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Once in a lifetime

Posted on May 28, 2017 by

Tremendous news for the rest of Scotland’s football clubs as Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers promises never to win the treble unbeaten again, even if his side score more goals than the other team in all their matches.

That’s how it works, right?

(And presumably, of course, if they’d lost the cup final against Aberdeen yesterday, they’d also have refrained from any attempt at winning such a treble in the future. Because if you lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can clearly never try again. He must be ever so relieved.)

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    Once in a lifetime | speymouth

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  1. starlaw says:

    All Gers fans will be delighted by this news. But if Celts do look like doing it again The Three Stooges Rennie Dugdale, and Salveston be demanding that they start losing games or fail to turn up at fixtures I would love to hear their opinions on this.

  2. heedtracker says:

    After another awful Sunday morn of vote tory or else BBC brainwashing, it does make you realise what once a gen really means, to our imperial tory master baiters.

  3. J Barton says:

    I wonder when the media will come out with…It’s no fair, we wurny ready..excuse for everyone else winning fuck all.

  4. jfngw says:

    The only team that can oppose the Celtic are of course the Rangers according to a leading blue nose politician. Other clubs should give their vote to the Rangers by conceding an og at every game to ensure they can be beaten. She also said the majority of fans don’t want another divisive league campaign.

    Meanwhile a senior LibDem person wants a cast iron guarantee that we will get full access to the champions league.

  5. Bob Mack says:

    I do not think Celtic can do it again. Firstly they would have to have an indy ref, whereas all the current ones have become Conservative Councillors on behalf of the Orange Lodge. Watched a young Celtic player have two of his teeth knocked out and his jaw broken by an elbow in the face, and barely a word said. Bit like Tory and Labour interviews on television these days. They get a free ride to lie with impunity by the interviewer.

    Still Celtic defied the odds. They fought 11 players and the establishment institutionalised bias and still won. A lesson for us all.

  6. Swami Backverandah says:

    Weak and wobbly is sending a substitute off the bench to the BBC debate on Wednesday.

    Weak and wobbly wants you to believe she can negotiate her way through Brexit when she can’t even lead the Conservatives in a debate with UK citizens.

  7. heedtracker says:

    If you do lose once, England don’t even want you in their team, let alone league, what they begged, pleaded, threatened, hysterics, cheating, lies, promises of all the devo in the whole wide world, to stay in…

    ELECTION 2017
    ‘Bar Sturgeon from Brexit talks’

    The first minister has claimed a nationalist victory would give her a mandate to join the talks with the EU. However, a Panelbase poll for The Sunday Times found 57% of voters in England who expressed an opinion view her manifesto policy for a seat as unacceptable. Only 43% were in favour.

    The poll also found that while twice as many English voters think Scotland gets a better deal than England on public funding within the Union (40%, compared with 19% who think England gets a better deal),…

    John Boothman
    May 28 2017, 12:01am,
    The Sunday Times

  8. HandandShrimp says:

    Once in a lifetime is actually longer than once in a generation. It is going to be a long time before Celtic are allowed to win a complete sweep again.

    I would imagine Murdo will be hot on this, so the “Queen’s eleven” have at least a chance of winning something. 🙂

    Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie a shower of chancers that think an argument is “what I say is right”

  9. Graham King says:

    Ha ha, a telling quote! Puts things in perspective.
    Well done on spotting and taking that opportunity!
    But will unionists, in the light of this, cease-and-desist from their unthinking, desperate repetitions of their favourite verbal ammunition against Indy?
    I hae mi doots!

  10. jimnarlene says:

    I don’t follow football, but I’m loving the analogy, and subsequent remarks.?

  11. heedtracker says:

    You’d think the English would actually let Sturgeon play in their Brexit team, even select her for the bench as a sub. 2014 Cameron tearfully pleaded with Scots to vote NO and stay in the team, lead the team, even.

    But no.

    “English voters believe Theresa May should reject Nicola Sturgeon’s demand for a seat at the UK’s Brexit negotiating table if the SNP wins a majority of Scottish seats in the general election, according to a new poll.”

    John Boothman
    May 28 2017, 12:01am,
    The Sunday Times

    Is that the same John Boothman that ran the BBC Scotland vote NO campaign, since replaced by the even more mental vote UKOK tory bias of Donaldo MacKenna?

    If it is, at least the English picked one proud Scot but.

  12. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Bob Mack and HandandShrimp

    Who are you guys trying to kid with your anti-Celtic conspiracy theories.

    Aye, I accept in the Scottish football Establishment, “The Queen’s Eleven” is traditionally seen as paramount. But, Celtic are, if you like – “The House of Lords” – a wee bit above the rest; and, since Peter Lawwell has been Mr Big on the SFA board, I would suggest, today, Celtic, rather than the other lot, have been on the throne in Scottish football.

  13. David Caledonia says:

    When i get up in the morning, the first thing i do is wash my face, if you where me you would not like to look in the mirror and see that horrible site before you made yourself at least half presentable, i actually made the mistake once of looking in the mirror before i washed my old coupon down, what a bloody awful day i had, never made that mistake again ¬

  14. Bob Mack says:

    @Socrates McSporran,

    Did the SFA not bend the rules to allow Rangers to play in Europe even though they were on the verge of bankrupcy ? The evidence of the Craig Whyte trial say’s it did by failing to tell EUFA that Rangers were overdue £2.8 million tax ?.

    I have been watching Scottish football my whole life and the likes of Wharton, Dallas et Al have consistently demonstrated bias. Paranoid ? Definitively not.

  15. Auld Rock says:

    Having listened to Dugdale & Davidson I believe the correct response according to Mhairi Black is, “Your talking shite hen.”

    Anyway nice to see a little bit of humour to counter those two yoons.

    Auld Rock

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Scottish Rugbyers get to play with English Rugbyers sometimes if they let themselves be called the British Rugbyers but are they allowed to talk to the Rugbyers they play against or do the English Rugbyers only get that choice on behalf of Scottish Rugbyers because they’re more important Rugbyers who represent all the
    British Rugbyers

    Is my head on backwards

  17. Fred says:

    “Mon the ‘tic!” get over it!

  18. Artyhetty says:

    Not a football fan, but enjoying analogies on here, and the politics of it all. Art is positively boring in comparison. :-/ See thems who say they can’t be bothered with politics, they need to know it affects all aspects of our lives, even sport! And art.

    So the yoon trio are at it again with their SNP bad mantra. Do they ever do anything at all useful, do they ever ‘get on with the day job’. No.

    Ruth, really? NO one wants another referendum in Scotland? I think you mean YOU don’t want another referendum, big, big, massive, humongous difference!

    Scared as hell aren’t they, the yoons.

    Saw a post on Twitter yesterday, a Labour supporter, saying how terrible the media/tory ‘project fear’ is in England. Boo hoo. When I pointed out we had that with bells on in 2014, and Labour were complicit, the tweeterer said, ‘oh but that would not have happened if JC had been in power’.

    Lol, lol, lol.

  19. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Dr Jim

    I always refuse to become involved in that ancient Scottish fitba gemme of “Auld Firm Whitabootery”.

    I do, however, take exception to your slur on the great Tom Wharton. Big Tiny was as honest as the day is long and only ever made one error as a referee: when he disallowed a perfectly legitemate Frank Beattie goal for Kilmarnock against Hearts in the 1962 League Cup Final.

    I did, have the joy of telling him, some years later, of that error, but, he didn’t accept my reading of the event.

  20. Capella says:

    Extraordinary anti-democracy effort from the BBC. Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie will block a second referendum. Scots don’t want a vote. The SNP doesn’t have a mandate despite winning the Westminster and Holyrood elections and a vote in the Scottish Parliament.

    It’s difficult to see what they think would constitute a democratic mandate. Or have we abandoned democracy now?

    Anyone who supports democracy has no choice but to vote SNP on June 8th.

  21. Jack Murphy says:


    “Leaders of Scotland’s main pro-UK parties insist they would block any attempt to stage a second independence vote.

    Scottish Labour, the Scottish Conservatives and the Scottish Lib Dems said Scots did not want another ballot despite SNP claims it had a mandate.

    Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale dismissed claims she had not been clear on the issue.

    And Ruth Davidson ruled out any second ballot until after 2021……”

    Now Scotland knows—-both parties are joined at the hip and Westminster governance!

  22. Dr Jim says:

    There’s a problem with British Nationalist extremism in Scotland and the Scottish government and police need to start cracking down on these divisive separatists trying to ruin our peaceful country

    Davidson Dugdale and Rennie are the ringleaders of these extremists dragging us back to imperialist views that are making enemies of our overseas friends in Europe and beyond

    Maybe a referendum on Scotlands future to decide it’s own policy might be an idea

  23. Robert Graham says:

    I wonder what they are scared of, if supposedly the dumb electorate doesn’t want another referendum what’s the problem ? , why the panic they are going to romp it aren’t they, so the Unionist party- Tory-Labour- libdems , the Unionist party for want of a better name, who are the only ones to mention another referendum even if this election is to elect MPs at Westminster, just like the council election was hijacked for the same reason, is every vote in Scotland now about independence ? , This is while Mrs Mayhem keeps saying now is not the time, eh a bit confusing we either have another one or if you listen to this Unionist party every vote is a vote for Independence, it’s one or the other we can’t have both .

  24. Lenny Hartley says:

    Bob Mack away with your conspiracy theories, I watched that game yesterday and obviously saw a different game from you, the panel got it spot on it was an unfortunate accident.
    Folk like you are the reason I stopped supporting my boyhood team Celtic.

  25. Sinky says:

    Brewer failed to press Davidson on SNP mandate for Indy Ref 2 and the Unionist anti democratic stance but certainly had Dugdale floundering on Politics Show.

    Other than Edinburgh South, it seems Labour are giving the Tories a free pass in Scottish Constituencies.

  26. Cactus says:

    Glasgow ~ Kelvingrove Park ~ Saturday 10:30hrs for 11am.

    See you this Saturday all you freedom of choice supporters.

    It’s a chance-of-a-lifetime…

    Here they come!

  27. Brian Powell says:


    Did they say how they would block it? Were they even asked how they would block it?

  28. Col says:

    That piece of propaganda on the BBC website is sadly typical. It’s 3 against 1 in terms of comment by the political parties. No greens to be seen or heard of. No explanation that the pro indy greens joined with the SNP and voted through a majority to give Scotland the final say on their future. Why do we let them get away with it? No journalism to be seen here folks now move on now.

  29. Legerwood says:

    Ms Sturgeon really has to take the fight to Mr Neil tonight if he tries to keep the interview on devolved matters.

    Point out that:
    — this is a General Election for Westminster NOT a rerun of last year’s election for Holyrood which, by the way, Mr Neil, gave the Independence supporting parties a majority in Scottish Parliament.
    — Scottish Parliament has already voted for an independence referendum. Unionist parties were defeated
    –Scotland voted to Remain in UK so let’s talk about non-devolved areas. For example
    1.Welfare 85% of welfare not devolved therefore only right to talk about that and which party would best stand up for Scotland.
    2 Brexit.
    — reminder Labour keeps abstaining and giving Tories a free pass at Westminster so not to be relied on to stand up for Scotland
    — point out Labour now campaigning on issues such as Free tuition etc which SNP has already implemented in Scotland to much criticism from Labour!
    — if he brings up the £15 billion deficit tell him to take it and buy himself a decent hairpiece.

    Got that off my chest.
    — if he starts on currency of I Scotland remind him plenty of time to lay out the details before the referendum.

  30. Smallaxe says:

    Cactus says:
    28 May, 2017 at 3:17 pm
    “Same as it ever was: #OIAL”
    🙂 It took me a minute.

    Peace Always ma’ Man

  31. Davy says:

    I watched Dugdale and Davidson on the politics show this morning, it was not hard to be unimpressed. If that’s their way of trying to be a professional Politian they’ve failed.

    The constant avoiding answering the questions was f-ing annoying from the both of them, but the sour look on either woman’s face when they didn’t get their own way was priceless.

    Scotland deserves a lot better than either of them or their parties.

    PS. Do you not think Davidson looks like a wee version of “Kim Jong-un”, sorry but once that gets in your head you can’t get it out.

  32. Hamish100 says:

    Where will Dugdale be in 2021?

    Not in charge of Labour branch office north. The arrogance of her and her arrogant British ants of Davidson and Rennie.

    The Scots parliament voted on the issue. I think Dugdale has listened the the likes of gutter Foulkes for too long.

  33. mr thms says:


    With regard to Nicola Sturgeon and tonight’s interview with Andrew Neil.

    I would like the First Minister to channel the spirit of Margo Macdonald from this 1977 programme..

    The best bit happens halfway through with the introduction of not one, but two journalists who are against independence.

    Seize the moment Nicola…

  34. Smallaxe says:

    David Caledonia says:

    “i actually made the mistake once of looking in the mirror before i washed my old coupon down, what a bloody awful day i had, never made that mistake again” ¬

    Take my advice David, Don’t Look Doon!!

    I nearly phoned an ambulance!

    Peace Always

  35. Gary45% says:

    Well done to the “Tic” something the “Queens Eleven” will NEVER ACHIEVE.
    Also well done to Aberdeen on their season, with the obvious help from Caley Thistle, free transfers etc.(No sour grapes, but see where Caley are now.)
    A wee song for next weekend.
    LABOUR…. your’re just another type of Tory, (Oasis What’s the story)

  36. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Oh, I’m hanging on now with immense anticipation for the pronouncement of their “lifetime” fatwa on future Celtic triple wins by the three amigoettes. Given their great sensitivity to such terminology, it should be along any second now.

  37. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    me @ 17:33,

    Sorry, really mixing-up my languages there. That should be the “tres amigas”, shouldn’t it?

    (I count Wee Willie as an hon. female for these purposes, though he’s more of a kid really.)

  38. gus1940 says:

    Having watched all today’s political programs I was unaware that Nicola’s turn to face Brillo’s lies and interruptions was scheduled for tonight.

    I would have thought that at least it would be trailed on Sunday Politics.

    If it wasn’t for the information in comments above I would still be looking forward to watching it at 6pm tomorrow.


  39. Croompenstein says:

    Weel done the Accies

  40. Capella says:

    @ Brian Powell 4:51 pm – The BBC article doesn’t say what the mechanism is for losing parties to block the manifesto promises of the winning party.
    The House of Lords can block bills in Westminster but not if it is a manifesto promise of the winning party.

    I can’t bring myself to watch these programmess but if any braver souls have the answer I’d like to know.

    It looks as if it is our civic duty to vote SNP to protect democracy from what is increasingly looking like a proposed coup.

  41. Robert Graham says:

    Sorry Andrew slight change of plan , Nicola can’t make it , but at the last minute we’ve secured a replacement, a big welcome for, Jeane Freeman , Andrew, Andrew, Christ where has he gone, Andrew, Andrew.
    Ha Ha wouldn’t if be bloody magic if that happened .

  42. Robert Graham says:

    It’s a Westminster election, Remind him Nicola, Westminster .

  43. Socrates MacSporran says:

    FFS Nicola, tell the twerp: “This is a Westminster election, this is a devolved issue, I am here to speak about Westminster issues.

    “Ask me about reserved issues and Westminster and I will answer.”

  44. Brian Powell says:


    “The House of Lords can block bills in Westminster but not if it is a manifesto promise of the winning party.”

    That’s very useful to know.

  45. Faltdubh says:

    Boris keep the profiles coming.


  46. sinky says:

    Andrew Neil, the Scottish Parliament elections were last year. How about some questions on 2017GE. Oh right Indy Ref2 again not issue at GE

  47. Robert Graham says:

    Eh count how many times Brillo buts in , he can’t help it as Nicola has just pointed out , if you LISTEN maybe just once LISTEN yah f/n tosser. Oh grab his wig and toss it out the window .

  48. Capella says:

    @ Brian Powell – that was the opinion of a journalist in the RT piece I linked to in the previous thread:
    “So why did they bother with a manifesto at all? The simple answer is the House of Lords. Incredibly, it was the Lords, more than anyone else, who managed to put some kind of spanner in the works of the Tories’ ‘austerity’ drive. In October 2015, they defeated then-Chancellor George Osborne’s bill to slash £4.4billion from tax credits – benefits paid to workers on low incomes. According to the Salisbury convention – one of the archaic unwritten rules which make up Britain’s non-constitution – the Lords should not block legislation arising from the government’s manifesto commitments. But this particular policy had not appeared in the manifesto, and so the Lords had the right to throw it out.”

  49. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Andrew went for Nicola, just as he went for Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. Nicola performed better than these two did.

    That said, the way he concentrated on devolved issues – 82% of the questions were on devolved issues – was disgraceful.

    I am almost tempted to complain to the BBC, but, know full well, it would achieve nothing.

  50. Thepnr says:

    I had to watch that interview. Nicola Sturgeon to quote a favourite saying of Ian Brotherhood was soo-perb.

    I don’t think most realise how lucky we are, she has it nailed.

  51. mike cassidy says:

    Immigration article of much interest.

    The figures in this paragraph won’t please Ruth(Scotland is shite) Davidson at all.

    “In 2015 there were 181,000 non-UK EU nationals living in Scotland, which is 3.4% of the total population. Yet the 115,000 non-UK EU nationals aged 16 and over who were in employment in Scotland accounted for 4.5% of total employment. The upshot is that EU nationals have higher employment rates in Scotland compared to UK nationals for all age groups, except those aged 35 to 49 years old.”

  52. geeo says:

    Now THAT is how to handle that clown.

    “I can see you don’t want to hear it but….”

    “If you listen i will tell you”

    “If we can just get back to reality..”

    Fkn up ya !!

  53. Robert Graham says:

    Now grab his wig and knee him in the nuts Nicola . Westminster is the backdrop you would have thought Neil might have noticed . Nope all devolved issues as per Tory instructions, well done Andrew your country salutes you , yah scabby Tory b/rd .

  54. gus1940 says:

    As expected another disgusting BBC/Brillo fiasco.

    It was supposed to be an interview about The General Election but:-

    First 20 minutes taken up with all the old chestnuts about the devolved areas of Education and Health.

    At last The GE was mentioned but we got 5 minutes on the right to hold Indyref2.

    The last 5 minutes was principally about whether or not The SNP had a right to be involved in the Brexit negotiations.

    In spite of Brillo’s best/worst efforts Nicola wasn’t taking any nonsense from him.

    No opportunity to take apart the Tories’ Manifesto and a brief attempt by Brillo to compare the SNP’s proposals and those of Corbyn’s.

    Here’s an idea for a fund raiser:-

    The Society For The Abolition Of Andrew Neil – membership £5 with a Membership Card and round Car Window Sticker showing his mug with a diagonal line across it.

  55. Brian Powell says:

    Robert Graham

    Hopefully she kept saying this is devolved not to do with the Westminster election.

  56. Fairliered says:

    I must have watched a different ligger Neil v Nicola interview. I was demoralised at Nicola’s acceptance of Neil’s concentration on devolved subjects. Time to replace the kitten heels with Tacketty boots, Nicola.

  57. Proud Cybernat says:

    Brendan Rogers in the 25th Century

    “Is that long enough noo?”

    “Nope. That’s still no’ a generation. Intit no, Rooth?”

  58. Capella says:

    Seen on Stu’s twitter – Margaret Thatcher addressing the mujahadeen in Pakistan and promising them £2 m and all the West’s backing. Allahu akbar they shout:

    Supporting terrorists.

  59. Lenny Hartley says:

    Who said this “”This election is about who can best protect Scotland’s schools, hospitals and pensions from unnecessary Tory cuts and an extreme Brexit deal which will put Scottish jobs at risk.” it was Angus Robertson, we can’t blame the yoons for going on about devolved issues if we do the same,

  60. Cactus says:

    STOP Tory Cuts!

    Keep Scotland Strong at Westminster.

    Vote SNP X.

    Thursday 8 June
    Polls open 7am – 10pm

  61. galamcennalath says:

    The electorate typically doesn’t understand reserved/devolved.

    You get the impression that Unionist politicians don’t know when something is reserved/devolved, although this may sometimes be a tactic to keep the electorate in ignorance!

    Unionists like to say it’s Westminster which matters and that’s where are the power is, yet when it suits them they will claim Holyrood has the power to solve most problems.

    So, out of that lot it is perfectly obvious that the media don’t have any clue at all about reserved/devolved.

    All SNP folks, when interviewed, should used speech like, “you do realise that’s a reserved/devolved [choose to suit] matter and while I am willing to discuss anything to do with Scotland I think the electorate would firstly want to hear about areas relevant to this election”.

    That educates everyone, focuses stupid interviewers, and prevents a fair bit of propaganda.

  62. Thepnr says:

    Right now, I reckon I’m pretty angry at Unionist dishonesty. I’ll show my displeasure at the ballot box on 8th June. Until then I’ll do the best I can to make others feel the same.

    C’mon all time is running short, raise your voices and keep the Toxic Tory scum at bay in Scotland.

    Do many know that a married couple on Income Support receive £102/week excluding housing benefit. That is just over £2.50/hour if they were to be working a 40 hour week.

    If the living wage is deemed to be £7.85/hour how is anyone meant to be surviving on £2.50? It’s the same for those with children just over £3/day for each child is what they get. That is to feed and clothe them. Holidays and days out hahahaha.

    Not funny in my opinion, far from funny. Yet the Tories are determined to make things worse. The absolute bastards.

    No one would accept that level of poverty voluntarily in my view. It’s a national disgrace, yet the most selfish appear to have no shame and would steal food from the mouth of babes.

    Get out and vote, encourage all that you can. We can make a difference

  63. Thepnr says:


    I feel she dealt very well with the questions being put to her. I suspect if she repeatedly said that is a devolved matter and not relevant, then she would have came across as dodging the question.

    She dealt with everything head on and Neil was the one squirming.

  64. stewartb says:

    BBC Scotland TV news programme at 1950hrs tonight gives voice to three Unionist party leaders all arguing that there is no support for IndyRef2 and no mandate for one. And anyway, Davidson will prevent us having one! Ah, the power of the Scottish Tories!

    The response ‘allowed’ from the SNP? The BBC uses a clip taken from the FM talking about Brexit to Andrew Neil on the threat of a hard Brexit to all of the UK i.e. a clip that doesn’t relate to the earlier Unionist leaders’ comments. No opportunity for the SNP (or Greens) to comment on either Indref support or, importantly, the status of the mandate based on the Scottish Parliament vote. Seems that the BBC is deliberately avoiding the latter fundamental issue for Scotland’s democracy and current constitutional settlement – the ‘elephant in the room’?

    Another example of outrageous, biased ‘framing’ by BBC Scotland!

    And the BBC in the Neil interview once again fails miserably in its basic mission to ‘educate’ by failing to differentiate between reserved and devolved areas of policy. No attempt to do so in earlier debate and now in the Neil interview.

  65. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    How any party running a devolved Scotland performs is not an argument for or against independence.

  66. Capella says:

    BBC Live website has a series of clips of the Andrew Neil, Nicola Sturgeon interview. No idea how much they represent the full discussion. But if you don’t watch live TV it may give a catch up. From 18.05

  67. Breeks says:

    Handled well or poorly isn’t the main issue. The BBC is setting the agenda and manipulating the narrative just like it did in 2013-14, and in all the years since.

    When, where, and how do we get to wax lyrical about the progressive advantages of Independence and Scotland remaining in Europe? How can we constructively debate to persuade and inform anybody about anything through the keyhole of opportunity provided by the British State monopolised media?

    Are we going to deal with the progressive media deficit at the next referendum or the one after?

  68. geeo says:

    Lets face it, to the casual viewer/voter, they probably saw the 3 leaders and thought,

    . Theresa May, looked dodgy, refused to answer the questions, allowed A.Neil to harangue her.

    . Jeremy Corbyn, looked dodgy, struggled to answer the questions, allowed A.Neil to harangue him.


  69. galamcennalath says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:


    How any party running a devolved Scotland performs is not an argument for or against independence.


    The Yoons like to reduce the debate to party politics and personalities. They either don’t get that the YES movement is above all that and focused on the big picture and the long term.

    Or, perhaps they are in denial as their world erodes before them.

    Or most likely, they understand all too well what they are up against and it is their chosen strategy to side step the real debate and try to deflect onto what is just trivia in the actual grand scheme.

    Whichever, they are losing IMHO!

    Hellish Brexit and ScotRef are unavoidable. When they have to engage in the real debate, they will crumble.

  70. geeo says:

    Oops…premature posting..

    . Nicola Sturgeon, looked calm and assured, answered every question, absolutely refused to allow A.Neil to even butt in without making it clear that is what he was doing.

    If i was a casual observer/voter outside Scotland, i would be wishing i could vote for Nicola Sturgeon.

  71. stewartb says:

    Lenny Hartley at 6:59 pm

    You posted:
    “Who said this ‘This election is about who can best protect Scotland’s schools, hospitals and pensions from unnecessary Tory cuts and an extreme Brexit deal which will put Scottish jobs at risk.’ it was Angus Robertson, we can’t blame the yoons for going on about devolved issues if we do the same.”

    With respect, I think you are maybe not getting the point here!

    1) if the Tory austerity causes underfunding for education in England, Scotland’s overall funding from Westminster will reflect this – making it more difficult to sustain quality public services in Scotland, for education and/or other services (as per Barnett)

    2) similarly if Tory austerity leads to NHS underfunding – Scotland’s overall funding from Westminster will be cut etc. (as per Barnett)

    3) as pensions are reserved, Scottish pensioners are at risk of a Tory government’s changes, especially a Tory government with an increased majority and weak ‘English’ opposition

    4) on Brexit, the decision making is (presently) all with the Government in Westminster but a strong SNP opposition can bring pressure to bear.

    In short, if Angus Robertson said what you quoted, then he is right – and this quote in no way excuses (is in no way comparable to) the BBC and the SNP’s opposition in GE2017 seeking to focus on the Scottish Government’s performance on what are devolved matters.

    And regarding the comment of Dave McEwan Hill @ 7:16 pm viz. “How any party running a devolved Scotland performs is not an argument for or against independence.”, I completely agree. We the Scottish electorate will decide when the time comes which party to entrust with the governance of our independent country and we will decide what weight to give to the parties’ track record during the transitional period we currently refer to as ‘devolution’.

  72. Thepnr says:

    Thought it worth mentioning, those down on their luck and receiving Income Support get £23/child/week. Not any more from 6 April 2017 any child born after that date where there are already two children in the family will get exactly zero.

    That’s what the two child policy means, it’s not just about working people even though it’s called Tax credits.

    Think about that, if you were unfortunate enough to have to be claiming benefits in the future. Is it it possible you might starve or have the electricity cut off and freeze to death?

    Easy answer is that of course it is. Then ask yourself why.

  73. Croompenstein says:

    Chin up Lenny, Arran for independence 🙂

  74. Effijy says:

    Alex Salmond said that the Indy Ref was a once
    In generation opportunity to try and encourage
    Scots to get out and vote, embrace the moment
    That won’t come along too often.

    Although I hold him as a great man, he and I
    Know that the demands of the Scottish electorate
    Trumps any comment or wish from any man.

    In the same context as those who would peddle
    This none sense , we were given a Vow to be
    Given Home Rule, a £billion carbon capture plant
    In Petehead, security of retaining 3,000 HMRC
    jobs in East Kilbride , £3 Billion for Scottish renewables,
    13 new ships for the Clyde, to be a loved equal partner.

    As everyone outside of a Westminster party will know.
    They never kept one word of anything listed above .

    So excuse me but go shove your once in a lifetime
    Garbage where the Carbon Capture plant should be!

  75. Ian Sanderson says:

    Sarky, but nice Stu..!

  76. Robert Louis says:

    Sadly, I’ve just seen Kezia’s interview with Gordon Brewer today. I’m sorry, I think she is just stupid. Really, really studid, thick as ten lavvie seats etc… I could go on.

    Gordon Brewer asked her repeatedly did she think the Scottish Government has a mandate for a referendum, and all she could say was she didn’t want a referendum – which wasn’t the actual question.

    The Scottish Government was elected by the people of Scotland and have a clear mandate for an independence referendum. It was a free and fair election. To say you will block it is anti democracy, pure and simple. It is the kind of thing despotic leaders say. You either believe in democracy or you don’t. You cannot pick and choose just because you lost an election.

  77. Lenny Hartley says:

    Croompenstein When I was a lad, there were moves afoot by would you believe the Tories for Arran to become a bit like the Isle of Man. I say Tories coz the ones I remember being involved were Tories but it may have been cross party. Think it was tied in with a rates strike , I am guessing coz I have had about 2 billion units of alcohol since then , that it may have been when we were moved from Buteshire to Cunningham which would probably have meant going from Tory to Labour local administration. Anyway nothing came off it which is a pity coz we could have had a revolution and chopped of certain feudal overlords heads and had our own TT Races. 🙂

    Stewartb fully aware of that, however you can not expect the electorate to differentiate between the two. if you told a sizeable porpotion of the electorate that the Donald was standing for PM they would believe you.

  78. Robert Louis says:

    Any Government in a democracy is elected on its programme for government. The people choose democratically. It matters not one jot what anybody has said 3 or four years ago. It is the PEOPLE who decide at the ballot box.

    Even if Alex Salmond said four years ago that their will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be another independence referendum, the point is the people of Scotland voted a party into government which EXPLICITLY stated in their manifesto that if Scotland was pulled out of the EU then they would hold a referendum. The people decided in a free and fair election. THAT is democracy.

    For a person like Theresa May (who has never been elected by the people of Scotland) to say it cannot happen is AUTOCRACY. May be it is time people started calling it by its name.

    This gerrymandering of the truth and democracy by Kezia and her Tory pals, will not do.

    If Westminster attempts to say a referendum can’t happen, then maybe, just maybe it is about time we started getting angry (and I don’t mean violence).

    What the red and blue Scottish tories are trying to do, is usurp democracy.

  79. Robert Louis says:

    Lenny Hartley at 659,

    You have either intentionally or inadvertently taken Angus Robertsons comments out of context and mis-interpreted them. He meant that by ensuring a strong SNP presence at WESTMINSTER, and thereby trying to prevent cuts to the Scottish block grant and other budgets for things like health etc.. since cutting the English NHS budget leads directly to equivalent cuts to the Scottish block grant.

    The setting of the Scottish block grant and the English NHS budget are both decided in Westminster, not in Holyrood.

  80. galamcennalath says:

    Robert Louis says:

    You either believe in democracy or you don’t.

    Unionists don’t. There is no evidence for any other conclusion.

    There is a game played at Westminster which by modern European standards is a sham. A veneer hiding the true nature of UKOK.

    If you play along with this game then you are tolerated. You are absorbed into their system.

    If you dare to make moves, through the ballot box, to shake things up and choose a different path, then you are a threat to their cosy setup. True democratic people power will be their downfall sooner or later. It’s inevitable.

    The UK as a whole is a long way from become a 21stC mainstream European state. For Scotland, on the other hand, it is now within reach.

  81. Thepnr says:

    A single person on Job Seekers Allowance over a whole year would if they were under 25 receive £2982.20. Someone over 25 would receive £3764.80 for the year.

    Of course JSA does not last for a whole year, it last for 6 months so after that if you were unable to find work you would be on even less.

    Compare with a nurse living on her own earning in excess of £22,000/year. Foodbanks cannot be used every week, yet who would really need them?

    I spent time on the dole when Thatcher decimated Scottish industry, it can happen to anyone, I just pray that I never have to use a foodbank. I doubt I will but never say never.

    I’m pretty pissed off tonight, apologies if your fed up of the rant.

  82. Scrum5 says:

    “I just wish Brendan Rodgers would stop bangin’ on and on about an unbeaten treble!” W Rennie (aged 9)

  83. Iain More says:

    Ach no worries the Refs and Assistant Refs will get their orders from the Lodge just as the electorate gets their orders from the rabid Scotland hating Press and Media and especially the BBC. Or is that comment offside?

    Until the 8th I am going to keep telling those idiots who are planning to vote Tory that they are voting to cut Pensions and take away their own Winter Fuel Payments and screw the Fishermen again. None of which is untrue.

    Yee canna book me Ref I’m Scotty Broon, I mean Roothie the Mooth!!!

  84. stewartb says:

    Lenny Hartley @8.53pm

    You state: “.. you can not expect the electorate to differentiate between the two (reserved and devolved issues). if you told a sizeable porpotion of the electorate that the Donald was standing for PM they would believe you.”

    Now that is some council of despair! I accept that a fully effective democracy needs a well-informed, engaged electorate and that in Scotland we are (as in all things) far from perfect! But in the context of your initial post, Angus Robertson was NOT wrong and that (just) accepting a general lack of understanding/knowledge of the difference between reserved and devolved matters amongst the Scottish electorate is not something to be taken as inevitable – not something we need just to accept.

    Improving knowledge and understanding is a crucial factor in making our case for independence – and as such we cannot expect this to be rectified by either the BBC or corporate media.

    So my hope is that in public pronouncements, Angus Robertson (and others in the SNP leadership) will take every opportunity in debate to ‘inform and educate’ their questioners and audiences on the nature of our limited, constrained fiscal devolution.

    In short, I’m in agreement with galamcennalath at 7.02pm on taking opportunities to better inform, whilst answering all questions put, whether relevant to GE2017 or (strictly) not.

  85. G. Campbell says:


    2016: Theresa May bashing coppers = good.
    2017: Theresa May bashing coppers = bad.

    The Courier
    Alex Bell: May v Sturgeon – who’s the radical?
    JULY 14 2016

    Both have mastered complicated departments and got out with reputations intact.

    As to radicalism, May comes out on top. In her six years at the Home Office she reformed the police, even daring to suggest they might be bent.

    Her brave challenge of the boys in blue is the kind of gutsy thing few politicians do and has no equivalent in contemporary Scotland.

    Theresa’s leadership bid speech is a canter through progressive ideas – championing equality, putting workers on the boards of blue chip companies and reforming the economy so as not to leave the poor behind.

    Sturgeon and May both emit a sense that they want substantial legacies – to be remembered as reformers and doers.

    In this, May could be one of the great prime ministers but it is not clear how history will judge Sturgeon.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Sunday Mail
    Alex Bell: Britain stands united in the face of terrorism but Theresa May is too weak to lead us
    28 MAY 2017

    Far from being a firm leader, May is a weak prevaricator. She stood for Remain but now champions Brexit.

    She argued for tax increases in her first budget but U-turned days later.

    She said house value should be used to pay for dementia care on Thursday and, by Monday, had “clarified” this into a U-turn.

    She stood up against the police – in an age when the threat to the nation is on our streets.

    She cut the budget to intelligence services – when our greatest weapon is information.

  86. Col says:

    Robert, that’s what Theresa, Dugdale and Roots haven’t counted on in all this. We might just get angry ourselves. As an electorate how f’n dare they try and pull this shit on us. We decide, not f’n them

  87. meg merrilees says:

    The BBC has no one left to go on TV and fight against another Independence referendum.

    Gordon Brown’s a non-starter; Fluffy’s a joke; Lord Darling of Roulanish is a spent force; Douglas Alexander – Mhairi Black chased him away –
    so, they have to scrape the barrel and they’ve come up with the triumvirate:
    Kezia, Ruth and Willie.

    Not one of them is brave enough to take it on single handed, they have to do it with all three holding hands! You cover my back and i’ll cover yours.

    These three think that it’s still the Cooncil elections and they can form a coalition after the vote on June 8th to make them more powerful, more important and more wonderful and deny the very democracy which each of them is supposedly trying to defend.

    Let’s hope they all get thrashed in 10 days time and there is no doubting that a MAJORITY of voters in Scotland don’t want ANY of their pathetic parties.

    These cowards do not stand up for the people of Scotland.

  88. jfngw says:

    So the great inquisitor who it is always claimed to be on to of the brief quotes fake facts to Nicol Sturgeon, well it was on the BBC, goes with the territory.

    BBC facts, always should be checked with an independent source.

  89. Thepnr says:

    In Norway Unemployment benefit is based on the salary you earned in the previous 3 years.

    Unemployment benefit for job loss (dagpenger ved arbeidsløshet) may be granted after conclusion of employment with a Norwegian employer or reduction of working hours by at least 50 percent. The benefit equals 62,4 percent of income earned before job loss or reduction of working hours.

    The average yearly wage in Norway is among the highest in Europe at $40,200 so 62.4% of that is just over $25,000 dollars or £19,500. We give our unemployed less than £4000. Go figure

    So how come their unemployment rate is just 4.7% despite the problems with the low oil price and the job losses that have resulted?

    The truth is that that Tories need an enemy to attack, that enemy is the poorest, the disabled and the immigrants. Believe me we will ALL be far better off if we rid ourselves of these people. Let’s just do it.

  90. Meg merrilees says:

    As Nicola says:

    I think it is really important that decisions about Scotland and Scotland’s future are made by the people of Scotland.

    T May/tRuthless/Kezia/Willie/Jeremy – take note!

  91. jfngw says:

    Just to add, I suspect the great inquisitor will claim he was talking about the Tory government, not the coalition. These unionist type ex Murdoch employees can be shifty with the details.

  92. Chick McGregor says:

    OK the Tic were invincible (Voitomaton, right Lumilumi?).

    So the rest of us are reduced to scrabbling for some bragging rights.

    In Saints case, they scored a total of 5 goals against Celtic in the Premier League or 20% of the total of 25 that Celtic lost.

    Can any other team beat that?

  93. jfngw says:

    Noted Sarah Smith on BBC News misquoting Sturgeon and claiming that she would enter a coalition with Labour, not what was said.

    How much news regarding Scotland on the BBC is effectively fake. It’s difficult to keep track, almost every Scottish news story seems to have factual errors. I’m beginning to think it is deliberate, only joking I know it is.

  94. Dr Jim says:

    Martin Luther King said Rich white people blamed white poverty on poor black people
    Today we have Rich white people blaming poverty on immigrants the EU and anybody else but the rich white people

    Times change but those rich white people never do, nor do their slogans

    And make no mistake Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t go hungry

  95. Lenny Hartley says:

    Stewartb don’t think you have been chapping doors much or talking to many people :)I’m not going to get into a discussion about this as I’m cream Crackered. All I will say is Brexit. I.e. ignorance rules. Goodnight.

  96. Lenny Hartley says:

    Robert Louis. The comment was originally said tongue in cheek, however the yoons will use such pronouncements to justify their inability to differentiate between devolved and reserved.

  97. jockmcx says:


  98. TheStrach says:

    I don’t watch the BBC news and politics programmes anymore but I made an exception for the FM’s interview with Neil.

    I was extremely impressed by the First Minister’s performance. She was calm, assertive and answered questions authoritatively on a very wide range of areas. We are so lucky to have her as FM and leader of the SNP.

    In a different world she’d make a great UK PM as well. I bet many Labour supporters wish she’d chosen their party all those years ago.

    Her fantastic performance makes me wonder why the SNP are not doing better in the polls, if they can be believed of course. I suppose all the SNP Bad stories and the perhaps understandable fear about becoming independent are making a lot of people stick with the unionist parties. Hopefully, as the Brexit shambles unfolds more people will see that independence is the only way to secure our future.

  99. heedtracker says:

    Bit depressing this one, as Scotland’s choice is once again made by England.

    Europe can no longer completely rely on its longstanding British and US allies, Angela Merkel has warned, saying the EU must now be prepared to “take its fate into its own hands”.

    Speaking after bruising meetings of Nato and the G7 group of wealthy nations last week, the German chancellor suggested the postwar western alliance had been badly undermined by the UK’s Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s election as US president.”

    Thanks again, proud Scot buts.

  100. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Tomorrow’s National front page:-

  101. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Tomorrow’s “National” twitter pages:-

  102. Chick McGregor says:

    I think the momentum swings are such that there is a very real possibility, this time, that a large SNP contingent in Westminster could well have the balance of power.

    I know this was an expectation, albeit unfulfilled, the last time which greatly aided the SNP vote. If the polls keep trending as they have and the SNP is therefore able to push that aspect once more, then this time it could, really, happen.

    However. If it does. The SNP are then faced with the dilemma of supporting Labour or indyref2.

    Yes, it would be possible to do both, but the other edge of that sword is an indyref2 promising a socially civilized Scotland versus an SNP supported socially civilized UK would be a much harder sell, especially if Scotland’s departure consigned England to an ultra right Hell.

    Methinks, the best outcome for indy, would be a reduced and weakened Tory majority so that SCOOT would only strengthen ultra right rule dan sarf, not create it.

  103. Breeks says:

    I’m not as concerned as some about the grey area between reserved matters and devolved matters in this election campaign. It’s all Government at the end of the day.

    I am more concerned when good news and decent workmanlike performance is distorted into some contrived dreadful indictment for the express purpose of smearing the SNP.

    If you’re going to object about Nicola being quizzed on both reserved and devolved issues, then isn’t there a third field of debate that is totally missing? First, the SNP’s stance and performance on reserved matters, second, the SNP’s stance and performance on devolved matters, but third, and pretty central too, the SNP’s stance on the same governmental issues but how and why they would be altered and handled differently in an Independent Scotland. We never get this third perspective addressed in any detail.

    We seem very tame and “domesticated” in the way we couch our debates in terms of reserved matters or devolved democracy, and unwilling to cut loose and articulate our own agenda, daring to believe the day is coming when Westminster government is brought to an end.

    To give that remark context, take the BBC and broadcasting. We can criticise Scottish broadcasting and appeal to its governors, and at the same time we can lobby for a partially devolved news and cultural broadcasting facility. But what we don’t do is to wheel out the big Independence howitzers and exercise our sovereign right to take back broadcasting and use the issue to test the UK’s fudged constitutional authority to its destruction.

    I don’t say that in the sense of actually doing anything radical beyond approaching the subject and firing a warning shot across the brows of the BBC; “If you don’t stop the fun and games, smears and propaganda, then we will conclude the Reserved Broadcasting legislation is not fit for purpose, and exercise some limited sovereign control to take back broadcasting control to make sure our news is delivered with all due cultural diligence and is not corrupted and distorted by BritNat propaganda.

  104. Still Positive says:

    Chick @ 1.00

    I am in two minds. While I would like to see a Corbyn victory in England I also think it would not be good for a future ref on Scottish indy. However, I live in fear of a Tory government but it is our best hope for a successful indyref.

  105. Fergus Green says:

    Best result for Scotland?

    50+ SNP MPs and a minority Tory government

  106. Nana says:

    For anyone who missed it, here’s A Neil asking Nicola about devolved issues.

    Merkel says EU cannot completely rely on US and Britain any more

    Tory MP accused of ‘ignoring’ dying man’s plea after family lost £50k in support because he lived ‘too long’

  107. skintybroko says:

    Hi Nana, just watched Nicolas’ interview – she was brilliant, so proud to have a First Minister who puts Scotland first and only mentions independence when asked, unlike the Red Tory, Blue Tory and Yellow Tory leaders who without fail open with “Scotland doesn’t want another divisive referendum” – only good thing about their position is that they will likely split the unionist vote giving the SNP the advantage in this election.

  108. Smallaxe says:

    Nana: Good Morning, rain forecast here. Thank You, for Your links
    Kettle’s on! Peace Always

  109. Nana says:


    I thought she did good, must be difficult not to lose your cool with such an ignorant twit sitting opposite. I would not be able to, I might even have ripped his wig off!


    Looks to be a fine day here. How about a laugh to start the day. The Donald lacks stamina, eating too much American fast food maybe or his arrogance weighing him down?

  110. sensibledave says:


    You wrote “It’s difficult to see what they think would constitute a democratic mandate. Or have we abandoned democracy now?”

    Hmmm, maybe hold a once in a generation referendum specifically on the subject of Scottish Independence and let the people choose?

  111. TheItalianJob says:

    Good morning Nana.

    Thanks for the links.

    I have been ignoring the FM interview with AN but opened and viewed your link above.

    Glad I did. Good interview with some telling points addressed and well responded to by Nicola.

    AN tried to get Nicola to say what would she do if Mayhem would still continue to block an Indy vote taking place. Nicola wouldn’t get dragged into that one as there is still a lot to play in this one and we (the Scottish people and Parliament) have a mandate for one and this cannot be ignored. Even the BBC is reporting that the Scots Unionists (Labour, Tories and LibDems) are now united in stating they will block a new Indy ref. How can they as the Scots Parliament has already debated and passed such a vote. Why is the BBC not asking the Unionist parties how they intend to block such a vote when it is clearly the will of both the Scottish people and it’s elected Parliament.

  112. sensibledave says:

    galamcennalath 8:54 pm

    You Wrote: Robert Louis says: You either believe in democracy or you don’t.

    Unionists don’t. There is no evidence for any other conclusion.

    Oh Dear Galamcennalath. Once again you have caught the “one-eyed” disease that often spreads here on Wings.

    What would you say to the majority of the SCottish electorate, were they to appear her on Wings, that wrote….. “You wanted a referendum. We had a referendum. The democratic process and the result was full and complete and decisive.

    What would you say to the No means No Scots?

    Would you really be lecturing them on the absence of democracy?

  113. Grouse Beater says:

    Sententious Dave: “Oh Dear Galamcennalath. Once again you have caught the “one-eyed” disease that often spreads here on Wings.”

    Pompous, ignorant twat.

  114. Macart says:

    @ Nana

    Neil and the Beeb using both doublethink and double standards. They can’t chin the SNP on Westminster criteria for obvious reasons. Angus Robertson has regularly been lauded for being the only real and credible opposition offered to May in chamber. The SNPs record of attendance and participation takes a back seat to no one and Westminster’s legislation from government has proven catastrophic.

    They also portray this as a two horse race. Who gets to run the ‘country’ May or Corbyn. Except of course, it’s not a country, but a union of nations/kingdoms. Their very rhetoric of ‘excludes’ the possibility of the other nations having a say in pretty much anything. The truth of the matter is that if they did, they’d have to admit to fair representation from those nations and that is what a GE is ALL about in Scotland.

    Who will provide the Scottish electorate with proper representation, a voice to be heard and a defence of our rights and interests? As a nation we’ve already been excluded from the process of running the UK. Unless of course, you become a member of a ‘UK’ party… Again, no other is recognised unless you post candidate throughout all member nations. Hence the two horse race. The closed shop. The state is fully aware that home grown parties from the smaller partners could not and indeed would not attempt to interfere in the local issues of each other.

    Therefor the ‘partner’ with the largest population base sets the rules, elects the leader, houses the central government and parliament… You get the drift.

    So when it comes to an interview, Mr Neil is actually asking questions not on the UK, not about representation to the UK, but about matters of government reserved to a partner nation. He knows fine well that the person in front of him has no interest in running the UK, but representing her nation’s interests whilst within the UK. He’s stuffed and he knows it. To go into constitutional territory during a GE gives the whole shambolic game away. (shrugs)

  115. Nana says:


    Like you I avoided it last night and like you I’m glad I eventually watched it. Nicola at least answers questions asked of her, TM is sending Rudd as a ‘stand in’ for the leaders debate.

    Now it looks as if Davidson is dodging as well


    Tweet from John Nicolson, he’s appearing on Victoris live special at 9am with questions from the studio audience.

  116. Hamish100 says:

    Senile Dave.

    Remember the Brit nat unionists no doubt with you in toe saying to vote No in the Scottish referendum = remaining in the EU.

    Remember the Vow.

    Of course you do. You are the unthinking Brit nat troll.
    So maybe those from outwith Scotland are unaware that in the Holyrood elections the SNP asked for a mandate to hold a referendum. They won the election and supported by the Green Party gave the right for the Scotish electorate to vote again if there was a material and substantial change in UK status with the EU.
    You know that of course.
    Those opposing this at this stage over the status of RUK and Scotland are anti democratic.

    Simple fact is people can change their minds and elections and even referendum allow this change to be expressed in a polling booth.
    Democratic v undemocratic
    You are of the latter. May is asking to be elected- as she has no mandate in England and will NEVER have one in Scotland

  117. Andy Anderson says:

    Stu’s football comments are lost on me I am afraid. My interest is somewhere between toothache and having a broken arm.
    Politics is different. Agree Nicola, Angus and many others are good speakers.

  118. heedtracker says:

    Hmmm, maybe hold a once in a generation referendum specifically on the subject of Scottish Independence and let the people choose?

    We chose EU membership sensibledave, by a large majority.

    We now have a choice, nation state and EU membership Scotland or region of greater England, WMD nuke dump, oil reservoir, tory rule no matter how much we don’t vote for them or how hard BBC Scotland try to force us TO vote tory etc.

    Cant be much clearer sensibledave.

  119. Liz Rannoch says:

    Have just turned over to Vic D. In introduction woman says ‘Corbyn too weak, May be here, May be there, I don’t like any of the 2. In Scotland another choice and I’ll be voting SNP.’

  120. Bob Mack says:

    Maybe hold a once in a lifetime referendum based on lies and deception and allow the people to choose. They must also be left unaware that once the referendum is over they cannot change their minds when they find out everything we promised was actually untrue The British way don’t you know.

    Fixed that for you Dave.

  121. Hamish100 says:

    How come Davidson has ducked out of Call Kay(e).
    2nd Hand car salesmen on in stead.

    OT also listened to the Ulster unionist Scottish fishing chief basically backing brexit at all costs. Not political of course.he is lily white or is it orange?

  122. Liz Rannoch says:

    Come on guys, let SD get back to nodding to himself in complete agreement about how right he always is.

  123. David Hume says:

    sensibledave says:
    29 May, 2017 at 8:34 am

    What would you say to the majority of the S[c]ottish electorate, were they to appear her[e] on Wings, that wrote….. “You wanted a referendum. We had a referendum. The democratic process and the result was full and complete and decisive.


    Yes, yes, and no. Referring both to your statements and to the adjectives, which you use to describe the results.

    The result was not decisive because David Cameron, suffering from hubris, encountered nemesis in the form of the Leave campaign. British foreign policy is now in its weakest state since the Tory ‘Blue water policy’ of the 1760s. That united France and Spain against Britain, and provided the colonists in the United States with the cause and resources to rebel against the British government.

    It was Donald Dewar who argued that devolution had no father, but that Margaret Thatcher was its mother. The narrow English nationalism of the current Conservative party prevents it from engaging with Scottish civic nationalism, and recognising the mandate derived from a majority vote in the Scottish general election for parties supporting a referendum, and the democratic decision of the Scottish Parliament to seek a Section 30 order.

  124. heedtracker says:

    BBC r4 Today tories today went massive with Diane Abbott’s, 35 years ago Diane Abbott wanted the IRA to win, every defeat of the British State is a victory for all of us. Unless there is something really big happening outside English tory BBC attack propaganda on JC, its hard to see Labour making it past that alone, sadly.

  125. Legerwood says:

    I have noticed that the Herald is back to its usual ploy during elections of ignoring the SNP. Today’s two page spread managed one headline with SNP in it but only about one paragraph in the article mentions the SNP. Apparently the SNP will only get 24 seats if you believe the polls – or is it just one poll!

    When is the manifesto launch? Perhaps this will get the momentum going and some wider coverage.

  126. galamcennalath says:

    Nana says:

    “The British government operated an “open door” policy that allowed Libyan exiles and British-Libyan citizens to join the 2011 uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi even though some had been subject to counter-terrorism control order …. approached by two counter-terrorism police officers in the departure lounge who told him that if he was going to fight he would be committing a crime. But after providing them with the name and phone number … following a quick phone call to him, he was waved through. “

    … and who was ultimately responsible? Theresa May was Home Secretary in 2011.

  127. galamcennalath says:

    Why do trolls hide under bridges?

    What better place to disrupt communication from.

  128. Golfnut says:

    @ the Italian Job.

    ‘ the bbc need to ask liblabtory how they they intend to block indyref 2’

    Agreed, but they won’t. However, the SNP and Greens should, in Holyrood, at every opportunity in front of the camera, on radio, in speeches.

    Just how exactly do the unionist parties intend to block a democratically mandated, both through the ballot box and through Parliament, indyref 2.
    That needs to be asked every time some Muppet, press or politician, threatens democracy and the democratic process in Scotland’s.

  129. Hamish100 says:

    Jackson Carlaw can’t say eu funds/ grants will be met!!

    Are you listening farmers and fishermen !

    You have been played as patsy’s

    Remember the Tories reneged on the new energy plant HR Peterhead.

    Enjoy being told by Plymouth and Hull how much fish your allowed.

  130. ronnie anderson says:


    If any Wingers have a contact for Adele the Calligrapher, please let her know we need her presence for Sat the 3rd at Glasgow Green .

    If any Groups wishing to put up Stalls contact AUOB & submit your name & group, I,ll be at the Green from 9.30/10am.

    Tea & Coffee available at the Wings Stall, other merchandise available . Iscot Oor Ken will have a stall next door, mind support iScot.

    Lindsey Bruce get in touch.

  131. gordoz says:

    Was going to say yesterday Ms Davidson was looking a rather angry, disgruntled and ‘off-weather’ politician yesterday onn sunday Pols show.
    But then I remembered the majority of unionists are angry and shouty (and not good with numbers). Who was the other woman on, what’s her role ?

    Anyway had an inkling she wouldn’t appear today – anyone hear the reasons given ?

    Is this just the ‘May’ contagion spreading ?

    IE avoid the public (scrutiny)

  132. ronnie anderson says:


    Correction to my last post Betty Boop just reminded me its Odet the Calligrapher .

  133. John H says:

    heedtracker 9.26am.

    Labour could win if Corbyn ditches Diane Abbott. He won’t though. They are old pals and both are rebels by nature. I’ve lost count of the number of English people who have phoned in to various pogrammes over the weekend saying they would vote Labour but for Diane Abbott. She could lose Labour the election single handedly.

  134. Capella says:

    Links lead to other links – thought for the day – thanks Nana

    “This tory government was central to unleashing hell on Libya, it sent scores of British Libyan terrorist exiles it had given aid and shelter to, back to Libya as its boots on the ground in their 2011 war on Libya.

    British born Salman Abedi was one of them. His father had been a member, in the 1980s and 90s, of the (proto-al Qaeda) Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a fanatical sectarian murder gang that brought terrorism to Libya and was sheltered and funded by the UK…
    He can only have got there the same way his dad and his mates did. On British transport flights courtesy of MI6, carrying British supplied guns, paid for by British money, under the cover of the bombers of the RAF.”

    Theresa May, as Home Secretary, will have sanctioned this.

    “As Home Secretary and in regular contact with the UK’s intelligence services through the Joint Intelligence Committees, Theresa May would have been central to greenlighting the recruitment of terrorists and sending them to Libya and elsewhere. And, crucially, in her role as boss of the UK Border Agency, in giving them entry to live in the UK and the British passports that allowed them to travel across borders unhindered.”

  135. gordoz says:

    And Auntie Kaye to the rescue to save Jackson from a key question to squirm over. That’s it ; all we’ve got time for on an indyref sticky question folks !!!

    Phew …. still pretty sure he was saying democracy rests on polls stating 60% of indyref !

    So 55% NO Thanx vote was not as clear and definitive as the Yoons would have suggested ???

    Im confused.

  136. gordoz says:

    Seems that the female of the species known as ‘Unionists Leaders’ are suffering from an angry shouty crazed contagion virus, (when put under public scrutiny).

    Prognosis ? Protect from the great unwashed public at all costs until after the needless general election which is not going their way.

  137. heedtracker says:

    John H says:
    29 May, 2017 at 10:02 am
    heedtracker 9.26am.

    Labour could win if Corbyn ditches Diane Abbott. He won’t though.”

    Not unless there is a tectonic shift going on in England. There could be but then you find yourself in wishful thinking territory. You never know though. Mind what it was like last GE, as SNP win after SNP win popped up throughout results night.

    It all feels like JC’s whole team didn’t really expect to ever be where they are today, that they always just assumed they’d be on Blairite Lab’s fringe.

    All kinds of irony, like Blair and Brown’s Lab gave JC the break for greatness but SLabour hate them, and keep on losing too. Win or lose, its going to be interesting to see what Lab look like in less than 2 weeks time.

    If JC does win, England’s going to be a rather jumpy country indeed.

  138. Robert Louis says:

    I do not want to be critical, but I think this needs said. Am I alone in thinking the SNP message for the election is somewhat pointless? It seems to be ‘vote for us for a strong voice’. Is that it?

    The manifesto launch is tomorrow, I really do hope they are getting properly geared up to hit hard. WE need strong statements about standing up for Scotland’s right to determine its own future. If they don’t, and they go with ‘a strong voice for Scotland’ then the London based media will carry on ignoring them.

    I assume the SNP leadership are savvy enough to realise this?

    Oh, and how about actually arguing against this ‘Scotland doesn’t want a referendum’ p*sh coming from unionists. They need to start hitting hard, or they are in danger of becoming seen as irrelevant in this election – and possibly (and I hesitate when saying this) beyond.

    Need to start being bold and standing up for what they believe in, otherwise they please nobody.

  139. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    We are facing an absolute crescendo of Unionist spin across wide areas of the media and I am being hit by continuous episodes of Britain United on Facebook which are quite complicated to block.

    I have no doubt that this has been in planning right across the media including the BBC for some time and I am more convinced than ever that this election was called as much to halt Scotland as anything else.

    SNP has been caught on the hop – not surprisingly – but we cannot rely on Nicola alone and nothing else.

    We need high visibility campaigning material but we have very little time.

  140. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    RE: all the earlier mentions of Andrew Neil.

    I caught this on Channel 5 last night, while channel hopping. Watch Andrew Neil being filleted by two ten year old lassies…

  141. Dr Jim says:

    What is public consent and how would it be defined

    Well in a quick question to Jackson Carlaw on Call Kaye this morning it was made clear what the opposition to the Scottish government is on that

    In the SNP manifesto there was an offering by that party of some different options to how the desire for a referendum was to be measured and I won’t bore us all with what they were because we all know, but one of those options was continuous polling evidence
    Now in order to circumvent the democratic wishes of voters the opposition have seized on that as the only way to measure support, but in doing so what they are saying is they wish to remove certain voting options from the parliament which represents the votes of the people of Scotland, and that’s tantamount to admitting they can never beat the SNP legitimately so want to remove power from Holyrood and place it in the hands of polling companies

    And if they’re going to do that what’s the next removal of power they would like to make changes to and does this mean there’s any need for a parliament at all at Holyrood if we decide decisions can be made at the whims of polling companies

    So referendums in the UK are authorised by the UK government but decisions of the same magnitude in Scotland must be taken by, yes you guessed it, a polling company

    There is however another way to circumvent the SNPs popularity and dominance of the Scottish parliament and bend Scotlands knee to Tory rule once more that is only barely less obvious

    The Tories could just go back to the olden days and start murdering everyone who opposes them or offering to send Scottish folk overseas to new and better lands and hope nobody notices until it’s too late

    Because that worked out very well in the past

  142. macnakamura says:

    Kezia on Sunday Politics about powers coming back fro EU after Brexit. 46 mins approx

    “I would like those powers to come to the Scottish Parliament so that we can make different choices from Tories.”

    Is Kezia conceding that Tories will win in England/ UK ?

  143. Sinky says:

    @ Legerwood says: 29 May, 2017 at 9:28 am

    The Hootsman is even worse. Claims Dugdale had a good day yesterday and obviously didn’t watch her car crash of an interview.

    Also had Scotland In Union’s Prof. Hugh Pennington big article on about Scotland’s plummeting educational standards but naturally didn’t mention such allegiance.

    When will any broadcaster ask Davidson and other Tories what constitutes a mandate if not winning two elections and backing from Scottish Parliament in a democratic vote.

    Agree that SNP needs to highlight more on what our MPs have done at Westminster in standing up against draconian Tory measures while Labour MPs, including Ian Murray, spent more time plotting against Jeremy Corbyn than opposing the Tories.

    if Labour don’t lose by a landslide then Jeremy Corbyn will remain leader and Labour’s infighting will continue.

  144. Nana says:


    Sorry for late reply.

    Aye Sam I get the drift, the stage was set a while ago. Only asking questions about devolved issues just shows the beeb up for what they are. Duplicitous untrustworthy shower of ….. {I’m trying to keep it polite]
    The BBC keep doing this anti SNP, but is it working. We will soon find out and I don’t mind telling you my nerves are shot to hell.

    You’ve got eagle eyes Capella. Good for you highlighting the not a dinner party blogspot.
    I’ve read so many articles about the Manchester attack and Cameron’s & TM’s involvement, it’s difficult to decide which to link to.

    From the Victoria live show.
    A disabilities activist says Tory policy is ‘an act of violence’

  145. Lochside says:

    Robert Louis…I agree with you. We had 56 MPs with a ‘strong voice’..but that voice was ignored and outvoted. To return the same or god forbid less..what is the point? More of concern to me is the upsurge for Corbyn. Many feeble SNP converts from Labour are daft enough to switch back to SLAB because of the built in lemming like belief in a Brit Lab victory.

    AS gambled by bringing the issue of Scotland’s sovereignty back to being predicated on the Edinburgh agreement. At the time I couldn’t understand this as the old basis was simple: win a majority of SCOTTISH MPs and we could legitimately sue for Independence.

    As a result, we lost the REF and subsequently with Brexit the Supreme Court predictably ruled our devolved parliament impotent constitutionally. We are now left with a situation where a democratic vote in that devolved parliament has been allowed to be ignored and disdained by the English in their UK Parliament. A decision that no Unionist party will overturn.

    This should be the issue for the SNP: The illegal overruling of our Sovereign people’s vote for a Referendum. Combined with the same setting aside and disdaining of our majority vote for remaining EU citizens. I don’t see how two anti-democratic and anti Scottish situations can be subordinate to a feeble campaign of a ‘strong voice’ which will be drowned out and suffocated yet again by the UK media is anywhere logical or right.

    I challenged my local MP at the first post Council election meeting and was told the priority was Westminster. I asked about the REF as everywhere I went it came up with the Unionists. If they were voting permanently on that basis…as their propaganda confirms…then why don’t we?..he answer was that we should answer it but only when necessary.

    For that reason, I have not had the desire to canvass. I will vote SNP as ever, but I am fast losing belief in where this is all going. No doubt the usual suspects will criticise my voicing my concerns. But the same mob assured us that the exact same powder puff spineless campaign before the REF would succeed. I believed it then reluctantly. I don’t now.

  146. Dr Jim says:

    At the time of the Smith Commission the Unionist parties voted en masse against powers coming to Scotland the Labour party voting against almost all powers in the hope of denying the SNP any power over Scotlands future

    Now the opposition Unionist parties are shouting as loudly as they can that they desire nothing more than loads of powers coming to Scotland
    They want Federalism, they want more Pooling and Sharing, they want different choices for Scotland

    And again, all things they specifically went out of their way to block with all of their collective might at the time of the Smith Commission, so what’s changed?
    Well from Labours point of view they’re totally admitting that a Tory government suits them fine and devolution is a nice comfy place to be in opposition from
    From the Tories point of view they’ll be in overall control at Westminster so can devolve another load of meaningless nonsense to pacify the natives and all in all everyone’s happy because the grand order of Whitehall control will have been restored to it’s rightful place and the United Kingdom ship of Greater England sails on

    While Scotland still pays for it’s sails, crew, rudder and the guns it might need to shoot at the nasty furriner

    Now that’s what I call “Advancement”

  147. Brian Powell says:

    What isn’t surprising from the BBC and the Tories is their connivance and political machinations in relation to the SNP and Independence, what is surprising is our supposedly left leaning voters buying the Tory agenda.

  148. Dr Jim says:


    SNP MPs go to Westmister to press Scotlands case and we see it and note the way they’re treated but, that’s a constant reminder to us all of what Westminster is and keeps us going

    Labour MPs if elected will go to Westminster for their wages and careers and it will be the last you’ll see of them because they have no interest in Scotlands case and you will be denied that reminder of what Westminster is

    Tories will win even when they don’t

    Very frustrating and slow but we’re not allowed to do it the old fashioned way which at times I know many of us would prefer

    Expecting imminent Internet police arrival (looks out of window)

  149. Meg merrilees says:

    Have read lots of posts this morning to try and catch up. Apologies if I don’t quote any names with my responses.

    1. I think tRuthless is deep in a ‘war-cabinet’ meeting somewhere in the middle of nowhere-Tories are on full alert,major panic, spinning out of control-hence ‘no show’ on Call K.

    2. caught Amber Rudd on BBC R4 this a.m. – the woman sounded demented. I’ve heard of being emphatic but she sounded like she was firing bullets this morning – ghastly!

    3.Kezia “would like those powers to come to the Scottish Parliament so that we can make different choices from Tories.” Well, wouldn’t we all but has she forgotten it’s her job to make those powers return, otherwise we won’t be able to make different choices from the tories.
    Why does she continue to support the same policies as the tRuthless Harrison -‘say no to a second Indy ref’- party in Holyrood and why is she not suspending the other S Labour councils who are in coalition with the tories now?
    Has she opposed the cuts to the Classroom assistants yet?

    My sister ( a music instrument teacher) lives in Angus.
    A few years ago, peripatetic music teachers were under threat but they were reprieved, thanks to the SNP and others.
    She didn’t vote in the council elections.
    Now Angus is a Tory/Indy coalition and she told me at the weekend that they think the threat to jobs is back…

    4. Watched the link to the Andrew Neil interview with the 10 year old girls – he was certainly upstaged but they are monsters! What a repulsive bit of programming; They are the Amber Rudd’s of the future – absolutely horrendous children!!!

    5. ‘Decorate the hoose’ with every sticker, poster, saltire and SNP flag that you possess.
    We have to win this election big time!

    6. Agree, the most important question needing to be asked every time now is ‘How will you stop Indy ref 2? They would have to allow the removal of Holyrood before that could happen and then it could get out of control. Better to keep the ballot and peaceful meANS.

    7. I think it is great that Angus Robertson will get a high profile TV debate – it can only help his campaign in Moray. It will also show that the SNP isn’t just the Nicola and Alex show.

    Sorry for the long post.

  150. Nana says:

    Well said that man

    “If Jeremy Corbyn has blood on his hands, Theresa May is bathing in blood”

    video here

  151. Chick McGregor says:

    @Fergus Green

    “Best result for Scotland?

    50+ SNP MPs and a minority Tory government

    IMO, it is very unlikely that the SNP will have anything like 50+ votes. The SNP vote is undergoing a double whammy (triple if you include establishment propaganda machine aka ‘the media’).

    First we have the hitherto indy supporting Brexiteers of which an unknown, but certainly significant, quantity will be lost. Admittedly Ruth Davidson’s strident persona may have helped attract more of those authoritarian types than might otherwise have been the case.

    Second is the ‘socialist first’ defectors from Labour to the SNP last time. Those who defected mainly because the torification of Labour had seemed complete and incorrigible. Corbyn has changed that, despite the best efforts of the UK’s prostituted media. In fact, in his own quiet way, he has played a bit of a blinder in this campaign so far. I feel a lot of ‘socialist first’ types may well be considering going back to Labour for this one.

    Unless, of course, there are other ‘events’ yet to unfold e.g.s May states that Scotland cannot have another indy ref, period. Or the media manage to inflict serious new damage on Labour.

    We do not need 50+ MPs., 30+ will suffice. Davidson has converted this election into an indyref2 election in Scotland, her own doing, therefore a majority of SNP MPs has a clear mandate to carry out an indyref2.

    As it stands, I fully expect to see several new Labour MPs as well as Tory ones in Scotland.

  152. Dr Jim says:

    Unfortunately there are still Labour supporters out there who believe their party is nothing to do with the Tories and that somehow they’re different

    My Dad used to say Labour tax you in the front door and the Tories tax you out the back door but the end result’s the same, it’s all about confusing how you do it

  153. Liz Rannoch says:

    For those of you who didn’t watch Victoria D this am. Please watch on iplayer if you can.

    Brilliant debate compared to others I’ve seen so far.

    Quite a few Scottish voices, all seem to be voting SNP, very moving contribution from disabled lady, good points from John Nicolson.

    But best of all tories getting laldy!

  154. Your own tweet, Stu.
    ‘It’s your chance to question Ruth Davidson on her immigration lies on Radio Scotland at 9am, folks. Don’t sound like a zoomer or she wins.’
    She didn’t even turn up. Jackson Car-Crash-law got the gig, and came across as a blithering idiot mouthing Tory Press releases.
    Kaye with an ‘e’ seems in complete ignorance of the politics of the day. She is white noise filling in the blank spaces, between Jackson’s even blanker spaces. Some harrowing accounts from genuine callers, no ‘zoomers’, left unanswered by the man who sounds like bools in the mooth Annabel Goldie after a night out on the lash having puffed through two packs of untipped extra strength.
    They really have no answers do they?

  155. ScottishPsyche says:

    I wonder if Ruth Davidson is ‘helping’ Theresa May prepare to meet the public for the Sky programme tonight? The Conservatives are under the illusion that she is good in debates so there may be lots of aggressive shouting from May in a pound shop Churchillian manner.

    Carlaw was abysmal this morning. How different it is on Kaye Adams show when an actual victim of Tory policy is allowed to tell their story as opposed to a Tory plant trying to score points against the FM?

  156. Chick McGregor says:

    Err,… ’50 MPs’ not ’50 votes’. 🙁

  157. Capella says:

    Agree about Victoria Derbyshire programme. Many clips circulating on twitter – quite rightly:

  158. Meg merrilees says:

    My 92 year old auntie is voting SNP!

    (miners daughter, born and brought up Labour all her life).


  159. heedtracker says:

    Capella says:

    That’s pretty horrifying isnt it.

    Other side of it all is that its really bad tory economics.

    Leaving aside the tory policy of bumping off disabled people debate, there’s a massive multiplier economic loss, directly into local economies.

    Shoveling mountains of dosh into the already swollen bank accounts of wealthy tory votes, not only sucks money out of economic circulation and the loss of all those multipliers, it also ensures that when their dosh does reappear, its almost never in a multiplier. And its almost never local either. Unless you live near a Rolex or Porsche factory.

    Vote tory, if you’re minted and hate taxes, otherwise…

  160. Macart says:


    ‘nerves shot to hell’

    There’s a lot to be nervy about for sure. It’s coming to a head and the sides and futures are clearly marked this time round. There’s no blurring of political lines or ideologies and the real opposition to self determination is front and centre… the Conservative and unionist party.

    Their brexit, austerity driven, isolationist and intolerant UK is our future unless we choose to reject them in potentially two ballots.

    Most folk would rather it were otherwise and I can get behind that, but we are where we are and two is the magic number. To set the second in stone, we need to return the very strongest pro Scottish electorate voice possible in the first. We need those willing to offer the Scottish electorate the choice and the power.

    Needless to say that description doesn’t include any pro establishment or pro union party. They’re not big on offering the electorate true, informed choice. Kinda why the EU ref went completely south on them.

    If the people of Scotland believe it is morally their right to choose their own future and make decisions on their own behalf, then there is only one party suited to the task in the coming general election. Again, I’d wish it were otherwise. I’d prefer to see ALL Scottish parties willing to support their electorate and their inalienable human rights, but that ain’t the way it is.

    That is what this election is all about for the people of Scotland IMO. It’s about our right to choose, for good or ill, but our right to choose regardless. If parties can’t get behind that concept, then by definition what use are they to Scotland’s citizenry at Westminster or anywhere else?

  161. Brian Powell says:

    The curious irony about the weird belief that people in Scotland can vote for Corbyn is that it could give the Tories enough MPs in Scotland to boost May but give only a few Lab MPs extra.

    I was speaking to one pensioner in London who said he was all Labour in his working days but not now and Corbyn remind him of those 70s days. He didn’t want to go back to that.

    The main shift in support for Corbyn has come from women. Women vote for security and history has shown it doesn’t always come. Even in the Ind Referendum women were reluctant to take chance, voted No, and ended up with Brexit, Tory austerity, pension loss and family benefits cuts.

    Scotland has a good leader and strong Government but seem determined to waste the opportunity.

  162. K1 says:

    What’s this ‘Victoria D’ thing Liz? What channel, catch up?

  163. ScotsRenewables says:

    O/T – ‘nurseygate’ BBC complaint and answer

    Here’s the complaint I sent and the answer. You don’t need to be a genius to see that the BBC not only did not answer my com-plaint re. the plant or the devolved matter, choosing instead to reply by smearing the SNP


    Complaint Summary: Misrepresentation by a selected audience member

    Full Complaint: I am writing having watched the BBC Leaders Debate yesterday where a nurse from NHS Lothian claimed that she had to use a foodbank to feed her family. The name of the employee is Claire Austin who apparently works for NHS Lothian.

    The individual concerned was on the previous BBC Question Time and was apparently then invited on the BBC Leaders Debate yesterday evening specifically to ask a question about the NHS (a devolved matter and not really a proper subject for a debate on a Westminster GE, but we will leave that for another complaint . . . )

    Subsequently it has been detailed both on social media and in the Scottish Sun (see link below) that Claire Austin does not rely on food banks, on the contrary she appears to live a life of luxury, and is attempting to smear the SNP and its leader Nicola Sturgeon to potentially damage its/her reputation.

    The essence of my complaint is that the BBC apparently went out of their way to invite this woman on the programme specifically to attack Nicola Sturgeon about the NHS – a devolved matter – without performing any background checks or vetting her question. A little research would have shown that her claim to be dependent on foodbanks was patently ridiculous.

    The fault was compounded by Sarah Smith refusing to allow the FM adequate time to respond. The fake foodbank user was instead allowed to bluster unimpeded by any intervention from Ms Smith.

    This was IMO a shocking example of bias.


    Dear ___________

    Thank you for your comments about Election 2017: The Scottish Leaders’ Debate broadcast on 21 May 2017.

    We are sorry that you felt the nurse who discussed food banks was an inappropriate choice of contributor. We have received a wide range of feedback about this programme, so keeping in mind pressures on licence fee resources this response seeks to address the key points raised. That said, we apologise in advance if your complaint has not been specifically addressed here.

    In answer to the legitimacy of the audience member’s appearance on the programme, we select audiences for our debates which reflect widespread political views in accordance with BBC Election Guidelines. They are invited to ask questions which are relevant to the current affairs agenda.

    This specific audience member who asked a question about nurses’ pay was subjected to claims on social media and elsewhere that she was partisan because she was married to a Conservative councillor. After the programme she made clear she was not married to a Tory councillor, and indeed not married at all.

    Further to this we would add that criticism of anyone, especially members of the public, on the basis of hearsay on social media is unwelcome. Moreover we would point out that the politician who originally briefed the story apologised: and the First Minister later added that the nurse was entitled to ask her question, stating that the level and value of wages was one of the biggest issues in this campaign.

    We hope these clarifications are useful.

    Your specific comments have been fully registered on our daily audience log. This internal document is made available to all our production teams and senior BBC management.

    Thank you, once again, for taking the time to contact us.

    Kind Regards

    BBC Complaints Team

  164. Phronesis says:

    A useful insight into ‘welfare reform’ in the UK today

    ‘They spout platitudes about ‘parity of esteem’ but it is not borne out by any of their actions.

    Their persecution of those living with the detriment of disability is unacceptable – the only safe way is to wait until a formal assessment can be carried out.

    I cannot believe that so many people across the UK are planning to vote for such a hard, uncaring Tory Government and that so many others will simply stand back and not vote at all.

    Since the EU referendum last year, I have had to listen to Tory MPs eulogising about a return to Britain’s glory days and there has been talk about Empire 2.0’

    Anyone with a disability is a soft target in WM policies- who will notice/understand/ or care if the undeserving skivers are demonised and humiliated. It all helps in the strategy to deflect from WM culpability in raiding state assets to pay off private debt.

    Could it be anything to do with the winner-takes-all politics and the death of democracy.The US democratic status has been downgraded but the core reasons also reflect the imbalances in the UKOK political scene

    ‘the cumulative impact of flaws in the electoral system, a disturbing increase in the role of private money in election campaigns and the legislative process…

    Increased income inequality is closely related to some of the factors cited by Freedom House… The increase in income inequality has been amply demonstrated by economists, including Thomas Piketty, Anthony Atkinson et al. The income share of the top 1 percent…rose from 10 percent in the 1960s to 20 percent in 2013. Even more strikingly, the income share of the top 0.1 percent rose from 3 to 10 percent over the same period. This information is relatively recent.

    The rise in…inequality weakens democracy in several ways.
    First, unequal voting rights tend to weaken resistance against social and economic inequality among politicians who benefit from them through uneven apportionment of seats… discriminatory voter registration practices, and gerrymandering’

    Scotland, the country, has another opportunity to develop its own democracy, its economy, its constitution without the permission of WM to do so. Each vote for a stronger Scotland is a vote for democracy. The world needs another democracy to emerge that will give hope to others. Scotland the country-let’s vote for it.

  165. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Lochside at 10.52

    Interesting contribution. Echoes many concerns I hear. Many of our activists have very little enthusiasm at the moment though I do understand the obligation to defend the SNP’s managing of our affairs. Only independence and the promotion of it galvanises our support however and it should be on every leaflet and in every statement.

    And the media will never again allow us to win a campaign on “competent Government”. Has that registered yet I wonder.

    And I have no idea why we are allowing “Not another referendum” to dominate the agenda unopposed. We should be shouting “Half a million of us can’t wait for it” in response.

  166. Nana says:


    I posted a couple of videos above and you can watch short clips of the show here

  167. Scott says:

    A lot of people wondering where Ruth the mouth is as she missed the Kaye show maybe she is hidden away with Katie Hopkins to work out how she can win against our Nicola both of them will be coaching TM how to manage her RV show tonight.

  168. Breeks says:

    Capella says:
    29 May, 2017 at 10:03 am
    Links lead to other links – thought for the day – thanks Nana


    And these people still present themselves as honourable members?

    If this isn’t material grounds for impeachment, or war crimes and international subversion then it begs the question what is.

    We suddenly have a small window into the mind of a suicide bomber.

    For the love of God Scotland, how long must we remain part of this? We don’t even have a credible media service to challenge the mainstream propaganda, not just over Independence but this grotesque interference with foreign sovereign countries. I thought we started bombing the hell out of Afghanistan because they had training camps for terrorists, only to discover that Tory Britain is up to its neck in precisely the same kind of shit training murder gangs for Libya.

    The butchers apron is aptly named.

    We are afraid of the Muslims? Seems to me it’s the Muslims who are fkn terrified of us. They might be monsters, but we are the monsters who created those monsters. The Muslims are begging their gods for divine help to deal with us. Reverse places, and put ourselves in their situation. Suppose there were Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi aircraft carriers off shore, sending their aircraft to bomb the shit out of Edinburgh or Glasgow with absolute impunity. Once Edinburgh castle lay in ruins, the Forth Railway Bridge smashed, and the Royal Mile and Parliament were piles of rubble burying the stinking corpses of Scottish people who did nothing to hurt anybody. After decades of the same shit, wouldn’t we be doing the very same things the Arabs are?

    What we are doing to Islam is morally the same policy as putting American native indians onto reservations; you will contain yourselves inside the borders we give you, and may live in peace provided you do absolutely nothing to threaten us or interfere with our activities while we plunder your natural resources. Failure to comply will force us to remind you of our philosophy that the only good injun is a a dead injun…

    No, don’t think for a moment I am wishy washy about Terrorists killing and maiming our kids, nor am I in any way a terrorist sympathiser. It’s simply that we seem to be reaping what our Westminster government has been happily sowing for decades. It seems to me going forward means more bloodshed, more terrorism, more death and misery. If we just stop, try to reverse a little. Try to undo some of what has been done.

    I’m with Angela. I want to stand apart from the US and UK for the selfish aspiration of being able to sleep at night.

    No wonder Theresa May doesn’t want to be questioned on television. It’s not ISIS, Hezbollah, Al Quaeda or El-Nusra who are the ones to fear… it’s the new group of Islamic terrorists called Quid Pro Quo.

  169. admiral says:

    “3.Kezia “would like those powers to come to the Scottish Parliament so that we can make different choices from Tories.” Well, wouldn’t we all but has she forgotten it’s her job to make those powers return, otherwise we won’t be able to make different choices from the tories.
    Why does she continue to support the same policies as the tRuthless Harrison -‘say no to a second Indy ref’- party in Holyrood and why is she not suspending the other S Labour councils who are in coalition with the tories now?
    Has she opposed the cuts to the Classroom assistants yet?”

    Kez and the rest of the branch office worked in the Smith Commission to deny as much power to Scotland as they could.

  170. Capella says:

    @ Scottish Renewables – typical response from the BBC, don’t address the complaint (and admit that they won’t address the complaint) and redirect attention to their own attempt to smear Joanna Cherry.

    Well done for trying.

    I complained to OFCOM about their interview of a Lib Dem candidate during the election campaign. OFCOM asked me to complain first to the BBC although I had already explained why I had bypassed them. I seriously can’t be bothered wasting any more time on it, pointlessly.

    Once we are independent we can have a public broadcasting service which actually serves the public interest, as opposed to a propaganda arm of the Westminster government.

  171. gus1940 says:

    Scotsrenewables @12.35

    Re The EBC reply to your complaint they mention The BBC Election Guidelines.

    If these have been published does anybody have a copy? If not published why not?

  172. Golfnut says:

    o/t slightly,
    corbyn dissing the SNP again in the herald, apparently at a ‘rally ‘ in Scotland. Any photo’s or video of this ‘ rally ‘.

  173. Capella says:

    @ Breeks – the BBC has mentioned the Libya connection – down near the end of their report on police progress:

    Born in Manchester to Libyan parents. BBC Newsnight reported that when Abedi was 16 he fought against the Colonel Gaddafi regime with his father during the school holidays.

    I didn’t see the Newsnight programme so have no idea how much emphasis was given to the UK government’s direct role in funding and arming these people.

    But I agree – this is a major scandal and should be investigated properly. Both Tory and previous Labour governments must have been involved.

  174. Nana says:


    I saw a few tweets last night. Can’t recall where someone said it took place.

    He really should stop listening to the slabbers.

  175. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    A reminder about this weekend’s march and rally in support of independence.

    The info is at this link, which should be shared as much as possible in the next few days.

    The YES Bikers are meeting at the Showcase Cinema, Coatbridge at 11.30am, before heading for Glasgow Green. See here for info.

    Pass these links on peeps!

  176. Effijy says:

    ScotsRenewables at 12.35pm

    I admire your resolve to confront the Tories Main Propaganda machine, but they don’t give a damn what we think, they don’t bother to even come close to being impartial.

    Their paymasters, those who own the higher profile Westminster MPs pay far too much to MPs and BBC Directors and editors for them to ever head you.

    It’s always good to protest, and all the better when in large numbers as they cannot be suggest that they are dealing with a lone crank subscriber.

    92,800 people have already noted their corruption.

  177. Capella says:

    BTW the not-a-dinner-party blog doesn’t say who publishes it. So be a little careful just in case. Seems genuine to me but I prefer to know via an “about” page. The BBC are also referring to the same story so that confirms the source (if we trust the BBC!).

  178. K1 says:

    Thanks Nana 🙂

  179. Faltdubh says:

    Good post, Lochside @ 10:52

    I think the apathy you are feeling is certainly adding up, and by looking at the polls – down anything from 5-11% on the 2015 election result shows this as well. Although, I think the SNP voters that are leaving or jumping ship have never seen independence as their main issue, or even want it at all! A mix of ‘tartan’ Tories going home and socialist/Lab voters tempted to vote for them again through Corbyn. The huge key between a good night – 45 plus MPs _ is if the SNP can poll around 42/43% if not more, and a bit of that Tory support goes back to Labour to split their votes.

    I don’t think the SNP have handled the Brexit thing well either, but they were in a rock and a hard place regarding that and May stuns everyone by announcing a snap-election just 6 weeks ago; but the SNP have been far too timid this election and they are not mentioning independence as to scare the no-voting SNP support – well it looks like that support has now gone and by not mentioning it I feel it’s making the supporters in the party a bit apathetic/demoralised.

    The SNP now have ten days, and tomorrow’s manifesto launch will hopefully put some wind back in the sails of the campaign.

    I honestly would love to see what internal polling is showing. Nicola tweeted yesterday about if voters want to help with a mass canvas in Perth/North Perth after the manifesto, makes me wonder about that seat?

    I am stuck in two minds though about how this election will go.

    I believe though that once this election is done. We’ll see what the SNP were/are planning to do next on Brexit and if there is a legal route taken. I hope they’ll be more tough-talking as well (if we return 40 plus etc MPs).

  180. Dr Jim says:

    It’s not about xenophobia (who said that ssshh)

    Half my family come from Wolverhampton where the BBC just did a piece from, suggesting that Brexit is the important thing in that area (laws, control, reasons, blah) and because of that more folk are voting Tory even unusually they say Asian folk who were traditionally Labour

    Now my family are slightly to the right of Adolph Hitler on this and they see Brexit as a starting point to removing the very Asians who are voting Tory not realising that’s what their neighbours (my family the white folks) are voting for the same party for

    But like my family lots of folk in that area are “I’m not a racist but” they just don’t say it out loud yet although they believe I’m a deluded Nazi following the evil witch Nicola Sturgeon and that all decent people want her gone because she wants to ruin Britain

    These people are happy to insult Scottish people because they think of us all as white,(it’s OK to insult Scots) but they don’t insult people of foreign extraction publicly (that’s not OK) because they don’t want to be called the racists they actually are

    So Asian folk (or anybody of a different colour or accent) thinking of voting Tory in Wolverhampton beware of making your neighbours Christmas wishes come true

    There are lots of places who only want local things for local people in their local village which is a local community locally

    Did I mention local

    ps: The presenter said not one single person mentioned Enoch Powell (well no they wouldn’t would they) next question?

  181. John de Soulis says:

    @gus1940 @1:02

    HTH, I haven’t read them myself yet, my brain is on a shit overload at the moment. 😉

    BBC election 2017 guidelines….

    More general BBC guidelines….

  182. Lurky says:


    Does anyone remember, “Sergeant Musgrave’s Dance”, John Arden’s play, from 1959?

  183. John H says:

    I agree that getting a majority of SNP MP’s in this election should mean that we take independence. In a general election the Unionist parties are scrambling for votes for themselves, fighting each other. In an independence referendum they can unite against us as one, making a Yes vote much harder to achieve. As things are, we are actually helping them to defeat us more easily with a separate referendum.

  184. Macart says:

    Tory UK. Brexit UK. Austerity UK. They’re all buzz terms too you know.

    What they all add up to is misery. A state construct so ineptly managed by the political class for the past fifty years or more that it’s teetering on the brink of economic and societal disaster. We’re part of a state divided from the ground up, or the top down depending on your perspective and in very real terms. Race, colour, ethnicity, class, politics, religion, sexual orientation, you name it, they’ve used the demographic du jour to divide and rule. All in the name of the agenda of the day and all in the name of the ‘country’ and established order that never was. In reality? They did it because it suited their needs.

    The division has gotten out of hand though. It’s a runaway train, a stampede, a mob riot. It’s a narrative gone desperately and dangerously wrong. Right now the political class of the UK, which includes the members of ALL establishment parties, are either running with the stampede or idiotically attempting to direct it.

    The runaway right wing narrative generated by the political class, their media and the very worst elements within our society will result in only one state and buzz names or terms need not apply.

    A state grounded in Intolerance, hatred, exclusion, fear and suspicion.

    It’s simply called the ‘United’ Kingdom.

    Scotland is changing and growing. Politically and societally we’re at a tipping point, a crossroads.

    One vote at a time, changing attitudes to what was and what is possible are proving an essential part of that growth. We are potentially two votes away from redefining our politics, our society, our culture and our identity… on our terms.

    Imagine that. A population defining the terms of their nation and not the machinery and trappings of the state.

    Three hundred years and change of someone defining your world and telling you who you are. Sticking labels on you and telling you whether you fit in or not. Now folk have the opportunity at the asking, of defining themselves.

    Seems to me that’s worth a little uncertainty and a bit of effort at the ballot.

  185. heedtracker says:

    Bloody hell. Chances of beeb Scotland gimps reporting Scotland region this, less than zero.

    archive is out of order.

  186. Desimond says:

    Corbyn was at The Old Glasgow Fruitmarket, now a concert venue. Capacity 600.

    I tweeted to a proud John McDonnell to come back when they’ve sold out the Hydro (15000)

  187. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dave McEwan Hill @ 10:31

    I am more convinced than ever that this election was called as much to halt Scotland as anything else.

    That is my thinking also. Rude Gal’s monotone “No surrender to indyref” (lamely echoed by her co-Unionists) and the BBC’s ongoing emphasis on devolved matters for a WM election, right on the tail of the Holyrood vote for a new referendum, are proof of that.

    The Tories are so scared of the possibility of an independent Scotland that they intend to use Brexit in part to clamp down on Holyrood as a potential alternative power base. “Never waste a good crisis”, as someone once said.

    I just wish that those former yessers who are not especially enthusiastic about the EU and those tempted to vote Labour again because of Corbyn could see the deepsh*t creek that they are being steered into. Just like the “no” voters before.

  188. ScottishPsyche says:

    The FM, when pressed by Sky’s James Matthews, said she would, quite rightly, consider using Indyref2 as a condition of supporting Jeremy Corbyn in a hung parliament.

    Slab now have to either say vote Tory to save the union or vote Labour with the possibility of it facilitating another IndyRef. What a dilemma for them and will they come straight out and say vote Tory or keep up the pretence?

  189. Golfnut says:

    Thanks Nana, some interesting tweets.

  190. yesindyref2 says:

    I see in an article in the Herald “Two-child cap for tax credits ‘borders on eugenics'” said by the EIS president-elect, that Dugdale is quoted as “I welcome the EIS decision to condemn the Tories’ horrific rape clause.” without any corresponding quote from Sturgeon. Perhaps the Herald has abandoned the Tories and gone back to Labour.

  191. bjsalba says:

    O/T You know it is the strangest thing but I thought Teresa May called this election to “strengthen her hand when she sat down at the table to negotiate with the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chancellors of Europe”.

    Can anybody tell me what there is in the Tory Manifesto that would add one single solitary jot of strength.

    I see absolutely nothing zilch zero nada nothing.

    Oh and PS now that Article 50 is in, she won’t be sitting down with any of the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chancellors of Europe. It’ll be those pesky unelected bureaucrats – Michel Barnier and his expert team. They will, of course be working to the document the Council has agreed.

  192. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    ScottishPsyche @ at 14:53,

    Ach, during the election they are just doing what Ed Balls did during indyref1 and Miliband did in UKGE2015, sacrificing Scotland for the sake of maintaining their base in northern England. They haven’t forgotten the Tory accusation of the “tail wagging the dog” that may even have won the Tories the last UK election.

    That nice Mr Corbyn has already reneged on his former willingness for the Scots to be able to choose. So much for his supposed “principles”. When it comes to the crunch, they are just as discardable as all the rest.

    Personally I don’t think it’s going to be possible, but once the election is over, if Labour have a chance for power with SNP support, they would grab it. But they would still try to shaft us afterwards. Some of us still remember Callaghan in 1979.

  193. ScottishPsyche says:

    Robert J. Sutherland @3.12

    I think you are right and personally, I don’t think it will come even close to the numbers to form any sort of alliance. However, it will be interesting to see if they actually come out with it and say if you can’t vote for us, vote Tory.

    Even cowardly Miliband didn’t go that far.

  194. Golfnut says:

    A lot of people seem to be getting hung up about the polls, shift to Tories, shift to Labour. Really. I might be wrong of course, but the ‘shift’ narrative seems to have been heralded by a lot of Scottish sub samples, rather than full Scottish polls.
    Polls do seem to be used ever more increasingly as propaganda tools rather than barometers for public opinion. Depressing the SNP support and moving it to Labour works for the Tories. 50+SNP MP’s would be more useful to Corbyn rather than of couple of extra Labour MP’s.
    Makes me wonder if he is serious about winning this election to oust the Tories, or is this really more about the establishment against the SNP and Independence.

  195. Cactus says:

    Aye, pro-Scottish voter turnout is essential.

    Hopefully, Generation X come out to participate in big numbers.
    (including all of our positive 16 and 17 year olds who voted Yes 2014)

    That’s over two and a half years of new freedom of choice supporters.

    Only the Scottish National Party can offer you… freedom of choice.

    None of the other parties can or will offer you… freedom of choice.

    Freedom of choice is ur inalienable human right.

  196. Scott says:

    Just watched Vic. Derbyshire on Iplayer an interesting part John Nicholson asked about nurses pay and being very diplomatic said he was not up to date on that one meaning Austin I noticed Tory or Lab said much on that.
    An update on where nurse Austin is and what foodbank she is using.

  197. Thepnr says:

    I think Labour will be lucky to hold onto their single Scottish seat in Edinburgh South. I’ve looked closely at all the seats and believe their only other possibility in Scotland would be Jim Murphy’s old seat East Refrewshire.

    The thing about both of these seats is that they really are a 3 way tie near enough, Tory voters are now very unlikely to prop up Labour so I guess it will depend on how the remaining Labour vote jumps between them that want a No to second referendum and those that want to keep the Tories out.

    Neither option looks good for Labour and more than likely will come down to a fight between the SNP and Tory.

    Here’s a link to the Ashcroft Polls view on these seats.

    Edinburgh South of those certain to vote SNP 33% Lab 32% Con 28%

    East Renfrewshire certain to vote SNP 37% Con 33% Lab 24%

    Another seats of interest is Alistair Carmichael’s where Ashcroft has the following SNP 34% Lib 29% Con 22% Lab 10%

    Three seats worth watching out for on Election night.

  198. Rock says:

    Dave McEwan Hill,

    “I am more convinced than ever that this election was called as much to halt Scotland as anything else.”

    Rock (3rd May)

    “She has outsmarted Nicola Sturgeon by calling an election to avoid giving her response to an independence referendum.”

    Saint Theresa is most certainly not a fool and idiot as some naive posters believe.

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