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In vino non-veritas

Posted on May 07, 2018 by

The Scottish Sunday Express yesterday had a shock-horror exposé about a “HUGE loophole” in the Scottish Government’s minimum-pricing legislation for alcohol.

We thought we’d give it a quick once-over. You’re in for a HUGE shock, readers.

Because the story is complete cobblers. Firstly, even taken on the Express’s terms the headline is utter nonsense. The “huge” saving turns out to be just £3.90 on an order of £45, which is 8.7% – barely enough to make it worth waiting days for delivery rather than just popping down to the shops for your tipple.

But is it even true? Our spidey-sense was set tingling by the mention of shipping costs. As any Amazon user knows, an order of £45 would usually qualify for free shipping, so it occurred to us that the Express must have used an Amazon Marketplace seller (rather than Amazon itself) to get around the fact that the legislation DOES apply to chains which have outlets in Scotland, as Amazon do.

It turned out to be even dodgier than that, though. Because the Express’s claims seem to be a flat-out lie on just about every possible level. Here’s their shopping list:

Wings, of course, isn’t based in Scotland, and so minimum pricing doesn’t apply to us. But even then, we couldn’t find a 70cl bottle of Bells anywhere on the site for under the Scottish minimum price of £14:

The cheapest one listed was £14.50, and that was only available through Amazon Pantry, which is exclusive to Amazon Prime members, who pay an £80 annual fee. (Or £95.88 if you pay monthly.)

The cheapest that was available to non-Prime members was £18.69 (+ £4.49 p&p).

The next item on the Express list was 12 cans of Strongbow supposedly priced at £9. But it isn’t possible to buy a 12-can pack of Strongbow from Amazon AT ALL unless you’re a Prime member. It’s another Pantry exclusive.

The best you can do if you’re not in Prime is 20 cans for £30, which is £1.50 each, or a pro-rata equivalent of £18 for 12 cans – twice what the Express claimed and again well above the Scottish minimum price.

The same goes for Three Mills wine. If you’re not a Prime member you can’t buy single bottles of it – you need to get a case of six at £30, which is £5 a bottle, well above the Scottish minimum price of £4.13.

Finally came the 20-pack of Stella Artois, which – you guessed it! – was only available at the stipulated £12 price to Prime members, with anyone else having to pay £28.

So in order to exploit this “HUGE loophole” and save £3.90, thirsty Express readers would have to fork out at least £80 on Prime membership, and then order this much booze at least 21 times a year just to break even.

If you bought the basket once a month through Pantry, you’d effectively be paying £51.52 for it once you factored in Prime membership and Pantry delivery, which is £2.43 MORE than minimum price.


Bells 70cl: £14.50
Strongbow 12 x 440ml: £9
Three Mills 2 x (1 red, 1 white): £6.36
Stella Artois 20 x 284ml: £12
+Pantry delivery: £2.99
+Prime membership (£6.67/mo minimum): £6.67

TOTAL: £51.52

There are 104.4 units of alcohol in the Express’s shopping basket, so 21 would come to 2192 units a year, which is more than 42 units a week before you’re saving any money – over three times the recommended maximum intake for an adult.

(If you bought it every two weeks instead – seriously, get help – the Prime membership would be effectively halved so the order would come to £48.19 a time, a colossal total saving of £0.90 over minimum pricing, on enough alcohol to kill a horse.)

But if you’re not in Prime the price rockets by almost 60%:


Bells 70cl: £23.18 (inc £4.49 delivery)
Strongbow 12* x 440ml: £13.90 (pro-rata: you’d actually have to buy 24 cans)
Three Mills 2 x : £10 (pro-rata: you’d actually have to buy 12 bottles)
Stella Artois 20 x 284ml: £35 (inc £7 delivery)

TOTAL: £82.08 (79p per unit, as opposed to the 50p minimum price)

So the Sunday Express thinks it’s worth signing up to Amazon Prime at £80 a year and drinking SIX TIMES the healthy amount of booze in order to save 90 pence and get one over on the SNP. Readers can draw their own conclusions about what the article tells us of the mental strain involved in writing lies for the Express every day.

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214 to “In vino non-veritas”

  1. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    It doesn’t have to be the truth, just that the readers believe it.

    However on this claim a few believers may well try to order this bargain.


  2. Fred says:


  3. Archbishop of Dork says:

    And alchohol is flammable too. The Sun and The Express could join forces.

  4. Welsh Sion says:

    Lunchtime O’Booze strikes again.

    When you’re a MSM “journo”, is it any wonder that your brain cells are impaired by excessive indulgence in alcohol? It kinda goes with the job, doesn’t it?

  5. mogabee says:

    You mean…they were ‘economical’ with the veritas???

    As most folk would find out pretty quickly if after reading that load of codswallop, they then proceeded to try and buy said ‘bargains’.

    Nice try Daily Express…nae coconut!! 😀 😀

  6. thingy says:

    The sort of people who buy 2 litres of rocket fuel are – in my opinion – unlikely to wait for booze to be delivered. Loopholes that take 2 days to jump through are no use to them.

    Also, there’s a 2.99 delivery charge for Pantry orders.

  7. Merkin Scot says:

    Wow! Amazon will allow you to buy enough alcohol to drown a number of babies.

  8. sassenach says:

    Archbishop of Dork says: “And alchohol is flammable too.”

    Good God, now I’ve got to stop giving my newborn Newcastle Brown as well as fags – where is all this heading I ask? ( Answer :- Indy !!).

  9. jimnarlene says:

    Ah but, theses journalists have been using the Jackie Baillie calculator. Which as we know will give the desired result, to whatever pish you type in.

  10. Effijy says:

    The Express really does live up to its name as it rushes at great speed deliver futile garbage and railroad the gullible to believing only English ideas can be given any merit.

    It can’t be a healthy environment for their scribbles to produce this dross on a daily basis, still never mind, their own actions will see that this propaganda pamphlet closes down shortly.

    It is meantime useful for emergency toilet paper, lining the budgies cage, making paper hats for the kids, and igniting the log burner.

    Trees deserve better!

  11. Welsh Sion says:

    Archbishop of Dork says:

    And alcohol is flammable too. The Sun and The Express could join forces.

    7 May, 2018 at 11:37 am


    They’re both definitely inflammatory (or even inflammaTORY …)

  12. galamcennalath says:

    The Express appears to specialise in fake news concerning Scotland. There’s the recurring theme of attacking the SNP/Scottish Government/Scotland for political propaganda.

    Sadly, they are free to do that.

    However, it does raise questions about how believable this incessant guff actually is, and do many folks actually believe it!? If more readers (as in folks who pay many for this) don’t believe it than do, then it wouldn’t a be very good business model. And what it must say, is something about the readership!

    This is the ‘news’ paper which supported UKIP after all. Maybe it really is aimed at, bought, and read by that small hard-of-thinking section of society.

    The vast majority of people of any political persuasion must see it as the crap it is.

  13. Archbishop of Dork says:

    Amazon Grace, that saved a wretch like the Express from having to find a real story for the front page.

  14. Az says:

    Excellent article, as per usual.

  15. starlaw says:

    Perhaps the Express should follow up with the story about Children gathered round a phone box, kittying up their pennies , phoning Amazon and having a gallon of Scrumpyjacks delivered within the hour.

  16. Robert Peffers says:

    There is one thing that becomes clearer with every daft fake news story that emanates from south of the border.

    The Westminster Establishment are worried, very, very worried. The worry brings with itself poor judgements, lowered ethics, much hatred and sheer desperation.

    I’ve been saying it for some time now – don’t even try to stop them for their own, self inflicted actions will be their downfall. If you will pardon the comparison, these actions are very like drug and/or alcohol addiction.

    No one forced it upon them, it is self inflicted, self administered, the victim knows it will destroy them but they cannot stop doing it. So stand back and observe as the Westminster Establishment Propaganda wing continues to destroy itself and the rest of the Establishment will follow them into oblivion.

  17. Craig P says:

    It’s at times like this my booze snobbery is revealed, or would Express journalists rather drink paint thinner than spend a second sober.

    Three Mills British (wtf??) Wine.???

    What kind of jakey drinks this shit?

  18. John Dickson says:

    Tried to buy some of the red wine from Asda online. When I gave them my postcode they would deliver. The price was 3.18, under the minimum price of 4.13. When I tried to order it became unavailable the white version is 4.13 on their website. Going by the reviews this British wine is best served on chips.

  19. Clootie says:

    …you would almost think that the MSM had a campaign against the Scottish Government.

  20. jake says:

    When are the SG going to introduce legislation to enforce a minimum number of facts per published article. Own-label, cheap,industrially produced tabloid lies are a blight on society.

  21. Archbishop of Dork says:

    The guy who wrote this is Ben Borland, who has been an unremitting SNP Baad storyteller for years.

  22. John Munro says:

    You can get the odd type of booze a bit cheaper on Amazon. I’m a Prime member and buy particular types of wines and spirits through the site but it ain’t the place for cheap booze. Standard blended whisky and other spirits are generally more expensive than in the shops, up here, even after MUP. As others have pointed out this is simply more Express drivel.

  23. Chick McGregor says:

    May be wrong but my local COOP seemed to have had a, coincidental I’m sure, drop in booze price just before the MPing kicked in.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    Very typical British nationalist behaviour:

    They thought this up in the pub didn’t they because even if there were to be any discount being had by doing all this nonsense the folk who are targeted by this health policy couldn’t afford to employ those tactics anyway to get their chosen and oft times desperate dose of poison

    Unfortunately that group of people are suffering from addiction related problems and do tend to drink in the immediate moment spending what they have on their person at the time instead of planning weeks ahead

    All the Express and other British nationalist papers are doing is selling papers with headlines they hope will interest other British nationalists and it’s a sad state of affairs when in the pursuit of winning an ideological argument for London rule over Scottish self determination that the media resort to not giving a holy shit about their fellow countrymen and womens health

    As usual British newspapers live right down to their reputations……Ugly!

  25. John says:

    I have been analysing this for some time now and I have come to a conclusion: your blood pressure would be much lower if you didn’t read the Express!

  26. Highland Wifie says:

    Maths not really their strongpoint then. Mind you neither is any form of thinking skill requiring more than a couple of brain cells.

    Not just the mental strain of writing all the lies that is concerning but the daily plumbing of such depths must have a long term negative spiritual effect. To any young ‘journalists’ that feel trapped because they need a job, there are other ways of making a living that don’t involve denigrating your own country. If, on the other hand, you enjoy this work then you need to understand that in an independent Scotland you won’t have a job in journalism.

  27. Archbishop of Dork says:

    Three Mills British Wine.

    Is that Sir John, Hayley and Juliet Mills?

  28. Jim Clark says:

    Didn’t somebody say “If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.”? Did he work for the Express??

  29. Drekken11 says:

    Slight correction Rev

    The bottle of bells is available for £17.39 with free delivery IF included in an orfer totalling £20+ and not limited to Prime members

    So 2 bottle’s would be a total of £34.78 with free p+p but even then still up on the minimum price

  30. Clootie says:

    Bells and British Wine…nobody is that desperate!

  31. Legerwood says:

    Merkin Scot says:
    7 May, 2018 at 11:46 am
    Wow! Amazon will allow you to buy enough alcohol to drown a number of babies.””

    And supply the box too. Flammable cardboard of course with alcohol in it. What could possibly go wrong

  32. Macart says:

    The UK press truly are quite a shower. Hypocritical, lazy, deceitful and/or arrogant by turn and they’re the good points.

    Basically though, in recent weeks they’ve taken it upon themselves to encourage the Scottish population to flout minimum pricing legislation. Worse. They’ve been doing it by either flat out fibbing, or posing idiotic and pointless booze trip/fly by night business scheme scenarios. That about right?

    Right law abiding types these meeja folk. And their moral high ground from any perspective is what precisely?

    Do we even care why they do this to people any more? They just do. They put people in harms way and encourage the very worst in human nature because…. reasons and a bottom line.

  33. galamcennalath says:

    Knocking the Bells? Don’t you know that English Nationalist heroine, hammeress of the Scots and miners, and all time baddest bitch Margaret Thatcher, tippled the stuff by the bucket?

  34. Chick McGregor says:


    “Do we even care why they do this to people any more? They just do. They put people in harms way and encourage the very worst in human nature because…. reasons and a bottom line”

    Before the great media purge of the late 70’s the Scottish suicide rate was less than that of the other UK nations, ever since then it has been much more.

    They have blood in their pens.

  35. This: The Wiki entry for Ben Borland’s ‘expert’ who provided Scoop Borland with the ‘loophole’ in parenthesis quote in the Express’ risible headline.

    “Christopher John Snowdon is an author and freelance journalist based in the UK. He writes for Sp!ked and other publications. He is particularly known as a vocal opponent of Government intervention in matters such as alcohol and obesity; his Twitter biography states that he is “not that keen on the nanny state” .[1] He is also a research fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs.[2]

    Snowdon was born in North Yorkshire in 1976 and studied history at Lancaster University, graduating in 1998.[1]

    His first book, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist (2009), is a history of anti-smoking activity from the fifteenth century to the present day.

    His third book is The Art of Suppression: Pleasure, Panic and Prohibition since 1800 (2011).

    Snowdon’s critics allege proximity to industry interests, and have also documented repeated polemical attacks on established scientists.”

    A ‘Historyman’ with ‘proximity to industry interests’.

    I note that Borland got the job as editor when the Express ‘downsized’ and ‘saved’ the previous editor’s post. Borland was his deputy, and was ‘rightsized’ into the job, according to the blurbs.
    Will he survive the Takeover by the Mirror Group?

    They’ve got nothing.
    Project Fear has degenerated into Project Stark Staring Bonkers.

    Well done, Stu.
    I repeat, hire a bodyguard.

  36. Andy Anderson says:

    90% of all news stories about Scotland are lies or partial lies. Best not to buy the papers. I gave up years ago. Only buy the National now and support some pro indy web sites. I hold them all in contempt, especially the Sunday Herald after yesterday lies about the AOUB march.

  37. wull2 says:

    Is this a advert in the paper paid for by Amazon ?

  38. Thepnr says:


    To be a journalist in Scotland right now, what a riddy.

    I’m sure there are plenty decent journalists who are deeply embarrassed by some of the rubbish their colleagues write, I’d hope there are anyway.

    The problem is that the decent ones don’t get their articles on the front page, that’s for the “star reporters” of course who despise Independence and if you are not going to give the correct headline then you will find yourself at the back of the queue or on page 21, whatever.

    This sleekit method of intimidation has always been one of the most powerful tools that the British Nationalists have had and that is if you don’t toe the line then you could find yourself out on your arse. That goes for any job.

    Just ask Derek Bateman or Lesley Riddoch, the main point though is that this can happen to any of us and it’s just another aspect of Project Fear.

    I’m beyond fear now and the more brazen the press become in lying to me and you, then the bolder I will get. Their propaganda has a shelf life and it’s looking as if it is well past it’s sell by date. Fails on me and more and more I believe. Crying wolf only works until people stop listening.

    Let the papers rot on the shelves, that must be their fate.

  39. Artyhetty says:

    Great article, thanks.

    It’s enough to turn anyone to drink with this incessant drivel from the Britnat media.

    I suppose they preferred the days when Scotland’s reputation as an alcohol drenched, murdering each other, little backwater of England was real news. Not this namby pamby nanny state of a government trying to keep people healthy and having actual prospects, aspirations, decent housing, proper infrastructure, jobs, an educated population and even a helping hand at the very start of their lives.

    These Britnat right wing rags aspire to inequality, poverty, despair and ruin for the people of Scotland. Anything more is an afront to their portrayal of Scotland as a needy, pathetic region of greater, much much, greater England.

    They know that the Scottish government with the SNP at the helm
    are bringing Scotland into the 21st century in so many ways and boy does it break the Britnats’ hearts to see such improvement in just 11 years.

    After 100s of years working so hard to keep Scotland poor, and begging, while siphoning away her wealth and resources, the Britnats are livid. Labour, Tory, Libdems, all UK London based parties, all see Scotland as a playground, for themselves.

    Well tough, the SNP work for the people of Scotland, no matter how many £’s they have or don’t have. It’s called democracy, but the Britnats don’t aspire to that either, they live in the past and wish everyone else would as well.

    Scotland is moving into the 21st century and no going back!

  40. Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING from Pravda Quay
    with Union Jackie Kim Ono:

  41. scunner says:

    I know it’s wrong but I can never resist taking a wee swatch at the BTL on these ridiculous MSM articles.

    The Bawbags on there are extolling the virtues of English Whisky, Scottish Malts are paintstripper, all the distilleries will shut, Nippy turning Scotland into a wasteland etc…

    Good luck persuading the rest of the whisky drinking world to ditch Scotch in favour of English versions. Still, if it tastes alright, they can stick a Union Jack and a Royal accreditation on it and I’m sure they’ll shift a couple.

  42. Archbishop of Dork says:


    Jackson Carlaw tweets to note the 73rd anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany. Then the the real purpose of his tweet becomes apparent.

    He says “Not one time did people ask if those defending our small island nation were from Gloucester or Glasgow. It didn’t matter. We were one people standing alone.”

    He can’t have heard of Robert McIntyre being elected for the SNP in 1945 in Motherwell. Still dewy-eyed aging myths are all the Britnats have left. That and scare stories that aren’t far now from scaring no one.

  43. Debbie Gallacher says:

    Do people still by Bells Whisky in Scotland?

  44. HandandShrimp says:

    You do wonder if hacks that work for the sillier tabloids, like the Express, dream of one day working for a real newspaper and getting applauded for writing cutting edge, incisive journalism.

    That said, a pub team striker might dream of lifting the world cup but it is never going to happen. Writers like Ben will find their metaphorical beer belly will always get in the way of the dream.

  45. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Archbishop of Dork @ 13:49,

    I’m pretty sure that when my da, uncles and their comrades were in the forces during WW2, not forgetting my ma and auntie press-ganged into industrial war work down in the smoky English Midlands, they would, to a man and woman, have reacted to a bumptious pronouncement like Carlaw’s with the hearty derision it deserves.

    “Last refuge of the scoundrel” and all that.

  46. Socrates MacSporran says:


    Once upon a time, the Express was a real newspaper; as were the Herald – when it had Glasgow in front of that word – and The Scotsman.

    Sadly, these days, you will struggle to find a paper of the kind you describe.

  47. Serinde says:

    I rather hope some readers do try to order this from Amazon. The burnt hand teaches best, they say. And then they might be less trusting when reading the next Big Headline.

  48. Dan Huil says:

    @Archbishop of Dork 1:49pm


  49. geeo says:

    It really is laughable.

    Anyone actually trying to take this booze buying advice, will be pretty annoyed when discovering it is tosh.

    Everyone not a raging alki trying to save peanuts, will simply not care.

    Those in the first group will then realise, papers tell lies to them, and may start questioning what else is lies.

    That is even better than *stu, from Bath, telling them.

  50. HandandShrimp says:


    Fair point, there is little in the way of quality journalism, a few good writers and that is it. As for newspapers, they are, for the most part, an anachronism.

  51. Craig P says:

    There’s a hoary old story from the latter 19th century where the owners of Bells and Dewars were sitting down one Sunday morning having a discussion. And towards the end of the conversation Bell offered his rival a deoch an dorus.

    “I’ll have a Bells,” came the reply. “Really?” said the flattered rival, eyebrows raised.

    “Aye,” said Dewar, “it wouldn’t do going to church smelling of whisky.”

  52. Ann Rayner says:

    I’m glad to be able to say that I’m into my ninth decade without having sampled the delights of Three Mills Fruity (British) Wine, neither red nor white. It probably appeals to the fervent Brexiteers who view anything from Europe with deep suspicion.

  53. Welsh Sion says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    7 May, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Archbishop of Dork @ 13:49,

    I’m pretty sure that when my da, uncles and their comrades were in the forces during WW2, not forgetting my ma and auntie press-ganged into industrial war work down in the smoky English Midlands, they would, to a man and woman, have reacted to a bumptious pronouncement like Carlaw’s with the hearty derision it deserves.

    “Last refuge of the scoundrel” and all that.


    Not to mention all those from the occupied countries of Europe and Empire, and the USA who fought alongside those from the countries of these islands.

    Mind you, you can’t expect much better from the likes of Carlaw – his previous leader, Cameron – was on record as saying, “We [sic] fought the Second World War to liberate the concentration camps.”

    With such a dodgy grasp of history – or history to suit their own agenda – how can you *ever* rely on the Tories to have a meaningful relationship with the truth?

  54. Macart says:

    @Chic and Thepnr

    Pretty much on both counts.

    Journos of the type we encounter most, appear to like loading their weapon of choice, but accept zero responsibility for the harm it causes when used.

    Life however, doesn’t work like that. If your intent is to cause distress. If you put people in harms way to suit whatever your agenda is, then mibbies they shouldn’t be too shocked to discover that those people will hold them directly responsible for their distress.

  55. Fred says:

    It was the returning sojers in ’45 who booted Churchill out of Downing Street!

  56. handclapping says:

    There is always the possibility that it is just a “journalist” embelishing his story to get it printed ( and him paid).

    Conspiracy theories that this sort of thing is a concerted ploy by the editor to conform to the wishes of the owner are just that untill we see what differences the change in ownership bring.

    Remember that just by reading this you become a “cybernat” and therefore your judgement unreliable. 😀

  57. mike cassidy says:

    To be fair, Ben Borland is just another musician playing as the Titanic sinks.

    And an interesting view of the Express from someone who used to be on the inside.

  58. Pacman says:

    These loopholes offered by the MSM only works if you buy in bulk. The only way you are going to make any savings is to have a room filled completely just with alcohol. Who has the spare cash, space and frankly be crazy enough to actually do this?

    Even the most hardcore RWB Meanies are going to laugh at these types of articles when they think them through and see how impractical it is, not to mention how foolish it would make them look if they do so.

  59. Robert Louis says:

    Typical Daily Express rubbish. These people call themselves ‘journalists’. Haha, ‘British’ wine. Har de har de har. Commonly known as ‘british’ vinegar.

  60. haudonthenoo says:

    Just received a letter inviting me to re-join the SNP (lapsed) a month back . Not once does it mention the “I” word..not chuffed.

  61. Brian Powell says:


    Independence is in the SNP Constitution and was spoken about many times at the SNP Conference, by the Party leadership. It is discussed at most meetings.

  62. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    mike cassidy @ 15:31,

    It is indeed interesting what a change in ownership can do. I’m sure England is grateful for some relief.

    I just wonder though when this great improvement (alleged) will percolate upwards to the Scottish edition, whose current front pages seem just as batsh*t mental SNPbaaaaad as ever.

    But what did I expect? The corporate southern Labourite view of Scotland is just as neo-colonial as that of the old porno proprietor, it’s simply that the associated hypocrisy quotient has soared.

  63. Graeme McCormick says:

    The U.K. did not stand alone, Mr Carlaw. In his little British Nationalist mind he ignores the Commonwealth countries and the European service folk who fought and died to defeat Hitler.

  64. Capella says:

    You would save a lot more by giving it up altogether. Mr Borland has such poor taste in drinks that his liver would probably thank him for some respite.

  65. Jackson Carlaw continues to remind us what a bumptious fool he truly is.
    Your Brownshirt Loyal were making the Nazi salute on the queen’s highway yesterday, Carcrash.
    These are your core voters, you little toss pot.

  66. Jock McDonnell says:

    Archbishop of Dork et al, indeed the irony, since in WWII the independent allies fought to defeat the nazi union

  67. Mike says:

    Add in the cost of your monthly WiFi and and the savings reduce even more…

  68. Capella says:

    Someone should tell Jackson Carlaw that it was the Soviet Union (our ally) which defeated the Nazis in Berlin. Indeed, it was a female tank commander who captured the Reichstag and had the Hammer and Sickle flown above the rubble.

    If they carry on poking a bear with sharp sticks, the same thing might happen to London.
    Better together, not.

  69. Truth says:

    Yeah, but you don’t have to drink it all yourself. You can sell it to the steady stream of folk coming to your door to save £3.90.

    That’s the point. Ahem.

  70. yesindyref2 says:

    Any chance of an article from AUOB?

    This weekend has really underlined the importance of that march, and should encourage even the likes of me to make a sacrifice to go along, even though the summer season is a really busy time for me.

    I might try to co-ordinate my (business) trip to the Lakes for instance, so that I can attend Dumfries on 2nd June.

    35,000 is not a number the unionists can dismiss, hence the sneerng dismissals of the likes of the boy Smith.

  71. jfngw says:

    Looks like Jackson Carlaw believes one people, one nation, obviously the consequence of this is one leader. You can see why these Tories attract the types seen on their campaign trail.

    Nothing like extreme British Nationalists telling me that I’m a divisive nationalist.

  72. Dr Jim says:

    It’s funny how the Labour party in Scotland can organise an English doctors protest of around a dozen or so people outside Holyrood about something happening in England where our parliament has no control and the media are all over it on BBC TV but when it comes to tens of thousands of Scots marching through Scotlands largest city in protest about Scotlands constitutional situation

    They barely utter a stutter

    It kinda proves incotrovertibly that they are lying biased British nationalist Bastirts under the control of London governments don’t it
    And you know what? people are still making excuses for them

  73. Archbishop of Dork says:

    In 2014 Jackson Carlaw objected to the RSPB decision to make the Golden Eagle their emblem for Scotland. He said the symbol was too similar to the Nazi eagle.

    Funny then that Jackson didn’t publicly object last year to having a Tory councillor in Argyll sport a very dubious looking eagle tattoo on his arm.

  74. Bobp says:

    Welsh sion 2.55pm. ‘re Cameron’s quote about fighting to liberate the concentration camps. That’s rich coming from the country who invented them.

  75. Thepnr says:

    This is a brilliant wee video I’ve just nicked from the Rev’s twitter feed. Compare the reality of the Unionist support with that portrayed in yesterdays Herald front page.

    This guy is just an absolute fanny LOL. Not much there to fear.

  76. wull2 says:

    I would like to know in the age group 20–30, what % buys a paper. To me they will be glued to their phone, rather than reading yesterdays news as they go to work, most papers in Scotland will have gone to the wall in a independent Scotland.

    Tell everyone you know to vote YES nest time.

  77. schrodingers cat says:

    i thought haggerty sounded like she was backpedalling on call kaye this morning, she sounded too eager to support yes, i wonder if the huge number of subscription cancelations have had an effect.

  78. mike cassidy says:

    Bobp 5.22

    For info only as I haven’t read this.

  79. Dr Jim says:

    Freedom of the press seems to mean free entry to all events, free drinks, free food, free concerts, free access to everything

    Isn’t it about time we made the lying Bastirts buy tickets for stuff like everybody else has to, they don’t like us anyway, they don’t like our choices, they exclude our opinions

    Let’s just exclude them!

  80. jfngw says:

    @Schrodingers cat

    Too late, I stopped buying it a few weeks ago, the smell of deception was getting too strong.

    I don’t buy any newspaper now, have a look at the headlines online, that’s usually enough.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…emm what was that G.W. Bush quote again.

  81. Thepnr says:

    Meant to add whoever it was that told the fanny that he was “talking shite” was a star. Take a bow, what a hero 🙂

  82. I am heartily sick of the daily lies that are coming from the media but I am also heartily sick of thegovernment doing nothing to stop it lets not kid ourselves Scotland is under attack and the SNP should be doing something to protect the people from this drip drip effect of wearing them down by deciete please do something

  83. louis.b.argyll says:

    Carlaw, lol.
    Had Hitler invaded before D-day etc these Unionist’s would have backed the Royals of the day and signed up to support the Nazi invasion, just saying like..

  84. galamcennalath says:

    jfngw says:

    Jackson Carlaw believes one people, one nation

    That is indeed the dream of any true BritNat.

    They probably came close in the 50-60s. A multitude of state owned organisations pervaded everyone’s life, and they were all branded ‘British’. Even private industry was often located and directed by state incentives (i.e. Linwood etc). That’s all gone. ‘Britain’ is now only represented by little more than the BBC and the military. Any chance of a ‘one nation’ UK died with Thatcher.

    One of my many problems with one nation guff is they don’t believe in an inclusive multi national Union – they actually mean conformity in a land made in the image of England. Only minor deviation from the ‘London standard’ is to be tolerated. They hate devolution. As for their beloved UK dissolving, that is an utter anathema beyond consideration. They want a Greater England full of Little Englanders.

    Well they’ll never get me on board for that project!

  85. Weechid says:

    Just picked about 3kg of rhubarb – should make about 18 bottles of appx 13% proof wine for the alcohol lover in my life. At least I’ll know what’s in it.

  86. Nana says:


    Prof Tompkins says they will never allow the nationalists to use Brexit as an excuse for breaking up Britain.

    Facebook link open for comments should anyone wish to

  87. jfngw says:


    I’m not even sure they really like democracy, I suspect the old hierarchy system would be more to their taste. Carlaw would fit in about the Richard Rich level.

  88. thingy says:

    @Greame 3:56

    Including the 574 non-British pilots who flew against the Nazis in the Battle of Britain. Legendary pilots and squadrons. Not really that alone.

  89. ronnie anderson says:

    Yesindyref2 Heres a statement on behalf of AUOB ah won’t miss Gordon Fulton & the Parks dept manager at the de brief , 1st thing on Sat morning 9am Parking camera van appeared 2 Parking attendants ( they picked the wrong man tae confront , intimidate ) anyhow after the stalls were set up all vehicles were to be removed from the road in the park to outside ( parking meters ) Greendyke st .

    I asked when & who made that decision they told me the message had just come through I told them like many there we had disabled Blue Badges ah but the road has double yellow lines . I called over Neil Mackey & both of us got into the argument i told them after weeks of sitting down with GCC & Police & consent to us the park all permissions were in place & I had mentioned disabled parking at every meeting & some muppet of a supervisor was seeking to intimidate us to cause trouble .

    The upshot was I told them I wouldn’t be moving double yellows or not I would take the issue up with the Police Commander Audrey , she noted my complaint later on in the day . I would have to leave to take collection buckets up to Kelvingrove , Lindsey/ John King/ Ken McDonald/& me moved our cars tighter to let Smallaxe park ( if we’re gonnae get ticketed we’ll all get ticketed LoL ) anyhows I left leaving chairs on the road to keep my space BDTT suggested I put my AUOB armband on a chair , when I returned Bdtt had used the Banner tape the Daisy Walker had donatated to the stall & tied all 3 chairs , no problem re parking .

    My point being we can sit face to face at these meetings but some faceless people make the decisions , roll on the debrief Bastwards .

  90. HandandShrimp says:


    The problem is that a “free” press is the fourth estate and a cornerstone of democracy. Any attack on the press (as by Trump) is seen as intemperate and anti-democratic. By sewing up the MSM the Unionists have co-opted the fourth estate onto one side…although increasingly even Labour are being left out in the cold on that deal.

    It is a conundrum that needs to be solved. That is why social media and sites like Wings are such a problem for them. They can’t control it and they fear that the MSM might be bypassed and news is discussed without a filter.

  91. Capella says:

    @ ronnie anderson – can you enlighten ronnie – why were there no portaloos at Glasgow Green? Around 60,000 people and the only place open was the People’s Palace with 45 min wait in a queue.

    Sorry to lower the tone. But maybe an idea for next time?

  92. galamcennalath says:

    jfngw says:

    I’m not even sure they really like democracy

    It’s a threat to their system.

    It’s never really been tried at WM. Not in any modern form, anyway. The FPTP system always means the minority (but usually the most popular) form the government. The majority of voters are ALWAYS ignored at WM

    The winners …

    2017 May with 42.4%
    2010 Cameron with 36.1%
    1997 Blar with 43.2%
    1983 Thatcher on 42.2%

    Etc etc. Always they same. The so called winner who gets to form a government has been rejected by the majority.

    Then add the HoL with unelected members and reserved seats for the clergy of one denomination.

    They don’t know what democracy is and clearly have no intention of moving in that direction. With these ‘Henry the whatnot powers’ and overriding devolution as and when they want, they are moving away.

  93. Tam the Bam. says:

    Capella @ 6-34pm

    Suggest you tell Ronnie AUOB would be DELIGHTED to plaster portaloos all over Indy green…..GEEZ THA DOSH!!!!

  94. Archbishop of Dork says:

    No one time did a Tory ask those being deported from our small island if they were from Antigua or Anguilla. Or if their dad had won the Military Medal. It didn’t matter. You couldn’t be part of Jackson Carlaw’s Ein Volk.

  95. Capella says:

    @ Tam the Bam – emma chizzet? 🙂

  96. Thepnr says:


    That Tompkins article was quite something. My favourite part was this when talking of Nicola Sturgeon and SNP:

    Increasingly fundamentalist but, shockingly, not yet increasingly isolated. For Scottish Labour and the Scottish Liberal Democrats are still to back the new clause 11. It is good enough for Welsh Labour, it is good enough for the Welsh Liberal Democrats, and it is good enough for both these parties in the House of Lords.

    But Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie would still rather dance to the nationalists’ tune than back a law designed to ensure that devolution is not used to jeopardise the UK’s internal market.

    I’m not joking the desperation seeping out between the lines in that article from Tompkins is palpable. We’re definitely getting something right and the more we do that the more desperate our opponents become.

    They try to break our spirit with constant negativity and media bullshit, but we are breaking theirs instead.

  97. starlaw says:

    UK INTERNAL MARKET do they mean when we make things they take them.

  98. Colin Alexander says:

    Who’s on the roll call of SNP ELECTED representatives who were present on the march to Glasgow Green or at GG? So I can compliment them.

    I’ll start the ball rolling: Keith Brown MSP. Well done, sir.

    Sandra White MSP. Fantastic MSP, the best, in my opinion.

    Who else?

  99. Dr Jim says:

    In 2014 their pitch was vote YES and Scotland is out of the EU and you don’t want that because you’ll be broke while all the time the Tories were planning to take us out of the EU anyway but just not tell us about it

    So we vote in the EU referendum to stay in the EU and they say sod you lot might is right we win so we’re dragging you out of the thing we threatened you with losing in 2014

    All the time they squeal about the 2014 vote for NO as sacrosanct and must be adhered to until the Tories change the rules to something else as if democracy is what they say it is and not what it actually is supposed to be

    Scotland is in a British concentration camp right now it’s just that some folk can’t see the fences

    And of course we have the loyal nutters with the intellect of chimps who think their religion is important to a Royal family who changed theirs and their name for for the purposes of their own convenience

    How stupid can these Bozos be

  100. yesindyref2 says:

    @ronnie anderson
    Shurely shome mistake there, couldn’t have been deliberate.

    Did you manage to slap a YES sticker on their backs?

    By the way, as well as figures for the march itself, is there any way there could be figures for the likes of Glasgow Green for those who don’t do the march?

  101. brewsed says:

    Shock! Horror! Beat the minimum alcohol pricing rules with beer from 30p a pint (providing you don’t mind brewing it yourself). I have been doing this for many years, recently progressing from using tins of malt extract to making beer from malted grain which usually (though there are the occasional disaster) tastes much better but costs more, about 60p a pint. However, it takes time and space to brew your own which will deter the desperate, as will purchasing on-line and waiting around for the delivery.

  102. Andy-B says:

    Once again a any old shit story as long as it gets at the SNP or their policies in a negative way.

    I’m wondering what kind of numbskull actually buys the Express newspaper?

  103. Macart says:


    No. Messrs Carlaw and Tompkins haven’t covered themselves in glory today fer sure. How and ever, just in case anyone is any doubt what their government stands for?


    Y’know, aside from draconian benefits reform for the most vulnerable in UK society, bedroom tax, rape clause, constitutional stagnation, democratic deficit, demographic division, isolation, inept economic management, theft of other folks resources on a grand scale, graft and patronage. You could add quite a lot more to the list, but you get the drift.

    That link is from last year. Things are going to get a lot worse, the longer we leave those … people… in charge of our lives.

  104. Cactus says:

    In vino in deed.

    WingsBath looks like a chilled place twitter.

    ‘The Tuesday Club’ may be popular tomorrow.

    Lovin’ the West Endies xx.

  105. Macart says:


    No. Messrs Carlaw and Tompkins haven’t covered themselves in glory today fer sure. How and ever, just in case anyone is any doubt what their government stands for?


    Y’know, aside from draconian benefits reform for the most vulnerable in UK society, bedroom tax, r**e clause, constitutional stagnation, democratic deficit, demographic division, isolation, inept economic management, theft of other folks resources on a grand scale, graft and patronage. You could add quite a lot more to the list, but you get the drift.

    That link is from last year. Things are going to get a lot worse, the longer we leave those … people… in charge of our lives.

  106. Macart says:

    @Rev Stu

    My apologies Rev. I’d sent my previous post a couple of times before I remembered your filter.

    I’ve duly applied hammers to both feet. 🙁

  107. boris says:

    New state of Kurdistan being established East of the Euphtates. More bombs, bullets and missiles to be launched against the long suffering people of the Middle East all in the name of a secure oil and gas supply to the West

  108. stu mac says:

    @thingy says:
    7 May, 2018 at 6:16 pm
    @Greame 3:56<i
    Including the 574 non-British pilots who flew against the Nazis in the Battle of Britain. Legendary pilots and squadrons. Not really that alone.

    Not just their numbers. Poles and Czech pilots had previously fought the Luftwaffe when their own countries were invaded and their experience was invaluable to the RAF pilots many who were just young, raw recruits (as they had to build up very rapidly to meet the Nazi threat).

  109. ronnie anderson says:

    yesindyref2 Sorry might have been good few hundred before the march arrived if my suggestion had been adopted 2/3 hundred people then break 30/50 yds we might get are more accuracy in attendance , the breaks also alleviate traffic congestion , might adopt this practice for future marches .

  110. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Aye, @stu Mac says totally agree, for example:

    No. 303 (“Ko?ciuszko”) Polish Fighter Squadron (Polish: 303 Dywizjon My?liwski “Warszawski im. Tadeusza Ko?ciuszki”) was one of 16 Polish squadrons in the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the Second World War. It was not just the highest scoring of the Hurricane squadrons during the Battle of Britain, but it had the highest ratio of enemy aircraft destroyed to their own lost (safest).”

    So Hurricanes not Spitfires and Poles not ‘plucky Brits’ but hey we all know that the BritNats don’t let facts get in the way.

    But the Free Polish (Army, Navy and Airforce) were forbidden to take part in the Victory Parade in London after WW II in case Stalin took the huff.

    Fuds like “England stood alone” Carlaw are just like Faradge of UKIP.

  111. Ian McCubbin says:

    M and S Inveralmond Perth has own blend £12.87 a bottle beats amazin hands down and bet its as good as Grouse.
    Will let you know lol

  112. Dorothy Devine says:

    CA < don't tell me you missed seeing Shona Robison????

  113. Cactus says:

    In vino, on vino, in vitrio…

    Ah love Latin like.

    Is it like?


  114. Cactus says:

    Is urs a new or a good love?

    Spring goes 2 summer…

    In vino see.


    Mais we.


  115. Terry says:

    Bbc news 24 now police scotland. Sam poling. A Force in Crisis. They’re showing it now.
    Isn’t this the guff that was discredited??

  116. Rock says:

    Rock (30th May 2015 – “Another question answered”):

    “It is in the Establishment’s interests to keep the plebs drunk and ignorant.”

    I wonder if the clueless pompous armchair pundits attacking me at every opportunity have anything to say about this other than brandishing the “t” word.

  117. Rock says:

    Colin Alexander says:
    7 May, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    “Who’s on the roll call of SNP ELECTED representatives who were present on the march to Glasgow Green or at GG? So I can compliment them.”

    The clueless pompous armchair pundits posting here are in for a nasty shock when they realise that Nicola is not going to hold an illegal independence referendum before Brexit has been completed.

    Why would she and the rest of the SNP leadership want to go into exile in Belgium when they are doing fine here and at Westminster?

    Before there is a flood of posters claiming that Scotland can hold an independence referendum whenever it wants to, the fact is that it has never yet done so without Westminster’s approval.

    You can only prove me wrong if and when it does.

  118. Fred says:

    Ronnie, get yersel a Burgess’s Ticket, cost about £20, I think U can take a coo onto the Green!

  119. Alex Montrose says:

    The Rev should run a competition to see who can predict the most ludicrous story to appear in the MSM, shortly after the AWPR opens.

  120. auld highlander says:

    There’s that horrible smell again.

  121. Brian Powell says:

    Interesting to see the new ‘split the vote campaign’ underway from Herald journalist with ‘Jeremy Corbyn secretly told M Black he supported Ind’ and same journo saying Len Mclusky would have voted Yes.

    Amazingly, by coincidence, just as the Ind Ref really kicks off.

    Of course neither of them came out and supported Ind.

    Sad thing is they feed the Scots shit and they still eat it up.

  122. Fred says:

    @ Brian, Pete Wishart kina contradicts Mairi Black on Corbyn. Did anybody see Pete at the March?

  123. Thepnr says:

    It’s only now that I’m coming down from the high I’ve been on since taking part in the march on Saturday.

    The last time i ever marched was in the Thatcher era when she succeeded in closing my shipyard and making 1000 people redundant when I was still an apprentice.

    The shipyard has long gone, many of the people I marched with that day a long time ago are also long gone and all were friends. Just like the new friends I made on Saturday were a great bunch of people.

    Back then I was a young man raging against an authoritarian regime kind of buoys me up to be doing it again against another authoritarian regime. Roll on the next vote for Independence as i think we’re close and getting closer to being the voice of Scotland and we will elect people who will represent us.

    We can and will win this, no giving up now that’s for sure.

  124. HandandShrimp says:

    For anyone who missed it this is Tommy’s speech at Glasgow Green. He mentions that many of the SNP Parliamentary Group were with us on the march.

  125. Cactus says:

    Ra West Endies ROCK ~

    Ahm still twisted…

    Ahm Aries.


  126. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    The daft thing is, that we who read all the comments every day, recognise the usernames of those who promote division within the YES movement.

    They get sussed within a couple of days. Some of us ignore them, some of us face up to their $h!†. Just don’t let them have the last word on a page. Watch the older pages for the division merchants trying to sneak in an anti-SNP or anti-independence comment.

    SEMPER VIGILO, as Laura the boss of Police Scotland for the march on Saturday would probably say.

    No more need be typed.

  127. jfngw says:

    It’s going to be a tough watch, FMQ’s when we have Carlaw, Leonard then Rennie asking question. How we will relish waiting for Harvie’s 20 minute soliloquy prior to getting to the point.

    Have you even met a car salesmen and left without feeling he has tried to rip you off for as much money he can extract? Me neither.

  128. Macart says:


    Tommy did pretty much nail it with that speech. 🙂

  129. Robert Louis says:

    Glasgow was a fun day out indeed – and no thunder like last year. I’m now thinking of going to the Bannpockburn one – a big turnout will wind up the Striling Tory voters. Does anybody know the route it will take?

  130. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Colin Alexander at 7.18

    Bumped into Ivan McKee MP and Tommy Shepherd MP but that was in very small part of the march.Brendan O’Hara was there as well. Many more I’m sure

  131. wull2 says:

    That is just the smell of the wheel on the mouse burning as it scrolls fast past certain posts.

    As I am on, tell everyone you know to vote YES next time.

  132. Colin Alexander says:


    Thanks for posting the Tommy Sheppard video.

    So, Tommy Sheppard is another of the SNP politicians who attended. Well done Tommy.

    He does mention many of his colleagues, so who else? Anyone got the names?

  133. Effijy says:

    Some of the UK’s biggest banks have agreed to invest £100m in a fleet of eleven micro gas-fired power plants across England to offer the national grid fast-starting power options.
    Lloyd’s commercial banking division, HSBC and NIBC have agreed to finance Green Frog Power’s plans for 220MW of gas-fired power capacity across sites from Plymouth to Newcastle.
    The £100m loan could be stretched by a further £50m to allow Green Frog to build another 110MW worth of gas-fired power in the next few years.

    © Getty BALTIMORE, MD – MARCH 09: Emissions spew from a large stack at the coal fired Brandon Shores Power Plant, on March 9, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. Last year the Environmental Protection Agency…
    Together the flurry of small gas plants represent the equivalent of one large gas-fired power unit, which could compete for contracts with National Grid to help balance the energy system as old coal-plants are shut down.
    The mini-plants are capable of quickly ramping up from idle to maximum power output in just five minutes, meaning they could play a key role in managing Britain’s transition to a more flexible power system.
    Lloyds provided over half of the firm’s latest funding round with £55.5m.

    Isn’t it strange that all of the investment is in England when here we are in this all in it together/equal partnership The United Kingdom of England?

    The Tories will stop this of course as its just so unfair on Scotland. Aye Right!

  134. frogesque says:

    Would also like to point out that Tommy Shepherd came out between meetings at Holyrood to address the HOOP rally.

    We are not alone!

  135. Cubby says:

    Rock = Colin Alexander = same old boring boring paid to troll Britnat guff.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it. GET YOURSELF A DECENT JOB. Some self respect will come with it.

  136. Robert Peffers says:

    @Brian Powell says: 7 May, 2018 at 3:43 pm:

    “Independence is in the SNP Constitution and was spoken about many times at the SNP Conference, by the Party leadership. It is discussed at most meetings.”

    Yes, Brian, but some people will only believe what they want to believe in and not what stares them in the face. Like, “The Wee bit Germen Lairdie”.

    Here is that song as sung by, “Alistair”:-

    Leave the link running when the first song ends for there’s more from Alistair in the following links.

  137. Sinky says:

    There were many SNP MPs / MSPs on march but as there was a date clash with the Depute Leader Hustings many had to be there as well.

    Also many politicians hold constituency surgeries at Saturdays as that is the best day for their constituents.

    After all it was a grass roots march not promoted by any political party so it is no big deal if some politicians did not turn up.

    Personally I saw all three SNP depute leader contenders, Tommy Sheppard, Phillipa Whitford, Joanna Cherry, Sandra White and Ivan McKee

  138. louis.b.argyll says:

    I know it’s half a day old..

    but when Tompkins (UK Tory Party Scottish Branch) said he’d never ‘allow’ the break up of Britain based on Brexit etc..

    Did he actually mean ‘consent to’.. or will he be part of some kind of post-democracy counter-insurgency.

  139. Robert Peffers says:

    @Graeme McCormick says: 7 May, 2018 at 3:56 pm:

    “The U.K. did not stand alone, Mr Carlaw. In his little British Nationalist mind he ignores the Commonwealth countries and the European service folk who fought and died to defeat Hitler.”

    Not only that, Graeme, but if it were not for the heroics of, “The Chindits”, or the, “The Forgotten Army”, and the Indian Army in Burma the war in the Pacific would have been lost and that would have seen the war in Europe also lost.

  140. Cactus says:

    Punto banco inda West Endies like…

    Glasgow like eh?


  141. Morgatron says:

    Thepnr@ 9.14pm.
    Magic words and so true and moving. So many lost friends and family no longer here, who wished for a better life and future. We have to succeed this time.

  142. Big Jock says:

    Its ok we are back to bashing Scotrail on BBC Sortbread. Must be their turn this week. So by Friday we should be back to education. So predictable….

    The agenda of the msm is very simple. Tell Scots how bad Holyrood and the SNP are doing. Its so they can say we couldn’t possibly be independent. I think it means they have lost the arguments for staying in the yoonion. So all they have left is to tell Scots how incompetent the SNP are.

    Let them continue. I think people get bored with continuous moaning about trivial matters.

  143. Phronesis says:

    Anyone who supports democracy would have supported the AUOB march on Saturday. Peaceful, good natured, inclusive of all socio-cultural groups, many nationalities were represented with people from all aspects of civil society. Yet in the mindset of the rather dour pro-union press with its off kilter interpretation Saturday’s march represents something rather alarming and dangerous- deliberative democracy, an engaged and informed electorate that is shaping its own political future.

    The AUOB march was a visual symbol of a congress of opinions. Scotland is signalling to the world that it is perfectly capable of governing itself and we welcome the prospect of autonomy. WM is shredding it social contract and its political system is broken. WM cannot be called a democracy when WM ideals and interests (of the 0.1%) are put above democracy but it simultaneously fears the rest of us figuring that out.

    Who really wants citizens to be fed from food banks, witness increasing levels of child poverty, vulnerable individuals sanctioned and left destitute because our state support systems are being dismantled. Scotland is a country, an equal partner in this ‘family’ of nations and yet we are only allowed piecemeal legislation and pocket money from a rapacious political class who talk of ‘One Nation Conservatism’ whilst deporting the very citizens who built their nation.

    ‘In the days of the never-setting sun all the pride of Empire was there for the sharing, and to be part of one of the most vital and exciting of the world’s Powers was certainly a compensation. But who gets satisfaction from the present state of the Union? Who is really content with this grubby wreck of old glories?’
    (James Morris. Quoted in Robbins, Journal of Contemporary History Vol 1 1980)

    The answer to that question is evident from the numbers who turned up to march on Saturday and the enduring resilience of the YES movement that remains in fine fettle.

  144. Robert Peffers says:

    @Blair Paterson says: 7 May, 2018 at 5:42 pm:

    “I am also heartily sick of thegovernment doing nothing to stop it lets not kid ourselves Scotland is under attack and the SNP should be doing something to protect the people from this drip drip effect of wearing them down by deciete please do something.”

    Yeah! There it is – I was waiting for it – and there it is in all its glory.

    A claimed Indy supporter turning the story into an, “SNP BAAAAAAD”! rant – again.

    The rest of that clique will be like just like London Busses now. There’ll be another one along in a minute. Also like London busses if you have to wait 20 minutes for one then, when one does come along there will be six or seven other empty ones following behind it in convoy.

  145. Cactus says:

    Like when did ye last meet a crazy American tonight, like she was mental!

    iScotland soon.


  146. Rocky II says:

    And the Grand Total raised at the Wings Stall on Saturday is……………….???

    And i thought the old Labour run Glasgow City Council was corrupt But this Wings Stall holders take the biscuit.

    All we are asking is

    “How much money was raised on Saturday at the Indy march?”

  147. Cactus says:

    Hunners, pure hunners like…

    Nae hauners.

  148. Rocky II says:

    If one or two people are making a “Skin” from the Wings Stall then tell us that you are.

    You must have made a few bob from Saturday’s March with the crowd being so big.

    Lying to us is worse than the thieving.

  149. Rocky II says:

    If one or two people are making a “Skin” from the Wings Stall then tell us that you are.

    You must have made a few bob from Saturday’s March with the crowd being so big.

    Lying to us is worse than the thieving !!!

  150. yesindyref2 says:

    @Rocky II
    If you check out this link you’ll see the grand total was £236,115,31

  151. Cactus says:

    Still hunners… still pure hunners btw like like like eh.

    Yes aye Glasgow.


  152. Liz g says:

    Stay the Course our lovely Wing’s stall Guy’s

    All I am sayin …. ,is tell them feck all..
    Then Smallaxe will remind us… To give peace a chance.X

    Its so much fun.

  153. Dr Jim says:

    Do you want to know how much the SNP has in the bank ready for the next campaign as well? or how much my grand daughter contributes to the cause from her piggy bank

  154. Cactus says:

    Hi yesindyref2, u cool dude, soon… 🙂

    Still hunners, pure hunners like.


  155. jfngw says:

    @Big Jock

    As the BritNats indoctrinate everyone, including our children, with their fictional British history of Scotland. Any attempt to teach the real Scottish history will be screamed from every MSM outlet and unionist politician that the SNP are trying to brainwash our kids.

    It’s not equitable but we can win this, we have to.

  156. Cactus says:

    Midnight at the oasis.

    Hey utopian Sco.

    Should au…

  157. Liz g says:

    Cactus @ 11.48
    Hey Cactus are you ,The one people,or, The two people?

  158. Thepnr says:

    Some posting here I would have thought could find better things to do with their time than sit and carp about the Wings stall.

    For anyone that’s interested you might want to read this post from Off Topic especially the last paragraph.

    Remember when you first saw a Saltire was YES emblazoned across it? Well that was only made possible by a Winger called Tartanpigsy who got off his backside and did something to make it possible. I met him again at the Wings stall on Saturday.

    Have you ever watched Independence Live? They had great coverage of the march on Saturday with three different live feeds so that if you couldn’t be there you could at least experience the atmosphere because they do it for free and for the benefit of all that support Independence. Guess what? That was started by a Winger who got off his backside and did something to make it possible.

    There is only one quality magazine that supports Independence and that is iScot and YES you’ve guessed it by now that was started by a Winger who got off his backside and did something to make it possible.

    Then there’s the volunteers running the Wings stall all of whom were key to getting over 300,000 Wee Blue Books distributed to every corner of Scotland before the referendum. Using their own cars and paying for their own petrol.

    As the link I’ve posted said:

    A word about WOS stall finances.
    EVERYONE who helped out on the stall was made aware of the takings and what was happening with them. If you want to know the figures, GET INVOLVED! Don’t sit sniping from the WINGS…

    So get off your backside and do something about it.

  159. Cactus says:

    Hey Liz g, we are one of many, as are we.

    Cool tae march with ye Liz xx.

    Dem crazy Americans!

  160. Sarah says:

    ISCOT fundraiser ends Tues evening – currently stands at 62% i.e £21915 of target £35,000.

    Many a mickle…

  161. Liz g says:

    Cactus 12.06

    Great tae March wi you too Cactus X

    Ach…We all have crazy cousins… but they are so going to lo love our new Constitution,
    Jealous Much
    Jist you wait and see
    No long now my friend

  162. Still Positive says:

    Couldn’t make the march on Saturday due to family commitments but I watched indy live camera 3 earlier and what a wonderful turnout.

    Makes me so proud to be a Scots indy supporter.

    I will continue to buy The National as they show us the Scottish history we were not taught in school.

    And the puzzles (Sudoko) and crosswords are no too bad either.

  163. Confused says:

    check out these wankers – they cannot let it go – in a country full of real oil and massive untapped renewables, they still want to do this environmental vandalism …

    – of course the problem is the rest of the UK – if Scotland can effectively ban fracking through local councils planning regulations, then a lot of flatlanders might try something similar – it sets a precedent which cannot be allowed

    – truly, evil never sleeps – takes the vibe off the joyous march on saturday

    – someone needs to play hardball with these arseholdes, huey long style – tell that ineos prick
    – “if you do this, and we go independent, we will either nationalise your operation, or build an entirely new refinery – you will get NO business and your company will be worthless … we will remember this and we will SHAFT you … ”
    – or hit them with full body cavity style safety inspections
    – or unleash corporate inspections on them
    – or – “nice refinery you got there – shame if something happened to it – lots of flammable stuff around, probably dangerous”
    – I suppose if you wanted to keep it clean you could gently leak some negative info to the hedge funds and let the markets shut them down
    – and if you wanted to be dirty, get some hackers to put some kiddie porn or nazi literature on the ineos boss’s laptop

    – the trouble is the city is salivating over fracking – it will be the next bubble/scam after property and the tories purpose in life is to give the city whatever it wants

  164. Smallaxe says:


    I am a member of FOE Scotland, I hope that this will help you and others to help us, my friend.

    Why we are going to court to protect the fracking ban;

  165. robert turnbull says:

    it is so pathetic the lengths that the unionists will go to try and blast this. people that i know, that do not drink, complaining about this and declaring that this is a reason to not seek indyref2…

    beyond insane.

  166. Les Wilson says:

    If you wanted more proof of an out of control UK, I find this
    horrific and shows that the war mongering UK will do anything to
    push their aims. From RT.

  167. Les Wilson says:

    I find this horrific and just shows Westminster will do anything
    to get their way.

  168. Les Wilson says:

    Sorry for double post but first post did not appear initially, thought it had gone somehow.

  169. Nana says:

    Word coming out of Washington tonight is Boris has failed, and Trump will reimpose sanctions on Iran tomorrow – effectively collapsing the nuclear deal.

    In Sri Lanka, Facebook’s dominance has cost lives

    The far right is rising, and Britain is dangerously complacent about it

    Not in Scotland

  170. Ken500 says:

    The Indians did not support the British in the 11WW. They wanted their freedom. They acted as fifth columnists and often supported the Japanese. Gandhi supported peaceful resustance. Won in the end. British rule brought poverty to India. Still evident. Stripped of assets. The same happened in the Middle East. Why don’t they just trade and give aid. Instead of destroying and sanctioning places. UK and France (US) carved up the Middle East. Supporting despot absolute monarchy and apartheid states. These policies would not be acceptable in UK/US/France. Double standards.

    There is no fracking to be had in Scotland. Finished in the 1960’s. There is coal & CCS. Oil & Gas is all offshore. The Tories ruined that with high taxes when the price had fallen. Taxed it at 62% when the price had fallen 75%. Ruining the industry. Losing Scotland £Billions and thousands of jobs. Cut CCS projects. Longannet and Peterhead which were promised.

    Fracked Gas is imported from the US into Grangemouth.

  171. Donald Bruce says:

    You can not win with the Express. They support low alcohol price and say system will nor work. To the detrimental health of our teenager’s. If the government had lowered the price of alcohol they would be shouting about drunks on the street and quoting from some non existing police force.

  172. yesindyref2 says:

    Headline in the Herald “Chris Deerin: Why we should follow the example of this mighty Scottish lion of the Union” about Alex Ferguson, and the article is even worse.

    What a horrid little man that Deerin is.

  173. Ken500 says:

    Supporting Corbyn who has betrayed on every principle. Clueless about Scotland. 50 years of filthy Labour. Still at it with the Tories. In collusion. BT. ACC etc. Ruining the City.

    The SNP are doing a great job in Scotland. MUP etc. Win major victories. They will deliver on Independence. If people vote for it. Give the mandate, 1/2Million could not even come out to vote last GE. There can’t be an IndyRef in September until the Brexit dust settles. It could damage the Scottish economy and would do no good in any case. Stalemate. A winter campaign is not advisable. The weather. Support is increasing anyway as the young come on line. It is up to the people to vote for it. Why the panic and mass hysteria about the date. It will be won in any case if people vote for it.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Reinforce the vote. If people do not vote. It is up to them. They do not care. Apathetic not sympathetic.

  174. Smallaxe says:

    Good morning, Nana,

    Thank you, for your lovely links, another fine day down here.
    Kettle’s on!

  175. Ken500 says:

    Mark Smith another liar. Delusional.

  176. Ken500 says:

    There have been a few Wingers trips to Spain. Just saying. x Need a wee break from all the campaigning, Some refreshments.

    Rev Stu will need a cruise before too long. All that sugar and sweeties.

  177. Ken500 says:

    The London mayor is now putting extra money into Policing. Westminster has failed. London State.

  178. Nana says:

    Good morning Smallaxe,

    Nice day here, so far.

    Four links still to appear, may be caught up in the place where hammers are forged.
    Like Macart I have slapped myself to save Rev the bother as I did attempt to repost after removing a possible offending article.

  179. manandboy says:

    The UK Government continues its tactic of disassociation by silence from Cambridge Analytica in an attempt to conceal Tory Party use of an election altering data gathering and micro-targeting company with close ties to the Party in past elections, in Indy2014 and EU Ref.

    But the scandal won’t go away…

    “In a letter sent to the firm, the Information Commissioner said it wanted to know where the data on Mr Carroll came from and what had been done with it.

    “The company has consistently refused to co-operate with our investigation into this case and has refused to answer our specific enquiries in relation to the complainant’s personal data,” Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said in a statement.”

    Any Government that can do what the Tory Party has done can rig elections without batting an eyelid.

  180. Ken500 says:

    The SNP reps were all there but where were others?

    Not many complaints about that from the Corbynite supporters.

  181. Breeks says:

    What Britain is doing in Syria, and indirectly in Yemen, is like a vicious bloodthirsty war film playing on a different TV channel. If you don’t specifically watch it, all the atrocities pass you by unseen. All the killings, the targeted assassinations without trial by drone, the invasion of airspace, the destruction of lives and property, the use of white phosphorous, the use of blast-bombs, the sale of cluster bombs, and of course, the rampant British Propaganda and distortion of the truth going on…all of it doesn’t happen just as long as you keep watching the other channel.

    This cannot merely be driven by the profit margins of weapons manufacturers. This is full blown psychosis… rampant murderous aggression unchecked by any conscience or guilt. I find the UK’s foreign policy only marginally more disgusting than its domestic agenda. It saddens me that the United Kingdom is building up such a deficit in its mendacity and disrespect towards other people that I fear the UK has already doomed itself to a life for all blighted by a perennial, friendless, Winter. The UK won’t just be peripheral to Europe, it might as well be on another planet.

    Jackson Carlaw talks about the one nation unity in World War 2. Well, drawing a somewhat bloodsoaked curtain on Britain’s Imperial “traditions”, I would concede one point to Carlaw, and one point only, that for a brief period in history, in defeating Nazism Britain did do something worthy. Of course it didn’t win the war by itself, but it was a prime facilitator of victory, and sacrificed a lot for that victory. But then the question arises about why this hard won moral authority has been squandered so very cheaply. Britain stood up for what was right, but not the right to arbitrarily bomb Muslims.

    Maybe the troops, even Scottish troops did have a special affinity to the Union Jack in WW2. But it seems the UK government has seen fit to exploit that empathy to suit its own ends for decades, and by God, hasn’t Scotland paid a heavy price in the deal? Our oil squandered, our heavy Industry devastated, our wilderness bombed, our wildlife poisoned, trapped, and shot to extinction, our lands and waters peppered with toxins, our seas emptied of fish, our kids doomed to poverty and underachievement, our citizens maligned as drunken spongers, our economy riven with nepotism and Establishment place-men, and our reputation as a friendly inclusive and welcoming society poisoned by association with the Butchers Apron.

    But after WW2, from the smouldering ruins of Europe which had finally learned how to destroy itself, and stood upon the new era of nuclear Armageddon, there emerged the European Union. After centuries of conflicts, wars and Imperial one-up-manship, finally Europe found the formula for peaceful coexistence, mutual trust, prosperity and respect, and a brotherhood of shared common interests. And boy, hasn’t the UK been jealous that it was never in the driving seat?

    Jackson Carlaw, indeed the whole BritNat Establishment, hasn’t learned a damned thing from World War 2. The UK is the spoiled brat Nation who doesn’t realise or care how much it offends others, and yet demands special treatment. If it isn’t careful, “special” treatment is exactly what it will get.

    Wee Ginger Dug is bang on the money. We stand before a fork in the road. We must choose whether we throw our lot in with the Progressives in Europe and choose Independence, or instead, throw our lot in with sociopathic parasites and fraudsters who have hollowed out the heart of their own delusion.

  182. Highland Wifie says:

    Some inspiring links there Nana, along with some scary ones!
    Thank you.

  183. Scott says:

    Nana like your links below is one never seen in MSN I have sent it to BBC asking them to report on it ,”no Chance”

  184. mk13 says:

    This story needs passing to the press regulator. Clearly if the Express are not being truthful they are breaking the press code of conduct rules.

  185. orri says:

    Not sure about the massive saving of £0.90 on minimum pricing. Pantry delivery isn’t fixed rate but is per box. Given the massive amount of booze being bought I suspect that it’d take at least 2. 99p per box after the first one.

  186. Donald Bruce says:

    Another lot of lies about Scotland water supplies about to hit the Express. They say complaints about lack of investment and people in Glasgow worried about the colour of the tap water…You could not think these people call themselves journalists

  187. manandboy says:

    In the very real and dangerous propaganda war which has been waged against Scotland these last six years, it is important to recognise the faces of those who are principally responsible for the daily hostilities.

    Donalda MacKinnon is one of them.

  188. Nana says:

    Good morning Highland Wifie, the ones regarding the rise of the far right have got me pretty scared.


    Don’t hold your breath waiting for the bbc to report on it

  189. Smallaxe says:

    Andrew Reid, the Nazi saluting Alan Carr double act, who was harassing families at the Independence march on Saturday has been fired from his place of work. (Scroll down a little)


  190. Colin Alexander says:

    SNP elected representatives roll of honour of attendees at the AUOB march / rally, 05 May 2018:

    Keith Brown, Tommy Sheppard, Sandra White, Ivan McKee, Brendan O’Hara.

    Well done and Thank you.

    Any other names?

  191. galamcennalath says:

    The clock ticks. The next EU summit is next month. The exit treaty needs to be finalised by Oct to allow time for ratification. Yet the Tories are still farting around!

    The latest is this idea of a ‘customs pertnership’. Not customs union, but some made up, never been tried, scheme. Still sounds like another form of cherry picking / cake and eat it. Has the EU commented on this ‘customs partnership’ idea? It will probably be dismissed as wishful magic thinking, again.

    IMO, all this prevarication and delaying is intentional. A series of daft proposals which wee never going to fly, but each wastes a month thinking about it!

    Why the delay? To crash out and blame EU intransigence, or fold at the last minute accepting and off-the-shelf solution, or is it all about avoiding giving an excuse for ScotRef for as long as possible?

  192. Cubby says:

    Rock = Colin Alexander = boring paid to troll British Nationalists.

    Get yourself a decent job.

  193. jfngw says:

    Read the Nana link regarding the private police force. Trying to work out what the real difference is between this and the old gangster protection racket. Will they protect the homes of those that don’t pay.

  194. Fred says:

    Don’t swallow the bait folks, he’s an arsetroll!

    Shite from the BBC on Queen Street Station being ranked bottom of some customer popularity poll. The station is being completely rebuilt yet it’s still open & serving the rail-using public. It’s a minor miracle. Fools & bairns shouldn’t see hauf-finished work!

  195. Bill McLean says:

    Breeks at 0841 – absolutely brilliant!!!!!

  196. Nana says:

    @jfngw “old gangster protection racket”

    That or the same plan the Tories have for the NHS, insurance required or we won’t save your life. No fire insurance, we put out the fire that is threatening to burn your house to the ground.

    In olden times you were required to have a plaque on your property to show which fire brigade your insurance company dealt with. No plaque – no assistance.

    These issues do not get reported by the media so voters are ignorant of what is happening to their services.

  197. Nana says:

    Gings, missed out ‘won’t’

    No fire insurance, we won’t put out the fire that is threatening to burn your house to the ground.

  198. Baldeagle58 says:

    Welcome back Nana!

    Although Smallaxe has been doing a sterling job with the LINKS (well done Sir), it’s good to have you back.
    Some wonderful LINKS to go with the coffee this morning!

    Hope you’re well


  199. Cubby says:

    Breeks at 8.41

    Superb post.

  200. Nana says:

    @Baldeagle58 Thank you and yes indeed Smallaxe has done us proud.

    I posted some links yesterday morning so check back if you missed them.

    Here’s a few more while I’m here

    Job cuts at trade department test claim of ‘global Britain’ after Brexit

    Most DWP Frontline Staff ‘Say Universal Credit Should Be Scrapped’

  201. Meg merrilees says:

    Robert Louis

    Annual Bannockburn March Sat, 23rd June. Gather at the King’s Park ( Victoria Road) at 1.00pm leaving at 1.30 pm sharp.

    Procession route: King’s Park, Bow St., Baker St., Exchange Rd., Dumbarton Rd., Albert Place, Queen’s Road, Victoria Place, King’s Park, Torbrex Road, Coxethill Road, Barnsdale Rd., Newpark Rd., Nailer Rd., Borestone Place, Bannockburn Field.

    For most of this route we will be on the outskirts of the town which shouldn’t cause much traffic delay- probably deliberate, however we will be going round some of the poshest parts and very close to the Stirling Tory HQ. There will be some steep hills to negotiate.

  202. Meg merrilees says:


    Dumfries March Sat. 2nd June

    High Street (South) to Dock Port
    Gathering at 12.00pm leaving at 12.30pm harp

    Procession route: High Street, Burns Statue, Castle St., Buccleuch St., Whitesands, Dockhead, Dock Port.

    Don’t have Inverness details sorry.

  203. crisiscult says:

    There’s also the Herald with the Leask ‘fleg’ obsession. He’s trawled the internet and managed to find some references to the Indy march that he has then intentionally, or unintentionally depending on whether his linguistic skills are as bad as his acquaintances say they are, misrepresented e.g. doesn’t appear to have any opinion on Scottish minimum pricing and has mostly repeated what they got off Sky.

    The march on Saturday, now that I’m on that topic, was not about doing much more than normalising ourselves to ourselves due to 100% media antagonism. My kids get exposed to plenty of jingoism/nationalism via the telly (or they would if I had a TV licence) and papers promoting team GB, Royal GB, GB cooking, etc. ‘Exceptionalism’, if it exists in Scotland, is but a novice compared to Britain’s (England’s) 1300 years of it (basically since Bede).

  204. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “This story needs passing to the press regulator.”

    I believe it has been.

  205. Derek says:

    The minimum price per unit legislation is up for discussion on Radio 4 tomorrow; You And Yours, I think it’s going to be on.

  206. John Cummings says:

    Does the Scottish Sunday Express have the St George cross emblem on it ?

  207. Gary says:

    What? The Express has DELIBERATELY LIED in order to get an ‘SNP BAD’ story out?????

    Next you’ll be telling me that the Daily Mail is right wing!!!

    It’s a shame there wasn’t some rule about not deliberately lying to people in newspaper articles in order to fool them into voting for the party of your choice.

    But there isn’t. Most of our newspapers are serving a paymaster rather than trying to report on actual news. They should have to reclassify and not be allowed to use the word ‘news’ in their title…

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