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Always keep in touch with your friends

Posted on May 15, 2020 by

As overt direct interference by unelected, unaccountable foreign media corporations in national politics continues to intensify, readers of Wings will be aware that it’s now considerably more difficult for us to even let you know when we have a new post up.

(Obviously this isn’t quite so much of an issue when we’re on holiday – which despite the flurry of activity in the last week or so we still officially are, since the coronavirus has knackered everything up and unavoidably delayed the decision we’d planned to make last month – but the general principle remains alarming.)

So here are some things you can do.


Especially alert readers may already have spotted that our Twitter logo now redirects to another account. It was set up by the people who maintain the “Wings stall” that appears at indy events and marches, specifically for this purpose, and has already gathered an impressive number of followers in just a few days.

We have no connection to the account (if we did we probably wouldn’t have called it “FO Wings” :D) or indeed to the stall, but we’re sure that the trans and SNP activists determined to remove all trace of Wings from social media* will still report it and try to have it banned anyway, so there are also other options.

(*They’re going nuts trying to spot which accounts might be me. None of the ones currently claiming to be Wings are, but setting up fake ones called “RevStu2784” or “WingsScottland” for them to chase endlessly might be funny.)


We didn’t even know this was a thing until recently, and were always perplexed to get notifications about it, but we’ve finally worked out what it is.

If you scroll to the bottom of any article on Wings, you’ll see the comments box, which should look something like this:

Observe that highlighted section. If you tick the box and then hit “Submit Comment” (we don’t think there’s any way of getting alerts without posting at least one comment, one time), you’ll get a message like this at whichever email address you’ve entered in the details box.

Click the “Confirm Follow” button in that message and you should get this:

Now any time there’s a new article posted, you’ll get an email link to it. You can choose to receive the alerts immediately, daily or weekly.


Obviously the ideal solution is for Twitter to lift its completely unjustified bans on all our accounts. To do that you can try contacting @TwitterSupport, or (and with slightly more hope of success) raising the issue anywhere else you can think of to exert pressure. We’re already in touch with the Free Speech Union and the NUJ.

We’ve noticed quite a lot of people have also adopted our shield logo as their Twitter profile pic, which is a low-effort but actually quite powerful way of keeping a Wings presence in Scottish political social media discoure and highlighting the injustice. Below are a few variants of the logo you can use if you’d like to do so.

Now more than ever, folks, it’s important to remain alert.

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303 to “Always keep in touch with your friends”

  1. Alison Whiteford says:

    There is a pandemic of authoritarianism coming from the right and the left just now. Protecting free speech and independent voices has never been more important or necessary in my lifetime.

  2. Neil Mackenzie says:

    What about a Twibbon?

  3. alex gallagher says:


  4. Bob Mack says:

    I always keep in touch with my friends. Last night for instance I was almost having to call an ambulance when my Unionist friends of over 40 years told me that they have decided to vote for Independence. That also includes their two grown up children.I am stunned.

    To know them would indicate the magnitude of that decision for many reasons I can’t post on here.

    Is something turning?

  5. RC says:

    4. RSS Reader – automatically alerts when a new post is published.

  6. Bill McLean says:

    Bob Mack – i’ve replied to you on the previous post

  7. aulbea1 says:

    Good morning – thank you.

  8. Effijy says:

    Westminster Gov late in heeding the Cygnus Report,
    Late in stockpiling, late in ordering PPE, late in ordering
    Ventilators, late in ordering Lockdown, late with universal credit
    Payments, late in delivering the true Covid Death Totals
    and now they are delivering Orwell’s 1984 in 2020.

    I’ve signed up for e-mails from Wings although I check out our
    Site several times every day.

    Our day will come!

  9. Andy Ellis says:

    Looking forward to more announcements when lockdown is over then Stu? Have to say that since my twitter account got canned I haven’t really missed it that much: like so many such platforms it now seems to me it has outlived its usefulness. I do miss interaction with some of the good folk on twitter though!

    Going forward I still think we need access to a distributed/federated platform for any “new” party or movement that isn’t subject to the whims of twitter-like algorithms and the baleful influence of cancel culture’s purity spirals.

  10. Much as i despise all things fitba,(for the now)

    a maroon logo would do me fine,

    and maybe a green one for the Hibernian.

  11. Seanzo says:

    Sign me up

  12. Sam Mc says:

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Anthony Mcguffie says:

    Great stuff

  14. Alexander Wallace says:


  15. Ewan Steed says:

    Please send me up dates whenever posted.


  16. Dave says:

    You can also download The Hub and follow the Wings group on there. Your phone will notify you when Stu has posted something new. You can then tap to read it. Very simple to use and the whole app is for pro-indy content. to get download links for iOS and Android.

  17. Joe Turner says:

    I should have signed up to these alerts years ago.

  18. Lindsey says:

    These attack groups are not anything I would have associated with SNP. Changed days indeed.

  19. Julia Gibb says:

    Selected to be notified and following new account of friends of Wings ?

  20. IRENE CAMPBELL says:

    Much needed advice

  21. Willie Anderson says:

    Keep up the pressure

  22. Ian Brotherhood says:

    As Rev said there, the FOW account will surely come under attack from the usual suspects.

    It’s not possible for anyone to keep across all social media platforms – if you see any posts on Twitter, FB or elsewhere, crowing about ‘taking down’ Wings, Glinner, Craig Murray, Mark Hirst, please save them, screenshot them, and if you’re not sure how to do that (like me!), let others know.

    There’s a solid – and growing – body of evidence which proves that the reporting which resulted in the closure of the @RevStu and Sealand accounts was organised. No cuddly toy for guessing who’s behind it all, but the more evidence the better – they believe they’ve got away with this and so, emboldened, are on the hunt for more scalps.

    They’ll be coming for this new account – nothing surer. So let’s be ready for them.


  23. David Maskey says:

    The far left will use every trick in the book to silence you, it’s what they do and silicon valley always give in to them. Never underestimate their ability to carry out mass campaigns against you for your apparent ‘transphobia’ or ‘misogyny’

  24. Lesserpawn says:

    Happy to receive emails of new posts. Keep up the good work Rev!

  25. Jack Findlay says:


  26. Hi Stu just here to ensure notifications and to say hope you’re well??

  27. random says:

    good on you, Rev

  28. Lizzi says:

    Information is power

  29. Watty Eyeballs says:

    Notify me please.

  30. Pete says:

    Effigy 8.47
    You’re at it again.
    What about the SG?
    Health is devolved in Scotland

  31. Jon Drummond says:

    Invaluable information.

  32. galamcennalath says:

    If you are using a phone or tablet, install a RSS reading app. I use Newsify. It’s a bit clunky but does its job well.

    You can monitor dozens of news outlets and have headlines and snippets placed in folders.

    I have one called Scotland I which monitors all the trustworthy blogs and sites, inc Wings, WGD, ScotPop, Craig Murray, etc

    I have another called Scotland II where a selection of MSM is aggregated.

    Then, UK for reasonable sites like Evening Standard, PoliticsUK etc

    Finally, International with Irish, French, German sites.

    I don’t miss much!

  33. Paolo Mario says:

    We must not be silenced.

  34. Mrs Grimble says:

    I’ve seen some people recommend Better Business Bureau for fighting Twitter suspension. Have you looked into that?

  35. Izzy Macdonald says:

    Please let justice prevail!

  36. Lewis Moonie says:

    We’ll beat these eejits. Just takes time. And cunning. And resolve

  37. A C Bruce says:

    Done. Thanks for the information. Someone had already alerted me to the FOWings Twitter account.

  38. Billy Fife says:

    Sign me up?

  39. John Gordon says:

    Keep up the good work, many of us are counting on you.

  40. Ottomanboi says:

    Coronapanic and lockdown have unleashed the inner conformist, authoritarian and suppressor, individually and systemically.
    Informing has never been so cool among the uninformed masses.
    An object lesson in how easily and rapidly the notion of external threat can make society more compliant, more amenable to novel doctrine. ‘Authority’ has taken to the new order like a duck to water.
    Dissent must be indeed be vigilant.

  41. David Francis says:

    keep going, pal

  42. Jim Scullion says:

    Email alerts would be good.

  43. Pining for your acerbic wit – stay safe x

  44. Matt Seattle says:

    When Wings twitter was censored I requested “See First IN YOUR NEWS FEED” on Wings Facebook.

    That works OK, but almost no Comments show, even when clicking or selecting ”Show All”.

    Are supporting Comments now being censored?

  45. susan says:

    FriendsofWings twitter account, when I google it I get an account from 2017. What am I doing wrong – not on twitter btw.

  46. John Walsh says:

    Info wars
    The fact that the woke have laid down a useful weapon (you) in the fight for independence
    Tells you all you need to know about wannabe party cuckoo’s

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and your forensic style of MSM exposure will be missed.

    But as history proves they may destroy the party(SNP) the same way they destroyed SLAB.
    But they can’t stop the movement.

    The BritNats and Yoons are gleefully celebrating your demise a little too soon.

    We await “I’ll be back” headlines ASAP. From Wings
    Keep at it Stu.

  47. Bob Mack says:


    In one word CONSEQUENTIALS.

    Scotland’s budget is the percentage of what England spends. If England doesn’t spend on stockpiles neither can Scotland.

    You understand?

  48. Scozzie says:


    Global Voices
    Reporters Without Borders

    I don’t know anything about these orgs maybe you can check them out….. Might be worth seeing if they’ll do some coverage on you and CM’s situation. Certainly would not be a good look for the Scottish Establishment if your story were to sit alongside the shady practices of some shady countries in relation to freedom of speech abuses…but hey-ho mibbie Scotland should think about that before they continue their crusade of silencing bloggers!
    Am sure wingers would share the bejesus out of any article coverage they might do on you, CM and this whole sorry mess.

  49. Sharny Dubs says:

    We should not go quietly into that…..

    Notification requested, now for some fun

  50. Alex says:

    Keep up yoyr Sterling work.

  51. Westviews says:

    It’s so much better to get email alerts. Most of the Indy sites I follow send email alerts, which are better as you can miss them if they are posted to Twitter.

  52. Ian McCubbin says:

    To be honest Stu I would rather look for a Loof tried to find a Lert, but they had all gone into hiding.

  53. Jim Dewar says:


  54. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’ve seen some people recommend Better Business Bureau for fighting Twitter suspension. Have you looked into that?”

    Yes. Useless.

  55. Wings will never be muted

  56. Scozzie says:

    ps: is someone tech savvy to able to keep a record of all the attacks on Wings etc? Stu might need to lawyer up with an expert in technology and digital law (I believe it’s a thing these days!)…

  57. Millennium says:

    Why oh why are Scotland, Wales and N Ireland labelled “Devolved Nations” and England isn’t?

    Doesn’t this alone give our English masters and even greater air of authority over us.

    For the sake of us all being equal, I would suggest that either we drop the label “Devolved Nations” or, England also gets labelled a “Devolved Nation”.

  58. Muscleguy says:

    Thanks Rev, I always assumed the notify me was to be notified of new comments to this article. It is not obvious from the wording that it refers to the site not just the current article comments.

  59. Simone says:


  60. winifred mccartney says:

    Keep keeping on and more power to you all.

  61. Jean says:

    Posting so I can get email alert.

  62. winifred mccartney says:

    will try again – I miss not getting email alerts to site.

  63. Martha Chisholm says:


  64. Athanasius says:

    It’s unseasonably cool today. Perhaps the #letsbanhate brigade might like to organize a book burning to keep warm.

  65. tamson says:

    Can you create a rainbow flag version of the Wings logo as well? That would really wind the woke brigade up.

  66. Matthew Fairmind says:

    Believe it was unjust that your Twitter feed was silence.

  67. Andrew Gosden says:

    Don’t ever give in!

  68. Davie Reynolds says:

    Followed by email for articles.
    Will follow the efFOff wings twitter acc ?

  69. The Isolator says:


  70. N. Holmes says:

    You have many, many friends on social media. We’ll make sure your blogs are read, shared and retweeted to help fight against this intolerance, injustice and suppression of free speech.

  71. Willie says:

    As I have opined before the establishment is fighting a war. That is what they do and they have done so across the globe as countries have striven to regain their independence.

    The suppression of information through the mechanisms of the state apparatus is what allowed the regime in 1930s Germany to take absolute control and it is no exaggeration to say that we are on the same path.

    The importance of resisting censorship and the political oppression, and indeed potential incarceration of dissidents is something none of us should ignore – not for a moment and we must all do our bit to resist the growing fist of the totalitarian state.

    Well done Stu Campbell and others who are helping us in this fight that we must win.

  72. Anne brown says:


  73. Jo Macdonald says:


  74. Michael Cavanagh says:

    i am not the friendly sort, but fuck it…

  75. Daisy Walker says:

    Aye Wings

  76. Orri says:

    Seriously don’t set up accounts in assumed names. The rats out to get you will invoke this law on the basis that you gained access without authority. Regardless of whether you see yourself as a white hat or not the pros don’t play games.

  77. Orri says:

    That’d also be the legal justification for their selective banning you for using a second account despite allowing you to have it in the first place.

  78. Maureen says:

    susan says:
    15 May, 2020 at 9:35 am

    FriendsofWings twitter account, when I google it I get an account from 2017. What am I doing wrong – not on twitter btw.

    Click on the blue account link in the post and it takes you directly to friends of wings! I am really missing wos on twitter. Especially the bear patrol and the lovely pics of foxes, squirrels etc. This may seem a bit random but it cheered me up to see. Never mind the warped sense of humour, I miss that just as much. Twitter has a lot to answer for.
    Posting to get an email alert too

  79. Alistair McGregor says:


  80. Orri says:

    However that also means that accusing anyone of being a bot or someone using a fake account to bypass a ban is making a defamatory claim.

  81. dan macaulay says:

    lurker alert

  82. Morgatron says:

    Thanks Stu.

  83. Alteredross says:

    Notifications on 😀

  84. Willie says:

    Michelle Thompson, Alex Salmond, Craig Murray, Mark Hirst, Manny Singh, and even the Rev Stu Campbell. What two things have they all got in common.

    Yes they all support independence and they all have received police attention.

    Or more recently, what about the hapless MP for Coatbridge with whom a neighbour had words because of his displaying a Celtic FC flag in his window. A month after the police said there was no crime, a team reappear and charge both him and his neighbour.

    Or what of the leak the night before the equally hapless Derek Mackay was to read his budget. Yes he may have been a clown for engaging with a young man in tasteless texts but who released the story the night before to such devastating effect. Most interesting how in the absence of any complaint of criminality a Police Scotland announced that they were nevertheless calling to encourage anyone with information to come forward.

    Thin end of an ever thickening wedge and our failure to resist this, will result as gravely as Germany’s Jewish community failed to resist a similar clamp down there.

  85. Fran says:

    I tried to repost your blog the other day on twitter and it wouldnt happen. Sent a message to twitter support for an explanation, but so fsr I have had no response from them

  86. Willie says:

    Trial without juries. Reporting restrictions. Trials with secret witnesses. Trials totally in camera.

    Readers might do well to appraise themselves of the Nacht Und Nebel decree of 7th December 1941 which allowed German authorities to abduct individuals alleged to be endangering a German security so that they effectively vanished without trace.

    Consider now Police Scotland and how it is moving as a political weapon against perceived enemies of the state. And consider also the part that the prosecution service is now playing.

    The parallels are becoming crystal clear. And now the catch all hate speech laws!

  87. David Innes says:

    Go get ’em!

  88. Camy says:

    Add the blog feed to your favourite news aggregator – e.g. Netvibes –

  89. John White says:

    Pleased to support you.

  90. kaz says:

    keep on keeping on Stu

  91. kaz says:

    signing up for emails

  92. John Gowrie says:

    I Support you, us sheep need to flock together

  93. Millennium says:

    Re: “Friends Of Wings”

    I read the Revs comments as to mean, “is there any chance of changing the name”.

    Because it could lead others to put their own interpretation on it.

    After all, when you see the slogan, “F,O,Wings”, a lot of our enimies would take that to mean, “Fuck Off Wings” and the majority of them would probably say, “yes, fuck right off Wings” and give us all peace.

    So from what I took the Rev to mean was,,,”any chance of a quick name change guys”.

    In a jokey sort of way.

    We have enough BitNats telling us to “Fuck Off”, without advertising the point ourselves.

    All new ideas are most welcome.


  94. John Gowrie says:

    The sheep are on fire

  95. carjamtic says:


  96. Derek Cameron says:

    Quality output in the propaganda jungle.

  97. Alastair Wright says:

    Keep on keeping on Rev.

  98. Hope everyone follows

  99. Dawn says:

    Just here to get on the email list…

  100. Ron Maclean says:

    Human Rights Act 1998 – Article 14 – Protection from discrimination

    ‘Discrimination occurs when you are treated less favourably than another person in a similar situation and this treatment cannot be objectively and reasonably justified.’

    From Equality and Human Rights Commission’s website –

  101. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “a maroon logo would do me fine,

    and maybe a green one for the Hibernian.”

    Jambo (also Arbroath) and Hibee (also Celtic) versions added, along with Motherwell and Dundee Utd. Any more requests? 😀

  102. Patsy says:

    Thanks for the heads up about contact by email. Trying it now!

  103. Sharny Dubs says:

    No sign of any notification yet.
    Sad face thingy

  104. ClanDonald says:


  105. Dennis Nicholson says:

    What it is to be popular, eh?

  106. Dennis Nicholson says:

    Idiot – had to try this twice…

  107. ClanDonald says:

    “Jambo and Hibee (also Celtic) versions added. Any more requests?”

    Aye, you might as well do the purple, green and white suffragette/women’s colours while you’re there.

  108. susan says:

    Thanks Maureen.

  109. BJ says:

    Things really are scary just now and I’m not on about just the virus. Scottish office full of unionists, Visit Scotland polluted with the disease of unionism, National Trust with Neil Oliver at its head. The NT can go swing, no way would I ever make a donation to them even if they did get rid of N O. Employing him shows their calibre from the start.

    One Nation, Our Nation, The Nation, the North, Britain. All terminology used every day by the msn and nobody corrects them or asks which nation? I always understood that the name Britain was to be used whenever the subject was a reference to the nations of Scotland and England to prevent Scotland becoming a chattel of England?

    I am very proud to be Scottish and love to see the Saltire waving wherever I am. The English should feel the same when their flag is waving but for some reason they need to be consoled with their colours in among other nations and the knowledge that the bayonet and the gun will always be their default position to feel dominant and secure. They will always be warmongers. The best way to stop bullies is when they realise that the playground isn’t theirs anymore as was shown by a blustering PM. Without his gang he was like a burst balloon.

    Thank goodness for WoS.

  110. Jill says:

    Maroon! Fantastic Arbroath colours 36-0 and a that.. I’m on the email list cheers..?

  111. Fiona McRae says:

    I’m finding it a nightmare on twitter nowadays. I don’t see stuff I want to, including your own good self, and I’m bombarded by keech which is of little or no interest to me….

  112. McDuff says:

    Can the National not highlight this and the Craig Murray crown prosecution scandal. Have newspapers completely surrendered their integrity and morality.
    What has happened to the people of this country that they have surrendered control

  113. Jimbo says:

    Folk using PCs/laptops could also do what I do and put a shortcut to Wings on their desktop and get into the habit of clicking on it daily.

  114. Neil G says:

    Keep fighting the good fight no matter how they try to silence you.

  115. Spikethedee says:

    Followed the friends account! I know we all need to be working together etc, but, as a fervent Dee, that orange and black Wings logo can GTF!!!!!

  116. baldeagle says:

    testing testing

  117. Heaver says:

    Oh baby, notify me.

  118. susan says:

    Posting for notification by email

  119. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Thanks Rev, I always assumed the notify me was to be notified of new comments to this article. It is not obvious from the wording that it refers to the site not just the current article comments.”

    Me too tbh. It’s very badly worded and in a weird place.

  120. Julia Gibb says:

    Millennium @9:55

    An excellent point! You never here “devolved” used in the context of England. Westminster is England and the U.K. Seat of Government. Interesting that they established this so easily. EVEL just proved the case.

  121. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Aye, you might as well do the purple, green and white suffragette/women’s colours while you’re there.”

    Why the heck not? Done.

  122. Janelochleven says:

    Thankyou for all of your work and your courage! Keep going please!

  123. Bryan Weir says:

    I’m not really missing your Twitter account. You blocked me for disagreeing with something you said. Bit like what Twitter has done to you. ;o)

  124. Tom says:

    count me in ..

  125. faolie says:

    Signed up

  126. Jim Thomson says:

    I used to have an e-mail alert but it disappeared a few years ago. Hope this gets it back

  127. Craig Macinnes says:

    Thanks Stu

  128. David Hill says:

    You’d better keep posting stuff, now that I’ve gone to all this bother.

  129. James says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    15 May, 2020 at 11:33 am

    Jambo (also Arbroath) and Hibee (also Celtic) versions added, along with Motherwell and Dundee Utd. Any more requests? ?

    Queen of the South!?

  130. Mike d says:


  131. Kev says:

    Keep on fella. Changed my emails and lost some and addresses on the way. Can you drop me a line when you get a chance.


  132. Dunk Mitchelson says:

    Keep up the great and entertaining work

  133. Gordon says:

    With you all the way Stu some people just can’t handle the truth!

  134. Joe says:

    Stop using big tech. Use Brave browser instead of chrome. Duckduckgo instead of google.. Use bitchute instead of youtube. Use gab instead of twitter. Use protonmail instead of gmail

    The alternative infrastructure is all there. Stop empowering the companies that suppress you.

  135. First the Preservative Party using our taxes to preserve their Propaganda Rags,not selling too well,false news and lies.We are devolved,they need dissolved and why are they involved in our countries?The English with hee haw culture other than MORRIS DANCING with ancient straw boaters,want to give/take our resources to pay for their projects,whilst racking up huge debts.Their latest wheeze to borrow billions,even though they have trillions offshore,we the people pay back with more austerity,and they make money.Whose idea was it,we closed our ports,sent goods through England,diminished our armed forces,helped themselves oil,gas,whisky and our quality food and drink(RED TRACTOR CRAP)! This is not a treaty its a one way take over bid.Time to leave,time for change!!TIME FOR A POSITIVE SCOTLAND!!

  136. george wood says:

    @Pete 9.14am

    You don’t appear to be aware that we are not an Independent country.

    Westminster has by far the most influence on how our country is run.

  137. Tracey says:

    In the middle of reading the history thieves by Ian Cobain. Interesting to see how the “British Government” revert to type

  138. David says:

    Forces of darkness are everywhere. Showing it’s still an uphill battle field!I was wondering where my WOW and other sites had gone! I’ve now completed all your recommendations. Thanks!

  139. Republicofscotland says:

    Very good Rev, I hope to see your logo all over Twitter.

    Craig Murray has a new post up as the establishment goes after another indy voice.

  140. Andy smith says:

    Jim Thomson,
    Mine’s disappeared around 2 years ago as well, had to re-submit a couple of times before it ‘re-appeared .

  141. Joe says:

    Sign up to this:

    Make an account on Gab here:

    Mirror everything you post on twitter on Gab and include a link. Get all your followers to make Gab accounts and follow you there also.

    Imagine if you’d all been doing that the last 2 years?

    Stop giving power to these arsehole totalitarian companies.

  142. I suppose a selection of all the clan tartans is beyond even your talents,

    obviously not including the cursed clan Campbell tartan,

    no offence 🙂

  143. Robert says:


  144. finnz says:

    Great idea on the logos. I can be an ‘I’m Sparticus’ wee game for the blockers.

  145. bipod says:

    Interesting article on the lockdown measures here, worth a read.

  146. Robert Louis says:

    I agree with the first poster, there are indeed worrying developments showing a rise in totalitarianism and removal of free speech. A few examples, are the diktat of ‘no-platforming’ anybody, including homosexual, transgender or transsexual individuals who do not fully agree with the anti-scientific gender-queer dogma.

    Then their is the worrying, seemingly politically motivated pursuit of contempt proceeding against ONLY those who were supportive of Mr. Salmond – and then there was that trial itself, something which the entire Scottish legal establishment should be ashamed was even allowed to take place.

    History shows us that all such types of changes, are the precursors to totalitarianism, the rise of dictatorships and the end of free thought and speech. Totalitarianism, can arise by stealth, drip, drip, drip, little by little, very, very slowly, and by the time folk realise, it is too late, the freedom for dissent has gone already.

    I find it horrifying the way some on the left and in the SNP, have embraced the removal of free speech, with such glee, celebrating the unwarranted closure of the wings over Scotland twitter account. Stifling a single voice because he won’t agree with their anti-science, gender-queer dogma. What they cannot seem to understand, is that just as his voice has been so easily stifled, so too could theirs.

    It is a slippery ground, that those who should be fighting for free speech, celebrate it being stifled.

    Those celebrating so hard and long about the removal of free speech from the wings twitter account, should really take time to think through where they are taking things, perhaps it is YOU they will silence next. Then what?

  147. Andrew Morton says:

    I simply check in daily then retweet the hell out of any new articles.

  148. BitznPeacePlz says:

    Add me in please and a Livi FC one would be smashing thanks.

  149. mogabee says:

    Wings can never be clipped!

    Was getting withdrawel symptoms so thank god there’s a minute light.

    BTW I screenshot like an eejit!! 😀

  150. Jan Cowan says:

    I look forward to email alert…….again.

    Have to say I’m appalled. I have suspected the Cosy Club exists because people get used to large salaries and can’t imagine life without a regular top-up. But I had no idea the membership was so extensive.
    Spirits raised, though, by a phone-call from a life-long Labour Party member telling me she is now keen to see an independent Scotland.
    Can’t come soon enough for me.

  151. shug says:

    Just watching Nicola on the TV and as usual she wipes the floor with the BBC and the usual MSM journalists.

    The press questions are infantile and immature and nonsense in the purest sense. I am astonished their bosses have not sacked them on the spot.

    This total inability to hit the mark takes my breath away especially given the Salmond trial.

    If I were a unionist (MSN is totally) MSP or MP I would be asking:

    1. Would the first minister like to congratulate MR Salmond on proving his innocence?

    2. Would the first minister care to condemn people who make false allegations?

    3. Have you amended Scottish Government protocols to ensure such cases can’t be repeated?

    4. First minister has police Scotland wound up the “Salmond Team”.

    5. First minister are you happy with the performance of the Crown Office

    If I were a unionist politician I would relish pouring paraffin on this case.

    I cannot understand why Jackson Carlaw is not making hay with it.

    Why are they missing such an open goal?

  152. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Joe –

    Thanks for those links, very interesting.

    Have signed up for both.

    (On Gab I’m IanBhood – see ye there?)


  153. Robert Louis says:

    And a final point, all the young-ish folk I know do not use twitter. It is, apparently, old now.

  154. Scozzie says:

    While we’re doing colours, how about flags? a few of us wingers are living overseas….unless there’s some weird law against flags in logos, I dunno?
    Anyway, I’d use one with the aussie flag (just make sure you only include the stars doing want the UJ bit!)

  155. Fiona McIntyre says:

    We need people to give fact based rebuttals of the dross spewed out by opposition politicians and churnalists. Please keep going.

  156. Robert Louis says:

    …and bitchute is chock-full of extremist right wing loonies.

  157. Scozzie says:

    that meant to say DON’T want the UJ bit

  158. Bob Mack says:

    Some good news. The vaccine trialled at Oxford and Astra Zeneca has prevented six monkeys from contracting Civic 19 despite very heavy exposure. There were only six exposed.

    Looks like a vaccine is not a million miles away.

  159. susan says:

    Well said @ Robert Lewis.

  160. Roddy says:

    We are legion.

  161. John McCran says:

    Thanks for the update.

  162. Vic Rodrick says:

    I noticed that typing “Wings” into a Google search no longer comes up with your website. Strange, no?

  163. Colin Dawson says:

    Keep up the good work Stu.

  164. RitaB says:

    Signed. Thanks. Resist.

  165. Dougie says:

    A lot of comments today ?

  166. Stuart McCready says:

    A smile, in these ungrateful times
    Makes all that you left me seem more worthwhile
    But no, I couldn’t really dare
    To show how much I miss you
    Isn’t that unfair?

    Great song
    Great band

  167. lothianlad says:


    They are missing such an open goal because it suits them nicely to have Sturgeon at the helm, rather than a pro Independence first minister.

  168. Paul Short says:

    To Dave Maskey at 9:06am. I’m coming on here – first time, probably only time, though I read regularly and have contributed money in the past – to stress this bill and its authoritarian intentions are not from “the far left”. The “left” in general stretches over various groups and ideologies from Labour (pretty right wing) to the SSP and Solidarity (which is much nearer me). But though I’m for example not completely lined up with the Rev on trans – I’m not far off. Socialists – let me say here pretty damn definitively – support independence for Scotland because every nation has the right to self-determination, end of; the line, as it were, coming from Marx, through Lenin to James Connelly. Most people on the far left are very sympathetic to trans people, but seriously dubious about the smear campaign for example over Campbell, Murray and Hirst, which does seem to have roots in govt security services using some people close to the top of the SNP as “useful idiots”. I’m certainly far to the left of the Rev – who has said he has voted LibDem for example – but let’s be clear about who is, and who isn’t, active around these issues. And again – Scottish Labour isn’t even slightly on the left.

  169. Allium says:

    Please, please tell me now, is there something I should know..? Posting for email notification.

  170. Gordie says:

    Sign me up

  171. Scozzie says:

    Lothianlad @ 1.52pm
    And to add to your post, it suits the SNP just fine to have these useless Lab, Tory, Libdem and Greens bozos in HR rather than list independence MSPs ripping them a new arse on their lack of action. It’s all a right cosy wee club.

  172. Lollysmum says:

    It would seem that following on from WordPress reorganisation my WordPress subscription list of 35 different bloggers intent on sharing the fruits of their thinking with us has been deleted. Took 5 years to compile that list & now have to start again.

    Anyone else had problems with this?

  173. Steve Parkinson says:

    It is despicable that Twitter can be and has been manipulated by a group of arseholes

  174. callmedave says:


    A Maroon wings logo!

    Tempting but I’ll ponder longer. 🙂


    shug says:

    Just watching Nicola on the TV and as usual she wipes the floor with the BBC and the usual MSM journalists.

    The press questions are infantile and immature and nonsense in the purest sense. I am astonished their bosses have not sacked them on the spot.

    Aye it was another whack-a-mole day. I have learnt an awful lot about care home procedures and protocols which is good but a view not shared by the MSM.

    My partner’s daughter and daughter-in-law both nurses one in a care home going for a virus test this afternoon at the pop-up testing unit that has been in the sports centre car park in Glenrothes which has been there all week.

    I’ll tick that box thing now.

  175. CameronB Brodie says:

    If only the SNP had someone in their team who understood and respected the law, then we might have a chance of democracy in Scotland. As things stand, it is hard to describe the SNP as being supporters of democracy, as they appear to be content to replicate British constitutional practice, a.k.a. making things up as they go along.

    Full text.

    Law in the Digital Age: How Visual Communication Technologies are Transforming the Practice, Theory, and Teaching of Law

  176. Robert Ladyman says:


  177. CameronB Brodie says:

    The law is too important to be left in the hands of amateurs, especially in light of the need for tracing covid-19. So the current SNP leadership does not inspire me with much confidence that my human rights will be protected from abusive power.

    Human Rights in the Digital Age:
    The European Court of Justice Ruling in
    the Data Retention Case and Its Lessons for
    Privacy and Surveillance in the United States

  178. Indy Penguine says:

    Thanks for the update Stuart. Will do everything I can. The email subscription is a great idea, wish I had known sooner.

  179. Yona says:

    Hi Stu. Missing ye on twatter

  180. ed mccabe says:

    Keep on Keepin’ on

  181. Steve B says:

    For a few years now I’ve used the The Hub on my phone which gives me new notifications of articles on both Wings and other Indy-sites as well as local Yes groups (all configurable within the app).

    If you tried it a few years ago, its been improved since then and worth a another go:

  182. Eddie Munster says:

    Dare I say it . . . Facebook page?

  183. Ryan Frampton says:


  184. JohnMcDonaldish says:

    signed in.

  185. Effijy says:

    BBC making the care home in Skye the SMP Bad Special for today.
    Is there any nursing homes in England with high Covid death tallies?

    With SNP not adding up deaths the way England does, we have put
    Ourselves in first place over the number of Covid Deaths across the UK.

    99 people in 100 will have no idea about England discounting deaths
    That are likely to be through or by Covid 19.

    It takes a thief to catch a thief and
    You need to fight fire with fire.

    Do honourable things like count honestly
    Once we are independent.

    Recognise we are up against the most corrupt
    And powerful of Foes who are masters of lying.

  186. Hmmmm I’ve “commented” before but never received emails. Maybe I’m doing it incorrectly.

    Inshall change my Twitter avatar, to one of the Wings’ logos ??

  187. Masslass says:

    Joe at 12.50pm

    Good advice. I use Linux, although not computer savvy myself, husband is and keeps us away from all those who love to track our every move.

  188. ExpatNL says:

    Men are men, women are women and transsexuals are somewhere in between. There are only two sexes; clean and dirty.

  189. Bibbit says:


  190. INDEPENDENT says:

    You’ve definitely got them going. Keep up the BRILLIANT WORK THAT YOU DO!

  191. Bibbit says:


  192. Indy Penguine says:

    Profile pic has been updated with the wings logo.

    Twitter gave the option to share the new update via a tweet, so included many hashtags and a link to this article, also pinned the update. Any significance to the scales?

  193. Jim O'Rourke says:

    Keep fighting the good fight Stu.

  194. Golfnut says:


    Talking up Scotland has some data on the true numbers of deaths in England’s care home, actually 72% higher than in Scotland up to 1st May. Info from ONS.

    UK gov advising London Funeral directors to expect a second spike by Autumn, also UK gov in the process of increasing ’emergency’ mortuary space to 100,000. Currently sitting at 30,000.

    Somebody once wrote,

    For Capitalism to succeed it requires the sacrifice of human lives.

    Looks like they’re preparing to do just that.

  195. Robert Pennington says:


  196. Millennium says:

    Watching BBC News, Sky News and ITV News, it doesn’t take long to work out that what you are watching and listening to is England’s view of the UK and England’s view of the World.

    Very one dimensional re-writing if the facts as we know them.

    I still meet people who tell me the lockdown has been lifted, schools will be opening at beginning of June, and pubs will be opening beginning of July.

    All their facts came from listening to our “National” News bulletins.

    It’s then that you look for the nearest wall to hit one’s head off of.

    Stroll on my fellow countrymen/women.

    And you wonder why we lost indyRef1?

    There’s your answer.

  197. callmedave says:

    BBC reporting some figures and ‘The Sun’also.

    N. Ireland……today……15………Total……469…BBC
    UK…………….(no data)….Total…*31855..*SUN

  198. Lorenzo says:

    I like Stuey
    And I like to Stew

  199. callmedave says:

    Shock for Carlaw as proportion of deaths in English care homes revealed to be 62% higher than in Scotland

  200. Jerry Carroll says:

    Thanks Stu, now following by email ?

  201. Suz says:

    How do you get a photie in your avatar here?

  202. winifred mccartney says:

    still not getting email notification – got it for years and then stopped a while back. Trying again.

    Will Carlaw come back to Scottish Parliament and correct the figure he gave for Scotland care home deaths and apologise. Same with Tomkins last night on Newsnight – liars both of them.

    Liked Philipa Whitfords, instead of stay at home ‘Stay Apart’ WM should get the Scots to give them sound advice.

  203. ahundredthidiot says:

    This Aussie Flu was always going to be a bitch and thus it has proved to be…….but in fairness we saw it coming in June 2019 and prepared accordingly (well, some of us did).

    No surprise then that Oz and NZ numbers are so low given they have already been through the ‘first wave’.

    As the good German Doctor said – we have a ‘New Test’.

    Now that the Aussie Flu is over, everyone is scaling down big time. (mind stay at home now….but don’t stop taking that vitamin D)

    Good news is we will all keep warm as freedom, liberty and money burn all around us.

  204. Derek Morison says:

    I have subscribed for email notifications

  205. Derek Morison says:

    Keep up the good work

  206. callmedave says:


    BBC reporting figs:
    Big increase on UK Total from yesterday.
    Care home deaths catch up??

    N. Ireland……today……15………Total……469…BBC

  207. Irene Buchan says:

    Now following by email to make sure I don’t miss your blogs.

  208. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “How do you get a photie in your avatar here?”

    Get a Gravatar.

  209. CameronB Brodie says:

    This might be worth sharing widely, as an example of what small, independent, nations are capable of when liberated from Westminster’s sovereignty. 😉

    Privacy, Data and Technology:
    Human Rights Challenges
    in the Digital Age
    A paper issued by the New Zealand
    Human Rights Commission
    May 2018

  210. CameronB Brodie says:

    And another that might be worth sharing.

    The Future of Free Expression in a
    Digital Age

  211. Doug says:

    I suppose an email is better than just sitting at a keyboard hitting f5 all day everyday.

  212. George Gannon says:

    Hi Stu good points, I will do as you request. Keep chin up.

  213. James F. McIntosh says:

    Just read Craig Murray’s blog, so soul destroying knowing that the Scottish gov. and police and judiciary are as bad or more corrupt than the UK gov. Or have they become one on the quiet and we Indy supporters don’t know about it yet!.

  214. terence callachan says:

    England need devolved powers
    Such as power to be sensible

    Voting for the Conservative party and following their advice on how to deal with covi19 shows they are not sensible

  215. Jim Gallacher says:

    Love your work.

  216. Highland Wifie says:

    Thank you. Still enjoying reading though no longer commenting.

  217. callmedave says:


    All the three colonial countries in the UK have a corona virus BBC web site window up and running with numbers.

    BBC UK web site zilch for England
    BBC England zilch for England.

    No numbers at all now for England. They think it’s all over? 🙁

  218. Tony O'Neill says:

    I said on here a good while ago, that the so called Scottish legal and police forces were nothing more than other parts of the British establishment in Scotland. RE the fit up and trial of all megrahi.Now we are witnessing the British establishment in Scotland in action again,RE Alex salmond,now Craig Murray and now the boy Mark Hurst I think his name is. Our enemies are powerful. But we are not afraid we see you.

  219. osakisushi says:

    Thanks for the “gravatar” reminder. Been trying to change my icon since 2015!

  220. Mike K says:

    Now following for new posts.

  221. Mark says:

    Followed. Keep up the great work

  222. DG says:

    Well done – Keep going. Were all here.

  223. Willie Fleming says:

    Signing up for email alerts. Thank you for the avatars

  224. callmedave says:

    Coronavirus infection rate in UK creeps up

  225. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “a Livi FC one would be smashing thanks”

    Your wish is my command. (Also works for all my SNP pals!)

  226. alans says:

    Mainly commenting just now to get the alerts and acknowledge the greatness of the Wedding Present, but the online presence must continue. At some point the mainstream of the SNP membership and wider Yes movement will cotton on to what has been going on …. or we are screwed.

  227. red sunset says:

    “Your wish is my command. (Also works for all my SNP pals!)”

    An SNP one ?

  228. Kat says:

    ? Follow @FOWingsScot on Twitter
    ? Change Twitter profile pic from blue to red sheild
    ? Get email alerts for new posts
    ? Share new posts on Twitter

    ToDo List:

    Contact Twitter Support and complain

  229. DG says:

    Sign me up…

  230. North chiel says:

    “ shug @0134 pm “ , agree with you re the FM “ wiping the floor” with MSM“ journalists”. It seems to me that the more direct exposure given to our FM (without the “ filters” eg “ toddle-oo- the noo at Holyrood and the distorting Scotland “ team” at Pathetic Quay ,) then the more the the General Public seem to appreciate the very competent job she is doing as regards her “ COMMUNICATION “ and EXPLANATION of the parameters of the pandemic , and her honesty and transparency as regards the data etc. The Scottish public are in general very “ fair minded” and perhaps this is now showing with the very recent polling for the Holyrood election . I think the view of the public is that she is very “ hardworking” and this would be reinforced since the start of this Pandemic. ( I would guess she has been working 16 hour days 6-7 days a week since March . She looks a little drawn and little wonder).
    However, in football terms , in her dual role as FM and leader of the SNP , I would view her as “ playmaker( certainly in the context of prosecuting Independence). She requires a “ striker” along side her when it comes to the “ constitutional goal” . Someone who can “ put the ball in the net” . She appeared to somewhat lose possession over Brexit , but appears to have regained the ball over the Pandemic .
    Post Pandemic , there will be some critical questions to be answered and I will be very interested to see whether Alex Salmond attaches any blame to the FM ( or whether he sees possibly that she has been ensnared by the Britnat Civil service , and no doubt security service operatives embedded within Holyrood ). ?Will she perhaps decide to “step down “ ( as undoubtedly this pandemic Crisis is obviously taking a significant toll on her? Or will she decide to continue if she still leads the polls ahead of Holyrood 2021?
    As I said earlier , I view her as the “ playmaker” as regards the constitution. She needs a “ finisher” along side her as she moves into the penalty box. Whether it’s a “ headed finish” ( Joanne Cherry and a court battle to establish that the Union Treaty has been unequivocally breached ?) . A side foot pass to the on running number 9 with the ball driven home from close range ( A 2nd referendum win with an accomplished striker leading the campaign along side her ; Robertson , even Salmond? or Cherry? ) or she is brought down “ in the box” via a cynical professional WESTMINSTER foul” ( we have to appeal to the UN “ referee” ?
    Interesting possibilities “ going forward” . We must “ go for goal” when this crisis passes. If necessary make the Holyrood election our “ referendum “ .

  231. twathater says:

    Love this holiday thing long may it last , the posts are coming thick and fast , what’s not to like , BTW how do you select and capture a avatar for your comments here and other blogs, also can you do a wings logo with St Andrews cross the satire , pleeeeease

  232. twathater says:

    Satire FFS predictive text , SALTIRE

  233. shug says:

    North chiel 5.47

    Agree with all you say

    The critical thing is will she ensure the Scottish elections next year are about independence??

    Will Alex come out on her side – if so I think it will now be in the bag. I find it hard to believe she does not support Alex. AS first minister and the boss the the complainers say could not say a thing. I just don’t know why the unionists are not making it worse for her. Having said that they are such a useless bunch.

    Some seem to think the last few years were wasted but I don’t think so, the polls did not move and there is no point in an referendum if you don’t win. Her position on the EU did seem light but nobody can be in any doubt about how irrelevant Scotland’s interest are to Westminster.

    There is a wave building now as a result of the virus and Brexit will hit in Jan. Sounds like a perfect storm.

  234. Turnbuldrier says:

    How have I never noticed that subscribe button before.. man, it’s only been 8 years..*sheesh* /BeMoreAlert

  235. And Spouse says:


  236. Kate says:

    I too thought ticking this box was to get notifications of all posts. Glad to do it now..

  237. James McCabe says:

    Persevere !

  238. Stuart Bradley says:

    For as long as a hundred of us remain….

  239. Keith M says:

    Liking the logos too…

  240. Calgacus says:

    Thanks for everything Rev.Stu

  241. David Rodgers says:


  242. Oor Steve says:

    Glad to see you are being looked after. I hope ticking the box makes it easier to keep up with your publications.

  243. ForgotMath says:

    Give me some of that regular email love…

  244. CaseyG says:

    “Damn” We will have free speech

  245. John Duffy says:

    So email it is then. Are you looking at other social media sites in the meantime?

  246. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    All those asking about gravatars…

  247. Ishbel says:


  248. Capella says:

    Well this is interesting. Plenty comments too. I don’t need mail notifications as I check the site every day. But might look into the RSS feed. Frankly, I spend far too much time online as it is but if you don’t watch Union TV you have to get you news somewhere.

  249. Patricia Spencer says:

    I have pinched the suffragette coloured logo – thanks

  250. Margie Davidson says:

    I had already found your new account but an email alert will be helpful. Thanks.

  251. Jim Patterson says:


  252. Liz says:

    Email notification would be great. Read all your posts (and many of the comments) although I don’t check in every day, and seldom comment. Keep up the good work. Am becoming more and more concerned with the direction of travel in this country – so much happening behind closed doors.

  253. Habib Steele says:

    All the Best Stuart!

  254. Jacqueline says:

    Still reading your posts, sharing too. Best of luck with twitter?

  255. Jmacdeee says:

    Wow I had to do a lot of scrolling to get to the bottom of the page to leave this comment so I could sign up for email alerts. It had better be worth it.,

  256. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Any chance of doing one with a background of the Catalan Estelada and one with the Flag of the International Brigades, Stu?

  257. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Sheesh, you guys don’t ask for much 😀

    Partick Thistle, Hamilton Accies, hooped Celtic and International Brigade added.

  258. Margaret Tees says:

    Keep up the good work

  259. Beaker says:

    @Willie says:
    15 May, 2020 at 10:47 am
    “Trial without juries. Reporting restrictions. Trials with secret witnesses. Trials totally in camera.

    Readers might do well to appraise themselves of the Nacht Und Nebel decree of 7th December 1941 which allowed German authorities to abduct individuals alleged to be endangering a German security so that they effectively vanished without trace.”

    Willie, it started in 1933 (?) not long after Hitler became Chancellor. A state of emergency was invoked allowing them to lock up communists, and was signed off by President Hindenburg.

  260. Ian Gibson says:

    Yep, sign me up too

  261. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Care of “aye mail”, the Saltire now flys over my village in Germany.. 🙂

    Any Scots in Germany reading Wings here who live in Mörfelden-Walldorf?
    Spotted a yellow and red lion standard when riding the mountain bike there last year. Had no time to stop unfortunately.

    Notify me of new posts by email. DONE..!

  262. Kenny says:

    Past my bedtime, but still time to sign up.

    Dae a rory tartan yin, ae?
    For cycling and Tour De France enthusiasts, a King of the Mountains one (red polka dots against white background)


  263. Steven Smart says:


  264. Steven Smart says:

    Looking forward to updates!

  265. twathater says:

    Hope over fear

  266. Tony says:

    Keep pushing, brother.

  267. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Thanks Stu.

  268. Angela says:

    Everyone, no matter what “side” they are aligned with should be worried about the current attacks on free speech. That it’s being actively supported and encouraged in Scotland is an absolute tragedy.

  269. Stuart Macdonald says:

    Thanks for all the work you are doing.

  270. Carol Sadler says:

    Always thought this was for the comments,hence no sign up.I much prefer e-mail notifications.

  271. Norma Ballingall says:

    Commenting to get email links to posts.

  272. Steven strickland says:

    Keep going stu

  273. Patsy says:

    Tried the bit about posting a comment to get email alerts, but so far, no results. Not sure what to do next.

  274. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Patsy.

    You should get an email when Rev Stu publishes a new article.

  275. Joe says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    15 May, 2020 at 1:34 pm
    @Joe –

    Thanks for those links, very interesting.

    Have signed up for both.

    (On Gab I’m IanBhood – see ye there?)


    No bother. Joe_Macbloggs.

    In the near future this is where ill be linking resources/info on COVID-1984.

    Ill say again to others – you need to start thinking of having back up free speech platforms. The mainstream ones are not going to get any better. It’s down to you.

  276. Tom Donald says:

    David Leask just called me “a wee diddy fascist” I couldn’t be more proud!
    Commenting to subscribe…

  277. chocolass says:

    Just subscribed,thanks Stu!

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    Miss you on Twitter Stu. Commenting to subscribe.
    Can you explain why I can’t read comments on your FB page?


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  283. Lets get connected

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    Wow.. I didn’t know that.

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    I’m in. For the emails that is. I’m obviously in in every other way too as I’m not allowed out. Following the many alt-Wings a/cs on twitter too.

  289. Phantom Power says:

    Support Wings Over Scotland

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