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Fleeing England for their lives

Posted on May 29, 2017 by

From the Victoria Derbyshire show today in Dunstable.

“This election is life or death for us.”

The Oxford University research she’s talking about, and the Napier and Heriot-Watt Universities research into the mental health impact of Work Capability Assessments.

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194 to “Fleeing England for their lives”

  1. Malky says:

    Shocking. Was this before or after Tristram said people used foodbanks due to “cash flow problems”?

  2. Doug says:

    Having watched that video I was nearly sick, sick with rage and fury at the awful – actually awful isn’t strong enough – horrendous ? heinous ? I can’t even describe it – situation those who are sick and disabled are having to face just to get enough money to live.

    I only have one vote but by god it will never NEVER be used to support such a vile and disgusting regime that would do this to the weakest of us. Civilisation is about helping others to share resources and give support to those who need it to show a shred of humanity. Christ these tories treat animals better than humans some humans.

  3. Malky says:

    Shocking. was this before or after Tristram the Tory said people generally used foodbanks due to “cash flow problems”?

  4. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    An honest and sobering act of witness. Even included a kind word for Scotland.

    Not your usual day in politics on the BBC, clearly.

  5. Snode1965 says:

    And Dominic Raab replied, ” that’s just childish wishful thinking”…nice.

  6. Proud Cybernat says:

    And yet – you know – there are fuckers out there who do not give a shit about this. It’s no’ happening to them so they’re okay. The blue Tories have been ‘good’ for their pockets and so they’ll continue to vote for their pockets.

    Bastard scumbags. Every last effing one of them that votes Mayhem.

  7. john 58 says:

    I watched this debate this morning. Please for Scotlands Sons and Daughters sake, End ! This Most Rancid Union.

  8. Macart says:

    Watched this clip earlier. It is entirely self explanatory and no further expansion required.

    If you vote for continuation of Tory policy, then you choose to place others in harm’s way.

    That’s pretty much it.

  9. Walter Scott says:

    And Kezia says vote tory if they stand a better chance of unseating an SNP MP than labour

  10. L Siddiqui says:

    I am so worn down with caring/fighting for 40 years, that I am ‘almost’ completely burnt out.

  11. galamcennalath says:

    The really really difficult thing to comprehend is that the Tories will probably win this election.

    In my lifetime I have never ever seen an election where such a bunch incompetent and deluded losers could be the winners.

    How could all this possibly be happening?

  12. Free Scotland says:

    This is the kind of real-life experience the tories do not want to hear people talking about in the run-up to June 8th – so let’s talk about it !!!

    Don’t let the red or blue tories dictate what is or what is not up for discussion. Talk about the cuts to disability benefits, the withdrawal of mobility vehicles, the dementia tax, the rape clause, collusion with Trump in his denial of climate change, the tories’ love of fox hunting, unionist attempts to thwart the decision of our Scottish Parliament to hold a new referendum on Scottish independence, why Trident is located next to Glasgow. Above all, talk about every discrepancy between Labour policies north and south of the border, just to drive home the point that votes cast for labour in Scotland are worth less than the calories required to put an X next to the labour candidate’s name. Oh, and tell people about the McCrone Report, and talk about the new investments in oil exploration in Scotland, and talk about renewable energy, where Scotland is leading the way.

    Vote SNP, and let’s get out of this mess.

  13. Ross Grahame says:

    Wished it shows the responses. Tory voters have no souls!

  14. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    This extract from real life illustrates all too well why Rude Gal prefers to concentrate, to the point of monomania, on “no surrender for indyref” for this election.

    Aided and abetted by the usual suspects.

    Afterwards it will surely be called “Ruth’s squirrel election”.

    Just keep in mind, though, that as WGD says, it will also be the last UK one you ever have to vote in. Now isn’t that a cheery thought?

  15. Robert Louis says:

    And Labour’s ‘leader’ in Scotland has on several occasions now told people to vote Tory in their Scottish constituency if they think it will unseat the SNP. Labour, FFS! Utter disgrace that Kezia and her SNP-obsessed labour creeps are.

    The message from Labour is very clear, ‘who cares about the poor or the disabled, vote Tory if it means we can bash the SNP,snigger, snigger.

    Labour in Scotland right now make my blood boil.

  16. PhilM says:

    I have some experience of this and what she says is absolutely the case. There may be some quibbling about the highest of the numbers…maybe…but the numbers are even higher for those distressed and deeply hurt by the whole process. This – THIS – is the biggest scandal of the last seven years. If they’d treated any other minority that way they’ve treated disabled people, there would have been so much outrage it just wouldn’t have happened. There’s a lot of doctors and nurses who I hope one day will hang their heads in shame for being complicit in helping to kill off some very vulnerable people. This could not have occurred in a society that hadn’t already been coarsened and twisted out of any compassionate shape and yet some of those responsible claim to be Christians. Only a church that has the richest person in the land at its head could manage to square that particular circle.
    The last seven years have destroyed my health and that of the person I care for, the one at the sharp end of the evils visited on so many by the Tories. As long as I live I will never doubt that our country should be free from such mendacity and lip-curling arrogance…and for me it is freedom FROM and freedom TO. The Westminster system has kept us under its Savile Row leather shoes for long enough. It’s time to give their nuts a good kick with a good dirty Scottish boot and then we can think about the good society.
    Fucking truly awful, awful people.

  17. ebreah says:

    Greetings from Malaysia. I caught this on Twitter. Dominic Raab simply came across as a bastard. No other way of putting it. I am unable to watch the show in the full but I think the people throughout the rUK are realising that the Tories are also bastards in it for themselves. I sincerely hope that there will be at least a hung parliament. Chances are Jeremy Corbyn might just pull it off. For the sake of humanity and everybody in the UK, the Tories must be stopped or Margaret Thatcher will relatively be a socialist compared to this lot.

    Even if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the PM (I think that odds is shorter that one would think), Scotland will still become independent. His ascend to premiership will merely delay it.

    We are to double our effort from now onwards. This election is the end game no matter the outcome.

  18. mcdenster says:

    Humbling and sincere food for thought and with the added bonus of being on BBCbullshit.

  19. Mike says:

    This is the reality the UK media deliberately ignores and fails to report.
    They would rather fill there columns with tales of pippa’s new dress or Teresa Mays legs.
    The fucking media are deliberately wilfully allowing Tories to get away with murder literally.
    If the media don’t hold our politicians to account who will?

  20. maureen says:

    As someone who has been on the receiving end of the wca a number of times, I can vouch for the cruelty of the system and have had to fight to retain my financial security.
    This is a shameful indictment on those who support the welfare reforms being forced on those least able to fight back.
    No one is immune to illness and your life can change in a heartbeat, take my word for that. Anyone who votes for a party that supports the cuts better start praying that they never become ill.
    The most recent change to the welfare system is harsh, where upon claiming support, you now have to, on the say so of your work coach, take part in work related activity before you have a work capability assessment. Think it’s called the work & health conversation. So, you’re too ill to work but you will be forced to prepare for work through work related activity. You just can’t make this up.

  21. David says:

    Theres 2 types to blame here – 1. The people who make the cuts on the people who really need it. 2. The scrounging bastards who really do take the piss. Such as bricklayers I knew who signed on every friday despite getting £20+ per hour on the side, the people i know who at this very moment are living in their own house abroad while taking jobseeker allowance and those poor young single mothers who have done nothing for anyone, have kids they cant afford, pay more attention to their smartphone than the kids and expect society to pay for them.

    This has to go both ways. Just blaming the tories (rightfully) isnt enough.

  22. Bob Mack says:

    I spent a career looking after the vulnerable and I’ll. They do not enjoy their distressing afflictions. They have them and just try to cope with them the best way they can.

    The UK is becoming a repository for the heartless and the greedy who think that taxes are all right to spend on Trident but not their fellow human beings in distress.

    I honestly think this is history repeating. In Germany during the 1930’s such sentiments also prevailed and led on to even worse atrocities. You contribute or you are a failure.

    I hate Tories. Yes hate. This is something new for me. I never thought I could actually despise other human beings,but I do.

    There is something utterly chilling about all of this. I certainly have no wish to remain in such a country should our indy fail to materialise.

  23. Graeme says:

    Seems it’s not only foxes they enjoy killing


  24. Robert Graham says:

    How anyone can fail to be moved by what she said is beyond my comprehension , if this clip could be used as a party political broadcast it would shame everyone who has ever voted labour to think seriously and consider the advise of the labour leader , when she said vote anyone even tory in order to stop the SNP .
    Totally beyond belief a Labour leader would think let alone say these words shame on her , total shame .Shes a disgrace .

  25. heedtracker says:

    The saddest I read was of dying leaving the ATOS office just after having disability benefit stopped. The medic that told her she no longer qualified, declared her deceased. Someone’s mum, sister, wife, gone, all to feed the greed of loaded tory City spivs.

    Why as a society are we allowing these psycho tories to do this? IDS and assorted tory nutters would be tarred and feathered and run out of town in any other time and place.

  26. Murphy says:

    It is completely beyond me why anyone (who is aware of
    cuts in disability benefits the rape clause the dementia tax and dugdale’s advice to vote tory where labour has no chance, just to remove the threat from the
    SNP) would still be inclined to vote for the most
    vicious and incompetent tory party of recent times.
    God forgive them, and God help all of us.

  27. asklair says:

    GB-wide voting intentions (rumoured Survation phone poll results) :

    Conservatives 43% (n/c)
    Labour 37% (+3)
    Liberal Democrats 8% (n/c)
    UKIP 4% (n/c)

  28. Clootie says:

    …and All delivered under the Union.
    We are at the fork in the road. Will it be the Union or Independence?

    Tory, Labour, LibDems are loyal to Westminster instead of the people.

  29. Auld Rock says:

    I know that I’ve said this before but the yoons would do well to go and study their own history of how they treated countries of the old empire who were seeking INDEPENDENCE and the horrific results when they were told get back in your box, only Westminster and your benevolent establishment masters knows what is good for you.

    Remember, Ireland (IRA of 1916), India, Burma, Kenya (Mau, mau), Cypress (EOKA) etc.

    As the ‘Chump’ would say, ‘BAD.’

    Auld Rock

    PS Here’s the email address for the new EBC Regulator:

  30. mogabee says:

    I watched this too and just felt seething rage for the Tory chosen to excuse these atrocities. I have no experience with the stated assessments but her heartfelt desperate plea was heartbreaking.

    I’m glad that the token Tory was challenged by SNP’s John Nicholson about the statement that the Trussel Trust found that people visiting foodbanks due to “cash flow problems”!

    Demonic Raab…arrogant, entitled and smug (I renamed him)

  31. Juteman says:

    How many folk from doon sooth fleeing to Scotland will vote Yes in a referendum?

  32. Vestas says:

    @Proud Cybernat 3:57 pm :

    “And yet – you know – there are fuckers out there who do not give a shit about this.”

    Assuming you’re talking mainly about England….

    They’re a tiny minority. The majority of people are outraged IF they find out what’s been going on.

    The problem is – just like Scotland a handful of years ago – they BELIEVE the BBC & when the BBC basically says the same as the Daily Heil then it must be right yes? If it isn’t then doesn’t that challendge everything you ever trusted?

    You see the parallels? You think the Scots have been brainwashed? English kids are in for the shock of their lives if they ever get taught the truth of the “British” Empire. Just the 20th century stuff involves the deaths of nearly 8 million people via forced starvation, torture & murder!

    The problem is the BBC. End of story.

  33. Sinky says:

    asklair says @ 4.55

    Cue more smearing of Jeremy Corbyn and SNP MPs by Tory Press faithfully publicised by the broadcasters.

    Has anyone seen a photo of Jeremy Corbyn on any Labour election leaflet in Scotland?

    Labour and will now be regretting their calls to back the Tories against the SNP.

  34. Robert Graham says:

    The Canary, are promoting a clip of Corbyn being cheered on by a cyclist during his scotland tour thats fine , Scratch the surface of what labour’s scottish branch have been up to and I wonder how Labour supporters in England would view their antics being hand in glove with the party they themselves are trying to beat , it’s a strange world this political game Kezia is playing .Machiavellian .

  35. clan rossy says:

    mass murderers every last fu—-g
    one of them .aided and abetted by our
    main msm media and newspapers.

    labour and the libdems dems all in cahoots with
    it as well . it is just one big pile of utter shite
    this so called union .

    the scottish govt has a very serious decision
    to make on june the ninth its time to go our own way
    now and i mean now.

    its time to get rid of this putrid infectious disease
    thats thats clung on to us for over 300 years
    its time to lance the boil .

    it is just legalised mass fucking murder
    what is going on and shame on those who are
    complicit in it all.

  36. Andy-B says:

    My heart goes out to these poor people treated badly by Westminster. Help us become independent so we can say bye bye to Westminster cruelty forever.

  37. yesindyref2 says:

    That told them. Vote Tory and be complicit in deaths.

  38. meg merrilees says:

    I now read that Corbyn would “open discussions” with the Scottish government over an independence referendum if he wins the election.
    But the Labour leader said he would “ask them to think very carefully about it”.

    Wonder what Kez thinks about that statement?

  39. Tinto Chiel says:

    “If you vote for continuation of Tory policy, then you choose to place others in harm’s way.”

    Macart’s one-liner says it all, really.

    Listening, Kezia? You should hang your head in shame.

  40. Proud Cybernat says:

    This is the level of complete pig-shit bampottery we are up against:

    Mate why not just ask Rev Stu to kill you with hammers you complete utter numbnut.

  41. Muscleguy says:

    We are friends with the HW researcher who drove this research. The lack of interest from Scottish media outlets in it has been both astonishing and horrifying. She was interviewed by RT at least twice before any UK media outlet got in touch.

    This has not been a scandal because our fucking media has flatly and deliberately avoided it reporting it.

    There were press releases, this is the modern world, so it passed across news desks across the land. It fell into black holes.

    Proof positive that government policy is worsening public health and pretty much everywhere except the Independent ignored it.

  42. chocolass says:

    Juteman,that is my worry.
    How to persuade refugees from the south that independence
    is the only way to safeguard us all.
    O/T a friend returning from a holiday up north said she saw loads of billboards
    saying “to stop independence phone this number”

  43. Thepnr says:

    @Proud Cybernat

    Deary me, utter numbnut fails to do stupidty like that justice.

    Our problem? there are plenty more just exactly like that.

  44. K1 says:

    Hoy! David,

    Go and educate yersel. But I suspect your attack on those claiming benefits on an article that highlights the cruelty and suffering inflicted upon disabled people by Tory policies is a wee squirrel to distract from this reality, I also suspect you’re a wee Tory who thinks these policies are just fine and that you think these policies are justified cause ‘benefit cheats’.

    They’re not.

    ‘Indeed, despite tabloid headlines about a feckless underclass intent on milking the benefits system, tax evasion is a far bigger social scourge than fraudulent benefit claims. Just 0.7 per cent – or £1.2bn – of total benefit expenditure in 2012/13 was overpaid due to fraud. This compares with £5bn a year that the government loses through tax avoidance.

    In other words, for every £1 swallowed up by benefit fraud, £4 disappears because of people like Gary Barlow. Get angry about people playing the system by all means, but start at the top and work your way down if you expect to be taken seriously.

    Stick that in yer pipe….and draw…

  45. TheWasp says:

    Five minutes ago on Facebook a friend shared a post from an alleged former SNP voter, now going to vote labour in Scotland because all politicians are now liars. This post was immediately followed by SNPbad yoons wading into the fray. I called the OP out on his better together bullshit, and as I am writing this I have had two notifications from yoon posters replying to me, but they will be ignored

  46. Vestas says:

    @Thepnr 6:12 pm :

    “Our problem? there are plenty more just exactly like that.”

    There are and that’s entirely down to the BBC refusing to challenge the narrative the tabloids drive. The BBC actually reinforces it. Want someone to blame for that? Sadly the finger points not at tories but at Blairites who were in power at the time & wanted revenge for Iraq coverage.

    Sadly there aren’t more real journalists like John Harris.

    He writes/broadcasts honestly (as much as the Grauniad permits plus a bit) and did so during the last indyref as well. I suspect he’d have a higher income if he chose to do this independently (like Rev Stu could if he chose) but would still “do the right thing”.

    Most of the Guardian columnists are Blairite scum (hello Freedland) but there is the odd chink of light there for England if it wishes to avoid having wall to wall raving right-wing lunatics as their press. Don’t hold your breath.

  47. yesindyref2 says:


    “Type 31 Frigate order reportedly increased, vessels to be assembled in Scotland”

    That’s 6 now instead of 5, but note “assembled”. The original promise was for 5 to be BUILT in Scotland including hulls, along with the full Type 26.

    However we’ll have to wait and see, there’s to be a competitive bid between BAE Systems and Babcock International.

  48. Shagpile says:

    30,000 a year. Torys do not care. There’s savings in them there coffins. What a different tack they would sail if those deaths were the innocent victims of terrorism… but you see… them needy scum bring it all on themselves… obviously.

  49. yesindyref2 says:

    A wee note about my T31 post. People are already saying ther T31 being assembled in Scotland “as promised”, so truth and facts are yet again being slid and spun by slippery unionists.

    It fair pisses me off.

  50. heedtracker says:

    Oh how we laughed. Monday 29 May 2017 4:44 pm, not 1817. Tory shite.

  51. Bill McDermott says:

    This is unbelievable. I have just heard the Tory party election broadcast which baldly stated that the Tories “took on the SNP and won” at the last election.

    Deluded or what?

  52. geeo says:

    Wheee wullie wankie on now….no coalition for the lib dems with anyone!

    Lunatic !

  53. Bob p says:

    The reason why they treat disabled people like s***e,is because of propaganda programmes on channel 5 and 4 who give the impression that everyone on dla/pip is a scrounger.SO therefore 90%of the working population don’t give a rat’s ar** about these people when they are victimised.

  54. Robert Graham says:

    If i catch the fecker thats puting Labour leaflets through my letter box they wont be f/kn happy , the last clown a prospective candidate got a fright when i chased him up the street and using my best diplomatic language of yah f/kn liar why dont you tell the truth etc , i haven’t seen him recently , wonder why, they dont like it up em do they ? a real face to face they cant handle it .

  55. Fergus Green says:

    Jeremy. Like many on here, I’ve been thinking carefully about Indy for the whole of my adult life – and never wavered.

    Who do you think you are coming up here and patronising the People of Scotland?

    You smarmy tosser!

  56. Robbo says:

    That wee rennie shite he needs zipped.
    Wit is this fecking 15 billion deficit that these lot and tories keep going on about? Where is this report/figures so I can see. Why aren’t SNP ripping into these tumshies of this?

  57. Bob Mack says:

    True story. My story. I had an accident which snapped all the tendons in both hands. Despite several operations the fingers of my hands always returned to pointing to my wrists because they had contracted so much due to invasive procedures.

    I had been off work for months and was advised to apply for the then DLA.

    Upon examining my hands the examiner asked what practical problems I had. I explained that opening tins and even shaving were difficult. Any task requiring grip. Writing etc.

    To cut a long story short the letter I got back eventually refused the application citing availability of foods in sachets and the help I could get to shave etc at home. This included buttons etc and loads of other things we often take for granted.

    The examiner was barely qualified actually.

    Ps I type with my knuckles now.

  58. Robbo says:

    Robert Graham says:
    29 May, 2017 at 7:23 pm
    If i catch the fecker thats puting Labour leaflets through my letter box they wont be f/kn happy

    LOL Am the same. Told ma wee postie,nae shite fae Tories,Labour/Lib DEms etc or it’ll be you I chase up the road- Nae drama’s big man I won’t! lol

    Canvassers better beware-I bite worse than a dug.

  59. Golfnut says:

    I think we should bin any tolerance of the ideology that austerity has anything to do with saving money. It’s not.

    Austerity is about the destruction of the welfare state, the social contract between Government and people, its about creating fear and nurturing hate. It’s about creating an under class, modern slavery. It’s about gathering the wealth of many to the bank accounts of the few. It’s fuelled by lies and propaganda. It’s murder.

  60. Footsoldier says:

    Glen Campbell interviewing Willie Rennie is a bit like watching a lamb interviewing a sheep. Probably keeping his forensic analysis for Friday.

  61. French/Dutch company Atos no longer do PIP assessments,they bought themselves out of the contract with DWP,they severely underestimated the cost per assessment,

    Atos healthcare is rebranded as OH Assist,

    they signed contract on £115 per assessment,

    American company Maximus took over the contract,

    they are now paid £200 per assessment,

    English company Capita also do PIP assessments,

    1300 `healthcare professionals` or nurses and doctors (do no harm) do the bidding of these companies,where targets reached are how they reach bonuses,

    here is Public Accounts Committee grilling Atos,Capita and Maximus,

    Sir Robert Devereux (civil servant) managed the contracts.

  62. heedtracker says:


    Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor. Trump’s doing the same in the USA.

  63. Cactus says:

    Watching the latest AN interview with PN on a guest tv…

    UKIP has gone UltraKIP.

    (and that’s NOT sixteen hours under yer duvet)

    Roll on Saturday.

  64. Rock says:

    Does anyone still believe that the likes of May, Boris Johnson, Fox, Davis or Gove are “Bumbling fools” and “idiots”?

    Or some of the nastiest people around as I have been saying?

  65. K1 says:

    In light of the top article on the Guadian website and that prat Dominic Rabb’s comments re foodbank, could those on twitter please disseminate this link far and wide:

    ‘Published on 23 May 2017Conservative candidate (and defending MP) for North East Somerset, Jacob Rees-Mogg, explains why rich Tories love foodbanks: their existence means they can be as callously brutal as they like to the poor and vulnerable, and other people will pick up the pieces.

    We’re barely even paraphrasing that, as you’ll see.

    (A witness on the scene reports that “The applause at the end sounds loud, but it was a small pocket of people sat near the mic. The large room was mostly stunned, silent horror.”)

    Recorded at hustings, St John’s Church, Keynsham, on 22 May 2017.

    “I think foodbanks are absolutely fantastic, I think they’re a wonderful example of charity in action…in recognition that the state can’t do everything. I think that people in our society want to help others that are less fortunate than themselves is what being human is all about, its active, direct personalised support for people who are at a crisis, who are finding that they can’t make ends meet. And the state is there to provide a safety net but sometimes the safety net can’t be brought out in time, sometimes there are timing issues, sometimes people have run out of money in the middle of the week and need emergency support. And ladies and gentlemen that you out of your personal budgets and that you out of your personal goodness, give to and work in these foodbanks is noble, is good and if I may say so in a church, it’s Christian.”

  66. Robert Graham says:

    Surprised this program is being aired right now ,the Tory looks decidedly uncomfortable , The audience reaction to his efforts to justify the use of food banks should be a warning to Mayhem, normal people hate you and your stinking party, I just hope people waken up and send the biggest f/u of all time to the Tory party .

  67. Robert Graham says:

    O/t – no apologies- BBC website has the rollout of the baby boxes that’s nice.
    What is missing is the the Tory party in Scotlands frequent criticism and constant carping about them, Every single time I have seen an announcement by the Scottish Government on the BBC website it’s customary after a few lines you get the Tory moan it doesn’t matter what it is they moan about it , so why the change of attack ? Are they trying to detoxify the Tory party ? .

  68. Mike says:

    If the leaders debate tonight gets boring we can always have fun spotting the party plants in the audience.

  69. I imagine Auntie Beeb will be raging to have that truth said live on their outlet. I presume it has not been re-broadcast. Very moving.

  70. Artyhetty says:

    Good to hear this woman tell it like it is. All I could think on reading some comments here, was this is like the Le Pen vote, people either vote for them or reject the extreme right that is what we are looking at.

    Some really great comments on this, and yes, let’s keep exposing this most vile UK government and most vile unionists who support them in Scotland. While we are at it, let’s talk up what the SNP are having to do to mitigate this so called austerity. Remember Cameron used that word a lot, ‘austerity’ but it strangely has become, ‘strong and stable’.

    The tories think we are all daft, and they rely on their English voters and telly watchers being even more daft!

    Let’s do a France, England! We don’t need or want an extreme right in power, taking us all back to the 20th century or before, let them live in the past, we say no thanks! We in Scotland and our socially responsible government, (not perfect, but doing a good job so far against huge odds) are making sure that governing in a way which takes us into the 21st century, is the most important and intelligent and life affirming, approach to take.

  71. Free Scotland says:

    Just in case you missed the Rev’s link just above the list of comments:

  72. Robert Graham says:

    Just catching some of the debate, I have always thought you get more with sugar than s–te ,Paxman obviously hasn’t heard the phrase, it would be nice if he didn’t keep interrupting it’s difficult to follow with him butting in all the time, just an observation .

  73. ScottishPsyche says:

    I wonder if Theresa May will be asked about this? Corbyn did well with the audience questions but Paxman being an absolute shouty rude tit on Sky. He thinks the Labour Manifesto should be a sort Corbyn Mein Kampf.

  74. John de Soulis says:

    I think brillo is a dick but he’s a micro-penis in comparison to Paxman!

  75. yesindyref2 says:

    Just one more on defence I promise. Great article about the QE carriers in UKDJ, for those interested and an open mind! Clearly beyond Indy Scotland’s capability, budget or needs, but some sort of reasonable helicopter capability would be nice in the future, apart from that on top of an OPV / frigate’s usually often capability.

    What I found interesting over the last months is that it’s not just Nats who are critical of the QEs, it’s a load of rUK people – and the tabloid media. Personally I think they’re superb, fit for 50 years.

    Mmm, just noticed a graphic – the QE is longer than the houses of (UK) parliament. I hope she visits the Clyde sometime.

  76. Robert Graham says:

    Looks like paxman ain’t interrogating Mayhem, I wonder why .?

  77. Remember Corbyn anticipated Theresa calling this election,

    he said at Labour Conference Sept 2016,

    “Whatever the Prime Minister says about snap elections, there is every chance that Theresa May, will cut and run, for an early election.

    So I put our party on notice today, Labour is preparing for a general election in 2017”,

    laughed at or dismissed by most/all political `experts` and the blairite dross that is Scottish Labour,

    he has had months longer than others to plan his election campaign.

  78. galamcennalath says:

    Their leader avoids the public like the plague.
    They have one car crash TV interview after another.
    They have policies hitting their core voters.
    They treat the disabled and the sick disgustingly.
    They are in denial about poverty and food banks.
    They are destroying the NHS.
    They are the laughing stocks of Europe and beyond.
    They couldn’t organise the proverbial brewery piss up.

    They will probably win the election. WTF is happening?!

  79. Robbo says:

    Robert Graham says:
    29 May, 2017 at 9:21 pm
    Looks like paxman ain’t interrogating Mayhem, I wonder why .?

    Can’t be serious what? She got a bloody easy ride there thats for sure with that Fasil guy, no rebuttals at all practically from audience allowed- fecking easy street again-disgrace!

    Who’s gonna have a go at her if not that twat Paxman who obviously was there to degrade Corbyn any way he could. Now he aint doing it with May -disgrace again. Gets worse this manipulation.

  80. Maryscot says:

    Robert @ 9.21pm – Paxman up next to grill Mayhem. Wonder if he will be so hard on her. I doubt it.

  81. Robbo says:

    No he’s on her now lol – lets see how this goes eh

  82. Ann says:

    That is simply heartbreaking.
    Fleeing from England to Scotland for care etc, however puts a huge burden on already stretched budgets.

  83. arthur thomson says:

    @ Fergus Green 7.25

    Likewise. I don’t appreciate being patronised.

    @ Golfnut


  84. Robbo says:

    Go on Paxman go for it-earn your crust ya bam!

  85. Cactus says:

    Sky News.

    PM getting laughed at by the audience, several times, both hosts.

    Can we get the ‘Dolmio’ voice-overs going…

    File under “Comedy”

  86. Robert Graham says:

    Maryscot thanks for the info I was about to throw up watching that p–sh

  87. ScotsRenewables says:

    Paxman just called May ‘a blowhard who flees at the first sound of gunfire’

  88. Cactus says:

    Make that comedy noir.

    You Yes Yet?


  89. Phronesis says:

    Gosh what a lark this GE17 campaigning is. Apart from UKOK obsessing about Indyref2 the LibDems tell us that the SNP want to send us back to the past in a Delorean car or something- visual semiotics lost in translation.

    Meanwhile UKOK want to send us back to the glory days of the Empire –the 1880’s could teach us a thing or two about economic dislocation- get the phaeton and the horses bridled up for a trip down memory lane…
    When we had the poorhouse and the workhouse which was used for temporary assistance for the ‘ins and outs’- children of impoverished parents who had the equivalent of a ‘cash flow problem’;

    ‘to overcome short-term family and economic crises…those families who depended on welfare institutions for survival, especially single parents and, most of all, single mothers’
    (Iris Murdoch ‘Imagined Orphans)

    What a wonderful symmetry. We now have foodbanks for the modern day citizen and their offspring- ‘someone who has a cash flow problem episodically’ aka a destitute someone, an impoverished someone, a precariat class someone- the working poor. Why can’t we cut out the state altogether and go back to the good old days of private philanthropic gestures to deal with the lower orders? Before Barnardo, Stephenson(founded the National Children’s Home 1869), de Montjoie Rudolf (founded the Church of England Waifs and Strays Society 1881), Waugh a leader in the NSPCC(1889) fought tirelessly for welfare reform there were the ragged schools, the poor law schools, the workhouse test for those with a ‘cash flow problem’. Surely we get could get those ideals into fund raising propaganda literature for welfare reform e.g. the Daily Mail et al with encoded imperial rhetoric ‘the Empire 2.

  90. Fudgefase says:

    You don’t get it, dear They don’t care. Never have, never will. The sick, the pathetic, the weak will be weeded out. The strong will survive.
    This is core Conservative policy.

  91. gus1940 says:

    Game, Set and Match – Corbyn.

    How on earth did that woffling idiot get to become PM?

  92. K1 says:

    I have no twitter Rev, but Corbyn won it.

    She was an utter failure, all waffle and sound bite, not answering any of audience questions, eyes briefly going cold and hard when she didn’t like questions, which was several times, if someone could slow it down you can see this weird expression that overcomes her at those times. Audience laughed at her, during Paxman but laughed with Corbyn big difference,

    And yes that twat who stood up in an attempt at an ovation for May, awkwardly had to sit down again as absoutiely no one else stood up.

    I’d be pleased if Corbyn won in England, Either way we’re going.

  93. Golfnut says:

    @ yesindyref2

    Thanks for the links. Sneaky bit of electioneering there by the times, T31 looks good.

  94. Edward says:

    Interesting there that there was
    someone in the audience with a thick Belfast accent
    and looked a touch ‘UVF’ asking Jeremy Corbyn a question about his meeting with he IRA

    Of course could have been coincidental that the person asking he IRA question was from Belfast and perhaps just a normal ordinary member of the public

    Anyone else notice?

  95. ronnie anderson says:

    There will be a World Heavyweight Championship boxing match next week . The contender will be at the North Pole & the current holder of the title will be at the South Pole , there will be a audience of 100 people in the Sky studio who will decide the winner.

    Ffs Big build up to Leaders Debate, it should have been billed as Islam/Paxman ( Murdoch ) debate. If people swallow that shite i’ll be selling damp squibs in Nov ( sold as seen no rebates ).

  96. Robert Graham says:

    Well she just gave it away the Tories are Walking.
    Paxman wasn’t bad he made her look and sound pretty stupid at times.
    The best bit was the chump at the end standing up clapping, ha ha On his own , I think he mistakenly thought that the applause meant a resounding support for his PM . Aye right .

  97. geeo says:

    Theresa not done too well tonight, utterly ridiculed.

    Noticed that she goes into a monotone voice when under pressure, spewing a droning mantra…!

    That is never PM material.

  98. K1 says:

    Fudgeface, yer correct, that is what and who the Tories are. They literally protect their own class, upper twat idiots and middle class wannabes who look up to them. It’s always been thus. They pulled a fast one on the working classes when they got us to buy our houses, now it’s payback, social care my arse, they seek to steal back the houses from those like that old fella in the audience who asked about not having anything to leave to his kids after he dies.

    A massive scam, yet another is underway with this non costed non consulted social care policy, it’s going to be an insurance scam that puts those who’ve invested their entire lives paying mortgages, once cleared they will have to release the equity to pay for their care, do people know what that actually comes down to?

    Now imagine ye just happen to live in an area where house prices went through the roof in the lifetime of your ownership, but you are on a relatively low income, you can manage now because you’ve cleared yer mortgage, but just imagine in the next few years you get ill. You’ll no longer have just your savings taken into account while assessing your care needs, your house’s ‘market’ value will now be included as part of your assessment. So you are told you must take out some ‘equity’ as you are over the threshold. That’s you just got yersel a new mortgage at the worst possible time in your life and everyone knows ‘equity’ release is that. Can anyone imanginemthe interest rates for that mortgage at an elderly age or even just into your 50/60’s? And the insurance payments that will come with it?

    How do you pay back the new mortgage payment with no fixed income? How do you meet those extra costs and pay for all your usual bills? And pay for your own care too? At the worst possible time in your life?

    Willing to be corrected if I’m wrong on this, in simple terms.

    If it’s uncosted and May is spouting about consultations et al, why the fuck have they got it in their manifesto? That’s how arrogant they are and how ignorant they think the rest of us are, If England falls for this, which I’m pretty sure they will, they are masochists as well as fools.

  99. Hamish100 says:

    I see Davidson getting stuck in the mud driving a land rover today on BBC. Full of news media taking photographs oh and a BBC camera crew.

    You would have thought they would have told call kay(e) that Davidson is running feart from being interviewed by the public.

    Running scared. Tories bubble has burst revealing its nasty core.

  100. Nana says:


    Carry on nurse

    @yesindyref I spotted this at the weekend, forgot to post it before

    Union fears for Clyde jobs as Tories back BAE review

  101. Dr Jim says:

    Just a couple of years ago they were describing Nicola Sturgeon as the most dangerous woman in the UK
    Theresa May sits in front of a studio audience on national television points out to everybody her own total incompetence and she’s basically a Bampot on Dandelion wine and the audience applaud

    People will die because of Tory policies (nothing) we’ll be broke (nothing) we’ll have control of immigration (ecstatic orgasmic applause)
    They truly seem to believe some foreign guys washing cars or picking fruit is bankrupting the economy and overloading the health service

    There’s definitely a chasm between Scotland and England in the understanding and comprehension of the English language if they didn’t hear what I heard

    Do the people of England actually believe it’s Theresa May who does the sitting across the table negotiating anyway, I mean really do they?

    Have the people of England not yet realised figureheads don’t do the actual grunt work, that’s done by the clever clogs number crunchers and under the instruction and direction of Mrs Merkel the EU has the best and most experienced ones who’ll swallow up the Brits and spit them out over coffee

    Jeremy Corbyn did himself no harm at all in fact he did rather well and if I lived in England he’d get my vote

    But that’s only because there’s no SNP down there
    although Jeremy’s trying hard to be like the SNP while pretending not to be

    Kezia the Anti Scot must be so proud of her sideline failure boss copying Scotlands National Party

  102. K1 says:

    Oh dear Nana, seems she really isn’t all she appeared to be afterall. Souds like the pressure got to her. Strange turn of events eh…

  103. Lochside says:

    ‘If England falls for this, which I’m pretty sure they will, they are masochists as well as fools’…judging by the clapping every time May opened her mouth I’d agree.

    The English appear to get moist at cold voiced, stentorian and harsh spoken middle aged madams..must be their governesses that habituate them to pavlovian responses like voting tory.

    Paxman apparently ‘grilled’ May….well I’ve seen toast better grilled than that pantomine. Corbyn gets doings over 30 year old snatched conversations re. Sinn Fein despite Thatcher being up to her oxters in secret talks and Hamas characterised as his ‘friends’ but nowt about Israel’s war crimes to balance it.

    Spotted two tory ‘plants’ the Belfast hun asking the Irish’question’ and the dark haired woman who asked why she should trust the tories after lying about the £350 billion NHS ‘rebate’ from the EU…then proceeded to nod her head in response to every bit of bullshit May gave back in reply…one of the worst pieces of acting since Boris Johnson trying to be a ‘statesman’.

    Relief to see that the media aren’t just trying to fuck us. Peter Bell(?)on Indyref2 said that we are not just fighting the UK State…we are fighting the TORY UK State…Labour in power have just been an aberration….the Tories rule and will not tolerate usurpers. They destroy or absorb them. Tonight was yet another demonstration of this charade of democracy played out in front of the Gullible Brit identifying public.

  104. ScottishPsyche says:

    Jeremy Corbyn seems a decent man who comes across as ideological and principled but has a profoundly deaf ear with regard to Scotland. I would trust him more with Brexit as I believe he could negotiate a deal which would not lead to the UK becoming more of a pariah in the world.

    On the contrary, Theresa May confirmed that she is an authoritarian micro-manager who displays extreme anxiety in situations that are not completely within her control. She would walk away from any deal that would make her seem weak to her party. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were not even acknowledged except in passing with regard to winter fuel payments.

    Nicola Sturgeon, however, would do the best for the Scottish people no matter what, so it’s a no-brainer – SNP again for me.

  105. Maryscot says:

    As a Scot living in England, a lot of us are voting Labour just to get the tories out. Most would vote SNP if we could but it is not on our ballot paper. I only wish Nicola could be our PM and that is a wish of many English people too believe it or not. She is brilliant and an excellent orator. The BBC here is so biased and won’t print anything against the tories. Makes me so mad to see the way the Scots are sidelined.

  106. Theresa had a standing ovation after tonight’s interview/ Q&A on Ch4 – then he sat down.

  107. K1 says:

    Scotland Wales and N Ireland were acknowledged implicitly when she said the reason for the snap election was to quieten those who do not agree with ‘what the British people want’ or the manner in which the Tories are going about Brexit.

    It’s subtle but it’s there, ah would go as far as saying what others have: Scotland is the reason why the Tories are having this election, nothing else stacks up. What’s ironic is that Scotland is in fact leading the way, without our dissent (which is why the Ruth Harrison party are prime time in Scottish media as a means of boosting Tory support (think orange sewer barrel scraping) though the ‘no referendum’ campaigning) there would be no need for this election at all. They aim to reduce the SNP’s numbers at Westminster ergo all the rhetoric that even losing a few SNP’s losing seats is a win for them?

    More importantly and saliently, by sheer force of propaganda even minor gains can be exploited, again think of recent council elections, everyone knows it’s crap in Scotland, but it is England that has to be fooled and turned against Scotland again and again. If the English polity could for a moment see through the eyes of Scotland and just place themselves in our shoes, they too would feel as we do, which is why the monstering and othering is a necessary part of ‘divide and conquer’. That way ensures that England doesn’t ‘wake up’ to what is actually possible and see the Tories for the utter ruthless bastards that they are.

  108. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Tomorrow’s National front page:-

  109. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Tomorrow’s “National” twitter pages:-

  110. Thepnr says:

    Tories 43% Lab 37% according to latest Survation poll, so in recent days we now have 4 polls giving the Tories with a 5% lead, 2 with a 6% lead and another with 7%.

    All very interesting considering how fast the Tories reported 20 to 24% lead at the start of the campaign has collapsed. Their lead has fallen so fast that I wouldn’t be surprised with 10 days left if the gap narrowed even further.

    Despite the best efforts of the BBC and Media barons people seem to be shifting their stance and abandoning Tories, at least in England. We’ve no idea yet what is going on in Scotland.

    As ever I remain hopeful, the Tories will win seats here but not many and certainly not as many as they hope, Labour could have none and even Alastair Carmichael will have a fight on his hands I believe.

    All to play for then, I’m mainly concerned with what happens in Scotland and that means focusing our ire against the Tories. Ruth Davidson needs to be brought down a peg or two.

    My only wish for this election is that we succeed in doing just that.

  111. meg merrilees says:

    Big day coming up – Nicola launches the SNP manifesto tomorrow. Wonder what will be in those pages?

    Also wonder how little it will be reported on the BBC – what cunning diversion willthey create to take up the time on the headlines?

    Only 10 sleeps left till we vote in our last WM election…

  112. Clootie says:


    …you remain hopeful the Tories will win seats?!?

  113. caz m says:

    Meg Merrilees 11.48pm

    Re: SNP manifesto launch tomorrow.

    Aye Meg, watch out for BBC Scotland lettin their big Unionist Squirrel out of it’s cage.

  114. Clootie says:


    …whoops, missed the comma. I need to start wearing those reading glasses!

  115. ScottishPsyche says:

    It’s the old story that the SNP has to adhere to different standards. Nothing less than 100% of seats would ever convince the Tories that people wanted what the SNP offers. Yes, a small loss of seats will be looked on as a catastrophe while a small gain of seats for the Tories with no appreciable change in overall percentage vote will be acknowledged as a message to Sturgeon.

    May will manipulate and distort any win as a personal mandate for her to destroy any chance of Independence.It is all so predictable and corrupt. We have seen it all before. Did we really believe sending 56 SNP MPs would do anything other than stir the hornet’s nest? The system is set up to make it as difficult as possible to extricate ourselves.

    Maybe we have to play a longer game or to use an analogy Ruth Harrison would understand, May might win this battle but she won’t win the war.

  116. Thepnr says:

    I remain hopeful followed by a comma, which means you should pause. Can you no read LOL

  117. Lenny Hartley says:

    Ain’t seen much about why Dippity was not at her leaders speech in the old fruitmarket last night. Anybody know if there was an official reason given?

    I’ve gotta say I did not see this Labour boost in the polls coming. Could all come down to the weather on the day, let’s hope the sun is shining. Whilst I believe that a Tory victory and a hard Brexit will deliver Independence for us sooner than we could all imagine in late Sept 2014, still like to see the Tories get their butts kicked.

  118. Thepnr says:


    Just to be clear in case you genuinely didn’t understand my meaning. I remain hopeful that the Tories will win less seats than they expect. They will win seats though, in the borders in particular. Everything points to that.

    I hope they get no more than 4 they are targeting 12 including Angus Robertson’s in moray and Pete Wishart’s in Perth and North Perthshire. I think they’ll be sadly disappointed in these two for example.

    They are also short priced favourites in West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine for example, me being ever hopeful believe the the SNP can hold them off there too. have a look at the 2015 election results for these seats.

    The SNP would have to lose huge numbers of voters to the Tories to lose these seats, I just don’t envisage that.

  119. Robert Graham says:

    Just watched the latest Andrew Neil leader interview, This time with the ukip leader Paul nuttal , the contrast was startling , between this one and the one with Nicola Sturgeon, his lighthearted approach to a person who quite honestly is borderline psychotic, who represents a party most people would consider banning for their extremest views , but there he sat asking questions in a lighthearted way, on water boarding, on interment, I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
    When you look again at the tone of Nicola’s interrogation and compare both, He really hates the SNP , This was evident at the end of her interrogation, not a word was spoken just cold silence .

  120. yesindyref2 says:

    Good to know someone reads my occasion OT defence stuff! While checking something out I found this interesting article from 2012, before I started really catching up with defence stuff (I used to be very interested before getting married years ago and getting kids!).

    Thanks for that. Yes, the fears are justified, though it looks like the “assembly” of the T31 has been promised for the Clyde. There are a few good reasons for the fears.

    Apart from Parker’s review which sadly makes sense, regardless of Scotland going Indy, to spread shipbuilding around the UK, there’s the competitive nature of that which can drive prices down for a cash-strapped austerity-mad UK.

    There’s also BAE itself, and I suspect the MOD is reducing it to a mere competitor, as the TOBA 2009 runs out in 2024, so the MOD can do what it wants then. The Terms Of Business Arrangement meant that if BAE had no orders, the UK Gov would still have to pay them, to keep the skills – hence the 5 OPVs with the delay of the T26 design (usual design problems).

    Then there’s design companies like that for the Spartan design for a light frigate, and though Babcock will be competing it seems for the T31 order with BAE (no idea where Babcock would build), the Spartan design is an interesting one. Babcock by the way though they build at Rosyth, also have locations in Northern Ireland and England, and recently moved their HQ to London I think. So no guarantees there then.

    And what’s very concernng is the slipperyness of language. First it’s build, then assemble but hey – that’s the same isn’t it? Well, no, BAE were going to build a 2 a year frigate factory but that got shelved. And the UK Gov did say that the Clyde was for frigate building. Well, that went by the byee.

    Sorry for the length and randomness, got work to do and it didn’t go well earlier as I found I ordered and got the wrong flaming box size – double the size – 200 of them 🙁

  121. K1 says:

    Robert Graham, ah haven’t seen the Nuttal interview but have seen Nicolas’s, there wasn’t ‘just cold silence’ at the end. They clearly are speaking to one another and in fact I was struck right at the end by how respectfully he ended that interview. Nicola can handle Andra, they’ve sparred before, just my take but I think he does have respect for her.

    He had May on the ropes, so he’s just his usual badgering twat self wi them all. It’s not the SNP who’s numbers are dropping in relation to any interviews or increased exposure during this campaign. I’m with Thpnr on this, I don’t foresee a significant drop in our MP’s at this election. The sideshow with scotllab and scottory is just that, it’s Scotland only viewing.

    In the wider context London Labour are making gains, that’s bad news for Dugdale (Corbyn’s policies and changeable position on indyref are at odds with Scotlab, in fact most of his policies are mirroring SNP’s, not the branch office) and Tankgirl. But especially Tankgirl, where does she go after the failure of her bosses to ensure a massive majority on the back of a snap election with a 24 point lead reduced tae what…4 or 5 points by Election Day?

    Nothing about this campaign is going well for our opponents, so imo it doesn’t matter what the political Andrew Hacks think or insinuate. It’s up tae us to remain firm and steadfast in the face of sticks and stones.

    They’ve got nuthin’. They cannot lay a glove on Nicola Sturgeon and now London Labour are promising England what we already have. You couldnae make it up. We’re literally changing the dynamics of UK politics and unlike 2015…we’re already assured of outstanding numbers of our chosen MP’s returning to Westminster. They are a force to be reckoned with, the Tories know this, else imo they would not have called this election in the first place.

    Playing for time may well have cost them everything…in the end. We’ll see.

  122. Thepnr says:

    Here are the closest seats in Scotland according to the bookies with my view on each seat also. My view is just a best guess of course.

    Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk
    Winning Party
    Conservative (1/7), SNP (7), Democrats (25), Labour (200), UKIP (500) CON WIN

    Dumfries and Galloway
    Winning Party
    Conservative (2/11), SNP (9/2), Labour (100), Democrats (300), UKIP (500) CON WIN

    Dumfriesshire Clydesdale and Tweeddale
    Winning party
    Conservative (2/9), SNP (7/2), Democrats (100), Labour (100), UKIP (500) CON WIN

    East Lothian
    Winning Party
    SNP (4/6), Conservative (3), Labour (11/2), UKIP (250), Democrats (300) SNP WIN

    East Renfrewshire
    Winning Party
    Conservative (4/5), SNP (11/8), Labour (16), Democrats (200), UKIP (250) SNP WIN

    Edinburgh South
    Winning Party
    Labour (11/13), SNP (5/2), Conservative (7/2), UKIP (200), Democrats (300) CON WIN

    Winning Party
    SNP (5/6), Conservative (1), Labour (150), Democrats (250), Green (250), UKIP (250) SNP WIN

    Orkney and Shetland
    Winning Party
    Democrats (1/3), SNP (10/3), Conservative (50), Labour (150), UKIP (200) LIB WIN

    Perth and North Perthshire
    Winning Party
    Conservative (11/13), SNP (10/11), Labour (100), Democrats (150), UKIP (150) SNP WIN

    Winning Party
    SNP (4/7), Conservative (2), Labour (25), UKIP (200), Democrats (250) SNP WIN

    West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine
    Winning Party
    Conservative (3/10), SNP (4), Democrats (20), Labour (150), UKIP (200) SNP WIN

  123. Thepnr says:

    I’ll just mention the above is my personal view. The Lib Dems for example are fancied in a few seats such as North East Fife but looking at the 2015 result in these seats I just can’t see them getting anywhere near the required vote to overtake the SNP.

    Even though I have chosen Carmichael to retain his seat it will be close again between him and the SNP.

    Ach well, we will all know for sure on 9th June. I can wait.

  124. Robert Harrison says:

    Oh im not sleeping that night until i see all of scotlands results hoping my mothers gut instinct is right and the snp take all 59 seats next week the snp got my vote again as they they are the only ones fit for protecting scotland right now

  125. Michael McCabe says:

    Is it true that paxman called strong and stable a blowhard and she came back with but Jeremy I will go to Europe and I will huff and puff until I get a good deal.

  126. yesindyref2 says:

    OT defence agin
    Ah, Babcock (re T31 building). Some people think a design shown looks like a stretched OPV, and even if that’s BAE’s mock-up, Babcock’s could be the same. In which case someone suggested it could be based on the Samuel Beckett OPVs built for the Irish navy, very nice, but an OPV.

    And they were built at Appledore Shipyard – in Devon. My guess is that if that was the case about a stretched OPV and Babcock got the order, they’d build them in Devon, and then they’d be sent up to the Clyde so the shipyards could “assemble” the ensign. But that is very cynical, surely politicians aren’t that cynical and devious, are they?

  127. David says:

    In response to K1.

    1: Having an idea of basic economics, that money doesnt grow on trees and that there’s 2 sides of the equation (earnings minus expenses) doesnt make me a tory.

    2:I listed tories first on my post as culprits.

    The fact is I know people who have multiple houses, currently living abroad claiming jobseeker allowance. If you dont think thats also somewhat despicable given the cuts made to the people who really need it then you are a much more massive retard than your knee-jerk, bullshit-left, assumption making reply to my original post would indicate.

    Or wait…maybe your defending that for a reason? Guilty conscience? Getting used to those unwarranted benefits? 2 can make assumptions.

    If Scotland is going to succeed as an independent country people need to realise that both tax revenue AND expenses need to be optimised. Something that some people currently feeding from the benefits trough might not like.

  128. Fred says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time that orders had to be re-allocated to the Clyde as it became apparent that the English couldn’t hack it!

    New posters appearing here of late, very encouraging.

  129. stellio69 says:

    If people are fleeing England then at least the concerns expressed by Ruth Davidson about migrant numbers falling in Scotland will be addressed. Win/win for the tories.(Tongue firmly in cheek)

  130. Smallaxe says:

    Nana: Good Morning, the sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Thank You, for Your lovely links. The Commonspace link theme deals with one of my fortes! 🙂
    Kettle’s on! Peace Always.

  131. Effijy says:

    UK Media bias can be very supple, and it is effective.

    Prof John Robertson, a leading expert in the field must be worn out, noting the multitude of methods used every day.

    I seen a BBC Clip from Paxman interviews.
    Nice shot of smiley May, and then focus on audience plant continually shaking his head a Corbyn explains why the working class are paying too high a price on Tory cuts to their supporters Corporation Tax Bands.

    How many of us feel that we should be paying more to increase Corporate Profit Margins when the UK has 4 million kids living in poverty?

    Wonder if the plant is a Tory Councillor, wonder how the
    Camera man knew to focus on the only person shaking their
    head against Corbyn’s comments??y

  132. Nana says:

    Good morning Smallaxe, it’s SNP manifesto day!

    A couple more links for later

    Trump’s actions have ‘weakened’ the West, says German minister

    Saudi Arabia: A British creation…

  133. Sinky says:

    Good old BBC Radio Scotland GMS from Edinburgh South to SNP on Labour preventing a coalition “This is not a re-run of last month’s Council elections”

    But Ian Murray allowed to make Indy Ref 2 the main issue.

    Ian Murray not asked why he stabbed his leader in the back but all other parties attacked on their supposed failings

  134. call me dave says:

    But… but Mr Eadie, this is a Westminster election squawks shortbread’s interviewer that’s a council issue. FGS!

    Irony meter off the scale! Good old Auntie.

    What was Eadie thinking about the bad man 🙂

    Listening to the Tory candidate she was awful and Murray just hoping to hold on with No India 2 with some help from his unionist pals.

  135. So many people questioning how the Tories can win elections: easy.
    Through a voting system full of security flaws, like the 14 different ways a UK High Court judge said the postal vote can be fudged.
    With the cooperation of compliant or complicit media, abusing Big Data to target individual voters with fake news tailored to sway their vote and publishing polls but never opening the data collected to scrutiny, an election in UK can be won if there’s enough money going around to stuff brown envelopes or key stakeholders can be blackmailed into compliance.
    Democracy is dead, has been dead for a decade.
    Keep wishing your vote would change the mind of NeoNazi sociopathic psychopaths: it won’t.
    By all means vote, and vote wisely. But be aware that it won’t remove the fascist threat to our democracy, just park it away to simmer for a little longer.
    More radical actions are needed, like immediately expelling from the country any politician that doesn’t respect the pivotal hinges of democracy like the “No to referendums” NeoNazi bastards.

  136. Macart says:


    Reading sorted and coffee on table. 🙂

  137. galamcennalath says:

    The Tories just don’t like referendums, if they can’t stop them they will fix or derail them. So we need to be aware for ScotRef.

    A referendum must be straightforward choice between a fully documented plan for change versus the status quo.

    That is how IndyRef started out but they retailed it by swapping an undocumented woolly offer instead of the status quo option. The result opting for that, was meaningless.

    They f.cked up the EURef well and truly! From the beginning it was a well documented proposal for minor change versus an undocumented proposal for massive change. It should have been Cameron’s changes versus status quo. If someone wanted to propose leaving the EU they should have presented a firm case, with plans, and held a different referendum with leave versus status quo. No wonder the present fiasco has descended upon us all!

    Two sabotaged referendums have brought us to where we are. Only a third, ScotRef, run properly will sort out this constitutional mess. And the Tories won’t like that and will do their damnest to damage the process.

  138. The Tories are beneath contempt with these work capability tests for those who are disabled or suffer from mental illness.

    But we should never allow Labour off the hook on this issue either, because Labour is no better than the Tories.

    It was the previous Labour government that brought in these tests and hired ATOS to carry them out.

  139. Ian McCubbin says:

    Heading to SNP manifesto launch and am sure this video will be one of talking points. I hope FM reinforces commitment to support disabled and those with long term health issues.
    The Tories policies are as bad as Nazis in 1930s and that is fact.

  140. Smallaxe says:

    Buongiorno Corrado, ben detto,mio amico.
    Pace sempre

  141. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ Corrado

    Democracy (or at least the ideaology of it) has been extinct for far longer than a decade. It’s almost impossible to implement in its purest form.

    Also, I think the Machiavellian recipe for civilization has significantly changed. The three pillars of Monarchy, Aristocracy, and Democracy – which, if there were too much power transferred to one pillar alone would, respectively, turn into tyranny, a government of the few, or anarchy – have morphed into Banks, Supranational megacorporations, and the illusion of democracy. But that illusion is even less convincing in times of war where there is little alternative to economic totalitarianism. And this ‘war on terror’ certainly is a war.

    Anyway, I’m not very clever, so all that could just be a fool’s interpretation.

    I remember watching Gay Byrne interview the injured Falklands soldier on the Late Late show whose experience was turned into the TV film ‘Tumbledown’, and he was played by Colin Firth who, in a reversal of the usual rule was LESS handsome than the real man he potrayed. The young man gave a heartfelt criticism of the state of democracy on this island which is probably more appropriate to the current discussion about the subversion of democracy by media, rather than my observation of overarching principles.

    Watch from 9:50 – 12:00

  142. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The fact is I know people who have multiple houses, currently living abroad claiming jobseeker allowance.”

    Then report them for benefit fraud, because they’re not eligible for JSA.

  143. Dr Jim says:

    Baby Boxes

    Let’s all struggle through the morning on Call Kaye listening to folk who hate the SNP trying not to actually say it and inventing stupid reasons to say why the Baby Box is no good

    I believe it doesn’t have a SNP Logo on it or anything, so the evil must be contained within the products
    Or maybe if you repeat the words in the Baby book therein it conjures up the the nasty SNP indoctrination spirits and creates a future SNP voter

    Beware the insidious goodwill of the SNP

  144. geeo says:

    Oh dear…foodbank nursey fined for verbally abusing neighbor…”infamy infamy…they all have it infamy…”

  145. Fergus Green says:

    The media are ready to pounce on any reference to ‘Independence’ in the SNP manifesto. Let’s hope that this is addressed in context only, as an affirmation to carry through the democratic will of the Scottish Parliament and hold IndyRef2, and nothing more.

    The manifesto needs to focus on non-devolved matters and shift attention on to the good work our Government is doing to maintain and develop services in Scotland, in spite of Tory austerity and cuts to the Scottish budget.

  146. Another Union Dividend says:

    Surprised that there has been no comment / national publicity on this Labour / UKIP alliance in Basildon but then BBC don’t like when you mention non-Westminster issues in this general election campaign.

  147. Sinky says:

    The state of this in Hootsman to-day.

    Ian Murray after smearing Neil Hay last time round now smearing the SNP as he has no dirt on Jim Eadie.

    The accompanying video is no more than a PPB for Ian Murray yet new editor said he would be politically neutral.

  148. meg merrilees says:

    Corbyn being absolutely hung out to dry by Emma Barnett (?) on Woman’s hour R4.

    Uncomfortable listening! started just before 10.30am.

    He has just announced a new policy – free childcare changes – but was unable to divulge the figures; got crucified over the ignorance of figures.

  149. Capella says:

    @ Reluctant Nationalist 9.43 – all’s fair in love and war, isn’t that what they say? – and our government in Westminster has been at war for centuries – with us. I wonder what that soldier is doing now. He will obviously never recover. At the time of the interview we didn’t have a Freedom of Information Act. We do now, but how useful is it?

    From Nana’s links, that Crimes of Britain site is an eye-opener. Here’s a tweet with our old friend Osama Bin Laden. “Anti -Soviet Warrior puts his army on the road to peace.”

  150. Nana says:

    Re Manifesto launch

    manifesto launch will be broadcast on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube from 11AM.

    Assuming these are the links

  151. Nana says:

    Another option

    Join us as we cover the #SNPmanifesto launch in Perth with our reporter

  152. Scott says:

    NIC NURSE NAILED Edinburgh nurse who claimed she had to use foodbanks fined by cops after bust-up with neighbour

    Claire Austin got the penalty for breaching the peace after officers visited her flat

    Why is BBC Scotland not reporting this will Kez come out and condemn her for her actions.

  153. Meg merrilees says:


    the final line of Murray’s ‘interview’ in the Scotsman
    Dismissing the chances of a Conservative being returned in the constituency, he said voters realise that if they back the Tories then the most likely outcome is an SNP MP.
    totally contradicts Kezia’s advice!

    She’s actually encouraging labour supporters to vote Tory!!!

    Talk about conducing the electorate…

  154. heedtracker says:

    Nana says:
    30 May, 2017 at 10:48 am
    Another option

    Join us as we cover the #SNPmanifesto launch in Perth with our reporter

    Thanks for this link Nana.

    This is protest is quite a spectacle from conservatives though.

    Baroness d’Jockistan? @JAEdinburgh 12m12 minutes ago

    Replying to @TheCommonSpace @ArthurStramash @RobertJSomynne
    Did you have to run the gauntlet passed these ‘protesters’?

  155. Meg merrilees says:


    Just used your twitter link to visit Perth on SNP Manifesto day.

    I predict it will be headline news at 1pm on tv. Why?

    Not because they think anyone should know the SNP policies but because there is a pathetic thin blue line of elderly people standing behind a pathetic blue barrier of ‘say no to indy ref 2 placards’ and most importantly, in their midst the TV cameraman.

    Most TV reporters/producers would want to interview the supporters, the positive,extensive queue of excited people waiting to go in, get the feel for the event but not the Tory Broadcasting Corporation – they want to stand with the opposition and report the negative side of the story and will no doubt contrive to make it seem like here was a massive protest rally outside Perth Concert Hall.

    At least the SNP doesn’t have to resort to using a village hall in Crathes, a hotel in Edinburgh or a tiny meeting place in the Grassmarket (?) in Glasgow.

    Great that we already have video of the actual scenario – then they can’t lie about it.

  156. Nana says:

    Murdo fraser protests outside SNP manifesto launch lol!

    video here

  157. heedtracker says:

    It must be a new thing, for a tory red or blue like Murdo to actually be outside on the street protesting another parties manifesto launch. Seriously strange bunch of fcukwits, Scottish tories.

    Edinburgh Reporter?


    Murdo Fraser MSP on why he is outside the @theSNP conference

  158. Breeks says:

    Corrado Mella says:
    30 May, 2017 at 8:38 am
    “So many people questioning how the Tories can win elections: easy.
    Through a voting system full of security flaws, like the 14 different ways a UK High Court judge said the postal vote can be fudged…..”

    If we want to protect democracy, we need to protect the right for ordinary people to think rationally and objectively about every and current issue of importance. No topic should be off limits, or dropped like a hot potato the way Independence issues and good news stories are currently swept down the agenda. Douglas Fraser with his asset curse disdain for Scottish oil is a primary example. What a farce. That means restricting the capacity of corporate organisations, whether governments or media organisations, to propagate hidden agendas and directional propaganda, and generally manipulating the narrative.

    If we must endure the broadcasting such vested interests through deference to freedom of speech, then it is the monopoly of broadcasting facility those with the vested interests enjoy which we must address.

    In our immediate context here is Scotland, it seems wholly incompatible to describe Scotland as a democratic country while our “collective” opinion as an electorate is so grimly distorted by the virtual Unionist monopoly on mainstream broadcast news. Our democracy does not reflect the will of the people, it reflects the degree to which we are all influenced by the BBC.

    I think it is frighteningly credible that the BBC will yet again rob Scotland of any chance of diligent, constructive debate between now and ScotRef. Regardless of whether we win, or lose, I would bet a small fortune that the electorate goes to the polls with an extremely poor grasp of the primary issues. Whatever the result, luck will have played a disproportionate part in it.

    It doesn’t win me friends or make me popular saying so, but by a country mile, the greatest weakness in our entire campaign strategy is our consistent and abject failure to secure any alternative broadcasting to Unionist channels, and a similar failure to devise any credible countermeasure to the perfidious BBC.

    If we lose ScotRef, that single issue will be central to our defeat.

    The only thing any country has which is sacred is its sovereignty. How it wields that sovereignty is the battleground where democracy is falsely believed to be sacred, yet left at the mercy of unscrupulous corporate interests, or in the case of Scotland, unscrupulous Unionist interests. There is nothing very sacred about that democracy.

    Democracy is the will of the people, not the BBC. Yes, I hear people saying look where we are, look where we were, we are winning. I agree, we are making progress, but progress maintained by a hapless Unionist circus of cretins and idiots f*~!*ing things up for Britain, rather than our great project to harness the progressive aspirations of becoming our own country.

    To watch our campaigning, you have to wonder if it’s a progressive campaign to become a free and better Scotland, or a regressive campaign to NOT be British. But how can we ever hope to change that tempo without access to mainstream broadcasting???

  159. Another Union Dividend says:

    Scott Says – this is the link you are looking for

    Perhaps someone can send it to MSM / BBC as I have to go out now.

  160. Meg merrilees says:

    When asked if he recognised that the Scottish government already has a mandate for a second Indy ref from the Sottish Parliament, Murdo Fraser said:
    ‘ Well I don’t accept that is the case that the Scottish government routinely ignore the decisions of votes in the Scottish parliament. It seems rather bizarre that they expect the WM government to be bound by votes in the Scottish parliament. They themselves often ignore them ..’

    So Murdo Fraser, serving MSP, does not accept that a majority vote on any matter in the Scottish Parliament gives the Scottish Government the power to act on that matter;
    he accuses the Scottish parliament of ROUTINELY ignoring decisions mandated by votes within the Scottish Parliament;
    he then says that he is comfortable with WM ignoring decisions mandated by a vote at Holyrood;
    he thinks it is BIZARRE that the Scottish Government expect Holyrood to be respected by WM;
    and finally he accuses the S. Government of not respecting it themselves.


    Why is he still an MSP – it can’t be just for the money can it?

  161. ScottieDog says:

    Argggh wish politicians would stop talking about balancing the f@@@ing books!

  162. Sarah says:

    @Breeks 11.10 – Hear, hear.

  163. Macart says:


    Thanks Nana.

    That is what a leader sound like. 🙂

  164. K1 says:

    Your ‘outlook’ came across as Tory David. That’s not some knee jerk assumption and it’s not without reasonable inference from your original post. On an article about cuts to those with disabilities you chose to focus on ‘benefit cheats’ which is really a right wing media narrative that many have fallen for without balancing out the equally illegal and much more costly to the public purse tax evasion?

    As the article I linked to, the quote I took from that article stated, you can’t be taken seriously if you won’t equally condemn both activities, you have to start from the top David. It was pretty clear where I was coming from.

    But your nasty response to me doesn’t address that, instead you go for personal smearing on the basis that I’m playing some sort of game with you and again as if my suggesting you may in fact be a Tory is on a par with you insinuating I’m a benefit cheat.

    Really rather pathetic and uncalled for response David. Think you’ll find you are the one with the bee in your bonnet about ‘benefit cheats’ just cause ‘ah know people who do blah blah blah’. Well as the Rev says report them.

    What’s your point really David? In relation to the atl?

    My point was simple, what you posted was irrelevant to the atl.

    Ah rest ma case. Have a good day 😉

  165. heedtracker says:

    Great launch there! FM Sturgeon as assured and confident as ever. Very stark contrast to the strong stable, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Mayhem.

  166. cearc says:

    The Sun’s nursie piece has already been archived if you prefer,

    Nana posted it last night.

    I noticed that Stockbrige residence is now in Pilton! (Nursie not Nana).

    Personally, I think that direct links to ‘good’ articles and archive for ‘bad’ is a good policy. It shows the papers the way to go to get more pageviews.

  167. yesindyref2 says:

    The fact is I know people who have multiple houses, currently living abroad claiming jobseeker allowance.

    I think if they lived abroad it would cost them a fortune for their regular visit to the jobcentre.

  168. yesindyref2 says:

    Just thought I’d check that out:

    Reporting to a Jobcentre Plus office

    You must go to a Jobcentre Plus office every 2 weeks (or when asked) to show how you’ve been looking for a job. This is known as ‘signing on’.

    You must show your work coach what you’ve been doing to look for work, for example proof of job applications and interviews.

    So the answer is – bullcrap.

  169. Macart says:

    I’m guessing page 8 is the one most folks are interested in. Pay particular attention to the tone and language used.

    Mibbies just me, but I’d say the kid gloves are off.

  170. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes, simple and plain.

    I only clicked the link though because you’d say you’d read it. The page has this:

    Manifesto 2017

    Download our 2017 Manifesto

    Accessible versions of our manifesto will be available shortly. For further information contact

    So my first thought was the manifesto wasn’t there to download yet as the “Download our 2017 Manifesto” in black just looked like a line of text, and the next line made it look as though it wasn’t available yet. The SNP really do need to get a new webmaster.

  171. Macart says:


    Yeah, they really should have highlighted the fact with a button rather than a line of text.

  172. Nana says:

    Oops sorry Macart, I didn’t see your link before I posted.

  173. heedtracker says:

    Psycho tories on the hustings. Is psycho toryboy world trying to lose?

    Theresa May just visited a homophobic Christian fundamentalist church – how can gay voters trust her after this?
    Having been told by various priests that prayer would ‘cure’ my homosexuality, I am keenly aware of the lasting impact that these kinds of notions can have on a young person’s mental health

    Douglas Robertson @d0ug7a5 3 hours ago

    not 300 years ago, or even 30 really.

  174. Macart says:


    Pages 29 and 30 expand a little on the page 8 premise.

    They are leaving no one in any doubt about their wording or intent.

    Interesting to see how the opposition and meeja spin this.

  175. heedtracker says:

    Graun moves in for the kill. As usual, no news but Graun’s Indy ref2 obsession. Hammer of the Scots Severin headline “Steps back,” becomes “appears,” rather quickly.

    Scottish National party (SNP)
    Sturgeon steps back from independence referendum demands
    SNP manifesto appears to drop first minister’s call for second Scotland vote to be held before final Brexit deal is signed
    Nicola Sturgeon launches the SNP manifesto in Perth, a key Tory target.

    Severin Carrell Scotland

    Maybe the Graun will start actually reporting Scottish news, if they can get a dozen or so Scottish tory MP’s June 8.

  176. Jamie says:

    I have always said to anyone who would listen that the biggest terrorists in the UK are the Tories and that video sums up perfectly why.

  177. Macart says:


    Severin said that did he?

    He’s not the most observant of souls then is Severin. Near as I can tell, that’s been exactly the Scottish government’s position since before the Holyrood vote.

    Or he could simply be dishonest (shrugs). Clearly the fella hasn’t fully informed his readership on the tone or content of the manifesto pages. It certainly doesn’t look to me as if there has been any kind of retreat and almost certainly there’s been a hardening of tone.

    ‘Course that may be down to my regional shortcomings. I’m sure a broadsheet metro bubble commentator has his finger firmly on the pulse.

  178. heedtracker says:

    Macart says:
    30 May, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Severin said that did he?

    He did. They must know what’s coming and think outright lying is their UKOK way forward.

    All those years, decades of The Guardian’s lefty progressive, we’re not a corp, we’re a trust fund, so that makes us special and not like all the rest of the tory UK press…Graun’s just another bunch of brinat tories, desperately monstering any and all change, in their Scotland region, especially.

    Graun are FibDems basically. So, just shy tories without the stones to say out loud, fack off and die, change:D

  179. Jack Murphy says:

    Scott said at 10:49 am:
    “NIC NURSE NAILED Edinburgh nurse who claimed she had to use foodbanks fined by cops after bust-up with neighbour

    Claire Austin got the penalty for breaching the peace after officers visited her flat……”

    Here’s the assault story for anyone who doesn’t know what happened.

    The Scottish Sun:

  180. Breeks says:

    What a lovely manifesto.

    Not a word about broadcasting. SNP must be content for us all to get force fed Unionist propaganda 24 -7.

  181. Albert Herring says:


    Broadcasting is covered on page 20.

  182. Macart says:


    Page 20 I think.

  183. Macart says:

    @Albert Herring


    Just hit refresh.

  184. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes, the manifesto can’t make it any plainer.

    I daresay though with their total lack lf literacy the MSM will manage to misunderstand it somehow, and ones dear old Sevvie who lives in a circle of fellow SNP-hating “journos” (or winebaros), will manage somehow.

    Oh, he already did.

  185. Thepnr says:

    There is absolutely no chance that:

    “responsibility for broadcasting in Scotland should transfer from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament.” as asked for in the SNP manifesto.

    Pretty sure we all know that, anyone any idea what that SNP could do other than include it in their manifesto? No, me neither.

  186. Macart says:


    Yep. Done the rounds of the usual suspects and they all have their unique spin, though not one admits to the consistency of the SNP message. Sky especially is completely out of its depth and their take on motives, wording, intention, all belong in a comic. Or in a metro bubble newscast.

    As for BTL on Beeb? Best not dwell. There isn’t enough eye bleach on the planet and the zoomers are in high dudgeon.

    Safe to say, its had the desired effect in all the right quarters amongst the opposition. They’re desperately trying to dull or blacken the message and the messenger for England’s electorate. Won’t do to have people questioning just what is wrong with the choices the meeja place before them.

    It’s then up to the indy sites on the interwebby (whether they support the SNP or not), SNP activists, members and even supporters to ensure that same message reaches the right folk in Scotland, minus the opposition or meeja spin.

    Let folk see it for themselves and draw their own conclusions. They’ll soon make up their minds what kind of country they want to live in.

    #twovotes and #toriesout

  187. Breeks says:

    Thanks guys, I missed it on page 20.

    Still a bit weak though in my opinion. I don’t give two hoots for the BBC in any guise. Devolved broadcasting should open up the competition and actively obstruct broadcasting monopolies.

    With a diligent Scottish news and current affairs channel, not via the BBC, a whole raft of new and progressive opportunities open up.

    Feels like we are treading water this GE, but a forthright mandate for demanding devolved broadcasting might have made it interesting. Not to Court controversy getting rid of the BBC, but to create a new Scottish Broadcaster. We could do no greater service for the coming ScotRef debate.

  188. heedtracker says:

    C4 teatime news, straight in, “Sturgeon significant change on independence.” Tory media shyste in over drive tonight.

  189. Al-Stuart says:

    The wretched Calum’s List.

    Says it all…

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