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The Davidson Boys

Posted on June 06, 2017 by

Readers, we’d like you to meet Steven MacGregor. He’s the chap on the right of this pic, taken last Monday while campaigning for the Tories in Ochil & South Perthshire with party leader Ruth Davidson, just a foot or so away from him.

He likes the England rugby and football teams, Jeremy Clarkson, AC/DC, the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation, and Oliver Mundell. He seems a lovely chap.

He’s very active with the Tories in Stirlingshire.

He’s popular with both the O&SP candidate and the local Tory MSP.

This is him with ex-partner, Jane Miller. You’ll see why that’s relevant in a moment.

Because an alert reader thought you’d like to know a little more about him.

But despite the Sheriff’s encouragement, and after more than four years, it seems that Mr MacGregor’s anger issues still aren’t quite under control.

We must admit, we’re not absolutely certain whether campaigning with the Scottish Tories technically counts as “community payback”. But if it does, then as a racist and homophobic domestic abuser with a long track record of numerous different strains of bigotry he’ll definitely feel right at home with many of the rest of the party’s activists and elected members. (Particularly in the Stirling area for some reason.)

On Monday, the Times reported that Ruth Davidson has developed “a fairly thick skin” in order to deal with homophobic abuse:

We trust she had some earplugs in the previous week.

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      The Davidson Boys | speymouth

    156 to “The Davidson Boys”

    1. Garrion says:


    2. Rocky says:

      Top Tory, he’ll go far

    3. Bob Mack says:

      Sounds like he will fit right in with Ruthies collection of human detritus.

    4. Ian McCubbin says:

      Mm and wonder what the said MrMacGregor has said about our SNP candidate. Pity we have no recordings of it.
      If the guy has trully repented and refored then fine. But given some of Ruth’s other boys them doubt it. We have a potential we group of hard individuals who could cause harm.

    5. Richardinho says:

      Delightful. I trust you’ve saved his Facebook/Twitter posts. Should be a joyous read!

    6. bobajock says:

      Ohhh dear. If only the media covered this stuff.

      Oh wait. You are now the media.

    7. Potter says:

      He couldnae kick his way oot a paper bag.

    8. Malcolm says:

      What an absolute charmer. Another one.

    9. MajorBloodnok says:

      For some reason his physog reminds me of a young Father Jack, but with better teeth and less charm.

    10. Andy Anderson says:

      In the past few weeks there has been a few good stories of nutters in the Tory party particularly in the recent council elections. They must be so short of activists they must use extremists and thugs it seems to me.

    11. defo says:

      Wow. How can he have escaped pokey ?
      Anger management ?
      A total b@wbag. Racist, homophobe, bully, misogynist…
      This pal of Rape clauses has it all.
      The yoon nap hand, on steroids.

    12. Proud Cybernat says:

      Those warm, cuddly, cutey blue Tories.

      Vote Tory. Vote Hatred.

    13. heedtracker says:

      Its great the SKY and the cops took action but what on earth goes on between Ruth D’s ears? “I’ll take vicious thug going, as long he’s tory,” is clearly why.

    14. Andy-B says:

      When the Tory mask slips, it’s generally not a pretty sight what lies underneath.

    15. Lenny Hartley says:

      He probably is the most strong and stable of all Ruth Harrison’s little helpers!

    16. Bootsy81 says:

      In absolute seriousness a “man” like this should not be used by any political party to be going round people’s houses and chapping their doors. I’ve canvasses for the SNP before and on occasion you meet some robust opinions, from the sounds of it it would not take much for this guy to snap and harm someone if they told him to fuck off or similar.

      Honestly, I’d be furious if I knew the the Scottish Cons had sent this guy to my door while my wife and kids were home alone. He’s clearly a head case.

    17. shiregirl says:

      He sounds like a charmer.

      If I were faced with campaigning with the Tories or doing time, I would plead for mercy and ask for the latter.

    18. Auld Rock says:

      Is he a member of the OO as well, by any chance?

      Auld Rock

    19. pa_broon74 says:



    20. jfngw says:

      This is of no interest to the MSM, but apparently they have found an SNP campaigner without a TV licence and this will be headline news and covered by nearly every outlet.

    21. Neil Cook says:

      Better watch he doesn’t phone you up and berate you for being a foreigner meddling in Scottish politics!!

      Oh what Company the Scottish branch office Tories keep.

    22. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Oh dearie me, Rude Gal doesn’t seem to be very choosy these days about the company she keeps. Whatever upswing the Tories may be having, it seems to have been achieved by dredging the swamps. A Faustian bargain there.

      One can’t help but wonder though what these swamp people really think of her.

    23. woosie says:

      Sounds like he’s only a step away from running through a wheatfield.

    24. K1 says:

      Right, ah expect Davidson to immediately remove this guy from canvassing for her party…


    25. galamcennalath says:

      The nasty party with nasty policies attract nasty people. No surprise there!

    26. Walter Scott says:

      McGregor supports England’s rugby team & also their football team. It doesn’t say if he supports Rangers. It sounds like he hates the Irish and gays:Ruth Davidson’s partner is both! The press will be all over this latest tory scandal. …..

    27. Bill Hume says:

      I.T. support engineer at Amazon it says on Facebook. Pretty good going for someone who only started studying computer science last year. He appears to have been a small scale pig farmer prior to that.

    28. Truth says:

      He needs to learn to judge people by the content of their character, as I have done him.

      What a complete roaster!

    29. Eckle Fechan says:

      One for T.May’s internment camp.

    30. Jimbo says:

      Nothing out of the ordinary there.

      Just another xenophobic, homophobic, bigoted, racist Brit Nat suffering from a superiority complex.

      Strange how just about every anti immigration, sectarian, bigoted racist I’ve come across in Scotland is a Yoon.

    31. Sinky says:

      It’s time the MSM showed some responsibility and called out those right wing zealots that have latched onto Ruth Davidson’s shrill and divisive politics.

      Instead we get acres of coverage of someone sticking a Yes badge on Ian Murray’s back or on his office door.

      Meanwhile don’t know why Ian Murray is complaining about his Tory bedfellows in Edinburgh South showing false graphs when his leaflets have shown Tory support as being less than half of SNP last time when it was in fact more than half.

    32. Macart says:


      Good grief! Ms Davidson does seem to have a knack for attracting a certain type of support right enough.

    33. Lochside says:

      He’s Scottish but he likes the ‘England Rugby and Football teams’ and he thinks he’s ‘British’ and a Tory… with a name McGregor?…no wonder he’s angry and hates everybody…he’s ‘no wired up the right way… Mind you he fits right in wi the ‘Mooth’. Oh and he’s a big fucken crybaby.

    34. Frank says:

      … the accused, who began to cry in the dock…

    35. manandboy says:

      Unionists – WATP

    36. Effijy says:

      Torrid Toxic Tory Tantrum!

      if you say loud enough the public will adore ye!

    37. jfngw says:

      I suppose this debunks the idea that the Tories are exclusively tied to the OO, they are willing recruit bigots from the entire population.

    38. Bill Hume says:

      Lochside…I don’t think he claims to be Scottish. A quick look at his company registrations has him as English, living in Scotland.

    39. Dan Huil says:

      Tories thrive amongst the scummy likes of MacGregor. Aye, he’s a perfect britnat – just perfect for Davidson.

    40. jfngw says:

      How many council areas have Labour gone into coalition with the Tories to ‘keep the Tories out’, I’ve lost count.

    41. galamcennalath says:

      Top photo. Do they wear these light blue jackets to try to hide their black shirts?

    42. Dan Huil says:

      Great work from the Rev – again.

    43. Smallaxe says:

      When a yoon picks a guy that would blacken your eye, that’s a Tory.
      When our Nic takes her choice of some good Scottish boys, that’s Amore.

      (Apologies to Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore”)

      Peace Always

    44. Robert Graham says:

      these stories and the recent appointees to councils all from one party indicate a pattern , a section of scottish society that would normally be shunned by most , have found a home ,a convenient vehicle for their brand of hatred.
      This is where our media are failing everyone is their union that precious , why are they more or less turning a blind eye , we saw disgraceful scenes in george square after septembers result , that should have alerted those in charge of security ,of the dark side in our politics , and for davidson or any party to enlist these people for a political end is endangering everyone YES & NO it dosnt matter . I believe davidson will be sly enough to just avoid any undue interest from the police while she probably is activly encouraging them , whats it called proxy combatants , or tories in drag .

    45. Zeebeving says:

      I’m starting to think that anyone campaigning for the tories should be ‘PVG’ checked / approved first.

    46. Tom Wilde says:

      The guy sounds hideous and I can totally see why exposing his past record of misdemeanours would be entirely relevant if he was a candidate for any sort of public office.As he isn’t, I think this item is a bit of an embarrassment to Wings over Scotland. Have you really sunk to the point where you are seriously trying to make news out of the pasts of individual canvassers, FFS? Where is that going to end? Should all parties require all canvassers to show a certificate of moral and political probity, perhaps signed by the Rev, before allowing them to participate in campaigning?

    47. Craig says:

      Canvasser of Hate

      Appropriate title for a piece of scum.

    48. Robert Graham says:

      Tom Wilde AYE, why are all the happy folks on the yes side ? Because we know the truth.

    49. Scott Beatie says:

      Such charming people that these Bluekippers are. Ruth should really look at her team and feel ashamed.

    50. Bob p says:

      Tom wilde. How is it an embarrassment for wings ?why not name and shame these scum,they would jump on us for a parking ticket. About time they had some payback.

    51. stupidactingsmart says:

      Sickening. I look forward to him being put on the front page of the mainstream national newspapers like he would if he was campaigning for the SNP.

    52. Kenny says:

      It’s pretty pathetic that the courts accepted the “I’m working on my anger issues and sorting my life out” on the THIRD occasion he’d been up on charges for the same sort of horrible behaviour. It’s particularly awful that he didn’t even admit it until they played him the tapes. You can just picture it.

      “I didn’t do it. I’m not a mad racist scumbag.”

      *listens to tape*

      “Oh well yeah, I am a BIT of a racist scumbag.”

      Typical Scottish Tory; fuelled only by anger and hatred of anyone who’s not a WASP. They’re an utterly shameful group. After the recent terrorist attacks, if we’re going to do another round of proscribed hate organisations, can we start with them?

    53. K1 says:

      Now now Tom, this man is ‘verbally abusive’ to the point of having a criminal record. As others have said, he is in a position to knock on the doors of the general public, he clearly has bigoted, homophobic and racist views and issues with women. Is it right that he should be allowed to chap on the doors of people and ascertain any information about them through the political party’s lists of potential voters?

      This is a dangerous guy with severe anger issues. And needs to be called out publicly as a potential threatening situation for anyone he may encounter who do not hold to his views, he would then know where they live, and given his own admittance of these attitudes. Is he not a danger to the public?

    54. Robert Graham says:

      On a lighter note, Labours Angela Rayner has just drawn attention to Mayhems latest f/up . Tory central office tweeted a photo of Mayhem speaking to ordinary voters in a cafe, Angela retweeted nice photo a word in advance, next time remove the bloody big blue Tory rosettes from the ordinary voters jackets before you take a photo .

    55. mike d says:

      Aye Mr wilde but it’s OK for these vile scum to attack and denigrate the yes movement/snp without the slightest hesitation.away and bile yer heid.

    56. George says:

      At least Ruthie won’t need to look far for her big burly blokes intimidating voters in this election. Only this time they’re real, not in her imagination, and they’re on her side.

    57. K1 says:

      Anger management didn’t work the first time, it didn’t work the second…any evidence to support that it will work third time? December 2016 was his last offence, less than six months ago, hardly the distant past is it?

    58. Breeks says:

      Tom Wilde says:
      6 June, 2017 at 6:23 pm
      “The guy sounds hideous and I can totally see why exposing his past record of misdemeanours….”

      Interesting definition of “misdemeanour” there Tom.

    59. dex (or mark, I forgot what I use here) says:

      Let’s not forget…he cried in front of the judge…and he was looking at 3 months max. wussy

    60. Mungo says:

      Sounds like he maybe in the closet batteling his demons?

    61. Jimbo says:

      Aye, Tom wilde,

      Like the time a Daily Mail reporter & cameraman was turning up unannounced at the houses of SNP supporters purely for the crime of being SNP supporters who’d commented on Twitter.

    62. Graeme says:

      You’re not really getting it Tom are you, he’s a xenophobic, homophobic, racist bigot with anger issues knocking on peoples doors for a friendly discussion on politics during an election campaign

      You don’t see anything wrong with that ?

      You don’t think it’s in the public interest to know this moron can come knocking on your door ?

      You think it’s ok for the leader of the Scottish Conservatives to be out canvassing with convicted criminals ?



    63. galamcennalath says:

      @Tom Wilde

      You miss the point. This guy is not the exception, he is part of a pattern.

      Far right politics is always in close association with bigotry, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, and all manner of thuggery. Right wing politics can seem beguilingly attractive to the gullible. It isn’t. It’s a threat to civilisation.

    64. The Ruth Davidson Party will require men of this calibre as stewards to herd 180,000 EU illegals onto the trains transporting them to the Deportation Camps.
      Christ, surely this self publicising wee woman has at least one functioning brain cell.Obviously not.
      Perhaps he is one of those unfortunates whom Kezia describes as being angry at the ‘divisiveness’ of the Independence Movement.

    65. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Aye tRuthless and the Brit Nat No Surrender to Referendums Party still scraping the bottom of the sewer for support.

      I particularly liked “…….told the accused, who began to cry in the dock”

      That’s all you need to know.

      Like all bullies the guy’s a f**king coward.

      Just like the rest of the Red White & Blue Brit Nat Brigade who are too scared of another Indy Ref which they know they will lose that they have resorted to lying to, browbeating and bullying the electorate into not having one hence the use of phrases like “devisive referendum”, ‘Ulsterisation of Scottish Politics” and “fratricidal”.

      No doubt he was greeting like a wee lassie in case he got a custodial sentence and ended up being someone’s ‘cell b*tch’.

      Just remember if you discount those decent people who believe the Brit Nat Propaganda and the selfish ‘I’m alright Jocks’ this is all the Union has left.

      Men and women who are Angry Wee Racists, Bigots, Homophobes and Sectarians.

      Remove those who are ill informed, scared of change or ‘doing alright so don’t need or want change’ that maximum 20% – 30% Unionist vote would easily be half that at most.

      We are winning as can be seen by the fact it is only the Zealots, The ‘Defend the Union to the Last man, last bullet’ types, those who stand to lose their place at the trough and those who are in denial that the Union is slowly ending around them.

      That’s all whose left and to stand by tRuthless (and to an extent BLiS, think Duncy Horsefeathers).

    66. Valerie says:

      @ Tom Wilde, nice try, covering for this excuse for a ‘man’.

      As far as I’m concerned, this is a public service announcement, just in case this fuckwit is in the vicinity of the public, and they don’t fit his narrow view of what is acceptable.

      As Lochside says, he’s a nasty little fucking cry baby, that deserves as much exposure as possible. The sly nasty wimp that abuses call handlers racially???

      Keep reporting this type of filth, people, we cannot allow this to pass.

    67. Marcia says:

      Tory activists in my much younger days used to be of gentle old Ladies and Gents in their tweeds or business owners who thought they were preserving their income from ‘the Socialists’ and believed in ‘One Nation Toryism’.

      In retrospect it is good that they have all passed on as they would be mortified at what goes for Tory activists these days.

    68. Breastplate says:

      Tom Wilde, you have shockingly bad taste in who should be defended, don’t you think?
      Yoons eh, what are they like?

    69. mike cassidy says:


      I couldn’t resist posting a comment on this article about the First Minister’s falling popularity.

    70. Macart says:


      Spotted this on Rev’s twitter.

      Condolences to Mr Salmond.

    71. call me dave says:

      Aye sad news for Mr Salmond and family.

      Here’s some other news. James seems cheered.

    72. defo says:

      I’m currently looking for ideas for my window displays, and all suggestions (to fit on A4, short, sharp shock size please) would be gratefully received.
      But in particular, does anyone have the actual “I don’t care” fluffy quote verbatim.
      Ta in advance.

    73. Ghillie says:

      Smallaxe, Tory vs Amore =)

      That man, Steven MacGregor, clearly has not received the help or message he so urgently needs.

      Surely, given the local news coverage, his CONTINUING track record of racial abuse, domestic abuse and homophopia was known to folk he campaigned alongside.

      He certainly looks happy amongst the company he is keeeping though and presumably feels at home with that party’s policies.

    74. Wee Folding Bike says:

      June 6th is the anniversary of the Normandy landings. Not such a bad day to go.

    75. Effijy says:

      I too would like to offer my condolences to the Salmond family.

    76. HandandShrimp says:

      Sad news for Alex and family but 96 is one hell of an innings. RIP Salmond senior

      Re the chap above, what is it with body building and anger management?

    77. Thepnr says:

      I’ve nothing against mainstream Tories whatsoever, they have different views to me and that is fine and dandy.

      There is a difference between mainstream and extreme though which unfortunately in the Tory party in Scotland is becoming increasingly blurred.

      We know already, even from the polls that the Tories have absorbed more than two thirds of the UKIP vote from 2015 into supporting them.

      It doesn’t take a great leap to understand that both Scottish and English extremists have also found a way in. I can only surmise that the Tories are now known as the nasty party simply because they are, due to the type of support they have attracted.

      Still time for us to save ourselves, c’mon labour voters join us on the side of decency and respect for all. You will be welcome.

    78. Legerwood says:

      Very sorry to hear the news about Mr Salmond’s father.

    79. heedtracker says:

      C4 teatime news is in Aberdeen, Council leader Barnie Crockett displaying how thick/cunning he really is, Slab’s end of era is all down to across Europe decline of centre left parties like his, says Barnie.

      Jon Snow made no mention of what Barnie’s centre left party has been up to lately,

      Graun, Severin Carrell Scotland editor
      Wednesday 17 May 2017 18.56 BST

      Kezia Dugdale
      Labour suspends Aberdeen councillors over coalition with Tories
      Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale acted because of fears that power-sharing agreement would cause more austerity”

      Barnie’s run up a £1.2bn debt for Aberdeen and there’s nothing to show for it but Barnie.

      He also blew 40 grand on a letter telling all of us council tax payers to vote NO in 2014. It was ACC money but that’s how it
      goes in yoon culture.

      Good old centre left Barnie and his tory ACC coalition chums.

    80. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      @HandandShrimp says at 7:54pm “what is it with bodybuilders and anger management?”

      It’s normally the ‘roids.

      Gies then a small cock as well.

      Little wonder he’s angry:)

    81. Arthur Martin says:

      East Stirling Street Alva mentioned in the last article from the Alloa Advertiser.
      That’s on my drive to work every morning. I won’t say anymore as the Rev will set about me with hammers.

    82. Brian watters says:

      What is going on in Alloa?
      It seems to be real hotbed of fuckling nazis?
      Did Alloa HS have a nice German teacher called herr Geobells by any chance?

    83. Robert Louis says:

      So, this will be on the news at ten on the BBC and ITV tonight, as their is ‘outrage’ after Tory leaders aide revealed as having undesirable past.

      Yeah, right. This story will be deftly avoided by the BBC, ITV, Channel4 news, all the main newspapers, and all radio channels.

      How Ruth Davidson can pretend she cares about gay rights, when she has people of this calibre surrounding and working for her, is beyond me.

      It seems Ruth Davidson will do literally anything in her desire for a political career.

    84. Robert Louis says:

      Very sad news about Alex Salmond’s father.

    85. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      I couldn’t agree more @Jack Collatin says at 7:06 pm

      This is how it starts.

      Slowly, perniciously, until all of a sudden the country has sleep walked into a Facist State.

      Internment, deportation, genocide…this type of person would do the job with a smile, and for free as long as he got to sing GSTQ and wave a Butchers Apron.

      When is the media in the U.K. in general and Scotland in particular going to do their job and call this sh*te out?

      They are bordering on the complicit (aye, OK, some of them are definitely complicit) if we go down this route.

      Also very interesting that Polis and Security Services are currently MORE CONCERNED about Right Wing Extremism in the U.K. than Islamic (not that it gets that much publicity.

      Especially the Unionist/Loyalist Norn Irn and English White is Right alliance
      that seems to be more visible and hiding in the shadows less lately.

    86. Big Jock says:

      The Tories are scum in Scotland. They represent the misogynistic, racist bigoted Brits. Ironic that this man hasn’t realised he is also an immigrant to the nation of Scotland. Although he probably doesn’t agree Scotland is a nation. They are obviously relying on English bigots for their support these days.

    87. Bob Mack says:

      @Tom Wilde
      The fact is that this guy is going to doors and chapping them .What if he does not like your answers. He clearly is a veteran probably with PTSD and therefore most likely a hair trigger temper.It is him involving himself with the public and therefore he is entitled to be scrutinised. Canvasser or candidate makes no difference.

    88. Mappy123 says:

      Hey everyone first time poster avid reader for years from Alloa. I put it down to fear as the yoons are getting more aggressive lately, anytime one of them starts their pish with me that’s what I put to them – winds them right up.

    89. geeo says:


      Guy up back tells unionist leaders it is THEM who are obsessed with independence…

      Asked to address the point…all 3 bang on about ….independence!!

      Hapless and hopeless.

      Ruth davidson…”iv answered his question” (audience member)

      Audience member heard shouting…”NO, ye huvnae”

    90. Clootie says:

      …simply look at those attracted to supporting the Tory Party!

    91. Meg merrilees says:

      Condolences to Alex Salmond and family.

      What an amazing life his father has led and well done for reaching 96.

    92. An says:

      This guy was on the SNP Facebook page just a week or so ago. Challenging people. Calling them cowards and saying you wouldn’t say that to my face. Exactly as he did to the Aviva call centre worker. Also called someone a paedophile and I’m sure he called someone else an unfit mother.

    93. Rock says:


      “It’s pretty pathetic that the courts accepted the “I’m working on my anger issues and sorting my life out” on the THIRD occasion he’d been up on charges for the same sort of horrible behaviour.”

      The Scottish justice system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.

      Like Davidson, they have no problem with such disgusting persons.

    94. Dr Jim says:

      It’s a lot easier counting the Tories who are not head cases
      Too many of the other sort, I’ve run out of fingers

      Of course you only need the one

    95. manandboy says:


      BBC Newsnight host Evan Davis has admitted that although his employer receives thousands of complaints about alleged editorial bias, producers do not act on them at all.

      “All the time we get those [bias accusation] emails. And honestly, no one at the BBC takes those kinds of things into account,” the journalist said during a talk at the Hay Festival on Sunday.

      “Maybe people at the very top of the BBC do, I don’t know. Maybe they do. But none of the people who are making programs do.”

    96. defo says:

      Whilst the Scottish judges & lawyers may, or may not be “rotten to the core”, what I can say is that the legal system, both sides of the border, cares not a jot about ‘fairness’, or ‘justice’.
      It’s ALL about the law.
      Bitter experience tells me so. 🙁

      (and I suspect someone else here might have similar, experience based feelings)

    97. Tam Fae Somewhere says:

      Alexander Stewart (front, left in first picture) is in a few pictures there.

      Tory councillor in Perth & Kinross for years and now a list MSP.

      I wonder how he feels mingling with the subject of this blog!

    98. Tam the Bam. says:


      I’m almost embarassed how sympathetic that audience was to Nicola (cue the ‘its a fix’ intervention).Great session for Nicola…bad for Ruth (although that quick intervention on Kez re her chat with Nic may play well for her)…runaway win for Nicola…..GO SNP!

    99. ScottishPsyche says:


      Debate finished. No matter what, on June the 9th the SNP will still be in charge in Holyrood so all the deflection on devolved issues will be for nothing. Come 2020 things will look quite different. This is a half-term assessment being played out in Westminster seats.

    100. Lochside says:

      Well done Nicola!…despite three to one as per usual, she stood her ground. The ‘Mooth’ was finally subdued..particularly by the antagonism of the audience..which for once was reasonably pro SNP, tho’ it felt like a lot of SLAB were there.

      Dugdale showed her shouty mean side and her brazen ability to lie about what she said to Nicola about the Brexit vote demonstrated what a sociopathic individual she really is.

      There was only one clown in the audience..the OO twat that was cut off adroitly by Bernard…oh and the other clown was oor wullie..grinning like a pet chimp.

    101. ronnie anderson says:

      At long last Nicola broaching the subject of Police Scotland having to pay VAT , when no other Police service in Britain pay Vat.

      In the light of recent & tragic events & the decline of Police numbers in England this point should be kept to the forefront by the SNP, given that Teresa May was the Home Secretary who cut Police numbers in England .

      Scottish Police service could make good use of those VAT monies returned & investing in extra Policing on our streets as they will no doubt have to do in England re Community Policing increases .

    102. laukat says:

      Looks like the First Minister just took Dugdale out. She obviously had that card to play for a while so she must have thought use it now or lose the opportunity once Dugdale gets her jotters after Thursday. The FM just further split the unionist vote and galvanised the Indy vote. Top Tactics by a very smart lady!

      Ian Murray must be worried about his seat after that.

    103. Free Scotland says:

      The Davidson Boys:-

      1) They want you to vote for them

      2) They want you to be like them

      3) They want you to think like them

      4) They want you to behave like them

      5) They want you to be one of them

      If the feeling of revulsion did not grow with each line you’ve just read, there is something seriously wrong with you.

    104. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      A maxi-sized bag of mint kudos to STV for the format of that “Leaders’ Debate”.

      The thing that stood out was the lack of the presenter’s opinions and questions. It was left to the audience and the participants to steer the agenda.

      As has been asked on Twitter – yes, the licence fee in Scotland should go to STV, not the other lot.

    105. gus1940 says:

      Yon shouty Ruthsfuhrer is almost spherical.

      What a contrast to the rigged BBC debates. I though that BP handled it well with the exception that when it was Nicola’s turn to be questioned he allowed the other 3 to revert to the same tactic used in all the other debates of banging on about Indyref2 and devolved matters.

      Nicola was way out in front with Kez and Willie joint second and The Ruthsfuhrer trailing in their wake losing credibility every time she opened her gub.

      For once there were no obvious plants in the audience which seemed to be reasonably balanced – I was fascinated by the bearded guy who seemed to be able to talk without moving his lips.

      As for the spin room no surprise with the crap excreted by gorgeous pouting Baillie and the Slovenian creature.

      I look forward to hearing what is said in the post mortem at 22.40.

    106. Macart says:

      Well done the FM.

      Ms Dugdale left with egg on face and fleeing to twitter with her denials.

      A good result on the night.

    107. K1 says:

      Favourable, top of online Guardian headline, interview of FM. It would seem they are pushing for a progressive push which includes Scotland this time round, they have of course declared for Labour, but this is a little unusual to give top billing to SNP FM so close to election day and it’s very much an anti Tory piece.

      Nicola comes across sane and ordinary, describes her interaction with May:

      ‘The first minister of Scotland, who is also leader of the Scottish National party, said she did not know the prime minister well enough to know “whether I like her or not” but claimed that in professional dealings May compared unfavourably with her predecessor as Conservative leader.

      “Now OK, we’re miles apart politically but then so too were David Cameron and I, but we still managed to find a way of working that respected each other’s positions. We found a way of being civil,” she said.

      Sturgeon said she believed that the public were now witnessing the types of frustrations she had felt in recent meetings with May in which she found her very difficult to engage with. “You literally go into a one to one with her and it’s like she’s reading from a script than having a conversation.”

    108. Meg merrilees says:

      Re Scottish police and VAT

      Did I hear an aside from tRuthless saying that police in N Ireland have to pay VAT as well?

    109. Tam the Bam. says:



      It was a SLAB BAD NIGHT.



    110. Brian Powell says:

      Meg merrilees

      The police in NI reclaim VAT. That is the system. The Treasury deliberately won’t allow Police Scotland to do that.

    111. K1 says:

      Oh, just to say, comments aren’t open on that guardian FM article, They ain’t letting the zoomers in, so he don’t have tae read the non archived to see comments, as there aren’t any….as yet.

    112. Free Scotland says:

      The text below has been copied and pasted from Steven MacGregor’s Facebook page. This buffoon aims to get his hands on a BSc degree, yet seems to think that English verbs in the 3rd person singular (present tense) should contain an apostrophe.

      “Steven MacGregor returned to Scotland in 2007 for family reasons and has since worked in security, farmed a smallholding of 55 breeding Pigs and Soay Sheep and has now embarked on a computer and cyber security course at Forth Valley College which he hope`s will lead him on to a Bsc Degree.
      Steven MacGregor learn`s quick and can adapt to any situation given. Steven MacGregor pride`s himself on being disciplined, tidy and punctual and always give`s 100% to any task asked of him.”

      One possible definition of “brawn” is: meat from a pig’s or calf’s head that is cooked and pressed in a pot with jelly. What is it with tories and pigs’ heads?

    113. ben madigan says:

      sad news about the death of Mr Salmond senior. Even at 96 it must still have been the source of deep sorrow for his children and extended family. Condolences to all. RIP

    114. Calum McKay says:

      Typical tory,!

      Ruth will be proud of him.

    115. Tam the Bam. says:


      Why is Angela Haggerty termed ‘inclined towards Scottish Independence?”….she’s not…she is just another self-serving cjourno careerist looking forward to more tv chats where she can lie her t..s off.

    116. Breeks says:

      Far be it from me to defend the Tories, but these aren’t proper Tories, these are Unionists dressed up to look like Tories. The Tories just aren’t fussy about signing them up, handing each of them a pitchfork and blazing torch, putting a Tory tin lid on their heads and sending them into action.

      Vetted? Ha ha. If you’ve got a pulse, you’re in.

      It’s not a Tory revival in Scotland, it’s A Kelly’s Hero’s remake on the cheap. A bunch of crooks, the dregs and ne’er do wells who don’t fit in with normal society get amnesty for their past misdeeds and a clean slate provided they sign up for a death or glory mission for the Tories deep inside enemy territory here in Scotchland.

      Now who can we cast as an oddball tank commander with loud speakers on the outside of their tank? Someone who just rides them, but doesn’t know how they work…

    117. Hugh Wallace says:

      So blue windbreakers are the new brown shirts are they?

    118. heedtracker says:

      Calum McKay says:
      6 June, 2017 at 11:05 pm
      Typical tory,!

      Ruth will be proud of him.

      Its a pretty bizarre but successful court defence, of which I had never heard of…please let me off m’lud, I was very angry at the time of the alleged offence.


      And if that doesn’t work, just start crying in the dock. “You’re behaviour is unacceptable”says Sherrif Wyllie Robertson sternly,

      I’m really weally sorry sir, boohoo, waah, blub blub, boohoo…

      OK. Don’t do it again.

      Its surely not a class or colour legality, unless you’re white and middle class, in Scotland.

    119. Big Jock says:

      I don’t think Nicolas ever speaks without thinking. Her revelation about Kezia will be absolutely true. Kezia spin team are spinning to deny it. Will await the civil servants notes of the meeting if available.

      This could be another Carmichaelgate. Where Kezia denies it then the evidence proves otherwise. Either way she is toast.

      Slabour were doing just enough to start taking a few seats. Nicola played this well, as Labour will now lose any Tory supporters.

      This could be the end of Murray.

    120. Breeks says:

      Be nice to learn about the STV Scottish Leaders Debate once the carrier pigeons arrive in the Borders with the transcripts.

    121. Nation Libre says:

      Looking forward to Kezia Fact Check No 2237 soon Rev

    122. Cuilean says:

      Deal Lord. Just what do you have to do, over and over again, for a Stirling Sheriff to actually DEAL with a criminal who appears in their court three times?

      He should have been gaoled.

    123. Phronesis says:

      Selling off ENHS- is really naughty

      ‘Theresa May has given her full backing to the Naylor Report in BBC’s The Andrew Neil Interviews. We want to make it crystal clear to the voters of this country before they go to the polls on June 8 that if they vote for this they are voting away their children’s right to a future which contains a comprehensive, accessible and universal NHS. The motive behind the changes being enforced on the NHS in the name of ‘efficiency’ and ‘sustainability’ is quite simply profit for the private sector and includes a mass transfer of assets on the cheap from the public sector to private hands’

      (Mis) Using purdah to prevent a calamitous report on the health of NHS England before the election when you have legislation in place to publish it timeously – is really naughty;

      ‘Government officials have been accused of a “cover up” over a reported delay in the publication of NHS trust deficit figures until after the general election…
      NHS Improvement, which expected to publish the figures next week, had estimated an end of a year deficit of £750-850m earlier this year, but it is predicted to exceed this
      The Independent understands that NHS Improvement made the decision not to publish the data ahead of the election after taking into account Cabinet Office guidance and a discussion with the Department of Health…

      The British Medical Association (BMA) also criticised the Conservatives’ pledge to provide an extra £3bn for the NHS as it included money previously earmarked by the party.
      “The extra £8bn touted in this manifesto for the NHS is smoke and mirrors,” said Dr Mark Porter, the chairman of the BMA council’

      The Department of Health requires providers to submit their final Quality Account to the Secretary of State by uploading it to the NHS Choices website by June 30 each year. The requirement is set out in the Health Act 2009. Amendments were made in 2012, such as the inclusion of quality indicators according to the Health and Social Care Act 2012. NHS England or Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) cannot make changes to the reporting requirements’

      Selling arms to a regime that is causing an unimaginable humanitarian crisis- is really naughty;

      ‘In Yemen, the humanitarian situation is critical. The current crisis is borne out of years of poverty, under-development and conflict, and the Yemeni people are among some of the most vulnerable in the world today.18.8 million people need urgent help, 2.2 million children are malnourished, and on average, six children are being killed or injured every day. Over 7 million people are hungry and do not know where their next meal will come from. Food insecurity in Yemen has reached a crisis point, and the UN estimates that 14 million people don’t have enough to eat. Another 14 million people are in desperate need of safe drinking water and basic healthcare’

      Selling off the next generation’s future and increasing the inequality gap when there are credible political alternatives – is really naughty;

      ‘People in different countries make different choices. In Norway they chose to deal with the financial crash of 2008 in such a way that the population did not suffer unduly and life expectancy there has risen by a year since 2011. In contrast, in the UK there has been no overall rise since 2011 due to increasing mortality among the very elderly. This is one of the many costs of choosing to tolerate high inequality. Static pensioner poverty, rising child poverty, worsening housing rights for more and more people, and rising debts are other costs that keep growing.
      On May 4th 2016 it became clear that falls in UK life expectancy are now expected to save £310 billion from future pension payouts, a very large increase on the estimate of £28 billion made for all FTSE 350 companies on March 31st 2017. Those actuarial estimates of future savings being made illustrate the extent of the damage being done in terms of millions of fewer years of life now expected to be lived.

      The rich tell themselves a story of there being no alternative. They say that they must be rewarded for their apparently great talents and, if others have less as a result that is just bad luck and that they have not tried hard enough. But most of the rich do not accept the individual luck that was involved in them amassing their wealth. And the very rich, through their influence on newspapers and campaign funding, played a significant part in why the UK so narrowly, but apparently irrecoverably, voted to leave the European Union.’

      Making it your life mission to ensure that Scotland’s citizens are democratically irrelevant and remain part of a dysfunctional and unequal relationship is also really naughty.

    124. Tam the Bam. says:

      Cuilean … 11.39pm

      Deal is in Kent by the way.

    125. Meg merrilees says:

      Can’t remember where I saw it tonight but there is a picture of a Tory ‘Strong and Stable’ ad-van lying on it’s side after having been blown over in the wind today!


    126. TheWasp says:

      Brian Watters @ 8.06

      Steady on there BW, the man is from Alva and therefore wouldn’t have gone to school in Alloa. ?

    127. Cactus says:

      I’ve found some footage of Steven:

      Listen up for the punch line at the very end!

    128. Toby says:

      Breeks @11.09, You mean ‘Dirty Dozen ‘ not ‘Kelly’s Heroes’

    129. Tam the Bam. says:


      a dog food salesman now attempting to pontificate on………lol

    130. Achnababan says:

      Watched the debate on catch up. Best I have seen. Ruth lost ‘big time’ and Nicola every inch the First Minister.

      Overall a very fair show. For me Ponsonby is the only fair and insightful political interviewer and commentator in Scotland. Well done STV

    131. geeo says:

      Is anyone watching the Newsbeat youth debate on BBC1 ?

      Possibly the most civilised debate yet.

      Certainly a more mature audience, despite age.

      Kate Forbes representing SNP, very good performance indeed.

    132. defo says:

      Impotent Rage has convinced this guy.
      Screw you lot, I’m voting Tory 😉

    133. Tam the Bam. says:


      Kate Forbes was as articulate and forceful as ever.

    134. Tam the Bam. says:


      …are ye aye?

    135. defo says:

      Watch Cactus’ youtube Tam, then guess if I might have been kidding.
      I would sacrifice my first born, before even contemplating voting for the lizards party.

    136. Cactus says:

      Well, here we all are, the last day before GE17.

      Who’s exhausted?!

      For light relief, I think I’ll get dressed up like this later on today, hit the streets of East Ren and see if I can do anything to help to HOLD Kirsten 😉

      Vote Scottish.

    137. Cactus says:

      Aweright defo ~


    138. Cactus says:

      Re-elect & HOLD.

      That’s what we’re after.

      Good luck to everybuddy getting the word up and the word out today!

    139. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’ll keep this off the new main page.

      I’m wondering why, when BBC Scotland, in Glasgow, is speaking to Angus Robertson in Moray, or Alex Salmond in Gordon, there is a four or five second delay on the speech but when the BBC has a “live” broadcast featuring presenters in London and Singapore, there is no delay between the presenters.

      Strange, huh?

      Either BBC Scotland is coming the çüN†, or the BBC “Live” broadcast from London and Singapore isn’t actually live.

      Which is it?

    140. defo says:

      Are we nearly there yet Dad ?

    141. defo says:

      It’s because we’re under attack from space Brian.
      Lord Robbo did warn us, but we we’re too stupid to listen.

    142. defo says:

      You’re a real spoilsport Stu.
      I love playing the chewin the fat game, but these pictures you put up don’t have any ‘good guys’ in them.

    143. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Christ, if he’s like that on the phone to Sky I dread to think of what happens when he orders a curry.

    144. Smallaxe says:

      Advice for Tomorrow: 8th June

      VOTE For our Future!

      Make sure that our young people use their Vote!

      Peace Always

    145. Bob p says:

      Mappy123,welcome to wos.

    146. Greannach says:

      He seems like a run of the mill member and activist for the Rape Clause Party.

    147. Abulhaq says:

      Somewhat intellectually and emotionally retarded and rather sexually immature….a ‘Scottish’ Tory to the core. Ruth, you do hang with a weird bunch.

    148. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      There’s an Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman sitting in a prison cell. The Irishman asks the Englishman why he’s there and he says he broke into someone’s house and stole their TV. The Irishman says he’s there for beating somone up and breaking their jaw. He asks the Scotsman why he’s there and he says, ‘I was sitting in my house and was on the phone and said nasty things to someone…different than me.’ The Englishman and Irishman looked at him with disgust and contempt. Later that day they filed a complaint to the guvnor asking to be moved to another cell. They had their request granted (in part because the guvnor realised that there were only supposed to be two prisoners max in a cell), and a huge Arab moved in with the Scotsman, and stabbed him to death. There was a day of celebrations called by the guvnor with extended conjugal visits to everyone. Even those without wives.

    149. stu mac says:

      @Cuilean says:
      6 June, 2017 at 11:39 pm
      Deal Lord. Just what do you have to do, over and over again, for a Stirling Sheriff to actually DEAL with a criminal who appears in their court three times?

      Perhaps it helps if you know the right people. Look at the Thomas Hamilton case:

    150. Clapper57 says:

      One thing about the SNP is their consistency in their message…. unlike loyal Unionists Ruth and Keiza who flip flop depending on which way HQ tells them to jump on any particular policy….and they both WILL adopt and promote any policy as dictated by their HQ , irrespective of how much it could or would damage Scotland….. because for Keiza and Ruth the party comes first….always.

      I want a party that will stand up for Scotland and it’s people and not some pseudo Scots unionist politician who is perpetually torn in their loyalty between their country i.e. Scotland (or not) and their HQ party. I want the party I support and vote for to be focused on me and mine and NOT to be distracted by maintaining a union that is well past it’s sell by date….and for Scots it is no longer a union fit for purpose as a viable option post Brexit.

      To unionist parties in Scotland I say this… I do NOT want a party in ANOTHER country ( your HQ) to dictate what my party (branch office) promotes and adopts as policy and who NEVER promote the benefits, resources and wealth my country Scotland contributes to this disunited kingdom….so why should I vote for a unionist party ?

      Unionist parties are quick to criticise the SNP policies as failing but omit to mention this is under the broad shoulders of the UKOK and with said funding allocated by a UKOK HQ government …..perhaps unionists the solution would be Scottish independence thus offering the SNP self sufficiency in funding their progressive and I say successful policies…..even under meagre UKOK funds.

      Tomorrow is a day when Scots can tell the unionist parties that Scotland IS a country and one that deserves to be treated with respect and be heard . Not demoted to a mere region within UKOK and subservient to self serving HQ politicians who focus solely on EVEL.

      Now more than ever we need strong representation to send a message to May and Ruth, Jeremy and Keiza and Tim and Willie that WE want to decide if WE should be independent post Brexit because WE are sick of YOU dictating the terms…terms that favours not the Scots but favour only the regions as controlled by your respective HQ politicians.

      “Now is the time” for Scots to say “Enough is Enough” and for us to be “strong and stable” in our resolve and no longer tolerate the “coalition of unionist chaos” that exists only to suppress Scotland’s right to self determination….the unionists have had their chance now it’s Scotland’s’ turn to dictate it’s terms to benefit Scots living now and in the future.

      It can only be vote SNP tomorrow if you want to support Scotland and it’s people…….SNP who truly are the party for the many and not just for the few.

    151. Jimmy Crawford says:

      The Orange Order is strong in the Stirling backwoods, Rev. That’s pretty much all you need to know about that area.

    152. Davosa says:

      Time the fuckin
      geriatric vote fuckin shuffled off. Worked in England ! Cut off the borders and Aberdeen /north east and ignore the fuckers. Send them a trident each the quick way.

    153. Linda Muir says:

      Do you think Roothie is recruiting her own ‘Big Burly Men’ for outside the polling stations.

    154. Richardinho says:

      The guys clearly not the full shilling. Or to put it another way: a typical Scots Tory.

    155. Clootie says:

      The sad thing is that Ruth Davidson will do nothing. The local party will do nothing. The racists, homophobes, Europhobes and religious bigots are now the backbone of the Tory party.

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