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Posted on May 13, 2014 by

Because some of you won’t have seen it yet. This is NOT a spoof.


That’s what they think will persuade people to vote No, readers.

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    1. 14 05 14 12:34

      FOR COMMON SENSE | Scottish Independence News

    278 to “FOR COMMON SENSE”

    1. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      No Comment necessary.

    2. gerry parker says:

      I’d close it at that Stuart.

    3. Mosstrooper says:

      OMG! This woman has a VOTE.

    4. heedtracker says: Here’s another nice photo of staunchly Scottish Jean with some of her other staunch Scots friends.

    5. panda paws says:

      Another case of Jockholm syndrome. Unfortunately the Scottish Cringe is still with us.

    6. Brian Hill says:

      I’m staunchly human but I’ve yet to hear a argument for keeping my lot thrown in with the humans to my south. No disrespect, just we each need to get a grip on our respective sides of the hill.

      Then I thought, that’s the haggis joke isn’t although for me the collorary is likening the Union to a Carry On film where the cast pursue each other in some sort of bawdy circuit shouting, ‘Ooh Err’ or ‘Oh, Matron.’

      Brian, married, 1 son, 1 daughter, a grandson. Plays bass guitar and writes stuff.

    7. Jim Thomson says:

      They need to change the strapline from “For Common Sense” to “For Goodness Sake!” (I tried to avoid the obvious – it was VERY difficult)

    8. Nemo says:

      Just as well that we’re not voting for separation, but for independence 😉

      Incidentally, not the first tenor horn player I have met that thinks that voting NO is a no-brainer – “no need to check the facts, Vote NO”. This is the core NO vote. Many without any exposure to any kind of evidence for YES other than that provided by the MSM, and many very uncomfortable if provided with information for them to check. It is as if they know that it is a poor judgment, but cannot admit it to themselves. Will they even vote on September 18th?

    9. Desimond says:

      As soon as you see the word ‘but’ the arguments over.

    10. Murray McCallum says:

      VNB better together need to get these outstanding 1st class proud Scots on the tele. Maybe an in-depth information show hosted by John McCririck?

    11. Jim Marshall says:

      I think Mel has a strong case for defamation !

    12. Alec K says:

      How low must your self esteem be to think like that?

      This has got to be one of the saddest things I have seen so far in this debate. I feel sorry for people like that 🙁

    13. Gray says:

      … and the band played ‘believe it if you like’.

    14. Oneironaut says:

      I honestly can’t really think of many non-insulting comments for this piece of… err, I suppose I could call it ‘propaganda’, though I had another word in mind.

      If the no voters out there who see this fail to feel disgusted enough to change to yes voters, I don’t think there’s anything we can do, they’re obviously beyond help…

    15. Jim Marshall says:

      The clue is in the word staunchly. This is usually used by loyalists.

    16. Bob W says:

      Must watch/ listen to UKOK FUD exclusively.

      I missed the haggis chase scene, sounds exciting, must re-watch Braveheart.

    17. Robert Kerr says:

      The key word is “staunchly”.

      I don’t know anyone who uses that to describe themselves.

      Any thoughts WoSers on that one word in the ad?

    18. Desimond says:

      Haud oan….are they calling Jean common?
      Thats a bit harsh, I know tenor bass in a brass band ( Ex-Colliery per chance?) isnt quite lead violin in the uber-
      Lottery funded Royal Opera House but its still harsh!

    19. Robert Kerr says:


      Beat me to it!

    20. wee e says:

      Honestly, I think they are deliberately setting some of these people up for public derision so they can cry “evil-cybernats bully puir wee sowls!”

    21. Desimond says:

      Hooray for Wee Jean the Tenor lady.

    22. Jim Marshall says:

      Robert Kerr

      Staunch and devout are common words across the sectarian divide.

    23. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m glad AstroTurf is durable, as it will give us something to play on throughout the summer, without damaging the real grass. 🙂

      It is only common sense though, that HMG Better Together try out some of their lesser experienced players (less valuable), on this artificial surface. Let them take the knocks whilst coach Acanchi gets to grips with this unforgiving and unpredictable surface.

    24. Papadox says:

      Nae wonder am no getting thru tae enibuddy, a furgoat tae add in “STAUNCHLY” proud pseudo middle class haggis muncher.

    25. Robert Kerr says:


      I was brought up in darkest Lanarkshire!

    26. David Agnew says:

      One wonders what it is about being Scottish, that makes them so proud. Notice they never define what that is. Its always used as a qualifier before they say something utterly ridiculous, then they apply the soothing balm of Britishness that makes it all better.

    27. Doug says:

      Tenor horn? Not tuba?

    28. wee e says:

      @heedtracker so what? It looks like you’ve just linked to the site of the professional photographer who did VoteNoAcanchi Ltd’s publicity pics. It’s perfectly natural for a grassroots PR company to employ grassroots professional snappers to take grassroots portrait shots.

    29. Michael says:

      Isn’t this just another of their appeals to the Orange vote to come out? The language used in these ads screams, ‘we know you thickos don’t normally vote but our privileges depend on you coming out this time so bloody well do it you staunch band members you.’

    30. M4rkyboy says:

      I agree,there isn’t a good argument for ‘separation’.
      There are hundreds for self-determination though.

    31. Craig Brown says:

      If you only read the Daily Record and occasionally watched the news.. It’s entirely plausible you would not understand the need for our referendum. Depoliticised.

    32. MajorBloodnok says:

      She’s right – I’ve never heard a single decent argument for separation either. On the other hand, I’ve heard plenty of decently cogent and informed arguments for independence.

    33. Free at 63! says:

      Never heard of the word ‘staunch’ used to describe a Scotsman/woman. Only heard it used re ‘staunch loyalist’.

    34. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      It so obvious that the statements are fabricated by someone within the Westminster village, that it does more harm to the NO campaign than good.

      SO let them publish it as it looks so phoney, it will turn folk off

    35. steviecosmic says:

      It’s more than mere coincidence that every single person featured in NB ads are also in this library:

      Claire can be contacted here:

      Perhaps Wings could enquire further.

      I’m guessing, but I am betting that gallery predates NB coming online by quite some time. Anyone know how to find out how old that page is?

    36. Votadini Jeannie says:

      Thanks for the links, heedtracker.

      I wonder why a Cambridge-based photographer is taking the photies for a Scottish “grass roots” campaign? Couldn’t they find a No-inclined photographer anywhere in Scotland?

      And did they all travel to Cambridge to get their pictures taken, or did Claire travel up here? Either way, an expensive logistics exercise just to get a few headshots taken.

      The people in those ads ARE Scottish, aren’t they?

    37. McScooterboy says:

      Well first I was a No, then I was a yes, but see this was just what I was needing to convince me that no is the answer….

    38. I never thought I’d find something for which “amazeballs” could express my opinion but I was wrong.

    39. Jim Marshall says:

      Robert Kerr

      I was also Robert. Despite that, I am neutral in the sectarian society that is west central Scotland. However I find it difficult to convince these nutters of that. You know the line…but what team do you really support.

    40. Jamie Arriere says:

      Is she in the same band as Blair? I’m sure they make sweet music together.

    41. David Smith says:

      Tenor horn? Is that some kind of flute? ????

    42. Albert Herring says:

      I believe Blair’s looking for a duet partner.

    43. Lesley-Anne says:

      Can someone please confirm that these *ahem* adverts are on the Vote No Borders site which, allegedly, is a pro union site. This would imply that these *cough* adverts are supposed to induce us all to vote NO right?

      I have a problem with the above assumption. All the adverts on Vote No Borders that I have seen would do nothing for me other than ensure I vote YES in September.

      The guff that is spouted in these *ahem* adverts is enough to make most folk want to commit suicide if there was not a better, forward looking enthusiastic alternative.

    44. David Baxter says:

      seems a bit ironic as we do have the borders regions and signs tellin you you just crossed the border either way

    45. Papadox says:

      The BT/VNB (HMG?) have sure spent their money wisely on this PR cartoon series. Think it’s maybe a bit refined for us wee haggis muncher North Britons, might better suite LONDINIUM higher class elites, EBC types and spooks.

      If any marketing people came to me with this as a campaign, they would be looking for new employment. You would be better with a pair of sandwich boards on Argyll st. and cheaper.

    46. heedtracker says:

      Wonder why the marketing execs didn’t pick the photo of Jean giving the camera that lovely smile on here
      Probably doesn’t get that perpetual irritated why bother so vote no tone bettertogetherBBC background noise effect.

    47. Lesley-Anne says:

      steviecosmic says:

      It’s more than mere coincidence that every single person featured in NB ads are also in this library:

      Don’t panic…don’t panic Captain Mainwaring!

      I’ve got it sussed. I now know why all those people are in these *cough* adverts. They were asked to pose for the *ahem* adverts and in return they would receive a nice wee photie! 😛

    48. ronie cowan says:

      I see 12 very soft NO votes. Somebody must know these good folk and could spend 20 minutes with them. Not one of them is as informed as they should be.

    49. pete says:

      MRI scan would show proof of a mad haggis , running around
      in that poor souls heed, lol

    50. rab_the_doubter says:

      Does anyone else think the timing of this is a wee bit suspicious. Seems that before it was cancelled in 2012 this event took place during the last week in July. It appears to have been mysteriously resurrected and scheduled for the week before the Referendum.

      And here’s a report from 7 Feb 2012 discussing the reasons for cancellation – the main reason being cutbacks in the defence budget.

      So it seems that when it comes to giving Scotland a demonstration of UK Military strength one week before Scottish People make the most important political decision of their lives there are funds in the kitty.
      Don’t know about you but i think its a thinly veiled bit of intimidation. No doubt this will be heavily promoted by our ‘impartial’ State Broadcasting service.

    51. Hardin says:

      I’ll donate £100 to the no campaign if someone can find documentary evidence she ever said those words out loud.

    52. Jamie Arriere says:

      A cogent argument for separation? Well, if your man keeps drinking away your housekeeping money, shags the next-door neighbour’s daughter, and cannae be trusted wi the TV remote – you’ve solid grounds to leave him, hen.

      Other than that, come here if you want to talk about politics.

    53. Davy says:

      Stu, to miscall these people would be similar to stamping on a kitten, I mean its just sad and ignorent. Lets just have a go at the swine who are backing this fantasy.

      Oh and I think who ever is writing the comments is from down south and they actually believe their is such a thing as a live Haggis.

      A question is all these people actually employed by some agency ?

    54. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      what an arse, everybody knows haggai live on moors not hills. tube of a human being.

    55. Proud Cybernat says:

      How is it possible to be “staunchly” something and then qualify your position with “but”? And whwere’s the haggis scene? Did I miss something?

    56. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Can someone please confirm that these *ahem* adverts are on the Vote No Borders site which, allegedly, is a pro union site. “

      Other than POSTING A LINK TO IT IN THE FIRST LINE, you mean?

    57. Steven Anderson says:

      This more or less proves the bias of newspapers and the BBC if she hasn’t heard a single good reason for independence when I’ve literally heard hundreds.

    58. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Perhaps Wings could enquire further.”

      This is why people should follow my Twitter account.

    59. Jamie Arriere says:

      Oops, I’m so sorry – that wasn’t very decent was it?

    60. Giving Goose says:

      There’s a joke there somewhere about blowing better than a certain Glasgow Labour councillor.

    61. Ken500 says:

      Vote No Borders are helping the YES Campaign. One look at that Con, will make people vote YES. It is an insult to the Electorate’s intelligence.

    62. JimnArlene says:

      Idon’t think any of these people actually said any of these “quotes”, or at least I hope not. Surely, no one is that stupid.

    63. Jamie Arriere says:

      Heck, she did show some common sense – the common sense not to tell them her age. Dignified Jean

    64. Democracy Reborn says:

      @David Agnew

      David, this lady & others actually identify themselves principally as British. They just happen also to be Scottish. If that’s their identity – fine, I don’t think there’s anything any of us could say to make them change their mind. What annoys me though is that for all the pejorative terms heaped on independence supporters (“separatists” [Ian Davidson], “narrow nationalism” [wee Dougie]), the whole tenor of the UK parties’ debate is couched in something that dare not speak it’s name : British nationalism. Their ultimate purpose is the support & upholding of the British state, & the supremacy of Westminster. Hence why you had Gordon Brown espousing “British jobs for British workers”, Milliband’s “One Nation” or the Tories’ “Protecting UK interests in Europe”.

      So, in simple terms : –
      Scottish self-determination – nasty
      UK self-determination – just grand

    65. steviecosmic says:

      I do follow you on Twiiter, but I just tanned 3 souvlakia and I’m waiting for the meat sweats to subside before venturing further than here and a google search on carbon dating a web page.

    66. Andy-B says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if those people, actually made those comments, and if they did have they been taken unawares, as virtually none of the comments are flattering to them. Or are they designed to provoke a lets say, some what negative response, from the pro-independence supporters.

      Using people who aren’t fully aware of the truth,regarding independence, and asking them to comment from that position, seems to me to be terribly disingenuous to those people,but maybe that’s the whole point,use people who aren’t fully aware of the facts to get your point of view out there.

    67. Grouse Beater says:

      Since Braveheart took cinemas by storm I have not heard a single Scot deride it in any shape or form.

      A few question historical accuracy, as if Lawrence of Arabia was accuracy personified, or Bridge Over the River Kwai never got started until every single scene and line of dialogue was endorsed by those there at the time.

      I repeat: the cigarette card slogans are meant to demean.

      They have all the evidence of being concocted, or edited, or suggested.

      None are everyday colloqual speech.

      Full names or addresses are omitted – therefore alleged individuals quoted cannot be contacted to verify authenticity.

    68. AllyBally says:

      I’m staunchly haggis and I’m feart fae Mel Gibson and Jean

    69. bjsalba says:

      Well, now we know the calibre of what we are up against

      Only a right bunch of numpties would have spent money on drivel like this!

    70. heedtracker says:

      “follow my Twitter account” What a feel Lord Robertson looks in that fancy dress outfit. What’s he meant to be, a turkey gobble gobble?

    71. caz-m says:

      Scottish Labour trying to pushing another illegal policy through at Holyrood.

      They want all employers to sign up to paying a living wage. Nicola Sturgeon says it is against EU law to force an employer to do that.

      Labour force a vote in the parliament, knowing it would be meaningless, SNP vote against it, but it’s a good headline grabber.

      Do you think the Daily Record will run with it in the morning.

      “SNP vote against living wage”.

    72. Croompenstein says:

      They are f*cking obsessed with Braveheart, I am about to separate my arse from this chair I need fresh air after reading that and the said separation is f*ck all like Mel Gibson shouting ‘freedom’ while chasing a haggis

    73. gerry parker says:

      Yeis should all be in folding papers, and no messin about here!


    74. Grouse Beater says:

      Mel Gibson shouting ‘freedom’ while chasing a haggis

      It’s another attack by Scotland haters. Stay subservient.

      Braveheart Shmaveheart: grousebeater.wordpress

    75. Training Day says:

      Yeah, but what if she’s right and it IS like Mel Gibson chasing a haggis? Or what about the other way round?

      Has anyone considered that?

    76. tinyzeitgeist says:

      British nationalists yet again denigrate and insult the people of Scotland.

    77. gerry parker says:

      Or even better, oot delivering them.


      Nice night for it.

    78. YESGUY says:

      I started off with sympathy for these “saps” being used in a nob orders advert , but now i am lost as to what to think.

      The lad who “didn’t want a passport to visit his GF in England not only made me laugh but made feel a little sad.They have made a fool out of him .

      Surely these people have friends and family who can see this for what it is.

      Some one said ” the masses are asses” and its hard to argue when you see this stuff everywhere .

      My sympathy has changed towards them all. They have allowed themselves to be used in a propaganda war. And they cant see that for themselves.

      If these are “typical Scots ” then i fear for us all.

    79. Lesley-Anne says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Can someone please confirm that these *ahem* adverts are on the Vote No Borders site which, allegedly, is a pro union site. “

      Other than POSTING A LINK TO IT IN THE FIRST LINE, you mean?

      Sorry Stu I guess my outside the box, way off at an oblique tangent type of humour sort of failed on that one. 😛

      I was trying and obviously failed big time to be humorous there…oops! 🙁

    80. Mary Bruce says:

      @Grouse Beater says, “They have all the evidence of being concocted, or edited, or suggested. None are everyday colloqual speech.”

      Yes, I totally agree, but I would go further and suggest that they have been concocted by someone who has never even been to Scotland. They are so stereotypical that they have to have been written by a non-Scot.

      It’s a bit like when John Barrowman was wittering on about what Scotsmen wear under their kilts. It would NEVER occur to a Scottish person to mention this when talking about Scotland.

      All this haggis/Braveheart/Bannockburn guff is as unrealistic as expecting to hear a labour voter in Manchester citing Morris Dancing or black pudding as reasons why they won’t be voting for the tory party. It is simply absurd.

    81. murraymint says:

      As a “professional” photographer, she should have at least made these good folk look a bit better…surely?

    82. Jim Marshall says:


      ” If these are typical Scots then I fear for us all”

      Not typical Scots but typical Daily Record readers. Brain dead.

    83. caz-m says:

      grouse beater

      My papers are folded and I am just going out to deliver them.

    84. manandboy says:

      This is another image of this woman – and of many like her.

      For me, this photo sums up the Better Together Campaign and the traditional unionist voters among the electorate.

      The vast majority in this pic simply cannot see what to you and I is obvious.
      They can only see a backside in front of them.
      That’s what they follow.

      Nor can they see the abattoir just around the corner.

    85. Mary Bruce says:

      @manandboy: Sheep photo made even more sinister with the twitter logo herding from behind.

    86. haud on the noo says:

      The photographer has worked for the BBC (on a commission basis I assume) in the past..

    87. scottish_skier says:

      I missed the haggis chase scene, sounds exciting, must re-watch Braveheart.

      She’s possibly confusing it with Disney Pixar’s Brave; that’s the film that this whole referendum thing is about as I understood it.

      A common mistake.

    88. liz says:

      Re the BBC running down the Commonwealth Games,well that could be used against them as it will be their incompetence if the reporting is a shambles.

      After all they obviously can’t afford decent O/B equipment since we only raise £350m pa in Scotland

    89. heedtracker says:

      @ Grouse Beater. Great blog, again. Did anyone else watch Channel 5? Greatest war films ever top 100 or so last night? NO Braveheart though they had James Cosmo on raving about the Battle of Britain movie.

      Don’t know who won as got bored of Dan Snow about to orgasm over being British but probably wasn’t Braveheart.

      When Braveheart first came out, the BBC poured endless scorn on it or rather Scottish cinema goers watching it. Billy Connolly was all over the shop moaning that they had every single Scottish actor they could on Braveheart except him, which is pretty rich even for Billy

    90. manandboy says:

      Mary Bruce says:

      Brilliant spot, Mary!

      Now, if I just had your vision . . .

    91. scottish_skier says:

      The unionist ‘braveheart’ thing is a bit like what happens when you say you don’t believe in fairies.

      In this case though it’s rather more positive; every time a unionist mentions Braveheart, a Yes voter is created.

    92. manandboy says:

      heedtracker says:
      13 May, 2014 at 6:51 pm@ Grouse Beater. Great blog, again. Did anyone else watch Channel 5? Greatest war films ever top 100 or so last night?

      Don’t know who won – A. The Great Escape

    93. a2 says:

      What does the Jack bit on the photographers site signify , if anything?

    94. Mealer says:

      Lady Alba… Nuclear Love.Watch it on Youtube

    95. Paula Rose says:

      Is Mel Gibson hunting the haggi with longer left legs that run clockwise round hills, or the ones with longer right legs that run counterclockwise?

    96. Camilla Kaczinski says:

      Ah, they’ve found their quotes in the Daily Mail comments. How sweet.

    97. Craig P says:

      I’m interested to know if the PR agency will now distribute this ad in the press and on billboards, or if we have just done them a favour and focus grouped it out of contention.

      If the latter, then please Acanchi go ahead and distribute this as widely and expensively as possible. 🙂

    98. iclare says:

      Wee Eee

      I think that is sadly their WHOLE game plan – fishing for vile bile cybernats quotes which they will then use as Stage 3.
      I believe they thought they could ‘launch’ a real grassroots movement. It didn’t work.

      Their popular beat combo choon didn’t rocket up the charts, flat.

      The Social Network positive conversation failed spectacularly, despite MSM giving it huge, uncritical, unopposed, free prime time.

      So they went for we’re not talking anymore because of vile cybernat comments i.e. awkward questions and presenting facts.This too failed to set twitter/FB on fire with people going to look and comment.
      They didn’t bother or looked and found nothing. Some maybe found the Proud Scottery/British vids which were simply lame.

      So now its ‘real’ people using ‘real’ pics and appealing to ‘ordinary’ Scots. Organised by a ‘REAL’ PR/Marketing company employing professionals.

      They’ve spent money doing the demographics, the stats and social analysis.

      This is the Professional results so far and they are Laughable.

      London does not have its finger on the pulse in N.Britain

      You just can’t buy a Scottish Grassroots Campaign.

      This latest stage is like a parody of a bad campaign – will be watching for next move which may just be pfftzz… and lights out.

      BUT not before they have made it Our fault.

    99. Papadox says:

      TO, VNB/BT (GCHQ please pass to cabinet office)

      Please please can we have a wee “OCH AYE THI NOO!” In the next instalment. Think you may be missing a trick.

    100. Jock McDonnell says:

      What kind of brass band ?

    101. iclare says:



      said on a braw bricht moonlit nicht

    102. Truth says:

      Hang on, this is a piss take is it not?

      Is it a real one or a mock up?

      This is an honest to goodness genuine question, it just cannot be real surely?

    103. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      newsnet reporting alex salmond calling for westminster poll to be released showing huge surge in support for indy.

    104. heedtracker says:

      @ manandboy, here’s the boy! they must have had it on at the start

    105. Erchie says:

      I know quite a few people who are not impressed with Braveheart. It’s clumsy propaganda and terrible history.

      but that’s beside the point, it’s the NO camp who like their nationalism wrapped up in Orange marches, Ermine & the Last might of the Proms

    106. Chris Paton says:

      To be fair, a freshly shot haggis is a tragedy to behold…

    107. galamcennalath says:

      Postings failing again.

    108. Oneironaut says:

      “They may take oor lives, but they’ll never take OOR HAGGIS!!!”

      Sorry, calmed down a bit now, and that poster just makes me laugh every time I look at it now.
      Seriously, had to scroll it off the screen just to get anything done here!

      Convinced our opposition is either playing stupid to try to lull us all into a false sense of security, or they’ve finally cracked under the pressure of rising Yes popularity and are just spewing out complete gibberish now…

    109. TheItalianJob says:

      Pathetic. It’s all organised and not sure how effective this campaign will be. It may only appeal to the same types it’s targetted at i.e. the less well informed and the No’s that aren’t interested in seeking the true/real facts for Independence.

    110. kendomacaroonbar says:


      There wasn’t a suitable English part for Billy C to play.

    111. Harry says:

      Reporting Scotland are fine ones to have a go at any organisations competence. Tonight’s captions! Falkirk v Hamilton Accademical and a rugby legend died, caption 1932-1914. Jackie Bird instantly apologised.

    112. heraldnomore says:

      That’s it, I’m swithering now; and there’ll be thousands more like me. The polls must be swinging from Yes to DK in the face of this positive case for the union.

      Cancel my sub, Stu, I’m out. But I might have a wee keek back from time to time just in case you manage to post anything that remotely resembles the positive case for separashun before I make a final decision.

      I’m off to No Borders, that’s the site for me. This wifie has me convinced, right enough.

    113. Juan P says:

      Anyone here a Deutsche Bank customer? Apparently a new report being spun by the media as yet another “Yes vote currency warning”.

      It would be interesting to see though what the actual full report says.

      Available here but to DB customers only:

    114. Restlessnative says:

      I think the line after telling us about Jeans kin should read “Plays Lambeg drum in a flute band”.

    115. The Rough Bounds says:

      She is a tenor? It’s a lot more than I would pay.

    116. Harry says:

      O/T Got 400 Yes papers to deliver today. A much lighter paper this time, 4 pages fewer I believe. Not sure about the £5000 headline, last issue was £600 and it kind of plays into folks hands about “land of milk and honey”.

      Good to see mention of the FT’s comments and the excellent full page economist/pessimist advert. Leaflets to go inside it from Newsnet Scotland, Duggy Dug cartoon, which is a new one on me, and another one for the local Hamilton Undecideds meeting later this month starring that man who must never be mentioned seemingly, Tommy Sheridan.
      Didn’t get any feedback last time I was out, 650 delivered and zero contact with anybody. I am preparing myself for some hostility this time, I don’t know why.

    117. Clootie says:

      VNB I often wonder if they think we are thick and would fall for such a pathetic little enterprise. The good news is that they do think we are that thick and the classic mistake in war is to under estimate your enemy.

      I do feel sorry for those pathetic “real people” having their ignorance displayed in public.

      Does anyone actually know one of these people? Do they really exist? They do seem rather contrived characters I.e. A perfect example of a scare story all wrapped up in one package – just saying!

    118. Paula Rose says:

      Have a look at the VNB folk on facebook – so many of them became politically active a couple of weeks back, having spent all their time before baking cakes.

    119. Jamie Arriere says:

      Let’s settle this once and for all. Commonwealth Games Velodrome, 3000 metre pursuit, Mel Gibson (representing Oz) on one bike, the Haggis on another. One to one combat – let’s get this woman’s questions answered.

    120. Vronsky says:

      “Any insulting personal remarks in the comments will be deleted as usual”

      Ach, you’re no fun.

    121. crisiscult says:

      @ Democracy Reborn

      This had me puzzled for a while i.e. how you could be against nationalism and for it at the same time, and then reading a book by Bernard Crick from the early 1960s it made some kind of sense. British nationalists don’t think they can be nationalists because it is a union of nations, not a nation in itself. So by being for the union, you are actually promoting some very progressive post tribalism, post nationalist society. Since this particular union joined a bigger union – EU- however, this mental construct or cognitive contortion becomes a little harder to maintain because how can you be against the EU but for the UK? Labour can say they are for both, and maintain their superior post nationalist position.

      The problem, however, is that no unionist parties seem to be working towards a federal EU, or even beyond that for further integration. Added to this, they are increasingly pandering to obvious nationalistic/tribalist emotions that have their borders around Great Britain. Then, you get Jim Murphy and others clearly using Brit Nat language. Increasingly the King has no clothes, but the press dare not tell them, and cognitive dissonance keeps them on a blissful righteous even keel.

    122. alexicon says:

      Scottish sun run these posters today.

    123. Croompenstein says:

      @kendomacaroonbar – There wasn’t a suitable English part for Billy C to play


    124. msean says:

      A yes vote is the only cure for Scottish Cringe.

    125. scottish_skier says:

      What kind of brass band?

      I’ll hazard a guess and suggest a ‘staunchly’ something one?

    126. James Westland says:

      What I’d like to know is how they actually got these quotes. Did they ask the interviewees “OK, say what you think about Indy” And then let them come out with it.

      Or are these quotes picked from answers given to questions? Probably leading questions

      And why these people? Did they select this lot from a sample that had hundreds, nay, thousands of yes supporters?

      Just trying to imagine the interview scenario. And to re-iterate others, that word “staunch” That simply doesnt ring true. Staunch Catholic, staunch republican, staunch evangelical. Its got religion / sectarianism written all over it

    127. Geoff Huijer says:

      I’m staunchly Scottish but want to be run by England.

    128. James Westland says:

      “Staunch” eh? It wasnt “astonished” by any chance… 🙂

    129. Davy says:


      HELLO err HELLO, sorry to bother you just a BLACK-OPS…CYBERNAT…SPECIAL-AGENT here, I was wondering if you could gie’s a bittie of a help, it seems some bugger has lost a POLL.

      Noo I’m sure its nae their fault, and nabody will actually own up to it but somewhere around britnat HQ, aka Westminster, it seems to has vanished, and it cost thousand’s ooh the tax payers money.

      So if you see it or ken oh onybody that has seen it could you ask them to hand it in.

      One last thing they are asking for volunteers to check Danny Alexanders pockets, its just the kind of thing he might go for.

    130. TYRAN says:

      #PublishThePoll still trending UK wide as I type. That surely is newsworthy; also to the scale behind Yes.

      The entire no campaign online is Duncan and a couple of far right headbangers.

    131. Grouse Beater says:

      Hi Heedtracker

      Grouse Beater. Great blog, again

      You’re welcome.

      I am so bored with the jeering I go for the jugular if anybody uses Braveheart in a pejorative sense.

      (Blog, “The Pitch – BBC Scotland,” went viral. Terrifying watching numbers clock up faster than the price meter on a petrol pump. I’ve no idea why that one should have been selected for instant stardom.)

      I’m now mulling over the Kirk’s attempt to manufacture consent by suggesting we should all be terribly nice to each other during “Referendum time,” as if, somehow, we’ve been at each other’s throats for over 300 years.

    132. Anne Lawrie says:

      Someone, somewhere must know who these people actually are. It would be interesting to find out what they actually said, if they really are Scottish or if they were just models for the ads.

    133. tartanfever says:

      vronsky @ 7.54

      “Any insulting personal remarks in the comments will be deleted as usual”

      Ach, you’re no fun.

      I think all the insulting remarks happened above the comments. Truly horrified that someone would come out with this drivel and that VNB have such disdain for the Scottish voter that they would publish this thinking it’s a vote winner.

      Simply shameful.

    134. Grouse Beater says:


      Billy Connolly was all over the shop moaning that they had every single Scottish actor they could on Braveheart except him

      Connery refused a role. As I argue in my blog, Braveheart arrived many years too late for him as magnificent lead.

      He should have been in it. Instead he took the fee for a stupid Disney King Arthur load of hokum, where everybody wore suits of armour designed by Versace.

    135. CameronB Brodie says:

      I bet it was a “junior” member of staff what lost it. 😉

    136. haud on the noo says:

      Anne, I said elsewhere. They were chosen for looks so as to initiate a nasty response.

      These #### know what they are up to, just a pity we are a bit too smart.

    137. Rory says:

      Having become used to avoiding MSM, papers et al, and the high standards online: here, bella, newsnet, weegignerdug. This simply beggars belief.

      The mighty monstering wizards of westminster have just cut their own feet off….again. WHo can surely believe A) This pish?, and B) The people who come up with this pish?, C) That being ruled by these pure pish pishers makes “us” better?


    138. Colin McGarvie says:

      Pardon my ignorance as I’m a long time ex-pat, have the terms “British Scottish” and “Scottish British” come into use or is it only something being used in these VNB posters?

    139. ronnie anderson says:

      Ok ( he that must be obeyed no insulting remarks )

      Jean must be in the same brass band as Blair Mc Dougall

      the horn section are in front of the Tuba’s, is nae wonder

      she never hears anything positive about the Referendem


    140. Bill Chapman says:

      I’m convinced that in the next thirty to fifty years there will be an independent Scotland. Remember that here in Wales in 1979, therte was little support for devolution. Now, 35 years later we have a National Assembly. These things take time.

    141. Macart says:

      Just WOW!

      Oh Jeez, that’s a hoot. 😀

      So they’re still trying to kick life out of the old Braveheart guff? I wonder if they’re looking to provoke a response of some sort? Y’know other than braying laughter. 😀

    142. Tam says:

      The poll results must be in the same filing cabinet as the marked up register from the Glenrothes by election.

    143. Richard Bruce says:

      Wow! So this isn’t a spoof? Have VNB lost their minds? This one is nuts, really nuts!

    144. HandandShrimp says:

      Well someone is spending a lot of money, fortunately their ideas are shite. These adverts are awful and make the people in them sound like one dimensional idiots. If I was in one I would be having reservations about the way I was being represented.

      When were all these pictures taken, does anyone know and who is Jack?

    145. Croompenstein says:

      O/T Rev – pet rats on channel 5 Ben Fogles animal clinic.

    146. Paula Rose says:

      So – am I correct, the powers that be in Westminster decided to set up a grass-roots astroturf campaign that would attract swarms of cyber-nats, then follow up with some adverts that would encourage even more cybernattery? Pity they got a discussion about gardening then – funny old world.

    147. Marcia says:

      From Keven Pringle’s twitter:

      There is another encouraging #indyref poll for #Yes in the public domain tomorrow. Now, if only the @cabinetofficeuk would #PublishThePoll

    148. Walter Scott says:

      If I saw a haggis when i was running about the hills I would just pick it up. why would she say you’d have to chase it? Doesn’t Jean know anything?

    149. Lanarkist says:

      Sorry OT, did anyone else hear the announcement about a Commemoration Event to be held in early Sept in Fort William, yep, Fort William, created to subdue the Highlanders after the ’45.

      To broaden the tourist year in early September, give tourists one more thing to do and tie in with WW1 commemorations.

      Pretty blatant propaganda celebrating a military camp created to subjugate the restless natives.

      Subtlety now past it’s sell by date!

      Loving the spoof VNB posters appearing all over twitter and #PublishThePoll trending across UK and now gone International.

      Maybe this will be asked by all three Unionist Party Leaders at FMQ’s!

      Great for parody though, these manufactured posters.

      Who is betting that The Photographer went to Uni with Acanchi Director?

    150. Richard Bruce says:

      It’s obviously just a rubbish, made up, wee pretendy campaign. These are models, (paid), right?

      Are “YES” photos subject to copyright, like the ones in this advert? Why are they copyright? Something fishy about this, more than normal!

    151. Look all you non scots, haggis is real, I took mine for a walk and the wee fecker tried to bully a Bulldog, so you see they also have sharp teeth, big hearts and loads of bottle ffs.

    152. Greannach says:

      If I were the British government, I’d want the taxpayers’ money back from Acanchi and Offord for this balls up of a campaign. Nob Orders’ website is fun – wacky videos and the chance to ask them any question that pops into your head, and now these adverts making unpolished people look like they’re living in fact-free world of their own and among the most clueless on earth. Have their comments been cobbled together by someone who’s still attending an immersion course in Basic English. The photographer didn’t do her clients any favours either. Refund my tax money, please.

    153. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Ma maw’s a millionaire
      Wid yie believe it?
      Blue eyes and curly hair
      Wid yie believe it?
      Sittin’ among the eskimoes
      Playin’ a game o’ dominoes
      Ma maw’s a millionaire”

      If they cannae caw ropes tae this wan then they’re fun oot ! as well as teas out natch ! 🙂

    154. Ian Brotherhood says:

      FFS, what next?

      Alan, a dwarf from Govanhill: “I don’t need to wear a kilt to be a big man.”

    155. Luigi says:

      “I’m staunchly Scottish, but I haven’t heard a single argument for separation”

      “Cos you ken what?”

      “Deep down, I’m really a 24 carat Brit Nat!”

    156. Luigi says:

      “I haven’t heard a single decent argument for separation”

      Try taking your fingers out of your ears, hen!

    157. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

      Vote No Haggis.

      Altogether this is one of the most consistently effective (and witty) comment threads I’ve ever read on the site.

    158. Macart says:


      “Braveheart Shmaveheart”

      Nice one Grouse.

    159. dadsarmy says:

      OT – see the UK Gov new 32 page booklet? See the photo on the front? See there are 3 flagpoles, but only 2 have flags? At 400%, it looks like there may have been a bit of photoshopping on the middle flag.

      Anyone from Edinburgh any idea what flag normally sits between the Saltire and the Union Jack on the Balmoral Hotel? Would it be the EU flag, or the English one?

      Could be interesting to find out …

    160. CameronB Brodie says:

      Have you had a face-lift? 🙂

    161. Macart says:


      I think its normally the RF group flag in the middle dads.

    162. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ HandandShrimp – Mah name is Jack an ah live in the back of Ronnie’s garden shed. 🙂

    163. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry, I meant to say “looking good”.

    164. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @HandandShrimp –

      ‘These adverts are awful and make the people in them sound like one dimensional idiots.’

      Indeed. And they’re ‘doing it deliberately’ – the subliminal message being picked up by the casual reader is ‘that’s what my fellow Scots look and sound like, so that must be how I look and sound to others.’

    165. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Ian Brotherhood says:
      Alan, a dwarf from Govanhill: “I don’t need to wear a kilt to be a big man.”

      Speaking as an ex-Govanhill man, all I can say is “some Govanhill men are longer than others”*.

      * (c) Mel Gibson

    166. scottish_skier says:

      Staunchly Scottish
      Mel Gibson


    167. X_Sticks says:


      “announcement about a Commemoration Event to be held in early Sept in Fort William”

      Hi Lanarkist *waves* braw meeting you at Jollys.

      Yes, I heard that on reporting Britannia. Not very blatant or anything. Still, the tourists may well think its fun, and they won’t have a vote. The Yes folk on the ground I was speaking to at Turriff recon things are going our way up there.

    168. Tamson says:

      All clear now – IMO, VNB is about getting the Orange vote out.

      The geographical distribution of their vox pops was intriguing, but it just happens to be the case that they are mostly Glasgow and satellite towns with a significant, erm, “loyal” vote. Even the sole non-Greater Glasgow one from yesterday fits in: he was ex-RAF, designed to push that “our brave Brit boys” button.

      OK, they don’t go as far as to make all the people obviously kick with the right foot – there’s a Mary in there, after all – but the dog flute is playing, loud and clear.

    169. dadsarmy says:

      Thanks – shame, it did look like a chance to have some fun.

    170. I have noticed that most of the VNB supporters on their facebook page,which im banned from,seem to have pictures of tanks,RAF bombers or union flags on them.

      Does this mean all those in the British Forces are voting NO?You would have thought with all the cutbacks they would be glad to be rid of the tories for good.

    171. Macart says:


      Heh, considering the car crashes we’re presented with on a daily basis from BT these days, we’re spoilt for choice on opportunities. 🙂

    172. Marcia says:

      CameronB Brodie

      Sure have. The previous diet was a bit severe. 🙂

    173. MIdgehunter says:

      @ Juan P

      Anyone here a Deutsche Bank customer? Apparently a new report being spun by the media as yet another “Yes vote currency warning”.

      I am with full access but I couldn’t find anything relating to Scotland, YES or currency warnings in English or German.

    174. call me dave says:

      @CameronB Brodie

      New Marcia…impressive.

      Noticed this morning,feart to mention it then but had two reds since tea time.

    175. twenty14 says:

      Rev – not sure what’s happening but something/one is messing with Wings. At the moment back to normal but a few minutes back this seemed to be hacked big time ??????

    176. john king says:

      Panda Paws says
      “Another case of Jockholm syndrome. Unfortunately the Scottish Cringe is still with us.”

      Bwahahahahahahaha love it 🙂

    177. rab_the_doubter says:

      Im starting to get the impression that Acanchi are even more incompetent than ‘Perfect Curve’

    178. I wonder whether somebody could possibly find any of the people from the No Borders ads — just to confirm politely that they actually said what they’ve been quoted for, and to find out whether they’re ordinary members of the public (as opposed to to unionist councillors or similar).

    179. twenty14 says:

      Ignore my last comment – hit the old page and it came up with the old site Doh ! ( holds head in shame )

    180. Grouse Beater says:

      Grousebeater – “Braveheart Shmaveheart” – Nice one Grouse.

      Thank you, Macart. I’m here all week!

    181. john king says:

      “I missed the haggis chase scene, sounds exciting, must re-watch Braveheart.”

      It was right before the scene where the princess’s mother turned into a bear,

      or was that another film?
      I’ve seen so many.

    182. Castle Rock says:

      You’re too wee
      You’re too stupid
      Getting a doing


    183. Westie7 says:

      @ Juan P

      Anyone here a Deutsche Bank customer? Apparently a new report being spun by the media as yet another “Yes vote currency warning”.

      I thought DB had previously (months ago) released a fairly positive statement?

    184. john king says:

      david smith says
      ” is that some kind of flute”????

      Nope its one of these

    185. Capella says:

      @ Papadox says:

      Please please can we have a wee “OCH AYE THI NOO!”
      or “It’s a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht”?
      btw protestants are “staunch” and catholics are “devout”.

    186. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      The juxtaposition in the VNB advert of Braveheart and a brass band bizarrely echoes the show I saw at the Kings Theatre in Edinburgh, Saturday before last.

      The touring show was the musical Brassed Off, based on the 1996 movie of the same name.

      The actor playing the romantic lead in the show (the Ewan McGregor part from the movie) was James Robinson, whose first notable part was playing Young William Wallace in Braveheart.

      We’ve known James for many years, and had a drink with him in Bennets Bar after the show.

      To our astonishment he revealed to us that all the actors (as opposed to non-acting musicians) in the brass band in the show were actually playing their instruments.

      James had apparently played the euphonium when he was young. Not just a pretty face.

      It was a great show, and a timely reminder of the damage done by Thatcher, with the band leader, in his final anti-Thatcher address to the audience, asking the press (for once) to print what he had said.

      Sadly, since James is living in London at the moment and doesn’t have a vote in September, I was unable to confirm that William Wallace was going to be a YES.

    187. Red Squirrel says:

      Please please please…can we have a Nessie poster next? And then maybe a unicorn?

      Or maybe just a cringe vaccine – sadly looks like we have an outbreak of proud Scottery : symptoms include an irrational belief in MSM scare stories, excessive patriotism, being trapped in the past and in the most serious cases a debilitating Mel Gibson fetish.

    188. john king says:

      Albert Herring says
      “I believe Blair McDougall is looking for a duet partner”

      couldnt find a tenor horn and a b flat bass duet,
      but this is better,
      as trombone is my instrument 🙂

    189. Croompenstein says:

      No Scot would say staunchly Scottish, there are some things that only Scots can say. Reminds me of a story Alex Norton told about one of his friends at a game between Kilmarnock and Celtic and things were going bad for Celtic, they were losing and the rain was pouring down and then they made a substitution and brought on a big Italian boy called Enrico Annoni, to which a disgruntled fan came out with(and only a Scot can say this)….

      Aw Naw, No Annoni Oan Anaw Noo!

    190. Tam Jardine says:

      Braveheart has been used as a convenient way to insult the Scottish nation with impunity for years.

      If I had obsessively ranted on about the Australian actress playing Elizabeth I of England and the historical inaccuracies, poetic license and conjecture in the film ‘Elizabeth’ I would be using it as a safe means of slagging off the English and belittling their country. It has never occurred to me to do so.

      Similar cultural piñatas exist in food form (haggis), our national anthem and our national dress.

      All of these are objects of derision for some members of the public in Scotland (the dyed in the wool unionist cringe), many south of the border but most notably for the media class.

      We see endless reworkings of the Great British Program at the moment and next to no proper television coverage of Scottish culture, history, news, even sport.

      If the elite in the cabal down the road could press a button and extinguish our cultural heritage and history as a nation they would not hesitate. These symbols are a reminder of what we were and what we can be. Different. Seperate. Free.

      For me, I love Braveheart, I love haggis, I would keep our national anthem (maybe add a verse after september) and despite 30 years of resistance as a lowlander I love my beautiful invention of a tartan. I suppose that makes me a narrow nationalist. Sue me.

    191. Kev says:

      Utterly astonished that after 2 years of debate some people are still using phrases like Braveheart and haggis, shame on the No camp for urging people to vote based purely on such idiocy and ignorance, disgraceful…

    192. dadsarmy says:

      The Herald has a fiar story on the Deutsche Bank report, which is a warning for the rUK about currency, and warns that the best case for the rUK is a formal currency union.

      Yes, spoilt for choice. It does look as though the phot was doctored though, even if just to leave the two flags, not three. Debatable ethics there, and they should have to have had permission from the Balmoral Hotel group.

    193. Democracy Reborn says:

      Like everyone else, I think the ad is a total joke.
      But actually, if we wanted to be PC about it, is there not a wee bit of ethnic stereotyping here by Jean : ” Mel Gibson”, “running around the hills shouting ‘freedom'”, “trying to catch a haggis”?
      Would Gordon Brown consider her a “bigot” ( a la Gillian Duffy, 2010 GE)?

      You’re right, the mainstream left in the UK (& I’ll use that term loosely, given the policies of the current Labour Party) are hypocritical in the extreme about nationalism. Their ‘internationalism’ is a veneer brought out when they want to Nat-bash. Unless they believe in world govt, or at the very least a European govt, their rantings against nationalism have no validity. Did they rail against the break-up of the USSR when each state went their separate way in the 90s? The best exemplar of leftist Brit-nationalism was Tony Benn. He was a passionate anti-European, arguing that democracy necessitated laws being passed by a sovereign UK parliament, not ‘Brussels’. And I’ll bet Johann would have been a Bennite back in the day….

    194. Luigi says:

      scottish_skier says:
      13 May, 2014 at 9:14 pm

      Staunchly Scottish
      Mel Gibson


      It is very strange that one of NoB’s “unpolished” can rattle off so many BT buzzwords in two short sentences. That’s some going!

      More polished than unpolished, I suspect.

    195. john king says:

      Maybe Blair would just like to sit quietly and listen to REAL musicians show him how its done, they could do it for the death of the union on the 19 September? 🙂

    196. Grouse Beater says:

      I like vegetarian haggis a lot.
      The normal kind is so full of fat I retch.
      You should see how Cordon Blue chefs present haggis.
      Square plates, spirals of sauce, garnished with rare herbs.
      If I was a haggis I’d want to be dressed in plaid, celery sword by my side.
      Diners would treat me with respect, “There’s a Braveheart of a haggis,” they’d say.

    197. Macart says:

      Seriously Grouse the post was a good one. A culture rich with play writers and directors elevating heroes and actors, artistic license given free reign. Nobody bats an eye. Its entertainment and we all need heroes, so no harm, no foul.

      Apparently only Scotland has a cinematic hero worth continual mockery and derision. Like yourself after the odd version of Kidnapped and Braveheart I’m struggling with movies promoting a Scottish based hero. The Adventures of Quentin Durward (Robert Taylor), or Master of Ballantrae (Errol Flynn). Certainly only a handful.

      Perhaps the a little discomfort involved in their projection may be the answer?

    198. James123 says:

      Why did no one tell me that Jean hasn’t heard a decent argument for separation? If I’d known that I wouldn’t have bothered with all this independence nonsense.

    199. Macart says:


      Seems likely dads.

      Can’t see RF group taking out their own corporate branding from the front of their own hotel.

    200. Tam Jardine says:

      I used the dreaded term ‘seperate’. I want to reclaim it. The MSM and Better Together are driving people like myself who previously just wanted our country’s independence into being out and out separatists if I can make that distinction.

      Probably not the intention.

      As for the ads – it reminds me a little of Rock Ridge in blazing saddles – they have cobbled together a replica grassroots campaign in no time at all. Trouble is, it ain’t going to fool the posse for long.

      Such a shame their big expensive ad campaign has broken at the same time as the buried poll threatens to rise from the grave.

    201. Grouse Beater says:

      @ Macart
      Seriously Grouse the post was a good one

      English dislike The Patriot even more than Japanese dislike Bridge Over the River Kwai because it depicts them as barbarians, burning folk locked in cabins.

      English dislike films that illuminate their dark past. They gave Gandhi, a hard time too but were undermined by its director and star both hard core English, Richard Attenborough, and Ben Kingsley.

      Incidentally, the only reason Attenborough plays the mad biologist in “Jurassic Park is because Connery turned down the role. He also turned down the crusty shark hunter in Jaws that Robert Shaw made memorable. Maybe Seanorry wasn’t keen on working with Spielberg – who knows?

    202. Grouse Beater says:


      I’m struggling with movies promoting a Scottish based hero.

      Try James Bond!

      Educated at Fettes.

      And if that fails to impress, there’s always the Shrek.

    203. StevieMcB says:

      Ye don’t chase Haggis,Ye trap them,Dafties 😉

    204. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Grouse Beater says:
      Since Braveheart took cinemas by storm I have not heard a single Scot deride it in any shape or form.

      The normal percentage for Scotland of the UK cinema audience for a movie is 8% (in line with population),

      The percentage for Scotland for Braveheart was 28% of the UK total.

      i.e. people in Scotland loved the movie, with many going to see it more than once, and many took/told their friends and family to see it.

      So, as has been said earlier here, our BT friends mentioning Braveheart is just one of the many ways they effortlessly find to shoot themselves in the foot.

    205. Macart says:

      Heh, Shrek.

      Now there’s a hero I can relate to. 😀

    206. Grouse Beater says:

      Heh, Shrek. Now there’s a hero I can relate to

      I thought that’d cheer you up.

    207. dadsarmy says:

      @Grouse Beater
      Someone should write something like “an Ode to a Haggis” 🙂

    208. john king says:

      Grouse beater says
      “Try James Bond!

      Educated at Fettes.”

      I don’t think Sean Connery went to Fettes, his mother was a cleaner and his father was a lorry driver.

    209. Grouse Beater says:

      The percentage for Scotland for Braveheart was 28% of the UK total.

      There you have it.

      Scots don’t make movies. We go to see movies.

      I’m thinking – just thinking, mind – of splitting a screenplay into sections and posting it on my blog, a Scots historical one – screw my reputation forever – that sort of suicidal trip. (Copyright is registered with the Writers Guild and two Entertainment lawyers.) Big step.

    210. Grouse Beater says:

      @ JK
      I don’t think Sean Connery went to Fettes, his mother was a cleaner and his father was a lorry driver.

      Still chuckling

      I wish I knew how to post a Smiley.

    211. dadsarmy says:

      The irony is that the more Unionists talk about Braveheart and Independentists say “it’s nothing to do with Braveheart”, the more the Unionists use Braveheart as a taunt. I think the undecideds will be thinking “what’s wrong with Braveheart, I enjoyed the movie even if it wasn’t too factually accurate”.

      My NO-voting daughter thinks there will be a big Braveheart factor near the Referendum. She may be right. After the movie showed was perhaps the biggest support for Independence, especially in her generation.

      But we don’t want to talk about that, of course 🙂
      Let the Unionists do it for us.

    212. dadsarmy says:

      “: – )” remove the spaces.

    213. john king says:

      Ive just watched a vomit inducing party political broadcast by the “Britain first” party,
      this people is what our country will be dragged into by a no vote,
      it was blood curdling.

    214. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Had a meeting a very nice guy today (a Labour member who intends to vote No) – he happens to be an expert on sectarianism, and was explaining to me how subtle and insidious it can be.

      It’s not all scarves, football, flutes and singing. One small example was particularly fascinating – can golf clubs be bastions of sectarianism as well as misogyny? You’d better believe it. But how can you tell?

      Check their annual membership fee – if it happens to be £1,690, that’s a clue.

      I don’t know if these NVB ads have been designed to press sectarian buttons, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

    215. Fairliered says:

      Is the wee wumman in the poster JoLa’s mammy? I’m sure there’s a resemblance.

    216. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ..sorry for typos…

    217. john king says:

      Dads army says
      “My NO-voting daughter thinks there will be a big Braveheart factor near the Referendum. She may be right. After the movie showed was perhaps the biggest support for Independence, especially in her generation.”

      Not true,
      the peak of support for independence happened two months before the film was launched,
      its an old chestnut the unionists put out that we saw a film. 🙁
      it didn’t happen.

    218. Capella says:

      Great idea Grouse Beater.
      It’s not just Scottish heroes that are verboten. Can anyone can find a DVD of “The Double Helix” made by BBC Horizon but now lost without trace. I think an American company now has the copyright and an American version was produced cutting out all the scenes which showed that it was in fact Rosalind Franklin who discovered the DNA double helix and not James Watson. But there’s too much corporate money at stake to let the truth survive (except on line of course). Money is at the heart of all these cinematic sleights of hand.

    219. Grouse Beater says:

      @Dsd’s Army
      The irony is, the more Unionists talk about Braveheart…

      We could fil the schedules with adaptations of Scott’s Waverley novels for years to come.

      They are just as relevant to our history and significant to others as any from Dickens, or Hardy’s west country is to others, or Trollope.

      But television ignores Sir Walter Scott unless its “Antiques Roadshow” doing a stint at his house.

      There’s a good half-dozen contemporary novelists publishing fine work specialising in the historical genre, plots not always factually based, I should add, some pure fiction, adventure stuff, but all worthy of dramatisation.

      In other words, our novelists gets shafted too.

      I don’t advocate historical drama only filmed – the kind of peurile gibe tossed at us by unionist illiterate who say our own SBC would be tartanalia – I’m for contemporary drama about adult issues too, the Chandler-esque detective thriller a great way of showing our dark side.

      Indeed, when I wrote “The Pitch – BBC Scotland” for my blog that’s what I had in my head as I scribbled it down – a classic gumshoe talking.

      “It was midnight. I lit my last coffin nail. The flash from the match caught the eye of the broad on the opposite sidewalk. At twenty yards she looked like Jane Russell. The only problem was, she was dolled up to look like Jane Russell … at fifty yards.”

      And so on, and so forth.

    220. Tam Jardine says:

      John King

      I had barely heard of Britain First – crazy stuff. When you think of the baseless accusations of racism, ethnic nationalism and racism levelled at the SNP and us gentle cybernats the mind boggles that this kind of repugnant pish will scarcely raise an eyebrow for the MSM.

      Did I really see those campaign vehicles? We’re they meant to be like humvees or something?

    221. TheItalianJob says:

      @Grouse Beater

      Ref Smiley type 🙂

      Check the following site.


    222. Bruce B says:

      No campaign are doing no favours. All they are doing is making no voters look thick, uninformed and anti-Scottish.

    223. Grouse Beater says:

      @ Capella
      Great idea Grouse Beater.

      Im entertaining the thought – need lots of courage.

      Rosalind Franklin who discovered the DNA double helix and not James Watson…

      True, she worked with them. When out, one went into her laboratory and read her notes and eureka! There was the answer he was looking for. Neither acknowledged her profound guidance. They took the Nobel Prize.

      Money is at the heart of all these cinematic sleights of hand.

      You can make a very good movie in Los Angeles for as little as $250,000 USD. There are union deals that allow for low-budget productions, so long as the star accepts a fee within that limit. You’d never know the difference compared to a more expensive movie. My company has made six in six years … (No more clues, Grousy. Editor)

    224. Grouse Beater says:

      Ive just watched a vomit inducing party political broadcast by the “Britain first” party,

      I concur – the last fart from England’s expiring empire.

    225. This is a campaign by a company known for its nation branding. They will have instructed the photographer as to the type of people they wanted photographs of, and presumably those selected gave their permission. Acanchi would then have researched what messages would best get through to their target audience and abbreviated these for use on the posters, matching quotes with images for maximum impact (supposedly!).

      What would be interesting to know is whether the people concerned agree with the messages. Presumably they were paid for their services, so that may act as a spoonful of sugar.

      Like others, I think this is the kind of campaign that could well have worked had it been put together from a Scottish perspective, but what comes through is a Westminster farce.

    226. Liquidlenny says:

      Sorry being ot on this thread just spent half and trying to post on offtopic end buttons dont work on iphone and the internet isnt good anyway i mentioned before and never seen if anybody picked it up artist london taxi driver is coming to glasgow it would be great if a copule of wingers took him out for beer anybody up for it hopefully i will ve out of here on friday and will try and coordinate something

    227. dadsarmy says:

      @john king
      Perhaps. Being around the same time it’s hard for me to remember or even tell. It was also wrapped up with Devolution, and there were some, me included, that saw that as a big step on the way. A 74.3% YES, 24.7% NO step.

    228. Grouse Beater says:

      @ Dorothy
      This is a campaign by a company known for its nation branding

      I think you may have nailed it, Dorothy.

      (Short documentary on Darien Enterprise” now, BBC Scotland.)

    229. TheItalianJob says:

      @Grouse Beater

      Ref Smiley type “:-)” (excluding exclamation marks).

      Check the following site


    230. Free Scotland says:

      Does anyone from Glasgow or Edinburgh actually know any of these VNB faces? If their pictures were put on Crimewatch, I bet most of the phone calls would come from London and district.

    231. daddyo says:

      Just back from Greece on a “working holiday”. Was wearing my Yes badge always. No body said anything – understanadable coz -you know – they have their own problems – BUT the nice English stewardess on the Easyjet flight back to Manchester noticed my badge and said “nice badge – what does it mean? I said “it’s for independence” Independence from what” she said. I said “for Scotland”. She looked at me as if I had slipped into Swahili. Glassy eyed and no comprehension. The plane was full of the English so i didn’t rise to it. I just smiled politely and let her get on with her job.
      The point being come the 18th Sept there is going to be a lot of people south of the border saying ” what happened? – they did what?
      Scotland is at its very best right now and most of the UK and a lot of “proud Scots But” have no idea how wonderful our ayn folk truly are.

    232. Grouse Beater says:

      Just back from Greece on a “working holiday”.

      That tan will give it away. Sunshine here today, but by 3pm black clouds heaved in sight followed by thunder and lightning.

      I gave my Yes badge away to someone keen to have it.

    233. Jim McIntosh says:

      Re Scottish based heroes – there’s always Michael Caine in Kidnapped.

      “Moy naim is Alan Breck…not many people know that”

    234. Grouse Beater says:

      Good one.

    235. daddyo says:

      Grouse Beater says:

      I know but Scotland is the only country in the world that looks good when it is raining. Yes I got a quick tan but who knew that selling Scottish stuff to the world could be so much fun.
      BTW I bought 100 badges from Yes Scotland and have been spraying them about like confetti.
      Our struggle has put a skip in my step and a smile on my face.
      its ok for you I’m in Fife – the land of “Labour – come what may”

    236. CameronB Brodie says:

      Apparently Ian Fleming was an alumni of Lord Milner’s ‘kindergarten’. I don’t know if that is relevant, I’ve kind of fallen behind. 🙂

    237. Capella says:

      @ Dorothy Bruce
      If the photos of these people were taken by a professional photographer they would normally be asked to sign a model release form which gives the photographer copyright of the images. They can then be licensed to organisations for use as they please, perhaps with conditions attached. The original models would not necessarily have any control over what they were being used for any more than the models in adverts.

    238. CameronB Brodie says:


      Elizabeth Harman

      Non-moral ignorance can exculpate: if Anne spoons cyanide into Bill’s coffee, but thinks she is spooning sugar, then Anne may be blameless for poisoning Bill. Gideon Rosen argues that moral ignorance can also exculpate: if one does not believe that one’s action is wrong, and one has not mismanaged one’s beliefs, then one is blameless for acting wrongly. On his view, many apparently blameworthy actions are blameless. I discuss several objections to Rosen. I then propose an alternative view on which many agents who act wrongly are blameworthy despite believing they are acting morally permissibly, and despite not having mismanaged their moral beliefs.

      Elizabeth Harman

    239. Truth says:

      From linkedin, Claire Borley has 3 years of working with the BBC under her belt.


    240. Truth, wonder if Acanchi is a member of the CBI?

    241. CameronB Brodie says:


      Elizabeth Harman
      Princeton University

      I. Two Puzzles
      We use “I’ll be glad I did it” reasoning all the time. For example, last night I was trying to decide whether to work on this paper or go out to a movie. I realized that if I worked on the paper, then today I would be glad I did it. This enabled me to see that I should work on the paper rather than going out to a movie. This looks like excellent reasoning:

      Paper Argument:
      1. If I work on my paper, I’ll be glad I did it.
      2. Therefore, I should work on my paper.

      ….Similarly, the parents of your deaf friends do not wish their children had been cured of deafness when they were babies: they love their children as they are and as the people they have become. They don’t wish their children had become utterly different than they in fact are. Thinking of your own case, you realize that if you choose not to cure Stevie’s deafness, he will become a deaf adult whose personality and character have been shaped by his deafness. You will then love him as the person he is, and you will be glad you chose as you did; you will not wish he had become an utterly different person, as he would have if his deafness had been cured. You thus reason as follows:

      Deafness Argument
      1. If I do not cure my baby of deafness, I’ll be glad I made that choice.
      2. Therefore, I should not cure my baby of deafness.

    242. Oui Things says:

      Regarding haggis chasing. Can we have it written into a constitution that it must done in the style of a 70’s car chase, with cardboard boxes and funk?

      The appeal of independence has just increased ten fold for me.

    243. Yes_International says:

      Anyone know how to find out how old that page is?
      Since at least 24.01.10

      There are many way to find out

      Headers, Footers, meta tags, sloppy HTML, directories named with dates view source or view page info works as well. Any browser can be used.

      Found the dates buries in the HTML code:

      Here’s the code btw

      <img class="tx1_ab1" alt="Oliver!
      rx: 24/01/10 & 29/01/10
      photos roughly in the right order but not totally!" title="Oliver!
      rx: 24/01/10 & 29/01/10

    244. CameronB Brodie says:

      The University Center for Human Values, Princeton:


      Established in 1990 through the generosity of Laurance S. Rockefeller ‘32, the University Center for Human Values fosters ongoing inquiry into important ethical issues in private and public life and supports teaching, research, and discussion of ethics and human values throughout the curriculum and across the disciplines at Princeton University.

      Just so that we all know. 😉

    245. Truth says:

      Isn’t it interesting that the the profile on linkedin where the person said they were:

      • Involved in the development and implementation of a proposal and subsequent micro-initiatives for a campaign supporting the ‘No’ Vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014

      Has disappeared!?

      It’s just as well it’s still available on google cache isn’t it?

      Original link:

      Cache link:

      Can the cache be archived? How do you work it?

    246. Truth says:

      Copy and paste the whole text for that second link to work.

      Sorry folks. I don’t know how to post links that don’t start www. Can we leave the http:// in on those ones so the links work?

    247. john king says:

      Red Squirrel says
      “MSM scare stories, excessive patriotism, being trapped in the past and in the most serious cases a debilitating Mel Gibson fetish.”

      Maybe they could try some Gaviscon,
      they say its good for trapped wind


    248. john king says:

      Marcia @8.46
      Wow love what you’ve done with your hair, its taken years off you,
      maybe just a touch less eye liner?
      maybe Paula Rose could—? 🙂

    249. john king says:

      Walter Scott says
      “If I saw a haggis when i was running about the hills I would just pick it up. why would she say you’d have to chase it? Doesn’t Jean know anything?”

      It was a hill,
      it was rollin doon the hill,
      he had tae chase it or it would huv goat awa,
      they ASDA bag noo are jist no wurth a shite. 🙂

    250. john king says:

      James Arriere says
      “Let’s settle this once and for all. Commonwealth Games Velodrome, 3000 metre pursuit, Mel Gibson (representing Oz) on one bike, the Haggis on another. One to one combat – let’s get this woman’s questions answered.”

      My moneys on the Haggis,
      it goes through me at warp factor five,

      What do you mean too much information? 🙂

    251. john king says:

      “This is another image of this woman – and of many like her.”

      Its the wolif its the wolif

    252. john king says:

      Chris Paton says
      “To be fair, a freshly shot haggis is a tragedy to behold…”

      Ye micht ha telt us how horrible that was,
      that puir wee thing hidnae even goat oot o its shell afore the bastirts shot it.

    253. fergie35 says:

      Another not all together too bright lamb for the slaughter.
      Reminds us of the common phrase, I’m not racist …but..

    254. Greannach says:

      Staunchly, separation, Mel Gibson, hills, ‘freedom’, haggis. If the scriptwriter had only managed to mention tartan, partition, bagpipes, Gaelic, Loch Ness monster, braw bricht moonlicht nicht and clan warfare we’d almost have a full house at Cringe Bingo.

    255. orri says:

      Small misunderstanding about the name Mary, there are plenty of Prods named Mary, including one of my aunts, it’s when it’s double barreled that you’ve got a bingo. Think William and Mary.
      Personally I’ve mixed feelings about Braveheart given the central message is one of ultimate failure. The same as the romantic defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Flower of Scotland is actually along those lines although probably not as bad. Banockburn on the other hand you can’t take from us.

    256. Grouse Beater says:

      I know but Scotland is the only country in the world that looks good when it is raining.

      That’s a truly insighful remark. I agree. It’s what creates so many indigenous painters.

      Our struggle has put a skip in my step and a smile on my face.

      Currently, I’m struggling to put stuff in a skip! But I look forward to a new Scotland for similar reasons as you.

    257. G H Graham says:

      I’m voting NO because … Yorkshire pudding.

      … Queen Victoria.

      … Millenium Dome.

      … Les Dawson.

    258. Desimond says:

      Why is Jim Spence calling himself Jean?

    259. allen ralston says:

      MMMN hagggis now i know what i,m having for my tea thanks for suggesting it Jean.

    260. Jimmy Want Ball says:

      Me thought no borders was supposed to be positive?

    261. orri says:

      Just had a quick check here,,,

      20. Statutory and regulatory disclosures

      20.1 We are registered in the Electoral Commission and with Companies House as the No Borders Campaign; you can find the online version of the register on the Electoral Commission website, and our registration number with Companies House is 8945687.

      20.2 We are subject to the Electoral Commission rules, which is supervised by The Electoral Commission. We are company limited by guarantee.

      20.3 Malcolm Offord, Chairman of Badenoch & Co is designated responsible person for the No Borders Campaign.

      20.5 Our registered address is 26 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, EH2 4ET

      Not according to Companies House it isn’t.

      Name & Registered Office:
      EC2Y 4YX
      Company No. 08945687

    262. Adrian B says:

      26 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, EH2 4ET

      You might like to take a look at the pictures of the HQ for this “Grass roots campaign”

    263. orri says:

      My point was that that’s a trading office, if it’s actually occupied at all. It’s not the registered office according to companies house so it’s a minor form of deception to claim that it is. IF it’s required by law then they have failed to comply.

    264. Adrian B says:


      I spotted that the other day when this whole VNB story started – one of the first things that I did was some simple basic checks.

      I would imagine that they are indeed setting up at 26 Charlotte Square, they may or may not yet have it set up today, but the clear intention would appear to be to have this address as a base in Edinburgh over the next few months.

      Its one to keep an eye on – even by walking past and checking the brass name plate on the door. As these are company premises it might be possible to wonder in off the street and eyeball the operation.

    265. orri says:

      They are not registered at that address with the Electoral Commission either. That’s the same one as Companies House.

      Looking at this,

      It seems it would be impossible for them to ever change their registered address to the one in Edinburgh even if the wanted to.

      Probably incompetence but who knows?

      I’n not complaining about the address they plaster on their adverts as you’re allowed to use a trading office for that. Just that the seem to be implying that they have told us one thing and have told us another.

    266. orri says:

      Looks like what they are doing may actually be illegal,

      I say might because they might not be bound by any of that.

      However assuming they were then they admit to being a limited company. However they don’t make it clear where they are registered and they don’t provide the address they are registered with.

    267. Adrian B says:

      @ orri & KOF,

      Probably just incompetence/complacency. However we mood to know that things are all above board, if they are not then things need to be checked out properly. The people of Scotland deserve this Referendum to be above board and without all these inconsistencies..

      This one might need legal action before long if there are still a number of questions that need answered.

    268. orri says:

      I’ve sent them a request to provide the information they must legally provide on their website, consisting of their name, registration number, real registered office and place of registration. Let’s see if they’ll actually answer and if they’ll tell the truth.

      Put it this way, the reason you know that they aren’t officially registered in Edinburgh is the phrasing on the lower left hand side of these adverts. It’s the kind of thing electoral agents do when hiding a candidates location.

    269. cirsium says:

      @Ian Brotherhood, 8.55

      Alan, a dwarf from Govanhill: “I don’t need to wear a kilt to be a big man.”

      thanks Ian. I’m still chortling.

    270. Free Scotland says:

      Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Jean from No Borders and all her pals from the brass band will be our equivalent of security sirens, givin it laldy on the tenor horn, trumpet, oompah and trombone to alert our English neighbours of impending attacks from every known species of rampaging haggis.

    271. daddydode says:

      Apparently these people are not scots and photies are shot on Cambridge. Im not sure how accurate this is but it’s all over f.b

    272. Truth says:


      They are Scots, if you watch the youtube videos, they are definately Scottish.

      I’ve never met an Englishman that can put on an authentic Scottish accent, never mind someone from Cambridge!

      I’m not sure all of them are exactly who they say they are though.

    273. Paula Rose says:

      The photographer VNB used is based in Cambridge and added pictures to her gallery. When those photos were taken is unknown, but anyway – the VNB fb page is rather low in numbers of people liking or commenting. Methinks a page that attracts just over 2000 people is not really a game changer.

    274. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      Can’t you pay for these “likes” anyway? If you can, hands up anyone who thinks these jokers wouldn’t?

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