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In all your newspapers tomorrow

Posted on August 06, 2014 by

We’re sure, right?


And it’ll be accompanied, we haven’t even the slightest shred of doubt, by a veritable procession of outraged columnists demanding that Alistair Darling must take personal responsibility for the actions of these people.


After all, we’re told every other day – not least by Mr Darling himself – that the First Minister could stop “cybernats” with a single word of command. So logically it must follow that every furious nutcase on the Unionist side must be the direct and personal responsibility of their leader.


In reality, of course, independence supporters just have to quietly put up with this sort of stuff being shoved through the letterboxes of Yes shops and campaign offices by people fired up by the angry, personally abusive tone of the No campaign’s literature and debating style, all the way from the top down.


Dramatic newspaper splashes are reserved for when some out-of-control maniac puts a sticker on a window. But whether the press picks the story up or not, we’re confident that we’ll be reading Mr Darling’s personal condemnation all over social media in the next few hours. We’ll bring it to you the minute it happens.

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    1. 06 08 14 23:45

      In all your newspapers tomorrow | Scottish Independence News

    207 to “In all your newspapers tomorrow”

    1. Hardin says:

      I imagine whoever wrote this is well known to the Polis.

    2. heedtracker says:

      Oh but its just a joke, you know what a joke is eh?

    3. Patrician says:

      This is really depressing stuff. This will is spun as it is all the nationalists fault if they didn’t want independence then this wouldn’t happen. You are spot on the money with this tone being set at the top of the chain-of-command of No Scotland.

      What do some vets have against independence? is it caused by coming into contact with that cat disease that makes you go mad?

    4. Doug Daniel says:

      That first one is an utter disgrace.

    5. Drew McMorrin says:

      More bile which I know will go unreported. Darling will do nothing as he always does

    6. Michael Duvic says:

      It’s a pity about their lack of ability to structure a sentence, or grasp grammar skills. Stay classy, no voters. My guess is a Rangers fan?

    7. David Turner says:

      They must be really worried now.I won’t put into words what I really want to say it does the campaign no good. In fact it is probably why they are upping the ante as no one is taking the bait

    8. BigRik says:

      It must be depressing to hate your own country.

    9. iapetus says:

      What a bunch of tools.
      We’re not all bams in Fife. I know that goes without saying but felt it necessary to say anyway!

    10. Liquid Lenny says:

      With that handwriting sure its not Doctors and not Vets?

      BTW Im a Vet, the Americanism for somebody who once served in the Armed Forces. We had to pass a test to show we could read and write (Amongst other things) before being accepted. I take it now, they accept any nutter.

    11. anne Gorman says:

      Aye dinae haud yir breath

    12. Bruce says:

      Don’t think we can hold our breath long enough!

    13. muttley79 says:

      I am not really surprised at this at all. When you have political leaders of a campaign, such as Darling saying his main opponents are blood and soil nationalists (Nazis in other words), and Johann Lamont saying nationalism is a virus (she was referring to the Scottish variety, not the British one of course), then that was bound to send a green light to the knuckle draggers on the No side to do what they like.

      They would deny this of course, but we all know that they used extreme rhetoric, and it is very difficult really to see how else it could have been interpreted by the SDLers, Loyalists, BNPers, and some elements of the Orange Order etc. To be honest, they really have completely disregarded the personal security of leading figures in the Yes campaign in particular, by their reckless rhetoric.

    14. BigRik says:

      Police are now looking for a knuckle dragger with a bottle of Buckfast in his trackie bottoms 🙂

    15. setondene says:

      My vet’s brilliant with cats.

    16. BigRik says:

      It’s a shame , we shouldn’t mock the mentally challenged flute players. No doubt they were only following orders.

    17. Auld Rock says:

      Note that this writing, and I use ‘writing’ cautiously, is all in the same hand. But you know it can’t really be horrible Brit Nats controlled by Alistair Darling doing this, they don’t do things like that do they, pardon me while I choke, they just tell silly jokes. There is one thing for certain this poor person is sadly lacking in brain cells. Don’t encourage them, just ignore and treat with the contempt it deserves we are above this sort of childish nonsense.

      Auld Rock

    18. What’s up, cant’t take a bit of light-hearted banter?

    19. kendomacaroonbar says:

      There won’t be any report of this in the MSM since we *are* the enemy.

    20. Paula Rose says:

      What’s a “glose t”, is it a golfing term?

    21. HandandShrimp says:

      The rantings of a sad ineffectual idiot but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the BT lot to deplore such unpleasantness. It is all one way traffic with them.

    22. north chiel says:

      pathetic comment by michael duvic. There will be no independent Scotland without the SUPPORT AND VOTES of the many tens of thousands of “rangers fans” and families to the “yes cause”, many of whom follow and post on ” wings”, GROW UP.

    23. BigRik says:

      @handandshrimp, The rantings of a sad in effectual idiot? Back to Flipper are we?

    24. MoJo says:

      current campaign in a nutshell – the engaged versus the enraged and the deranged……
      we just have to rise above this nonsense ,and focus on keeping our own house in order and staying positive and respectful while communicating the facts and challenging the lies and fearmongering at every opportunity….

    25. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      The OO “parade” for No, just before the Referendum could be a bonus for the YES campaign as it could move the Green vote to Yes and other undecideds too who would be shamed to be in the same voting bloc as them.

    26. muttley79 says:


      You are not talking about the split in the Green Party over independence are you? 😀 😀

    27. The Rough Bounds says:

      I’ve had a couple of hate mail letters in response to pro independence letters that I’ve had published in the press. I have kept these hate mail epistles for future reference. I may decide to let the police see them. Without doubt the people who write them are of the lowest common denominator in our society.

      Twats, basically. They will still be sending out their ba’heid bile even though we are independent.

    28. albacridhe says:

      Hey dont mock the vets! Don’t you know the kind of drugs they have access to?

    29. Croompenstein says:

      It must be depressing to hate your own country

      Flower of Scotland was getting booed by the New Rangers fans at Ipox last night, and they had the Israeli flag on display again!

    30. McDuff says:

      While we are on the subject has anyone heard anything of the police inquiry into the supposed threat made against J K Rowling? Its gone awfully quiet after the volcano of publicity it received and there was also the supposed bomb threat made in the NO office in Cumbernauld.
      All very silent and mysterious.

    31. Ian Sanderson says:

      “We’ll bring it to you the minute it happens.”

      I doubt if any of us will live that long….!

    32. eezy says:

      That is sooooooo funny 🙁
      Eh Alistair?

    33. BigRik says:

      It’s water off a duck’s back to me. I’ve been called a ("Tractor" - Ed) , can’t understand their reasoning , but i may be trying to find reason where none exists.No doubt they will all move to NI when we get independence.

    34. Colin says:

      Why would vets be against the SNP, I thought they spent all their time fixing poorly puppies and broken budgie wings?

    35. UncleBob says:

      I also had my YES display, in my own private garden, stolen and vandalised. It was reported to the police but nothing will come of it. I am a little more careful in and around my home now. Doors always locked and I listen out for every movement. All I did was to display YES flags and bunting.
      Shame on those who did this. They have left me feeling vulnerable in my own home.

    36. Andy smith says:

      O/t rmt union are having their own referendum on Scottish independence, with the views of the members to inform the unions position.
      This came about after meetings were held in Perth,Glasgow, Edinburgh,Ayr, Aberdeen, Dundee and Dumfries,the general consensus from these meetings was that the union should support a yes vote
      Apologies to anyone who may have posted on this previously.

    37. BigRik says:

      I wonder how many are in this scots vets anti snp group? I reckon they could share a bicycle to the next meeting , and have they declared to the Electoral Commission? Wait , there could be complicated forms to fill in , with words of 2 or more syllables .

    38. John oconnor says:

      How dare they margo was my friend she fought for what was true and fought for Scotland and so does jim it’s time we all made sure this in printed in newspapers nationwide if not we need to make sure it’s all over Facebook we need to make it yes yes all the way now they Have disrespect our lady of Scotland margo rip keep fighting jim were all behind you

    39. Bogchuff says:

      Muttley, I’m assuming that Bugger is talking about the other “Green” vote, the ones who had a fitba match in Embra tonight.
      These messages are appalling, I’m hoping they’re in the hands of the local polis?

    40. BuckieBraes says:

      I’d like to be a ‘fly on the wall’ to witness the business of this ‘Scots Vets Anti SNP Group’. Does it have an annual general meeting, or possibly a book group to examine the work of James Herriot?

    41. Ian Brotherhood says:

      A new poll just released shows that 68% of Scottish adults would like Professor John Curtice to fuck off.

    42. Gene Randell says:

      Michael Duvic

      Tasteless comment. Negative stereotyping is thoroughly objectionable and no way to promote the all inclusive, socially just, independent Scotland, l envisage.

      l assume that both the grammatical and orthographic solecisms contained within your own post are deliberate? A rather abstruse attempt at humour, perhaps?

    43. Robert Louis says:

      I would echo what others above have said, in that when the LEADERS of the anti independence campaign almost daily use abusive terminology for those supporting independence, it is almost inevitable that somebody somewhere will think it is true – and we get the results shown above and elsewhere.

      The anti independence campaign and its vitriolic abuse of others, is now reaping what it has sown.

    44. Chic McGregor says:

      We’ve had canvassers threatened too. One chap reported that someone told him all yes voters were ("Tractor" - Ed)s and would be lined up and shot after a No vote and that he would be willing to do it himself.

    45. Ian Clarke says:

      Please see below from the Adam Smith Institute (not my usual choice of reading):
      “Press Release: An independent Scotland should keep the pound without rUK’s permission
      Written by Kate Andrews | Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
      Commenting on Alex Salmond’s refusal to name a ‘Plan B’ currency for Scotland if the Chancellor were to continue to oppose a currency union, Research Director of the Adam Smith Institute, Sam Bowman, said:

      “An independent Scotland could flourish either by using the pound sterling without the permission of the rUK (or by setting up a “ScotPound” pegged to sterling through a currency board, which would achieve a similar end). This ‘sterlingization’ would emulate a number of Latin American countries that use the US Dollar without an official agreement with the US government. Because Scottish banks would not have access to a currency-printing lender of last resort, they would have to make their own provisions for illiquidity, and would necessarily act more prudently.

      “Scotland actually had this system of ‘free banking’ during the 18th and 19th centuries, during which time its economy boomed relative to England’s and its banks were remarkably secure. And Panama, which uses the US Dollar in this way, has the seventh most stable financial system in the world.

      “Everyone says Mr Salmond needs a Plan B if the rUK does not agree to a currency union with Scotland. But unilateral adoption should be Plan A, making Scotland’s economy more stable and secure. The UK’s obstinacy would be Scotland’s opportunity”.

    46. Stanjay says:

      Didn’t have time to read all the other comments, but if Alex Salmond heads a fascist police state with armed police at his beck and call,could he not just order this bampot executed?

    47. Patrician says:


      Hope to see lots of you at Seafest, Arbroath on Saturday. Come early and get a badge and maybe a sticker.

    48. Robert Peffers says:

      @The Rough Bounds says: 6 August, 2014 at 9:10 pm:
      “They will still be sending out their ba’heid bile even though we are independent.

      I’ll tell you something else, The Rough Bounds. I’ve been on this particular journey to independence now for around 68 years and I am not alone. If these people, (and I include those, “Proud Scot, buts”), who would have my country remain in thrall to our neighbours doon by, think that a NO victory in the referendum will see the fight ended for decades. They had best think again.

      After the wee genie came out of the wee bottle, it has, as genies do, grown to gigantic proportions and it is finding out more and more each day. Never in the foreseeable future is yon muckle eldrich genie gawn tae gae back in yon wee, wee bottle. If these numpties imagine they can now prevail they fool only themselves. Mind you I do not think we will fail.

    49. Kathy Smyth says:

      Seriously sickening comment on Margo from a seriously sick person.

    50. velofello says:

      Aye Rev, we wait with baited breath for Darling to reprimand his followers.

      Off topic – a bit. Last night’s debate. When door canvassing my response to questions on currency is that my criteria – is can I exchange my currency, whatever it may be, at my bank for another?

      I well recall in my travels being asked by traders ” You have dollars?”. And so, an independent Scotland with oil, gas. electrical power, whisky, food, technology to trade , will be happy to accept payment in whatever tradeable recognisable currency is advantageous , including Scotland’s currency whatever that is. I have doubts over a currency union with rUK simply because rUK will wish/need to dominate any Treasury committee tasked with economic policy because rUK is bigger. Don’t forget, the words of a UK minister “unemployment in the North is a price worth paying”.

      Using sterling but no currency union is probably the better short to mid-term policy for Scotland.

    51. laureenofscotland says:

      That’s shows how the NO campaign pass the hatred to someone or a concept!!!
      This is absolutely disgusting and this also demonstrate how they cannot respect the opinions of others!

    52. Gary says:

      Independence supporters have been threatened with violence on a regular basis, vandalism also happens on a regular basis and we see Better Togethers Facebook page full of trolls. Unlike the YES campaign Better Together and in particular Alistair Darling, is PERSONALLY responsible for this. For example, Darling compared Mr Salmond to King Jong In, North Korea’s dictator (which he has never apologised for), immediately after this his wife tweeted an image of this to a journalist and a well known troll on Facebook, the troll picked up the baton and ran with it on the Better Together page. So, will Mr Darling stop the trolls? He has a direct link to them all he needs to do is stop his OWN unacceptable behaviour. These trolls are the trigger for the threats of violence and vandalism. Yet time and time again he fails to condemn their criminal acts.

    53. Andy-B says:

      There’s no point in trying to shame Better Together or the Scottish media or press into facing their demons, they have no soul, no courage, no heart, no morals and above all no respect for the truth.

    54. bookie from hell says:

      @t least he can’t be called cybernat putting it on paper

    55. Calum Miller says:

      Please respond to this crap by singing the Margo Song and perhaps making a small donation to the Campaign!–2

    56. Michael McCabe says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood And the other 32% Said who the fuck is Professor John Curtice.

    57. Jamie Arriere says:

      I reckon Alistair Darling is a vet as well – he puts me to sleep every time I hear him speak 🙂

    58. Gfaetheblock says:

      Well said north chilel.

      Michael Duvic, fighting bigotry and bad grammar with bigotry and bad grammar.

    59. Ian Brotherhood says:

      re the ‘currency’ red herring –

      If you encounter a Nawbag who starts up with all the ‘we canny keep the pound’ shite, ask them to list any identifying features of any Scottish or English £1, £5, £10, £20 etc. Can they remember what words are on the things? What faces? What buildings? And what about NI notes? (And Channel Islands?)

      Do they even know the origin of whatever cash they happen to have on their person, without looking at it?


    60. Simons says:

      I actually saw these items in person at the Yes shop in Rosyth. Absolutely disgusting comments from people who need to respect other peoples points of view without resorting to this level of bile. I would personally involve the police with these items.

    61. velofello says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood – It’s the way you say them, 100% spot on.

    62. Carntyne says:

      Michael Duvic says:
      6 August, 2014 at 8:44 pm

      It’s a pity about their lack of ability to structure a sentence, or grasp grammar skills. Stay classy, no voters. My guess is a Rangers fan?

      They’ve run out of steam with their football club, so this is something else spew their hate on.

    63. David says:

      We had one who came up to our stall on saturday and started telling us it’s a joke and we’re stupid etc. We thanked him for his opinion and laughed. Not taking the bait, responding with humour and politeness really really pisses them off a treat.

    64. horacesaysyes says:

      That first one is absolutely disgraceful.

      The rest are, sadly, all too common. 🙁

    65. Colin says:

      “Hope to see lots of you at Seafest, Arbroath on Saturday. Come early and get a badge and maybe a sticker.”

      It’s on Saturday and Sunday isn’t it? I was planning on going on Sunday.

    66. Ken500 says:

      What on earth are ‘hunders and thousand’? Ranger fans doing with an Israeli flag. Are they completely mad? Have they lost their Union Jack.

      David Murray supported Alex Salmond as FM of the Scottish Gov.

      P. Philip Mountbatten supported Independence for Scotland in1968, according to Tony Benn Diaries,

    67. galamcennalath says:

      It’s a wee bit of a worry. While the individual who wrote the notes above might be a harmless nutter, they might not be. And, there are some nasty BritNats out there. If/when we get independence, Scotland might have an ongoing problem with these characters. Hope not, but they might just not accept democracy in action. They might not go quietly into a hole and disappear.

    68. Ken500 says:

      They are going to produce plastic bank notes. ‘A little piece of plastic’. Other countries have them.

    69. goldenayr says:

      Chic McGregor

      That’s nothing,had one kid tell me their teacher said that after a YES vote the SNP were going to arm their members to go out and gun down no voters.

      Going back to the house at the weekend,only got to speak to the big sister(who I think have persuaded),and speak to the mother about the validity of his statement.

    70. Grouse Beater says:

      I regard much of what Darling had to say in the debate as hate speech. He gets paid to say it, which makes him more of a thug.

    71. Robert Peffers says:

      @Ian Brotherhood says: 6 August, 2014 at 9:47 pm:

      “re the ‘currency’ red herring –,/i>

      Well actually, Ian, it isot, “Just”, a bit of paper.

      Bank Notes are actually, “Promissory Notes”, and anyone can make and use their very own quite legally.
      It is defined thus : –

      1. a written promise to pay a specified sum of money to a designated person or to his or her order, or to the bearer of the note, at a fixed time or on demand.

      2. a written promise to do or provide something, usually presented as a gift and claimable when or however the recipient chooses.

      If you Google the term you will find ads from people, (usually lawyers),who will design and print your own in 10-15 minutes. They are basically IOUs.

    72. donald anderson says:

      Fife, like other parts of Scotland, is littered with ex mining villages now succumbed to Orangeism. When Willie Hamilton, Labour MP, received his Labour Peerage, he chose Lord Lumphanan so that he could go into the ex Communist stronghold and Lord it over them. Wonder what the Orange “Communists” think of that today?

    73. Lesley-Anne says:

      I really don’t know what the best way is to respond to this disgusting personal attack on a man recently bereaved and his recently dead wife.

      All I will say is that for what it’s worth I have tweeted the photo of the abuse to Police Scotland and also tweeted the First Minister asking if he will be throwing this abuse back into Lamont!

    74. Chris Silver says:

      Said this when the Weir’s were getting abused online that BT had lost any semblance of credibility by this is the British state and its all too typical of their modus operandi the likes of MacDougall know the this behaviour won’t get picked up so they can incite and make the debate personal and the unionist dupes have fallen for it but these people are being used. At least we are forcing a debate on the structure of power and who represents us, these people are so caught up on the lie they just appear ignorant of the possibilities that other nations are not as dysfunctional as the UK and generally with the UK are things generally turn to shit.

    75. Robert Peffers says:

      On the subject of Cenral Banks of last resort. It was NOT the BofE that bailed out the failed banks. It was the UK treasury with tax payers money and foreign governments.

      There is absolutely nothing to stop the new independent Scottish government legally setting interest rates, (The UK government did so for long enough), and bailing out any failing bank. Except I would expect any Scottish Government NOT to be so lax in regulating Scottish financial institutions. This myth is Darling’s phantasy world and lies as usual.

    76. Josef O Luain says:

      North chiell and MoJo speak for me too, Mr Duvic. By your reckoning you might argue that all Rangers supporters vote Tory. No they don’t.

      O/T A friend of mine has reported that she was refused entrance to the Salmond/Darling debate last night, this, after being contacted and told to attend by ipsos/mori. My friend was also informed by the mori worker that couples/partners weren’t acceptable, and that sitting beside a particular Yes activist of her ken(named by the mori worker)was likewise not allowed.

      Understandably fuming, my friend contacted both mori and STV first thing this morning for an explanation. Predictably, mori blamed STV. STV told my friend that the complaint would be investigated.

      Interestingly, the mori person told my friend that she wasn’t alone and that many others had contacted mori with similar complaints. Not all of them had been quite as reasonable as my friend, by all accounts.
      Regarding the “sit by yourself” stipulation, It seemed fairly obvious to me that the group of young males with the cheesy grins and button-down shirts were together, Better
      Together, that is.

      STV hasn’t been back in-touch, of course. People may draw their own conclusions on this one. I’m happy enough to maintain a level of healthy paranoia at this point vis-a-vis BT, STV and what we know them to be capable of.

      Finally, the mori worker said that the problem had been, predictably, sent to the boss in London. Ten quid compensation was also mentioned. Mmmm …

    77. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’ve just had a wee thought. I wonder how Stu’s bested friend in Holyrood feels about this. I wonder if he will be asking questions “in the house later today” about such threatening behaviour and abuse? 😉

    78. Indy_Scot says:

      Can you imagine an oppressive society where this kind of abuse is tolerated, hidden from public view and the perpetrators protected by the country’s media.

      Well now I think about, yeah actually I can.

    79. muttley79 says:

      @Robert Peffers

      The Federal Reserve in the USA also had a big hand in the bank bailouts in the UK. Something Unionists do not usually, if ever, mention…

    80. YESGUY says:

      I have yet to meet a single ex soldier who will vote No.

      Utter tosh sticking “Vets” in i know this as an americanism and i have heard the words “veteran ” when talking about the wars, we are ex forces , ex soldiers not “vets”

      Disgusting animals


    81. Patrician says:


      Yep, Seafest is on Saturday/Sunday. However, best chance of a badge or sticker for that matter will be on the Saturday. You have to see the feeding frenzy for badges when the stall gets set up to believe it.

    82. Robert Peffers says:

      @donald anderson says: 6 August, 2014 at 10:08 pm:

      Fife, like other parts of Scotland, is littered with ex mining villages now succumbed to Orangeism. When Willie Hamilton, Labour MP, received his Labour Peerage, he chose Lord Lumphanan so that he could go into the ex Communist stronghold and Lord it over them. Wonder what the Orange “Communists” think of that today?

      Stop talking rubbish, donald anderson. To start with I believe the place where the incident happened was Rosyth. a.k.a, “Little England”. I live in Kelty, a former mining village and I’ve lived there since before the pits closed. Most of my friends are ex-miners or family of ex-miners and I have not seen a single no sticker anywhere in the village. My closest neighbour was the last man out of every closed down pit in the area, (Electrical guy who shut down the for the last time). Of all the anti-Labour and Anti-Gordom Brown people I know he hates them the most.

      The term, “Vet”, would signify an ex-service person and Rosyth is, after all a naval place. Mind you the language used smacks of an ex-squaddie.

    83. Harry McAye says:


    84. Harry McAye says:


    85. Faltdubh says:

      Massie stuttering and stammering on Scotland Tonight.

    86. Harry McAye says:

      Don’t know what happened there!

      On Rangers fans, I have seen quite a few on twitter and pie and bovril who have YES avatars. I’ve also seen a quote from Ally McCoist where he says he’s always felt Scottish people are the best ones to govern Scotland and also, predictably, adds that he’d like us to keep the monarchy like Canada. I wouldn’t be surprised if around a quarter of Rangers fans vote Yes, and as we’ll probably get over 75% Celtic fans and the majority of fans of other clubs in polls favour yes, I think the fitba vote is a big win for YES!

    87. scullys gusset sooker says:

      Sorry to be ot. I was out leafleting tonight. Usually about 6 turn up. Tonight it was 20. More have also signed up at our local yes office as well.
      Seems to me that the only thing that the only thing that the msm is achieving is to mamake people more pro active. Magic.
      Again, apologies, but i had to tell someone 🙂

    88. G H Graham says:

      “Your papers are not in order!”

    89. Lesley-Anne says:

      Think you have hit the nail on the head there Robert. I too believe that the moron who wrote the threats is an ex squaddie. I can confirm that the leaflet was pushed through A YES Rosyth letter box.

    90. StevieMcB says:

      He aint no green machine specialist, DNA on the note will reveal his/her ID, its on record. CSI Morag or Police. check this out

    91. Sinky says:

      caught Sarah Smith’s smirk on BBC Scotland 2014 amateur half hour when Scotsman journalist Andrew Whittaker attacked SNP Nuclear / NATO policy

    92. kendomacaroonbar says:


      Ronnie phoned me few moments ago and we’ve agreed to meet up for me to handover a few hundred Wings ‘Sheriff’ button badges for the event.

      If you think we’ll need more for further events give me a shout.

    93. Liquid Lenny says:

      Ian Clarke 9.36

      Good one, everybody should share it on FB

    94. caz-m says:


      Is Ronnie going through to Arbroath on Saturday.

    95. StevieMcB says:


      Liquid Lenny says:

      Ian Clarke 9.36

      Good one, everybody should share it on FB

    96. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      What do you expect when the nasty party is funding and in charge of the nasty campaign.

      No wonder Darling is being praised to the skies by tories. His angry, hysterical tirade would have given him another sanding ovation from tory activists had he given it at their conference. Such a shame for the labourtories that Salmond was the one who won over the undecideds.

    97. caz-m says:

      “caught Sarah Smith’s smirk on BBC Scotland 2014 amateur half hour when Scotsman journalist Andrew Whittaker attacked SNP Nuclear / NATO policy”

      What was he saying about the policy Sinky?

    98. You and My Comb says:

      I firmly believe that this stuff stems from the better together/ condem labour othering of people who support Yes ably supported by the daily hell and other press. They are all jointly responsible in my opinion. Though Ruth distanced herself from the Smart lawyer chappie the rest have encouraged it by their behaviour.

      Ot I saw a picture on twitter where someone was identified as a BT activist but was interested to hear that the guy that smeared Salmond as snide was a ‘businessman’ who may allegedly be a confidant of jackie Baillie and slab in Dumbarton. Severin piece in the guardian about the Snp running Yes is interesting. We are definitely heading in to the tinfoil hat section of the campaign

    99. heedtracker says:

      If certain Yes shops are being targeted, you can buy HD security cameras that are cheap and stand alone from Maplin or online. They work really well and if this lad comes back, take the recording to the Police. He will be a likely lad.

    100. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Robert Peffers –

      This is worth a wee watch, if you haven’t heard of it:

      ‘K Foundation Burns A Million Pounds.’


    101. creag an tuirc says:

      My currency hypothetical argument goes like this. England wants independence but Scotland, Wales and NI want to continue the UK. In this scenario, who owns the pound?

    102. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Article from Dundee Courier re currency union.

    103. PeeGee says:

      Not that it matters much but I’m bored.

      According to Goggle Earth it is 300 miles from Lerwick to Edinburgh and 412 miles to Oslo.
      The shortest distance from Shetland to the mainland is 104 miles and it is 187 miles to mainland Norway.

      For Orkney it is 210 miles from Kirkwall to Edinburgh and 485 miles to Oslo. 267 miles to mainland Norway and a Galaxy spanning 6 1/2 miles from the mainland to South Ronaldsay.

      Bernard Ingham and tavish scott. Stick it up your partitionist arses.

    104. McHaggis says:

      *bangs head on wall*

      Such knuckle dragging ethnic nationalism.

    105. Ross says:

      It should be treated as exactly what it is. Some intolerant clown with a low I.Q, armed with a pen and an attitude problem. Probably has delusions of grandeur and a hidden agenda to take over the world. Quite sneaky, but definitely very stupid and laughable.

    106. Darren Martin says:

      Michael Duvic says:
      6 August, 2014 at 8:44 pm
      It’s a pity about their lack of ability to structure a sentence, or grasp grammar skills. Stay classy, no voters. My guess is a Rangers fan?

      ^^ re: “rangers fan” comment – are you much better than the people writing the threats against Sillars et al? We’re fighting real hard for a Scotland where discrimination and bigotry will be eradicated – I suggest you think deeply on what you’ve said and what sort of society you wish to create post independence if you publish comments like the above.

    107. Patrician says:

      @ Kendo

      If you are giving the badges to Ronnie that will be enough. Myself and Ronnie were discussing materials for Seafest earlier tonight.


      Ronnie is going up for the 2 days, he is leaving on the Friday night and staying with someone in the area.

    108. Dr Jim Scott says:

      This is the first time i have posted anything anywhere.
      That said, for those worried about the first ministers performance, ‘Dont’This was a carefull and masterfull piece of ‘Rope a Dope’and it worked, because the people we are trying to convince are women,the older generation,and the so called undecided voter,all of whom do not want to see the msm version of the first minister,what they saw was an arm waving,finger pointing,shouty aggressive man
      Job Done i think
      now watch for the next one ,which is closer to the vote!

    109. kininvie says:

      Wheels coming off Darling’s currency scares as the voice of the City brands it a lie:

    110. Morag says:

      Somehow, our wee Women for Independence group has been given a lot of Alert Reader badges when what we wanted was Yes badges or even Women for Indy badges. Nobody wants them because almost nobody is a regular Wings reader, and since they don’t have Yes on them anywhere they’re not a lot of use to people wanting a badge to identify them as Yes.

      Seems a shame to waste them, is there anyone I could send them to who could make use of them?

    111. Paradox says:

      Cricky Jings folk please remember that BT supported by HMG have some dodgy characters funding and supporting the no nutters? Some of their biggest financiers are involved in all sorts of skulduggery, dealing with terrorists, mercenaries, theft, fraud and they are part of the establishment. Better together? With whome for what.

      If these guys didn’t have big houses, cars bank accounts expensive suites refined voices and politicians in their pockets, they would be called thugs and gangsters. But since they pay off the politicians then they can do and say as they please.

      Their money and employees filter down to the clowns that do the dirty work for a couple of quid or a drink or just because they are mentally challenged.


    112. ronnie anderson says:

      @ caz-m I will going through to Thepnr’s on Friday.I have to meet up with the others at 4pm, Thepnr has plenty room available if you want to stay over the weekend.

    113. caz-m says:


      Cheers for that, will try to make it up on Saturday. Hopefully see you all then.

    114. ronnie anderson says:

      @ caz-m thepnr has a 5 bedroom house,he’s offered to put us up over the weekend,if you want to stay over.

    115. Dal Riata says:

      Sorry O/T

      I have it first hand from someone who was there at the Derby County v Rangers friendly that “You can stick your independence up your arse…” was chanted with gusto by a sizable number of the Rangers supporters. That and the occasional waving of the Israeli flag… FFS [Sigh].

      Let me say here and now that I know some Rangers fans will be voting Yes and not all are of the ‘extreme right-wing nutter’ type. And, I do not put the blame on a Rangers supporter for those vile pieces of writing (above).

    116. Thepnr says:


      Now we know the truth will it make much difference?

      “Scotland will be a net lender to England”

      Read and understand.

    117. charlie says:

      the engish daiy mail had two pull apartble articles tday but they’re rubbish might be better sent to voters

      i can send links if the articles weren’t too enbarassing to go online

    118. Thepnr says:

      @Dal Riata

      We know, just another form of propaganda. Wouldn’t read too much into it myself. Not worth the effort.

    119. Iain (orri) McCord says:

      I’ll echo the stop winding up Gers fans bit. I’m from a Rangers supporting family and so is my wife. We’re both Yes at the moment. Don’t make us change our minds. I also know quit a few others who are voting Yes.

      Assuming we vote for independence we are going to have to live together. Let’s keep the wind ups to a minimum shall we?

      As far as the Israeli flag is concerned I think that’s from years ago, you could possible say when if you checked the strips, and was in response to Celtic fans flying the Palestinian flag. Its fuck all to do with what’s going on in Gaza now.

      In addition it might be worth remembering that Rangers were forced into liquidation as an object lesson to other teams, not necessarily in Scotland, as what might happen to them. Ultimately they were vindicated, as in the scam they were running was actually legal, but by then it was too late. I’m sure there might be some fans who place loyalty to the UK above their team but at least some of them will realise some of the politics involved were from down south.

      Let’s not forget that what HMRC and Westminster were trying to do was applying changes in the law retrospectively. Another good reason for getting as far away from them as possible. Just think of the kind of regime that would convict you for breaking a law that wasn’t in effect at the time the alleged crime was committed.

    120. Dan Lee says:

      Can anyone possibly give me a link to 1 or 2 non-biased newspapers? Friends have been asking, but i’m at a loss.

      O.T. This is beyond disgusting.

    121. Defo says:

      Auld Rock
      “But you know it can’t really be horrible Brit Nats controlled by Alistair Darling doing this, they don’t do things like that do they”
      You don’t need to control, or even want this sort of thing to happen, for this to be the end result.
      You only need to set the mood.

      It wouldn’t be too difficult to point the finger at those who set the ball rolling, way before the referendum was announced, Flipper comes in later.

      I’m not going to name names, but we all know of a certain ermine clad Uber-trougher who indulged in the shit stirring, mainly by proxy, via monkeys. Or Dugs. Really horrible shoutey New Labour numptie ones.

      There have been so many, from so many, that I can detect genuine outrage here. But little surprise. What does that in itself say about the scale & scope of the mindset they created ?
      “Blood and soil” was an example however, of how Flipper and many of his kin actually feel. Proud Scots but…

      Demonize. The ConDems did it with the bottom strata of UK society, this time to get a scapegoat, for the elites failings which resulted in 2008.
      Nice work, setting the middle & working classes agin their countrymen. Divide & conquer.

      The demonization shit was deliberate. PF policy.

      BTW. This clown is also displaying the fact that Project Fear are shitting it, because it’s obvious now that we are looking more & more like winning every day, and time is running out.

      Tick Tock Fuckwit’s

    122. Iain (orri) McCord says:

      Forgot to say that my wife is ex-TA and a lot of her mates are also voting YES. So we did the candle in the window bit to respect the fallen. Let the unionists take control of the memory of people who were sacrificed in the name of empire and you’ll lose. I want independence so we can say no to the foreign adventures that Westminster repeatedly indulges in. The whole storm in a teacup generated by Cameron managing to get a personalised card on his wreath should warn you of the kind of attack you’ll get there.

    123. Thepnr says:

      Iain (orri) McCord

      Well done my friend, Believe me when I say you are on the right side.

      I don’t give a fuck about what others may think of me, neither should you.

    124. Defo says:

      And I forgot, a special mention for the hand of the Falkirk Seer, in stirring the shit way back.

    125. Graeme Doig says:

      Josef O Luain

      See Neil Gillespie’s post at end of ‘Last nights News Happened’ thread

    126. donald anderson says:

      Robert Peffers

      It was definitely Lumphanan as that was the title the late Willie Hamilton Labour MP requested as a Willie Gallagher, Communist MP stronghold. He boasted that he wanted to go into the miners social club with his well earned ermine turncoat title.

      I am afraid that you will find ex mining Orange villages in Fife, Stirlingshire, the Lothians, Lanarkshire, Dunbartonshire, Ayrshire, Dumfriesshire, Galloway and a few others. I have a Reverend friend who said his ex mining village in East Lothian had a Labour Council with a Dublin Catholic Convenor, who was a Republican for Ireland, but Unionist for Scotland.

      I was told that Lord Hamilton recruited Irish Protestant and Catholic workers for his mines and put them in different respective villages and mines to ensure a divided workforce.

      As for the “You can stick your Independence …! and “F**k Alex Salmond mentioned here as sung by Rangers fans it also sung and banners waved by some Celtic fans. Both sets of fans have an Indy faction, though I believe that Rangers for Independence is smaller, as is Celtic for UK. Both sets of Board of Directors are extreme Unionists for Scotland.

    127. Thepnr says:

      @donald anderson

      Strange that?
      “Both sets of Board of Directors are extreme Unionists for Scotland.”

      Well now you know what we are up against. It’s an US and THEM battle. Sad really but right will win.

    128. kininvie says:

      @thepnr 12.21 am

      Yes, my friend it makes a difference. City AM is a respected voice among those towers of capitalism. The City has the UK govt by the balls (always has had). The people who inhabit those towers are amoral (you may say immoral). They weigh risk, profit, loss, nothing else.

      Now one of their own is saying Darling is lying – that Scotland with the sterlingisation option would do just fine. The calculators are clicking away (if they click, these days) and their conclusion will be that Darling’s lies and exaggerations create extra risk, rather than lessen it.

      At which point the City starts asking WTF is Darling doing potentially screwing us up? So they exart some pressure on the testicles, not to be so damned stupid…

      A shame in some ways it has taken them so long to wake up. But of course WM has been spinning to the City that it’s all a done deal and they can go back to sleep since Day 1.

      When we vote Yes, you can bet the City will wake up in a hurry, and if Cameron’s balls need to be put in a vice to agree to CU, the City will do it very very quickly and with maximum pain.

      Salmond knows this.

    129. ElaineS says:

      Sadly certain parts of Fife are rife with SDL and probably now UKIP supporters,plenty loyalist Rangers fans too.A stain on Fife and cowards to boot! In Kirkcaldy a lovely old gentleman who had a big Yes sign secured in hos garden was removed and stolen……….it always made me smile as many buses passed his house and it was well seen. No Camp, British media of course ignore those sorts of vandalism,theft and abuse.

    130. donald anderson says:

      Elaine, I canvassed and leafleted during the Glenrothes by election with a local in a wee ex mining village, which gave a good SNP reception. Can’t mind the name. I was with a local Sherpa who gave me a good account of King Constantine defeating Vikings and was killed nearby with some retreating Vikings. He really knew and cared about his Scottish history and despised sectarianism, which always worked against Scotland’s interest.

    131. geeo says:

      Sectarianism is a poison worldwide, not just Scotland, The warmongers said Iraq was being released from the grip of the tyrants, the only thing released was sectarian hatred, and was pretty easily forecast to be honest.

      Anyone checked Ali D’s handwriting recently ?

    132. thedogphilosopher says:


      During the debate I was kinda hoping that AS would call ADs bluff and say

      ‘ok, we’ll just have our own currency then …’, perhaps as a wee joke (but not entirely).

      But this is no joke for the stock-market/city slickers who don’t want any barrier to trade which is exactly what is being proposed by the Westminster gang of three. I notice the article is dated March 14; pity AS didn’t have it to hand.

      As for The Old Firm? A deeply unsettling historical consequence of being part of the UKOK franchise. Perhaps, in time, and within an independent Scotland, both sides will come to realise just how much their devotion has been exploited by those with political and financial vested interest.

    133. Marco McGinty says:

      @Andy-B says:
      There’s no point in trying to shame Better Together or the Scottish media or press into facing their demons, they have no soul, no courage, no heart, no morals and above all no respect for the truth.

      Too true. The media in this country is an absolute joke at the best of times. The following, brief story was aired on ITV on 12th July, following the parades in Northern Ireland an Orange Order parade. This is not an attack on the Orange Order, or any of its followers, just a glimpse of the incredibly poor standard of media. Anyway, this was the full transcript;

      “Police in Northern Ireland say the traditional loyalist 12th of July marches, passed off today without any major violence. Tens of thousands of orange men and women took part in the celebrations on the streets of Belfast. Police made eight arrests after three people were stabbed.”

      So, no major violence, but three people were stabbed. They must have been friendly, or gentle stabbings!

    134. macart763m says:

      Colour me awkward, but no, I can’t take a joke. My sense of humour has long since left the building Mr Darling.

    135. ian foulds says:

      Well done fellow travellers!

      Most of the posts seem to be giving the message ‘keep the heid’, as we want to live in an inclusive, caring, successful, vibrant and understanding Country.

      The most difficult bit will be over the next few weeks but the reward is immeasurable – especially compared to the alternative and what will eventually happen on the streets when the ‘challenged’ writer of the warning realise what his blessed rUK will do to Scotland andhe and his ilk take their grievances there to (literally) fight for Independence – instead of doing it the easy way – just vote YES

    136. Paul A says:

      …and just found out a mate was punched last night for wearing a Yes badge.

      Martin Beaton ?@MBeatonio 28m

      Punched in the jaw tonight… for wearing a #Yes badge! A rather new experience. Still wearing it with pride, of course. #VoteYes #indyref

    137. Rory Borealis says:

      These are the work of the same person.

    138. Ken500 says:

      Margo was a lovely, decent woman. Loved and respected by all. Jim has the bus up and running in dedication to her. It’s such a tragedy she didn’t live to see the Referendum vote carried through but many people will be thinking of her and have a wee greet. Her life’s work will not be in vain.

      The Rangers management should confiscate the Israeli flag. It’s a bigoted affront to Rangers Football Club and the innocent people who have died in the Middle East. Are politics and sport not supposed to be neutral and kept separate, according to GCC? The Orange marches should be banned from the Glasgow streets. An affront to the majority. Find a field to march around and not bother other people.

    139. Ken500 says:

      The real enemy of Scotland is poverty and despair.

    140. john king says:

      Colin says
      “Why would vets be against the SNP, I thought they spent all their time fixing poorly puppies and broken budgie wings?”

      I think you would get a bit militant as well if you spent your life with your arm up a coo’s arse,
      Jist ask Morag (carefully).

      Sanjay says
      “but if Alex Salmond heads a fascist police state with armed police at his beck and call,could he not just order this bampot executed?”

      Careful Stanjay, we can hardly pull Andy Burnham up for his “joke” about driving on the right when we come out with (not funny) jokes like that can we?

      Andy-B says
      “There’s no point in trying to shame Better Together or the Scottish media or press into facing their demons, they have no soul, no courage, no heart, no morals and above all no respect for the truth.”

      Thats it,
      right there,
      close the thread,
      we have a conclusion.

      Dr JM Scott says @11.37
      First of all welcome Dr Scott,
      please dont make it your only post because that interpretation of Alex Salmonds performance was spot on, I do think he played Darling like a fish with a veiw to allowing the media to crow about Darling winning the round but he will take Darling down on a field and at a time of HIS choosing, I think Alex is using judo (not that I know anything about judo) tactics and is using the oppositions wieght against it.

      Iain (orri) McCord says
      “Just think of the kind of regime that would convict you for breaking a law that wasn’t in effect at the time the alleged crime was committed.”

      like this you mean?

      Donald Anderson says
      “He really knew and cared about his Scottish history and despised sectarianism, which always worked against Scotland’s interest.”

      His name wouldnt have been Jim Campbell would it?

      since I put up my Saltire in the garden (recently to be replaced by my shiny new YES Saltire,) a near neighbour has put a union flag on his brown bin, I think the irony is lost on him. 🙂

    141. Grahame says:

      I saw this on Facebook early afternoon yesterday and thought “only in Rosyth” I had a rather interesting drive through with the yes car recently – 5 nos shouted at me

      We are going back en masse next Sunday in Convoy – got a yes car ? Come join us !

    142. David MacLeod says:

      Is this why the Scottish Government has decided to allow the arming of the polis?

    143. macart763m says:

      @John King

      I think that’s a prerequisite of either supporting or working for BT.

      An irony bypass. 🙂

      I mean seriously, a leader who presides over the wrecking of economies and was part of an administration which took us into an illegal war, lecturing others on the economy and international relations?

    144. Ronnie Boyd says:

      ” Carntyne says:
      6 August, 2014 at 9:50 pm

      Michael Duvic says:
      6 August, 2014 at 8:44 pm

      It’s a pity about their lack of ability to structure a sentence, or grasp grammar skills. Stay classy, no voters. My guess is a Rangers fan?

      They’ve run out of steam with their football club, so this is something else spew their hate on.”

      I don’t know which of you is the more pathetic.

      As a lifelong SNP voter desperate for Scottish independence, who also happens to be a Rangers supporter, I find your comments tasteless in the extreme.

      You remind me in fact of the type of idiots which give No an exuse to label us all as ‘cybernats’.

    145. Croompenstein says:

      As far as the Israeli flag is concerned I think that’s from years ago

      It was getting waved on Tuesday night at Ibrox. Now I don’t really care about Rangers, Celtic or bigotry in any guise but FFS how can my fellow countrymen wave this flag in Scotland when innocent people are being slaughtered. GCC will be flying the Palestinian flag over the city chambers to show solidarity with the victims.

    146. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      R4 , James Naughtie and Glenn Campbell (I thought he was pensioned off) giving it big problems for Ales Salmond, disarray in the SNP and big questioning within (depose AS plot?)

      There will be no redemption for the BBC after the YES vote.

      Not one milligram of a chance.

      Post a YES, I am all one massive pissup right in front of the BBC on Pacific Quay, a barbie and free bar with a urinal placed flush with their out wall.

      The demise of the BBC will be as great a cause for celebration as the YES result.

      Without a YES vote the BBC will remain and continue to do what they are doing to us now.

      Now that is a real motivator for a YES vote, no more BBC.

    147. mr thms says:


      BP’s Clair oil field production ‘to last beyond 2050’

      Watch the video.. the estimate (2011) is now over 7 billion barrels

    148. You and My Comb says:

      O/T I saw something called Fact Checker on twatter. Is this a BT job? They quoted some figures which I can’t find right now. Is there anyone fact checking fact checker? Their figures aren’t comparing with uk and appear to differ from SG version of stuff.

      Can anyone help a confused me

    149. Heather McLean says:

      goldenayr says:
      Chic McGregor

      “That’s nothing,had one kid tell me their teacher said that after a YES vote the SNP were going to arm their members to go out and gun down no voters.”

      If that statement is true, then the teacher concerned should be facing disciplinary proceedings! I am a teacher and a Yes Dundee and WFI activist but would NEVER express my personal political and constitutional views to the pupils in my care!

      Different in the privacy of the staff room though – colleagues are well aware of my views and I’m working on the more receptive undecided ones to bring them round to a Yes vote!

      I think the teacher who made this statement should be reported to the local authority and disciplined!

    150. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      R$ naughtie updae

      Robin McAlpine and Patrick Harvie agin Naughtie, who tried so had to drive a wedge between them and the SNP and AS in particular.

      Massive fail for Naughtie and massive vote of confidence in the the 350 local self motivated and self regulated campaign groups. The genie of local politics is out of the bottle and will not go back in, or as a wee wifie was quoted as saying, after this I am not going back to the sofa.

      No more Westminster Punch and Judy politics (my words) and that was the failing of the STV debate not AS’s supposed performance.

      Nobody has changed their voting intention after the debate.

      Naughtie was dumbstruck.

      A cracker.

    151. paul says:

      O/T Good to see that despite the havering rubbish from the Daily retard Yes is still romping it in their own poll. On how would you vote now after the TV debate? Yes 78% No 12%.

    152. Grouse Beater says:

      Is this why the Scottish Government has decided to allow the arming of the polis?

      Which Rankin fiction are you quoting from?

    153. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Does Rangers not have a Moroccan or Moroccan player on their books right now?

      I doubt if he would be very happy at that?

    154. Ken500 says:

      It’s going to be massive. 10/1

      10/1 posters/flags on display. 10/1 acquaintance/friends/social interaction.

    155. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      FFS Tunisian

    156. Ken500 says:

      McQuarrie goes to London HQ every three weeks for his instructions. Brainwashed for £200K+ a year. More Scottish taxpayers fees into London HQ’s for the Chairman, for a piss poor service.

    157. Grouse Beater says:

      Spooks altered a Wiki page on the official killing of Menezes, an innocent man, it’s been proved.

      We are asked by Darling to remain loyal to the British state.

    158. That City AM article is excellent.

    159. Doing my leafleting duty I had a woman come out of her house brandishing the we booklet in her hands. She called out “excuse me!” ( I had moved on a couple of doors by then. I turned, and she made a show of ripping the booklet in half at me, and stomped back into her house.

      What has she been reading, seeing, listening to to turn her mind into a spitting cauldron of hate against a pamphlet and the horrors she must envisage an independent Scotland will bring down on her?

      If we do get independence, will the Noes be so disappointed when, on the first morning, the sun rises as normal?

      (Note for would be Ian Rankins – this debate is bringing out all sorts of characters for your next book).

    160. “wee” booklet.

    161. Defo says:

      FFS R4 Today programme just gave a v bitter sounding Ruthie 5 mins free reign to reinforce the CU message, attack Eck ect.
      Totally backed up, and egged on by Naughtie.
      No voice from Yes for balance.
      They’re not even trying to hide it now.

      8.40 am

    162. bookie from hell says:


      John Curtice

      Instead of enjoying media speculation about whether yes might yet pull off a spectacular win, Salmond is now at risk of being asked whether he should admit the game is up.

      bfh–have that quote on my fridge

      He forgets the politics of this

      BT campaign—it wasn’t just winning,but winning well,killing off scottish nationalism,and in effect offer less devolution,every percentage point counts for the YES side,we will fight till 10pm sept 18th

      Grassroots campaign is showing diff results,so polling isn’t a done deal

    163. caz-m says:

      Ronnie Anderson

      Just read your message Ronnie about Arbroath. I am up for that. My toothbrush is packed. Will meet you and the others at Arbroath. I think Gerry Parker has my email address.

      Thepnr, look forward to seeing you on Saturday. I have never been to Arbroath, so really looking forward to it. I have heard a lot of good things about Seafest.

      What ever happened to “Arbroath 1320”? He was a regular on Wings.

    164. Training Day says:

      How the hell is Curtice – the man funded by Vince Cable’s department in Westminster, and the man who has not yet shown any contrition over his spectacularly inept forecasts about the election in May 2011 – allowed to spout guff about the game being up six weeks ahead of the poll?

      We know the answer to that of course.

    165. Liz Quinn says:

      Dr JM Scott @11.37

      I was with a group of retired female teachers last night.
      Previously 3 of us (SNP voters)were YES. Last night 3 others (and partners) are now voting YES.

      All agreed the debate was dreadful but it didn’t change anyone back to NO. This has cheered me up enormously. People are seeing through the garbage.

    166. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Defo

      Check my post at 08:15. The YES side was put quite ably by Patrick Harvie and Robin McAlpine.

      Naughtie was dumbstruck.

    167. Iain (orri) McCord says:

      The bit from Darling about considering you might be wrong is a paraphrase from Cromwell before he invaded Scotland after we’d recognised Charles II as king. Not sure if it’s entirely diplomatic to remind us of past conquests of Scotland by the English or not.

    168. heedtracker says:

      I listened to Naughtie this morning too and Radio 4’s now a full on anti Scots democracy attack machine, just like all their other channels. So much for BBC’s world famous neutrality/impartial coverage. They’re above the law and Yes voters are a nothing minority to this lot.

    169. Brian Powell says:

      So, Magnus Gardham in the Herald said that after the debate more undecided opted for No.

      Can anyone clear up if this is so? The other stats seemed to say the opposite.

    170. HandandShrimp says:

      I thought it was telling that Darling couldn’t bring himself to say anything positive about Scotland if it were to be independent. He really doesn’t have any faith in his own country or perhaps he has been drinking his own Kool Aid.

    171. Dorothy Devine says:

      BBBC no matter YES or NO will be having problems because they have shown themselves to be liars ,manipulators and lack any credibility whatsoever.

      I look forward to the day when the media of Scotland gets its comeuppance.

      It really has come to a pretty pass when I prefer and trust RT and Al Jazeera before any UK TV outlet.

    172. heraldnomore says:

      Caz-m – Arbroath 1320 is still loud and proud amongst us – ask Lesley-Anne if I’m not mistaken (which does happen, often)

    173. Luigi says:

      Bugger (the Panda)

      If it’s YES in September, we just have to have the biggest celebration party ever down at Pacific Quay.

    174. Bill McLean says:

      Dorothy Devine – agree with you. I used to trust the BBC – now I don’t believe anything they put out and my English wife and I would rather watch RT or Al Jazeera for our news. On another point please, please cut out this Rangers / Celtic thing. The Unionists have used this for three hundred years to drive a wedge between working class people in these islands – millions have fallen for it. Let’s grow up and tell them to stick their nasty use of religion for political ends. To paraphrase – it’s working class men and women at either end of a football stadium.

    175. Robert Peffers says:

      donald anderson says: 7 August, 2014 at 1:21 am:

      ”It was definitely Lumphanan”.
      First up, ‘Lamphanan’, is in Aberdeenshire. You mean Lumphinans.
      Second that area of Fife still has communist councillors. Willie Clark is a nice guy : –

      Third Communists are not New Labour.
      Fourth – it was a long time ago and Fife is no longer a mining area.
      Fifth Lumphinans is part of Gordon Browns Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy constituency and there is little OO activity around these parts.
      Sixth, the Willies Gallagher & Hamilton are long dead.

      ”I was told that Lord Hamilton recruited Irish Protestant and Catholic workers for his mines and put them in different respective villages and mines to ensure a divided workforce.”

      Historically true but mainly West of Scotland. The Orange Order really is not too evident around these parts now.

    176. heedtracker says:

      Very similar English media attacks from right to even further right as in Libby Carrell, Torquil Crichton’s, another day of teamGBness but its only weeks more of it which make you wonder how they are going to cover 19th Sept if all their years of attack come to nothing. They must keep telling themselves that its going to be great, Yes voters are a tiny minority in my UK, I can say what I like about them.

      Salmond thrashed, must resign headline is burning a hole in every newsroom server across teamGB

    177. Liquid Lenny says:

      mr thms

      Wasn’t it that nice honest Mr Darling who said in July last year that there was only 2 billion barrels left in the whole of the Scottish Sector. Surely somebody from BP has confused hundreds of barrels with billions?

    178. Morag says:

      Caz-m, many people didn’t seem to realise that Arbroath1320 was a lady. When Ian had his wee “stand up and be counted with your real names” campaign, she changed her handle to her real name – Lesley-Anne (McLellan, I think).

      She’s still here, loud and proud, and you can probably tell by her posting style if you think about it.

    179. Robert Peffers says:

      Lesley-Anne says:6 August, 2014 at 10:41 pm:

      “Think you have hit the nail on the head there Robert. I too believe that the moron who wrote the threats is an ex squaddie. I can confirm that the leaflet was pushed through A YES Rosyth letter box.

      Aye! Lesley-Anne. I joined Rosyth Dockyard’s workforce in 1952. At that time you couldn’t find a member of the management that was not English. Scots felt they were in a foreign land. When the yard reopened in 1939 the Admiralty shipped in the entire workforce from the English Dockyards. They built Dollytown and took over whole new housing schemes in Dunfermline, Edinburgh and even Falkirk. These schemes were all Little Englands.

      Thus Rosyth today is still mainly peopled by folks of English descent or at least of former or present Dockyard workers and ex-navy folks. I got a Labour leaflet this week and it has stuff about the Dockyard workers fear of job losses. Clyde base or not, an independent Scotland will need a Naval Dockyard as well. Rosyth is uneque in Scotland and will only grow as a Scottish naval yard in an independant Scotland. The dry docks are the biggest and finest in Britain.

    180. Morag says:

      Doing my leafleting duty I had a woman come out of her house brandishing the we booklet in her hands. She called out “excuse me!” (I had moved on a couple of doors by then. I turned, and she made a show of ripping the booklet in half at me, and stomped back into her house.

      What has she been reading, seeing, listening to to turn her mind into a spitting cauldron of hate against a pamphlet and the horrors she must envisage an independent Scotland will bring down on her?

      I’ve not had anyone actually tear up a booklet or newspaper, but I did have a boy (too young to vote) come out of a house and tear up a leaflet advertising our local debate for undecideds. It was my very last leaflet, too, and I’d stood and swithered, which house will I give this to?

      I’ve had about ten people refuse to take material, or hand it back. That’s probably less than 1% of the houses I’ve leafleted, though of course most people don’t see me. One guy stomped all the way downstairs from a first floor flat and crossed the street to hand back the booklet. I said, “Why don’t you just chuck it in the recycling if that’s how you feel about it? It’s a lot of trouble to go to just to give me it back.” He said “I don’t support the National Party,” leaving me to wonder what was driving him, as nobody has called the SNP that for at least 50 years.

    181. ronnie anderson says:


      The Legal Occupier. ( TV licencing Motherwell )

      (red Lettering )

      Official: we have opened an investigation.

      After awe they threatening letters ave handed in to them in person you would think they would know my name by now.

      Signed Yours faithfully, Sarah Armstrong.

      they,ve opened an investigation,ah open ma blinds every morning but ah dont make a song & dance aboot it.

    182. Liquid Lenny says:


      “Support the National Party” reminds me of last year at a
      YES Arran craft show, I was on the stall selling Raffle tickets for one of my pictures, this old woman who I always took to be a dyed in the wool tory said to me
      “I hope this is not for the SNP, Im a Scottish Patriot!”
      Well everywhere outside and in was plastered with YES posters etc so I said to her, “No its not for the SNP, Did you know Wendy Wood?”
      She replied no, then it dawned on me, she was a Tory after all, still bought a fivers worth of tickets 🙂

    183. donald anderson says:

      Glad to hear from Robert Peffers that the LOL is not so prominent in Fife noo. The CPGB, Now CPB, support Labour thought the CPS don’t and support Independence. 1690 and 1916 were a long time ago but still alive in a lumpen subculture which has a history all of its own. As an atheist and non football fan I support Irish and other anti imperialist struggles. I don’t support Glasgow Celtic or religious bigotry. Both sides are used by Labour.

      My son and partner moved to an ex mining village in Fife and left after being sickened by Labour Loyalism.

      The ex mining villages in Stirlingshire are the ones who oppose Bannockburn rallies, wear Orange rosettes at the polling stations in favour of Labour and who threaten local SNP councillors.

      Just look at the semi literate online comments on the Scotsman, which have obviously been orchestrated over from the tabloids or have been attracted by that paper’s crude ultra unionism.

      Green Brits/Orange Brits? What’s the difference in Scotland? They are a growing underclass with nothing else to llok forward to in life.

    184. Robert Peffers says:

      I still go for an ex-Service guy as the culprit. Here’s a true tale to show the strange mindset of some such, “vets”.

      I was doing my rounds in silent hours in Rosyth Dockyard. I had to check every ship and the only humans were we yard services folks and some Jolly Jacks. I boarded a ship to turn on the night security lighting and heard hysterical laughter on the Starboard side, (away from the shore). I quietly looked round a deck-house and was confronted by this scene.

      Two Jolly Jack Tars. They have rigged up a contraption. They have a long length of electrical conduit, (metal pipe). A large ball of twine. A quarter nut, a compressed air hose and a large pail filled with Galley Gash, (waste food).

      They are putting waste food on the quarter nut, (the nut is attached to the twine), stuffing it into the metal tube and sticking the air hose on the end of the tube.

      While one Jolly Jack throws food to the gulls the other is pointing the tube in the air. The other then grabs the compressed air tap and turns it on. The food wrapped nut is projected into the air and is swallowed by one of a flock of sea gulls – those of a delicate constitution please look away now –.
      The unfortunate gull flies off having swallowed the bait and has its insides dragged out through its mouth. So much for the mentality of Jolly Jack Tar.

    185. Joan Munro says:

      This doesn’t surprise me at all, when Alistair Darling can call Alex Salmond stupid,idiotic and “stupidity on stilts” on live tv the tone of a campaign is weakened in my eyes. I want politicians to stick to the issues at hand and not slag each other to score points, we pay them far too much to allow this type of ignorance.

    186. donald anderson says:

      Ronnie Boyd

      I have just been told of a Union Jack in a window in Maryhill Rd, with a V sigh and Yes. Apart from the obvious symbolic contradiction I suspect he sees the flag as a Rangers flag.

      Glasgow **itty Chambers is flying a Palestinian flag today. I find that as embarrassing as the same right wing imperial Labour Cooncillors trying to bask in Mandela or Che Guevara’s coat tails. Catholic Labour Cooncillors allow more Orange parades in Glasgow than Belfast of Derry put together. The same hypocrites and poseurs who renamed Royal Exchange Square to Mandela Square, which I support, would have an apoplectic fit at the though of renaming George Square, or Hanover Street, etc.

    187. Robert Peffers says:

      @donald anderson says: 7 August, 2014 at 10:35 am:

      “Glad to hear from Robert Peffers that the LOL is not so prominent in Fife noo.”

      Donald, I bought an ex-miner’s cottage in 1970. At that time it was in a wee hamlet outside Kelty and most of the 20 houses were still occupied by working miners. In one cottage there was an Orangeman. He would, at least once per day, get in his car, put a cassette of flute band music in his player and turn the volume up and open all windows.

      Then he would drive back & forward past another cottage where I assume lived an RC person. Both the Orangeman and RC are long dead and the only sign of the Orange Order I’ve seen in the village for many years, (and the village has now come down and joind our wee hamlet), is a flute band from outside Fife that marches, (along with several other bands), in the Kelty Galla Day parade.

      Around these parts the OO began to die out with the pits closures. There certainly is an underclass but they are not, by any means, identified as Orangemen. There is a strange fact. I used to live on a farm near what is now Livingston. To the east there was little sectarianism to the West, starting around West Calder, it began getting more evident as you went through such, now -ex-mining areas, as Blackburn Whitburn, Shots and on Westwards.

    188. Chic McGregor says:

      @Tonal Anderson

      LOL 🙂

    189. donald anderson says:

      Robert Peffers

      Hartill, I read, was transported whole from NI to the mines, as was Kilwinning from the linen industry.

      Dundee, Lochee, migrants came from Irish linen mills in Tipperary to work in the Jute industry and have a different character from the Glasgow “Irish”. I never understood how Dundee could have two fitba teams on the same road and without any animosity.

      You can get a bus direct from the Gorbals direct to Donegal where most of the Sooside Irish came from. The Garngad Irish came from Belfast mainly and have a different sub culture. Where whole families from grandparents to grandchildren play traditional instruments and music in Gorbals pubs, Garngad sing more Celtic FC war chants. I suggest The Rev Hanley’s “The Irish in Scotland” for a good demographic history of Irish migration to Scotland. He was an Irish priest from Trinity College with an economics degree and not unsympathetic to Scottish Nationalism or Scotland in general.

    190. donald anderson says:

      Chic McGregor says:
      7 August, 2014 at 11:20 am
      @Tonal Anderson
      LOL 🙂

      Hi Chic “LOL” Loyal Orange Lodge. Sorry, I am not a tweeter.

      Your work on the referendum single issue “Scotland First” certainly survived the Embra Hibbees and Glesga Old Firm entrists of the Splitter’s Party, who wanted to diverse into every issue under the sun, which would not disagree with. But the idea survived and the Referendum is now upon us.

    191. Bob W says:

      @Robert Peffers

      “Historically true but mainly West of Scotland. The Orange Order really is not too evident around these parts now.”

      Not quite, they were marching along South Parks Road, in Glenrothes, last month. The inconsiderate beggars woke me up with all their fluting and thumping.

    192. Viking Girl says:

      Big Rik,
      They don’t just hate their country, they hate themselves and their own people. Not only is their grammar suspect, they don’t seem to be able to join their letters! The racing print is a sure sign of a semi-literate.

    193. Big Al says:

      On the subject of the unionist nutter it looks like the same guy is the author
      On the avers subject my entire family are Gers fans and are all voting YES

    194. biggpolmont says:

      Being fairly new to the handwriting analysis game I can state that this has been written by a male fifer with very low self esteem who did not do well at school if he works at all he finds it very difficult to keep jobs which tend to be menial & lower paid he is single as he has great difficulty with relationships he cannot relate to the real world and cannot concentrate on anything meaningful for more that a few seconds he has the memory retention of a goldfish he is quite obviously a virgin with an oedipus complex which causes him all sorts of problems, such as bed wetting bed wetting he still sucks his thumb and often forgets he is doing so which results in an almost unintellagable language problem an severely cut thumbs he is right handed and his left hand is also damaged from his knucles dragging along the ground.

    195. Oui Things says:

      Are you the Scottish Vets Anti Scottish National Party Group?

      FUCK OFF!


      We’re the Scots Vets Anti Scottish National Party Group!

    196. You and My Comb says:

      On the bank debt stuff mentioned earlier this article makes interesting reading. The UK is too wee and too poor to bail out the banks that it should have regulated.

    197. Chasy says:

      Appalling and disgraceful.

      Unfortunately, there is absolutely mo point in going on about it. It would be counterproductive and fuel more of the same. It is best ignored, unless it gets worse. But they really are scum. There’s no need to love Sillars or even Margo. But to put it in this way is heartless, mindless, and plain inhuman.

      Rise again. Just, not to this.

    198. Tommy McClellan says:

      There’s only one response to this kind of thing: “Yes” and “No” – get together and denounce all vile threatening messages in any form and in any medium. If this sort of thing is a growing tendency, the two main camps should issue a joint condemnation. Yes or No (I’m Yes, btw, and occasionally I get a bit abusive toward “No,” but not toward “No” people – who are people after all) – we all are much, much better than this.

    199. Chic McGregor says:

      Well they are certainly in the ring now. Let’s see if they can still dance.

    200. donald anderson says:

      The slosh?

    201. Nicola says:

      What concerns me most is the fact that this idiot went out of his/her/it’s way to personally write this p*sh, then physically go to the Rosyth Hub to post it through the door.

      This isnt some spur of the moment Jk Rowling angry facebook comment. It clearly shows intent.

      Hope they find the cretin and charge it.

    202. Jock MacDonald says:

      In a nutshell what are these idiots smoking

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