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Fist brutally attacked by face

Posted on July 12, 2016 by

While we wait on tenterhooks to find out exactly how insane the Parliamentary Labour Party is, enjoy this jaw-dropping BBC Scotland news report on the trial of Labour MP Marie Rimmer for attacking a Yes campaigner at a polling station in September 2014.


Coming soon: Shooting Victim Denies Deliberately Damaging Assailant’s Bullet. 

(The Daily Record, amazingly enough, took the same angle.)


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571 to “Fist brutally attacked by face”

  1. Big Jock says:

    Macart -If they exclude Nicola from the Brexit negotiations. Then it’s a quickie divorce. Instant referendum.

    Personally I think the talks will go badly as these Tories are really not the most diplomatic. I expect them to go in all guns blazing. The EU will say here is our offer take it or leave it.

    This talk of close partnership is cheap talk before the real-politic kicks in. The UK is going to be the dirty man of europe. The uncle who you know exists but moved to Cyprus with his new ugly girlfriend. Sure you get the odd postcard but you have no time for the man.

  2. Robert Kerr says:


    Focus on revolution and Europe.

    Happy Bastille Day to all.

  3. North chiel says:

    An interesting post from “E A Cameron ” at 1000 pm last night . The ” extraordinary” By election scenario in Scotland could come into play if ” Westminster ” refused consent for Indy ref 2 . The ” withdrawal ” of our MP’s from HOC and subsequent Indyref2 ” ratification” of negotiations ” following ” extraordinary by-election” , could be a ” winning strategy” to independence.

  4. Breeks says:

    Stoker it’s in the Herald, but don’t fret yourself, it’s complete and utter tosh. Somebody let Ming Cambell use the phone.

    Then again, it’s two, possibly three more years mileage for Unionism and the BBC…

    Strange thought of the day? Boris Johnston and Rasputin. Something in the eyes….

  5. Naina Tal says:

    They don’t seem to realise we’re laughing at them. Europe’s laughing at them. The whole phucken world is laughing at them. Meanwhile they just play with their box of matches.

    I’ve got news for them- Yer gonnae burn doon the hoose!

  6. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Anent the Right Honourable Ruth Davidson MSP, PC:

    It is quite clear, appointing Buffalo Gal to the Privy Council was perhaps the final, petty: “GIRFUY Sweaties”, move of a departing Prime Minister.

    We are told, there is no such position as: “Leader of the Opposition in the Scottish Prliament”; there is the post of “Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” at Westminster – which is why a left wing nuisance such as Jeremy Corbyn gets to put Rt. Hon. before his name and attend PC meetings. The Tank Commander doesn’t have such a status at Holyrood, where, as I can see it, the only perk of her position as Leader of the largest opposition party gives her first dibs at being on the receiving end of Nicola’s hand-bag each Thursday at FMQs.

    If the leader of the largest opposition party at Holyrood was entitled to PC membership then, John Swinney, Wendy Alexander, Ian Gray, Johan Lamont and Kezia Dugdale would all also be in the PC.

    Nope, appointing Wee Ruthie was a departing Old Etonian: “flicking the vicky” at the “Sweaties”, nothing more.

  7. Nana says:

    I feel like I am in someone else’s nightmare and can not wake up. Nicola hurry up and fire the starting gun, what the hell are we waiting for skewed opinion polls by unionist pollsters.

    The barking words of may—the-barking-words-of-may.19974

  8. Stoker says:

    Cheers, Tam!

    @ call me dave: Thanks for this:

    My overwhelming position on this new deflectionary tripe after reading CMDs archived link is to say; VETO VETO VETO.

    It is my view that the SNP should not entertain this pile of Tory excrement in the slightest and i don’t think they will.

    A desperate bid to deceive Scotland yet again as they have done many many times over the past several hundred years and it is absolutely no surprise who is behind the promoting of the idea.

    Thatchers son & Co can fuck right off.

    In our hearts we carry hope over fear.
    In our brains we carry fact over fiction.
    In our votes we carry Scotland to freedom.
    No more LibLabCons – support the cause and oust the scum.

    Now i’m away to make the most of the lovely weather outside.

  9. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I cannot help thinking, if David Cameron had just allowed the Devo Max option on the ballot paper on 18 September, 2014, he would have saved the UK an awful lot of angst and bother. And he would probably still have the top job.

  10. Capella says:

    Radio 4 item on Daniel Defoe now. Defoe “brought Scotland into the United Kingdom”!
    They really haven’t a clue about the constitutional status of the Union. Neither has Theresa May with her “four countries of the Union”. Time for Robert Peffers to get the message out to England.

  11. Ruby says:

    Tut! Comments have disappeared!

    Someone asked about the New Act of Union.

    See article:

  12. Chic McGregor says:


    As has been made clear from EU sources.

    The UK can leave the ECHR, however, subsequent significant departure from human rights provision as enshrined in the ECHR and mirrored in EU treaties and the ECJ would result in punitive measures up to exclusion from voting rights, whilst still having to pay membership fees.

    Continued infringement of human rights would inevitably lead to a crisis summit where, for the first time ever, the possibility of expulsion would be on the table.

    So, effectively, leaving the ECHR would sooner or later lead directly to BREXIT, referendum or no referendum.

    Indeed there was a Tory cabal of Eurosceptics, including May and Grayling, who seemed intent in using that as a backdoor exit from the EU before Cameron announced the referendum.

    Incidentally, while all existing EU members are in the ECHR, it had not been an aquis requirement, but it is now for new members.

  13. defo says:


  14. galamcennalath says:

    Macbeda says:

    “What does Scotland have that England wants?”

    Most people immediately say resources, exports, oil etc etc.

    IMO it now has more to do with potential loss of prestige, face, standing, etc etc …. both imagined and real.

    Greater England is the bestest wonderfulest democraticist country on the planet, so they take it as a personal slap on the face when we say, ‘it isn’t good enough for us’.

    And, they worry about how the rest of the world sees them being diminished. The rest of the world looks up to them, don’t you know. They don’t want to be seen weakened.

    There are real threats to their standing. Their holy WMDs which make them extra special. Their seat in the UN Security Council which countries like India covet.

    They will try everything to stop us parting company.

  15. DerekM says:

    Yea i agree Alyn it is,he did good stood up when it mattered lets let him run with it,Angus is needed in that bampot westminster loony bin and Alyn already knows the EU players though i think back up from our westminster shadow foreign office will be on hand any times he needs it.

    No wonder the yoon thinkers are bricking it with bojo do the tories really think they can keep Eck from doing what Eck does lol even old rotten arse monster maggie couldnt do that.

    A bit of brilliant political forward thinking by the SNP i can feel tories trembling in terror from here go on May push da big button marked exit that is your job.

  16. Bob Mack says:

    All the rage this morning is federalism. Every paper thinks the solution to the political conundrum currently in the UK is to give us what powers we already have,but take back what powers they gave post referendum,if that makes sense to you.

    Indy or nothing.

  17. Macart says:


    Ooft! That NY Times piece didn’t miss an hit the wall. 😮

    @Big Jock

    I think they’ll regret any action to exclude the Scottish Government from talks big time.

    Having said that and looking at the posts already filled, I’m suspecting May has set some folks up to fail spectacularly and publicly bringing about a sudden stop to some careers. I reckon they already know that the EUs position on trade and travel is immovable. The Brexiteers will NOT get the deal they promised their voters. When this occurs watch out for fireworks. 😉

  18. Macart says:


    I agree. Alyn is the man for this job at this time.

  19. Nana says:

    Chunky Mark on the monsters

    On the phone to a friend this morning, she says her elderly family down south have lost hope. Her cousin said Scotland had better build a big wall as there will likely be a flood of refugees heading north.

  20. Stoker says:

    Anyone else just lose all the comments on this thread for about 10/15-minutes? Strange!

    Cheers, Tam!

    @ call me dave: Thanks for this:

    My overwhelming position on this new deflectionary tripe after reading CMDs archived link is to say; VETO VETO VETO.

    It is my view that the SNP should not entertain this pile of Tory excrement in the slightest and i don’t think they will.

    A desperate bid to deceive Scotland yet again as they have done many many times over the past several hundred years and it is absolutely no surprise who is behind the promoting of the idea.

    Thatchers son & Co can fuck right off.

    In our hearts we carry hope over fear.
    In our brains we carry fact over fiction.
    In our votes we carry Scotland to freedom.
    No more LibLabCons – support the cause and oust the scum.

    Now i’m away to make the most of the lovely weather outside.

  21. Chic McGregor says:


  22. Grouse Beater says:

    On what basis does a discredited politician dumped by one prime minster get invited back into office by another?

    Liam Fox would like to know.

  23. Stoker says:

    Breeks wrote:
    “Stoker it’s in the Herald, but don’t fret yourself, it’s complete and utter tosh. Somebody let Ming Cambell use the phone.”

    🙂 Just got all the comments back and caught your reply Breeks.
    Aye, a quick read through it was enough to expose it for what it truly is – another load of deflectionary guff from Ming & Co!

    Am away to enjoy the garden and the sunshine, the b@$t@£d$ can’t take that away from me, at least not yet they can’t!

  24. galamcennalath says:

    Is this Federal pish Vow2 for IndyRef2? Perhaps it was due to be released now anyway. Who knows how their minds work.

    Is this supposed to be Smith2 except after they have actually read the submissions?

    Been here, and still never go a tee shirt!

    They fought IndyRef1 with the stick of economic doubts and the carrot of DevoSuperMaxFederalism. Their own mismanagement has brought the first to fruition anyway and the second was just a pack of lies, promises always destined to be broken.

    So they think they can have a re run?

    Next time the debate will be about full EU membership for Scotland (not Brexit Lite) and the abysmal failings of WM. A re run of BT2 will just be petrol on the flames.

  25. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland can be involved in Brexit talks but no separate deals for Scotland says Philip Hammond

    So there you have it folks eat your porridge and shut the fuck up you sweaty little scroats

  26. Chic McGregor says:

    Yes, Alyn is a good man for the job, especially with eyebrows on full stun.

  27. Chic McGregor says:


    I noticed that on the last 500 comment breakpoint. Think the procedure has changed and now involves a few minutes with no comments until the ‘older’ and ‘new’ comments sections aree up and running.

  28. CameronB Brodie says:

    “The issues that divide the nation are far outweighed by the common values and cultures that have bound us together for hundreds of years. We hope that the new Prime Minister will take this unprecedented opportunity to realign our Union and secure it for centuries to come,” added the Scottish peer.

    @ Lord Campbell
    Erm, what nation are you talking about? Do you understand the concepts of union and unitary state? Is this a slip of the tongue or are you’re really denying the separate identities of the two nations that constitute Britain? Are you simply lazy in your terminology? Are you a dimwit? Are you a British nationalist?

    So many questions, I know. One last one, how much are you costing the public purse?

  29. Grouse Beater says:

    “Scotland can be involved in Brexit talks but no separate deals for Scotland, says Philip Hammond.”

    A weak mouthed, wealthy politician takes over the tough guy role of Osborne and tells Scotland who is boss.

    No voters – how ‘free to choose’ do you feel now?

  30. galamcennalath says:

    Nana says:
    at 8:40 am

    Thanks. this is an excellent piece. Spot on, I reckon.

    “Brexit has turned the twilight years of the reign of Elizabeth II into the final chapter in the history of Great Britain.”

  31. galamcennalath says:

    Dr Jim says:

    “Scotland can be involved in Brexit talks but no separate deals for Scotland”

    What we expected.

    Nicola needs to announce some ‘lines in the sand’. There will be no UK-Scotland negotiations, pre a Yes vote at IndyRef2. So time Scotland’s minimum requirements were made clear.

  32. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dr Jim
    I want your kids as well. 🙂

    How much?

  33. call me dave says:

    Re:Hammond on GMS
    He also assured us slower Scots that the Barnett will be kept (a direct contradiction of his view during Indy1)

    But he never said the calculation formula would be applied in the same way.

    Gary should have asked him because I’d like to know!

    In The National 101 reasons not to believe May.

    I’ll leave you to work out why it’s 101 reasons because I’m too polite 🙂

    Can’t post link as on a tablet thingy

  34. Almannysbunnet says:

    Great article here on our first minister from Bloomberg. They get most of it right.

  35. Nana says:

    Gormless Gove and Morgan both sacked

  36. heedtracker says:

    Day Zero on Planet Toryboy, the propaganda war goes on exactly the same as ever.

    25% of the vote, at least 30 tory gits broke EC law, May’s a blue collar PM.

  37. call me dave says:


    That’s a little gem of an article. Good spot!

  38. Dr Jim says:

    There’ll be no VOW with this lot, I’ll open a book on “The big Threat” to come by the end of the day

    Who’ll open the betting with, let’s say, a tanner, remember them, OK I’ll take threepence, or as we used to call it thruppence, come on what do you say, threehalfpence, or threhaypnce in old British money

    Mark Carney will be lowering the interest rate that much we’ll be going back in time, to a gentler more poverty stricken era
    The’ll be bringing back smoking in pubs to boost the economy as well as take oot the seats at the football so you can get hundreds of thousands more in

    Aye, back to the past when times were really good
    I’ll need tae look oot ma flat cap so’s a kin doff it when the well to do walk by

  39. Chic McGregor says:

    I find terms such as ‘country’, ‘nation’ and ‘State’ quite confusing. Not I think, a fault on my part, more because the terms are used generally in a confused manner.

    For example ‘nation’ might be applied to a region with a consensual ethnic identity, like the Native American region in Canada or indeed to Native American tribes with a dispersed demographic like the Sioux Nation etc. So I think it could also be equally used for Scotland were it not for the SNP (i.e. their fight for nationhood kinda precludes that usage).

    It can also mean a Nation-State, a self governing member of the UN.

    ‘Country’ can also mean a Nation-State or again something without UN membership in its own right, like Scotland and Wales.

    Likewise with ‘State’ it usually refers to a Nation-State but can also be used for a regional entity like a state in the USA or in Germany.

    I think that is why the UN, in its various charters and treaties, prefers to refer to ‘a People’ or ‘Peoples’ in regard to rights of self determination.

    Kind of ironic if ‘We arra People’ were the least ambiguous description of Scotland.

    Also kinda strange that ‘Nation-State’ is the least ambiguous in meaning given the ambiguity of both elements.

  40. Nana says:

    Jeremy Hunt sacked. Wonder what ghoul she has lined up to take over the NHS sell off

  41. Macart says:

    @Dr Jim

    Heh, he said that did he?

    May’s conundrum – Trigger Article 50 and in all likelihood trigger an indyref. Just what would May be taking to the EU table to negotiate with?

    Hydrocarbons? Whisky? Fish? Renewables? People?

    She’ll no be taking much to that particular negotiating table. 😉

  42. CameronB Brodie says:

    “let you take control of your lives”

    Pretty easy to decode this one, ‘you’re on your own suckers, government washes it’s hand of any responsibility for social cohesion. Sink of swim.’

    Subtext; ‘though we will cut social provision to the marrow, not the bone, we will still dig deep in to your pockets and your privicy. Rule Britania, the neo-fascist traditionalist carbuncle on the backside of postmodern humanity.

  43. CameronB Brodie says:

    “let you take control of your lives”

    Pretty easy to decode this one, ‘you’re on your own suckers, government washes it’s hand of any responsibility for social cohesion. Sink of swim.’

    Subtext; ‘though we will cut social provision to the marrow, not the bone, we will still dig deep in to your pockets and your privacy. Rule Britannia, the neo-fascist traditionalist carbuncle on the backside of postmodern humanity.

    Sorry if this doubles up. That chunkymark though. He’s a giggle.

  44. heedtracker says:

    Follow the money. Tory BBC led propaganda re-calibrates for the Thatcher 2 era but

    Indeed, according to ING’s FX Strategist Viraj Patel, the pound to dollar rate – which is currently trading at 1.3232 – could fall to as low as 1.20 in time, due to these new risks, which, it is argued were ‘spawned’ from the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

    “Rating agencies have identified three broad areas of concern that risk eliciting another UK credit rating downgrade:

    (i) greater likelihood of a Scottish independence;

    (ii) difficulties in financing the current account deficit; and

    (iii) GBP losing its reserve currency status. Were these risks to crystallise, and the UK’s credit rating cut again, then we estimate that GBP/USD could fall to 1.20.” Comment’s the strategist in a recent note.

    The first concern, ‘Scottish Independence’, comes as a result of the majority of Scots voting to remain in the EU, as compared to the majority of English voters.

  45. Breeks says:

    @North Chiel.

    I don’t know what the extraordinary by-election principle is, unless it means an extraordinary by-elections made necessary by MP’s abandoning their seats, but if the SNP did that, they would in essence be removing the Scottish Parliament from Westminster, and I feel sure this would represent the active revocation/repeal of the Act of Union, and would be a de facto Declaration of Independence.

    Holyrood is complicated, it is the point of conjunction between devolved powers issuing from Westminster and a pseudo-parliament which swears effective allegiance and fealty to Westminster and the Queen, and a second point of conjunction, that being the members of the parliament who are elected by and thus become appointed delegates representing the sovereign will of the Scottish people. So you have Westminster’s parliament populated by Scotland’s chosen delegates. Power from North meets power from South and kinda co-exit. This latter Scottish Parliament, the one which answers solely to Scotland’s people, neither Westminster nor the Queen, is our true sovereign government and has not met in that capacity for over 300 years.

    It is my understanding that should the Westminster empowered parliament fail or break down, the act of walking out would leave the “United” parliament debunked, the Act of Union in tatters, and the re-establishment of the parliament of the Sovereign people of Scotland would only require to declare itself in existence for it to actually be in existence. For absolute clarity, I suspect it should swear an oath of allegiance to the people of Scotland. I don’t believe it would actually need that oath, but swearing it regardless would be right of passage, and scotch any duplicity concerning the now obsolete oath to Westminster’s government. It’s the same “Scottish” government we have now, same people still carrying the elected authority from Scottish people, but critically the allegiance has changed, and the source from where it draws its authority has changed. It no longer recognises Westminster as a superior.

    It’s a bit like a club team having all eleven players from the National squad, but playing every week as a club side. To become the National team needs only an international fixture, and the same team to be declared a National side. Between Holyrood and Westminster, Scotland currently runs as “club level” government. Once we step outside Westminster, that is our UDI, the same players become our National squad.

    The one grey area I suspect might be whether the Scottish MP’s elected to Westminster government, (and incidentally that includes MSP’s elected to Westminster’s Holyrood), would have a legitimate mandate to stand as properly elected members outside the framework of Westminster government, and whether they could properly pick up the cudgels of Sovereign Scottish Government straight away.

    It might be that true Scottish parliament would adopt some kind of interim status pending ratification by subsequent election. However, it would certainly have a legitimate claim to be Scotland’s acting government, and indeed, the only people empowered to challenge that claim and/or impeach that interim government would be the people of Scotland. But even if they did that, even in worst (or best) case scenario, the Act of Union would no longer exist. If Scotland decided it wanted the Union back, (God help us!) it would have to agree a completely new Act of Union to affect the illusionary abdication of Scotland’s sovereignty all over again. So yeah, good luck with that…

    A quick referendum to ratify that mandate might be prudent to legitimise the Scottish Independent parliament from any challenge by Westminster by-elections for the vacated Scottish seats, – IF Westminster chose to contest Scotland’s effective UDI. On current form you might not take it for granted, but I seriously doubt Westminster would or could contest the issue.

    In conclusion, Independence is ours for the taking. It’s the easy part. The clever bit is getting there using some democratic process which avoids decades of subsequent litigation or even in the worst case scenario civil war akin to the troubles in N. Ireland.

    Scotland is holding all the cards, but is prudently aware of the bampots who can agitate all sort of trouble and unrest if mishandled. Never mind the Unionist propaganda, Scotland still has a significant community of unionists and we have to find a solution which they can live with. If conflagration occurs, it becomes something unpredictable. Do it right, and get the result we can all live with.

    In my humble opinion, the game is already over, and we’ve won. It’s a loose check-mate at present, but it is check-mate.

  46. heedtracker says:

    Toby Young, super sonic toyboy now being given toryboy open house on BBC 24 news, next up that Quentin Letts tory nutter from the Daily Heil. And this is just passing the giant telly over the front desk for 2 minutes, on impartial unbiased BBC 24 creep show.

  47. starlaw says:

    Radio shortbreads call Kat’s prog. trying its best to brainwash what listeners it has left by repeating Mays great speech outside No 10.
    Wuv heard it awe before .. bugger off!

  48. liz Gray says:

    All this New Act Of The Union pish.
    Only highlights that the Original one is no longer any use.

    By the way lovin the what does England want Scotland FOR,but think What does WESTMINSTER want Scotland For would be better.

  49. Bob Mack says:

    What May will be taking to the negotiating table will be significant. You will have noticed that almost the first thing she put on the table was the renewal of Trident.

    My best guess is that she is counting on the EU viewing Trident as a significant contribution to European defence, and this may give her bargaining power in discussions. Though other states may not all have their nuclear deterrant, I believe she is gambling that they covertly want a degree of cover in that area other than France.

    This is another reason Scotland must be kept in the Union at this time. During Business questions this morning Chris Grayling also referred to Trident ,and the potential loss of jobs should it move South. This is the bargaining chip.

  50. Andrew McLean says:

    I couldn’t take any more politics last night, the orgasmic panting by the state media as they thrashed themselves into a masturbatory fervour over Thatcher May’s erection was just too sycophantically embarrassing, and quite frankly, disturbing!

    So imagine my surprise when tuning in to the ministry of truth expecting to find weakened exhausted propagandists busily clearing up the stains of last night’s excesses, instead catching first some academic telling me we got it all wrong in the 1960s and the rise of the SNP was due to a misunderstanding on the causes and effects of the battle of Culloden ?, no I kid you not! this academic so convoluting the last 270 years to be soo, soo, SNP BAD! The man must be desperate for his own TV show! After all the competition is just pathetic!

    Well this is what counts as front page news for the colony, well main headline reporting anyway, a fringing book about a battle 270 years ago, that incidentally one English vicar after the red coats bonneted the wounded and raped every woman they could find , said was a stain on the character of every Englishman!
    Can’t remember his name or the author but it isn’t important, I honestly don’t really care either for them or the battle, terrible as it was, it means nothing to me, my politics or my hopes for my Nation, it’s only stupid unionists that glorify battles, 1690 anyone?

    Then secondly as I was just about to tune out the State Announcer said something about Boris Johnston being made foreign secretary?? So the universe is having a laugh!, the gods mock us mortals! Most likely the “first contact” aliens on hearing the news have headed back to planet X after labelling the Earth as in the very early stages of evolution, and best left well alone for at least a few millennium!!

    The question asked by future generations will be ” what did you do during the early century insanity crisis?” ” Me?”, “I was a proud member of the Scottish National Party, so quite immune from all that nonsense!”

  51. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘…where there is despair, let us bring Boris…’

  52. Big Jock says:

    Please Nicola grasp the Thistle and announce the referendum. Lets not get dragged into a half way house where WM negotiates a fudged EU deal and we go along with it. Lets not get sucked in ever again. Act independently of WM and show them who’s boss of Scotland.

    At the end of all the talks we will reach the conclusion that only independence maintains Scotland’s EU status. The time to act is now not in a month or two months of the Tories damaging our nation. We need out there is no future in the UK for Scotland under this scary right wing dead government.

  53. Andrew McLean says:

    Big Jock says:
    cant do it, the opposition will say, as they are now, that they will get their cake and eat it,you can only set out your stall when you know what your competitor is offering.

  54. heedtracker says:

    “The old timers are back!” squeals BBC 24 news gimp.

  55. Luigi says:

    Breeks says:

    14 July, 2016 at 11:01 am

    In conclusion, Independence is ours for the taking.

    It always has been, Breeks. The trick is to get people to believe it and to get most of the population on your side. To act too quickly, before the people are ready, risks civil war.

    We still have approx. 50% of the country which is still not sure or set against independence (split evenly IMO). In other words, 25% hardcore yoon BritNats, whom we can write off. The remaining 25% (i.e. the soft NOs) are already wavering.

    Regardless of the eventual BREXIT outcome and the deal with Europe (which will undoubtably be dressed as a great victory by the media), the damage has been done. Just about everyone on the planet has now seen that graph with Scotland voting REMAIN standing out like a sore thumb. The impact of this is immense. Independence movements grow on grievance and the BREXIT vote result is like McCrone on steroids. Who can ever deny that Scotland behaves differently, thinks differently and votes differently from rUK. Because it is a real country. The BREXIT deal will be constrained in any case, because UKIP, many tories and 17 million OUT voters are watching closely and will hold WM’s feet to the fire. They are in no mood for being panned off and if they think they will get short-changed, all hell will break lose. Cameron has left the establishment between a rock and a hard place. Too bad, eh.

    The blue tories are still in denial, the red tories are in utter confusion and the LibDems are trying vainly to bargain. Acceptance yet be a long way off, but it will come. It truly is now a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ Scotland becomes independent.

  56. Nana says:

    An evening with our own Miss Paula Rose oh and Craig Murray!

  57. Big Jock says:

    I am coming across quite a few “Little Scotlanders” at work at the moment. Pro indi but anti EU and anti foreigner. This disturbs me greatly. We share a desire for independence but on different spectrums! Anyone else disturbed by this?

  58. Nana says:

    Peter Bell on the new act of union nonsense

  59. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Dr Jim how the bloody hell did you get intae the secret pocket in ma wallet . Wan Silver Thruppenny . Wan Tanner,ah know we hiv some good ferrets on here but ffs, in Ma Wallet lol.

  60. CameronB Brodie says:

    The EU doesn’t need Trident it needs to tighten up on the observance of nonproliferation objective and other stuff.

    A little more than 60 miles from Brussels Airport, Kleine Brogel Air Base stands as one of six overseas repositories in the world where the United States still stores nuclear weapons. The existence of the bombs is officially neither confirmed nor denied, but it has been well-known for decades.

    Yet the presence of these weapons — an estimated 20 American B61 nuclear bombs to be carried and delivered by the Belgian Air Force’s dwindling inventory of F-16 fighter jets — did not come up in the news coverage following the Islamic State (IS) bombings last week in Brussels, or in the run-up to President Barack Obama’s fourth and last Nuclear Security Summit, being held this week.

  61. CameronB Brodie says:

    Big Jock
    Are these ‘Little Scotlanders’ disgruntled British Labour voters?

    It has always been an nasty little xenophobic enterprise, IMHO. The early Fabians (who shaped the party and who’s decedents still run the show today) were ‘scientific utopians’ who envisaged the whole world subordinate to their British/English Home Counties/Oxbridge values (Christian/Bolshevik) and metropolitan culture. A “global Anglo-Saxon polity”. A ‘Greater British Empire’.

    Have things changed much? How can a party that arose from such ‘blood and sentiment’ national socialism, amount to much? It won’t end well I tell you. Naw, it won’t be pretty.

  62. Big Jock says:

    Yes Cameron ex labour voters. One extreme comment being:” I hope that bitch doesn’t take us back into the EU”.

    I want independence not a big wall was my answer ,and I voted remain because I am european and pro immigration. The anti immigrant narrative down in overcrowded England is having an impact in under populated Scotland.

    When England sneezes Scotland gets a cold.If only these fools understood that Poles and Romanians are not their enemies.

  63. North chiel says:

    ” Breeks@ 1101″ . The original comment posted by EA Cameron ( 1000pm, last night) was predicated (these extraordinary by- elections )on the SNP asking voters for ” a mandate to immediately enter Independence negotiations ” with Indyref 2 ratifying the outcome thereafter ( my interpretation).Section 30 permission for indyref2 was not mentioned, however my thinking was based on this permission being denied . The independence “mandate” would thus come via in effect ” a Scottish 1st past the post election” via the Westminster constituencies. In effect Westminster would have to grant indyref2 or risk the above possible scenario . I agree thereafter with most of the remainder of your interesting post . My thinking as regards the Brexit negotiations is ( in view of Hammond’s statement today) , let the ” UK” negotiate ( with “Scottish” requirements inputed in detail). If the deal is not ” good enough” for Scotland then Indyref2 should be voted on in Holyrood .

  64. Big Jock says:

    Whether you believe in Nostradamus or not. I read a couple of years back and before indi ref was even mentioned that someone interpreted his thoughts on Scotland as:”Scotland the island the beacon, Scotland will fall out with England over europe, there will be a strike in Scotland!

    I find it fascinating that thus far the interpretation has been fulfilled. Could the strike he refers to be WM refusing to co-operate over the EU and blocking a referendum. Then the WM Mp’s walk out!

  65. Thepnr says:

    @Big Jock

    You will have heard of Scotlands own Nostradamus “The Brahan Seer” or “Coinneach Odhar”.

    The following is from a book published in 1899 about an yet to be filled prophecy.

    Mr. Maclennan says:–With reference to some great revolution which shall take place in the country, Coinneach Odhar said that

    “before that event shall happen, the water of the river Beauly will thrice cease to run. On one of these occasions a salmon, having shells instead of scales, will be found in the bed of the river.”

    This prophecy has been in part fulfilled, for the Beauly has on two occasions ceased to run, and a salmon of the kind mentioned has been found in the bed of the river.

    Mr. Macintyre gives another version: “When the river Beauly is dried up three times, and a ‘scaly salmon’ or royal sturgeon, is caught in the river, that will be a time of great trial.”

    (Nuair a thraoghas abhainn na Manachain triuairean, agus a ghlacair Bradan Sligeach air grunnd na h-aibhne, ’s ann an sin a bhitheas an deuchainn ghoirt.)

    The river has been already dried up twice, the last time in 1826, and a ‘Bradan Sligeach,’ or royal sturgeon, measuring nine feet in length, has been caught in the estuary of the Beauly about two years ago.

    Good stuff if you believe that kind of thing!

    Personally I’d put my trust in Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon buy hey, no harm in dreaming 🙂

  66. defo says:

    Andrew McLean
    “Can’t remember his name or the author but it isn’t important, I honestly don’t really care either for them or the battle, terrible as it was, it means nothing to me, my politics or my hopes for my Nation, it’s only stupid unionists that glorify battles, 1690 anyone?”

    Battles aren’t isolated, spontaneous occurrences Andrew.
    Culloden was directly related to our unhappiness at the union, and what happened afterwards directly reflects upon who we are today.
    Agree on the glorification of human suffering though. Hubristic and dangerous.

  67. woosie says:

    I’d love Nicola to swing the momentum away from WM by demanding May’s final viewpoint on Scotland in EU, then saying “Fcuk off, we’re having indyref part 2!” I feel many ditherers would respond positively to a strong declaration of intent on behalf of their country.

    That said, I trust the team is doing the right thing by exhausting all inquiries and drumming up support on the continent.

    Maybe I’m just pissed off that english news put such emphasis on who’s in charge; they’re tories, end of.

    Junior doctors may have the first message to send; no change to Health leadership looks like May’s made a Jeremy Hunt of it!

  68. Chic McGregor says:

    Making Boris Foreign Secretary is a bit like making Mr Blobby the Pope.

  69. Joe of the Coutts says:

    Did you hear on GMS yesterday, that ‘a bridge had collided with a car’?

    It’s endemic.

  70. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Nice wee joke from Andra Neil on telly last night.
    Apparently when Teresa May wrote F Off on the list of MPs in front of her she didn’t mean “Foreign Office”

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