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Vegetarian Of The Year

Posted on December 22, 2017 by

A very Merry Christmas to our old pal Michelle – sorry, Lady – Mone.

We’re sure that’s some sort of giant cabbage in the picture or something.

Hopefully everything’s going as well for the mega-entrepreneur as always.

We miss the pictures of the deck, though.

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  1. 22 12 17 11:56

    Vegetarian Of The Year | speymouth

49 to “Vegetarian Of The Year”

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Turkey anyone ?. Everything she ever does ends up as a turkey eventually

  2. Normski says:

    What’s hilarious is that since Bitcoin’s new expert came out in support of it, it has dropped from almost 19,000 USD to about 12,500 USD at the back of 6 a.m. this morning.

  3. ClosetJambo says:

    What a total weapon!

    Mind you, her apparent detachment from reality isn’t out of place amongst her fellow delusional Tory incompetents.

    Merry Christmas btw, Rev.

  4. Of course, things like Bitcoin just increase in popularity…


  5. Greannach says:

    Duchess Moan of Mayfair Bingo is always a joy, but I’d love to know why she isn’t on the Davis Fox Johnstone negotiating team. She could play Luz Frazer to Davis’s Sid James. Saucy!

  6. HandandShrimp says:

    The chap that was selling Chuck E Cheese tokens as Bitcoins gaining considerable sums of fish before being entertained by the forces of law and order suggests to me that the general public are not quite ready for virtual cash.

    No issue with veggies, I increasingly lean that way myself. But I am fairly sure chickens are off.

  7. HandandShrimp says:

    Cash not fish. WTF is wrong with this thing?


  8. wull2 says:

    I not give her any publicity, even bad publicity.

  9. bobajock says:

    All kinds of stoopid. Reminds me of “Britain First Spain”.

  10. slackshoe says:

    It’s actually hilarious how full of shite she is.

  11. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Ah, a veritable feast of freebooting Brexitannia will soon be ours. With Bitcoin as added spice. The great Leaver international megaspiv future revealed ever so graciously.

    So why am I being such a Scrooge? Such a party-pooper?

    Why do I vaguely sense that my hard-earned squillions would no be safe anywhere near Lady Muck Moan Mone…?

  12. Shug says:

    Herald pages for the next week I guess.
    Having said that she is no worse than the avarage herald journalist
    Has anyone heard any amount of bbc reporting of Catelonia
    Total silence last night and I had to get onto their European section to find d anything
    They trying to keep it quiet
    Must call Kaye to ask
    Ha ha

  13. R-Type Grunt says:


    Happy Christmas everyone.

  14. gordoz says:

    She should have quit when she was just talking mince.
    This shite is beyond belief.
    Please make England keep her after Indy. Please,please, please!

  15. Dorothy Devine says:

    The Moanin’ wan is to be ignored.

    I was clearing out stuff ready for the influx of more stuff and found this little ditty ‘what I wrote’,

    Hey diddle diddle
    MP’s on the fiddle
    Nicking your money and mine.
    They don’t give a stuff
    Ain’t getting enough
    Of that subsidised food and fine wine!

    Merry Christmas one and all and I look forward to a surge of good natured,independent activity in 2018.

    A very merry Catalan Christmas!

  16. ScottieDog says:

    Gobble gobble

  17. Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING from Pravda Quay
    with Jackie Kim Ono

  18. harry mcaye says:

    Vegetarianism didn’t take, then? If she had watched What The Health I’m surprised she didn’t aim to be vegan. OK O/T rant, but the milk and egg industries are arguably the worst of all. In the egg industry, day old male chicks are put on a conveyor belt and dropped into a machine called a macerator where they are ground up ALIVE. Where that doesn’t happen, they are gassed to death or put in a large plastic bag and suffocated. All because male chicks are useless to the industry. Not had an egg since I found that out and been vegan for three months. Only thing I miss in all honesty is a takeaway Chicken Korma but the Veggie Curries are not bad.

  19. Fergus Green says:

    Congratulations to Michelle Mone on embracing vegetarianism, even temporarily. She’s still a shitebag though.

  20. Marcia says:

    I would like to see a remake of a Carry on Film with Dick Leonard taking the Kenneth Williams role, Michelle Moan doing the Barbara Windsor role and Damian Green being the dirty old man….

  21. jfngw says:

    Glad she is around, a heads up that informs me what not to invest in, admittedly that does seem to be her intention.

    I see the witchfinder journalist is out and about again in the Herald, he is outing all that bear the mark of a separatist.

  22. bjsalba says:

    O/T well sort of –
    The Sun claims credit for the return of Blue passports.

    To celebrate, here’s some of the other countries among the elite group of just 77 countries who also issue “iconic” blue passports:

    Croatia, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela.

  23. Artyhetty says:

    What a total waste of paper, giving space to someone so thoroughly underserving of it, who really should have no authority on any matter of importance at all.

    Being vegetarian is a choice, and a good one, if you eat meat, make sure it is from small farms, and had outside space, and fed a good diet. You can buy really good organic eggs totally free range from wholefood shops, and fab ones from the city farm. Organic dairy, not big chain stores’ ‘organic’, is best by far.

    Don’t buy wool unless you know it’s local, watched a film about shearing (tearing) sheep in asia other day, the cruelty and actual violence used on the poor sheep is just horrendous. They are beaten, torn by the shears, stamped on, kicked, thrown against walls etc.
    Breaks your heart to watch, but it’s real and it’s happening now.

    Back to Mone, she is a self serving trougher, whose voice is loud and inane. So many talented people out there, but the right wing digusting media ignore those people, maybe they don’t have big tits to show off or something, Get lost right wing rags.

  24. PhilM says:

    Another millionaire chasing the good-news headlines of philanthropy. She cares so so much it actually hurts. Feel pity for her fragile beautiful soul. Can she really not go back to what she’s good at?
    Anyway leaving the lair briefly yesterday, I noticed a lot more heavy-set men plodding about…so here’s one for free, Michelle…***Ultimo Uomino***…’Men are under so much scrutiny today…do people stare at him now rather than at you?…is your Man in need of a lift? A support in difficult times?…awwww…look at de sad little face on dat big old bear-cub…are his Man-boobs getting him down?…has his esteem sunk along with his pecs? (cue Yazz’ The Only Way Is Up)…well, chin up Big Boy! Let’s get your rack back on track! Ladies! Buy the Man in your life Ultimo Uomino…only £199.99 if you buy ‘the noo’ while stocks last (knuckle-dragging gloves included free if you click on the UKUnity promotion button…)

  25. Grey Dug says:

    How dare you poke fun at the Baroness. Unlike you, she has realised that this is a fake vegetarian turkey. Her business history has provided her with unrivalled experience in such matters.
    Push-up bras, fake tans, slimming pills, imitation jewellery, business tzarship, and now crypto currency. If she can’t identify a fake vegetarian turkey, no-one can.
    You should humbly apologise to Baroness Mone forthwith.

  26. shiregirl says:

    Anything for a bit publicity, eh?

    Midas touch Mone should’ve stuck to bras and fake tans. And inspirational speeches for aspiring business people ;-D

    I’m concerned ‘tho – no seen photos of her balcony on the Thames for a while…she moved hoose?!

  27. Petra says:


    BBC NEWS ……. Rajoy agreeing to speak to Puigdemont.

  28. One_Scot says:

    Petra I’m not seeing that, what I’m getting is this,

  29. David Caledonia says:

    The News

    I must admit in my defence that i don’t really know a lot about this woman, i do remember Rod Stewart and his wife falling out with her when she did the dirty on Rod’s wife with that modelling thing
    Anyway, my take on a person like her is this, ….. they are never satisfied, allways striving to make more money than they will ever need, its a pretty sad existence when you think of it, measuring your worth in money terms and thinking your more important than you really are, i remember the great Peter Cook was on a show with Zsa Zsa Gabor, he had been interviewed by the host, then Zsa Zsa came on, and the host fawned all over her, then he turned to Peter and said, what do you think of Zsa Zsa Peter, and peter replied without a second’s thought, she’s vain, i think he would have put a wee sweary word in there, but it was live on the BBC…. lol

  30. Dr Jim says:

    Why do Unionists all want to live somewhere else that they say is better than Scotland instead of helping to make Scotland better than somewhere else, then demand that everyone else who stays in Scotland stay where they are to keep funding the lives of the ones who left for somewhere else

    Is it like a promotion to live somewhere else or is it they just want to keep Scotland handy for somewhere to come back to

  31. ronnie anderson says:

    Really Rev did you hivtae its no if its ah slow news day, leave the Moaning one tae drone on an on .

  32. Who in their right mind would take any business advice from Michelle Mone given her track record?

  33. Weechid says:

    She’s almost enough to turn me back into a carnivore. Is she really saying eating poultry is vegetarian? I’d have thought, in her case, it was cannibalism.

  34. Robert Graham says:

    does anyone really care , i thought she was leaving the country

  35. CameronB Brodie says:

    Bloody vegetarian, post-structuralist, entrepreneurial peers of the realm. Next thing you know, she’ll be supporting ableism, feminism, LGBTQ rights and other tenets of socialist thought, such as human emancipation. Oh…

    Ethics and Personality: Empathy and Narcissism as Moderators of Ethical Decision Making in Business Students


    Many studies have reported that business students have been more apt to act in self-interested ways when compared to their counterparts in other academic fields. Beginning with the premise that ethical behavior derives in part from personality characteristics, the authors tested whether (a) measures of an empathetic or narcissistic personality predicted self-reported ethical decision making in business students and (b) individual business majors have a tendency to exhibit these personality traits. First, findings demonstrate that empathetic and narcissistic personality traits are significant predictors of ethical decision making. Second, they found that finance majors showed a marked and statistically significant tendency to be less empathetic and more narcissistic as compared to other business students.

  36. yesindyref2 says:

    Next she’ll be selling square foot pieces of land on the moon.

    Oh wait, someone’s already done that.

  37. CameronB Brodie says:

    Seriously though folks, the Establishment thrives on grooming narcissistic fuckwits.

    Organizational Narcissism and Virtuous Behavior


    Extreme narcissistic organizations are unable to behave ethically because they lack a moral identity. While such organizations are not necessarily unethical intentionally, they become self-obsessed and use a sense of entitlement, self-aggrandizement, denial, and rationalizations to justify anything they do. Extreme narcissistic organizations might develop formal ethics programs, but such programs will have little effect on behavior.

    Why We Might Feel Lonely Around Narcissism
    Research links lack of emotional empathy with identity instability.

    ….Empathy comes in two flavors: cognitive and emotional. Of course, cognitive and emotional empathy can work together, but they can co-exist separately as well. It turns out that the balance of empathy may be connected with how narcissistic one’s personality is. While more narcissistic people can be entertaining and often great fun to spend time with, their inability to pay attention to other people’s needs can make it feel lonely to be around them even when we’re not alone.

    In literature reviewed by Di Pierro et al. (2017), who conducted a recent research study discussed below, the authors note that early on in the field, the relationship between empathy and narcissism was not very clear. There was consensus from clinical and diagnostic theories that narcissism was associated with reduced empathy, leading to intrapsychic and interpersonal problems, but findings were mixed with regard to what kind of empathy, if there were any differentiation. Subsequent research arguably began to detect a pattern: In general, narcissism is associated with greater cognitive empathy, but reduced emotional empathy….

    I’m Number One! Does Narcissism Impair Ethical Judgment Even for the Highly Religious?


    Can an assessment of individuals’ narcissism help explain the quality of a respondent’s ethical judgment? How is the relationship between religiosity and ethical judgment moderated by the effects of narcissism? With a sample of 385 undergraduate business majors, this study uses a taxonomic approach to examine the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic religiosity as well as orthodox Christian beliefs on ethical judgment. Three distinct clusters were identified: Skeptics, Nominals, and Devouts. Surprisingly, of the three clusters, Nominals and Devouts were the only groups impacted by narcissism, although Skeptics overall demonstrate the worst ethical judgment.

  38. Capella says:

    As a vegan, I can only applaud her move to vegetarianism. A step in the right direction. There’s hope for (almost) everyone.

  39. Truth says:

    Absolute rocket.

  40. wull2 says:

    Never mind what’s going on in Spain, it’s like the media on here, look a squirrel up a tree.

  41. Welsh Sion says:

    With apologies and acknowledgements:


    Michelle, ain’t belle
    These are words that go together well
    ‘Bye Michelle

    We hate you, we hate you, we hate you
    That’s all we want to say
    Until we find a way
    We’ll say the only words we know that
    You’ll understand

    We need to, We need to, We need to
    We need to make you see
    Oh, what you mean to us
    Until we do we’re hoping you will
    Know what we mean

    We hate you

    We want you gone, gone, gone
    We think you know by now
    We’ll get to you somehow
    Until we do we’re telling you so
    You’ll understand

    We’ll say the only words we know
    That you’ll understand: ‘Bye Michelle

  42. mogabee says:

    If it was at all possible the Moaning one would love to be on our screens more often.

    Unfortunately, she gets found out pretty quickly…anyone remember her on the Pledge on Sky? Abysmal!!

    harry mcaye I’d prefer it if you refrain from dissing the dairy industry, there are stringent safeguards and health standards that are checked on a regular basis.

  43. Capella says:

    @ mogabee – I’ve heard the cows calling anxiously, for days, for their calves who have been taken away from them for the convenience of the dairy and meat industry.
    The Tories say that animals are not sentient beings. But I know that they are.
    Add to that the hormones and antibiotics which seep into the milk and meat fed to humans.
    It’s a personal choice but at least we owe it to ourselves to be informed.
    Even so, I can’t watch the films of conditions under which pigs and chickens are kept. Factory farms should be banned.
    One thing I can do – refuse to finance the industry by buying their products. Ticks a lot of boxes for me, I.e health, environment and animal welfare.
    Arable farms are the beneficiaries.

  44. CameronB Brodie says:

    Eating meat’s bad, mky. Eating de-regulated, Anglo-American, meat will be much worse. 🙁

    Public health implications of meat production and consumption


    The high level of meat and saturated fat consumption in the USA and other high-income countries exceeds nutritional needs and contributes to high rates of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and some cancers. Affluent citizens in middle- and low-income countries are adopting similar high-meat diets and experiencing increased rates of these same chronic diseases. The industrial agricultural system, now the predominant form of agriculture in the USA and increasingly world-wide, has consequences for public health owing to its extensive use of fertilisers and pesticides, unsustainable use of resources and environmental pollution. In industrial animal production there are public health concerns surrounding feed formulations that include animal tissues, arsenic and antibiotics as well as occupational health risks and risks for nearby communities. It is of paramount importance for public health professionals to become aware of and involved in how our food is produced.

  45. Muscleguy says:

    Yet more news of a Bitcoin heist too, it doesn’t look too secure if script kiddies can come along and steal your stash. Also there is nothing akin to a bank guarantee in Bitcoin.

    When a tealeaf lifted my wife’s cards just before Xmas about 15 years ago leaving us almost penniless for a period we got all the money back, eventually.

    The blockchain was supposed to be utterly traceable and secure, but it obviously isn’t. The billionaire twins who sued Zuck over Facebook and have billions in bitcoin keep their blockchain numbers on paper cut into bits and stored in different safety deposit boxes in different banks. You have to be a savant to memorise it as it is too long.

  46. Brian Seer says:

    The Brian Seer’s prediction for 2018:

    The vegetarianism will last until she can get her erse intae they jeans, then she’ll be right back oan the sausage suppers.

  47. Street Andrew says:

    She may of course not be wrong about £100K Bitcoin.

    She may of course be totally wrong about £100K Bitcoin.

    But, that’s Bitcoin for you.

    Whhheeeeeeee! ‘sa rollercoaster.

  48. Street Andrew says:

    The thing about rollercoasters is you might get your dinner back, but they don’t refund the ticket price.

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