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Ruth’s fishy friends

Posted on May 12, 2017 by

This week the Scottish media went in quite heavily with the news that Ruth Davidson had signed up “Scottish fishing industry leaders” to back the UK government over the Scottish Government, after the latter had warned that Westminster planned to sell out the industry again during Brexit negotiations.

To be honest we didn’t pay it a lot of heed, assuming that “Scottish fishing industry leaders” just meant Bertie Armstrong again – a longstanding ultra-staunch Unionist and Leave supporter with a track record as a reliable anti-independence rentaquote – and nothing in the coverage led us to believe otherwise.

But then we saw a picture:

Mr Armstrong is the white-haired and bearded chap standing immediately to the right of Davidson in the photo, with his hand on the top corner of her pledge. But who’s the fellow immediately to the left of her?

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, we know that he’s John Buchan of Peterhead:

And we know that he tweets as “crouchy197”:

And Mr Buchan has, well, some quite colourful views.

To be scrupulously fair, we can probably brush off his wish for the Scottish Parliament to be blown up and Nicola Sturgeon to be “taken out” as mere figures of speech rather than serious calls for violent acts:

And his reaction to the husband of murdered MP Jo Cox asking for a commemoration of the anniversary of her death is certainly tasteless and ugly, but nothing illegal:

But it gets worse than that.

He really loves French racist Marine Le Pen:

(Though to his credit he did eventually seem to realise that perhaps referring to her as a “Frog” wasn’t the best way to properly show his appreciation.)

And she does have some rivals in Mr Buchan’s affections:

From there it’s not a surprising leap to his views on Muslims and refugees:

(The answer to his question, incidentally, is “between 500,000 and 2.5 million”.)

He classes Humza Yousaf, born and raised in Glasgow, as a Pakistani:

And you might not be entirely astonished to find that he yearns for a return to the good old days of sectarian murder and violence in Northern Ireland:

His choice of words when opposing immigration is… revealing:

He especially seems to dislike migrants from the Philippines, or “flip flops” as they’re derogatorily known among certain sections of the North-East community:

He’s not a big fan of gay people either.

And you’ll never guess who he favours between Nicola Sturgeon and Donald Trump:

Or between her and Theresa May:

He’s pretty consistent in his views of the First Minister, in fact:

Although he seems to be in two minds over her call for a second referendum:

And he certainly favours a tough approach to Brexit negotiations:

We could go on, but you probably get the idea by now.

Now, we have to acknowledge that it’s not exactly a hold-the-front-page revelation to say Ruth Davidson has been scraping the sewers for allies. The parade of Tory bigots, UKIP rejects and general lowlifes revealed by the council elections is now almost comical in length (the latest additions being the delightful Alistair “Mulder1981” Majury and Robert “spears and loincloths” Davies), to the point where it’d almost be easier to name the Scottish Conservative councillors who weren’t open racists.

But in recruiting the likes of John Buchan, celebrated Remain campaigner Davidson must surely be getting pretty close to the bottom of the barrel.

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377 to “Ruth’s fishy friends”

  1. Big Jock says:

    Once again outstanding work Rev. What a nasty piece of work, and surely some of this is offensive enough for the police to rattle his door.

    We need to get this out in the MSM but I doubt it will get there. Incidentally what is the process for outing these people to the officials.

  2. cearc says:

    I’m amazed that he’s not a councilor or MSP. Seems ideal for the Ruth Party (formerly known as Scottish Conservatives).

  3. Graham Fae Fawkirk says:

    Why does the old Viz cartoon character ‘Baxter Basics’ come to mind when read the crazed mind-frothings of these sub-literate lunatics? I have NO IDEA. “What a glorious nation!”

  4. Thepnr says:

    My jaw near hit the floor reading that lot but then I realised who he was getting his picture taken with and there is no surprise whatsoever that he has such views.

    Right wing UKITORY bigots.

  5. Robert Roddick says:

    Would it be offensive to ask where and when this individual received his ”education”?

  6. Thepnr says:

    I feel sorry for the fishermen being led by the nose by this lot.

  7. Jamie says:

    Is he a coke addict by any chance? He is surely angry like one. He needs to take a chill pill. Especially considering it’s the union that threatens human decency.

  8. Brian Powell says:

    She may ‘review’ her view on that ally, as she ‘reviews’ her view of the rape clause, but more likely not.

    Though expecting the intrepid journos at the Press & Journal to pursue this, but more likely not.

  9. The Proctor Lewis says:

    No surprise he is a small man, in statute and intellect, a bright future awaits him in the Ruth Harrison Party no doubt.
    I remember when such odious individuals could not even enter the door of an association building. Such is the state of the conservatives that even the unremarkable Ruth has no qualms or perhaps an idea who she is standing beside.

  10. Helpmaboab says:

    On the bright side, it’s handy that everyone bigoted, thuggish or otherwise repellant in Scotland is rallying around Ruth’s party.

    It makes our political decisions much easier. Keeps things nice and simple.

  11. johnny rudkin says:

    if this is the company big ruthie is using for her argument for a better scotland with some of her new councillors she will have to wait till after 9o clock to get on the tv

  12. Marcia says:

    He is not exactly a floating voter.

  13. Legerwood says:

    Charming …not..but all of a piece with what is going on in the Tory party now.

    Guardian did an article on the fisherman’s reaction to the selected leaks from Leadsom’s letter story. Did nae like it, was all wrong – pretty well sums it up.

    However, the article did say that the fishermen had released the whole text of the letter but strangely did not give a link to it. They appeared to be saying that everything was going to be fine. Bless.

    Anyone got a link to the letter? I have had a search but no luck.

  14. Chris says:

    Sheesh, that has to be everwhere surely. Even The Mail cant ignore that stuff. This truly is the nastiest bunch of Scottish Tories I have ever seen. Emboldened by the WATP stuff of Murdo and Adam. And will do the Fishermens cause, which we all have sympathy with I think, no good at all. Shameful depressing stuff.

  15. Brian says:

    At what point can you send tweets like that and not get a visit from the Police? Death threats and inciting terrorism…oh wait. We live in Tory Britain where all these things are OK for the Far Right to say and all laws are not the same for Tory supporters.

    Now if a Vile Cybernat was to say something along the lines of ” I want to blow up Westminster and cut the head of the current Prime Minister” you can be assured that every newspaper and broadcaster would be wanting them arrested and probably hung…aye one rule for them and one for the rest of us…

  16. Thepnr says:


    Here you go.

  17. thingy says:

    It’s becoming like the queue to sign up for Hedley’s gang in Blazing Saddles. 🙂

  18. Its often said you are known by the company you
    keep and that a Picture is worth a thousand

    Well Ruth Davidson must be really proud to be
    associated with such an individual who expresses
    such vile and hateful views.

  19. heedtracker says:

    The Blue toon does have some colourful unionists. Bertie for Britain’s weird though, massive Brexiteer tory but bigger fish merchants in Aberdeen were all Remain because they didnt want to Leave their main EU markets, that have made them very wealthy indeed.

    Tories be crazy.

  20. Thepnr says:

    Sorry just page 1 there, here’s page 2.

  21. Richardinho says:

    So you mean to say that a person who Ruth Davidson has publicly associated herself with has pledged support for extremists and threatened violence against the First Minister?

    Well done Stu, I hope the BBC have been informed; they will probably want to put you on a retainer for this!

  22. Socrates MacSporran says:

    A Peterhead supporter. At least they wear blue, but, come on John, whit team dae ye REALLY support?

    Looks to me to be an ideal guy to sit next to big Murdo at Ibrox.

  23. Macart says:

    Some folk do so love to nurse their hatred, bigotry and violence.

    What catch for Ms Davidson.

    Well done. 🙄

  24. Richardinho says:

    @Socrates MacSporran Apparently he doesn’t like Graham Spiers either. This is obviously all coincidental!

  25. heedtracker says:

    UKOK types like “crouchy197” are rather butch.

    Beeb gimpery latest. What’s so wrong with being a UK pacifist? Rather a lot of people are dead thanks to the UK being so ‘I’m not a pacifist’, says Corbyn and they didn’t die old and content in their own beds either.

    ‘I’m not a pacifist’, says Corbyn
    Jeremy Corbyn at a rally on Thursday
    The Labour leader will say he accepts military action is sometimes needed “as a last resort”.
    3 hours ago
    From the section Election 2017 725 comments
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    Kuenssberg: ‘Let Jeremy be Jeremy’
    PM: Labour deserted working class
    Corbyn: Manifesto ‘agreed by all’

  26. Training Day says:

    We really should thank Ruth Harrison for facilitating the passage of these Neanderthal dregs of society into plain sight and gathering them all together in one place.

  27. maxi says:

    This lot have picked the wrong team, and karma will prevail.

  28. Mike says:

    Its now boiled down to a simple ideological choice across the whole of the UK between Fascism and not fascism.

    Yet both Labour and the Lib Dems in Scotland while opposing this fascism in England and Wales continue to embrace and support it here in Scotland.
    They would rather help the fascist Tories take seats from the SNP than oppose Fascism for its own sake in Scotland.
    That’s what I find utterly unforgivable.

  29. Nana says:

    Wow the tories really do attract the worst people. I hope the police are reading Wings.

    Don’t know if this has been posted before

  30. David Caledonia says:

    John Buchan, has he taken the 39 steps to get qualified as a right wing bigot, he is probably a member of the orange lodge as well, what a clown of a man this guy is, good old Ruth the Mooth , we can allways rely on her to put her foot in that silly mooth of hers, this should be sent to the press in scotland and a demand that it gets reported to the scottish electorate at once

  31. Flower of Scotland says:

    Wow! What a nasty individual.

    Just listened to Ruth on 5live. The aggression oozing from her amazing!

    Nasty, nasty people!

  32. galamcennalath says:

    The nasty party attract people of dubious morality. We shouldn’t be surprised.

    The fishing and farming industries need to realise that Brexit is going to hit them badly.

    Seems some in the fishing industry are pro Brexit/Union/Tories for political reasons, not for their industry. They won’t be better with Brexit.

    WTO tariffs on fresh food are huge. Outside the single market and we can forget exporting agricultural produce into the EU.

    CAP payments for farming will disappear. Hill and island small farmers/crofters are often literally subsistence. They need the subsidies.

    This is proportionally a much bigger problem for Scotland. The solution is Indy and a friendly close relationship with the EU.

  33. Kingseat says:

    Perfectly understandable he holds these sort of views. It’s what happens when you marry your cousin.

  34. call me dave says:

    Nice to see these despicable individuals and their political friends given a touch of cleansing sunlight.

    Worked for Dracula but for tories naw! Stronger measures needed a X in the right box!

    Local Elections, alphabet soup.

    No problem for me as the SNP had Vetraino and Wilton in my ward.
    Both elected. 🙂

  35. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    It was bad enough when former Labour MP (remember them?) Anne Begg was cheekily photo-carpetbagged in Aberdeen by notorious NF frontman Dave Macdonald, which was telling us something even then about the associations of Better Together, but we did all know that Ms Begg had absolutely nothing in common with him other than support for the Union.

    This association of Rude Gal’s with another from the same mould is an entirely different kettle of fish (pardon the pun). Col. Ruthfuhrer is actively seeking out the support of these anti-democratic dregs.

    If that’s the foundation of sand upon which the “Tory revival” is being built, they are not going to prosper, especially when the word gets around.

    But you are playing with fire, Ruthiebabes, and you know it, and sooner or later someone’s going to get burnt.

  36. Effijy says:

    Can’t that catch be put back in the sea?

    No one in their right mind would swallow that lot.

    Like me, is your mind racing back to the entire UK media going ballistic when someone claiming to support independence makes
    comments a lot milder than that creep’s.

    He is such a nasty vicious character that he should surely be standing as a Conservative candidate at the next election?

    The Westminster Government sold Scottish Fishermen down the river when negotiating with the EU.
    It seems that this crew are trying to ensure that this ship sinks again with a Union “I’m all right” Jack on the back of it.

  37. Shug says:

    One wonders where the BBC is on this issue
    No coverage required I guess
    What planet must BBC reporters live in when they cover for this type of character
    IT does raise my concern that Westminster will ‘Ulsterise’ Scottish politics and arm Scottish unionists
    I look froward to one being interviewed and challenged on their unster views
    It will be very interesting once it is clear ulster will be slipped into Southern Ireland as part of a Brexit deal

  38. Sunniva says:

    I noticed the tweets you show had different locations. Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Fredrikshaven Denmark…. Malaysia (Puleau Pinang). Quoi…?

    Great detective work. These fruitcakes will be Harrison’s undoing.

  39. call me dave says:

    Jigsaw piece to make up the bigger picture.

    “That will be John from Peterhead, that is always phoning into call kaye”.

    Says an Aberdeen spotter. Now I know, always wondered about John.

  40. Proud Cybernat says:

    Don’t now if I should revile this individual or express pity for him. He is a product of Establishment ‘divide & rule’.

    These individuals define themselves not by what they love in life but by who and what they hate. And this individual ‘hates’ because that is what he has been ‘taught’ to do by the insidious media in this country and other backward thinking ‘groups’.

    The really sad thing though is that Mr Buchan doesn’t even appear to possess the wit to see what the media and these hate groups have done to him. Indeed, I would go as far to say that he is as much a victim on the Yoon side of Establishment divide and rule manipulations as many are on the Indy side.

    Many in the fishing community do not see that (t)Ruth(less) Davidson is merely a representative of The Establishment and will use them for her own ends, reward the fishing community’s ‘leaders’ and shit on the rest once her own goal has been achieved.

    Why can’t they see that Davidson offers them nothing but a:

    Coalition of Chaos

  41. HandandShrimp says:

    Hilarious! The Tory party really are a collection of reactionary UKIP loons. How many more are going to be revealed?

    Ruth, your people are brick short of a full hod. Your so called surge is blowing back in your face.


  42. Stoker says:

    John W Buchan?

    A cowardly, foul-mouthed bigot with a face to match. Can you even imagine the stench coming from that lot in the picture? As for her “pledge”, i’d put more faith in the canned variety to deliver. Scum, every last one of them!

  43. Truth says:

    I’ve never understood this clamber to report people like this.

    You don’t report them, you use them as a recruiting tool for our side.

    If you report all these people the evidence of their nastiness disappears.

  44. Bill McDermott says:

    There are a few Buchans in the NE associated with the fishing industry. Jimmy Buchan for instance who featured in the television series on his Amity trawler became a Tory party candidate fighting Alex Salmond in a previous election on behalf of the millionaire skippers out of Fraserburgh and Peterhead, not to mention Lerwick and Scalloway.

    But there was another more thoughtful Buchan in the National the other day telling us the real story behind the demise of the fishing industry. He admitted it was all down to greed and the changes in fishing technology.

    As for Bertie Armstrong, I can’t stand the man. Instead of being supportive of the conservation measures in the CFP (which themselves are a compromise in favour of the catchers) he is off the scale in terms his many mistakes on good stewardship of our marine resources.

  45. John de Soulis says:

    I archived the letter here.

  46. donald anderson says:

    Is she ashamed, etc? Naw.

  47. Ipsi says:

    Yikes, felt a little ill reading all those tweets.

  48. stuart says:

    How come he consistently spells fuck and fucking in that weird way? Is that a thing?

  49. Tinto Chiel says:

    “We life (sic) in what used to be an Anglo Saxon protestant country.”

    What happened to the Scots?

    What a nasty wee man, with his fcuking, aggression and death threats (sorry, just banter, you humourless haggis-munchers). Seems a classic case of over-compensation to me.

    Do you think he has a small tinkie-winkie?

  50. Graeme McCormick says:

    As my granny would have said: you are tarred by the friends you keep.

  51. Cag-does-thinking says:

    I don’t know why but in answer to that “There are a lot of Buchans” we could perhaps differentiate him by calling him the Buchan Racist but I digress.

    While everyone was being entertained by the weekly squabble on QT on STV news there was an interesting discussion about Russia’s position on Scottish independence largely framed in the context of that Russia’s media outlets might be broadcasting pro-independence “propaganda” which the poor mere mortals of Scotland should be protected from.

    The discusion was cordial and civilised between two journalists as far as I can tell who it seems don’t do irony. It was then pretty much followed by an SNP bad report as usual.

    Nothing seems to upset the media here more than the suggestion that somebody else might be broadcasting something which is at odds with their well crafted cut and pastes of the party line from their lords and masters in London.

  52. Robert Louis says:

    Wow, Tory Rape clause Ruth Davidson, really has some lovely friends. It is odd, that as a gay person, she chooses to be associated with an out and out extreme homophobe, or as a woman, somebody who refers to the First Minster constantly as a ‘Bitch’, whilst suggesting she should be killed.

    Then we also have her latest batch of extremist Tory councillors, including one who has been sacked by the Boys Brigade, but oddly, Tory Ruth Davidson thinks he is quite fine, and should remain as a TORY councillor.

    Ahhh.. Ruth Davidson, a woman of no credibility, integrity or principles, not even prepared to defend gay rights.

  53. Alba Jock says:

    He is a bigger nationalist than me!!!

    Also, a low life, weasel, who would probably have voted for Theresa Thatcher May if she pushed the button. And with any luck he would be attached to the nuke for good guidance with the would be first minister in long waiting.

    In advance I am apologising for stooping so low with my comment. HAD ENOUGH of the s h 1 t!!!

  54. Bob Mack says:

    I suppose many will view this in terms of the independence debate, but I do not. I view this simply in the terms of mere morality and decency.

    After thousands of years on this planet there are those among us in Scotland who still give prominence to this type of racist sectarian little git. Worse still, he is being given prominence and acceptance by a Scottish politician because she needs such characters on board to maintain the Union.

    All pretence at wanting to see Scotland thrive and prosper can now be dumped in the waste by Ms Davidson. She really wants Scotland to be stuck at 1690, and hostage to religious bigotry and quasi fascism.

    One day there will be a reckoning for the actions of the Tories and others. History will not judge them kindly and rightfully so. They want the rule of the mob to trample over our ancient right to self determination. Recruitment of such loathsome characters is seen as a way of legitimising and cornering the support of a religious grouping.

    I think Davidson will be disappointed.

  55. Sinky says:

    The EU Common Fisheries Policy actually saved the Scottish fishing industry. If left to many of the trawler skippers and Westminster there would have been no fish conservation measures.

    Also many sold their quotas to fish in Scottish waters to Spanish owners then fisherman leaders complained about foreign vessels.

  56. dakk says:

    Who would have thought that all the little fishes in the sea could become such a magnet for such a bunch of horrible mad bastards?

    Enough to put me off haddock for life.

  57. Calum McKay says:

    Sadly Stuart, davidson is no where near how far down the barrel she will scrape to gain support for the union, buchan is one of many.

    Makes you wonder what Ms Rowling would make of this unionist bile?

  58. Dan Huil says:

    Good post, Sinky. Good question too.

  59. Eckle Fechan says:

    Is he a chance opportunist in a photo, or has she or her staff really “recruited” him? She probably hasn’t a clue about his caustic gutter tirade on sh1tter. Or has she?! Well she has now..

    Amazing how much energy gets used up with bile and hatred.

    I long for a New Enlightenment period, accompanied by a new Clearances initiative to go with it – of mindset and attitude but might be easier to kettle them and cast them adrift on the sub-boats as they leave Faslane.

    “Bye-bye boats,” as my 2 yr old daughter might say.

  60. Dan Huil says:

    Question? Oops. Sorry, Sinky, no question needed. Anyway there should be no plaice for the xenophobic likes of John Buchan in any party.

  61. Dinnatouch says:

    In any normal country with an unbiased media this would be a major scandal and Ruth would be forced to offer a grovelling apology. Scotland’s media however will ignore this completely, though it’s possible the BBC might run it in order to blame Nicola for being the source of Ruth’s embarassment.

  62. Macart says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    OMG! 😮

    That was the interview from hell.

  63. john young says:

    Awell used tool”divide and rule ya fool” remember Thatcher at the time of the Miners strike fawning all over the Nottinghamshire “democratic miners” Roy something or other,he was their darling in the media/telly almost non stop,he was promised everything and at the end received fcuk all and after job done vanished.

  64. Dr Jim says:

    Now I’m not the grammar or spelling police and everybody makes mistakes from time to time but have you noticed a common trait of all these British Nationalists most of them have a definite problem with the language with which they’re trying to express themselves

    Could it be their arrogant bastirt attitudes prevented them from any learning discipline even as schoolchildren
    Or maybe their teachers received no respect from them because

    They wurnae in the Ludge no surendur wee arra peepul
    Whit dae ye meen spelin mistackes!

  65. Richardinho says:

    I’ve said it before: Scottish Conservatives are basically mentally ill.

  66. Walter Scott says:

    They’re a right bunch of wrong uns. My friend who will remain nameless was working as barstaff at Marlins Wynd restaurant in Edinburgh the night the tories held their Christmas party. A drunk ruth Davidson picked up a pot plant & threw it at the door then walked out. Barstaff then ran outside & dragged her back in to clean up the mess. This was about 3 years ago. Davidson is an unsavory character

  67. Swami Backverandah says:

    We’re gonna need a bigger shark.

  68. Ken500 says:

    On another planet. From where do some of these people get their ideas?

    The French are left of centre not fascists. Like most of Europe. Hope Corbyn/Labour does well in England/Wales. Hold the Tories to account instead abstaining or voting through Tory policies. Independence in the EU for Scotland.

    The Tories are not collecting enough in taxes in England to cover essential services. The Tories are borrowing and spending on grotesque projects of no value. Increasing the debt. Gross mismanagement.

  69. Tinto Chiel says:

    Ian Brotherhood @1.11.

    Thanks for linking to Ruthie’s excruciating interview: what a squirmer she is. And note she could not bring herself to use the R Word.

    Emma Barnett did very well, not letting her off the hook and not getting deflected.

    Hope she doesn’t suffer the same fate as Isabel Fraser just for doing her job and asking probing questions.

  70. Mike says:

    Can you imagine a world where fascism got everything it ever wanted and created the world to their desired end?

    There wouldn’t be an ounce of joy to be found anywhere at anytime. A world split between slaves and slave masters.

    A world where everybody even those at the top would be unsatisfied and desperate.

    That’s the thing when you crave power and wealth you can never be satisfied as long as there is more power and wealth to accumulate.

    That’s the ideology of right wing extremism. That’s the incurable sickness of fascism.

    And make no mistake it is a sickness a mental disease.

    It takes aspiration and warps it into blinkered obsession and a craving for an unquenchable grasp for ever more.

    Simply put the world is not nearly enough for these people.

  71. Just as well to see the low life.
    He may well be delighted that his views have been aired.
    Ruth D has also some crude expressions when she is overcome by her own importance!

  72. Ananurhing says:

    What gets me is that Buchan, Armstrong and their like assume ownership of our fisheries by some God given right. Our fisheries are a NATIONAL asset. They are in the queue to buy a license to exploit OUR assets.

    Normally individuals seeking contracts issued by govt. are scrutinised to ascertain they are a fit and proper people to do so.

    Perhaps a wee wake up call is required here in the future.

    I mean, would you even get a job interview with a hate filled facebook and twitter trail like Buchan.

    I have never understood why Orangism gained such a foothold in the NE.

  73. Mungo says:

    I wonder if the Scottish Fishing industry have anything to say about this? Does any one know who would be the best person to contact regarding this?

  74. Legerwood says:

    Thepnr DW and others

    Thank you for the links to the letter. Would not place much faith in the language used suggesting any sort of cast-iron guarantee of anything. For example, the bit towards the end of the letter where she says they want the fishing communities to be ‘self-reliant’. In other words, you are own your own chaps don’t look to us for help.

  75. Karmanaut says:

    I think its wonderful that this site gets such a huge readership. Always cheers me up.

  76. Robert Graham says:

    Excellent link to that well known liar Ruthless embarrassing, and very telling, this is one interviewer who has been brave enough to break from the usual BBC line , and she totally nailed ruthless, if this was replicated by others in the media, the Tory party would die of embarrassment.
    Well done Emma Barnett excellent interview, and exposed the liar this Tory is .
    I just wonder if this has harmed her future career , the Tory party doesn’t like criticism.

  77. Clapper57 says:

    Was watching clip from video of QT last night where David Hayman was speaking and camera panned out to show panel.

    Saw Scotland in Union Merryn Somerset Webb give small nod towards someone in audience then camera panned to Tory Councillor who asked first question and he clearly gave nod back to Webb… if to say I’ve got this.

    Perhaps drinky poos pre broadcast where strategy discussed between Webb, Tory on panel, Tory activists in audience and the two Tory Councillors…..and dare I say BBC QT staff.

    Yes thanks to social media we are no longer oblivious to the depths both BBC and Tory unionists are willing to sink to protect their precious union.

    Loved how David Hayman put Tory in place when he highlighted Ruth’s local elections literature was ALL about Independence….Tory got all flustered and his argument bust re SNP all about independence and not getting on with day job. Perhaps he should watch FM questions and see who it is who is OBSESSED with independence week in and week out……the unionists !

    John Buchan

    Oh my Ruth the company you keep ……think you should vet who you stand shoulder to shoulder with…..certainly confirms the ‘we are as one’ UKIP/Tory party. Words fail me…..consorting with such a blatant Troll , racist and bigot and generally disgusting sub human being…..not surprised he consorts with you and your party though….marriage made in heaven (or Hell) …..oh my this SHOULD be embarrassing for you Ruth but then….you ARE a TORY…so par for the course.

    Yeh does kinda show what unionists talking about re DIVISION when Neanderthal unionists given platform to sow seeds of division in their usual vile way…..though he is sowing more than seeds of division and hate is he not…..padded cells in secure units house saner people than this foul specimen….oh Ruth you need to come down from your high horse and take stock of your troops on the ground….they certainly are BLUE but perhaps more of a shocking blue than you want the electorate to be aware of……..I for one am shocked but alas not surprised.

  78. Capella says:

    Has he been on QT yet? “You sir – with the UJ jacket and twisted sneer – what question do you want to put to the panel?”

    Full marks Stu for trawling through that litany of drivel. Ruth Davidson certainly has a sorry bunch of followers.

  79. Breeks says:

    “O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!”

    Job done I think for Mr John William Buchan.

  80. heedtracker says:

    Mungo says:
    12 May, 2017 at 1:55 pm
    I wonder if the Scottish Fishing industry have anything to say about this? Does any one know who would be the best person to contact regarding this?

    You may aswell contact SpongeBob SquarePants. Keep in mind, UK fishing industry prior to EU membership had more or less emptied our seas of all life, mammal and fish.

    Look at how Iceland had to got to war with the UK in the 70’s, to keep them out of Icelandic 200 mile oceanic cod fisheries. They knew that the UK fishing industry would destroy it, because this is what they do.

    Its an insane dysfunction of a UK industry, even our estuaries once teemed with life, they are now all dead zones. Or look at our sea loch’s, poisoned to the brink of catastrophe by fish farming.

    EU membership saved what was left of the North and Atlantic oceanic fisheries, most of which belong to Scotland. But same UK fishing industry really want a total monopoly of these fisheries, excluding everyone in the EU. Why not, lied the tories, Iceland has.

    UK fishing industry is deep sea fishing off north west Africa, and once again, they are wreaking untold environmental havoc on deep sea Atlantic marine life, all of which is having a massive impact on local African states with inshore fishing industries that have seen these fisheries become extinct.

    Bertie for Britain and chums are effectively an environmental holocaust but they get away with due all that staggering corruption, BBC and UK gov style. Bertie for Britain says, “we will not turn our seas into an aquarium.

    Dysfunction doesn’t come close to these psychos.

    15 years later, EU subsidised giant industrial fishing boats, with multimillionaire owners, are running out of fish to catch again, off of Africa,

  81. HeehawBaws says:

    Man! This will be all over the papers tomorrow.

  82. Dek says:

    Bob Mack at 12.59. So true. Right wing xenophobia,openly expressed hatred and incitement to violence is now firmly in the mainstream.The empire’s last stand and it’s come down to a vindictive trashing of Scotland. A monster has been unleashed.

  83. Dorothy Devine says:

    Re the Ruth Tankie Buffalo girl interview , did I hear aright?

    ‘We sit together in cabinet…..’ Is the leader of tories in Scotland invited to sit ‘in cabinet’?

  84. Capella says:

    Bertie Armstrong is ex Royal Navy. I read before that he comes from Northern Ireland but I don’t see any links to that. it would certainly explain the staunch unionism.

    The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation announced the appointment of Bertie Armstrong as the new Chief Executive of SFF and its wholly owned subsidiary company SFF Services Limited.

    Mr Armstrong, 53, previously served as a Commander in the Royal Navy, most recently heading two departments at Clyde Naval Base on the west coast of Scotland.

    He has extensive sea experience around the UK and Northern Europe, and previously held posts in the Falkland Islands and in southern Italy. He will take up post as CEO of SFF and SFFS on 25th April 2005.

  85. dakk says:

    Buchan reminds me a bit of Peter Tobin.

    Definitely from the same bad British stock by the sound of him.

    I would be very surprised if Tobin is not also a Unionist.

  86. Bloo says:

    I remember once in an interview Alex Salmond said the North East suffered from peripherality. Maybe, maybe no, but it doesnae seem to have dawned on some that there’s no periphery online.
    This is shocking. When you think the country is making some progress out of the sectarian waste of time and then get the likes of this crawling oot from under it’s stane – it’s a sobering moment and a reminder that we might just be dealing wi this sorry mess for a long time to come.

  87. Fred says:

    Buchan’s “Deliverance!” material, a wee shite wi wan eyebrow n wan granny!
    Wherrs the banjo?

  88. Jack Murphy says:

    Maybe someone with a bit of time should send the top photo of Ruth Davidson with friends,and article to Tory Head Office:

    The Conservative Campaign Headquarters
    The British Conservative Party
    4 Matthew Parker Street

    Just a thought.

  89. HandandShrimp says:

    I didn’t watch QT but I see it is being suggested that two of the questioners were Tory Councillors.

    The BBC – bringing you non-stop Tory propaganda. How crooked can they get?

  90. Robbo says:

    HandandShrimp says:
    12 May, 2017 at 2:48 pm
    I didn’t watch QT but I see it is being suggested that two of the questioners were Tory Councillors.

    The BBC – bringing you non-stop Tory propaganda. How crooked can they get?

    Probably that tit tit wae white mawket jacket on. He dinnae have a scoobie.

  91. CameronB Brodie says:

    I love it when real life suggests the social sciences have a value. Remember, the authoritarian personality tends to be accepting of propaganda aimed at maintaining the status quo. They also tend to be hostile to difference.

    How has such an repelant individual been allowed to gain influence at such a high level of Scottish politics? British nationalism’s intrinsic Tory-leaning racism, simples.

    The political psychology of UKIP: Personality factors,
    authoritarianism and support for right-wing populist parties in Britain.


    This study investigates psychological factors that help explain why some people are more likely to support a right-wing populist party.

    Based on existing literature from political science and psychology, the paper argues that some of the ‘big five’ personality factors are relevant for political attitudes and behaviour. Specifically, in line with recent work on the relationship between personality factors and attitudes on immigration (e.g. Akrami et al 2010,Dinesen et al 2014), openness to experience and agreeableness can be expected to affect views on immigration, and in turn support for right-wing populist parties. A distinct but related research programme (Feldman 2003, Dunn 2015), stresses the importance of an authoritarian value system for right-wing party support, and this paper investigates the role of both personality factors and authoritarianism in the British political context.

    The analysis uses data from the 2015 British Election Study, and shows that openness to experience, agreeableness, and authoritarian values are strongly associated with more negative views on immigration and minorities, and ultimately support for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

  92. jimnarlene says:

    A vile excuse of a “man”. Utterly repulsive.

  93. Dorothy Devine says:

    Just watching QT and wondering who the silly woman is adopting the kind of ‘sit down’ attitude of R .Davidson.

  94. Desimond says:

    Those Fishermen bosses..theyre getting on the telly almost as often as that Irish Union Boss called in for any old segment on BBC Scotland News, last one being Standard Life merger ( remember Standard Life from back in the early backing days?) and job losses.

    I await the fishermen bosses being unavailable for comment when Mays Cabinet decide that NO returned powers shall be devolved and that North Sea Fishing Rights have been carved up to allow a license for Financial Services or something similar for City and South East.

    Im still laughing at Willie rennie saying “We need a regional policy regards fishing” Scotlands a region now Willie?

  95. Dorothy Devine says:

    I also noticed that the chap, given an enormous amount of time with the first question , give a nod to someone off to the right.

  96. Thaoms says:

    Holy shit where do they find these be these people. Absolutely scum so they are. God help us if we dont independence. It will be Northern Ireland all over again, sectarian divide and conquer.

  97. Alba 46 says:

    Re radio 5 Live interview with Davidson. Car crash comes nowhere near to describe this interview. Davidson was like a goldfish. She stumbled and blustered her way through this. She was pinned to the wall time and time again by Emma Barnett.

    This is real journalism where the interviewer holds the interviewee to account and does not let them off the hook. You could feel Davidson’s discomfort. Normally she is protected from reporters who dare to ask direct uncomfortable questions. She struggled and is shown up for what she, a big bag of wind fed on a diet of meaningless soundbites.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Emma Barnett’s career is either over or will be the overseas corespondent for the Ascension islands.

  98. Cactus says:

    In light of the result findings of our recent local elections (and articles like this one..) in keeping with the times, one of the answers to the outstanding question has now been updated accordingly:

    Should Scotland become an independent country again?
    Vote Yes or Orange.

    That’s right undecided no voters, no has turned orange. No no longer exists.

    Be wary of which side of the answer that you associate yerself with, when you next have the excellent opportunity to vote and choose for Scotland.

  99. heedtracker says:

    The BBC – bringing you non-stop Tory propaganda. How crooked can they get?

    They really want their money too. We no longer pay a tv licence, since 2014, two home visits, Percapita people good scope round the house, only “rec areas,” they don’t go into your bedrooms and loos, nice lady said. Not required to pay.

    I often watch BBC vote Tory Lunchtime Politics online, with Ligger Neil going batshit toryboy mental, mainly like watching a circus clown, via my BT HotSpots combo deal, in local coffee shop, which comes with BT broadband contract.

    Anyway, yesterday got mailed BBC demand again for tv licence, as they can see I watch their iplayer thing online. Get tae France BBC but just shows, beeb gimps are on the war path.

    Its the same if you’re listening to BBC radio online so, presumably they’re logging all IP addresses, contacting providers, and bazinga, they’re baaaaaack:D

  100. gordoz says:

    After seein all that bile – where & when does thus nugget actually get on with the any fishin? Take it he’s involved somewhere – she’s no’ that daft surely

    Or does he just get the said “flip/flops” to cover the hard graftin.

    What an odious cretin.

  101. Desimond says:

    Did Ruth make a Faustian pact?

    After reading the comments above and thinking about her past antics, decisions, associations, comments,actions and inactions, its the only reason I can think of to validate her untouchability.

    The saying used to go “be known by the company you keep” yet for Ruth all we have is “prosper regardless of the company you keep”…for instance:

    Sit Down..not a ripple
    Rape clause..not even a scratch!
    Ignorant councillors..So what she sighs as it simple results in more and yet more Ruthie coverage with no visible harm.

    We are all optimistic enough to think karma will yet come but for now its one of the modern day phenomena.

    Lest we forgive, this lady actually got elected without needing the list!

  102. Proud Cybernat says:

    Catch of the day:

  103. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Dorothy Devine @ 2.27pm

    Well spotted Dorothy, I heard that one too. There has to be an obvious answer, Fluffy was ill that day and Rooth the Mooth was called-in as emergency tea-girl, gofer, just so they could say the Scots were represented in cabinet.

  104. JLT says:


    Ruth’s hands are getting dirtier and dirtier by the day.

    I think it’s getting to the stage that we produced a list of all the obnoxious and unpleasant people that surround Ruth (or she endorses) as well as a list of the dodgy amendments that she backs, and then in that last week before the election, we all agree to post the list like crazy over Facebook. Get it our there and let everyone know what everyone’s favourite Scottish Tory has been up to. Basically …drop the anvil on her head in that last week before the election and give the Unionists no time to respond.

    I have to admit, I was rather shocked at some of the quotes that this Buchan has posted. And I’m not that easily shocked.

    I think it’s getting to that time that Ruth had all her dirty laundry aired properly. Certainly the media aren’t going to bother, so maybe we should instead.

  105. Iain says:

    Capella – here’s a link to a PDF which gives Armstrong’s birthplace as Belfast:

    You can still hear it in his accent: he’s ironed it out, mostly – probably to help his career in the RN – but you can still hear the twang from time to time.

    Not just a unionist, Stu, but an Ulster Unionist – living a fantasy which is weird and repugnant to ordinary Britnats.

  106. Cactus says:

    Nice catch Proud Cybernat.


    Mon the fish!

  107. starlaw says:

    I wondered why young Scottish boys no longer want to put a foot on these fishing boats ….
    Now I know why

  108. Robbo says:

    Proud Cybernat says:
    12 May, 2017 at 3:16 pm
    Catch of the day:

    Lol I don’t think that poor guy wae brown trousers wanted to be in that pic,especially behind that eegit! Look at him-I’m no here surely,wtf have i got mysel into.

  109. The Tories sold out the Scottish Fishing Industry as being expendable when the UK joined the then Common Market. They will do the same again to cut brexit deals for financiers and bankers in the City of London.

    Stu has done well to expose the nasty bigoted company that Ruth Davidson is keeping.The face of the modern Tory party in Scotland. She is a disgrace!

  110. Desimond says:

    Just listening to that Ruth interview…has she been instructed NOT to say the word RAPE?

    She avoids all together referring to the clause then when cornered says “Non consensual” which all seems very much instructed.

    Im thinking theres PR folk behind scenes wanting to avoid sound clips and mash-ups.

    Still laughing at “Welfares not devolved”…you can hear the “F*CK!” alarm go off in Ruthies head

  111. Capella says:

    @ Iain – interesting bio for Bertie.

    Passionate about the welfare of all sectors of the Scottish fishing fleet, he has been a vigorous defender of the interests of the SFF’s member associations, promoting the sustainable harvesting of our seas and the protection of our fragile fishing communities.

    With his RN, Faslane and NATO background he would be the ideal person to tell us how the shellfish died and what it is in the Holy Loch that must not be disturbed, ever.

  112. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Cracking Fantasy NE Fisherfolk comment in today’s Neo-Fascist Voice of the North letters page.

    Royal appointed Fishmonger Ken Watmough has a pop at SNP wanting to “use Scottish fisheries as leverage for EU membership”.

    Ken doesnae worry about the UK using them as a leverage over Gibraltar though.

    Ken also says “Remember it is Scotland’s Fish”

    Aye, but Ken forgets it is UK Waters.

    Also, I can’t remember Ken kicking off in 1999 when Red Tory Bliar redrew Scotland’s Maritime Boundary and gifted England 6000 square miles of Scottish Waters and all the fish therein (and the oil and gas by the way).

    Probably because this boundary change was designed specifically to disadvantage Scotland’s case for independence by a Westminster Unionist Government so Ken probably agreed.

    How’s that song go “The Fash, Ken Watmough whored” 🙂

  113. Cactus says:

    Check out the pictures above of person with mic in front of a ¼ UJ flag.

    If the subtitled text below is the kinda stuff that’s being said…

    It’s their next generation kids that get taught to hate.

    Like the wee lassie at the bottom left.

    Independence can escape that.

    That’s freedom.


  114. Dorothy Devine says:

    Socrates, I’m not even sure they’d allow her to make the tea. I think they allow her to tell massive big , jolly hockey sticks lies though !

  115. North chiel says:

    O/T, however, how very convienent for the Tories , that some hospitals
    “across country”, have been hit by large scale cyber attack and ” non urgent activity has been postponed” ( Bath mentioned Rev Campbell? don’t get ill we need you.) . Labour attacks on Tory NHS record on run up to GE can now be blamed on ” mysterious cyber smokescreen”. Of course they will have top class back up medical facilities at GCHQ ?

  116. Clapper57 says:

    Robbo @2.53 says :
    “Probably that tit tit wae white mawket jacket on. He dinnae have a scoobie”.

    Hi Robbo, yes he found it difficult to articulate a sentence as , like most unionists, he was pure ragin that the usual BritNat propaganda fest was not being played out via Questionable Time via the Biased Broadcasting (lack of) Corporation ( to Scots viewers)……they don’t like it up them , is I believe, quite appropriate .

    I clocked him in audience long before he spoke….or rather tried (badly) to articulate… and laughingly… failing miserably to convey anything other than gibberish p*sh filled ranting communicating nada to debate……strongly suspected he was angry unionist ready to take up the baton to generate some division by his dour face and no surrender body language…..I was indeed correct re the cut of his jib .

    The bash street Unionist twitter mob are pure dead ragin that the audience in general was not the usual hand picked SNPBAD ….my God don’t they know we live in a democracy ba dum tshhh….can’t always be UKOK love fest…..oh they like to dish it out but they can’t take it…..also re Ruth’s car crash interview with Emma Barnett on Radio 5 live….wonder if at the end she threw a pen down in rage…like what she does in Scottish parliament when given a verbal thumping….not sure Daily Express will highlight her being slapped down by honest interviewer… dum tshhh drum roll on repeat.

  117. HandandShrimp says:

    I have just listened to the Ruth Davidson radio 5 interview.

    It isn’t her best outing ever is it? A fair bit of lying too. The interviewer could have skewered her even more if she wanted too. Defending Tory policies is a quick sand hell hole.

  118. Foonurt says:

    Anithurr loon, fae thoan noarth-east. Jist lik yoan erse Ken MacBrayne, fae Dungannichy, thit stood fur thoan tory erses ower oan Isle of Benbecula. Apparently, oan thurr voting-slip, bit horst oot, fur baein too extreme fur thurr tories. Lik thoan Reverend Ian Paisley wance saying, Pastor Jack Glass wiz ah wee bit extreme.

    Cannae help bit noatice, thoan erses aye huv shite English. Huv thae awe cum fae, thoan awfae schules, wae shitey wrichtin in reading. Wull, accoardin tae yoan Tories, Labour, Libdems in Scoattish Survey Ah Wurds In Nummurrs. Bit haud oan. Ower ett yoan ‘National’, (10th Meiy) Larry Flanagan (EIS) sid “… it is important we keep these figures in context. These particular figures relate to 2016, a session when teachers and pupils were being placed under great strain through over-assessment linked to new qualifications and the resultant excessive workload demands. Overall the figures highlight that Scottish pupils are Continuing to perform well despite the many challenges that our schools have faced in recent years.”

    John Swinney (Education Secretary) said ” A stable performance and drop in S2 writing is simply not good enough.” While James McEnaney (lecturer, writer & former secondary school teacher) said “It is important to note that the S2 data is in fact referenced against S3 benchmarks, meaning that children are, for the purpose of a geuine comparison across different stages, being assessed a year early.”

    Ah, yaizhull ersin wae wurds in nummurrs, fae thoan anti-Scoattish SNP Government plooks.

  119. Thepnr says:

    Just read the whole article again, glutton for punishment I know but had to as I couldn’t believe what I read the first time.

    People like this cretin are among the most vile in our society, that they cosy up to Ruth Davidson is no surprise as the Tories are our most vile politicians. She cares naught what hatred might be stirred up as long as it brings her support. Any support at all, she would have made a good prisoner of war camp commander. Just following orders like.

    Journalists could download and read every single post on Wings and would not come close to finding one that comes anywhere near the vileness of that creature and his views. Yet we are deemed by the MSM as “Vile” Cybernats. Talk about self projection?

    That’s exactly what the talk of vile cybernats is all about as the majority of the No activists look to me like the most vile of all. Now why am I not surprised?

    You listening Lord George Foulkes?

  120. Lochside says:

    JLT…good suggestion of putting Harrison’s ugly sociopathic gub on Facebook with the galaxy of piranhas featured. How about a headline? …Stinking Fish..jumps to mind.

    BtW I don’t understand the significant element of orange pondlife that now appears to exist in the NE.Buchan loons like this turd used to disdain this sectarian guff.He’s so fucking thick that he thinks he’s anglo saxon for chrissake.There always was an element of huns in the Blue toon and surprisingly in Inverness as well.It shows how little Scottish history has been taught in our schools otherwise plankton like this would not exist.

  121. Breeks says:

    This is just getting bizarre.

    You’ve got the left vs right, the haves vs the have nots, the bigots vs the liberals, the rich vs the poor, Unionist vs Nationalist, Councillors too pervy for the Boys Brigade vs Councillors vilified without trial or charges by the press, the UK vs Europe, the inclusionists vs the xenophobes, even the stealth O-O getting a look in with their sectarianism.

    Has there ever been a clearer division between the forces of right and wrong? The light vs the darkness? It’s almost getting biblical.

    Any minute now we’re going to see orcs and hobbits, witches and wizards, centaurs and ogres all lining up to take their places. All the good guys on our side, not saints any one of us, just real, normal everyday folk, but all the cranks, liars, hypocrites, spivs, xenophobes, perverts, toadies, propagandists, crooks, thieves, colonial imperialists, anti-green, bird trapping fox hunting sociopaths and archetypal villains are all lining up to defend the Union.

    If it was a Christmas pantomime the kids would cheer for YES and BOOO!! for a Unionism. No question about it.

    It’s kinda surreal frankly. Some things you just know don’t you? Daleks? Unionist. Werewolves? Unionists. Vampires? Unionists. Angels? Independentists. The Navi on Pandora? I’m quite sure that skin colour is Pantone 300. Unicorns? Oh the Unicorns… lol. Aliens? Unionist. Predators? Hmmm, best kept at arms length but I think they might shimmer for YES once Nicola has a word.

    Ok, I’m having a bit of a chuckle. But for my part, I can see no other future after Brexit beyond the lights going out, and life for all being harder, poorer, and altogether more miserable and hopeless. In Independence, we can give ourselves the chance to do it all so much better. If we fail to deliver Scotland its sovereign freedom of choice, then here in Scotland we will only ever know Winter.

    It really is like Back to the Future where 21st Century progressive Scotland meeting 1970’s narrow minded cringeworthy Scotland, but the two cannot simultaneously occupy the same space and time…

    We are living in our very own “Epic”, and we absolutely have to win.

  122. Graeme says:

    Maybe it’s just me but that guy at the back just doesn’t look comfortable

  123. ian murray says:

    Ruth afflicted with Keziaspeak when asked tough questions

    Speak faster and faster and use unrelated answers to avoid actual question

    That was a real interviewer at work

    She even got in the fact that Ruth was able to prepare her answers as she had requested the questions in advance

  124. Jimbo says:

    A Scot who sees himself as an Anglo Saxon protestant?

    Strange indeed – but not as strange as his spelling and grammar.

  125. I had to read all of the nonsense put up that fellow Buchan rhymes with fu**in sorry but sometimes I stoop low enough to see the sort that put up so much rubbish.He comes over as one of those daft teenagers who haven’t learned to think yet and take pride in being uncouth and vulgar.A distinct lack of manners,when there is one so ill-mannered you know immediately how bad an upbringing he’s had and an obvious school “dogger” the word scum could have had him in mind when it was thought up.I’ll be serious for a minute,he shows all those childish traits of trying to cause hurt with his tongue and only succeeds to show himself up,not yet grown-up but perhaps he never shall I’d say he was afraid of maybe having to be responsible for himself and by extension his country he has a very low opinion of himself and again his opinion of his country is similar and he has the fear that everybody is like him,we’re not but could laugh at him but he’s not really worthy of laughter.

  126. heedtracker says:

    TGIF! I recognise him from his fury at carbon capture fraud the tories pulled, after promising a huge carbon capture investment for Peterhead, if they voted tory. Ofcourse, tories famously reneged on it all but I’m sure I heard this nutter explain that carbon capture is all nonsense anyway, so good call tory UK gov. So he’s scientist too.

    Wings Over Scotland? @WingsScotland 5h5 hours ago

    Given what you’ve just read, you won’t be all that surprised that Mr Buchan is in big demand at the BBC:

  127. Robert Graham says:

    During her interview on 5 live this article by the name of Ruth. Made the following comment , This sounds like a SNP press release. It was pointed out to her she had prior knowledge of any and all of the questions , Well can you imagine how the interview would have went if she wasn’t briefed, instead of a bad interview it would have been a disaster ,
    What comes out of the interview is she’s all bluff and bluster, and she believes she can bludgeon whoever she is speaking at into submission , as with most liars she gets caught out by her previous lies , I think it would be very easy to wind her up and make her lose control, I just wonder how her antics go down with the more genteel Tory members, the very proper ladies of morning side, and the likes of Annabelle Goldie for example .

  128. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    heedtracker @ 15:10:

    Its the same if you’re listening to BBC radio online so, presumably they’re logging all IP addresses, contacting providers, and bazinga, they’re baaaaaack:D

    You don’t need a Beeb licence to listen exclusively to radio, so I don’t see that listening to radio on iPlayer makes any difference. They would have to prove that you were watching a TV programme.

    Maybe that’s what this coming password/registration thing is intended for. It’s getting more and more state-control creepathon all the time.

    If we don’t get out of this pretty damn quick we’ll be waking up one day to find out we’re in Turkey or China.

  129. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Sorry Rev., but, that Sash Bash clip you posted on your twitter feed – the flute band was playing The Fields of Athenry – talk about split personalities, or is it bi-polarism?

  130. Elmac says:

    I do not pay for naked propaganda so I did not see the Ruth Davidson interview with Emma Barnett. No doubt Emma’s job prospects will have plummeted in the cesspit that is the UK media as a result of doing her job honestly. However, being positive and looking forward to the creation of a post independence national broadcaster for Scotland, we should keep note of the very few journalists/tv presenters who maintained their principles and did their job properly. Sounds like Emma has honesty and integrity and would be an ideal recruit. Now where can we find the rest……..?

  131. Lochside says:

    Off topic..but relevant to last night’s QT. Apparently the English guy with the first question is a South Lanarkshire councillor Tory. I wondered why he was allowed to come back at least twice on his question about Labour’s leaked manifesto.

    Plus we had resident Mervyn Webb English posh bint resident in Edinburgh with season ticket on QT every time it’s in Scotland. Talking absolute pish with authority in her usual patronising louche manner. It’s the rictus grin that gets you use to speak to uncouth peasants who are hard of thinking…unmasked by JC as a leading member of the NO campaign and I believe Britain First ? And there was ‘the man in the white suit..who appeared to be a cheerleader. .but was more Fulla Guinness rather than Alec Guinness once he babbled his incomprehensible question. ..possibly too long in the green room pre broadcast. …Don’t you just love all these posh English know it all’s lording it over us colonial numpties?

  132. Hamish100 says:

    A bigot is a Tory – shock. SNP too blame

  133. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ Rev: “We could go on…”

    Haha. Really? Fucking hell.

  134. Thepnr says:

    Totally O/T but read an article there predicting the number of seats for each party after the election based on a variety of sources such as polling data, betting odds etc.. I believe they have the SNP wrong at just 49 seats but what struck me was the potential gulf between Labour and Tory.

    Their forecast Tory 391 seats and Labour 170 seats.

    The different sources say that Labour will be between 120 and 140 seats behind the Tories.

    Dear god if this is even remotely near being right I guess we’ed better get used to the thought of another 20 Years of Tory government. How terrifying is that?

  135. Hamish100 says:

    Is a brexit pledge the same as a vow?

    Surely they have broken that one already . Westminster taking control

  136. Legerwood says:

    RBS again threatening to move HQ in event of another independence referendum. On front page of Herald today and now on-line. Apologies if already posted by someone else.

    Re: the interview with Ms Davidson. I thought the interviewer was pretty clued up on a lot of the topics she was covering eg welfare not devolved etc. Don’t think Ms Davidson liked that.

    Guess the interviewer will be joining Isobel Fraser in the doghouse at BBC central.

  137. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Ananurhing @ 13:54:

    I have never understood why Orangism gained such a foothold in the NE.

    It never was a presence traditionally in the NE. People there used to laugh at the antics of the likes of Jack Glass. It was another universe. It’s been imported over recent decades from the SW and Ulster by the likes of Armstrong, many of them ex-Brit-military types like him.

    That’s not to say that there weren’t and aren’t native racist bigots. (I once – thankfully briefly – shared a workplace with one such, a pig-ignorant knuckle-dragging teuchter.) They have been roused by the Brexit campaign, and have naturally gravitated to their fellow-travellers, no doubt attracted by the smell.

    Ruthless must be using very strong perfume not to detect it herself (unless she quite likes the smell too, of course).

  138. Thepnr says:


    You don’t need to pay or have a license to listen to radio. Not jumping on you, just to clear up any misunderstanding others may get from your post.

  139. Robert Peffers says:

    I Dedicate this old old song to the leader of the Scottish branch office of the Conservative & Unionist party :=

  140. Chick McGregor says:

    “RBS again threatening to move HQ in event of another independence referendum. On front page of Herald today and now on-line. Apologies if already posted by someone else.”

    Well they should find plenty empty office space in London thanks to hard Brexit.

  141. Proud Cybernat says:

    “RBS again threatening to move HQ in event of another independence referendum. On front page of Herald today and now on-line. Apologies if already posted by someone else.”

    Aye–and probably relocate to Germany or France because of BREXIT. Hee-haw to do with IndyRef and they bloody well know it. Boycott RBS.

  142. Cuilean says:

    For ‘fishermen’, imagine ‘mafia’.

    It’s no wonder fishermen are natural tories; these guys personify the tory ethos where it is ‘Everyman for himself and devil take the hindmost’.

    Remember the black fish scandal? Here’s Bertie assuring us the fishers cleaned up their act…

    No wonder the fishing mafia want out of the EU there’ll be no fish left once they get to work unhindered by EU rules.

  143. chris kilby says:

    What a wank.

  144. Betty Boop says:

    Got it wrong again, Ruthie. The activity is bog snorkelling, not sewer trawling.

    Seems she’s not bothered by the stink though.

  145. Thepnr says:

    I wouldn’t say this lightly but I’m not joking now when I say that going by what some Scottish Journalists will print it wouldn’t surprise me if they were directly under the pay of Westminster for propaganda purposes.

    This is the Scotsman’s take on the Fisheries story, maybe in response to this article. You really couldn’t make it up.

  146. Robert Louis says:

    Ach do you know what, I’m kind of sick and tired of so-called ‘Scottish’ businesses, threatening Scots voters at the drop of a hat, just because we’d like to run our own affairs, rather than be insulted and abused on a daily basis by our colonial ‘masters’ in England who keep stealing our oil.

    Seriously, from the likes of standard life and RBS all we ever get is whinge, whinge, whinge, ‘we’re leaving Scotland if you decide to run your own country’. Booh freaking hoo. It is so freaking tiresome.

    Why doesn’t the RBS just F*** off right now to London (since they think that is what they’d like to do), and give us all some peace. They’ve almost closed all their branches in Scotland anyway.

    p.s. RBS might of course find on arrival in London that their staffing costs will increase exponentially, and the cost of their office leasing arrangements will go through the roof. I’m sure their shareholders will love them for it. Clowns.

  147. Robert Louis says:

    Threpnr at 545pm,

    I do not doubt for one second, that their are many within the media who are in the direct or indirect employ of MI5, HM Government or the Tory party. This is especially true of the blatantly propagandist Westminster mouthpiece the BBC.

  148. Is there not an old saying about empty vessels ???

  149. Cuilean says:

    The rules are still being flouted by our lovely fishermen; who are keen to forget those pesky EU regulations.

    Over 45 lochs are now ticking time bombs for the environment thanks to the fishing industry mafia who care only about their profits. True tories, eh?

    Fishers are no-one’s friends but themselves.

  150. CameronB Brodie says:

    Robert Graham @5:02pm
    I would hazard a guess that Ruth Harrison would rank highly in terms of xenophobic and authoritarian tendencies. She is the epitome of a banal BritNat neo-fascist, IMHO.

  151. galamcennalath says:

    Anglo Saxon!? Unlikely, but possible.

    … and all the individual Y-Haplogroup pages tell us who is who in the UK Zoo, statistically.

    Simple version. The three main groups in Scotland are

    R1b – farmers and megalith builders who got here about 4000 years ago. Most common group everywhere in these islands but highest in Ireland.

    L1 – Anglo Saxons. Fairly common in southern Scotland. Nowhere in the UK is L1 the main group. Even England isn’t very Anglo Saxon.

    R1a – Norwegian Vikings and found at its highest in Orkney and Shetland.

  152. Andy-B says:

    It will take more than 39 steps for John Buchan to see the error of his ways.

  153. Scott says:

    I well remember quite a lot of fishermen willing to rush and scrap their boats and sell the licence to Spanish fishermen so they need not tell me the SNP is bad for them at that time it was Lab and Tory in power.Do they not remember when Richard Lochead was locked out of a meeting when UK ministers were discussing fishing at the EU.It is not the SNP that should worry them but the Tories.

  154. Greig says:

    The Person on the far right is David Duguid, the tory candidate for Banff and Buchan

  155. Chay Carle says:

    I’m pretty sure John Buchan, who I know personally and have had a few “debates” with on FaceBook would also be homophobic, I think his stance in the photo is very interesting.

    I knew JB had some pretty extreme views, never realised just how vile he was. I would say that he likes a drink and often posts under the influence. No excuses though

  156. Davie says:

    Does anyone else find it amusing that the bigot brigade actually think they have moved into mainstream politics with the backing of the Tories, meanwhile the millionaire elite Tories in London are laughing at them for being too thick to realise they are being used…

  157. john young says:

    Robert Louis the Common Weal have put forward to the Scottish gov for a Scottish National bank,it is I believe under consideration,here,s hoping they show a bit of”bottle” for once and forge ahead with it.

  158. shiregirl says:

    Oh my word.

    What an total mentalist.

    How can anyone be so consumed with that much hate?

  159. mike d says:

    Rbs shut most of their branches in Scotland anyhow .family i know have to travel 9 miles into ayr after their local branch was closed. Do us a favour Rbs and p*ss off,we’re fed up listening to you.

  160. Legerwood says:

    Robert Louis @ 5.49

    I don’t think RBS would have any problems relocating to London. They have loads of banks down there including their Corporate Bank

    When the Financial Crisis broke TV reports showed the main RBS bank in London. Very swish. Must have cost a fortune and makes Gogarburn look a bit drab. So I don’t think they would have any problems moving their brass plaque. Remember Mr Salmond said that moving the brass plaque was more or less what moving their HQ actually involved

  161. brewsed says:

    The fishing industry sees a low-regulation UK government as the panacea for their perceived ills which are mostly caused by over fishing and the resistance to regulation. But the UK fishing industry contributes only 0.04% to the UK GDP(1), something the UK government will have no qualms in sacrificing to the pursuance of Empire 2.0 The Wilderness Years. An independent Scotland within EFTA could provide a much better future for the Scottish fishing industry but don’t expect the logic of this to acknowledged any day soon.


  162. AndyH says:

    What about the Normans?

    Loads of them settled in Scotland.

    Also the Shetlanders are about 0.0008% Viking.

  163. Brian Powell says:

    Scottish fishermen will still be bound by EU regulations when selling to the EU.

  164. Fran says:

    Im sure wee Buchan was on Kay with an E phone in at one point during the EuroRef banging on about how much a disaster the EU has been for the fleet.

    And for the foreign crews on the boats, is it not these same owners that hire them and put the local loons oot o work? So much for ” British jobs for British workers”.

  165. Tinto Chiel says:

    Great link, galamcennalath: thanks. Wish I could afford a test!

    In today’s National, Alex Kerr’s letter gave the SNP v Tory options in the coming elections, boiled down to one powerful phrase:

    “A choice of baby boxes or r@pe clauses.”

    Stark choice.

  166. Ian McCubbin says:

    Typifies what is rising in Scotland now and not only in Ruthies Tory group. Old Labour have some rising amongst their last dregs pulling in Some tra’re unionists as we speak at a conference I am attending.
    Equally as rude and abusive.
    I think we are in for a rough few years till Brexit and beyond.

  167. Mike says:

    Just watched a lovely speech and QA session with Jeremy Corbyn on Sky.
    Tuned into BBC Parliament to find Teresa May in full flow.


    I have yet to see anything regarding the SNP campaign from any major broadcaster.

    If I had to rely on the media I wouldn’t know if the SNP manifesto had been published yet let alone what was going to be in it.

    We get days and days of Teresa May repeating rhetoric and sound bytes when she’s not attacking her opponents with lies and misinformation unchallenged but nothing on any party who isn’t the Conservatives Labour or the Lib Dems.

    This is the level of despotism that is the UK of GB today.

  168. yesindyref2 says:

    Been away for a couple of days and when I come back what do I find?

    The Rev justifying the big bucks with 3 cracking articles.

    Jeez, the UK establishment stinks like rotten haddies.

  169. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    RBS = Real Bull Sh*t.

    A clearing house for UK debt at the expense of the taxpayer.

    Fred The Shred epitome of the Union Tory boy (but lost his wee gong ‘cos they needed a scalp to apease the public, kept the cash though).

    Let them go, f*ck them off.

    Bank else where.

    Let them go to London and suffer when financial Passporting is lost to Brexit, parasites.

  170. galamcennalath says:

    Davie says:

    Tories in London are laughing at them for being too thick to realise they are being used

    Liberals in coalition. Labour in BetterTogether. Now they are sucking in all the hard right from OO, UKIP etc..

    The Tories are good at this sort of thing. Their elite core is small but they always manage to get enough gullible types onboard to make up numbers and exercise pseudo-democratic power.

    With PR at Westminster, the hard right would always in in opposition. With FPTP they grab power with 35-40% of the vote.

  171. yesindyref2 says:

    I don’t think it’s so much the BBC is pro-Tory, as there’s people in strong places in it are vehemently anti-EU and want Brexit.

    Just a thought.

  172. Proud Cybernat says:

    “… and all the individual Y-Haplogroup pages tell us who is who in the UK Zoo, statistically.

    Simple version. The three main groups in Scotland are

    R1b – farmers and megalith builders who got here about 4000 years ago. Most common group everywhere in these islands but highest in Ireland…”

    Interesting because R1b is, apparently, the same haplogroup as King Tutankhamun whose sister, Miertiaten, was also known as Scota.

    Hmm… Scots lineage, “We came from Upper Scythia… Princess Scota…” (Declaration of Arbroath) might have some basis in fact afterall. Irish/Scots came from ancient Egypt?

  173. Graeme says:

    @ Ian

    looking at that pic on I’m sure the guy on the far left think he’s standing at urinal

    look at the position of his left hand


  174. Thepnr says:

    Wouldn’t normally but signed Ian.

  175. meg merrilees says:

    Just reposting this link for anyone still to listen.

    It’s pure radio gold.

  176. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 19:21:

    Irish/Scots came from ancient Egypt?

    Well, we had to come from somewhere, n’est-ce-pas? But possibly split to Egypt later? After all, Maes Howe is known to have been built before the pyramids. (And not just because that flouncy Mr. Oliver said so. =grin=)

  177. K1 says:

    It’s like some sort of ‘sign’ he’s making Graeme…weird, the guy next to him has his hand across his groin area too?

  178. Another Union Dividend says:

    Outrageous that BBC Scotland are giving a platform to UKIP in GE leaders debate.

    UKIP have no elected MPs,no MSPs and not one single Councillor under an STV system that gives the minor parties a fair representation.

    If the Monster Raving Lunatics fielded 10 candidates would they have been given a platform?

    The only reason that idiot Coburn got sufficient votes to be elected was purely thanks to the BBC’s constant promotion of Nigel Farage.

  179. geeo says:

    Ruthie was Dugdale-(esque) in that interview!!

    How about this..”shredding still in progress,no entry”

  180. Weechid says:

    John Buchan’s carer should really be taken to task for allowing him unsupervised access to a computer.

  181. Sinky says:

    geeo says @ 7.42

    This is very reminiscent of the bumptious Labour luvvie and Hearts supporter Eric Milligan who locked his spacious office in Edinburgh City Chambers then went on holiday for two weeks then refused to hand over his key to the new administration in 2012.

  182. Thepnr says:

    I have came to the conclusion that this John Buchan has no idea what he is voting for other than to keep the Union Jack flying high.

    How sad is that?

  183. Effijy says:

    RBS again threatening to move HQ in event of another independence referendum. On front page of Herald today and now on-line.

    Could that be the RBS that has broken just about every rule
    in Banking.
    The one that continuously gets Fined for fraud regularly,

    The one that went Bankrupt due to sheer greed and corruption,

    The one that we, the tax payers have had to bail out?

    The one that would not keep its HQ in Scotland if it were to leave the EU.

    They seem to have turned full circle now as they will move to London if Scotland stays in the EU.

    I say close every account with them, demand our money back, and let these criminals go bust and go South.

  184. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    meg merrilees @ 19:29,

    Thanks Meg for the opportunity to catch up. Didn’t laugh, though, just got really angry – at Rude Gal’s shameless deviousness, that is, not Emma Barnett’s cool professionalism.

    But it did underline how astute the SG have been to avoid the Unionist Double-Whammy Death Trap: devolve only those powers to Scotland that allow the UKGov to dump ever more burdens in the SG’s lap, then get ready to criticise them whether they do nothing or raise taxes to mitigate them.

    If a well-briefed proper journalist can effortlessly fillet Rude Gal’s bluster in a matter of minutes, you have to wonder what all those other useless numpties in the broadcast media have being doing all these years.

    Oh, and BTW, the notorious “concession” was bad enough, but the whole 2-kid policy is an utter abomination. It’s a new and sinister slink towards the disreputable social engineering of eugenics. (And we all know how well that went the last time it was tried in earnest.)

  185. JLT says:


    BtW I don’t understand the significant element of orange pondlife that now appears to exist in the NE

    Yep, it is rather odd. This year while doing my Open Uni course, we studied Jacobitism at the time of the Act of Union in 1707. If anything, the Jacobite movement was more or less led by Episcopalians, and the major hot-bed for this was the North-East of Scotland. So, as you rightly point out …how the hell did the likes of Buchan become a voice up there? I can only put it down to that this is a blip; that the vast, vast majority of people in the North-East want nothing to do with the likes of Buchan.

    Don’t get me wrong, the North-East has a strong Liberal support, and Liberalism in the North during the 19th Century has always been tied to the Union. So whether Buchan is the product of some demented marriage of Unionism and Liberalism gone wrong …who knows?

    On another note, I highlighted this about two nights ago where there appears to be a growing perception of some sort of Presbyterian revivalism. Simply, Ruth is trying to promote the Union with the hope that Unionists will become more vocal. The only problem is, is that she’s also attracting the more fundamentalist types also. I would like to hope that this not Ruth’s real intention, for it is, then she has just placed a dark stain on her character. This type of Presbyterian revivalism took place in the 1930’s with the likes of Alexander Radcliffe who led the ‘Scottish Protestant League’ or John Cormack of ‘Protestant Action’. Both got some headlines, but most Scots turned their back on such individuals as their politics were repugnant. Both fell into obscurity after they fell out of Politics, and both also left their names tarnished forever in Scottish history. Therefore, Ruth should beware the very path that she is taking. History won’t forget if the politics she is trying to promote eventually turns ugly.

    At the moment, it’s just a case of naming and shaming such individuals. It’s disgraceful that the media has turned a blind eye, but I suspect that media is beyond caring. They don’t care if it’s a lie, an accusation or promoting a thug. It therefore comes down to us to try at least, make the rest of the Scottish electorate aware of such characters within our midst.

  186. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. the BBC honing their pitch in search of the “brown note”. Just for fun*, why not take the “F Scale” test to see how big your inner fascist is? 🙂

    *Old theory that has been updated.

  187. yesindyref2 says:

    OT – defence
    The RN keep a frigate or destroyer to use as the “Fleet Ready Escort” in home waters, the name speaks for itself. Her duties would be for instance to escort such as a Kilo class Sub through the channel, or in international waters but near to our terrirtorial waters, such as the Kuznetsov off Moray.

    But there’s only one though the claim would be that others are available resting in Portsmouth or something. The problem is if the Russians go down both coasts! And maybe more than one each side.

    It’s also very clear the SNP were right when they say one should be based in Scotland, something at the time I wasn’t too fussed about.

    The Russians basically can embarass the UK any time they like without at least a brace of FRE. Stupid UK.

  188. Robert Peffers says:

    @Andy-B says: 12 May, 2017 at 6:00 pm:

    “It will take more than 39 steps for John Buchan to see the error of his ways.”

    Apparently this John Buchan fell down all 39 steps and landed on his head.

  189. CameronB Brodie says:

    Also, Ruth Harrison’s fishy friend might broaden his perspective on Glasgow/Scottish street names by watching “Chef Goes Nanners” (South Park, series 04, episode 08). 🙂

  190. Capella says:

    I grew up in the NE and had never heard of Orange Marches till I lived in Edinburgh in the 70s. Still haven’t seen one.
    Plenty of Masonics (discreet) and BBs though.
    Fishing communities are more attracted to rather esoteric religious sects. Wee Frees in Gardenstown, Baptists and some evangelicals too. None of those were keen on marching about.
    The OO sounds more Ulster derived. Possibly imported via Bertie Armstrong, the Fishermen’s friend.

  191. JLT says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland
    @Proud Cybernat

    Irish/Scots came from ancient Egypt?

    Guys, the Celts are basically an Alpine race (large areas around the Alps of modern day Switzerland, Austria and Southern Germany). They developed as a people after migrations into Europe as part of the Indo-European peoples over thousands of years and had coalesced as a people by 1000BC. As other migrations took place, they eventually moved westwards into Gaul, Iberia, and of course, Britain.

    The myth that we are one of the 12 tribes of Israel is just that …myth. The Celts are basically counted as part of the Proto-Germanic races which all the races that were part of greater Germania (Suebi, Saxons, Angles, etc) as well as Goths, Ostrogoths and Burgundians.

  192. Thepnr says:

    @CameronB Brodie


  193. Iain says:

    The BBC.
    The bigoted fisherman’s friend.

  194. joannie says:

    Sorry to lower the tone but does anyone else read those tweets and get the impression they were written by a man with a very small penis?

  195. Glamaig says:

    Another Union Dividend says:
    12 May, 2017 at 7:35 pm
    ‘Outrageous that BBC Scotland are giving a platform to UKIP in GE leaders debate.’

    The Rubbish Party of Ayr have as many elected representatives!

  196. robertknight says:

    We should do to what they’re no longer permitted to do – throw him back in!

    He already spends much of his time in the company of other ‘bottom feeders’, so he’d probably enjoy it.

  197. Glamaig says:

    Its hard to tell. Theyre very similar to the tweets written by that guy who claims to have a big one 🙂

  198. Dorothy Devine says:

    Can anyone shed light on the STV ‘leaders’ debate is excluding the Green party?

  199. JLT says:


    The OO sounds more Ulster derived. Possibly imported via Bertie Armstrong, the Fishermen’s friend.

    You pretty much nailed it on the head there, Capella. The OO was imported into Scotland by the Ulster-Scots, who along with the Catholic Irish, came to Scotland to escape the famine and other changes such as the revolutions in Agriculture from the mid-19th Century onwards.

    Because the Ulster-Scots were descended from Scotland; were Presbyterian, and spoke a similar type of language (Scots), they therefore merged into the Scottish nation more easily, while for the Catholic Irish, it would take at least a century before Scottish society finally allowed them to integrate.

    So basically, from the moment that the Ulster-Scots brought their culture with them, there were many Scots here, who, worried at the rise of the Catholic Irish, and resented and feared them, therefore, happily sang the songs of Protestant Ulster as well as joining their organisations such as the OO.

  200. CameronB Brodie says:

    Liberal airhead? That’s what I am, apparently. Sorry, can’t remember the score but about the same as yourself. 🙂

  201. joannie says:

    @Glamaig – claiming to have a big one means you have a small one.

  202. Dorothy Devine says:

    oops! missed the ‘why’

  203. Glamaig says:

    Proud Cybernat says:
    12 May, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    ‘Interesting because R1b is, apparently, the same haplogroup as King Tutankhamun whose sister, Miertiaten, was also known as Scota.’

    The folktales collected by JF Campbell from Gaelic speakers around the Highlands in the 1880’s quite often mention other countries – specifically Ireland, Norway, England, France, Spain – and, oddly, Egypt.

  204. sinky says:

    Another Union Dividend at 7. 35pm.
    Led by Willie Rennie aka Forrest Gump the Lib Democrats have replaced the Raving Monster Lunatic Party.

  205. McDuff says:

    This should be on the National’s front page tomorrow, but there is very little chance of that happening.
    I wonder why.

  206. Iain says:

    Ruth the mooth, the Captain birdseye of fish finger friends.

  207. heedtracker says:

    The Masons have always been part of the fish community, up from Dundee, Aberdeen, Peterhead, along the Buchan coast. Its not surprising the OO’s connected with Masonry. Masonry was meant to stem from the coastal communities need to look out for each other. But when you see how millionaire boat owners and merchants live, its a bit incongruous, funny hand shakes, trouser legs rolled up etc.

    When the oil got going in Aberdeen, and after the English kicked out the Americans, a lot of Dutch Masonry made its presence felt in North Sea oil industry too.

    North East coastal Scotland’s such a funny old world of OO’s and Mason’s, all mixed in with big air bases like Lossie and Kinross, loads of retired RAF types, its amazing its not been annexed or at least permanently tory.

  208. TheBuchanLoony says:

    Any similarity in my name is purely co-incidental…I am a Buchan Loon i.e. an Aberdeenshire lad…and he is an Aberdeenshire lunatic!

  209. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    JLT @ 20:55,

    See my comment upthread:

    Capella is right, there never was a presence of any kind of OO in the NE until relatively recently. It basically came in along with the oil and the large influx of people into the NE from all over that followed it. Not to discount native prejudice, as I said, but that was not essentially sectarian.

    As for the religious aspect, it’s entirely incidental. (I doubt many OO people are regular church attendees, for example.) Any populist worth his salt will try to sow his weeds in whatever soil seems the most fertile. It isn’t exclusive to any denomination either. Example: The notorious Father Charles E. Coughlin, who was a Detroit populist anti-semitic RC priest with a very large radio-listener following in the 1930’s. His increasingly-extreme drift didn’t enhance his faith, it tarnished it.

    But it could just as easily have been anything else besides. Rose-growing or needlework or whatever. =laugh= Whatever happens to get people exercised at the time. It’s shallow, purely parasitic and exploitative.

  210. mogabee says:

    That reminds me… I need to get the septic tank emptied!

  211. meg merrilees says:

    Just watched QT on you tube – thanks to whoever posts it up.

    I thought Joanna and David were excellent but that Merrin woman is an evil spreader of untruths and calumnies. She is also incredibly condescending! How dare she say to Joanna – i was speaking/I haven’t finished speaking yet’

    or in other words-how very dare you interrupt someone in a higher class than you – know your place and keep quiet-

    Used to think Emily Thornberry acquitted herself well but now I find her tiresome.

    There were a few points missed but the audience were terrific.

    I smell a rat for Nicola’s QT in June – why is it in Edinburgh again?
    It could have been in Glasgow; Inverness; Perth… Why Edinburgh?
    I worry there might be a rowdy audience of non SNP supporters – hope i’m wrong.

  212. Glamaig says:

    That Ruth Davidson interview – ‘we sit together in Cabinet’.
    Since when does the manager of a regional branch of the party in government, sit in the UK cabinet?? Is this normal now?

  213. JLT says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland

    Absolutely agree, mate.

    Your point about the influx of workers (thus bringing their ‘culture’ with them) to the oil industry is an interesting aspect. Would be interesting to see if there is a possibility of something in this.

  214. Ken500 says:

    The 16c Irish plantation.

    19C mass Home Rule Movement in Ireland. Westminster surpressed the Catholics in Ireland as they did the Scots. Catholics were totally descriminated against. Not allowed land rights, no allowed to own a horse, carry a sword etc. Same in Scotland. No land rights, not allowed to own a horse carry a sword. Wear plaid. 18C in Scotland the Jacobite rebellion. 1745.

    Irish and the Scots were both discriminated by Westminster. The Enlightenment benefited Scotland became the focus of the world. Ideas of freedom and equality. Influenced the French and American revolution. Scottish philosophers. Hume etc.

    The Majority in Ireland wanted Home Rule. The Home rule movement was led by Protestant landowner Charles Stuart Parnell. Westminster refused. Catholics were not allowed to be MP’s until 1861. They were two movements in Ireland one for Home Rule, one for Independence. Eventually the Irish land movement gained enough support in Westminster. A Home Rule Act was due to be passed in Westminster 2 weeks after the start of the 1WW. There was agreement at the start of the war to delay the Bill. Irish volunteers who supported Home Rule fought in the 1WW. The Unionists (Prot) refused to fight in the same regiment.

    The Home Rule Bill would have become Law after the 1WW. The Uprising Easter 1916. The Unionists in NI used the 1WW as a cover to illegally import arms. Captain Crawford. Ireland was Partitioned in 1923 by Lloyd George, This led to the start of the troubles. The Black and Tans were sent in. They brutalised the Irish people.

    Many in Ireland had to emigrate to the US etc. The Irish famine etc. The British were exporting food from Ireland when the people were dying. The potatoe crop had failed.

    In Ulster the Irish Catholics were totally discriminated against. The Masons ensured most public jobs went to Protestants, 95%. Housing priority went to Protestant. It meant the Catholics were left in poverty. In some parts of Belfast Catholics were prohibited from voting in the 1960’s. Bernadette Devlin. The Catholics were illegally discriminated against. An apartheid system. Still exist today. The Orange Lodge matches etc. The Union Jack waving etc. Especially on 12th of July. It is just unbelievable. Bands go from Scotland.

    The demographics in NI have changed. Ireland could vote to reunite. The recent Election saw change in the way NI voted. Now approx 50/50. The Sin Fein MP’s have never taken their seats in Westminster. They could out vote the Irish Unionists. They still get £Milions in expenses etc. The majority in NI did not vote for Brexit and they do not want a hard border between the North & South of Ireland.

    Scotland is different. Scotland has always gone through the Ballot Box. Universal Suffrage 1928. The Churches in Scotland have privileges above the Law. The Equal Opportunities Laws etc. Scotland is secular.

  215. Capella says:

    @ TheBuchanLoonie – don’t worry, everybody from these parts is called Buchan, Ritchie, Noble or Duthie. With a few exotics.
    But Armstrong is a Borders name.
    The fishing industry seems to have been well and truly ruined. Leaders like Mr Armstrong appear to have a unionist political agenda rather than a genuine interest in helping local people.

    Sad bunch of Hogarthian grotesques.

  216. Ken500 says:

    Orange Marches are banned in the NE. The sectarianism doesn’t exist in the NE, or other parts of Scotland, like it seems to in the Central belt. They are hardly any separate schools. No one bothers much about religion. There are some wee Frees in the fishing ports but no one bothers much at all. There are a lot of Tories in the Shire. It has always been between the SNP and Tories in the Shire. Not so much in the City. It is between the SNP and Labour in the City.

  217. J Williamson says:

    Why did BBC Scotland invite such a vile person to be interviewed on the Sunday Politics last Sunday?

  218. CameronB Brodie says:

    The slum clearances and the re-location of Glasgow’s over-spill were significant in spreading sectarianism throughout Scotland. I was pretty sure there is an historic link between the north east and Ulster loyalism but I can’t remember what it is. Wasn’t Scottish involvement in the English civil war largely driven by religion?

  219. Ken500 says:

    Alexander Buchan Ltd was fined in 2012 for landing black fish. A £3Million fraud. 13 Skippers were fined. It is often the case people who support the UK do not want to abide by the UK Law, Especially the tax Laws. HMRC not fit for purpose.

  220. Meg merrilees says:


    If i remember correctly tRuthless was personally invited to join TM’s cabinet – probably because TM has absolutely no original ideas and tRuthless has a long term plan to keep the Union and become FM in a far right wing enclave somewhere north of Hadrian’s Wall.

    I don’t think it is any coincidence that the first speech TM made upon becoming PM began with the words “… the leader of the conservative AND UNIONIST party” cos I’m pretty sure that tRuthless had boasted about speaking to her by phone some time prior to her first speech as new PM and had probably primed her to use the full name.

    Again, the recent strategy of ditching the ‘toxic tory’ name and using ‘Theresa’s Team’ has countless come from the same stable.

  221. Artyhetty says:


    Aye, but they don’t need to annex it. They already control certain areas, clear from this article. Huge areas of bonny Scotland are ‘owned’ ie stolen by all kinds of unsavouries, far too much land, in fact.

    However nowt would surprise me, they might still annex half of Scotland, just not the poor bits, well, except where they keep their and their US pals’ nuke subs. Areas where the staff employed rarely venture into, and who travel home south of the border at the end of their shifts.

    Scotland is in fact an occupied territory, (see the ‘tory’ bit, many words have ‘tory’ in them:-/)
    no point beating about the bush.

  222. meg merrilees says:

    The National front page tomorrow.

  223. Robbo says:

    joannie says:
    12 May, 2017 at 8:41 pm
    Sorry to lower the tone but does anyone else read those tweets and get the impression they were written by a man with a very small penis?
    Glamaig says:
    12 May, 2017 at 8:50 pm
    Its hard to tell. Theyre very similar to the tweets written by that guy who claims to have a big one ?

    Acht widnae bother aboot his boasting. Ones that talk like that are usually the ones that
    Their next ride will be their 1st wan!

  224. Faltdubh says:

    I grew up in and around Dundee and the Dundee side of Angus and have never classed myself as coming from the North East.

    We’ll need to redraw the maps when Indy, I’d stick Dundee/Carnoustie etc Angus even as the east, then the NE begins about Stonehaven way.

    The religious divide though never ever came into things when growing up. One night in the pub – we’re all in our 30s, my pals – a friend was talking about how Orange walks had closed his street in Glasgow and we went through our parents etc, and worked out that about half of us were either catholic, protestant or mixed. E.G. 5 of my pals are married, and two were catholic weddings 2 C.O.S and 1 was at a registers.

    No one gives a hoot.

    This is a bit off topic and I’m blabbering on a bit, but Devine’s article today about the SNP is absolutely brilliant. I’m sorry I’m in a rush and forget what publication it was in, but worth a read.

  225. Meg merrilees says:


    Aargh!!! now you can’t listen to BBC radio live on your laptop without signing in.


  226. Lenny Hartley says:

    JLT re Celts , there is nothing to stop the Hallstatt Celts originating elsewhere, just because archaeologists , (who mentioned Neil Oliver ) say something, it is not necessary true.

    What is worth discussion is that the DNA evidence does not rule out the Scots creation myth mentioned in the Declaration of Arbroath that the Scots came from Egypt.

    I always thought that it was a fancy piece of story telling in an attempt to distance the Scots from the Celtic Church following Picts which would have been heretical in Romes eyes.

    However the jury is out.

  227. Legerwood says:


    The article by Professor Device was in today’so Herald

  228. Lenny Hartley says:

    McDuff u happy with National front page?

  229. Capella says:

    The National has one cracking front page which fillets this scandal. Well done them and thanks for posting meg merrilees.

  230. Ken500 says:

    It is not really about religion. It is about Westminster power and control. Westminster treated Ireland and Scotland in the same way. Although Ireland was predominately Catholic and Scotland was predominately Protestant. Westminster Unionist refuse to relinquish power and control, even though the majority in Ireland/Scotland wanted more powers. The Westminster Unionists have done the same worldwide, causing bloodshed and illegal wars. To take resources from other countries.

  231. r says:

    Glamaig says:
    12 May, 2017 at 8:50 pm
    Its hard to tell. They’re very similar to the tweets written by that guy who claims to have a big one ?

    Don’t ken wit he’s boasting aboot. His next ride will be his first wan!

  232. Glamaig says:

    Ken500 says:
    12 May, 2017 at 9:54 pm
    ‘ It is often the case people who support the UK do not want to abide by the UK Law, Especially the tax Laws. ‘

    A shrewd observation.

  233. Fran says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    12 May, 2017 at 1:11 pm
    What it says on the tin

    Cheers for that Ian, she just walked straight into that. Ye cant defend the indefensible. The slick politician is she? Well she skited aboot weel there.

    “Scottish” meeja take note

  234. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Capella @ 21:40:

    But Armstrong is a Borders name.

    Indeed. Via Ulster in his case, possibly. (Then there was his stint in the services.)

    Your earlier comment reminded me that many fisher folk were traditionally Brethren. Interestingly, like other seafaring towns down in the English SW such as Plymouth. Descendants of the Puritans, I suppose: ultra-strict and tight. (Not dissimilar to the Amish or whatever, but without the olde-worlde garb.) They didn’t marry-in or -out, they didn’t mix, they didn’t get involved in politics of any kind, certainly corporately. The exact opposite of the OO lot, in fact, very buttoned-up. (Not untypical of everyone in the NE in the old days, in fact, only rather more so!)

  235. JLT says:

    @Lenny Hartley

    At the same time, Lenny, the other myth is that the Scots are descended from the Scythians.

    Having looked at it from several angles, I’m more inclined to go with the ‘alpine’ theory. It’s just to do with Greek historical records from the classical period when they charted the movements of people. Same with early Roman texts that talk of an ‘alpine’ people who eventually moved into Gaul.

    There really doesn’t seem to be anything concrete about Scythians or races from the Levant moving into Ukraine via the Caucasus. The evidence (little that there is), does suggest that the ‘alpine’ theory is probably the most correct.

    It really comes down to Archaeologists who would need to confirm certain sites across the Ukraine and the Eurasian plain and somehow, prove that what they hare seeing, indicates Celtic movements over a number of centuries.

    The only other indicator would be mass DNA samples of the Celtic nations (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Brittany) and see if it ties up in any way to Eurasian peoples such as proto-Iranian or Phoenician-Levant.

  236. Robbo says:

    meg merrilees says:
    12 May, 2017 at 9:59 pm
    The National front page tomorrow.

    Yes gid stuff. Hope it goes national in UK papers. This will let people know what kind of company their lackie tory keeps in Scotland.

  237. Glamaig says:

    that photo of Truthless on the front page of the National is weird. She’s holding that fish like a gun. Some psycho-analysis of that woman would be interesting.

  238. joannie says:

    Just looking at the quote from Alex Salmond on the front page of tomorrow’s National – “the Tories have become UKIP.” I disagree with Salmond, I’m afraid, this Buchan character is someone that Nigel Farage would expel from UKIP and never agree to be photographed with. That’s how low the Tories have sunk, they cuddle up to people that UKIP would turn their noses up at.

  239. Fran says:

    @ ken 500

    Aye, it wasn’t Irish Catholics Churchill sent tanks and machine guns into disperse in George Square, it was Scots Presbyterians. But come to think about it, he did the same to the folk of Liverpool and Manchester. He didn’t discriminate against any of the working classes throughout the islands, they all got the same treatment, Westminster Style.

  240. Ken500 says:

    The world population started in Africa. A few people. Everyone in the world has genes derived from them.

    The Churches helped in the quest for Devolution. Canon Wright.

    The EU is funding a CCS project. Acorn Project.

  241. Packhorse Pete says:

    joannie says:
    12 May, 2017 at 8:41 pm
    Sorry to lower the tone but does anyone else read those tweets and get the impression they were written by a man with a very small penis?

    Yes, you have lowered the tone. Can we avoid this adolescent nonsense?
    The man to whom you are referring is an idiotic bigot. That’s clear. Stick to commenting on supplied evidence in the blog instead of playground piffle. It just undermines the valuable research done by Stu.

  242. Capella says:

    @ Robert J Sutherland – yes I recall there were “close brethern” too.
    But not everyone was buttoned up. There was also a “love cult” at one time! But I have no idea what happened to them. I didn’t join.
    These wee fishing villages can be full of surprises.

  243. Robbo says:


    Talking about OO and bigotry etc in NE ,Dundee Angus etc .I tell yi, you’s have been spared a lot. Down here in Ayrshire you’d get a crash course very quickly.Absolute nightmare at times. Not looking forward to next month at all and not for the election.Marching season begins and all sorts of riff raff come over to Ayrshire to march and they from here go there. Right little boys club- hate it.
    How its dealt with in an independent Scotland is anyone’s guess-but it won’t be pretty.

  244. heedtracker says:

    Artyhetty says:
    12 May, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    I’m from Aberdeen and there has always been an influx of English people to the North East. In the last say 40 years it’s grown and is growing immensely, so much so, it’s incredible the SNP win anything at all.

    Buchan coast and Royal Deeside attract English people of various income brackets, some very high, some average, public sector and oil industry. This is very different from the Central belt too. Orkney and Shetland have also seen high numbers move there. Yet Scotland’s population stays static and could be falling.

    Are Scots themselves leaving in much higher numbers? Beeb gimpery made a great deal out of Morris dancing and how cricket is now one of Scotland’s most popular sport. Turn on BBC Scotland and very strong English accents fill the airwaves.

    Meanwhile, BBC now want you to register online to hear or see anything they produce, live or not and England’s last supposedly progressive liberal newspaper, the Graun, has simply stopped reporting anything much at all about Scotland, except SNP bad, ofcourse.

    Bring back Robbie Shepperd:D

  245. Dr Jim says:

    Where did the word Territory come from

    It wasn’t perhaps Terra Tory was it, translate into Spanish and it becomes Da da da daah! Tory land

    Rumour is no matter what happens in the GE Theresa May is going to flat out refuse to acknowledge Scotlands right to self determination
    If true, that’ll be a whole different slice of constitutional fish

  246. ronnie anderson says:

    Mibbee’s now after todays events of Cyber attacks on our Health System GCHQ will get back to the day job of protecting britain from these cyber terrorists .

    Corbyn constantly under attack on whether he would press the button & launch a Trident missile , we see from these breaches of cyber security nothing is safe from the hackers .

  247. Wullie B says:

    Recieved an email from Fisshing For Leave a few days ago, get these things regularly but the gist of it was they are starting to lose trust in the Conservatives , make your mind up though Stuart Campbell, I hvae quite a few if you want them forwarded to you, John Buchan has always been a Tory, and as I have said before, a lotr of the industry over there are, got slated for it here before by two who I wont name, but the area is huge brexit supporters, yet, I always ask them how their Philipino crewmen will get jobs once the Immigration rules are changed , turkeys voting for christmas, anyway here is the last FFL email copied and pasted

    Yesterday a war of words erupted between Scots Conservative leader and the SNP when Miss Davidson visited Peterhead harbour.

    A leaked letter from the SFF was seized upon by the SNP, who suggested that the Secretary of State for DEFRA stating that the UK would abide by one of the terms of international law under UNCLOS 3 by “continuing to co-operate on management over shared stocks” was an indication that the Tories would betray fishing for a second time as they did under Edward Heath in 1973.

    In return Miss Davidson blasted that the SNP position to rejoin the EU, if the break up of Britain was achieved, which would betray Scots fishermen as an independent Scotland would have to re-accede to the entire Acquis Communitaire (all EU law) as any accession state must do.

    As this would include the Common Fisheries Policy the industry in Scotland would be asset stripped for a second time under the provisions of relative stability share outs under the CFP.

    Among all this the SFF used the SNP to get at the Conservatives, the Conservatives used the SFF to get back at the SNP and the SFF congratulated the Conservatives on some loose wording…..

    Among all this political PR grandstanding and manipulation by all parties involved in this war of words the critical things have been overlooked that none of those involved has made a clear commitment on fisheries among the word slinging.

    The SNPs position is entirely hypocritical given that re-joining the EU can lead to nothing else but a sell out of fishing upon accession.

    It either belies a fundamental misunderstanding of how the EU works or complete duplicity on the truth of the situation. It is very well to decry the shameful sell outs of fishing by previous Conservative administrations yet advocate policy that will cause the exact same situation.

    The SNPs adoption of the idea of being “in Europe but not run by Europe” is a reiteration of the political establishments mealy words on the EU. The only way for the SNP, or any other party, to safeguard the nations fishing interests is to be totally free of the EU not pool fisheries resources to supranational control.

    The Conservatives decrying the SNP eclipses that despite repeated pronouncements from the Conservatives about taking back control of our waters and leaving the CFP the imprecise rhetoric is unbinding and the prefatory actions do not match the rhetoric.

    The government has not initiated scraping the London Fisheries Convention 1964 which will now result in an overlap on access whereby EU vessels will be able to continue to fish between 6 and 12 miles from UK shores.

    There is a difference between leaving the CFP and scrapping it – one can leave a policy but run a concurrent, shadow variation as is proposed by the Great “Repeal” Bill which will adopt all EU laws, including the entire CFP, onto the UK statute book. This will create continuity of rights providing the EU recourse under the Vienna Convention on treaties to fight for the status quo.

    If the Conservatives mean to leave the CFP why re-adopt it, if you mean to scrap it immediately why run the risk of adoption??

    Consequently, among this war of words there has been no extraction of a firm wording that provides a definitive commitment to re-establish unequivocal national control of fisheries resources in an entirely independent British (or Scottish) policy.

    “Co-operating on shared stocks” is a basic tenant of international co-operation on fisheries management – the crucial bit is what that co-operation involves and how a nation chooses to manage its waters and resources.

    Although much of the superficial language being used is initially reassuring when one scrapes deeper into the political actions there is a multitude of critical issues where the lack of detail or comprehension is alarming – the lack of understanding or acknowledgement by all parties involved yesterday is even more alarming.

    Fishing is teetering along a knife edge the results of which depend on what the words used so far firm into.

    We hope that the Conservatives now take the opportunity in the next few weeks to truly and unequivocally commit to repatriating all sovereignty, control and access over the entire UK EEZ and all resources within.

    To operate under international law and to implement entirely bespoke UK policy for the benefit of this nation that will end the shameful policy of discarding and one which will benefit all fishermen to rebuild our coastal communities.

    Anything less squanders the opportunity of repatriating one of our nations greatest renewable resources that could, given sustainable management, provide over £6.3bn every year to coastal communities and could be a triumphant beacon for the Conservatives to prove that Brexit really does mean Brexit!

  248. heedtracker says:

    Completely O/T, this leapt out of Asda clothes rack, while weekend shopping tonight. WoS everywhere, redacted, but surely copyright actionable:D,default,pd.html

  249. Morgatron says:

    I think he looks like a total wank , but i could be wrong , he may just be a bitch .

  250. Morgatron says:

    PS . Brilliant Martin Luther anorak hes sporting there , makes me ashamed to share the same country as this bigot ( Scotland that is)

  251. Cuilean says:

    Ken 500

    See my earlier link to BBC news reel re Black Fish scandal 5.43 pm. It also features a short speech by Bertie Armstrong with his N Irish accent quite distinct.

    The Scottish fishing waters don’t belong to the mafia millionaire fishers – they are a national asset.

    Let’s nationalise the Scottish fishing fleet and get rid of the odious millionaire tory mafia fishers.

    I suspect, out at sea, far from prying eyes, the black fish catches will still be going on. After all, we’ve no marine protection fleet, like Iceland or Norway; countries which actually care about their fish stock, to police their resources.

    Let’s stop Bertie’s millionaire mafia fishers creaming off our national reserves. It’s greed. Pure greed that rules them.

  252. Fran says:

    @Lenny Hartley says

    I always thought that it was a fancy piece of story telling in an attempt to distance the Scots from the Celtic Church following Picts which would have been heretical in Romes eyes

    I was under the understanding that it was the Scots who brought Christianity to the Picts. I don’t understand how the early Christian Church in Scotland/Caledonia would have been seen as heretical to Rome

  253. Lenny Hartley says:

    Ken500 nobody knows where Humans first evolved, there are competing theories, however the Africa one is the most prevelant .the African theory is that a small family unit left Africa via the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden and made its way East to Asia, and from there everybody else in the world is descended from them. Sub Sahara Africans have older DNA so it is thought that they expanded separately.

    However new theories claim that we evolved in the Far East.

    How the tories ended up mating with Humans I know not.

  254. Wullie B says:

    By the way, John W Buchans boat is called Atlantic Challenge, not to be mistakedn by John Buchan who owned the |Fairline, who thinks Brexit is a big mistake and was in the National this week, and a topper of a bloke

  255. CameronB Brodie says:

    OT. I see from the Rev.’s twitter that someone is wondering what the PM bring to the party. She puts and acceptable and benign face on neo-facsism, simples. Motherly, In an Alien 2 sort of way.

    God save the Queen!

  256. Wullie B says:

    Ken500, the scandal you speak of wasnt demersal black fish, but of pelagic like herring, the Shetland catch had a magical room that altered catch weights, big busts in 2007 I think it was, I remember when the factory in Fraserburgh was raided, along with the one in Shetland, demersal black fish pretty much ended back at the start of the century due to the fishery officers on the piers , boats can still land over quota fish, BUT its through leased quota from slipper skippers , cod a couple of years ago was getting £180 in the market for a 40kg box, it was costing £180 to pay for the quota, so effectively the slipper skippers were raking it in

  257. Fran says:

    @ Ronnie Anderson

    Dinnae fret, trident is run on microsoft windows, safe as houses.

    It doesn’t need a 20 megaton bomb to send us back to the stone age, just a savy hacker who would cut off energy, emergency services, wipe out every bank account.

    Fook me, I’m scaring masel noo

  258. ian murray says:

    On her first question at QT Nicola should start with “Could we have a show of hands of all the Tory Councillors in the audience tonight”

  259. Fran says:

    @ Lenny

    There is a joke in there somewhere…. I’m sure a tory would shaft anybody

  260. heedtracker says:

    “Let’s stop Bertie’s millionaire mafia fishers creaming off our national reserves. It’s greed. Pure greed that rules them.”

    They’ve rule Britannia screwed themselves Brexit wise. Unless Mayhem’s clown show cut a deal, Brussels will slap tariffs on their produce and Bertie for Britain knows they cant stop foreign access to yew kay fishing. Then, outside the EU, where to get dirt cheap good quality labour?

    Ask an Aberdeen fish merchant what he thinks of Poles that come to work in Aberdeen? Or even rich landlords, like socialist worker ex ACC finance whizz Wullie Young OBE.

  261. Robert Peffers says:

    @CameronB Brodie says: 12 May, 2017 at 9:50 pm:

    “The slum clearances and the re-location of Glasgow’s over-spill were significant in spreading sectarianism throughout Scotland.”

    That was much later and the drive for that was Westminster’s fear of the Second City of the Empire getting far too big for its boots by the Westminster establishment, The rise of the Red Clydesiders and the likes of Kier Hardie the father of the Labour Party. Think about it – they could have built one new scheme then decamped a single slum into it and then demolished and rebuilt the slum and carried on like that till the job was done.

    So why did they build the Glasgow overspill new towns like Toryburn outside Dunfermline, Glenrothes and all the other overspill towns, including Corby.

    “Corby is a town and borough located in the county of Northamptonshire, England. It is 23 miles (37 km) north-east of the county town, Northampton. The borough had a population of 61,300[1] at the 2011 Census. Figures released in March 2010 revealed that Corby has the fastest growing population in both Northamptonshire and the whole of England.

    The town was at one time known locally as “Little Scotland” due to the large number of Scottish migrant workers who came to Corby for its steelworks.”

    The big driver of Scottish Sectarianism was much earlier and was exactly the same as it is today. If you check out the Scottish industrial centres you will find that they all have two nearby towns or villages, One traditionally protestant and one traditionally Roman Catholic.

    Mining, iron founding and steel manufacturing in particular. The RC towns and villages came with the Irish Immigrants but also included many Highlanders and this carried on through the Potato Famine.

    The mine & mill owners exploited the situation by paying off those Protestants who would not accept wage cuts and the owners employed the Catholics at lower wage rates but they also stirred up bigotry between the tow faction to aid their wage reduction and prevent the two sides standing firm against their exploiters. Classic divide and conquer.

    Now remember, at this point in history, it was the time of the company villages, the company store and even the company pub.

    So the workers got what was left after the owners deducted the rent for the worker’s hovel and often the outstanding money on the slate at the company store. If there was anything left the man claimed his beer money and spent it in the company pub.

    So there was soon downright warfare going on between the two factions living on either side of the mills or mines with those in the RC bit very much dire poverty holes.

    This is also the history of the RC schools and the so called Non-Denomination schools. The country was divided up as counties and the counties divided as Parishes. The Parishes built the Protestant Schools but discriminated against the RC kids so the RC church built the RC schools.

    When the state took over the school system RC’s were still discriminated against and the RC church refused to join the state school system. Eventually a deal was struck and the RC schools were added to the state school system but the church has never been compensated for the schools they built.

    The deal was that the RC schools were allowed to provide their own teaching staff and they still do but no RC school is allowed to refuse to take any child on religious grounds and every parent has the right to exclude their child from Religious education.

    So there you go – now you know why there are still RC schools. The state would have to pay, at todays property values, compensation to the RC Church. However, the problem of religious sectarianism continued, in spite of, not because of, sectarianism.

    “I was pretty sure there is an historic link between the north east and Ulster loyalism but I can’t remember what it is. Wasn’t Scottish involvement in the English civil war largely driven by religion?”

    Our whole history is driven by religious bigotry including the so called Jacobite Rebellion and the Treaty of Union.

    Go read Article one of the Treaty of union.

  262. Fran says:

    @ heedtracker

    You might remember during Indyref1 that the express had a report that 7000,000 Scots would leave if we voted yes.

    I had a wee laugh to myself because a couple of weeks prior to that a paper was published by a uk department that stated 700,000 had left Scotland between 2003-2013, of which Scots born they could not be sure.

    Your theory may not be far off the mark. I will try and hunt down the link to post.

  263. Roughian says:

    Klondyke Fishing Company.

  264. heedtracker says:

    So you have a huge rich market for your produce, all of Europe, tarrif free, no blocks, borders, super fast access across the whole of the continent AND same market provides great cheap labour, WITH all kinds of successful conservation measures, that are clearly working somehow…YET Bertie for Britain can convince his fishing chums to Leave, all of it, completely.

    Psycho tories never make much sense but its the morons that swallow their bull that will destroy us all.

  265. Rock says:

    In short, he meets all the criteria for Davidson, the most disgusting and dishonest politician in Scotland, to associate with.

  266. CameronB Brodie says:

    Robert Peffers
    I did only say “significant” Robert and yes, Scottish sectarianism was well developed before the 1960s.

  267. Wullie B says:

    Klondike Fishing Company own three big pelagic vessels, the same family have been fishing for Herring since the days of the drift, Peters uncle Willie was featured in a TV show back in the 80s called Last of the Hunters, has a pool at the ranch( Ranch is the house name) swims and pulled in creels single handed, and I mean that in the physical sense, he was one armed, its on Youtube somewhere, was quite a good show,

  268. Wullie B says:

    What these Brexit supporting fishermen fail to remember, lorries going to EU will be getting checked much more thoroughly, lorries of fish will be sitting for days and prime fish will not be prime marketable goods, tough shit skippers and owners

  269. Rock says:


    “People like this cretin are among the most vile in our society, that they cosy up to Ruth Davidson is no surprise as the Tories are our most vile politicians.”

    But they are only fools and idiots.


    “Bumbling fools making an embarrassment of the UK never mind Scotland. Just think of Boris Johnson, Fox, Davis or Gove. Not only is May herself an idiot she has surrounded herself with them and they are calling the shots. Calling them wrongly of course as like Harrison they too are delusional. Idiots.”


    “They are neither fools nor idiots. They are some of the nastiest people around.”

    “Calling the likes of May fools and idiots is extremely naive.”

    “You have no idea who we are dealing with.”

  270. Wullie B says:

    Ken500 and Heedtracker, these are the kind of idiots prevalent in the industry and they have huge support and hoodwinked a whole constituency into supporting Brexit, you both called me a liar a few weeks ago when I said the SNP could be in trouble, John W Buchan isnt the only Tory in the area, even local SNP guys are saying it is very likely going to be a close run thing

  271. heedtracker says:

    Wullie B says:

    Brussels also pumped millions in to North Sea fishing industry infrastructure. Why did the saps listen to Bertie for Britain again?

    More than £11m of European funding is to be distributed to Scotland’s fisheries sector.

    The cash has been earmarked for 65 projects across the country, and could be the catalyst for investment of up to £48m in the sea fisheries, aquaculture and processing industries.

    Rural Affairs Secretary Fergus Ewing confirmed the details of the package during a visit to a shellfish market.

    Other projects set to benefit include:
    £1.4m to Marine Scotland to market local seafood
    £623,000 for the Seafish Industry Authority to run safety training courses
    Several awards for mussel farming projects in Shetland
    £472,000 to the University of the Highlands and Islands for a shellfish hatchery programme
    £300,000 to install a high capacity ice plant at Lochinver harbour
    £332,000 for fisheries innovation projects based in St Andrews
    £136,000 to market Scottish seafood in North America

    Good old Bertie for Britain.

  272. Lenny Hartley says:

    Fran , re the Celtic Church, Picts and Scots. The Celtic Church teachings were brought to Scotland by St Ninian, Comcille and others, when Queen Margaret arrived she brought the Roman version of Christianity which held sway until the Reformation. Barely a century had passed since the Cathars were put to the sword as heretics. The Teachings of the Celtic Church which was still practised in traditional Pictish areas in the 14th century would have been heretical to Rome, it wasn’t all about the dating of Easter or the placement or shape of the tonsure. Therefore distance is put between the Scots and Picts in the declaration of Arbroath, do you really think that the only people in the known world who were never under permanent Roman occupation the Picts would be defeated by a few thousands Scots from Ireland?

    JLT re the Scythians, I read somewhere that the people now occupying that area think the Scots are descended from them, I also recall reading that quite a high proportion of people in that area are descended from Gengis Khan, although our potential forebears would have left a long time before he came on the scene, it might make it difficult to get pre Mongol DNA.

  273. Patrician says:

    Off-Topic alert

    For anyone with nothing better to do on Saturday morning. There will be an Airdrie for Independence stall in Airdrie town centre from 10am till 1pm (weather permitting). Pop along and say hi or come help out.

  274. Clootie says:

    Sad that when my fellow Scots are given a choice between an Independent nation and aligning with such bigots they would side with the bigots.

    It is hard to believe that Ruth Davidson considers such an alliance acceptable to save her Union.

    It is almost impossible to accept that Labour voters in Scotland align with this type of cretin.

    …and once again where are our Scottish journalists while this attempt takes place to use the politics of Ulster to hold ground and save her Union….does she think it is possible to fan the fire of religious bigotry and keep control. She will destroy Scotltish society in order to keep Scotland held fast.

  275. Robert Peffers says:

    @ronnie anderson says: 12 May, 2017 at 10:39 pm:

    “Mibbee’s now after todays events of Cyber attacks on our Health System GCHQ will get back to the day job of protecting britain from these cyber terrorists.

    I had a wee thought, Ronnie, that perhaps GCHQ were the hackers.
    After all it is obviously Tory policy is to privatise the English NHS.

    With the way things are going with the BREXIT, (sic), of the UK leaving the EU the Westminster Establishment just may have decided to speed things up a wee bit. Who will pay the NHS ransom? Probably not the Treasury.

  276. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ Ken500, re: Africa being origin of Homo sapiens

    Lenny made a decent point – the multiregional hypothesis posits that early H sapiens sprung up in, well, multiple regions 2 million years ago. However, there aren’t any perfect equivalents to the astonishing Great Rift Valley elsewhere in the world that can offer siuch a ready-made, relatively inexpensive way of confirming what period non-African earliest equivalents to H sapiens idaltu may have existed. But, you’ve got the Neanderthal DNA in Caucasian H sapiens sapiens that Negroid H sapiens sapiens doesn’t have at all; although that doesn’t rule out the majorative African ancestry, though.

    But what this has to do with the price of fish in Aberdeen ah cannae mind.

  277. Robert Peffers says:

    @Lenny Hartley says: 12 May, 2017 at 10:56 pm:

    ” … However new theories claim that we evolved in the Far East.
    How the tories ended up mating with Humans I know not.

    Now you may have hit on something there, Lenny.

    Not long ago I read that DNA sampling had shown the surprise result that it seemed the Neanderthals had not in fact died out but had interbred and been assimilated into Homo Sapiens and we had indeed Neanderthal genes in out gene pool.

    Perhaps that could explain the knuckle dragger and Tory kinship we are debating on this thread?

  278. heedtracker says:

    Lenny Hartley, you know there is no actual record of any Scottish people or Scottish tribe anywhere in Ireland? Its come down from just one word, “Scotti” in a Roman history, that may have used it to name the people of then Ireland and even that’s a maybe. There’s no archeology, nothing historical, no linguistic, nothing Scot in Irish archeology or history.

    So why did Scotland end up being called Scotland and not named after one of the several Celtic tribes that defeated the Roman Empire and founded the nation of Scotland near on 2000 years ago, that we are now being endlessly told is just another region of greater England today, for our own good too?

  279. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sorry for stepping on your turf Muscleguy and please correct me if I’m way off the mark.

    Genes are elastic and I don’t mean stretch-fit. They respond to environmental factors and transferring ‘generational memories’. That doesn’t mean to say society is genetically defined. An individual’s genetic makeup does influence their psychology and politics though. That’s post-modern critical social theory, that is.

  280. Fran says:

    @ heedtracker

    That’s all I could find but I have written a request to the migration statistics for clarification.

    Will post what I receive back from them

  281. Cactus says:

    It’s Saturday..

    Cairnstoon be a coming up… soon


    Just like our candle…

    Scotland is fuckin’ excellent!!!

    Never forget that.

  282. CameronB Brodie says:

    ….and transfer ‘generational memories’.

  283. Cactus says:

    Heading HOME.

    5 minute walk.

    Be there.


  284. Still Positive says:

    I second that Cactus @ 12.03.

  285. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Lenny Hartley (10.56) –

    I think you could be on to something mister. Is it possible that Tories are living proof of alien intervention? Analysis of John Redwood might provide a start…

    @Rock –

    What are you doing up so late?

    🙂 😉 🙂

  286. K1 says:

    Oor old twister and liar Nick Robinson getting his erse handed tae him by Labour’s Barry Gardiner over Robinson’s clear bias against Corbyn in the form of challenging him on the Today programme over ‘personalities not policies’. Robinson went greetin’ tae twitter aboot it afterwards. The BBC are a shower of shite and Robinson’s the chief turd…how refreshing to hear anyone challenge the BBC’s ‘crash, bang, wallop’ level of debate:

  287. Robert Peffers says:

    @heedtracker says: 13 May, 2017 at 12:00 am:

    “Lenny Hartley, you know there is no actual record of any Scottish people or Scottish tribe anywhere in Ireland? Its come down from just one word, “Scotti” in a Roman history, that may have used it to name the people of then Ireland and even that’s a maybe. There’s no archeology, nothing historical, no linguistic, nothing Scot in Irish archeology or history.”

    Well not quite. The most recent evidence is quite startling. There has been recent archaeological digs carried out on some very hard to land on Scottish Sea Stacks and smaller clift shored islands. These turned up lots of artefacts similar to those of mainland and off shore Irish artefacts, The startling thing is that the Scots stuff predates the Irish stuff and would indicate that the Scotti emigrated from Scotland and not to it.

    However, I still believe in the far more plausible theory that the Scotti were boat people who inhabited all round the Irish Sea. After all, in those times, the land was under the Great Caledonian forest and almost impenetrable. The seas and waterways were the superhighways of the time and furthermore the Scottish shores are strewn with sea shell middens as relics of where the earliest humans lived and gathered their staple diets.

    There is no signs of similar middens of animal bones inland.

  288. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ Robert Peffers

    Neanderthal may be a synonym for knuckle-dragger, but more recently they’ve come to be regarded as possibly more gentle and timid than the Cro-Magnons who are suspected to have wiped them out (but not before a good bit of slap and tickle). Massive skulls, with much greater cranial capacity than ours – although not in frontal area; mostly the occipital and temporal areas, as well as a larger cerebellum. Big eyes to see in the night, amazing memory capacity, and despite having a ribcage like a piece of armour, more agile. And upright.

    William Golding wrote a novel called ‘The Inheritors’ with this in mind.

    Of course, they could’ve been total pricks. I dunno.

  289. Legerwood says:

    Robert Peffers @ 11.20pm

    “”So why did they build the Glasgow overspill new towns like Toryburn outside Dunfermline,…””

    Are you sure Torryburn is a new town? The Torryburn I know is a small place near Dunfermline with a long long history. It used to be a port for Dunfermline. There was coal mining at one time. Salt panning.

    As to the schools situation in Scotland that too has a long history both pre- and post-Reformation. The Education Act of 1872 established the RC Schools on a firmer footing within the state system which was taking over control of the schools from the Kirk.

    A detailed history of schools in Scotland is contained here:
    History of Schools in Scotland

    and from the Catholic perspective from the 1872 Education Act onwards here:

    I was not aware that there had been any dispute about payment for school buildings though. There is one between the Free Church and the Free Church (Continuing) about the ownership of the churches built after the Great Disruption in 1843. But it does not involve the RC Church or schools in any way.

  290. Cactus says:

    Cheers tae ye Still Positive on the eleven, ahm ra same.

    Love Scotland.



  291. Dr Jim says:

    Morrisons don’t even sell fish from Scotland
    Norwegian Salmon, Yorkshire brook trout, English sea Bass
    even their Cod and Haddock are from Norway

    So instead of moaning about the SNP and the EU youl’d think they’d be asking why their fish isn’t even on sale in Scottish supermarkets and brought up in trucks from England

  292. Cactus says:

    This used tae be on ur Channel Four, dae ye remembers le live TV?

    Biker Mice From Mars:

    Check out their ‘Headin’ HOME’ tuneage.


  293. Dr Jim says:

    Just while I’m on the subject Costa Coffee doesn’t source their milk from Scotland either

    It comes in trucks from England

    So Scotland doesn’t have fish, we don’t have milk?

    Don’t try and tell me England isn’t taking the pish Nah! They probably truck in their own and sell it to us

  294. CameronB Brodie says:

    I wasn’t going to go in to detail re. new towns in Scotland. The re-location of Glasgow’s over-spill wasn’t only to the new towns though. I know for a fact that existing towns and villages in both East and West Lothian got a wodge, for example.

  295. Cactus says:


    Not too long to go now.

    Are we there yet?

    Aye, soon, 18..

    Keep gaun..’




  296. Fran says:


    Cathers didn’t appear in Europe till 11th century and had different teachings, theology, to the Celtic and Roman church. Cathers believed in 2 Gods.

    St Ninian, St Columba et al were canonised as saints by the Roman Church so that’s why I don’t understand the heretic bit. Celtic Christians still went on Pilgrimage to Rome, Macbeth did and he belonged to the Celtic Church.

    St Margaret brought not different teachings but different rules, cannon law. She built kirks, priests wore gowns that resembled the roman toga, mass was said in latin etc, instead of being outside amongst Gods creations. I think this is a bit sad as it took God away from the people and nature and the Celtic church was a bit rough and ready just like the people.

    The believes in the sacraments were the same, its just that someone is always trying to make us civilised, aka, make us like them.

    As for the Scots conquering the “Picts” I have yet to see or read anywhere that that is so. What I have learned so far is that the Picts ruled the Scots, the Scots had their wee turn and after a line of intermarriages we all eventually came under the heading of Scots. Everyone today who lives in Scotland is called Scots, they never conquered the land, we just borrowed their name.

    A posting a few threads back really caught my imagination was that the Picts had moved into Ireland 500 BC, I’m gonna look into that.

    What matters is not what happened in the past or what our blood and gene pool is but what we are going to do with the gift of the present. What foundations are we going to lay for future generations to build from, now that is an exciting prospect. Let us be a worthy chapter in history.

  297. Sandy says:

    Front page of yesterday’s P & J. Who here gives a damn about a domestic dispute that comes to court. Sinking to Sun, Express, Star, etc levels.

  298. Cactus says:


  299. Richardinho says:

    I’m delighted with the the P&J cover. It’s good that the media are finally taking this kind of thing seriously.

  300. Cactus says:

    Well you can bump & grind..

    What be it good for..?

    Talkin’ bout a rev…

    Solution Smallaxe.

  301. Cactus says:



  302. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. Cathers. Nothing like a bit of dualism and Gnostic heresy to put the fear of God into the Christian faithful. That was way back, as Fran asks, what future will we bequeath our grandchildren?

  303. Cactus says:

    That’ll be us.

    Let’s take.




  304. Fran says:

    @ Robert Peffers

    Our whole history is driven by religious bigotry including the so called Jacobite Rebellion and the Treaty of Union

    I don’t think history has been driven by religious bigotry, religion has just been a tool used by those who want to retain power and control, like the Lords of the Congregation and James V militant approach to the reformist priests.

    There was a time when religious Scots stood for their country before the ruler of their faith e.g. Bishop Wishart, excommunicated for backing De Bruce, which ment the full country was excommunicated.

    I have an awful feeling you are going to correct me on something haha

  305. Fran says:

    @ CameronB Brodie

    Here here.

    Onwards and upwards

  306. Cactus says:

    Scotland Is Fucking Excellent!

    Never forget that!


  307. Cactus says:

    Say it out loud!




  308. Fran says:


    Loud enough for ye Cactus?

  309. Fran says:

    @ Cactus

    I did but maybe too loud

  310. Cactus says:

    I Love Scotland.

    Aye do.

    Do U?

  311. Cactus says:

    Aweright Fran ~

    Spot on 😉





  312. Fran says:


    Nae bother gadgy, right there wie ye

  313. Cactus says:


    Come back..



  314. Cactus says:

    Cheers Fran x

    Headin’ intae ra night..

    Play your music.


    Le wing.


  315. Cactus says:


  316. Fran says:


    Take care man, see ye on a thread near you hahaha

  317. Cactus says:

    Cheers Fran.

    Talk tae ye on tomorrow’s toon..

    Scotland… onwards, upwards and outwards..

    Left wing, outwards >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  318. Cactus says:

    Todays toon…




  319. Cactus says:

    Good tae see ye back on Patrician on ra o/t

    Ruth’s Fishy Friends… fresh fish shouldn’t smell…

    Of fish.

  320. Cactus says:






  321. Thomas Valentine says:

    He couldn’t go on many shopping trips to Glasgow. He’d drown in his own venom and bile.

  322. Cactus says:

    LOVE vs HATE.


  323. Thomas Valentine says:

    If the Tories formed a pop band would it be called “Rape Clause Ruth’s Ranting Racist Right”?

  324. Thepnr says:

    This is brilliant and a great example of how to deal with bias BBC journalists. Nick Robinson is taken to the cleaners by Labour’s Barry Gardiner.

    Oh and a by the way, Barry Gardiner is a Glaswegian 🙂

  325. Thepnr says:


    Credit for the link!

  326. justin F.N. minty says:

    Not all n.e. skippers are like buchan, i know a few personally and they are the nicest people you will get.
    Then there is some right ######ers

  327. Smallaxe says:

    Nana, Good Morning. We had some much-needed rain overnight, maybe the grass will start growing now. Thank you, for your links.
    Kettle’s on! Peace Always.

  328. Breeks says:

    OT but this is excellent. Barry Gardiner wipes the floor with Nick Robinson.

    Makes you wonder why Robinson still has a job, but then you remember he’s BBC.

  329. Nana says:

    Good morning Smallaxe Looks like its just you and me over here!

    A few more links for you

    Some more on the hack
    Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool

    Who profits from privatised rail? Watch

  330. Breeks says:

    Hahaha. You beat me to it Nana.

  331. ScottieDog says:

    Been very impressed with Barry gardiner. He’s quite right to go after the media.
    Sadly Scottish labour are neoliberals who are baying for corbyns blood.

  332. Nana says:


    Just had a quick look up thread, K1 & Thepnr beat us both to it!

    Wingers are quick to link, maybe I can stop linking soon, lol

  333. Big Jock says:

    Germany Nazi League – An organisation that believe in white supremecy, anti semetism and ethnic cleansing.

    Scotland Orange Order- A white supremist group who believe in ethnic cleansing, anti Catholicism and anti Irish.(Now add Scottish to that)

    Difference between Scotland and Germany. Germany condemn them, Scotland condones them.

    Unexpected consequence of Brexit they could be banned. Both allowed to march and demonstrate enshrined in EU human rights act.

    They really are that dim.

  334. cyril mitchell says:

    Have often thought that Westminster keeps some newspapers afloat. Cheap propaganda

  335. Breeks says:

    Glamaig says:
    12 May, 2017 at 10:21 pm
    that photo of Truthless on the front page of the National is weird. She’s holding that fish like a gun. Some psycho-analysis of that woman would be interesting…

    It’s a Trigger Fish!

    Sigh. I’ll just get my coat….

    If it was Sturgeon on the other hand, it would be much too big and strong for Ruth to handle.

    I”ll just get my wellies too…..

  336. The Proctor Lewis says:

    Big Jock

    Actually, and as surprisingly ignored by many the main unexpected consequence for fishermen by Brexit is a conservative government that will be unable to continue subsidies to the fishing fleet, worth over €1 billion eu wide, and the very real risk that the eu will in all likelihood be given some access to the 12 mile limit. Even if they aren’t then it isn’t fish till you drop, as the common fisheries policy, is a by product of UN law, so the UK government will still be required to have quotas, and fishing boats in Scotland will still be fishing side by side with eu fleets as the Irish area skirts round theirs.
    And what is the uk fleet anyway, one of the biggest fishing boat actually better described as a factory, although owned by a Dutch company is registered, and paid tax in the UK and fishes the uk quota.

  337. Robert Peffers says:

    @Legerwood says: 13 May, 2017 at 12:33 am:

    Robert Peffers @ 11.20pm

    “Are you sure Torryburn is a new town? The Torryburn I know is a small place near Dunfermline with a long long history. It used to be a port for Dunfermline. There was coal mining at one time. Salt panning.”

    You are, of course correct, Legerwood. Torryburn itself is a very old small village. It was way past my bedtime and not only did I spell the name incorrectly but missed out the bit, “around the Torryburn area”.

    There was a rash of new housing in such as Valleyfield and New Valleyfield was built as a new town, and so on and these were mainly filled with Glasgow overspill.

    The main, and closest, source of employment being the new mines to feed the, then new, Longannet power station. We also got a big influx of Glasgow, former shipyard workers, into the Dockyard too.

    “As to the schools situation in Scotland that too has a long history both pre- and post-Reformation. The Education Act of 1872 established the RC Schools on a firmer footing within the state system which was taking over control of the schools from the Kirk.
    A detailed history of schools in Scotland is contained here:
    History of Schools in Scotland
    and from the Catholic perspective from the 1872 Education Act onwards here:

    I was not aware that there had been any dispute about payment for school buildings though. There is one between the Free Church and the Free Church (Continuing) about the ownership of the churches built after the Great Disruption in 1843. But it does not involve the RC Church or schools in any way.”

    There wasn’t a dispute with the RC church over payment, there was a deal. That was the deal I mentioned. The RC church did not want to join the new state system but were reluctantly persuaded to do so after getting promises from the government that they could still supply their own teaching staff but get the educational supplies and other such like benefits of the state system.

    This in return for conceding such things as accepting non-RC pupils and giving assurance that any parent could opt their child out of religious classes as I pointed out, and as a child whose parents opted me out I attended both RC and non-dom schools.

    I can honestly say that I never saw any teacher in either RC or non-dom, (in those days non-dom was largely actually only protestant), attempt to push religion upon anyone. Which is why I said that sectarianism was not caused by separate schools but in spite of them.

    I know beyond doubt that Wee Billy arrived at primary one already well primed in sectarianism and that Wee Billy’s parents were always the first to claim RC schools should be abolished.

    Funny thing was they had no objections to other religious schools – only the RC ones. I wonder why?

  338. Tinto Chiel says:

    Thanks to all of the great Usual Suspects who linked to Barry Gardner’s dismantling of Auld Nick.

    I heard it driving while yesterday and really enjoyed listening to it again.

    Polite, persistent rebuttal and a refusal to allow the snide BBC to frame the agenda…..

    A lesson for all the Good Guys in the independence movement when they give an interview to the BBC.

    By the way: I know the NHS computer thing is serious but it seems that a tremendous amount of time has been given over to it.

    What are they trying to distract us from?

  339. Lenny Hartley says:

    Fran I’m with you on the Cathars I was just making a point that the Catholic Church were /are imperialists that would not suffer any competition however small. My understanding of the Celtic Church based on a lot of research over twenty years ago so memory not brilliant is that it was based on the Alexandrian Church with a bit of paganism thrown in. Yes Macbeth went to Rome a few times , but that does not mean he followed Roman Practice, I used to go to London a lot but it does not mean that I follow the Anglican Church. In fact I’m a Pastafararian (Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) , when I was been admitted to hospital a few years ago for an Op , the admissions nurse had to Google FSM, so I think I can proudly say I was the first Pastarafarian to be admitted to the new Southern General 🙂

  340. Wullie B says:

    @the proctor Lewis, you are quite correct, but the reason EU boats will still be fishing in British waters is due to an agreement signed in 1964, The London Agreement which gave EU vessels access due to historic rights, the Tory government if it was serious about this asking back the UK waters for British fishermen would have to rip up that agreement as well, and the Fishing For Leave campaign aren’t happy that they didn’t do so when Article 50 was signed.

    Farage has already stated that the whispers on the EU corridors that deals will be done, and the industry isn’t happy about that John Buchan, skipper of the vessel Fairline also out of Peterhead stated in the press this week that pro Brexit skippers owners and crewmen are off their heads as catches will lie in EU ports for upto a few days where the quality of the fish and langoustine will drop, which in turn drops prices.

    But the crux of the matter is that the industry is about to be sold down the Thames so that industries close to the Tory “hearts” ( I know Tories don’t have such a thing) where they actually have money invested in them will take precedence, all the Brexit fishermen I know don’t believe that, but think the past will repeat itself and fishing will again be seen as extendible .

    The fishing vessels get very little money from EU subsidies, it’s more shoreside infrastructure like harbours and processors that get money to upgrade, and that biggest Dutch vessel is actually a partnership between a Killibegs company and a Dutch company, it was the Killibegs fisherman that got the boat UK quota

  341. cearc says:


    ‘What are they trying to distract us from?’

    Can’t really hide the NHS can they? For starters, how about ‘Windows for Submarines’? What other government systems are down?

  342. Macart says:

    Mornin’ Nana

    Late this morning. Had a bit of a long night bashing a new piece together.

    Time for some reading. 🙂

  343. Nana says:

    Missed it this morning Macart.

    A fine piece of writing Sam.

  344. Robert Kerr says:

    Another link for the morning.

    An excellent perspective on the EU from the Irish Times

    Let’s never forget that the EU was founded to prevent France and Germany going to war ever again.

    The Europeans are fully aware that Perfidious Albion is a one trick pony…. Divide and Conquer.

    I note also in the Irish Times that M. Barnier is actually going to the Republic/N. Irish border to see for himself.

  345. Tinto Chiel says:

    cearc:”What about Windows for Submarines?”

    Given the general incompetence of the MoD, they probs use Windows 97 or some other cutting edge technology.


  346. K1 says:

    Here’s hoping Tinto 😉

    Nana…love your breakiebrunchie links 😉

  347. cearc says:

    Unfortunately, ‘Windows for Submarines’ actually is the programme and it is XP.

  348. Wullie B says:
    The website that fills their heads full of keech regarding fishing matters

  349. Lenny Hartley says:

    Cearc in my 30 odd years of managing networks Windows Xp sp2 was the most strong and stable operating system that Microsoft supplied. 🙂

  350. heedtracker says:

    Lenny Hartley says:
    13 May, 2017 at 12:13 pm
    Cearc in my 30 odd years of managing networks Windows Xp sp2 was the most strong and stable operating system that Microsoft supplied.

    It can still freeze, blue screen of death etc, and you never know why. Call comes in from Mayhem in Whitehall, launch launch launch! Aye aye Dear Leader, Rule Britannia, vote tory…

    “Your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.
    If you’d like to know more, you can search online later for this error:

    But there wont be anything left, when they do surface, psycho tories have blown us all up.

  351. cynicalHighlander says:

    They can’t open windows in a sub they’ll use periscope.

  352. Lenny Hartley says:

    I didn’t say xp sp2 was faultless but in my experience which I admit is now a bit outdated , it was a lot more stable than other Microsoft operating systems. The one that used to get my dander up was when the processors used to go to 100% and everything went to a crawl, I spend several hours many times trying to zap a process via a modem , tbh we don’t know how lucky we have it these days. I’m so glad I’m all apple 🙂

  353. Steward MacDonald says:

    Please sign and share. Hatred and intolerance must play no part in the kind of country I want to live in. What makes it worse is that these are ELECTED Tory councillors in Stirling.

  354. Jack Murphy says:

    Nana said at 7:47 am today:

    Numbers 5 and 6 in that link are well worth remembering:

    5. Nurses in Scotland are better paid than anywhere else in the UK. A nurse in Scotland, at Band 5, is paid between £225 and £309 more than their English counterparts.

    6. We are committed to protecting free tuition and the non-means tested, non-repayable nursing and midwifery student bursary.
    This is in stark contrast to the decision of the Tory government, which has removed free tuition and bursaries entirely.”

  355. Legerwood says:

    Robert Peffers @ 9.40 am

    I thought the late hour accounted for Torryburn. I don’t think I was wide awake either when I replied to you.

  356. Wullie B says:

    Forgot to mention, John Buchans boat was tied outside HMS Belfast during the Brexit armadas wee jaunt up the Thames, he was one of the Scots organisers

  357. meg merrilees says:

    Re the Tory Councillor petition:

    At least we’ve already reached the point where more people are voting to have Majury removed than voted to have him elected. ( approx 1,500) Needs a lot more though!

  358. Sandy says:

    Chances are that Buchan’s boat was financed by Norwegian banks.

  359. Capella says:

    re Windows for subs

    More like Curtains for Windows.

  360. Donbungo says:

    Funny how pictures of John are edited – fin I bade in thi toon he wis known ti be a pished stained jaik.

  361. Muiris says:

    Bottom of the barrel Rev.? Some of these people are more at home under the barrel (or under a rock, if no barrel available)

  362. Angus MacAlister says:

    Another lovely Tory MP:


  363. Angus MacAlister says:

    Another attempt at the link

  364. Iain More says:

    I think it is safe to say he is a nasty piece of work and proof that some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed ever!

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