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In defence of Glenn Campbell

Posted on February 15, 2021 by

Okay, we’re trolling a bit with the title there. But fair’s fair.

Because some REALLY shonky, and very obviously co-ordinated, shenanigans went on this past weekend, but at least the above is the truth.

It all kicked off with a really weird tweet from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, inexplicably posted at almost half past seven on a Saturday night even though COPFS’ working hours are 8.30 to 4.30 Monday to Friday.

Now, that isn’t strictly technically false. “Complainer” IS the legal term for victims of crime. But it’s also the legal term for people who merely CLAIM to have been victims of crime. The unmistakeable implication of the tweet is that anyone who’s a complainer is also a victim of crime, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

But if anyone was wondering why COPFS had suddenly put in a few hours of overtime just to make an odd tweet apropos of nothing, the mystery was soon solved.

(We’re not even going to dignify Dani Garavelli’s shameful hatchet job in Scotland On Sunday with a link, because it was exactly the same as all her previous ones.)

Because yet again, as if with a single voice, the Scottish media had given another free platform to another unidentified accuser – one whose claims had all been rejected in court by a jury despite a multi-million-pound police evidence-gathering operation and a months-long media smear campaign – to subject Alex Salmond to a retrial.

We weren’t even told the pseudonym letter of the woman, whose appearance and voice were also disguised by the BBC. The interview allowed her to assert that the idea of a conspiracy was “utterly absurd”, and imply that the trial verdict (which has not been appealed) was wrong. When Campbell asked her why she’d been discussing the case in advance with the other complainers (which would normally be a crime), she was allowed to wave it away as “women supporting other women”.

The anonymous woman whose tales the jury hadn’t believed was then allowed to level an accusation that in attempting to investigate the false charges against Salmond the committee were involved in “exploitation”, without ever specifying or providing a scrap of evidence of who had supposedly done so and in what way.

When Campbell very slightly pressed the point, all she had for a complaint was that the inquiry had in some way been “believing first-hand without any real assessment that this is a conspiracy”, a gibberish sentence that doesn’t even make sense.

(How else could you possibly believe something other than “first-hand”, and what have the committee been doing for the past six months if not “assessing” evidence?)

But we haven’t seen ANY members of the committee, far less the committee as a whole, make any such allegation. (Which didn’t stop convener Linda Fabiani offering an abject grovelling apology, though it wasn’t at all clear what she was apologising for.)

The only cutting comments we’ve seen from committee members have been aimed not at the accusers but at the Scottish Government’s colossal and systematic obstruction of evidence and witnesses. Not a single shred of proof that anyone on the committee had accused her or the other eight complainers of conspiracy was heard.

Nor was there even a suggestion of anything to back up her claim that the committee had “strayed from its own remit” in any way, or what they should have done instead. The entire interview was nothing but empty assertions, completely free of any factual basis, which an ashen-faced Martin Geissler nevertheless dutifully described as having amounted to “tremendously powerful testimony”.

It was no such thing. It wasn’t even “testimony” at all in any normal usage of the word – it wasn’t a formal statement, it wasn’t said in a court of law, and it comprised no evidence or proof of anything. The only power it wielded was the power of vague and generalised bleating from a woman hiding behind anonymity after making serious and false allegations that had been heard and disbelieved by a judge and jury.

Perhaps that was what pricked Glenn Campbell’s conscience, leading him to belatedly remind viewers that Salmond had been tried and found innocent on all charges, and that the inquiry wasn’t into his behaviour at all, but the Scottish Government’s and in particular Nicola Sturgeon’s.

The entire circus was clearly a pre-planned one, arranged by COPFS and Woman X and Scotland’s news media together, aimed at preparing the ground for what was supposed to be Nicola Sturgeon’s evidence session at the committee tomorrow.

But let’s give Campbell credit for at least a token interjection of truth into the show trial. And now that that bolt’s been rather prematurely shot, let’s all spend a moment wondering what we’ll get the weekend before the First Minister finally actually DOES mount her defence.

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254 to “In defence of Glenn Campbell”

  1. P says:

    That women is going to identify herself, she can’t resist it.
    She’ll claim she’s doing it “for women everywhere”. Yep, she’ll do it.

  2. kapelmeister says:

    Martin Guiseler should be the correct spelling of his name. As he masquerades as a journalist.

  3. Captain Yossarian says:

    In the old days of Scottish Law when it was completely separarte from Government, Joe Beltrami would have stood on the steps outside his office and berated all at Holyrood.

    How dare they orchastrate a campaign to frame a political oponent?

    At the time, many Glaswegians had no time for Beltrami because he was seen as siding with the criminals.

    Now, the criminals are all in Government and our lawyers are siding with them, not with us. Absolutely no-one is on the side of the public and Alex Salmond is included as a member of the public.

    This is all orchestrated by Sturgeon, Swinney and Wolffe.

    They need to be removed quickly, or else independence is dead.

  4. I feel so sorry for Alex Salmond and his wife. There appears to be no end to this witchunt, and the maliciousness with which it’s pursued.

  5. Astonished says:

    This is going to get very bad …….for the complainers and their handmaidpersons.

    I do wish we had a media.

  6. ken hunter says:

    What next, i am at a loss. Thank god you are here Stu to shine some light into this murk.

  7. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Pursuant to the as-usual disgusting, pathetic (because of the material, not the site, obviously) above. Well, this new post, Scotland the Grave Part 2, should rattle a few cages. Totally heartfelt. And it’s dedicated to Alex Salmond. Saluting you from four miles from where you were born in Lithgy, sir, ya Black Bitch. Hope you and Moira are well.

  8. Big Del says:

    I think that once they(alphabet hoops), put their head out the trench they should loose their anonymity.

    They cannot be allowed to smear and cry wolf constantly from behind frosted glass.

  9. Marie Clark says:

    That woman as you call her P might possibly identify herself. I don’t know that, but what I do know is that she is an utter disgrace.

    Is Alex Salmond never to find any peace from this bunch of harridans and friends, cause that’s exactly what they are. They just will not accept the verdict of the court at all, it must be wrong. Well funny how when the jury heard all of the evidence, that we the general public cannot be party to. they did not believe these women. One of them was even told off by the judge for some of the nonsense she was trying to come out with.

    Aye dear, hide behind your cowardly anonymous screen and keep the trial of Alex Salmond going. Great idea eh. Unbelievable.

  10. Cath says:

    I feel so sorry for Alex Salmond and his wife. There appears to be no end to this witchunt, and the maliciousness with which it’s pursued.

    It’s quite the achievement to make people feel sorry for Alex Salmond, but that’s what they’ve done, yes And keep on doing. I’m currently furious on his behalf, which I’m sure he doesn’t need. I really hope sometime very soon this will be blown open and everyone else will see the truth of what’s been – and is still being – perpetrated here.

  11. Bob Mack says:

    The burden of innocence is almost as heavy as the burden of guilt.

  12. Socrates MacSporran says:

    The continued persecution of Alex Salmond is nothing more than a plot, involving the inner-circle of the SNP, the Scottish Government, the Scottish Legal Establishment and their Unionists masters, to endeavour to keep Alex Salmond out of public life.

    In particular, they are shitting themselves at the thought of him coming back to lead the Independence movement – this must be prevented at all costs.

    This will all, I fear, end badly for Scotland.

  13. blackhack says:

    @ Captain Yossarian @1.04
    “They need to be removed quickly, or else independence is dead.”

    To late Captain, that ship has sailed….. 🙁

  14. Suz says:

    I spent a good five minutes there trying to work in the title of a Glen Campbell song to this article.
    “Wichita Lineman?…no…Galveston?…no…Rhinestone cowboy? that doesn’t make any sense…oh THAT Glen Campbell!”

  15. Anonymoose says:

    I cannot wait for the inquiry to get unredacted evidence, this whole charade will finally be blown wide open.

    The MSM are going to be pissed when they realise they’ve been had.

  16. Cath says:

    One of them was even told off by the judge for some of the nonsense she was trying to come out with.

    I believe that’s the one who was on TV yesterday. Judge almost held her in contempt of court a couple of times for leading the jury. I really don’t see how or why someone who isn’t believed in court can possibly be allowed to keep on smearing the person found innocent of her claims from an anonymous position. It’s by association also smearing the judge, jury and court, surely?

  17. Captain Yossarian says:

    Again, when law in Scotland was completely separate from politics, when a criminal was found ‘not-guilty’ at the High Court, that was the end of it.

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s there was some heavy-duty criminality going-on in Glasgow but every now and again someone would be found not-guilty and, once that happened, it was accepted by the police, the press and by everyone else.

    Now we have Holyrood approved political arseholes like Garavelli for a press, these rules no longer apply. If Garavelli thinks you are guilty or wants you to be guilty, then she is allowed to keep re-running her selected version of events in order to soften-up public opinion.

    What the COPFS think they are doing is anyone’s guess, but I think it is something that needs to be asked by UK authorities.

  18. Say no to corruption says:

    The BBC are an embarrassment and what you saw yesterday is a reminder of why it’s important to not give them a licence fee. Let’s get a campaign going to defund the BBC.

  19. Bob Mack says:


    It was. H

  20. avocado devil says:

    WhoRattledYourCage says:
    15 February, 2021 at 1:08 pm
    Pursuant to the as-usual disgusting, pathetic (because of the material, not the site, obviously) above. Well, this new post, Scotland the Grave Part 2, should rattle a few cages. Totally heartfelt. And it’s dedicated to Alex Salmond. Saluting you from four miles from where you were born in Lithgy, sir, ya Black Bitch. Hope you and Moira are well.

    that’s quite a rant! but i will restrict myself to congratulations on admiring the works of wllm buroughs, an absolute fuckin genius. well done sir!

  21. The BBC must be bordering on contempt of court by this time.

    As for the Dolldemorts… just how often are they going to get wheeled out to play the victims all over again?

  22. Anonymoose says:

    Marie Clark says:
    15 February, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    That woman as you call her P might possibly identify herself. I don’t know that, but what I do know is that she is an utter disgrace.

    If you think someone hiding behind anonymity while giving media interviews is a disgrace now, you are really going to kick yourself when you work out just who that person actually is.

  23. Dream Brut says:

    If, as suspected, the interviewee is a particular Alphabet woman … it is incredulous that they should be taking this kind of action so close to an election where it is possible that they may have a vested interest. (Is that vague enough?)

    It is really troubling that all these institutions appear to be in total cahoots – Scots Gov, COPFS, BBC, Rape Crisis Scotland, Police … how does such collaboration even come about in the first place?

    Also, exactly how does one set up an interview with an alphabet woman? Does the BBC go to the COPFS? Does the COPFS offer her up to the BBC? Does the BBC contact the Scottish Government? Etc. etc.

  24. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    avocado devil, drop me an email at and I will send you to some links to my Burroughs writing online.

  25. David R says:

    The joys of progressive Scotland where a man that had been proven innocent in a court of law can still be attacked in this way whilst his accusers are protected and being used to cover up the government’s stitch up

  26. Eileen Carson says:

    Dream Brut
    No you get ‘yer man’ to pimp you out to the Beeb [for a nominal fee of course]

  27. Mac says:

    Has to be Woman H no?

    She held the court, the judge and the jury in contempt from the outset. Was rebuked for leading the jury 3 or 4 times and only stopped when threatened with a contempt of court.

    Also she is one of the main plotters. Absolutely up to her neck in it all.

    She was a thoroughly discredited witness and is a barefaced liar who should be facing perjury charges.

    But we know the routine by now…

    False Accuser
    Corrupt COPFS
    Corrupt Media

    Three crooked peas in a pod.

  28. Jack Murphy says:

    Cath at 1:18pm ended her Post saying:

    “…..I really don’t see how or why someone who isn’t believed in court can possibly be allowed to keep on smearing the person found innocent of her claims from an anonymous position.
    It’s by association also smearing the judge, jury and court, surely?”

    Absolutely correct. Spot on.

  29. shug says:

    When you hear the BBC parroting the Sturgeon line and supporting their false allegations you know she is onto Plumbs

    BBC will switch sides Feb, Beginning March, middle March, end of March or into April

    Any bets when

    If Nicola does not do the honorable thing now they will use her to end the indyref campaign and she must know this!!

  30. Cath says:

    It is really troubling that all these institutions appear to be in total cahoots – Scots Gov, COPFS, BBC, Rape Crisis Scotland, Police … how does such collaboration even come about in the first place?

    And Sturgeon’s SNP, of course. But they’re going to deliver independence. Aye, right.

  31. Stoker says:

    In addition to the first comment at the top of this thread by ‘P’. Took the words out my mouth and i also smell a book in the offing.

  32. Denise says:

    I thought this was amusing

    The account is clearly an SNP staffer and it seems they know what the woman said and how it was edited. So another in defense of Glen Campbell at least he didn’t broadcast the women saying it was only the unionists on the committee that were exploiting her.

    As for Fabiani – honestly could she get any more craven?

  33. Robert Hughes says:

    What we’ll get prior to Sturgeon’s appearance at Fabiani’s Furious Farce is images of stigmata on the hands of these poor traumatised victimoids and possibly a kind of Turin Shroud bearing the unmistakeable face of Our Lady of the Baleful Countenance , the Dreghorn Madonna St Nic

  34. DAVID COUTTS says:







  35. Patrick Roden says:

    The anger being expressed on Twitter about this latest BBC/SNP/establishment hatchet job on Alex Salmond is palatable.

    We will eventually reach a ‘tipping point’ and hopefully once the lockdown is over, we can take to the streets and demand a judge led inquiry into this whole farce.

  36. Alison says:

    I can’t wait for these women to out themselves in their frenzy to convince the world that somehow the fact that they allowed themselves to be manipulated by others to turn up in court means that they somehow *deserve* to be believed.
    At best they’re puppets who allowed others to pull their strings. At worst? We all know what they are at worst, we see them. Even if it is just in shady outline.

  37. Sylvia says:

    “women supporting other women”.

    WHO informed each individual woman of the existence and identity of other complainers?

    Was the purpose to establish a “support group”.

  38. Caroline Wilson says:

    Such ‘powerful testimony’ deserves powerful evisceration.

    Paragraph 9- is there a wee cut & paste deletion?:

    ‘The anonymous woman whose tales the jury hadn’t believed was then allowed to level an accusation that in attempting to investigate the false charges against Salmond- [committee members?]- were involved in “exploitation”, without ever specifying or providing a scrap of evidence of who had supposedly done so and in what way.’

  39. Garavelli Princip says:

    I’ve a pretty shrewd idea of who this woman is – thanks to Dani Garavelli.

    I know what her connections to the party are, and her history. I know who in the party she is close to. And we all know what the jury thought of her ‘evidence’.

    If the general population knew what I know – and what you know too Rev, they would understand exactly why she is bleating nonsense, and what her strategic aims are in giving this disgraceful interview.

  40. stonefree says:

    @ Jeannie McCrimmon at 1:04 pm

    I fully agree, The Salmonds have been put through hell for a couple of years ..I hope Karma deals with them in an appropriate fashion

  41. Anon says:

    And, of course, we don’t even know if that was one of the “complainers”. For all we know the woman might have been a BBC employee.

  42. Bob Mack says:

    @Garavelli Princip,

    Sound “Advice”.

  43. Lorna Campbell says:

    “… When Campbell asked her why she’d been discussing the case in advance with the other complainers, she was allowed to wave it away as “women supporting other women… ”

    At the point when it was known that the police had been informed of the allegations, that became the point at which any form of communication between the potential witnesses, offering support or anything else, was forbidden by law. No ifs, no buts. Anything else is collusion and, even, could be interpreted as trying to influence others. Witnesses are not allowed in court until their own evidence has been heard by the court and jury and they are discharged, they are kept apart outside the court and they cannot oversee any evidence that is not theirs.

    Linda Fabiani’s unctuous apology was for what? Doing the inquiry committee’s job? It is not within the remit of the committee to discuss protections for women I the workplace. That is a separate matter. Its remit is to establish whether the SNPG acted properly at all times and whether or not the FM can be accused of lying to parliament and breaking the Ministerial Code.

    Yes, Glenn Campbell did have it right in that summing-up, but he was far too conciliatory towards the woman, particularly in light of the fact that Lady Dorrian had already made it clear to The Spectator that the anonymity order could not, and should not, by definition, be a cover-all for those women in all any context that has nothing to do with the actual trial. If that woman was concerned in anything that was not directly or indirectly related to the facts of the case and ancillary evidence around it, the anonymity order cannot stand.

    An anonymity order is not designed to be a shield from behind which she could go on and on attacking Mr Salmond, after he was acquitted. If someone feels that they have not had a fair crack of the whip, or that the jury was misled, in a criminal trial, the civil court is the next stop, and a private prosecution, but the evidence would have to be considerably stronger that it was in the Salmond criminal trial.

    I also got the impression that both men were somewhat concerned about the reality of what was going on. Even the most dim-witted or malicious Unionist must see now that something very odd, and potentially explosive, is afoot just prior to the FM’s and Alex Salmond’s testimonies. If it was intended to be a prior defence, basically stating: yes, he did do it and he was lucky to get off with it, and we did all along what we thought was right, it failed dismally. Do they never learn?

  44. Daisy Walker says:

    If the female complainer who went on the BBC this weekend, is finding the mind numbingly, incompetent, redacted, pitiful excuse of an Inquiry, soooooo, soooo traumatic, I would suggest that in her current status she is not currently robust enough to stand for public office.

    Should she be tempted to stand that is. I have no idea.

    But of course she could attempt to claim disability through PTSD… self determined. Get on a list somewhere that way.

  45. Mac says:

    Old post… wonder if it might be relevant?


  46. zebedee says:

    Honest question: what does ‘leading the jury’ mean when applied to a witness? I read that woman H had been threatened with contempt of court for it. What was she doing or saying?

  47. Eileen Carson says:

    OK the interviewee had longish reddish/fair hair & she wore glasses ……. how do I know?

    Because her slightly frizzy hair is visible in the clip …. and for just a few seconds the glint from her glasses is visible. If you don’t believe me watch the clip again.

  48. Bob Maxwell says:

    They continue to smear an innocent man under the cloak of anonymity with the support of all and sundry, while the real victim, as proven in a court of law, must endure this Truman show over and over.

    FM legacy now lies in tatters, she has created a monster of her own doing that she cannot control, surrounded herself by the worst type of apologists and continues to let down the independence movement.

  49. ELewis says:

    I know he doesn’t write his blog anymore, but does anyone else wonder whether Peatworrier would be as silent on this as he is if he was, as it were?

  50. Craig P says:

    We weren’t even told the pseudonym letter of the woman, whose appearance and voice were also disguised by the BBC.


  51. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Mac – she’s been trying for years and years to be relevant.

  52. Cath says:

    “ALEX Salmond has criticised the BBC for an interview it broadcast yesterday with one of the women who made a criminal complaint against him.

    The former First Minister said it was not for the broadcaster to question either the verdict in his trial or an earlier civil case which found the Scottish Government had acted unlawfully in handling complaints against him.”

  53. Dream Brut says:

    ELewis @1:58pm:

    Can you rephrase that?

  54. Robert Louis says:

    How many times will these women be allowed to blatantly repeat false allegations against an innocent man, before their anonymity is removed.

    The idea of protecting identity in sexual cases, is to ensure they can carry on with their lives afterwards. Does that also mean lining up to the TV and written press to repeatedly smear an innocent man??

    If Mr Salmond needs a crowdfunder to take action against any liars, he need only say the word. I am sick of this rotten stinking conspiracy against an innocent man, who also happens to be one of Scotland’s greatest leaders.

    Meanwhile the Scottish government is involved in the most corrupt cover-up in political history.

    And what of ALL those SNP MSP’s and MP’s sitting on their hands, refusing to speak up? Lost their tongues?? They KNOW, yet refuse to speak. Cowards. Silence is consent. Every last one of them should hang their heads in shame.

    None of them are worthy of my vote. The SNP is heading for an almoghty fall – and if some in the Scottish government get sent to jail for their parts in this, good. The sooner the better. How dare they abuse power in this way, how dare they smugly lie and lie and lie, over and over again again to the people of Scotland who gave them their jobs.

    Nicola Sturgeon should be sacked as first minister and booted out of the SNP permanently, along with her conspiratorial coven.

  55. Peter Duncan says:

    9 female complainers and the jury threw out “Moorov’? That in itself is not ‘insignificant’, that is huge in a case of this nature, Did the jury have that bad smell in their noses too?, To disregard ‘Moorov’ in a case like this gives insight in to that juries thinking, they were having none of it, ‘Moorov’ normally works to the complainers advantage by corroborating their unwitnessed ‘allegations’ with those of the other complainers ‘unwitnessed allegations’ in the same case. For this jury to reject ‘Moorov’ gives a valuable insight to the evidence that was presented in court. “Moorov is an essential tool for prosecutors in cases like these, this jury rejected that.

  56. Mac says:

    I found it curious that she called her the Invisible Woman.

    Sounded a bit like a The Woman Who Could Not Be Seen / Named.

    Quite a CV she has amassed. One stunning fu** up after another. Or in other words ‘a rising star in Sturgeon’s government’.

  57. And Spouse says:

    On the basis of fairness
    Highland SNP hustings tonite at 7.30

    Members (and indeed anyone else) will be able to watch the hustings being streamed live here

    The running order proposed is as follows, beginning from 7.30pm.

    1. Fergus Ewing MSP Inverness and Nairn
    2. Robert Leslie, Orkney
    3. Jamie Szymkowiack
    4. Cllr Emma Roddick, Inverness Central
    5. Tom Wills, Shetland
    6. Sarah Fanet
    7. Cllr Ken Gowans, Inverness South
    8. Math Campbell
    9. Barry Weiland-Jarvis, Moray
    10. Cllr Rhiannon Spear

  58. John Martini says:

    Why were some letters unused. No I or J

  59. robertknight says:

    Just another page being turned in the Sturgeon Government’s ‘Operation Arse Covering’ playbook. (Published in 12 Volumes by COPFS. Printed by HMSO. Available from all good covert book shops).

  60. winifred mccartney says:

    How many have made a complaint to BBC? They are complicit with bringing the justice system into disrepute and by their actions making it more difficult for women to come forward with complaints.

    It is outrageous what the BBC is getting away with and this women will use any (very willing) platform to suggest the jury was wrong – I am the only women who is correct even if I tried to lead the jury and was almost charged with contempt of court and spoke to one another during the process (for support you understand).

  61. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘Scotland has discovered a weird form of political perpetual motion’. The Independent

    Scotland once discovered penicillin, the steam engine and stuff like that.

    Now that Sturgeon, Swinney and Wolffe are in charge, we all do fuck-all.

  62. stuart mctavish says:

    Wonder how they knew the complainer was who they said they were, given their legal obligation not to.

  63. Willie says:

    Only a matter of time before the whole alphabet becomes known to the wide world.

    And this woman I would guess will be first.

    And when it is realised that she made allegations, vile allegations to a fictitious story that was supposed to have happened when she wasn’t even around but elsewhere there will be a hue and cry for her prosecution. And for the clean up of the rotten police and prosecution.

    Of course Sturgeon, Murrell and others will be gone by then. Utterly destroyed, recognised for what they are. Yes they may try to strangle the release of news, censor the press, muzzle jurors, but their time is coming – and not a moment too soon.

    Scum, absolute scum who made a once great party unelectable.

  64. David R says:

    There’s been a recurring awful distortion of the truth by mostly MSM reporting on the ‘Salmond inquiry’ and conflating the two distinct court cases which must enrage AS and his allies( ie anybody interested in justice being served). Think this latest BBC programme is guilty on these fronts.

  65. Ian Gibson says:

    I can’t help wondering if their strategy isn’t to keep themselves present in the news cycle and thereby hope that someone from the pro AS camp will inadvertently identify them and thus get done bang to rights…

  66. Bob Mack says:

    Let’s put it this way. The BBC could not approach her. She had to approach the BBC and that takes media savvy and a go between who is known to other media figures. Someone you trust.

    She desperately wanted attention on injustice but then blamed the Inquiry for failing. Remember I said that this person is media savvy. She is also very aware of remit of the inquiry.
    She knows it is not to find Salmond guilty.

    Therefore it is deflection from this important week.

  67. kapelmeister says:

    Surely if a court has granted anonymity, then in fairness that ought to impose conditions on those allowed that anonymity, and not just conditions on the media and public. Especially in a case in which the accused was fully exonerated.

  68. ahundredthidiot says:

    There is only one way for 3 people to keep a secret.

    Two of them is killed and the last one never gets drunk again.

  69. Graham says:

    The SNP’s Irony Klaxon is about to malfunction due to extreme overuse this coming week when Sturgeon’s team plays out the defense; a botched inquiry.

    I predict that Sturgeon will simply point to the committee’s lack of evidence as her defense; a committee of course which she and her Government have attempted to nobble, impede & corrupt at every opportunity.

    She has no intention of resigning and will have to be dragged out, finger nails desperately clawing the 18th century parque flooring of Bute House for purchase, before she gives up.

  70. Thomas Dunlop says:

    Standing back from it. Why is she now accusing the SG? I think there is a fair chance that someone is mixing it, and determined to drive a wedge between NS and AS factions. You got to ask yourself , who wins and to whose advantage it. Certainly not anyone who supports Scottish independence. I really think both sides have been played against each other. It helps that either side can be seen to get together and sort things out, so in the vacuum, worm tongues drop their poisonous words.

  71. Toby says:


    The presumption of his innocence, until proven otherwise in a court of law, is a paramount principle of Scottish Criminal Law.
    Having been found NOT GUILTY or NOT PROVEN in the High Court reinforces that presumption of innocence.
    That a jury of his peers found the Crown was unable to produce sufficient corroborative evidence to convince the jury beyond “all reasonable doubt” of his guilt is unassailable.
    Whether that is because the jury did not find the evidence of the prosecution witnesses credible or whether they attached greater credence to the rebuttal witnesses or did not find the Crown had presented a sufficiency of evidenceis all speculation, because we are not privy to the jury’s deliberations.
    However, the out come is the same.


  72. Monsieur le Roi Grenouilleverteetprofonde says:


    I suspect it means she was not confining herself to answering questions put to her, but dispensing self generated content and qualifications.

  73. ScottieDog says:

    But the broad (mis)reporting of all of this is that it’s ‘botched handling of harassment case’, implying that this was only initiated by the women concerned. It’s still being twisted to buggery.

  74. Billie says:

    Here’s a question.

    Based on the Fabiani Farce does anyone think that this will be a re-election top up for the SNP enquiry members re-standing. Their performance one suspects may have signed their political death warrants.

    The enquiry with all its secrecy and obfuscation was an absolute affront to democracy.. But as folks realise, the truth will out, and the re-birth anew will begin. Independence is bigger than a rotten SNP.

  75. Bob Mack says:

    This plot was made in COSY evenings in Bute House. Nowhere and nobody else is directly involved. Some are but bit part players.

    Love and ambition are both demanding masters.

  76. Mist001 says:

    The COPFS is very obviously being given a free reign here otherwise by this stage, someone from the UK government would have had words with them.

    Since they haven’t, I suspect it’s a trap. The eventual view from the UK government will be that Scotland is incapable of running its legal and political systems AND they’ll have plenty of proof of that to hand.

    The trap is direct rule from London which given the way in which the SNP is so fucked up just now, might not actually be a bad thing in the long run for Scotland.

  77. ScottieDog says:

    Expect profuse apologies from NS to the women concerned. Deflection, deflection, deflection.

  78. Willie says:

    So G4S have got the commercial contract to detain and transport people arriving into Scotland to their mandatory hotel confinement.

    Tooled up in their PPE body armour one can see problems ahead with these private security forces. Only a matter of time before there is disorder between the guards and the guarded. Private for profit incarceration does not work.

    Wonder who in the SG got the kick backs for this?

  79. Garrion says:

    A tiny bit OT. Can I just say this out loud? It’s staggering to see how closely coordinated whatever the SNP Tartan Commissar class, the institutions of our so called “Scottish” Govt., PR strategists, wonks, and the “Scottish” media come up with, in their strange and narrow and thank God, amateurishly delivered interests.

    I mean I know we know this, in large part thanks to the work of this site, but….dear God.

    It’s a circus, consisting of the same hypocritical parasites that drank for decades at the well of Scottish Labour while too much of this country disproportionately suffered through scandalous poverty and poor health.

    I suppose, on some level it’s good to see, inasmuch as it clearly underlines the age old fact that the English state is and always has been merely opportunistic and self interested. They do what they do because, at the end of the day, they are allowed, either by inaction or collusion, to do so. This is on us, unfortunately.

    There is not (yet) a mature, coherent and functioning Scottish state with commonly held national and international ideas, aims and objectives.

    We play at this through Holyrood, but at the end of the day, we are, when push comes to shove, only playing. A mindset of Scottish statehood requires a collective discussion and common objectives to create and maintain one.

    I would contend that this site has done more to support this idea than the SNP has. We nearly created one under Salmond, but Sturgeon, through weakness, pettiness, self interest, and a complete lack of strategic vision has merely returned what could have been to the feeding trough for the lazy, the self interested, and the terminally internally colonized, of which as a country, we have many.

    We needed a visionary and a strategist. We got a middle manager.

    Whatever structures we are allowed to build under devolved government will always end up being whatever abattoir of decency this current shitshow is. There are just too many small, self interested and broken people in this benighted country to populate whatever governmental corpse we are satisfied to be given.

    I guess that this is all to say that unless whomsoever is fighting for independence deconflates achieving it from administration of the country, be very very suspicious.

  80. Strathy says:

    The COPFS employee could have clarified another Scottish legal term, while he or she was on his or her iPad on Saturday evening: –

    The legal term for those associated with the COPFS side being allowed to say what they like even if the victim of the prosecution was found innocent of all charges but just one peep from anyone associated with the defence side and we will completely stuff them, in Scotland is Contempt of Court.

  81. Ian Brotherhood says:

    We know that the Scotgov officials who appeared at the harassment inquiry were given some form of coaching.

    Does anyone know if the Alphabetties were similarly prepared before Alex Salmond’s trial?

  82. SilverDarling says:

    Lots of favours being called in now between various media outlets and the players. What is being offered in return?

  83. ScottieDog says:

    Remember this is the same institution which covered up savill’s criminality – and god knows what else. Don’t expect any balance.

  84. Achnababan says:

    The ‘complainer’ who demands anonymity and craves publicity!

    I suspect the plotters are currently trying to goad AS into a wrong move…. but they are going to have to do a lot better than this…..

  85. Eileen Carson says:

    O/T List ballot papers for Stirling were due to be sent to members by email at 12 noon but I’m hearing not yet received, anyone know??

  86. red sunset says:

    John Martini says:
    15 February, 2021 at 2:10 pm
    Why were some letters unused. No I or J

    I understood there was a J

  87. red sunset says:

    Eileen Carson says:
    15 February, 2021 at 2:49 pm
    O/T List ballot papers for Stirling were due to be sent to members by email at 12 noon but I’m hearing not yet received, anyone know??

    I’m aware of at least Glasgow in the same boat

  88. Lindy says:


    Brilliant rant. You represent the Scotland I love. Sturgeon’s SNP have not only destroyed my faith in the Party. They have destroyed my faith in my country.
    When Unionists told us we were sh*t, we laughed in their faces.
    Now the FM and Yousaf tell us we are racist, transphobic & sh*t, it’s the height of betrayal. I don’t know where I go from here.

  89. McDuff says:

    Dream Brut
    Exactly so.

  90. Republicofscotland says:

    Alex Salmond is 100% innocent he was found so by a jury of his peers made up of mostly women. These so called complainers were not believed by the jury and the judge in a court of law.

    Yet here we are with the BritNat media in Scotland allowing the airing of innuendo’s that somehow the women are victims, they’re not, a court has proven that they’re not victims, and they should not be treated as though they are.

    If anyone is a victim here its Alex Salmond, a victim of the media, the Scottish government and the COPFS.

  91. Eileen Carson says:

    Appalling Joanna Cherry has had another threat

  92. Marie Clark says:

    Any word yet on Lady Dorian’s written statement in the Spectator case. Was it not due today, or am I making that up?

  93. Republicofscotland says:


    No doubt when the person is caught their name will be kept out of the media as with the last one, the corruption in Scotland is unbelievable.

    Looks like they’re trying to chase Cherry out of politics for good.

  94. Steve davison says:

    We all knew nobody was rolling over and putting their hands up. The hope is that someone has a room full of evidence pinned to the wall with string leading from each item to a picture of the FM aka a game of shadows.Gathering up all complicit in this and holding the to account is the only way Scotland can move on .The irony been that will there be enough of a legal system untainted left to prosecute
    All involved either by design ,collusion or turning a blind eye must be removed and never allowed back.into public office.
    Whatever is to follow must contain provision for checks and balances and not dependent on the uk,s system of goverment

  95. Republicofscotland says:

    Is this an attempt to water down the real threats to Cherry.

  96. Stuart MacKay says:

    P, Stoker,

    Perhaps the self-outing will be another play or even the end-game in the attempt to destroy Salmond. Most likely close to the election when millions of women will be outraged and forget all about self ID and flock adoringly to vote SNP in solidarity with their brave sister.

    I don’t think that’s going work however. The world has moved on since Hilary Clinton and almost everybody is not going to forgive treatment meted out to Cherry and the stony silence from around the ranks of the SNP. It’d also be a risky play as if it went wrong it’s jail-time for the lot of them.

    It also struck me that this was really yet another attempt to reframe the work of the inquiry as looking into Salmond’s conduct and not the Government’s.

    All in all pretty despicable.

  97. Eileen Carson says:

    I think there must be TOTAL separation between Government and Law going forward; the LA should be entirely independent, and seen to be independent, from Government.

    It is ludicrous that the LA [whoever holds that post] has a seat on the cabinet of the Scottish Government.

    If nothing else this fiasco has proven it.

  98. Sylvia says:

    Achnababan @ 2:48 “I suspect the plotters are currently trying to goad AS into a wrong move”

    I agree, it is all MIND GAMES – I do believe some persons other than the women are driving this.

  99. JSC says:

    You can time your watch by it….

    As soon as Cherry gets a proven threat, the likes of Alyn “if I were chocolate I’d eat myself” Smith pipes up with an unspecified threat that the police drop instantly (why do we never see these? because they are diversionary fiction).

    A bit like how Humza always has something “Islamophobic” to refer to a couple of days after his latest effort to shut down free speech

  100. Ingwe says:

    As for the suggestion that we should complain to the BBC, about its contemptuous conduct, doing so is a complete waste of time. You get back a bland comment that doesn’t address the issue raised but simply say it doesn’t agree with you and, if you don’t accept this, you can either:
    (A) fuck off or
    (B) elevate to a higher level which will tell you to fuck off.

  101. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Eileen Carson – Indeed Eileen – that is the only way it works. Mix the two up and you have this fiasco which is being blamed on politicians, but is really the fault to the lawyers.

    I remember a time when Politicians used to ask lawyers for advice. Now lawyers just get told what to do and not do. You would hardly believe our universities have taught law for a couple of hundred years.

    What we are doing is completely and entirely wrong. I’d trust a taxi-driver before I’d trust a Glasgow lawyer.

  102. Tom Halliday says:

    So it seems that anyone could in effect film a screen and have any female behind it claiming she is an Alphabetty, who could then claim that the whole thing was a conspiracy put together by, ‘for example Judith McKinnon’, not that I am accusing her of doing such a thing, then telling a whole pack of lies or truths which would further reveal the conspiracy and who was responsible for what and there is not one single thing that anyone could say or do to prove or disprove her claims.

  103. Craig Jones says:

    If the ACCUSERS are allowed annonimity, then why not the ACCUSED?

  104. JB says:

    English Common Law used to recognise a crime of being a Common Scold, which seems appropriate for the current behaviour of the Alphabetites, unfortunately though it was ‘abolished’ in 1967.

    I wonder what (if anything) the Scottish Common Law had as an equivalent, and if it is still available to use?

    Failing that, surely something like a claim for defamation could be made?

    Or possibly a submission to the Ct Session that the anonymity is being abused, and hence have some restrictions placed upon what the women (or their agents) are allowed to say or publish under the cover of it? If they were not protected in this manner, surely their statements to date would count as defamation?

  105. Garavelli Princip says:

    JB says:
    15 February, 2021 at 4:00 pm

    “Or possibly a submission to the Ct Session that the anonymity is being abused, and hence have some restrictions placed upon what the women (or their agents) are allowed to say or publish under the cover of it?”

    Good point – but I think the right response for an anonymous witness who has breached her own anonymity in order to undermine the findings of a jury that did not believe that she was even present at the time and place of the alleged ‘offence’ is for the anonymity order to be rescinded.

  106. Andybhoy says:

    The thought that went through my head when reading her bleating was I wonder if she has already given testimony to the inquiry. But as others have said, she has actually made it easier to identify her now.

  107. ScottieDog says:

    “ think there must be TOTAL separation between Government and Law going forward; the LA should be entirely independent, and seen to be independent, from Government.”

    Much as hate to say it, recent legal cases (e.g prorogation of Parliament by boris) have put holyrood in a very dim light even compared to WM.

  108. Jim Arnott says:

    Any ideas of when Lady Dorrian will publish her amendment?

  109. Strathy says:

    From Alan Cochrane in The Telegraph: –

    ‘In what must be a unique political phenomenon not a single word of criticism about her Covid restrictions has ever been heard from her 60 MSPs at Holyrood or the 46 MPs at Westminster. Does that mean that they all agree with her or, rather, that the SNP is the most docile, even supine, bunch of politicians ever.’

  110. JB says:

    Garavelli Princip says:
    15 February, 2021 at 4:10 pm

    “but I think the right response for an anonymous witness who has breached her own anonymity […] is for the anonymity order to be rescinded.”

    I doubt the court would go for such a punishment, since one could argue that they hadn’t done so, and even if they did breach their own anonymity, not everyone would have noticed it. It could also be accidentally breached, rather than intentionally.

    However I find that their ongoing behaviour is tending to bring the law itself in to disrepute, and as such should be restrained. In effect they are stating that the criminal law system in Scotland is not fit for purpose, and in a quite underhanded manner – implying that jury trials get it wrong (or got this one wrong). They are then making a mockery of the Judiciary and the Courts by engaging in what I view as a smear campaign from being the courts shield, in effect making the court complicit in their smearing.

    One may agree with the sentiment about the system being unfit, but for quite different reasons (i.e. the lack of separation of powers).

  111. Eileen Carson says:

    SNP List ballot papers still not in email boxes in Stirling [now 5 hours late]

  112. Nally Anders says:

    Can’t see woman H ever outing herself.
    Not only would it put paid to her own aspirations to a career in politics, it’s buggered up the career of anyone ‘close’.
    She’s a liability, maybe too much of a narcissist to see it.

  113. Ian Mac says:

    People are wondering why the strategic placing of this non-interview now? It seems to me that this panic measure is in response to the Spectator case. As we know the judgement will be published this week and is expected to allow discussion of the alphabet women outside of their identities as complainants. Therefore I would guess that this is very calculated and deliberate attempt to stymie any possibility that either the inquiry or the media will respond with more open discussion about the women and their relationship to Sturgeon and politics. There is clearly something they want to cover up and disallow public conversation about, and this is their panicked effort to police the debate, which the imminent judgement should make a lot more open. This is what they are afraid of. It is disgraceful that the BBC is a willing accomplice in what is essentially a huge diversionary attempt at stifling debate and accountability. it is aimed at the inquiry and Fabiani has given exactly the response required – ooh, we can’t go there or ask those questions because the poor, poor ‘victims’ will be upset that we are exposing their connections to the very people who instigated the witch hunt, and between themselves – everything the anonymity ruse was supposed to keep hush hush.

  114. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Behold: the Scottish establishment in all its transparent wretchedness. The only thing certain here is that by their actions they’re fully acknowledging the serious magnitude of the attack being waged against them/it.

    Why bother, otherwise?

  115. LaingB French says:

    I have formally resigned from SNP.

  116. Sylvia says:

    JB @ 4:46 I agree about “seeking the limelight”. They’re basically saying the court case was flawed and those within the SNP supporting them are saying the same.

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is being played out in front of us.

    I really feel with 9 complainers-it was a case of through enough mud and hope some of it will stick.

    Nally Anders/Someone posted the identity of Woman H on Twitter the other night but it was taken down next morning when I checked. They also named Woman A & the politician! Someone wrote earlier they expect someone to break their anonymity and come out, saying they’re doing it for women everywhere – I am inclined to agree someone will do this.

  117. INDEPENDENT says:

    Where and when will Lady Dorrians clarification / direction be published??

    Another day passed closer to the election.

  118. kapelmeister says:

    Sturgeon became SNP leader as thousands were joining and the tail end of her reign has thousands quitting.

  119. Corrado Mella says:

    The Alphabetti Spaghetti puppets will continue to jab at Scotland’s ribs with their pointy fingernails until one of us snaps and rips their cloak off, just for the whole puppet theatre walls to fall, to reveal an Orwellian court where lies become the truth.
    Don’t play their game.

  120. Lindsey Smith says:

    Of course, given we don’t get to see the moaning Minnie, or hear her real voice, we’ve only got Glenn’s word for it that she even is one of the Alphabettys. They could have put an actress behind the screen with a script to follow, we wouldn’t know. But reality is, I don’t give one iota about her feelings. She gave testimony that was proven to be untrue.

  121. Donibristle says:

    If I shake my head any more ,its going to fall off.
    Craig Murray reckons it was Ms “H” .. the one that wasn’t even there on the night of her imagined rape.
    Why would anyone fantasize about being raped, in a court of law ?
    How did she get away with this blatant and proven perjury ?
    Why hasn’t she been arrested ?
    Is it because not even the Police are permitted to know a complainers name ?
    Nothing the BBC does surprises me anymore.
    And I can’t even resign from the SNP, I did that over a year ago.

  122. Pixywine says:

    Alec Salmond being pursued by the Furies. This practice of defaming a man from behind a legal cloak of anonymity is criminal. Its a dirty cowardly trick which sadly seems the M. O. of the SNP these days.

  123. Republicofscotland says:

    “How did she get away with this blatant and proven perjury ?
    Why hasn’t she been arrested ?”

    Because the COPFS is corrupt to it core, and Sturgeon et al are protected by the Lord Advocate who is also in it up to his neck.

  124. JGedd says:

    Like many I suppose, I have considerable reservations about The Spectator entry into our ‘local’ political stramash.

    Their copy and paste of Salmond’s submission from Wings but with no attribution or acknowledgement gives a sign of how they mean to construct an intervention. Taken a certain way – that is to follow the careful assemblage of evidence showing corruption and collusion led by Wings, Craig Murray et al – would be to accept that the revelation of this collusion and corruption was actually due to those people within the independence movement.

    It is obvious that the Spectator might well be salivating at the open goal presented by the Sturgeon establishment and the temptation to bring them down in scandal must be great. However, I think that their strategy will be, not just to attack the SNP government but to bring about the collapse of the whole independence cause.

    Therefore, don’t expect any acknowledgement that it is entirely to do with independence supporters bringing this to public attention, that any of this has received any public airing. Instead, I think that they will carefully construct their own attack around the narrative that this is to do with the general recklessness of seeking independence and the lack of coherent thought attached to governance. ( We need the ‘guiding hand of the Westminster establishment and its centuries-old experience in governance with its tried-and-tested checks and balances, blah, blah etc.’)

    Our own institutions will be shown by them to be inadequate at protecting us against those who would abuse power. Destroying a people’s trust in their own institutions is essentially destructive of confidence in their ability to govern themselves.

    So, their aim will be to bring down the Sturgeon government but following on from the Scottish MSM, to continue the tarnishing of Alex Salmond so that, in their mind, to kill off any future restoration of the cause of independence. The hope of ridding ourselves of a shameless leadership and rescuing the idea of independence from their disgraceful misgovernment will be rendered well nigh impossible.

    Removing those who have insinuated themselves at the top of the SNP will be difficult enough but in the face of the malign media narrative, trying to resurrect the independence cause in the face of the public revulsion caused by the full revelations of the wrong doing will be immense.

    I hope I am wrong but the longer this terrible regime called the SNP government is allowed to hirple on still cloaked in shreds of secrecy, the harder it will be to reclaim the cause they have so despoiled.

    Even if they fall, all that Unionists feel that they will have to do in the future is just sneer and say, ‘Remember Sturgeon and Salmond?’ Unionists always saw Salmond as a real threat because of his obvious leadership qualities. Destroying him as well as Sturgeon would be a very desirable outcome for them.

  125. Lulu Bells says:

    I am furious, beyond furious. I don’t know how to, but if anyone on here does know how to take legal action to stop these people then count me in for a generous donation to the crowd funder to do so.

  126. SilverDarling says:


    Christina McKelvie challenging AnnMcL for the role of thickest and most over-promoted SNP elected representative –

  127. Potace says:

    kapelmeister says:
    15 February, 2021 at 1:00 pm
    Martin Guiseler should be the correct spelling of his name. As he masquerades as a journalist

    A Hearts supporting friend told me years ago that he knew MG from school and that his opinions and political views were more akin to someone who might support a team down Govan way. Nothing I have seen has ever made me doubt this summary

  128. cirsium says:

    @Nally Anders, 4.51

    Can’t see woman H ever outing herself.

    She would put herself at risk of being prosecuted for perjury if she did.

  129. Stuart MacKay says:

    I have no idea whether the naked capitalism is a site that people in polite circles, ever admit to having visited, but I found the following quite interesting, “Black Lives Matter Inland Empire Announces Break With BLM Global Network: Calls Out Lack of Transparency, Democratic Party Control”,

    I’m not as presumptuous to think that the independence movement in Scotland can even begin to hold a candle to what African-Americans have been through, however there are certain parallels with the way the SNP have fallen apart – opaque agendas, lack of transparency, taking advantage of the membership, etc. So it does seem that organisation and movement all suffer from similar diseases.

    The best part is easily the quotes, I think attributed to Audre Lordre and Ella Baker:

    ‘’…the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”

    “…strong people don’t need strong leaders”

    which are particularly appropriate. Seems we are in need of people of a similar calibre.

  130. kapelmeister says:

    SilverDarling @5:46

    Jeezo! She thinks a slogan is also a law.

    Didn’t McKelvie go on Newsnight Scotland once, circa 2009, and make herself look a right eejit by showing herself to be mightily ignorant on the subject of economics?

    Still, that’s how Sturgeon likes her ministers. Stupid and loyal.

  131. SilverDarling says:


    Some of the replies are priceless, she is not getting away with it!

  132. Inverclyder says:

    Can see all this coming to a head on the week of the election to cause maximum embarrassment and confusion.

    Perhaps after that there’ll be a massive clear oot of the SNP from top to bottom at Westminster, Holyrood, councils and at all local branches.

  133. red sunset says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is on the Glasgow List.
    Mark of confidence?

  134. JB says:

    red sunset says:
    15 February, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    “Nicola Sturgeon is on the Glasgow List.”

    So is she claiming to be BAME, or disabled?

  135. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Re Sturgeon on the Glasgow List.

    Probably a “belt and braces” approach, in case the cover-up doesn’t work and she gets found-out. That way, she has a chance of staying at Holyrood.

  136. Think i`ve asked this before but either forgotten answer or nobody replied or didn`t ask but thought about asking or someone else asked (ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder kicking in),


    can wan o they wummin expose themselves or is admitting/revealing who you are seen as contempt of court.

  137. Skip_NC says:

    I am pretty sure that Nicola Sturgeon being on the Glasgow list is normal. Was it the first election where Labour didn’t allow constituency candidates to stand on the list? They ended up losing a good few of their “top” candidates and electing a bunch of second-raters.

  138. iain mhor says:

    Well it’s that time again.
    If we’re going back to IDS and Disability assessments – here’s the exact time and date I decided I was not at all keen on NS and that she was worth a watching.

    ‘Look at this thing I’m right into – don’t look at the other thing, the other thing really isn’t important, I don’t care about the other thing – see Olympics, see Steve Cram, see Foties, aren’t they great? ‘

    Sadly, she was indeed worth a watching, but few were.

  139. covidhoax says:

    Beyond the pale what the Sturgeon Swamp are doing to Salmond.
    How can that sick demented witch sleep at night?

  140. holymacmoses says:

    I think we need to be careful on these pages. The last thing needed is for there to be an excuse to close down Wings here.

  141. Robert graham says:

    This whole saga is like a hungry dog chewing on a bone no matter how much you try to get it to stop it this dog just won’t give up or give in until it’s tired .
    Another first for Scotland the first country on the planet apart from some really interesting regimes with a lot to hide , the World first Scotland has achieved with the connivance of all the departments of government the judiciary Civil service is to turn the court and legal system on its head , nothing makes any sense anymore , A illegal process is undertaken involving a previous employee and whose remit has only one object and target in mind and the scope of this investigation would only cover very few people and one of them is dead so you can count on one hand the people it could involve and could pose a threat to the current leadership , however ever it’s dressed up it could only have one target, so who could give the go ahead ? Again one person wouldn’t it Nicola ! .
    Fkn disgusting.

  142. Donibristle says:

    I canny wait to see the fillum !

  143. CheeseNchive says:

    I’m in court again, on the 25th Feb, for releasing 5 of the names, on twitter last August. I really regret doing this. I’ve lost my job, my mental health, and I’m certain I’ll be made an example of, and get sent to jail. I wish I could take it all back. Fuck the BBC. Fuck the SNP. Fuck Angus Robertson.

  144. TNS2019 says:

    Hearing on the Holyrood Parish Council grapevine that Swinney will be away in May (As Ed Sec).
    So many tears to shed.

  145. Dan says:

    Ian Brotherhood says: at 2:39 pm

    We know that the Scotgov officials who appeared at the harassment inquiry were given some form of coaching.

    Does anyone know if the Alphabetties were similarly prepared before Alex Salmond’s trial?

    I’m sure I recall reading (possibly in one of Craig Murray’s articles or btl comments there) that there were significant similarities in the language and terms used by the various Alphabettys during the trial.
    Whether that was due to them discussing aspects amongst themselves or through coaching, I don’t know, but those similarities do highlight to some form of interaction which made their individual expressed inputs notably unified in form and content.

  146. Baxter says:

    red sunset
    15 February, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    I asked if the NEC putting either bame or disabled people at the top of the list in an earlier entry by Stu could cause a problem for Swinney or Sturgeon if by some misfortune they weren’t elected in their constituencies. No one answered at the time but I seem to recall that Sturgeon and others were at the top in the past so with Sturgeon on the Glasgow list there is no doubt in my mind that she isn’t going to go willingly regardless of what either of the two inquiries find.

  147. Captain Yossarian says:

    @TNS2019 – That’s fabulous news Sir. Mind-you, the last ES was Angela Constance, then before that it was Fiona Hyslop and then before that it was Mike Russell.

    All 24ct plonkers, the whole lot of them. Believe it or not though, Swinney is the worst and I reckon you’ll agree with me on that.

    A turd of a man.

  148. Alf Baird says:

    Bob Mack @ 2:28 pm

    “This plot was made in COSY evenings in Bute House. Nowhere and nobody else is directly involved. Some are but bit part players.”

    What George Osborne calls ‘the arms’ of the British state in Scotland – copfs, police, and civil service – seem rather more than bit players in this affair.

  149. Stoker says:

    holymacmoses says on 15 February, 2021 at 6:48 pm:
    “I think we need to be careful on these pages. The last thing needed is for there to be an excuse to close down Wings here.”

    I think *anyone* ignoring the Revs repeated warnings not to even think of doing such a thing will find themselves extremely swiftly booted off quicker than they could blink.

  150. Stoker says:

    Further to ‘Holymacmoses’, i think i’m also correct in remembering the Rev warning that *anyone* attempting to name any of the Alphabetties and he will fully co-operate with the police and pass on any details etc that they require.

  151. SilverDarling says:



    Do you or anyone else know when is the list order is finalized?

  152. holymacmoses says:

    I think *anyone* ignoring the Revs repeated warnings not to even think of doing such a thing will find themselves extremely swiftly booted off quicker than they could blink.

    Sorry if I sounded as if I was in some way being CO – that wasn’t intended. I love this digest and commentary and I enjoy reading the comments and I do miss him on Twitter – I don’t want to lose him here and we are dealing with very dirty players.

  153. Aaron Aardvark Anderson says:

    Can just imagine polis caught discussing their evidence in advance being allowed to brush it aside with it’s just polis supporting polis.

  154. Cherrybank says:

    Having resisted the stampede to resign my membership of the SNP,I am now in the position to reward Nicola Sturgeon by voting for her as my twelve choice in the Glasgow Regional List.

  155. Robert graham says:

    Good to see the SNP management are on the ball
    I just voted in the list ballot I won’t say what region, a bit surprised because I haven’t been a member for ages also it wasn’t even me the electronic ballot was for , I guess the shambles with the previous deputy vote has been sorted out ha ha , Shortly after a second invitation was received and I might just have another go if this keeps going on I could end up tipping the vote but they will have checks to make sure that can’t happen , I mean won’t there be ? .

  156. crazycat says:

    @ Baxter at 7.17

    Currently, the SNP hold all 9 Glasgow constituences, and there is a total of 16 seats in the region. So they have 56.25% of the seats, on a share of the vote that is far lower than that, courtesy of first past the post.

    To acquire an additional list seat they would need a list percentage significantly in excess of that. In 2016 they got just under 45%. Given the larger number of parties on the list, it is always going to be hard for a party dominant in the constituencies to get an even higher share on the list (NE Scotland in 2011 was an exception).

    If they start losing constituencies, though, the percentage required for a realistic chance of a list seat also goes down. If only NS lost her seat in Glasgow (seems unlikely), they would still have 50% of the region’s MSPs and be unlikely to pick up any on the list. If she were placed at #2 on the list, the task becomes harder.

    In Lothian in 2016, for instance, the SNP were defending all the constituencies. They lost 3, but did not get any compensatory list seats, partly because of the strength of the Green vote there. The Greens have previously taken a not-insignificant percentage of the Glasgow list vote too.

    I haven’t looked at the figures for Swinney, but the same principles will apply.

    tldr: yes, BAME/disabled candidates would reduce the safety net for both JS and NS. They would need to rely on by-elections in “safe” constituencies, whose electorates might not co-operate!

  157. cynicalHighlander says:

    @ScotPolWatch twitter has just been suspended.

  158. Bob says:

    The BBC pushing a narrative? Backed by other sections of the media. Now I feel like I’ve seen that movie before. Perhaps flexing muscle and pushing the envelope for bigger things to come? Perhaps my enemies enemy isn’t my friend after all.

  159. Caledonia says:

    Can’t remember who this reply is to
    But i thought that as well ie a unionist posting the names of the a-z bettys to get this site shut down
    Then I remembered they are lapping this up just now so why would they.

  160. Robert graham says:

    Re the comments above about straying into dangerous territory , the other night the ladies on WGD were discussing ways to have Wings permanently shut down .
    Careful Out There
    Loose Lips etc

  161. Caledonia says:

    cynicalHighlander says:
    15 February, 2021 at 8:03 pm
    @ScotPolWatch twitter has just been suspended

    That is the one the rev has linked to instead of his own at top of the page when you click on twitter icon

  162. Eileen Carson says:

    Has Lady Dorian given a written judgement yet?

  163. Baxter says:

    crazycat@ 8:00pm

    Thanks for the explanation.

  164. Anonymoose says:

    The SNP’s YouTube account has just uploaded Sturgeons Conference address from the 9th June 2018.

    If this is her rallying cry to have her voted for it shows one thing, the SNP have not move an inch since 2018, they have delayed Indy for 3+ years(7 really) and are spouting out 3(7) year old pledges.

    The piggy bank might be a bit on the empty side too after having to bail out Alyn Smith, so they are rehashing old media as new.

  165. richard richardson says:

    “Anyone coming to this ‘story’ for the first time could be forgiven for thinking that this ‘vulnerable’ woman had somehow been denied justice. Glenn Campbell with his sympathetic tone throughout enabled the ‘victim’ to give her take on matters without any challenge from the journalist as to why her evidence was NOT BELIEVED BY A JURY. I think it was only Covid that stopped him holding her hand”

  166. richard richardson says:

    “Counsels advice to Sturgeon was highly likely from October at least that her case was barely “stateable” and even then only “stateable” of flat earth levels of conviction. Hopeless if you like. But still Sturgeon ploughed on, and now won’t release that Counsel opinion to try to save her own neck, and of course Evans neck. Transparency nowhere, cover up everywhere. That Counsel advice must be released. It is reported to advise on the legality of the overall procedure itself too.The Ruddick messages and Vietnam group messages still not revealed.
    Sturgeon/Lloyd/Evans/Murrell will fight hard to the end – look at the BBC exclusive interview today with a complainant – laying down the Sturgeon narrative – undermining the committee and any findings – and the feeble Fabiani non push back. They are fighting hard. No interview by the BBC with Fraser or Baillie to provide any balance to this “exclusive” is astonishingly poor journalistic standards”

  167. John Sm. says:

    @ Caledonia 8:15 pm

    That’s okay. When one goes down another one should pop up.


  168. richard richardson says:

    “If the BBC had interviewed an undisclosed person from the Salmond camp (say Aberdein, assuming he is not straddling both camps) and then done an uncritical interview with the vice convener Margaret Mitchell, it would have caused Sturgeon grievance uproar.

    But in reality there is no difference to the extreme bias that the BBC has foolishly broadcast.

    The complainer from the Sturgeon camp wanted the Committee just to focus on the procedure itself. Nothing else. I wonder why?

    This is the unlawful procedure still in place. The procedure that Evans continually stated just needed one line relooked at. The procedure that is now being reviewed in its entirety externally and still not reported on. The procedure that Sturgeon Evans and Mackinnon all ignored and met with either complainers or complained against during the live complaints investigation or before it had even been put in place! All 3 meetings liable to overturn any outcome using a judicial review. All contrary to any objective reading of the procedure. The procedure that Sturgeon incompetently and foolishly approved which fails to equally protect the complained against. And Sturgeon/Evans/Lloyd could have put in place a truly independent external investigating officer, as the ACAS guidelines state, for these exceptional circumstances , but chose not to do so. I wonder why?”

  169. TNS2019 says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    15 February, 2021 at 7:19 pm
    @TNS2019 – That’s fabulous news Sir. Mind-you, the last ES

    I see Swinney as a secondary protagonist in what happened to us. He guilt is in the cover-up (a la Watergate). because it was those close to him who are actually implicated.

    But it illustrates his strategy. CONTROL.
    Control the regulators.
    Control the media.
    Control his own party.
    When his close allies were threatened by our investigation, he ordered a scapegoating report to be written to deflect attention.

    That’s politics.

  170. Jack Murphy says:

    Dan at 7pm.
    A big thankyou for the link to Iain Lawson’s latest blog:

    I don’t usually come into Wings in the evening, but here I am and well worth the visit!

  171. Daisy Walker says:

    @ zebedee says:
    15 February, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    Honest question: what does ‘leading the jury’ mean when applied to a witness? I read that woman H had been threatened with contempt of court for it. What was she doing or saying?’

    Difficult to say without hearing exactly – there can be different examples. A prime one would be where the witness did not answer the question asked of them but started going off piste with their own answers, with information that they thought was more pertinent than that being asked of by the Advocates.

    Another would be when specifically asked what someone did, they expand on that with opinions about the motivation for whatever they allegedly did.

    Re Lady Dorrian, she said she would publish her verdict at the start of this week. Given her inability to publish her verdict in the Craig Murray case – I suspect that while she is unlikely to be ‘bought off’ she is bending over backwards to be slow in delivering, and in that way the Inquiry cannot get on with doing its job properly and NS is more likely to remain in post come May.

  172. willie says:

    Oh dear, the cabinet is all on the list vote for selection ranking.

    Sturgeon, Swinney, Brown, Hyslop, Ewing

    And then the great and good Angus Robertson, Humza’s wife, a fair the one who uses the ladies toilet, the one they call the Spear plus other marvels of the political firmament.

    But wee Nicola and John on the lists. Surely not. Or like the 60,000 that left the SNP do they see writing on the wall and are heading for the lifeboats.

    Well sorry Nicola the Indy list party is going to clean up the independence list vote!

  173. Wee Chid says:

    Just made what will likely be my last vote as a member of the SNP. Voted to put Joan McAlpine at the top of the list for South Scotland. Haven’t decided 100% yet how or if I will vote in the constituency on the day but I’m hoping there will be another indy party standing for the list down here.

  174. Eileen Carson says:

    Well done Wee Chid!!

  175. Derek says:

    @holymacmoses says:
    15 February, 2021 at 6:48 pm
    I think we need to be careful on these pages. The last thing needed is for there to be an excuse to close down Wings here.

    I think that people are generally erring on the side of caution…

    …unlike the BBC who, in their article about the inquiry being more stressful than the trial, gave a list of the general areas in which the women work. Jigsaws, no?

  176. Stuart MacKay says:

    richard richardson

    > I think it was only Covid that stopped him holding her hand”

    Well based on past performance I’d say that would have been a rather rash move.

  177. Anonymoose says:

    Having the SNP cabinet on the regional lists’ is incase they get booted out in the constituency vote.

    It’s a safety net, where if they do not get enough votes for a constituency seat they will be move into the top of the regional list candidates as a ‘preferred’ candidate and move all the SNP list candidates down a slot in priority.

    Thats why they are in both, how’s that for democracy – it’s alright when it suits them.

    Incidentally there are 15 candidates in the SNP’s Highlands and Islands regional list, at least 5 of those are disabled/self-id disabled/woke [delete as appropriate], with one BAME candidate.

  178. crazycat says:

    @ willie at 9.14

    Well sorry Nicola the Indy list party is going to clean up the independence list vote!

    It’s been suggested on twitter that NS is virtue-signalling (, but your comment made me think of something else – emotional blackmail.

    Who would want to be the person whose “disloyalty” on the list led to NS not getting a seat? Far better to play it safe with Both Votes SNP.

    (Given some past misunderstandings of my comments on here, I should point out that I am not advocating BVS!)

  179. crazycat says:

    @ Anonymoose at 9.24

    The order of candidates on the list cannot be altered after it has been submitted. The only thing that changes is that any list candidates elected in a constituency are removed from the list. They can’t be reshuffled if they don’t win.

  180. John says:

    Fergus Ewing has put his name forward for the list seats in the Highlands and Island.

  181. Not for me to say says:

    Fergus Ewing? Research who he has represented or not as the case may be. I seem to remember his silence over kelp dredging.

  182. cirsium says:

    @Stuart MacKay, 9.40

    Good one-liner.

  183. Ken MacIntyre says:

    I agree. Having to watch numpties like Peter Murrell is enough to leave anyone in need of counselling and care.

  184. Meg merrilees says:

    Eileen Carson @ 2.51
    Received my e mail about the list vote for SNP candidates for Mid-Scotland and Fife. 18.17

    A few surprises here:

    John Swinney!, Keith Brown!, Annabelle Ewing,
    Fiona Sarwar, Moraig Henderson, Ross Cunningham, Rod Cavanagh,
    Susan Mc Gill. Lee Robb, Stefan Hoggan-Radu, Chris Hanlon, Rosemary Hunter,Donald Balsillie, Eva Comrie, Jim Fairlie, Sheila McCole, Dave Torrance

  185. Geoff Anderson says:

    I watched the SNP Highland list selection hustings tonight on YouTube. At the end the chair he had withheld a number of questions directed to certain candidates.
    This is a controlled hustings. Questions on Women’s Rights or GRA not permitted.
    This is the level of control being exercised.
    One more: Ranking is to be carried out by members. This will then be amended as per priority list.

    The don’t want you to hear what they really think.

    Do not give your second vote to the SNP. I hope Highland and other Regions realise we need to get behind the ISP.

    The chair also told a blatant lie that both votes SNP would win 3 list seats in addition to winning ALL the constituency seats. This is a mathematical impossibility.

    It will stay on YouTube but save yourself pain and watch the last 10 minutes

  186. bjsalba says:

    Finally found the e-mail for list vote.

    In Junk Mail


  187. true scot says:

    “Having the SNP cabinet on the regional lists’ is incase they get booted out in the constituency vote.”

    Vote rigging. This is what you hear about in far flung countries where democracy was strangled at birth because a warlord made a fast move and grabbed power.

    This feels less and less like the country I grew up in.

  188. Liz says:

    SilverDarling says:
    15 February, 2021 at 7:31 pm

    Do you or anyone else know when is the list order is finalized?

    I believe members have until march 1st. I see Angus Robertson is not standing on the list. Can’t we find a well known independent to stand against him? Would so like him not to be elected.

  189. Alf Baird says:

    Geoff Anderson

    “Do not give your second vote to the SNP.”

    Why would anyone even give this shower their constituency vote?

    Lets see a List ‘plebiscite on independence’ party.

  190. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Lindy, there are an infinite number on constructive, productive ways to go from here. We are just at the giddy quavering high of a worthless wave that is just about to crash. We will see what is what after the storm breaks, see what needs to be done, see who is who, who to trust and who not to (we already know that). And we will fix it. We will not be broken by scum and careerists and unionists, Scottish people or not. It’s why I tried to think a bit aboot what we have learned and earned from all of this in the piece. Nothing is irreparable. The dream will never die.

    For anybody wondering what Lindy is talking aboot, this is what I posted earlier on. It’s going down well. Dedicated to Alex Salmond. And to a decent future Scotland.

  191. Sarah says:

    @ Geoff Anderson at 10.26: I’ve just googled youtube for the snp highlands and islands list selection hustings – couldn’t find it.

    I am a Highlands member and I didn’t know the hustings were on tonight. Who was the chair?

    And I didn’t know there is a Spring Conference date either!

  192. Glenislay says:

    For those saying “don’t vote SNP on the constituency ballot”, theres a problem with that logic.

    These nutjobs, fruitcakes and swivel-eyed loons self ID-ing as disabled and women to get on rigged party lists have a much higher chance of getting into the Holyrood trough if we actively attempt to remove SNP constituency MSPs

    Does anyone in their right mind want Spear and co from the twitler youth brigade representing them in Holyrood? Because that is unfortunately what will happen.

    They’ve caught us in a catch-22, and that might be the real gameplan by the leadership of the SNP.

  193. SilverDarling says:

    @Liz 10.45 pm

    Thank you!

    Quite a few big names wanting an insurance policy it seems. Maybe their constituents are letting them know it is not a done deal after all despite all the positive polling.

    I would love it if Joanna Cherry stood against him as an independent but the amount of money and organizing would be too much at this stage probably and she doesn’t need the hassle with all that is going on in her life.

  194. Elmac says:

    In my current mood I would vote for the lizard people from Mars rather than the SNP. I do not see that changing before May unless there is a rebellion from within their ranks. Voting ISP on the list is a no brainer whether or not you intend to vote for SNP on the constituency ballot but the SNP continue to push for both votes SNP despite all polling experts and anyone with more than one brain cell telling them that this is a sure fire way to reduce the pro Indy representation in Holyrood.

    So why do they do it? The only plausible explanation is that they do not want another independence party to gain a foothold in Holyrood. Far better to depend on the Greens for control or to govern as a minority government than be propped up by some fired up independenistas who might, god forbid, force the issue on a referendum or a plebiscite.

    What a conundrum. Vote for the “Party of Independence” and be sure to remain a colony for the forseeable future or, take your chances, and vote to get them out in the reasonable expectation that there will be a new kid on the constituency ballot when the next HR election comes round. Nothing is without risk but I know what I am putting money on.

  195. Willie says:

    Liz @ 10.43.

    Angus Robertson sure as shit is on for a ranking on the list. Like toilet paper to an arse, how could you have thought that he wasn’t. And the similarity between Angus and Andrex…….is that they both fight the Klingons.

    Yes, Angus is on the list!

  196. Willie says:

    Sorry, misctype, one fights the Klingons, whilst the other Klings On.

    Sorry Angus for the analogy. But which one are you?

  197. Dan says:

    @ Jack Murphy at 9:08 pm

    Nae bother and happy to help. I’m just posting occasional links and a comment every now and then seeing as I’m locked down in a constituency where I can no longer campaign for the SNP. Concentrating instead on my house renovation instead of putting effort into anything else.
    My mates and family members have all resigned recently from the SNP as the ruling cliques at various levels just treat members as expendable leaflet delivery system.
    Fuck em’, I worked my arse off for years getting my numerous acquaintances and contacts educated and registered to vote, but that is all over now.
    I’ve always campaigned openly and honestly on grounds of anti corruption rather than nationalism, so trying to sell or promote the current skipfire the SNP has become is beyond my ethical limits.
    I’m prepared to make a tactical and necessary sacrifice if required in my constituency in May as it clearly appears the only way to get any of the twats to listen to the plebs.

    I still get showered with SNP emails even though I haven’t been a member for months. Always asking for more money or punting Both Votes SNP shite, which either shows complete lack of grasp of the voting system in my area, or that they are shiting it and need 2nd votes coz they may not win the constituencies… Which I’ll add is a position solely down to them as they don’t listen to anything the plebs say.
    These days fact you rarely see any SNP Politician with a Land Reform twibbon says it all… 🙁

    Power related links.

    The Dutch connector has been up and running again this week after a couple of months offline. (scroll to right to view Euro connects))

    Scotland currently exporting 100% more than we are using to England.

  198. Sarah says:

    @ Cringe: Thanks for the link to H&I hustings. Now I’ve got something to look forward to. Not.

  199. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Rev Stu, hope you’re aware of these cunts. Raising a beer to you:

  200. Beaker says:

    Apparently there is a pledge that SNP List candidates are being “invited” to sign. Basically they must support all reforms to the GRA.

    Any SNP members able to shed some light?

  201. Checks notes says:

    Beaker says:
    16 February, 2021 at 12:14 am
    Apparently there is a pledge that SNP List candidates are being “invited” to sign. Basically they must support all reforms to the GRA.

    Any SNP members able to shed some light?

    Nothing formal from the party to members on this as far as I can see. Seems to be something Kirsty Blackman drew up on the back of a fag packet. Even more puzzling is the contact email address at the bottom of her flyer

  202. Anonymoose says:

    It’s by that Blackman person, she posted it to twitter:

    She’s trying to make a list of candidates who support it, obviously so she can make a list of those who dont support it.
    She is gerrymandering candidates, I have no doubt she’ll send her youth element along to berate all non-signatories on twitter and then try to get them deselected by the NEC.

  203. Benhope says:

    Listened to the H & I hustings tonight. It went on for over two hours. 13 of the 15 candidates had a 10 minute speaking slot.

    Every one of them joined the SNP as bairns and they were so so committed to INDEPENDENCE. Not a single word was uttered about GRA reform or the HATE crime bill. Very, very strange!!!!!!

  204. Anonymoose says:

    Benhope says:
    16 February, 2021 at 12:33 am

    Listened to the H & I hustings tonight. It went on for over two hours. 13 of the 15 candidates had a 10 minute speaking slot.

    Every one of them joined the SNP as bairns and they were so so committed to INDEPENDENCE. Not a single word was uttered about GRA reform or the HATE crime bill. Very, very strange!!!!!!

    Yeah the same in their candidate statements, no mention of any divisive policies like GRA, HCB, Self-id or any of that even though the woke candidates have it plastered all over their twitter accounts.

    They wont put that front and centre there it’s too divisive to win votes, they’ll hind behind falsehoods just to get a seat.

    It really says something when candidates dont stand behind what they have been vocal about for months when it comes to elections.

  205. Famous15 says:

    Easy to identify those list candidates who are lukewarm to cold on indy; did they sign the excitable Kirsty Blackman’s pledge? If they did they do not deserve your vote.

  206. Craig Jones says:

    So, if we are all going to be using the one toilet, does that mean the male wall urinals will be taken away.

    If there are only two cubicals in a shopping centre, then is it a free for all?

    Guys pissing all over the pan? Then women, teenage girls, OAPs coming in after all that and sitting on the same pan.

    Females with their menstral periods using the same toilet, along with every other ativity that takes place in a toilet cubical.

    I am guessing it won’t be long before all sorts of fancy infections start to spread.

    What is our illustrious Health Secretary saying as about all this, or even Kirsty Blackman.

    I think I will be waiting until I get back home, it really isn’t worth the hassle.

    Unless you are truly bursting.

  207. Beaker says:

    Had a look at the link cheers.

    Nothing surprises me anymore.

  208. Robert graham says:

    Agreeing with comments above all of a sudden these candidates profess that they have been Independence supporters since they were born , fk me all the fervent Indy supporters have congregated in one fkn Region now that’s amazing eh ,
    Aye bunch of devious bar stuards they know the public won’t buy what they are selling so they attempt to fool them and that’s even before they are chosen for the list bleedn con artists

  209. Robert graham says:

    Thanks for posting the hustings clip I can’t remember who sorry
    Anyway first up Fergus first few words diversity
    Switched off after less than a minute fk you fergus yer only on the list to save yer fat arse

  210. susanXX says:

    I’m going to vote tactically at the election: I shall hold my nose and vote Fergus Ewing on the constituency to help stop the woke weirdos on the list and hopefully ISP on the list. If no ISP I’m stumped.

  211. Scozzie says:

    Craig Jones @ 12.50
    And to add to your list, women who have an early pregnancy miscarriage outside of the home will usually always go to the women’s toilet before seeking medical attention. How must these women feel in a ‘gender neutral’ toilet. Women clearly need our own spaces for some biological reasons. I just can’t get my head around the trans handmaidens who want to give them all away.

  212. David Holden says:

    I have just voted on the ranking for the SNP candidates for the list vote. A long list to pick from and reading the statements no mention of gender ID from any of them. I would have more respect if those that bang on about trans rights would have the courage of their convictions and be up front about it.

  213. Kiwilassie says:

    This from Iain Lawsons blog is a must read, before the elections. Just to make sure you aren’t voting in any of the alphabet women.
    Some may be standing as candidates.

  214. Sylvia says:

    Checks @ 12:27
    “Even more puzzling is the contact email address at the bottom of her flyer” – email

    Kirsty Blackman posts ” I hope all our @thesnp list candidates will sign this pledge. Regional list voting for members is open until 1st March and my preferences will be given to those who support the Rights Pledge.

    RIGHTS PLEDGE (posted by Kirsty Blackman)

    I support protecting and increasing rights for trans and non-binary people. If I am elected to Holyrood I will support the reform of the Gender Recognition Act, including to make it easier to self ID. I will put Human Rights first as I believe Scotland should be a progressive, independent nation.
    To add your signature email

  215. Willie says:

    Many may now have received from SNP HQ Mi-voice voting Many may now have received from SNP HQ Mi-voice voting papers asking them to rank candidates.

    But how much do ordinary members know about what they are voting for.

    Do they for example know which candidates self certified as Bame or Disabled. Not all disabilities are visible and of course disability varies widely in type or severity.

    And does the wider membership know how the party system is going to rank candidates after the members have voted to rank them. Does the party system fish out the Bame or Disabled and then rank them again to select one to go to the top of the ballot paper.

    Or what if there is only one Bame or Disabled candidate who gets only a few member votes compared to let us say a much more popular candidate who maybe got a few thousand votes. A simple stark example maybe. But how does it all work. Who goes to the top of the ballot. And could there be abuse.

    Of course the practical corollary that flows from this is that an unpopular self certify candidate unreflective of members choice might very well similarly reflect wider voter unpopularity. And then of course there may, be legal challenge. Well party lawyers think that.

    Anyway the question being put is do ordinary members understand the system. I’ll bet for the most part they don’t. And to use as an example, could members be selecting a Number 1 candidate whose policies are to use the women’s toilet every time he can and or piss off Wings readers.

    Of course voting SNP with your second vote is a wasted vote. The last election where 953,000 SNP got four seats and 956,000 votes got forty five Unionist seats tells you that.

    So in truth who really cares about the SNPs list candidate selection process. Second vote SNP makes no sense. No sense whatsoever! In fact same might well be said about many of the others too.

  216. Liz g says:

    Scozzie @ 6.30
    Absolutely, and not to mention Menopausal women who sometimes need to get completely changed with little to no warning.
    Not because they need to seek help but simply because they don’t want to leave a mess for others to clean on public transport or the in car, and most likely need to continue with their day !
    Since presumably most men would rather women didn’t just leave such a mess
    Wouldn’t they rather leave women the space and privacy to do as they’ve always done and manage woman’s business in their own lane, and do so discreetly enough that they are barely aware of any of it?

    Because if those decent men don’t get behind us ….they are going to have to think twice too about taking their young sons and grandsons to public toilets too!
    Or be prepared to face this stuff…
    It’s also been my experience “most” teenage laddies are amusingly modest around adult women and would rather relive themselves in an inappropriate place ( even with the legal ramifications of doing so ) than chance witnessing a woman dealing with things like this.
    Which would result an unpleasant environment for everyone, ever quite corner stinking and unusable…..plastic bottles won’t be just an environmental problem , it will be plastic bottles that are a bio hazard too… I seriously doubt they’d want Gender neutral facilities, they’d cope somewhat in the schools I suspect, but in the adult world would be a whole different experience.

    These Gender nutters really haven’t thought beyond how they’d like the world to be and looked at how the world really is…. the world is geared for two kinds of humans because there are two kinds of humans and we all have to fit it the best we can…. why is that so difficult???

  217. Sylvia says:

    Refugee Rights to Vote by Glasgow Pollok SNP

    The event is organised by BAME SNP for Refugee communities to know their rights to Vote in the Scottish Parliament election this coming May.

    This event will take place on zoom.Sat, 6 March 2021 19:00 – 21:00

  218. Kiwilassie says:

    I guess this is one to look out for & make sure she doesn’t het into Holyrood by the back door.

  219. Eileen Carson says:

    Meg merrilees says:
    15 February, 2021 at 10:11 pm
    Eileen Carson @ 2.51
    Received my e mail about the list vote for SNP candidates for Mid-Scotland and Fife. 18.17

    A few surprises here:

    John Swinney!, Keith Brown!, Annabelle Ewing,
    Fiona Sarwar, Moraig Henderson, Ross Cunningham, Rod Cavanagh,
    Susan Mc Gill. Lee Robb, Stefan Hoggan-Radu, Chris Hanlon, Rosemary Hunter,Donald Balsillie, Eva Comrie, Jim Fairlie, Sheila McCole, Dave Torrance

    If you MUST vote SNP on the list [WHY?] I’m reliably informed the good guys are Susan Mc Gill, Chris Hanlon, Eva Comrie and Jim Fairlie.

  220. Alf Baird says:

    Glenislay 11:22 pm

    “For those saying “don’t vote SNP on the constituency ballot”, theres a problem with that logic. These nutjobs, fruitcakes and swivel-eyed loons self ID-ing as disabled and women to get on rigged party lists have a much higher chance of getting into the Holyrood trough if we actively attempt to remove SNP constituency MSPs”

    That could only happen if people vote SNP on the list, which increasingly looks unlikely.

    A majority vote in a list ‘plebiscite election on independence’ may also make the constituency vote superfluous for the simple reason that a majority (national) vote in favour of independence means independence, i.e. nae mair UK devolved/colonial nonsense. In this sense it would not matter who won the constituency seats in a non-sovereign administration – the people would have voted to end it and it should therefore be ended. Devolved non-sovereign Holyrood does not have competence for constitutional matters anyway.

    Independence voters could abstain from the constituency vote entirely and vote only on the list for an independence plebiscite party. A clear national vote in favour of independence can then be used as the democratic basis to negotiate Scotland’s withdrawal from the UK. A national vote in favour of independence may also be taken to the UN for recognition.

    Any national vote in favour of independence is just that, a national vote for independence, and my contention is that the list vote can be used for this purpose.

  221. Eileen Carson says:

    Just a guess [an educated one] but thinking about the flurry of “Nicla” school reopening, who recently said closed till summer, news on BBC/STV [just waiting for Sky to join in] but could FM have been tipped off to Lady Dorian’s imminent written judgement?

  222. Breeks says:

    Anonymoose says:
    16 February, 2021 at 12:30 am

    …She’s trying to make a list of candidates who support it, obviously so she can make a list of those who dont support it.

    No, what she’s actually doing is expropriating the electoral popularity of the SNP’s stance on Scottish Independence, and using that popularity as buoyancy to support gender extremism, which would properly sink without a trace if it wasn’t lashed so tightly to the cause of Scottish Independence.

    It’s a straight up swindle / extortion racket. If you want Independence, you have to support the Wokeratti. If you won’t support the Wokeratti, then Scottish Independence ‘gets it’.

    If the SNP had ANY credibility or integrity left, Ms Blackman (and the whole wokist wrecking crew) would already be in need of a new party, and probably a parachute depending on the height she was dropped from. Unfortunately, Sturgeon seems to be an even more accomplished and cynical extortionist than any of them..

    Scottish Independence to the SNP ‘leadership’ is just a meal ticket of convenience, and those who genuinely do want Scottish Independence have a serious problem getting a face hugging parasite removed, because it’s limbs bleed acid when cut, and it tightens it’s stranglehold around the host’s neck whenever it feels threatened.

  223. Why doesn`t Blackman join Patrick Harvie`s Green Party,

    they both are advocates for fluid no age limit self id,

    outside the financial benefits of an MP`s wage i really can`t see why she clings on to the SNP,

    Patrick Harvie`s ideology fits Kirtsty`s ideology perfectly.

  224. Eileen Carson says:

    Very dubious Q on ComRes Denise Findlay on Twitter

  225. Bob Mack says:

    Just hearing Grousebeater has been taken to hospital. Looks bad. Think of him as we fight on. A great patriot who the SN P tried to diminish with anti semetism claims

  226. McDuff says:

    As I understand it, a woman accuses AS of rape but a reliable witness states that said woman wasn’t even at the location of the incident thus completely discrediting her accusation. This woman then has surely committed perjury.
    After the trial and AS`s acquittal, given that a serious crime may have been committed by this woman it surely follows that the police would interview her and investigate her false allegation. If they didn’t why not.
    There is no doubt given all the evidence there has been collusion and a conspiracy involving the media, police, COPFS and the unhinged SG to destroy independence in a way unimagined by any of us.

  227. Astonished says:

    Breeks – I couldn’t agree more. Our cowardly MPs and MSPs have utterly failed to stop genderwoowoo and wrongthink riding on the coattails of the independence movement.

    I think (and for the handmaidens of these policies – I hope) they will pay a price in May.

    P.S. I note that our illustrious leader has put her name onto the regional list. Revealing her confidence in her arguments.

  228. Eileen Carson says:

    Seriously bad news Grouse Beater in hospital. Sending him my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Via Jeggit

  229. TNS2019 says:

    The UK ‘constitution’ is not written but is based heavily on convention.
    Those conventions have either weakened or been largely ignored over recent months and especially by the Scottish Government.
    I think we need a written constitution to ensure a healthy separation of powers (Lord Advocate , please take note) and the supremacy of Parliament.
    We also need Holyrood to actually do its job and I am not sure if recent failures have been due to the current system and process, or the inadequacy of MSPs, or abuse by ministers.
    So if any party pledge a major constitutional overhaul as part of an independence manifesto, that would be extremely attractive to me.

  230. Andy Ellis says:

    Gutted to hear the news that Gareth Wardell is in hospital, and like many others I send my best wishes to him and his family. We need voices like his more than ever right now.

  231. Bob Mack says:

    Grousebeater new he only had months to live. The very least the SN P could have done was apologise for labelling him as an anti semite. He will remain with us marching to freedom.

  232. Ottomanboi says:

    “Don’t vote, it only encourages them”
    A slogan from some 60’s US presidential elections seems apposite.
    Maybe a spell in the wilderness is what the smug SNP needs.

  233. Astonished says:

    Saddened to hear about grousebeater’s hospitalization. Hope it goes well.

  234. Willie says:

    To Gareth Wardell we are indebted to you. A true patriot.

    My absolute kindest thoughts for you at this difficult time. Maybe old words for many these days, but let us pray for your remission.

  235. Terrible to hear aboot Gareth being in hospital. The SNP badly hurt him with their quack antisemitism allegations. They should apologise to him.

    As for refugee voting rights…why? I lived in America for over a decade and could not vote because I never became a citizen. Should be the same here. People need to show some commitment to Scotland before they get to help shape our future. Give the vote to people who may not even stay here? Again, why?

    Oh, that’s right, so the SNP can cynically buy their votes.

  236. Willie says:

    “ Imagine you stumbled upon a major scandal involving the Scottish Government or one of its agencies? Who would you go to with cpnfidence it would be properly investigated?

    To the politicians? Obviously not. To senior civil servants? You’re joking. To the Crown Office? Certainly not on current form. To the national police force, now answerable directly to the same politicians? Not with any great faith.

    It is not a happy state of affairs in any society when checks and balances which safeguard the separation of powers, within government and the law, are cast aside. The ease with which this has happened in Scotland is remarkable.

    Over the coming weeks, one way or another, the Holyrood Committee on Harassment Complaints will peter out. However, it will long stand as testimonial to the power which now resides within St Andrew’s House to obstruct any inconvenient process demanding transparency and natural justice.

    What we are seeing is the tip of a very large iceberg, albeit one that was never meant to be exposed. “ ( Brian Wilson )


    What I’ve posted here is an extract from a piece today by the arch unionist and one time Labour Energy Minister Brian Wilson.

    No lover of the SNP his comments indicate exactly the onslaught that will be levied against the entire apparatus of government in Scotland. Sadly his comments are absolutely true.

    Direct Rule is coming. Let us be in no doubt. That is the intention. We’re not fit to run our own affairs. And Nicola and the Gang facilitated that.

    Two votes SNP – Eh!

  237. Famous15 says:

    I accidentally stumbled on the Jeremy Vine show and find Mr Fitwilliams (no clue) saying Harry and Mghan are toxic.

    Oprey knew about the pregnancy before the queen.

    Carole Malone frothing at the mouth !

    Thought Scotland could not look good at the moment but seems some Scots are hinging on to sanity better than Vine and pals.

  238. Geoff Anderson says:

    Above is a link to the 2016 Highland Region elections.

    With 20% of the list vote The Tories gained 3 MSPs
    With 11% of the list vote Labour gained 2 MSPs
    With 39% of list votes the SNP scrapped 1 (note the devisor would increase by one so they wouldn’t get another)

    The real purpose of “both votes SNP” is to deny any new Independence Party traction. It is a bucket to deny choice.

    More than 11% for the ISP would deliver 2 MSPs who support Independence and Women’s Rights. It would knock out a Tory and a Labour seat.

    Beware the CON. They do not want to be challenged on the delivery of a Referendum. They want to have a cosy SNP/Green wokerati alliance to deliver GRA.

    The hustings for Highland was a disgrace. The SNP control the questions and prevent scrutiny.

  239. ScottieDog says:

    “ The real purpose of “both votes SNP” is to deny any new Independence Party traction. It is a bucket to deny choice.”

    Correct. They already have their mandate.

  240. Geoff Anderson says:

    On the above link you will notice that the LibDems did not get a list seat because they won two constituencies (therefore list votes divided by 3) and Labour got the second seat with 11%.

  241. @Geoff Anderson,

    ` They want to have a cosy SNP/Green wokerati alliance to deliver GRA.`

    do you think this is pressure from Patrick Harvie (SNP need his votes) or is this fluid no age limit self id a mutual ideology,

    is there any way of ISP targeting the Green list/regional seats.

  242. The National currently has eight Sturgeon stories in its feed. EIGHT. Jesus Christ. Talk aboot damage limitation she-walks-on-water propaganda…

  243. Sylvia says:

    WhoRattledYourCage @ 9:39

    “As for refugee voting rights…why?”

    I am 100% with you, I also lived/worked overseas and did not have a vote BUT I have posted this for a reason. The reason, I will disclose in the next few weeks, 5th amendment for now but I have bookmarked my post.

    Note it has been posted by the Glasgow Pollok SNP.

    Twitter @SNPPollok

  244. McDuff says:

    Absolutely. The National has always played a crafty game but it’s now showing its true colours.

  245. Daisy Walker says:


    Feeling a wee bit sorry for Alex Cole Hypen Lib Dem person.

    He only said ‘FU Maree.’ And all the heed bummers from the SNP are piling in to chastise him for his Vileness.

    If only he had threatened physical violence and ‘corrective rape’ to the point where Police are required and arrests made, not only would there be nothing but tummbleweed coming from SNP HQ, but his ID would be protected also.

    Live and learn, live and learn.

  246. Alf Baird says:

    Lots of things happening, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and Scotland’s liberation, like that of most other countries, need not be made more complicated than it needs to be.

    Most Scots now wish to see May’s election as a plebiscite on independence. My own preference would be to have the list vote used as the specific plebiscite on independence with pro-independence parties stating this in their manifestos.

    A majority national vote in favour of independence at May’s national election in Scotland would be followed by a declaration of independence. That democratic decision and declaration would be taken to the UN for recognition. Withdrawal arrangements with rest-UK can then be initiated.

  247. Kingu says:

    I keep saying this and I’m saying it again, I’m done. I am resolute in my decision, I will not be voting SNP at all, 1 or 2. I will vote ISP but I want to see those SNP seat warming trough era removed from their seat. We are not getting Indy Ref 2, more carrot dangling nonsense, they’ve had umpteen mandates and ain’t used any of them. We’d be as well sit and wait in a new party to form whi can take constituency seats not just list seats. We need to send a clear message to SNP that we won’t stand for this any longer, we put them there and we take it away.

    Secondly, they were happy to see a great man jailed for what could have been the rest of his life and the rest of his wife’s life. Alex Salmond was found innocent, yet he’s constantly on trial by media. Constant attempts to taint this great leader of Scotland to ensure his political career is no more. I can hardly stand to watch Nicola Sturgeon or John Swinney and certainly don’t listen to the bluff and bluster from Mike Russell, in fact every one of them truly disgusts me. Don’t even get me started on GRA. So vote SNP if you want more and more of this crap, but I’ll not give them another X in any box in future.

  248. Boaby says:

    Willie 9.46am. “Direct rule is coming”. Sadly if the people of Scotland allow direct rule to be imposed on them, then the people of Scotland deserve pain oppression and austerity in spades.

  249. Stoker says:

    @ holymacmoses on 15 February, 2021 at 7:39 pm

    No problem, i didn’t take it that way, i knew you were just reminding/warning others of the dangers and my intention was to support and back you.

  250. John McGowan says:

    First, I am a Labour party supporter and obviously not normally a friend of WOS but I want to say I admire the work you have done here defending Mr Salmond. Unlike my colleagues at work and almost everyone else for that matter, I did not think it right or fair that, before his trial, Mr Salmond was regarded as guilty before a single piece of evidence had been heard. Again, I am not a natural allay of him, but it did not take much to think how you would feel yourself to be subject to such awful allegations, to be found guilty in the court of public opinion and not to have the chance to defend yourself. This was a travesty of justice and it must have been a hellish time for Mr Salmond and his family. Of course, he is not the only won to be treated in this way. Cliff Richard was similarly treated – maybe even worse – and had his life ruined by people who ought to know better. Now, having had his name cleared by the courts, Mr Salmond now has to deal with a media which seems intent on stirring the pot, doing what it can to keep the accusations in the forefront of the public’s mind. I don’t know how you deal with that on a human level, I think many would have gone under in the face of such character assassination. Anyway, as a political opponent, it gives me no pleasure to see Mr Salmond treated in this way and I only hope that he finds some way of coming to terms with all of this.

  251. twathater says:

    Love and best wishes to Gareth and his family and know that our prayers are with you all at this hard time xxx

  252. SilverDarling says:

    Adding my love to Gareth and his family. He is a fine man and Indy supporter willing to speak out at great personal cost.

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