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Help, we need somebody

Posted on February 02, 2016 by

It’s been a fair few months since we last documented the Daily Record’s increasingly panicky attempts to save its own hide over its infamous eve-of-referendum “Vow”.


In its growing desperation, the paper bizarrely turns today to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, demanding that SHE should be the one to fulfil a promise that the Record made specifically in order to thwart Sturgeon’s lifelong goal of independence.

While the front cover lambasts both Sturgeon and Tory PM David Cameron, the text inside makes it clear who the Record really blames:


So having done everything it could to scupper the SNP’s plan for independence, the Record is now throwing a tantrum over the fact that the Nats won’t force the Tories to keep the Record’s promises, and ordering the Scottish Government to back down even if it costs Scotland billions of pounds every year.

Scotland’s Champion, there.

Let’s all take a moment to go through The Vow’s life history again.


That one’s 30 September 2014, just 12 days after the vote.


And again the next day.


The following month the Record tried insisting that – although no law had been passed – “The Vow” had, in fact, already been delivered in full.


(In an unsuccessful attempt to help Scottish Labour in the election.)


By June 2015 the paper was suddenly warning of the dire consequences that would result if the Unionist promises weren’t all kept. Though we’d been told quite expressly months before that they already had been.


“We must… hold them to their promise”, said the Record, which would inescapably seem to suggest that the promise the paper called “a water-tight pledge” back in September had NOT been kept.


Despite what we’d been told in November by the Record and its pet political party.

“We – the people of Scotland – cannot allow Westminster to wriggle out of their obligation to deliver the Smith Commission proposals in word and spirit”, it added, as if it had been the people of Scotland, rather than the Daily Record, that had printed a fake-parchment front page swearing that the said obligation was the word of God and could not be wriggled out of.

Especially as it would be personally guaranteed by Gordon Brown.


But just weeks later the paper was warning the Tories, whose knees were doubtless knocking, that “failure to deliver The Vow would have serious consequences”. (You know, the Vow we’d been told had already been delivered in full months before.)


In July 2015 the paper took out an extra-large editorial to assert that the promises made by the Secretary of State for Scotland just days earlier had been hollow.

(“His words could not have been clearer… unfortunately, Mundell’s actions since have provided no evidence whatsoever he meant them.”)

Later in the editorial, the paper said that the Prime Minister had a “moral obligation to live up to” the commitments made in The Vow. Again, that seems a clear statement that he hasn’t done so.

The Daily Record told Scots it was safe to vote No in the guaranteed certainty that the Unionists would keep their word and deliver the change Scotland wanted. It knew full well that that pledge might be in the hands of Tory government just a few months down the line. Now it is, and – surprise! – the Tories aren’t keen to give Scotland a favourable deal that would outrage Tory voters in England.


There are 11 days left to reach agreement on the “fiscal framework”, at which point The Vow will incontrovertibly have been broken.

We await further Record front pages with keen anticipation.

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76 to “Help, we need somebody”

  1. Giving Goose says:

    There should be a campaign to boycott the Record, rather like and in magnitude to the Poll Tax Non Payment Campaign.

    Any and every Scot should be ashamed at buying the Daily Record.

    The Campaign should be energised and pursued with vigour.

    Anyone good at banners, Facebook, social media stuff?

    Real Scots do not read the Record!

  2. Grant says:

    “Until now, the Tory Prime Minister has lived up to the promises extracted from him by this newspaper on the frantic final days of the referendum campaign.”

    Let me throw up.

  3. bobajock says:

    One wants to go back in time (If I could turn back time …) and stuff this down the throats of those who voted ‘No’ based in the Daily Rangers massive lie.

  4. Dan Huil says:

    Even by the Record’s hypocritical standards this takes the tea cake. These britnats actually want Scotland’s people to be worse off!

  5. joe macfarlane says:

    They have doubtless seen their recent sales figures , they must be falling faster the Slab in the polls

  6. muttley79 says:

    Daily Record GTF.

  7. Dcanmore says:

    No need to wait in anticipation, you could probably write their front pages now.

  8. Itchybiscuit says:

    The last time I read the Daily Record was when my dad bought it and it still had a page 3 every day.

    Now the whole paper is full of tits.

  9. mogabee says:

    “..goalposts have moved”

    Like nobody in Scotland has noticed?

    As for the Record, how many of your friends and family still read it, and what are you doing to open their eyes?

    I think a vow, promising to no longer buy would do! 😀

  10. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Two topical, complementary badge designs we put together last year.

  11. robert graham says:

    Just goes to show control the media is an essential element to control the People , this load of guff along with today’s latest BBC blatant supposed news report on Tax changes or should i say press release by Kezia and her band of goons just confirms Project Fear hasn’t went away , and i bet Slab-Tory-Lib are all working hand in hand to try and undermine the SNP Government , just watch for the buildup in the next few days SNP Trash the VOW it’s all their fault , you could almost write the bloody headlines right now , this as usual spearheaded by the BBC , it might be a good time to remind people on how to legally stop paying this licence fee tax i saw it a few months back but can’t find it now anyone got the details please .

  12. yesindyref2 says:

    So if the population of Scotland halved – reduced by 50% – but its tax revenue to the Treasury (i.e. National Insurance, Corporation Tax, spirit revenues, 50% of VAT, fuel duties etc.) doubled, i.e. 200%, the Record would be happy to see Scotland’s block grant halved [1] on the basis that our population had halved? Ignoring the fat that our contribution to “pooling and sharing” had doubled?

    I’ll have some of that! (says George Osborne, who thinks all his Christmases have beem made true with the Record’s help).

    So basically speaking the Record is a Westminster Tory-loving paper.

    [1] It isn’t as simple as that of course.

  13. Lesley-Anne says:


    Just thinking outside the box here(you know the box I was supposed to have climbed back inside in September 2014 😉 )

    Could the front page of today’s toilet paper be a pretty mediocre attempt, even by their standards, by the Falling Record to divert everyone’s attention away from Jackie Baillie and her magic money tree and wee Kez and her “let’s tax the poor loads more” approach to the Scottish Rate of Income tax? 😉

    Alternatively, is it me or is there a Holyrood election in the offing and this is the start of the Falling Record’s attempt to instigate its SNP BAAAD approach to voting?

    Ach silly me what am I talking about … the *ahem* newspaper is full of SNP BAAAD 24/7. 😀

  14. galamcennalath says:

    That bloody ‘newspaper’ is beyond a disgrace. Words just can’t describe how much damage they have done to Scotland. And, they continue to do it!

    bobajock says:
    “One wants to go back in time (If I could turn back time …) ”

    Thing is, that is effectively what is probably about to happen. We are going to turn the clock back to somewhere in late 2013 when BT wouldn’t discuss more powers. Then they felt sure of winning and so declared there could be no discussion of powers until after the referendum. Scotland, at that point, was faced with a choice of the status quo or independence.

    If HM Treasury fails to deliver a neutral fiscal framework for the Scotland Bill, and it dies, then we are right back to status quo versus independence. Further Devo is dead.

    Progress has been made, though. The only two non-online polls conducted recently have put Yes slightly ahead.

  15. Steve Mitchell says:

    Didn’t the Record also publish a retraction confirming The Vow had NOT been delivered ?

  16. One_Scot says:

    The Daily Record, they must think we zip up the back. They don’t even come close to being a joke of a newspaper any more.

    Still can’t believe these lying clowns are not bankrupt yet.

  17. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, from twitter:

    Nicola Sturgeon Verified account

    Nicola Sturgeon Retweeted The Daily Record

    If I signed up to what Treasury is proposing – that would be failing Scotland. Big time.

  18. Giving Goose says:

    Brian Doonthetoon

    How about with the Record pic that you alter it to “Dinnae buy this pish”…

  19. yesindyref2 says:

    Key dates:
    12th Feb – Fiscal Framework must be agreed
    24th Mar – 5 year dissolution of Holyrood
    Bare minimum framework Holyrood discussion – 2 weeks, so
    10th Mar – absolute deadline for Fiscal Framework to be agreed and delivered.

    12-13 March – SNP Spring Conference

    Which means the SNP will know by the conference if Smith sinks or swims. Which means that’s the right time for the SNP to be deciding what’s in the manifesto re Indy Ref 2, and what the provisions are.

    I also think they (we) need to make it clear again, the position on FFA – Devo-Max.

    I remember Sturgeon saying something about working to increase the support for Indy steadily from 45% and pushing for more powers towards FFA in the next parliament. I think that needs some written clarification after the conference – and on the SNP’s website.

  20. Derick fae Yell says:

    You have to wonder if the ‘journalists’ at the Record are just permanently drunk.

    Or, worse, are sober intelligent people with complete contempt for the intelligence and memory span of their readers.

  21. Macca73 says:

    My utter disdain for this newspaper grows with every passing headline. I can’t for the life of me understand that anyone (yes, even the 100,000 or so still left) would buy it.

    11 days as the Reverend rightly posts to see this through. I think this papers credibility if it ever had any left will be completely shot when our elected government in Scotland acts for Scotland and in Scotland’s best interests and not against it.

    I await the day when I see piles of that hopeless rag sitting in shops without a single copy sold.

    Tick Tock

  22. Jimbo says:

    Who’d have thought? The so-called left of centre Daily Record issues a Party Political pamphlet on behalf of a Tory government – while decrying a left of centre SNP. Are they going back to supporting the Tories like they used to do years ago?

    The Daily Record has turned into as big a joke as the Labour Party. Actually they are now way, way beyond being comical. They are now a parody of the parody of themselves.

  23. yesindyref2 says:

    But – but – what does Brain Spinner have to say about it?

    And Michelle Mone, what’s her opinion?

    Sturgeon: “If I signed up to what Treasury is proposing – that would be failing Scotland. Big time.

    What she said.

  24. Greannach says:

    I can’t understand why anyone other that Mr Muddle and Tank Girl buy a Tory paper like the Daily Record anyway. Weird!

  25. gordoz says:

    Changed days though ; mention Labour/Didly Rekord to General public in the past and you would get a scowl or wave of the hand; now you just get a smile … they are Laughable and Joe Public know it !

  26. Jim McElhill says:

    The Daily Record is a disgrace to journalism. Always has been. Its just been found out and exposed in recent decades. A truly, truly awful publication which has added nothing to Scottish standard of living and quality of life.

  27. Jim Mitchell says:

    So whatever Westminster was to offer and if the SNP government were daft enough to accept, the Record would assure us that the vow had been delivered…….again.

    No surprise there then!

  28. Petra says:

    The DAILY RECORD VOW CON with the brainwashing ‘link’ to Labours Gordie Broon promise of Home Rule, Jackie Bird’s ‘devo-max’ and so on didn’t live up to Smith due to Labour representatives on the Committee ensuring that we got as little as possible devolved to Scotland. The Scotland Bill doesn’t live up to Smith and EVERY amendment proposed by our ELECTED SNP MSPs at Westminster was rejected.

    All that was promised by the DAILY RECORD has diminished dramatically, step by step, from day one.

    At LEAST half of the population in Scotland knows that the Daily Record is nothing less than a lying sack of sh*t: and that their day is well and truly coming. Roll on.

    They’ve used EVERY propaganda technique under the sun to dupe people, over time, and now they’re trying to project the blame for their actions onto Nicola Sturgeon. God you couldn’t make it up or rather they certainly can.

  29. galamcennalath says:

    yesindyref2 says:

    “I also think they (we) need to make it clear again, the position on FFA – Devo-Max.”

    Very much so, yes.

    My own opinion is that FFA will never ever be delivered by WM. The evidence since the ref has been that they want to give as little devo as they can get away with AND want to use it as a weapon to weaken Scotland.

    They lied about DevoMax. Even the pathetic Scotland Bill / SmithLite clarifies that.

    However, I could certainly understand the SNP going forward to the election on a policy of … Deliver what you promised to win, in full, within 2? years – or we hold IndyRef2 on where things stand versus moving forward to Indy.

    There is debate about what they did and didn’t promise. Let the Scottish electorate pass judgement on what WM delivers.

  30. Training Day says:

    ‘The SNP have treated the entire Scotland Bill process with a surly dismissiveness bordering on the dishonest’.

    That’ll be why they painstakingly tabled hundreds of amendments to the Bill which were unanimously er.. dismissed.

    The colonial mouthpiece that is the Record lies again.

  31. Jimbo says:

    @ Giving Goose

    We used to have car stickers (back in the 90s I think it was) that was a play on the Record’s slogan ‘Real Scots Read the Record’ – it stated something like ‘Real Scots Don’t Read the Record’.

    Can’t find an image of it anywhere.

  32. orri says:

    Remember when Andrew Mitchell had his meeting with the police during plebgate completely misrepresented? The feeling I get is that the outcome of the Smith Commission isn’t just being ignored but that the SNP input into those findings was pretty much ignored.

    To clarify something that some on the unionist side deliberately miss. What they are offering isn’t FFA. All they are offering is token powers to raise slightly more revenue with the distinct possibility that that will result in a lowering of the revenue we get returned to us from London. If there’s household analogy to be made it’s like a husband letting a wife to manage the budget whilst imposing restriction on how she might earn more money.

    As far as Cameron’s concerned though, he delivered his part of the promise when he put down a bill for the HoC and HoL to work over. He made no promises as to the outcome of said bill.

  33. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Perhaps BBC North Britain will give Bawbag Broon a live uninterrupted 40-minute opportunity to explain what the fuck he was on about last time.

    Where is he anyway?

  34. jimnarlene says:

    I agree with Nicola.

  35. paul gerard mccormack says:

    There surely has to be mileage in a noticeable and memorable catchphrase-type campaign to boycott the record and the herald. They must be positively assisted in their withering.

  36. Mosstrooper says:

    Please do not wipe your arse with the Record. You will leave more shite on your behind than you remove.

  37. Dan Huil says:

    @PGMcCormack 4:23pm

    Off the Record

    F’Off the Record

    Scoff the Record

  38. arthur thomson says:

    There is still time for the Tory parties to give way and agree a sensible fiscal framework. I’m not psychic so I don’t know if it will happen but I wait and observe. The important thing is that the SNP are not going to agree to something that isn’t in Scotland’s interests.

    I wonder what public reaction would be if no agreement is reached? Fortunately we have an election coming up, a Euro referendum and a following election for local government. The electorate will have plenty of opportunity to express their feelings in these circumstances. For a change, circumstances would appear to be in our favour.

    The very last thing I want is to see the SNP over-react if no agreement is reached. The collective tories and their moles have been trying for a long time to lure/cajole the SNP into reckless action – a ‘double whammy’ as they would say dan sarf. I am sure my thoughts would accord with the SNP leadership – all in our good time.

  39. Molly says:

    I don’t know cos I only listen on a Thursday but was Kezia proposal on John Beatties fact checker at lunchtime ?

  40. Jimbo says:

    Scotland Bill poll here:

  41. frogesque says:

    The DR should be treated the same way as The Sun is still treated in Liverpool after Hillsborough.

    Held in so much contempt that even some Newsagents still won’t touch it.

  42. mike cassidy says:

    The Spanners are desperate to portray the SNP as the villain if/when negotiations ‘fail’.

    As I have said elsewhere, all the SNP has to do is have rejection of the Scotland Bill in their election manifesto.

    If the others want to contest the election on the basis of acceptance, so be it.

    Let the people decide!

  43. Gary45% says:

    Crash Broon “The promise keeper who keeps scoring own goals”.
    He is nearly a FUD, but not quite there yet.
    Anyone seen the FUD on their travels? it must be time for tortoise head to come out of hibernation.

    I have no acceptable words for the D R.

  44. arthur thomson says:

    It was the lies of the Daily Record that convinced me that I was right to want Scottish independence – when I was around eight years old. The ‘Scottish newspapers’ were bought and sold for foreign gold a long long time ago. They were and are BritNat instruments that have done all in their power to sustain just enough twee Scottishness to keep the Scottish flock easily manageable and easily fooled and simultaneously to convince their owners that they were/are essential to keep the sweaty socks from their door.

    That is the role that they and their comrades in the Slab movement love and know and want to continue in. The vow is just the latest of their infamies.

    Tick tock.

  45. Bill McLean says:

    It’s beyond human badness that this rag will do anything to make the people in Scotland worse off! They blazoned the VOW all over their front page pre-referendum – let the dishonest bast…s playing at journalism deliver it! We must be the only country on Earth who have a media that works against the welfare of the people – and what for? To be laughed at by those they adore in London. Useless and hopeless doesn’t begin to describe them!

  46. James Barr Gardner says:

    I totally agree, reeker or scum, both crap.

    frogesque says:
    2 February, 2016 at 4:57 pm
    The DR should be treated the same way as The Sun is still treated in Liverpool after Hillsborough.

    What the Daily Record has done over the last 50 years has been to cover up, hush up all tory red or blue, they are shameful, beyond redemption. Their day is coming, they won’t be missed.

  47. Dr Jim says:

    That paper and all their kind are quite prepared to sell Scotland into total poverty and destitution in order to wave their white supremacy flag, such is their fear and hatred of the SNP all other things are secondary to that aim

    The shame and disgrace of it is the very filthy abuse hurled by them at the SNP is the thing they are most guilty of

    Of course Clegg and his cohorts would love to whip up a Norn Ireland situation for the “I told you so headline” but the only people who sink to that level are his own “One armed raising Orange Order fanatics” as we’ve all seen in glorious technicolour on many occasions

    Ten days to go before the games up and somebody blinks and you know what Daily Record

    It aint going to be the SNP

    Vote! Vote! Vote!….. Democracy, they don’t like it Uppem

  48. The Rough Bounds. says:

    Ought not we start calling it the ‘Doily Record’?

    Doily: a small ornamental mat made of paper.

  49. Macart says:

    Yeah, asking the FM to take ownership of the Record/BT/HMGs responsibilities.

    Good luck with that.

    Chickens coming home to roost springs to mind at this point.

    THAT title is directly responsible for selling the vow to the Scottish electorate. The timeline and visual evidence above the line is what’s known in yer technical parlance as an open and shut case.

    No hiding place, no excuses, no handy scapegoats to slide the blame onto. The Daily Record SOLD the VOW to the Scottish electorate willingly and because they were and are both firm advocates of the Labour party in Scotland and Westminster government right or wrong. Every pledge broken, every job lost, every statement uncovered as false since September 18th 2014 can be firmly laid at the feet of (in equal measure) the BT campaign, HMG, the establishment parties and the UK media.

    So no, I won’t be looking to Scotland’s First Minister to deliver on BT’s/HMG’s/Daily Record’s pledges. I’m kind of expecting those who made those promises to fulfill them and hopefully live up to their campaign statements.

    In their own time then.

  50. dakk says:

    This excellent article demonstrates perfectly the contortions which the Daily Record(owned by the Mirror Group in England)) performs in order to fulfil it’s only true function.

    That is,to promote the Labour Party in Scotland with the sole intention of delivering a unionist controlled Scotland to Westminster rule.

    I have no doubt that if they thought promoting the Conservatives in Scotland would be more likely to yield the desired outcome for unionists, then they would effortlessly contort that way and sell it to their dwindling gullible readership.

    North Britain’s Champion right enough.

    A treacherous enemy of Scotland.

  51. gerry parker says:

    From Ed Miliband’s office at the time.

    From: WILLIAMS, Angie
    Sent: 28 October 2014 11:19
    To: HARTY, Sam
    Subject: RE: Official Copy of Vow

    Hi Sam,

    There is no official document, it was something that the Daily Record mocked up.

  52. ronnie anderson says:

    Saw that Headline 1st thing this morning, pissed masel laughing ,an ah hud jist put a big boy pamper on, if Cleggy Boy keeps deyin headline’s like that ah,ll need tae get mair Pamper in .

    Noo hears ah wee song. Especialy For you Mr Clegg withoot Kylie lol.

  53. Gary45% says:

    Ah! But a doily has some practical uses.
    The Daily Shit Stain or The Daily Bog Roll
    I had another name for it,but it was not acceptable last year.
    “My bad” Stu

    Totally agree with the Liverpool/ Hillsborough idea, unfortunately for some very strange reason, some Scots still buy it, so it will be hard getting the message across.
    It was only because it wasn’t one of the big London football clubs that were involved that the Sun got away with what they did.
    Liverpool is treated with the same contempt as the Scots from Westminster and the Saf East.(the same derisory remarks),”you know what I mean.”
    What the Sun did at the time, they should have been shut down, hopefully the Record will disappear up its own back passage.

  54. Robert Peffers says:

    @One_Scot says: 2 February, 2016 at 3:30 pm:

    “The Daily Record, they must think we zip up the back.”

    Y’know something, One Scot?

    I used to think something along the same lines as yourself. Only my thoughts were that the Daily Record imagined their readership had the memory retention of a goldfish that couldn’t remember what it had seem when it returned to the same point round its bowl.

    Then my take on it changed to being that the Record staff had the very short memory retention as they didn’t seem to remember what they had printed the day before.

    I have since reassessed that opinion yet again as the evidence points to both the Record staff being memory retentively challenged and the readership at least equally challenged.

    After all if the Record staff don’t remember what they printed the day before yet the readership don’t notice they too must be a wee bit short of memory capacity.

    It’s getting that the Record could print the same story every day and as long as they changed the pictures around a bit no one would notice. Come to think on it perhaps it is here already. Every day it is just a different variation of SNP BAD and a different batch of bad pictures.

  55. Christian Schmidt says:

    Stuart – how about including the Vow in your next poll?

    – Have you ever heard of the Vow?
    – Has it been fulfilled?
    – Will it ever be fulfilled?
    – Etc.

  56. Robert Peffers says:

    @jimnarlene says: 2 February, 2016 at 4:20 pm:

    “I agree with Nicola”

    Aye! You and a great many more people and they are not by any means all Scottish.

  57. yesindyref2 says:

    I was thinking about it, and I realise the Unionist and anti-SNP mob are using FFA as a double-edged weapon.

    First they try to discredit it, and say the SNP have no interest in it. They attack the finances behind it, by implication attacking Independence.

    Second, if they can convince people the SNP don’t want FFA, then it’s not much of a step to “the SNP don’t want more powers at all”. Some go even further and then say the SNP don;t even want Independence!

    There’s been a lot of attacks recently on FFA which was voted against by the Tories, and Labour at times, and I think many of us can’t bother “defending” it, but we should, for both reasons.

    It’s why the SNP will have to clarify that one, before the election and in time for the main campaign.

  58. faolie says:

    Swinney wants Scotland’s block grant to be adjusted on a per-capita index…he believes any other deal would be “unfair” to Scotland.

    The UK Treasury…don’t see any reason why a tax-raising Scotland should benefit from a growth in tax receipts in England & Wales.

    There is an undeniable logic to their argument.

    This is not about independence. It is about a further devolution settlement that has the potential to ruin Scotland. Yet we have a Scottish title, a Scottish title toadying to the UK treasury because it wants a ‘settlement’ quickly.

    How the treasury must laugh and ridicule in private at such opinions from Scotland that take their side. If only the people on the other side of the negotiating table were so easily persuaded. We should thank our lucky stars that they are not.

  59. Truth says:

    Fellow wingers, if you are out and about and come across a discarded Record on the train, bus, etc. Don’t ignore it. Pick it up and put it in the bin/recycling.

    Do not leave it there for some unfortunate soul to come along and read it.

    This actually goes for all yoon papers.

  60. Robert Peffers says:

    Just heard that BT is apologising for a major broadband outage. I have been off-line most of today. I suppose that’s another way to silence Wings.

  61. HandandShrimp says:

    I would not want the Record fighting my corner that is for sure. They would clearly just sign up to the first thing the Tories offer.

  62. Iain More says:

    This Scot says stuff the Vow and eff the Scotland Bill. Screw what the Daily Retard thinks. I sniff another bad case of galloping arse rot.

  63. Petra says:

    You’re right Dakk the Daily Record is an enemy of the people: An enemy of our Nation. It makes one wonder who’s actually behind it all? Who’s the puppet master? I also wonder if they’re being bankrolled by Westminster?

    One of these days some irate ex-employee may reveal all.

  64. Macart says:

    @Robert Peffers

    Yep, pretty much everyone offline for a fair chunk of the afternoon around my neck of the woods.

  65. Robert Peffers says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about doing anything to get at the Daily Record. They are doing a very fine job of destroying themselves and seem quite incapable of stopping themselves on the road to self destruction.

    Any other kind of business, seeing its customer base ebbing away, would put up a fight for survival. At best they would identify the weakest links in their workforce and, after a verbal warning, would issue them the official shape up or you will be sacked written warning.

    Thing is that when that weakest link is the top person and a self-opinionated numptie and the owners are remote and don’t understand the politics of Scotland there is no one to issue official warnings.

    Not, I suspect, that even written warnings, or even a stick of high explosives, would shift the bitter and twisted views of that anti-SNP bunch of numpties.

    They are a bit like self-harmers, suffering self-inflicted pain but unable to stop doing it to themselves.

    Here, for example is a clip from Alex Massie writing in, “Think Scotland”,

    I think some of the nationalist frustration with the press – not all of which is unwarranted – also stems from a belief that with a couple of cheerleading newspapers on board the case for independence would be easier to win. Well, it wouldn’t hurt. At the 2010 general election, for instance, 65% of Daily Record readers voted Labour. In that sense, every lost sale for the Record is a small victory for the SNP.

  66. Alastair says:

    Vote Labour and get £100 Cash Back.
    But is it taxable if your over or it takes you over the personal tax allowance of £10.600?
    Will £20 potential tax per cash back put even more money from the poorest Scots into the UK treasury.
    Anybody know.

  67. louis.b.argyll says:

    No deals with Westminster..

    No deals with Tories..

    Not until they are legally recognised as foreign, to us.

  68. Karmanaut says:

    The Record is a joke.

  69. RabMacPhoto says:

    @Robert Graham

    It’s quite simple to cancel your TV licence; all you need do is write to them (the address will be on your current licence) stating that, as you no longer wish to view programmes broadcast live/as live (ie +1 channels) you will no longer require a licence from a set date (I gave a weeks notice as I paid weekly instalments).

    You should also state that you withdraw their “right to implied access” – this means that, if they send an inspector to your door, he can’t demand entry to see if you have a TV set or other receiving equipment.

    If you ask Stuart to send me your email address, I’ll gladly forward my last email exchange with them, so you’ll know what kind of reply to expect (I’m sure I archived it for future reference) 🙂

  70. Ghillie says:

    The people who are really being disrespected here are the loyal readers of this sad wee rag.

    Yes, makes my blood boil but I do expect the Daily Record to print tripe and lies and they never fail to disappoint.

    But the folk they are really hurting with their misinformation, ok, rancid lies, are the people who pay good hard earned cash to be taken for fools.

    Judging from the falling readership, said folk are not as stupid or as biddable as the Record would like to believe.

    Quiet wee word of advice to the bum: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND.

  71. fletch49er says:

    Schizophrenia, is the only word I have for the Daily Record’s behaviour.

  72. qwertyfiable says:

    The thing that really gets me about the Record is that this paper was once one of the main proponents of the small minded, shortbread tin, Braveheart strain of nationalism that it now likes to attach to yes voters. I’m sure remember reading distinctly anti-English undertones throughout. (Am I wrong?)
    Now it has morphed into the polar opposite and I honestly don’t know what incarnation makes me cringe more.
    The Record was happy to view everything through a tartan lens until it became clear that the union was at stake.

  73. Jim says:

    Kezia Dugdale is not the Messiah; she is just a naughty girl.

    Have you all seen her twitter banner, a picture of her, arms outstretched, the ego is strong in this one.

  74. Jim says:

    Kezia Dugdales twitter:

    “Hmm… Nicola Sturgeon joined by David Cameron in opposition to @scottishlabour ‘s plans to protect public services.”

    I think that should be, ‘Scottish Labour’s plan to increase income tax’.

  75. Fred says:

    The Daily Record is mainly bought for the horse racing, the rest is just pish.

  76. michael diamond says:

    Truth at 7.45pm. When people come across a discarded daily liar in trains or pubs, wherever there is a bullshit or snp bad story, people should write in pen under it. This is a lie, check it out on ‘wings over scotland.

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