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What you’re Better Together with

Posted on May 13, 2014 by

Some more people who want you to vote No so we can all be One Nation.

Although like Scottish Labour, they don’t seem to be very keen on foreigners.

This one’s got a catchy song, though.

This one’s got a fun cartoon!

Suddenly these guys seem almost rational:

There are more.

Yeah, okay, we’ve gone beyond the pale with this last one:

Pleasant dreams, readers.

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    158 to “What you’re Better Together with”

    1. cynicalHighlander says:

      Is “The End” on the Labour party one indicating self awareness?

    2. YESGUY says:

      Bloody hell Rev that was a creepy 15 or so mins.

      Do the English and Welsh Think us Cybernats are like these guys ?

      We have got to get as far away from these guys as poss.

      Get some rope and tow us up nearer Iceland . Anywhere please

    3. john king says:

      That pause button is right over Fromages gob,
      best place for it

      “Get some rope and tow us up nearer Iceland . Anywhere please”

      I vote for the Caribbean,
      who’s with me? 🙂

    4. JimnArlene says:

      That shows the stark difference of our brand of nationalism, welcoming and inclusive, to the British nationalism, unwelcoming and decisive.

    5. rab_the_doubter says:

      Well, in the interests of research I looked at that EDP video.

      Who is this Adrian that they sing of.

      Dark days indeed when poison like this is given air time. I cannot believe that even 1% of that Party Political broadcast can be viewed as anything other than openly Racist. To anyone from England – give these creatures the spanish archer.

    6. handclapping says:

      Speaking as a vampire, I was very much for Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood. Life is so much harder now we are all PC

    7. Grouse Beater says:

      Te last dying fart from England’s expiring empire.

    8. McV says:

      Did you notice that they said £450 per year per family thanks to a VAT rise in the Labour PEB?

    9. handclapping says:

      I hear the English Democrats are giving us Berwick back, and most of Northumberland too. As a vampire I am interested what Stewart’s Hands across the Border is going to do where the A1 crosses Hadrian’s Wall. There could be such a thing as a free lunch, for me anyway, but they do coagulate so quick when they’re dead.

    10. Croompenstein says:

      I wonder how many of the Christian spitfires actually practice their religion. Onward Christian soldiers.. They should show the first two up here let the don’t knows and fearties see what will happen if they vote No.

    11. scottish_skier says:

      The Britain First one was quite good compared to the Labour Party one. At least the former were fairly straight up about their aims/principles.

      I now understand why Labour just dropped hugely in the polls. OMG.

    12. cearc says:

      So these proud English democrats don’t know where their northern border is or what nationality St. George was.

      Sad really.

    13. RogueCoder says:

      Urrrgh. I need a shower.

    14. msean says:

      Get Scotland away from this madness,and we haven’t even had a ‘the war’ type story today yet.Yet.

    15. rab_the_doubter says:

      Oh FFS
      Britain first PPB on BBC now. Just F***ing not on.

    16. heedtracker says:

      UKIP have really got it in for Bulgaria.

    17. scottish_skier says:

      If you wanted evidence the British Labour party is truly dead, then that last PPB is all you need.

    18. cearc says:

      The labour one is truly amazing, an entirely policy free PPB as well as no mention of Europe.

      Still, it could be quite good for the Yes vote.

    19. Democracy Reborn says:

      I’m probably going to be in the minority here, folks….but I actually thought the Labour Part one was ok. We all know, as Blunkett said, that the Lib Dems are “the biggest whores in history”. But WTF did the broadcast have to do with Europe??

      Still, I suppose after that broadcast we can all picture Cleggy joining hands around the coalition cabinet table with the 2 Ed’s. Oh, I forgot… Wee Dougie’s ruled that out.

    20. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      To be fair the Labour broadcast isn’t attacking foreigners.

      However it is difficult to see whose party’s broadcast it is. So the impact will go off target.

    21. Liquidlenny says:

      Right chaps im unable to get proper internet just now i need some help theres a basqe volunteer here said to me today that his friend had got the white paper and it said that he would have to wait ten years before he could become a scottish citizen whilst uk now 5 years i said i didnt believe it and would check for him

      Unfortunately im unable to look at large docs anybody fancy letting me know what sg policy on becoming citizen for eu nationals post yes


    22. Peter Macbeastie says:

      I suddenly feel a bit grubby.

      I’m heartily glad I, in common with any who are associated with the Scottish strain of nationalism, am a very different animal to that type of nationalist.

      Mine is entirely inclusive (stand fast bigots; I don’t have to like them, so I don’t) and makes no distinction based on sexuality, race, which country you were born in, what particular invisible sky pilot you follow, or don’t follow for that matter. I see none of those are particularly important to me.

      The same can very clearly not be said for any of the duck pond bottom contents you posted videos of.

    23. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Not sure if I’m feeling nauseous as a result of watching this stuff, or I’m just coming down with something and it’s coincidental.

      But the combination of viewing these people after digesting the threads about VNB is just too much – we’re up against some seriously nasty characters here. Alex Salmond, at Calton Hill, warned us about ‘powerful forces’ (was that the phrase?) and now they’re coming over the hill.

      Heaven help us.

    24. Murray McCallum says:

      Who is the posh, get-rich, out of touch and uncaring person in the Labour PPB supposed to be – Peter Mandelson?

      What is clear though is that Labour no longer abide by their old election mantra “I agree with Nick”.

      How lucky are former LibDumb voters like myself to be feted by Nick Clegg and OneNation Labour.

    25. Charles Addison says:

      That Labour video is buttock clenchingly awful. Good god , are we supposed to laugh at that pish or respond in an unthinkian pavlovian manner to “posh accents”. The irony is that had the SNP made this turkey, we’d be hearing all about nasty seperat bigots!
      Labour are going to get creamed if they try to rely on class warfare and attack vids to get their posh boys and girls elected. Some policies and a few principles might be a better place to start from.

    26. Maid_in_Scotland says:

      Loved the pipe band at the end of the BNP video (s’pose that gives it a bit of Scotchiness).. found myself singing those lovely lyrics which Lady Nairne would not have approved of, viz. “Auntie Mary had a canary …… etc etc.” Good taste and an Edinburgh ’50’s upbringing precludes me from continuing but I’m sure you all know the rest. Do these folk in the South realise what they did there? And is that Spitfire the last aircraft in the current UK arsenal?

    27. Kenny says:

      The BNP one was just weird. Who the hell was that minister? I’d love to know what his congregation makes of that.

      Also, isn’t “Hardworking Britain Better Off” one of the worst bloody slogans you’ve ever heard?

    28. muttley79 says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Alex Salmond, at Calton Hill, warned us about ‘powerful forces’ (was that the phrase?) and now they’re coming over the hill.

      He did indeed. I don’t think he was referring to SLAB, and the other Unionists in Scotland. I think many independence supporters know to which groups and organisations in Britain he was talking about (and it is not the BNP, UKIP etc either)…

    29. HandandShrimp says:

      I have not seen any of these before…did like the English Democrats tune though. The Labour one was amusing but perhaps a wee bit ill advised. Pretty much inviting retaliation in kind I think.

    30. crazycat says:


      There is a chart in the white paper which I am not entirely sure I have understood.

      It says that at the date of independence automatic citizenship is granted to British citizens habitually living in Scotland, and British citizens living elsewhere but born in Scotland.

      Then it lists lots of categories after the date of independence, including migrants in Scotland legally (who can apply for naturalization subject to checks) and citizens of any country who have spent at least ten years at any time living in Scotland and who have an ongoing connection with Scotland, who can also apply for naturalization.

      It doesn’t mention EU citizens specifically, but your Basque’s friend could count time already spent here towards his ten years, if I have understood it correctly. He doesn’t have to wait ten years after independence.

    31. Taranaich says:

      Britain First has clearly seen fascist propaganda and decided “yes, this is definitely not going to have people remembering the Nazis. All the angry young men bearing flags, soldiers, tanks, snarling heraldic beasts, the fantasy of vast hordes of foreign migrants?

      Seriously, watch this:

      Replace Muslims with Jews, Sharia Law with Zionism, etc… What’s that different about the stuff we’ve seen above? The only major difference is that Islam is a substantially larger religion with multiple Muslim countries & states with extreme laws – which only adds fuel to the hysteria.

      The last census showed that of the 63,182,178 people living in the UK, 55,010,359 were white – 87%. If we’re only talking England & Wales, then that plummets to… 45,682,100 out of 56,076,000 (80%). Asian-British (who account for the largest number of Muslims) number 4,213,531 – 7.5%.

      What about poor, ailing Christianity? Truly, the faith has plunged to incredible depths: “only” 33,243,175 (almost 60%) consider themselves practicing Christians, with 14,097,229 (25%) selecting no religion. The Dread Tide of Islam accounts for a truly monolithic 2,706,066 (4.8%).

      So what we have here is a narrative based around the idea that a nation which is 60% Christian and 80% white will somehow see that Christian White British majority transform into a minority within a few decades. The only way that could possibly happen is if Muslims migrate in their tens of millions, or tens of millions of Christians decide to leave the country or abandon their faith. Something SERIOUSLY drastic is going to have to happen to turn a 60% majority of Christians or 80% of white Britons into a minority, or expand a 7.5% minority of Muslims/4.8% minority of British-Asians into a majority. Within a few decades.

      It’s a fix. It’s manufactured. THERE IS NO IMMIGRATION CRISIS.

    32. CameronB Brodie says:

      Britain First. A ‘no-nonsense patriotic organisation’? I wonder why they might deliberatly sell the number of of British Londoners short. Do you think it might have something to do with skin colour?

      “Just 44.9% of Londoners are White British, according to census data” (2:30 first vid)

      Oh wait…..”Our people will be a minority in Britain by 2066″, when referring to a report by the Telegraphy about “The number of foreigners and non-white people living in the UK”. (2:45 first vid).

      Sorry, I’m not wasting more bandwidth on the rest of these troopers. Remember, God is an English gentleman. Pip pip.

    33. John Boyes says:

      Britain First PPB an absolute disgrace . There was a shot of the White Cliffs of Dover with the words “IMMAGRATION OR INVASION” superimposed. That just about sums them up – can’t even spell!!

    34. rab_the_doubter says:

      Telegraph Headline tomorrow, accusing SNP of developing a ‘Slavish Cult of Obedience’. I wonder when we are getting our looky likey uniforms and suicide pills then.

      It must be difficult writing for the ‘Daily Mash’ now when your satire seems more real than the dross being churned out by the supposed serious media.

    35. Taranaich says:

      EDIT: Got that last one backwards, 7.5% British Asians & 4.8% Muslims.

    36. Gill says:

      Apologies completely O/T Rev, recently read your piece on JAMC in Wings over Sealand, which brought the memories flooding back. I Can still smell Cockburn Street market 🙂 anyway wondered if you’d seen this:

    37. andrew>reid says:


      I think this may be what you are looking for. I hope this information assists your Basque friends.

      There is reference to 10 years, but it looks important to set that alongside the condition set out immediately before it in the White Paper, which does not have any time restriction.

      Migrants in Scotland legally
      May apply for naturalisation as a Scottish citizen (subject to meeting good character, residency and any other requirements set out under Scottish immigration law)

      Citizens of any country who have spent at least ten years living in Scotland at any time and have an ongoing connection with Scotland
      May apply for naturalisation as a Scottish citizen (subject to meeting good character and other requirements set out under Scottish immigration law)

    38. fittie says:

      Gordon Brown quoted in both the BNP and Britain First broadcasts

      “British jobs for British workers “

    39. Chic McGregor says:

      Evokes fear and pity in equal measure.

    40. Derick Tulloch says:

      Jesus Christ
      The UK is really starting to scare me

    41. Patrician says:

      just watched the Britain first one on TV. I couldn’t believe that could be shown surely it breaks some laws somewhere.

      And to make matters even worse I grew up in the same area as that moron who appears at the end. So I know who is behind this piece of sh*t, take a bow our “friends” from NI.

    42. sausage fingered luddite says:

      Britain first PPB was certainly the most interesting PPB I’ve seen on STV in many a year. There website makes then look like a “political wing” of the EDL.
      All that waving of the butcher’s apron – like George Square on 4th August.

    43. David Agnew says:

      Hey UK? This is your pal Scotland. Just off the phone to God Almighty. He’s told me I’m ok, but he’s pretty sure that you’re fucked!

    44. twenty14 says:

      just watched newsnight – nearly smashed the tv to bits. After GB’s tedious interviewing technique of ” I’m going to ask you a question but, as you start to reply I’ll intervene, not let you finish your answer but ask you another question, again not let you finish your answer then to round off arrogantly say ” I’ve no idea what you just said “. Then in part 2 we’ll deride our Country for an episode over 300 years ago. Please, please on Independence someone interview him for a job at the SBC,continuously interrupt his interview – then tell him to fuck off

    45. twenty14 says:

      @ David Agnew- the mad Irishman – love it

    46. twenty14 says:

      Oops, just let slip that I once watched Braveheart – cybernat cover well blown now

    47. Calum Craig says:

      To be fair to the English Democrats, at least they don’t consider “English” and “British” to be the same thing…

    48. Geoff Huijer says:

      Awwwwww they never mentioned that St George is also Patron Saint of Palestine, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Germany and Lithuania… oh and soldiers… and, er, sphyllitics.

      Imagine St George being the Saint of choice for all those ‘nasty’ foreigners.

      Mind you, if he were around these days he wouldn’t be allowed in the country.

    49. Liquidlenny says:


      Thanks hopefully i will see him about tomorrow think he is getting confused between write to stay here as eu citizen and actually becoming a scot!

    50. rab_the_doubter says:

      From Ofcom rules re PPB’s – i will be complaining:

      5. Section 6 of Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code (-3-) (“the Code”) provides that broadcasts under these Rules are required to comply with the relevant provisions of the Code (for example, the provisions regarding harm and offence) notwithstanding that the content of broadcasts is normally the responsibility of the relevant political parties (or designated referendum organisations). Licensees should apply these Rules in accordance with relevant provisions of the Code.

      2.3 In applying generally accepted standards broadcasters must ensure that material which may cause offence is justified by the context (see meaning of “context” below). Such material may include, but is not limited to, offensive language, violence, sex, sexual violence, humiliation, distress, violation of human dignity, discriminatory treatment or language (for example on the grounds of age, disability, gender, race, religion, beliefs and sexual orientation). Appropriate information should also be broadcast where it would assist in avoiding or minimising offence.

      Meaning of “context”:
      Context includes (but is not limited to):

      the editorial content of the programme, programmes or series;the service on which the material is broadcast;the time of broadcast;what other programmes are scheduled before and after the programme or programmes concerned;the degree of harm or offence likely to be caused by the inclusion of any particular sort of material in programmes generally or programmes of a particular description;the likely size and composition of the potential audience and likely expectation of the audience;the extent to which the nature of the content can be brought to the attention of the potential audience for example by giving information; andthe effect of the material on viewers or listeners who may come across it unawares.

    51. CameronB Brodie says:

      Apparently Ian Fleming was an alumni of Lord Milner’s ‘kindergarten’.

    52. Doug Daniel says:

      Wow. I’m not particularly surprised by the BNP/Britain First/whatever videos – using a soldier’s death to excuse racism is exactly what I would expect from them, although they’re still quite sickening – but that Labour one is quite startling.

      They’re attacking Nick Clegg. Their great plan for winning votes is… to attack Nick Clegg. Not to espouse the great policies they’ve dreamt up to heal the UK economy; not to tell you how great Ed Miliband is; not even to attack the current Prime Minister. Their great plan is to attack a man who is already one of the most unpopular politicians in the UK.

      I know the SNP’s PEB is completely about the referendum and doesn’t mention Europe once, but at least it’s arguing for something. Labour are just trying to slag off their opponents, like a spoilt brat going off in a huff for not getting what it wants. I come away from that actually feeling a bit sorry for Nick Clegg, which makes me hate Labour even more – how dare they make me feel sorry for that arsehole?

      Not to mention the fact that it’s a bit rich to attack the coalition for being posh idiots when your own leader is probably closer to Tim Nice-But-Dim than anyone in the UK cabinet.

      (A message to the BNP though – using Jerusalem as an anthem for “Britain” kind of re-enforces the idea that Britain = England = Britain…)

    53. Tam Jardine says:

      The labour broadcast was by far the weakest. It failed to put across any kind of political proposition or policy never mind mention Europe. I agree with absolutely nothing the assorted racist nazi maniacs come out with but at least they are taking it seriously (and camouflaged land rover election vehicles is taking it pretty seriously).

      God help us if the UK Send a huge number of UKIP and a few of these other extremists to Brussels to represent our interests.

      But who signed off the labour one? If Douglas Alexander can bring up John Smith’s memory so can I – he’ll be burlin in his grave at the state of the labour party today.

    54. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry, wrong thread. 🙂

    55. Cath says:

      This one’s got a fun cartoon!


      Oh, sorry, I think watching those videos did something shouty to my brain.

    56. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Britain First and other such racist outfits will take votes off UKIP. That might be the plan.

      Nobody ever asks them what would happen if all the British emigrants all over the world got sent back to Britain.

    57. Cath says:

      Blimey. That Labour one is truly, stunningly, awful. It says absolutely nothing. In fact, it falls right into the trap of what it’s accusing the other two parties of, in that it comes across as politicians obsessed with politicians and the elite. Can’t think of any message that’s ever said more strongly, “we don’t know what you want or give a stuff about you; we just want to attack our political opponents and for them to lose”. And I say that after years of watching the do that to the SNP up here.

    58. Taranaich says:

      @Doug Daniel: Not to mention the fact that it’s a bit rich to attack the coalition for being posh idiots when your own leader is probably closer to Tim Nice-But-Dim than anyone in the UK cabinet.

      Not to mention the Bedroom Tax being based on Labour proposals, Labour not exactly rushing to reverse several of the Coalition’s cuts & legislation, & their general willingness to acquiesce to the Tories regarding the referendum (because it’s pretty clear people care more about what George Osborne says than Danny Alexander or Ed Balls, regardless of his actual ability).

      Generally speaking Labour are the LAST people to cast airs of superiority over anyone when it comes to abandoning principles and selling out their voters.

    59. Steve B says:

      I too now feel in urgent in urgent need of a shower after watching those PPBs.

      The one thing that struck me about the Britain First one was that near the end they were basically advertising themselves as a vigilante or paramilitary force with pictures of their members wearing uniforms and mention of “armoured Land Rovers” to be used for “defence”. Surely that kind of organisation is illegal under anti-terrorism laws?

      On a lighter note, I wonder if they realise Land Rover is owned by an Indian company?

    60. Hazel Lewry says:

      Now there’s -what- 25 minutes of my life I’ll never see again? And you know what, perhaps I’m glad. The nightmares and the flashbacks will be enough to be going on with – that and the feeling I should be bleaching my eyes and brain.

      Wow. Just wow. What a bunch of scary fekkers. And as for that Labour party one? They’ve obviously forgotten their absenteeism during the Bedroom Tax vote. Jeezo.

    61. Craig Brown says:

      Thanks rev for the worst viewing experience of my life, you da man

    62. Mary Bruce says:

      Labour: very slick, very clever, very professional. But there’s nothing left once you take away the bitching.

      This is why they are going to lose, there is absolutely nothing there to believe in. Who wants to hang out with someone whose only conversation is to slagg off other people?

    63. YESGUY says:

      Ok folks almost sorted

      Loads of rope , miles of the stuff and a few hundred hooks .
      need a wee hand attaching ropes to Scottish coastline . My neighbor said he would help but he’s gotta dodgy back so he can only do hooks

      nearly there tho …….. Anybody got a boat (a big one would be better than a wee one)

      Altogether now “heave”

    64. YESGUY says:

      Doug Daniel

      You had me laughing so much Ive pulled a muscle in my side. Feeling sorry for Clegg . Poor man no one should have to go that far.

      Ps ropes are oot till i heal but i’ll still do hooks , its the martyr in me..

    65. Votadini Jeannie says:

      I genuinely felt I didn’t recognise the country they’re talking about. They are just so obsessed – Churchill, two world wars, muslims, “our” culture and identity. The first four just say the same things over and over. What happened to Lee Rigby was atrocious but to include it in a campaign is appealing to something too low for me to recognise.

      I don’t know the UK any more – we have to get out.

    66. Mary Bruce says:

      Do yous know about the new poll out tonight? TNS/BMRB, gap between Y and N with those certain to vote has narrowed to 9%, more at Scot goes Pop:

    67. joe kane says:

      It’s difficult to appreciate how far the Labour Party has fallen. That last video sums up this hollowed-out party of right-wing careerists who have abandoned and couldn’t care less about traditional Labour principles of social justice, fairness and equality.

      Labour should be running rings around one of the most fraudulent, vile and incompetent governments of all time and all they can come up with is to make fun of someone nobody cares about, not even his allies in the Tory Party care about Clegg.

    68. David Smith says:

      The BNP one was like something out of a Chris Morris spoof.
      South of the border is turning into a lunatic asylum.

    69. Derek says:

      “I vote for the Caribbean, who’s with me?”

      “No, they went of their own accord.”


    70. bookie from hell says:


      AT THE risk of sounding immodest, can I suggest that if there was such a game as Scottish Top Trumps, you would definitely want me as one of your cards.

    71. CameronB Brodie says:

      I think this was mentioned earlier. 🙂

    72. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Rev Stu,

      I would advise you to get out of there as soon as possible – it is bad for your general health and well being.
      Scotland will be a lot better after the 18th September – come up here and live with us.

    73. Calum Craig says:

      The other day my (Japanese) wife referred to the UK as “my country”. I only felt revulsion…

    74. soupfly says:

      go have a look at and see the “banned” ppb. It made me cringe.

    75. Calum Craig says:

      (I mean “my” as in mine, not her’s)

    76. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      @bookie from hell

      AC is one of the YES campaigns “Top Trumps” and we must do everything to keep him in our hand right up to September. He is our ACe card.
      ( did you see what I did there?)

      What a completely deluded buffoon this man is – just incredible.

      Poor Islay – how did it manage to produce three “top trumps” of the calibre of Alistair Carmicheal, George Robertson and Glenn Campbell.

    77. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      @CameronB Brodie
      Very perceptive.

      Brilliant quote from David Dunning …

      “If you’re incompetent, you can’t know you’re incompetent.”

      Sums up Alistair Carmichael perfectly !

    78. Camz says:

      Britain First? He says “faif”.

    79. Appleby says:

      That Labour video uses the £450 PER YEAR line again. So is it true or not, Labour liars?

    80. Tattie-bogle says:

      O/T BBC putting a Darien failure slant on Independence yer just shite Scotland and canny dae it look what happened in darien it had rich investors who invested up to 3000 and normal investors who put in 100. jeezzzzzzoooooooo

    81. uilleam_beag says:

      Pleasant dreams? Nightmares, more like!

      I’m amazed that the Britain First and BNP pieces were allowedas surely they constitute inciting racial/religious hatred. UKIP was barely any better.

    82. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Ah well guys and gals I reckon its time to pack up and all go home they have set the big beasties on us.

      Reid, Broon, Murph, Wee Duggy, Captain Darling and Frank Roy. I just don’t now what to do… I am ROTFLMFHO.

      It’s a sad fact of life you just cannot keep up with satire when real life unionism keeps on overtaking.

    83. frankieboy says:

      Fascism is back and living in WASPS in UK. This is only the beginning and Scotland needs to bail out of this with a resounding YES.

    84. Juteman says:

      At first glance, the Labour one looked like a still from a film about another London gang, the Krays.

    85. Lee Rogers says:

      @ CameronB, et al

      Re Dunning/Kruger effect:

      A survey among managers of European companies some years ago asked responders who they thought were the best managers; most of the UK people thought they were best; most of the others had Brits down as the worst; just shows what happens when your birth and wealth are the only qualifications you need for leadership.

    86. bunter says:

      Standard Life seem to be upping its anti Scottish fearmongering in The Herald this morning. I would be interested to find out why some Scottish financial companies see no threat from independence yet this one seems unreasonably hostile.

      However it is their right to run their company as they see fit, just as it is Scots right to chose to move their savings and investments to a company which has faith in Scots and their ability to run their own country.

    87. Ken500 says:

      What’s wrong with the UK is not the hardworking, smart immigrants. It is the lying clones at Westminster defrauding,lying incompetent murdering low life’s who have wasted £Billions of taxpayers monies on their ponzzi schemes, against International Law. Especially in Scotland where they have lied and secretly misused Scottish resources to impoverish the citizens and try to cause discord all around. Along with the sycophant lying ‘Press’ who are just as bad. Rotten to the core.

      Westminster Politicans are the scum of the earth. Most should be in jail for crimes against humanity. Unionist parties are lying, thieving, incompetent, greedy murdering wasters.

    88. JLT says:

      Britain is not going back to where it was even 5 years ago. This is the new face of politics in Britain; the new face of the Union.

      Seriously, for the undecideds (or even folk in the ‘No’ camp) …how ‘unsure’ do you have to be as you look upon the dark storm clouds of racial hatred as it grows on the horizon? Seriously …is this the new ‘Britain’ you want to live in, or do you want out …and out fast!

    89. call me dave says:

      GMS ‘ Thought for today’ On about the best prime minister we never had, FGS it was a labour party religious broadcast.

      Also SNP critised for not filling their seat on Scottish Affairs Committe so can’t ask George or the head civil servant about currency union today in HoC, yahboo!

      Never mind Davidson, chair of committee is on after 08:00hrs to tell all.

      I’ll be watching it at 13:30hrs today . Will post link later. :-

    90. bjsalba says:

      I have no TV so I have not seen these till now. They made me feel queasy – all of them – but the Labour Party one does it differently. The others sicken me by what they stand for, but the Labour Party only seems to stand against things – that is really, in away, even more scary.

    91. Ken500 says:

      The UK tax evading ‘Press’ is now steeped in negativity.

    92. Colin Mccartney says:

      Alistair Carmichael in the Hootsman describing the rest of the UK cabinet? – “and I have a relationship with green vegetables which can only be described as “troubled”.

    93. WantonWampum says:

      for handclapping -(vampires `R` us)

      A Medical Dictionary will supply you with various heart disease medications that prevent blood coagulation.
      However, when wee rory stewart and his `ands across `adrians wall are splattered across the motorway your sustenance may be contaminated with tar of the Macadam kind.

      Olive oil helps the medicine go down when broken and torn limbs will look like fast food outlet Dacmonalds-drive thru.

      “Rory-burgers” mmmmmm. tasty.

    94. ronnie anderson says:

      And Bbcs GMS theme for this week Dauche Bank statement (afterits be run past the political arm Better Together for alteration,& as one caller this morning has reminded them,they are missquoteing Dauche statement.

    95. gordoz says:

      Dear God ….

    96. ronnie anderson says:

      In any pack of deck of card I ever bought there were two jokers, the Secretary of State for Portsmouth must be buying his in the JOKE shop its a FULL DECK of JOKERS & then SOME.

    97. Kyle Mackay says:

      I can’t believe they were allowed on tv, I think that just shows how far the whole politcal spectrum has shifted to the right in England, that that level of open racism is coming into the mainstream.

      On the positive side there’s surely no way Scotland could vote No and choose to stay bound to a country going in such a grim 1930’s esque direction.

      On the negative side though, I worry about what kind of neighbour England will be if fascist maniacs like those on display get any sort of power. Even if they don’t get power themselves any success of theirs pushes the mainstream parties further right.

      I worry what the future’s going to be like for non-white people living south of the border but I’m confident that we’ll offer refuge to anyone who needs it if things go really off the rails down there.

      You never know, now that those adverts have been aired we might see many thousands of English folk saying ‘fuck that’ and migrating north in time for the referendum to vote Yes and use Scotland as a country sized life raft.

      I’m cool with that. All aboard 🙂

    98. goldenayr says:

      Chairchoob on GMS says he’s not being biased against the “separatists” at committee hearings.

      Sure he wanted to put the “F” word in there somewhere.

    99. gordoz says:


      I wish someone would do a poll of who is likely to leave s/scotland in cas of both YES and NO; it’ll probably even out both ways, although the YES side might stick around for longer as we’ve have done other a losing situation for 300 + years (a clear track record there !, but No side might be less likely and that includes small companies and Multi Nationals too.

      The thing is, my new slogan on this issue is ‘Better Tofindout’, (spooky), who has real ‘Scottish interests’ at heart. Im sure the public would realise that accolade must rest with the ‘Stayers’ in a YES vote under a new fairer vision for scotland.

      Would Scotland really miss individuals and companies who are that ‘flighty’ ?, who when the political roles are reveresed after 300+ yrs, would simply just run away ? (South probably).

      Better to find this out now in polls, but remember for everyone who threatens to leaves a home, jobs, or business; it is also true that this creates opportunity.

    100. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I didn’t get further than 10 seconds into any of them.

      I am too old to waste even a few minutes on that collection of ordure.


    101. Slackshoe says:

      I have absolutely nothing in common with these people. I don’t identify with them, and I don’t want to live in the same country as them. But that’s how it’s anyways been, better vote no eh? Can’t take any risks.

    102. Slackshoe says:

      *always, not anyways. Thanks autocorrect.

    103. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      The wee Naughtie man was brought in specially today on Radio 4 to comment on Darling being sidelined.

      Of he didn’t describe as such but more of as a reinforcements of Westminster BIGHITTERS; viz Alexander and Broon!

      He did say that, unlike further south Gordon has a BIG RESPECT in Scotland! I burst out laughing and luckily I was already in bed so didn’t need to ROFL it was a ROBL. Gordon and Darling had patched things up to go on the road together.

      I would pay to see that pair, if only for comedy value, and see their portable medicine cabinet. Hope they have different coloured pill boxes.


    104. Nana Smith says:

      @Bugger (the Panda)

      Oh Panda your post is comedy gold!

    105. WantonWampum says:

      Does anyone have access to a photo-library when we can confront each other with masks of that wee english lady pensioner – opposed by that infamous RICTUS-SMILE mask of Gordon Brown.

      Confrontations outside BBCScotland and STV.?

      Al Jazeera and RT may provide coverage.

    106. Training Day says:

      Well, no need for Davidson to bayonet Hayley Millar on GMS there. No requirement even to mete out a doing.

      The interview as a whole can be summed up as ‘Will you be spoonfeeding Osborne pat questions at the Scottish Affairs Committee, just as I’m doing to you now, in order to elicit the answers you want to hear?’

      After thinking hard for a while Davidson said yes.

    107. Breeks says:

      Well I watched them, but personally, I’m sticking with Mel Gibson chasing haggis round some hills shouting out Freedom. My father supported Mel Gibson chasing haggis round some hills shouting Freedom, and so did his father before him.

    108. call me dave says:

      I don’t think much of Davidson but I’ve enjoyed watching his running of the Scottish Affairs Committee, he moves things along and gets down to the nuts and bolts level.

      He particularly enjoys taking the uric acid out of Lib/dems (last week D. Alexander) and will relish skewering Tories like Osborne and accompanying civil servants.

      His appearance on GMS was OK and pretty fair, promising a treat later today. I’m watching with popcorn ready.

      I don’t expect to hear anything favourable as far as Scotland is concerned but, who knows. 😉

      The Scottish Affairs Committee takes evidence from George Osborne and Sir Nicholas Macpherson on Wednesday 14 May 2014 at 13:30hrs

      Worth a watch. Link attached.

    109. Helena Brown says:

      One and a half minutes in to the first one, a few seconds in to the Labour one was all I could take, so if the rest were in a similar vein I am glad to pass.
      I have often suggested digging a canal between us and the English and towing it towards the Caribbean the only problem is as we pass them we would be having to deter boarders. As someone said to me on one of the English Papers, you would be inundated with migrants, what with your decent government lovely scenery all you need is better weather. So Iceland here we come.

    110. Alt Clut says:

      The surge of the far right in rUK is vile and another (as yet small) reason to assert our independence but let’s not be too ‘holier than thou’ on this one.

      When we have won the referendum there will be a backlash, in Scotland, from similar elements here.You don’t get many guesses as to which organisation, that likes to bang drums and get pissed at sectarian hate fests, will provide the reservoir from which some pretty nasty little groups will crawl.

      Our racists and fascists presently have less traction than those in rUK but we mustn’t kid ourselves that we are in some way morally above producing our own versions of this filth !

    111. Greannach says:

      call me dave –

      Yes, but which D Alexander? Peas in a Tory pod. (Better not mention peas.)

    112. Flower of Scotland says:

      I watched G Brewers Newsnight last night.i was so angry! He took the mick out of the SNP guy(didn’t know him) then went on to the Darian Sceme. We’re Too Wee, To Stupid, you see. The Darian scheme was a disaster but although he did mention England’s hand in making it a disaster, he was telling us we can’t even do a piss up in a brewery! The BBC are a disgrace and Scotland tonight isn’t much better on STV!

    113. galamcennalath says:

      Makes you wonder what it is about our southern neighbours which makes them susceptible to right wing ideology. Most of the clowns above won’t get very far, but UKIP will get widespread support. And, we mustn’t forget the Tories (while nothing like these characters above) are well to the right of most Scots.

      I really don’t know why they lean right. However, it makes it crystal clear why we should get out of the Union ASAP!

    114. I like the tow us nearer to Iceland idea. At present I need to use my bus pass. Nearer would be good!

    115. caz-m says:

      call me dave
      “His appearance on GMS was OK and pretty fair, promising a treat later today. I’m watching with popcorn ready”.

      Is Ian Davidson’s sweet talking getting to you?.

      You sound as if you are going to be Wings first “Yes to a No voter”.

      Is it something the Rev said?

      Please stay, we don’t want to lose you.


    116. Training Day says:

      @Call me Dave

      Why would Davidson ‘skewer’ Osborne given that he agrees with the latter’s stance on currency union?

      In fact, Davidson trailed what he would ask Osborne: what’s in a currency union for rUK? The inent to belittle Scotland when the obvious answer comes is clear.

    117. Illy says:

      The mistake all those “we’ll turn into a muslim country! arrrg! PANIC!” people are making.

    118. Brotyboy says:


      Uric acid is not urine. Why not just say ‘take the piss’?

    119. No no no...yes says:

      @Breeks at 9.05am

      Very funny-we need this after watching these vile videos. Labur are officially devoid of ideas and will lose in 2015.

    120. Ian Kirkwood says:

      Very interesting stuff! Taking the positives, we seem to be gaining some land and population as it has now been confirmed that England ends at Hadrian’s wall. Well, now we understand the thinking behind the planned love bombing manifestation!

    121. call me dave says:

      @Training Day

      I am all too aware of what the Scottish Affairs Committee is for and have said so in other threads.
      However there is the unintended consequences that occur in spite of their agenda

      1:Our Pensions are safe revelation
      2:Scotland will be able to join the EU (I don’t care about that)
      3:Today we’ll discover that the decision not to have a currency union was never anything than political spite and scaremongering.

      It’s a circus! Nobody watches it and the ordinary punter just reads what the papers say, and they are bias.

      As for Davidson he’s a competent chair, and luckily for us he needs to have a good go at the coalition witnesses, because he’s labour, he can’t help himself.

      So relax and watch the fun.

      I’m voting YES… the story will unfold and there will be a little gem in amongst the dross. 🙂

    122. call me dave says:


      I know that but it’s close enough and has been used in conversation since I was at school many years ago. 🙂

      Besides my mother might be reading this thread.
      Jeez everybody’s a bit touchy this morning.

    123. caz-m says:

      Figures just released regarding residents in the UK from Romania and Bulgaria shows the number actually decreased since the start of January.

      UKIP predicted a massive increase from January, when EU law changed to make it easier for Romanians and Bulgarians to enter the UK.

      Explain that one Nigel.

      The BBC and Sky also predicted a large increase in their numbers.

    124. David Smith says:

      Slightly OT. Here’s a suggestion for the bigots’ parade in September. Anyone with access to a road sweeping vehicle or two.
      Wouldn’t it be fun to tag them with big saltires on the rear and drive at the rear of the march, symbolically cleaning the street of sectarian dirt. 😉

    125. faolie says:

      Here’s an interesting take on the EU and the forthcoming elections from The New York Times:

    126. Macart says:

      I don’t think I’ve felt so disturbed looking at a screen for some time.

      We seriously need to vote our way out of this and rapidly.

    127. Ted says:

      Yeah,all those foreign brain surgeons and heart specialists they are not needed. FFS, my dear late Dad would have put his foot through the telly if any of this racist p*sh had been come into our living room!

    128. Dan777A says:

      O/T but the BBC just refered to Nick Clegg as the Deputy First minister…

      Someone should tell Nicola Sturgeon she’s been sacked!

    129. Murray McCallum says:

      It’s funny to see OneNation Labour trying to poach disaffected LibDem voters by slagging off Nick Clegg.

      I guess a lot of disaffected LibDems – their party now being part of an ideological right wing agenda – will be tempted to go with pro Trident, student fee introducing, and welfare cutting Labour.

      Is that the strategy behind Labour’s election campaign?

    130. X_Sticks says:

      call me dave says:

      “I’ll be watching it at 13:30hrs today . Will post link later”

      I’ll look forward to your summary Dave, can’t watch as at work 🙁

      Your usual first class job of being our eyes and ears!

    131. caz-m says:

      call me dave

      We all love you on here Dave, it’s a bit tongue in cheek.

      It’s just that name “Ian Davidson” that gets everyone’s blood boiling.

      He has threatened to bayonet people that are wounded, he has threatened to assault two Scottish women, one an MP and the other a BBC Scotland presenter.

      He would see shipbuilding contracts go to Portsmouth rather than on the Clyde.

      He is ultra-pro Trident missiles staying at Faslane.

      The guy has been away from home for too long, he has lost touch with Scotland and with the people of Scotland.

    132. Edward says:

      Last nights Newsnight Scotland’s airbrushing of history was interesting, making out that Scotland was a poor country with colonial ambitions

      The fact was Scotland was not a poor country, it did have trade and mercantile mostly with the Baltic and Hanseatic states which England didn’t have.

      What was missing from Scotland was colonies, in which to ‘control’ trade. The problem was that since the union of the crowns, the monarchy never took any interest in Scotland, so it was down to a handful of nobles to run parliament.

      It was the nobles that sank money into Darien, hoping for a quick buck, but King Billy had other ideas and went out of his way to squash the ambition of his Kingdom in Scotland, by issuing instruction for no help to be given (and no doubt advising the Spaniards to help themselves – quite ironic for a protestant king to aid a catholic state, but to King Billy, business was business, as that was the Dutch stadtholder way)

    133. Soda says:

      SNP rally: Men, woman, children, grandmothers, the disabled, people of every hue and persuasion, peaceful, joyful, happy, well behaved and orderly.

      BNP rally: Men, with shaved heads, white t shirts, beer bellies, anger, hatred, violence, intolerance, cordons of riot police, skirmishes, arrests, alcohol.

      Even if only a fifth of the people down south are like that or sympathetic to it then they still outnumber us 2 to 1. There has never been a more prudent time to get well away from this madness.

    134. TheItalianJob says:

      I’m shocked that these are allowed, excluding Labour and UKIP, as PPB on the mainsteam TV networks. All the others, for goodness sake, how awful their messages are, to put it mildly.

    135. WantonWampum says:

      Dominic Lawson, son of nigel, brother of nigella is employed by the Murdoch press with insructions to lecture Scots about all the wrongs of Freedom.

      “The Sunday Times” refused to publish my response.

      I reminded our London cousins that we Scots CAN reject Dom`s advice,AS we can be sure that his anti-drugs abuse advice to his own sister was also rejected.

      “People in glass houses”


    136. Brotyboy says:


      Not touchy, just a wee bit pedantic about things like that after working in the pharmaceutical industry with a drug which had a uricosuric effect.

      But if you know the two are not the same that’s fine, and if it harks back to your schooldays no further explanation is needed.

    137. Cath says:

      “if there was such a game as Scottish Top Trumps, you would definitely want me as one of your cards.”

      Oh good God. I can’t read that without picturing him in the Blind Date studio with a whooping audience and Cilla Black…

    138. Jim Mitchell says:

      That first one, is that the English World Cup song, or have I got it wrong again?

    139. allen ralston says:

      I generally don,t swear in a post , but what the f*ck did i just watch ? .

    140. heedtracker says:

      Its not hard to picture a lot of these characters in peak caps and jack boots marching us down to the local football stadium while Ian Davidson sharpens his bayonet, especially that Nick Griffin. Another UKOK Westminster monster legacy.

    141. turnip_ghost says:

      O/T but…
      I was travelling by train yesterday and Mr Alan Cochrane was there shouting at some poor soul down the phone about an article he was writing….I’m fully expecting a swivel eyed hate filled piece either today or tomorrow going by what he was saying on his mobile!

    142. Dcanmore says:

      The PPBs are universally awful, but the Labour one was telling. It shows that they have no policies to promote and ended up attacking a bloke whose party are currently polling at just 9%… yup way to go Labour!

      If we thought that dear old SS Great Britain was a sinking ship then we surely know now that it’s fatally holed below the waterline. Time to man the lifeboat the lunatics are taking over!

    143. Rosco_v1 says:

      Wow, that’s 30 minutes of my life that I’m never getting back. Remarkably, I think the Labour one might be the worst out of the whole lot.

    144. Caroline Corfield says:

      @Cath ew, thanks for that

    145. goldenayr says:


      It’s obvious labour are going after the disaffected libdem vote in England.

      I can just see them clamouring to vote for the other tory party.

    146. Elliot Bulmer says:

      When I have my Scottish passport in one hand and my copy of Scotland’s nice new democratic Constitution in the other, I will feel safe again.

    147. David says:

      So it is £450 a year, would that mean that the brain of the north was fibbing?

    148. John grant says:

      Those ppbs are a direct consequence of Westminster misrule , there not funny they are downright dangerous , let’s vote yes and gtf out of it and while we are at it build a decent defence force I think we will need it

    149. velofello says:

      The UK a family of nations? Well Ye Ken Noo.

    150. willie says:

      2066 interesting date. Until the English rid themselves of their occupiers who came to their land in 1066 and who still rule over them no matter who they vote for they will never be in control of anything. 1066 to 2066 The first thousand year reich in european history.
      The Norman Reich.

      no sure aboot some o the spellin

    151. liz says:

      You really wonder just what the hell has happened to this country.

      Unfortunately most folk are completely unaware as they fill their heads up with ‘ sex and drugs and TV’.

      I sometimes think we are heading for a breakdown in society.

      The BBC seem to have been completely taken over by right wing nutters.

      I used to watch The GB Menu – I used to quite enjoy watching all the dishes getting planned and voted on – but I managed half an episode this time as it’s for the armed forces and I kid you not – one of the dishes was based around Churchill where ‘cigars’ were made up from chocolate or something and they were playing his ‘never have so many etc’ from an old wireless – unf***ingbelievable.

    152. ronnie anderson says:

      Welsh Questions, In the ONE UNION, Welsh MP asked why

      Welsh Blacksheep & other rare breeds cant at present be

      traded into England under DEFRA ruleing, anti EU trade law

      Better Together indeed.

    153. YESGUY says:

      I think this gives a description of just how bad things are down south. I saw it myself when i lived down there. The scare stories are not new, these things have been going on for decades. It’s refreshing to see so many Scots voice their opinion against these idiots. Sadly in a real democracy we have to allow these cretins air time.

      But it is also a reflection of just how apart we really are. The union is finished, that much i do know and the options open to us are Independence or fascism . Its a no brainer .

      And its pretty likely that we will have noisy neighbours blaming all and sundry on immigrants and the like. We can also expect an anti-Scots attitude from them as well. The loss of Scotland will cause the rest of the union serious problems . The banking crash in uk happened with a downturn of around 2% , I can imagine losing around 10% of their income and taxes from us , will cause even more trouble and its fair to see that they will blame us for this.

      Independence will shake the English big time but with what we can plainly see here, the backlash will come in many forms from racism and extremism . They wont look inwards to see how to fix problems , they will blame everyone else instead , make a few video’s and end up fighting each other. It sad although many here see Scots independence as a catalyst for change in England , I see the “calming” and Balancing of Scotland lost and as we have seen over the decades , things can get very nasty. (Check the rioting down south. )

    154. John MacRae says:

      What with Hadrian’s wall allegedly being accepted as the new border,(quoted in a PPB even) does this not require a re-redrawing of the maritime boundaries?

      I do not have an appropriately annotated map to hand but would suspect that this should reduce the rUKs oil share substantially.

      Or am I just hallucinating again.

    155. frazer allan whyte says:

      What are all those Saxons doing cluttering up the screen? It’s about time Prydein was given back to the real, the Celtic, Britons and not these Germanic Johannes come latelys stealing our woad and hogging our mead. Let’s awake the spirit of Boudicca and mow down these Druid haters. Vote Arthur, remember Badon Hill. Vote the RBNNP the Real Brutish Nasty Numpties Party.

      Farage is a French name too and we all know French = Franks ANOTHER German tribe – it’s a plot, obviously. Backfill the Chunnel now!

    156. G. P. Walrus says:

      1:47 in the Labour vid – “raising VAT by £450 per year per family.”

    157. rab_the_doubter says:

      Just forwarded a pile of info to Reporters sans frontiers. Cant do any harm to let them know whats happening.

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