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Blood and soil socialism

Posted on March 20, 2016 by

From Kezia Dugdale’s speech to the Scottish Labour conference yesterday:


So hang on – only people born in Scotland are “Scottish”? Bit controversial. But then again, given Scottish Labour’s constant pejorative use of the word “foreigner” in recent years, we probably shouldn’t be shocked.

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    258 to “Blood and soil socialism”

    1. SOG says:

      I clicked on the linky, and scrolled up to read it from the start. It reminded me of a ‘Janet & John’ book. I didn’t get far.

    2. chic says:

      Then surely she should, by her own definition, get out the Sc***** Accounting Unit and in to the main body of the party, where she would surely float to her own level . . .

    3. CmonIndy says:

      I AM shocked. And Scottish.

    4. jimnarlene says:

      So, what is the reason she went into politics to help those at the top of Scottish society?
      Her party hasn’t done anything for those at the bottom, excepting making life worse.

    5. indyracer2018 says:

      And yet she loudly, even arrogantly, states her aspiration to be First Minister of… err…. Scotland.

    6. CameonB Brodie says:

      Yawn! Give me Scottish civic nationalism over English national Socialism, any day.

      Yoon cargo cultists.

    7. Bob Mack says:

      I think Kezia is having an identity crisis ,She no longer knows if she is Scottish or British. At least I know.

      The sad reality is that there are people who think they are both. Even the daily abuse on the media and Internet is not enough to convince them they are not respected ,let alone loved for just being a Scot.

      If you know your place then fine,, but if not, you are an impoverished kept race who owe gratitude to England’s benificence.

      One day

    8. Alastair Wright says:

      Is Kezia actually saying that those who have chosen to emigrate TOO Scotland and have Chosen to BE a Scottish citizen or naturalised Scottish cannot be Scottish?

    9. Wullie says:

      It is no accident that the top of Scottish society handed our country over to Jonny foreigner and has screwed us since. So why oh why Kezia are you still helping them.

    10. Effijy says:

      O/T Read yesterday’s Dreary Hail.
      It seems the Brexits have accused the Britannia Broadcasting Corruption of interviewing 2 Pro EU representatives to every Brixit supporter.

      They have an un-named Independant body monitor News Night
      and confirm BBC Bias.

      No need to worry though, Mr BBC has announced that they are wrong
      and that these stats are not representative of News Night?
      (Piss Off We Can do what we like unchecked and proved it in Scotland’s referendum! – That is my own comment in brackets).

      11,000 signatures away from the 100,000 target for an Inquiry
      into blatant BBC Bias-

    11. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. I think we are about to get a master class in ideology over pragmatic realism. So 19th century.

    12. Stephen Lynch says:

      I honestly thought with the name ‘Labour Hame’ the site was a spoof one but am stunned to realise that its serious!! Honestly as my auld mother would say its ‘ten pails of pish’

      And these people want to run Scottish Government – really?

    13. Cuilean says:

      Five of the Scotland Rugby squad were not born in Scotland: Hidalgo-Clyne (Spain), Henry Pyrgos (England), Tommy Seymour (Tennessee, USA), Duncan Taylor (England) & Tim Visser (Nederlands).

      Are they not really ‘Scottish’ then, Ms Dugdale?

      Sounds like it.

    14. Clootie says:

      What about the UK. Is that good nationalism?

      Kezia – It’s simple – a group of people LIVING within the boundaries of an ancient nation wish to take a different path to the majority dominating the modern construct known as the UK.

    15. HandandShrimp says:

      She came to politics to help people at the top of society wherever they come from.

      Very ecumenical is Kezia


    16. Sinky says:

      Did I miss the coverage of this in MSM or on BBC?

      Satisfaction levels with the NHS have remained unchanged since 2013, with 62% of people satisfied with the way the NHS runs

      New analysis from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey found 73% of respondents trust the Scottish Government – compared to only 23% who trust the UK Government.

      When compared to a previous study trust in national governments across the EU, Scotland’s nearest challengers were Finland and Denmark, ranking 60% and 55% respectively. Only 23% trusted the UK government.

      The study also shows that trust in the Scottish Government is more than twice the EU average of 31%.

    17. heedtracker says:

      She didn’t come in to politics to help the top of Scottish society, just because they are Scottish,

      And she wouldn’t turn her cheek to a child living in poverty just because they are born on the other side of a dotted line on a map.

      Usual flim flam, never heard of turning your SLab cheeks before though.

      All it says is red tory’s like Dugdale can now feel their BetterTogether blue tory chums, breathing hard down their necks, hot breathy Ruthie Babes, second party glory, end of era SLab, Dugdale gets the historic blame from enraged Pacific Quay liggers.

    18. Daisy says:

      Hi wrote a blog, would love if you would read it 🙂

      Feedback much appreciated 🙂

    19. David Mooney says:


      OMG Gordon Brewer is fair getting ripped into Jackie Baily right now over austerity. Woo Hoo.

    20. gus1940 says:

      cuilean @11.46

      You forgot to mention Denton, Hardie, Nel and Strauss.

    21. Bob Mack says:

      Gordon Brewer taking Jabba apart on Daily Politics. My oh my

      All she would need is an apple in her mouth for the roasting to be complete.

    22. NiallD says:

      Rentahonk on Sunday politics. Using as many words as possible to say absolutely nothing. Brewer grilling her about the claim that Labour will end austerity with Tax rises, her response SNP bad! Pitiful!

    23. Bob Sinclair says:

      I was born in ‘Word’.
      I live in ‘Word’
      I welcome all to live & work in ‘Word’
      I will never believe ‘Word’ can’t run its own affairs.
      Freedom for ‘Word’ the best wee word in the World.

    24. Valerie says:

      Sorry to go off topic so early

      Good to see Brewster have a wee chew on JaBa, specifically about the 1p tax.

    25. Alun009 says:

      I didn’t move to Scotland expecting to join the SNP. But that was 2 years ago. 18 months ago there was an indyref, and by that point, my mind was changed. I joined on the day of the indyref results.

      I was not born in Scotland. I have no family in this country. I didn’t join the SNP to stick up for people born in Scotland. I joined because the SNP are clearly, by a country mile, the best thing for the people who live here.

      Like many others, I see the SNP as the most competent, the most positive and the party with the best vision for how Scotland could be. Like many others, I see the likes of Labour as being disconnected from the ordinary folk. I see a barely concealed sense of entitlement. They don’t listen, they lecture. They think it’s their turn next, and despise the electorate for not agreeing. Sorry Kez. It’s only your turn when you’ve earned it. And you have not earned it. And appealing to nationality is not something my party, the SNP, does. It is you. If you think independence is about where you were born, it just shows you still don’t get it. And the people of Scotland can see that you don’t get it. That’s why, when I was knocking doors yesterday for our MSP, I got more “SNP” than all others combined, and the same number of “Lib Dem” as “Labour”.

      That’s where you’re at these days, Kez. You’re in the Lib Dem ballpark. And I see better than you do why that is so.

    26. Glamaig says:

      Here we go again. We all know that the SNP is NOT interested in where anyone was born.

      Kezia is attempting to insinuate the opposite here, probably hoping that the BBC will repeat the soundbite.

    27. Papadox says:

      Why does she not go to the good old USA and become president? If they let her in, or maybe China. She is a socialist after all. So her nationality is … SOCIALIST? Gawn yersel hen.

    28. scottieDog says:

      Great post

    29. Ian says:


      But let us not forget: the initial decisions about what to do with the North Sea oil were taken by the Labour government of James Callaghan. In the Cabinet Tony Benn wanted to create a Norwegian-style oil fund – what would now be called a sovereign wealth fund – to be used for industrial investment. But after a debate in Cabinet, the fund idea was rejected. Benn noted in his diary:

      “So that is the end of the saga of oil revenues. They are now a part of general public expenditure…..we are going to give it away in tax cuts.”

    30. farrochie says:

      Scroll forward to 43:00 and see Labour’s new “super hero”, who goes by the name of Mick Rice.

    31. Bob Mack says:


      Well said mate.

    32. Ross MacGillivary says:

      Funny that labour in Scotland are ashamed to have their leader at their conference, oh how times changed and changed and changed again since September and his election.

      labour in Scotland look like a party on the brink:

      They are waiting for a leader – no apparent leader is in post or on the horizon

      They have existing elected representatives who are deadwood – future reps are deadwood too

      They are waiting for a policy – one would be good, no ideas far less a strategy are in place

      They have an image they are controlled from London – this is a fact, can’t be changed unless they form a separate party

      They are haemorrhaging active people – active people are the life blood of a party

      Sometimes in life you have to evaluate if you are flogging a dead horse, do you want to be on Jackie Bailey’s and the uk side or Nicole’s and the Scottish People’s side?

      Not a difficult choice!

    33. Almannysbunnet says:

      The heavyweight fight that has broken out in the Tory party has handed labour a golden opportunity to attack the Tories. They get their usual prime time chance to do it on the labour TV channel (BBC Scotland). What do they do? Attack the SNP. Great move.
      Jackie Baillie, aka rentahonk, is floundering about like a beached whale. Has Brewer grown a spine? It will take a few more interviews like this before I’m convinced. Maybe the BBC has realized that relentlessly attacking the SNP seems to gain them votes and are trying a wee experiment to see if they can do the same for Jaba? Stop laughing at the back!

      Alun009 12:00pm, proud of you son. You are more than welcome in Scotland.

    34. Onwards says:

      indyracer2018 says:
      20 March, 2016 at 11:34 am
      And yet she loudly, even arrogantly, states her aspiration to be First Minister of… err…. Scotland.

      That’s her problem right there.
      People do expect the FM of Scotland to put Scotland first.
      Simple as that.

      It’s all very well taking this moral high ground, ‘socialists of the world unite’ position.

      But most people who live here do see Scotland as a nation (even many No voters), and naturally we want a better deal for the part of the world we live in.

      People see the difference. No-one stops caring in Scotland if the poorest people in England get screwed by the Tories. But if we have a choice to take a different path, why shouldn’t we take it ??

      Because of the huge population difference, it is disadvantageous, unfair even, to be simply treated as a small northern region of the UK. To just bend over and accept the will of the Tory majority in the South.

      If you take her ‘anti-nationalism’ argument to its logical conclusion, the Scottish Parliament should be closed down, and Dugdale shouldn’t use any of the new tax or benefit powers that are on the way. Thanks to the SNP.

    35. Jim says:

      Great post Alun, hit the nail right on the head and easy to see why the rest dont get it

    36. muttley79 says:

      It appears as if Kezia Dugdale is rejecting the idea that people not born in Scotland cannot be Scottish, which is really very strange indeed. Scotland might not have won the 1990 Grand Slam because one of our best players and captain was born in England, David Sole, if the likes of Dugdale had their way. Sandly Lyle was born in England, but represented Scotland at golf, winning two majors, and being one of the best players in the world at one time. There are countless examples in football of this as well. Kezia Dugdale has apparently never heard of RLS’s idea of a `Scottishness of the mind.`

    37. chris kilby says:

      Poor wee Kez. What a dope.

    38. Proud Cybernat says:


    39. Dr Jim says:

      Oh, I’m confused, does this mean I can say I’m Scottish and it doesn’t really matter that I am because if I wasn’t I’d be happy to be something else or are we still not saying the word S…..d because that’s Nationalistic, or can I be happy about being Scottish but not mention it because it sounds like bragging

      I don’t know who I am anymore

      Not good for my nerves SNPx2

      I want my FM on the telly to tell me who I am, or big John or somebody #Identity Crisis

    40. Almannysbunnet says:

      Onwards says:
      No-one stops caring in Scotland if the poorest people in England get screwed by the Tories.


      I was asked by an Englishman, during the referendum campaign, “when did the people of Scotland stop caring about the poor in Liverpool?” I replied that I didn’t need to be ruled by Westminster to care about the poor of Liverpool or anywhere else. He gave me a goldfish impression and walked away.

    41. Bob Mack says:


      Good blog Daisy, but I would tend to disagree that a crumbling Conservative party was good news for Labour who are themselves in a pitiful state with a lame duck leader trying to keep warring factions in check at the cost of his own long held principles.

      I would say that the utter disarray we will see down South could open the door to a new contender for government. Who would that be? I don’t know,but doubtless it would not benefit Scotland in any way.

      Personally I would take this opportunity to field SNP candidates in the North of England.You never know. There are signs the English electorate are also becoming dissalusioned by the mainstream parties.

    42. Kenny says:

      Nowrooz mobarak to all Kurdish Scots, Persian Scots, Afghan, Azeri and all other Scots celebrating Nowrooz today.

    43. Kezia:
      Class warrior for the BritNat hegemonic elites by her own admission: A City of London corporatist, passe Cool Britannia flunkey monkey.

      What will she do when she’s papped out on her electoral arse? Join her mentor, Foulksie baby in the pubs of the House of pished BritJock Lairds bought and sold?

      Will the Tank Commandantette trundle after her when she, too, is ejected at the ballot box by the citizens of Scotland regardless of their point of ethnic origin?

      Oh, and what will Oor Wullie do when his bahookie is similarly well tanned?

    44. Golfnut says:

      Well said @ allun 009, Lang may yet lum reek, that’s a good thing by the way.

    45. mealer says:

      Should we be paying any attention to what Kezia Dugdale says? The SNP articulate a positive and ambitious vision of what Scotland can be.Kezia havers a lot of sh*te.

    46. heedtracker says:

      Class warrior for the BritNat hegemonic elites by her own admission: A City of London corporatist, passe Cool Britannia flunkey monkey.

      Aye but look at the rewards for SLabs, if she can just cling on through May

      Tasty, very very UKOK tasty. Frankly.

    47. KOF says:

      It’s not just the Labour Party in Scotland that gets what it is to be a Scot, wrong. Have a look at the Star Trek the Next Generation episode called “Sub Rosa”. It’s set on a planet called Caldos II, which was terraformed by Scottish colonists. In it Picard is speaking to the governor of the planet, an alien, and says “Obviously, you’re not a Scot.” The governor goes on to tell Picard how, as a boy, his family took a trip to Earth and visited the Highlans. He explains that as he looked out over the Highlands he felt he had “come home”.

      Now to me, all the things the governor says indicates that he IS a Scot, even though he was not born there, nevermind him not even being human. It’s his emotional connection, his desire to live there, to be part of this land that makes him a Scot.

      For all the political correctness and forward social thinking of the Star Trek ideal, they still don’t understand Scotland. The writers certainly missed a moment there.

    48. JLT says:

      This is woman who is slowly beginning to panic inside. She knows that her entire political career is now on the line with the up and coming Scottish Elections.

      Up until a few weeks ago, Kezia had quietly accepted that Scottish Labour were going to finish (a poor) second in the elections.

      Not anymore.

      Ruth Davidson has bizarrely become rather popular amongst the Scottish people (bizarre because she is partially tied to the most in-sensitive, corrupt, and arrogant Tory Government in living memory). With Scottish Labour haemorrhaging badly not only to the SNP, but also to the Tories, Kezia is now facing the very real prospect of Scottish Labour actually finishing third. That is unheard off!

      That …will not be acceptable to the UK Labour hierarchy.

      I now wonder if Corbyn has been told by his advisors to cut her loose; have absolutely nothing to do with her; go nowhere near her; let her do whatever she wants or says. If Scottish Labour finish third, then the Branch Office will gutted from top to bottom with the Head Office running the show …from London. The ‘Devolution of Power’ for Scottish Labour has been an utter disaster. Kezia has been proven to be not only out of her depth, but that she is also no politician. And because of the way that she does not check ‘the facts’, I don’t even rate her as a ‘political analyst’ either. And because of all that, I don’t believe UK Labour will ever allow Scottish Labour to run itself semi-independently ever again.

      We on Wings, know that Kezia has the habit of putting mouth before brain, and for also having the terrible habit of not checking her facts. Whatever is put down to her on a sheet of paper, she will just happily quote it verbatim …only to be slaughtered by all opposition (and sometimes from within Labour too).

      Kezia is a dead woman walking. Her speech in which she attacked Nicola Sturgeon by denouncing her as ‘arrogant’ was extremely stupid. Most Scots have great liking for Nicola. And though some folk may not agree with the SNP, many of those that oppose the party do have a genuine respect for her. The woman keeps her opinion to herself; makes no foolish outbursts; keeps a quiet council; and seems to genuinely speak from the heart when she talks about moral and social justice. People like that. Those principles are Scottish principles. The vast majority of Scots were reared on it.

      So …Kezia is now around 7 weeks away from being nationally humiliated (and that’s including the entire UK). There is no way she can come back politically if Scottish Labour finish third behind the Scottish Conservatives; especially in a land where Toryism is highly despised.

      However, her friends in the media will probably look after her. I can actually see her popping up on political programmes now and again as a ‘political analyst’ …and if that should happen, then God help us all (and the TV programme)

    49. Craig P says:

      Is Kez saying she would rather hold people back from doing well, because they are Scottish?

      It would explain a few things about the behaviour of Labour in the last few years.

    50. Auld Rock says:

      I was feeling a bit masochistic yesterday and watched her ‘keynote’ speech. Her delivery is crap but I did notice that she is still claiming that Scottish Labour are a completely autonomous Party. Does this not mean that they have to register with the Electoral Commission as such? Please email me at:- asterix [dot] at [dot] valhalla [at] gmail [dot] com if you can help with an answer, thanks.

      Auld Rock

    51. Ruby says:

      mealer says:
      20 March, 2016 at 12:55 pm

      Should we be paying any attention to what Kezia Dugdale says?

      Ruby replies

      I think we should all be voting for Kezia’s party! That is if you want Independence PDQ!

      The following post which I posted in reply to ‘robertknight’ on the ‘Funny how things come around’ thread explains why.

      Basically what I’m saying is

      Only Better Together with the SNP in power at Holyrood!

    52. Proud Cybernat says:

      Kez, luv. There are people in England who regard themselves as socialists, English socialists. Their socialism, however, does not end at Dover. It’s the same in France and Germany and Italy and… well, you get the idea.

      But Kez, all of these countries have their own cultural identities as well which binds them into a nation state. While many people in these countries can have solidarity with others of a like mind in other countries does not and should not diminish their cultural identity. I rather doubt there were many socialists in France during WWII who welcomed their nation be invaded and subjugated by Germany and by German socialists. They may share solidarity for humanity but they equally value their own distinctiveness, their unique culture and, of course, their country (adopted country or otherwise).

      And that’s the bit you simply do not get, Kez. You are so wrapped up in a ‘one world’, all socialists unite ideal, the brotherhood of man, a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns which, while noble, is simply not realistic or reflective of the diversity of the world nor that people actually value that diversity and their own culture’s role in ensuring that diversity.

      Why, Kez, can’t Scotland, one of Europe’s most ancient nations, regain its independence and be like that? We can still share our solidarity with other nations even with independence. Indeed, Kez, I would go as far to say that Scotland would do this so much better as an independent country than it is presently able to do so within the confines of this debilitating and anachronistic Union.

      And do not misunderstand this. Scotland does not aspire to think we are better or above anyone else (we leave that to the Britnat, Sabernat Loony Yoons). Scotland merely desires to be equal to other nations. And socialists, the world over, want that too. We want to share our cultural identity with other countries equally and to help each other where we can. But within the confines of this Union, we are restricted in what we can actually do.

      An independent Scotland will not be a socialist’s paradise and I am not advocating that nor do I desire it. We would be a modern, outward-looking, Northern European social democracy. And unshackled from this crippling Union, just think what Scotland could do. We would become the country that many in England, Wales and NI hoped the UK would be. We would become a beacon for everyone else in these islands. Someone needs to break the stranglehold of the hidden hand of the ‘Establishment’ that controls the UK.

      There is a better way than the UKay.

      Many in Scotland have glimpsed that better way. But it will NEVER happen within the UK. Scotland needs to MAKE it happen. Scotland needs to LEAD the way by going its own way. And that, Kez, THAT is what you should be aiming for.

    53. heedtracker says:

      Even the SLab dude that says he saved Scotland from a fate worse than not being run by its neighbour is a bit meh on Kez. But good old Dunc hysterical as ever.

      “Otherwise Scotland is just a word and its a word the SNP put first. Never the people.” Never the people’s good.

      Blair McDougall Retweeted
      Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall 15 hrs15 hours ago
      In the face of SNP distortions, worth reading what @kdugdalemsp actually said at #ScotLab16 today. It was spot on:

    54. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Kezia Dugdale issuing portentous threats and warnings is about as convincing as Calimero, on helium, issuing a death-threat.

    55. Ruby says:

      This is why you should vote Labour!

      a doze of the Slabbering zombie flesh-eaters to appreciate the error of their ways will turn Nobbers into Yessers faster than a new version of anything by Microsoft needing to be patched.

      robertknight says:
      20 March, 2016 at 11:04 am

      In two minds about this. If 55% proved to the world that they were indeed too small, too poor and too stupid then perhaps they could do with a doze of the Slabbering zombie flesh-eaters to appreciate the error of their ways.

      Having a competent Holyrood government with the prospect of more powers failed to persuade a majority to vote ‘Yes’ because it was sold as being the ideal solution to a potentially hostile Westminster… Look at how well Holyrood under the SNP has done, and will be able to do with more powers, and all whilst within the UK; surely then no reason leave?

      Perhaps a grossly incompetent pro-Union Government at Holyrood coupled with a hostile pro-Union Government at Westminster would make the prospect of an Indy Scotland more appealing.

      Ruby replies

      I agree with that. The SNP have been too good for their own good! If that makes sense.

      The best thing for Scotland (in the long term) would be if the ‘Norwegian Blue Parrot Foxy Messiah’ 🙂 got into power with a promise of an IndyRef2 with all her ‘Better Together Pals’ backing up her every proposal.

      There must be quite a large number of NO voters voting for the SNP and giving the ‘BetterTog Britbots’ negative ratings perhaps it’s time to teach them a lesson! 😉

      Only Better Together with the SNP in power at Holyrood!

      It’s time to seriously think about voting SLabour! You know what they say about ‘No pain no gain!’ 🙁

      K1 You’ll be pleased to see all your help with smiley thingys has paid off! 🙂 Well I think it has all will be revealed when I press ‘Submit Comment’

    56. Sassenach says:

      Enjoyed quite a lot of ‘Politics Scotland’ today (notwithstanding Torrance making an appearance!) – but the gubbing of Jaba was worth seeing. That woman is astoundingly thick, couldn’t understand the questions (but, then, they were concerning finance and taxes!!).

      Interesting piece at the end about members leaving Holyrood, where Malcolm Chisholm reflected that the SNP had continued the good work in the NHS and it was much better now – an honest Labour man who I have some respect for.

      However not one SNP spokesperson in the whole show, surprise, surprise.

    57. NiallD says:

      @ ianbrotherhood 1:28.

      Haha..brilliant. “Eets an eenjusteece!”


    58. Macart says:

      Oh good grief!

      Do you think Ms Dugdale (the Scottish Labour Leader of an autonomous Scottish Labour party) has spotted the hole in that one yet?

    59. Dan Huil says:

      More hypocrisy from Dugdale. When it comes to the crunch she and her party will always put Westminster’s wants above Scotland’s needs. She’s only too happy to see Scotland ruled from England.

    60. muttley79 says:

      It appears as if Kezia Dugdale is rejecting the idea that people not born in Scotland cannot be Scottish, which is really very strange indeed.

      Mmmm, I think that should be can instead of cannot. I blame Sundays…

    61. James Anderson says:

      And yet she wants to be First Minister of Scotland, weild executive authority applicable only in Scotland, has declared her party free of London control, and states that the Scottish branch ploughs its own Scitland-only policy furrow. Does she even pre-check the nonsense that’s written for her?

    62. Ruby says:

      ‘Foxy’ is going to have to define exactly what she means by ‘Scottish’.

      When I see the term Scottish used in any political debate I read it as ‘Scottish voters’

      She seems to be saying she didn’t come into Scottish politics to help Scottish voters.

      I’m trying to imagine other politicians saying something similar.

      Hollande: I did not come into French politics to help French voters.

      Obama: I did not come into American politics to help American

      Cameron: I did not come into British politics to help British voters!

      She’s a laugh a minute I defo think we should vote for her! 🙂

    63. Ruby says:

      The more I think about what she said and more I think she is being totally honest.

      She did not come into Scottish politics to help Scottish voters

      The same thing applies to the other two branch office British parties.

      Only Better Together with the SNP in power at Holyrood!

    64. galamcennalath says:

      Perhaps Kezia can explain what the ‘Scottish’ in Scottish Labour is supposed to mean?

      Bu99ered if I can work out what it is supposed to signify.

    65. galamcennalath says:

      HandandShrimp says:

      “I see the Sunday Post has a wee poll”

      Hilarious! I suspect it only proves that Yes folks are online, while No folks live in the world of dead trees.

      “Would you have liked Scotland to be an independent country on March 24th?
      97% Yes
      3% No “

    66. Fred says:

      Kez & the Slaberers would rather live in a Tory Britain than a Socialist Scotland, go figure!

    67. heedtracker says:

      Perhaps Kezia can explain what the ‘Scottish’ in Scottish Labour is supposed to mean?

      Bu99ered if I can work out what it is supposed to signify.

      It could be this

      Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 28 Jul 2015 Islington, London
      Labour’s recovery shouldn’t be about right v left, or rich v poor. It is about convincing everyone that social justice is in their interest.

      or it could mean that

      Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 2h2 hours ago
      Nationalism v Socialism – from Kezia Dugdale’s speech to Scottish Labour’s 2016 Conference #ScotLab:

      or it could be this

      Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 6 hrs6 hours ago
      >@ArgyllAtheist @ScotlandForward
      The SNP cut the grant for the poorest students. That says it all.

      Confused? Lets dance, to some Rule Britannia yoon waffle

      You can vote this, you can vote that, just be British, only.

    68. Ruby says:

      farrochie says:
      20 March, 2016 at 12:22 pm

      Scroll forward to 43:00 and see Labour’s new “super hero”, who goes by the name of Mick Rice.

      Ruby replies

      Mick Rice now that name rings a bell. Was he not involved in some dodgy dealing re hacking of Mike Russel’s email? Did you not have some murky past somewhere in England?

    69. call me dave says:

      Cracking day so spent a couple of hours at the beach this morning in Fife.


      ‘Hootsman’ has Kezia but in the comments there are plenty blocked commentators (maybe YooKtopians being ushered off) but who knows?

      Had a go at the Sunday Post poll 94% YES.

      I remember when younger I got the comic part of OoR Wullie and my father and uncles devoured the politics pages and especially Sec State Scotland Wullie Ross. I think I got the best Wullie deal there… 🙂

      Derby 2-2

    70. Iain More says:

      I think I am well used to the British Nationalist and Imperialist Labour Party using the word foreigner in a pejorative sense. They have been using the words Scottish and Scotland in a pejorative sense for as long as I can remember as well.

      If we take her Anti – Nationalism message to its real logical conclusion then it is not just the Scottish Parly that should be levelled but Westmidden as well. I don’t think the One World Govt would wash with any other people on the planet but then SLAB are uniquely blinkered in their British Nationalism. It appears that they haven’t given up their British Imperialism either.

      The deil tak them!

    71. Iain More says:

      Off Topic

      I just cant get my heid roond the idea that the daddy of the Bedroom Tax IDS gives a toss for the disabled in anyway whatsoever.

    72. CameronB Brodie says:

      Scottish Nationalism v English Socialism

      Pragmatic culturalism v repressive ideological dogma

      There, fixed that for you Kez.

      #DemocraticDeficit #OligarchicalCollectivism

    73. CameronB Brodie says:

      Iain More
      Perhaps IDS is more of a gradual-ist than humanitarian? 🙂

    74. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Spare a thought for her mum and dad. No! I really mean it. She must be such a disappointment and to have your offspring parade her stupidity so publicly. How does her mum go to the shops. They both have my sympathy.

    75. ArtyHetty says:

      Only had time to read a few comments so far.

      Funnily enough this came up when I had the misfortune recently to be dragged into a heated conversation about Scotland, and independence, liebour and the SNP, with 2 long standing Scottish friends and their britnat Scottish friend.

      One of the things which I asked was what would they call themselves when abroad, hmmmm, ‘Scottish’ they said, reluctantly. I was shocked when one said he would consider himself ‘North british’. These are Labour, SNP haters, who read the Graun day in day out, and quote lies from that rag.

      I said I consider myself Scottish having lived here for 27 yrs and I would say so if ever asked and have it on my passport if I could.

      I was told, in no uncertain terms that I absolutely am not Scottish and cannot call myself Scottish because, “you have an english accent”, by the rabid britnat who was adamant the Scottish NHS, for which he works, was always part of the english NHS. Duh.

      I consider myself an adopted Scot, and a Scottish citizen as much as my family in Australia are now Australian citizens, though they speak with Geordie accents!

      I absolutely cannot abide the way that many still do their own country down, even denying their country has an actual name.

      Bizarre, but not surprising, hundreds of years, no knowledge of their own history, no desire to find out. Their minds are imprisoned, scary.

    76. Truth says:

      You know what Kez?

      I just realised that nobody in my 4 person household was born in Scotland. Three of us not even born in the EU.

      It never even occurred to me.

      You want to know why? Because we are fucking Scottish and we don’t think like you.

    77. Brian McHugh says:

      This is stupidity personified from Kezia. It was only about 6 or 7 weeks ago on Wings that I posted the following…

      “Brian McHugh says:
      31 January, 2016 at 1:14 pm
      Blair Patterson… that is not feasible or in line with democratic principles.

      I was Born in Yorkshire (Army family), then lived in Germany for a few years, before finally moving home to Scotland. I am a Scot and nothing else.

      It has to be; ‘if you work and live in Scotland’… no matter what creed, colour, religion… or none (a wise choice in my opinion)… alien being… etc.

      I understand the system is not perfect and open to wealthy individuals taking advantage, but I still consider my corrupt blank backed ballot (no unique number or barcode) in the Indy-Ref, a more pressing issue to resolve for Ref2.”

      That was in reference to who is/should be qualified to vote in Scottish Referendums. If there is anyone who could be sounded out for narrow minded Nationalism, then it is the Brit-Nats… Yeah, those ones in George Square that night and all their apologist media and politicians.

    78. heedtracker says:

      Maybe, maybe Dugdale means she really loves Scottish people, rich or poor, or as Doc UKOK Scott Thinks says, is about convincing everyone Scottish that social justice is in their interest,

      So SLab really really loves the Scottish people now but really really hate Scotland.

      Maybe we could change our non country’s name, to make Kez and her ever dwindling band of yoons love non Scotland, to something more lovable and catchy? SLabland, BBCScotlandshire, no that’s already copyright, maybe name it after a royal prince and princess, they used to do that around the planet, before getting kicked out, sometimes with bullets whizzing past their Rule Britannia ears, so Prince Georgeland, but he’s the next UKOK king behind two more upper class twits, so that wont work, Gordon Brown Province, Lord Darling territory, ArchieMachpherson land?

      Its not easy!

    79. call me dave says:

      Gordon Brewer reads Jackie like a book! and other things 🙂

      Well it was too good not to say it!

      Anyhoo! From 38 mins in… popcorn optional.

    80. Craig Mac says:

      Strikes me Kezia’s notion of what defines being Scottish owes a lot to the ideology of National Socialism as espoused by the great humanitarians of Germany in the 30’s and 40’s…what a strange exclusive concept for a self-proclaimed internationalist to hold.

    81. Arbroath1320 says:

      Apologies for O/T here.

      The Battle Bus has been out and about round Annan today with our next Constituency M.S.P. who was massively impressed. 😉

      For a more *ahem* relax view of the Battle Bus views should 😉 be seen here. 😀

      Gawd I hope all this technobabble clap trap thingy works! 😀

    82. Brian McHugh says:

      Arbroath, the photies look great. And the sun is shining. 🙂

    83. FatCandy says:

      Wait a minute!! Scottish Labour have enough people left for a conference?! That in and of itself is news.

    84. Gary45% says:

      Wow Duggers, thanks for clearing that up.
      She wants Oor Nic’s desk and seat,(delusional) there is no way on gods earth that she could wear Nic’s shoes.
      Duggers, its time to get a job you are capable of doing.
      Running Scotland “IS NOT ONE OF THEM.”

    85. Arbroath1320 says:

      Thanks Brian. 😀

      The photos were taken on different days so the one’s of the Jeep on its own were taken a few days ago. I think we can therefore say without a shadow of doubt that the sun does indeed shine on the righteous! 😀

      I wouldn’t worry myself too much FC. I actually heard that most of the audience was made up of O.A.P.’s who were out for a day trip and had just stopped for a cup of tea and a bun! 😀

    86. Inverclyder says:

      You know what Kez?

      Keep up the good work!

      Although we have stopped listening.

      SLAB are preaching to their own dwindling membership and with every speech or TV appearance they make that membership is decreasing as more people turn their backs.

      Every conference has a smaller attendance than the previous one.

      Fewer and fewer SLAB feet on the streets.

      Another year and Scotland will be free from the Red Cancer Party infecting this country.

      The Anti Socialist Socialist Party will be dead and that day cannot come quick enough.

      No tears will be shed for these third rate Socialist charlatans.

    87. Ruby says:

      ArtyHetty says:

      “I was told, in no uncertain terms that I absolutely am not Scottish and cannot call myself Scottish because, “you have an english accent”

      Ruby replies

      I would have asked them if the same would apply to being ‘English’ or ‘British’

      For example can someone with a Jamacian accent (which I love) not be English or British?

      What about the folk with the plummy accents who sound English but are Scottish?

      ArtyHetty: Not to worry you’ll soon have your Scottish passport and you will officially be Scottish as it stands you are as Scottish as everyone else living in Scotland. Show them your Polling Card for the Holyrood elections which if you are like me you should have received yesterday.

    88. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Call me Dave, Ok I’ll admit it. I clicked on your link and watched JaBa. Oh that was hard work. Gordon tried his best but couldnt break through that smug smirk of hers. Time she was booted out, but she has slithered onto the list I guess.

    89. CameronB Brodie says:

      Its not easy!

      That’s a pity, as defining “place” in “space” is the name of the game nowadays. In other words, defining a unique character or identity, within the global marketplace, in order to attract direct foreign investment. Surprise, surprise, it all get’s a bit semiotic from there.

      The Semiotics of Place: Autonomy and Space


      In a New York Times article commenting on the protest movements which unsettled the status quo from Tahrir Square in Cairo to Zuccotti Park in New York City, the author cautions that ‘we tend to underestimate the political power of physical places’ (Kimmelman 2011: SRI). In this chapter we argue that neither should we underestimate the power of place in relation to language education, nor its relevance for learner autonomy. Benson (2011: 58) defines autonomy as ‘the capacity to take control of one’s own learning’ and characterizes it as encompassing three dimensions: control over learning management (cf. Holec 1981), control over cognitive processing (cf. Little 1991), and control over content. We propose a fourth dimension: space. How learners imagine a space to be, perceive it, define it, and articulate their understandings transforms a space into a place, determines what they do there, and influences their autonomy.

      Anti Randviir

      P.S. Defining space and place requires one to identify spaces within places and the places they create within space. This can often be a function of the spaces between and within places created by spaces between and within places…… Man! 🙂

      I suppose it all boils down to what significance Scots give to the very real needs and aspirations of Scots living in Scottish, within the political space defined as the UK.

      SNP x 2

    90. Still Positive. says:

      Call me Dave @ 3.40 and Alan Mackintosh @ 4.18

      FFS JB would argue black was white. I even get that you don’t take money out of the economy during a recession – and I failed economics twice!

      See she’s still going on about the College numbers going down. I did work on this for my MSP’s leaflet and got all info from Audit Scotland.

      Basically the SNP are streamlining Scottish public institutions. The college re-organisation is more efficient and will save the SG £50million every year from this tax year 15/16.

      Vote SNP x 2 and EU in.

    91. gus1940 says:

      On occasions recently I have found myself feeling twinges of sorrow for Kezia as she is taken apart by Nicols every thursday until I remember who she is and what she (ssys)she stands for.

      This got me thinking that others out there may also be feeling sorry for and might just vote Labour in May in sympathy.

      Try to imagine sentimental old dears watching PQ or reading the MSM telling them how Labour are going to be slaughtered. They may just think to themselves ‘Oh well the SNP are going to walk the election so I might just as well vote for that poor wee lassie to help her from being totally humiliated’.

      It could be Labour’s last hope.

    92. Anagach says:

      So according to Kez, Lord Darling is not Scottish and never could be as he was born in London.

      Seem strange for Labour to go Blood and Soil, but then its a change from football strips and offers of drink.

    93. Bob Mack says:

      I often find it funny why people think Scotland does not really exist.( Mundell)

      We have Scots Law administered by Scottish courts. We have a Scottish Police and fire service,not to mention a Scottish NHS and ambulance service. We have a Parliament and MSP’S.

      We have a defined border with England.

      How can we not exist?

    94. bugsbunny says:


      Surely you mean “Tom and Ann?” lol.

      There’s many a Labour supporter I know whose idea of Socialism is National Socialism and vote Labour out of Tradition/Loyalty/Eff knows, but whose views are akin to those Sturmabteilung (S.A) so beloved of the 1930’s Daily Mail and their British Counterparts, “Hurrah for the Blackshirts”. Many bigots I know openly vote/support Labour. Tis’ always thus.


    95. I must admit to agreeing with duggers how can anyone not born in Scotland be called Scottish it just does not make sense I mean if you wre born in Yorkshire for instance you are English no one would dream of calling you Scottish you may not like it but that is the facts I’m afraid

    96. Effijy says:

      Sign going up in Mid-May:

      “Last opportunity to be leader of Labour’s North British Accounting Unit before the Motorway”!

      They have no talent now, can you imagine what they might come up with after a clear out in May?

      “No experience necessary”
      “Previously failed employees now £Millionaires, or have lifetime
      peerages in the House of Lords”

      The successful candidate would ideally be able to repeat SNP Bad
      one hundred times per day.
      Must look good in pictures with superimposed Halos.
      Some experience in Back Stabbing would be preferential.
      Zero Hours Contract with Minimum wage up until the next Election.

    97. Brian McHugh says:

      Blair, my previous post was absolutely not a dig at you. It was fully a dig at Kezia’s abject failure to convince me that I am a ‘Narrow and small minded Nationalist Scot’… Ironically, as I am now apparently not a Scot… due simply, it would appear, to an accident of birth.

    98. Effijy says:

      Just read that the Slab Conference Hall could only hold up to
      350 people? (And never filled it)

      To put this in perspective, I’m returning to my old Council Estate School’s Reunion next month, where the event is a sell out with 450 tickets.

      Slab claim to represent Scotland??????????????
      They most likely have 1 supporter per thousand of the population!

    99. Foonurt says:

      Guid oan ye – @Alun009.

      Sou lik ah guid respoanse, fae yurr door-chappin.

    100. Breeks says:

      If Kezia wasn’t Scottish, but we were all swimming around in the one size fits all British pond, I cannot imagine we would ever have heard her name. Same is true for Ruth Davidson; both winners of a talent competition, without any conspicuous talent or competition.

    101. Effijy says:

      The arrival of Buddhism in Scotland is relatively recent. In Scotland Buddhists represent 0.13% of the population.[1] People were asked both their current religion and that they were brought up in. 6,830 people gave Buddhism as their current religion.

      Who would have believed that there would be more Buddhists
      in Scotland than active Labour Party Members?
      (Very fine religion that it is, and it does offer more than Slab)

    102. Clootie says:

      The above is a background on Mick Rice who did the “Superman” change at the Labour conference. A fresh start in Scotland thanks to Scottish Labour.

    103. Phydaux says:

      As a relative newcomer to Wings,I am now an avid reader and daily visitor.Wings shines a light for us in our journey to freedom.

      Kezia’s pathetic and deluded efforts to slur Nicola Sturgeon will be counter productive.Nicola has earned the respect and trust of the Scottish people.When she was Scottish Health Secretary, she earned the trust and respect of the medical profession who are horrified by what’s happening in NHS England.

      There is anectdotal evidence,whilst out canvassing here in Edinburgh, that some of them may switch from Tory to SNP. Long may the toxic Tories implode.

    104. crazycat says:

      @ Clootie

      Here’s the archive version of your link:

    105. Clootie says:

      Blair Paterson says:
      20 March, 2016 at 5:08 pm
      I must admit to agreeing with duggers how can anyone not born in Scotland be called Scottish it just does not make sense I mean if you wre born in Yorkshire for instance you are English no one would dream of calling you Scottish you may not like it but that is the facts I’m afraid

      …so if a Scottish couple working in Germany have a child and return to Scotland a few months later where the child grows up you figure that child is not Scottish?

      How many “famous” heroes of almost every country of the world were actually born in another land from the nation they helped build

      If you choose to live in a country and be part of that countries future – that is your country

    106. Cuilean says:

      I was flying back, alone, from Pakistan in 1989, via Baghdad, with Iraqi Airways, or as it was called (not affectionately), Iraqi Scareways. The flight was held up in Baghdad Airport for 24 hours.

      This was when Saddam Hussein was still in charge and the US Airforce (with a little help from Tony Blair) hadn’t decided to flatten both the airport & the city to smithereens, yet.

      A woman wearing the traditional Pakistani shalwar kameez came over and started talking to me. At first I did not understand her because I was expecting a foreign accent. After a few seconds though, I realized that she was speaking with a broad Glasgow accent!

      I will never forget my delight, at hearing that accent, as I had not heard a Scottish accent for a very long time. I didn’t think, oh I wonder if she was born in Scotland to be Scottish (the way Kezia Dugdale might).

      I’ll never forget her face too breaking into a huge smile when I said to her, ‘Oh my god, you’re Scottish. I’m Scottish too’. There in the middle of Baghdad Airport with gun toting guards everywhere, platoons of very scared looking foreign workers being run through the airport with armed soldiers and whips and no toilet loo, two Scots women met and had a long blether. There was a connection. I can’t describe it other than to say she was a wee bit of home. Both our homes.

    107. call me dave says:

      @Alan Mackintosh
      @Still Positive.

      Aye she did a W. G. Grace, bowled out 2nd bowl, but refused to walk because she’s the main attraction.

      Never mind the slither being on the list she will not prosper.

      I anagrammed slither. 🙁

      Another mitigated item due to Osborne.

      I also see that marmalade is not Scottish… Geez!

    108. macbeda says:

      @blair patterson 5:08 pm

      Just be because you are born in a stable it doesn’t make you a horse.

      A number of the Scottish Rugby team would not be able to play. Oh wait one grandfater was a Scot so yes you can play.

    109. Clootie says:


      …thank you. I should know better 🙂

    110. mike cassidy says:

      Ruth Davidson had a political orgasm on twitter about the replacement of IDS with Stephen Crabb.

      Do you think someone should have a word?

    111. Ruby says:

      Blair Paterson says:
      20 March, 2016 at 5:08 pm

      I must admit to agreeing with duggers how can anyone not born in Scotland be called Scottish

      Ruby replies

      Ha! Ha! Ha! You nearly hooked me in with your wind-up!

      You should change your moniker to W U Merchant!

    112. Gary45% says:

      Alan Mackintosh@4.18
      Glumbo slithered?????
      More like a slug swimming in garlic.
      Yooo Nooo

      SNPx2 Yooo Nooo

    113. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m not trying to show off but an itchy trigger finger kind of spoiled the gag there. That should have read…

      P.S. Defining space and place requires one to identify spaces within places and the places they create within space. This can often be a function of the spaces between and within places created by spaces between and within places in space…… Man!

      Sorry, carry on. 🙂

    114. Dr Jim says:

      See this accent thing:

      Blue red green white wae yella spots, you might have heritage elsewhere but if here’s where you choose and if you voted yes to better Scotlands future as far as I’m concerned whatever colour stature creed or otherwise you might happen to be you’re a Scot

      If you voted NO then your allegiance is elsewhere and you had no business voting if that’s the case because that’s just interfering in a nations progress because you’re a Nosey Parker who’s main concerns are another country that you might like to either Rule you or return to and I don’t think that’s very democratic

      Whoever those NO people are I’d like to go round their houses take away their wages and give them to the people next door whether they like it or not (Do we think they’d vote FOR that)

      My sister was born in Wolverhampton, one year later Mum moved to Scotland with my Edinburgh born Dad and the rest of my lot were born here
      My sister is seventy years old anybody who thinks she’s not Scottish can go round her house and tell her that and good luck to you

      Another wee example of Scottishness SNP MSP Christian Allard born and bred Frenchman he’s decided to pick Scotland as his home and work for the people who live in it
      I think that’s pretty damn nice of him and I’m honoured to have him choose Scotland to bring his children up in Scottish and they can still have their French heritage

      Is this not what we want, I do, we might learn a little something instead of keeping out the nasty furriners like another Nation that we’re trying to get rid of does

      Ranted a bit there (no offence)

    115. Brian McHugh says:

      Macbeda, I was born breech… so I like to think I turned the cheeks and gave a big mooney as I entered this world. Scottish attitude right there. LOL 🙂

    116. Brian McHugh says:

      Cuilean, love that wee story. 🙂

    117. Thepnr says:

      You may have missed this first time around so here’s the Rev Stuart Campbell debating “Blood and Soil Nationalism” with Susan Dalgety a former advisor and Press secretary to Jack McConnell on STV News a few months before the referendum.

      I may be wrong but I can’t remember the Rev ever being invited back. Wonder why LOL.

    118. call me dave says:

      BBC Scotland should be accountable to Holyrood, say nation’s leading scholars

    119. ArtyHetty says:

      Maybe like age, you are what you feel you are, I feel much more at home in Scotland, than anywhere else. My passport would ideally say ‘Scottish’.


      My brother and his pal just visited us from Gateshead. Long chats about the situation, no jobs, fire stations being closed down, police stations going. Even the job centre is being closed down!
      When they tell me what the GPs say and how they treat their various ailments, to do with ageing and chronic illness, as well as some work related factory, illness, I am shocked. Sticking plaster stuff, painkillers you can buy at the chemist and no scans further tests. I fear people are being fobbed off by the NHS down there.

      My 63 year old bro has to attend a jobs club, privately run, (profits making company, courtesy of the tax payer) place 3 days a week, There are no jobs for older, infirm folk. Sanctions if you don’t turn up, miss out on your £70 a week, starve.

    120. David Mills says:

      If SLAB has burned throught it’s campaign points too this already?
      KD there is 75 days to go and there rolling the Natz comparisons now have you nothing better that a simplistic and it self offensively stereotype of nationalist.

      A lesson for Kezia Scottishness can be achieved in a number of ways.

      It can be by birth and bloodline the sports players choose this option.
      By places of birth you parents choose to have you born in Scotland
      Or by choose by the individual choosing to come and settle and work here.

      The key word is CHOOSE ether the individuals or their kin.

      “were all Scotlands children and we’re all worth the same”
      Hrre that is One vote for constuancy & One for regional list

      Else where I here few labour voices decrying the decrease of that worth in that other place.

      There is no luck, to inferr so is to be dismissive of peoples chooses as if they done matter or count and we’re back to SLAB problem there are not listening they are telling that incitement thang they can not ween themsrlfs from.

    121. Malcolm says:

      Kezia described herself as “as British as they come”. That’s nationalism. That’s what that is, she is a British nationalist. She also, and almost all Labour representatives are the same, clearly has no idea what the word ‘socialist’ actually means. She is a million miles from being a socialist, has never espoused one single socialist policy in her entire career, and shrieked with horror when Corbyn, the closest Labour has had to a socialist leader in decades, was elected.

      These people are inherently dishonest, she is a nationalist and not a socialist in any way, shape or form. Its just a different nationalism, hers is British which is why she is opposed to ours as it is a threat to hers. Everyone is a nationalist, and there are precisely zero socialists in the Labour party. She needs to google that word and read what it means.

    122. Sheryl Hepworth says:

      Will everyone PLEASE stop calling them Scottish Labour!! They are the Labour Party in Scotland!! It really rattles my cage to see/hear them called Scottish Labour! Yes I was born in Manchester, but came home 30 years ago to the Scottish Highland’s in Sutherland where my ancestors were driven out in the clearances when we were McIlwain’s (clan McVean) so Kez I’m Scots and proud!! Can you trace your family back so far???

    123. revjimbob says:

      The next line is a strange one:
      ‘Nor would I turn my cheek to a child living in poverty just because they are born on the other side of a dotted line on a map.’

    124. heedtracker says:

      revjimbob says:
      20 March, 2016 at 7:21 pm
      The next line is a strange one:
      ‘Nor would I turn my cheek to a child living in poverty just because they are born on the other side of a dotted line on a map.’

      Google says its from Matthew 5:39

      That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

      Translates as

      do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also.

      Dugdale’s probably writing her own material, she’s another hack and this is what happens, nonsense, empty tubthumping, SNP bad, UKOK.

    125. Thepnr says:


      Hahaha, yer right. No one could possibly understand what that is supposed to mean. So not a strange one at all. Just more pish from her speechwriter.

      None of the speech made any sense at all, full of soundbites and mixed up metaphors. As I said, just mainly pish.

    126. Dr Jim says:

      You’ve still got to laugh at Kezia though when she gets herself into the murky waters of bringing her teacher parents into the debate and her good upbringing, which I’m sure it was,

      But when the very parents you’re talking about so warmly and reverentially actually vote SNP …..

      It cannae be easy

    127. Ruby says:

      If I were put on the spot at a pub quiz and asked where marmalade came from my first guess would be Spain simply because Mermelada is a Spanish word. My second guess would be that it was Arabic. Mermelada is Spanish means jam ‘Mermelada de naranja’ is marmalade. I’m not sure of the origin of the word mermelada it’s possibly latin but could be arabic the word naranja meaning orange is definitely arabic as are most (perhaps all) words containing J (jota) which is easy enough for people with a Scottish accent to pronounce not too sure about people with an English accent who struggle with the word loch which they pronounce lock.

      The Arabs are the ones who brought oranges to Europe without them there would be no marmalade.

      I would be happy to accept that the invention of marmalade has been a multi-cultural achievement and that marmalade as we know it today was invented in Dundee.

      I think this food historian might be another W U Merchant like Blair Paterson.

      ‘He also made toast of the idea that the modern word marmalade was connected to Mary Queen of Scots. It is said that the Scottish queen was given “marmelos”, an early form of marmalade made of Portuguese quinces, as a remedy for seasickness on the boat over from France in 1561.’

      Perhaps he could explain where the word marmalade came from? If it was invented in England then why isn’t it called Orange Jam.

      I expect they will also claim that Peruvian Bear with the daft duffle coat is also English. What kinda daft name is Paddington? I suppose it could have been worse he could have been called St Pancras.

      My next long boring post will be about quince which is pretty hard to find but is super tasty with cheese.

      The Spanish for quince is Membrillo. There is quite a load of pretty useless information floating about in my head but someone might find it interesting.

      Who remembers the poem ‘The Owl & the Pussycat’

      “They dined on mince, and slices of quince
      Which they ate with a runcible spoon;

      I do like quince with cheese but I think I prefer my mince with tatties!

      Anyone know what a runcible spoon is?

      Don’t anyone dare say that I’m totally off topic and rambling on as if I’ve had too many sherbets 🙂 or else I will never ever share all this knowledge I have with you every again.

    128. Thepnr says:

      @heedtracker yah numptie 🙂

      Do you not think she should have said “Nor would I turn my face from a child living in poverty”

      It’s obvious that Slab are skint, look at the quality of the researchers and speechwriters. All downhill from here now.

      The May elections will confirm this. Couldn’t be more pleased.

    129. Onwards says:

      It’s hard to see how Labour in Scotland is going to recover anytime soon unless they work out whose side they are on. This old ‘lines on a map’ pish is self-defeating. Her target voters are generally both Scottish AND socialist and she needs to realize that. Their position is a confusing, conflicted mess.

      Her plans to use devolved powers are only possible because of ‘lines on a map’, and the SNP fighting to be ‘stronger for Scotland’.
      It just looks ridiculous when she rants against the very thing that makes it possible for her to propose to do things differently.

      Looking forwards, a good chunk of their vote in many seats is tactical voting against the SNP or the Tories. If we see many more 3-way seats after this election then they have big problems in the future.

      Right now, the SNP has a big advantage whilst the unionist vote is split. So long as the constitution remains a major issue in Scotland. And no-one really thinks the issue is settled.

    130. Malcolm says:

      All this nonsense about not turning your cheek cause of a border is utter lies too, she wouldn’t want her taxes going to fight poverty in Dublin or Paris, she defines her nationalism as the UK. Its all lies, I wonder if they even see it.

    131. call me dave says:


      Me… never! Mary Q of Scots and the marmalade, nice one.

      Keillors Marmalade lovely! Extract from Scots Magazine:
      The Keillers cannot claim to be the inventors of a product that has absorbed the influences of several diverse cultures to become what it is known as today – but they did introduce ‘chip’ marmalade, the form we recognise instantly today. Marmalade, prior to the Keillers’ involvement, had been around in various forms for centuries. The name comes from the Portuguese marmelo, meaning quince, which was the original fruit ingredient of marmalade.
      From fruit producers in China and India to Arab physicians who used the bitter, unpalatable Seville oranges for medicinal purposes, the orange had its admirers. And from them, it made its way north to Scotland to become what the world knows as marmalade.

      I eat my peas with honey
      I’ve done it all my life
      It makes the peas taste funny
      But if keeps them on my knife.

    132. call me dave says:

      Lear: A nonsense word:

      But here is the very thing…it’s Irish.


      Your right. Turn your ‘face ‘ is more correct and makes more sense too, but when your knocking a labour speech together… who knows.

    133. heedtracker says:

      Thepnr says:
      20 March, 2016 at 7:48 pm
      @heedtracker yah numptie

      Blessed are the cheese makers, for it is they that will turn their other cheeks from hungry children, but not the Scottish ones, for they do not go by the name of Scottishness, for that is not a word, vote SLab, vote Kez, she’s not a dope and it was good.

    134. bugsbunny says:


      Google states that a Runcible Spoon is a fork curved like a spoon, with three broad prongs, one of which has a sharpened outer edge for cutting.

      I always thought Marmalade was Portuguese in origin, Oranges originated in South East Asia, especially Southern China where the Portuguese had a colony Macao, from 1557 until 1999.

      Stephen Roney.

    135. Ruby says:

      I would not lift up my skirt pull down my big knickers and show my big fat bum cheeks to a child living in poverty in one of the many ‘UKOK Better Together sink estates’ unless there was a YES poster in the window and the parents had just told me they were going to vote SNP in that case I would be turning on my cheek, they would get plenty cheek and I would let them know in no uncertain terms that their dear leader is very arrogant and they should perhaps think about calling in an exorcist because it seems they might well have been brain washed!

      Bloody cheek! Bloody cheeky cybernats!

    136. Kirsty says:

      Is anyone keeping tabs of all the pre-indy ref “truths” that turned out to be lies, all the “facts” that turned out to be garbage, all the “jobs protected” that turned out to be jobs lost, all the “We’ll leave Scotland if you vote Yes,”-lot who then either got favours/gongs/places in the HoL/contracts/left anyway, etc? Has anyone kept a list of all the bigotry, Nationalism, threats and hypocrisy that we’re seeing everyday from the unionists? I’m so sorry I haven’t kept a list because it’s incendiary stuff that there just isn’t any come back on for them.

      If we could put all of this together in a book (Wee Blue Book 2), e.g. promises before and what actually happened after the Ref, people who claimed they’d take their business away if we voted Yes and what actually happened (e.g. they left anyway or they got a “reward”). People accusing the Yessers of “Blood and Soil” when they’re the ones doing it themselves, etc., coupled with the arguments they’re making, themselves, for a Leave vote in the EU which are often exactly what we were arguing for Scotland, blah, blah. After all that, there’s really nothing for the unionists to hold on to. They’ve given us so much to play with. No wonder they’re so afraid of a second IndyRef; they’ve got nothing left to threaten us with and they’ve shown themselves to be liars and cheats. I don’t know how they can fight another IndyRef and win after all that. I think they don’t know themselves, hence all the outrage from them.

    137. heedtracker says:

      Speaking at the conference, she admitted that last year’s general election, which saw Labour left with just one MP in Scotland as the SNP won 56 of the 59 seats, was the most painful in her party’s history.
      But she said Scottish Labour had renewed itself since then, with a new leadership team, new candidates, “thousands of new members” and a “new vision” which the party would be taking to the country.”

      Please god rid the place that was once called “Scotland” of both these shithead outfits.


    138. Effijy says:

      HandandShrimp says:
      20 March, 2016 at 2:13 pm
      I see the Sunday Post has a wee poll

      I see your Poll now stands at 90% voting YES.
      Looks like they will need to bury this result somewhere
      in the North Sea so we can’t refer to it.

      Now the poor editor needs to work out how democratically 10%
      of Scots are the majority?

    139. K1 says:

      Labour in Scotland, the quick and sure fire recipe for disaster:

      2 litres o’ pish
      1 ounce of polished turd
      3 incoherent sound bites
      1 Kezia Dugdale
      1 to 2 broadcasters
      (Secret ingredient)

      First, place the Kezia into a broadcasters bowl, add the 2 litres of pish, followed immediately by the 3 incoherent sound bites. Stir for approximately 5 minutes to form a soup like substance. Gently fold the ounce of polished turd into the mix, allow to rest for a moment and hey presto! A perfectly formed abomination ready to serve up to the Scottish public.

      Sit back, relax and allow that pleasant feeling of fullness to engulf your entire being…not forgetting to add that last ‘secret ingredient’ just at the beginning of May:

      Vote SNP twice, for the fullfat Labour disaster.

    140. cearc says:


      I am sure you are correct about marmalade being Arabic. I believe it was the Moors who took oranges to Spain and no doubt recipes as well.

      Another well kent Scottish dish that also occurs in Arabic cuisine is haggis but I can’t remember what it is called.

      I had a visitor some time back who was Iraqi and was mightily impressed with a large haggis. Her sister used to make it occasionally from an old family recipe that started with, ‘Take a sheep’s stomach….’.

      I had to confess that I had not put that much effort in and that it could be bought everywhere here.

      Then they do say that the first Scots were Arabic don’t they?

    141. carjamtic says:

      Cuilean an @ 6:02

      Like it,last year at Seoul Airport,travelling home for the Christmas/New Year holidays my weegie work mate/travelling companion was having some trouble with the ATM.

      He called me over to assist,there was a bit of a queue,a very simple pressing of the right buttons and the machine coughed up the readies he needed,job done,we turned to head away.

      Only to be stopped by a 6ft 5in American,”You guys Scottish”,a quick shifty around told us he was with his familly,Wife and 3 kids in close proximity,nice luggage,a well heeled familly,”Aye,we are” in a nice friendly tone.

      “Our familly spent 5 years in Scotland,beautiful country,in fact we are rather disappointed you didn’t vote for independence because if you had,we would have moved there in a flash.We have been all over the globe and Scotland is the best country,with the best people,we want our kids brought up right.I don’t normally speak to strangers,or lose my spot at the atm,but I spoke to my wife when we heard your accents and she told me to tell you this”

      Needless to say we were speechless,on regaining some sort of composure,I half turned to see the rest of the familly right up close with big beaming smiles,I thanked them,expressed my/our disappointment as well,and told them of our optimism for the next time,it was a pleasure to meet them and safe travel,handshakes,smiles all round,we left them to the mercy of the atm queue.

      Neither of us spoke as we walked to the cafe/bar,but suffice to say,our chests were swollen fit to burst,with pride in our wee country,but after a minute or two we let out the same word,”fuck”,the frustration of Indyref1 had visited us,most unexpectantly,in far away land and with people we had never met before,a bitter sweet experience,I thought I detected a wee sniffle in my travelling companion,na must have been a trick of the lights,real Scotsman don’t cry,show emotion,do they ?


      SNP x 2 Eu in

    142. bugsbunny says:


      Amen Brother,

      Dont forget all those God awful councillors next year as well.
      A new broom sweeps clean, but we might need shovels as well, to get rid of all the shite left over from Labour’s time in “City Hall”.

      Note to Labour. Remember as well as Shredding Paper on May 5th next year, you’ll need to wipe out all the hard drives and kill all your contacts with terrorists/gangsters/drug pushers/all round bastards.

      Shower of Labour Cunts.


    143. yesindyref2 says:

      Dugdale (your starter for 10):

      Who will stop the cuts?

      Not Labour, they abstained.

      Who will care more for the vulnerable?

      Not the Conservatives, even IDS resigned.

      Who will invest in the future of our economy?

      Good question. Not the Conservatives, Labour or LibDems, they’re more interested in power and signed up to AUSTERITY.

      Who will be bold?

      Those who vote for change. Like Independence from a failed Union.

      And who will just settle for more of the same?

      Those who voted NO to stay a part of the Union.

      The answers we give to these new questions will reveal who we are as leaders, what our parties stand for and who we are as a nation.

      Scotland, currently a part of the UK.

      This is who I am:

      Told you she was a YES voter, her whole language is of Independence.

    144. Onwards says:

      Dr Jim says:
      20 March, 2016 at 7:44 pm

      You’ve still got to laugh at Kezia though when she gets herself into the murky waters of bringing her teacher parents into the debate and her good upbringing, which I’m sure it was,

      But when the very parents you’re talking about so warmly and reverentially actually SNP …..

      It cannae be easy

      Dr Jim, that’s the first thing I thought when I looked at her speech and got to that bit.. with her dad being an enthusiastic SNP supporter.
      It almost seems like a low blow to bring it up.

      @Jefforbited on twitter. Seems like a laid back guy with a good sense of humour. I think it would be pretty funny if indy supporters followed him to try and get him more fans than Kezia.

    145. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Thepner, Thanks for that link with Stu and Dalgety. I remember it from way back and was good to see it again. Stu was raging I guess from the way he was looking, but what gets me, and I thought this before, was what a daft clown Dalgety was. How did that get to be a press officer for a first minister? Beggars belief.

    146. Ruby says:

      call me dave says:
      20 March, 2016 at 8:14 pm

      Lear: A nonsense word:

      But here is the very thing…it’s Irish.

      Ruby replies

      Ah it’s a spork!

      Talking of sporks do you think Kezia might be speaking with sporked tongue!

    147. Ruby at 2.41

      Check the Birmingham Post.

    148. Brian McHugh says:

      Did Ruby just try and turn; me taking the piss out of my own birth, into a manic anti-SNP rant… or am I missing satirical fun?

    149. Simon Curran says:

      Don’t understand the logic. Kez can be a socialist and a British nationalist but you can’t be a socialist and a Scots nationalist. And how many years ago was it since the Labour party was recognisable socialist anyway? I genuinely think in the long run that a well managed, socially progressive state north of the border would be the best thing for the left in England and show that there is a genuine workable alternative to the status quo.

    150. heedtracker says:

      Dont forget all those God awful councillors next year as well.
      A new broom sweeps clean, but we might need shovels as well, to get rid of all the shite left over from Labour’s time in “City Hall”.

      I know. Its the little and the big things. I’m from Aberdeen where SLab own the council, in coalition but they banned all and any Saltire from any ACC premises. It’s not that big a deal but then it really is, if it only because as a Scot, it gives you wings:D

      ACC ban clearly ties in with this mental “Scotland’s just a word” stuff for a dope like Dugdale.

      On balance I dont know if that yoon ban on ACC premises still stands but there’s still none to be seen anywhere. Top SLab goon Willie Young also banned Alex Salmond from Aberdeen council property too when he was First Minister but presumably it was only a temporary ban.

      Can it get any more barking mad from SLabour in the non “Scotland” areas of teamGB?


    151. Brian McHugh says:

      On reading it again… Mibbe just sarcasm, which often has problems coming across.

    152. Phronesis says:

      Social geography is so important- note that Scotland has been subject to a ‘sustained’ political attack since 1979 that is theorised to be at the root cause of the well documented premature mortality rates in Scotland.

      Who is now trying to make Scotland’s citizens (everyone living in Scotland regardless of ethnicity/ culture- so boring that this needs to be repeated to UKOK endlessly)resilient through self determination and shaping their own present and future? Certainly not any party who remains hamstrung to the ‘Union’ and perpetually avoidant of the case for independence.

    153. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If you want to be the 50th name on the list for next Saturday’s Glasgow Friends of WOS spectacular, please go to Quarantine and let BDDDT know if you’d like a personalised badge.

    154. Susan says:

      It is Norooz and it is the start of the New Year in Iran and many other countries in the region. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

    155. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If Kezia really wants to understand why so many of us are not listening to her, all she has to do is listen to a typical edition of Radio North Britain News –

      Just listening to the 9.00 ‘news’ right now, and there’s Ken Clarke banging on about IDS etc…

      We don’t want to hear these people any more. They are utterly remote, uninterested, and pretending that they aren’t has become a running embarrassment for all concerned.

    156. Effijy says:

      ‘Nor would I turn my cheek to a child living in poverty just because they are born on the other side of a dotted line on a map.’

      OK Dipity Dug, why hasn’t your party donated to the Food Banks
      that these poor kids use?
      Why hasn’t Cyclops Brown, who has £3 Million in his own Charity
      spend £10,000 per week on his own expenses, and not spent 1 penny on supporting Food Banks. Not even within his own constituency?

      Why did Labour not vote against the next round of austerity cuts
      knowing that even more kids will be placed in poverty.

      The Dug and her party are a Shameless Sham! RIP May’16

    157. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Ah Ruby, you beat me to it!

      Hi bugsbunny.

      You typed,
      “Google states that a Runcible Spoon is a fork curved like a spoon, with three broad prongs, one of which has a sharpened outer edge for cutting.”

      As others have typed, “Runcible Spoon” was one of Lear’s makey-up words. Google’s description is more like a spork, as Ruby typed. Maybe Google are ‘avin’ a larf?

    158. Thepnr says:


      You may have a point. Prefer to hud meh wheest for noo 🙂

    159. yesindyref2 says:

      Great post.

      The SNP is inclusive and doesn’t seem to care about nationality, original or otherwise. The important thing is people living here, choosing to live here, wherever they’re from. It also embraces people who don’t even support Indepencence. According to that Ashcroft post-ref poll, 14% of SNP voters voted NO, and I can believe that.

      I’ve posted on the Herald since late 2012, and there’s a NATO / forces guy (reasonable poster), who was a strong NO voter but had voted SNP in 2011 on their record as Government 2007-11. Some posters thought that was daft, but I saw the sense in it. I;ve come across other No voting SNP voters “in real life”.

      In fact the best thing the SNP can do is govern well, and hope soft NOs will shrug their shoulders and vote YES. They endorsed Devo-Max (supported by 70% of Scotland), and even the limited Scotland Bill as another step in the right direction.

      It wasn’t always so, I remember back in 1978 arguing with SNP members (and Trade Unionists) who were going to vote NO against Devolution in 79. For me it was a step in the right direction, one step nearer, for them it was all or nothing. In the end the SNP did fall behind Devo 79, but there were a lot of hesitations – just as in the Constitutional Congress of the early 90s, where the SNP refused to take part.

      They’ve become a wiser, more patient and more mature party!

    160. Proud Cybernat says:

      @ Kirsty

      “Is anyone keeping tabs of all the pre-indy ref “truths” that turned out to be lies…

      Here’s just some of them. I’ll be doing and update to this vid to add more.

      The Before & Afters (B4FTAs):

    161. Anagach says:

      “How many “famous” heroes of almost every country of the world were actually born in another land from the nation they helped build”

      Indeed under such a system Garibaldi was born Italian and died French. Boundary changes…

    162. cearc says:


      So a pastry fork then.

    163. del says:

      Edinburgh North and Leith. SNP MP. Deidre Brock. Australian.
      Does the SNP hate people outwith Scotland? Whatever.
      PS why does my spellchecker tell me ‘outwith’ is wrong? Surely that’s racist?

    164. cearc says:


      My grandmother regarded herself as French. Despite it being rather a long time since they arrived as Huguenot refugees and the town that they came from had been in Belgium for some time!

    165. CameronB Brodie says:

      Hidden history: Scots invented Aribic and traded it with the Arab word for a magic lamp. Honest. The Arabs previously spoke Dundonian.

      Unfortunately the lamp has been lost, along with the esoteric secrets of magic lamp rubbing, long forgotten in the mists of Yoon history, submerged under a deluge of outwardly similar yet functionally pointless turd polishing. Though great effort has been applied to such, the result can not be considered as productive or acceptable. New approaches need to be considered.

      It has been suggested in recent anthropological journals, that Yoon turd polishing is akin to Melanesian ‘primitives’ attaching coconut halves to their head with vine, in order to represent radio headsets. As such futile optimism often leads to despair and mental anguish. it is hoped that further psychological study be undertaken.

      #imperialism #semiotics #cargo-cults #numpties

    166. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @BDTT –

      Sorry for referring to you as BDDDT earlier, don’t know what happened there, but please be assured it’s not some cryptic dig.

    167. yesindyref2 says:

      I used to travel a lot to work, freelance for many years. Home was where the hifi was. But as far as country is concerned, home is where the heart is, where you live, where you want to live. Same as nationality.

      Perhaps where you pay your rates and taxes as well. Legally there’s a few choices for yourself, it’s a bit different for your nationality rights you can pass on to your kids.

      Legally I can be Welsh, English, Irish and even French, or Scots. The only nationality I can easily pass on to the kids is Scottish, where I was born, which is where they were born in any case. My wife being Irish they can be Irish as well as I can as a spouse (and free!!!). If they were sporty though they could play for England, Wales or Ireland, as well as Scotland.

      I personally am Scottish and British, and an over 40 year long YES voter.

    168. Ruby says:

      Would it not have been clearer is she had just said ‘I wouldn’t turn my back on a child living in poverty in any part of the world.

      The bit about the dotted line on a map is confusion. It might make sense to people used to reading Ordnance Survey maps but it means nothing to me. If I were to guess I would say a dotted line indicates a railway track but you know what they say about men not being able to listen and women not being able to read maps.

      Perhaps she’s saying I wouldn’t turn my back on a child living in poverty even if they lived on the wrong side of the tracks.

      What did she say before this?

    169. mike cassidy says:

      Revealing interview with Ruth Davidson’s political soulmate, Stephen Crabb.

      Yet another reason to tell Wsstminster to feck off.

    170. K1 says:

      I don’t see why we have to justify and explain our nationality.

      We’re the only country in the world who has to do this, what other country has their elected officials attack them for supporting other elected officials on the grounds of coming from the country that they live in?

      It’s fucked up logic.

      We choose the SNP cause they actually care for the people who stay in this country. End.

    171. Brian McHugh says:

      A4E… Now there is a name I’ve not heard in eons… I guess I now feel like Old Ben Kenobi. LOL

    172. Peter Craig says:

      Is it still the Scottish cringe to look at Kez and think ” Thats a bit of Scottish rubbish”

    173. yesindyref2 says:

      During the Ref it was a mainstream party attack by Unionists on Indy, that those who support it are anti-English, especially the SNP. Narrow-minded Nationalists in the model of those of Nazi Germany.

      I think it failed mostly; SNP MSPs English, members English, and other nationalities. But still some of the more regressive anti-Indy and anti-SNP activists try it on. Inspired by the likes of the Daily Mail and even at times broadcast media which wouldn’t know truth if it hit it in the bum.

      So yeah, it’s a message we still have to keep getting across.

    174. Fred says:

      Is Marmalade doomed? it seems to be only us Bus Pass folk who buy it. Very partial to Sainsbury’s Thick Cut masel.

      Just watched Jackie Baillie’s workover. 🙂

    175. K1 says:

      You’re too kind Ruby, she’s having a go at the SNP, she is trying to ‘infer’ blood and soil ‘nationalism’ based on the country we come from as the main driving force behind the SNP’s ‘facade’.

      Making out that those who vote for them only care about children who are Scottish. She is attempting ‘moral superiority’: she’s a socialist that knows no ‘boundaries’ unlike those ‘nationalist’s’ who are ‘narrow’ in their outlook.

      She’s also thick as mince. 🙂

    176. heedtracker says:

      Ruby says:
      20 March, 2016 at 9:56 pm
      Would it not have been clearer is she had just said ‘I wouldn’t turn my back on a child living in poverty in any part of the world.

      Its probably that old chestnut rhetoric Ruby. No one, apart from the nasty party tories, would turn their back on a child in poverty would they but how to turn this basic not tory human response in to a vote winning speech that gets you carried on the shoulders of the grateful masses in triumph back to Pacific Quay and safety?

      “Rhetoric, the art of discourse, an art that aims to improve the capability of writers or speakers to inform, most likely to persuade, or motivate particular audiences in specific situations.”

      So our Scottish but NOT from somewhere, who’s name shall never be spake of ever again because its just a word and NOT a place, Kez, is reaching out to the ancient art of rhetoric and making a fool of herself, again.

      But its ok though, assorted UKOK bullshit artists of the great British media will tidy up, airbrush away, lie out right about all of Dugdale’s hopelessly confused gibberish.

    177. K1 says:

      Yeah I know yesindyref2, my point is we should not have to defend our nationality, I’m not voting for SNP ‘because’ I’m Scottish, I happen to ‘be’ Scottish. The fact that Dugdale insinuates this means it is still mainstream policy to attack us on those grounds…inference works too.

      Just pisses me off.

    178. Del says:

      Marmalade doomed? I had a friend, still living in retirement north of the border, who had shares in [xxx] (damn I can’t remember the name – must be old age). His father had also planted a willow with the intention that his son could cut a willow cricket back from it. He did.
      The folks of Englandshire also look nostalgically at marmalade:
      My point in all of this is that it’s not just Scotland that is suffering a marmalade crisis. England feels your pain.
      [Spoken as a Nat sympathiser, by the way.]

    179. Ruby says:

      Fred says:
      20 March, 2016 at 10:10 pm

      Is Marmalade doomed? it seems to be only us Bus Pass folk who buy it. Very partial to Sainsbury’s Thick Cut masel.

      Just watched Jackie Baillie’s workover. 🙂

      Ruby replies

      The thing about marmalade is that he needs to be spread on toast and more and more people are eating muffins & croissants.

    180. heedtracker says:

      This’ll cheer you up K1

      Although, chosen track could inspire an apocalypse now style Hughie assault on the bridge, piloted by assorted yoon twitter nutters History Woman, Effie Beans, Kevrage, Prof Tomkinski, Duncan Hothersall, etc UKOK etc.

    181. Ian Brotherhood says:

      How many of our older citizens had breakfast this morning, reflecting on their jaunt to Glasgow yesterday:

      ‘Ach, it was lovely of the weans tae treat us for the day and take us tae yon fancy cinema.’

      ‘Aye, but that movie was pure pish, eh?’

    182. Andrew Mclean says:

      Wow, way to go Kezia, actually you do have a point, of course you should not base your political outlook on accidents of birth that is just so silly Kezia.

      Kezia the republican, who knew! God she might just become a successful politician one day if she keeps maturing!

    183. K1 says:

      Del’s link archived:

    184. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, I know you know!

      We’re going to have to keep fighting it though, just calmly and patiently. It’ll start working in our favour all the same.

    185. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Does anyone have video of Jackie Baillie being monstered by Gordon Brewer?

      (Also, if anyone has footage of them both on Politics Scotland earlier today, that would be appreciated.)

    186. Ruby says:

      I just watched another little bit of her speech and watched the audience mechanically clapping after her every utterance and got a bit worried for the girl. I feel a bit bad about taking the piss! I think she may have some serious mental health issues and I say that in all seriousness.

      Then there is the possiblity that she is an SNP plant or just desperately needs a job. Whatever it is there is something no right!

    187. K1 says:

      Och that was great Heed! Really did cheer me up, hear what you mean music wise, somewhat epically doomladen, och well it is Scotland efteraw 😉

    188. K1 says:

      🙂 yesindyef2

    189. call me dave says:

      I’ve been on online cricfree tv watching the excellent curling.

      But just seen your ‘spork’ word.
      Very good I though! ….then I checked amazon and your right they can be bought. Never knew 🙂

      I never eat jam but am partial to the marmalade and was given 3 mini pots at Christmas each with a different single malt flavour.

      Best ordinary stuff is the chunky Spanish, runny variety, when your toasting your buns in the sun.

      Loved the video of the bridge by the way.

    190. call me dave says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Up the thread at 3:40

    191. Lenny Hartley says:

      Ian Brotherhood re joba Call me dave shared the link this afternoon its

    192. Ruby says:

      call me dave says:
      Best ordinary stuff is the chunky Spanish, runny variety, when your toasting your buns in the sun.

      Ruby replies

      “ooh err missus” would it not be safer if you used a high factor sunscreen. 🙂

    193. Dr Jim says:

      Remember the guy with the red T shirt “Labour Man” at the conference
      Check out the Revs Twitter page

      If you can’t the guy is a complete wrong un who tried to open a brothel someplace and was sacked from the party for nicking dosh…but this is the best bit he’s standing for Argyll and Bute

      Remember Kezia shouting about vetting procedures in the chamber at the FM ….hO Ho hO HE hE hE

    194. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Ian B, Call me Dave posted it earlier and I stupidly watched it. From 38 mins in, it goes to Brewer and Pol Scotland.

    195. call me dave says:

      Ha Ha!

      Yes or you could spread it on your croissants or your double entendre from the bakers.

      Radio 5 live….
      more disabled calling in about IDS. Others saying 30% of claims fraud and ‘something needs to be done’ (no prizes for that quote) although the official figures are very low indeed some say about 1%.

    196. Ian Brotherhood says:

      re Baillie/Brewer session –

      Thanks all, have just watched it.

      I now understand why Brewer’s hair stands on-end, and why BBC Scotland provides that ultra-chic electric-blue chair in a range of sizes.

      Aside from that, I learned nothing.

    197. Just watching the Scottish Labour Conference,

      the party that said before the last election,

      we will be `Tougher on Welfare than the Torys`

      that means tougher than IDS and Patel and Osborne,

      these people voted Labour with the manifesto of `Tougher on Welfare than the Torys`,

      anyone that voted Labour at the UK election and criticises the Tory Gov on their attack on the vulnerable are hypocrites because there own party was going to be even Tougher on Welfare than the Torys.

    198. Ruby says:

      Dr Jim says:
      20 March, 2016 at 11:11 pm

      Remember the guy with the red T shirt “Labour Man” at the conference
      Check out the Revs Twitter page

      Ruby replies

      A whole load of stories came out about Mike Rice when he was suspect NO 1 in the Mike Russell email Hacking malarky.

      I’ll have a search around tomorrow and see what can dig up. I’ll have to wait until after the watershed to post links!

    199. cearc says:


      All good news there!

      This promises to be a great bloodsport and the tories just love bloodsports!

    200. Rock says:

      Blair Paterson,

      “I mean if you wre born in Yorkshire for instance you are English no one would dream of calling you Scottish you may not like it but that is the facts I’m afraid”

      You have a point.

      I don’t think it is common for English people born in Scotland, or anywhere else in the world, to call themselves anything other than English, unless they have been there for many generations.

      It is so ridiculous for the BBC to call Mohammed Farah “English”.

      I am not sure if even third or fourth generation Pakistanis born in Scotland identify themselves as “Scottish” when abroad.

      Why should they not be proud to be Pakistani if they want to? We in Scotland don’t have a cricket test for loyalty.

      No blood and soil nationalism intended.

    201. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Rock –

      Why do you actually even bother?

      I mean, seriously? Why?

    202. Ruby says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Rock

      I wasn’t caught out this time I recongised you as a wind merchant before I even read your 2nd paragraph.

    203. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Is there a midnight news on Radio North Britain?

      We’re just about to find out…

    204. Ian Brotherhood says:

      No ‘news’ in North Britain at midnight…


    205. CameronB Brodie says:

      Ian Brotherhood
      Shirley this issue has to be kicked around Ian, all opinions heard? Ideology and ‘respect’ does not trump reality, IMHO, though I consider all those who live in Scotland to be Scots of equal human value. Ethnically Scots or otherwise.

      What was it Chic called himself, “a pragmatic non-ethnic culturalist”, or something similar? Ethnicity is real, race is economics in technicolor. A construct of colonialists.

    206. Rock says:

      Ian Brotherhood,

      “@Rock –

      Why do you actually even bother?

      I mean, seriously? Why?”

      Ian Brotherhood,

      “@Rock –

      I will welcome you, guarantee your safety, and ensure that you get the opportunity to address the gathering with your thoughts and concerns.”

      What a hypocrite you are. As “socialist” as Kezia.

      This is not your blog.

    207. Tackety Beets says:

      Ruby @ 10.49

      I’m with you “there’s something not quite right”

      Watching FMQs KD is getting torn to shreds by Nicola and KD wears this almost laughing smile. It’s not forced or anything.

      If that was me My heart would sink and I’d be think , F@@k , I should have seen that coming better change tac .

      Naw she just blunders on regardless. Still with the glaikit smile.

      Very odd ?

    208. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. I’ve stumbled into a minefield and I ain’t got my glasses. That is the truth. 😉

    209. CameronB Brodie says:

      Killed another gag there ’cause I’m near blind. ;(

    210. Ken500 says:

      These Labour idiots are suppose to be representing people in Scotland. If they want to represent people elsewhere go and stand for election there.

      They used Scottish taxpayers money to illegally bomb the Middle East to bits. Gave Scotland’s oil revenue to Ulster to continue the sectarian bigotry. They just do not want to be accountable. They start some dribbling nonsense to try and cover their duplicity and lies. They have caused one of the worst economic crisis in history. Displaced half of the Middle East and Europe and caused poverty all over Europe. Caused the worst migration crisis since 11WW and left others to pay for it.

      All Dugdale can come up with is some nonsense about being ‘Scottish’ or not. They expect Scottish voters to pay more for their illegal,wars, tax evasion, banking fraud, Trident and costly projects in the rest of the U.K, that are a total waste of time and money. They are pathetic. Osbourne has tried to ruin the Scottish economy.

    211. Paula Rose says:

      Oh dear – am I having to prove my Scottishness again?

      Not born here, none of my lot have lived here for generations – get a grip.

      This is about democracy.

    212. Brian McHugh says:

      There one or two individuals on the wind up the nicht. LOL

    213. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @CamB –

      Rock is not offering an opinion. He never does.

      He comes here to foster discontent and division, and he’s very good at it (as we’ve seen in recent threads).

      I respect Rock’s right to be heard, but I also reserve the right to call him out each and every time he starts up with his negative, nit-picking pish.

    214. Gregor says:

      Bit disappointed.

      I was born in Scotland, emigrated to the states when i was 5yrs old, returned to Scotland at 11yrs, joined the Army @16yrs (1st Bn A&SH),returned to Scotland after 8yrs service. Left Scotland as an economic migrant now living in England.

      Never seems to be any mention of people like me, millions of Scots who have left their homeland for many reasons. In the north east of England where i live there are many Scots (at least one in every street). We are classed by the locals as Scottish, not as English. OK i don’t want to be called English.

      There are many songs written by Scots all over the world, songs written telling a story of a country they had to leave behind (again for whatever reason). Songs of longing to return someday. I don’t think most of these are purely the longing for the geographical place.

      Scotland is a Nation of people who can and have, settled in every area of the world, not to dominate or take over someones culture, religion or traditions, but live in peace.Yes we carry that bit of Scotland with us and are extremely proud to call ourselves Scottish.Just because i live in another country does not mean i am less Scottish.

      I watched the indy ref, i read the same articles my family back home read, i saw the lies and the tricks being played, i argued with my English colleagues, but was sad that i had no say, i wished my country to be free.

      I don’t believe you can only be Scottish if you live, work and contribute to the Scottish economy.

      I am Scottish and will be till i die…..

    215. Bill Fraser says:

      This woman just seems to lack any ability to be a leader of the Band of Hope,let alone the Labor Party.

    216. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Witness Rock, forced to mine past threads and go all ‘ad hominem’ at 12.11 after his catastrophic comment at 11.37.

      Tells you all you need to know.

      The only reason WOS is relatively free of these c-c-c-c-characters is because we squash them as and when they appear.

      Aye, this one’s persistent, but is no less deserving of squashdness.

    217. CameronB Brodie says:

      This would have been my reply to you Peter but I though I’d share it here. Hope you understand.

      Thanks for the blog.


      Emotional discomfort is a symptom of an expanding consciousness and growing awareness of one’s surroundings.

    218. Glamaig says:

      Kezia needs a new job. Maybe in Sainsburys? lots of union jacks in there and she might even make manager. Im sure she’d be happier.

    219. K1 says:

      To be fair Ian B, it wisnae that long ago that you invited Rock tae the shindig. You clearly think he/she is worth squashing when ‘they’ appear so why invite and offer ‘safety’? He/she’s goat a point Ian.

      So Rock’s ‘negative’ aboot the National, I gave up being bothered by that ages ago. So I just ignore the ‘National’ posts now.

      I cannot thole SD, and I would not invite him to anything feeling as I do that he is a pompous fuck wi the anal – lytical abilities of a twig. Just saying. 😉

      Oh and I do know that people ingore ma comments too, and am sure many of us would not get along in ‘real’ life…fair enough 🙂

    220. CameronB Brodie says:

      Ian Brotherhood
      Not long and we can have a chat over a pint Ian. It’s like Christmas. 🙂

      In other news, the prototype of “blood and soil” nationalism first emerged in the English shires, the offspring of Fabian socialist and One Nation Tories. A new concept at the time, British nationalism appears to have endured.

    221. CameronB Brodie says:

      I read your post and hope you’ll be coming along to the Glasgow rally? You can buy Ian and myself a pint. 😉

    222. Sandy says:

      As previous correspondents have regularly stated, Nicola speaks genuinely, honestly & wholehearted from the depth of her soul. She has, what many so-called politicians lack, a conscience.
      Listened to IDS Sunday. With his history, well,make up your own mind.
      To me, & I use a guid ol’ Scottish word, SLEEKIT.

    223. Almannysbunnet says:

      Scotland is just a word defined by a dotted line on a map. You nearly had me convinced Kezia, I was thinking of voting for the just a word labour party but then realized that labour is just a word. A meaningless word, a con led by someone with an advanced case of the Scottish cringe who offers a horrible view of our future. What a bleak outlook, you’re looking tired Kezia, take a rest, read a book. The Wee Blue one, it’s full of words.

      I prefer Trump’s “I know words, I have the best words”. At least that is funny.

    224. Sandy says:

      Just watched Politics Sunday.
      Two points:
      Dutch is quite a difficult language. Jackie Baillie is an expert. She does it x2.
      Inverness: Beware of Wastemidden bearing gifts.

    225. robertknight says:

      I love watching the Scottish Labour conference, just to see if I can catch a glimpse of Statler & Waldorf gutting themselves with laughter!

    226. Ken500 says:

      The Unionists came into politics to line their pockets and starve the vulnerable to death. The majority are appalled at how the Unionist Parties carry on. Illegal wars, killing innocent people, sanctioning and starving innocent people to death, abusing and killing children. Not upholding the Law and hiding their criminality under the Official Secrets Act. The most disgusting people. Not an once of compassion. Embezzling and stealing public funds, on grotesque projects the majority do not want. How do they think they will get away with it?

    227. mealer says:

      Paula Rose 12.21am,

      Every independence struggle has drawn the support of heroes who were born some other place.

    228. Grouse Beater says:

      Ian Duncan smith tries to prove he’s human – and fails:

    229. mealer at 7.44

      Indeed. It is surprising how many of the Irish rebels were of the Ascendancy (of English origin). Historically the leaders of Irish independence like Wolf Tone, Robert Emmett, Charles Stuart Parnell were all of British Protestant stock. Padraig Pearse’s father was an English postmaster. The greatest damage Britain ever did to Ireland was to deliberately create the sectarian division as Randolph Churchill played the Orange card to drive Ulster away from the rest of Ireland.

      Your nationality is what you choose and the community you identify with. We are all mongrels and we all came from somewhere else.

    230. After reading Dugadale’s speech about The SNP say they are ‘stronger for Scotland’.
      Stronger for who?
      For what?
      What is strength without principle?
      What is strength if you use your power to force cuts onto communities, school children, the vulnerable in our society?

      What good is strength if you don’t use it to protect those without power, without opportunity, without wealth?
      Stronger for who?
      Stronger for what?

      That’s the difference between socialism and nationalism.
      I know that where you are born is an accident of birth, a geographical lottery.

      I can’t base my political vision on that.
      I didn’t come into politics to help those at the top of Scottish society, just because they are Scottish.

      Does she actually know what she’s talking about

    231. Foonurt says:

      Dave McEwan Hill, wae awe didnae come fae sumwhaur else. Bit ah ken whit ye mean, lukin ett Scoats history.

      Assimilate wae thoan culture, ye choose tae jine. Bit in ah guid weiy, in no yoan tryin tae haud folk unurr yurr thumb.

    232. K1 says:

      Maybees aye Cam, I’m waiting to see how I feel on the day…I’m no the maist sociable of creatures, but if I do, I’ll happily stand you and Ian a glass of whatever yer huvin’. 🙂

    233. Phil Robertson says:

      “only people born in Scotland are “Scottish””

      So, where exactly did she say this? You’re adding two and two and getting six.

      You could have included the next couple of lines in the extract which complete the message.

      Mind you, including “Nor would I turn my cheek to a child living in poverty just because they are born on the other side of a dotted line on a map” might ask the question of where are the Syrian refugees that the First Minister going to house?

    234. Almannysbunnet says:

      Phil Robertson says:
      “where are the Syrian refugees that the First Minister going to house?”

      Being housed as promised, away from the gaze of the paparazzi and rubber neckers. I can vouch that is what has taken place in the North East.

      As usual it is being done with the interests of the refugees in mind. The SNP realize that they have been traumatized enough already and do not want them used as some cheap publicity stunt.

    235. Ruby says:

      Phil Robertson

      I think you’ll find if you read the comments that most people haven’t a clue what she is talking about.

      Perhaps you could explain the meaning of her words.

      Looking forward to reading your explanation.
      Cheers & thanks in advance.

    236. Fred says:

      Could be mistaken but did Rock not slip that he was now aged 77 (Rock of Ages?) also I don’t think we’ve established the gender, we could have an elderly lady here & you know how difficult some of them can be.

      Why do I picture Mrs Mac fae “Take the High Road” here. 🙂

    237. Ruby says:

      I can’t help feeling Kezia is being used by The Labour Party. They know they are going to lose & lose badly in May and instead of facing up to the real reason they lost all focus will be on Kezia and what a joke of a leader she was.

      I’m concerned for the girl now because I do think she is in trouble. I can’t imagine she will be getting much support from her family because they are not Labour supporters and all the folk sitting in the audience at the Labour Party conference clapping mechanically at her every utterance even if it was incomprehensible mumbo jumbo will all be pointing the finger in May and making her the scapegoat.

    238. Ruby says:

      Fred says:
      21 March, 2016 at 12:54 pm
      we could have an elderly lady here & you know how difficult some of them can be.

      Ruby replies

      Is that a wind-up? I suspect it is! 🙂

      I’m sorry that the elderly ladies you have met have been difficult I wonder if it’s something you are doing that has caused them to be difficult.

      How do you get on with elderly men?

    239. Phil Robertson says:

      “Perhaps you could explain the meaning of her words.”

      The meaning of the words is exactly what this about. My original point was that she did not say that “only people born in Scotland are Scottish”.

      What part of what she actually said are you having trouble understanding? Fairly short sentences, no big words – where’s the difficulty?

    240. Andrew Mclean says:

      I read Kezias speech, I think it’s time she got a new speech writer, it was full of sound bite without substance, take the well meant position that she’s cares about child poverty and not the dotted line on a map. “Nor would I turn my cheek to a child living in poverty just because they are born on the other side of a dotted line on a map”., but her stance as a unionist makes it clear she has a dotted line on the map in mind, but instead of the border between Scotland and England, she means the dotted line around the UK. In her attempt to reach the moral high ground she falters at Dover!,

      To be honest the rest is in the same vein, till it departs from the mediocre, skips along with the batty until it finaly reaches the absurd “And this Labour Party can do again what we’ve always done at our best. Challenge the establishment. Overturn the status quo”. Honestly what is she talking about? Labour establishment from Scotland the “die hard” now cram into the unelected second chamber and call themselves Barron and Lord, Scotland was a one party labour country for decades, what is she going on about?

    241. Ruby says:

      Phil Robertson says:
      21 March, 2016 at 3:31 pm

      The meaning of the words is exactly what this about.

      ‘My original point was that she did not say that “only people born in Scotland are Scottish’

      Ruby replies

      Doesn’t Kezia & her supporters speak funny!

      Sure she didn’t use these exact words but that is what people inferred from the mumbo jumbo she uttered.

      If the read the comments on this thread you will find out the parts people are having difficulty with.

    242. Rock says:

      Ian Brotherhood,

      “@CamB –

      Rock is not offering an opinion. He never does.”

      In addition to being a hypocrite, you don’t even know what an opinion is.

      You have no counter arguments so you launch Scottish Labour type attacks.

      This is not your blog.

    243. Rock says:

      Paula Rose,

      “Oh dear – am I having to prove my Scottishness again?”

      No one has ever asked you to prove your ethnicity on this blog.

      But you are like an exhibitionist dying to mention it at every opportunity.

    244. Rock says:


      “In the north east of England where i live there are many Scots (at least one in every street). We are classed by the locals as Scottish, not as English. OK i don’t want to be called English.”


      And the same applies to most English living in Scotland or anywhere else in the world.

      They regard themselves as English, and the locals regard them as English. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

      There are of course the likes of Paula Rose dying to be regarded as Scottish. I have no problem with that. But why make a hue and cry about it at every opportunity?

    245. Rock says:


      “we could have an elderly lady here & you know how difficult some of them can be.”

      Yes, most of them are British nationalists who voted No and will remain imperialists to their dying days.

    246. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bob Mack says: 20 March, 2016 at 11:38 am:

      “The sad reality is that there are people who think they are both. Even the daily abuse on the media and Internet is not enough to convince them they are not respected ,let alone loved for just being a Scot.”

      Aye! Bob! And they are the only ones who actually got it correct. All Scots are British but all British are not Scots.

      The truth being there is no nation on this old Earth called, “Britain”. The term, “Britain”, is a geographic term and does not refer to any nation.

      Britain is an archipelago of thousands of islands and, “Great Britain”, is the largest island in that archipelago. It, Great Britain, consists of only Scotland England and Wales.

      The Nations of, “Britain”, are, “The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland”,”The Republic of Ireland”, “The Bailiwick of Jersey”, “The Bailiwick of Guernsey”, and, “The Isle of Man”.

      “The United Kingdom of Great Britain”, is composed of the former independent, “Kingdoms of Scotland”, in a legal partnership with the former independent, “Kingdom of England”.

      However, “The Kingdom of England”, that partnered Scotland to form, “The “United Kingdom of Great Britain”, was composed of three countries, as it included both Wales and all Ireland.

      The creation of, “The Republic of Ireland”, caused the title change from, “The United Kingdom of Great Britain”, to, “The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland”.

      However, as the former Kingdom of Ireland had already been part of the Kingdom of England from 1542 until 1800, there remains only two Kingdoms as partners in the United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

      There is no such thing as any nations named either, “Britain”, or, “Great Britain”.

      The British Nations are:-

      The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland:
      The Republic Of Ireland:
      The Bailiwick of Jersey:
      The Bailiwick of Guernsey:
      and The Isle Of Man.

      What’s more every bloody one of them is British for, by definition, they all live in the geographic archipelago of Britain.

    247. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Rock, you’ve been ploughing the same furrows for months now.

      You are against The National and you are against certain regular Wingers. I have read your comments, without feeling the need to comment (because others have slapped your wrist), over the past few months, but you’re becoming tedious.

      It’s like we know how you are going to comment before you start fingering your keyboard.

      Sit back and ask yourself what your purpose in posting here is.

      What are you trying to prove? As a professed independentanista, some of your comments are way beyond the pale, particularly towards long-time Wingers, who have done a lot more for the cause of independence than your typing has.

      Have a long thought, otherwise we can only assume you’re 77th Brigade.

    248. Rock says:

      Brian Doonthetoon,

      “It’s like we know how you are going to comment before you start fingering your keyboard.”

      May I gently remind the likes of you that this blog does not belong to you.

      I post my views. I don’t ask anyone to read them or to respond to them.

      The likes of yourself, Ian Brotherhood, Thepnr and Paula Rose attack my comments like Scottish Labour attacks the SNP.

      None of you has posted your own views on what I wrote or stated what you disagreed with and why.

      If the owner of this blog doesn’t mind, I will continue to post my views as and when I like.

      But don’t expect me to reply to unsubstantiated attacks or questions by yourselves.

    249. Rock says:

      Robert Peffers,

      “The British Nations are:-

      The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland:
      The Republic Of Ireland:
      The Bailiwick of Jersey:
      The Bailiwick of Guernsey:
      and The Isle Of Man.

      What’s more every bloody one of them is British for, by definition, they all live in the geographic archipelago of Britain.”

      Do you have any objection to Gordon Brown calling Scotland “North Britain”?

    250. Fred says:

      @ Ruby, ah um an elderly man, an carnaptious wi it! 🙂

      We never did discover who set fire to the National’s transformers just before the referendum?

    251. tern says:

      Is this Wings changing side on Civic Nationalism and agreeing with the anti-racist reason for voting No?

      I got no thing salving from Wings during the ref, when I was posting warnings about the White Paper citizenship policy, and how the whole Yes movement would not to any enquiry say that in the provision for 2 generations diaspora to apply for citizenship by descent it would be unrefusable? That was the item that converted me to No, and school bully birthplace racism was exactly the concern, and now folks have posted that SNP doesn’t care about birthplaces. “All British citizens born here or who live in Scotland on day one of independence will have the right to a Scottish passport” and no word about anyone else – Yes campaign paper 2.

      So does Wings endorse my EU petition 1448/2014? which cited that ECHR article 8, the human right of family life, would oblige the EU to treat Scotland as a pariah racist state and not engage with it, if it was dividing families barbarously by operating with refusals of citizenship by descent?

    252. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I got no thing salving from Wings during the ref, when I was posting warnings about the White Paper citizenship policy, and how the whole Yes movement would not to any enquiry say that in the provision for 2 generations diaspora to apply for citizenship by descent it would be unrefusable?”

      Ironically, I can only answer that question if you rewrite it into English.

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