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How elections work, with the Lib Dems

Posted on March 12, 2017 by

Scottish leader Willie Rennie on today’s Sunday Politics Scotland:

And this was the party’s constitution spokesman Alex Cole-Hamilton on Good Morning Scotland the previous day:

(Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, 11 March 2017)

The SNP got 44% of the vote in the 2016 Scottish Parliament election, exactly twice the share of their nearest challengers (the Scottish Conservatives on 22%).

That’s more than was achieved in any of Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair’s election wins (Blair’s biggest share being 43.2% in 1997, Thatcher’s 43.9% in 1979), and a bigger margin of victory than any UK general election since 1931.

According to the Lib Dems, none of those elections were really victories.

If Rennie and Cole-Hamilton are arguing that no party which fails to get 50% of the popular vote (a bar which also hasn’t been cleared since 1931) has any mandate to carry out its manifesto, that’s an interesting position to debate.

If it isn’t what they’re arguing, readers might be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that they’re a pair of absolute idiots.

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    How elections work, with the Lib Dems | speymouth

239 to “How elections work, with the Lib Dems”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Their conference must have been held in a pub this year.

  2. Arbroath1320 says:

    Dear Willie, first off … keep taking yer meds son … you’re gonna a lot mair o them tae help[ ye get through the next two years. 😀

    So Willie. I’ve a wee simple question for you.

    If, as you state quite categorically, no “ifs” “ands” or “buts”, that the SNP did NOT win the election in 2016 … erm … who did win after all SOMEONE must have won the election right?

  3. Croompenstein says:

    How can any sane person vote for these imbeciles ?

  4. Brian Powell says:


  5. Saw Wee Wullie Rennie smirking on Brewer’s Brit Complement, saying he would vote against the right of the Scottish people to have a referendum. But not accepting the GB people’s verdict on Brexit. Their Lone MP will vote against Scotland’s rights on anything.

  6. Bootsy81 says:

    I liked Cole-Hamilton’s justification of their position at Westminster of “we only have 9 MPs, we don’t have much influence at all” (paraphrasing of course). So just because your party is reduced to a shadow of itself its fine to just take positions you know are blatantly unfair and undemocratic?

    What a complete Diddy.

  7. David Mccann says:

    One word describes the hapless Willie.


  8. Ian McCubbin says:

    Willie Rennie just loves sound bites which apparently get him air time.conviction ideals or goals he has none it would appear.

  9. Morag says:

    They seem to be requiring that a single party gain an overall majority in a PR electoral system, just because that happened in 2011 by a bit of a fluke.

    I did tell the people who were arguing this “lend your list vote to the Greens” malarkey that this was how the loss of the SNP’s overall majority in 2016 would be portrayed. It’s dishonest, but unionist politicians are dishonest.

    Of course, as someone with a twitter graphic pointed out, if the 2016 Scottish election had been decided on FPTP, the SNP’s majority would have been eyepopping.

  10. Clootie says:

    …and if the SNP achieved 50 percent of the vote the bar would be changed to 50percent of the electorate and then it would be 2/3 of the vote and on and on.

    Anyone remember the late night Labour amendment that stopped devolution?

    Unionists will fight tooth and nail to retain Westminster/Whitehal control. They are Empire and Image focused instead of society and fairness.

    The simple poster “Bairns not Bombs” captures the gulf between the two choices. I for one don’t mind the loss of the seat at the big table of the nuclear weapons club if it brings and end to Foodbanks.

    In the forthcoming debates the unionists will deluge the public with complex topics and data. However it comes down to a very simple choice A fairer Scotland or a right wing Imperial UK.

  11. Scott says:

    This at the end of the article I totally agree with.

    If it isn’t what they’re arguing, readers might be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that they’re a pair of absolute idiots.Idiots twice over I say

  12. Davy says:

    is their any pictures of the libdem conference, ones showing the (start laughing) crowd.

  13. Albaman says:

    Best Sunday laugh I’ve had for years!,
    I’ve heard some stupid remarks before, but this is really, really the most stupid, for Gods, and our sake Wullie, JUST GO!!.

  14. ballevullin says:

    The union’s safe with the Literal Autocrat Party

  15. ScottieDog says:

    Of course if we had FPTP like in Westminster it would be a thumping majority.

  16. East Neuker says:

    Willie Rennie got the support of the Tories and assorted anti SNP people in the North East Fife Constituency. It’s hard to deny that he did quite well in the Holyrood election (much to my disgust) but he still fell well short of 50% of the vote – does that mean that, according to himself, he’s not my MSP? That would please me greatly. He is a useless article.

  17. fletch49er says:

    What the absolute f**k!

    In what alternative universe did they sit round a table and convince themselves that this is a plausible argument? People actually had a discussion and concluded that this was a ‘brilliant idea’, ‘Why hadn’t anyone thought of this before?’ [face palm]

  18. Roger Hyam says:

    But in the 2015 UK General the SNP got 50% of the popular vote in Scotland so they have a mandate of > 50% from that I guess – did they mention the Indy2 in that manifesto?,_2015_(Scotland)

  19. Valerie says:

    It’s a bold strategy.

    Dispense with subtle manipulation, and proclaim up is down, and black is white.

    As I said, the Fib dums are certainly setting the pace, thus far, for outright moronic statements.

    I need to pop out for popcorn.

  20. ballevullin says:

    So what Willie Rennie is essentially saying is that it was ok for his party to join with the Tories at Westminster in 2010 to form a majority and govern but the SNP and Greens combining in a vote at Holyrood to pass a referendum bill is not legit.

  21. Dr Jim says:

    Willie Rennie just like Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson do speak for the people of Scotland

    But just hardly any and they’re in rapidly diminishing numbers

    Yet still the BBC fill our entire day with content about parties we don’t vote for
    We’ve had all the irrelevant politicians on the telly today including the previous UKIP leader who holds no position in UK politics at all and the same questions have been put to them all about what they think of the SNP and referendums whether yes or no
    We’ve had “journalists” talking about it, presenters talking about it, I’m pretty sure by now the flies on the windows are sick of listening to it, mice will be committing suicide throwing themselves on to traps listening to it

    But the one political party who can actually answer the question or speak with any clarity or authority on anything to do with Scotland and it’s constitution are the SNP and guess what, they’re the only party the BBC doesn’t invite on to their programs

    Not even a foty of a SNP politician to point at
    Not a document, not a quote, Oh but they did mention ex SNP politicians who are no longer policy or decision makers in order for the BBC to create agreement with itself

    It’s all just a bit like going to a Synagogue to discuss Christianity but God isnae invited

  22. heedtracker says:

    Ultimately this is just a couple of dudes, representing deeply conservative UK outfits in Scotland, that in 20 years have lost massive power and influence, to fledgling Scottish democracy, that they’ve done everything they can to destroy.

  23. CapnAndy. says:

    I commented the other day saying he’s probably a nice guy and that’s why folk vote for him. I must have been having a senior moment.
    Usually with Lib Dems I follow what George Galloway once said in a fit of lucidity.
    “The Lib Dems are the nastiest party in Parliament, always watch your back when dealing with the Lib Dems”.

  24. Helena Brown says:

    My very much ex MP, not that either of us voted for him, proved to me that idiots sit in the HOC, do nothing, get paid an inordinate amount for it whilst those they supposedly serve get pushed to the wall.
    Be honest not one Unionist party IS democratic. I had to walk away in Dunfermline High Street on a Saturday afternoon before I took the Tory representatives apart for just the same thing.

  25. Dan Huil says:

    He’s a tractor – end of

  26. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    And these clowns expect folk to vote for them in May?

    Fib Dems, the Alt Truth Party.

    What good do Liar Carmichael, Cole-Hamilton, Mike (opens mouth and lets belly) Rumbles or Wee Wullie think they make to Scotland or her people?



    No chance

    Unionist, immoral and dishonest.

  27. Tackety Beets says:

    On the money again Rev “they are a pair o absolute idiots”

    The reality is those type politician have been spouting rubbish for decades & MSM have continued to portray it as TRUTH.
    These types have failed to realise there is now a very different world of imparting news to the population and they fail to appreciate the need to for truthfulness.

    Liars eventually get caught as they forget what lies they tell.

    Thank you Rev for keeping me sane.

  28. MsDidi says:

    An hour an a half of pure unionist, Lib/Dem, BBC, anti Scotland propaganda from the smallest “Scottish” branch office Spring conference in Perth. With a bit of analysis from John (but the truth is) Curtis. The – now in 4th place – Green party also had their conference this weekend (and it was much better attended) but it was totally ignored by the BBC. I don’t suppose they could justify the spending that would have been incurred to cover both and give a more balanced picture of politics in Scotland this weekend?

  29. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Brewer couldn’t resist squeezing in the names of Sillars and McCaskill at the end of his programme.

    Two names who are doing nothing but frustrate the fight for Independence.

    I just can’t figure out what these two aim to achieve by their constant outbursts.

  30. Free Scotland says:

    I think it would be safe to say that well in excess of 50% of Scotland’s voters would find it very easy to reach the conclusion that Rennie and Cole-Hamilton are a pair of absolute idiots.

  31. Capella says:

    “Lies and mendacity” (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof).

    I’ve always thought of the Liberals as “face aw roon”. Shrewd and self-serving rather than stupid. So they are tryng to deligitimise the SNP and, by extension, Scottish democracy, as usual.

    Voters will deliver their verdict when the umpteenth relaunch of the Liberals sinks without trace.

  32. galamcennalath says:

    Unionists are becoming very odd indeed in their behaviour and rhetoric.

    ‘Lost the plot’ would be the modern phrase. My granny would have said, ‘awa wi the fairies’!

    From their standpoint it bodes very badly for being able to mount a coherent defence of their Union in the impending Indy campaign.

    Which of course is great news. The last thing we need is Unionists making sense.

  33. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    MsDidi 1.17pm

    It wasn’t just the Greens who were under represented this morning.

    It was ANOTHER total SNP free zone on all the political programmes this morning.

    The BBC, ITV, and SKY News all decided that Scotland had nothing to add to the debate this morning.

  34. Robert Louis says:

    Oh, FFS Wullie, that is just extremely stupid. It is the ultimate in stupid, it is stupid stupid.

    Let’s just consider, if the SNP didn’t win the election, why is Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of Scotland, and why is it somebody from the SNP that holds every single Scottish Government cabinet position?

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, delusional nonsense from willie Rennie. Jeezo.

  35. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    We could tell everybody not to vote for the Lib/Dems But nobody was going to vote for them anyway.

  36. Robert Louis says:

    Rennie, in that interview just sounds like somebody from the Trump camp, with their ‘alternative facts’.

    Meanwhile, in delusional Willie Rennie world, apparently Alistair Carmichael is First Minister of Scotland.

  37. Not Convinced says:

    It’s become clear to me that the LibDems have precisely *two* principles :-

    1. If it’s good for the Union then we’re in favour.
    2. If it’s good for the LibDems then we’re in favour.

    … however what I find a little strange is that they seem to be *in that order!* It does seem very much the case that they’ll do whatever it takes to under the first principle even if it seems to conflict with the second principle?

  38. Clapper57 says:

    Today oor Willie said to Gordon Brewer :

    “MY colleagues in Scottish Labour” ???

    Reminiscing on BT days ?

    The Way we Were :

    Light the corners of my mind
    Misty water-colored memories
    Of the way we were
    Scattered pictures,
    Of the smiles we left behind
    Smiles we gave to one another
    For the way we were
    Can it be that it was all so simple then?
    Or has time re-written every line?
    If we had the chance to do it all again
    Tell me, would we? Could we?
    Mem’ries, may be beautiful and yet
    What’s too painful to remember
    We simply choose to forget
    So it’s the laughter
    We will remember
    Whenever we remember…
    The way we were…
    The way we were…

    Aah Memories….BT memories…..the way you and your colleagues Labour were Willie…. can you do it all AGGGGGAIN ….obviously YOUR memories don’t serve you well as you forgot to mention YOUR TORY colleagues !

    Willie’s Bow chicka wow wow moment….”oops did I say that out loud”…yes ya did Willie…..yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk…..

  39. Arbroath1320 says:

    I wonder what wee Willie thinks about this. 😉

    Here’s a young member of the Lib Dem’s, although I’m not convinced he will STILL be a member after this video, saying what a lot of people, even in the Lib Dem’s I reckon, are thinking.

  40. Giving Goose says:

    The LidDems as a seperate political party are just an illusion.

    They are in fact part of the Tory Union.
    It really is as simple as that.

    There is no Liberal Democrat thought nor movement in Scotland. It is a charade.
    Rennie is a loyal London placeman.

    Sadly there will be genuine LidDem activists who will have a set of genuine beliefs that they will argue passionately for but they are deluded if they think that the LidDem party is an honest vehicle for channeling those beliefs.

    Rennie and the other LibDem msps, together with Carmichael are frauds. They are Tories acting a part that is meant to deceive the Scottish public into thinking that there is a multi party system and choice in political representation.

    These men and woman masquerading as LibDems are all liars. All Tories. All loyal members of the London BritNat Establishment. All tasked with screwing Scotland. A task that they carry out with no shame.

    Truely nasty individuals.

  41. McBoxheid says:

    100% of elected Libdem MP’s from Scottish constituencies are proven liars.


  42. Flower of Scotland says:

    Well done Chris Wilson at the LibDem conference for his pro Independence speech. It can’t of been easy for him.

    Proud of our young folk.

    Wonder what Willie Rennie was thinking during his speech?

  43. Effijy says:

    You can’t expect Silly Willie to stand up for Scotland, Fairness, and a Just Society.

    Look at where is for such an insignificant little busy body.

    He leads a Party, he has all his fellow Westminster Parties working with him to ensure that he Westminster’s selected candidate in his constituency.

    He knows that as his work as Shill and Union supporter, they will ensure that he gets a wonderful pension, a few wee consultancy jobs from Tory Supporting Corporations and he seems to be so unpopular in Scotland, that he will likely get his Ermine Gown and a Bed in the House of Lords. Just hope it next to Lady Muck Moan & Groan.

    Malcolm Bruce backing up the Liar Carmichael said it all when he said that Carmichael’s antics were just UK politics. The Lie ConDems Party are a scandal.

  44. Mike says:

    What they are trying to spin is that the SNP and ONLY the SNP have to win an outright majority of seats in order to win a mandate to enable their manifesto commitments.
    Apparently the SNP as a minority Government can no longer count on other parties in order to gain a majority support to enable policy and deliver on their manifesto promises.
    This from a party who were the power brokers in 2 separate coalitions.
    They seem to believe that they can change Parliamentary tradition at will in order to suit their own agendas.

    Yoonery is in absolute meltdown over the now inevitable implementation of Indyref 2. They are leaving no delusion unexplored no self deceit untouched no manic gibbering unuttered no swivelled eyed pronouncements unsaid.
    They have never been closer to losing their precious Yoonion. Even in 2014 they had a massive safety margin. Today that has disappeared.

    And its only going to get more and more bizarre.
    Expect more threats to bomb our airports to nuke our borders to annex our territory.

    Project Fear is all but spent there never has been a positive case for yoonion. All that’s left is the dance of the headless chicken.

  45. Robert Graham says:

    I know its hard to believe , but out there are people who believe and actually agree with this Cretin , Wullie exists in his own little universe a totally Alice in wonderland existence ,I believe that there should be some sort of minimum requirement in order to be able to cast a vote , a minimum level of competence , a normal level of awareness of your surroundings , otherwise the likes of Wullie , Kezia ,Ruthless , Baillie , A Collective of Liars will continue to Lie and spread alternative facts with the aid of the BBC and our print media , facts that the gullible will swallow .

  46. ballevullin says:

    Watching Christopher Wilson speak to the Lib Dem conference and seeing the looks of incomprehension on the faces of the delegates was like watching super clever Will from the Inbetweeners trying to explain the realities of politics to a hall full of Neils from the Inbetweeners.

  47. Jack Murphy says:

    BBC Scotland Tells Lies said at 1:26 pm
    ” MsDidi 1.17pm
    It wasn’t just the Greens who were under represented this morning.
    It was ANOTHER total SNP free zone on all the political programmes this morning.
    The BBC, ITV, and SKY News all decided that Scotland had nothing to add to the debate this morning.”

    Regarding the BBC—during all the BREXIT political news of the past 7-10 days from Westminster,Scotland’s biggest party was barely mentioned either on the BBC HQ Flagship TV 6pm or 10pm National News.
    I can recall one reference/10 second interview clip in the past couple of weeks.
    They are are a disgrace of an outfit,enough even to make those in Branch Office at Pacific Quay squirm with embarrassment.
    I have posted this link before,and I’ll post it again:-
    Direct link to BBC on-line:-

  48. Smallaxe says:

    Wee Willie Wonky, what can I say except use the initials of your just as daft pal. ACH!

    Peace Always

  49. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Treeza has one Ermine Robe up for grabs to give to the biggest Yoon in Scotland.

    Wullie, Kezia and Ruthie will do battle for the right to wear it.

    The Three of them will sacrifice all to be crowned “Scotland’s Biggest Yoon”.

  50. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    The Lib/Dems in Scotland seem to attract a lot of support from people who have moved to Scotland from south of the border.

  51. John Brown says:

    Alex Cole Hamilton certainly demonstrates he is an absolute idiot but more importantly he has yet to demonstrate he has not committed a criminal offence with his election expenses.

    He is still under police investigation

  52. Roughian says:

    Gilbert & Sullivan wrote Iolanthe in 1882.

    When in that House M.P.’s divide,
    If they’ve a brain and cerebellum, too,
    They’ve got to leave that brain outside,
    And vote just as their leaders tell ’em to.
    But then the prospect of a lot
    Of dull M. P.’s in close proximity,
    All thinking for themselves, is what
    No man can face with equanimity.
    Then let’s rejoice with loud Fal la – Fal la la!
    That Nature always does contrive – Fal lal la!
    That every boy and every gal
    That’s born into the world alive
    Is either a little Liberal
    Or else a little Conservative!
    Fal lal la!

    This is the World of Rennie!!!

  53. Training Day says:

    Rennie is Dugdale’s only serious rival for the post of straw-chewing, stile-hogging village idiot in chief.

    With a bit of work he too could find himself in a nursery fending off questions about what the liberal democrats are for..

  54. Hamish100 says:

    Labour and Lib dems desperate to show how Tory they are to get the 2nd vote in local elections.
    Of course if they do as badly as usual the SNP will continue never to have a mandate as THEY (TORIES) are entititled to all votes. Let the 3 tory parties scrap it out.
    Mini-midi and maxi unionists will never back Scotland.

  55. Tinto Chiel says:

    Training Day says:

    “Rennie is Dugdale’s only serious rival for the post of straw-chewing, stile-hogging village idiot in chief.”

    I think you missed out his excellent banjo-playing, TD. That gives him the edge.

    He really is a silly sausage.

  56. Dr Jim says:

    So the Lib Dems would prefer the idea of a one party state then
    You can’t on the one hand complain about the SNP being a one party state and then complain they’re not so shouldn’t get to do things
    Which they don’t because other parties keep telling us if it wasn’t for them the SNP would ride roughshod over us all and get their own way all the time

    So which is it? Are we a one party state when the SNP makes a decision and a democracy when other parties vote them down

    The only actual dominant party in the UK are the Tories and they have less percentage of the vote than the SNP and almost none in Scotland and yet rule us all, so by opposition party definitions the Tories are the nearest thing to a one party state but in Scotland they’re a total dictatorship

    In Yoonworld today the threats of shooting the First Minister or driving vehicles over her or stabbing her to death are the same as calling someone a bad name that contains a sweary word
    Personally I find none of it acceptable but I have to say politicians are not shrinking violets and are used to name calling albeit since the advent of the Internet the Zoomers who have always been there have become emboldened by the hope of anonymity, although egg and fruit hurling was a national pastime when politicians took to the stump at one time and considered OK

    What’s happened more recently is the vile nutters, and let’s be honest these people would be vile about just about anything, it’s the being vile that excites them not the victim of it
    They have jumped on politics and the personalities within politics to vent their inadequate spleens and if we take a look at the entertainment world of personality it’s no different but Yoonworld now will attempt to claim any moral high ground they can by consistant blaming of the Politicians who don’t agree with them and in our case that will be the SNP

    So by exposing this loony behaviour in the MSM it may have actually done more harm than good when you consider the main recipient of the abuse and death threats, the First Minister of Scotland never uttered a stutter or complained to anyone for protection from it because to do so would highlight it even further and thus the abusers and threateners would feel even more angry and might find another way even less palatable to express their Nutterdom where our police can’t keep an eye on them

    Ye cannae dae right fur daein wrang!

  57. Meg merrilees says:

    Just managed to listen to Christopher Wilson on yOU tube but only a couple of minutes.
    Does anyone have a link to his full speech?

    Thought he was incredibly well argued, mature and BRAVE. Well said.

    An obvious choice for another Phantom Power, No to YES film especially because he’s not SNP.

  58. Breeks says:

    Well done Chris Wilson. Uncharacteristic objectivity from a Lib Dem.

    Ha ha. Game on! YES2 is going to be like a good version of “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers”; Unionists won’t dare to go to sleep just in case they wake up as a Yesser.

  59. galamcennalath says:

    I haven’t noticed anyone post this …

    … this young LibDemmer has seen the light. If only more of them would take his line.

    The LibDems are irrelevant, but that doesn’t stop the media giving them a voice far beyond their due. The Greens are more popular, but get less exposure.

    However, should the LibDems dump the ‘Rennie line’ and join reality and accept that IndyRef2 is coming and embrace it, they might become relevant!

  60. bugsbunny says:

    “Wee Willie Rennie, running through the Toon”,
    “Screaming yer nae Government, like a Lonnie Yoon”;
    “Chapping at the windaes, keeking through the locks”,
    “Just like a Unionist freeloader, he’d gie ye the ruddy boak”.

  61. Robert Graham says:

    Just watched the whole interview with Wullie , oh f/k a totally confused individual he is ,, someone who suddenly is in the spotlight for doing eh What exactly what does he do , How his ,eh well let’s call it a political party, and not a collection of old moaners , how this lot are given the coverage afforded by the BBC , when the attendance is even less than the last funeral I unhappily was obliged to attend, are the BBC reporting or producing news it’s really not that clear now when they give this lot a prominence even being totally generous doesn’t warrant , and giving their small percentage of people who actually vote for them why so much coverage ? , this along with the Tory party at around 22% who are never out of the limelight, Something isn’t quite Right.

  62. galamcennalath says:

    Arbroath1320 says:

    saying what a lot of people, even in the Lib Dem’s I reckon, are thinking.

    Oops. You beat me to it with that excellent speech.

    I would love to know how many libDems think like that. A minority, probably. But I have always thought they were the Unionist party most likely to ‘cross the floor’ on Indy.

    Can’t see Rennie himself jumping.

  63. ballevullin says:

    Willie Rennie is not so much Jo Grimond as Joke Grim.

  64. Macart says:

    I don’t think there’s any other conclusion you can reach.

    Oh, wait now.

    There is of course bare faced liars, but it’s one or the other.

  65. Jamie says:

    Mibees what Willie means is that it was a draw, you know like Americans say about Vietnam…

  66. Calum says:

    He really needs some time off.

  67. Dr Jim says:

    Former British Ambassador to Russia claims in a future Scottish referendum the Russians will interfere to make sure the SNP win….really naw really! he said that! on SKY news!

    The opposition will be ecstatic with this new found straw to clutch at for when they lose and claim it’s not fair because Vlad did something sneaky

    Which the Brits would “never” do eh

  68. JLT says:

    The one baffling thing about wee Willie’s rhetoric this weekend, is that he’s seeking a ‘Brexit Deal Referendum’ which is when one looks at it in a certain light, is more or less just a 2nd EU Referendum.

    So …okay …fine …can live with that if it grows legs.

    But is it not a tad hypocritical while shouting from the rafters demanding a 2nd EU Referendum because the deal negotiated by the Tories might be bad for the UK economy …but then in the same breath, refuses a 2nd Scottish Referendum on the grounds that it would be bad for the UK …even though it is literally the same argument from a Scottish point of view?

    Say Willie doesn’t get his wish for a 2nd EU Referendum. Say Theresa tells the UK there will be no 2nd EU Referendum (which is extremely likely) …then does he then stand behind Nicola? Or is he happy for Scotland to be thrown to the wolves? Because if that is the case, he’s being an utter hypocrite. He’ll protect the UK but not Scotland …even though he has been elected to Holyrood to serve her people and protect the nation as best he can.

    There is a fundamental flaw here with some Unionist politicians. They are meant to serve Scotland; not the UK. It is here where their duty lies, not with the UK. Willie, like Kezia and Ruth, are serving their greater parties interests …and not Scotland. And they wonder why the Scottish electorate doesn’t vote for them in greater numbers. It’s not that hard to work out why Scots vote for the SNP – it’s because the SNP stand up for Scotland’s interests …unlike the other three. And the more they stand against Scotland’s interests …the more their vote slowly bleeds that little bit more.

    This isn’t rocket-science.

    It’s a good job that wee Willie and co don’t get much airtime, because seriously, his arguments are there to be analysed and questioned. It wouldn’t take long to have Willie squirming uneasily in his seat as contradiction is piled upon contradiction.

    It will be interesting to see if the SNP not only steal quite a number of Lib Dem seats in the Council Elections, but actually increase their support while the Lib Dems drops. If this comes to pass …will Willie still strongly oppose a 2nd Scottish Referendum, even though all the results prove otherwise? Is he, along with Kezia and Ruth simply the supposedly three wise monkeys who pretend to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil …even though it is a fact that should we pull out of the EU and be left at the mercy on a dominant Tory government …then it will almost be certain to happen that EVEL will come heavily into play in a post-EU future.

  69. David Mills says:

    This could be a call for PR voting by the back door as this is just one Liberal manifesto pledge under these rules they will never in act.

    They crawled in to bed with Tories to achievealmost only this as other commitments were abandoned on the way and a referendum sayed “meh”

  70. schrodingers cat says:

    willy wants to vote against a section 30 in WM,
    fine, but doesnt that just give any referendum binding legality?
    it doesnt stop or block indyref2 going ahead?

    re- anna soubray, uk out of eu in 6 months and under wto rules.

    ahem, dont want to say i told ya so but….

  71. Ann says:

    well said young man.

    A few serious faces in the floor during that speech.

    He represents the future of our country and regardless of party affiliation I think Scotland will be in safe hands if we adults of the next generations up give them the chance.

  72. schrodingers cat says:


    would u support efta/eea as an option for the indyref2


  73. galamcennalath says:

    Dr Jim says:

    Which the Brits would “never” do eh

    That just wouldn’t be cricket, would it? Aye, the Brits won’t play with a straight bat either!

    The narrow Leave win and Trump were almost certainly achieved with the intervention of dodgy online manipulation companies. The like of US Cambridge Analytica and Canadian AggregateIQ have proven ‘success’ records. I doubt if the Ruskies are in the same league.

    People should Google them to see all the controversy around their activities.

    IMO IndyRef2’s NO side won’t be an in-your-face group like Better Together. There will be individual politicians to wheel out in front of cameras. However most of the campaigning will be done by big behind the scenes organisations and companies awash with dosh.

    They will be very active online, and not like that bunch of amateurs who concocted VoteNoBorders.

  74. galamcennalath says:

    schrodingers cat says:

    re- anna soubray, uk out of eu in 6 months

    She might be right. I have never expected them to get the divorce settlement terms agreed, far less anything to do with trade.

    IMO UKIP, Tory Brexiteers, the right wing press, and the millions of rampant English Nationalist voters just won’t accept having to pay a substantial ‘divorce bill’.

  75. Arbroath1320 says:

    schrodingers cat says:
    12 March, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    willy wants to vote against a section 30 in WM,
    fine, but doesnt that just give any referendum binding legality?
    it doesnt stop or block indyref2 going ahead?

    I’m thinking (hoping) when she DOES block indy ref. she would be going against the U.N.

    Here is the relevant part to save reading the whole thing.

  76. Roughian says:

    And he is paid £59000 a year. Think I’ll become a dafty.

  77. schrodingers cat says:


    also the fact that many prominant eu politicians have repeatedly said, no trade talks until uk brexits,

    brexit negotiations will take 2 mins not 2 years
    out of the single market and the custom union and into wto is a binary position, after this is announced to guy verhofstadt, there isnt really anything more to discuss, other than £60 bn, bill before eu trade negotiations can even begin

  78. schrodingers cat says:

    how can treeza legally block a non legally binding referendum?

    sure, wm can block a section 30, but that isnt the same thing?

  79. Arbroath1320 says:

    I’m sure if she saw it as getting back at those uppity Scots she’d go for it.

  80. Rock says:

    “If Rennie and Cole-Hamilton are arguing that no party which fails to get 50% of the popular vote (a bar which also hasn’t been cleared since 1931) has any mandate to carry out its manifesto, that’s an interesting position to debate.”

    So no Westminster government has had the mandate to carry out its manifesto since 1931.

    Except that it was the Lib Dems that legitimised the mandate that Cameron’s Tories didn’t have.

  81. Brian Powell says:

    The £45,000 that the Joseph Rowentree Trust gave Willie to develop policies seems to have been wasted.

  82. Camz says:

    It’s called shifting the goalposts. Lib Dems are past masters of it, as they fail to get substantial representation, whatever the electoral system.

  83. Stoker says:


    Just Tories of a jaundiced hue and cry.

    Aye, there’s definitely been an outbreak of swine fever.

  84. Robert Graham says:

    Over the coming weeks we are going to be deafened by the noise of Lifeboats being launched from the good ship Union , once the penny drops, the Rats will desert their sinking ship, we will witness road to Damascus like conversions and people proclaiming their aledgence to the new Nation State of Scotland , we always really supported you we were just confused by all the bad things that were going to happen.
    Should we say aye right now f/k off yah rats , or do we offer a hand in friendship, while masking the hammer we have in the other hand, just in case ha ha . Can’t be too sure yet after all the S****e that’s been tossed it might take a while.

  85. with mental mad Wullies logic maybe England didn`t win yesterday!

  86. schrodingers cat says:

    the problem of efta/eea membership isnt that it appeals to any yes2no leavers, 27% in the latest polls, it is how the other 48% of voters who support “re-entry” into the eu and eu membership?, we will be out in 6 months so campaigning to stay is no longer an option for indyref2.

    would they be satisfied with the promise of an euref2 on further eu integration during the 1st session of an independent scottish holyrood governent, as proposed by stu a few weeks ago on wos?

  87. galamcennalath says:

    Robert Graham says:

    Should we say aye right now f/k off yah rats , or do we offer a hand in friendship

    Definitely the hand of friendship … and milk their turnaround until they’ve been squeezed dry!

    I live in hope that some prominent Unionists will ‘cross over’ when the tide has decisively turned for Indy.

    Their enormous value will be in bringing along those gullible enough to believe in them, and encouraging other NO public figures to follow suit.

    So, does that mean they could continue as politicians in iScotland? It will be a democracy and anyone can stand. It’s sufficient numbers of voters they will need to persuade. They would really need to have a lot to offer iScotland and the ones which come to mind have nothing worth keeping.

  88. Clootie says:

    The options/choices made after Independence are important but secondary.
    The only game in town is the RIGHT to make those choices instead of being TOLD!

  89. Bill McDermott says:

    Heard Margaret Smith (former LibDem MP) on the Brewer programme say that the reason Wullie kept to his script of voting against an Indyref was to keep faith with his manifesto.

    So Wullie, you can keep faith with your manifesto but SNP aren’t allowed to keep faith with theirs.

    Another reflection on it (from Brewer or Paul Hutcheon – can’t remember) was that he was still digging in the hole that Alex Cole-Hamilton had dug earlier.

  90. Cactus says:

    The wonder of the wandering Willie.

    SO, everybuddies talking about it, looks like Tuesday is on.

    How will the triggering of Article 50 be done.. speech, e-mail, recorded delivery letter, displayed like a vow on the cover page of tomorrows Daily Record?

    Ye know how the sayin’ goes.. “a week is a lang time in p…”

    See how yee’s feel on the 21st March, you can then decide if you’re gonna vote Yes or Yes.

    There’s an interesting telcon been a-goin’ on, on LBC radio ra now.

    Time remaining:
    0 years, 0 months, 1 day, 6 hours, XX minutes, XX seconds.

  91. ChewinTheFat says:

    This guy is the absolute definition of the word “thick.”

    I honestly don’t know who’s worse… him or Dugdale…

  92. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, should have made it clear that applies to those two LibDem politicians, not the party as a whole.

    THInk before posting!

  93. Cactus says:

    It’s Yes!

    Scotland 50%+

    A meniscus has formed.

  94. Golfnut says:

    @ Jim

    I think he just admitted that the referendum could successfully be interfered with, if Russia could do, its perfectly acceptable to ask if it was interfered with last time, eh ruthie.

  95. gus1940 says:


    For weeks the government and their fan club on TV, Radio and most of the dead tree press have been shouting from the rooftops that The UK economy is booming.

    The subliminal message in all this is that all will be OK when the country escapes the clutches of The EU and swamps the rest of the world with our exports of jam and biscuits.

    The fact of course is that apart from the drastic fall in the value of the Pound Nothing has as yet happened re Brexit. Those who have been brainwashed and conditioned by all these good new stories about the economy are in for a real shock when things do start to move on the Brexit front starting with a collapse of the Pound.

    Is it not time that we started to go on the attack over this alleged economic boom?

    After the REF doubts were voiced about the future prospects for the UK operations of Nissan, Toyota and Honda.

    At the time I voiced concern about the future operations of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mini, Jaguar and the UK operations of Airbus.

    I never considered Vauxhall and Ford but now it seems as if they are headed down the Swanee.

    The government seem strangely reluctant to release any info on the deal they are supposed to have done with Nissan.

    I can’t see them being able to do additional deals with all of the above.

  96. gus1940 says:

    Having watched today’s BBC Breakfast, Marr, Peston and the SKY political programs plus both the full London & Scottish editions of The Sunday Politics there was no shortage of mentions of Indyref2 and plenty of interviews with politicians but not a single example of an appearance by an SNP politician or report of a statement from same.

    What a wonderful broadcast media we are blessed with.

  97. ian m says:

    Jack Murphy at 2.23pm

    The link is very interesting because we have heard the argument from rUK that our 67.2 of remain voters was less of a turn out than for indy ref.
    The English voter turnout was 73%.So we were less than 5% behind England in turnout

  98. jfngw says:


    Don’t worry the BBC will probably be producing public information films, they are no doubt as this minute looking for a John Snagge.

  99. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Some good postings so far, especially the funny ones. Which of course Wee Willie’s inverted posturings positively invite. Keep them coming!

    Not so funny for the man himsel’, though. Having now publicly dug a hole so deep that any eventual exit will involve a substantial loss of dignity, his “cheery chappie” grin is looking more and more like a rictus of embarrassment.

    In contrast, that video clip of the young “no to yes” delegate Chris Wilson and the occasional glimpse of the audience, was for me the first ever real-life enactment of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

    I reckon a fair swath of that audience were telling themselves “Oh crap, this is all horribly, horribly true…” while the professional politicos looked like they were thinking “Oh crap, there goes my eventual sinecure in the House of Dodos Lords like Purvis.”

  100. schrodingers cat says:

    gus, one way is to make lists of bad news(linked deliberately to bbc or other unionist media) and post them on social media 🙂

    2nd march
    ?BREAKING: 1,160 #Ford workers will go from its Bridgend plant by 2021

    28th feb, bmw e mini will not be built in england

    15 February, 2017
    lloyds of london relocate
    John Nelson, Lloyd’s chairman, said the market had decided it needed to act sooner rather than later to protect the 11 per cent of its revenues coming from Europe.
    ?Billionaire Sir James Dyson who campaigned for Brexit on the grounds that it would “make us richer” has just announced he is creating hundreds of jobs – in Asia.

  101. galamcennalath says:

    What in heaven’s name are the BBC playing at here …

    “Warning over ferry link terror risk …. There is a “real” threat of terrorists crossing from Northern Ireland to Scotland by ferry … “

    Are they talking about returnees from Syria, or an ISIS op?

    No! They are talking about Irish terrorists! It’s as if they are trying to talk up threat which has been resolved years ago.

    Truly shocked!

  102. Clydebuilt says:

    By speaking to the Scottish public like that Rennie is showing a total lack of respect for Scots.

  103. Tip to Gordon Brewer; instead of asking a bubch of has beens when the next Indyref is going to be held, how about inviting an SNP politician on your YOON Show and fucking well asking them?
    It is unbelievable that we have 56 SNP MPs and an SNP Holyrood Administration, and BBC Goebbels House blocks the main party in Scotland from their programmes.
    At risk of being called a cyber bully, Rennie, Cole Hamilton, and John McDonnell have lost touch with reality.
    We shall be asking Nobody’s permission to run a Referendum.
    Rennie perfectly demonstrates the need for Self Determination. His English colleagues will block democracy in Scotland.
    Pointless little nobody.
    The Shadow Labour Chancellor sounds like a frail old man from a 1950’s Party Political Broadcast mouthing platitudes about jobs, houses, food in the belly.
    News for you, John, you are not needed, nor will we be having another meaningless ‘conversation’ with Labour for the next 15 years.
    Mr Brewer is obviously one of the back room media team put together by the Yoons to brainwash us with the message,no referendum until after Brexit, and a wee one he sneaked in ttoday, the Yes side won’t get to use YES in the revised question on the ballot paper.
    Not one single SNP politician invited to discuss Self Determination.
    Sinister and sinisterer.
    Jo Goebbels would be proud.

  104. Tip to Gordon Brewer; instead of asking a bubch of has beens when the next Indyref is going to be held, how about inviting an SNP politician on your YOON Show and fucking well asking them?
    It is unbelievable that we have 56 SNP MPs and an SNP Holyrood Administration, and BBC Goebbels House blocks the main party in Scotland from their programmes.
    At risk of being called a cyber bully, Rennie, Cole Hamilton, and John McDonnell have lost touch with reality.
    We shall be asking Nobody’s permission to run a Referendum.
    Rennie perfectly demonstrates the need for Self Determination. His English colleagues will block democracy in Scotland.
    Pointless little nobody.
    The Shadow Labour Chancellor sounds like a frail old man from a 1950’s Party Political Broadcast mouthing platitudes about jobs, houses, food in the belly.
    News for you, John, you are not needed, nor will we be having another meaningless ‘conversation’ with Labour for the next 15 years.
    Mr Brewer is obviously one of the back room media team put together by the Yoons to brainwash us with the message,no referendum until after Brexit, and a wee one he sneaked in today, the Yes side won’t get to use YES in the revised question on the ballot paper.
    Not one single SNP politician invited to discuss Self Determination.
    Sinister and sinisterer.
    Jo Goebbels would be proud.

  105. Bob Mack says:

    Willy. Yep, sounds about right.

  106. Hamish100 says:

    May will say you can have your referendum but having spoken to Davidson Dugdale and Rennie the following conditions apply:

    1. No foreigners will be allowed to vote ie Poles Danes Dutch Czech Estonian Belgium Spanish Italian Greek Germans French Irish Scots
    2. No 16-18 year olds are allowed to vote — I mean who do they think they are?
    3. The Question – You agree to the Westminster Government doing what they like- (There is only a YES to that)

    Even Wullie Rennie believes this is democracy in action

  107. Thepnr says:


    Pathetic really. I loved this quote:

    “The Canary Wharf truck bomb of 1996, manufactured by the IRA in South Armagh, killed two people, injured more than 100 and caused £150m worth of damage.”

    So the’re dragging up a single incident involving a ferry from more than 20 years ago and making it into a threat. The threat was to England not Scotland.

    Oh FFS these people are really really pathetic.

  108. Dr Jim says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted so far but The SNP put in a FOI for the letter to be made public which was sent to Nissan and the Tories have refused

    Surely this can’t be legal?

  109. Robert Graham says:

    Oh Wullies just echoing the sentiments of the good genteel folks of Morning side when greeting their visitors now ” you’ll have had your referendum then ” now sit yourself down and we can rubbish that Nicola one.

  110. crazycat says:

    @ galamcennelath

    Be fair, now – the article did give an example …. from 1996!

    No wonder the man’s retired as a terrorism expert. He may have been asleep for 20 years.

  111. Thepnr says:

    Did you know that 6% of households in 2016 did not have a TV licence?

    In N. Ireland it was 9% and in Scotland 10%.

    10% now not paying the telly tax refusing to be brainwashed. Join us!

  112. Alastair says:

    The fog of Bexit.
    EU trades more with the U.K. than UK with Europe so they have more to lose than the UK so will do a deal.
    They do have more to lose but divided by 27 puts each EU members lose into perspective.
    Everything is 27 to 1.
    ( I know in economic terms the splitting not 27 but you will get my point.)
    Piss poor misleading argument

  113. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Thepnr 7.48pm

    That is a fair amount of bodies not paying Jackie Burd’s wages.

    Have you got a link for that so i can re-post it Thepnr.


  114. Thepnr says:


    Never mind even the devaluation of the £ since the stupid Brexit vote. What those that voted for it didn’t realise is that everything the UK imports will get more expensive still under WTO rules.

    Brexit guarantees three things a fall in the value of sterling, a rise in inflation and a rise in interest rates to protect the pound those are an absolute certainty.

    Everyone of these will be painful. Your typical Brexit voter must have been a masochist/idiot/luntic.

  115. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    The Yoon media keep repeating the lie that 27 Nations have to all agree with the UK trade deal before it can be passed.

    It is not 27 parliaments that have to vote thru the trade deal, it is 38 Parliaments that have to agree before the trade deal is struck.

    That includes 27 National Parliaments and the rest are Regional Parliaments – like Wallonia in Belgium.

    Not a hope in hell of a trade deal within two years.

  116. Thepnr says:

    @BBC Scotland Tells Lies

    Link to the full article from the BBC Trust, see Fig.7:

    Link to my posting of the graph in question on Twitter.

  117. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Thepnr 8.12pm

    brilliant links to BBC non-payment.


  118. Dr Jim says:

    If you buy something from a shop and then it doesn’t do what they said it would you can take it back and get your money back or change it for something else

    (This washing machine doesn’t do 30 degrees,) too late you’ve had it delivered and you accepted it so it’s yours forever and ever and ever even though it’s useless, and no you can’t have another one ever, even if your whole family demand one and your lawyers and yer Ma it’s out of the question, you said it was the one you wanted when you bought it, (it doesn’t work though,) No too late it’s over you shouldn’t need another one ever until we say you do
    (This is a rubbish shop and I don’t want to shop here any more) We don’t care because this is the only shop there is so like it or lump it

    Scottish democracy

  119. G H Graham says:

    To protect the sanity of ordinary Scots, recordings of Willie Rennie’s mumbling psychobabble ought to be placed in a sealed filing cabinet for the next 75 years next to:

    The Earth Is Still Flat
    Elvis Presley Lives In Arbroath
    Robert The Bruce Hated Watching The Telly

  120. heedtracker says:

    Not one single SNP politician invited to discuss Self Determination.
    Sinister and sinisterer.
    Jo Goebbels would be proud.

    T’other side of their SNP black out, is that there anonymity makes them harder to smear. A lot of people I know do not know who their MP or MSP is, except that they are SNP.

    If you all hear from likes of Pacific Quay say, that Nic Sturgeon and Alex Salmond are monsters, it leaves all the rest untainted. Its also clearly an editorial anti Scots democracy foundation for assorted beeb gimps, like Andrew Neil, who utterly adores Nigel Fuhrage, can barely tolerate,

    but absolutely no one else SNP. That’s real power BBC style.

  121. Artyhetty says:

    Maybe Wee Willie winki hadn’t seen the Sunday rags when he made that ridiculous deluded comment. The unionists are clearly, seriously obsessed with the SNP. Must be because the Nats are being so beastly towards the poor, sick and disabled, and ruining the NHS, the planet.

    For anyone that doesn’t know better, like wee Wilie, you would think the SNP were in government even.

    I don’t watch tv, thankfully, but presume that platform is touting the same repetitive story. Meanwhile everything is hunky dory on planet brexshit, oh aye don’t worry, carry on as usual everyone.

  122. Tinto Chiel says:

    Thinking about Robert Graham’s comment at 5.19…..

    I’m sure when we win the next referendum 59/41%, the headlines will be: “Blow for Sturgeon as SNP fail to reach 60%.”

    And, within a year, you won’t be able to find anyone who’ll admit to voting No.

    Sic transit gloria Britannicae, ‘n’ that.

  123. Effijy says:

    That really is the question Scots have to answer,
    Do you want to continue letting England decide everything that will affect your standard of living, and the future of your children.

    Who would be surprised if they turned to UKIP, or BNP,
    to get a change from extreme Right Wing Tory!

    If Every Single Scottish Vote Cast in the EU Referendum was For Remain, the English would still be forcing us out of the world’s largest trading market, and replacing it with nothing, nil, zero.

    My politics, and the general political persuasion of
    Scotland, has distinctly been Left of Centre.

    Over the last 60 years, Scotland has never given the Tories a majority in any election, and yet, we have had a Blue Tory Government imposed upon us by English for 36 of these years, and 13 years of Westminster Controlled Red Tories through Blair & Brown.

    Do you want to subject yourself, your descendants, and your country to another 50 years of right wing governments put into power by another nation?

  124. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @JLT (4.30) –

    ‘…his arguments are there to be analysed and questioned.’

    Hear hear, and that’s why there’s no excuse for allowing him any wriggle-room in interviews. He’s provided enough rods for folk like Brewer and Robertson to thrash his back from now ’til doomsday, but they persist in showing him a measure of respect which is in no way deserved.

    What struck me about that speech yesterday was how poorly-written it was. A transcript, if submitted as a polemical essay, would be lucky to pass: calamitous delivery, as if he was reading parts of it for the first time; shite jokes; no central theme or ‘message’, just scatter-gun faux profundities with ‘No referendum!’ as the dog-tired punchline. The end, when it came, was so sudden that he took himself by surprise and had to sprint down to gather the plaudits before everyone bolted.

    We’ve all had to sit through or watch more of these staged events than is probably good for us, but you do, after several decades, develop a sense of when a speaker believes what they’re saying, or is just going through the motions. Rennie’s public pronouncements, staged or otherwise, are so seldom in the former category that it’s become impossible to take him seriously. And he says he doesn’t listen to the SNP any more? The sheer chutzpah is extraordinary.

    We’ve all had a good laugh at Rennie, and he’s great value, can always be relied upon to deliver some light relief. But it’s become extremely wearing. He’s an embarrassment to himself, his party, and his country.

  125. Hear, hear, Effijy.
    This is the stark choice. Ruth Davidson has taken away widow’s allowance and their children’s allowance,
    and will force them to sign on for work.
    I ask the 70% Sunday Post Reading No Pensioners: how long before they scrap Widow’s Pension?
    “Do you want to subject yourself, your descendants, and your country to another 50 years of right wing governments put into power by another nation?”

  126. Golfnut says:

    @ heedtracker.

    Your right, no SNP opinion asked for at any of the three conferences.

    If I remember correctly, at the last SNP conference we hardly heard any of the speeches, with voice overs, and liblabtory opinions. They’re no bias though.

  127. Giving Goose says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    Rennie may be an embarrassment from our vantage point as Scots, but Rennie doesn’t view it that way.

    He’s a loyal London Tory. A Brit. A paid up member of the London establishment and subject of the empire.

    Rennie only does what he’s told to do. His words, although badly delivered are those of someone else.

    He’s a willing puppet of London.

  128. Robert Graham says:

    Dr Jim ~ Excellent example of the stupidity of Wullie , clear and simple, even Wullie can grasp it.

  129. George says:

    Lib Dem Malcolm Bruce more or less admitted that the D’Hondt variation in use for HR elections was designed to frustrate the SNP specifically. I’d like to hear Rennie or A C-Hamilton comment. Duplicity rules.

    “My view was that we should adjust the first vote, and I think that I was right, because we would not have a Scottish National party majority if we had stuck with that system. Unfortunately, that tells us that we are going to have to address the issue in future.” M Bruce.

  130. Artyhetty says:

    It makes you wonder if the unionist puppets are in fact fashioned, trained even, to appear so incompetent, and such idiots, as to make the Scottish parliament per se, look incapable of making ‘political decisions’.

    They give these troughers space to spout their opinions, ie lies, then ignore the party of government, the SNP. Let’s see how many SNP MP’s are invited to speak on the tv, or radio, to audiences countrywide, peak times, when their conference takes place.

  131. call me dave says:


    Radio 4 has Torrance , Jim Sillars etal calming the UK with a programme on ‘How does the SNP sell a 2nd Referendum’.

    EU Leavers who voted YES in 2014 will save the Union. 🙂
    But the old ‘vow’ may be a problem.

  132. ian m says:

    Somewhat o/t but I wanted to get in first.
    Will the Westminster government be using the same people to negotiate the Brexit deal and also the Better Together 2 campaign?
    I only ask because I do not want things slowed up till after Brexit

  133. heedtracker says:

    They give these troughers space to spout their opinions, ie lies, then ignore the party of government, the SNP. Let’s see how many SNP MP’s are invited to speak on the tv, or radio, to audiences countrywide, peak times, when their conference takes place.

    Well look at it.

    This is the kind of UK people have built on decade plus of Crash Gordo’s red tory bullshit, that is Labour. If you think that the people of Scotland can build a JUST society, not ruled by troughers and their bootboys of UKOK hackom, vote YES, this time:D

  134. HandandShrimp says:

    I blame Trump

    Alternative facts seem to be all the rage since he decided you can just make up any shite you like.

    The Lib Dems seem to have completely lost the plot.

  135. David Caledonia says:

    It seems Donald Trump makes up things, I do hope the person who wrote that is not an SNP member, we don’t need any non thinkers with us, thank you all the same
    As for Willie Rennie, he is harmless really, the only harm he does is to his own and his parties reputation, the liberals have allways been a crowd of plonkers, and wee willie eckislike, just confirms it every time he opens his gub , lol

  136. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    An good analogy of the situation we are in would be if France was to tell Belgium that from now on they will be under French rule, apart from a few tax raising powers.

    What do you think the people of Belgium would do?

    They would tell the French to “get tae France”

    We are in the exact same situation with England.

    And we should tell England to “get tae France”

  137. North chiel says:

    Surprise surprise , clip on Sky news citing some ” security expert” ( establishment accent),
    warning of Russian involvement to secure a yes vote.
    Possibly , M15 and MI6 could have some competition then when it comes to
    postal voting?? come new Indyref .

  138. gordoz says:

    Whats all this on BBC news channel at 10.29pm with Snipey newswoman and Esther McVey.

    Nicola Sturgeons party break up ???

    REV worth a watch – 10.29 ?? Where is this misreporting coming from – did I miss something today ??

  139. Sinky says:

    GS Ponsonby marking BBC’s card yet again

  140. gordoz says:

    Did anybody else see BBC news channel just now re break up of SNP ? Nippy News reader & Former Tory McVey – Sturgoens a busted flush crap ?

    What is this pish they are pumping dahn sarf ??

  141. stewartb says:

    Effijy @8.42pm

    Your points about democratic deficit are so right. And its not just what happens at any given election, but its pervasive – and the EU issue is a prime example.

    The story is well known but its worthwhile putting the elements together for emphasis:

    1) a Tory Prime Minister in a Coalition Government that Scotland didn’t vote for decided that, faced with an upcoming general election, his party should put a commitment to an EU referendum in the Tory Party manifesto. This is widely accepted as done to address two key Tory concerns: their Eurosceptic backbenchers (none existed in Scotland) and the threat from UKIP (no UKIP threat existed in Scotland);?

    (2) it worked, the Tories won the GE – but of course not in Scotland (again) : Scotland’s majority made no difference in the FPTP system?;

    (3) the Bill to enact the EU referendum was voted through despite the vast majority of MPs from Scotland voting against – Scotland’s MPs made no difference (again)?;

    (4) the EU referendum result in Scotland was strongly in favour of Remain – but Scotland’s vote is given no significance by the UK government – the biggest ‘partner’ always prevails in the UK (again)?;

    (5) following Cameron’s resignation, a new Tory PM was anointed, as per the UK ‘system’, with Scotland’s a single Tory MP’s vote (not even Tory members in Scotland) representing all of Scotland’s interests;

    (6) and this new PM and her new cabinet decide, arguably without a detailed mandate on the single market, on the form of Brexit they want to pursue? – and then seek to pursue this by recourse to the royal prerogative;

    (7) in the Article 50 debate in the House of Commons, all amendments proposed by MPs from Scotland are voted down by the Tories – Scotland’s MPs make no difference (shades of the Scotland Act);

    ?(8) in the House of Lords’ debates over Article 50, peers appointed by Tory PMs Scotland has rejected have a voice and vote, together with bishops/archbishops of the Church of England but no other faith leaders, and none from Scotland.

    So the democratic deficit we face is how politics and policies are derived, framed and pursued, not just voted upon at elections.

  142. Stoker says:

    Attempting an extended post here….

    Thepnr & Gala (re the “terror” fear tactics).

    I’ve been watching this one slowly develop over the past week or so. Several days ago the first step appeared on BBC Text service (Scotland section) and made absolutely no reference to Scotland whatsoever.

    It only referred to the greatly increased terror threat to the UK (or it may have stated Britain) but it most certainly made no mention of Scotland. I picked up on it for that very reason, it was some dudes outgoing message for the media in London etc.

    Someone behind the scene at the goldfish bowl (PQ) saw fit to use that fellas message as part of the project fear that we have become familiar with up here and shoved it onto the Scotland section of BBC Text service.

    Fast forward several days, and it now being blatantly obvious what the PQ minions were up to, they now come up with the following story today on BBC Scotland text service:

    Warning over ferry link terror risk
    “There is a ‘real’ threat of terrorists crossing from Northern Ireland to Scotland by ferry, one of the UK’s leading terrorism experts has said.”

    “David Anderson QC gave the warning in a report written before he stood down as the UK independent terrorism reviewer.”

    “Officers at Scottish ports told him they had incomplete and unreliable information from the ferry companies.”

    “Police Scotland this month launched a campaign urging the public to help defeat terrorism.”

    Yes, project fear is alive and well and ticking over just nicely.

    NEWSFLASH – They’ve been flirting backwards and forwards almost weekly for decades without question for a variety of reasons.

    NEWSFLASH – Some of them even live in Scotland, they were hounded out of Ireland and advised how beneficial it would be to their lives if they were to find new accommodation pronto and never step foot back in Ireland.

    NEWSFLASH – Wingers wanting to know about real security threats only need to think about our soft border with England or better still, just Google Ghost Ships Scotland and learn how we (Scotland) are routinely being exposed to our Scottish waters being left unguarded and open to ships illegally turning off their tracker systems and spending several unaccountable hours in OUR waters.

    Better Together my arse!

  143. gordoz says:


    Joanna Cherry QC MP? – see BBC News channel at 10.29pm

    “More abject ignorance & misinformation on @BBCNews paper review discussion of Scottish politics. Poorly briefed anchor fails to challenge. Again ”

    See 10.44pm above

  144. gordoz says:


    Joanna Cherry QC MP? – see BBC News channel at 10.29pm

    “More abject ignorance & misinformation on @BBCNews paper review discussion of Scottish politics. Poorly briefed anchor fails to challenge. Again ”

    See 10.44pm above

  145. gordoz says:

    From GrayinGlasgow –

    “Nicola Sturgeon calls Bute House press conference tomorrow morning. New #indyref poll out at midnight. Tories about to trigger Article 50… “

  146. Big Jock says:

    Yes on 48%. Dafties at The Herald tweeted it. So we are starting indi ref 2 just behind!

  147. Meg merrilees says:

    Review of the Papers tonight on BBC

    Nicola may call a second indy ref and could have her country out of the Union by March 2019.

    ‘…this is brinkmanshp of the highest order… the opinion polls say she won’t win it.

    Nicola has marched her voters to the top of the hill and she has nowhere else to go.
    She’s looking weaker and weaker by the moment…

    ‘and facing the break up of her party too’..

    What rubbish!

    Mhairi Black reported to hate WM Parliament and thinks she may stand down at the next election.

    Latest indy poll on front page of Herald = Yes 48% NO 52% Scotland on a knife edge!

  148. Lenny Hartley says:

    Re Herald poll, that was possibly the Panelbase one I started doing the other day, however as soon as I advised my post code they said they had enough submissions. Strange that , think they would not have invited me if they had their quota!

  149. Col says:

    He really does put the mupp into muppet does oor wullie.

  150. Derek Glen says:

    Willie Rennie!

  151. Richardinho says:

    There’s certainly a career and money to be made in being a professional Yoon these days. Unfortunately since it involves often being completely inconsistent and making no sense at all, it’s a job only taken up by either total nut jobs or else people with no integrity whatsoever.

  152. yesindyref2 says:

    Herald keeps doing this, so does all the media.

    Turner, research director at BMG: “Excluding don’t knows, some 56 per cent of Scots reject the idea of holding another referendum till negotiations between the EU & UK are complete

    Herald: “ Asked if there should be another independence vote before Brexit, 49 per cent said no, 39 per cent said yes and 13 per cent were unsure. The results means that those who had a view were against another referendum by 56 per cent to 44 per cent.

    But the poll question didn’t ask “before Brexit”, it asked “till negotiations between the EU & UK are complete”.

    It actually means 39% don’t even want to wait till after negotiations are complete, which is before Brexit itself, 13% are unsure, and the the other 49% we don’t know what they want. Some presumably will want a ref after the negotations, but before Brexit, as will some (most?) of the 13% unsure.

    Scot Goes Pop makes the point, but was before the Herald published the quote by Turner to confirm his point.

  153. Valerie says:

    Wonder what the handful of Tory rebels have decided to do over the Lords clause. It was pitiful seeing Davis pleading with them not to vote against the govt.

    Things piling up nicely.

    Norn Irn could be in disarray, facing direct rule from London.

    SNP conference coming at end of week heralding brown trousers all round for crazed yoons.

    EU 27 sharpening their knives ready for A50 to wing its way. They are bouncing around at the starting blocks, ready to rip the UK a new one.

    Pretty sure Labour will obligingly organise another coup to coincide with A50, just as they did last year.

  154. Ghillie says:

    Willie Rennie and his pals grasping at broken straws.

  155. K.A.Mylchreest says:

    If it’s any consolation (is that the right word here?) the Welsh LibDems don’t exactly seem to be drawing crowds to their conference. See the pics here :

    The text reads, “Congratulations to the Welsh DibLems (sic) on the sweeping success of their annual conference. See the enormous crowd listening to the address of their president, Mark Williams”.

    So give the Welsh their due … as masters of irony 😉

  156. Davy says:

    That’s a massive crowd for the libdems, fuck me its almost double figures.

  157. Liz Rannoch says:

    Going to my bed last night I skipped to the bbc news channel to see what the papers were saying; Nicola Sturgeon – something stupid about her glaring at the hat May is wearing ffs! – being backed into a corner, going for NewRef – disbelief cos – the polls are against her and “THE SCOTS ARE SO DEPENDENT ON THE ENGLISH ECONOMY”…!!!
    Hit the record button and went to bed spitting mad.

    Watched again the noo … not good fir the old ticker and not the best way to start the day ..oh for those of you who dare see this about 6min 20s in.

  158. Davy says:


    Do not watch a re-run of Willie Rennies interview by Gordon Brewer while eating yer supper.


    death by laughing out loud and choking.
    death by simple disbelieve, anyone could be that stupid.
    death by boredom of same shite being spouted as last 10 years.
    insanity due to trying to figure out who’s hand it is that’s rammed up Rennies earse to make him talk.
    Remember a Rennie a day does not make the shits go away.

  159. Macart says:

    A weekend of unparalelled idiocy from both the yoonitariat and party politicians right enough.

    They bring constitutional and economic catastrofeck to everyones doorstep and its a mad rush to see who can turn it into Essenpee badness. Just to be perfectly clear though, the Conservatives did the deed and both Labour and the Libdems are enabling the Conservatives.

    Not only is it right that the First Minister of Scotland keeps an indyref on the table, but she is fully and I do mean FULLY mandated to do so.

    The greed arrogance and ignorance of the Conservative party has placed all the peoples of the UK on the brink of catastrophic societal division. This same ideology has brought economic ruin to huge swathes of the population and driven the nations of the UK to constitutional chaos. The hatred of both Labour and the Libdems in branch office for the SNP have blinded them entirely to the duty of office and the needs of the population. Their actions in defence of the indefensible has gone beyond appalling to sheer disgrace at this point. The population are aware of this which is why they languish electorally exactly where they deserve.

    They do not serve the public interest and not done so for a very long time. Kezia Dugdale and Willie Thingy, living proof that office doesn’t necessarily mean intelligence.

    Indyref2 – a straight choice between xenophobic, intolerant and isolationist Tory UK, or an independent Scotland.

  160. Another Union Dividend says:

    Archetypical Red Tory Daniel Johnston on GMS in a few minutes.

    His election material failed to mention the Labour MSP’s expensive private schooling, Stewarts Melville fees £10,548 per annum with lunches extra, or that his business experience is with several firms he was given by his rich Daddy or that he previously worked for disgraced MP Nigel Griffiths

  161. TheItalianJob says:

    @Macart at 7.48

    Good post as usual Macart. The joining together at the hips of the Cons/Lab/Libdems to oppose everything the SG does is deplorable. Same format is being played as the BT campaign durian Indy 1.

    How dispicle their principles are in that they all opposed leaving the EU and now following hand in glove with Westminster to go along with the result all three of their Scottish leaders opposed.

    As for Willie Rennie I always thought he wasn’t too astute for a politician and he proves this time and time again. Virtually all our good and execellant politians are in the SNP.

    This is why they are doing so well. The people of Scotland know they are from fighting Scotland’s corner and should be applauded for that.

    We are in a strong position and need to take full advantage of the situation.

  162. Robert Louis says:

    Just keep watching how the BBC reports on Scotland. As G.A. Ponsonby has posted on, the BBC in Scotland have taken recently to referring to the Scottish Government as ‘the SNP Government’, whilst NOT doing similarly with Westminster.

    This is a clear editorial choice by the liars at the BBC. It is designed to delegitimise the Scottish Government.

    Let’s just watch and wait to see how much the BBC carries on with its transformation back into independence liar mode again.

  163. Wullie B says:

    I seem to remember some green grocers daughter in the 80s coming away with if the SNP return a majority of Scottish MPs they have a mandate for independence or words to that meaning, does Willie Rennie think 56/59 isn’t a winning majority, only in the simple minds of yoons

  164. Macart says:

    Apparently FM to make an announcement from Bute House this morning around 11.30.

  165. Dorothy Devine says:

    Robert Louis , someone should tell Wullie that – he seems to believe that the SNP is not the SG.

    Just read an article on an article from the Sunday Post in the Guardian – it really is an excuse to encourage outrageous comment on Mhairi Black.

  166. naina tal says:

    Robert Louis: As I recall the so-called BBC have used “SNP Government” ever since SNP came to power. Much shouting at the wireless! It’s deliberate but no more than we’ve come to expect.

  167. DerekM says:

    Here we go everybody it would seem that day we have been waiting for is today 🙂

    Hold on to your hats it is going to get pretty mental and the lies will come thick and fast from westminster,they have no option but to continue on this path.

    We must make sure the EU are heard by the people and they are not spoon fed one sided BBC tory lies.

  168. Macart says:


    No, they’re neither bright nor honest.

    Any division in our society or populations across the UK, they fostered to suit their own political needs. They created the narratives. They set the tone. They control the media. Whatever is out there. THEY put there.

    I am sick to death of their current rewriting of history that the SNP somehow in the face of all evidence to the contrary, contolled and set the tone of societal division in both Scotland and the UK.

    BULLSHIT of the lowest order.

    For the average reader. Use simple logic and ask yourself a simple question.

    Given the SNPs lack of access to the machinery of mass media, both printed and broadcast, just how were the Scottish government able to foment such division as the establishment parties claim?

    Once you’ve reach the obvious and inescapable answer, move onto the next question.

    Given that the narrative of the established parties is nearly totally dominant and unchallenged by the media, how does their narrative not affect the populations of the UK?

    The answer, again, is obvious. Of course their narrative affects the voting intent and consciousness of the electorate. If there is hatred, division, frustrated rage out there, then there is only one true source, just as there is only one true source for the omnishambles that is Brexit/Austerity UK.

    They cannot claim to be or represent the system of government where all sovereignty rests, then absolve themselves of all blame for the direction their management of that system has taken the population.

    That’s pretty much called cowardice.

  169. heedtracker says:

    naina tal says:
    13 March, 2017 at 8:45 am
    Robert Louis: As I recall the so-called BBC have used “SNP Government” ever since SNP came to power. Much shouting at the wireless! It’s deliberate but no more than we’ve come to expect.

    Its Scottish government, when it suits,

    Public Leaders Network connecting Britain
    Brewing in the Borders: the businesses thriving along Scotland’s new railway line
    Tourism is up and firms are hiring staff as the 35-mile Borders Railway proves to be more than just a commuter link to Edinburgh

    Last September the Scottish government ordered a review, with some problems caused by the line being more popular than expected with 1 million passengers in its first year.”

    Google SNP Scots gov, Borders Rail and first up is

    along side, “Jim Hume, “Lib Dem MSP
    The SNP has already wasted time and money in a botched procurement process and until now has been unable to say when…”

    All in that one google search too. A coincidence I’m sure, or more likely, beeb gimp loads BBC search text with everything Scotland, everything SNP bad. Such is one of the many facets of great British attack propaganda, in and about its Scotland region?

  170. One_Scot says:

    Does anyone know if Nicola Sturgeons announcement at 11.30 is live anywhere?

  171. Roboscot says:

    One_Scot says:
    ‘Does anyone know if Nicola Sturgeons announcement at 11.30 is live anywhere?’

    If it’s an announcement of indyref2 it will be lve on the news channels. They will have been told beforehand by the Scotgov.

  172. Ghillie says:

    Do you know what folks.

    Better pitied than scorned.

    What a shambles.

    One day. In Independent Scotland, ALL folk will have their voices heard. Soar Alba = )

  173. heedtracker says:

    Not even Monday morn coffee time in the UK zone but at least Graun’s actually mentioning the top half of their country today,

    Politics live with Andrew Sparrow
    Corbyn clarifies his position on second Scottish independence referendum, saying he’s opposed – Politics live

    Jeremy Corbyn ‘absolutely fine’ with second Scottish vote
    Labour leader says it is not the job of Westminster to prevent Scotland holding another referendum on independence
    Read more

    an Murray ? @IanMurrayMP
    Often asked why I resigned from Shadow Cabinet. Ladies & Gentlemen I give u Jeremy Corbyn. He’s destroying the party that soo many need.

  174. heedtracker says:

    FibDem levels bull there from JC, our imperial masters are an odd lot.

    JC says,

    … I was asked if, in Westminster, we would block the holding of a referendum. I said no. If the Scottish parliament decided they wanted to have a referendum, then it would be wrong for Westminster to block it.

    But, just to be absolutely clear, I do not think there should be another referendum. I think that independence would be economically catastrophic for many people in Scotland. It would lead to a turbo-charged austerity.”

    Clear. Absolutely clear

  175. Bob Mack says:

    If anyone is looking for a great poster or billboard campaign ,may I suggest the quote from Derek Bateman on the Rev’s twitter feed.

    It is extremely symbolic and has a very powerful message. Got to me and I am usually pretty detached from such things.
    I salute you Mr Bateman.

    I cannot archive from this device.

  176. Terry says:

    My hearts in my mouth for nicola at 11.30.

    On a more guarded point Anna soubray yesterday said on Sunday politics that she is sure the uk govt will unilaterally leave the EU in 6-9 months with no deal. Where does that leave scotland?

  177. ronnie anderson says:

    @ One_Scot.

    Hope that helps.

  178. geeo says:

    Never mind the poll story in the herald, what about the other stoty ?

    Focus should be on the other header.

    North Lanarkshire Council (labour control) have written to headteachers of schools in some of the most deprived areas in Scotland, asking for the return of £1.3 million given to them from the Pupil Equity Fund, to spend on, errm…EXISTING assistants (!) and better yet..”an administrative team at council HQ which has been THREATENED with cuts”.

    Not ACTUALLY CUT mind you…..!!

    Nice election slogan for labour…2017

    “Cash for Councillors, NOT cash for kids”

  179. One_Scot says:

    Thanks guys.

  180. One_Scot says:

    Loving the countdown clock by the way.

  181. galamcennalath says:

    Missing Nana’s morning links.

    Anyone know if she’s having a few days off? Is everything ok?

  182. Capella says:

    @ ronnie anderson – thanks for link. Didn’t realise that the Scot Gov livestream too.

  183. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Scotland’s mandate for IndyRef2.

    Slap it in the face of a thick Yoon.

  184. Robert Louis says:

    Had a quick look at the political news. Another quiet Monday. Nothing ever happens in Scotland. Sooooo bored…… 🙂

  185. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Galacennaleth

    She did say she had something on this weekend & was taking a break , her arthritic fingers put a lot of work into those links so she needs to rest periodically, like Arny She’ll be Back.

  186. Silverytay says:

    I am sure she posted last week that she was taking a few days off.

  187. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Capella

    It took ah will for the penny to drop with the powers that be within the SNP to take to social media to get they’re message out, it certainly wont happen with the Corporate Media.

  188. sensibledave says:


    …. just popping in to mention the rugby on Saturday.

    I think a combination of very bad luck with injuries to key Scottish players together with the England team actually producing something close to their actual potential (based upon their overall resources) resulted in a very tough day for the Scots. Good luck in the remaining game.

  189. Capella says:

    @ ronnie anderson – great idea – I see there’s live chat too. Pilar from Santiago de Compostela and other international guests chatting.

    Exciting stuff!

  190. vlad (not that one ) says:

    @Bob Mack at 9:46 am

    If anyone is looking for a great poster or billboard campaign , may I suggest the quote from Derek Bateman on the Rev’s twitter feed.

    I take you mean this one:

  191. HandandShrimp says:


    Thanks, I think England have underperformed a tad in their previous couple of games and was anticipating a backlash especially with England getting a couple of key players back…the litany of injuries for Scotland is incredible with half the team out.

    What has been amazing is the number of tries scored with a patchwork team. If someone said before the match you will score three at Twickenham I would have taken that…pity about the 7 at the other end of the park 🙂 Fingers crossed we will have a team available next week

  192. Ken500 says:

    Rugby cheats on steroids. Are they drug tested?

    Football cheats have still to pay back. £Billions of public money being wasted.

    The Tories committed fraud to win an election. Westminster Unionists caused the migration in Europe. Illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion. Brexit will ruin the world economy. The Westminster unionist cheats.

    The elderly in Scotland who lived under Thatcher, and are being starved by Westminster policies vote to remain in the UK.

  193. HandandShrimp says:

    I am surprised that there is an announcement before May’s Brexit to do tomorrow…thought it would be after. No idea what is going to happen here…pulse has quickened somewhat :O

  194. Bob Mack says:


    Yep, Thanks for the archive link .

  195. Dr Jim says:

    Another day dawns where the UK “offers” us referendums and NO choices and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon “threatens” us with referendums and choices

    Funny thing about our one party Nazi state run SNP government nobody got sacked from their job for dissagreeing, nobody got demoted nobody so much as got refused a biscuit with their tea at the Scottish parliament

    In westminster some “rebel” Tory MPs have been threatened with a general election to get them removed for Brexity ones

    They’ll be coming round breaking our windows and rounding us up next
    But of course that’s only us one party state SNP Nazi Jocks who would get up to those nasty things eh

    I have to say it and I can’t help myself the reputation and character of English governance worldwide has always been held in low esteem this is now being set back to unrecoverable levels for them and half the population of that country must be incredibly miserable and ashamed of the other half for what’s being perpetrated in their name

    I would however like to take this opportunity to invite all those sensible English folk who are not part of this insanity to come to Scotland and join with us to go forward into the future and not to sink back into a dangerous history

  196. heedtracker says:

    Graun’s trying to tell us something, over and over and over…

    “Corbyn said that Scottish independence would be “economically catastrophic” for many people in Scotland because it would lead to “turbo-charged austerity”.
    I think that independence would be economically catastrophic for many people in Scotland. It would lead to a turbo-charged austerity with the levels of income the government has in Scotland because of the very low oil prices and the high dependency on oil tax income.”

  197. Fireproofjim says:

    Don’t take anything away from England’s great rugby exhibition.
    I agree that three tries for Scotland at Twickenham would normally be cause for celebration, but England got it right on the day.
    Now waiting anxiously for Nicola.

  198. scottieDog says:

    Aye it tells us that Corbyn doesn’t understand macro economics.
    The way out of deficits are to spend.

    He needs to qualify his statement with scotland’s choice of currency because that would have a huge bearing on what action it could take. Basically greece v iceland.

  199. uno mas says:

    As we all watch the clock ticking down to Nicola´s announcement I am reminded of Mel Gibson in Braveheart……………………


  200. Robert Louis says:

    Meanwhile….the BBC liars are live from Buck house for the baton relay.

  201. Meg merrilees says:

    Weasel Mundell trying to pre-empt Nicola saying that Triggering article 50 is not a red line for the Scottish Government to have talks re Brexit.


  202. Meg merrilees says:

    Here we go, here we go, here we go!

  203. Robert Louis says:

    OMFG!!!!! This is it. 🙂 🙂

  204. Conan the Librarian says:

    It’s on.

  205. joannie says:

    OMG, she’s demanding an indy ref on Commonwealth day! Hahaha, that’ll please the Queen.

  206. Dorothy Devine says:

    Whooooo! We are on the starting blocks!

    C’mon Scotland , for the love of the children and grandchildren of Scotland !


    “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

    Read more:

  207. Macart says:

    So much for ‘bluffing’. 🙂

    Game on.

  208. Garry Henderson says:

    Lets do this!

  209. Hamish100 says:

    Well folks self determination is in our grasp.

    Let’s fight for our country.

  210. John H. says:

    Listening occasionally to LBC over the weekend, there was much discussion of the looming Scottish referendum. The amount of ignorance and arrogance on display was jaw dropping, and tinged with a just touch of racism.

    England only took us in because we were so poor. We won’t be able to survive on our own. Oil prices down. Now we have- Nicola Sturgeon is being unfair by even thinking of another referendum while Mrs. May is so busy with Brexit. One presenter asked if we should be “allowed” to take back control.

    This morning on the Nick Ferrari programme a lot was being made of possible Russian interference in future British elections. They are obviously, to me anyway, looking for an excuse to declare a Yes vote null and void.

  211. Liz Rannoch says:


  212. schrodingers cat says:


  213. Breeks says:


    Game on.

  214. HandandShrimp says:

    Pleasantly surprised, thought this might not be announced until a week or two after A50 announcement.

    Thunder has been stolen 🙂

  215. Les Wilson says:

    Let’s show them, Bluff? no bluff there. Little England beckons!

  216. Socrates MacSporran says:

    joannie @11.46 am

    Why not on Commonwealth Day. The Commonwealth is largely comprised of nations which chose to leave the British Empire and be independent of the UK.

    This is the choice we stand to make, to become independent of the UK (which of course will cease to exist once we go).

    As far as I know, it remains SNP policy that, an independent Scotland will remain a member of the Comonwealth. We will be as-welcome, if not more-welcome in the Commonwealth than in Europe – the many members of the Caledonia Diaspora within the Commonwealth nations will see to that.

    And, I don’t think Queenie is as pro-England as the Tories would have us believe she is.

  217. joannie says:

    Why not, indeed! She couldn’t have chosen a better day, and maybe you’re right about the Queen but she’ll have British Empire fans frothing at the mouth.

  218. John H. says:

    I picked a bad time to put that last comment in, didn’t I? 🙂

    Let’s get it done!

  219. Breeks says:

    Guy Verhofstadt! Hold the bus! We’re coming….

  220. gus1940 says:

    Brilliant performance from Nicola at this morning’s press conference -My God She is good.

    She says it as it is no lying, evasion or confused woffling and contradiction that we are subjected to daily by May and her 3 Brexiteers.

    Predictably now that Daily politics is on we have JoJo and her tame unionist panel pouring cold water on independence with the usual pack of lies – patronising bast–ds.

    I almost forgot – GIRUY Uncle Tom Sillars from whom we shall no doubt be hearing soon as he excretes more cr-p in the service of his colonial masters.

  221. Robert Louis says:

    Tomorrow’s headline in ‘The Times’, ‘Sturgeon STILL ‘bluffing’ over indyref’.

    Happy days, indeed.

  222. Chick McGregor says:

    Yes flag dusted off and looking good in the sunshine.

  223. heedtracker says:

    8 mins ago, tske it sonethings happened in Scotland what The Grauniad doesn’t like?

    Q: Do you accept that having a referendum creates uncertainty which harms business?

    Sturgeon says Brexit has already created uncertainty.

    And that’s it. The Q&A is over.

    Imagine a world not plagued by England’s fourth estate.

  224. cirsium says:

    @heedtracker, 9.18am

    Thanks for that link to the article on the success of the new Borders railway. I liked this quote from the Borders Council on getting projects of this nature off the ground

    “Persistence, patience and a damn-you determination is what they need.”

    That’s what we will need to get a YES vote in the next IndyRef.

  225. ronnie anderson says:

    call my Bluff . ITS BEEN CALLED

    Nicola’s playing a blinder with the section 30 order to entice Teresa May into blocking it . Nicola is just playing the convention card , she knows fine well that the Scottish Gov can declare a Referendem & that has been confirmed by Charles Livingstone of Brodie’s LLb (Scottish Gov legal advisors).

  226. schrodingers cat says:

    I had hoped we would have arrived at this stage until 5th may, but treeza pushing the button this early doesnt really leave nicola any choice

    bring it

  227. Jack Murphy says:

    TODAY.First Minister’s Statement.
    YouTube Film link begins at 2:34 minutes in:

  228. ronnie anderson says:

    Queenie sends forth her message in the commonwealth relay baton, wee heads up she’s no Puuurrrring. Nicola stole her thunder lol.

  229. Big Jock says:

    The vote in Holyrood is next Tuesday! Things are moving quickly.

    We could have the whole thing agreed before the end parliament recess in June. Only hold up will be WM and the Lords. WM can approve this within 2 weeks. Lords will take another 2 weeks or so. So essentially we are weeks away from the approval and date.

    Now how does May want to play this thing?

  230. Sinky says:

    Judge how London broadcasters treat us with respect by having a pro indy newspaper reviewer on tonight and on news reports interview a balanced number of pro and anti independence politicians. Haven’t heard or seen many Greens so far.

  231. Chick McGregor says:

    Another great Wee Ginger Dug.

  232. Davosa says:

    What a thick little shite Rennie is. Almost as terminally stupid as Dugdale. In fact he could be stupider now that I think about it.

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