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David Leask: a correction

Posted on May 16, 2018 by

It has come to our attention that the Newsquest journalist David Leask spent all day yesterday issuing a long series of angry and rather insulting tweets asserting that this website had misidentified the nature of his employment in a number of articles.

Naturally, we wish to eradicate any uncertainty or possible errors.

Therefore, having spent this morning checking the websites of his employer/s in order to fully establish the correct and up-to-date facts, we would like to state for the record that David Leask is in fact the Chief Reporter of HeraldScotland, comprising (according to its masthead) The Herald and the Sunday Herald.

(All of the screenshots on this page were taken today between 8.45am and just after noon, and all of them link to the relevant bio page on each newspaper’s website.)

He’s also the Chief Reporter of the South Wales Guardian.

And of the Alloa & Hillfoots Advertiser.

And of the East Lothian Courier.

And of the Greenock Telegraph.

And of Asian Image.

And of Barrhead News.

And of the Evening Times.

And of the Ayr Advertiser.

And of the Evesham Journal.

And of the Strathallan Times.

And of the Ardrossand & Saltcoats Herald.

And of East Kilbride Connect.

And of the Helensburgh Advertiser.

And of the Cumnock Chronicle.

And of Campaign Series.

And of the Irvine Times.

And of the Border Telegraph.

And of the (Johnstone & Renfrewshire) Gazette.

And, of course, of Largs & Millport Weekly News.

We hope this clears up any confusion, and apologise to Mr Leask for the incomplete nature of our previous descriptions. We thank him for taking so much time out of what must be an extremely busy day to assist us. If there are any more we’ve missed out, please do tell us and we’ll be happy to add them to the list.


[EDIT 2.48pm: After a very considerable amount of indignant and abusive screaming and shouting on Twitter, Mr Leask has apparently succeeded in getting Newsquest’s IT team to amend his byline to automatically say “Chief Reporter, The Herald across all of the group’s websites, including those above. An example can be seen below. The first picture is the story as it originally appeared on the HeraldScotland website on 10 April 2016 – a Sunday, as chance would have it – and how it still looked on 2 May this year (as recorded by The second picture is how it appears on the site as of around 10 minutes ago. Seamless track-covering.]

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112 to “David Leask: a correction”

  1. Arron says:

    That will explain why the Alloa Advertiser is so Anti-Independence.

  2. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    You missed one out, HM Government propaganda unit or does he not get the DEMOCRACY MONEY?

  3. Ex vegan god says:

    Chief reporter. Guys a maddie

  4. Athanasius says:


  5. Macjim says:

    Well done! Thanks for clearing that up…

  6. Brian says:


  7. David McCann says:

    Maybe he’s been cloned!

  8. Desimond says:

    Not even the Rutherglen Reformer….diddums!

  9. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    What a hoot

    Tears of laughter rolling down the insides of my furry thighs.

  10. PhilM says:

    These little avatars that journalists use to personalise their articles (perhaps journo-Tinder?)…they always use much younger versions of themselves…isn’t this indicative of the preening vanity we’ve been witnessing for the last few days?
    D’you think they entered their first newsroom expecting to see Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman and were crushed to see offices full of Jimmy Johnstone look-a-likes (and no the curly-heidet nifty wee Jimmy but th’auld baldy-heidet yin…)

  11. RedStarTrout says:

    But have you convinced him to vote YES yet, or have we given up on wining independence?

  12. Luigi says:

    A typical arrogant, unprofessional, bully Brit Nat nonsense journalist – getting into social media fights he cannot win. Completely outmatched. Completely exposed. Now foaming at the mouth and spitting blood.

    His fall from his imaginary grace has been spectacular.

    He is on the verge of a mental breakdown IMO.

  13. Ken500 says:

    Clear as mud. Can we forget about the little S orry chief Reporter everywhere.

    Crown prince chief reporter, ruler of the universe, slay of the Russian imposter, St T draw holder, next OBE, searcher of the true facts, mug slinger extraordinaire, gusher of impossible aims, contortionist of extremes.

  14. HandandShrimp says:

    This just gets crazier by the day.

  15. Bill says:

    I know what Leask did in Moscow.

    As one Cold War warrior to another he knows what I know.

  16. Greannach says:

    When working from 1992 to 2000 for Interfax News Agency of Moscow, I take it he wasn’t a Kremlin stooge.

  17. Bee says:

    Humorous as all of this is; there are a couple of very important points.

    1. Remember that your ‘local paper’ is no such thing. They peddle the same corporate message to all geographical areas. Papers, which were once trusted to reflect the voice of the local people are now just trumpets for ‘the big message’ whatever that may be. Anti-SNP, anti-Europe or anti whatever the international cabal of corruption deems that it should be.

    2. Mr Leask should stop making a fool of himself. Whatever he thinks of the political slant of Wings, he must admit that Wings’ articles are always meticulously researched and , of paramount importance, referenced. Something that, regrettably, cannot be said for the Herald group and their battalion of ‘local’ clones.

  18. Dr Jim says:

    I can’t find out who the chief reporter on the Kirky Herald is

    I guess it must be Leasky then?

  19. PhilM says:

    I, David Leask, look into almost anything…small print disclaimer: except my conscience, my self-awareness, my ethics.
    My superior hearing can’t bear to listen to the beating of tiny Wings but will happily wield a Spanner in a good cause and for frivolous entertainment I like to follow the adventures of a minor character of Walter Scott’s.

  20. Ian Brotherhood says:

    He probably has a milk round as well.

  21. Bill says:

    Leask served same time I did, while he was doing his thing, we were on HMS Courageous, a Hunter-Killer nuclear submarine of the coast of Russia, same time 1992-2010.

    We specialised in insertion/ extraction and periscope photography of Russian vessels among other things.

    Picking up stray travellers to be brought home now and again.

  22. Bill says:

    Leask is a British Establishment stooge, planted by the state. He would never have made it as a real journalist, they need agents in the job.

    MI5 run the show and that ain’t no conspiracy, the things I’ve seen and heard in the boat service has turned my hair grey.

  23. Archbishop of Dork says:

    Is he also the Chief Reporter of the Hot Ayr Self-Advertiser?

  24. Valerie says:

    This episode has to rank up there with Jim Murphy and the egg, for shits and giggles. It’s surreal.

    Bill 11.03

    Do all cold/keyboard warriors bang on about Putin, so as to give away their inner monologue? It’s a bit silly accusing all and sundry of being a Kremlin stooge, when in fact, you were the one that spent years in the country.

    We are just self appointed cybernats.

  25. Josef Ó Luain says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Luigi’s take on this particular gentleman. A few months leave might give the man the space and time necessary to reflect on his position in the world. It is surely incumbent on his employers to make sure that this happens.

  26. Bill says:

    It’s time you all woke up…..

  27. bobajock says:

    ROFL – so former UK stooge is actually the only reporter in Scotland.

    I used to call them journalists, and now I call them stooges for the UK state.

    His history of ‘onboard nuclear submarine work’ places him directly in the UK Gov camp. (thanks Bill – not tarring you with that brush – I assume you escaped that camp)

  28. Jon Drummond says:

    What a lazy profile Leask has;

    Not even slightly tweaked to reflect the differing dynamic of each areas’ paper.

    But instead of the cutting edge journalism and investigative expertise he purports to espouse and expects us to pay for, he is pre-occupied with that sad little device between his thumb and forefinger.

    PSML 🙂 🙂

    Quality expose, Stu, of one of Scotland’s most complacent and arrogant hacks. FWIW, Herald sub similarly cancelled.

  29. Breeks says:

    Yes, yes, yes, but what I really want to know is whether or not he’s one of the lucky few journalists who never has to read press releases churned out by PR Companies.

    In the light of recent revelations, it would seem a pertinent question to ask. This is Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” country we might be into here….

  30. Arthur thomson says:

    What Leask spouts from now on can be set against his pathetic attempt to call out Wings as being an inaccurate source of information.

    He failed.

  31. Robert Peffers says:

    Just maybe Leask will now realise that he has been well and truly outgunned and disarmed by a far better armed opponent.

    Mind you, it has always been my experience that would be bullies never learn but instead just switch to attempting to bully those they perceive to be even less able to hit back – that is until their new intended victim also outguns and disarms them.

  32. Bob Mack says:

    Many titles but only one viewpoint. This guy’s incompetence sure gets around.

  33. ronnie anderson says:

    Leask the Twat on Twatter reporter extraordinaire started his journalistic career as the pencil sharpener & reached the dizzying heights of ah stank ( drain ) like the Title he works for going down the Stank .

  34. Legerwood says:

    Editorial from the Guardian about Brexit/Devolution and that vote yesterday. Reasonable attempt but could not resist a dig at the ‘separatists’ towards the end.

    Apologies to Nana who may have included it in her list of links on the previous thread. Still to work my way through them. Too busy trying out my wee, and completely unexpected, free gift from Wings

  35. Breeks says:

    So many jobs, so little time…

    You do begin to wonder about the extent to which “Scottish Journalism” is quite literally nothing more than the proverbial house of cards…

  36. Bob Mack says:

    Mr leask asserts he is better than the Rev because the Rev offers no facility to reply on his blogs. What????

    Try the website where the Rev does his Wings articles Mr Leask ! !!. Is he actually uninformed about everything?

  37. Cuilean says:

    Maybe Leask just wants to distract us all from the fact that the UK is in a full blown constitutional crisis whilst the BBC & the HErald etc, simply repeat Tory Press releases that Scotland does not care about losing its hard won devolution.

    Toodleooothenooo BRian (vetted by MI5 in the 80s)? keeps saying its just a temporary return of powers to Westminster of 7 years but the next Westminster Govt can delay and delay even after the 7 yrs expires; once they have that power back, there is absolutely no chance that the British Establishment will ever relinquish their power. That is just not in its DNA. And after 7 yrs what shape will our farming & fishing be in by that time?

    Changed days from September 2014 when they pleaded with us to stay and we ‘promise’ we will give you devomax.

    We’re getting into the end game now. The choice for Scotland is back to the dark days on no devolution at all or independence. And this has been brought about solely by the arrogance of the Westminster Govt who could decide tomorrow that they will delete Article 15 and that devolution continues on the consensual basis it has worked within for the last two decades.

  38. Bill says:

    I had the butchers apron washed out of me.

  39. Jack Murphy says:

    Off Topic.Yesterday…. Scottish Parliament TV.

    Mike Russell MSP summing up in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Debate.

    Scroll to 16:48:00

  40. Macart says:

    Oh jings! 🙂

    That’ll leave a mark.

  41. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I cannot speak for the other newspapers listed, but, I am surprised the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald, the Irvine Times and the Largs & Milport Weekly News would have this man as Chief Reporter.

    This will also come as a surprise to Caroline Paterson, the Editor-in-Chief for these three titles. Caroline has higher standards than employ the likes of Leask.

    At least, he doesn’t have the job at my old papers, the Ayr Advertiser and the Cumnock Chronicle. He’d never have got through the door.

    Is this a case of one size fits all from Newsquest?


    I think Oor Andra has just “ripped a new one” to some very-dumb blonde FCO token spokeswoman, who was further out of her depth than a non-swimmer jumping off the Titanic without a life-jacket. Talk about a rabbit in the headlights.

  42. Can we get on with it now, guys?
    This self aggrandising little prune has taken up enough of our time.
    I heartened to note that the Findo Gask Thunderer has had nothing to do with him.
    The Blue Tory list Boys resigned from Holyrood yet?

  43. Tinto Chiel says:

    Cuilean: “The choice for Scotland is back to the dark days of no devolution at all or independence.”

    I suspect that is the big penny which is finally going to drop for the 25% of the 55% who were No voters last time. It’s a pretty stark choice, which is why the MSM are trying to downplay/ignore the whole thing yesterday.

    Memo to Mr Leask: Oh, give it up please. No-one likes to see self-harming in public.

  44. Roland Smith says:

    Pure genius, forensic as ever. No wonder these amateurs don’t like you.

  45. Street Andrew says:

    Bugger (the Panda) says:
    16 May, 2018 at 10:58 am
    What a hoot

    “Tears of laughter rolling down the insides of my furry thighs.”

    Are you quite sure it’s only ‘tears’ ?

    I’m close to pissing myself.

  46. Bill says:

    Valerie, I never said Leask was a kremlin stooge. He’s pure British, unless he was a double agent like Skripal. Seems Leask knew Skripal in 2010.

    Scotland really has to wake up and stop buying that shite, including The So Called National.

  47. Albert Herring says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    What? as well as the paper round? How does he find the time?

  48. David says:

    That’s quite enough now guys, I’ll get my lawyer onto you.

  49. Street Andrew says:

    Jack Murphy says:

    Off Topic.Yesterday…. Scottish Parliament TV.

    Mike Russell MSP summing up in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Debate.

    Endorsed. Well worth watching/listening to. (If you didn’t already)

    Scroll to 16:48:00

  50. Dr Jim says:

    Will the prime minister respect the decision of the Scottish parliament says Ian Blackford

    Reply Mrs May: The Scottish people made the decision to remain within the United Kingdom

    There’s our answer right there folks, in short we will do whatever the hell we like and you people in Scotland can suck it up because you voted NO.. Nya Nya Na Nya Na

    Why are we marching in Scotland to protest about Westminster when we could just invade Westminster

    They’d have to report that now wouldn’t they and I’d be up the front wae ma wee fleg flyin givin it laldy

    Plus that college green always looks so nice and would lend itself nicely to being a wee campsite wae wur pop up tents and Tories oot banners

    A wee fifty thousand or so of us should do the trick, more would be quite lovely

  51. Macart says:

    @Dr Jim

    So far they’re responding exactly as expected.

    Tick tock. 😉

  52. One_Scot says:

    ‘I know what job I do’

    Yeah ‘Dave’, we all know what job you do, ‘Chief Herald Twitter Troll Team Leader’.

  53. Big Jock says:

    It’s called dancing on the head of a pin! He is the Herald editor end of. I think this is taking away from the whole substantive issue about why the SH decided to lie with a picture.

    David Leask is a bampot. He has been exposed and he doesn’t like the heat. We don’t need an apology from the Herald , the trust is gone. Aint no going back now.

    Speaking of f88ck ups. Captain Haggerty is still all over twitter trying to weasel out of her stupidity.

  54. Clootie says:

    …will the real David Leask please stand up!
    Well he has certainly deflected attention from the “Captain”

  55. Truth says:

    Oh dear, the word desperate doesn’t come close to describing his behaviour.

    It really sticks in his craw that we have no regard or respect for the “proper” journalists.

    Here’s a thing. Disrespect is also earned, and the MSM have been earning that in spades with all their efforts. This chief distorter is only sticking to form.

    Keep it up Stu. The quality of your output puts them to shame.

  56. Giving Goose says:

    Dr Jim & Macart

    So at the next UK General Election, the SNP campaigns on a ticket of “a majority of SNP MPs equals an Independent Scotland”

  57. Bill says:

    Many Journos had troll accounts, I would know as I outed most of them. Never did pry into Leask emails, mobile numbers and match Twitter accounts.

  58. winifred mccartney says:

    Just received my gift from Wings thank you it was unexpected, and thank you for all the hard work you do for us.

    Leask is one of these people who cannot accept at any time that he might be wrong and that he picked a fight with someone who was not afraid to answer back and who does not cow tow to the ‘masters’. I have said already my granny could have told him the picture and the caption on the front page of the herald was neither fair, balanced or representative of the march indeed it was a travesty of what really happened and this is the nub of the whole matter. What he has continued to do is nothing short of a temper tantrum and a wake for a dead newspaper whose talented and able journalists will soon find themselves out of work because their Chief Reporter was unable to print anything like the truth.

    Along with him AH should also be hanging her head in shame for what she has done though she was a more obvious stooge in the ‘masters’ game and a willing one at that.

  59. Donald anderson says:

    Who needs MI5 when you have the Herald?

  60. bill says:

    The list is endless, you were bought and sold a long time ago.,_Baroness_Ramsay_of_Cartvale

  61. Skintybroko says:

    Shouldn’t he have blocked himself from his own twitter account as he mentioned wings?

  62. weegie42 says:

    But where is your evidence that he is the Chief Reporter? You’re only going on hearsay from various dubious sources, eg his employers. It is clear that these other papers have clearly hijacked this inaccurate information. Please keep to the facts!

  63. Arbroath1320 says:

    I’m shocked … no seriously I am TRULY shocked!

    I have checked every article on every page of every copy of the Beano currently lying about the house and for the life of me I can not find the name David Leask or the title Chief Reporter anywhere. Surely this is a ginormous error on the part of the Beano.

    I believe wee Davie MUST vring this to the attention of the editor of the Beano immediately!

  64. Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING from Pravda Quay
    with Union Jackie Kim Ono:

  65. Breeks says:

    Jack collatin says:
    16 May, 2018 at 12:05 pm
    Can we get on with it now, guys?….

    I’m with Jack.

    Leask is a sideshow. The Continuity Bill is the issue of Scotland’s Sovereignty beginning to crystallise and turn into tangible substance, and that, arguably, is the most significant Constitutional development since way before 2013-14, and probably in the last three Centuries.

  66. Artyhetty says:

    Well that’s freaking weird and scary. This guy is no ‘journalist’.

    I thought for one moment those pics were photoshopped. Sinister.

  67. Takeour Blueback says:


    I do love some of the funny stuff on here, David, when you read this comment, ca’ cannae noo & get tae grips with your purpose in life! You’re there to report for a small paper in Scotland, you’re not the almighty! FFS!

    Glad I blocked his arse ages ago!


  68. wull2 says:

    Will we get independence before the hair on my face stops growing.

    For once I hope you said no, as I usually ask you to say YES.

  69. Bill says:

    Leask and Interfax

    ‘The Agency is staffed with qualified specialists who have worked for the Defence Ministry, the General Staff, other law-enforcement agencies and the defence industry. The Agency employs Russia’s leading military reporters and has a wide network of its own correspondents in military districts, fleet bases and army groups”

    Hope Putin doesn’t rub Novichok on his door handle.

  70. Greannach says:

    Mr Leask – So many jobs; so little time. And tweeting too! Boundless energy.

  71. yesindyref2 says:

    David Leask’s latest twitter:

    Eppur si muove. The blogger @wingsscotland can blog and tweet to his heart’s content but, I am sorry, at some point we have to take a view on the credibility of somebody who instead of correcting factual errors, simply repeats it endlessly.

    Righty, let’s try to post something serious about this charade,, and it’s about the nature of truth

    From these screenshots it’s very clear to the viewer that David Leask is indeed reported to be the “Chief Reporter” of all these titles. That’s what we can all see with our own eyes, the evidence is very clearly there in from of our us.

    So even a court of law would uphold the right to DESCRIBE HIM AS the “Chief Reporter of the Herald and Sunday Herald”.

    Now, it appears from his long series of tweets on his twitter accoun from which the Rev is blocked apparently, that the reality is other, perhaps his employment contract says differently, perhaps in the Herald and Newsquest organisation he is known differently, but that is not open to public scrutiny.

    The mastheads of the websites are open for us all to look at though, so we are compeltely entitled to believe – and continue to believe – that he is the “chief reporter of the Herald and Herald Scotland”.

    If there is any mistake, the mistake is on the above websites, NOT on Wings. The nature of truth is that every member of the general public, including those not involved in this debate, are entitled to believe the very clear evidence of our own eyes.

    Any comments on this forum to make Mr Leask? It is open for people to post on, including you.

  72. David says:

    LOL Who needs ‘sensible dave’ when we have ‘Sensible David Leask’. 🙂

  73. robertknight says:

    The MSM in Scotland… ‘Useful idiots’ for the British Establishment

  74. yesindyref2 says:

    From my above posting, and this article itself, it’s 100% clear that Leask can have no valide complaint about this article, nor indeed on everyone being able to continue descirbinbg him as the chief reporter of the Heeald, the chief reporter of the Sunday Herald, and indeed of all the titles in this blog article.

    If he doesn’t like being called “chief reporter” for all these titles, his complaint is with his employers, Newsquest, or the Herald, or the Sunday Herald, or the rest of them, or the website writers and publishers.

    His complaint CAN NOT be with Wings Over Scotland, which is completely entitled to believe the titles’ own website when it comes to the reporters’ job descriptions clearly displayed on the aforesaid websites for the whole world to see.

  75. Artyhetty says:

    Guess it’s a great distraction from power grab and Brexit disaster and Scotland continuing to be shafted big time by WM UKGov and it’s going to get a whose lot worse.

    Leask should be ignored from now like the UK so called media ignore SNP and Scotland when it suits them. We are facing possible
    dismantling of Holyrood, until they can install a Britnat party, or two, to run the show.

    Scotland is in a perilous situation, seriously.

  76. Robert Peffers says:

    @Albert Herring says: 16 May, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    “What? as well as the paper round? How does he find the time?”

    Simples, Albert, he doesn’t write any articles, he just cuts and pastes unionist press releases. Then he uses the time saved to harass genuine Indy supporters on Twitter. He can’t block me – I don’t tweet.

  77. Dr Jim says:

    Iv’e been out for a while in the car so have been listening to BBC radio Scotland news and each time they report on what happened yesterday they misrepresent the story by trying to categorise it as an attempted Brexit veto vote from Scotland as opposed to what it really is about

    There are already voices in the SDF making grumbling noises and we don’t want this or we’ll be quagmired forever like Ireland was

  78. Dorothy Devine says:

    Artyhetty, I agree with you .

    Poor Mr Leask should be pitied not derided as he obviously has some sort of mental health issues.

    I am desperately worried for my country , I have no desire to be Lincolnshire , Yorkshire or any other ‘shire’.

    I do not want my country subsumed , used and abused any further.

    I am utterly shocked by the Scottish media and its suffocating web of deceit , their dishonesty and arrogance appal me.

    I am left wondering if they all have bolt holes in Tuscany or the south of France where they can strut their stuff as ‘ex pats’ as opposed to immigrants and play lord of the manor.

    Hing as ye grow ‘journalists’ of BBBC , STV and the press .

  79. orri says:

    Think the problem is that that’s a very old profile blurb and a lazy one at that. The laziness might be on the Web designer using the same profile in every publication or even simply cutting corners so they appear regardless of their being published in a particular paper or not.

    On the other hand the title might be Leask’s doing and a sign of arrogance at that time. It is, after all, a younger chubbier ginger Leask.

  80. yesindyref2 says:

    Ah! The Herald and Sunday Herald or whatever it is has just now corrected David Leask’s profile:

    Profile: David Leask
    Chief Reporter, The Herald

    I am one of the lucky few …

    And yet here it is from Wayback on 5th May:

    Profile: David Leask
    Chief Reporter

    I am one of the lucky few journalist …

    I presume David Leask will now publicly apologise? The Truth shall set you free kind of thing?

    Oh, thought not.

  81. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Many Journos had troll accounts, I would know as I outed most of them.”

    Oh come on, do tell us @Bill says at 1:14 pm

    Who really is Brian Spanner?

    A well informed (probable ex Boat Troop blade/Int Det?) like yourself must know.

    That would be a ‘scoop’ worthy of WoS and would exaggerate the Inspector Dreyfus twitch old Leaski currently has by 100% easily.

    Come on man if you know, let us know.


  82. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Albert Herring & Robert Peffers –

    He also takes a broom over the office, but we’re pre-watershed so I can’t describe how he manages that on top of everything else.

  83. desimond says:

    In truth, I think Leask has played a squirrel blinder here

    Think about it, Sunday one of the “Herald group superstars” makes a Twitter horror show of herself and 3 days later, he has taken away all the attention for 48 hours and today she is back on twitter saying “Hey isn’t bullying terrible!”

  84. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Now the main blog thread has moved-on I feel I can safely post this.

    I being a journalist, knew David Leask was not the Chief Reporter of the many local titles he was shown as representing; however, it was good fun pointing out the stupidity of these claims.

    The more-important story is, this failure to clearly and correctly identify who does what is symptomatic of the fall in standards, the “who gives a fuck” approach of so-many in the msm today.

    Maybe, if the Herald dotted the is and crossed the ts better; if they obeyed the dictum of getting the finer points of detail right was the key to lasting success and if they seriousy looked at the political position in Scotland just now and less at London – their circulation would be standing-up better.

    But, they seem to think, they know best and Leask is a prime example of this. Twenty years ago, he would not have got through the door, ten years ago, maybe, but, he would be nowhere near the job of Chief Reporter, because he lacks class and abiity.

  85. Lennie says:

    Hahahaha superb!

    Can I just point out though that there isn’t a ‘d’ at the end of Arsrossan. 🙂

  86. yesindyref2 says:

    You need to update this article again, as otherwise the links you provide appear to disprove your article. You need to either do a side by side for all of them, or change them to webarchive links.

    I don’t do twitter, could someone pass this on to Rev?

  87. Andy-B says:

    So this odious wee man heads up all these provincial papers, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll all be pushing a anti-SNP, independence agenda.

    Can journalistic integrity fall any further below par in this country, than it already is?

  88. ross says:

    the weirdest thing about this is David Leask is actually a decent journalist and despite being part of the twittersphere one of the few journos who you could not be fairly sure about their political opinions.

    He just has a massive blind spot when it comes to alternative media.

  89. yesindyref2 says:

    I’m sure that’s not needed by the way, Leask and Herald Scotland will have the INTEGRITY to readily admit their websites had Leask’s title WRONG and that they have CHANGED IT WITHOUT AN AUDIT TRAIL.

    I’m also sure that the MSM in general has absolutely total integrity, that Wings Over Scotland doesn’t exist and wasn’t recently crowdfunded to the tune of over £150,000 to fight the lies of the media and those in the media, that I’m currently hill-walking or gardening or sitting back chilling out semi-retired because I didn’t need to REFUTE LIES during Indy Ref 1 because the MSM had INTEGRITY so I was able, as so many others, to concentrate on my own business and be retired now rather than spending so much time CHALLENGING THE SPIN, OMISSIONS, DISTORTIONS AND OUTRIGHT LIES that appeared and still appears in so many TWISTED ARTICLES IN THE MEDIA AND ON BROADCAST.

    I’m also damn sure that was a pig flying over my house.

  90. PhilM says:

    Cybernats and lightning very very frightening me!!!!!
    GALILEO! Galileo! GALILEO! Galileo!
    Eppur si muove…Leask is quoting Galileo…priceless! The persecuted one’s contributions to modern civilisation are in danger. Yet posthumous appreciation if not idolisation is assured…greatness will always find its place.
    Thanks to Scotland’s journalist of record, the scales have fallen from my eyes. Think I might try the Sermon on the Mount down the pub tonight…the regulars will no doubt be grateful. Buy your own rounds puny unbelievers!!! Religious girly men!!!
    Eppur si muove…I am bereft of ribs!

  91. jfngw says:

    It’s pretty irrelevant what his job title is I will never read any of his nonsense. He is coming across as having some issues, I’m not qualified to say what they are though.

    I believe my previous employer would have mentioned about bringing their reputation into disrepute by now. Good luck to the Herald but from my perspective they are employing people that are burying its reputation. I wonder if any of them will want to kick me up the arse for that comment?

    The Herald really needs to keep its staff off twitter if they can’t control themselves.

  92. Brian McGowan says:


  93. Thepnr says:


    “The Herald really needs to keep its staff off twitter if they can’t control themselves.”

    The Herald can’t do that, “Freedom of Speech” and all that. Be better if they self excluded and stopped making such an arse of themselves on a daily basis. Purely for their own sake of course.

  94. wull2 says:

    The more the Scotland media don’t report what is actually going on,the more people see what’s not being reported in Scotland.

    Something you wont see in most papers, vote YES next time.

  95. Skip_NC says:

    So Mr Leask covers organized crime to the state of banking and everything else in between. Just how much is there in between?

  96. ALANM says:

    The Largs & Millport Weekly News was a must-read back in the 1970’s when I lived in Largs. Fast forward to 2018 and unionist propagandists have bought up all the trusted local titles and are busy exploiting them for their own political ends. Hell mend them.

  97. Robert Peffers says:

    @Skip_NC says: 16 May, 2018 at 5:21 pm:

    “So Mr Leask covers organized crime to the state of banking and everything else in between. Just how much is there in between?”

    Och! Skip NC, there is nearly as much as there is between Leask’s twa lugs.

  98. Bill says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker,

    You’ll be disappointed to know he’s a Quantity Surveyor for Barrett, or was. I see he’s moved home again after his divorce.

  99. Artyhetty says:

    Re;Dorothy Devine@2.24pm

    Dorothy you are imo right to be worried about Scotland and Scotland’s people, economy and democracy.

    I do though try to steer clear of saying people like Leask have a mental health problem, these people don’t they are doing a job, doing what is required of them, being paid hugely for it, and are in fact perfectly sane.

    These people are more likely to be helping to cause mental health problems in the vulnerable, those people who can’t find it within themselves to work to undermine other people, or who struggle to cope in a world where pretty much everything is topsy turvy, in a serious way, not an Alice in wonderland way.

    It’s mental health week. Many struggle daily to deal with life’s knocks and bumps and obstacles, all we can do is support them best we can.

    Calling out, shouting out about, and shaming the people who actively work in areas or organisations that causes or perpetuate’s peoples’ struggles, is the best policy imo.

    Shame on Westminster council for removing homeless peoples’ sleeping bags because of some of the richest people in the world
    having a mega million dollar wedding at the people’s expense. Disgusting. Sorry O/T.

  100. Bill says:

    Ok, I’ve distilled Leask. In Armed Forces terms he’s a Walt!


  101. Hamish100 says:

    one thing that annoys me in any parliament is to see someone speaking and behind them one of their colleagues texting/typing. Why? If they cannot be bothered to listen why should we? Maybe Mike Russell would have a word with his fellow Msp’s who were just rude.

  102. jfngw says:

    Journalist are somewhat narcissistic, when they look in the mirror they imagine they are looking at the next Bernstein or Woodward. What most of the public see is another Damien Day or Anna Dapter.

  103. geeo says:

    Leask could give Max Headroom a run for his money in the head twitching department today i bet.

    (Google video Max Headroom).

  104. geeo says:

    This guy reminds me of ‘Max Headroom’ from the 80’s.

  105. Haggishunter says:

    This shows how orchestrated the ‘media’ really is.
    It’s nearly just one source (London) telling their handful of lackeys what to say to put these Scots in their place.
    Nearly everyone I talk with knows the ‘media’ is corrupt

  106. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Had you down as probable ex Boat Troop blade/Int Det/RM? @Bill says at 7:22 pm

    Leask definitely a Walt.

    Your comment “Many Journos had troll accounts, I would know as I outed most of them.”

    Had me intrigued and I hoped you’d know who really is Brian Spanner?

  107. Fred says:

    Don’t blame Mundell blame the clowns who voted for him!

  108. dakk says:

    Needed a laugh,got one.Thanks Stuart.

    Seeing you handing Leask his grey and ginger arse on a plate yet again is real tonic for those of us who value truth and integrity.

  109. Foonurt says:

    In the name ah fuck – yoan Cumnock Chroanicle.

    Haud aff fae tellin, thae Auchinleck folk.

  110. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    OK, we’re still going on about a somewhat self-important trigger-happy journo who is by no means the worst of the slavish bunch of presstitutes which is all we have for a miserable semblance of a Fourth Estate these days, and which is apparently entirely unable to recognise that Scottish devo is threatened from slumping from pseudo-max to something considerably less, with only the SG and our Parliament between us and an even greater betrayal of 2014 than has already happened.

    I know which is the far greater professional offence, and it ain’t in one of them absurdly posturing about their effing job description, FGS.

  111. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    OK, we’re still going on about a somewhat self-important trigger-happy journo who is by no means the worst of the slavish bunch of presstitutes which is all we have for a miserable semblance of a Fourth Estate these days, and which is apparently entirely unable to recognise that Scottish devo is threatened from slumping from pseudo-max to something considerably less, with only the SG and our Parliament between us and an even greater betrayal of 2014 than has already happened.

    I know which is the far greater professional offence, and it ain’t in one of them absurdly posturing about their effing job description, FGS.

  112. Foonurt says:

    In the name ah fuck – yoan Boardurr Telegraph.

    Izit stull in yoan wee poackey-hole, oan High Street, Galae?

    Goad’s, fuck awe tae dae waeit.

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