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Fit to be tied

Posted on December 21, 2017 by

Readers, meet Eric Simpson.

He’s a fervent Tory, and the Secretary of Inverurie Community Council. He tweets as “ElginLoon59”, and as a busy pillar of the local community he’s got some pretty firm views on the sort of people who should and shouldn’t hold public office.

In fairness, he doesn’t just attack the SNP.

Simpson is SUCH a fine upstanding citizen of the Inverurie area and its Conservative Party, in fact, that he was one of the official nominators of the now-MP for its Gordon seat in the UK parliament, Colin Clark, who ousted Alex Salmond in June.

And many of the local Tory MPs, MSPs and councillors follow him on Twitter.

In fact, here’s a picture of Douglas Ross with his arms around both Simpson (left) and convicted Scottish Labour paedophile Sean Morton.

And don’t get us wrong, we applaud someone taking an unequivocal moral stance.

We’re just not sure we’d be throwing quite so many stones if we were Mr Simpson.

We’re told he’s got a rather colourful past, too.

But in a week when Ruth Davidson warned once again of the dangers of intolerance (wearing her Special Irony Hat, no doubt), we’re sure none of that will be a problem.

After all, all his Twitter followers in the Tory MP/MSP cohort must already be familiar with his views, so they won’t be shocked. And if he turns up at any big Tory Christmas parties it’s not as if he’s going to be short on like-minded pals to chat to.

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185 to “Fit to be tied”

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Methinks he doth protest too much. Either that or he is simply just repugnant in every aspect of human morality.

    Tough call

  2. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    “Rest assured, any bookshops will be completely safe.”


  3. G H Graham says:

    Your investigative work is simply excellent.

    The print media on the other hand are determined to continue to ignore similar accounts if it is deemed damaging in any way to Ruth Davidson & her Conservative Party.

    Think about that; the British media accommodates these individuals behaving in the most vicious, antisocial ways imaginable because in their mind, that is a better alternative to the one where people aspire to equality, tolerance & fairness; three of many criteria that form the foundations of a different, independent Scotland.

    There’s your “British Values” ladies & gentlemen.

  4. Moonlight says:

    I may be shopping in Turriff or Peterhead from now on.
    I wonder what “wee gay twat” he was refering to. Couldn’t be the best political leader in the world, could it ? oooops

  5. Robert Graham says:

    With a personality like this disturbing individual he is destined for a top spot next to Ruthless, not sure how some of his thoughts on Patrick Harvie and his personal preferences will sit in ruthless world.

    And the BBC and Scottish media are where ? , oh missed a waiting time target gets preferential treatment, Good to see they have their priorities right .

  6. Mike Lothian says:

    Think you might be right Bob – usually the ones that are the loudest are the ones caught in the toilets…

  7. Bob Mack says:

    This is the type of guy who tells his children at Christmas that Santa only has 2 real reindeer worth the name. Donner und Blitzen

    The rest are either foreign interlopers or a bit dubious.

  8. Pentland Firth says:

    Quite the charmer, isn’t he?

  9. Robert Graham says:

    Has Rock finally been tracked down ? .

    Just Asking.

  10. Proud Cybernat says:

    And Davidson thinks she will be Scotland’s next FM with pond life like this in her party?

    Utterly delusional. Does his ‘Church’ approve of Davidson’s relationship?

  11. Gary45% says:

    A total Tory Buffoon.
    Don’t let this clown get you down, just have this vision in your head,
    he probably runs around the house wearing his underpants on his head, back to front obviously.

  12. Arbroath1320 says:

    Well what do you know … ANOTHER *YAWN* abusive sexist homophobic xenophobic racist religous nutcase sticks his brainfucked heid above the remains of the Tory branch parapet.

    Never mind folks apparently he has been on a course! 😀

  13. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    The British Nationalists seem to attract a sort of sneering wasp chewing bunch of bigots.

    Birds of a feather and all that.

    The politics aside these people are more to be pitied radiating so much hate must be exhausting.

    They must lead very unpleasant lives. Sad really.

  14. David Mooney says:

    FFS is xenophobia, homophobia, racism and sectarianism a pre-requisite for membership of the Tory party nowadays.

  15. Gullane No4 says:

    Seems that he is quite happy for his party leader to be ‘gay’ though……..what a plank.

  16. galamcennalath says:

    Bigots exist. Always will. What is disturbing is that Ruth’s No-Referendum-Party don’t move quickly to condemn their views and ensure they don’t associate with their party. The obvious conclusion is that bigots, and their views, are welcome.

  17. Andy-B says:

    Birds of a feather as they say, I wonder if being a right nasty piece of work, is a prerequisite for entering the Tory circle of loathing.

  18. jimnarlene says:

    What a, thoroughly,
    disgusting individual.

  19. George Drever says:

    Funny how he doesn’t consider “the best political leader in Scotland by a mile” to also be “a wee gay twat”. Maybe a wee insight into his porn of choice?

  20. Davosa says:

    FFS! This arsehole Simpson got a right doin’ from the ugly stick. A fascist ,racist , homophobic fuckwit

  21. shiregirl says:

    Tory scumbag.

    His views are all too common within the Tories.

    Happy Christmas, eh?!

  22. Les says:

    What a pleasant fellow
    such quaint views
    he’s in good company right enough, ruth will have him as a list MSP next Holyrood election
    A screaming hypocrite and a racist homophobe
    perfect for the modern Tory party

  23. twathater says:

    In the photie at the top which ones which ach it disnae matter they are both interchangeable, twa pees (deliberate ) in a pod

    I seriously think I am living in a twilight zone , listened to bbbbeeeb news earlier and heard how all these outraged politicos and the msm were calling for an investigation and possible criminal charges against the police officer responsible for outing the GREEN MONSTER tessies pal

    What the actual fuck , is this not IRONY overload , they are actually calling for this guy to be criminalised and jailed for doing his job , bbbbbuuuutttt it’s no fair he shouldnae be exposing perverts or gropers within politics he’s only supposed tae investigate the plebs

    Instead of the bbbbcccc and msm being incandescent at the absolute outrage of this stupidity ,they are actively giving credibility and support to these lunatic self absorbed bast Ards

    If people are still not convinced that the BBC and msm are not mired and actively engaged in this stinking festering swamp of corruption emanating from wastemonster and the establishment then I think we are all Donald ducked

    Please , please , please Nicola get us out of this festering scab ridden union

  24. Colin Alexander says:

    I can’t see any ad hominem articles by this website achieving any good in promoting independence.

    But, no doubt, certain regulars to this site will lap it up like rats to poison.

    When it comes to a person’s political views, they seem to love nothing better than attacking a person’s character, rather than debating the views put forward by that person.

  25. PictAtRandom says:

    Has experience as a Race Director? Fit kin Ah say?

    But if he’s willing to take on Councillor Terry Kelly in an NE / SW Conor McGregor – Floyd Mayweather nae rules Grudge Match then “aa respect ti him”. (His neb speaks o experience in that arena.)

  26. Dr Jim says:

    No place in this “civilised” society for us Separatists

    We’re in dire need of Moses, just leave them to it

    That’d learn them!

  27. Pacman says:

    Does anyone in Scotland, apart from these bigots spewing their hatred, use the word twat in their day to day lives?

  28. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Gillian Martin’s a bit of alright, isn’t she.

  29. Macart says:

    Yep. One long Q.E.D. moment right enough.

    I’m seeing a pattern forming on the nature of the average Tory here. 😉

  30. Bill Hume says:

    Inverurie needs to GET A FUCKING GRIP.

  31. mogabee says:

    What a crazy Loon. And him being a pillar of local community too.

    Christ knows what his CC is like and if they know about the secret life of their secretary.

  32. galamcennalath says:

    Pacman says:

    Does anyone in Scotland … use the word twat in their day to day lives?

    I’ve always thought of it as a South British word. Let’s face it, in Scotland we just go for the synonym c·nt !

    Reminded me of this

  33. One_Scot says:

    That kind of sums up this two faced corrupt repressive and damaging union that Scotland is being held back by.

    ‘Now is not the time’ my ass, ‘Now’ is most definitely the time. There is only so much of this crap that a normal sane person can take. ScotRef cannot come soon enough.

  34. dakk says:

    Wonder what football team the knob supports,eh?

    Have a feeling it’s not Aberdeen,or Clachnacuddin.

  35. Capella says:

    The Inverurie Red Neck tendency. Oh well.
    Inverurie is a charming rural market town and near the iconic hill, Bennachie, where the battle between the Romans and Picts is thought to have been fought. The Garioch (pron. Geerie) is famous in folk song too and has a rich traditional culture.
    Mr Simpson lowers the tone. That seems to be a Tory requirement.

  36. Marie Clark says:

    My goodness, charm personified. NOT. Still he’s a Tory, no surprise there then.

    Where in the name o’ the wee man dae they get a’ these eejits frae. Good grief!

  37. Malky says:

    At least he can’t be accused of internalised homophobia, racism or general dislike of difference. No, this wee shweety wears his hatred on his Twitter feed like a proper Tory.

  38. jfngw says:

    I see the First Minister referring to another BBC FOI regarding mental health points out they were not comparing the same criteria, used actual spend compared to budget spend forecast. The BBC, anything for a bad SNP headline.

    The BBC of course did not point this out or refer to what the budget against actual spend was for the year they requested. Once again you cannot take a BBC report at face value, they are looking for a particular headline, not the facts.

  39. Dan Huil says:

    He’s a rabid British nationalist; a hypocrite. No wonder Colonel Blimp likes him.

  40. Robert Graham says:

    As one ray of sunshine leaves the building , right on Cue another one pops up as if by Magic, a pattern or just a shift change ? .

  41. Bob Mack says:

    Mr Alexander,

    If you believe that anyone with those views has any type of character you could have reasonable debate with ,then how far down the evolutionary scale are you yourself?

    I think you have just excluded yourself from further debate (mate).

  42. jfngw says:

    Sorry last point O/T but the yoonloon arena is a bottomless pit of material, there isn’t enough days left for the REV to even have a yoonloon of the day award.

  43. Tinto Chiel says:

    Thanks for that, Rev. It’s great when you shine your spotlight into the nasty, wee dark corners of Yoondom/The Ruthless Party.

    Read it through to the end.

    However, I’m feeling rather queasy now. Off for a brainshower.

  44. Ann says:

    With views like that, how has he never been arrested or his account shut down. Racist, bigoted and everything in between. A totally repulsive person.

  45. GORDON FORREST says:

    After reading the views of this chap I am surprised that Ruthie wants anything to do with him ( not really she will grab at anything that’ll give her a few seconds of publicity) but she should distance herself publicly from him upon hearing his rants because if she doesn’t it will make her (yes you have guessed it)
    unfit for public office

  46. Fairliered says:

    I used to be a Christian – a kirk elder, no less! It was encountering Eric Simpson types pretending to have Christian values that turned me into an atheist.

  47. gordoz says:

    Ho! ho! ho!

    Scumbags gonna scum !

    All there is too it, ain’t no fixin’ these ultra-yoon clowns.

    Just don’t know how they’ll adjust & fit in the Scotland of independence ?

  48. Ian McCubbin says:

    Well pounted out. People who chastise should be careful whhat they say about others.
    Worst of activism.

  49. Stoker says:

    “the Secretary of Inverurie Community Council.”

    He should be removed from that position immediately. Are those views representative of the majority in Inverurie? Doubt it!

    More to the point – is he a Conservative Party member/activist? Then if so what *exactly* is Ruth Davidson going to do about it?

    Davidson warned, “..once again of the dangers of intolerance..”, that coming from the same person who plays the OO tune at every opportunity.

    It utterly disgusts me that Scotland has a system that empowers and promotes proven failed liars such as Ruth Davidson & Co.

  50. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Ann: “How has he never been arrested?”

    Thur’s been a tweet!

  51. Bill Hume says:


  52. Dougie says:

    Proves what I’ve always said: anyone standing for an elected position should have to pass both an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and an EQ test (Emotional Quotient). Everybody else needs to pass interviews and technical ability tests before they can take on a job, but politicians just need to pass a popularity contest, with no need to prove that they are actually up to the task.

    IQ and EQ tests would certainly weed out zoomers like this idiot, before they get a chance to embarrass their respective parties.

  53. Inverclyder says:


  54. Craig P says:

    Every time I worry about the odd scenery chewing feckwit in the indy camp blaming immigrants and the English for everything… along come half a dozen Eric Simpsons to show that the union will not be outdone.

    Is there any particular reason these kind of people always seem to be Tories?

  55. Bill Hume says:

    Just seen this

    “I think everyone in office should be beyond approach.”

    I suspect he meant reproach……but he’s an idiot, so who knows.

  56. galamcennalath says:

    One_Scot says:

    Fingers crossed.

    Yup, Exit Polls in Catalonia are saying pro Indy absolute majority.

    What next, I wonder?

    The UN has to get involved.

  57. nycgype says:

    I’m from Inverurie, moved away 18 years ago although was back there briefly for a year or so. I know quite a few folk on the Garioch Sports Trust but have never had the pleasure of meeting this charming individual. The Trust has really done a tremendous amount for the place over the last 25 years. I’m sure there’s a few old skool who’ll find the racist, homophobic jibes humorous in private but even they would wince at this public display of ignorance. My guess is most folk will want nothing to do with him when they see it.

    He doesn’t have a problem with gays obviously. Only male gays. That stance tells you it’s not some misguided ethics or morals. More the fear that he might enjoy it too much.

  58. Craig P says:

    Colin Alexander – an ad hominen attack involves an attacker saying nasty things about someone else.

    There’s little in this article beyond Eric Simpson’s own words.

  59. CameronB Brodie says:

    Do you think (t)Ruthless goes out of her way to surround herself with such appallingly odious bigots, or is this standard for the caliber of Scottish Tory councilors and MSPs?

    In truth there is a difference between criticism and prejudice, between constructive criticism and malicious attack. Criticism isn’t prejudice, though the latter always contains at least some criticism (and animosity). The difference between malicious prejudice and objective criticism lies in the intent, content, frequency, and verifiability of what is said or written….

  60. NodToBob says:

    Bravo Rev.

  61. Artyhetty says:

    Great article, people need to be made aware of these obnoxious gits. Thoroughly disgusting person, should not be roaming the streets in actual fact.

    UntRuth doesn’t seem to mind though, just goes to show what kindof person she is as well.

    Popping over to twitter, to catch up with Catalunya!

  62. paul says:

    Colin alexander:
    The post makes no statement about the man so it is not an ad hominem.

    If you want to classify in latin it would be something like an ‘ad dicta’ or even ‘affadavit’.

    In modern english “damned by his own words”

    I haven’t seen the host indulge in character attacks over the years and I see no reason this character would lead him to lower his standards

  63. Lenny Hartley says:

    O/T Coatbridge Comunicty foodbank broken into last night and trashed. I’m lost for words, anybody near there that can help out?

  64. Colin Mccartney says:

    Do you think he wears that false nose so that nobody recognises him?

  65. Pacman says:

    galamcennalath says:

    I’ve always thought of it as a South British word. Let’s face it, in Scotland we just go for the synonym c·nt !

    I can imagine the types of individual featured in the article use that word and the associated bigotry to try and fit in with their English friends. Little do they know that the English are not laughing with them but laughing at them.

  66. Pacman says:

    nycgype @ 21 December, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    He doesn’t have a problem with gays obviously. Only male gays. That stance tells you it’s not some misguided ethics or morals. More the fear that he might enjoy it too much.

    More like he couldn’t stand the rejection from both men and women 🙂

  67. Shinty says:

    Fairliered : 6:55 pm – with you all the way.

    Always knew there were some good folk in the Kirk, but 10 years ago I realised about 90% were hypocritical bar stewards. (family members included)

  68. Giving Goose says:

    He’s very insecure about something and lashing out methinks.

  69. Davie Oga says:

    Artyhetty says:
    21 December, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Great article, people need to be made aware of these obnoxious gits. Thoroughly disgusting person, should not be roaming the streets in actual fact.

    If you are suggesting that Scottish people who have issues with people of African decent, immigrants in general, and homosexuals should be removed from the streets there would need to be a serious prison building program. Curent capacity is no where near being able to deal with the 1-2 million spaces that would be required.

  70. ronnie anderson says:

    I hope some people from Inverurie give this clown a christmas to remember & flypost his name & tweets around Inverurie .

  71. paul says:

    Colin Mccartney says:
    21 December, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    Do you think he wears that false nose so that nobody recognises him?

    Being physically ugly within your cohort is no fun,spiritually ugly* does not seem to attract the same sanctions within the huddle of unionist communities when offended**.

    *C Alexander : that is an ad hominen.
    **C Alexander : that is an ad studium.

  72. Petra says:

    It’s high time the Police paid this man another visit and for his local newspaper to ‘out’ him. Or is the latter under Tory control?

  73. ronnie anderson says:

    Has wee Ruthie referred mr Simpson for re education by nil by mouth.

  74. twathater says:

    galamcennalath says:
    21 December, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    Pacman says:

    Does anyone in Scotland … use the word twat in their day to day lives?

    I’ve always thought of it as a South British word. Let’s face it, in Scotland we just go for the synonym c·nt !

    Gala I don’t think I want to use c*nthater as my nom de plume

  75. Bobp says:

    Simpsons wan ugly looking bastirt.wae a hooter that could bore anither channel tunnel.

  76. Bobp says:

    Ronnie A 8.41pm. Maybe some black and gay people who are not of a mild disposition will know where this piece of human excrement lives in inverurie. And send him a xmas card.

  77. colin alexander says:

    Bob Mack

    I haven’t said one word in defence of this guys views. I had never heard of him and don’t give a fig what he thinks. Also, I haven’t suggested people with views like his can be persuaded to support independence.

    I’m saying moderate unionists aren’t going to be persuaded of the merits of independence by showing some Tories have more extreme views or by dredging up 30 year old convictions that have nothing to do with the political views a person currently holds.

    Meanwhile, the Tory UK Govt are setting about dismantling what little power the Scottish Govt has and concentrating all real power at WM, while we waste time discussing nobodies’ bile on Twitter.

    If this is the best the indy campaigners can come up with, it’s embarrassing.

  78. McDuff says:

    Well done Stu.
    Another example of the kind of person Davidson is mixing with yet the MSM are happy to turn a blind eye to her associating with this scum.

  79. dakk says:

    Not sure if this may come into the category of the old ad hominem attack, but it has to be said anyway.(In a deep husky voice).

    Eric Simpson IS Frankenstein

  80. Street Andrew says:

    Bob Mack says:
    21 December, 2017 at 4:55 pm
    Methinks he doth protest too much.

    Sound call I suspect.

    Gay is fine. Repressed gay can be quite dangerous. Not to mention extremely unpleasant.

  81. Black Joan says:

    Surely that’s an abundance of hate speech.

    People who are not best friends with TRuthless have been arrested for far far less.

  82. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Hey guys it’s Christmas he’s a poor soul.

    Said before more to be pitied, send him some love.

    Tell you what’s not acceptable a political party which takes advantage of poor folk who have social hang ups who don’t have anything but a bit of hate in their hearts the Orange lodge types, the racial bigots but mostly poor lesser well educated and less well informed sorts.

    The Tories blue and red have nothing to offer these people independence is where they should be looking for help but the poor souls can’t help themselves they just don’t get it, it’s not their fault they just don’t know.

    Be gentle with them point them in the direction of independence but horses to water etc .

    The Tories and Labour know what they are doing history will not be kind on them.

  83. K1 says:

    ‘I haven’t said one word in defence of this guys views.’

    Neither have you condemned his views either Colin, eh?

    Instead what?

    A squirrel here, a squirrel there…you are an obvious blanker.

  84. Richard Hunter says:

    There’s a term for this kind of person: ‘typical Tory’.

  85. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Nae doot Eric would be fair trickit to do his Patriotic BritNat Duty like the Polis in this video:

    He’d get his kicks jamming us ‘Vile Seps’ into railway wagons along wi the folk he deems to have too much melanin, Travellers, those who worship the ‘wrong God’, Commies, Hippies, Furriners, Gays etc.

    Unionist Politicians at all levels now basically appear to be nothing more than Fascists protected by State Sponsored Propaganda.

    Wonder what happened to The Anti-Nazi League, they should be awffy busy picketing clowns like these (or were they another BritNat organisation)?

  86. Marcia says:

    Quite an odious person.

    O/T Pro Independence parties in Catalonia should now win 70 seats 2 seats more that the 68 required for an overall majority. The Spanish PM should do a David Cameron and resign as the vote hasn’t gone his way. His party got thumped.

  87. Bill Hume says:

    Colin Alexander thinks I’m a FUCKING IDIOT………how happy does that make me?


  88. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Unfortunately @Petra says at 9:08 pm

    “his local newspaper” is the Inverurie Herald which is Pro BritNat.

    Then it is Heeds favourite the ‘Neo Fascist Voice of the North’ The P&J and it’s sister publication The Evening Express.

    The letters pages in all are normally good for a laugh (all SNP/Scots Gov shite).

    They also all heavily play the ‘Central Belt Bias’ card.

  89. Thepnr says:


    Here’s a wee follow up to what you said.

    From Catalans largest newspaper “La Vanguardia” reporting live.

    Results with 87% scrutinized: Citizens 36, JxCat 34, ERC 32, PSC 17, Catalunya In Comú-Podem 8, CUP 4 and PP 4.

    JxCat, ERC and CUP are the pro-indy parties so far estimating 70 seats for them combined. 68 seats are needed for an overall majority.

  90. Colin Alexander says:

    Bill Hume

    I have as much interest in your IQ as I do in the IQ of Tory supporting community councillors in Inverurie. That’s none.

    The Tories have promised no indyref for five years at least despite the democratic mandate for one via the 2016 Scottish election. What’s the SNP going to do about that while Scotland is dragged out of the EU and Scotland has no say on powers etc?

    That’s what interests me.

  91. galamcennalath says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Wonder what happened to The Anti-Nazi League …?

    Good question. A bit of research.

    “In 2004 the ANL affiliated with the National Assembly Against Racism to relaunch as Unite Against Fascism.”

    “Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is an anti-fascist pressure group in the United Kingdom, with support from politicians of the three largest political parties in the House of Commons, including the former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour politician Tony Benn. It describes itself as a national campaign with the aim of alerting British society to a perceived threat of fascism and the far right”

    It appears to have evolved into another element of the Establishment!

    Yes, you would have thought such organisations would have something to say about the far right’s involvement with Brexit, Tories, DUP, and UKIP. But no.

  92. Thepnr says:

    Total of 70 seats and an overall majority for pro-indy Catalan parties.


    1. Citizens – 36 deputies
    2. Junts per Catalunya – 34 deputies
    3. ERC – 32 deputies
    4. PSC – 17 deputies
    5. Catalonia in Comú-Podem – 8 deputies
    6. CUP – 4 deputies
    7. PP – 4 deputies

    * 93.9% of the vote counted

  93. HandandShrimp says:

    It makes one wonder what he really thinks about Ruth. With friends like that does she need any enemies? A knife in the back at the first opportunity?

  94. Hackalumpoff says:

    Maybe Mr Simpson is lonely, if he is the only gay in the village?

  95. HandandShrimp says:

    A notable result in Catalonia. Will Rajoy respect it and stop toying with anti-democratic authoritarianism? His party has taken a pounding.

  96. Lenny Hartley says:

    EBBC news has on every bulletin from Last night previewed the Hip Hop Musical opening in the London West End, hey (EBBC) say the musical is about a poor immigrant from the Caribbean who rose to be the US Finance Secretary. Now there are not many poor immigrants from the Caribbean called Alexander Hamilton! I was in New York when it opened in Broadway two years ago, US news channels described him as Scottish! Now according to Wikipedia his father was Scots from Ayrshire, you would think at least BBC Shortbread would have mentioned it , but know nothing! Wonder why?y

  97. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    O/T well done Cataluña.

    No Parasan! indeed and a lesson to us Scots.

  98. sinky says:

    Do British socialists support their Catalan counterparts who are lining up with Rajoy monarchists against the democratic Republic of Cataluyna

  99. galamcennalath says:

    sinky says:

    British socialists

    That would be the pro Union, pro Trident, pro austerity, red Tory variety?

    Spanish and British socialists will have been tarred with the same brush. Blood and soil nationalists/imperialists claiming to be socialists as part of an Establishment con.

  100. ronnie anderson says:

    Visca Visca Visca CATALONIA lets hope that the Catalan People can progress in their Independence cause .

  101. geeo says:

    Rajoy’s peoples party finished STONE LAST.

    Oh how we laughed !!

  102. call me dave says:

    Catalan election not mentioned on Main BBC UK web site.

    It’s world news page has it though 🙂

    ‘Catalan republic has won’

    Ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, speaking in Belgium, says that the “Catalan republic has won” Thursday’s election.

    Anyhoo! Well done the folk in Catalonia for getting out to vote.

    Also tucked away in the sub headlines is this cracker:

    Hospitals across England have been told to cancel non-emergency operations in the new year to prepare for a post-Christmas surge in patients.

    The first weeks of January are often the busiest of the year with winter illnesses peaking, combined with the growing day-to-day demand in A&E.

    So an emergency panel of NHS bosses is urging hospitals to cut back on their routine work, such as knee and hip ops.

    They hope it will give hospitals some breathing space to cope.

    Publicly, no figure is being put on the number of operations that should be put off, although the BBC understands hospitals are working on the basis of doing 10% fewer.

    That would mean in the region of 15,000 operations not taking place in the first two weeks of January.

    Imagine the reaction in Scotland if that was to happen. Jings!

  103. sinky says:

    Like the rest of UK unionist media The Herald, which I used to buy daily, refers to Separatists winning Catalan elections. Disgraceful.

  104. Hamish100 says:

    mr simpson

    code of conduct for community councillors would suggest you have breached it many times over. You should resign or be removed

  105. Capella says:

    Good news from Catalonia. In spite of the massive barriers against the independence movement they have won this election. Now the Spanish state must recognise democracy and not resort to their version of the “Smith commission” – creeping devolution.

  106. Conan the Librarian says:

    BBC shortbread will be spoilt for choice in the morning:

    The UN vote over Jerusalem

    NHS cancels surgery for tens of thousands to avoid winter crisis

    The chicken plant at 2 Sisters’ Coupar Angus site in Scotland receiving what Tesco described as a “red” warning rating on the same day it’s West Bromwich plant was closed.

    Any bets people? Which one will have the most SNP BAD Goodiness?

  107. Training Day says:

    Separatist parties in Catalunya haven’t won a majority. They only claim they have. Claims can be – and are – disputed.

    I’ve seen an interview on Sky with a granny who hasn’t been skull bashed who says the majority don’t want independence. She looks like your typical Catalan. Isabel Oakeshott corroborates this.

    Things stay as they are. Phew.

  108. Bill Hume says:

    I’ve just had another look at the photograph of Eric and Ruth the Mooth and realised something was wrong. It’s been reversed to put Eric on the left. Now that’s a bit odd, but as a photographer I can tell you that the eye reads from left to right. Also noteworthy that he has put himself ‘on the third’ (rule of thirds….google it)

    I must say, with a nose the size of his, I feel most eyes would have been drawn to his hooter anyway, regardles of how the photograph was cropped or altered.

  109. heedtracker says:

    Are there any greater shameless hypocrites than the tories.

    Who knew Inverurie had its own fucking nazi party, other than Colonel Ruth?

    I hate Inverurie nazis, an organisation for decent white people, just like,

  110. Thepnr says:

    Results of independence versus unionism by percentage with 99.8% counted:

    Votes of independentist parties: 47.49%
    Votes of unionist parties: 43.48%
    Votes of Catalonia in Comú-Podem (nonaffiliates): 7.45%

  111. heedtracker says:

    Ouch, how’s this for a bitter loser headline, beeb gimp style? Our imperial master baiters at the BBC are not amused. If its true, it’s also a massive opposite of what the whole of the UK media have been misreporting and lying about Catalan, shock. Whatever next, beeb hero Orange Hitler impeached for treason.

    Catalonia election: Separatist parties keep their majority
    37 minutes ago

  112. Brian McHugh says:

    Independence is the normal state of a nation. We’ll done Catalunya.

  113. ben madigan says:

    just to add to the follow-up of the Catalan election –
    The Kingdom of Spain has to be brought to the negotiating table
    And the EU has a role to play!

    What the EU decides to do will be crucial for its future

  114. Stu, as usual, on the money.
    This vile wee wummin will cuddle up to any pervert, bigot, homophobe, sexual deviant,as long as they vote Tory, the Blue, porn on my computer but it is beyond my wit to establish how it got there, Tory variety.
    Ruth’s Christmas Party could be like a scene from a Ken Russell movie if all these creeps attend.
    This woman would dance with the devil to get the vote in.
    Evil on legs.

  115. Still Positive says:

    ben Madigan @12.52 I agree but I also think Catalonia has to go to the UN to confirm their right to self determination. As I fear we may have to do.

    Delighted that the Catalans have won a majority on votes counted at polling stations.

    It will be interesting to see how the Spanish state, who have said vote counting will start on Christmas Eve and will conclude on 27/8th and then will announce results.

    How much will anyone bet the Spanish results will be different?

  116. Gus McRae says:

    Your average tory!

    No suprise at his views, why would there be?

  117. Brian McHugh says:

    A friend just sent me this… /
    It’s how I am feeling right now.

  118. Chick McGregor says:

    Steady guys, Ruth may have since given him her famous re-programming course which turns these aberrant Tories into decent citizens almost instantaneously.

  119. Dr Jim says:

    Isabell Oakshot also says on Sky News that if the Spanish government play for time the Catalonians won’t want independence just like Scotland doesn’t

    I guess when the media bring on their tame nodding donkeys they have to say what they have to say to their bewildered minded audience that all with the Empire will be fine, but it won’t

    In Scotland where media polls have support for independence at 47% without a campaign even being in progress the slow minded Unionist might force themselves to believe that 47% is all it’s ever going to be

    But it won’t

  120. Brian McHugh says:

    Heedtracker… you can smell the BBC S***e before you read it.

  121. Brian McHugh says:

    The BBC wouldn’t dare open comments on that article… the fng cowards.

  122. Petra says:

    Scot Ruth the English Tory trumpet, who constantly demeans the Scots (especially in England), obviously supports this guy. Big cheesy hugs, grins and all that. Cuddling up to a guy who obviously hates her and her gay ilk.

    No problemo, so says Rooth the Mooth. I don’t care if he hates gays. He’s on the same side as me just like my Orange Order sectarian hate-filled pals, such as the DUP. He absolutely detests the SNP. That’s good enough for me.

    Better Together. All in it together. We ‘good perverted guys and gals’ all hating the SNP. Scotland is a poor, wee country with a preponderance of stupid people who seem to love each other no matter where you come from or who you are. We’ll put a stop to that. Put a stop to that because it doesn’t suit my big T boss at Westminster.

    Well no you won’t Ruth. We’ve got your narcissistic measure. You and your party are going nowhere. You and people like that nasty wee ratbag Simpson are over and out. Decent Scots won’t put up with this just like they won’t put up with the MANY Tory perverts and paedophiles in Westminster.

    Your days are numbered. Less than 365 days to go now now thanks to people like you Fallon, Green and Simpson.

  123. Andy Anderson says:

    Bigot, that sums him up in one easy word.

  124. meg merrilees says:

    Why would they print the photograph the wrong way round -see, the lettering on the window above the door frame is back to front? Nobody proof-reading these things anymore?

    Sad for the people of Inverurie who are being offered this reprobate as a candidate for what? Obviously to try and oust the nearest SNP candidate.

  125. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Colin Alexander, what d’you reckon to this?

  126. TheWasp says:

    The man on right of the colonel to keep his sword arm free,like in traditional wedding style photos

  127. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Just in case any one is in Inverurie today and fancies asking the local MP his thoughts on being proposed for the election by this odious eee man.

    That includes you the Scottish Media.

  128. robertknight says:

    In fairness to the man, if I were confronted with that fizzer every morning when I looked in the mirror then likewise I’d be taking my frustrations out on minorities in order to make myself feel a wee bit better.

  129. starlaw says:

    Just up and turned on radio to get the News. Knew by the guff being broadcast by Radio Shortbread that the Catalan result was not what they wanted.

  130. Macart says:

    Many thanks Nana. 🙂

    Time to settle in for a read.

  131. lewis wilde says:

    Is that one of the Chuckle brothers?

  132. Abulhaq says:

    Twitter and FB are the toys of the American cultural imperialist devil. You play with them at your peril. Ruthie does seem to hang out with some very queer types.

  133. Les Wilson says:

    Well done the people of Catalonia,but beware the pariah state.
    Rajoy should now resign, but if he does then he will be replaced
    by another fascist.

    It is going to be fascinating to see how Spain handles this, the Catalonians have won an election that the Spanish Government asked for. So all negative actions will be open to International scrutiny.

    So Internationally Catalonia should be recognised, jailed officials should be released, all exiled leaders should now be allowed back with safety guarantees.
    The Spanish government should enter negotiations with Catalan officials. The EU should now recognise the result.

    All these things SHOULD happen,we need to watch carefully to see what does. One thing is sure, Westminster will be helping Rajoy, whatever he gets away with, the Tories are likely to attempt to try and use the same tactics in Scotland when the time comes.

    Hey Mr Rajoy, you reap what you sow!

  134. Legerwood says:

    heedtracker says:
    22 December, 2017 at 12:07 am
    Ouch, how’s this for a bitter loser headline, beeb gimp

    Catalonia election: Separatist parties keep their majority
    37 minute

    I noticed that the BBC keeps saying that the Catalonian President is in Belgium because of self-imposed exile. That is one way to describe it but not an accurate description of why he is there.

  135. After watching CNN news I tuned into BBC to see what their take on the Catalonian election result is.

    It seems the euro has suffered because the Catalans voted for pro independence parties and that Catalonian can never be an independent country if no other country in Europe doesn’t recognise it.

  136. Old Pete says:

    Well done the pro Independence side in Catalonia once more gaining the majority in their parliament.
    Just waiting on the UN and EU to recognize the will of the Catalonian people ?

  137. colin alexander says:

    I call on the Scottish Govt to officially recognise the result of the Catalonia election:

    The people have voted for independence.

    I request the Scottish Govt call on the international community, EU and UN to recognise the right of Catalonia to be independent, following the democratic decision by the people of Catalonia.

    Where are you Obama? Speak up for democracy. Support the right of Catalonia to be independent. Cheese off the Mr Simpson’s of this world with a double whammy of a man of mixed race supporting “separatists” (as the BBC call them through gritted teeth).

  138. Effijy says:

    Just love this site Rev.

    We would never uncover vital information like this if it was
    down to the corrupt UK Media.

    This should be the main stay of any SNP leaflet come the next election up there.

    What a thoroughly nasty piece of work this creep is but wee Ruth Krankie doesn’t mind if her favourite colleague despises Gays like her, nor does she mind her DUP Colleagues calling gays disgusting.

    These things just don’t matter to her as long as they are united in supressing Scotland and keeping our money rolling into Westminster coffers.

  139. Les Wilson says:

    Sorry O/T
    Found this on one of Nana’s links, it refers to Hinkly point and the Nuclear power station. Note EDF is a major partner in building it.

    “When Gordon Brown took over from Blair in June 2007, the shift to nuclear proceeded apace. As it happened, the new prime minister’s brother, Andrew, was then the communications director for EDF, though a spokesman for Gordon Brown told me that at no point while he was prime minister “did he ever discuss energy policy with Andrew Brown”.

    Never heard that one before! Hmmm!

  140. Effijy says:

    With work and Xmas pressures and having given up on UK Media news, I only heard in passing, the BBC Comment that the Anti-Separatist candidates won the majority of seats?

    I was disappointed by that but now I know they won the majority of votes.

    I wouldn’t trust the time and date from the BBC.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they started broadcasting with one corner of the screen blanked out.
    They just don’t believe in the full picture.

  141. Marcia says:

    The charming man seems to have closed his twitter account. I wonder why?

  142. Les Wilson says:

    Effijy says:

    Ha, shows Ruthies principles to have friends like this, she is gay is’nt she. So no principles at all, hail Britannia!

  143. Les Wilson says:

    A news report from the web, looks like plans are being made to minimise the Catalonian result. The media across the board are scum.

    “Catalan vote fails to clarify Spanish region’s future
    BARCELONA, Spain (AP) —

    Elections in Catalonia have failed to clarify the restive region’s immediate future, exposing a deep and broad split between those for and against independence from Spain. The Spanish government called the snap election after Catalan separatist parties unilaterally declared independence in October, following a referendum deemed illegal by Spanish authorities.”

  144. Robert Peffers says:

    Oh! Come on!
    Be fair, Rev Stu, this guy is just your average Tory and no worse than the majority of the rest of them, (or is that just too much of a sweeping generalisation?)

  145. call me dave says:


    Shortbread radio says that the WM Government going to compensate all forces personnel for money losses incurred by the new Scottish tax increases.

    Can’t wait to see how that story ends up. 🙂

  146. Robert Graham says:

    Slightly o/t – well a lot really.

    Separatists. – The favoured term to describe the devolved Catalan Government in waiting.

    If Separatists is a perfectly usable phrase by our media , Is it therefore appropriate to refer to the Spanish government as a brutal , vicious ,Fascist police state ,

    It only fair that equally misleading terms are used when referring to both sides ,

  147. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The contest in Catalonia was not a referendum on independence but to elect a Catalan government so it is not a definitive reflection on the constitutional issue though the constitutional issue certainly dominated it.

    We know for instance that a significant percentage of Labour supporters are in favour of Scottish independence but vote Labour against the SNP in general elections.

    The biggest losers were Rajoy’s party whose vote collapsed but we wont hear a lot about that in our media.

    Surely the most obvious “separatists” are brexiters.

  148. Robert Peffers says:

    @Colin Alexander says: 21 December, 2017 at 5:41 pm:

    “When it comes to a person’s political views, they seem to love nothing better than attacking a person’s character, rather than debating the views put forward by that person.”

    Oh! What a bloody idiot you increasingly seem to be, Colin.

    We ARE actually debating the political views that are not only being put forward by this apology for a human being but are being put forward on both on-line and off-line media.

    He is putting his political views forward into the public domain. Unless, of course, you do not think that such views are actually political.

    Need I remind you that under both Scottish law and English law such views have been debated upon and made illegal in every United Kingdom legislature and have been entered into law by acts of both UK and devolved parliaments.

    That, Colin, makes them not only political but against the laws in force throughout not only the United Kingdom but the entire European Union.

    Has it escaped your notice that sexism, homophobic abuse, xenophobia, racism and sectarian religious incitements are all illegal in the United Kingdom and in Scotland in particular?

  149. Famous15 says:

    Brexiteer Separatists. (Wee smiley ?)

  150. Giving Goose says:

    Re call me dave

    Which I guess just redefines Westminster armed forces personnel based in Scotland as de facto occupation forces.

  151. Flower of Scotland says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill

    I’ve decided to call those wanting to leave the EU as Brexiteer separatists. Pete Wishart was saying something similar on twitter.

    Great piece from the Rev.

  152. Meg merrilees says:

    The Wasp @03.57

    But isn’t (t)Ruthless the ‘man’ in this and other relationships?

  153. Grouse Beater says:

    Just met a friendly Yorkshire man seven years happily living in Scotland but thinks SNP ‘racists’. Had a nice chat over ‘t cup of Tetley…. more in New Year’s essay.


    Want to know what “There’s been a Murdo” means? Read on:

  154. PictAtRandom says:

    Guy Verhofstadt has tweeted congratulations to Ciudadanos on finishing as the largest party.

  155. Robert Peffers says:

    @Colin Alexander says: 21 December, 2017 at 10:20 pm:

    “The Tories have promised no indyref for five years at least despite the democratic mandate for one via the 2016 Scottish election. What’s the SNP going to do about that while Scotland is dragged out of the EU and Scotland has no say on powers etc? “

    You persist in commenting utter pish here on Wings, Colin.
    That in spite of being informed, on numerous occasions, the United Kingdom Government has no legal powers to stop a referendum being held by anyone on any subject they choose to refer to the public.

    No one needs the permission of the UK government to ask the public for their views. The agreement made in indyref 1 was NOT the Westminster Government granting permission for Holyrood to hold a referendum. It was a bipartite agreement to not only legally abide by the resultant vote but upon the form the question should take and how many questions there should be.

    Only lame brains like yourself have allowed the unionist controlled media to brainwash them to believe that Westminster was granting permission to hold a referendum.

    Good grief, Colin, even Community Councils often ask the electorate in their area for their views. i.e. they refer a question to the locals. Local, national and international business’ have surveys to find out the public’s views. i.e. They refer a question to the public.

    They need not ask Westminster’s permission because referring a question to the public requires no one’s permission.

    Here you go, Colin, your chance to do your very own survey, (referendum):-

  156. Meg merrilees says:

    Wonder if the WM compensation to Armed Forces paying higher Scottish taxes could be construed as a ‘taxable benefit’ in Scotland??? Could be a bit of fun here…

  157. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Clocked that as well @call me dave says at 10:22 am

    “Government going to compensate all forces personnel for money losses incurred by the new Scottish tax increases.”

    But will the UK Government also be compensating those UK Armed Forces personnel who will be unlucky enough to not benefit from the reduction in income tax to 19% by being based outside Scotland??

    We must be told!

    Probably not sufficient EssEnnPeeBaaad mileage though.


  158. Fred says:

    Reading backwards this clown’s abode looks like Belleview, it should be Bellsdyke!

  159. Glamaig says:

    Meg merrilees says:
    22 December, 2017 at 11:10 am
    Wonder if the WM compensation to Armed Forces paying higher Scottish taxes could be construed as a ‘taxable benefit’ in Scotland??? Could be a bit of fun here…

    Good point! We would have to tax them on it… then they compensate… then we tax… in an infinite loop. Could be the answer to the ScotGov’s funding problems LOL

  160. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Peffers you overripe plum, it’s not illegal to be sexist, racist, or homophobic. Otherwise all muzzies would be in prison.

  161. Reluctant Nationalist says:


  162. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Pretty sure @Reluctant Nationalist says at 12:15 pm that Hate Speech is a crime.

    Your Islamophobic comment re “muzzies” isn’t welcome either you intolerant wee scumbag.

    You a ‘Britain First’ kinda BritNat Fascist aren’t you?

  163. Foonurt says:

    Whit ah scrotum-pole. Thoan poalis, shid bae tellt.

    Apoalahgeez, tae Auchmithie’s finest.

  164. Reluctant Nationalist says:


  165. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Q: How many spooks does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: Wings Over Scotland btl.

  166. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    That you answering R Peffers on your Reluctant Nationalist ID rather than your Colin Alexander one and now frantically posting shite to distract???

    That’s you dicked to stag on all Christmas and New Year at the 77ths Barracks now you’ve blown your cover 🙂

  167. K1 says:

    Some mother’s do ‘ave them did all his own cunning stunts too. Just sayin’.

  168. Slackshoe says:

    “reluctant nationalist” appears to be a common or garden alt-right trained chimp. Now resorting to ‘autistic screeching’ and shitposts for attention.

  169. colin alexander says:

    @Robert Peffers

    Sir, if the UK Govt does not lend the Scottish Govt constitutional powers under the rules of devolution, The Scotland Act, the Scottish Govt has no powers to do anything to affect the UK constitution.

    Aye, it can hold all the referendums it wants to: it can ask people to choose their favourite flavour of ice cream; it can ask people if Scotland should become independent. The answers to both might be interesting, but to no real effect.

    For without that loaned power and because we don’t have a Scottish Govt or SNP or independence movement that will reject servility to Westminster and get off their bended knees and assert Scotland’s sovereignty – that Scotland needs no permission to decide it’s political future – then all the referendums won’t change the fact that if Westminster says NO, Scotland’s Government is nothing but Westminster’s Northern UK Branch Office and will do nothing more than meekly comply with huffing and puffing and a big petted lip.

  170. colin alexander says:

    Furthermore, if someone thinks crimes are being committed, then you can / should report those crimes by dialling 101 and asking the police to investigate.

  171. Foonurt says:

    Whit? Yurr poalis, urrah reddae readin thurr bloag.

    Hoat aff, thurr press.

  172. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    To any lurkers wondering when exactly scottish independence supporters almost uniformly became screeching fascist virtue signallers with a desire to turn parts of Scotland into little Africa or Pakistan (like what has happened to parts of England’s cities), don’t worry – they never did. It’s a very successful piece of theatre, including the ‘narrative’ on here that insists England is the place to be if you’re a ‘nazi’ and not keen on living in the jungle; but we all know they bent over to get fucked by multiracialism and nobody Scottish in their right mind wants the same.

    Making things happen in the real world. That’s one of their many mottos. They’ve worked so very, very hard to cement their reputation that allows them to convincingly mould an ersatz consensus – ALMOST convincingly, because you know well that something’s not quite right. This place is absolutely rife with spooks and their multiple socks; there’s as many of them here as real commenters. Let’s face it – you’re lurking here because you’re already keen on independence, you’re looking at the comments for more validation and info; and sometimes you’ll get that, but if you smell bullshit, register and say something. Or don’t. But just in case you think the world’s gone mad…it hasn’t. It’s not you. It’s them.

    You’re not alone.

  173. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Foonurt, fuck off you little creep.

  174. Foonurt says:

    Reluctant Nationalist – hoo dae ye ken um wee, ya imbecilic arse.

    Mine ye, yurr belly’s abun mae, ya fuckin asp.

  175. Robert Peffers says:

    @colin alexander says: 22 December, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    “Sir, if the UK Govt does not lend the Scottish Govt constitutional powers under the rules of devolution, The Scotland Act, the Scottish Govt has no powers to do anything to affect the UK constitution.”

    Cough! Holding a referendum does not change anything, Colin, (except perhaps minds). I said that more than enough times in my reply to you for it to be crystal clear. A referendum is nothing more than asking a particular section of the population what their views or opinions are on a particular subject.

    So just what is the point you seen to have failed to make? Thing is that it can, whether Westminster likes it or not, be construed as being a mandate to do what a majority of the legally sovereign people of Scotland want to happen by the Scottish Government. It can, and will, expose the thorny question of whether Westminster actually has sovereignty over Scotland or indeed over the Scottish Parliament.

    Perhaps, Colin, you may care to provide us any actual legal evidence you hold, (other than that Westminster says so), of exactly how and when this relinquishing of the Scottish people’s sovereignty to Westminster occurred?

    “Aye, it can hold all the referendums it wants to:”

    Glad to see you finally concede that the Westminster Government cannot prevent the Scottish Government, (or anyone else for that matter), now what was the point you were attempting to make again?

    “it can ask people to choose their favourite flavour of ice cream”, Indeed it could, Colin, but what has that got to do with the price of fish at Peterhead fish-market?

    ” … it can ask people if Scotland should become independent. The answers to both might be interesting, but to no real effect.”

    Well I could lay bets that there are several Scots ice-cream manufacturers who would probably increase and decrease the quantities of flavours that they thus knew for sure the Scots public preferred. I could also lay bets that the effects of a referendum on Scottish Independence would most certainly affect public opinion and not just in Scotland or even the, so called, united kingdom that, as sure as hell, has never been so disunited in my lifetime.

    Now just how do you expect a Westminster Government to react upon finding a proven majority of the people of Scotland do not want to remain in an actual bipartite union of kingdoms that is presently factually being run as the de facto Parliament of the country of England lording it over everyone else in the united kingdom that isn’t in fact a united kingdom?

    Can you explain where this assumed Westminster sovereignty is allegedly obtained from? What law, what act what legal precedent? Fact is, Colin, no such proofs exist but there are certainly legal proofs that the do not exist.

    Here’s a wee reprise for you:-

    In 1603 there could not have been other than a personal, (for the joint monarch), Union of the crowns. Factually the two kingdoms remained legally independent until 1706/7. Which is why Westminster, in that period, required a Treaty of Union.

    Then, in 1688, the English parliament rebelled against its rightful monarch and deposed him. It then offered the crown to Mary of the House of Orange who declined it saying that her husband, William Of Orange must be included and the English parliament agreed but insisted that the joint monarchs must legally delegate their Divine Right, (sovereignty), to the Parliament of England and thus made the Kingdom of England a Constitutional Monarchy – but in 1688 Scotland was still an independent Kingdom so the English parliament could not change Scots law.

    In 1706/7 the Treaty of Union united two equally sovereign independent kingdoms into a political union as equal partners and the Parliament of the Kingdom of England abolished itself as recorded in Hansard. There has not been a parliament of the kingdom of England ever since. However, there is no records of the Parliament of Scotland being would up by an act of the Scottish Parliament. In fact the Scottish Parliament was officially prorogued. i.e. it went into recess. There was only a proclamation by town criers around the streets of the capital. Factually Winnie Ewing, a trained lawyer, officially on tv before the World, reconvened the old Scottish parliament as seen here:-

    Now Colin, let’s have your evidence of how Westminster, the de facto parliament of the country of England, came to also claim to be the parliament of the United Kingdom when there actually is no parliament of England.
    Just because Colin Alexander and the Westminster Establishment claims that the Treaty of Union extinguished the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as the United Kingdom does not make that a fact. There simply is no evidence that it did.


  176. Mr Peffers. I doubt Colin Alexander will provide any such evidence. He may answer by deflection and asking you again about something within your answer to him.

    “NIGYYSOB” is the phrase.

    The traits of unionists.

  177. Thepnr says:

    @Reluctant Nationalist

    I seem to remember my very first reply to you when you started posting was that “I’m not interested in anything YOU have to say.

    First impressions and all that. Just why do you hang around Wings like the bad smell you are? I get a whiff of you from here and it stinks.

  178. Rob says:

    What does: ‘beyond approach’ mean ? 🙂 and who the f*** is Colin Clark ?

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