested, harassed, threatened, smeared and defamed by politicians and the Unionist media, and we have our web presences shut down. We get attacked with a ferocity and in ways that no other pro-independence voice does. We can only carry on because of your incredible support.

Any money you send us will be split as usual between running costs, commissioning polls, a wage for myself and contributors like our magnificent near-weekly cartoonist Chris Cairns, and the building up of the Wings Fighting Fund with the aim of printing a million-plus copies of a new Wee Blue Book when a second referendum comes along, along with other major secret campaigning projects we’re working on.

Some will also have to be used in respect of our court case against Kezia Dugdale, either to pay costs or to file an appeal against the judgement, but that decision will only be taken after consultation with readers.

(As always, we have some tokens of gratitude for our donors, seen in the image below – an engraved credit-card-sized multipurpose tool in metal, a handy mini tin perfect for carrying earphones or charging cables (and delivered to you full of tasty mints), a mug, a sturdy weekend bag, a stylish engraved hip flask set and this year’s Wings enamel badge in a rather classy white, black and silver design.)

As always, whether Wings Over Scotland continues for another year rests entirely in your hands. We’re ready to keep fighting for you. Let us know if that’s what you want.

*stats from SimilarWeb, April 2019.

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    716 to “Last Call”

    1. One_Scot says:

      Done. By the way Colin Alexander, let me know when you have made your contribution, and I mean financial wise not bollocks wise, as I know you are a big supporter of the Independence cause.

    2. Tatu3 says:


    3. Capella says:

      Rising panic in the unionist camp. Jack McConnell calls for a second chamber to police Holyrood, Henry McLeish calls for a more PR voting system to stop the SNP getting so many seats and the trio Stephen Kerr, Alistair Carmichael and Ian Murray want a new Scottish Czar to rule over us.

      So donation made to ensure monetising fund continues. When you get your daily column in the MSM and BBC news show, I’ll take it you are as well funded as the “healthy” journalists..

    4. Lanarkist says:

      Got to dash, I’ll chip in later!

    5. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Large donation will be winging its way down to you shortly.

    6. faolie says:


    7. Jim Arnott says:

      More than happy to have donated this morning. WE won’t let the b*ggers grind us down.

    8. Allan Watson says:

      Done my wee bit as I know you will use it well Stu

    9. Macart says:

      A couple of quid from a well worn pocket, but worth it. 😉

    10. Abulhaq says:

      Britain = ENGERLAND.
      Actually, it tells ‘us’ not much. Just spin.

    11. BJ says:


    12. Craig P says:

      Done, though I don’t want any gifts beyond continued analysis on this site.

    13. Dorothy Devine says:

      Will be done today!

    14. Bill Cochrane says:

      Worth every penny for the excellent work you do and would hope that the many, many thousands of people who, like me, rarely if ever post but read Wings to get the truth you don’t get elsewhere, chip in what they can afford, for a truly worthwhile asset to the cause for independence. PS I wish I could afford the hip flask. ?

    15. schrodingers cat says:


    16. Sharny Dubs says:

      Done. With much gratitude to you sir!

    17. Clootie says:

      Donation made. Will target be reached in 24hrs?

    18. gus1940 says:


    19. Meindevon says:

      Stu will go down in history as the man who called out the Westminster Unionist establishment and more than any other individual helped to bring about a normal self governing Scotland.

      Donated…and will again and again until it happens.

    20. gus1940 says:

      How can the list of donors be displayed?

    21. Robert Kerr says:

      Donated in spite of Paypal now wanting a password.

      No IS the time

    22. Effijy says:

      Sending my donation now!
      Rev, you seriously need to look at giving yourself a pay rise.

      Take it as you more than earn every single penny.
      Please do not mention what an inflationary rise adds up to
      Or I’m sure the Media, Dick Leonard, Dippy Dug and Wee Winkie
      Will turn it into Millionaire Blogger/ Trouble maker cons pensioners
      With on-line scam.

      As well as sending over some funds, I want to thank you sincerely
      For your resilience your dedication and your first class investigative
      Journalism skills.

      Without you I’d be blind to the truth and oblivious to the perpetual attack on Scotland
      By Westminster and its many forms of corruption.

      Thank You!

    23. Robert Louis says:

      Can’t we have the hip flask on its own??? That is the desired item (but I guess REV knows that).

      Credit card tool and tin it is then…

      For hard factual analysis ,and debunking of the same old repeated British Nationalist lies. Worth every penny.

    24. rongorongo says:

      Donation sent: keep up the good work. Still much to resolve.

    25. Bunged a few quid in, bit more than the £20.00 promised.

    26. Black Joan says:

      Thank you again. Is there any way that donors’ comments can be seen via the fundraiser site?

    27. A C Bruce says:

      Donated. Well worth it.

    28. Effijy says:

      Hi Rev,

      I just qualified for some Wings Gifts.
      If it isn’t a logistical nightmare for you
      I’d rather you retained them as they obviously
      Cost you. This and the postage I’d rather see you
      Retaining for the cause.

      Thank you for the generous offer though!

    29. ScottishPsyche says:

      Donated. Still an avid reader and worth every penny.

      Hope it goes well.

    30. jfngw says:

      Thank goodness you can use paypal this year, I dislike having to give my financial details to various online companies. How mini is this mini tin, are those paracetamol pills or pan drops?

    31. dramfineday says:

      What Donate AGAIN?

      Certainly. It would be rude not to.

    32. HandandShrimp says:

      That badge looks awfully nice. I will get onto this later when I fire up the old gas powered laptop.

    33. Frank Gillougley says:

      A veritable widow’s mite, i am afraid, as I am skinto McGlinto.

      WOS speaking truth to power has kept me alive over the past five years, I just don’t know how I’d have coped otherwise.

      Truly a principled voice among a den of liars and thieves.

    34. William Habib Steele says:

      You wrote, “secure the legal right for Holyrood to hold a referendum”. Under International Law, Holyrood has the right to resile the Treaty of Union and the Act of Union. Craig Murray has written about it.

      i think that the Act of Union Bill in the Lords, Gove’s threat to take more financial power away, from Holyrood the three mouscateers banding together to have a constitutional revision for the UK are increasing the urgency for Holyrood to act.

      I wonder if the matter will need to be taken out of the hands of the SNP. Perhaps the Scottish Independence Convention or All Under One Banner could take it uo and organise a People’s Referendum with or without the support of the SNP?

    35. Proud Cybernat says:

      Wee bit o’ cash chipped in, Rev. Not a lot but if I have a better month I’ll chip in some more at the end of May.

      “this is probably the last time we’re going to ask you to put your hands in your pockets”


      Hoefully you won’t be saying that 10 years from now as Brexit still won’t have happened with PM Farage in his second term. (Frightening, innit).

    36. DrunkenDee says:

      Donation made – all power to you Stu, keep fighting the good fight!

    37. Pete says:


    38. William says:

      Always happy to Help.

    39. Lollysmum says:

      Oh we can’t see the names rolling over as contributions join the kitty. How disappointing.

      I love imagining that every reader is sticking two fingers up to Westminster as their payment is added to the kitty. It feels more real if there’s a name to go with it.Guess I’ll just have to work the imagination that much harder today.

      Donation done.

    40. mogabee says:

      In discussion with financial adviser as to amount I want to donate.

      I expect to win the argument! 😀 😀 😀

    41. Bill McLean says:

      How much is our freedom worth? Contributed but wish I could do more!

    42. Nana says:

      Donated and worth every penny. Thank you for all that you do 🙂

    43. uno mas says:

      What´s a Credit Card Tool ?

      Asking for a thousand friends who don´t know what one is either.

    44. mogabee says:

      Sent a donation meantime!

      Thank ye fir aw ye dae…

    45. mogabee says:

      uno mas

      Click on picture of tool to see it in all its glory!

    46. Ian Brotherhood says:

      What time did the fundraiser start?
      Just so’s we can boast on Twitter, FB etc about how fast it’s going.
      That’s £17,760 in as I write…


    47. Skozra says:

      Donated , always worth every penny !!

    48. Cactus says:

      Excellent, the Wings Over Scotland Fundraiser 2019 has begun!

      SO that’s our European elections 2019 campaigning and our Wings crowdfunder 2019 both active and trending at the same time, Yes 🙂

      Let’s get this wrapped up for tea time everybuddy

      Vote for Scotland on the 23rd

    49. Johnny says:


      Think it was 8am.

    50. Cactus says:

      Morning Ian B, twas just after eight, cheers bro

    51. Grey Gull says:

      Donated. Thanks for all you do, Stu.

    52. Millsy says:

      UNO MAS( 10.14) ask: ”What is a Credit Card tool ? ”

      It’s all the Tory MSPs who keeping taking our money but want to shut Scotland down !

      Donation made !

    53. cameron says:

      membership cancelled so £12 going to the fund . no hats or caps ?

    54. Scozzie says:

      For my sins this is my first donation (been a lurker since 2014). These last years has been a complete shit-show and you sure have to put up with a lot of crap. So although I’m late to the fundraising party am now paying my dues. I’ll put more in the pot before the fundraiser expires.
      Keep up the good work – we need our independence bloggers and grassroots to force the SNP out of their state of complacency, the clock is sure ticking down.
      Appreciate all you do.

    55. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Cheers all.

      8.00 a.m.?

      £21,768 in the pot, so that’s…er, give us a minute…that’s…a lot!

      At this rate it could be £25k by 11.00 and that’s the half-way mark.


    56. Dorothy Devine says:

      Donated via your bank transfer – would really like another badge !!!

    57. No no no...Yes says:

      Donation made and looking forward to your continued searing analysis.

    58. Iain Hamilton says:

      Done. We were *REALLY* skint last year and couldn’t afford much so I’ve added a bit extra this year. You’re worth every sweary, ranty fucking penny. Now is the fucking time

    59. Marie Clark says:

      just donated Stu. I don’t don’t know how you do this job, day in and day out. I couldn’t do it, no matter how much you offered me.

      Many thanks Rev, you’re well worth every penny. Will chip in again if needed. Cheers.

    60. fillofficer says:

      £50 paid direct
      more to follow, if needed
      gerritupthem 😉

    61. Alistair Donaldson says:

      Pensioner and compulsive lurker who looks in at least once a day. Just contributed to your fundraiser in addition to my small monthly DD. You are invaluable, thanks.

    62. Robert Louis says:

      Unionists will be spitting blood at the success of this fundraiser. Just watch as they fume when it reaches target in a few hours. Worth donating just for that.

    63. Fixitfox says:

      Done. Though I’ll keep an eye on progress to target & chip in some more if need be. Keep up the fantastic work.

    64. Bob Mack says:

      Subscription set up Rev. Worth every single penny and then more.

      It’s refreshing reading your articles because they are nothing but true, rather than from a purely political standpoint or worse still,self interest.

      You could teach many journalists how their job should be done here in Scotland. . Sadly though ,they overlook the truth to push propoganda for their beloved Union rather than fact.

    65. galamcennalath says:


      Halfway to £50k in three hours. It would be nice to beat last year’s total, whatever that was.

      Don’t know how others feel, but if Rev Stu incurs legal costs from the defamation case, I think we should have a separate fundraiser. Keeping WoS focused on the big prize of Indy would be my preference.

    66. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah need tae consult The hole in the wa . Ill get back tae U Rev when ah hiv the balance in ma account .

    67. Maureen says:

      Tenner in the pot from me, money well spent!

    68. Valerie says:

      Donated and tweeted. So pleased to see Cllr Chris McEleny supporting it on Twitter. Out and proud.

    69. misteralz says:

      Just donated, plus the cost covering bit. Can’t do much else from over here, sadly!

    70. Paul Garbett says:

      Donated again – ironically funded by my first state pension payment.

    71. liz says:

      Just done.
      Getting really pissed off at higher ups in SNP.
      The amount of slagging off of supporters and colleagues is unreal.
      The bitches, we know who they are, seem to be looking forward to Alex S trial, even though it might not get that far.

      Being saying for a while now, Nicola was handed a party with 100K members on a plate and has managed to do virtually nothing since then except play identity politics.
      I’m beginning to wish she does take a job at the UN

      God knows what will happen but fingers crossed

    72. Colin Alexander says:


      Thanks for the name check. So nice of you to think of me.

      As a genuine supporter of independence, I value the important contribution Wings Over Scotland makes to the cause.

      So,I’ve donated.

      Stu, Good luck with the Fundraiser and keep up the good work.

    73. CageyBee says:

      Jeez £28k before noon they britnats will be boaking

    74. ronnie anderson says:

      WELL done tae All yous Lurkers for your contributions to the crowdfunder I see some of yous are saying your pensioners , there’s nae discounts Not in this game ( wee play oan Brucie ) . Be well we hiv a bit tae go yet .

    75. gerry parker says:

      Glad to help Stu.

    76. Jack Murphy says:


    77. Bill Hume says:


    78. Packhorse Pete says:

      Happy to donate again. Every £ a nail in the Unionist coffin!
      Many thanks Stu.

    79. Andrew Brown says:

      Donated. Your efforts are very much appreciated. You stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    80. Harry mcaye says:

      Donated. I’ve never heard of a credit card tool either, had to ecosia it.

    81. Colin Stuart says:

      Okay, I give up – has somebody maybe sabotaged the Paypal route? I’ve just completed more than six check screens – bridges, traffic lights, crosswalks, storefronts and more – and all I get is another one, and another one. Will try again later, but to my suspicious mind the endless blind alley smells a bit.

    82. dunks says:

      Hope my little £10.62 donation helps free us from the Westminster tyranny.

    83. hackalumpoff says:

      Donated, for the last time, I hope.

      Over £30K now

    84. Effijy says:

      Just for the Britnats keeping an eye on us:
      Brilliant to see £30,000.00 in for Noon on Launch Day!

      Even better that it’s from ordinary hard working tax papers puting
      In what they can. Non some non Dom tax dodging Tory Millionare.

      Over Lunch time, those who hope for their future generations in an Independent Scotland will
      Be digging deep or they will never be able to live with themselves!

    85. mumsyhugs says:

      Worth every penny!

    86. Neil Anderson says:

      Austerity biting deep round these parts Stu, but I’ve given what I can. Wings has been the greatest voice for Scotland throughout our struggle, let’s get over the line this time. Many thanks for your courage and integrity. And all the laughs too, of course!

    87. Killie1689 says:

      Worthwhile cause, keep up the good work.

    88. Scott says:

      Thats mine in a pity its not more might win the lottery so can give more.

    89. Ahundredthidiot says:


      Worth every penny.

    90. asklair says:

      Stopped donating to Wings, I tried to move on, SNP have pissed me off big time, only 2 things I want, 1st self-determination, 2nd booting SNP out of our parliament, so back to donating to Wings again, still voting SNP, as they say vote till you puke, shame the only party to vote for gives me the dry boak.

    91. mumsyhugs says:

      Just dinged over £32K – one of my favourite pastimes watching the Wings fundraiser fly!!! 🙂

    92. Vestas says:

      Done but you’re dreaming if you think this’ll be the last call for funds – next year maybe, & I’ll keep the big donation until then…

      Also – put an option in for the hipflask on its own, say £250 or so. I think you’ll find you get more donations at that level rather than getting a “weekender bag” 😉

      Also peeps should note there’s a £6 processing fee on CC payments – not great but just do the decent thing & pay it.

    93. Turnbulldrier says:

      Ahh, that feels better..

      More power to your elbow Stu 🙂

    94. Abulhaq says:
      Police = inhibit, check, constrain. [Citizens Assembly] wonder where he got that notion from?
      Talk, talk, so much easier than making a decision.
      It is the rôle of the politician to bore the elector with the consummate banality of his ‘wisdom’.
      It is the only qualification required and the British variety has doctorates in it.

    95. A C Bruce says:

      ”Stopped donating to Wings, I tried to move on, SNP have pissed me off big time, only 2 things I want, 1st self-determination, 2nd booting SNP out of our parliament, so back to donating to Wings again, still voting SNP, as they say vote till you puke, shame the only party to vote for gives me the dry boak.”

      You’re mistaking the Wings fundraiser for the Scotsman! Maybe you should double check your bearings.

    96. uno mas says:

      @ Colin Alexander

      Of course you´ve donated.

      This site closes down and you´ll have to get yourself a proper job.

    97. Effijy says:

      Can you imagine if you didn’t contribute what you can and you find
      Nigel Farage as Prime Minister with Bungling Boris-Hater of the Scots, his Chancellor and how about Gove as the Scottish Secretary of State?

      Mrs May could be sent to Orkney in exile.
      Lord Carmichael the Lair could be her probation officer?

      Your kids will be applying for a North Korean Passport and some direction from the real Kim Jun Un.

      It is essential that we put in yet another record breaking year!

      S.O.S. Save Our Scotland.

    98. schrodingers cat says:

      how much do 1 million wbb’s cost?

      have you already started to write wbb2? or at least have an outline stu?

    99. ronnie anderson says:

      Ok Rev hole in the wa say’s am solvent tae next pension day, so’s monies Winging its way tae U Onwards an Upwards .

    100. asklair says:

      Ha Ha to the person who posted a reply to my post, my view, my right, get a life.

    101. A C Bruce says:

      I’ve got a life, grump.

    102. Iain Lawson says:

      Happy to donate in the sure knowledge I will get value for money. Keep up the excellent work!

    103. skintybroko says:

      Donation made, keep up the good work

    104. Andy says:

      Done. I’ll soon find out what a credit card tool is.

    105. niall campbell morrison says:

      IF you ever wondered why the Scottish Paliment was really created byLabour….

    106. Sinky says:

      Got “Scottish Labour” euro leaflet published in London printed in Wales so much for devolving powers and business to Scotland

    107. Odet says:

      Donated. Because we’re worth it 😀

    108. Patrick Roden says:

      Over £37,000 when I donated!

      Has Duncan Hothersall not made his spite filled comment about us all being so gullible yet? He is usually so good at giving wingers an excuse to add another tenner or something.

      C’mon Duncan, get yer finger oot!

    109. Patrick Roden says:

      @ sinky,

      “Got “Scottish Labour” euro leaflet published in London printed in Wales so much for devolving powers and business to Scotland”

      Has anyone got a free-post address for ‘Scottish’ Labour?

      All unsolicited mail-drops containing lies should be returned to free post addresses with the lies pointed out.

    110. David says:

      After only 6 hours, the fundraiser stands at £37,657.

      This amount is already more than both Wings’ first campaign in 2013, and the Wee Black Book fundraiser!

      Next target to reach and surpass is the current ‘Last Call’ goal of £50,000.

      After that comes the £59,661 raised in 2014 for the Wee Blue Book.

      Phew, that ‘recycled fiver’ is being made to do a lot of work! 🙂

    111. Breastplate says:

      Just donated, many thanks to you Stu

    112. jfngw says:

      Keep donating folks, Wings makes unionists go weak at the knees and makes their brains explode in anger. Don’t be like historywoman or Duncan, believe in Scotland and its own abilities.

    113. Sarah says:

      Just donated direct by BACS. It is a great feeling to show all the awful liars how much we appreciate the Rev.

      Thank you, Rev. You are brave and very very clever. I will continue to press the case for you to be an advisor to the SNP’s campaign, along with our other brilliant bloggers. They need all the help they can get! [They perhaps just don’t realise it yet…]

      Just one thing – isn’t the target a bit low? Too easy for us to reach within only a few hours?

    114. jfngw says:


      Never set the target too high, it will just be a MSM headline if it is not reached. The Rev always breaks the target gets them really annoyed. Not reaching the target was one of the headlines for the SNP independence fund raiser, the MSM had no end of joy with it.

    115. One_Scot says:

      Lol, yeah right, and even if you did donate a pound as a token gesture I bet it was painful.

    116. Colin Alexander says:

      uno mas said:
      13 May, 2019 at 12:55 pm
      @ Colin Alexander

      “Of course you´ve donated.

      This site closes down and you´ll have to get yourself a proper job”.

      Sorry, I honestly don’t know what you are talking about.

    117. potter says:

      Done, least I could do.

    118. sinky says:

      Donated and Wings fund now at £40,000. Let’s do this and ignore the party / Yes infighting. The cause is more important than any individual’s ego.

    119. Sarah says:

      @jfngw: I like to think there’s no target we wouldn’t reach for Wings!

      I also like to picture the writhing and groaning in certain quarters as Wings funding pours in…

    120. thingy says:

      That’s my two bob in.

      I’ll always donate but the triumvirate of twerps trying to act like hard men last week and the ongoing brattery of the wokebeards and wokemuffs made this transaction extra special. Fuck, I even added the extra one pound twenty they were after. 🙂

      All the best.

    121. HandandShrimp says:

      Received the Labour EU election campaign guff this morning. It is a classic example of recycling. There is one small section devoted to the EU/Brexit the rest is just a repeat of previous Labour election material. It looked as if it was wishing this was a general election. That said Labour’s position is so vague one can understand their reticence in discussing Brexit.

    122. Colin Alexander says:


      Every penny counts; it all adds up.

      If anyone donates a pound, I say: good for them, especially if that’s all they can afford. So, no snidey remarks from me about it.

      I’m sure all donations are gratefully received.

      I gave with a glad heart, hope you did too.

      Have a nice day.

    123. Smallaxe says:

      Westminster, let me tell you that
      We are the small axe, sharp and ready
      Ready to cut you down!

    124. Tony Little says:

      Happy to support. This is the “End-time”, I hope! Let’s finish this job

    125. TJenny says:

      Smallaxe – yay, you’re back – I’d wondered where you’d gone.

      Just about to donate. Is there anything better than watching the Wings’ fundraiser soar? Well, apart from being indy of course. 😉

    126. HandandShrimp says:

      Donation in. Here is hoping that this is the year it all kicks off 🙂

    127. Lollysmum says:

      Donors to Wings
      See the front page of the crowdfunder -top right in the white section says Donor Wall in light blue text-click for the list of donors

    128. Sarah says:

      I’ve been wondering about Nicola’s tweet “Now is the time”.

      Was that meant to be THE call, the fiery cross to summon us?? Should we all be hastening to Holyrood or Bute House?

      If so, we are all rather slow on the uptake! Perhaps the message needs to be sent again a bit clearer…

    129. Phil says:


    130. Lollysmum says:

      Correction it only gives the last few donors & their comments, can’t find any way of expanding the list.

    131. Lollysmum says:

      No it was her reaction to the news that Farage was being punted by MSM & Tv pundits for PM. Doesn’t bear thinking about!

    132. Vestas says:

      @ Sarah 13 May, 2019 at 3:10 pm :

      “I’ve been wondering about Nicola’s tweet “Now is the time”.

      Was that meant to be THE call, the fiery cross to summon us?? Should we all be hastening to Holyrood or Bute House?”

      Wouldn’t have thought so for even a millisecond.

      Were Joanna Cherry FM then the train is booked 🙂

    133. Dorothy Devine says:

      Smallaxe , lovely to see you there , and hello Sybil!

      Ain’t the fundraiser just wickedly grand!

      Almost there in half a day.

    134. jfngw says:

      I think you need to tick the box if you want your donation/comment to appear on the donor wall. If you want your name up, just make another donation and tick the box.

      Keep donating, remember how the Norwegians felt, you too can recapture this moment.

    135. Sarah says:

      @Lollysmum and Vestas: Thanks for clearing that up. I thought I’d missed the boat! Mind you I do wish the boat would loosen the mooring ropes at least.

    136. Ken500 says:

      Was wondering when the fund raiser was pencilled in. Should have been February, per usual. With everything else happening. It is even more important now.

      Donations required to the SNP, EU campaign, Independence live, National subscription, Now a possible big car repair bill. May is turning into an expensive month. Even though it’s sunny for less expensive heating bills. Things worth fighting for are never easy.

      Wings more than worth. Thanks a billion. Go get ‘em Rev Stu. Donations flying in. Wings soaring over Scotland. Keeping people sane. Thanks once again. Genius. Worth every penny and more.

    137. Vestas says:

      Its been a while since the last Wings fundraiser – so long in fact it was pre-GDPR.

      Basically your name won’t be made public unless you choose to comment and haven’t ticked the “Anonymous” box.

    138. Ken500 says:

      Goodness the last fund raiser total was £153,215. Great, Hope this one tops it.

    139. Ken500 says:


    140. Fairliered says:

      Donation made. Hope it upsets sundry unionists and certain SNP high heid yins.

    141. dakk says:

      Will be on it when get home tonight.

      Probably will have reached target by then

    142. Fireproofjim says:

      Just donated. Best investment of the year.

    143. yesindyref2 says:

      Absolutely no chance at the moment, hospital and rested for 2 weeks so what little income comes in at the time of year I should be earning for the whole year means every penny goes on the table at the moment, including trying to afford foods for hbp.

      So I’m in in spirit, but not in £££ yet a while.

    144. Flower of Scotland says:

      Donated because you’re worth it! ?

    145. Proud Cybernat says:

      Someone’s no’ very happy….

    146. ScottieDog says:

      Hope things get better soon. We’re near the total anyway.
      Hop over to phantom power YouTube channel and you can watch last weeks MMT talks in Glasgow.

    147. Tony O"neill says:

      O/T It seems that the snp civil war 2 is well under way.

    148. Clive Scott says:

      Delighted to donate – keep up the good work

    149. Gary45% says:

      Will check the total when back from “Franco country”, will chuck in pessos if needed.
      Stu, expect the Yoon media to go Tonto at another crowd funder.
      I am missing all the politics at the moment, I need an update for the SNP bashing, Internet not reliable.

    150. Millsy says:

      Should we run a sweep on when the first Headline of Outrage appears in the MSM at all these ‘separatists’ funding division in our united ‘country ‘ ?

      Ruthie and Dugdale will be appalled at this misuse of money when it could have been funding their sinecures !

    151. Al-Stuart says:


      Did you just raise £48,238.12 in 8 hours with 884 donations?

      And the Unionists say there is NO appetite for a second Scottish independence referendum.

      Yoons be cacking their pants.

      Awesome Rev.

    152. jfngw says:

      At 16:36 only around £1200 short of target. Come on now if we make it before 18:00 I’m pretty sure it will be a Rep Scot headline. Only kidding, more likely to get a SNPGood headline.

    153. Katag says:

      Donation made; can’t emphasise enough how valuable your incisive and forensic shredding of myths and lies peddled via MSM [and politicians] is.
      Keeping our eye on the goal is the main thing and you have a huge part to play in that. Many thanks for all you do

    154. IZZIE says:

      Donated appreciate this site which along with WGD keeps me going in difficult times. Don’t full y agree with Rev about next Holyrood election. However I have been involved with this cause since Winnie Ewing won in Hamilton. The movement has had peaks and troughs before but when the tide has ebbed it has never gone back fully and we didn’t have WOS.

    155. TJenny says:

      Less than 1k to go to reach target. Can it be done by, I dunno, 18.00? Yeah. 🙂

      If you listen closely, you can hear Yoon heids exploding.

    156. Robert Louis says:

      Boom! 50K

    157. Gary45% says:

      Talking to some “southern shire cousins” over here today, even they are “getting an Indy Scotland”. I told them they are welcome to move to Scotland when the time comes.
      It looks like England is FKd.
      On a lighter note, French couple opened arms when realising we were Scottish, in broke tongue said Scotland is rich, Farages England is bankrupt, who said European politics is dull?

    158. Bill Hume says:

      Passed the £50K

    159. Abulhaq says:

      The ‘Court of St James’ has a new Saudi ambassador. Eton, Oxford, Sandhurst married to niece of the ‘Duke of Northumberland’ and cousin of ‘Crown prince Muhammad bin Salman’, the ‘liberal’ and the one bombing hell out of Yemen, and getting away with it.
      Nothing much changes in Ukania. The rogues, parasites and hypocrites flock together.
      Why is the SNP not republican?

    160. TJenny says:

      And now the total is…drumroll…£50,320.71. Yeeha. 🙂 😉

    161. Dorothy Devine says:


    162. mumsyhugs says:

      Jings helpmaboab! Target reached! 🙂

    163. gerry parker says:

      Our new washing machine has a program that is – I kid you not, “suitable for lightly soiled underwear” 🙂

      No good for the Unionists then.

    164. Effijy says:

      No donation gets you Wee Shouty Truthless Harrison as First Minister,
      Mundell the Beard Muncher Head of Finance and Turkish Barbers.

      In order to get her motions passed that Dick Leonard gets to in charge of Scotland’s Trains
      So that they run as badly as Labour’s Welsh train set.

      Wee Willie Winkie Rennie will be in charge of running ’round the town
      Telling us how bad Scotland is.

      Pay up or it becomes reality !

    165. Robert Louis says:

      Pop, pop,pop, go the yoonatic brains across Scotland, as REV STU demonstrates yet again just how much of a desire their is for independence.

      Good to see NS offering support to Joanna Cherry. Hopefully an end to the previous behaviour of just chucking folk ‘under the bus’ at the first sign of ‘issues’/accusations, whether true or false.

    166. thingy says:

      Nicely done. 🙂

    167. Bob Mack says:

      Onwards and upwards folks. Let’s keep it coming. Independence is above price and this guy helps to make it happen

    168. Gullaneno4 says:

      Donation made.
      Well done for hitting target hit in less than 8 hours, that will greatly upset some super zoomer golfers I know south of Preston.

    169. naina tal says:

      Yesindyref2 at 3.55
      Sorry to hear about your illness. Made my contribution just now and doubled the amount as you aren’t able. Get well soon!

    170. Robert Louis says:

      Make no mistake, the yoonatics will be watching how this goes. The higher the results, the better from an independence perspective.

    171. ronnie anderson says:

      Finally got it dided and Donated past the £51 grand

    172. Macart says:

      @ Smallaxe 2.41pm

      Good to see you. 🙂

    173. ronnie anderson says:

      Shared on Yes pages so lets hope we get a boost in donators

    174. Scott says:

      This is going to really p***off them all and its not finished yet.

    175. jfngw says:

      Passed the goal, cue the sheep branding label from the unionist twitteraty, come on Duncan you know you want to.

    176. CameronB Brodie says:

      “Harder than you think”! Bringing about progressive social change was never going to be easy. Being declared a ‘public enemy’ suggests you’re doing something right, frankly. 😉

      A critical psychology of the postcolonial


      Of the theoretical resources typically taken as the underlying foundations of critical social psychology, elements, typically, each of Marxism, feminism, psychoanalysis, and Post-Structuralism, one particular mode of critique remains notably absent: postcolonial theory.

      What might be the most crucial contributions that postcolonial critique can make to the project of critical psychology? One answer is that of a reciprocal forms of critique, the retrieval of a ‘psychopolitics’ in which we not only place the psychological within the register of the political, but – perhaps more challengingly – in which the political is also, strategically, approached through the register of the psychological.

      What the writings of Fanon and Biko make plain in this connection is the degree to which the narratives and concepts of the social psychological may be reformulated so as to fashion a novel discourse of resistance, one that opens up new avenues for critique for critical psychology, on one hand, and that affords an innovative set of opportunities for the psychological investigation of the vicissitudes of the postcolonial, on the other.

      Keywords: postcolonial, psychopolitics, critical psychology, political, Fanon, Biko, Bhabha, psychoanalysis, resistance, racism

    177. winifred mccartney says:

      Smallaxe – great to hear from you again. Still have my t-shirt, Scotland the Brave not Scotland the Slave and a little embroidered axe on the side.

      Well done to all contributors and keep up the good work Stu.

    178. LaxardalrNeil says:

      Well, I am glad to say that I’ve donated to WOS for the first time. 🙂

      Been a rough few years for me, and this site kept me sane when I was unemployed and obsessed with the EU referendum fallout. Hardly ever comment on here but I read every day. Dinna hae wise words or anything, just want to say thanks to Stu and all the insightful posters who gather here. Keep the faith! When the time comes I will not be able to contribute with a vote; however, I am fortunate enough now that I can help with some cash.

    179. Bill Hume says:

      Smallaxe, met you at Bannockburn…………nice to hear from you again.

    180. CameronB Brodie says:

      I thought this might be of interest to some.

      Postcolonial and Media Studies: A Cognitive Map

      My aim in this chapter is to suggest how postcolonial theory is relevant to the interpretation and study of contemporary ethnic minority media cultures and to demonstrate how they relate to the ‘metropolitan centre’ of Britain. I intend
      to do this by tracing a ‘cognitive map’ of postcolonial perspectives and suggesting how they could contribute to media studies….

      ….This intricate psychological description of the different manifestations of the colonizer has added depth to the history of colonialism by demonstrating its multifaceted effects as well as connections to its bearing on the present.
      Memmi’s argument centres around the fact that despite these three groups being placed at different levels of the colonial hierarchy they are nonetheless all placed in relation to the colonized in an advantaged position:

      If the privileges of the colonizer are striking, the lesser privileges of the small colonizer, even the smallest, are very numerous. Every act of his daily life places him in a relationship with the colonized, and with each act his fundamental advantage is demonstrated. If he is in trouble with the law, the police, and even justice will be more lenient towards him. If he needs assistance from the government, it will not be difficult; red tape will be cut; a window will be reserved for him, where there is a shorter line so he will have a shorter wait. (ibid.: 55–56)

      This description provides an insight into the continuing psychological superiority in white British people which generated from colonial power and can be directly linked to contemporary racist institutional practices of exclusion….

    181. mumsyhugs says:


      Is that right? Ruth the mooth is going to contest a seat at Broxstowe at the next GE???

    182. Juteman says:

      Small donation made.
      We need you to rage against the machine.

    183. crazycat says:

      @ mumsyhugs

      That wouldn’t surprise me; she’s denied it often enough! Also Anna Soubry will be in the Tories’ sights.

    184. Smallaxe says:

      Hi, Wingers, Peace and Love to All.

      I’m pleased to see a thread where good people are not arguing amongst themselves about side issues. Scotlands independence comes first and foremost, no ifs no buts.

      Money is our ammunition so fire it in!

    185. yesindyref2 says:

      @naina tal
      Thanks for that, you’re very kind 🙂

      I feel better but taking it easy, no all night work sessions, just a couple of hours or so at a time. Just as well I only joined the AUOB at Freedom Square all the same.

    186. yesindyref2 says:

      These ones (first 3)?

      Hopefully I’ll get a chance later in the week 🙂

    187. galamcennalath says:

      Cactus says:
      6 March, 2018 at 8:21 pm

      Over 47.2K+ on the crowdfund page with 911+ donors, and rising…

      7:20pm now £57,637 with 1059 donations …. looking good

    188. Sarah says:

      @Smallaxe – your posts will reduce the space for wrangling as well as give us all a boost!

    189. X_Sticks says:

      Donation made. Worth every penny.

      Now I just need to find a way to contribute to Independence Live whose crowdfunder is struggling at 58% with five days to go. The indygogo seems to be playing up for their appeal 🙁

    190. Marcia says:

      Well done young man.

    191. Fran says:

      Money is in

    192. HandandShrimp says:

      No real surprise the target was passed without effort. These are turbulent times and more than ever the “news” needs to be deconstructed and shown for the shabby distortion it is.

      The Express has a headline proclaiming Scotland’s desire for Brexit. A classic example where Wings has made it so much simpler for an alert reader to kick the flimsy arguments and sleight of hand into touch.

      A public service that the public are happy to fund.

    193. Craig Murray says:

      Done. I needed a new mug anyway.

    194. Marker Post says:


    195. Eric Smith says:

      Used to always,or try to,contribute to you…. then you blocked me due to your petit petulance…so…nah..

    196. Ken500 says:

      Raffle a few hip flasks if everyone is after them, £1 or a £5 a time. Next they will be on eBay. Raking up a massive hike.

      It is so annoying all those (l am) not a robot..Matching cars or buses or crossing,. Time, after time, after time.

      It is so great watching the donations total go up. Amazing.

    197. Ken500 says:

      Watching Wings total go up is almost as good as watching Bella go down.

    198. Ken500 says:

      The Tories on the gravy train. Maybe not such a realistic move at the moment. The Tories going down big time. Jumping off the sinking rotten barrel. before getting the push. Rats in a sack,

    199. red sunset says:

      Am swanning around in sunny Mediterranean climes.
      Will chuck in the price of a good night out as soon as I’m home – end of this week.
      Well worth every penny – mair power tae yer elbow Rev.

    200. Terry callachan says:

      To CameronB Brodie 6.44pm…

      Do you think Scotland has been colonised ?

      If you do , do you think the colonisers have privileges ?

      What are they ?

      If you think Scotland has not been colonised ,what is the aim of your post at 6.44 pm ?

    201. Patrick Roden says:

      @ Eric Smith

      You said: ” Used to always,or try to,contribute to you…. then you blocked me due to your petit petulance…so…nah..”

      Just in case anyone wasn’t sure, Scotland’s self determination is all about Eric and his snowflake feelings.

    202. Iain mhor says:

      The dug ate the donation lol.
      A manky big vets bill today, I scraped a few bob anyway and stuck it in the pot. More to follow on payday…

    203. CameronB Brodie says:

      Terry callachan
      Of course Scotland has been “internally colonised”. That does not mean Scotland is a colony, simply that many Scots have been bent out of shape and now consider British nationalism to be the natural order of things. As such, their minds have been colonised by power.

    204. CameronB Brodie says:

      Terry callachan
      British society is structured through colonialism, so I think insight into the colonial mind is relevant. Perhaps this view is not perceived as helpful by some?

      Internal Colonialism, Postcolonial Criticism and Social Theory

      ….This theory helps to clarify the social, political and intellectual imaginary from outside and from within colonial capitalism. The theoretical and practical experiences of coloniality necessarily extend the horizons of modern sociological theory. In the diverse historical contexts of colonial capitalism manifestation, the capital and labor tensions are reconfigured by other contradictions generated by raciality, nationality and subalternity influencing the collective political imaginary. The discussion about race and social class in postcolonial societies is offered to us, for example, by the Marxist approach of the Peruvian J.C. Mariátegui (1973), broadening the understanding of capitalist power from the capitalism and coloniality relationship.

    205. galamcennalath says:

      The Scotsman … “Wings Over Scotland raises £60,000 for wage and possible Dugdale appeal “

      And in the small print … “…..commissioning fees for opinion polls and building up a ‘Wings Fighting Fund’ ahead of another possible second referendum. The fund would pay for the distribution of Mr Campbell’s Wee Blue Book.”

    206. Shug says:

      Max strength to your pen stu
      Westminster security op now fully underway
      Hollyrood needs new votu g system
      Holyrood needs second chamber
      Mud slinging at cherry
      Poluce at salmond
      Fictional fights in snp
      No end to the propaganda from unionist placemen
      We need your reporting

    207. CameronB Brodie says:

      And of course, the full-English Brexit is a consequence of England not getting past its’ colonial identity, as is the despotic stance of HMG towards Scotland.

      Colonialism does connect Britain, the EU and Bosnia – but Britain is not being treated like a colony

      The Conservative MEP, Daniel Hannan, responding to the withdrawal agreement reached between the UK government and the EU over Brexit, indicated that the deal could leave the UK facing colonial rule of the sort imposed on Bosnia following the Yugoslav war. Catherine Baker argues that there is indeed a connection between Brexit Britain and post-Dayton Bosnia, but it is not the one identified by Hannan: rather, it lies in the sense of imperial nostalgia and the myth of British exceptionalism which has fuelled the imagination of the Leave campaign….

    208. Morgatron says:

      I’m just loving the white noise coming out the yoons , they are going fucking bananas and I love it!! When I grow up I want to be a vile cybernat! Lovely, lovely ,lovely.

    209. john mclaughlin says:

      Donation made, thank you Stu .

    210. Bobp says:

      Dont do online banking, and cant get in to town due to health lay up. But have given donation to my good neighbours who will be paying in for me by direct bank transfer on saturday. Keep up the good work stu.

    211. dakk says:

      Tuppence worth in.

      Will add more later.

      Your sacrifices in the name of truth, honesty and transparency for Scotland’s freedom are very much appreciated Stuart.

      Down with lying,thieving,selfish british values and it’s disciples.

    212. galamcennalath says:

      Morgatron says:

      I’m just loving the white noise coming out the yoons , they are going fucking bananas and I love it!

      Just imagine what it will be like after enough IndyRef2 votes have been announced and we know for sure YES have won. Then there will be the official announcement Their heads will implode.

      Then we will show great magnanimity and invite everyone who cares about Scotland to come together to build the new IScotland we know is possible. But we do deserve a wee gloat first 🙂

    213. CameronB Brodie says:

      More on “internal colonisation”.

      Internal colonisation: The intimate circulations of empire, race and liberal government


      Internal colonialism in the metropole

      ….The imperial state. Gurminder Bhambra’s (2016) critique of existing histories of state formation in the 17th century offers a way of rethinking the relationship between colonialism and the modern British state. Against the ‘presumption (is) of the emergence of the nationstate as a ‘pure-type’ in Europe to be understood in modified, deficient, culturally inflected terms elsewhere’ Bhambra argues that:

      The modern European state did not simply lay claim to a monopoly of the legitimate use of violence within a given (national) territory, but extended that violence into other territories and in support of non-state actors (such as trading companies and the appropriations of settlers). Indeed, the techniques of violence that were used ‘externally’ were then frequently applied to ‘national’ populations (Bhambra 2016: 336).

      This is significant for how we understand the emergence of forms of government through colonialisation. The British state only emerged through land acquisition across England, Wales and Scotland. As Zine Magubane (2004: 16) argues, it through expansion into Scotland and the Highlands (Netzloff 2003) that many of the ideological and governmental apparatus of what would be come to be viewed as ‘overseas’ colonialism were ‘developed and refined’.

      For instance, the ‘monopolization of commerce and trade’, strategies of under/development, primitive accumulation, marginalisation and hierachisation of colonised people. As the first ‘overseas’ (settler) colony Ireland became a test bed for practices of settler colonial rule which continuously rebounded into population management across future colonial expansion and policing in the metropole (Hechter 1975).

      For instance: coercive population movement (particularly the settlement of Ulster), ‘plantation’ economies and, increasingly through the early 19th century, both cruddy and spectacular forms of violence in knowledge/practices of colonisation have worked across multiple populations and been invested in mundane sites of liberal government. This brings raced histories into closer encounters with the (re)making of a raced present.

      Race, Liberal Government, Eurocentrism, Colonialism, Counterinsurgency, Prevent.

    214. jfngw says:

      The yoonisphere is apoplectic, you can almost smell the gin from some of the tweets, I’m batshit happy.

    215. CameronB Brodie says:

      The missing abstract.

      This article proposes that ‘internal colonisation’ provides a necessary lens through which to explore the relationship between violence and race in contemporary liberal government. Contributing to an increasing interest in race in IR, this article proposes that whilst racism remains a vital demarcation in liberal government between forms of worthy/unworthy life, this is continually shaped by colonial histories and ongoing projects of Empire which manifest in the Global North and South in familiar, if not identical ways.

      In unpacking the concept of internal colonisation and its intellectual history from Black Studies into colonial historiography and political geography, I highlight how (neo)metropolitan states such as Britain, were always active imperial terrain and subjected to forms of colonisation. This recognises how metropole and colonies where bounded together through colonisation and how knowledge and practices of rule were appropriated onto a heterogeneity of racialised and
      undesirable subjects both within colonies and Britain.

      Bringing the argument up to date, I show how internal colonisation remains diverse and dispersed under liberal empire – enhanced through the war on terror. To do this, I sketch out how forms of ‘armed social work’ central to counterinsurgency in the Afghanistan and Iraq, is also central to the management of sub-populations in Britain through the counterterrorism strategy Prevent.

      Treating (neo)metropoles such as the UK as part of imperial terrain helps us recognise the way that knowledge/practices of colonisation have worked across multiple populations and been invested in mundane sites of liberal government. This brings raced histories into closer encounters with the (re)making of a raced present.

      Race, Liberal Government, Eurocentrism, Colonialism, Counterinsurgency, Prevent.

    216. jfngw says:


      I’m not sure how they will respond to a defeat, they were looking for a riot after they won so I’m pretty sure there will be trouble if they loose. They only believe in democracy as long as they have the upper hand, they follow OO rules.

    217. TJenny says:

      Over £65k now. 🙂

    218. Effijy says:

      £65,000.00 in so far before the clock strikes 11.

    219. TJenny says:

      Jings, now over £66k.

    220. Capella says:

      We only have to win once. They have to win every time.

    221. CameronB Brodie says:

      And a bit more backstory on British internal colonialism. This is the sort of context that makes inductive reasoning possible. Subsequently, the informed individual is more able to exercise rational self-determination.

      The Impact of British Colonialism on Irish Catholicism and National Identity: Repression, Reemergence, and Divergence

    222. Smallaxe – good to hear from you. Hope all is well. More power to your elbow Stu.
      The pen is mightier etc…

    223. Benhope says:

      The fundraiser is going well but not nearly well enough. it is time the hundreds of thousands of readers of Wings made a small contribution for the exceptional output from Stu over the past few years.

      If 100,000 lurkers were honest enough to pay £10 for 1 year`s fine , analytical journalism then we would be looking at £1 million.So come on lurkers join the Wings family by making a token contribution.

      Of course the money raised is important but the message of support for Wings and Stu is much more important.

      When the police come calling and MI5,the 77th brigade and GCHQ become involved they have to know that 300,000 people have Stu`s back and we are fully committed in our support.

    224. TJenny says:

      Benhope – With you all the way on that.

    225. Fireproofjim says:

      Just a couple of quid each from 100,000 would make so much difference. Yes. We can.

    226. remo says:

      Some monies have changed hands.

    227. chicmac says:

      All methods failed. Kept saying ‘Your card has expired’ despite it being 08/21. Paypal failed as well, wouldn’t let me enter an ammount.

    228. Cactus says:

      An early ongoing congrats to Wings Over Scotland again

      Total (as at 03:17am with 1270 donors)

      What’s the next stepping target going to be…?

      And how fast can it be achieved…

      75k by supper tonight aye!

    229. Cactus says:

      And congratulations also, to all of YOU donors 2…

      Wae many many many more tae come.

      Hey, you’re NOW a Winger 🙂

    230. North chiel says:

      Devastating poll for Davidson on “ scotgoespop” website.

    231. Breeks says:

      North chiel says:
      14 May, 2019 at 3:37 am
      Devastating poll for Davidson on “ scotgoespop” website.

      Devastating poll for Scotland if we return 2 Brexit Party MEP’s.

      Not one humiliating embarrassment like Coburn, but two.

      FFS. Can we indulge in a little motivated urgency to get out of this Union before this gangrene spreads even further?

      Scotland is resistant to this reality-numbing shite, but I warn you, not immune.

    232. winifred mccartney says:

      Wonderful total – great to think this is a ground swell of goodwill for stu, not dark money, not rich donors but you and me supporting great journalism, the only one not afraid to take on the bbc and msm and lying politicians.

      WM very very worried, it’s not project fear any more it is project smear – we know they fight dirty – they want to take out the big hitters -it is what WM governments have always done all over the world including at home. Just look around the world, everywhere UK has been and been left broken and divided.

      Remember never believe what the bbc and msm are saying – they speak for the rich, the well connected, the ‘powerful’ and certainly not for you and me.

    233. Effijy says:

      For the 77th Brigade, MI5, MI6, Anti Terrorist Unit, etc.
      I really think you should be getting your hands in your
      Pocket and contributing.

      If Wings wasn’t here there would need to be redundancies.
      Give a friend a Tenner to put in the pot for you and it will
      Never be traced.

      God, would the Tories accuse us of using Dark Money?

    234. Breeks says:

      Arthur Cormack on Twitter…

      Good to see @IanBlackfordMP calling for additional funding for BBC Scotland. I’m sure he would also support increased funding for @bbcalba which survives, rather then thrives, on a smaller budget resulting in 74% repeat programming. #Gaelic speakers are not being served well.

      “Yes indeed I would Arthur and we should make a start by reinstating the budget from the UK Government that was removed.” … Ian Blackford.

      Give us this day, our daily BBC propaganda, and forgive those lying bastards who trespass against us. Give them more money.

      I am losing heart now. We might be sovereign people, but we have a sovereign resolve made of marshmallow.

    235. Effijy says:

      Thanks to guidance from the Rev, I became suspicious of a BBC report that A MSP had called for
      A halt to rural bank closures.
      The vast area of Sutherland now has one permanent branch.

      Now if the MSP had been a member of a Unionist Party then the BBC would have promoted that Party and presented the member and party as Scottish heroes.

      On the web the only link I could find was a Moray Community paper report where again they
      Wouldn’t name the MSPs party?

      Well I was correct, Robert Lochead is an SNP MSP.

      Using the 3 letters SNP in a positive context in the UK Media, especially the BBC is as likely as a Vampire Sun Bathing.

      Can’t wait to see Pacific Quay turned into the museum of Independance were generations can be made aware of how propaganda is used to manipulate the masses.

      I’d lay on buses for English School kids if Westminster has a gap in their Wall running along the border.

    236. CapnAndy says:

      Thanks for your efforts Stuart. As I’ve said before I hope this isn’t really the Last Call. When we do get independence we’re going to need folk like yourself more than ever to hold our government to account.

    237. Ken500 says:

      It is near gimpossible to return 6 SNP MEP. Some kind of tranferable vote. Not FPTP. To fool the voters and let the unionists in. Electoral fraud system. Every way but which to let the unionists liars in. Electoral fraud and illegal funding. Lie, after lie, after lie. Promises reneged upon, cheats and liars. The Westminster unionists imbeciles trying to destroy the world. Fiddling, lying and cheating, Disgraceful.

      That is why the SNP keep on winning.

      Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other to vote as well. Job done.

      Make the world a better place. End Westminster unionist corruption and destruction. Campaign, donate, join and do everything folk can. Or just get out there and vote.

      Well done everyone, especially Rev Stu. Pure Genius. Beating them at their own game. Absolutely brilliant.

    238. Ken500 says:

      Richard Lochhead SNP

    239. Famous15 says:

      Sorry to repeat but in the European Parliament election you simply look for the SNP symbol and put ONE cross in that box.

    240. THomas says:

      Stu your worth every penny, £50 on its way, keep up the good work, your an absolute star mate.

    241. THomas says:

      Done and a wee £2 monthly subscription, thanks for all your work Stu

    242. crazycat says:

      @ Ken500

      I know you really, really, like FPTP, but if that had been the system at Holyrood, there would have been a massive SLab overall majority in 1999, no Tories, and precious few SNP*.

      There would probably still be a SLab majority there – and thus no 2014 IndyRef, and no Brexit lifeboat.

      European Parliament elections used to be FPTP, but were changed in 1999 at the behest of the EU. Nothing to do with “letting unionist liars in” – while 50% (approx) of voters support these parties they will get approx 50% of the seats, and it could be argued that that is fair. Change voters’ minds to get a different outcome, rather than yourself trying to pochle the system.

      *I am not equating Tories with gods, nor even the SNP with heroes.

    243. maggie MacPhee says:

      As others have said, DONATED, from a worn old pocket but worth it. I will see Indepedence in my lifetime, thanks to everyone who has the courage and sense to put Scotland first.

    244. Abulhaq says:

      @CameronB Brodie
      Indeed, Scotland was the petrie dish for experiments in colonialism.
      The anglicization of the ruling class and the education system, land appropriation, stripping away of ethnic distinctiveness and the exploitation of perceived ‘divisions’ mirrors those of imperialist designs in Africa, the Near East and Asia.
      It is interesting in Scotland’s case that the anglicization process actually began in ernest as a consequence of the protestant reformation. The ‘propaganda’ medium, for the lack of Scottis literature, was largely English, the Bible included, as was the innately anti-French ideological impetus.
      Protestantism in Scotland was the equivalent of trade in India, expansion by stealth. Although for the many, at the time it did not seem so. The Catholic propagandist Ninian Win3et did however spot the link.
      Post independence historical studies, a rich seam to mine.

    245. mike cassidy says:

      Remember Stu lives in Bath.

      In Somerset.

      Where they take no prisoners.

      Well actually they do.

      Cos if his fundraiser failed

      This might be his fate.

    246. Gullaneno4 says:

      Average donation over £50.

      Not too poor wee or stupid after all :-}

    247. Robert Louis says:

      1. So Iain Blackford is asking for more money to be given to the Westminster controlled BBC propaganda channel in Scotland. FFS. Seriously, when will the SNP wise up. We do not want the freaking lying, propagandist BBC. The BBC is working against the SNP, the people of Scotland and Scottish independence 24/7.

      Time and time and time again, this has been clearly and unequivocally demonstrated, until people are sick of pointing it out. Yet still the SNP pander to ‘the establishment’ orthodoxy. What we actually need is full control over broadcasting in Scotland, with Scotland’s own REAL national broadcaster, not this colonial English ‘Rule Britannia’ sh*te served up by the BBC.

      The BBC have zero credibility in Scotland, since they abandoned ALL sense of integrity in 2014. They are done up here.

      2. I see the usual, relatively talentless suspects are criticising REV STU for openly and clearly receiving voluntary donations from Scottish folk. I assume they would far rather he does as Scotland in union does or the Tories do, and receive donations from anonymous, secretive bodies, who are accountable to nobody, and the names of which are still secret. Of course the Tory dark money, is something which Davidson has NEVER been properly questioned about. To this day, the supine Scottish so-called ‘journalists’ turn a blind eye. Of course.

    248. jfngw says:

      Maybe we should start referring to Wings as an independently funded think tank, how could the MSM then ignore him. After all the BBC programmes are stuffed with ‘think tank’ funded people, and these ‘think tanks’ have funding less transparent than Wings.

    249. galamcennalath says:

      Breeks says:

      Devastating poll for Scotland if we return 2 Brexit Party MEP’s.

      It would be even more devastating if we only return two SNP!

      The also run parties’ votes are lost. There could be several of those on 6-9%. If the SNP get (I guess) they will get three seats.

      2014 was …
      SNP 27% Two seats
      Labour 25.9% Two seats
      Tory 17.2% One seat
      UKIP 10.5% One seat
      Greens 8.1% Nothing
      LibDems 7.1% Nothing

      This time, quite easily, Lab or Greens or Tories or LibDems could get nothing! A couple of them will get something.

      I think the committed BritNats will be tempted to vote Brexit Party. They will get one seat. I can’t see them reaching 20%+ to get two.

    250. mike cassidy says:

      I like that.

      The Wingsoverscotland Think Tank.

    251. galamcennalath says:

      … after the (I guess) I meant to say the SNP getting 33%+

    252. jfngw says:

      The biggest challenge in the EU elections is getting people out to vote, the turnout last time was abysmal, in the low 30% area I think. The polls are meaningless when the turnout is this low, that’s why UKIP ended with one MEP.

      The Brexit Party are going to attract the ultra unionist vote, this is somewhere around 20% I feel. They will go out and vote the same as UKIP support did last time. Voter apathy is the enemy, the MSM stoke this apathy by their it’s not really worthwhile voting comments.

    253. DerekM says:

      Hahahehemuhaha (that is my vile cybernat laugh)

      You do know Rev that next time you have a fundraiser the yoons will be howling but but but you said last time it was the last call once in a generation and all that.

    254. Abulhaq says:

      Something to think about when you shop a IKEA.

      Syriac Christians, my ‘ethnicity’, are not just targeted by so called Islamists. Sweden did benevolently open its doors when others didnt but internally many doors were also shut for fear, resentment and ignorance. Syriacs, in the main well educated, were blamed for ‘lowering the tone’.
      Fortunately for Scotland, the new right’s ‘nationalism’ is manifestly British, Unionist and Faragist.

    255. Abulhaq says:

      Winning all Scottish seats would be a propaganda coup, earthquake, tsunami impacting well beyond our borders. However, just one Brexit party seat would be enough to spoil the show. And BritState media would be happy to help.

    256. gus1940 says:

      MSM telling us that Alex Bell coming out for Greens and attacking The SNP is some sort of sensational setback for The SNP when anybody who follows politics is well aware that he has been performing his own vile Jim Sillars Tribute Act for several years.

    257. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      All they have is a desperate attempt to split the Pro-Independence vote at the same time as promoting FaRadges Brexit Party @gus1940 says at 11:35 am.

      All the BritNats and their Placemen and Placewomen fanatically “doing their bit” in the defence of “the Precious Union” and due to the threat level are doing it in plain sight.

    258. DerekM says:


      No it wont Abulhaq last time that odious little UKIP slug got in.

      And they will only win 1 seat maybe and only because the way the crappy electoral system works.

      I doubt very much the yoons in Scotland can handle a remain/leave fight in their ranks just now or another yoon party to split their vote.

      Wee wullie and his fibdems are sneaking aboot trying to hoover up remain yoons lol

      The tories and labour are bricking it as it is their votes that are up for grabs.

    259. North chiel says:

      I note in the forthcoming EU election this is a proportional representation election where seats allocated to parties will be in proportion to share of the vote. Consequently with the SNP currently “ polling” somewhere between 40-50 pc then a seat allocation of 3 would be excellent . Speculation of a 6 seat “ clean sweep” would only be possible under FPTP. Thus the minority parties will receive the remainder of the seat share out ,under this system. Yet a minority Tory government at Westminster can claim the “democratic “right to govern because the “ seat share” under this FPTP system is in excess of the share of the vote received .Compare and contrast with the PR systems for Holyrood and the EU Parliament and yet the “ broadcasters/propagandists” rarely if ever highlight this significant difference .

    260. jfngw says:

      We need a better question at the next indyref, we need to emphasis who should hold the power over Scotland.

      Should Scotland’s future be determined by politicians elected by Scotland or politicians elected in other countries, mostly England but the balance of power held by parties like the DUP.

      The vision of empowerment rather than the separation, we need to control the narrative.

    261. Cubby says:


      Let’s be clear. No matter the results in the EU elections the Britnat media will spin it as a bad result for the SNP, the Scotgov and for Scottish independence. All this talk about the SNP (from Curtice and others) sweeping the board/ winning 5 or 6 MEPs is just setting the scene to say SNP failed again.

      So anyone posting comments on Wings like “winning all seats” is just plain ignorant or more likely imo following Curtice’s line to set high expectations then say SNP Failed. So why would an independence supporter do this – thick or a phoney independence supporter?

      The SNP won the 2017 GE – what does the Britnat media say – Truthless Davidson won it.

      The Britnat media are strangers to the truth – and that’s a fact.

    262. Colin Alexander says:

      “Dear colin,

      This is a receipt for your gracious donation to Wings Over Scotland.

      Organisation: Wings Over Scotland
      Campaign: Last Call”

      It’s good you get an email receipt to confirm the donation went through ok.

    263. North chiel says:

      As regards the link to the “ Scotsman” at 1155 , I note that Professor Curtice is “ bigging up” the SNP “ record result “ forecasted. However, at no time does he mention seats in the article for the good reason that he knows well that 3 seats would be an outstanding result for the SNP under PR and his “ record result” headline implies more than this. Therefore , he can thereafter return to the “ Scotsman” with a post election “ analysis” “ playing down” the SNP result. ( propaganda in the making).

    264. Brian Powell says:

      Alex Bell has been huffing about the SNP ever since he left in a huff in 2013.

    265. Ken500 says:

      The Pollsters are liars. Illegally. Making money for Hedge Funds. Ripping off the public purse £Billions and starving people. They have been censored and fined many times. The association is criminal but they just get away with it. Protected by the crooks at 10 Downing Street. Cash for honours. It never goes away the corruption. Ripping off the pubic. Gerrymandering and influencing the vote. Data protection Laws totally broken. Illegal, secret donations and manipulation.

    266. geeo says:

      @Cubby and North Chiel re: EU elections.

      I posted this on last thread, and is relevent to both your excellent comments.

      geeo says:

      12 May, 2019 at 5:50 pm

      1st it was splitters, telling folk to ‘vote green’ in the EU elections (anything except SNP as per unionist agendas).

      Now it seems we have ‘expectation failure’ where folk are promoting this idea that SNP MEP’s will/should win ALL 6 Seats on the 23rd May.

      Then, lo and behold, anything less (probably 3, POSSIBLY 4) will be deemed as ‘failure’ by the SNP.

      In the real world, it is really difficult to win even 3 seats at this election in Scotland.

      So for the starting expectation to be, or even hope to be, 6 seats, is frankly, for the birds.

      3 seats from 6 will be a great result, 4 will be a phenomenal result.

      There are no expectations from the party to win 6 seats, nor even 5.

      3 seats is where expectations sit, with an eye on a fourth, if the stars align on the day.

      That was certainly the view of my SNP MP, Martyn Day.

      Quietly confident of 3, dreaming of 4.

      5 and 6 – no chance.

      Curtice is a pish dribbler, setting up ‘SNP failure’ propaganda for later as you guys said.

      He is fooling nobody, except those happy and
      willing to be fooled.

    267. Ken500 says:

      FPTP Later in Holyrood the SNP would have come through and swept the board. There would be no opposition there at all. No unionists liars cluttering up the place. Heaven. No vacant coupons, no one can stand but cannot get rid of them.

      It depends on how many people vote and how they vote. Not encouraged to give their vote away or vote against their principles and beliefs. Under a system the public do not understand, Instead of keeping it simple. One person, one vote. No splitting their vote because of ignorance, misunderstanding or misinformation,

    268. Abulhaq says:

      Re Euros, much prefer to be an Ay, we can than a Naw, we cannae…and I don’t wear rose tinted specs. Curtice is a professional afterall and ‘miracles’ do sometimes happen, even in Scotland.

    269. geeo says:

      @Ken 500

      If you extrapolate the seats won % from the 73 FPTP seats at the 2017 Holyrood Election over ALL 129 seats as if FPTP, the SNP would have won 104 seats from 129.

      SNP won 59/73 FPTP seats = 80.82% of seats.

      80.82% of 129 seats = 104.25 seats.

      An absolute majority of 79 seats.

      Anyone in any doubt why Holyrood has the system it has, only has to look at those numbers.

      It also highlights why WM will NEVER move from FPTP as PR such as D’Hont would be devastating for the labour/tory duopoly.

    270. Mike cassidy says:

      Read the Curtice article.

      He’s talking about percentage of the vote.

      Not seat numbers.

    271. galamcennalath says:

      Ken500 says:

      FPTP …. keeping it simple

      FPTP is everything but simple in reality. The results bear very little relationship to the votes cast. To win overwhelming power, you only need to get more votes than anyone else at a constituency level.

      It doesn’t work very well with multiple parties which is why Con and Lab (and SNP) have to be broad churches with internal conflicts over policy ( i.e. Brexit).

      It is possible win a seat with 25% of votes cast.

      It is possible to win power at WM with a majority of seats from only 35% of votes cast.

      No PM has actually won (by the rest of Europe’s standards) a WM election since Stanley Baldwin in 1930. Few of us remember that.

      People like Thatcher changed the UK completely because they had power. That power was achieved even though most voters ALWAYS opposed her.

      FPTP is giving a veneer of democracy to dictatorship by minority.

      Having said all that, there are better systems Scotland could adopt. For clarity, the same system should be used in all elections. Using multiple systems is confusing … intentionally I would opine.

    272. geeo says:

      O/T and British Steel in talks about getting a new £75 million taxpayers bail out to avoid collapse of the business.

      Owned by private equity firm GreyBull Capital, yet seeking TAXPAYERS money to bail it out.

      I bet GreyBull Capital never give any PROFIT SHARE to the Taxpayers of the Uk.

      Mind you, this mob owned Monarch Airlines, which also went bust under their stewardship, so do they ever actually make money ?

    273. CmonIndy says:

      If donations continue at current rate, the total will reach £100k by around midnight tonight. That would be nice.

    274. ronnie anderson says:


      Anyone wishing to send Condolence Card’s re Cearc passing send to

      Aultbea Lodges
      IV 2H4.

      Emma Aubrey Morwenna

      If Anyone is planning on visiting Cearc’s home for the Memoriam service contact me & I will give you the address , leave a contact E mail in O/Topic .

      RIP Maria ( cearc ).

    275. chicmac says:

      Managed to donate on Paypal once I fugured you just typed the number rather than try to overwrite the 0.00.

    276. bobajock says:


      Its getting too big 🙂

    277. robin key says:

      keep up the great work stu

    278. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      North chiel @ 12:05,

      Indeed. That’s because the London-based media have bought into the “winner takes all” mentality just as much as the politicians. With the consequence that it’s become ingrained with far too many unthinking ordinary voters as well. A system designed for 18th century illiterates. Brings “strength and stability”, though, don’t y’know? =cough=.

      But one just couldn’t risk a majority SNP government in Scotland in the same way, could one? It wouldn’t do. Which is why, one suspects, PR was chosen for Scotland as much as from some high-minded principle.* Yet the SG gets lectures in democracy from a minority-elected UKGov and its Scottish proxies.

      *(Though the SNP eventually broke it anyway. =grin=)

    279. jfngw says:

      Anyone that decides to vote Green or LibDem in Scotland are just increasing the likelihood of more Brexit MEP’s from Scotland. The LibDem’s in Scotland are not even Remain, except they are 100% to Remain in the UK even if that is Scotland being dragged out of the EU, they are more charlatans than the Tories.

      Voting Lab or Tory is basically voting for Brexit.

      It’s time for logic over conviction, conviction politics can only truly happen in Scotland once we are independent.

    280. Jamie says:

      I will be donating because wings over Scotland is a good read. Also I thought of the term LERTAs (Lesbian Exclusionary Radical Trans Activists) which might be better than TRA. Has more bite, no?

    281. Jack Murphy says:


      SNP at EVERY ELECTION until Scotland is independent.

      ABSOLUTELY NO ifs and NO buts.

      There, that’s me out of the Closet—–I want an independent Scotland and the SNP is the ONLY PARTY capable of delivering it.

    282. Eric the Cheeseman says:

      Donation sent.

      I’m one of the ‘lurkers’ who reads Wings daily, and I very rarely comment on the threads. It is my first port of call for honest, transparent and truthful information relating to Scottish independence and Scottish politics, taken both from Stu’s posts, and from the hundreds of commentsthat I read through. The links, the opinions, the debates and the thoughts posted on here are all relevant, and helps give people like myself the required knowledge for persuading others to Yes, and the ammunition to counter-debate the soft No’s. I say soft NO’s, as debating with cemented nationalists (I prefer ‘nationalists’ for the Brits, as opposed to Yoons) is a waste of energy. Good to put them right now and then though.

      Keep up the good work… Rev & Wingers.

    283. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Breeks @ 06:51,

      The Tories had 1 MEP last time round and UKIP 1, so if both implode in favour of the Faragistes, that could easily give the latter a pair. And if Labour implode, as is likely (what a pathetic leaflet!), some of that might go their way also. The FibDems might benefit enough to get back a seat.

      This is attritional politics. Even if the SNP “only” get 3 seats from all the fallout, the writing will be well and truly on the wall for Labour in Scotland, and all that media puffery for the Little Corporal will have produced nothing more than a limp burst balloon.

      This is GOTV with a vengeance. It’s down to the people & their motivation again. But the SNP are the only party with the potential pull to have any hope of cutting that Farage 2 down to 1.

    284. CameronB Brodie says:

      Now remember, I’m not an election strategist, but I’d big up England’s turn towards racism. Scotland must do more to defend her culture from England’s colonial hang-ups. For all woke readers out there, race, sex and class are all essential considerations when designing socially inclusive and sustainable public policy.

      Nationalism, racism, and identity: what connects Englishness to a preference for hard Brexit?

      “When you strip away the rhetoric”, wrote Fintan O’Toole in the Guardian in June 2016, “Brexit is an English Nationalist movement”. Englishness has also been called “the invisible driver” behind Brexit. These assertions have been borne out by a number of post-referendum studies that have demonstrated higher support for Brexit among those identifying as English rather than British (see here for example). Importantly, in light of the ‘classic’ political divides, these findings about Englishness hold true after accounting for relevant economic factors; that is, identity matters over and above any economic concerns the individual might hold.

    285. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s some insight into contemporary (white) British nationalism.Remember, Scotland does not share England’s culture of institutional Islamophobia.

      The politics of being Muslim and being British
      in the British Christian print media


      There have been a significant number of published studies in recent years on the British media representation of Muslims. These studies have tended to focus only on the British mainstream media, and to my knowledge, there is no significant research on the discursive construction of British Muslims in alternative media outlets. This paper attempts to fill this gap, focusing on the representations of British Muslims in the British Christian print media. Drawing on empirical data relating to four British Christian print media, Church Times, The Tablet, Evangelicals Now and Evangelical Times, this paper investigates how the questions of being Muslim and being British are dealt with in the British Christian print media, and the extent to which the politics of being Muslim and being British inform us about identity formation and affirmation.

      Keywords: identity, discourse, British Muslims, Islam, media, British Christian media, Christian media

      2. British Muslims and the question of identity formation

      ….Generally, discussion around British perceptions of national identity or the notion of “being British” often dominates the debate on the issue of what it means to be a British Muslim. In the context of Britain, increasing cultural diversity creates what Elizabeth Poole calls “insecurities”, particularly through the emphasis on cultural differences (Poole, 2002, p. 186).

      While one might question whether or not there is a British Muslim identity, the question of Britishness relates to the question of national identity and the construction of national culture. In her study, Poole finds that as a result of the homogenisation of Muslims in media discourses, there is a strong tendency to interpret Muslims’ preserving their culture as separatism and as a threat to “traditional British” values (Poole, 2002, p. 22). Poole contends that this leads to the perception that Muslims who retain their “Islamicness” do not have the characteristics of “Britishness”.

      But what does “Britishness” or “being British” really mean? As already indicated, there has been a tendency to define the term “Britishness” through a single frame of homogenous culture, religion, ethnic group, skin colour and language. Very often, “Britishness” is associated with homogenous “Whiteness”. This can be seen, for example, in the following remark: “Britain is basically English speaking, Christian and white, and if one starts to think it might become basically Urdu speaking and Muslim and brown, one gets frightened” (Greenslade, 2005, p. 6; cited also in Saeed, 2007, p. 445). Modood (2005a, however, notes that “British” is a problematic and declining feature of identification among some white people, especially young people, Irish people in Britain and Scottish people in Scotland.

      Elsewhere, he contends that the term remains problematic at the discursive level, citing different arguments from the perspectives of the political right and the political left. On the political right, Britishness is understood on the basis of the notion that “non-white people are not really British and that Muslims are an alien wedge”. On the political left, some argue that rallying round the idea of Britain and defining oneself in terms of a normative concept of Britishness is wrong because such attempts reinforce racism or elitism (Modood, 2005b).

    286. Mike cassidy says:

      If it’s about vote share

      Then the SNP would need to get 66.4 of the vote cast to acquire 4 MEPs.

    287. Bill Glen says:

      Done, Hope it Helps

    288. jfngw says:

      Just imagine the MSM if Cyril Smith had been a SNP politician and the leader at the time was still politically active. Would it have been buried as it is currently with the LibDem’s.

      But the LibDem’s/Liberals are tainted with history, a leader that hired a hitman and child abuse hidden but the perpetrator knighted, that’s the British political system for you.

      When you vote LibDem you are effectively condoning this behaviour. Who knows what else is lurking in the shadows.

    289. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s some context that might impact on those who imagine us to be living in colour-blind times. Contemporary (white) British nationalism must not be allowed to undermine the multicultural tolerance Scotland has managed to achieve.

      Racism and Islamophobia: A Personal Perspective


      The article employs a subjective personal approach to show that new racisms are alive in the twenty?first century. Tracing my parents’ journey from India and Pakistan to Britain, it explores the political effects of the racism they and their children faced. Locating these reflections in a post?9/11 world, the article describes the turn my academic work has taken in response to media representations of Muslims, and calls for academic research on British Muslim identity to reflect the process of identity?making and its contingencies.

      Key words: Racism, Islamophobia, ‘race’, Islam, Muslims, culture

    290. ronnie anderson says:

      Donated £ 25 in Memory of our dearly loved fellow Winger Cearc , gone but not forgotten.

    291. Macart says:

      @ ronnie anderson

      That was well done and said Ron.

    292. Breeks says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:
      14 May, 2019 at 2:54 pm

      …. It’s down to the people & their motivation again. But the SNP are the only party with the potential pull to have any hope of cutting that Farage 2 down to 1.

      Yep. Kinda looks that way.

      What a mess. Again. Scotland’s whole political landscape distorted yet again to accommodate an unwelcome and invasive UK phenomenon, whether it’s the Brexit Party, UKIP, or the sham of Better Together. It’s the BBC and BritNat Establishment who insist that Scotland is force fed a diet of UK politics, and genuinely Scottish interests like Independence, Scottish Culture and Constitutional arguments are belittled and invariably derided.

      If Scotland already was an Independent Country in the EU, right now we’d be having a constructive political discourse about Europe-wide issues which affect us, such as Climate change, immigration, European Peace Keeping, Fish conservation, and the threat of far right populism. You would imagine Scotland as an Oil producing nation committed to Europe, with proven resistance to actual far right populism, with massive maritime fishing grounds and some very fine environmental credentials might readily be a top table speaker with a valuable contribution to make on any or all of such topics. We could be right up there, shaping and steering actual European policy on GLOBAL issues.

      But No, here we are again. Scotland’s engagement with Europe and the World is put on hold, sidelined and nullified because we all have to fight a poxy, proxy war over contrived and artificial UK political issues which we have already rejected emphatically time and time again.

      Get us out this fkn Union!!! It is the slow, lingering death of a thousand cuts for Scotland. Let us abandon this failed UK experiment which has robbed us blind and treated us with absolute contempt. We BELONG at the Top Table of Europe, ON MERIT, – not tied to the shoogily UK table leg to be thrown scraps like some miserable cur, and kicked at random for not being “Briddish” enough.

      UK politics will massage and manipulate the voting process to give us 2, possibly 3 SNP MEP’s. Scottish Independence would give us something like 11 or 13 “Scottish” MEP’s unburdened by parochial “UK” prejudices and stereotypes. We will NEVER secure a win Scotland when playing the game under a British rule book.

    293. Mac says:

      Bitter bitter BTL comments about the fundraiser on the Hootsmon. Including a comment from David T. (?)

      A lot of thrashing, nashing and wailing from bitter angry people.

    294. Terry callachan says:

      To CameronB Brodie….thank you very much for giving out your knowledge of colonialization.

      To better understand how things are now I would like to find out more about how England used other countries people and resources and it’s own population of poor and criminal people to expand and sharpen the methods it uses to subjugate enslave and control .

      The authors and books you mention look very interesting indeed.
      I’m going to buy a couple.

      Thanks again
      It’s great when you make a breakthrough

    295. TheItalianJob says:


      The people of Scotland vote and its their vote that provides UKIP MEPs, Labour, Conservative and LibDem MPs, MSPs and MEPs.

      That’s how democracy works. Until we have a major shift and I mean major shift towards voting against the mainstream parties then we won’t progress as a nation.
      The people of Scotland need to make this groundswell in change for us to succeed in convincing enough people to support Independence.

      Your arguments don’t hold up as we are not quite there yet as a nation to believe in ourselves.

      Not when we have a large dose of Unionist MEPs, MPs and MSPs in our parliaments all elected by the Scottish electorate.

      We have a ways to go in my opinion as the polls for Independence is not wide enough.

      Shame really.

    296. galamcennalath says:

      Funny how ten years ago bankers were as popular as dog shite on shoes. And here we are a few weeks from a particularly nasty banker ‘winning’ the EU election in England. Strange people, our southern neighbours.

    297. ronnie anderson says:

      Macart we have lost many independenistas over the years who wont see the dawning of Independence day but they wont be forgotten nor the campaigning work they undertook .

    298. Welsh Sion says:

      European Election material from Labour and the Greens delivered to the door, today. The first is adorned with a picture of ‘the Great Leader’ supposedly in a statesmanlike pose. Very little actually on European matters itself, and then this:

      “If we can’t get changes to their [the Tories’] bad deal or a general election, Labour backs the option of a public vote.”

      Does that make them an anti-Brexit Party? Pass.

      Then the second, fronted by Caroline Lucas, MP. The Greens seek ‘climate justice’. (Me neither.) And ‘to change politics for good.’ (Isn’t that the Farage Party’s slogan, too?)


    299. Ken500 says:

      FPTP is one person, one vote as it should be. Not a compilation of one person 1,2,3,4:5,6, votes. Effectively depending on the appalling PR or whatever system that the voters do not understand, Neither does anyone else, so they don’t bother voting. No wonder.

      Voters are effectively diluting their vote because they do not understand the PR system. No one does. Or giving it away because they think they have to. They don’t. To suit some unionist. Getting three+ shots at it. Liars every one. To the SNP one.

      The loser wins and the 3rd losers win. Just because most voters do not understand the system. No one does. To appease an imagined democratic system that does not exist. To enhance some loser politician. Let’s the 3rd losers in. No one can get rid of them. No one can stand the sight of them.

      That is why FPTP is so popular. Voters are often not voting representatives in. They are voting rotten politicians out. The Tories are going down big time. Over and out. Not second and second and third votes. Multiple choices. The voters just do not understand. No one does. Having to vote for candidates they can’t stand. To get their choice selected. That does not even work. Keep it simple. More folk might even vote.

      SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other to vote as well. Job done.

    300. Derek Rogers says:

      Mac @ 4:31 pm

      Bitter bitter BTL comments about the fundraiser on the Hootsmon. Including a comment from David T. (?)


      They’re not particularly bitter – they’re bland, compared with the fiery batshit they used to post. And there’s a sullen, resigned undertone to the comments, like people with no shots left in their locker.

      The MSM seems to be getting less negative, too – six months ago, The Scotsman editors would have burnt their hand off rather than write that Wings had had a successful crowdfunder. Are they, at last, hedging their bets?

    301. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Breeks @ 16:30:

      Scotland’s engagement with Europe and the World is put on hold, sidelined and nullified because we all have to fight a poxy, proxy war over contrived and artificial UK political issues which we have already rejected emphatically time and time again.

      Yup, that’s about the gist of it. Sometimes it gets to me how short-sighted and easily-diverted people can get. For reasons we all know. I imagine Nicola & Co often feel the same but worse. All that hard work gone unrewarded. You have to have a will of iron in that job.

      Peter Bell has his latest take on that subject:

      But we are where we are. People, whether they vote or not, are going to draw conclusions from the result that will affect future voting behaviour. Because of the ongoing inanity of their offer – they surely have a serious death wish – this one may well spell doom for NorthBritLab. That would be one serious impediment to indy removed.

      Mike cassidy @ 15:51,

      That does put it in perspective. Winning 4 MEPs is indeed a hard row to hoe. But in the somewhat crazy world of EU elections, it’s still possible with significant turnout differentials. Something that can confound the polls. Hence my point. It just needs a lot of Remainers to be incensed enough at the ongoing farrago to bestir themselves to get out and vote SNP this time, just as (the then) UKIP managed last time.

    302. CameronB Brodie says:

      Terry callachan
      My pleasure Terry. Thank you for using that knowledge to make a breakthrough in your understanding. 😉

    303. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Ken500 @ 17:28,

      Don’t project your evident failure of comprehension onto others, please. The only people who support FPTP are fake democrats who depend on its ability to magic a semblance of authority from an absence of real electoral support.

      There is no-one who is au fait with the issue and who truly cares about an accurate reflection of popular electoral support who supports FPTP. No-one.

      FPTP is the favourite go-to electoral tool of the political bully.

    304. Patrick Roden says:

      Re: Brexit Party getting two seats in Scotland.

      This is wonderful news!

      The way I see it is, if the Tories/Labour vote collapses, and all the staunch unionists decide to rally around the Brexit Party in order to defeat the SNP,

      This will surely cause a lot of soft No’s to be confronted with the realization, that they are on the same side as Nigel Farage and against Scotland’s best interests (and in a lot of cases against their own self interest)

      Anything that gets soft No’s thinking about their choices, has got to be great news for Yes.

      Just one Wee Blue Book into the hands of these ‘How the hell did I end up voting for Nigel Farage’ types, will surely swing definite No’s to ‘Don’t Know’ or Yes.

      It’s all going along nicely!

    305. HandandShrimp says:

      We are undoubtedly living in interesting times. The people behind the Brexit Party are very right wing indeed. These people are only a ba hair away from the old BNP types.

      It is incredible to me that so many in England feel moved to vote for them. May and her team and their incompetence have a lot to answer for. The reactionary element in Scotland is lower perhaps because support for right wing parties has been historically lower. They have stony soil to cultivate here. We need to ensure that it stays that.

      The fundraiser is going well though 🙂

    306. Hamish100 says:


      I have some English neighbours who are Brexit , No voters and are quite buoyed by Farage. In their late 60’s. Don’t like immigrants. I did point out that they could be viewed as immigrants. Not happy chappies.
      Still on the other side two active snp members in our branch are as English as they come in their 40’s. Put local born Scots to shame with their practical support and help over the years.

      If the 100000 marchers all took 10 books each and gave to waverers or non voters what an impact.

    307. Capella says:

      Thanks Ronnie. It’s very sad that Cearc is no longer with us. I hope her daughters are comforted that her WoS family will remember her.

    308. Ken500 says:

      FPTP is the most popular political system. No wonder.

    309. CameronB Brodie says:

      Racism is the culturally driven desire to silence and exclude the Other from one’s psychological environment (see Reluctant Nationalist, with his PhD in Psychology). Pretty much HMG’s stance towards Scotland re. the full-English Brexit.

      Even Scotland’s and England’s racists acknowledge our different national cultures. I hate to burst Dunc’s bubble, but Britain is not One Nation.

      ‘The Scottish hate us more than the Muslims…’: The North/South Divide? A Comparative Analysis of the Agenda, Activities and Development of the English and Scottish Defence Leagues


      There has been a recent resurgence in far-right politics in Britain, initiated not only by the British National Party (BNP) but by other, newer, organisations. The local face of the revival has been the development of the so-called ‘Defence Leagues’ of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These groups claim legitimacy as anti-terrorism campaigners but all too often display overt Islamophobia and indiscriminate racism.

      It is apparent that the movements have developed unevenly in terms of visibility, membership and impact in the Scottish and English contexts. This has manifested itself in a far lower membership of the SDL and drastically lower turnouts at ‘major’ SDL demonstrations. This article, drawing on interviews with individuals in the EDL and anti-racist organisations, explores this disparity, finding tensions between the two organisations along religious, cultural and nationalist lines.

      Keywords: English Defence League, Scottish Defence League, Nationalism, Racism

    310. HandandShrimp says:

      Just watching Willie Rennie on the Lib Dem PPB. Vote for the LiB Dems to stop the SNP. The man is obsessed. I bet the Lib Dems don’t even get a mention in the SNP PPB.

    311. Breeks says:

      From the National…

      53% of young Scots aged 16-24 did not know that Robert the Bruce led the Scots to victory against the English at the Battle of Bannockburn.

      Good grief.

      It’s not that they don’t know, they’re young, but it’s the depressing yardstick of what else they don’t know that makes it sad.

    312. jfngw says:

      Just watched the LibDem’s in Scotland PPB, They a pro EU if England is pro EU, otherwise you Scots just need to do what England tells you. I think that encompasses their PPB message.

    313. CameronB Brodie says:

      English political culture is heading in a rather scary direction, largely because it has not adequately dealt with its’ colonial legacy and structural racism. Will Scotland allow its’ culture to be damaged further by England’s far-right? Do the Church of Scotland still support (white) British nationalism?

      The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right
      The Radical Right and Islamophobia

      Abstract and Keywords

      This chapter discusses the radical right’s embrace of Islamophobia. Initially propagated by certain parties of the radical right in the 1980s as part of a nativist backlash on immigrants and camouflaged under the seemingly less extreme garb of ethnopluralism, Islamophobia has mutated into the primary populist anti-paradigm for the overwhelming majority of the radical right. In different yet complementary ways, international terrorism and the global financial crisis have played straight into the radical right’s (in)security agenda. Since the turn of the new millennium, the Islamophobic rhetoric of the radical right has become more and more pervasive, more radical in content, more extreme in scope, and more potent in reach.

      Keywords: radical right, Islam, Islamophobia, Muslims, immigrants

    314. Ken500 says:

      Scottish history is now being taught as part of the curriculum. Future 16-24 year old will know Robert the Bruce led the victory at Bannockburn.

    315. Ian Foulds says:

      ronnie anderson says:
      14 May, 2019 at 4:17 pm
      Donated £ 25 in Memory of our dearly loved fellow Winger Cearc , gone but not forgotten.

      Kudos to you

    316. Welsh Sion says:

      What’s this about Labour Party Welsh language leaflets ending up in Scottish Gaelic speaking areas? And that the Welsh itself is erroneous?

      Dearie, dearie me. The Red Tories go from bad to worse.

      – Lawyer by Training
      – Linguist by Profession
      – Nationalist by Conviction

    317. CameronB Brodie says:

      This is what (white) British nationalism and the full-English Brexit stand in opposition to, as do all who do not resist the influence of the far-right (looking at you Church of Scotland).

      Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe (ACCEPT PLURALISM)

      ACCEPT PLURALISM is a Research Project, funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Program. The project investigates whether European societies have become more or less tolerant during the past 20 years. In particular, the project aims to clarify: (a) how is tolerance defined conceptually, (b) how it is codified in norms, institutional arrangements, public policies and social practices, [c] how tolerance can be measured (whose tolerance, who is tolerated, and what if degrees of tolerance vary with reference to different minority groups).

      The ACCEPT PLURALISM consortium conducts original empirical research on key issues in school life and in politics that thematise different understandings and practices of tolerance. Bringing together empirical and theoretical findings, ACCEPT PLURALISM generates a State of the Art Report on Tolerance and Cultural Diversity in Europe, a Handbook on Ideas of Tolerance and Cultural Diversity in Europe, a Tolerance Indicators’ Toolkit where qualitative and quantitative indicators may be used to score each country’s performance on tolerating cultural diversity, and several academic publications (books, journal articles) on Tolerance, Pluralism and Cultural Diversity in Europe. The ACCEPT
      PLULARISM consortium is formed by 18 partner institutions covering 15 EU countries. The project is hosted by the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and co-ordinated by Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou.

    318. Abulhaq says:

      The Brexit party is what the Conservatives always wanted to be but were too scared to risk..England First and Last and to hell with the rest.
      The writing is on the wall for the old one nation C&U party. Wonder if R2D2 has seen it yet? Her world is truly falling apart.

    319. Mac says:

      @Derek 5:41pm

      I had not been on the Hootsmon for a long time.

      These guys are ranting about Stu and the Fundraising. All sorts of accusations about dole money and drinking and expenses fraud.

      Many of them read WOS from what I can see. And they all claim to know Stu well.

      Please all go on and post a nice comment. Seriously nice.

    320. dakk says:

      CameronB Brodie says:
      14 May, 2019 at 7:05 pm
      English political culture is heading in a rather scary direction, largely because it has not adequately dealt with its’ colonial legacy and structural racism.

      I think you nailed where we are at Cammy.

      Let no one say you don’t have your own view through the staggering plethora of academic literature you possess.

    321. Robert Louis says:

      Given the hysteria by Unionists, and sadly some mis informed indy supporters about this fundraiser, I am sorely tempted to make a further donation.

      I get a bit irritated at people online suggesting that somehow REV STU dupes us all, but He doesn’t. I pay because he is the ONLY person (plus occasionally WGD and Scotgoespop) who thoroughly dissects unionist lies. It’s that simple.

    322. Iain 2 says:

      Looks like the union is dead.
      Who would of thought.
      Good old brexit party.

    323. TJenny says:

      On another cheery note, Indy Live’s fundraiser just passed their target now too. Happy days/nights. 🙂

    324. CameronB Brodie says:

      Cheers mate. I have quite strong opinions though I’m a nobody without platform or social capital. The academic stuff is what I was trained to use as a remedy to internal colonialism and falling political engagement. I’m still very rusty but it appears to be falling in to place for me. 🙂

    325. CameronB Brodie says:

      Stufff like this. Remember, support for the full-English Brexit is strongest among those who identify as non-practicing Anglicans and English only.

      1. Nationalism, immigration and minorities

      Europe’s religious landscape is changing: The Christian share of the population is declining while the religiously unaffiliated population is increasing. In addition, Muslim populations in Western European countries continue to grow in both absolute and percentage terms due to immigration, relatively high fertility rates, and a relatively young population. Jewish populations, meanwhile, appear to be declining.

      Against this backdrop, the survey sought to gauge public opinion on Muslims and Jews, immigrants and immigration, and nationalism and national identity. Beyond exploring overall public perceptions of these issues, the survey also provides opportunities for statistical analysis to help illuminate some of the social, political and cultural factors associated with views on pluralism and multiculturalism….

    326. jfngw says:

      The state of the unionist parties:

      Tories, stuck in 2017, Scotland has moved on, they know you lied to them about Brexit, the union, pretty much everything in fact. Ruth Davidson about to lead the Tories to the worst defeat in their Scottish history.

      Labour, trying to kid on they are Remain to some Leave to others. They are Leave, don’t be fooled.

      Libdem’s pretend to be Remain but if England leaves Scotland leaves is their position. At the same time they try to sweep their child abuse history under the carpet (we will remember). I hope Orkney and Shetland have clocked these despicables this time.

    327. Flower of Scotland says:

      Mac@7.52 pm

      Don’t do that to yourself! Don’t read the Hootsman!

    328. Flower of Scotland says:

      Ian Foulds@7.42

      What happened to cearc!? I met her again at the Glenrothes Wings night last year. She gave me lots of beautiful eggs. Oh Dear! She was looking very nifty in her hat and dress.

    329. Ken500 says:

      Going on the Scotsman website puts up, the would be, adverts revenue. Better ignored. .

      Any revenues/donations is better going to Wings etc.

    330. JaMur says:

      Mad Wullie Rennie’s Scottish Lib Dems manifesto for EU elections.

      ” the only one north of the border which also opposes a fresh referendum on independence ”

      Didnae know slab and the Scottish Tories are pro Indy now.

      What a balloon.

    331. Ian Brotherhood says:

      For those of you who don’t do Twitter, please check out this clip of Wullie Rennie’s defence of David Steel.

      I know Wullie has provided us all with many amusing moments over the years but this isn’t funny.

      It’s time for him to go.

    332. CameronB Brodie says:

      Tell you what, there’s definitely something subversive about these Bath based do-gooders. Remember, Scottish ‘nationalism’ is an ‘inclusive populism’ and supports multicultural tolerance, unlike the racialised “nationalism” south of the border. 😉

      Nationalism, Populism & Radicalism
      Research focus

      Our research addresses the wide range of social and political phenomena associated with nationalism, populism, and radicalism. As forms of contentious politics, nationalism and populism challenge the existing institutional and normative order in both domestic and international politics.

      Nationalism and populism are distinct yet closely related concepts, intersecting and overlapping in relation to movements, claims, and conflicts involving the notion of a sovereign people.

      Studies of nationalism tend to focus on ethnic-based sovereignty movements, irredentism, separatism, ethnic and ethno-religious conflict, civil war, racism and xenophobia, ethnic parties and voting, consociationalism and power-sharing, as well as patriotism and regime legitimation.

      Research on populism and radicalism has gained in prominence and urgency in recent years, particularly in light of the UK’s Brexit referendum and the US presidential election in 2016.

      Research on populism addresses:

      phenomena and subjects like far right and radical left parties and movements
      fascism and neofascism
      radical and illiberal democracy
      racism, nativism, islamophobia, xenophobia

    333. john graham says:

      Mac at 7:52pm
      Same here,never looked at the on-line Hootsmon for years. I only clocked in to post some bile about the “Hold the Front Page”…Scoop?! jeez,not a single comment on any of their featured articles and no sign of their “Headline News” story about a bloke who had let his SNP membership lapse…TWO FEKKING YEARS AGO.

      Turns out I know him from years back, a real 24/7 victory or death Hypernat…That Joanna Cherry or whatever her name is must be some piece of work to drive to such extremes.

    334. ahundredthidiot says:

      I am beginning to think that unionists are so scared of losing now that they are about to become dangerous.

      They do not take winning well, never mind losing well.

      Mind yer back Stu

    335. CameronB Brodie says:

      More on the seamier side of England’s political culture. This is what the leader of the Brexit party denies is a problem. Scotland needs to choose a more inclusive, and ultimately culturally sustainable, path.

      The Ideology and Discourse of the English Defence League: ‘Not Racist, Not Violent, Just No Longer Silent’

      Research Highlights and Abstract

      This is the first discursive study of the EDL’s publicly available articles and gives an important insight into their ideology.

      The study problematises the EDL’s claim to be an anti-racist human rights organisation and analyses EDL discourse as racial discourse, demonstrating that the apparent gulf between the group’s ideological Islamophobia and their violent and intimidating street protests is largely illusory.

      Understanding Islamophobia as culturally racist and the EDL as a culturally racist organisation is important to deconstructing their claim that Islamophobia is a rational reaction to deviant Muslim presence in the UK.

      The key contribution is not only a deeper understanding of the group and why they have been so successful in mobilising a section of the public to demonstrate against Islam, but also how this discourse fits in to the larger public debate on Islam and Muslims in the UK.

      The English Defence League (EDL) emerged in 2009 and quickly became a major ‘anti-Islamist’ street protest movement, able to attract thousands to its national demonstrations. Despite the violence and anti-Muslim rhetoric associated with its protests, the group claims to be an anti-racist human rights organisation dedicated to protecting liberal freedoms. This article employs a critical methodology to address these claims, analysing EDL literature alongside strategies identified as typical of racist discourse construction.

      The representations, narratives and rhetorical strategies used by the group support the analysis of EDL Islamophobia as a form of cultural racism that constructs opposing ‘British’ and ‘Muslim’ subjects and functions to maintain traditional ethno-cultural dominance of the former over the latter.

      Keywords English Defence League, British Muslims, Islamophobia, racist discourse construction

    336. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Unfuckingbelievable @Ian Brotherhood says at 9:23 pm

      The FibDems.

      The Party of the proven in court liar.

      This should be front page, top of the hour broadcast news headlines, pressing Wee Wullie 1p to justify this stance, Call UKOK should devote time to it etc. etc.

      But sadly we all know it won’t be.

      Compare and contrast with the muck throwing reports of any SNP elected officials ‘alleged’ wrong doing across the BBC and BritNat Dead Tree Press.

      They are as complicit in condoning this rewarding of heinous criminality as those who are prepared to vote for such a Pernicious Political Party.

    337. Scotrock says:

      Happy to donate Stu. Hopefully another donation next pay day
      Keep up the good work, Greatly appreciated

    338. Cubby says:

      Donation made.

      Why do I donate? For a number of reasons.

      One of which is that if I wanted to read a load of Britnat lies then there is an extensive choice of newspapers e.g. Scotsman, Herald, Daily Record, the British Daily Express, The British Daily Mail, The British Telegraph, the British Times, the British independent, the Sun ( more of a comic but they claim to be a newspaper).

      Why do I come down hard on phoney independence supporters posting on Wings? Well if I wanted to read their Britnat lies I have a vast choice available to me. I don’t want to read it btl on Wings.

      I’m all for free speech – Britnats post away – but I reserve the right to comment on what they say whenever and in what manner I wish. So all you censor freaks like the Herald and others – pissof.

      The “be nice pills” are well and truly chucked in the bin. Any Britnat party (Lib Dems ) that hides people like Cyril Smith is disgusting and deserves no respect. Any Britnat party that reinstates Steel after he covered up Smiths crimes deserves no respect. It deserves total condemnation. Rennie you are disgusting.

      All the Britnat parties are disgusting and their advocates who post on Wings will not get any courtesy from me.

    339. Patrick Roden says:

      I genuinely can’t believe the excuse Willie Rennie is giving for reinstating ‘Lord’ Steel.

      He claims that David Steel admitted that ‘He had hearing difficulties’ so didn’t quite catch what he was being asked in the inquiry!

      So Lord Steel forgot to use words like ‘sorry I missed that, can you repeat it’ or ‘pardon’?

      Willie has been a figure of fun up ’til now but has now been elevated to a disgusting liar.


    340. Effijy says:

      I clicked on that Hootsmon link and I’m shocked at the mindless diatribe there.
      They seem to have more posters there than readers.

      Great care given to promote all post anti Scotland, Independance and the Rev//Wings.

      The quality of post confirms the contributors would struggle to understand words of more than 5 Syllables.

      Breath taking mindless banality from what was once a newspaper.
      It’s death throws will soon be over and those concerned can hit the
      Road South in their Jack Boots.

    341. dakk says:

      That magnificent defence of a custodian of great british values will surely earn the scot William Rennie MSP a lifetime sinecure in the House of Lords.

      Salt of the earth,pillars of society are our elite unionist brethren.

      Baron to be William Rennie will certainly deserve his place at the pinnacle of british society.

    342. jfngw says:


      Lord Rennie of Twatt? It’s a LibDem area.

    343. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Effijy @ 21:59,

      I don’t bother myself, but though that kind of cyberbritnattery will no doubt resonate with fellow zealots, if we try to be objective, how likely will such bile convince any wavering former-no to stay onside? Or convince any new voter?

      Maybe Neil Mackay will write an exposé on them next weekend…? =cough=

    344. dakk says:


      lol, thought you were joking.

      Sounds perfect for the wee british appeaser.

    345. Effijy says:

      STV Scotland Tonight at 10.40 are to look at the pros and cons of crowd funding?
      As one of the Many UK propaganda outlets I feel confident of an all out attack on the Rev
      And all of us you contribute to Wings financially and verbally.

      The show will have its usual balance of carefully selected Unionists to advise on how bad Scotland is and what a disaster be to stop Westminster from robbing and abusing us.

    346. Dorothy Devine says:

      willie Rennie with the ‘I see no ships’ excuse for the diabolical.

      Who do these people think they are deceiving?

      And just what is the MSM for?

    347. CameronB Brodie says:

      Remember, the leader of the Brexit party denies Islamophobia is a problem in Britain/England.

      A review of the evidence relating to the representation of Muslims and Islam in the British media

      Written evidence submitted to the


      The role and impact of the media is “contentious and debatable” i

      74% of the British public claim that they know ‘nothing or next to nothing about Islam’ ii

      64% of the British public claim that what they do know is ‘acquired through the media’ iii

      Research from 2006 suggests that the press coverage relating to Muslims and Islam in British national newspapers had increased by approximately 270% over preceding decade iv

      91% of that coverage was deemed negative v

      84% of press coverage represented Islam and Muslims either as ‘likely to cause damage or danger’ or as ‘operating in a time of intense difficulty or danger’ vi

      Research from 2008 once again confirmed that the press coverage of British Muslims had increased significantly since 2000, peaking in 2006, and remaining at high levels in 2007 and 2008 vii

      2008 was shown to be the first year in which the ‘volume of stories about religious and cultural differences (32% of stories by 2008) overtook terrorism related stories (27% by 2008)’ viii

      Research from 2007 ix set out that the consequences of this type of media coverage was:

      ? Likely to provoke and increase feelings of insecurity, suspicion and anxiety amongst non-Muslims;

      ? Likely to provoke feelings of insecurity, vulnerability and alienation amongst Muslims, and in this way to weaken the Government’s measures to reduce and prevent extremism;

      ? Unlikely to help diminish levels of hate crime and acts of unlawful discrimination by non-Muslims against Muslims;

      ? Likely to be a major barrier preventing the success of the Government’s community cohesion policies and programmes;

      ? Unlikely to contribute to informed discussion and debate amongst Muslims and non-Muslims about ways of working together to maintain and develop Britain as a multicultural, multi-faith democracy.

    348. ronnie anderson says:

      Flower of Scotland 9.14 Cearc passed away 3 weeks ago her cremation was in Inverness on the 8 th May

    349. Colin Alexander says:

      An attempt to bring a private prosecution against Boris Johnson for lying during the Leave campaign under English Law.

      Imagine Scottish politics where politicians could be held criminally accountable for lying.

      They’d need to build extra jails for the Unionist politicians.

      See also:

      In Scots Law: “It is a crime at common law for a public official, a person entrusted with an official situation of trust, wilfully to neglect his duty, even where no question of danger to the public or to any person is involved.” Gordon, Criminal Law, 3rd Ed. Vol. II Chapter 44. q.v.”

      Though, I am told, from a reliable source, that nobody in Scotland has been charged with that offence for over a hundred years.

    350. robertknight says:

      @Colin Alexander…

      “In Scots Law: “It is a crime at common law for a public official, a person entrusted with an official situation of trust, wilfully to neglect his duty, even where no question of danger to the public or to any person is involved.” Gordon, Criminal Law, 3rd Ed. Vol. II Chapter 44. q.v.””

      Does buggering off half way around the world to feast upon kangaroo testicles and widgery grubs qualify?

      Just asking for a friend…

    351. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Cannot believe how fuckin totally fuming I am over Wullie Rennie’s performance re David Steel.

      Utterly disgusting.

      Link to Twitter poll is below for anyone who feels moved to call for his resignation.

      I know, I know, it won’t make a blind bit of difference, but hey, what else is there?

      So so so so so sick of these rank-rotten bastards.

      🙁 🙁 🙁

    352. Hamish100 says:

      Maybe a question in the Scots Parliament for a full enquiry into retired Presiding Officer David Steel and any records of audionetry tests as he allegedly is hard of hearing. I am sure Rennie would cooperate fully in this. While there Rennie can fully explain his role with Carmichael and Mundell during the Torygraphs so called expose over Nicola Sturgeon alleged discussions with the French Ambassador which proved to be false. Of course a certain BBC journalist got rewarded by being transferred from Glasgow to Washington DC thereby avoiding being interviewed in court – allegedly.

      Lib Dems honourable? Ask Jeremy.

    353. Derek Rogers says:

      Mac @ 7:52 pm
      @Derek 5:41pm
      …Please all go on and post a nice comment. Seriously nice.


      Done. See also my post, about changing soft-No minds, on

    354. CameronB Brodie says:

      Time for some Social and Political Psychology of Islamophobia? Anti-Islamic prejudice is part of the Brexitanian national identity, so you’d better start learning to modify your personality accordingly, if you’re not already Islamophobic.

      Disentangling Islamophobia: The Differential Effects of Symbolic, Realistic, and Terroristic Threat Perceptions as Mediators Between Social Dominance Orientation and Islamophobia


      The aim of this paper is threefold. First, based on ongoing theoretical discussions on the dimensionality of Islamophobia, this study analyzes whether Islamophobia empirically constitutes a one-dimensional construct or rather a multidimensional construct consisting of anti-Muslim prejudice and anti-Islam sentiment. Second, the effects of symbolic, realistic, and terroristic (safety) threats on Islamophobia were analyzed concurrently. Finally, within the framework of the revised Integrated Threat Theory (Stephan & Renfro, 2002), and in order to test the mediating effect of threats, SDO is tested as an antecedent of perceived threat and Islamophobia. Respondents from Berlin (N = 355) participated in an online survey.

      The results indicate that Islamophobia empirically constitutes a two-dimensional phenomenon, consisting of anti-Muslim and anti-Islam sentiment. Whereas symbolic threat is related to both types of Islamophobia, realistic threat is associated only with anti-Muslim prejudice, and terroristic threat is associated only with anti-Islam sentiment. Finally, the results indicate that the relationship between SDO and both dimensions of Islamophobia is mediated by threats. Symbolic threats mediate the relationships between SDO and both dimensions of Islamophobia. Realistic threats mediate the relationship between SDO and anti-Muslim prejudice and terroristic threats between SDO and anti-Islam sentiment.

      Keywords: Islamophobia, anti-Muslim prejudice, anti-Islam sentiment, symbolic threat, realistic threat, safety threat, terroristic threat, social dominance orientation

    355. Dan says:

      @Derek Rodgers at 11.20pm

      Just a heads up that Firefox is giving me a security threat warning to the link in your post.
      Maybe some techy types can explain why that would be.

    356. jfngw says:


      Looks like a typo in the link, extra s in wordpress. Try:

    357. Dan says:


      Cheers for quick response! The link in your post work fine.

    358. jfngw says:


      Just to add, it looks like wordpress also has the wordspress site name ownership. I suspect this is to stop someone else using it as a hacking site. This is the type you get in an email that looks like the real site at a quick glance but is slightly misspelt. I receive one almost regularly from trying to steal details.

      You get the firefox error because the HTTPS certificate does not cover the misspelt site.

    359. CameronB Brodie says:

      For those unconcerned with the silencing of gender critical voices, ethnicity (not race), sex (not gender-identity) and social class, are all vital considerations in the design of inclusive and sustainable public policy. Legal rationality is grounded in liberal science, not radical science.

      ‘Islamophobia never stands still’: Race, religion, and culture


      Islamophobia bundles religious, ethnic and cultural prejudices together even though a narrow definition of the term flags religion as playing the central part. Calls for decoupling religion from ethnicity and culture appear justifiable: religions are increasingly disconnected from the cultures in which they have been embedded. But established political discourse infrequently makes such distinctions and may go further to racialize cultural and religious attributes of non-Europeans through essentialist framing.

      Islamophobia becomes a cryptic articulation of race and racism even if overtly it appears as religiously-based prejudice. Islam has been culturalized and racialized by its adherents and antagonists alike. Survey data on attitudes towards Muslims confirm such framing: the most common grounds given for experiencing discrimination was race or ethnic origin; religion and belief system were cited less often. Racialization, race and differential racism have become more endemic to Islamophobesã stigmatizing of Muslims, but to categorize Islamophobes as racists is bad politics.

      Keywords: racism, xenophobia, Muslims, discrimination, culture, prejudice

    360. Hamish100 says:

      Labour at each other throats

      Let’s see if Clegg of the Daily Record reports it or Tom Gordon in The Herald.

    361. Cubby says:


      Scotland Tonight

      Nothing re Wings fundraiser. Just general advice re fundraisers. Pretty standard advice.

      Most of the programme featured a discussion on the Scottish parliament

      What a cracker earlier on in the programme. Lord ( yes Lord ) Jack McConnell giving his words of wisdom on the Scottish parliament. What a pathetic weechancer the guy is. The guy who gave money back to Westminster when he was FM.

      Talking about wee chancers Hutcheon was also on giving us his sage words on the Scot parliament.

      The lord pontificating on Scottish democracy – what a sad joke. He also said the Lords in London should be abolished – well he got that one right. He, however, is still happy to attend and pick up his London gold. A classic low talent labour place man.

      Jack complains about parties getting a majority of seats on a minority vote – it wisnae fair – it wisnae supposed to happen. No mention of course of the Westminster system that does this nearly all the time. In fact the rest of his comments re a second chamber were mainly confused nonsense.

      Jack wants a review of the powers of the parliament every 10 years. Why bother let’s just have independence instead.

      Hutcheon says Scotlands problems are a lack of quality in the MSPs. Same old same old – everything in Scotland is rubbish except the Britnat media and the super dooper Britnat journalists like Hutcheon.

      Shona Craven and Linda Fabiani easily batted away the nonsense being punted by McConnell and Hutcheon.

    362. CameronB Brodie says:

      I posted stuff earlier, that suggests the corporate media has played a large part in the marginalisation of the Islamic identity in Britain. Pretty much like the marginalisation of the SNP and indy movement in Scotland. But are the corporate media the only source of this contemporary form of racism? Well, I know a bit about marginalisation and racism, coming from Scotland and knowing a bit about post-modern critical social theory and stuff. 😉

      Islamophobia: examining causal links between the state and “race hate” from “below”

      – This paper’s aim is to examine whether there is a causal link between “race” hate, particularly Islamophobia (defined as anti?Muslim feeling and violence based on “race” and/or religion), and government treatment of Muslim communities in Britain in recent years.

      – The paper looks at recent legislation and other state controls to deal with terror activities.

      – The paper argues that government policy towards Muslim communities, including policies developed to deal with suspected terrorists has some responsibility for cultivating a hostile climate towards such communities. Moreover, this generalised hostile environment allows “race” hate and violence to thrive among sections of Britain’s male white working class communities, especially where disaffection, socio?economic exclusion and challenges to traditional forms of masculinities is evident.

      Practical implications
      – The paper demonstrates that “race” hate and routine attacks on Muslim communities appears to be increasing and needs to be addressed by developing strategies that are inclusive of all disadvantaged communities.

      – The paper adds to the literature on “race” hate by examining these theories in the light of recent and ongoing terror attacks and their impact on Muslim communities in Britain.

      Ethnic minorities, Race, United Kingdom, Racial discrimination, Islam

    363. Cubby says:

      Ian Murray says British Labour in Scotland are full of thugs and incompetents. Wonder what Murray is then – a thug or incompetent.

      Murray doesn’t put a percentage split on the categories. My guess – 95% incompetent 5% thugs.

    364. geeo says:

      Coco @ 11.01pm

      “Though, I am told, from a reliable source, that nobody in Scotland has been charged with that offence for over a hundred years”.

      Go on, who is this reliable source ?

    365. geeo says:

      Coco@11.01pm also wrote this:

      ““In Scots Law: “It is a crime at common law for a public official, a person entrusted with an official situation of trust, wilfully to neglect his duty, even where no question of danger to the public or to any person is involved.” Gordon, Criminal Law, 3rd Ed. Vol. II Chapter 44. q.v.””

      Was your ‘reliable source’ kevin hague by any chance ?

      That quote above is a word for word quote from the 2nd Btl comment in THIS article about the Scottish budget.

      Are you ‘anonymous’ who wrote that btl comment, coco ?

    366. Breeks says:

      TheItalianJob says:
      14 May, 2019 at 4:48 pm

      The people of Scotland vote and its their vote that provides UKIP MEPs, Labour, Conservative and LibDem MPs, MSPs and MEPs.

      That’s how democracy works….

      Is it? Was it democracy which led to Scotland returning UKIP MEP or the influence of the UK media?

      How can democracy work when our entire political landscape is skewed to promote Establishment Unionism and discredit Scotland’s self awareness?

      Democracy only exists when people have access to the truth and are free to make an objective decision based upon that truth. Our decisions in Scotland aren’t based upon truth, but a distorted BritNat narrative orchestrated and maintained to curb our desire for Independence.

      Our democracy is compromised because our news and political discussion media is compromised. Our democracy does not reflect the will of the people but the stifling influence of the propagandists.

      Democracy without a free press is not the same as democracy with a free press. Even IF Scotland had its own, indigenous and independent (small “i”) Scottish media redressing the balance, the all pervading presence of the Corporate BBC Propaganda would still constitute an unacceptable and intolerable degree of external interference, but we don’t even have an indigenous and independent Scottish media because the BritNat Establishment will not allow one to exist.

      Democracy??? No, this is NOT how democracy works.

    367. Thomas Valentine says:

      Story about Yoonatic reaction and that little work over by the ever loyal media. There’s nothing as crude and lazy as people who are convinced they will never be called to account. It’s people like Oppenheim who’ll be left holding the shitty rag.

    368. Cactus says:

      Soared past 75k already 🙂 mibbies 100k by Sunday lunch, rising up

    369. Cactus says:

      SO ah dinnae ken if this one has been played yet 😉

      Last Call

    370. Dorothy Devine says:

      Something came up on my Microsoft news but I didn’t pay too much attention as it flashed past , the Defence Minister is to have an amnesty for all british soldiers war crimes.

      Anybody know any more?

    371. Dorothy Devine says:

      Just found a report in the Guardian – 10 year limit on investigation of ‘battle crimes’.

      I wonder if that includes the politicians who signed off on rendition?

    372. Breeks says:

      Sorry for posting a link to the Empire Propaganda Website, but have a look at this for “fairness”.

      These aren’t EU Elections, these are the Farage Elections, at least they will be if the BBC has anything to do with it.

    373. manandboy says:

      A short, but thought provoking piece, about the current somewhat obvious, but un-newsworthy, broad Tory neo-liberal strategy to reverse the benefits of education among the masses, in order to create a worker-bee society under the control of the English Ruling Class.

      Scotland needs Wings over Scotland more than ever. Plz donate if you have not already done so. And plz vote SNP only and always until Scotland is Independent.

      In the meantime, as far as Scotland’s national income and wealth is concerned, Scotland is in a very real sense, collectively a slave, owned by England, but through careful propaganda, is dressed to look completely free. The Tories, once a colonial empire, always a colonial empire.

    374. Ken500 says:

      The Tories are trying to bring in Law to stop Army personnel being prosecuted. They will not succeed. They will not get it through. It would be unlawful under International Law. They will be gone before they could get it through, The Lords and Commons. The Lords has powers of twice delay. The Tories wanted to stop power of delay that but did not succeed. Not enough time.

      A complete and utter shambles. Blair the illegal warmonger got away with it. He caused all this mess with the lies and deceit. Killing and maiming millions of people causing the worst migration crisis in Europe since 11WW. The Westminster unionists imbeciles cause war, death and destruction all over the world. They are an utter disgrace. Appalling people. Stop them.

      Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other to vote as well. For a better prosperous, peaceful world.

      Stop the Westminster unionist imbeciles trying to destroy Scotland. They are psycho bastards. Brexit. They could not make a bigger mess. Warmongering Blair caused it.

      Iraq War, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    375. Colin Alexander says:

      I’m ignoring derogatory and inflammatory remarks that aim to disrupt the fundraiser. I would rather focus on the positive:

      Wings Over Scotland clearly boosted the YES vote in 2014, especially with the release of the Wee Blue Book.

      Wings will again be a major influence in any future indy campaign, so please contribute to the fundraiser if you can afford it.

      It’s fantastic to see what we can achieve by our positive collective efforts. It frightens and dismays the British nationalists, so they will try to disrupt and discredit us. Don’t rise to the bait.

      Be polite, be courteous, be friendly. Speak the truth for Scotland’s freedom with a smile. For those that won’t listen, shouting or angry arguing or aggression won’t make any difference: leave them to their willful ingorance.

      Keep up the good work Stu and all the Wingers.

    376. Patrick Roden says:

      @ hamish100 said “Let’s see if Clegg of the Daily Record reports it or Tom Gordon in The Herald.”

      It’s in the Herald, but not so anything in the Daily Redcoat yet.

    377. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      BBC Radio Shortbreid standout comment this morning:

      On prosecutions of former military personnel was “servants of the State should be held to higher standards”

      No mention of D Steele, Cyril Smyth or Wee Wullie 1ps disgraceful defence of Steele yesterday when reporting on child abuse though!

    378. mr thms says:

      Why would the BBC give the Brexit Party most of their coverage for the elections to the parliament of the European Union?

      Do the party’s candidates have strong links to the Conservative Party??

    379. Abulhaq says:

      Re the term ‘Islamophobia’, actually meaning fear of Islam, in history non Muslims living in territories conquered by Muslim armies had cause to be fearful of the new system, sanctioned by the Qur’ân, imposed over them. At a stroke their status changed in their own land, they beame ‘Dhimmis’ required to pay the jizya tax and acknowledge, as non Muslims the superiority of the new order and their own subordinate status.
      The condition of ‘dhimmitude‘ varied according to region and the current ruler. Survival was rather a lottery.
      Even today most Muslim states restrict the occupations of non Muslims to the non administrative.
      A non Muslim may not have authority over a believer. Syria, with Lebanon, were/are exceptions to that rule.
      True, there is no such thing as an Islamic ‘race’.

    380. Ken500 says:

      Jamie Murray on GMT. Lorraine the performing clown for tax purposes. Evading tax. Doing something for Scotland.

      Jamie has new tennis coaching videos. Really interesting,

      Judy Murray was giving talks about tennis and has written a book, interesting, Both world world tennis champions 2016. A record never to be beaten. Putting Scotland in the map. Bringing in£Billions to Scotland. Tourism and sport.

      £60Million in public money for tennis (sport keeps people healthy) investment. UK. Scotland gets £800,000. Instead of £5Million (pro rata or more). After what Andy and Jamie bring into Britain in revenues. Wimbledon, ATP O2. Sport tourists etc. Worth £Billions to the economy. Scotland cheated out of revenues once again by Westminster unionist imbeciles.

      The tennis centre in Stirling/Fife will bring in £Billions in revenues. It should be supported. It will bring in tourists and students of excellence. It should be supported.

    381. galamcennalath says:

      Breeks says

      Our democracy is compromised because our news and political discussion media is compromised. Our democracy does not reflect the will of the people but the stifling influence of the propagandists.

      Certainly, the will of the Scottish people has difficulty in shining through the fog of BritNat subterfuge.

      A democracy can’t function unless voters have reliable information plus a balanced range of views before them. Look at the recent Swiss example where a referendum result was declared void because the relevant government stats published before the vote had mistakes! That is a world away from ‘democracy’ as we have come to know it!

      We can only guess as the skewing of voting the BritNat media machine causes …. perhaps it’s worth 15 – 20% to them? But that’s just a guess.

      I think one thing is certain, if Scottish voting for the past fifty years had been conducted in a regime of balanced media, we would have a quite different country by now! A much better and fairer one.

    382. gus1940 says:

      Yesterday a photo appeared (I cannot remember where) of a young man marching with Martin Webster of The National Front sevral decades ago.

      The young man bore an astonishing resemblance to Farage.

      Has anybody been able to confirm the ID of said man?

      If it is confirmed to be Farage it will be interesting to see if it receives any coverage in the metropolitan Fascist media.

    383. Welsh Sion says:

      Welsh workers pay Scottish Income Tax coz of HMRC mix up? (Or Cymru subsidising Scotland? 😉 )

    384. Hamish100 says:

      Ken 500
      Murrays brought billions into scotland? Where?

    385. jfngw says:

      @Welsh Sion

      It’s OK because this is offset by Scots taxpayers being designated as being in England. It’s just a HMRC moneygoround so most of the cash ends up at Westminster.

    386. Legerwood says:

      Ken 500 @ 9.03

      The Tennis Centre at Park of Keir is nothing but a front for developers to get planning permission to build houses on green belt land.

      If it ever came to pass it would end up sucking up all the money currently available from Sport Scotland and the Lawn Tennis Association that is supposed to help fund the development of tennis facilities across Scotland.

    387. galamcennalath says:


      The photo (on Twitter) could be Farage. He’d be about 15 then. It was apparently taken outside a court. The identity of that court and its location might add authenticity.

      There have been accusations of his early fascist ‘leanings’ …

      I’d worry more about his present views, whatever they might actually be behind the smoke, beer, and mirrors.

    388. call me dave says:

      The ‘not Scottish oil’ should be left in the ground screams radio shortbread as the greens rack up the pressure.

      Mr Tomlin from oil and gas caught a bit short on explaining how green they were becoming…but he really wanted to tell Garry to b*gger off and let Westminster UK carry on as usual.

      Garry twice in the interview accuses the woman in charge of the FE colleges negotiating committee of talking like a Scottish Government Minister when she said they were not approaching the SG for more money.

      But…but…Sturgeon will cough up…won’t she?

      Wee Willie Rennie… What’s he like? David is a trifle deaf!

      Jings! One of our contributers must have just come back from Damascus and I’ve only been away since yesterday. 🙂

      Oh fund raiser going well.

      Quiet a strident shortbread this morning!

    389. HandandShrimp says:

      It is interesting that the story about Farage includes that picture. Is it a case of the journalist suspecting that it is Farage?

    390. Craig P says:

      So we’ve seen recently:

      SNP – wokebeard infighting
      Lib Dems – paedo cover-up
      Labour – ferrets in a sack
      Tory – somehow, Teresa May is still PM, and every other alternative is even worse
      Farage – young fascist
      BBC – vigorously promoting Farage

      Kind of puts you off politics, doesn’t it?

    391. Welsh Sion says:

      Craig P – And you didn’t even get started on the DUP. (I’ll let you off missing Plaid Cymru, too. I guess there’s nothing they’ve found on Adam … yet. Except he’s a vile separatist, of course!)

    392. haudonthenoo says:

      Sure that Farage photo was not outed elsewhere as either not him or a fake ?

      Might be wrong – hes still an dangerous arse regardless.

    393. Effijy says:

      The terrifying story below is down the pecking order of importance in today’s Sun.
      Jeremy Kyle cancelled being the most important followed by a Royal Baby being 1 week old??

      Although the Damning figures apply only to England, the banner proclaims it as the UK?

      Can any of you imagine the UK Media and the BBC if this news applied in Scotland. Boom!

      UP to one in three areas in England are care deserts — blackspots without residential beds even for those able to pay.

      The picture is even worse for those needing nursing support, with no capacity in up to two in three parts of the country.

    394. Breeks says:

      galamcennalath says:
      15 May, 2019 at 9:03 am

      We can only guess as the skewing of voting the BritNat media machine causes …. perhaps it’s worth 15 – 20% to them? But that’s just a guess.

      Guess or not Galamcennalath, interpret that “influence” as a margin of error tolerance, and apply it to every Scottish referendum and election, every by-election and council election over the last 40 years. Strike 20% off the BritNat/BBC vote, and that would overturn every close result lost into a comfortable result won, and our Scottish political landscape and tone of debate would be unrecognisable from what it is today.

      The thing is, it’s more sophisticated than that. How do you quantify the corruption in terms of a figure? You might equally argue that every No voter was influenced by propaganda, and the whole NO argument is thus invalidated. Propaganda is a corruption which doesn’t influence democracy, it destroys it. A corrupt ballot should stand for nothing, and those who corrupted it should be held to account, and those complicit should be drummed out of politics.

    395. geeo says:

      Sky News website doing a wrecking ‘opinion’ piece on Change Uk party today:

      As ever the SNP do not exist (from linked article)

      “There is an obvious way CUK could do the same, which would answer the basic question of the necessity of their existence and get their base excited: they could call for full blown revocation of Article 50.

      Strategically it is the perfect gambit: it secures column inches, it would allow them to capture the bulk of the most hardline Remain vote; it would differentiate them from their rivals”

      “It would secure column inches” and “differentiate them from their rivals”


      That excerpt pretty much describes SNP EU election views, so where are these mystical ‘column inches’ generated by the SNP PRO REMAIN stance ?

      The SNP rely on a strong message, and getting that message out locally, as we need to circumvent the rabidly anti SNP media, and results show how good we are at that.

      With an even playing field media wise, imagine how much stronger we would be here !

      It really begs the question, what will a Newly Independent Scotland’s media, print and visual, be like ?

      As Scotland grows exponentially, free from WM restraints, the media in Scotland will lose all credibility as their previous contempt for Scotland will be there for all to see.

      Independence may really be the death of print media in Scotland, and while that may seem a good thing, is it really ?

      A return to actual journalism rather than the current trend for ‘Churnalism’ (as in churning out unionist party press releases unchecked), and calling them ‘facts’ or ‘news’ can only be a good thing.

      I certainly do not want the current media operating in Indy Scotland, but NO media at all would be equally bad.

      The National and the ‘Daily Rev’ would be a good start, despite the Daily Rev sports pages probably having a feature on what the Aberdeen tea lady had for breakfast, as a major story every Friday 🙂

      BBC news, as is, would certainly not be missed by many.

      Media regulation would also be needed, with perhaps a fact checking watchdog formed, and a simplified media complaints system enabled. The usual demands, like an equally prominent apology etc.

      Imagine a Scotland where the media REPORT the news, rather than SHAPING the news !!

      As it is, on a Thursday, we have the ridiculous situation where a BBC reporter, right after FMQ’s, TELLS US the complete opposite of what we just watched the FM say, and presents that as gospel truth when it is clearly dribbling pish from a paid state propagandist.

      My kids are 29 and 24 this year, indy is more for them than me (53 this year).

      That is why i fight for independence, for the generations which follow me, so they can have a fairer and better Scotland, free to grow and improve every aspect of the lives of Scots coming later, and for those here now, having the chance of a decent retirement at the very least, in a country which helps them enjoy their later years rather than actively trying to kill them off.

      When my 2 are pensioners, the generation who followed them will have spent all their lives in a Scotland which has an ingrained decency and respect for others, as a societal norm.

      Not too muchvto ask for, surely ?

    396. galamcennalath says:

      Breeks says:

      You might equally argue that every No voter was influenced by propaganda, and the whole NO argument is thus invalidated.

      I can’t help but believe that is true.

      I accept there can be different points of view, different interpretations of the same information, counter arguments, two sides to any debate.

      However, that is not what we are seeing and hearing. I’m biased and very subjective in the way I view things but I just do not see the Yes-No divide as two sides of a debate. It can’t be because the No/BritNat/BBC is riddled with negative smearing, deceit, false promises, fake news, downright lies. And on our side I just don’t see the same subterfuge.

      Are ALL NOs just the product of propaganda? If their believe system just ‘make believe’?

      There probably is a case for a UK Union, however it is so hidden under a dung heap I never see it.

      I believe the case for a Union was probably stronger under the widespread nationalisation and UK wide institutions. However with oil and Thatcherism and the EU any pro Union case all but disappeared.

      The absence of a coherent case for the Union should be apparent to all, but the BritNat media hide that from many.

      Take WoS and The Rev. BritNats attack the man, but never (as far as I can see) his WoS articles. That is significant.


    397. Welsh Sion says:

      geeo @ 11:53 am

      You have to dig deep to find us in that Sky piece.

      “Who then, in short, can defend liberal England against [Farage]? I say England deliberately, given Scots and the Welsh have their own options.”

    398. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      I’d suggest that Murray is 100% a Blairite Chancer @Cubby says at 12:20 am

      My best guess percentage split on the categories:

      100% Incompetents

      70% Blairite Chancers

      30% Corbynite Chancers

      Unsure of % Thugs versus % Thug appeasers/enablers (for Party Unity purposes)

      Definition of Thug – “A thug is typically referred to a male or female who commits crimes for personal gain”

      So if those are ‘Crimes against the best interests of the People of Scotland’ it may be higher than your 5% guess!


    399. Stookie1967 says:

      Done thru PayPal
      Keep on Keeping on!

    400. Famous15 says:

      Wow! Just got the conservative etc Ruth Party leaflet for the European election. Ruth DVidson is obsessed to the point of inanity with Nicola Sturgeon. Creepy does not cover it!

    401. bookie from hell says:

      this is so disturbing

      Ruth Davidson calls for post-Brexit ‘union unit’ in Whitehall

    402. Hamish100 says:

      Famous 15

      Any creepy mail I send back to sender.

    403. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “The UK government needs a ‘Union delivery unit’ at its heart to ensure decision-making benefits all parts of the country, Ruth Davidson has said.”

      A Union Unit at Whitehall and a 2nd Chamber at Holyrood, methinks SuperduperDevoMaxi Vow2 time soon.

      BritNats Shitting it!


    404. Giving Goose says:

      Ruth Davidson, committed British Nationalist that she is, sees her chances of career advancement in a post Brexit Little England as poor. The clue us in the term “Little England” – being non-English will hamper career progression.
      The solution for Ruth’s career is a Ruth, er I meant, Union delivery unit.

    405. Craig P says:

      Welsh Sion – apologies – DUP, taken for granted they are awful! Greens and Plaid – no feck ups that I can think of…

    406. Craig P says:

      ‘Union delivery unit’ already exists – it’s called the Scottish Office.

    407. DerekM says:

      Well well i see the tories are in more election scandal drama more votes allocated to winners than turned out to vote in Highworth council.

      Now i wonder how that could happen.

    408. galamcennalath says:

      ‘Union delivery unit’. The way I see it is … what could the Union now deliver to Scotland that couldn’t be better delivered by independence? The train’s left, the ship’s sunk, the nest has been flown, the ba’s oan the slate. It’s too late.

      And, delivery by independence will be more efficient, more democratically accountable, and most important… it will be what we want, not what England grudgingly let’s us have.

      Perhaps Ruth would like to begin by telling what her Union actually does for Scotland. Exactly why do they claim we are Better Together? Wonder (rhetorically) why they never seem to get a sales pitch together? Just ‘not now’ and SNPbaaad.

    409. TJenny says:

      Re the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, commonly now referred to as the WAB in msm, just found out on Irish Border twitter, that wab is Northern Irish slang for … cock. As in look at that guy’s wab. Expect DUP MPS’ heads to explode when asked to vote for Treeza’s wab. Mwahhaha.

      If you don’t follow or read Irish Border twitter, you really should, very pithy, very funny.

    410. Welsh Sion says:

      In other news from other parts of this Disunited Kingdumb.

      4 breakaway Members of the UKIP National Assembly defect to the Brexit Party. The two remaining AMs for UKIP can no longer be considered ‘a group’ (Gareth Bennett – Leader, Neil Hamilton – THAT Neil Hamilton, for National Assembly purposes.)

      Nigel Farage on ‘a walkabout’ (BBC term – isn’t it them Royals who do that sort of thing?) in Merthyr Tudful wants Mark Reckless to be the Brexit Party’s Leader in the National Assembly.

      Mark Reckless – a potted history.

      May 2010 (GE) to September 2014 – Tory MP for Rochester and Strood
      September 2014 – Joins UKIP, Leaves Tories
      November 2014 (BE) – Wins Rochester and Strood for UKIP
      May 2015 (GE) – Loses seat to Tories
      May 2016 (WGE) – Elected UKIP AM for South Wales East Region
      April 2017 – Joins the Conservative Group (but not the Party) in the National Assembly, Leaves UKIP
      April 2019 – Becomes an Independent AM, Leaves the Conservative Group of the National Assembly
      May 2019 – Announced by Nigel Farage as Leader of the Brexit Party Group at the National Assembly.


    411. CameronB Brodie says:

      The 20% of Scotland who are hard-core yoons, consider British nationalism pretty much as a religion. These are individuals who live in an ideological world of fantasy. Best leave them to their faith, as howling at the moon is their irrational nature.

      The cognitive approach to understanding religion

    412. CameronB Brodie says:

      And here is one for folk who don’t see the threat England’s structural racism poses to Scotland. Islamic culture is not the only culture that British nationalism is institutionally prejudiced against (see all non-English cultures).

      How is Islamophobia Institutionalised?
      Racialised Governmentality and the Case of
      Muslim Students in British Universities


      This thesis explores how Islamophobia is institutionalised in British universities. Focussing on Muslim students, this question is largely explored through empirical research using two case study universities. Each university was examined through key university functions; namely, ‘ethnic’ monitoring data under the Race Amendment (2000), union politics and welfare/observance provisions.

      The research involved semi-structured interviews with Muslim students who were in some way ‘active’ on campus, as well as university/union staff between 2004 and 2006. It also included some document analysis.

      It is argued that Islamophobia is institutionalised through its govermentalising function and is reflected in three key modes of ‘managing’ Muslim students; ‘absence’ (invisibility), ‘presence’ (hyper-visibility) and ‘inclusion’ (liberal multiculturalism)….

    413. DerekM says:

      Head(the ba`) yoons be coming out with all sorts of nonsense,wee Ruthie panicking trying to stick better together back together like humpty dumpty.

      Jack the …. wanting a second chamber in Scotland so him and his cronies can still get pissed up on tax payers cash and block indy through it,has anybody told the wee turd that Scotland already has a second chamber its called The Electorate.

    414. Terry callachan says:

      EU elections.
      The turnout will be very low.
      Too many commentators are making the EU elections a joint Indyref2 election.
      If SNP do well they will say it matters not because of the low turnout.
      If SNP do less well than expected ( less than two thirds) they will say support for indyref2 has slipped.

      UK politics is a cesspit of deceit

      I will vote SNP always in every election until Scotland is independent
      Sadly I don’t see the EU elections helping
      The brexit referendum showed what Scotland wants but it was ignored
      Standby for more of the same ignorance of what Scotland wants by England

    415. Clapper57 says:

      Does anyone know where Farage and his Brexit party rally is going to be when they come up to Edinburgh this Friday ?

    416. Terry callachan says:

      To CameronB Brodie. 15th May 2.34pm

      I will read that paper .It looks very interesting and informative.
      I bet it was buried by the uni very quickly.

    417. CameronB Brodie says:

      English structural racism? I know I posted this in OT but not everyone visits OT.

      Multicultural Nationalism: Islamophobia, Anglophobia, and Devolution


      This book is a pioneering study of how multiculturalism interacts with sub-state nationalism in Britain. It gives equal attention to Scotland’s largest ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ minorities: ethnic Pakistanis (almost all of them Muslim) and English immigrants; and to the Islamophobia and Anglophobia of majority Scots. Rising Scottish self-consciousness could have threatened both these minorities. But in reality, problems proved to be solutions, integrating rather than alienating. In the eyes of the minorities, the devolution of power to a Scottish Parliament has made Scots at once more proud and less xenophobic. English immigrants also felt that devolution has defused tensions, calmed frustrations, and forced Scots to blame themselves rather than others for their problems.

      Muslims suffered increased harassment after 9/11, although less in Scotland than elsewhere. Consciously or unconsciously, they continued to use Scottish identities and even Scottish nationalism as tools of integration. Conversely, nationalism in Scotland did not increase the majority’s Islamophobia as it did in England and elsewhere. The book is based on extensive quotations from focus-group discussions with minorities, in-depth interviews with elites, and statistical analysis of large-scale surveys of minorities and majorities.

      Keywords: multiculturalism, nationalism, Muslim, English, immigrants, Islamophobia, Anglophobia, devolution, 9/11, identities

    418. CameronB Brodie says:

      Terry callachan
      Thanks for your enthusiasm, fill your boots. 🙂

    419. DerekM says:

      CameronB Brodie

      I would say that its about 35% in England these are your typical union jack brexit people who think that Britain is a nation.

      I usually ask them well if Britain is a nation does that mean your country England does not exist because for Britain to be a nation then England can no longer exist,so who won the world cup then in 66 ?

      That really annoys them lol

    420. CameronB Brodie says:

      And here is one for those who are convinced Islamic culture is not compatible with Christian society. You are wrong.

      Integrating Islamic Traditions in Modern Psychology:
      Research Trends in Last Ten Years

      Theme 3: Emergence of theoretical models and frameworks of Islamic Psychology

      Models and frameworks are necessary for development of interventions. In Psychology of Personality: Islamic Perspectives, Haque and Mohamed (2009) identify philosophical concepts related to human nature, Islamic concepts of soul, spirit, and heart, and human motivation and personality types from the Qur’an. This book proposes many frameworks for understanding human psychology. From its very first chapter, it uses Islamic principles from the Qur’an, prophetic traditions, and historical references (Ibn Khaldun, Mulla Sadra, etc).

      This is perhaps the only book of its kind published in English that addresses some fundamental principles of an Islamic Psychology. While other books and publications touch on ideas from a more general perspective, this book is useful in that it starts from a foundational philosophical approach and presents the need to understand how the Islamic perspective views and explains the nature of human psychology….–integrating-islamic-traditions-in-modern-psychology-research?rgn=main;view=fulltext

    421. Breeks says:

      galamcennalath says:
      15 May, 2019 at 11:56 am

      However, that is not what we are seeing and hearing. I’m biased and very subjective in the way I view things but I just do not see the Yes-No divide as two sides of a debate. It can’t be because the No/BritNat/BBC is riddled with negative smearing, deceit, false promises, fake news, downright lies. And on our side I just don’t see the same subterfuge.

      We agree again.

      To an extent, there will be a broad trade off between grey areas of Unionist argument that we will see the worst in, and grey areas of ambiguity in some of our arguments which the Unionists will seek to exploit. The same will be true for weak MP’s or MSP’s, we will naturally see their weaknesses before our own. That is the legitimate bread and butter of politics.

      But in Scotland however, you can have a gigantuan betrayal like the top secret McCrone Report, verify the living embodiment of what McCrone alluded to becoming real and quantifiable in the Norwegian economy just across the North Sea, and see the huge annual revenue the Norwegians can draw from their oil compared to the miserable return on “Scotland’s” UK oil. And yet the debate here in Scotland is surreal in its lack of passion and intensity.

      Look across to Norway, it’s wealth and the contentment of its people. There, but for the “grace” of Westminster, goes Scotland. Norway with oil = Scotland without Westminster.

      And yet, Scotland’s Unionist community refuses to see it. You can’t even call it denial, because the McCrone Report is written by their Cabal, and the indisputable truth of it is there to be seen in Norway. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

      What can we conclude from it all? Some of our people have been indoctrinated to believe black is white, rich is poor, and up is down… and we’re heading for a referendum where we’re going to respect how they vote because we are nominally a “democracy”.

    422. CameronB Brodie says:

      Cultural prejudice can be fun, if you’ve learned not to get triggered. 🙂

    423. Stephen says:

      Happy to contribute to the cause!

    424. Derek Rogers says:

      Let’s get to 100k in the crowdfund to enjoy the exploding heads! Popped another wodge in.

    425. mr thms says:

      Regarding Ruth Davidson’s call for a new union delivery unit at the heart of government following Brexit.

      Presumably Ms Davidson thinks the PM’s Withdrawal Agreement will now get the green light?

      If there is a ‘transitional arrangement’, there can only be two possible endings, federalism or independence.

      So, can I become the first to suggest another name for the Department of the Union?

      After reading about Holyrood’s new powers, and a role in joint decision making with Westminster, it would be more accurate to describe it as the Department for the dissolution of the Union.

    426. Sinky says:

      Got Lib Dem Euro letter from Wee Willie Rennie.

      Like Labour it was printed and published outside Scotland yet these subsidy junkies have the cheek to call themselves “Scottish” when they cannot organise themselves or give their business to local printers.

    427. Terry callachan says:

      I hope the torrential rain on the west coast of Italy is not heading this way ?
      Giro d’Italia is FAB think I might go next year

      Ruth Davidson , what use will she be to England once Scotland is independent ?
      None I would say I wonder if she too is looking for a university position right now ? ?

    428. Welsh Sion says:

      Clapper57 @ 2.57 pm

      Does anyone know where Farage and his Brexit party rally is going to be when they come up to Edinburgh this Friday ?


      7pm, Corn Exchange, Edinburgh.

    429. CameronB Brodie says:

      Further to the FM’s comments re.

      “I don’t think there is a woman alive, particularly working-class women, who don’t experience that at some point in their lives, and probably quite regularly.”

      “I just think it is natural. In some ways I think women should work to overcome that, and be encouraged to overcome it, but there is a bit of humility as well that I don’t think we should ever lose completely.”


      Unfortunately, the range of scientific disciplines involved in social science, means there is often multiple terms used to describe the same things. Men and women have different shaped brains , which respond differently to the physical environment in accordance with biological sex. This has major significance to theory of mind (or how we relate to the world outside our heads). Gender is the embodied social-psychology of how the individual is socially positioned within society. Gender-identity is the performance of sexist stereotypes.

      Sex differences in two fundamental cognitive domains: Empathizing and systemizing in children and adults.


      Prior research indicates that, on average, females are superior at tasks concerned with the social cognitive domain, whereas males are superior at tasks concerned with physical cognitive domains. The empathizing-systemizing (E-S) theory explains these differences by proposing two independent cognitive drives: empathizing and systemizing. The present study explores sex differences and the relationship between these cognitive domains.

      Participants were 267 elementary school children (mean age = 9.8) and 102 university students (mean age = 20.7) who performed two tasks: the Eyes test and the intuitive physics test. Results showed that females scored higher than males on the Eyes test in both participant groups, whereas no marked sex differences appeared in the intuitive physics test. Distributions of cognitive styles, derived from performance differences in the two tasks, showed marked sex differences, and correlations between performances in the two tasks were near zero in both groups, were consistent with E-S theory. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)

    430. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “Help us Wullie 1p, your our only hope!” cry the BritNats.

      The last days of the “Precious Union” are an absolute laugh a minute as the powers that be tie themselves in knots of contradiction North of the border hoping to dent the SNP and YES Movement.

      Heard this McDonald chiel regurgitate the “Spanish Veto” on an Indy Scotland getting into the EU as a reason he is backing the Fib Dems as THE Remain Party in Scotland so a great fit for a Party who’s Elected Representatives have only a passing acquaintance with the truth.

      Oh, and “he did not want to split the remain vote in Scotland” and the fact the FibDems are a Pro-Precious Union Party, like Change UK.

    431. ian macdiarmid says:

      The strange thing re Ruth davidson is she is’nt stupid but still continues to support the unsupportable?There is nothing in the present cluster f**k that suggests she should not be looking for an alternative path.I’m the eternal optomist so will probably hope that people such as her will see the light.

    432. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Reasons To Be Cheerful !

      Scotlands GE Seat Prediction based on current polling:

      Ian ‘Thug Life’ Murray,

      Alistair The Liar* Carmichael


      Jo ‘Vince’s Successor’ Swinson

      The Last BritNats Standing with a total annihilation of Theresa May’s Red, White, Blue and Orange Forces North of the Border led by Colonel Yadaftie!

      *The court observed that Mr Carmichael had told a “blatant lie” during a Channel 4 interview on Sunday 5 April 2015.

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    433. CameronB Brodie says:

      More on the FM’s comments re. women’s social empowerment.

      13 Ways to Boost Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem
      How to help girls build confidence based on what they can do, not what they look like

    434. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      ian macdiarmid @ 17:59,

      It’s not so strange really, she is simply a prisoner of political dogma in a party that is tearing itself apart over Brexit and being overtaken on the right by a bunch of unscrupulous populists that her London masters enabled. She has nowhere to go, so can only fall back on a jaded “no to IR2” because she has nothing positive to offer.

      In that respect she differs from her late oppo in NorthBritLab, Kezia, only in that the Little Corporal has been uncritically supported and enabled by the media desperate for a plausible challenger to Nicola. Except by now, due to “events”, the plausibility is looking increasingly threadbare and, well, implausible.

      That’s the importance of the upcoming EU elections. It will surely demonstrate to everyone and their uncle that both the over-inflated Ruth Davidson Party and their Cartel cohorts in NorthBritLab are politically defunct.

    435. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s some Constitutional Law I thought relevant, given the aggressive patriarchy the New Right are clearly determined to impose on liberal society. If they get away with it in the ‘west’, the world’s poor have no hope. Ethnicity, sex and class can not be separated, they all interact to shape the biopsychosocial nature of the human condition.

      Women’s rights are human rights!

      The achievement of female suffrage in Europe: on women’s citizenship


      This article lays out the theoretical framing underlying the gendered construction of citizenship in Western political thought during the transition to modernity; describes the relevant actors in the fight for female suffrage and the impact that the separate spheres of ideology had on both the narratives supporting and resisting female suffrage, and on the selective and piecemeal way in which suffrage was eventually won by women in European countries.

      Furthermore, it identifies the main factors accounting for women’s earlier or later achievement of suffrage in different European nations and, exploring the connection between women’s access to voting rights and to civil and social rights, it retells a story of women’s citizenship which is an inverted image of that developed by T.H. Marshall on the basis of the male paradigm. It finally brings us to the present to discuss the persistent political under-representation of women in Europe, as well as a growing awareness about the need to ensure women’s full citizenship through measures that seek the incorporation of women in male spheres of power and the disestablishment of the sexual contract, something which the historical conquest of suffrage could not achieve by itself.

    436. mike cassidy says:

      Just in case you don’t think the world has reached the “batshit crazy” mark yet.

    437. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. I hope folk clock the summitry of powerlessness between Scotland and the social vulnerability of women. Both are currently threatened by colonial totalitarianism.

    438. Dan says:

      I think I’ve now received all the different Party leaflets.

      After I’d put on my special Sturgeon filter spectacles so I could actually begin to focus and read words on Ruth’s one other than the distracting abundance of Sturgeons, I duly note:

      Number 1 on the Scottish Conservative & Unionist European list: Nosheena Mobarik – “A former Chairperson of CBI Scotland”. I wonder if she left in embarrassment…
      You know, seeing that due to her Conservative Party’s internal fight between Europhiles and Eurosceptics that’s brought us the seemingly never ending crap fest of the UK leaving the EU; Businesses will now have to deal with the ongoing resultant economic hits and uncertainty caused by her Conservative Party’s actions.
      For “The Party of Business” they sure haven’t thought their actions through.
      What’s May’s deal, 6% contraction? The 2008 financial crash was around 2% iirc.

      Number 2 on the Scottish Conservative & Unionist European list: Iain McGill – “Previously ran projects working across homelessnes”…
      That’ll be the homelessness his Conservative Party have been so good at creating.
      That’s job creation almost akin to someone going around smashing car windscreens and leaving their business card for…replacement car windscreens.

    439. Welsh Sion says:

      “working across homelessness”, you say, Dan @ 7.42 pm?

      That phrase offends English syntax (as well as me).

      – Trilingual professional linguist
      – Member of SNP and PC

    440. CameronB Brodie says:

      That should have read similarity of powerlessness, doh.

      IMHO, British nationalism should be viewed as a learned disability. That’s no joke and neither is Scotland’s apparent sense of learned helplessness, in the face of the full-English Brexit (see BBC in Scotland for details).

      Self-determination and empowerment:
      A feminist standpoint analysis of talk about disability.


      In this paper we offer a feminist analysis of talk about self-determination and empowerment in the context of disability, focusing on the case of developmental disabilities. We find strains of the same patterns feminist epistemologists have argued shape the organization of formal knowledge from the standpoint of the privileged. At the extreme, people with developmental disabilities appear as objects without selves, outside of the context of interpersonal and social structural relationships that constrain who they can be by defining them as other, often in multiple and interacting ways.

      Empowerment, from the dominant standpoint, becomes an abstract attribute or condition; something a person has or does not have. Taking the standpoint of women and other marginalized people offers a view of self-determination as a person’s development of his or her self. Empowerment becomes a potential characteristic of a social relationship, one that facilitates the development of someone’s self.

      The most empowering relationships are mutual, recognizing and building on the diverse contributions and needs of participants in ways that seek to minimize inequalities over time. The reason some of us are self-determining is that we are in interpersonal and social structural relationships that empower us.

      To construct interpersonal and social structural relationships that empower people with developmental disabilities requires challenging the way dominant conceptualizations of independence and productivity also express the standpoint of the privileged. The standpoint of women allows all of us to talk more of how we connect with and facilitate one another’s developing selves within communities.

    441. Col.Blimp IV says:

      I’m new to this site and have not paid much attention to politics in Scotland for a considerable while. However there is an election looming and for the first time ever,I find myself unsure of what to do with my ballot paper.

      My main problem is with my perception of the SNP leadership’s handling of this Brexit malarky.

      To me their efforts to subvert a referendum result would set a dangerous precedent, if it was not one that has already been set on numerous occasions by pro EU expansionist factions in Denmark, Ireland, Greece etc. and besides, it’s not our job to make living in the UK more palatable to the Scots.

      Is the Princess of the House of Salmondini so wrapped up in her old Dynastic motto “INDEPENDENCEINEUROPE!” that Independence it’s self must be subordinate to it?

      Which leads me to a couple of questions some of you SNP types might be able to answer for me.

      1) Did the SNP ever officially, by way of a constitutional amendment or National Council resolution become bound to the EU come hell or high water? and I don’t mean the Council meeting that adopted the aforementioned campaign slogan as a “tactic” to steady the nerves of those wary of an independent Scotland being all alone in the big dark and scary world.

      2) Did the SNP ever overturn the vote that rejected the motion that sought to create the post of “LEADER”? or did Nicola and her predecessor just assume the title and become common law “LEADERS” by habit and repute?

      I genuinely do not know the answers to these questions, I have been out of the loop for too long, I am not a Unionist Troll, if you cut me…I bleed Ir’n Bru.

    442. Terry callachan says:

      To CameronB Brodie….
      You put so much information here I’m truly amazed , do you have all this knowledge in your head or do you sit with your head in a book and your finger on your iPad googling all day long ? ?

    443. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Mike cassidy at 3.51

      Entirely acchievable. If we get the whole YES vote out on the understanding that an SNP vote can remove Tory and Labour we will get that 66%+
      Danger is the Greens which is why they are being promoted across the media – to damage the SNP vote

    444. Dan says:

      @Welsh Sion at 7:50 pm

      Re. “homelessness”.

      Ne shooterez pas le messenger! C’est wot dey ecrire exactement sur la leaflets.

      – Bilingual amateur linguist
      – Member of The Auld Alliance

    445. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dave McEwan Hill says on 15 May, 2019 at 9:32 pm

      “Danger is the Greens which is why they are being promoted across the media – to damage the SNP vote”

      Yeah, but the problem is the ‘great unwashed’ who buy the Daily Record, the Express, the Star, the Scotsman, the Herald, the Sun, and so on, who don’t get the truth from WOS. Do they understand that a paper, who suddenly switches from Labour to the Greens, has an agenda, which involves splitting the pro-Scotland, pro-indy vote?

      It is a war.

      How do we spread the truth and get these peeps to understand that they are being manipulated?

    446. Ian Brotherhood says:

      It’s been a real tonic watching the total rise over the past couple of days.

      Feeling much more positive and energetic about it all, thanks to Rev and abody who’s chipped in and made comments and wound-up the BTUKOK brigade.

      Good job!


    447. Hamish100 says:

      Can we now all agree that The Daily Record is a Unionist snp hating rag.

    448. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m am doing my best to provide an alternative narrative Brian, with the aim of influencing social cognition. I appreciate some of it is highly technical but that’s not my fault. Remember, the morality of a state’s conduct is to be found in International Relations. Also, the “English School of International Relations” is ‘sketchy’ on gender. 😉

      Reconceptualising Foreign Policy as Gendered,
      Sexualised and Racialised: Towards a Postcolonial
      Feminist Foreign Policy (Analysis)


      How can we theorise more effectively the relationship among gender, sexuality, race and foreign policy? To explore this question, and to contribute to the nascent field of feminist foreign policy (analysis), this paper brings together two bodies of international relations (IR) literature: postcolonial feminism and post-positivist foreign policy analysis (FPA).

      This paper contributes a fundamental critique of both ‘conventional’ and ‘unconventional’ (namely post-positivist) FPA to demonstrate the lack of attention paid to postcolonial and feminist theories within FPA. In turn, this exposes the ways in which FPA marginalises, and renders inconsequential, the gendered, sexualised and racialised dimensions underwriting foreign policy practice and discourse.

      While post-positivist FPA seeks to rectify the silences that characterise ‘conventional’ and ‘unconventional’ (namely constructivist) FPA, this literature remains blind to the ways that intersecting oppressions, operating through hierarchies of social categories made possible through their naturalisation, inform the process, the production and the resultant gendered consequences of foreign policy.

      Moreover, while there are limited country-specific examinations (residing outside of FPA) on gender and foreign policy that offer useful insights, they are theoretically limited. Like much post-positivist feminism, these examinations privilege gender as a social category, omitting race and other markers of difference. Rather than presenting ‘gender’, ‘sexuality’ and ‘race’ as concepts only for interdisciplinary inquiry, it is propounded here that they should be seen as vital to the study and practice of foreign policy.

      Advancing the untested promise of a postcolonial feminist approach to FPA that (re-) centres intersectionality, (re-)instates connected histories, and (re-)configures normative orders, this paper argues that foreign policy should be re-conceptualised as gendered, sexualised and racialised.

      It is hoped this intervention may offer a blueprint to seriously engage with the possibility of a postcolonial feminist foreign policy approach to FPA, and to think anew about how that may be translated beyond the discipline: advocating for a symbiotic and complimentary feminist foreign and domestic policy that fundamentally challenges rather that maintains the status quo.

    449. Welsh Sion says:

      Dan – My fire was not aimed at you. How could it be? You know as well as I do that we need to attack the Tories (and other yoons) as often and in any way possible.

      I couldn’t possible shoot ze messenger anyway. I my weapons of choice are my keyboard, my right index finger and my parables and songs for indy!

    450. CameronB Brodie says:

      Also remember that the “English School” is grounded in positivist logic. Positivism is ‘bad’, or at least it supports the status quo anyway. MK.

      The Reflectivist Critique of Positivist IR Theory

    451. Ken500 says:

      ‘Suck all the money from Scottish tennis’? Doubt it. It will increase it. Enthusiasts will stay there and support it. Lots of visitors worldwide.

      UK allocation of tennis funding. £60Million. Scotland gets £800,000. Should get (pro rata) £5million+. That’s what is sucking money out of Scottish tennis. The Westminster unionists imbecile Treasury.

    452. Ken500 says:

      The Murray’s. Wimbledon, Hydro, Davis Cup. Visitors for years. Spectator revenues and receipts generated for years. TV rights and coverage worldwide. Taxes on subsidies and recepts for years. Visitor spend. Add it up over years. £Billions.

    453. CameronB Brodie says:

      It’s a long time since I was trying to use International Relations Theory as a tool of policy analysis, but I’m not trying to sell you techno garbage.

      Wittgenstein against ‘Positivist’ Approaches to International Relations:
      Replacing the Anti-­?Representationalist Objection


      Over the past few decades, a number of prominent scholars have attempted to apply Wittgenstein’s philosophy to the study of International Relations (IR). These applications have taken diverse forms and directions; nevertheless, many involve using Wittgenstein’s philosophy to criticise certain purportedly ‘scientific’ approaches to studying IR that have conventionally been labelled as ‘positivist’ within the discipline.

      One popular line of objection that is pursued in this context argues that ‘positivist’ approaches to IR are committed to a problematic representational view of language – called the ‘mirror’ or ‘picture’ view – which Wittgenstein decisively criticised in his later work.

      While many IR scholars and interpreters of Wittgenstein’s later philosophy would be sympathetic to the overall aim and direction of this line of argument, I contend that there are some problems with it which have the result that it does not support the conclusions that it is meant to. I therefore use the identification of these problems as the starting point for developing an alternative application of the relevant aspects of Wittgenstein’s later philosophy to IR, which can
      replace the anti-­?representationalist objection and provide a more sophisticated way to criticise ‘positivist’ IR scholars that overcomes the problems identified.

    454. Ken500 says:

      Olympics revenues generated worldwide. Sponsorship into Scotland. Worldwide publicity and visitor revenues.

    455. Sinky says:

      BBC Question Time from Elgin tomorrow night.

      BBC idea of political balance in Scotland.

      2 Tories (including self confessed Tartan Tory Lawyer), 1 Labour, 1 Lib Dem = FOUR Unionists and some SNP guy called John Sweeney or is it Swinney or Swanny. No Green rep despite being 4th party in Scotland.

    456. CameronB Brodie says:

      And a smidgen more IR.

      The Benefits and Disadvantages of Post-positivism in International Theory

      Milja Kurki has commented that International Relations (IR) is a ‘divided discipline’, split between a ‘positivist mainstream…camp’ and a post-positivist ‘camp’, and she is not alone in this assessment.[1] This essay will critically examine the benefits and disadvantages of post-positivism in light of this split, as part of what Yosef Lapid has called ‘the third debate’.[2] In order to do this I will look at its genesis as a reaction against the positivist majority within IR, which I will locate more broadly within a reaction against positivism in the social sciences as a whole, thus agreeing with Jim George that IR is not independent of wider theoretical debate in the social sciences.[3]

    457. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Blinkin blimeyness!

      Has anyone else heard about ‘Stu’s News’?

      I should’ve said Blimmin Eck!


    458. CameronB Brodie says:

      And a brief insight into why positivist IR could be considered ‘problematic’.

      New Semiotics
      Between Tradition and Innovation
      An Outline for a Theory of Political Semiotics

      From the point of view of political semiotics political can be understood as the manifestation of power-relations in different semiotic systems inside of which social identities are constructed. We can say that social context and semiotic circumstances could have been otherwise and therefore every order is predicated on the exclusion of other possibilities. ‘It is in that sense that can be called “political” since it is the expression of a particular structure of power relations’ (Mouffe 2005: 18).

      This form of exclusion is what we call “hegemonic practices” and every hegemonic order is susceptible to being challenged by counter-hegemonic practices, i.e. ‘practices which will attempt to disarticulate the existing order so as to install another form of hegemony’ (ibid). Rephrasing this in the terminology of semiotics of culture we may say that every political analysis is a (dis)articulating process that is a process of translation, and it depends on the nature of this process within the cultural context whether the process acquires a hegemonic status or not. The main goal of political semiotics as a discipline is the ascertainment of processually defined power-relations in different signification practice; and an analyze of those signification logics.

    459. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      No @Ian Brotherhood says at 11:26 pm I haven’t heard Stu’s News.

      Whats the story?

    460. Terry callachan says:

      To CameronB Brodie…13th May 10pm

      After reading your excellent posts on internal colonisation I purchased
      Internal Colonialism: The Celtic Fringe in British National Development by Michael Hechter
      Decolonizing methodologies by Linda Tuhiwai Smith

      Looking forward to them


    461. Phronesis says:

      The dynastic family business model is teetering because of the caliber of individual in charge -a ‘racist blowhard of debatable mental stability’ – it’s a rather tainted brand with an uncanny knack of amassing large debts.

      ‘There is some negative connotation that is associated with the brand.
      Trump has entwined his office with his private company, drawing scrutiny from congressional Democrats interested in whether his company is benefiting from that relationship. At the same time, revenue has declined at some properties dependent on blue-state customers and politics-shy national brands…By the end of 2018, the Trump hotel chain had lost three locations as building owners cut ties with the Trump company. The company’s plans for dozens of new low-cost hotels — aimed at turning Trump voters into Trump customers — had fizzled’

      ‘When Donald Trump first opened Trump Tower, the centerpiece of his property empire, he was able to convince everyone from Steven Spielberg to Johnny Carson to Sophia Loren to pay top dollar to live in the place, with units selling for as much as $15 million. Now, thanks to a name that’s synonymous with “racist blowhard of debatable mental stability and questionable moral conduct,” not to mention a lack of updates in recent years, people can’t get away from the building fast enough’

      ‘Brexit provided a tremendous platform for Trump: it gave legitimacy to his own call for “America First” and showed a global movement of revolt against the elite in Western democracies. Yet, in an interview to BBC Radio 4 Today, Michael Wolff, former presidential adviser and author of Fire and Fury (2018), claimed Trump did not know anything about Brexit and had never heard of the word until a few days before the crucial vote.
      Trump’s U-turns on the European question since then bears evidence of his opportunism. It is no surprise then that Nigel Farage and Donald Trump are so close: as the embodiments of the rage against the system and the two populist voices in the anglosphere, they had common ideas, common targets and common objectives. And to reinforce this community of ideas, Trump invited Nigel Farage to one of his rallies in Jackson, Mississippi, on 24 August 2016. Since becoming president, Trump has met Farage several times and rumours spread that Farage could be Trump’s unofficial adviser on US/UK trade…
      Donald Trump, in spite of his Scottish and German roots, is not familiar with European traditions, history, geography and culture’

    462. CameronB Brodie says:

      Terry callachan
      That makes me very happy. I’ve linked to that title, possibly in OT, as it sort of introduced the concept of “internal colonisation” to the world of sociology (mid-70s), if memory serves correctly.

      Thank you again for your enthusiasm, I feel pretty good right now. 😉

    463. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker (11.37) –

      If ye’re on The Twitter it shouldn’t be hard to find out.

      Otherwise, I fear I must leave you in the auld suspenders!

      It’ll be worth the wait when you hear it, trust me!

      And knowing this place? that won’t be too long anyway…


    464. Famous15 says:

      The greatest gift for Nigel farage would be an unruly demo in Edinburgh on Friday.

      The greatest insult to him would be a total no show.

      Remember his face on the top deck of the bus when few turned out for his march.

      Ignore him and he will cry!

    465. TJenny says:

      IB – that’s the benefit of twitter. Hee, hee. 😉

    466. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Brian Doonthetoon @ 21:47,

      Interesting to speculate how the average former Labour-faithful reader might react to their skeekit inducements. Seeing their paper switch elsewhere would surely give them a jolt and make them think. The pathetic showing of Labour re Brexit might already be making them think besides. But why would they decide to follow their paper’s “renegade” advice and vote Green?

      Some (many?) might simply not bother. The more diehard BritNats among them might be seduced by the Faragists. Dedicated pro-Union Remainers might take Hothersall’s (very!) oblique advice and vote LibDem, especially given the promo the latter are getting down south.

      But many Remain-inclined voters, having become detached from Labour and weighing-up who has the highest profile for their preference, are surely going to be more attracted to the SNP big hitter than to the Green low-hoper? Or am I merely indulging in the dreaded self-bias wishful thinking…?

    467. A C Bruce says:

      Any idea when the tv show will be broadcast.

    468. TJenny says:

      ACB – ah, now you’ve let the cat out of the bag. 😉

      I’m sure Stuey will let us know.

    469. CameronB Brodie says:

      I honestly didn’t know I still had it in me. 🙂

      What Does It Mean to be Biased:
      Motivated Reasoning and Rationality


      In this chapter, we provide a historical overview of research on bias in human cognition, ranging from early work in psychology through the detailed, quantitative examinations of belief revision in the 1960s, the Heuristic and Biases program initiated by Kahneman and Tversky, and bias focused research in personality and social psychology.

      Different notions of “bias” are identified and compared with the notion of bias in statistics, machine learning, and signal detection theory. Comparison with normative models then forms the basis for a critical look at the evidence that people succumb to motivated reasoning aimed at enabling them “to believe what they want to believe.”

    470. CameronB Brodie says:

      Seeing as how I appear to be on a bit of a roll. Time for some Political Semiotics?

      Semiotics of Identity: Politics and Education


      In this text I concentrate on semiotic aspects of the theory of political identity in the work of Ernesto Laclau, and especially on the connection between metaphors, metonymies, catachreses and synecdoches. Those tropes are of ontological status, and therefore they are of key importance in understanding the discursive “production” of identity in political and educational practices. I use the conceptions of both Laclau and Eco to elucidate the operation of this structure, and illustrate it with an example of the emergence of the “Solidarno??” movement in Poland, expanding its analysis provided by Laclau.

      I focus on the moment when one of particular demands assumes the representation of totality, which, in Laclau, is left to “circumstantial” determination. This moment inspires several questions and needs to be given special attention if Laclau’s theory is to be used in theory of education. It is so because theory of education cannot remain on the level of the ontological (which is the core of Laclau’s achievement), but has to theorize “non-ontological” dimensions as well, that is the ontic (i.e. “content” of education), the deontic (duty, obligation, and the normative in general), as well as what I call the deontological—the very relation between “what there is” and “what there is not” (including that which should be) as the locus of education.

      Identity Politics, Education, Semiotics, “Solidarno??”, Empty signifier

    471. chicmac says:

      If the Brexit Party got two seats in Scotland at the expense of the Tories, while on the one hand that would be appalling, on the other, it would work wonders for shifting the vast number of middle softs to Yes in a subsequent indyref.

    472. A C Bruce says:

      I’ll say no more!

    473. TJenny says:

      ;-),nudge, nudge, say no more.

    474. geeo says:


      You DO know, that the Callachan you are so enthused with, is a bilious, anti English bigot ?

      I wouldn’t be so keen to fawn over a scumbag like that, certainly not just because he read your links.

      Do you denounce callachan’s anti English bigoted views ?

    475. Cactus says:

      To think…

      Our Wings total sources sum could have already soared over 100K+

      Nae mair guesses frae me fur now, we could be beyond the TON!

      £90,020.18 (with 1661 donors, showing on the perk page)

    476. CameronB Brodie says:

      Of course I don’t support bigotry but who are you and who made you yoon sniffer pursuivant? He’s shown interest in a post-colonial approach to Scotland’s circumstances, and should be encourage in seeking to broaden his understanding, IMHO.

    477. CameronB Brodie says:

      re. “Internal Colonialism: The Celtic Fringe in British National Development” by Michael Hechter. It is a bit dated and there are questions regarding its’ methodology. The general concept is basically sound though.

      England’s Internal Colonies
      Class, Capital, and the Literature of Early Modern English Colonialism

      In England’s Internal Colonies , Netzloff examines how the literature and discursive practices of English colonialism emerged as an extension of internal colonialist ventures in regions of England, Scotland and Ireland. Netzloff argues that England’s internal and overseas colonies were linked together as a result of a perceived crisis concerning the social position of England’s labouring poor, an expanding underclass which found itself at the centre of both the anxieties and aspirations of colonial projects.

      Through an analysis of texts by Shakespeare, Jonson, Heywood, Speed and others, Netzloff discusses the interconnections between class and colonialism in relation to such topics as piracy, vagrancy, colonial labour practices, mercantilism and early modern capitalism, the status of gypsies, and the colonization of the Anglo-Scottish Borders and Ulster

    478. CameronB Brodie says:

      See where Terry’s interest lead me. Sorry I can’t find an open-access pdf.

      Internal Decolonization?
      British Politics since Thatcher as Post?colonial Trauma


      In recent years a growing number of commentators, especially ones associated with the idea of a ‘new imperial history’, have argued that British politics and culture remained more heavily shaped by colonialism and decolonization than had previously conventionally been thought.

      This paper pursues that line of thought in relation to political debates during and since the 1980s, especially those concerning devolution, constitutional reform, and race relations. It then, however, highlights some major problems with and limitations of this kind of argument, suggesting that the emerging historiography of Britain’s ‘internal decolonization’ remains at present empirically weak, conceptually cloudy, and often unhelpfully polarized.

    479. CameronB Brodie says:

      IMHO, Scotland’s circumstances are impossible to understand without reference to “internal colonisation”. 😉


      This article considers the late modern Gàidhealtachd2 as a site of internal colonialism where the relationship of domination between colonizer and colonized is complex, longstanding and occurring within the imperial state. It
      will build on criticisms of previous theoretical approaches that have been used to investigate internal colonialism in Scotland and elsewhere.

      These previous studies adopted a comparative approach. As such, they have been criticised for selecting for their analyses only those characteristics typical of colonial situations which could also be found in the proposed ‘internal colony’ and excluding other typical characteristics which could not be found there. Positive assessments of the existence of ‘internal colonies’ made on this basis have been described by the historian Robert J. Hind as arguably creating a misleading ‘artificial analogy’ of colonialism. Postcolonial scholarship on the Gàidhealtachd has sought to avoid this form of criticism by avoiding the question of historical colonization altogether.

      This article critiques the postcolonial position and elaborates on the criticisms of previous internal colonialism analyses in order to take a different approach to those of analogy or avoidance. It examines the historical record for evidence that promoters and managers of projects involving land use change, territorial dispossession and industrial development in the late modern Gàidhealtachd explicitly conceived of their work as projects of colonization. It also studies some of these projects to analyse whether the new social, cultural and political structures that they imposed correspond to different types of colony that have been delineated in a recent theoretical overview of colonialism.

      In addition, it examines some of the attitudes towards the indigenous population of the Gàidhealtachd by prominent racialist and racist ideologists in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This examination investigates both whether these attitudes demonstrate a sense of cultural superiority that, it has been argued, is integral to colonial situations, and also whether these attitudes were accompanied by policies that advocated removal of the indigenous people from their lands and their replacement with culturally different groups.3

    480. I’ll put money on the Brat Pack Momentum in Scotland causing a stooshie at Farage’s Corn Exchange ‘rally’ in Edinburgh tomorrow night.
      The Scottish Chapter of the Brit Nat Hacks and broadcasters will of course out number the throng gathered at the feet of The British Saviour, and the Bad EssennPee will get the blame for any stage managed confrontation, scuffles, and strategic retreat into a boozer on rose street.
      The Saturday Morning headlines have been written already.
      The Land of ‘Wag The Dog’, in Trump’s post truth mad house.
      ‘Scuffles break out.’ Nicola refuses to condemn’, and so on.
      It’s comin’ yet for a’ that, folks.

    481. TheItaliaJob says:

      Donation given.

      Keep at them Stu. We need your dissection of the MSM untruths.

    482. TheItalianJob says:

      Donation given.

      Keep at them Stu. We need your dissection of the MSM untruths.

    483. TheItalianJob says:

      @Jack collatin

      Yeah can see this coming as you say. But still the Scottish voters voted in a UKIP candidate last time. The utter buffoon David Coburn.

      I dispair sometimes.

    484. Sinky says:

      Excellent article by Laura Weddell in Scotsman on Joanna Cherry affair and well worth reading by all who have commented in the issues of bullying and gender identification

    485. Patrick Roden says:

      Anyone wondering the state of play in Scotland, and why the Brit Natz are getting so desperate, have a look at these projected polling figures!

      David Mundell: Toast!

      Ian Murray: shoogly peg!

      Most Tory/Labour/Lib better together ‘partners in crime’: history!

    486. mr thms says:

      This BBC Scotland report says the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party has held an event for their EU elections campaign launch.

      It has several laugh out loud quotes from Ms Davidson, and reveals the party does not have a manifesto.

    487. Patrick Roden says:

      @ geeo,

      I mentioned in another thread that CBB is so desperate for attention, he would be vulnerable to some troll’s flattery, in order to use him to derail comment sections.

      Unfortunately, CBB is far to pompous to realize he is being used, or perhaps is quite happy to be ‘had’ this way, in his desperation to show us all, just what a clever boy he is.

      The truth be told, anyone with genuine academic background would know that academic papers are written for other academics who practice in the same field that the paper was written for.

      The language used in these papers will be in the academic language of that particular field and anyone who is not familiar with that field will be soon lost in the jargon, and will quickly switch off.

      The fact that CBB doesn’t know this suggests his claims of academia are false and he is either a fantasist, of the Walter Mitty variety (my own guess) or is purposely attempting t bog down these comment sections with endless threads of information (The overload technique)

      Whatever his reasons, he is as thick as mince and best ignored.

    488. Breeks says:

      TheItalianJob says:
      16 May, 2019 at 7:24 am
      @Jack collatin

      Yeah can see this coming as you say. But still the Scottish voters voted in a UKIP candidate last time. The utter buffoon David Coburn.

      I dispair sometimes

      Coburn wasn’t just the UKIP Candidate, he was the BBC Candidate, the surrogate patsy to carry the flag for BritNat Xenophobia elected after the manufactured platform and outcry over the “alleged” harassment of Farage, which saw him having to “run for his life” into a pub to hide from some students and OAP’s on mobility scooters.

      Jack Collatin is spot on. A contrived wee stushie had the desired effect last time…

      Brace yourself Scotland, because I think there is a distinct possibility the Brexit Party will get two Bozo’s into the European Parliament on a Scottish ticket, and while less likely (because I think the SNP will get 3 MEP’s), it is still quite possible we could see the Brexit Xenophobes securing comparable representation in Europe as the SNP… a product of the contrived BritNat narrative artificially imported into Scotland by the Establishment media, and a dysfunctional Proportional Representation Voting system which is not removing the detritus which the voting electorate repeatedly rejects.

      And slightly OT, but not much…. How in blue blazes can a Council election return a result where the count exceeds the number of voters? How is that actually possible without constructive manipulation and maladministration? Doesn’t it drive a coach and horses through each and every assurance that election protocols in this rotten United Kingdom are in any way sound?

      The United Kingdom stinks, and I mean it really stinks. I am rapidly reaching the stage of wondering what isn’t corrupt rather than what is.

    489. Ottomanboi says:

      NorthBrits, dont mention Scotland, on R4 Today prog. Darling, Fox on HS2/3, Brexit….. WE, WE, WE….who’s WE?

    490. Breeks says:

      Bertie Armstrong is stepping down to spend more time with his fish.

      That is unless he’s got undisclosed plans to stand as a new Tory / UKIP / Brexit Party Candidate.

      I have to confess they all look the same anyway.

    491. schrodingers cat says:

      swinney should pull out
      empty chair qt

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