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Is it safe?

Posted on May 23, 2020 by

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    1. Ottomanboi says:

      From C.S. Lewis. Screwtape Letters.

      The devil’s secret is camouflage. The devil’s job is to look very moral! It has to look like we are defending some great purpose or cause, like “making the world safe for democracy” or “keeping the bad people off the streets.” Then you can do many evils without any guilt, without any shame or self-doubt, but actually with a sense of high-minded virtue.

      Politicians and the like dish this “ high minded virtue” in spades.

    2. Graeme says:

      J Galt says:
      25 May, 2020 at 1:42 pm

      Am I the only one that does not give a flying proverbial whether Dominic Cummings stays or goes – if he goes either he’ll work from the shadows until such time as he can come back or they’ll find another “Dominic Cummings”.

      Such a lot of hot air and verbiage over a diversion.

      No you’re not I feel exactly the same way and was gonna post something similar,

      I couldn’t care less whether he resigns is sacked or stays in post, it will make absolutely no difference to my life or my family, we’ll still be stuck in this godforsaken union, We’ll still be second class citizens in our own country, we’ll still be infested with cringing house jocks like J Carlaw, R Davidson etc.

      I think We have enough home grown corruption to be dealing with here in Scotland without worrying about his future

    3. jfngw says:

      Sorry but I started drifting off during that drama but did Cummings say he visited a hospital while he presumed he had the virus.

    4. Dogbiscuit says:

      Famous 15, you’re coming across as gullible.

    5. callmedave says:


      What a hero! I almost reached for a tissue half way through.

      Not guilty your honour. Here’s £50 to pay for your fuel costs.

      Leaves the court of public opinion with not a blemish on his character, only a slightly moist brown stain on the trousers.
      But whistling to the tune of Tell BBC Laura I love her.

      Nothing to see here. 🙂

      The questions were lightweight really… gave up after the first four.

    6. twathater says:

      Dr Jim re the media , funnily enough it wasn’t Alex Salmond who just GIFTED THE CORRUPT MSM £3+ million pounds to help denigrate and demonise the independence movement , money GIFTED from Scots tax payers to offshore non dom tax avoiding newspaper owners , and it wasn’t Alex Salmond who employed the VOW creator as head of communications and yet hasn’t written anything challenging the MSM’S lies or misinformation

      It wasn’t Alex Salmond who STATED CATEGORICALLY that if Scotland were dragged blah blah referendum

      It wasn’t Alex Salmond who introduced the reviled and abhorred GRA bill or the Hate Crime Bill which is being pushed despite alienating and dividing at least 50% of VOTERS

      You can support and revere NS all you want and wait patiently for her neverendum , but to attempt to malign and demean a man who IMO has done MORE to further the independence cause than MOST within the SNP hierarchy is low and repugnant , if it wasn’t for SC’s and others exposing the malignancy within the SNP for which MANY REAL FEMALES have been grateful these abhorrent bills would have been pushed through

      I know you don’t give a shit but I used to enjoy your posts and your dry wit but your blindness to where NS has led the independence movement ( up a blind alley ) and your unconditional acceptance to believe that NS hasn’t lied to us and conned us defies logic

    7. dakk says:


      I think his wife went in to hospital with son and he picked them up.

    8. Beaker says:

      @jfngw says:
      25 May, 2020 at 4:29 pm
      “The coaching session will be, manufacturing the story for him to read. Then various people will play the press and throw the expected questions at him, he will then answer these and be coached on the responses, modifying them as necessary. The coaching must be a bit of a disaster as they are so late, lets hope the press throw some unexpected questions.”

      I’ve trained people in public speaking and I’ve had training on dealing with the media. You can’t coach someone in a couple of hours.

    9. Famous15 says:

      He went to the hospital to pick up his child who had been taken by ambulance after being sick. The child tested negative on release. Did any of them have the virus or did they have a tummy bug?

      He had a “test” drive to the castle? That is why he went there. Dangerous behaviour?

    10. Dogbiscuit says:

      Anyway why worry about freedom or the economy we all know how well Communism for the masses works for the Politburo. Maybe Nicola Sturgeon can magic up some ‘ green’ jobs to replace the economy she’s helping to destroy.

    11. Dogbiscuit says:

      If Dominic Cummings hair grew back that would be newsworthy.

    12. Famous15 says:

      Dogwhistle he went out in his car for a half hour drive with his family.

      His child needing the toilet is not exculpatory.

      More smell but ,oh dear

    13. dakk says:

      A masterclass in british exceptionalism.

      No regrets and no apology otherwise he’s weak and have to resign.

    14. callmedave says:

      He better stop talking asap… as he’s remembered a couple of little things that he had ‘forgotten’. 🙂

      He’s off piste now and again, embellishing his carefully honed story is not a good idea, might still blow it! 🙂

    15. ahundredthidiot says:

      re Dominic Cummings – his drive to the castle took 30 minutes and only stayed for 15 minutes.

      CPS barometer for cops pressing charges was that the exercise had to be at least twice as long as the drive there.

      oops…..DC could be in bother…..and there was me warming to him too!

    16. ahundredthidiot says:

      ‘twice as long’ as in time….not distance – poor grammar from the idiot, do’h!

    17. jfngw says:


      He’s not being coached on handling the media, he is being coached on handling the questions. I would think he has had media presentation handling some time ago, seems unlikely someone his level wouldn’t have had media training.

    18. dakk says:

      Contrite tone, and great sympathy for those who observed lockdown.

      How very british.

    19. JaMuR says:

      Worried about if he can drive safely because his illness and vision so puts his wife and children in the car to check first risking their life’s.

      Surely if you were that concerned you would have drove around on your own on dads private land.

      This stuttering roaster is either really stupid or full of pish.

    20. McDuff says:

      What a load of garbage . It’s people like you who are holding back Indy helping unionists with plodding on to nowhere attitude.
      Once again I ask , what has NS done in the past six years to actively further the cause of independence apart from react to events?

    21. dakk says:

      At no point apologise or say it was a mistake.

      Job done.

    22. Dunadd says:

      Cummings presenting his actions as what a “reasonable person” would do. His actions were what every reasonable person didn’t do.
      Remember none of them had the virus so they were only imagining the worst scenario like every other family with kids. Except every other family didn’t do what they did.

    23. jfngw says:


      If they had the virus or recovering, why did he not ask his sister to pick up the child rather than visit a hospital. I thought that was the point of them travelling so far because they had family backup there.

    24. susan says:

      @twathater 5.00pm: well said!

    25. MaggieC says:

      This is like a sh*te version of Jackanory and reading it is Dominic “ Liar Liar Pants on Fire “ Cummings .

      Also did Boris change the guidance on Sun 10th May from Stay at Home to Stay Alert because he knew this story would break at some point ?? .

      Also it was announced that Boris was due to do the daily briefing today and all this with Cummings is taking up Boris’s briefing time .

    26. shug says:

      Shouting profanities at him or about him will not convert a no voter

      Might try saying you can imagine people voting to be governed by the like of these people.

      Why are the conservatives not chucking him out.

      Poor Carlaw having to justify this mess

      At least the Scottish Medical Officer did not have Covid when she moved to Fife

    27. dakk says:

      If they had the virus or recovering, why did he not ask his sister to pick up the child rather than visit a hospital.


      His sisters wouldn’t want to go anywhere near the ill family or they might pass it on to the parents.

      A load of great british crap.

    28. jfngw says:

      The quickest route from Durham to Barnard Castle is 42 min using google, this is the shortest, if you weren’t feeling to hot I suspect you would be driving cautiously so probably closer to an hour. Why drive to a beauty spot rather than just doing a short journey on the motorway you intend to drive on and is closer to Durham.

    29. Effijy says:

      What an arrogant ignorant bastard Cummings is.

      He abjectly refuses to apologise for breaking the Lockdown
      rules and putting lives at risk.

      I don’t believe his car just luckily was full of petrol with no
      Long journeys planed.
      I don’t believe the family were using fields to relieve themselves.
      Cummings will have put lives at risk at petrol pumps and public toilets.

      His wife pulled him home as she might faint?
      Never heard that one as a starting symptom ?
      She she might need hospital treatment in an emergency
      So why drive her 260 miles away?
      What if she takes I’ll up the motorway in an Area
      You don’t know and miles from a hospital?

      Let’s say no fault of his that he is involved in a car crash
      And knocked unconscious, who tells police and ambulance
      They have the virus?
      His son was sick throwing up.
      Is there any wonder taking a 4 year old
      On a long trip with 2 contagious people on board.

      The kid goes to hospital in an ambulance but his wife
      Isn’t so I’ll she doesn’t need help from local family but
      She doesn’t want to drive to hospital preferring to put a
      Strain on the ambulance service?

      Dom said he picked them up at hospital as no taxis.
      So he is very ill but decides to drive?

      Why didn’t the kid go with family who were there to help?
      Why didn’t they take him to hospital?

      He said his eyesight was affected, another new first time symptom,
      So he decides to drive 300 miles?

      He doesn’t head straight for London but makes the. Journey longer
      Going for a jolly at a Castle 36 miles away, a half hour drive he said.
      Wasn’t that unfortunate that while there his wife and kid needed the
      Toilet and used a field?
      His wife and kid don’t know to go to the toilet before a 300 mile journey?

      Hans Christian Cummings is a liar.
      He broke the rules.
      He must be sacked now!

    30. robbo says:

      McDuff says:
      25 May, 2020 at 5:25 pm

      Aye,ok whatever you say.

      Really don’t care anymore.

      bye now.

    31. Proud Cybernat says:

      Aren’t you supposed to have your eye-sight checked BEFORE you drive? And why would he go for a test-drive (to check his eye-sight) with his wife & child in the car, placing them and other road users at risk? And why go back to his London home with his wife & child if, as he claimed, it was being targeted?

      LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE. Cummings MUST resign.

    32. jfngw says:

      Next time I’m worried about my eyesight I better get my grandson over to take him a 30 mile trip to check it out.

    33. jfngw says:

      Kuenssberg and Peston are hopeless, not journalists more political celebrity writers. There questions were the type you would expect from a trainee.

    34. Joe says:

      Just going through a week of industry/sector specific news and its all the same – change in work, protocols, layouts, everything. All with the ‘New Normal’ and ‘Social Distancing til we get a vaccine’ backdrop.

      Given the logical problem with the numbers of infections in the various countries compared with different government responses we are seeing I can only conclude that this virus is being used as a catalyst for social and economic change that was already planned. 4th industrial revolution.

      Trouble is – this does not have your health, welfare and liberties in mind. If you thought you were just a single unit in the herd of expendable tax cattle before just wait til mandatory surveillance, health testing and social credit scores come into play.

      But the effects of the virus is receding you say?

      Just wait til it comes back, on the news and establishment social media of course, and the measures will be enforced even tighter. The dissidents painted as threats to everyone’s health. So the ratchet moves yet another notch.

      The stupid and the cowardly will just fucking love it. ‘Gimme some of that security Daddy. Just look at those cool designer masks.’

      There is a coup on. Its a coup against your freedom as a sovereign human being.

    35. jfngw says:

      Apparently the story in the Spectator was a cover to protect his parents he claims, why bother writing the story as nobody at the time was questioning where he was. Another concoction to cover the fact it was a lie.

    36. callmedave says:

      Radio shortbread earlier, while waiting on this interview, pondered over what Jackson Carlaw’s position and silence is.

      Someone on the Beattie panel suggested without a quibble he probably had been on the hotline to Boris several times to vent his spleen!

      I know, I know… if! Phfft! 🙂

      Well we were never ‘promised a rose garden’ but we got one today
      as a backdrop to Cummings’ riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

      Probably to reduce the smell! 🙁

    37. jfngw says:

      Near 5 hour journey without a toilet break with a child, non stop, surely that in itself is dangerous with a child in the car. He must have cancelled the take a break warning that most of these expensive cars have.

    38. CameronB Brodie says:

      English Torydum magnified a public health threat into a public health crises, that’s because English Torydum is ideologically opposed to the precautionary principle and the Natural Law, so is unable to respect the principle of equality in law. Simples.

      Civil society in global health policymaking: a critical review

    39. robert graham says:

      Ok I fkn surrender, so much total shite passing for News on our TV Screens , for instance on SKY right now is what’s best described as two children extolling the virtues of Cummings and how he is a breath of fresh Air , one of them I recognise is from the Spectator who just happens to be a employer of Cummings Wife so no conflict of interest there , the other one oh f/k let us know when you start shaving son giving everyone the opportunity to bask in his wisdom , yep the patients are well and truly in charge of the biggest f/k up in our lifetimes ,
      What’s the bloody point it’s a free for all and the biggest nut job wins .Scotty where’s that fkn teleport get me outta here .

    40. defo says:

      A flood of your tax pounds are to be spent saving businesses in Tory key marginals.
      Praise be to Dom.

    41. jfngw says:

      Th best bit about the Cummins statement was the tolling bell that started just as he started, ‘It tolls for ye Dominic’.

    42. dakk says:

      Did Tony Blair apologise or resign for carrying out a war crime/holocaust on Iraq?

      No, he stood for re-election and the ‘great’ british people revalidated him.

      Anyone expecting a public backlash against Cummings/Johnson don’t know the british.

    43. callmedave says:


      Yes! Too big to fail these landmark companies, got to be saved for the Nation, in case we need them. 🙂

      Also another £30Bn smuggled across Offa’s dyke into Wales for corona virus help.

      No hint of a similar amount thrown over the wall for the blue woad painted scum of the earth. 🙂

    44. callmedave says:

      Dearie me that is a large amount I just stated?.

      Rechecked that…… Wales… just £23M.

      Suffering that eyesight problem that Cummings had….Sorry! 🙁

    45. jfngw says:


      I think the eyesight thing was just a ‘fuck you lot’ to the public, I’ll just make up any old shit and you will just have to take it.

    46. Dogbiscuit says:

      What’s wrong with going out in your car? What’s wrong with some of you people? In a car you’re in your own space what possible chance has anybody got of catching drive by covid?

    47. Dogbiscuit says:

      Some jobsworths on here so there are.Fucking Government crawlers.

    48. Pete says:

      Thought Cummings did well.
      Always been a big fan but even more so, now.
      Just wish we had someone of that calibre in Scotland.

    49. jfngw says:


      Well captain, it’s not being in you car, it’s when you get out there is a problem.

      Also he stated he stopped at the side of the road on his return, It’s pretty much a motorway (A1M then M1) all the way back to London from Durham, unless for some reason he thought the back roads would be quicker.

    50. Famous15 says:

      Dogwhistle for Petes sakes wise up.

      Sorry.Too good to miss.

    51. Dogbiscuit says:

      jfngw working hard there on the Cummings scoop. Journalist of the year surely.

    52. jfngw says:

      Anybody know if Julian Fellowes was seen anywhere around Westminster in the last couple of days, he writes a good tear-jerker.

    53. Dogbiscuit says:

      Famous 15 you don’t have to apologise. We understand.

    54. Dogbiscuit says:

      A lot of curtain twitching going on here. All trying to outshine each other in unctuous outrage at the rule breaker the HERETIC stone him stone him .No not with weed you fools.

    55. CameronB Brodie says:

      It’s actually quite amusing watching all those btl on WOS, desperate to defend English Torydum. Quite a spectacle, frankly. 🙂

      Theorising Health Inequalities — A special issue of Social Theory & Health

    56. Dogbiscuit says:

      Famous 15 One of my neighbours is spending far too much time burying his wife in the back garden.I do believe he may be exceeding his permitted exercise allowance .Should I intervene? Or should I report him to the Gestapo? Yours confused.

    57. defo says:

      Call me Dave
      The likes of yer Tunnocks will get short shrift too, come the divvy up. so not all bad.

      Billions added, to keep the well off padded.

    58. Dogbiscuit says:

      I think the sneaky cove is up to no good.My neighbour I mean .He seems to now be spending too much time standing still.I don’t know is he exercising too much or taking the piss by remaining static?

    59. jfngw says:


      I would class you as an accessory, joint enterprise I believe if you did nothing to stop it.

    60. Joe says:

      Release from the CDC. Its a bit heavy reading but to summarise:

      Scenario 5 = best estimate from data received til end of April. This means:

      0.4% fatality rate for those who are symptomatic
      1.3% fatality rate for those over 65 who are symptomatic

      Scenario 4 – worst case scenario
      1% fatality rate for those who are symptomatic
      3.2% fatality rate for over 65’s who are symptomatic

      Best case scenario (scenario 1) is 0.2% fatality rate for those who show symptoms.

      As the report states:

      ‘The parameters in the scenarios:

      – Are estimates intended to support public health preparedness and planning.
      – Are not predictions of the expected effects of COVID-19.
      – Do not reflect the impact of any behavioral changes, social distancing, or other interventions.’

      They are based on current data and results however.

      ‘Each scenario is based on a set of numerical values for biological and epidemiological characteristics of COVID-19. These values—called parameter values—can be used to estimate the possible effects of COVID-19 in U.S. states and localities.’

    61. Dogbiscuit says:

      jfngw so I should report him for taking unauthorised excercise it for standing still? Still confused. Help!

    62. CameronB Brodie says:

      I hope folk are remembrance I’ve stated my scientific position and philosophical foundations, which are coherent with global health law. The same can’t be said of others who appear desperate to prove their magical beliefs ‘expertise’.

      Multidisciplinary research priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic: a call for action for mental health science

    63. Joe says:

      @CameronB Brodie

      I knew you would show up. This is from the CDC. Or are they not ethically competent?

      You are a sad wee wanker.

    64. The World Health Organization said that a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine on COVID-19 patients came to “a temporary pause,” while the safety data is reviewed by the Data Safety Monitoring Board.

    65. callmedave says:


      N. Ireland……..08…….Total…….514…BBC
      England……….*59…….Total…no figs..*SUN
      UK………….today…..^121…..Total…..^36914…^WM figs.

      England totals vague no total figs for England shown to the public for days now days now … doesn’t add up

      Boris says today the UK Total includes ‘all settings’ 🙁

    66. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ve no objection to a planned unwinding of lock-down, when sufficient evidence suggests it is safe. You’ve already shown me where you come from though, and that’s a place that opposes equality in law, IMHO.

      IPBES Guest Article: COVID-19 Stimulus Measures Must Save Lives, Protect Livelihoods, and Safeguard Nature to Reduce the Risk of Future Pandemics

    67. robertknight says:

      Mike @ 7;31

      It’s oxygen thieves like that on your link which make me miss Twitter like toothache.

    68. jfngw says:


      How do you know he is burying his wife, you would only do this in your garden if you had knocked her off, you must have witnessed the event to know it was her. looks bad for you.

      What time does the naffi open, you must be gagging for some char by now?

    69. Dogbiscuit says:

      If the curve was passed on 8th April why are we still under house arrest? And when’s the next stoning and where can I acquire a fake beard? Would a merkin be acceptable?

    70. Dogbiscuit says:

      jfngw no probs mate we’ve got a Tommy cooker and a corporal so it’s all good.

    71. robertknight says:

      Dogbiscuit @ 7:08

      Get the neighbour to seek the assistance of a Tory.

      Being above the Law – there’ll be no problem whatsoever thereafter.


    72. jfngw says:


      A Tommy cooker, Ruth Davidson’s on her way.

    73. CameronB Brodie says:

      I wasn’t aware Scotland had so many public health experts.

      COVID-19 Ethics Resources

    74. bipod says:

      Considering that there is not any evidence that the lockdown even had an effect on the course of the epidemic, I think we are going to be waiting a long time for sufficient evidence to suggest it is safe.

      The lockdown is driven by media hysteria and public fear, not scientific evidence. This lockdown and the ridiculous social distancing measures will continue until the politicians admit that they made a mistake.

    75. jfngw says:


      Drat, a corporal, she’s already there isn’t she, how did I miss that. I apologise for my lack of interpretation of your coded message.

    76. Dogbiscuit says:

      Robert Knight thanks man .You’ve helped me out of a hole.

    77. Dogbiscuit says:

      Ruth Davidson not in our platoon no helmets big enough.

    78. Dogbiscuit says:

      Anyway about this curve ….

    79. Dogbiscuit says:

      April 8th peak cases it’s the end of May now.

    80. Robert Louis says:

      Q. Who turns up at their job in whitehall, dressed in tracky bottoms and looking like they haven’t washed?

      A. Dominic ‘let them die’ Cummings. A craven, snivveling wastrel of a man, who is drunk with power he should not have.

      It is now abundantly clear, that he has ‘dirt’ on De Pfeffle and the entire Tory government, and so is now dictating government policy.

    81. CameronB Brodie says:

      I might have mentioned science alone is incapable of guiding us through uncertainty. So I’d just like to point out that your selfish arrogance and disregard for public health, suggest your moral compass is broken beyond repair.

      Evidence review
      Assessment of COVID-19 in primary care: the identification of symptoms, signs, characteristics, comorbidities and clinical signs in adults which may indicate a higher risk of progression to severe disease

      1 Introduction
      The purpose of this rapid review is to provide NHSScotland with advice on assessment of patients with COVID-19 in primary care.

      This guidance is for: general practitioners and primary care teams involved in the assessment of patients presenting with potential COVID-19.

      Since the outbreak of coronavirus, there has been an abundance of rapid and systematic reviews published on the diagnosis and management of people with symptoms of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), known as COVID-19, mostly from a secondary care (hospital) perspective. About 80% of people with COVID-19 have symptoms which are mild (no pneumonia manifestations) or asymptomatic.1 Others develop severe disease (defined as requiring admission to an intensive care unit (ICU)).

      The challenge for primary care practitioners is to identify and triage patients presenting with potential COVID-19, a disease in which the pattern and duration of symptoms is heterogeneous. This is compounded by the need to conduct consultations via telephone or video. In addition, the evidence-base is not robust and is subject to change as new evidence emerges….

    82. Dogbiscuit says:

      No ones moral compass is broken beyond repair.Too much unctuous Leftism.Nothing wrong with being left.Just stop being a prick with it.

    83. Beaker says:

      @jfngw says:
      25 May, 2020 at 6:00 pm
      “Near 5 hour journey without a toilet break with a child, non stop, surely that in itself is dangerous with a child in the car. He must have cancelled the take a break warning that most of these expensive cars have.”

      London to Durham, 5 hours is about right. Quickest I’ve managed Norwich to Scotch Corner is 4, and that was overnight and erm, going a bit quick. And no speed cameras in ’95.

      So 5 hours, with an unwell passenger, and worries that the driver may fall ill, is rather scary. We have all, I’m sure, taken unwell suddenly in the past and know how quickly you can become near-incapacitated. Not a pleasant thought at 70mph in a 3 ton Land Rover.

      And looks like in England all shops to open 15 June. Looking at the pictures from the beaches in England they are all set for a second wave. And it won’t be bloody surf city here I come.

    84. @bipod says:
      25 May, 2020 at 7:51 pm

      The lockdown is driven by media hysteria and public fear, not scientific evidence. This lockdown and the ridiculous social distancing measures will continue until the politicians admit that they made a mistake.

      Oh I don’t know it is keeping most people sane as you have to keep your distance.

    85. CameronB Brodie says:

      “Too much unctuous Leftism”
      I think you already know where you can get tae. 😉

      Webinar on Demand: Risk Management & Ethics: COVID-19 Rationing
      Rationing tests and medical treatment is a worst-case scenario for everyone involved and is the living embodiment of a real “Catch-22” situation. This presentation will explore the types of rationing of healthcare testing and treatment, who should be the decision-maker, frameworks of decision-making used by states, clinical risk considerations, communication strategies, risks of liability, and some important takeaways for risk managers and providers. Ethical and operational support, structure, and consistency are the keys to moving forward in these trying times.

      Upon completion, participants should be able to:

      Define where healthcare rationing and the role of the risk manager overlap.

      Analyze the types and elements of healthcare rationing.

      Identify and evaluate key approaches for the healthcare risk manager when faced with the rationing of healthcare.

    86. Dominic, which means “Belonging to God”,

      Hubris is a typical flaw in the personality of a character who enjoys a powerful position;

      as a result of which, he overestimates his capabilities to such an extent that he loses contact with reality.

      A character suffering from hubris tries to cross normal human limits, and violates moral codes.

    87. Pete says:

      Robert Louis 8.10
      You are completely wrong that Cummings wanted to let the pandemic run its course.
      He has written quite a few papers over the years warning government to prepare for such a virus.
      He did not advocate herd immunity and was one of the strongest pushers for lockdown.
      You are just wrong.

    88. CameronB Brodie says:

      I doubt those calling for a relaxation of lock-down have given much consideration to the risks involved. Unfortunately, such an outlook is not compatible with public health ethics.

      Given Brexit represents a legal rejection of the precautionary principle, this suggests the prospects for public health ethics and health equity in Brexitania, is tenuous at best. As is the potential for a sustainable society.

      Coronavirus (COVID-19), HR Management & Compliance
      Mitigating Compliance Risk in the Midst of COVID-19

    89. J Galt says:


      For goodness sake Dogbiscuit get on message!

      It’s not about a dodgy pandemic that is now more or less over but is being prolonged to bring in far reaching social engineering measures and economic reset administered by the political functionaries in both London and Edinburgh – no, no absolutely not – it’s about Dominic Cummings!

    90. jfngw says:

      Jackson Carlaw has emerged from the bunker to paint a picture of failure by the ScotGov,….oops sorry, looks like the picture has mysteriously disappeared, that just keeps on happening to him.

    91. jfngw says:

      Surprised I haven’t found a best fake excuse twitter poll yet:

      Woking Pizza Hut Meal

      Barnard Castle Eye Test

    92. Dan says:


      Is the disappearing colourful and messy picture you describe by Carlaw a Jackson Pockle or a Jackson Pillock…

    93. jfngw says:


      Monet, I think, not sure if I’ve spelt it correctly though.

    94. Bob Mack says:

      Cummings as of 12th March wanted to acquire “herd immunity”. He denied wanting to let the old die, but did not deny the first part

    95. McDuff says:

      Robbo 5.44
      I`m not trying to be smart, but why can`t you answer my question. I`ll try again.
      Since the ref in `14 what exactly has NS done to further the cause of independence apart from merely react to events?
      Its fair and reasonable question.

    96. jfngw says:

      What might be doing Cummings more damage than what we think of him, because Johnson doesn’t give a shit what we think, but the fact he has made Prince Andrew be a twitter trend (off and on) for two days now. The palace will not be happy if it continues, Johnson will be summoned if it doesn’t stop.

    97. dakk says:

      One of the reasons I knew Cummings wouldn’t be removed(apart from the fact that he is untouchable) is that the English UK gov don’t care whether their covid message is adhered to or not.

      They fudge the death rate and believe in herd immunity anyway, so it’s win win.

    98. dakk says:

      Dreading going back to work now.

      I’ve promised about a dozen clients the first appointment when we’re given the green light to open.

      Going to be found out as a bigger liar than Dominic Cummings and Prince Drew put together.

    99. jfngw says:

      Cummings may have lied about warning of the corona virus in 2019 in his press conference. The corona virus was entered in a document on 3rd May 2020, the April version has no mention of it. Someone on twitter has retrieved this from the Wayback site (old webpage archive).

      As the person says, it’s a minor detail but highlights if he is willing to be dishonest on such a minor detail how can you trust him on the big stuff.

    100. winifred mccartney says:

      Is it safe? No Dominic Cummings is driving for 45 minutes to see if his eyesight is OK. Are the PM and DC the only ones in world to believe their eyesight was affected by corona-virus or is this just another bit of spin – expecting we will believe them.

    101. CameronB Brodie says:

      re. Dominic Cummings and his apparent inability to empathise, and his total lack of contrition. It doesn’t take rocket surgery to understand this behaviour, he’s a Tory. 😉

      Cognitive Neuroscience of Honesty and Deception: A Signaling Framework

    102. Millennium says:

      If Cummings hangs around, then we must use him in our own Independence propoganda.

    103. jfngw says:

      Right wing blogger site Guido Fawkes representative, with union flag, never seems to be off the BBC News coverage now. What’s the chance of pro-independence site bloggers being on the BBC Scotland almost daily, none is obviously the answer.

    104. Famous15 says:

      Should have gone ro Specsavers!

    105. Millennium says:

      Surely the hard of thinking amongst us will have their own lightbulb moment and realise we are going to be going no where fast with Johnson and Cummings leading us.

    106. dakk says:

      winifred McCartney 11.04
      ‘– expecting we will believe them.’

      They don’t need to care whether we believe them.

      No election due for 4 years, and only 17 dissenters on Cummings in the Conservative ranks.

    107. Millennium says:


      I saw that clown from Guido Fawkes, and the BBC just live a good Butchers Apron shot.

      If you notice the Nicola Sturgeon news conferences never show the faces of the journalists asking the questions.

      I don’t know if Scottish journalists are too ugly to show on the MSM, but all you hear is their voices

    108. crazycat says:

      @ Pete at 9.05

      He has written quite a few papers over the years warning government to prepare for such a virus.

      Just in case you didn’t see jfngw’s post at 11.03, here’s a link for you:

    109. Famous15 says:

      What is annoying is the Tory apologists are describing those who criticise Cummings as lefties having a pitchfork mentality.

      I was incandescent with rage when I heard the full story of his lawbreaking exploits and using his child as a human shield. I and many others have suffered for the greater good.He did not.

      As Millenium so fondly describes me I am almost a LibDem and certainly no leftie!

    110. Dogbiscuit says:

      I had the misfortune to witness an STV advert showing little children mouthing propaganda on behalf of our Dear Leader Nicola Sturgeon sheer child abuse and a laughing stock all over Europe. It was the most mawkishly fawning aggrandisement of the First Minister.She should be ashamed of such cheap propaganda and using children with no power of consent to sell outright propaganda to the imprisoned public.We are being worked folks.Don’t listen to the SNP Sirens on here leading us into this open air Concentration Camp. The advert screams Dictatorship.

    111. Joe says:

      HEADLINES – senior politician is a dick.


      Forget that youve been fucking lied to, had your economy tanked and will soon be tracked, monitored and treated as a terrorist if you dissent. Get a fucking brain you dumb twats.

    112. Dogbiscuit says:

      Nicola Sturgeon or one of your flunkies by the time this caper of yours is over you will be finished politically.You Sturgeon are soon to become a byword for Tyranny.How fucking dare you? You Ms Sturgeon are directly participating in a crime against humanity and it is the duty of all good citizens to oppose you and the propaganda pisswater you pour down our backs.Fuck you Sturgeon and your insane power grab.I will never seek your permission for anything. I don’t recognise you as leader of Scotland and I’m sure I’m not alone with these sentiments.

    113. CameronB Brodie says:

      HEADLINES – senior “spin-doctor” is a dick.

      Why Study Emotions in International Relations?

    114. Joe says:

      @Dog biscuit


      @CameronB Brodie

      In all seriousness – are you lusting after my arse?

    115. Willie says:

      So let me get this right. My wife was ill. I getting ill and so with no childcare in the whole of London I broke the rules and drove 260 miles to self isolatecar a second home.

      Then, before my 14 day’s isolation was up I went for a sixty mile drive with my wife and child to see if my eyes, that had been playing up were safe to drive.

      During that drive I had, due to feeling sick, have to stop the car at a beauty spot where we all walked to a river bank. Thereafter on returning to the car we had to stop again for a walk in the woods because my four year old needed the toilet.

      The next day we I drove to London and started work the next day.

      So fuck right off all you crummy little folk. Yes fuck right off. And that ladies and gents is about it. Prime Minister Cummings pulling the strings on an absolute balloon guiding as the Prime Minister.

    116. Dogbiscuit says:

      Watch as the shills try to fix your attention on essentially Hello Magazine style news reports on Dominic Cummings. Still nothing to say about fascist coup in London and Edinburgh?Do you really think it could never happen here?

    117. Dogbiscuit says:

      Yes we have no bananas we have no bananas today.Alright children after me Yes we have …

    118. CameronB Brodie says:

      “In all seriousness – are you lusting after my arse?”

      What a strange question!

    119. Dogbiscuit says:

      Hey!Any of you guys see a Wild Turkey hereabouts?

    120. Ian R Murray says:

      If that Doctor on Good Morning Britain is going to quit, Jeanne Freeman should be on the phone to him and his wife right away

    121. CameronB Brodie says:

      And here’s a source for anyone interested in forward-looking international relations.

      A New Handbook of Political Science
      International Relations: Post?Positivist and Feminist Perspectives

    122. CameronB Brodie says:

      And this might highlight how the woke outlook has undermined the SNP as a force for Scottish independence. It is not possible to be a feminist and support the introduction of gender ideology in law at the same time. It is also impossible to combine the rejection of the Natural Law that is demanded by trans-activism, with the liberation of Scotland from authoritarian, cultural paternalism.

      How Significant is Feminism’s Contribution to IR?

    123. Dogbiscuit says:

      The First Minister rationalises her Government’s ‘will to power’ by telling us ‘lockdown’ is for the public good. When the Nazis began emptying the ghettoes of Europe after the Wannsee Conference I believe, the Jews were told they were being resettled ‘in the East’ for their own good.Tyranny seems always to be for our own good.

    124. dakk says:

      I thought the English media were rather good today.

      Pretending to ask the hard questions to Rasputin I mean.

    125. Ayeright says:

      Thought I’d have a peek in as I was passing. Oh dear it looks like the right wing have taken over the comments completely.

      Shit happens I guess.

    126. Ayeright says:

      As well as SIU and the green ink brigade who are all represented.

    127. Ayeright says:

      Step up to the plate Wingers and take back control!

    128. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ve still kept most of my powder dry, which is nice. Not through planning, tbh, I’ve been winging it. 😉

      Transgressing Boundaries: Theories of Knowledgem Gender and International Relations

    129. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m also getting up to speed and gaining some confidence.

      The Three Kinds of Empathy: Emotional, Cognitive, Compassionate

    130. CameronB Brodie says:

      So this shouldn’t take too long to provide an ethically informed, scientific evidence base, for those who are interested and have the opportunity to investigate the human condition.

      Neuroimaging Personality, Social Cognition, and Character
      The Neuroscience of Social Vision

    131. Dogbiscuit says:

      It’s interesting that Ayeright has reappeared after severe criticism of First Minister.What Sturgeons chief goon just happened to be breezing by and oh my so many insubordinate prisoners. Nicola Sturgeons actions or rather active sabotage of several priceless political mandates proves her closer to Scotland In Union than Murdo Frazer By the way thanks for giving me an excuse to wind up commies by name dropping Tories. Propaganda sucks. Imprisonment sucks more.

    132. Dogbiscuit says:

      By the way Ayeright before I came online there I was just in the mood for a bamhunt and you showed up .Yaaay.

    133. CameronB Brodie says:

      One’s approach to bamhunting is largely dependent on one’s “social baseline”, so a scientific world-view is kind of essential for effective prosecution.

      Unfortunately for the SNP, it is not possible to fight English Torydum if you reject a legal respect for biology. Perhaps this is why the Lord Advocate and Scotland’s judiciary appear to support trans-activism?

      Cognitive Processes Unfold in a Social Context: A Review and Extension of Social Baseline Theory

    134. A. Bruce says:

      I thought I was on Wings here. Is this now the Cameron B Brodie blog?

    135. Robert Louis says:

      This is now officially, the Cameron B Brodie blog.

      FFS, gie it a rest man. I used to occasionally read your copmments, but now you are just starting to look like a d*ck. Get away from your comp for a few days and clear your thoughts. Get some fresh air (it’s allowed). Then come back, and take a wee look at the nonsense you have indulged yourself in.

      In short, TAKE a BREAK.

    136. Sensibledave says:


      …. still not feeling the mood of the room?

    137. Bob Mack says:


      You cast pearls before swine. Try something they understand in small words.

    138. Famous15 says:

      Hey! Dogwhistle i cannot hear you but i definately (sic) see you and where you are coming from and I know where you are going.???

    139. Rm says:

      Dominic Cummings should resign everyone knows that, but it’s an english issue not a thing to do with us here in Scotland, our msps and mps should concentrate on Scotland’s problems the biggest one how to end this farce of a Union, our politicians have to start pushing for the separation that’s what they were voted in for, if you can’t do that you should resign like Dominic Cummings.

    140. Bill McLean says:

      Just read my last episode of Wings – dogbiscuit’s railing is too extreme for my liking. Almost like the Nazis he goes on about. I don’t beleive though that it is as simple as that!
      Go on keep falling for it!! Bye

    141. Millennium says:

      Willie 12.32am

      And the day they drove to the Castle just happened to be his wife’s birthday,,,and they also sat on park benches,,, which were strictly out of bounds to the rest of the public.

      He looks as if he is going to get away with this,,,so the Scot public need to start making serious fuckin choices,,,is this the kind of people who they want as their political masters?

      Or do they start putting their arse into gear and actually start taking the prospect of Scottish Independence more seriously.

      Let’s hope some good comes out of this virus tragedy,,,like a new leader of the Political Wing of the Scottish Independence Movenent and a majority of Scots push for freedom from our stinkin neighbours to the South of our border.

    142. Analysts have long talked about the end of the United States-led establishment and the arrival of an Asian century.

      This is now happening in front of our eyes.

      The pandemic may well be remembered as the turning point of this process”.

    143. mike cassidy says:

      Meanwhile, back in the real world.

      Coronavirus ‘disappearing’ so fast Oxford vaccine has ‘only 50% chance of working’

    144. WHO suspends hydroxychloroquine trials as a possible treatment for coronavirus after a study found it increased the risk of death.

    145. ahundredthidiot says:

      I suggest all those folks who like a wee holiday abroad start to think about how TTIS could impact them……I mean…..imagine being 3 days away from getting on a plane for a hard earned holiday in the sun and some spiteful wee prick at work/in your community tells another wee spiteful prick working as a contact tracer for the NHS that they have ‘symptoms’ and then you get a telephone call……you can forget the suncream…..oh, aye, and your passport will be suspended in case you start getting all gallus. There will even be support for these measures here on this site, so what chance have we.

      TTIS primarily in place until Dec 2022. It wont end there folks and given there has been no cure for coronavirus for the last 17 years, don’t expect one anytime soon.

      I see trouble ahead, and while there’s moonlight and…..

    146. Millennium says:

      And regarding this “R” Number they all seem to focus on, did you know that there is a two week lag with the figures they show you on a daily basis.

      We keep getting told that the figures are sitting between 0.7 and 1.0.

      But those figures are from two weeks ago.

      If you want to know what the “R” figures are for today, then you will need to wait for two weeks.

      With england starting to open up, I would think the “R” Number will probably start creeping up .

      Which will keep us in this lockdown even longer.

      Dug chasing Tail springs to mind.

    147. Ian Brotherhood says:

      What is ‘The Fusion Doctrine’?

      ‘Building a culture of common purpose across departments requires improved accountability to shift incentives and behaviours towards a more genuinely whole-of-government approach.’

      From approx 5mins, here:

    148. Famous15 says:

      I wondered why the Nike “scandal” failed to take wings,so to speak,until someone,perhaps myself, noted that Nike was over two weeks before the jampacked Cheltenham Gold Cup.150,000 or more jampacked!

      Oh dear,never mind Ian Murray.

    149. Effijy says:

      Bill McLean,

      I’m seriously pissed off with the Trolls, the 77th and the idiots
      Who somehow think they are in a prison.

      I believe in this site, it’s generally therapy for me as I find myself
      Discussed with Scotland living under the corrupted heel of Westminster.

      This site is for me. It’s mine. I will not be leaving.

      We should know know the current names here to frustrate and they will change,
      So I look to see who has posted and totally ignore them.

      We must continue to support people like the Rev and Craig after all they have been through.
      There will be a need for serious funds to get the truth out to the electorate.

      I am if the belief that there will be a second referendum next year that I pray comes after the
      Disastrous effects of a No deal Brexit and an overwhelming vote for independence parties at the
      Holyrood elections.

      Boris will be able to spend Billions on all aspects of propaganda and corruption. to keep Scotland’s
      Money in his pocket and put it on the Covid 19 tab.

      Hold steady Bill.

      Take heart that bastards who fly the Butcher’s Apron raped robbed and murdered to keep all the
      Commonwealth Countries stressed but they all won their freedom.

      A wee man wearing very basic cloth he made himself beat the mighty English Empire
      With truthful words and resilience.

      We will win this battle against the very darkest of forces.

    150. Armitage Shanks says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:
      26 May, 2020 at 9:10 am
      What is ‘The Fusion Doctrine’?

      UK Column,Im always surprised they have so few subscribers.
      Thanks for the link.

    151. robbo says:

      While the Dug brings this blog to lower depths of misery.

      Douglas Ross MP resigns


      Seems your masters didn’t tell you you little indy fraud. Away back to your closed O Order hate forum Dug.

    152. Has anyone heard from the new Brutish Labour boss regarding the Cummings fiasco,

      or are they still sitting on the fence waiting to see which way the wind blows,

      new boss same old Brutish Labour,


    153. Bob Mack says:

      ONE just released figures for England and Wales which show deaths increasing again. Somebody better let this virus know it’s not playing by our rules.

    154. Republicofscotland says:

      Craig Murray has a new thread up on Cummings a why he might travel hundreds of miles to get his “eyesight” tested.

    155. winifred mccartney says:

      To every person who has been fined during lockdown appeal -you have your defense – you followed your instincts.

    156. stuart mctavish says:

      Is it safe..

      Since Cummings is clearly no longer scared for himself, his family, or his job it would be logical to conclude he is immune, vaccinated, or it was all bollocks from the get go – and whilst each of these conclusions screams its own particular danger they also imply that, not only might simple ones be more so than first feared, complex solutions, such as renovation and repair of Hadrian’s wall before England catches its second wave, have become sensible priorities to make it so.

    157. jfngw says:

      Maybe if some day it will dawn on Labour and Tory politicians they could potentially be influential politicians in Scotland or remain as nobodies in an English parliament. Making real decisions about the future of a country rather than voting fodder for another country.

    158. Republicofscotland says:

      So the Cummings fiasco goes on and on yet the Tory branch office in Scotland is still staying stum, you can if you listen hard enough hear the tumbleweeds rolling around inside the heads of the likes of Carlaw, Davidson, Fraser, Wells and a whole host of other London lackeys at the Tory branch office in Scotland.

      This incident one of thousands over the recent years from Westminster should be a springboard to firing up the independence campaign again. We should be thinking about in the next few weeks how to get it across to Sturgeon that she must make next years Scottish elections an election on gaining Scottish independence, nothing else will be acceptable.

    159. Republicofscotland says:

      The National aside, not that I give a toss about the “Scottish” press I don’t, however Johnson barred them from Cummings car crash of a press conference yesterday.

    160. callmedave says:

      Douglas Ross Tory MP resigns as he thinks Cummings has crossed the line and was off-side says my radio shortbread station in the car.

    161. Ottomanboi says:

      The notion of the Greater Good has been turned on its head.
      Supposedly democratic states have take upon themselves the ‘right’ to restrict, suppress and isolate citizens who until recently considered themselves to be free.
      Such measures were set in train not by the warlike posturing of an enemy but by a perceived ‘threat’ from a biological mutation of a virus related to the common cold.
      If/when the planet emerges from this with sanity unimpaired, the conditions for unleashing such draconian global repression of individual rights in the pursuit of some Greater Good must not be the preserve of a self-selecting, influential few whether politicians, self-styled humanitarians, the UN or NGOs
      Something more deadly than any virus has been released amongst us, the mindless peace of societal conformity whose slogan might be Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Compliant….or else.
      The struggle for Scotland’s right to independence must take cognisance of that ‘new order’.

    162. susan says:

      This whole Dominic Cummings thing is a diversion imo. A diversion from what I don’t know though; it just feels wrong.

    163. Republicofscotland says:

      So Carlaw did pipe up with a quick comment on his London masters trip to Barnard castle.

      Carlaw said that his chief advisor (Johnson’s) acted with responsibility, legally and with integrity.

      What other countries politicians act so vociferously for the benefit of another country, only in Scotland.

      The “Scottish” Tory’s are definitely a Fifth Column.

    164. callmedave says:



      I see all the Asian stock markets have been busy while we slept
      large rises in Japan and China, all a nice green colour on the gwaffs.

      All three UK FTSE’s swinging in behind at the moment probably with the prospect of the Yankee DOW chiming in too when it opens up this afternoon.

      What can go wrong if Trump and Boris keep quiet?

      Pete are you listening? 🙂

    165. The Isolator says:

      Susan @ 10.14

      It is a distraction ,Johnson has no control over events now.I think we can assume it’s a U.S. intervention.I’m going with Brexit and trade deals.

    166. Republicofscotland says:

      Putting aside Sturgeons baggage for a moment, unionists were furious yesterday pulling their hair out a gnashing their teeth wildly after STV news inadvertently showed a video of children praising the FM and thanking her presumably over her later handling of Covid-19.

      Ian union jack suit Murray and pity me now Paul Sweeney were both incandescent with rage at the thought of the FM being praised, and STV was compared with North Korea’s state media, of course in reality STV is a die-hard unionist propaganda outlet, STV deleted the children’s video immediately claiming it wasn’t proper content.

    167. Republicofscotland says:

      Don’t know if this is up yet but a certain dodgy Scottish football referee who moonlights as a Tory MP has resign supposedly over the Cummings fiasco.

    168. callmedave says:

      Ross resigns snippet:

    169. Republicofscotland says:

      As if we couldn’t loathe him anymore than we do National Trust president Neil Oliver (who called independence a cancer) has come out in support for Cummings.

      This and the virus should put an end to the NTS.

    170. CameronB Brodie says:

      Hey folks, I’m trying to defend the rule-of-law. How do you expect me to do that without providing evidence to support my position?

    171. Capella says:

      Turns out Cummings’ sister Alice, who lives in Durham, is director of IDOX who have the contract for tack and trace. Is this the sister who dropped of food at their farmhouse hideaway?

    172. Republicofscotland says:

      Well if there was ever any doubt that Israel held any influence in Holyrood, and the SNP there isn’t now, as SNP MSP Richard Lyle who is the deputy convenor of a building bridges with an Israeli group called the Nakba a self inflicted tragedy.

      The 1948 Nakba saw 750,000 Palestinians forced off their lands, and over 500 villages burned, in an act of ethnic cleansing by the Israelis, who then declared it as an independent state.

      Nabka means catastrophe, and is remembered on the 15th of May.

    173. Bob Mack says:

      Consensus among my mates is would you take your 4 year old kid in a car for 60 miles ( whizzing along)as he described it, to make sure your eyesight was ok. Kid could have stayed at home with mum whilst you went.

      Maybe Tories don’t care. It was interesting how many times he referred to “The child” rather than My child,
      Quite telling.

    174. Capella says:

      @ CBB – ignore the trolls. They are just winding you up. They seem to be on night shift atm which is why I hardly bother looking in here in the evenings.

    175. CameronB Brodie says:

      Capella 😉

    176. Capella says:

      BTW isn’t IDOX the Peter Lilley company who count the election returns in Scotland and rest of UK?

    177. Republicofscotland says:

      Capella @10.58am.

      By Mary over on Craig Murray’s blog.

      “She isn’t Cummings’ sister. Cummings’ sister was born Francesca McDonald Cummings, married name Herriott. The director is (Mrs) Alice Sarah Louise Cummings, nee Banks – wife of a Russell Cummings. No idea whether Russell is a relative, though.”
      (Info from & ‘

    178. Capella says:

      @ republicofscotland – thx for the correction. Twitter can be quick on the draw sometimes.

    179. Mike d says:

      Jfngw 10.03am absolutely, i wonder how many irish politicians TD’s would swap their seats in the irish parliament for westminster.

    180. Mike d says:

      Bob mack ‘the child, my child’. Cold unemotional fish these people, psychopathic tendencies.

    181. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      My take on part time MP for Moray, Douglas Ross resigning his cabinet post is most likely an act of SELF PRESERVATION in an attempt to keep his nose in the trough.

      Three options:

      1. BawJaws going to be replaced due to Dom Cum backlash and he is positioning himself favourably with new regime

      2. He knows the UK Fishing and Agriculture Bills being pushed through Westminster at present are going to fuck Scotlands Farmers and Farmers over Post Brexit and is not wanting to be known as being a Parliamentary Under Secretary for Scotland when they were sold out!

      3. He is positioning for a return to Holyrood (‘cos he has won 2 x GEs and Tory Party planners think he will win a seat at next SGE) and knows Scots are raging at this

      Anyone heard from Jackass Carlot since this announcement was made?

    182. Dorothy Devine says:

      I have to say that the Cummings eye test is a novel way of deciding whether one needs specs – I see that Gove is saying he has driven to test his eyes .

      Lordy , police get on to this ! Bugger breathalysers take charts!

      I see the infestation of Wings continues at a pace , I wonder what the Rev is thinking of the hijack of his baby?

    183. meg merrilees says:

      Robbo @ 10.04

      Just followed your link to twitter about some American guy referring to the workers of the USA as human capital stock.

      That was bad enough but a few tweets down from that someone has written that Trump, who used to criticise Obama for his golfing indulgence has so far spent $134,000,000 of USA taxpayer’s money financing his golfing habit – the equivalent of 335 years of his President’s salary.

      If true , that is just mind boggling.

      Well done Douglas Ross but I can’t help but think of a rat jumping off a sinking ship…

    184. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Armitage Shanks (9.20) –

      Cheers. I only know about it because an alert reader, fellow Winger, put me on to it. I’d never heard of it before the weekend there.

      Do you happen to know who David Scott is? Haven’t seen him beore either. (He first appears around the 5min mark, for those who haven’t yet seen this.)

    185. dakk says:

      Ian b 11.45

      Think it was Joe last week who posted a link.

      Watched another broadcast from them, linked on here months ago.

      They are well worth watching.

    186. Clapper57 says:

      @ Jockanese Wind Talker @ 11.28am

      “My take on part time MP for Moray, Douglas Ross resigning his cabinet post is most likely an act of SELF PRESERVATION in an attempt to keep his nose in the trough.”

      Spot on….my take too. Until he RESIGNS from the Tory party then tis just…window dressing….he knows the strength of feeling in Scotland….so he sacrifices (drew short straw) his junior position, which he gets NO extra money for doing BTW, to appease Scots voters….and take the Heat of Tories at Holyrood…or try to.

      Pity he could not have extended these same ‘principles’ when he, like all other Scottish Tory MP’s, voted against bill to protect Food standards in future Trade agreements post Brexit..Farmers in Scotland let down just like the rest of us living in Scotland.

      A political manoeuvre so blatant and obvious is his noble (not) ‘resignation’ that it is embarrassing…..

    187. Sarah says:

      @ Capella at 11.04: you are right about IDOX being Peter Lilley’s firm that “provides ballot box services and vote counting” to local authorities. How did councils manage before, one wonders.


    188. Clapper57 says:

      Oh BTW all of those ‘liberal’ minded Remainers on Twitter..are retweeting Ross’s resignation statement…

      James O’Brien retweeted it with one word ‘Respect’.

      Shows you exactly how absolutely clueless they are as to what happens in Scottish politics….oh yes James ‘Respect’….did you also ‘respect’ him voting against preventing food standards being lowered post Brexit trade deals…

      Scottish politics…our business James.

      UK politics…that predominantly effects England…Your business James.

      James was one of the ‘liberal’ minded Remainers who were pushing the Lib Dem vote in last GE December 2019…now James , obviously fickle, has abandoned the Lib Dems and turned to New Labour…i.e. Keir Starmer’s NEW Labour ( new boss same party)…new boss same as the old boss only exception being more palatable to ‘liberal’ minded remainers who like to be on the ‘Centre’ ground….not too left and not too right….just stuck in the middle.

      James is a hypocrite….he plays the good Tory bad Tory game…he , like other ‘Liberal’ minded Remainers, did this in the last GE…so those Tories who were pro remain were good and the Brexit Tories were bad in HIS and his remainers pals opinion….where as we in Scotland KNOW there is no such thing as a good Tory….perhaps that’s why , in his country, the Tories keep WINNING elections!

    189. Oneliner says:

      The corn was dry, the weeds were high when Douglas upped and left us. (Apologies to O.C. Smith)

      Perhaps not as above, but no doubt there are things on the farm which require his attention, and with a new football season on the horizon, he’ll need to get fit to fulfill his ballboy duties. And there’s always something to do at Westminster. (Apologies to my late English teacher – starting a sentence with a conjunction)

      Busy life indeed.

    190. robbo says:

      meg merrilees says:
      26 May, 2020 at 11:43 am
      Robbo @ 10.04

      Yes seen that Meg.

      The Republic of DT is not the kind of Republic I wish for Scotland! Seems a few in here would love that type of Republic, guns and all. It’s for liberty they cry.Nuts.

      Dorothy Devine says:
      26 May, 2020 at 11:29 am

      Seems if you’re not anti Snp,anti Nicola Sturgeon, anti lock down, we don’t belong here in this liberty forum of some dafties. You must be anti lock down, anti Snp, and most of all anti NS.

      Being anti Tories,Slabors Fibdems,Yoons, Brits NF don’t matter eh Dug, Millineum & co

    191. Liz g says:

      Ian Brotherhood 11.45
      Please don’t waste your time with that site..
      It’s a pale imitation of Alex Jones Infowars and a last refuge of the Kippers…

    192. CameronB Brodie says:

      Liz g @12:44
      Thank you.

    193. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lizg –

      Thanks, but I quite like deciding for myself what I can watch.


    194. Millennium says:

      I mistakenly thought I heard the BBC Scotland presenter say , “And now over to Nicola Sturgeon for her daily Beefing”

      I had to laugh, because I thought the only “Beefing” Nicola was getting daily was a battery operated one from her best pal Rhona.

      But it was then I realised the BBC Scotland presenter was talking about Nicola’s “Daily Briefing”.

      Oh how we laughed. Well I found it funny.

    195. robbo says:

      Had to put daily update on pause while I take a box of drugs!

      First question from jorno’s.

      Glen Campbell. BBC

      1) NS, a poll today suggests 70% of those polled say you initiated the lock down too late! Was that mistake?

      ffs, seems you can’t win eh!

      Nothing about the poll that says 82% say NS is trusted by public for her response and handling. Done by CURTIS btw.

      So there we have it. Back to briefing b4 I fall asleep never to wake ,la de da da da.

    196. CameronB Brodie says:

      Ian Brotherhood
      Sorry Ian, of course you are entitled to decide what information you consume, but you are not helping our situation or the cause by disseminating right-wing propaganda.

    197. defo says:

      The ‘Left’ provided the World with Stalin & Pol Pot.

    198. Millennium says:

      Can B

      What is your tipple???

      Cocaine or Speed???

      Or have you another preference???

      It must be some fuckin gear mate,,, you are on here 24 hours a day,,,,seven days a week.

      And now you are telling contributors which websites are good for them and which are bad

      You are becoming the Dominic Cummings of Wings.

      You post your shit,,,and let others decide to post what they consider relevant.

      In other words,,”mind yet ain fuckin business”

    199. CameronB Brodie says:

      Thanks for confirming my impression of your character and intentions. You’re not particularly good at this game though. Just an observation. 😉

      Full text.

      A hypothetical neurological association between dehumanization and human rights abuses

    200. Millennium says:

      Nicola”s best pal is of course Shona, not Rhona.

      Unless she is seeing somebody called Rhona behind Shona’s back.

    201. Golfnut says:

      An interesting alternative motive for Ross’s resignation.

    202. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If this place was functioning normally there’s a good chance that Rev would have at least commented on that appalling STV video of Scotland’s grateful children taking turns to read a script praising ‘Nicola’. And even if he didn’t, it’s a certainty that we’d be discussing it here btl.

      Since when was anyone here wary of sourcing the ‘wrong type’ of information? Worse, when did we start blanking information we just don’t like or embarrasses us?

    203. CameronB Brodie says:

      I wouldn’t want you to feel excluded. 😉

      New Games, New Rules: Big Data and the Changing Context of

    204. jfngw says:

      Of course there is no proof Cummings son was ever in hospital and no way of finding out due to patient confidentiality, it could be piece of fiction to garner sympathy, much like most of the story.

      BBC Scotland still interested to bring up the most negative question at the briefing, they had nothing about the new system always wanting to linger on the past.

      The BBC journalists have been the poorest throughout the crisis, soft on Westminster, hard on Holyrood. When a Sky journalist can skewer Gove with a few simple questions, the BBC/ITV journalist are too busy trying to impress us with there oratory, the question at the end has usually been pathetic (with Peston your not even sure what the question was as you’ve gone comatose before he’s finished).

    205. jfngw says:

      @ian brotherhood

      Armitage Shanks!!!! Are you sure he’s not just taking the piss?

      Come back from the dark side Ian, we still want you on the independence side.

    206. robertknight says:

      Dorothy Devine @ 11:29

      “I see the infestation of Wings continues at a pace , I wonder what the Rev is thinking of the hijack of his baby?”

      Sorry Dot, but if I’d known WoS was just another venue for a Church of the SNP coffee morning then I’d never have bothered with it.

      As it stands, I view it as a place where an extraordinary and investigative journalist regularly exposes the hypocrisy and dirty-deeds of those who seek to thwart the legitimate desire of the Yes movement to transform Scotland to an independent, sovereign State.

      The BTL simply a place where those with a common aim can express differing views. Coffee not required.

    207. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Any propaganda is just slanted information.

      It has to contain some facts, doesn’t it?

      As well as the embarrassing FM/STV piece (which has since disappeared) that UKColumn link contained this, which I probably wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. By the looks of the btl responses, plenty of Scots, mostly indy-supporters, are having a rerr auld blether about it all.

    208. Dogbiscuit says:

      Dorothy Devine people across the political spectrum are unhappy about current takeover of our political system.Where better to excercise our ‘sovereign ‘ rights to voice criticism of an untrustworthy leader than here? Do you think we should continue voting for jam tomorrow? When did it become normal for a democratic people to give up their rights and Dorothy you have nothing to say about draconian Police State powers? Yet you criticise. I admit I’m a little rough around the edges but it’s my message you have the real problem with. I understand the difficulty of accepting your leaders feet made of clay but really Ms Sturgeon creates grounds for criticism.

    209. Clapper57 says:

      Oh NOW…. NOW…suddenly the Scottish Tory MP’s and MSP’s breaking ranks…coming out AGAINST Cummings..could that be because PUBLIC opinion do not, unlike them prior to today, want to shut Cummings scandal down…Hmm.

      Did the Jackanory story via Cummings yesterday not give a happy ENDING to this story…..Scottish Tories backed into a corner….now wave the white flag…and grudgingly now HAVE to accept that their silence at the weekend on their Twitter accounts and indeed their NON appearance on GMS on radio when invited to appear yesterday…well it spoke volumes as to whose side they were on…..are we expected to believe they were simply suppressing their positions by deflecting attention away from Cummings while collectively retweeting Carlaw’s #SNPBAD story in a Sunday edition of a Unionist rag….you too Ruth..oh dear is good judgement alien to Ruth the ‘saviour of the Union’ too.

      Call me cynical but self preservation and damage limitation is the Tory in Scotland’s modus operandi….the yoons in Scotland are in disarray….and some are raging with some Scottish Tories conceding that Cumming’s position now untenable….does that mean that Carlaw’s honeymoon period is OVER…..bring on the Ballantyne….she has no scruples and is head Fangirl of Bojo in Scotland…so perfect fit for Bojo in England.

      All very much….Too little too late….as per…an obvious political manoeuvre by them all…WE SEE YOU….we really do.

    210. CameronB Brodie says:

      The core of justice is truth, which needs good “information hygiene” in order to stay alive.

      Study epidemiology of fake news

    211. CameronB Brodie says:

      Brexitania is a stranger to natural law justice though, so truth has nothing to do with you or me, apparently.

      Epidemics and Infodemics in the Post-Truth Era, from Ebola to COVID-19

      Social media can be a powerful weapon in the post-truth era. Or it can be a catalyst for the next global health disaster

    212. callmedave says:

      Test & trace system in Scotland starting at the end of the week.

      Seems that it might even work unlike that other one on the Isle-of-Wight now 2-weeks late and away for a revamp.
      It was escribed by a science & health expert last week as a ‘side show’ in a big Auntie interview.

      Big Auntie showed the FM update live and also again later have just watched it.

      Strange that no BBC expert / pundit / go to person or Scottish Unionist broadcaster (even the on the shelf types) was asked to comment. Funny old world innit!

      OH! Breaking news!

      Carlaw tells Boris that Cummings has to be goings! 🙂

    213. robertknight says:

      CMD @ 2:25

      “Carlaw tells Boris that Cummings has to be goings! ?”

      But just as nobody here cares what Jackass Carcrash has to say, similarly Boris doesn’t care what any Sweaty from Chilly Jockoland has to say; we’re just a bunch of Johnny Foreigners squatting on a bit of England that’s only good for sheep.

      Show me a Tory with any moral authority and I’ll show you a tapdancing pig!

    214. bipod says:

      It been nearly 3 weeks since the lockdown was eased in England, and there is still no sign of the evidence free catastrophic second peak claim that would destroy the NHS and kill everyone. Any day now.

      Is it possible that NS has been over egging the danger? What “scientific” advice is she recieving that is different from all the other countries of europe that are reopening, its about time she starts publishing it.

    215. Ian Brotherhood says:

      So I’m now the resident right-winger?

      Blinking blimeyness, I didn’t even feel a thing!

      Cheers CamB, I’ll remember that. Mate.

      BTW, this morning I got a message from a friend who lives abroad. It said ‘Congratulations. You’re now living in a totalitarian state.’

      This is someone who gets ‘different’ news from us, even via social media. What does he know what we don’t, or don’t want to?

      Oh, and he mentioned the FM/STV video. They didn’t pull it fast enough, and we’re now being mocked internationally. Nice job, ‘jockdown’ fans.

    216. ahundredthidiot says:


      hilarious – issuing the ‘scientific evidence’ has about as much chance as the ‘intelligence’ on Iraqs WMD did.

      … us, we’ve seen it, you plebs are too dumb, honestly, trust us…..

      aye right……..but some people still fall for it.

      mind boggling – particularly when all the data says its as bad as a bad flu, there wont be a vaccine anytime soon (if ever) and these measures are destroying the fabric of a hard fought and won society – just mind boggling.

    217. Clapper57 says:

      Will Douglas Ross’s resignation…a JUNIOR minister…elected in NORTH NORTH Brit-Tania….bring the Tory UK government down…Dumb Di Dumb Dumb…DOWN….Red card Red card…..How WILL the UK Tory government survive that !…..a JUNIOR minister resigning…now…now… Jackson the branch manager in NORTH NORTH Brit-Tania coming out against Cummings too….Blue card Blue card….in the name oh the wee man….my suspenders are killing me…..Boris now saying Infamy Infamy…they’ve all got it Infamy…..Junior’s and branch managers in revolt(ing) against the King oh the South….how WILL Bojo survive against such a ‘powerful’ and ‘influential’ pair turning against his boss Dom Cummings…..I’m overcome with revulsion so I am …so I am.

    218. ahundredthidiot says:

      Ian B @ 11:45

      One of the things J.Hub will ensure is that only the ‘right people’ will be required to isolate by filtering them out…….we cant be bothering the rich, famous and powerful with this nonsense……further evidenced by the fact the UK placed no lockdown on people flying into the UK – no way jose

    219. CameronB Brodie says:

      Ian Brotherhood
      Please stop twisting my words and please try to see where I’m coming from. I’m pretty sure your not a man of the right, but you appear to be falling for their guff.

      Full text.

      The post-truth world: how social media destroy the absolutism of the “objective” truth

      Monotheistic religion, scientific ethic, and writing alienated truth from personal experience. Social media return truth from priests to people. Nobody likes it.

      In 2016, Oxford Dictionary declared ‘post-truth’ to be the Word of the Year. The dictionary explains the adjective “post-truth” as related to “circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief”. In 2016, the word ‘post-truth’ was used mostly in relation to the British referendum on leaving the EU and the US presidential election. In both cases, real arguments lost to emotional beliefs based on either half-truths or lies. The truth, established facts, rational knowledge, and fact-checking proved to be helpless. Accountability journalism, with its quality standards and adherence to facts, has lost.

      In this environment, any socially important narrative is losing credibility. It is not that the number of lies is vast, it is that the entire idea of truth is becoming vague. To withstand a new quantity of lies, we need to find a new quality of truth….

    220. callmedave says:

      Colonial BBC web sites have the numbers.
      BBC UK and BBC England web sites (nothing)

      Good day for the N. Ireland.

      Scotland ……….today…..18…….Total…..2291…BBC
      N. Ireland………today…..00…….Total……514…BBC
      England…………today…*117…… figs..*SUN

    221. Bob Mack says:

      When did this site morph into Socialist Worker?

      Answer____ only when the usual idiots appear.

      You guys are looking for Utopia. Take a boat and head into the sunset. You will get there eventually.

    222. CameronB Brodie says:

      Bob Mack
      Are you calling me a ‘socialist’, just because I have a bio-neurological appreciation of the law, and I’m prepared to defend international human rights law?

    223. ahundredthidiot says:

      I cant believe some people on here are still banging on about Scotlands Independence.

      That’s a bit like wanting to change the wall paper while the house is on fire.

    224. Dorothy Devine says:

      Amazing , there are those who think I referred to them when I wrote ‘infestation’.

      I see Murder Fraser has also shouted ‘resign’

    225. Dogbiscuit says:

      Everyone. I know I’m not the most diplomatic among us but don’t use that as an excuse to ignore the very real societal dangers of ‘social distancing’ tracking and tracing such snappy Government buzzwords.Im going to have to assume that my main protagonists on here are Government Agents who are here to keep the online community in-line. The very fact that no serious attempt is made by the Government types to address any issues I and others on this site try to raise makes me highly suspicious of their motives.Others attempt to fog issues with screeds of dry theory that would make a book lover swear off reading for life. The obvious fobbing off questions receive here is not looking good to those discerning folks who choose to lurk. I would still be one of those lurkers if our politicians had’nt so enthusiastically stitched up the British People. You do realise that NS and her New SNP are being viewed around the World as Tyrants? Everything Holyrood has planned for us using virus as an excuse, I do not consent to. This is bigger than Independence which even the most plastered among you must see NS has no interest in. Day time drinking is not good for you especially some of you lot.

    226. Dogbiscuit says:

      Dorothy.You mentioned people by name on here .Dont you remember? Maybe have another gin.There ye go.

    227. Bob Mack says:

      @Cameron Brodie,

      No ,I call you paranoid. I was referring to others in fact.

    228. jfngw says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      Sure it’s not just some football thing with Fraser, re-sign. He’s easily confused.

    229. Bob Mack says:


      Oh please. Next you will be telling us they want our information to give to secret alien Overlords .

      Too many conspiracy theory books and tv programmes does that to you.

    230. Dogbiscuit says:

      In fact since daytime drinking is the ‘new normal’ I think I’ll take a drink as well. Daytime drinking the new democracy. When British diplomats lecture other countries about freedom and democracy it is so ironic.

    231. CameronB Brodie says:

      Bob Mack
      That doesn’t mean they’re not after me. 🙂

    232. Dogbiscuit says:

      Behold the fools who accept bland promises from psychopathic politicians and lists of complaints from Swedish girls deliberately dressed down to look vulnerable in order to fool you. You pick and choose what propaganda you want to believe. You have placed your lives and families in the hands of politicians who are blowing smoke up your asses.

    233. Bob Mack says:


      It appears you have found an incorruptible means of Governance. Let us all share your knowledge please!

    234. Dogbiscuit says:

      Bob Smack. It is better to be somewhat paranoid and wrong than complaisant and wrong.

    235. Republicofscotland says:

      “I cant believe some people on here are still banging on about Scotlands Independence.

      That’s a bit like wanting to change the wall paper while the house is on fire.”


      What a load of old bollocks, just because Sturgeon might not be up to the task doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it or voice our ideas and opinions, you can be damn sure the Britnats and the Denison barracks Chinthes in here haven’t shut up.

    236. Bob Mack says:


      Sane people could say the same about you.

    237. CameronB Brodie says:

      Found it! The conversation lead me to think about cognitive linguistic theory and practice, in relation to legal theory and practice.

      Ta da. 🙂

      The Future of International Law is Cognitive—
      International Law, Cognitive Sociology and Cognitive

      Scholars today discuss international law from various methodological angles. This Article aims to add perspectives from cognitive science, namely cognitive sociology and cognitive linguistics, or, to be more precise, cognitive pragmatics.

      It briefly elaborates on these fields’ respective approaches, benefits, and limits. To clearly delineate the usefulness of the methodologies, this Article separately applies both approaches to the same example of a process of interpretation in international law.

      This Article concludes that the two cognitive approaches can help lawyers better understand and implement international law. This not only provides a description of the process of interpretation, but will hopefully enable a better practice of international law.

      International law; cognitive science; sociology of international law; international law and language; linguistics; pragmatics; cognitive sociology; cognitive linguistics; cognitive pragmatics; Relevance Theory

    238. Dogbiscuit says:

      Bob Smack you use the same arguments the state would use to denigrate dissenters. You must have no problems with 77 having access to your medical records.

    239. Dogbiscuit says:

      So you are sane Bob Smack.? Are you quite sure?

    240. jfngw says:


      Ah, the David Icke school of philosophy You control the vertical, I control the horizontal, from the inner mind to the outer limits.

    241. Bob Mack says:


      I’m an alien Overlord sent to disrupt you because you have gained knowledge of our presence and control of the population and are telling everybody.

      There. Confession is good for the soul.

      Medical records? Do the 77th actually have an interest in my broken wrist or my dislocated shoulder?


    242. Dr Jim says:

      Soaring above Scottish politics

      That’s what it says at the top of this site except it’s missing the *My Arse* part

      For those who actually support Scotland and Independence there are other decent sites where you can find these values

    243. jfngw says:

      I see Michael Gove is so wary of experts he would rather use the Cummings eye test method than consult an optician.

      I wonder what other alternative types of diagnoses he prefers. I you think you have a hernia, try lifting something heavy and see if anything pops out.

    244. Dogbiscuit says:

      jfngw. If you had a mind you might apply it to the most pressing questions of our age such as Dominic Cummings comings and goings or your favourite song maybe the thorny problem of soft furnishings in a time of ‘lockdown’. Chicken feed politics while your freedoms will only ever be traded back to you.On a bamhunt and you hove into view.

    245. CameronB Brodie says:

      Why is the relationship between cognitive linguistic theory and practice, and legal theory and practice, important? Why does Brexit and the proposed GRA reforms constitute authoritarian eugenics.

      The Interface of Language and Theory of Mind

    246. Scozzie says:

      Bloody hell Cummings canny even be arsed to come up with some decent lies.
      The (p)muppet master really does call all the shots in the Tory party.

    247. Dogbiscuit says:

      Your getting bitter DrJim. Bob Smack trying to characterise a fascist coup as a pipe dream. So you believe we live in a democracy? Bob I don’t seriously think you’re in 77 I think you’re just the kind of radar we’ll find on any building site full of shit and hot air.

    248. Dogbiscuit says:

      Not radar but radge .

    249. Bob Mack says:

      @Dr Jim,

      Then go there. Sooner rather than later.

    250. Dogbiscuit says:

      If you are being directed to think D Cummings is in charge then he is almost certainly not in charge.

    251. Bob Mack says:


      To be honest you remind me of the guys who lived rough and drank hairspray. They talked just like you.

    252. Dogbiscuit says:

      This is my idea of dogging.

    253. jfngw says:


      The fabled society that has never existed. I hope you realise the same people that are extreme capitalists would become the extreme communist in another scenario, they will always morph into whatever takes them to power.

    254. Bob Mack says:


      I take you at your word.

    255. Dogbiscuit says:

      You should try Harmony Bob it’s fucking wonderful.

    256. Dogbiscuit says: you’re a political philosopher now. That’s nice.

    257. jfngw says:


      I remember the ads ‘That guy’s drinking Harmony hairspray’, it always turned heads.

    258. Bob Mack says:

      @woof woof,

      Yer no well son. Probably tired of dog whistle politics !!.

      Anyway tea time .

    259. jfngw says:


      No, a realist. There is no Shangri-La, just get over it.

    260. CameronB Brodie says:

      A lot of the world’s leading neo-cons were big noises as Marxist Trots. All these puppet masters are concerned with is power in order to exercise power.

      Embodiment in cognitive linguistic: from experientialism to computational neuroscience

      The aim of this paper is to reflect on the character of embodiment in the framework of Cognitive Linguistics based on Lakoff, collaborators and interlocutors. Initially I characterize the embodied mind, via cognitive experientialism. In these terms, the theory shapes how human beings build and process knowledge structures which regulate their individual and collective lives.

      Next, the Neural Theory of Language in which embodiment is rebuilt from a five level paradigm, where structured connectionism carries on the very burden of computational description and explanation is discussed.

      From these assumption, classical problems about computational implementations for models of natural language functioning as reductionist-physicalist approaches, I then conclude by assuming that embodiment, as an investigation phenomenon, shouldn’t be formulated in terms of levels, being treated as interfaces instead, at such manner that: (a) the epistemological commitments should be synchronically sustained in all interfaces of the investigation paradigm; (b) the conventional computational level should be taken as one of the problems which has to be treated in the structured connectionism plan; [c] the strategic reduction levels paradigm and the results obtained from it might imply a kind of modularization of the program of research itself; e (d) the modules would be interdependent only as a result of the reductionist proposal.

      As a result, I assume that it is possible to do Cognitive Linguistics without adhering to structured connectionism, or to neurocomputacional simulation, as long as one would operate with interfaces constructions between domains of investigation and not with a reductionist features paradigm treated in terms of “levels”.

      embodiment; cognitive linguistics; neural theory of language.

    261. Bob Mack says:


      Turned your head and kept it there.Boom boom.

    262. Dogbiscuit says:

      jfngw. You’re right there is no political Shangri La.

    263. Dogbiscuit says:

      jfngw.your harmony line ?funny Nice one

    264. callmedave says:

      It is clear now that Cummings is of greater value to the PM Boris within the WM bubble than his view of how important Tory support in the colonies is.

      Surely Tories in the colonies must have raised a bemused eyebrow at how inept the Tory first team are, having proved totally unable to put even their policies, and measures into practice.
      £Ms squandered for little benefit.

      Even the Tory Scottish branch office has been found out and learning now they are held in low esteem by their ‘betters’ darn Sarf

      Lots of Tory voters must be having thoughts and inklings about Scotland’s place in the UK, doubts and regrets, now that it has come to this. They have lost trust in him, a here today and maybe back tomorrow, stepping in only when pressure is on to deliver his laissez-faire message and making heavy weather of it from a few scrawled words on the back of a fag packet.

      Boris polling at -1% in the ratings out today, a drop of 15 points from last Friday and a whopping 50 points from last Month.

      Entropy has set into the Tory system and it will get worse.

      The Brexit Tory benefit / bonus which was to lift ‘the country’ has been wiped away by an accident of ‘nature’ everything political about both Tory Unionism and Scottish Nationalism is
      now suspended in aspic until the plague passes over.

      After it does pass it’s a new ball game and everything is up for grabs, now may not the time, but it will be along soon enough.

      Yankee Dow doing well at the moment …all green and pleasant gwaffs today on the worlds markets. 🙂

      But Boris is up and about now and had his breakfast so mustn’t be too happy…. He ain’t said nothing yet!

      Tomorrow is another day!

      (said the man who shaved his armpits and chest hairs everyday)
      True that.

    265. CameronB Brodie says:

      I wasn’t just showing off there, this stuff points towards an alternative to Cartesian cul de sacs that present barriers to justice.

      Essentials of a Theory of Language Cognition

    266. Breastplate says:

      Dr Jim,
      I was under the impression that you left here not because the site owner disagreed with your views on the higher echelons of the SNP but because you found it difficult to defend your stance regarding Nicola and her inner circle.

      This site has never been an echo chamber and I hope that never changes.
      I understand that some people are trying to silence dissenting voices and if they ever succeed that’s when this site will start to wither in my opinion.

      So although there are many comments on here with which I agree with or don’t agree with, that is exactly what should be happening to spark debate, same as it has ever was on here.

      An echo chamber is stale and boring for anyone with an inquisitive mind.

    267. Dogbiscuit says:

      Dr Jim what do you recommend Bella Caledonia?

    268. CameronB Brodie says:

      WOS is probably Scotland’s most influential political blog, so it is naturally going to attract those who oppose justice and democracy. Disrupting the development of social cognition is imperative to their short-sighted agenda of resisting progress. Was “Project Fear” ever discontinued?


    269. Ahundredthidiot says:


      i didnt say people ‘cant’ bang on about it, just that it’s pointless given the current threat to liberty, freedom and democracy.

    270. callmedave says:


      ONS suggesting the total for corona virus deaths at 40,000.

      Isle-of -Wight tracing app “kicked into the long grass” says pundit on big Auntie news.

      The daily briefing slightly delayed again Mr Hancock is today’s fall guy.

      Oh it’s on!

    271. Dogbiscuit says:

      The military should not be integrated with civil society. There are good historical reasons why it’s a bad idea.Soldiers are not policemen. Even Military Police I would consider imposters. The NHS is complicit in the handover of our personal data to the 77th spying fucking arsehole bastard brigade.

    272. Dogbiscuit says:

      40,000death toll is overblown.Theres far too many people in Scotland clinging to the fantasy that we are dealing with a pandemic.Do you still believe the projected 5000,000 body count?

    273. gus1940 says:

      When is somebody going to tell us what Cummings was doing during the 3 years he spent in Russia?

      The Manchurian Candidate springs to mind.

    274. Dorothy Devine says:

      I mentioned NO names when referring to an infestation and to watch those jump up and down to be noticed was quite entertaining and illuminating.

    275. Dogbiscuit says:

      I wonder if it’s correct to characterise the Tories as in trouble after all they still have command of Parliament they have another four years or so in power a still weakened opposition who weakened themselves further by joining the Government in the removal of our Human Rights and freedoms . Remember they also have dictatorial powers for the foreseeable future. It might be more the case of Tories being unassailable for now. The media may appear to be giving Government a hard time but they’re still tag teaming each other on virus. Virus also a convenient cover for Brexit clusterfuck disaster. You really must see the SNP advert mawkishly thanking the Saintlike figure of La Sturgeon words no child would ever naturally use.I know I’ve children of my own unlike NS and her crazy goon show entourage.Maybe Scottish children are the most politically astute toddlers in Europe?

    276. Dogbiscuit says:

      Yes Dora but ultimately your state of illumination will prove what ? and gain you what? You’re like someone who tails off halfw..,,

    277. CameronB Brodie says:

      Didn’t you admit you principally think of yourself? So we’re totally screwed if you’re the new face of rational liberalism. Why the sudden concern for social justice?

      Decoding the Charitable Brain: Empathy, Perspective Taking, and Attention Shifts Differentially Predict Altruistic Giving

    278. jfngw says:

      England and Wales weekly figures allocate less deaths to corona virus but the excess deaths have increased since previous week, 4385 week 20, 3081 week 19, 1304 more excess deaths in week 20 (15th May) compared to week 19.

    279. jfngw says:

      During same weeks 19 & 20 number of excess deaths in Scotland reduced 401 to 351. Allocated to covid 332 in week 20 (difference 19).

      Difference in E & W between excess deaths and covid allocated deaths week 20 is 575.

    280. Beaker says:

      I think the BBC has just set a record in their comments section.

      11,242 and rising on Dominic Cummings.

      Twitter has gone bonkers…(ok, even more than usual).

      Oh well, something different for a change…

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