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Funny how things come around

Posted on March 19, 2016 by

From a BBC report on the 2004 Scottish Labour conference:


And to give the former First Minister his due, he wasn’t wrong.


Now that’s vision.

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    179 to “Funny how things come around”

    1. scottieDog says:

      With only themselves to blame

    2. Surrey Scot says:

      Labour’s fall is all their own fault. However, following the General Election I don’t place any trust in opinion polls.

    3. Arbroath1320 says:

      I wonder if the Labour party delegates read this BEFORE attending their wee tete a tetè in the IMAX today. This would explain the *cough* HIGH turnout at their conference then. 😀

      Oh to be a fly on the wall of wee Kez’s shadow whatsit meeting next time they meet. 😀

      What was that she said about NOT standing down even if Labour don’t win in May? 😉

      I’m thinking with a seat count LESS than the Tories AND coming BOTTOM of the leader’s vote a full 30 points below Nicola then can anyone really believe, if they actually believed her before, ANYTHING this *ahem* leader says? 😀

    4. chic says:

      He not only predicted it, he helped to make it so . . .

    5. Arbroath1320 says:

      chic says:
      19 March, 2016 at 1:30 pm

      He not only predicted it, he helped to make it so . . .

      Aye that is true Chic but to be fair he did get some amazing assistance along the way. 😀

    6. Wulls says:

      It is one thing forecasting doom and gloom.
      It is quite another taking action to avoid it
      All this proves is Jack didn’t care enough about the future of his party to work toward keeping them ahead of the Tories.
      A moderately intelligent collie dug would know that the way to avoid this would be to assess what the Tories want and stand against it.
      But no…..,shoulder to shoulder during the referendum.
      Yes this was foreseeable.
      No they have no-one smart enough.

    7. heedtracker says:

      Only way out for whatever SLab actually stands for, is working for the independent nation state of Scotland. Christ knows they get such relentless massive boosting from BBC Vote SLab Scotland alone. If all that state broadcaster support’s not working, it really is all over for SLab.

    8. katherine hamilton says:

      Kezia is someones daughter. He/she needs to have a word with her as watching FMQ’s on Thursday she’s getting, eh, bigger. We all suffer stress and pressure in different ways. Some of us eat, and eat, and eat. Some of us do the other.

      This job is not good for her health. She won’t ever be First Minister pace her interview on BBC the other night. She won’t go to the Lords. She has no future in politics.

      She’s young. She’s got an education. Away and do something with your life.

      Comeon Dad, get her telt.

    9. Ian says:

      Labour (new or old) are two sides of the same coin. One side says Tragedy and the other side Farce.

    10. Proud Cybernat says:

      And it won’t end at Holyrood. (Yes, I know – one elction at a time). But I have every confidence (taking nothing for granted though and will work tirelessly to make it happen) that Labour and Tories will be wiped out by the SNP at the local elections next year. And with the SNP in control of newpaper advertising budgets (council jobs, public notices etc), I wonder which newspapers the new SNP councils will be placing their adverts?

      You listening Colonial Media? Writing’s on the wall.

    11. robertknight says:

      Already stating she won’t resign the leadership if her party suffers a bad showing in May. The rest of the SLAB zombies might have something to say about that…

    12. “I didn’t leave the Labour Party, the Labour Party left me.”

      Needs an update.

      “I didn’t leave the Labour Party, the Labour Party left the Planet.”

    13. Vronsky says:

      It just becomes a kind of boring Whack-A-Mole. Dewar? Whack. MacConnell? Whack. Alexander? Whack. Gray? Whack. Lamont? Whack.

      Dugdale? Oh, you’ve probably spotted the pattern by now.

    14. The System could be read another way. McConnell is now Lord McConnell and Kez will probably follow in Lady Moan’s footsteps.
      London looks after its own.

    15. Returnofthemac says:

      Couldn’t resist watching some of the Slab conference. Well, no other comedy programmes on TV at the moment.

    16. galamcennalath says:

      In an odd way, I am content for the Tories to be second place and official opposition. ( I couldn’t use the word ‘happy’ ) That is, if SLab continue to screw up and the STories stand firm attracting the BritNat vote.

      It clarifies the situation. The political battle lines in Scotland has largely moved from right-left to Indy-Union. As with all things SLab are now wishy washy on the constitution, and the Tories are crystal clear.

      With the Tories as the opposition and Slab on the sidelines, the division is conveniently and clearly set out. Union and the interests of London, versus Scotland and the interests of Scots. I cannot imagine Tories in Holyrood, having fought with a Union ticket, could dissociate themselves from their WM overlords. They will be seen as WM’s people in Holyrood. They will be a constant reminder of why we need Indy.

    17. Orri says:

      I suppose they could always console themselves with adopting a concept from american beauty pageants and claim to be second runner-ups.

    18. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      These days it seems more like a tussle to see which one of those two parties will implode fastest!

    19. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Can someone please send in pictures of the audience at the SLab conference? I love that stuff – people wearing ‘WTF am I doing here?’ expressions, especially in that split-second when they wake up.

      Must require dedication though, giving up your Saturday to listen to hour after hour of boring delusory pish.

    20. Famous15 says:

      Sad to see what has become of the Labour Party. Old Labour gone,New Labour gone,befuddled Labour going boing. Ian Davidson stay away in case you are tempted to bayonet etc etc

      I listened to speakers on health and education and Labour supporters must avoid giving people the thought they are contriving difficulties to hurt the SNP.

    21. Jimbo says:

      Oh how the mighty have fallen.

      I look forward to Labour’s complete and utter humiliation.

      Roll on 6th May.

    22. Dr Jim says:

      As a long list of delegates take their position in front of the microphone to make their pitch to the party faithful it’s hard to believe in the odds of probability that things could get worse

      But they do

      The Labour party branch in Scotland would have done themselves more of a favour if they had skipped the idea of a Conference altogether publicly displaying for all to see the terrible awful truth in the complete and total breakdown of a once long ago proud political party now reduced to a fag end in the ash tray of a closed miners welfare club

      If we thought the audience was small then consider that some of that audience has been bussed up from England, and still they attempt to perpetrate the pretense they have changed and still Kezia pronounces she is “Autonomous” and the “Leader of her party”

      If there was any sliver of hope for the Labour party in Scotland, that sliver slipped out quietly under the door but did it while they were all watching but had no idea what to do about it

      Labour, like the Dodo and the Dinosaur and the Monty Python Parrot is no more

    23. Ianmc says:

      And yet that same Record plays to that rapidly dwindling band of muppets, just ahy poorly managed business would. No wonder their ABC has plumetted.

    24. Hamish100 says:

      BBC 2 on the Labour branch office 2016 Conference gave credence to a candidate Mick Rice who believes he has magical powers. Seriously. The guy messed up when he was in Birmingham is now a candidate. MacNeil MSP looked as if he was asleep.

      This is one reason the SNP must never pick up labours bad habits.

    25. Inverclyder says:

      Scottish Labour?

      They’re the Scottish Buzz Lightyear party of politics.

      To Insignificance and Beyond!

      With this new prediction….

      Ruthie Tank Commander becomes the new Deputy Dugdale.
      Deputy Dugdale will be the new Wee Wullie Rennie.
      Wee Wullie Rennie therefore becomes the new Lib Dem Party!

      There’s also the Greens to watch. Hopefully they’ll pull a few surprises for the List Parties.

    26. Returnofthemac says:

      Slab members attending conference today in the IMAX. Seating capacity 370. Waiting for the main attraction. Night of the Living Dead in 3D.

    27. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      It’s so very easy – for me as much as anyone – to feel the contempt rise for the self-defeating antics of SLab, and gleefully anticipate the natural justice we expect to descend upon them this coming May.

      But we should keep in mind that a crooked Westmonster election this coming one ain’t. The Holyrood poll is at least quasi-proportional, and sadly there are still a lot of people out there in some parts who can’t or won’t give up the habits of a lifetime (or several lifetimes within a family), despite all the evidence that anyone could possibly need.

      So I think we shouldn’t get our hopes inflated too much. If it isn’t an absolute wipeout for SLab, I can just see the yooney media trying to make it out as some kind of success…

    28. jimnarlene says:

      As has been said, the blame lies at their own feet. Too many years using Scots as voting fodder, no talent and no vision.

      A set of kitchen scales, would be too big, to weigh their votes.

    29. annie says:

      I trust Mr Clegg at the Daily Record and indeed all the other Unionist journalists are not under-estimating the role THEY have all played in this turn of events.

    30. katherine hamilton says:

      Ach stop feeling sorry for them. They’ve earned the ignominy, they’ve worked hard for it. Sleep with a Tory, die like a Tory.

      Who in their right mind misses Scotland v Ireland at the rugger to listen to whatever shite they’re talking?

      Couldney win a raffle. I hope they get no MSP’s. I know, they will but the calibre of what they’ve got might as well be zero.
      Fucking idiots, the lot of them.

    31. Marco McGinty says:

      Every time Kezia Dugdale ends a sentence, her audience applauds, but I’m getting the distinct feeling that those SLAB members are just applauding because it’s the end of a sentence, and they don’t really know why they’re clapping.

      The vast majority of them look lost or bored, but more importantly, they look utterly defeated.

    32. Glamaig says:

      Remember despite the ludicrous conference there are still 800,000 voters out there who might potentially vote for this crew, god knows why, but its a lot of people.

    33. Heidstaethefire says:

      Dear Wulls
      Collie dugs are not moderately intelligent, they,re VERY intelligent. Have you ever known of one to vote Labour?

    34. Dorothy Devine says:

      dear lord!Just caught the end of MsDugdales speech and I am now listening to that pillock Brewer trying to make it sound better than it was .

      She stated that she is going to challenge the SNP – notably not the Tory party- not to mention she is going to make a fairer , more equal society , make a better Scotland.

      Now we have the untidy Prof trying to make it better than it was too.

      Utter ordure.

    35. Dr Jim says:

      Well speech over and no longer is Kezia the broken cartoon loser of her party she has transformed herself into


    36. Papadox says:

      Well Kezias rousing speech to conference must have enthused the troops and put fire in their belly, not. There is one common theme going round the troops as they crawl away from that dirge delivered by a moaning whining leader with zero personality or charisma. We’re FU**ED!


    37. HandandShrimp says:

      He was right…just not the way he expected


    38. Almannysbunneta says:

      Where’s Jeremy? Oh that’s right he didn’t come because he wasn’t invited, he didn’t need an invitation so he couldn’t have refused to come because he wasn’t invited, he can come to Scotland any time he likes mind. Anyhow “this is the new age in the Scottish Labour Party, where the Scottish Labour Leader is in charge of what happens in Scotland.” She’s autonomous you know, her own boss. In charge so to speak.
      Kezia is not just supportive of Jeremy but incredibly supportive and loyal, don’t forget loyal. She works very closely with Jeremy, they are good friends but he doesn’t need to be here in Scotland to support the Scottish Labour campaign…because it’s autonomous.

      I thought they were going to stop mentioning Sc*****d

    39. Stoker says:

      370 Capacity at Slabbers Annual Red Tory Party, LOL

      Just think, how embarrassing for Dippy & Co would it be if the turnout at next Saturday’s Friends of Wings gathering tanked that.

      Someone attending should send them a ‘Wish You Were Here’ card.

      Waxy O’Connors – Glasgow – Sat 26 March – Meet and mingle!
      See Off Topic for all the details.

    40. Valerie says:

      Watched about 20 mins of the Slab gathering, most of which must have been bussed in. Lots of English speakers.

      You could tell from the acoustics, it was being held in a walk in cupboard. Lots of tight camera angles too.

      After 20 mins of squirming, watching this crud, I remembered my toenails weren’t going to pull themselves, and switched off.

    41. John Edgar says:

      If the Tories are holding their currently low poll rating, and that was the lowest they reached in Scotland in 150 years, then Slab ate falling faster than one had supposed. Put together, all the unionist parties are low down in the polls in Scotland. A tea indictment on the better together crew. If Slab come behind the Tories, they need to cut loose from UKlab and go independent. At the 2014 referendum the cry was go independent and get your party back from the shackles of UKlab.

    42. mike cassidy says:

      Maybe this is one last gasp from slab —

      make out we’re finishing third

      then present finishing second as a result to build upon.

    43. CameronB Brodie says:

      Could indeed be that ‘great circle of life’ thing working. Ha ha, couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of clowns.

      I wonder if Ms. Boyack has boned up on Creative Destruction or Joseph Schumpeter yet? It worried me that British Labour in Scotland’s bod responsible for Planning and Local Government issues, had apparently not heard of either during indyref. What is even more worrying, is that this former lecturer in urban and spatial planning appears to now be involved in educational matters at the Scottish Parliament.


    44. Ruby says:

      I’m having a great day off today reading & posting on Wings!

      What is that hanging behind ‘Pensive Kezia’s’ head in the above photo?

      Is it a couple of burst balloons, 2 condoms for giant dicks or a pair of big girls panties/really big knickers?

      I do find symbolism in photography to be very important. I really do need to know what the photographer is trying to tell us about Kezia’s branch office party.

    45. mike cassidy says:

      Scotgoespop preliminary analysis of the poll here

    46. Ruby says:

      Dr Jim says:
      19 March, 2016 at 4:02 pm

      Well speech over and no longer is Kezia the broken cartoon loser of her party she has transformed herself into


      Ruby replies

      Why do you think that? Is it because that was what the audience were heard to utter at the end of her speech?

    47. Iain More says:

      I think I popped another rib! I didn’t even need to watch the BBC2 Comedy Show this afternoon for my ribs to crack in laughter. Now we know why the Corbyn isn’t venturing North of the border.

    48. AlbertaScot says:

      Even way out here in my cabin in the Rockies I can hear Anas Sarwar’s whetstone grinding.

      Putting a good edge on the knife he will put in Deputy Dug’s back the moment she staggers off the stage on election night.

      It’s going to get real ugly real quick, folks.

      I almost feel a little sorry for the naïve, wee lass.

      Although as someone earlier noted, she ain’t as wee as she once was.

    49. Iain More says:

      I am half kicking myself at deliberately missing the SLAB Comedy Show as I would have loved to have seen the sick look on Glen Campbell’s face, assuming that they didn’t haul him off for medication.

    50. Ian Brotherhood says:


      Some great snaps of SLab misery over on WOS Twitter…

      Poor Duncan Hothersall, his ba’s on the slates. Never mind Dunc, when your party finally disappears up its own arse you can always get a job as a Noel Edmonds impersonator with yer neat wee crayoned-on beard.

      One last rendition of ‘The Red Flag’, then ye’s can all FRO and gie’s peace.

    51. Effijy says:

      Yes Lord McConnell, SLab are lying on the mortuary slab.
      Coming 3rd behind the Tories puts your usefulness just behind
      a Chocolate Watch. The watch is correct twice every day.

      And would said Lord above wonder if his return of Scottish Money, around £1.5 Billion, to his masters at Westminster represent good value for money and show the worth of Slab?

      He bought his title with our hard earned cash and paid more than a
      Tory supporter sitting next to him.
      At least the Tory Lord used his own funds to get there.

      Wasn’t there another incompetent Slab First Minister who had to resign after a brief term in office> He didn’t seem to understand
      that rent money from his party office wasn’t his?
      Not to worry, no one pressed charges or held an enquiry so we
      can all chip in for his very luxurious index linked pension.

      Slabbers always seem to get pensions instead of prisons.

    52. The only argument you ever get at a Labour Conference is over expenses.

    53. galamcennalath says:

      Kezia Dugdale says Holyrood under SNP is ‘a conveyor belt for Tory cuts’.

      NO! Westminster cuts, because her chums down there don’t even vote against them.

      What would Kezia’s solution be? Presumably increase income and council tax. I have absolutely no problem paying more tax to create a fairer country with better services. However it just isn’t on to pay more to mitigate WM polices when they squander our tax on bribing the rich, wars, excess defence, WMDs, London infrastructure, Etc etc.

      SLab fought tooth and nail to give us WM rule, which more often than not is Tory.

      It’s (almost) all your party’s fault, Kezia!

      SNPx2 EUStay IndyRef2Yes

    54. Ruby says:

      Ian Brotherhood I have to have a rest from Twitter my sides are aching and I’m running out of Tena Ladies!

      The Slab conference followed by the naming of new polar vessel’RSS Boaty McBoatface’was just too much

      Have you tried to replicate Duncy’s hand gesture? I think he might be doing what is called Nine-Round-Breathing.

      It’s a technique you use if you are having a panic attack and you don’t have a paper bag handy.

    55. arthur thomson says:

      Slab have been Westminster’s defenders in Scotland for generations. Their hatred of the SNP is not at all strange, it is ideological. They cannot contemplate support for independence because they do not recognise Scotland as a country. To them Scotland is just a region of their UK. They have to be obliterated. Third place is much too good for them.

      If the Tories become the official opposition then the SNP can rip right into them and Slab can be constantly and properly characterised as the Tories little helpers. I am not making any assumptions, I just hope that is how it pans out.

    56. Dr Jim says:


      It might have been the other guy

      “””Oh my God”””

    57. Sinky says:

      Does Kezia not remember that the vast majority of Labour MPs , including Ian Murray, abstained on the crucial House of Commons vote on 20th July 2015, when some Tory MPs rebelled, rather than vote against Tory welfare cuts which mean 67,000 disabled people in Scotland will lose up to £1500 a year under the Tory benefit caps.

    58. galamcennalath says:

      Sinky says:

      “Does Kezia not remember that the vast majority of Labour MPs , including Ian Murray, abstained on the crucial House of Commons vote”

      Exactly! It was her party!

      It needs to be shouted loudly – ‘scottish’ Labour are NOT a different, an autonomous, or a separate party!

    59. Iain says:

      I wonder when Labour will slip into fourth place. Can’t be long as they are doing so well.

    60. David Nivison says:

      Who is Mr McConnell?

    61. Foonurt says:

      Twaw obstructions in ah raw, ya basturts.

      Don’t bae shy noo Katherine Hamilton, jist tell it lik ye waant. Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Try, mon tae fuck, Scoattlin.

    62. Philip Allan says:

      Pot calling kettle?

      Kezia seems to believe her own lies – that Scottish Labour is a viable alternative, and that her promises re seeing your GP within 48 hours actually matters! Promise all you like, when you know there’s NO CHANCE you’ll be asked to put your money where you’re mouth is!

    63. call me dave says:

      What is she like.. 🙂

      Deputy Deadwood:

    64. woosie says:

      The audience members were clearly embarrassed at being “outed” on telly as slabs.

      You don’t hear many at work now admitting they voted slab. But many still do. are they hoping for divine event which will explain what labour actually stand for?

      Makes me think of the daily mail; there’s always one lying around, but nobody admits to buying them. Like scud books.

    65. Hugh Kirk says:

      Kezia is in pensive reflection for wondering why her tea’s oot and if it really worth while bothering to get up in the mornings to rally the troops for the deathfest on May 6th. And BTW your last 1st minister’s questions were not only pish, they were a fucking embarrassment.

    66. mealer says:

      The plucky North Brits just didn’t get enough traction in Dublin.

    67. Croompenstein says:

      Beware Easter bunnies bearing gifts…

    68. Bill Hume says:

      Oh, c’mon. Lord McConnell…..FFS. We don’t need to be reminded what an arsehole he is. He did not have precience….he did not know what Scottish Labour would become…….he was a Labour …right or wrong….red tory all his life (although I must say…a lot better than most).

    69. call me dave says:

      That’s too, too cruel all labours eggs in the one basket case!

      Now Anas Sarwar is gurgling with the tonsil wash in the wings as if he expects the ‘Scottish’ labour party to repeat their mistake for the 4th time and invite him on for an encore.

      They probably will although to me he is perhaps the most devious of the lot.


      Raith 2 -Hibs 1

      I’m footied out. Away to listen to Harold Wilson’s white heat of technology speech from the 1960s… I was younger then 🙂

    70. Stoker says:

      370 capacity for the Annual Red Tory Party and a substantial number of those were bussed in from south-of-the-dyke with a generous sprinkling of BUM journos.

      Where’s Glenn Liar or Laura Coo End? We demand to see your revised Slabber membership numbers. C’moot c’moot wherever yous are. We can see yous. KEEK-A-BOO!

      Did anyone catch-a-swatch at the Red Tory stage set-up?
      Was it a job lot or bob-a-job? I couldn’t stop laughing!


    71. Croompenstein says:

      @cmd –

      True cmd but not half as cruel as the Leither’s…

    72. winifred mccartney says:

      just watched KD at labour conference – 1p on income tax and she will turn water into wine and everything else in between – all austerity will be banished everyone will be equal and all illnesses will be cured and she will do it all by herself.

    73. K1 says:

      After 20 mins of squirming, watching this crud, I remembered my toenails weren’t going to pull themselves, and switched off.

      Laugh out loud funny Val. 🙂

    74. Iain says:

      I wonder how long it will take the monster raving Looney party to overtake Labour in the polls.

    75. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Very few characters ever made it into Viz comic appearing as themselves. Noddy Holder was one, Shakin Stevens another.

      Duncan Hothersall would be ideal for a Scottish version, with his Incredible Shrinking Party. If it gets any wee-er he’ll be able to carry it about in his underpants.

      “Is that the wizened rump of SLab you’ve got in there, or are you just pleased to see me?!” *CHORTLE*

    76. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Sinky said:

      “It needs to be shouted loudly – ‘scottish’ Labour are NOT a different, an autonomous, or a separate party!

      Yes indeed. I asked the Electoral Commission whether any party which was not an autonomous Scottish entity should be able to misrepresent themselves by the inclusion of “Scottish” in their name on ballot papers, and was told that they can basically call themselves whatever they please up to 12 different ways (registered on a UK-wide basis). Which is a farce.

      Which is why eg. we’ll likely see “Ruthie Tank Commander for Scotland” on the ballot papers instead of “The Nasty Party”.

    77. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Uh, apologies, misattributed that quotation in my last posting. But well said anyway, galamcennalath!

    78. Nana says:

      Been out all day so I don’t know if Kez’s speech has been posted already. Here it is and now I feel completely numb.

    79. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Nana –

      Thanks for that. (I think…)

      It’s a ‘speech’ in the same sense that a death-rattle is verbal communication.

    80. Bill Hume says:

      Call me Dave……
      “I’m footied out. Away to listen to Harold Wilson’s white heat of technology speech from the 1960s… I was younger then :-)”
      Don’t you give old Harold any shit……he kept us out of America’s war, Vietnam, must I say more….more than the rest of the red blue tories ever managed. I was about 18 y.o. and I wanted to fight the commie bastards (and the only thing I was really good at was hitting anything within range with a round from a rifle).
      A few years later……I had long hair and having learned to play guitar, I was singing anti-war songs.
      Harold Wilson saved my life…..I was so gung ho, I’d have been in ‘Nam if Harold had said OK, let’s get involved in Indo-China.

      He didn’t, and I’m alive today.

      Was McMillan a saint….no. But he was on the side of the angels…………..unlike the Labour Party of today.

    81. alexicon says:

      Time for a wee laugh.

      A ten year old girl puts Andrew Neil right in his place.
      Even she can see he’s not educated enough.


    82. HandandShrimp says:

      Nor would I turn my cheek to a child living in poverty just because they are born on the other side of a dotted line on a map.

      I don’t think Kezia knows what the Biblical exhortation to turn the cheek means.

    83. heedtracker says:

      Sound bite politics via SLab tweet god Duncan. What on earth does this mean and why silly Duncan uses the asterisk, are not answered in his UKOK timeline down the crapper.

      Why do you want to join the Labour party Ms Dugdale?

      Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall 5 hrs5 hours ago
      “I came into politics to make sure that where you were born *doesn’t* matter.” -@kdugdalemsp #ScotLab16

    84. heedtracker says:

      Future Baroness Dugdale here, makes some sense.

      Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall 5 hrs5 hours ago
      “Let’s make the next phase of devolution be about radicalism & responsibility. Let’s define our time with radical policies.” -KD #ScotLab16

    85. Fred says:

      Once we get the council elections over & done with, the House of Lords will be the last bastion of Slab. Who’d ever have thought it?

    86. heedtracker says:

      Bit of a red tory stretch here. Socialism for the UKOK rich, capitalism for the poor. Just ask Lord Darling of House Flippingshire. Frankly.

      Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall 5 hrs5 hours ago
      “I’m a socialist. My Scotland is one where there are no foregone conclusions” – @kdugdalemsp #ScotLab16

    87. Kishorn Commando says:

      @ Nana, thanks for that.
      “Otherwise Scotland is just a word.” FFS who let the Dug oot.
      There is more hope in this old tune than that load of Trump.

    88. heedtracker says:

      Stick your democracy where the sun dont shine. I quite like how the possible third party of Scottish democracy thinks it can dictate what’s over or not.

      For gawds sake Dunc and co, just form an all new BBCSLabatory BetterTogether party. It BetterTogether worked really well when you all successfully pooled and shared your resources to block Scotland actually running Scotland.

      Whats Dr Scott Bonkers Thinks up to?

      Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall 6 hrs6 hours ago
      “The argument about powers for Holyrood is over. Powers exist. Question now is how Scotland wants to see those powers used.” -KD #ScotLab16

    89. heedtracker says:

      Not bad, for Dr Bonkers. Really missed the nut in Dundee haha BBC Question Time farce, shouting DISGRACE at anything or anyone SNP.

      Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 9 hrs9 hours ago Glasgow, Scotland
      Alex Rowley : The SNP should spend less time attacking @scottishlabour and more time attacking poverty. #ScotLab16

    90. call me dave says:

      @Bill Hume

      I’m with you on Harold Wilson I liked him so no shit from me.
      I was too young to vote in 1966 as I was not 21 until 1967.

      By 1970 I was leafleting in Lochgelly for the SNP…we did badly. 🙂

    91. heedtracker says:

      No, he’s gone again.

      Personally I’ve not been to the doc for a long time but I hope its not as shite as Better BBC SLabatory Together party keep saying it is

      Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 3 hrs3 hours ago Edinburgh, Scotland
      There appears to be a lot nationalists visiting their GPs today. All at short notice. All were seen instantly. #Believable

    92. heedtracker says:

      Most radical ever! Will the SLab thrills never end.

      Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 37 secs38 seconds ago
      Kezia Dugdale promises most radical manifesto ever

    93. Ghillie says:

      Labour died when Blair stepped in.

      It’s just taken a long long time for it to sink in.

      SNP SNP = )

    94. heedtracker says:

      Far right yoonsters still completely silent on IDS. Most odd

      Alex Salmond botherer Torrance here, also no IDS comment. A non news day for toryboys then.

      Torrance is an odd lad though. His tweet below is his unsightful take on a photo of houses in Whitstable presumably but its a ragged England flag flapping about, unless Torrance knows something…

      David Torrance ?@davidtorrance 4 hrs4 hours ago
      Whitstable – great place. Thought this pic, with ragged Union flag to the right, captured something…

      My Slovene girlfriends gone all coy too.

      If you’re going to be the next tory leader Prof T, you have to man up, cometh the man, cometh the UKOK zealots.

    95. Rock says:


      “Remember despite the ludicrous conference there are still 800,000 voters out there who might potentially vote for this crew, god knows why, but its a lot of people.”

      arthur thomson,

      “They have to be obliterated. Third place is much too good for them.”

      Imagine if the SNP had been the dominant force in Scotland for the last 50+ years.

      The BBC is Scotland’s enemy number one, followed by Scottish Labour.

      Before we can obliterate Labour, we have to obliterate the BBC.

    96. Inverclyder says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 8:23 pm
      If it gets any wee-er he’ll be able to carry it about in his underpants.

      Coax it oot wae a bit o cheese.

      One Member One Vote.

      Don’t vote for them as they’d cock it up!

    97. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      “Duncan Hothersall
      The argument about powers for Holyrood is over. Powers exist. Question now is how Scotland wants to see those powers used. -KD”

      This sort of rhetoric does worry me. This will be Unionist entrenched position.

      The latest two expansion of powers, Calman & SmithLite, will have taken ten years when both are finally delivered. That takes us how far towards Indy? A third of the way? For the next umpteen years WM is going to tell us, “you’ve got lots of new powers, use them”.

      However, over two thirds of Scots have been making clear for years that we want much more. And, half now want 100%!

      Looks like we are entering a period where WM will deliver no more powers. The gradualist approach to Indy will have stalled. WM will make sure it stays stalled.

      We have SmithLite / third of the way – versus – full Indy. Nothing else on the horizon.

      IMO the short term needs to be spent not only pushing a positive case for Indy, but also a bit more highlighting the reality of the complete failure of the evolving better togetherness.

    98. Ruby says:

      winifred mccartney says:
      19 March, 2016 at 7:40 pm

      just watched KD at labour conference – 1p on income tax and she will turn water into wine and everything else in between – all austerity will be banished everyone will be equal and all illnesses will be cured and she will do it all by herself.

      Ruby replies

      She is not the messiah! There has been a misunderstanding regarding the audience muttering ‘Jesus’ at the end of her speech. Blame Dr Jim

      Although judging by the the photo in the link posted by ‘call me dave’ she looks as if she is preparing for crucifixion so she may well have a Messiah complex.

      Personally I didn’t think the audience were calling her ‘Jesus’ from the little bit of lip reading I did I though they were calling her ‘Foxy’ 🙂

    99. Inverclyder says:

      SLAB are either the People’s Front of Judea or the Judean People’s Front.

      Either way she’s not the messiah.

      She’s a very naughty girl or a Norwegian Blue.

      No, she’s both!

    100. Clootie says:

      Labours ranking…I don’t care.

      Every colour of Tory has contributed to the run down of Scotland. They are all from the same stable and worked as one in Better Together. They kept us in a system that enables the savage cuts on those Scots in greatest need.

      I don’t wish to see those cuts imposed anywhere in the UK…but we cannot protect anyone while the blue,red and yellow Tories control Westminster. We could have saved Scotland this pain!

    101. heedtracker says:

      galamcennalath says:
      19 March, 2016 at 9:54 pm
      heedtracker says:

      If polls hold, SNP Holyrood in May, 56 SNP MP’s in Westminster with the three unionists. BBC led full on UKOK monstering of everything SNP in Scotland for next give years, so its probably up to the 56 SNP MP’s in Westminster and devo progressing. Democratic Scotland is independent, nearly, if May polls hold, dont want to jinx it, but Scottish economics and policy are all in England, Commons, Lords, the Queen.

      This news blackout, toryboy whitewash on IDS is one thing but Westminster could be going into one of these tory battles that are sold as really nothing at all but are capable of taking out the tory greats like Thatcher. So there could be a lot of deais done with who ever there is to deals with.

      That’s all I got for the next five years:D

    102. schrodingerscat says:

      this collapse of slab has a more profound consequence

      scots voted slab throughout the tory years, and through the blair years, they even continued to vote (45%) in 2010 after gordos terrible tenure after which i seriously doubted the snp could ever break through in the central belt

      but after 2010, the scots started to realise that slab could not deliver so many switched to the snp in 2011. Game changer, the subsequent indy ref alienated large portions of the traditional slab vote, down from 45-30%. the 2015 ge showed that they were not returning to slab, indeed, their support dropped to 25%. It was the SNP who were seen as the best bet to stop the tories.

      thing is, it is exactly the 25% of the population that we need to target, it is these voters who will swing the yes vote from 50% towards the 60% mark

      many of these 25% of slab supporters are arch unionists, and vote slab to keep out the snp, but if slab are increasingly been seen as no longer able to stop the snp, these voters will start to swing to the tories. good riddens to bad rubbish, these slab voters were never going to snp or yes anyway. it is the remaining slab voters who are our target, and their belief in slab is diminishing, they are becoming a minor party….it is where these voters votes fall which will decide scotlands future

      keep the faith folks, we continue to move in the right direction

    103. Tom Gordon is usually a pretty accurate recorder of Labour thinking in Scotland and his execution of Kezia in the Herald following FMQ in Thursday must have been carefully considered.
      I wonder if Kezia is all but gone, especially with Corbyn shunning the conference. Jenny Marra’s getting more coverage than previously.

    104. Dr Jim says:


      Don’t blame me I’m only human, whereas Kezia could be

      “””Jesus Mary and Joseph”””

      Or again that’s just what she heard from the audience when enraptured by her new glow of Holyness

      See I keep picturing a saintly statue lookin doon oan us
      arms outstretched wae Kezia’s face
      Benignly whispering “nyooze the pouwurs” “nyooze the pouwurs”

    105. Inverclyder says:

      From STV…

      Red Kez takes on SNP from the Left with socialist declaration

      Where to start on that page. Must be the night off for whoever does the web pages.

    106. stonefree says:

      @ Bill Hume 7:26 pm
      “although I must say…a lot better than most” Do have a word with people who knew him on Arran
      He’s an erse, the little turd didn’t have the common decency to congratulate Alex Salmon on winning in 2006 as for the rest of the labour lot the only one I had any time for was McLeish

    107. K1 says:


      When I click on Scotgoespop I am getting (chrome google) a malaware warning, it states that a known malaware distributor Derek has infected this site and directs me to leave the page:

      Just to warn people, I am clicking from Wings as I always do.

      Also is James aware of this?

    108. Jim says:

      Dugdale, ‘Nicola Sturgeon keeps confidently announcing that Labour is only fighting for second place.’

      Slabour could be fighting for third place and I think Dugdale is being a tad optimistic.

    109. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I’m not even sure if BBC Radio North Britain still does hourly news late Saturday, but if it does, let’s hear what it has to say about SLab’s magnificent gathering, and what images might be prompted in the minds of those to whom ‘news’ passes through the system like raw sweetcorn…

    110. charley says:

      awww the pain! I’m in pain! I wish a had a smackaroonie for every time i said or heard ” the final nail” just die awready!

    111. Ian Brotherhood says:

      …well, it turns out it DOES have people in place to ‘do’ the news, and the SLabfest was 2nd item – good big chunk of Kezia at her barnstorming best, solid SNP-Baaaad from start to finish, and artfully truncated applause so we couldn’t quite make out how huge the audience was.

      Got to hand it to them – silk purses oot ay pig’s ears? Nae borra for the peeps in PQ…

    112. yesindyref2 says:

      I like Dugdale. She’s an optimist, the worst job in UK politics, worse than Corbyn’s and let’s face it, Rennie or Clegg are fossils of a bygone age. But she manages to keep smiling.

      My guess is that on 18th September 2014 she got her ballot sheet, found a faraway cubicle, and with a furtive look around her firmly put her X in the YES box.

    113. Alan Mackintosh says:

      K1, just tried it and it works fine for me on Firefox. Page opened up with newest article.

    114. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      schrodingerscat wrote:

      “… many of these 25% of slab supporters are arch unionists … but if slab are increasingly been seen as no longer able to stop the snp, these voters will start to swing to the tories.”

      Yes, the Tories are clearly making a play this time for the diehard unionist loyalists. (After all it should not be forgotten that Glasgow eg. used to be run by the Tories, who could count upon a large working-class Unionist vote.) But the widening rift in the Tories over Brexit will likely scupper that particular ploy.

      “it is the remaining slab voters who are our target, and their belief in slab is diminishing … it is where these voters votes fall which will decide scotlands future”

      Yes, the question is, just how much are these people in denial? There is a psychological barrier to admitting you’ve been played for a fool long-term by a bunch of shysters (of all yooney parties). Some of us found it a welcome liberation, but not all find it easy. And the more you confront them with facts, the more they dig their (metaphorical) heels in. The UKGE gave their self-confidence a big ding (hence the upsurge since in increasingly-emotive yooney propaganda over oil, etc., etc.), but the Scottish election will likely not be so definitive, alas. I can see a lot of remaining SLab voters just not bothering to turn out this time round.

    115. yesindyref2 says:

      Brilliant! The SNP should hire the 10 year-old to coach some of their MPs.

    116. Thepnr says:


      “it is the remaining slab voters who are our target, and their belief in slab is diminishing, they are becoming a minor party….it is where these voters votes fall which will decide scotlands future”

      I believe you are absolutely correct, in that what is needed to get above 50% is to win over the remaining Slab voter who support them through an allegiance to a bygone socialist ideal rather than an Unionist ideology.

      Also those that never bother to vote who at 15% or so are still significant.

    117. Ian Brotherhood says:

      General heads-up for a ‘nice’ problem –

      If you’re planning to be at the Glasgow Friends of WOS Waxy O’Connor’s gig next Saturday (after the Yes2 March, or later) and haven’t yet let us know, please do so on the ‘Off-Topic’ page via the link below.

      We’re already at 50 ‘confirmed’, but we know from past events that the actual number attending is likely to be much higher, possibly double, so PLEASE let us know if you’re planning to attend so that BDTT can sort badges (if you want them) and we don’t end-up overwhelming the space we’ve booked.

      We don’t want to end-up having a ‘guest list’-type arrangement, but the recommended limit for the space is 75, and we really can’t go far over that…

    118. call me dave says:

      Big Brian checks Kezia’s report card…written in BBC code! 🙂

      They say that it was <370 max in the cinema but the popcorn booth must have been closed.

    119. AlbertaScot says:

      OK, here’s the drill.

      Our Kez is destined for the night of the long knives the moment the election results are in.

      Sad really. She’s not actually a bad girl. She’s just got a bunch of really nasty and incompetent people pulling her puppet strings.

      That ultra-greaser Anas Sarwar is waiting in the wings. Same with the semi-gorgeous and pouting Jenny Marra. Unlike Murphy, Kezia won’t last 24 hours.

      But unlike Johann Lamond she’s not tribal Labour. In fact she was SNP when she came out of Uni (like her dad) before going over to the dark side.

      So picture this. The dark forces of SLAB knife her. Which they clearly will.

      But because she’s top of the list she’s guaranteed a seat.

      Here’s the question: Could Kezia be persuaded to come home to daddy, cross the floor and pull her chair over to the middle benches?

      Wouldn’t that be an incredible own goal.

    120. Bob Mack says:

      You gotta love Labour optimism. I was one of their voters for over 40 years. Am I going back? Never.

      I don’t mind politicians being unclear or vague on issues ,because I know circumstances can change,but I do object to being knowingly fed a complete pack of lies and deceit.

      Labour does the latter too frequently these days. Impossible to believe on anything.

    121. Ian Brotherhood says:

      …next North Britain ‘news’ about to arrive…??

      Will they do the SLab stuff again?


    122. Jim says:

      Question, If under Slabour’s proposals, the Scottish rate of tax was raised by 1p, would that money raised, be removed by the UK Government from the Scottish budget?

    123. Ian Brotherhood says:

      …yes, they did, 2nd-up again, but with a different, shorter clip, just Kezia calling Nicola Sturgeon ‘arrogant’.

      A decent stab at ‘variety’ there…

    124. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Alberta Scot, Interesting idea but wouldnt work. If she gets in on a list seat, and then resigns the party or crosses the floor to SNP she (i’m pretty sure) would have to stand down and the next on the labour list would be elevated to her seat. Although John Finnie did this and remained as an independent, he subsequently joined the Greens and is standing for them on the Highlands List this time. But during the last couple of years he was there as an independent and not as a Green. Had he joined them I guess he would have had to stand down. But I’m open to being corrected if I’ve got it wrong.

    125. Dr Jim says:

      Ian Duncan Smith says: Ageing Population

      Because we’re better together in the Great Britain of England Kingdom we’ll all age at the same rate

      But if Scotland becomes Independent we’ll age more quickly

      I wrote that as fast as I could (Just in case)

    126. schrodingerscat says:

      thanks for your replies guys….

      slab has lost support to the snp and yes, many of these people comment on this blog

      it is the remaining 25% of the voters in scotland who vote labour who will decide scotlands future

      not the (50%) snp voters, they are united, forget about them
      not the (15%) tory voters, they are united, forget about them
      not the (5%) Ukip voters, they are united, forget about them
      not the (5%) libdem voters, they are united, forget about them

      it is the 25% who vote labour who are divided, both unionists and socialist, with the snp picking off their socialist voters on one side and the tories picking of their unionist voters on the other side, once slabs vote drops to a certain point (below the tories) those that remain will slowly realise that they cant be both and will be forced to chose.
      this will be the end point of this campaign if even 10% of the 25% fall in favour of yes snp. game over

    127. schrodingerscat says:

      Yes, the Tories are clearly making a play this time for the diehard unionist loyalists…..
      correct, why shouldnt they, slab is on the rocks and these voters are there for the taking

      nothing would please me more than see the tories surge above slab, it would have an amazing effect on the diminishing labour voters in scotland
      we might just see owen jones and corbin come out in favour of the snp in the same way that retiring libdem Munro did for alex salmond in 2011

      the omens look good, the planets are aligning, keep the faith, we are winning this battle, and by the look on the faces in the slab conference today, they know it as well.

    128. CmonIndy says:

      Oh no. If Kezia came over to SNP when jettisoned from Slab, she should be immediately rejected as the average IQ of SNP would otherwise plummet. The average IQ in Slab would also plummet (think hard about that 😉 ).

    129. Onwards says:

      Dugdale article on the BBC site all day on “arrogant” Sturgeon.
      Desperate stuff if it has came to that as a campaigning tactic. No matter if it isn’t true. No matter that Nicola makes a point on every single interview to say ” If we are re-elected…”
      Just play politics, try to spread the lie.. It’s exactly this BS that has turned people away from them.

    130. Onwards says:

      The Tory position reminds me of the Republican tactic in the USA. They would happily screw the poor financially, but gather support from them through a position of old fashioned family values, religion and flag waving.
      In the same way, the Tories will appeal for traditional Labour votes through UK nationalism and Trident willy waving etc. Yet have no qualms about seeing the poorest in society work for a pittance with zero rights if they could get away with it.

      @Nana. Kez’s speech.. The same old socialist v nationalist, lines on a map guff.
      Then she goes on to pledge extra taxes and benefits that are only possible because of the SNP and the referendum. Protecting us from a Tory government we have to suffer because of her party siding with them. If they really believe in solidarity with workers from Liverpool etc, then presumably she should refuse to use any new powers..

    131. Ken500 says:

      Some workers in Liverpool vote Tory. It is the English working class who vote Tory. They voted for Thatcher and kept her in power.They can be happy to screw Scotland if required. They collude with a system from which they have most to gain. Labour are in collusion with others to take Scottish resources and deny Democracy. There are reports Osbourne refused to sign the Scotland Bill having along with the Unionists virtually destroyed it. Osbourne deliberately tried to destroy the Oil sector in Scotland (UK) costing thousands of jobs. Osbourne’s policies are ruining the British economy. The majority of the Tory/Unionists are only in office to line their own pockets. Never trust a Tory. The Greens are the same collude with Unionists for financial gain and renege on their own policies. The Unionists/Greens waste £Billions of public money which could be better spent.

      London is on average fifty/fifty. There are more Labour MP/elected politicians than there are Tory. Labour are useless always have been and always will be? Westminster are are corrupt beyond belief. Most of them in should be in jail. Westminster fraud, corruption, murder and child abuse are against the Law. They get away with it by illegally burying it under the Official Secrets Act. To continue the abuse. Scotland had to form it’s own Party to stand against the corruption of democracy.

    132. Ken500 says:

      The thirty year cycle. Some people who had never voted before are finding out what voting Tory actually means.

    133. Seumas says:

      I take great delight in Labours demise as i had the misfortune to end up outside Maryhill Community Halls as their supporters left Gordon Browns “No” rally. Traitors each and everyone of them, who were sent out into their communities to scaremonger their elderly relatives and neighbours.

    134. Almannysbunnet says:

      Roll up roll up, for one day only, from the party that “ruled” Scotland for 40 years but did nothing for it, nothing but harm, hear the definition of irony; The labour party calling Nicola Sturgeon arrogant.

      They have changed the emphasis from SNP bad to Nicola bad. Woohoo that’ll have the voters flocking to their cause.

      I stopped listening to labour around the time I stopped believing the BBC. To be honest I’ve never been able to listen to Kezia without shaking my head and it wasn’t up and down.

    135. Stoker says:

      IanB wrote @ 11.34pm:
      “We don’t want to end-up having a ‘guest list’-type arrangement, but the recommended limit for the space is 75, and we really can’t go far over that…”

      If 75 is the limit then you’ll not be exceeding it by adding nothing, will you! You’ll still tank the Red Tory Party numbers:
      75 add 0 = 750. Job done! Total humiliation! MWHAHAHAhahahahaha

    136. Smallaxe says:


      Roll up roll up,see the Fat Lady
      more hair on the palm of her hands
      than your mother’s got between her…
      SON,get away from that curtain!!

    137. Seumas @ 7.18 am.

      Your comment has a personal resonance for me as I was born a Jackie Husband long throw-in away from these halls. The description you apply to those involved is spot-on, but their days are numbered. The genie, Scottish independence, is out of the bottle, and it aint ever going back in, ever.

    138. Sinky says:

      Sunday Herald reveals that Osborne tried to shaft the Scottish Government for £200m a year at the last minute after fiscal framework had been verbally agreed.

      However Sturgeon and Swinney called his bluff and threatened not to sign off the agreement.

      Rock, please note that no Unionist newspaper reports this.

    139. call me dave says:

      Beat me to it there. Here is the archived version:

      Ruthie needs to explain:

    140. ahundredthidiot says:

      O/T slighty

      Don’t often watch BBC these days, but anytime someone mentions ‘National debt’ they seem to be shut down immediately and redirected.

      Or am I just being paranoid again?

      I am reminded of John Cleese ‘don’t mention the war’

    141. Nana says:

      O/T links

      Labour clown open’s gob

      Scotland’s YES campaign appealed beyond politics

      Budget included 650million cuts to NHS

    142. paulTgeist says:

      @ call me dave – Thanks for the archived links in your 9.15am post.
      I for one appreciate the constant effort you put into these links.

    143. call me dave says:

      Thanks for the links again Nana.

      I love the Mirror piece about 2 Jags Prescott claiming that the SNP SG run the economy less well than Osborne. In addition we are so much better off across the border. Aye right!

      SNP x 2 on 5th May.

      (the 6th is my birthday) and over the last few years it’s always been a happy kinda feeling on that morning.

    144. I ‘ve just read her rally to the troops. For the sake of brevity, here’s a synopsis.

      ‘I hate Nicola Sturgeon, and the SNP are Bad’.

      The Unionist hopefuls just don’t get it.

      I’ll be voting SNP in May, and at LA level next May, because of its policies on all aspects of government of this country.

      That includes Trident, foreign policy, all revenue and expenditure in Scotland, not just schools and health, Ms Dugdale.

      I note you mouth Mundell’s ‘most powerful devolved parliament’ mince. Nice to see that you are still on the Better Together message.

      You are not a Socialist, Kezia.

      You are a New Labour/Tony Blair/ Gordon Brown Neo Conservative.

      Remember the ATOS, PPP, light touch, peers for patronage, America’s poodle of the Blair and Brown years?

      Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall, Chuka Umunna, have not gone away, good ‘Socialists’ that they are.

      How does it feel as a ‘Socialist’ to share the platform with a Labour Lord?

      Were the ‘f**king useless’ 40 failures from last May at Conference?
      Ian Davidson, Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy, Tom Harris, Ian Murray for that matter?
      Lords Reid, Darling, Foulkes, Robertson, and Auld Clunking Fist Broon himself?

      Thought not.

      Stick to potholes and mending cracked toilet seats in council hooses if you like, Kezia.

      I’m voting for a party which, at Holyrood, our REAL Parliament, will condemn Trident, fight Red Blue and Yellow Tory cuts, and continue the steady progress towards Self Determination for Scotland ‘the Word’.

      Corbyn couldn’t even be arsed coming up.

      Is Frank the Pieman still on a junket to the South of France? Perhaps he could visit Fred Goodwin and David Murray in their luxury Villas and seek advice on how not to run a bank or a football club.Labour is dead in Scotland.

      By May 2017, I fervently hope that Scotland the Word is finally rid of New Labour, and the thousands of Hangers On who have coined it in over the past 20/30 years for doing absolutely nothing for our country.

    145. Bob Mack says:

      Just listened to IDS on Marr. He was quite happy to cut the disabled benefits,but was not happy the money was given to higher earners.

      Man with a conscience? Not bloody likely according to his interview.

    146. Stoker says:

      @ paulTgeist (9.31am)
      Yes, i will reiterate those sentiments to the many Wingers who, time after time, go that extra mile just to prevent the BUM getting the slightest bit of benefit and advantage out of us.

      Keep it up, folks, your efforts are very much appreciated and needed.

    147. Nana says:

      @call me dave

      Wishing my life away, the 6th can not come soon enough. Happy birthday for you and happy slab clearance[hopefully] for us all.
      Every time I see that Sarwar smirking I want to throw something, Grr

      As for Ruth Davidson I’m unable to say what I feel on here, Rev would ban me!

    148. Brian Powell says:

      Noticed Labour ass-licker chief correspondent, David Leask, in the Sunday Herald hyping up the Land Reform, but directing all the credit to the Greens and Brian Wilson.

      Interesting he doesn’t deal with the issue that Labour had been in charge of Scotland for 40+ years and the Greens equally present, but it didn’t happen before.

    149. Clootie says:

      IDS keeps repeating the “one nation” crap…anyone believe his damascan conversion? Thought not!

    150. heedtracker says:

      I joined the army because I love my country! Another tawdry display of BBC tory corruption on the fist day of toryboy spring. An SNP government waltzes out of government and whole of BBC creep show would tear them a new one. A disgusting outfit/beloved aunty beeb.

    151. Ken500 says:

      Anyone can buy a piece of land in Scotland. It costs £5000 an acre. A house can be built on 1/4 of an acre. Scottish planning laws prevent people building a hut on it, because it sets a precedent for a dwelling. The Greens would be the first to protest. Most the land in Scotland is held in trust by the banks for the people. Many landowners do pay a tax on it. Interest to the banks.

      People voted NO, so the Banks and taxation enforcement are not under the control of the Scottish Gov. The ‘right to roam in Scotland’ means people can access the land for a small outlay. Cheaper than a hut.

    152. North chiel says:

      BBC “North Britain” have not given up on Kezia as yet. They
      will “big her up” all the way to polling day .If she even “scores a couple of points”
      in the “leaders debate ” ( Glen Campbell trap for Nicola”), the
      BBC/MSM will ” spin this accordingly” .The strategy is to deny the SNP a majority, and
      “make no mistake” the “propaganda ” emanating from the ” usual sources” will intensify
      over the coming weeks .

    153. Did someone say/post that the Chilcot Report/Enquiry has been delayed again?

    154. Jack Collatin @ 9.37 am.

      While I thoroughly agree with your sentiments Jack, unfortunately, the Labour Party, even by 2017, although moribund, will still be with us, although hopefully not in control of any of our councils.
      I,m going out to canvass this afternoon in an area which was formerly solid Labour, and while the S.N.P have made huge strides forward, we will still encounter some who will never change. The good news is that most despise their former party, and the most common reason given is, “that they stood with the tories during the referendum campaign”.
      So we will keep chipping away, and hopefully by next year we can wrest control of our council from their grasp. Now that would really be something.

    155. Daisy says:

      The Crumbling Conservatives…

    156. Stoker says:

      @ Scot Finlayson (10.31am)
      Yes, it’s mentioned over on Yesterdays Cairnstoon thread.

      Here’s a quote from the Rev on his Twitter:
      “I shot myself because i was sickened by Himmler’s hatred of the Jews, says Hitler in an exclusive seance with Andrew Marr.”

      My jaws are aching and i literally have tears streaming down my face, absolute brilliance, that’s me set up for the day. Now i’m off to complete my garden preparation chores! Still LMAO!!!!
      The neighbours are going to think i’ve totally lost it, ((HELP))

    157. heedtracker says:

      An SNP government minister waltzes out of government:D

      Next up, tory propaganda unit BBC 1, What colour will Ligger Neil’s hair be today?

    158. robertknight says:

      In two minds about this. If 55% proved to the world that they were indeed too small, too poor and too stupid then perhaps they could do with a doze of the Slabbering zombie flesh-eaters to appreciate the error of their ways.

      Having a competent Holyrood government with the prospect of more powers failed to persuade a majority to vote ‘Yes’ because it was sold as being the ideal solution to a potentially hostile Westminster… Look at how well Holyrood under the SNP has done, and will be able to do with more powers, and all whilst within the UK; surely then no reason leave?

      Perhaps a grossly incompetent pro-Union Government at Holyrood coupled with a hostile pro-Union Government at Westminster would make the prospect of an Indy Scotland more appealing.

    159. Valerie says:


      Loved that Tommy Ball blog link, very funny and astute.


    160. @Nana/Stoker


      `Publication of the long delayed Iraq War inquiry report will reportedly be postponed until after the EU referendum, despite the fact that it will likely be handed to ministers next month`.

      Good to see someone keeping an eye on the horror`s happening in Iraq,

    161. Valerie says:

      Yikes, Ligger Neil and his constantly changing pate!

      Don’t stare, don’t stare……..

    162. heedtracker says:

      Don’t stare, don’t stare……..

      Or listen.

      IDS jacks it in, out of the UKOK blue, ends Chancellor Osborne’s career in the process, all kinds of tory shit going down, Ligger quizzes some Labour dude on Lab economics which they will never get to do, for another decade at least.

    163. Alex Beveridge @10.40.
      I note Lord Mc Connell is referred to as plain’ Mister’.

      I am cursed with the decrepitude of OA in both knees due to advancing years . Otherwise I’d be out knocking doors too.

      My humble clacking at a keyboard helps keep me sane in this insane world of communication manipulated by our bought and paid for Unionist/US owned media.

      I caught IDS on that SAG (Scottish Anglified Gentleman) Marr’s show this morning.

      He admitted to a £33 billion cut from Working Age Tax Credits already.He doesn’t come across as a caring sharing sort, does he? Harold MacMillan he ain’t.

      The English NHS is heading for an £8 billion shortfall because they cannot make the £16 Billion is cuts (sorry ‘savings and efficiencies’) that all three Tory Parties of Red Blue and Yellow forced them into announcing before the UKGE.

      You may recall that all three Westminster Parties voted through a £30 billion cuts programme in January 2015.
      According to ‘the respected’ (aye, right) IFS, that was made up of £12 billion in cuts to Welfare payments, pensions, tax credits, disability payments and the like, £ 13 billion in cuts to ‘non protected’ Government Departments and LA’s, and £5 billion in raising unspecified taxes.
      Dugdale, Davidson, and Rennie, are Branch Managers. They are going as they are told by HO Down There. To suggest anything other than subservient obedience invites risible scorn.
      Dugdale’s speech this week end beggars belief.

      They are all in it together. Pooling and sharing, the Neo Liberal way.
      Keep up the good fight , Alex. Not long now.

    164. Ruby says:

      robertknight says:
      20 March, 2016 at 11:04 am

      In two minds about this. If 55% proved to the world that they were indeed too small, too poor and too stupid then perhaps they could do with a doze of the Slabbering zombie flesh-eaters to appreciate the error of their ways.

      Having a competent Holyrood government with the prospect of more powers failed to persuade a majority to vote ‘Yes’ because it was sold as being the ideal solution to a potentially hostile Westminster… Look at how well Holyrood under the SNP has done, and will be able to do with more powers, and all whilst within the UK; surely then no reason leave?

      Perhaps a grossly incompetent pro-Union Government at Holyrood coupled with a hostile pro-Union Government at Westminster would make the prospect of an Indy Scotland more appealing.

      Ruby replies

      I agree with that. The SNP have been too good for their own good! If that makes sense.

      The best thing for Scotland (in the long term) would be if the ‘Norwegian Blue Parrot Foxy Messiah’ 🙂 got into power with a promise of an IndyRef2 with all her ‘Better Together Pals’ backing up her every proposal.

      There must be quite a large number of NO voters voting for the SNP and giving the ‘BetterTog Britbots’ negative ratings perhaps it’s time to teach them a lesson! ;-(

      Only Better Together with the SNP in power at Holyrood!

      It’s time to seriously think about voting SLabour! You know what they say about ‘No pain no gain!’ 🙁

      K1 You’ll be pleased to see all your help with smiley thingys has paid off! 🙂 Well I think it has all will be revealed when I press ‘Submit Comment’

    165. Ruby says:


      Bink wink!

    166. Puzzled Puss says:

      I wonder whether the Slabs and Slibdems are tempted to join together to try and form a decent-sized party between them. But that would entail both parties breaking free of their metropolitan masters, so I guess it’s not going to happen any time soon…

    167. Jack Collatin @ 11.39 am.

      Thanks for your good wishes, Jack, and I’m sorry to hear about your knees.
      O.T , but while out today we encountered, peacefully, a group calling themselves, apparently, “Campaign Against Seperatism”.
      At first we thought it might be something to do with the E.U referendum, but after making discreet enquires, it seems to be set up by the Orange Order. I haven’t as yet seem the leaflet they are distributing, but the message is the usual unionist one,”S.N.P very bad for Scotland”.
      Anybody else know anything?

    168. Nana says:

      @Alex Beveridge

      I did read something a while back Alex, I think this might be the group Alex.

    169. Cherry says:

      @Alex Beveridge
      Google is your friend 😉

      Found this although not sure if it’s who you heard about…but they fit the description.

    170. Alex Beveridge @5.08.
      You had a braw day for it. Well done, sir.

      I’ve not come across this ‘Campaign Against Separatism’ group before.

      It is interesting that it is the ‘sore winners’ who keep carping on about another Referendum.

      They are beginning to sound like a Single Issue Coalition.
      To echo Project Fear’s constant whine of 2 years ago:- when are the Britnats going to stop wasting time chuntering on the about Constitutional issues and get down to the brass tacks of policies and government?

      The OO you say?

      Thankfully they are a dwindling sad curiosity these days.
      May I thank you for your sterling work on our behalf?

      Just found a NI BBC film ‘The Truth Commission’. Should be worth a watch.

      We shall achieve Independence through the ballot box without so much as a paper cut; sadly some folk would rather celebrate violence bigotry and senseless killing than have faith in democracy.

      Cheers, Alex.

    171. chasanderson200 says:

      Alex Beveridge

      United against separation – never heard of them in the Fife area. Perhaps they are only a localised group based in the West where the Oo has its main following. Perhaps readers from other areas can help narrow it down

    172. K1 says:

      Good stuff Ruby 🙂

    173. Rock says:


      “Rock, please note that no Unionist newspaper reports this.”

      Brian Powell,

      “Noticed Labour ass-licker chief correspondent, David Leask, in the Sunday Herald hyping up the Land Reform, but directing all the credit to the Greens and Brian Wilson.”

    174. HaggisHunter says:

      Not much of a choice for unionists to vote for;
      Ruth the warmongerer with a huge set of balls, Kezia Dolly Dimple and Willie with no balls at all.

    175. HaggisHunter says:

      Beautifully put Peter Clive;

      “The rose of all the world is not for me. I want for my part Only the little white rose of Scotland That smells sharp and sweet—and breaks the heart.”
      (Hugh Macdairmid)

      “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
      (William Shakespeare)

      “Scotland is just a word”
      (Kezia Dugdale)

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