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Fist brutally attacked by face

Posted on July 12, 2016 by

While we wait on tenterhooks to find out exactly how insane the Parliamentary Labour Party is, enjoy this jaw-dropping BBC Scotland news report on the trial of Labour MP Marie Rimmer for attacking a Yes campaigner at a polling station in September 2014.


Coming soon: Shooting Victim Denies Deliberately Damaging Assailant’s Bullet. 

(The Daily Record, amazingly enough, took the same angle.)


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571 to “Fist brutally attacked by face”

  1. Betty Boop says:

    Thought it was the MP that was on trial, duh…

  2. Murray McCallum says:

    The Yes campaigner is “the accused” and the Labour person who allegedly assaulted her is “the plaintiff”.

    That’s your standard court reporting, innit.

  3. Sassenach says:

    Who could have guessed the slant that the BBC would put on it??

  4. Macart says:


    Another creative slant from the BBC.

    And the silly beggars wonder why their viewing figures are falling off a cliff and public trust is at an all time low.

  5. A Welcome Home says:

    At least we are getting a clear idea of just how far the Westmisnter Establishment and it’s supine propaganda arms will go from now on.

    There is only one reasonable solution when it comes to paying for a State Broadcasters propaganda against you.

    Stop doing it.

    There is only one thing the BBC cares about more than pleasing it’s Westminster masters. Getting paid.

    Stop watching their rubbish and then deprive the BBC of that money. It’s money you would be far better off with yourself.

    Money which, sadly, it gets from suckers who pay for broadcasting you can get online and elsewhere and of a far better quality.

  6. handclapping says:

    And of course we knew at the time that she was going to be a MP, just like we knew that there was going to be an EU referendum.

    Everybody can see now how the BBC even then was the progenitor of ‘1984’

  7. Capella says:

    WoS – an oasis of calm in the otherwise whirling dervish world of Westminster.
    No – that isn’t working – clicking between web articles on Cameron leaving and Jeremy Corbyn at the NEC. Marie Rimmer got a good day to bury bad news!

  8. Proud Cybernat says:

    Just another example of the backward thinking of BBC Pravda.

  9. Iain More says:


  10. shiregirl says:

    Since when was the victim on trial?

    Oh, it’s the BBC.

    Utterly disgusted by the reporting. I’m complaining about this – it goes beyond previous crap reporting, even by BBC standards. How they get away with this is beyond me.

    But hey – Imagine being left hooked/ shinned by her?!

  11. Andrew McLean says:

    The state sponsored BBC proving again they are not to be trusted when it comes to impartiality.
    anywhere in the world where this exemplar for state propaganda would be lauded?

    Just like the BBC, Field Guidance, who has given that today eh Ruth!

  12. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dear Lord! The BBBC in Scotland is finished , I doubt there are many left who have any respect for these manipulating ,lying ,discredited, over paid prats.

    If that is the level of their reporting then I am really glad I no longer watch their output or visit their website.

  13. Ruglonian says:

    Mental :O

  14. Ian Murray says:

    It would appear that the media will stop at nothing to brainwash voters.
    This on top of the last article makes it abundantly clear.
    Are we ready with an alternate strategy
    This just like “Mr Smith goes to Washington” when he tried to use a grassroots approach to get his “newspaper” out

  15. Wow! I thought that was an extract from News Thump.

  16. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘News’ also claiming that Angela Eagle has received death threats…

    Okay, we’ve been here before haven’t we?

    Unless those ‘threats’ were delivered in the form of fucking smoke signals, LET’S SEE THEM.

  17. Graeme Doig says:

    How can you lie about an assault and provoke it at the same time? Did the assault happen or not?

    If it did happen, it’s assault whether provoked or not.

  18. Col says:

    How low can you go?

  19. frogesque says:

    Is that true, or did you hear it on the BBC?

    Time for a wee gathering at PQ?

  20. Proud Cybernat says:

    “She’s a lying Labour rat!”

    “Sure, but it’s a political lie, your honourness. And there are precedents for such lies.”

  21. Juteman says:

    It’s even worse on the Scottish page mini headlines.
    “Yes campaigner denies MP assault lies”!!!!

  22. Thomas Valentine says:

    Shouldn’t it be ” thief steals mad gunman’s bullets “

  23. The BBC would like to thank you all for your kind words. Please rest assured, we are just warming up.

  24. Barry Haniford says:

    Just back from Vietnam, vibrant, energetic and full of enterprise. Everywhere you go in the world looks nothing like the the way the BBC describe it. By all means enjoy their sport, comedy, drama etc but treat their news and current affairs as works of fiction! Kim Jong Un would be proud of their ability to twist the truth – that’s if he’s anything like described in the media! (and who the hell knows?!).

  25. Wellreadned says:

    This just reminds me of the the YouTube video put up by No Surrender troglodytes called “Neil Lennon Heinously Headbutts Alan Shearer’s Foot”.

    And that, at least, had the wit to understand itself as a parody.

    The BBC is truly entering the realms of Pravda in regards to Scotland now.Any BBC Scotland monkey’s reading this? I cannot wait to make you unemployed you odious wee boaby sooking weeds.

  26. JLT says:

    ‘Aye, m’Lord …I deliberately stood still as their fist ‘accidently’ flew into my face! It must be my fault!!’

    Seriously …just how low can the BBC get. Project Fear 2 well on the way!!

  27. yesindyref2 says:

    Shades of Murphy and his gang being brutally attacked by the face of Sean whatsisname standing his ground without moving as the entourage advanced on him.

  28. Ian Brotherhood says:

    It’s provocation, pure and simple, and the SG must address it as a matter of urgency.

    How much more of this are we supposed to take?

  29. Stoker says:

    Mr Gluteus Maximus denies provoking Mr Phalanges family.

    In other “news” – Corbyn was apparently asked to leave the room today while his comrades talked about him and he refused. Who in the name of the wee man would even think about voting Labour? FFS!

  30. Brian Powell says:

    I was driving along and a tree jumped out.

    I was driving along and a sad faced man went slowly over my hood.

    Insurance claims statements.

  31. carjamtic says:

    Angry mob throw pensioner under a bus.

    Good Samaritans to receive counselling,after tragedy.

  32. schrodingers cat says:

    when will we hear rimmers verdict?

  33. Stoker says:

    Mr Gluteus Maximus denies provoking Mr Phalanges family.

  34. msean says:

    This whole thing is like a comedy.

  35. Effijy says:

    The MP says there she was practicing her Try kicking swing, when this Local girl, about 5 weight divisions below her, decided to try and stop her swinging leg with her shin.

    The Law is that physical force can only be justly used, if there is no other alternative course of action available, such as walking away!

    But as we have a corrupt Westminster Government in place, the Judge will now be incentivised to order the kick to be taken again.

    Just as with lying waster Carmichael, those in support of our English Masters will walk free.

    Yes to IndyRef 2

  36. wee e says:

    The public and perhaps the jury memories have faded about the rather stunning first day testimony from every eyewitness account. It is tempting to wonder whether this is the reason for the extraordinarily long ajournment between the first day of evidence and the rest of the case.

    ALL the witness accounts on the first day of evidence said the same thing – that the incident had so little preceding it that people were baffled.
    So much so that the victim thought the accused was mentally disturbed and asked the police not to have her prosecuted — and the police testified that they had told the victim that the rule for the day was zero tolerance.

  37. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Says it all – BBC Scotland even reporting their own failings at the same time…

    “As the new BBC Charter sets the course for the corporation for the next decade, the BBC must do more to meet audience expectations, adapt to new realities, and reflect and represent contemporary Scotland.”


  38. jimnarlene says:

    Dear BBC, Fek off; that is all.

  39. defo says:

    No real need for May to write the doomsday letter tomorrow.
    Vanguard captains can assume a 5 sigma degree of certainty she wants everyone to fry.

  40. Paul D says:

    And on the same front page this article which is rather apropos:

    “Meanwhile, the Audience Council – which provides licence payers’ feedback to the BBC Trust – said it believed there were still “important deficits in representation of Scotland in the BBC news and drama and that public discussions around changes to BBC news provision and the potential for more commissioning power to be based in Scotland could lead to improvements”.”

    Interesting fudging saying perceptions were “comparable”” with last year.

  41. HandandShrimp says:

    “Weaker perception of BBC in Scotland”

    and with that sort of spin on the headline nothing much is going to change.

  42. Helpmaboab says:

    If you don’t watch or record TV as it is broadcast live, you don’t require a TV license. You can make a declaration to that effect* here:

    (*If you prefer to think of this as “telling the state media to GIRUY” then I won’t be judgemental.)

  43. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Surely…surely even Jackie The Burd will raise an eyebrow if she’s asked to present any permutation of this pish?

  44. Vestas says:

    Wife comes from St Helens & Rimmer apparently has a long-time reputation as a thug from her council days.

    If anyone has access then it might be worth trawling the local rags there as there is (anecdotally) “previous” from council days (prior to anything being online).

    Nasty bigoted woman is the tl;dr I reckon.

  45. Scott Douglas says:

    BBC appears to now have fully transformed into Neues Deutschland. Although even the guys at ND knew they were taking the piss.

  46. yesindyref2 says:

    (BBC) “it is impressive to see that BBC television reach has remained strong, with a smaller decline than across the UK overall.”

    That’s because with all the endless repeats, BBC News is the only way to get pure gold comedy.

  47. Breeks says:

    Ha ha ha. Just posted in the wrong thread…

    I was saying it is just our BBC lords and masters exercising their right of “jus primea noctis” with our news.

  48. yesindyref2 says:

    (BBC) “We encourage the BBC to ensure that the news and current affairs offer in Scotland is appropriate to the changing needs of its audiences.”

    Thanks, we enjoy a good laugh. Propaganda is just SO yesterday.

  49. Saltire says:

    I work with victims of crime and headlines like this only serve to dissuade people from reporting crimes. Irresponsible and with real consequences.

  50. Clootie says:

    …I thought the Daily Record had come to terms with the reality of Scottish Politics…that didn’t last long! As soon as a “Union” story requires reporting the DR follows well established conditioning.

    The headline defines the journalistic bias of the rag.

  51. LJS says:

    @WellreadNed That was exactly what I was about say.

  52. Greannach says:

    “Precocious eight-year old tempts BBC disc jockey.”

  53. mealer says:

    I hope the sheriff issues a Referendum Restraining Order against Ms Rimmer so she can’t go about kicking folk at Indyref2.

  54. Stoker says:

    Helpmaboab wrote:
    “If you don’t watch or record TV as it is broadcast live, you don’t require a TV license. You can make a declaration to that effect* here:”
    “(*If you prefer to think of this as “telling the state media to GIRUY” then I won’t be judgemental.)”

    We’ve all been here before, it will achieve absolutely nothing!
    Unless? Unless? Unless we all complain and overload their system.
    I’m going in! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahaha

  55. Ian says:

    “This is the BBC. Here is the news for the very gullible.”

    Isn’t it ironic that 1984 was written in Scotland by Englishman. Obviously Orwell has now become the standard role model for BBC ‘reporting’.

  56. Stoker says:

    This is the correct link for BBC online complaints:

  57. Dan Huil says:

    The britnat bbc continues to degenerate into its own sewer of deceit. Don’t pay the bbc tax. Let britnats pay for britnat propaganda.

  58. galamcennalath says:

    What was someone from St Helen’s doing outside a polling station in Glasgow confronting campaigners, in the midst of a Scottish referendum in which she couldn’t even vote? What was going through her brain telling her this was appropriate? Decidedly odd circumstances, I feel.

    Whether her questionable behaviour and motives led to the alleged criminal actions, we have to leave the court to decide.

  59. sinky says:

    No mention of Marie Rimmer trial on our TV news.
    Imagine the blanket coverage if it was a pro indy MP or MSP

  60. defo says:

    Surnames usually derive from the occupation of the family.
    Smith, Carpenter ect

  61. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Vestas.

    Here’s the Liverpool Echo report from the end of April.

  62. Ian Mackay says:

    Re: Vestas
    6:29 pm
    Wife comes from St Helens & Rimmer apparently has a long-time reputation as a thug from her council days

    Did a quick check on ProQuest and she was investigated by the police on her election expenses when she hired Coronation St. star Liz Dawn to back her. The Labour Party were furious this blackened the Vera Duckworth actress, pointedly.

    From the Daily Post [Liverpool (UK)] 29 June 2006

    Police in poll expenses inquiry ; Labour fury at breakaway group claims

    THE former leader of St Helens Council, Marie Rimmer, is facing a police investigation into alleged financial irregularities in her election campaign.

    It follows an official complaint to Merseyside Police by the minority St Helens Community Action Party.

    The claim is that Cllr Rimmer exceed the amount she was allowed by law to spend during her recent local election campaign.

    In the build-up to her campaign, Cllr Rimmer used a pre-recorded message from actress Liz Dawn, Coronation Street’s Vera Duckworth, to woo wavering electors.

    That and other tactics helped take Cllr Rimmer’s allowed expenses over the limit, claim her accusers.

    Last night the Labour Party issued a statement completely denying “these spurious and malicious allegations”‘.

    The party said that the allegations had been made by a minor political party whose members include expelled Lab our Party members.

    “These allegations are entirely made up by political mischief makers with the intent on trying to damage the reputation of Marie Rimmer and the Labour Party

    “The Labour Party respect that the police have a duty to enquire into all allegations, we would ask that they bring these enquires to a conclusion as soon as possible to bring this matter to an end.

    “The Labour Party election expenses are entirely correct and all election expenditure is listed in our returns.”

    Labour Party officials in the North West are furious that Liz Dawn’s name has been brought into the wrangle.

    “She is a long-standing Labour Party supporter and it is unfair that her name has been brought into this because of her celebrity status,” said a spokesman.

    There is no suggestion whatsoever that Liz Dawn is in any way involved in any of the irregularities.

    Miss Dawn did appear in a newspaper advertisement for Labour, which was declared in Cllr Rimmer’s expenses. The Coronation Street star appeared in a photograph alongside Cllr Rimmer.

    In her official election expenses return Cllr Rimmer declares she spent pounds 960, less than the allowed maximum of over pounds 1,000.

    Cllr Rimmer held on to her seat in the recent local elections, but Labour’s town hall rule came to an end after 70 years. The Liberal Democrats are now the ruling party, aided by the Conservatives.

    Cllr Rimmer has declined to comment on the allegations, saying she will speak after the police have concluded their investig ation.

    A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said, “Merseyside Police received correspondence from the Community Action Party with regards to allegations of financial irregularities. The force is currently investigating these allegations to identify whether any offences have been committed.”

  63. Dr Jim says:

    This is the tactic that made rape victims not want to report the crime

  64. heedtracker says:

    BBC Scotland reportage of the union jack draped thug’s rampage in Glasgow 19 th Sept 2014 was pretty hard to beat but there you go. Sneaky shits one and all. Quite thick too though, and its always always, vile Scots sepratist v v bad.


    Kenny Farquharson Retweeted
    alexmassie ?@alexmassie 2h2 hours ago
    Interesting to see some SNP MPs complaining that Corbyn is being treated badly. Almost like he’s their useful idiot. Which, of course, he is

  65. Glamaig says:

    Why was Rimmer even in Scotland? The role of the BBC, UK press, UK political parties, bussed in Better Together supporters, and Westminster politicians, is surely in breach of this –

    “By virtue of the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, all peoples have the right freely to determine, without external interference, their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development, and every State has the duty to respect this right in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.”

  66. Lenny Hartley says:

    I can imagine the bbc headline if Rimmer is convicted. “Labour mp suffers miscarriage of justice”

    Btw, don’t ya think that Eagle makes Lamont look good?

  67. DerekM says:

    @ Stoker

    Yep i agree mate you are just wasting your time telling them they will keep sending out the goons and the letters,hell my mates been in Australia for 6 months came back for two weeks holiday lots of TV tax warnings at his flat lol and he told them he was going out the country the second you miss or stop payment you go on a computer address list as non payer that just keeps sending you out threats.

    Me they will need to lock up and i will still tell them to feck off in the court and say i am a political prisoner and do not acknoweldge the BBC as part of my country Scotland.

    Then they can drag me kicking and screaming off to the big house at least you get cheap baccy and dont need to pay a TV tax lmao.

  68. Fran says:

    The state propaganda machine is in full rear guard action, gearing up for their last stand in defence of their union and pay masters. For them, all is fair in love n Indy, as long as its them dishing it out.

  69. Marcia says:

    New BBC headline – NHS Scotland a threat to Scottish undertakers.

  70. Wellreadned says:

    Seriously getting sick of this barrel of fucking lying wanks.

    I am not responding to the BBC’s threatening letters about paying my licence fee. Fair enough, I might not own a telly but I’m much happier with one of their hired wanks standing in the rain, terrified of my enormous German Shepherd going bananas trying to chew the door off to get at them.

    The day I open the door will be the day one of you lot are going to hospital. Consider yourselves warned.

  71. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Just announced on CH4 news – Corbyn will be on ballot. NEC voted 18-14 in favour.

  72. Iain says:

    Corbin gets to win.

  73. call me dave says:

    Corbyn on the ballot!

  74. Luigi says:


    NEC votes to include Corbyn on the ballot.

  75. defo says:

    PMQs should be a right laugh tomorrow.

  76. dakk says:

    I really hope some day soon the Scottish Government will be able to protect us Scots from these lying oppressive bastards.

  77. Luigi says:

    Could the spineless Blairites be facing their final humiliation?

    Here’s hopin. 🙂

  78. call me dave says:


    I’ve said before that Corbynite is Craptonite but those Blairite J Mcternan treacherous plotters will be raging and will see their Eagle fly now and the members get to vote. 🙂

    Must get more pop-corn.

    Hmm! 2nd half: 🙁

  79. The Rough Bounds. says:

    ‘Family of English knight, Sir Henry de Bohun, plan to sue Robert Bruce, King of Scots, for maliciously hitting said Henry de Bohun on the head with an axe, while the knight was out having a gentle countryside ramble with his horse. They also plan to insist on reparations for damage caused by the blow to Sir Henry’s expensive steel helmet’

  80. Capella says:

    It’s a rollercoaster down in Westminster for sure. The Corbynistas are jubilant. So much for the Blairite challenge to party democracy. I’m almost tempted to watch a BBC politics show now. Resist!

  81. CameronB Brodie says:

    Barry Haniford
    I would suggest that even the BBC’s cultural and entertainment programming has a Yoon agenda. It is what the BBC is demanded to do by Royal Charter, i.e. reflect British-ness.

  82. Tinto Chiel says:

    I don’t care about the Labour Party but the subversion of Corbyn by the Blairites and MSM is completely disgusting. Of course, the dry run was us in 2014.

    Snivelling Eagle and her broken window really got on my nazzums: a rerun of the battle of Murphy’s egg. What a back-stabbing little creep she is.

    The media in the UK are beyond salvation but it is a salutary reminder about what we’ll be up against when the Union is at the last ditch, Ruthie wreathed in the Butcher’s Apron while Peerie Mun’ell slopes off with the rum ration.

    Indyref2 will be a dirty little street fight, if WM has its way.

    How fortunate we are to have The Sturgeonator.

  83. Dan Huil says:

    @ The Rough Bounds 8:03pm

    Good one.

  84. Cherry says:

    This is it just beginning. Are we all collectively suffering Stockholm Syndrome? This is Psychological Warfare. How much longer can our fellow citizens be subjected to this. Scots just want to determine their own future, by using this kind of propaganda is the BBC and ALL media outlets not breaking some kind of human rights laws. Surely there has to be a legal side to this!

    When news is manipulated to such an extent that we really have the victim as the perpetrator of the assault, then in my opinion we truly live in a state controlled country.

    There has to be something that can be done to highlight that we are all being controlled and held hostage by a square box that sits in the corner of the room, it drip feeds us, it constantly ridicules our attempts to be a thriving country. It has stolen our children and it has wrecked lives and in some cases killed the weakest of us. I have really had enough, I do not care who is the PM of this wondrous union, all I can think of is putting a cross in a box and getting shot of the lot of them.

    Indyref2 can’t come quick enough…bring it on!

  85. Smallaxe says:

    Rimmer,Red Dwarf?

  86. call me dave says:

    BBC commentators for auntie darn sarf not too happy and giving opinions to the UK public still that Corbyn is not competent.
    Eagale’s supporters being abused and threatened and no-way can a fair and proper election be run.

    Even if he wins the vote his MPs still won’t support him they say etc etc…. 🙂

    The decision will be challenged…maybee aye…maybee naw!

    Shurley shome mishtake we wanted a coup! Good old auntie.

    I’m waiting on J. Nostradamus McTernan to come on soon and tell give us his opinion.

  87. Lochside says:

    An arse called Rimmer?…..

  88. jimnarlene says:

    defo says:
    12 July, 2016 at 7:15 pm
    Surnames usually derive from the occupation of the family.
    Smith, Carpenter ect

    Took me a while, but the penny dropped; good one.

  89. call me dave says:

    FGS! Speak of the devil:

    McTernan just come on and saying “Corbyn and the unions have destroyed (killed) the Labour party”

    Labour can never win again. 🙂

  90. Cag-does-thinking says:

    Phew and just when Ms Eagle was checking her feathers for buckshot, on comes John Mcternan on BBC news to say Jeremy has killed the Labour party. And after all he should know that kind of thing.

  91. David Mills says:

    Come on we all know blood it thinker that water do you expect BBC Scotland news to not side with family

  92. Glamaig says:

    It would take a full-time media monitor team, professionally trained and organised, to produce a fully documented analysis of BBC output to nail them for bias and manipulation. If there was some sort of legal challenge, that would get the issue into the public sphere. Without this, we are just conspiracy theorists.

    Who can do it though? Not ScotGov, it’s not their remit. Not sure its a good look for the SNP to do it either.

  93. Croompenstein says:

    The Eagle Has Landed….. in the shit!

    Mega LOLZ…

  94. call me dave says:

    Biggest upset in….European football tonight.
    The rock is a hard place. FGS!

  95. heedtracker says:

    BBC Scotland probably not going to report staggering economic growth figures by our small neighbours either. Also, Ireland has no oil

    The economy grew by an enormous 26% last year, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office.

    The figures are the strongest performance by Ireland in recent decades and compare to an estimate of GDP growth of 7.8% for 2015.”

    What the fcuk is going on in teamGB, we probably wont be told either.

  96. Iain More says:

    @Rough Bounds 8:03

    I am going to steal that.

  97. Luigi says:

    That’s it then, Corbyn WILL win the next general election. I have heard it from the highest authority:

    Greetin face McTernan, no less. 🙂

    For some strange reason, I have a strong impression that the NEC vote result was not what the BBC was waiting/ hoping for. Just the negative vibes I’m picking up from their reporters.

  98. Stoker says:

    @ DerekM (7:40pm): Aye, me too! 😉

    Meanwhile, the latest from The 100K Independence Stakes:
    As the runners fast approach the 1.5K marker it’s North Ayrshire & Arran now neck ‘n’ neck with Argyll & Bute in first place. Followed very closely by Paisley & Renfrewshire South neck ‘n’ neck with Livingston. Many English runners still taking up the rear.

    Ooo Matron!

  99. Rock says:

    Does Derek Bateman still say that BBC bias is not deliberate, as he repeatedly did during the independence referendum campaign?

    The BBC is and has always deliberately been Scotland’s enemy number one.

  100. yesindyref2 says:

    @call me dave
    It would be easier if the BBC just told everyone who they want as Leaders of parties, and who to vote for.

    In fact why don’t they just eliminate the middleman and set the director general of the BBC up as a tinpot dictator? It suits the modus operandi of the Imperial BBC anyway.

  101. yesindyref2 says:

    It occurs to me that with Eagle against Corbyn, perhaps Rev might want to cook up an approprirate temporary logo for Wings? Perhaps Corbyn sitting on the Eagle with spurs or something?

  102. HandandShrimp says:

    I was mildly horrified when Aberdeen lost the away match in Luxembourg but at least Luxembourg has a population of a about half a million…more than Iceland.

    There are only 36,000 people in Gibraltar – how many clubs sides can they possibly have?

  103. woosie says:

    If the Treasury and other WM depts, which are supposed to stay out of politics, can advise against independence for Scotland, Rimmer probably feels she was justified in kicking a Yesser. It was for Britain milord!

    The fact that this person has the audacity to deny this is weird. Maybe if she’s convicted Theresa will declare Scots Law unfit for purpose and move in EVEL advisors to make sure our courts don’t misbehave again.

    Unionist politicians in general puzzle me. Their self-seeking aims have been tumbled, yet they persist in standing for election. Roll on the next council election, boot them all out!

  104. mike cassidy says:

    And here’s a wee picture of Kezia Dugdale and friends expressing their great concern at the clusterfuck that is the Labour Party.

  105. Sassenach says:

    Poor greetin McTurpid, where does he go from here? “Tony, Tony, don’t go, help me!”

  106. DebzoHighland says:

    Just heard John McTermite’s response to Corbyn being on the ballot…… really lifted my spirits and left me with a big grin on my face. ????
    UK Labour are doomed he says…….. Well, we know how accurate his predictions are!

  107. heedtracker says:

    Ruth MacThatcher’s doing stand up now. Is there nothing Ruth cant do?

    Rancid The Graun really likes Ruth. Oh how we laugh.

    “Drawing on the turbulent politics of recent weeks, Davidson, who is hugely popular in her party, told reporters that she was glad to be still standing as everyone in politics was either “resigning, getting knifed, bottling it, withdrawing, failing, declaring, or falling on their sword”.

    “I think the mad thing in all of the last few weeks is that the last man standing is Jeremy Corbyn,” she said, joking that Labour was now putting forward a “unity candidate” to take on their original “unity candidate”.

    “Thats the difference between our two parties: Labour is still fumbling with its flies while the Tories are enjoying their post-coital cigarette. After withdrawing our massive Johnson,” she added, making the room full of reporters, politicians and advisers, burst out laughing.

    “I didn’t say that, you can’t report that, and it would be gutter journalism of the highest order if you wrote down exactly what I’ve just said,” she added,

  108. Bob Mack says:

    McTernan says “They have killed the Labour Party.They cannot win another election”

    I’m going to sell everything I own ,the house ,the car, everything, and back Labour for the next election.It’s a cert.

  109. mike cassidy says:

    If it was correct to think that The Eagle was simply a stalking horse designed to test whether they could punt Corbyn out via the rulebook –

    what happens now?

    Will she quickly do a leadsom –

    or will she go through with the whole leadership contest?

    Hell, what if she wins?

    Feck me, a snap general election between Eddie The Eagle and a thatcherclone.

    If we can’t manufacture a winning indyref2 out of this megashambles, then its a political oneway trip to Switzerland.

  110. Cadogan Enright says:

    @heedtracker 8.52

    Growth figures in non-oil economy Ireland are actually ‘only’ 8%

    The growth figure was artificially boosted by companies moving their operations to Ireland – whole aircraft fleets – corporate HQ’s and banks and the like

    A bit like whats going to happen to Scotland when it stays in the EU either while in UK or independent – while England goes ‘Exit’

    Irish Premier in Germany today to meet Merkel laying its cards down on Brexit negotiations

    – peace in the North of Ireland can only be guaranteed with a non-hard boarder
    – Free trade between North and South is utterly essential
    – Neither jurisdiction is in the Shengen area – so EU boarder issues are not in question
    – and so on

    Most of which will apply to Scotland

  111. Stoker says:

    Rock wrote: “The BBC is and has always deliberately been Scotland’s enemy number one.”

    Ain’t that the truth!

    Edinburgh North & Leith now pulling level with Livingston and Paisley & Renfrewshire South. Scottish runners dominating this race.

    BTW, if you think the propaganda in this threads article is bad you should see some of the other absolute tripe on today’s BBC Shiteshire text news, especially the coverage of Yon Dim Ruth’s “meeting” with PM May. If you suffer from high blood pressure be warned, STAY AWAY, go take a bubble bath instead.

  112. deewal says:


    Burn it down then.

  113. Capella says:

    Nobody who joined Labour after January will be eligible to vote, unless they pay an extra £25. NEC just announced. Even though the website says you are eligible. More than 129,700 people joined after the EU referendum.

    What a car crash of a party!

  114. mike cassidy says:

    Headtracker 9.24

    Sounds like her soulmate and wellknown sexting degenerate is writing material for her.

    Of course I’m presuming Stephen Crabb knows more about johnsons than she does!

  115. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Tinto Chiel.

    You typed,
    “Snivelling Eagle and her broken window really got on my nazzums: a rerun of the battle of Murphy’s egg”

    Or Murray’s constituency office sticker?

  116. DerekM says:

    I see bomber Blairs masterplan just went up in smoke.

    I wonder what those zoomers will do next to try and protect old Satan evil spawn of the Thatcher monster.

    New Labour must leave the Labour party but unless they are chucked out they are not going anywhere,while inside they can cause havoc and even make their buddies the tories look slightly more competent.

    Beware of red tories in ermine Labour JC gang they are not on the side you think they are 😉

  117. call me dave says:

    100,000 new members in a month aren’t joining labour to vote Corbyn out but to put pressure on the revolting MPs they already have and make sure they get a say next time round to deselect those paper tories within the party.

    Deputy Deadwood will be having to ‘think hard’ (I know) about how she spins this as Rowley’s hand has been improved in North Britain.
    She can put all her new American course training into practise if she’s back.

    J McT was spitting Eagle feathers earlier although he was only on a sound link I’ll bet he was a purple faced eye-bulging raving loony. 🙂

    Must tune into shortbread tomorrow morning he’s sure to be invited onto GMS or ‘your call’ as Kaye asks all the big Qs.

    Try Aldi ‘sweet& salt’ popcorn in a bag, good for all occasions
    Good ‘sweet’ for Corbyn and Murray

    ‘salt’ Theresa May and footie

    What has CMD ; a 13A plug and Celtic have in common. Joke! 🙂

    I’m off to bed and tune into radio 5…. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  118. Bill Hume says:

    I no longer care what McTernan says. The days of the Blairites are numbered…he’s history. Calls himself a socialist, well there’s more socialism in my toenail clipping than there is in the whole of his pock faced wee body….so there!

  119. Cadogan Enright says:

    IE not 26% organic growth per headlines – just 8% – the rest is transfers from other jurisdictions

    I wonder will the reason for this massive transfer figure going on emerge?- never happened before – I suspect Brexit related

  120. Chic McGregor says:

    “@Wee e
    “ALL the witness accounts on the first day of evidence said the same thing – that the incident had so little preceding it that people were baffled.
    So much so that the victim thought the accused was mentally disturbed and asked the police not to have her prosecuted — and the police testified that they had told the victim that the rule for the day was zero tolerance.”

    Mentally disturbed? Labour MP? How likely is that? (rhetorical)

  121. heedtracker says:

    Cadogan Enright says:
    12 July, 2016 at 9:28 pm
    @heedtracker 8.52

    Growth figures in non-oil economy Ireland are actually ‘only’ 8%

    The growth figure was artificially boosted by companies moving their operations to Ireland – whole aircraft fleets – corporate HQ’s and banks and the like

    But its sustainable growth with Brexit. They’re going to take English language business leaving the UK to get back in to single market EU. It could been a big hit for Brexit Scotland too unfortunately. What a mess.

  122. Rock says:


    “Nobody who joined Labour after January will be eligible to vote, unless they pay an extra £25.”

    The Blairites are not short of money.

    Don’t be surprised if the extra £25 paying new members result in Corbyn being defeated by the membership.

    They want to get rid of him by any means possible.

  123. Rock says:



    Burn it down then.”

    Thankfully, we believe in a peaceful and democratic struggle for independence.

  124. Tinto Chiel says:

    BDTT: but that sticker took off at least two thou of paint surface.

    Bloody Vile Seps!

    I apologise for my Val Doonican moment last night on O/T.

    Don’t know what came over me. Had a four-hour AC/DCsession this aft. to make up.


    Go Corby! The Eagle has landed….in deep doodoo.

  125. Stoker says:

    “Corbyn wins leadership battle” AGAIN!
    Democracy, eh! Yeh canny wack it! Goodnight, troops!

  126. Eddie Munster says:

    West Dunbartonshire Labour councillors son, kicks policeman in head, he also beat a man up that needed a steel plate in his jaw after being attacked. Escaped jail on both counts.

    Jackie Ballie must be on holiday.

  127. Eddie Munster says:

    *Jackie Ballie must be on holiday. No mention of her saying anything about it. No prominent quote from her, that usually takes up most of the article. Nothing at all. She must of turned her mobile phone off, or there’s no signal. That must be why.

  128. HandandShrimp says:

    I think recent members (after Jan 2016) won’t get a vote. That is not going to help the anti-Corbyn camp.

  129. Hamish100 says:

    Re the main story. Police were satisfied that complaints made regarding the accused were sufficient for reporting the allegation to the Procurator Fiscal. The PF decides that there is a case to answer.

    The BBC decide otherwise. Send the editor to court for contempt.

  130. Cadogan Enright says:

    @Eddie Munster 10.08

    GA Ponsonby collects articles where the media do not report that the offending councillor is Labour – and always works the SNP in the story somehow

    I have just sent him this by email

  131. DerekM says:

    You know if you were a really smart politician in England just now you would make policy to re-engage with the EU if voted into government,there is a good 45% vote for the taking from the losing camp remain and some brexiters that figure out they made a horrible mistake,there will be a post referendum election swing and the one left holding the shitty end of the stick will get slabbered.

    And no its not saying another referendum but your opponents will drive themselves round the twist talking about it lol

    A smart politician would pounce on that you can find out all about it if you ask Eck 🙂

  132. msean says:

    Surely,whoever wins the Labour throne will never have the full support of large swathes of party members. More importantly,voters will not believe either side when they say they will accept the result. Voters will always be thinking either side would attempt a counter coup.

  133. Stoker says:

    I meant to leave you all with these little journalistic masterpieces! More twisted tripe from today’s BBC text news:

    Ruth Davidson in No10 talks with May
    “Scotland’s Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson
    has told Theresa May she should have positive engagement
    with the SNP-run Scottish government.”

    “The No10 meeting took place ahead of a speech by the MSP
    in which she will say holding a second Scottish independence
    referendum would be irresponsible.”

    “Ms Davidson said she chatted with Mrs May, who will become
    PM on Wednesday, about our future work together.”

    “Scotland’s first minister has also spoken about Mrs May’s
    new role.”

    Weaker perception of BBC in Scotland
    “Perceptions of the BBC in Scotland continue to be weaker
    than elsewhere in the UK over the past year, research by
    the BBC Trust has indicated.”

    “Audience levels for BBC Scotland’s news programmes on
    radio and television were steady in 2015/16.”

    “However, the trust found there remained a perception
    of a shortfall in performance during the year.”

    “The findings were included in the BBC’s annual report
    and the BBC Audience Council Scotland annual review.”

    Good luck trying to figure out where to start with those reports! Goodnight all!

  134. Fireproofjim says:

    The Labour Party is done for. No doubt about it.
    The left will vote for Corbyn but the rest will have nothing to do with him and a new party will be formed.
    Lucky England will have a Tory government for ever and ever.
    In Scotland I predict that disillusioned Labourites will come over to us in droves. We will forgive them their sins and welcome them into the sunlit uplands of Independence.

  135. Gary45% says:

    Jabba Bailey on holiday!!
    An all inclusive at Costa Del Greggs??? num num.

    On a serious note.

    The empire really is in meltdown, it is easy to say bring on Indy Ref 2, “yes please” but they have tried every way to discredit Mr Corbyn, once they have got rid of him, because he is anti-war and seems like a good dude, the war mongers will knife him in the back, because war causes unrest ,fear and is the empires last bastion of UK togetherness, the attention will turn back to Scotland.
    We will have to be on extra guard when the establishment tries to put the boot into Scotland once again, I expect “Maggie” May to shaft us at the first opportunity.
    When was the last time she visited /had a wee jolly in Scotchland? (we are friendly folk and we promise not to laugh at your diving suit attire)
    Any Westminster establishment yoon who says “We are a United Kingdom, we love Scotchland” if they can’t be arsed crossing the border to visit our great country they are basically parasites and can go and “Do One”
    Indy Ref 2
    Tick Tock.

  136. Haggishunter says:

    Could it be that the media is in denial that their side have numerous nazi saluting thugs, arsonists, and criminals?

  137. INDEPENDENT says:

    Just watched SKY News.
    Footage of broken window and horror at vandalism of Angela Eagles constituency office.

    Wait a moment the glass debris is shown as a close up. OOPS! It’s on the pavement outside.
    As a Met Police officer pointed out to me way back in 1974, “The projectile appears to have been used / thrown from inside the premises!!”
    Curiouser and Curiouser??

  138. Greannach says:

    Tanktop looked excited and today in London. Like when the staff in Downton Abbey were allowed to go upstairs to join the family at Christmas.

  139. bugsbunny says:

    I remember during the last referendum 2 years ago, a heavily pregnant yes supporter repeatedly banged her bump against the boots of a poor no supporting fascist, young girls and boys pounding their faces aggressively against poor loyalists fists and passing yes families giving poor no supporters voices a hard time by forcing them to repeatedly and loudly shout obscenities against their will.

    Poor souls. Who would be a yoon?

  140. shug says:

    I want to know how many farmers will lose their EU subsidies and go pout of business post Brexit
    This has got to be of interest in the borders and Tory heartlands

  141. Effijy says:

    heedtracker says:

    12 July, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    BBC Scotland probably not going to report staggering economic growth figures by our small neighbours either. Also, Ireland has no oil

    This is just so unfair!
    Camy and Ossy both swore that small nations just could not survive. For Ireland to grow at 26 times the rate of God’s
    own Engerland, well it just isn’t cricket. Is It?

    The Irish Easter rising was over 100 years ago!
    Any of you ever hear of an Irish petition calling for Westminster to take them over as a colony again and steal their resources?

    Didn’t think so!

    I recently listened to a Welsh man who was subservient to England because his country was too small and if it wasn’t for Engerland subsidies, they would perish and Die Dai.

    How on earth can they not see that they are second class UK citizens, a Colony, that gets scraps after the South East can gorge themselves no more?

    Look across the Irish Sea Taffy and smell the Irish Coffee!

  142. Bob Mack says:

    The Perfect Storm gathers over England. We are nearly there folks.Nearly there.

  143. Bob Mack says:

    Members of Labour who joined after January will get the vote. It would breach trading standards law to exclude them having stated on their joining pack they would have the opportunity to choose the leader.
    I expect this to be withdrawn by tomorrow.

  144. Tattie-boggle says:

    Betty is sneakier than that
    Hey BBC arseholes why has this…/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-367702… been given more of a headline than this…/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-367653… oh wait that’s right your bias as fuck

  145. Meindevon says:

    Stoker, not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but I’ve just had a closer look at that petition for an Independent England. There’s a signature (just the one, mind you) from someone in Bath. Who, I wonder, could that be? ?

    I think I might have to put Exeter on the map too!

  146. Effijy says:

    The Labour Party will need to split for sure!
    The party has been packed with self serving Tories who just thought it an easier ride on to the Labour MPs gravy train.

    I really do think that a few senior Labour figures were recruited by the right wing of the Tory Party to infiltrate Labour.

    People Like Flipper Darling started out as a so called Trotskyist? The man has never had a socialist bone in Ermine clad Body.
    What about Gordon Clunker, spending £10,000 per week on expenses from his own £3 Million Charity, but never felt the need to give a penny to the Food Banks in his constituency? Tory Mole Millionaires?

    Corbyn can head up old Labour, that will have members but very few MPs, and Edina the Eagle can head up the “I can’t believe it’s not Tory Party”

  147. Effijy says:

    Some 89,280 people all agree that the BBC is Totally Bias
    in Misreporting Scotland,

  148. yesindyref2 says:

    This guy Mundell thinks he’s the Governor of Scotland the colony: ““I’m open to Scotland having a slightly different deal if that’s doable. But we have to look at what’s doable.”

    Oh, get me lardy da, “I’m open”, how very good of me to be available to speak to the serfs. Patronising prat.

  149. K1 says:

    Aye it’s aw comin’ the gither nicely:

    Engxit: tick

    Thatcher 2: tick

    Labour implode: tick

    BBC increasingly exposed as twisted and fucked in Scotland: tick

    Indyref 2 : tick

    Independent Scotland: tock

  150. Valerie says:

    Astounding gigashambles from Labour today, culminating in a vote after Corbyn had left, to raise membership to £25, and exclude the new members from voting.

    Truly unbelievable, so few of them with ethics.

    Everything the electorate here has visited on Slab has not only been deserved in its own right, but is further confirmed by the unconscionable actions of the Labour party down south. I don’t see how they will ever recover now, after this wanton display of cannibalism, when the country needed them most.

    No wonder the Tories are now acting as if on a high, because the Brexit vote is already being rewritten as a golden opportunity.

    I’ve never been a member or supporter of Labour, regarding them as pathetic, but I’m astounded at this continuing horror show.

  151. A2 says:

    Can new Labour members vote or not?

    Angela Eagle seems pretty sure they can as she’s asking people to join up and vote.

  152. Eddie Munster says:

    Thanks Cadogan Enright, I have a link to GA Ponsonby twitter page and the Revs but i don’t do twitter anymore, it sucks you in too much, same with Facebook, and with my first born due within the next few days, I wont be starting up my old twitter/facebook account any time soon.*

    @Gary45% there is 3 Greggs in Dumbarton I kid ye not, plus one a few miles away in Alexandria. But no Greggs in Inverness which is a bit crap.

    *Indyref2 might sway me tho 😉

  153. call me dave says:

    Mundell raises prospect of different Brexit deal for Scotland but stresses it must be “doable”

    Trident challenge for Theresa May as support for renewal falls

  154. yesindyref2 says:

    @ Cadogan Enright: “
    Irish Premier in Germany today to meet Merkel laying its cards down on Brexit negotiations

    Most of which will apply to Scotland”

    Indeed, well spotted, and got me thinking, that and Mundell’s farts making me get some fresh air and a quarter price roll-up (rollie as some of us call it!). Mmm, Spanish Golden Virginia brought back for me.

    Yes, it can apply to Scotland, Ireland is a member state of the EU and can raise the issue whenever it wants, and as a member state can seek accomodation. So a special case may be made.

    Scotland also can be a special case with borders, but far more importantly, if the EU is making these special cases, it’s already on the way to creating a “Brexit-Lite” for the UK – or rUK as it will become. And I think that suits the EU as well, it has to be careful because of the EEA and Switzerland terms of free trade.

    But that means the rUK can perhaps get a better deal WITH Scotland being Independent, than it could if we’re part of the UK and leave the EU with the UK.

    Which means it’s in the UK’s interest, from the point of view of negotiating its terms of leaving the EU, if Scotland goes Independent.

    The trick is to get Theresa May to realise this.

    Sturgeon? Nicola Sturgeon? Call for Nicola Sturgeon! Your country needs you!

  155. Brian Powell says:

    Mundell is simply trying to piggyback on Nicola Sturgeons real efforts to secure Scotland’s place in Europe.

    He’s a useless prat masquerading as a real politician.

  156. DerekM says:

    @ Cadogan Enright

    Cadogan i know we are kind of wrapped up in our own little battle over here but being part Irish myself i am curious as to what the guys in Northern Ireland are going to do whats the feeling on the ground what are the folks saying,its quite clear from Scotland`s question to the EU we need to leave the UK is the answer,are they planning to do the same is NI going for independence or is the reunification of the 4 counties still a possibility.

    What ever you guys do we wish you all the best.

  157. Nana says:


    Integrity not a word I would associate with this guy.

    Theresa May’s husband is a senior executive at a $1.4tn hedge fund that profits from tax avoiding companies

    Paul Mason on labour’s summer of madness

    Scary times we are living in, elite creating misery… a war on its way-will-make-iraq-look-like-childs-play/

  158. Luigi says:

    Valerie says:

    13 July, 2016 at 1:06 am

    Astounding gigashambles from Labour today, culminating in a vote after Corbyn had left, to raise membership to £25, and exclude the new members from voting.

    The “Party of the People” obviously doesn’t want any more plebs joining them.

  159. Cuilean says:

    So, according to the BBC goons, ‘the crime’ is one of lying by the victim to the court in her sworn statements. The BBC have made the victim the potential criminal.

    The BBC also make the accused to be the ‘victim’.

    Let’s think about that for a minute.

    Then think about the worst crime in recent records, the murder of Liam Fee by his mother and her partner. These two murderers defence was to blame two little boys for their crime.

    The BBC, using the same machinations as above, would have reported the Liam Fee murder trial as follows:

    ‘The two primary school children deny lying about murdering Liam, who allegedly was murdered by his mother’.

    Whoever wrote that BBC article comes straight out of a Big Brother, Orwellian ‘thoughtspeak’ nightmare. That is BBC Scotland.

  160. Macart says:

    The car crash that was the NEC meeting. Corbyn narrowly wins the vote to be allowed on Ballot and PLP gerrymander the result by maintaining that if you joined the party after Jan 12th, 2016 you have to stump up another £25 in order to vote in the contest.

    Now to the poor souls who joined the Labour party on their £3 membership drive, £25 is a lot of cash. Those Blairite barstewards know this and are effectively rigging the vote.

    THIS is how a once great movement dies, same as empire. It is always destroyed from within and by degrees, slowly and painfully through rot and corruption, till it implodes and disappears from memory.

    They are so close to a formal split of the party now that its hard to see any other outcome. It would take a miracle now to make Labour, in any form, electable within the next couple of decades. They’ve betrayed and left their constituents throughout the UK without effective opposition to Conservative governments whilst indulging in the most fuckwitted orgy of self harm I’ve ever seen.

    I would ask how could they do this to the people, to their people and their vote, but we kinda know the reason already. Party before people – electability before policy – patronage before merit – naked tribal hatred of anyone not on the agenda of the day.

    Thankfully we’ve kinda done something about that in Scotland, but there are still millions of folks in England desparate for effective, progressive opposition to and protection from an ever rightward and isolationist Conservative government. They’ve just been let down big time and left in a pretty dark place.

    Maybe, like us, they should have asked each other more often, what KIND of country do you want to live in? What KIND of media do you want? You get the government you vote for.

  161. Luigi says:

    The Labour battle has now moved on to the next phase. It is no longer a battle for the “soul of the party”. We are well beyond that. Now it is simply a battle to determine who gets to retain the name “Labour”.

  162. Dan Huil says:

    Apparently Cameron says he’s leaving Britain a stronger country. It’s always amusing to see Westminster britnats and the britnat media getting it so very very wrong. Bless.

  163. Naina Tal says:

    Dan Huil,
    What is stronger is the stench of corruption from top to bottom. Westminster, the Tories, Labour, Lib dems, not to mention the Labour Narrowcasting Corporation, the printed propaganda papers etc. etc. etc.

  164. Ruby says:

    Are you sure that article is not from BBC Scotlandshire?

  165. mealer says:

    Luigi 8.03

    Correct.Who gets to keep the brand name.It might hardly be worth having though.

  166. Stoker says:

    Cuilean wrote:
    “Whoever wrote that BBC article comes straight out of a Big Brother, Orwellian ‘thoughtspeak’ nightmare. That is BBC Scotland.”

    Do we even know who’s writing these articles or are the BBC at the old cowardly tricks of failing to put authors names to the articles or are they putting 2 names to the articles (one to hold the paper, the other to hold the pen)?

    I see from the Dirty Redcoat article they at least have the gonads to put a name to their article but i can’t find a name on the BBC version.

    Another concern puzzling me, does anyone know who was first to publish the propaganda above? Did the BBC copy the Dirty Redcoat or did The Dirty Redcoat copy the BBC?

  167. galamcennalath says:

    Stoker says:

    “does anyone know who was first to publish the propaganda above? Did the BBC copy the Dirty Redcoat or did The Dirty Redcoat copy the BBC?”

    Perhaps they simply received their daily brief from the Ministry of Truth at the same time?

  168. Ruby says:

    Mr Mundell argued that if ever Scotland became independent, there would be “absolutely no guarantee” that it would become a member of the EU, noting how there would be “huge amounts of uncertainty about what the position would be”.
    He spoke about how, Scotland, in such circumstances, would have to use the euro and have a fixed border with the rest of the UK. “When people analyse that proposition, they would feel they would be better off within the UK.”

    Blah! blah! blah! SSDD!

    There were huge amounts of uncertainty in 2014 because the UK Gov refused to approach the EC for a definitive answer preferring to spend £millions of taxpayers money to hire two lawyers to tell us that Scotland ceased to exist in 1707 and became Lesser England. Something David Mundell agreed!

    It should be interesting to see what they will do in 2016 to convince the Scottish electorate that iScotland will not be welcome in the EU and that if by some miracle iScotland did become a member of the EU then iScotland would have to use the Euro.

    Why are they so keen to keep Scotland in the Union?

  169. Dr Jim says:

    Why do they want to keep Scotland in the Union?

    Scotland’s worth “North of a trillion” Mark Carney’s words, not mine

    Scotland’s GDP around 100 Billion not the UK governments estimated 58 Billion, Mark Carney’s words, not mine

    Thanks to @ Nana for those links the other day to a live clip of him saying those very things

    I’m garbage at the Linky stuff so if @Nana’s not too busy or has time maybe those who didn’t see this, can

  170. Stoker says:

    @ galamcennalath (9:06am)

    Aye, very possible and more than likely!

  171. call me dave says:

    May is pragmatic and smart to only call an election when she can win!
    Sturgeon is a devious opportunist to call a referendum only if she can win

    How does Carmichael announce permanent tug boat for the islands … Oh I get it!

    Destitution and poverty increases in Scotland and Mundell signs over greater welfare powers to Sturgeon next week so auntie says. Joy!

    What’s the odds the eagle comes third in the labour elections

  172. Ruby says:

    “That’s kind of the difference between our two parties. You know, Labour’s still fumbling with its flies while the Tories are enjoying a post-coital cigarette after withdrawing our massive Johnson.”
    Ruth Davidson

    Did she hire Susan Calman or was it her deputy Jackson Carlaw who wrote her very crude jokes!

  173. defo says:


    “Perhaps they simply received their daily brief from the Ministry of Truth at the same time?”

    A few years ago, most would take that to be a tongue in cheek statement.

  174. heedtracker says:

    Why are they so keen to keep Scotland in the Union?

    England owns Scotland. Its property to be used and enjoyed like any other. This goes for the English mentality towards our voting SNP, BBC Scotland have blacked out every SNP MP from its Scotland region unless its smearing, big smear and little smear:

    Will the House be clapping Cammers the Great today and will their clapping be given that extra dash of pleasure having told SNP MP’s not to?

  175. Stoker says:

    Looking again at the BBC article via the link in Stu’s article i still fail to find a name to the report. The closest i’ve come is a disclaimer just beyond the end of the BBC article declaring:

    The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

    But this disclaimer comes under the ‘Related internet links’ section of the BBC site. You would think the public broadcaster would be required to reveal the author/source of their tripe.

    I mean, in the name of credibility at least, eh!

  176. Nana says:

    For any new wingers, here is John Jappy’s blog.

  177. Mundell as usual is lying through his teeth, but then he’s a Blue Tory. It comes with the turf as far as Scotland is concerned.
    All the indications are that Scotland would be welcomed with open arms by the 27 members of the EU. It is England(and Murdo Fraser’s ‘Territories’) who is exiting, and Mundell knows this. We do not meet the criteria to join the Euro, and he knows that as well. We would not be allowed to join the euro zone, nor would we be compelled to at any stage hereafter.
    Some would call him a lying wee weasel. I couldn’t possibly comment.
    Ruth Cheery Cheeks Davidson implies that England will stop trading with us as a punishment if we assert our right to self determination and remain within the EU.
    She too is a lying bought and paid for English/Unionist puppet. She threatens her fellow Scots with a trading embargo thew prospect of which is laughable at best, would cripple her true Motherland England’s economy at worst.
    England will NOT cease trading with Scotland the Indepedent nation, you silly little person.
    What an utterly stupid threat to make, woman.
    We are fighting our ultimate War of Independence now.
    We have no other option but to leave Little England to its own sorry self inflicted FPTP fate, the 51st State of the US of A.
    Doubtless Dugdale, who incredibly has knocked Jim Murphy off the top spot as New Labour’s biggest failure ever Up Here, will come back from her wee US State Department funded indoctrination jolly, humming the Star Spangled Banner and spouting Re-Born again Neo Liberal Blairisms.
    The country is in its biggest constitutional crisis in 300 years and the Labour Branch Office is off on holiday. Cowards, AWOL, while the Blue Tories destroy Scotland.
    We are now at war, our war of Independence. There is no other word for it. The enemy is not only at the gate, they walk among us, spreading lies about joining the euro, and England ‘punishing us’ with trade embargos and doubtless the punishment of the Edinburgh Finance Industry moving to London.
    Right enough there will be plenty of empty office space Down There, London Town, as the Money Men move to Dublin, Zurich and Frankfurt, or possibly Edinburgh when we at last wrest back our country from the Westminster yoke.
    MUndell Davidson, you lie, for your own narrow little careers.
    We are not listening any more. Go away.

  178. Ruby says:

    Dr Jim says:
    13 July, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Why do they want to keep Scotland in the Union?

    Scotland’s worth “North of a trillion” Mark Carney’s words, not mine

    Scotland’s GDP around 100 Billion not the UK governments estimated 58 Billion, Mark Carney’s words, not mine

    Ruby replies

    Was there not some dispute re Carney’s statement?

  179. Marcia says:

    Ruby replies

    Was there not some dispute re Carney’s statement?


    Yes, Unionist having a problem with every solution. Scotland automatic bad, nothing good.

  180. orri says:

    The BBC should fire the headline writer. especially as the first line in the report scans far better. The headline is ambiguous as to what the alleged lie from the victim was about. The article makes it clear it’s simply her response to the defence lawyer calling her testimony into dispute.

    On the other hand the Record’s headline reads as there being no reasonable dispute that the assault actually took place. Only that it wasn’t unprovoked, which might make a slight difference to the sentence when the accused is found guilty.

  181. ahundredthidiot says:

    TV licence cancelled only very recently.

    I know, I know, but I am a compliant sort of fellow, not too keen on complaining in general (get all embarrassed when I do, even though I do so most politely), not overly aggressive in negotiating a car deal, law abiding (for the most part), I like a good debate.

    I am nothing special. Ordinary sort of bloke.

    But I’ve had enough.

    And while I am nothing special, I would suggest the BBC start worrying.

  182. Dr Jim says:


    When you think back to the referendum and since, the UK Government has sworn that everything Mark Carney says about the economy is gospel and cannot be refuted, but all of a sudden he’s not correct

    I kinda think they can’t have it both ways, they say he’s right on England but wrong on Scotland


  183. heedtracker says:

    This appalling attack propaganda gets well rewarded by the BBC, really well!

    This bundle of UKOK delight really is now witnessing actual “incredible scenes”

    as is

    So for their full on monstering Scottish democracy 2014, BBC awards them with what are presumably the top jobs going in planet BBC journalism or any UK broadcast journalism.


    to Cooke’s now extraordinary front row seat to watch American history in action.

    Aren’t the BBC good to loyal Scots. We can vote out likes of Murphy but we’re stuck with Pacific Quay.

  184. Bill McLean says:

    A month or two ago they (our betters) informed us we had a £15 billion deficit. A later article estimated this figure as 9% of Scotland’s GDP – I make that as gdp £135 billion.
    Can someone of a some financial knowledge confirm and if so that means that Westminster makes “north” of £100 billion a year from us!

  185. Dr Jim says:

    Please follow @Nana’s link to youtube at 9.56 am it’s really important

    Many thanks again Nana, you do a fantastic job of finding all this stuff

  186. Stoker says:

    Meindevon wrote:
    “Stoker, not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but I’ve just had a closer look at that petition for an Independent England. There’s a signature (just the one, mind you) from someone in Bath. Who, I wonder, could that be? I think I might have to put Exeter on the map too!”

    Big grin upon my coupon!

    The 100K Independence Stakes

    Glenrothes now tucked firmly in behind joint front runners Argyll & Bute and North Ayrshire & Arran.

  187. defo says:

    Only a thought, but wouldn’t it have been more apt, and effective, had the guys, gals and JC2 set up their indycamp outside PQ rather than Holyrood ?

  188. Ruby says:

    Marcia says:
    13 July, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Ruby replies

    Was there not some dispute re Carney’s statement?


    Yes, Unionist having a problem with every solution. Scotland automatic bad, nothing good.

    Ruby replies

    The dispute was whether Carney’s statement meant what you might thing it means. Better ask ‘yesindyref2’ to explain it. It’s all beyond my comprehension I find it difficult to come to terms with the idea that debts are assets.

    I prefer simple questions which I would like to hear Unionists answer:

    If Scotland is such a economic basket case why are Unionists so keen to keep Scotland in their Union?

  189. Stoker says:

    ahundredthidiot wrote:
    TV licence cancelled only very recently….But I’ve had enough.

    Well done my dear fellow! It matters not when you cancelled, the fact that you have is testament to your commitment.

    There are many so-called independence supporters still paying the corrupt and discredited BBC to lie to us and destroy our wee country into the bargain.

    Nobody needs the BBC anymore. There are numerous alternative news sources and entertainment sources available outstrip anything London’s Voice (BBC) has to offer.

    Quite frankly, my countries future prosperity and wellbeing is a trillion billion times more important than anything the BBC can ever produce.

    Once again, well done you for taking that important step.

  190. Ruby says:

    My other question for Unionists is:

    If after 300 years of being in the Union Scotland has become an economic basket case would that not suggest that the Union has been detrimental for Scotland?

  191. gordoz says:

    @ Ruby

    Q :If Scotland is such a economic basket case why are Unionists so keen to keep Scotland in their Union?

    A : Because Scottish Unionists believe Scotland is part of England
    (England = The whole island of Blighty) and it can be fixed. (There : surely you now see why?)

  192. gordoz says:

    @defo says

    DEFO !

  193. Nana says:

    @Dr Jim

    I originally posted the link prior to our referendum. Have kept that one and John Jappy’s blog so it was easy to find in my stash.
    Seems so long ago since I first posted it, sadly I did not think I would need it again.

  194. defo says:

    NS tapping up Carney for position of first governor of Scotlands new central bank. 😉

  195. Ruby says:

    Cheers gordoz

    But if ‘Scottish Unionists’ believe that Scotland was extinguished in 1707 and became ‘Lesser England’ then surely that would mean there is no Union, no Scotland.

    Perhaps if they changed their name I might be less confused!

  196. Lollysmum says:

    I’ve already put Luton on the map:-)

  197. Lenny Hartley says:

    Dr Jim you have got it wrong re Carney and the North of 1 trillion comment, he was referring to the amount of money looked after by scottish financial institutions not the worth of the economy.

  198. DerekM says:

    Tory boys rant about Scotland as fluffy makes up shit about Europe no Scotland bad Scotland do as you are told Scotland we know whats best for you dont listen to those horrid Europeans.

    Hey flufster and all you other tory con artists your promises mean jack shit,you will do as you are fecking told by the EU you can swan about pretending its your choice if you want and talking bollocks about special relationships and super fedarilsm max devo home rule the facts of the matter are you are out the single market and will follow article 50,there will be no have your cake and eat it no matter how much pomp and stiff upper lip you show.

    When you enter brexit negotiations you will find out the stark reality that you are nothing special and will get no favours or special treatment,loopholes or any other thing its a act of membership which is the UK membership one out all out.

    Keep dreaming tory boy zoomers of days gone past when you should have broken a lifetime habit and actually come good on one of your many broken promises devo max.

    Indyref UDI EU membership national debate(that means Scotland britnats i know you get confused and are not the brightest at geography i blame the BBC)i dont care which one or what or what couldnt happen to England you want the pain and misery to end you could always just let us go lmao.

  199. ronnie anderson says:

    @ defo No Public land/sanctury at PQ ( historicly debtors had sanctury on that land) at Holyrood.

  200. Dr Jim says:

    @Lenny Hartley

    He said it was about ten times our GDP which is about 100billion, were we not always led to believe our GDP was about 58Billion
    Anyway, I’ve emailed the FM ten minutes ago for a clarification of what he said and what he meant because he looked decidedly uncomfortable when he was saying it

    It’s just that whole sentence sounded awkward to me

    Any straw, and I’m clutching at it

  201. Stoker says:

    Just seen this on the WOS Twitter:


  202. Nana says:

    For all committee hearings and reports from 2014. There should be a transcript of the Carney appearance.

    I have not read much but I do recall the Scottish government and the snp were not happy with the ‘spin’ and let’s be honest we all know Westminster do not ever tell the truth especially regarding Scotland’s finances.

  203. gordoz says:

    @Ruby – Agreed :

    Now we should ask Mundell,Coburn,Rennie,Kez and the Tank Commander why.

    Second thoughts … lets not. Bry boak comin’oan

  204. Nana says:


    I hear ‘pigs in blankets’ and ‘trotters in aspic’ are on the menu. Hope they have ordered enough to go around, the tories have strange appetites.

  205. heedtracker says:

    My Slovene girlfriend says don’t watch that, watch this.

    More imports, less exports, less production, less job, UKOK outside in the cold.

    Meanwhile, back in his scotland region.

    Adam Tomkins MSP ?@ProfTomkins 3h3 hours ago
    The FM’s “remain means remain” sound bite doesn’t work. Scots voted *for the UK* to remain in the EU not for Scotland to become a new member

    Two battles going down, between the ears of this particular britnat fruit loop.

  206. gerry parker says:

    Well done. Get a ” no cold callers sticker” from your local polis station too.

    Then you don’t even need to say anything to them if they do turn up at your door, just point at it when they call, then close the door.

  207. Grouse Beater says:

    “Adam Tomkins MSP @ProfTomkins 3h3 hours ago: The FM’s “remain means remain” sound bite doesn’t work. Scots voted *for the UK* to remain in the EU not for Scotland to become a new member.”

    A classing example of parsing. Tomkins implies Scotland is part of England, on the same level as Gibraltar, that also voted Remain.

  208. Hugh Barclay says:

    Unionists eh, folk from around the world should come here and study them.

    If you want to know what happens to folk after they have been brainwashed against their own country, they can’t see it but then that’s brainwashing for you,

    Thinking the Union is beneficial to Scotland = Brainwashed

    Thinking Scotland is to poor stupid etc = Brainwashed

    Singing songs about crushing ones own folk = Brainwashed

    Waving the Union Flag whilst burning the Saltire = Brainwashed

    I could go on and on and on……..

    Please someone come study these people and give us an independent point of view 🙂

  209. defo says:

    Cheers for clearing that up Ronnie.
    That thought had crossed what’s left of my mind !
    I’m not sure that the parly is actually in Lizzys back garden though.

  210. Stoker says:

    @ Nana (11:32am):
    Aw Nana! Thanks for that and just approaching lunchtime too.
    @ gerry parker (11:35am):
    That’s a very good bit of advice, never thought of that one before.
    Wasn’t even aware the police gave them out!

  211. defo says:

    Re Tomkins, with apologies to Sir Tom.

    You can’t get bitter than a britnat ligger.

  212. Bob W says:

    anent GDP

    15/9*100=166.667 B£

    If 15 B£ is 9% of our GDP, then Scotland would have to be spending north of 181 B£ for that 9% figure to be accurate.

    It’s quite a while since I was taught how %s work and I ‘May’ have got my sum totally wrong.

  213. shiregirl says:

    Afternoon all – gorgeous day up here.

    I read with interest re BBC TV licences.

    Don’t laugh – but has anyone been caught? I remember growing up and seeing the vans with the satellite dishes attached to them on the TV – we never had a licence growing up and I used to be terrified as a child that we would be caught!

    I feel disgusted to the point of now cancelling mine and wondered if anyone knows of anyone who has been caught without a licence – I know of no one, which makes me think we are scare mongered into having one.

    Just wonderin’.

  214. gerry parker says:


    Yep, and they’ll also give you some useful advice if people do ignore the sign and still knock on your door to sell you a new driveway ( “We’ve got a wee bit o tarmac left over from a job and we could do your driveway wi it cheaply”)

    or even – “We don’t have a record of a TV license at this address”


  215. Chic McGregor says:

    I don’t think the EEA countries will accept a better ex EU deal for the UK than they have.

    BTW just back from Finland.

  216. ronnie anderson says:

    @ ahundrethidiot follow gerry’s advice or as a alternative / Mr A (who’s asking) Bbc licence fee office,show me your ID ( capita or other agency) get tae FK or I,ll phone the Police, your making a false representation ( I have no contract with your company).

    Dont forget to make your claim for a rebate on monies payed in advance. ( mind inform all in your household the same).

  217. Nana says:


    Meant to post this the other morning,

    ‘search warrants rarer than hen’s teeth’

  218. ronnie anderson says:

    @ defo Thats a question that we might have got a answer to ( if the Idiots of Jah cult) hadent been involved. Simple case ie Scots Law & Scots Soveriegnity ) convoluted into Crown law & Corperate law,still awaiting Lord Turbulls written judgement.

    A good protest ( when nothing was happening ie demo’s) Carlton Hill protest kept the focus on the Independence movement,so to does Indycamp ,Jah cult have been ejected.

  219. Dr Jim says:

    Just watched a guy on telly talking about the EU won’t admit Scotland because it’s worried about a fascist state and that’s why Spain will veto Scotland

    Also they regret allowing Greece membership because Greece has only recently found democracy in the last fifty years while Britain has been a democracy for a thousand years

    Now I’m no historian but when I was at school they taught me that Greece had a democracy second to none in the world which most civilised democracies are based on while we in Britain were still grunting, making stone axes and worshiping wood

    As for Scotland being a fascist state the interviewer never even blinked he just allowed this guy to spew this tripe all over the inside of my telly screen

    It’s going to take me ages to get that off

    Djae think he wiz a Tory?

  220. jockmcx says:

    Oh dear the snp mp’s will be in trouble again,but this time
    for NOT clapping DC.

    Plenty of clappers sitting behind JC though.

  221. call me dave says:

    Goodbye CMD and the house gives a prolonged round of applause… speaker with a dewy eye doesn’t scold… CMD, the lovable rogue all a jolly good show.

    Next Tory struts on the stage this afternoon to denigrate and patronise Scotland.


    TV licence 4th year without… radio shortbread etal: free!
    Good for you. 🙂

  222. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    Just cancel your licence. No taxation without representation!

    Here is another FOI link for you…

    Fiscals do not bother with prosecuting evaders in Scotland in court. Some get fines but very rarely…

    @Nana – nice link – also no search warrants in Scotland. just backs up that Scotland does not bother with TV license prosecutions. Fiscals have better things to do with their time.

  223. defo says:

    Ronnie. Ta for that.
    Agreed, it’s good to have a visible reminder.
    Yon wee caravan next to the old Royal high will be remembered fondly. It should be in Chambers street museum.

  224. Juteman says:

    I’ve been happily watching TV without a licence for about 5 years.
    I ignore the letters, and just shut the door to any visits. Often accompanied with an invite to have sex away from me.
    Search online, and you’ll find that they have to actually catch you watching live TV, or you admit to doing so. I live in a flat, so they can’t look in my windows.
    Re the vans, i was told that they could pick up a signal from the old analogue TVs, but not the new digital TVs.

  225. DerekM says:

    Jings tory boys not pleased it would seem the our reps didnt clap one of the most incompetent just sacked PM`s in history as he dragged his pig humping carcus through a final PMQ`s terrible manners no well done old boy jolly good show what.

    Accusations of SNP no class its just not cricket old chap.

  226. heedtracker says:

    Glimpsed PM Snatcher Thatcher 2 shaking her head at Angus Robertson there at Cammers send off. Nuke dump, the Vow shite, EU citizenship gone and all they can do is shake their heads. BBC 24 news certainly and completely happy and glorious at another tory in their rightfully place, in charge with 25% electorate votes.

    BBC Scotland ligger explains that Snatcher Thatcher 2’s challenge for Scotland is to get the UK out of the EU and keep Scotland in the UK, or something, usual empty, expensive, tory BBC Scotland UKOK bluster n bleh.

  227. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I am surprised at Ruthie’s crude jokes. I think she may be miscalculating here. I don’t find them offensive at all. It’s the tuttutters usually that I can’t be bothered with.
    But I think I have pretty fair idea of the sort of person which makes up bedrock Tory support in Scotland and I don’t think her jokes fit into that very well.

    Anyway if she wants to be one of the boys she has to support independence

  228. galamcennalath says:

    DerekM says:

    ” tory boys not pleased it would seem that our reps didnt clap”

    Ah well, they got into trouble last time they clapped.

    And, previously it was something worth clapping about, too!

  229. ronnie anderson says:

    @ call me dave Ah wid hiv rung ma hand bell, but guess whit NAE CLAPPER.

  230. ronnie anderson says:

    @ call me dave I tell ah lie aboot the hand bell clapper,it diz hiv wan its a NUT N BOLT as did Cameron BOLT.

  231. ronnie anderson says:

    Execise for the day aulder Wingers only, younger Ws can dey pressups lol.

  232. heedtracker says:

    BBC r4 is audio Daily Torygraph but after empty May puffery from likes of stuffed shirt Mundell lunchtime news , its got a spectacular monstering of Labour with greetin NEC member totally hamming up the Lab bullying. If you can hardly speak with fear and you’re on the NEC, you shouldn’t be.

    Another generation of Snatcher Thatcher 2, farts into BBC action.

  233. Artyhetty says:


    The yoons calling Scotland a ‘fascist’ state are appealing to the terrified few in Scotland and the many in england. As my pretendy lefty graun reading friends in Northumberland told me, in 2015, ‘Scotland is almost a fascist country’!

    Regards the TV license, the difference may be, that you cannot be locked up for debt in Scotland, like you can in england. I am no law expert, but far as I know, you can be locked up for non payment of fines, I presume once you have refused to pay the ‘debt’, or fine for said debt.
    I remember people paying the tv license when I lived in england out of fear of going to prison, and it does happen. Such a great democracy this UKOK.

  234. galamcennalath says:

    Ruby says:
    at 11:02 am

    “‘Scottish Unionists’ … Perhaps if they changed their name I might be less confused!”

    Wanna-be-Greater-Englander ?

    I am convinced that Union/Unionist/Unionism is a concept/identity/creed known only in Scotland (and NI).

    No English, I have ever heard, described themselves that way. The Union is something some Scots feel attached to. To most English, they wouldn’t know what they were talking about!

    It’s like North Britain/Briton/British. No English person every even thought about South Britain.

    What North British / Unionists hold allegiance to is in reality Greater England to everyone else on the planet.

  235. Naina Tal says:

    Detector vans have never worked. They were made by the same boys that built the Daleks. They just stuck an old bed frame on top of an old bed frame wi the thing oot the Vital Spark tae mak it gaun roon and roon steed o up an doon.

    Then the gadgies in their burberrys went roond it the back o it wi a clipboard list o the hooses wioot a licence. And jist chapped they doors. Dinnae think they even bother wi the phony detectors noo. Wee bastirt that cam tae me left the gate open.

  236. heedtracker says:

    Neo fascism’s never satisfied.

    Chris Deerin ?@chrisdeerin 1h1 hour ago
    ah, you can always rely on the Nats to be sour, graceless and inapproriate
    41 retweets 57 likes
    Reply Retweet 41
    Like 57

  237. heedtracker says:

    Maybe it depends on swivel eyed loony you are, on Cammers send orf.

    Fraser Nelson ?@FraserNelson 49m
    Labour & SNP join the ovation for David Cameron’s last PMQs. Love is all around. Blog:

  238. Naina Tal says:

    The old bedframe should be on top o a bedford dormobus. Jist noticed. And I havenae had a pint yet either!!

    Whit dae ye mean postin comments ower quick. Yin finger osn this wee tablet thing. Oany slower an’ I’d be a Dugdale….

  239. heedtracker says:

    And actual UKOK fascists throwing a major strop:-(

    Iain Martin ?@iainmartin1 3m3 minutes ago
    .@KevinToolis I hate clapping in any parliament. I was referring to the mean-spirited hatchet-faced SNP questions today. Graceless. Sad…
    2 retweets 4 likes

    Iain Martin ?@iainmartin1 1h1 hour ago
    Chippy Nats not rising to the occasion today in the Commons. Sad.

  240. Luigi says:

    Naina Tal says:

    13 July, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Detector vans have never worked.

    Indeed, it was one big BBC con. What the HMG did was use the post office (postcodes), cross-referenced with TV retail sales info in order to find out who actually owned TVs. These were then compared to lists of licence payers in order to find “suspects” who appeared to have bought a TV but were not listed as payees.

    That’s all they did. The detector vans were indeed dalek mock-ups. I knew someone who worked in one of their infamous detector squads. All they had were lists of addresses and sales receipts. Like the union, it was all sustained on bluff and scare tactics. When the bluff is called, they are powerless.

  241. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Nana Bbc links shared in all regions of Thanks xx.

  242. Luigi says:

    Cameron has just pulled Scotland out of Europe, affecting all our lives, and people are upset because some MPs won’t clap for him?

    Westminster is indeed a bubble. 🙂

    (I thought clapping was not allowed in parliament)

  243. call me dave says:

    Jings…Bumped off the internet…signal gone for a while… 🙁

    @ronnie anderson

    Never mind Ronnie CMD off to see Queenie soon for tea & sympathy

    He’ll probably get the wee cheap pink wafers as she’ll have the tunnocks tea cakes stashed away for later for Theresa coming.

    I am a wee bit behind with that ‘wee cheery faced’ Ruthie story and the rude jokes… what’s that aboot? Anybody got a link?

    News from where we are:

    Plans revealed for ‘root and branch’ review of Glasgow City Council following wave of suspensions

    Next step the Scottish council elections lets get them out!

    Tom & Jerry still running the Labour Party for a wee while so let’s take advantage..

  244. DerekM says:

    @ Ronnie

    lol they can still feck off,i find that works rather well when confronted by clipboarders,i am up to 3 at a time soon they will be arriving by bus load.

    Poor buggers didnt look like their hearts were in it i mean imagine getting told to feck off all day long lol

  245. heedtracker says:

    Satire isnt dead, its just gone next gen Snatcher Thatcher.

    Independent newspaper England land says

    NewsUKUK Politics

    Theresa May’s husband is a senior executive at a $1.4tn investment fund that profits from tax avoiding companies
    Exclusive: May mentioned Amazon and Starbucks in speech about tax avoidance”

    The National of the Scotland region says

    “Orange Order chief: We need God in our lives, not indyref2”

  246. ronnie anderson says:

    Great work by Wee Skribbles
    Wee Skribbles’s photo.

    Theresa sings a little tune as she enters No10:

    “Dumb-dee-dumb… Right! That’s you home, Margaret.”

  247. Big Jock says:

    Is it just me.

    Bloke in work:” It will be good for the country to have a woman in charge”

    Reply -“What country she is no friend of Scotland”

    Looks over bemused

    ” She wanted to take back power from Scotland before”

    Mmm ah mmmm

    Amateurs should not comment on politics if they cannot see beyond the fluff and veneer to the substance. It’s hard not to get angry with these people and say for Fecks sake do you want to hurt yourself even more.

  248. Macart says:


    Perhaps Deerin, Martin et al have some reason to feel a fondness for Cameron, but the Scottish public and the Scottish government do not. Cameron was every bit as elitist, heartless, shallow and despicable as you would expect of a Conservative leader.

    Under his tenure the UK has been brought to the edge of constitutional and economic crisis, the need for food banks has skyrocketed and the wealth – poverty gap increased exponentially. His state has opted for brexit and isolationism, UK society is riven and its politics and party political leaders have become a laughing stock and byword for catastrophe in international politics.

    So no, I wouldn’t expect the SNP to applaud the man. He should count himself lucky there wasn’t a crate of eggs to hand. 😉

  249. heedtracker says:

    Macart says:
    13 July, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    Perhaps Deerin, Martin et al have some reason to feel a fondness for Cameron

    Archetypal running dog lackeys but that is the UK tory media in action, red and blue. What’s even madder is watching them pile in behind the red tories going after JC. Its probably not helping though.

    I tend to just watch red tory yoons like Dr NO Thinks and silly old Duncan H fighting Corbyn alongside hard core tory liggers like Massie and Deerin. Twitter clusterfudges them all together and even that clever logarithm says all you need to know about state of UKOK English politics in both countries.

  250. Big Jock says:

    Glad they never applauded. One thing I hate is phoney sincerity. Keep it real people always, and don’t congratulate someone for their position. You earn respect for your deeds or disrespect, you don’t obtain it by proxy

  251. James Barr Gardner says:

    Landward : The Prawn Wars (BB2) Stated that because of the size of his boat the skipper of a clam trawler could not fish in the Inner Sound.

    Not a fecking mention of BUTEC, so yet again another piece of misinformation pish from the BBC.

    BUTEC (British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre) it is located in Inner Sound between the northern east coast of the island of Raasay and the Applecross peninsula on the west coast of the Scottish mainland. The range used to evaluate the sensors and aural emissions of Royal Navy submarines. The torpedo testing range is covered by bylaws which ban any underwater activity by fishermen within the range area and trawling activities are also banned within the whole of the Inner Sound area. Proposals announced in 2016, to expand the existing 25 sq km range by a further 25 sq km.

    BBC yet again misinforming the Scottish People.
    Vote YES for an Independent Scotland and to get rid of the BBC and the rest of the poisonous Press.

  252. call me dave says:

    Parliament’s chummy back-slapping farewell for David Cameron is Westminster at its worst

    Oh wait! J McTernan.

    What it feels like to leave No 10 for the last time

  253. Thepnr says:


    You might be interested in this. Almost all people in Scotland will be fined for watching TV without a license and not taken to court. The average fine in Scotland is £75 just slightly more than half the cost of the license.

    If you don’t watch or record live TV then you don’t need a license so are not breaking the law and of course can’t be fined.

    “Most TV licensing fines in Scotland are made out of court. A total of 13,486 were fined. In England and Wales there were 185,580 prosecutions. That means there were more fines issued north of the border than south, per capita.

    It has previously been claimed that there are more TV Licence evaders in Scotland – where satisfaction with the BBC is much lower than in England – but this is not the case.

    The amount of money raised from TV licence fines, meanwhile, is also much higher in England than in Scotland. The average fine is just £75 in north of the border, compared with £170 south. The licence fee is currently around £140. So English fines are higher than the fee, while Scotland fines are exactly half of the fee”

  254. Stoker says:

    Latest from The 100K Independence Stakes:

    As we just about pass the 1.5K marker North Ayrshire & Arran break clear from the rest of the field. Argyll & Bute follows in second with Glenrothes in third. Edinburgh North & Leith slips into 4th, knocking Livingston into 5th. We’re getting news just coming in that one of the runners has just pulled up, Dodgy Dave on No10 is out the race. Not sure of the reasons ladies and gentlemen but we’ll bring them to you if we ever get them. We’re hearing rumors, and we must stress that at this moment in time they are just rumors, we’re hearing Dodgy Dave is to be investigated for attempting to enter a pig in this race. More as we get it!

  255. cirsium says:

    @Macart, 2.34

    Also under his tenure, the death rate has gone up – see the fourth paragraph in

  256. Naina Tal says:

    Luigi, I have a friend who just recently dropped into the conversation that he had signed up to go round bothering people without a TV licence.

    During the conversation it became apparent that his training had been geared to filling his head with total misinformation. e.g. you need a licence to watch catch up or Netflix.
    I gave up after a few minutes. He now has another job. Doesn’t mention the snooping job. He’s a really nice guy. Guess he needed the money at the time, but expect he wouldn’t be able to take the aggro.

  257. Macart says:


    Austerity UK and Brexit the toxic legacy of three UK PMs.

  258. Chic McGregor says:

    Hee hee Ronnie.

    The return of the Maggie.

  259. Chic McGregor says:

    Stocker at 8.55pm

    The wee concentration around Bath noted. 🙂

  260. Smallaxe says:

    Dave got a good dose of the Clap today,but not from the SNP!
    Then again it might just be swine flu. 😉

  261. Stoker says:

    @ Chic and Smallaxe: LMAO!

  262. call me dave says:

    Nippy sweety on sky asks Sturgeon if she would have applauded CMD.
    Sturgeon says she supports her SNP MPs who have, like the people of Scotland, have no reason to thank CMD.

    Nippy sweety says” Scotland’s economy not strong enough” and cuts across Sturgeon about 5 times stating as a fact that Scotland would have to join the Euro if she wants to join the club…so there sweaty jocks suck it up!

    Not at all as nice as that polite Dermot Murnaghan from sky yesterday… 🙂

    Oh now asks about her husband … jeez! Drag her off!! 🙁

  263. gordoz says:


    Just seen a clip of ‘Politics Scotland ?’ what an establishment set up well done State Broadcaster.

    That git ‘Costa’ really is an odious we apologist ‘Brit’, sorry but it has to be said.

    Watch for this plonker getting rolled out again and again by WM machine.

    Slimey, mouthy, rude tory tosser right enough – no other words for it.

    ‘Not Moray it was 50/50; again and again interrupting’. State broadcaster just give them a platform and then go after SNP for not clapping Cameron? D F me ?

    Useless journalistic application – what the feck was Nichol Stephen there for ??? What a neck.

    1 indy 3 Yoons as usual.

  264. Robert Kerr says:


    Missed all the fun. I have been on Crete for a week.

    I found my return check at “UK Border” Edinburgh airport a tad hesitant and frosty albeit at 3 AM.

    Later I realised I had been sporting a lapel pin badge with the crossed saltire/EU flags.

    The war is becoming personal. I await the call.

  265. Grouse Beater says:

    I think Cameron, an unreconstructed Thatcherite, should be given the clap he deserves.

  266. Breeks says:

    I’m sick and tired hearing about Labour. They burst into tears threatening each other with High Court Actions over secret ballots and attempts to fix the result. Next there are some Labour members more equal than others if they can stump up £25 for a vote.

    This is the party which as a questionable presence in newsrooms across the country, and a downright sinister presence is Scottish News broadcasting. Not exactly over vexed about principles or probity then…

    I’m not a big Labour fan, but even I can look back and remember Unions having bloc votes and things being “fixed”. How they ever got away with the 40% rule in Scotland’s first Devo referendum is beyond me.

    The Labour Party seem to be the great “pocklers” who govern themselves by what they can get away with. All the nepotism, favouritism, nods, winks, and business sorted behind closed doors all makes complete sense. Even the Scottish Parliament building was a complete and un-canny stitch up.

    I’ve never “got” Labour. Ever. Being socialist was their cover for being crooked. A bit “Citizen Chauvelin”, they never actually cared for the Revolution but merely saw it a means to seize power, influence and control and look out for themselves. (SNP beware… but that’s a different story).

    They have always seemed transparent to me. Every inch as cynical and disingenuous as the Tories, just a different twist to their cynicism.

    When a fiend might say to me “Ah! But Labour is the party for the working man!”. All I see is a friend of mine who has started going out with a complete floosie, fallen head over heels, and everybody in the world knows she is going to break his heart,… except him. Poor fool.

    I can disengage with Labour in a nano second. I don’t care if it comes or goes, lives or dies. All I see is a Unionist party which churns up our plain sailing course towards Independence, but can’t even tell you why they’re doing it. If they could, they’d “fix” us in a heartbeat without a flicker of regret.

    The Labour party, I understand. Their legacy is everywhere. The people conned by the Labour party, I really, really, don’t.

  267. woosie says:

    In the Borders the other night, tuned in to STV at 6pm, and watched – ITV News for Cumbria and The Borders!

    No wonder indy isn’t quite as strong in the Borders; they only hear what the overlords decide is appropriate! What chance have you got?

  268. clan rossy says:

    just watched sky and bbc interviews with our nicola
    absolutely brilliant. how lucky we are to have somebody
    with her passion and drive and who is fully commited to

    answered all questions fired at her with ease .
    what a breath of fresh air unlike the scumbags davidson
    and mundell who put down scotland at every opportunity.

    lokks like she is dying to fire the starting gun for indyref 2 once a50 is announced. cannae wait wont be long

    tick tock

  269. defo says:

    Grouse Beater

    Gonorrhea, or Syphilis ?

  270. Ruby says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:
    13 July, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    I am surprised at Ruthie’s crude jokes. I think she may be miscalculating here. I don’t find them offensive at all. It’s the tuttutters usually that I can’t be bothered with.

    Ruby replies

    The ‘tuttutters’ may not know what the term massive Johnson means so she might get away with it.

    I don’t think I could be classed as a ‘tuttutter’ I’m usually pretty broad-minded but I do find Ruth Davidson talking about withdrawing her massive dick to be very disturbing.

    I pretty much feel the same about Susan Calman’s crude jokes.

  271. Foonurt says:

    Fuck me. Thurr Labour pals’ erses urr oot yoan windae, sah yoan yins huv tae mak up shite.

    Wull steiy abreest, ah thoan situaeshin.

  272. defo says:

    Doh. Soz Grouse

    Swine flu. Obvs.

  273. defo says:

    Chit chat at the palace…

    Liz. “Phil and I were in the Sheeps Heid yesterday..”

    Dave. Umm…

  274. Macart says:


    ‘I think Cameron, an unreconstructed Thatcherite, should be given the clap he deserves.’

    Well considering his alleged unsavoury predilection for farmyard produce…

    You might just get your wish. 🙂

  275. Dr Jim says:

    Dear God no more Ruth, take the pictures away, take them out from my mind, my eyes my eyes
    I don’t want to think about what she keeps in her bedside drawer Eugh!Eugh!Eugh!

    Some people can say anything and make it funny

    She shouldn’t say anything.


  276. Stoker says:

    Just came across this site for anyone wanting to bookmark a useful research tool. It’s the sister site of the ‘What Do They Know’ site and may be useful in sourcing factual information. Apologies if someone else has beat me to it, i’ve never seen it before.

  277. Robert Louis says:


    Can anybody advise me who is selling crossed together saltire and EU enamel badges. Whilst the SNP shop does the saltire, they don’t do one together with the EU flag.


  278. call me dave says:

    FGS! Her indoors shouts through to me (washing dishes) she’s on tv.

    The Mone commenting on the transfer of power on live STV!


  279. call me dave says:

    Michael Mone for foreign sec! says a joking ITV man. Aye right!

    Mone predicts Indy2 (unfortunately she says 🙂 )

    Asked about GE Mone says “lets forget about the uproar and get on”. “Whats done is done”.

    Enough! I’m back to sky tv live. 🙂

  280. Dr Jim says:

    Man who was about to get the sack because he was rubbish at his job resigns, woman gets his job without an interview

    And the world goes F…..g mad following them about like Katie Price’s wedding day with hunners of TV channels dedicated to nothing

    You’d think by now that even the stupidest of Yoons could see the ridiculousness of what they worship as the media queues up salivating over these people suckling at the overblown breast of hypocrisy while Baroness Bra of the failed education comments from the studio on matters she is patently obviously clueless about (I think he was a really good prime minister don’t you) Aargh!

    Whaurs ma F…..G gun
    At least if I can’t shoot them I can blow my own brains out
    God grant me peace blessed F…..g Peace

  281. msean says:

    I just think it seems that in Scotland we express our will and get what we didn’t vote for,in fact Scotland expressly gets what the politically different neighbours want instead. That isn’t democracy,that’s called something else beginning with the letter d.

  282. Robert Louis says:

    So, in her first speech as Prime Minister of England, Theresa May makes a point of stating her belief in the union with Scotland, within the first sentence.

    Maybe she hasn’t read the news recently. Scotland is on its way to independence as a continuing member of the EU.

    The rest of her speech was typical tory hypocrisy – ‘I’ll govern for all the people etc.. etc.. blah blah’. Meanwhile, let’s put up student fees, cut disability benefit, and force people to work for the likes of TESCO for free, or lose the financial support they have already paid for in national insurance contributions.

    Oh, and let’s privatise the NHS, and make people pay.

    Thatcher did exactly the same hypocritical type of speech, and then set about bashing the poor, homeless, Scotland and its people, whilst destroying Scottish industry just to ‘beat the unions’.

    Theresa May, Thatcher MkII.

  283. defo says:

    Cruella. One nation Tory.

    Can you guess which one?

  284. msean says:

    Our own Scottish parliament has restrictions placed on it by being in a union made 300 odd years ago by skint aristocrats.Independence is needed soon.

  285. Liz g says:

    Ha Ha
    Torn face Tess is a Believer
    Anybody here a Believer?????

  286. Luigi says:

    No doubt, PM Mayhem will soon go over and give the Europeans a good handbaging, just like Thatcher did. Well, it was dressed up like that by the media – Thatcher came back with a deal but did not read the small print – in reality Thatcher gave away more powers to the EU than any other PM.

    Aye, PM Mayhem will be sorting out the Europeans any time now. Nothing like an iron lady to put the great back into Britain! Whatever PM Mayehm does, the media will present it as a great victory.

  287. Robert Louis says:

    msean at 625pm

    Exactly, this unwanted undemocratic and damaging union with England needs to go ASAP. If England and Wales want to commit economic suicide by leaving the EU that is up to them, but Scotland will be dragged out of the EU by Theresa May and her English Tory cabal, OVER MY DEAD BODY.

  288. Cadogan Enright says:

    @stoker 3.44

    Managed to turn my bit of the North of Ireland ‘orange’ on my own .

    Hurr hurt

  289. Glamaig says:

    Turkeys vote for Christmas: Cornwall got hundreds of millions in EU funding in the last 20 years, but voted Leave. Now they want the funding from Westminster. Good luck with that, Cornwall.

    Applies also to Scotland, if we stay in the UK. Ruth is keeping awfy quiet about this…

  290. ewen says:

    I got an EU flag with a saltire T-shirt on Amazon if anyone is interested.

  291. John H. says:

    I wonder how long the new prime minister can last considering the stress and long hours of her new job. She certainly doesn’t look well. I’ve noticed that the BBC have started using photos and video of a younger, healthier May.

  292. mumsyhugs says:

    The king is dead – God save the queen! 🙂

  293. clan rossy says:

    msean at 6.25pm

    robert louis at 6.32pm

    over my dead body as well.
    the quicker we get out of this cesspit
    and sh@thole of a union the better.

    watching the msm sky/bbc/itv is getting me
    angrier by the minute we need to get out now.

  294. Thepnr says:

    Despite what anyone here might think “Over half say Theresa May has what it takes to be a good PM” says an Ipsos Mori poll.

    Over half say Theresa May has what it takes to be a good PM

  295. Meg merrilees says:

    Re: Cruella’s speech – nearly puked when she said .. my party’s proper name is ‘the Conservative and Unionist Party..’ Where have we heard that before?
    So, since your talking about Unions what’s wrong with the EU? As Nicola said, “Remain means remain!”

    Good speech from Angus Robertson today and O/T is there anything we can do further to help the Brain family before August 1st?

  296. Iain More says:

    Well today has been an endless stream of nauseating cach. It is quite clear that the BBC, ITN, Disreporting Jakey and STV Aberdeen will defend the Union to the bitter end.

  297. call me dave says:

    From WoS twitter page which I archived.

    Trust awards People Versus Carmichael campaign £5,000 towards legal costs 🙂

  298. Smallaxe says:

    @ call me Dave,

    Thanks for the link badges ordered.Peace.

  299. Big Jock says:

    While the polls show indi at over 54% which they currently do. The SNP must not be tied to Westminsters timetable. We must not wait on Theresa deciding what scraps will be thrown to Scotland.

    We want full Eu citizenship. The only way is independence. Whatever the RUK decide is irrelevant. We go for independence regardless.

    Now they have their intransigent new leader. We get that referendum through parliament on our terms and immediately. We must have the vote before next summer.

    Now is our time and if we fail we fail. This is Scotlands last chance to be a nation. If the chicken livers vote no then fuck them. I will be a stateless zombie who belongs to No nation.

  300. Majestic12 says:

    Ruth Davidson’s smutty metaphors were appalling. I mean, seriously, WTF does she think she’s doing? Trying to be one of the boys?

  301. call me dave says:

    Looks like Boris has a big one.

    He’s away into No10 and only the big jobs are getting filled tonight.

    PS: Osborne has gone from government.

  302. Glamaig says:

    After a day of sickening BBC sycophancy and hushed tones, this is quite welcome

    “Europe won’t miss David Cameron, a senior EU lawmaker in Brussels said on Wednesday as the prime minister who led Britain to the exit left office and handed on the job of completing its withdrawal from the European Union.

    “The UK finally has a new prime minister,” Gianni Pittella, the leader of the center-left group in the European Parliament said in a statement as Theresa May took over the government.

    “Goodbye Mr. Cameron. Nobody will miss you.”

  303. shiregirl says:

    Giddy has gone.

    Boris seen heading into number 10.


  304. call me dave says:


    Got one for myself too. Hope we get to wear it for a few years.


  305. Cherry says:

    I said it last night…psychological warfare….that’s it plain and simple. If we just allow this to continue then it will.

    We have to make everyone aware what is going on. Until we face them head on they are winning. I found this blog after Indy but just as relevant now. Have a read of this article, it explains a great deal and our own Robert Peffers is btl.

  306. K1 says:

    David Davis is awa ben the hoose tae and Amber Judd…

  307. K1 says:

    Michael Fallon tae..

  308. Fran says:

    Cheers Dave

    Badge bought and couldn’t resist the desk top chrome flags of friendship .

  309. Robert Louis says:

    Boris the English clown has been made foreign secretary. The man who seems to have a problem with foreigners. FFS.

    You could not make this up.

  310. K1 says:

    Johnson made Foreign Secretary…

  311. Robert Graham says:

    well there goes David Cameron a Conservative prime minister who served the country with distinction .

    This PM whose legacy is being the only British Prime Minister to leave office whilst his party and his government are under investigation by 17 English Police forces for election experiences fraud which is a criminal offence .

    the other lasting legacy of his premiership is being the only British PM whose government has been investigated by the United Nations for abuse of disabled people by his governments DWP whose report is due to be published in August .

    and these excuses for people criticise SNP MPs for not showing respect , they really are taking the piss now aren’t they .

  312. Legerwood says:

    Boris is Foreign Secretary!!!!

  313. call me dave says:

    Foreign sec Johnson. Told you he would have a big one! 🙂

    Look out Brexit negotiations not good for Scotland.

    But Nicola might not be too displeased in the long run.

  314. Capella says:

    LOLZ LOLZ (finally found an occasion to use that) – Boris Johnston is Foreign Secretary!!
    Osborne sacked

  315. Roboscot says:

    Boris as Foreign Secretary. Bad enough being in a circus without putting the clowns in charge.

  316. yesindyref2 says:

    @ Chic McGregor says: “I don’t think the EEA countries will accept a better ex EU deal for the UK than they have.

    Just about all EU countries have a different deal. They all sign up to the Lisbon Treaty, but one of the Articles says that the protocols and annexes are part of the Treaty. In the protocols is a huge list of protocols for individual countries, for instance Germany pays less of a rate because is pays so much, UK with the common travel area, Denmark with Greenland.

    I looked at the EEA Treaty and it’s the same – there are different protocols for the members.

    So as far as the framework is concerned, the UK could indeed have greatly different terms by way of protocols from other EEA members. The trick is getting other EEA members to agree!

  317. heedtracker says:

    Lunatics have taken over the UKOK asylum.

  318. Robert Kerr says:

    I bought badge from eBay since at the time Amazon was out of stock

    Note that this item has a present stock level of 985.

    Tooling up.

  319. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Robert Louis.

    Here’s some ‘crossed flags’ badges (38mm) that we’ve been doing for a wee while. Unfortunately, Pete the Camera, who actually does the donkey work of manufacturing the badges, is stuck in hospital just now so the Wings stall on the 30th July will, probably, be bereft of badges.

  320. call me dave says:

    Rudd to Home Sec.

    This is too good to forget: Hope it works.

  321. Bob Mack says:

    FFS Boris is new Foreign Sec. OMG

  322. galamcennalath says:

    Wonder who will get the job of last Secretary of State for Scotland?

    This, hopefully will be the last government of the UK. Last PM of the UK, last … everything.

  323. K1 says:

    Liam Fox has gone intae no10, Fallon still the Defence Secretary…

  324. Glamaig says:

    Boris as Foreign Secretary? that should work well, as they seem to want to isolate themselves 🙂

  325. K1 says:

    gala I think Mundell will remain SoS

  326. Bachelor Boy says:

    I’ve just been made Minister for Children. Thanks, Tess.

  327. Rock says:


    “THIS is how a once great movement dies, same as empire. It is always destroyed from within and by degrees, slowly and painfully through rot and corruption, till it implodes and disappears from memory.”

    I believe the SNP too has been infiltrated and needs to be extremely careful.

  328. galamcennalath says:

    The UK has not been very popular in recent times. Iraq, EU non cooperation, bad losers in sport, ouzing entitlement everywhere, and that air of superiority which always surfaces.

    BoJo will thoroughly reinforce the stereotype which the rest of the world finds so offensive,

    A great choice for an isolationist agenda!

  329. shiregirl says:

    Oh my dear God.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    This has to have been the craziest three weeks in the political merry-go-round. Ever.

    And I want to get off – now.

  330. donnywho says:

    Quite pleased with the Boris choice… Certain to leave the EU… IndyRef2 here we come, this time no Mr Nice Guys

  331. K1 says:

    From guardian live feed.

    ‘Liam Fox will lead up a new Department for International Trade – essential if Brexit is to be successful.’

    Can it get any worse…this is fucking awful…

  332. stewartb says:

    Of course this is all in good fun:

    Source:, January 14, 2016

    Headline: “Boris Johnson’s Iraq visit a diplomatic headache, emails reveal”

    ‘His gun-toting visit to Iraq last year drew comparisons — from some — to Winston Churchill. But newly published diplomatic correspondence sheds a less statesmanlike light on Boris Johnson’s activities during his foreign trip.

    Foreign Office staff had to pick up a hotel bar tab, stop Mr Johnson from driving a sports car out of a showroom and arrange last-minute tours when the mayor of London travelled to Erbil, in the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, in January 2015.

    They also had to block Mr Johnson’s attempt to visit the frontline of the war against Isis, diverting him instead to a training camp, and stop him prematurely announcing a trade deal.

    The material, released by the Foreign Office under freedom of information legislation, includes diplomatic correspondence about practical aspects of the visit. It is not clear who made the FoI request, rendering its purpose and the release of the emails something of a mystery.

    “Is the alcohol bill still outstanding?” one anonymous civil servant asked in an email. In another, Angus McKee, the UK’s consul-general in Kurdistan and northern Iraq, recounted the mayor’s attempt to drive an F-type Jaguar out of a car showroom. “While it is true that the mayor got behind the wheel, drove out of the door and on to the driveway, quick action by his police protection officer and me ensured he did not drive off,” Mr McKee wrote.’

    There is more on this at

  333. gordoz says:

    SNP get hammered all day by State media (and others) for not clapping in an institution where they were publicly reprimanded for doing just that. OK

    Wait – Sorry is thon Fraser Nelson right in the heid or just a liar ?? …. (… Oh both)

    What was he watchin ?

  334. Luigi says:

    I wonder what Ruthie must be thinking. Is she now going to apologise to the new foreign secretary after all the bad stuff she said about him?

  335. schrodingers cat says:

    Big Jock
    While the polls show indi at over 54% which they currently do

    i know the rev is working on a poll but their has been a distinct lack of polling of scotland since the euref, those they make public anyway

    the euref result will impact yes support in scotland, no question, it was sitting at 50/50 before the euref.
    since then we have seen thatcher2 become pm and the labour party disintegrate.

    these things will also affect the swing to yes
    all parties will toe this ridiculous line about somehow scotland being able to negotiate its place in the eu while remaining in the uk, while keeping their eyes firmly fixed on the polls.

    the next big wave will hit the moment the brexit button is pushed. we will find out exactly what the eu, scotland and the ruks position is after about 20mins. no free access to markets without open borders.

    at that point nicola will have no choice but to launch indyref2, regardless of the polls

  336. Luigi says:

    Amazing stuff tonight.

    Just when you thought that British politics couldn’t get any worse. 🙂

  337. handclapping says:

    Gosh I never realised how deep the puddle of Tory talent is. 🙁

  338. Robert Louis says:

    What’s next? A knighthood for Farage, and appointment as racial equalities minister?

    FM, if you are reading this, stop any idea of negotiations or talks with these clowns, and get us out of this cursed union with England ASAP.

  339. Luigi says:



  340. defo says:

    And why ?

    Stepped aside to pave the way for Cruella.
    Leadsome was never a contender.

    Rock. Who ?
    If it’s attention your after, £50 will buy you half an hour down Leith docks .

  341. X_Sticks says:


    Hi Brian really sorry to hear Pete is in hospital. Sincerely hope he makes a speedy recovery – please pass on my best regards and tell him to stop swinging the lead and get back to work 😉

  342. heedtracker says:

    Before Teresa Thatcher promotes her two golden retrievers to ministerial posts,

    Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd awards £5000 to The People versus Carmichael Campaign

    Its a mad mad etc. They gave Carmicheal £50k so it makes total sense to give the other 10% of that.


    because that’s the UKOK way.

  343. gordoz says:

    You can see the feigned surprise and wonder of the media and establishment at Mays contrived Coronation and extended wonder coverage.

    This cabinet seems to have all the integrity and intellect of a Tarantino film.

    Resevoir dogs anyone ?

    Mr Pinks remains in post.

  344. Stoker says:

    Finally, they come up with a replacement for ‘Spitting Image’,
    the new May West-Monsters, starring Boris as Basil. LLF!

    Cadogan Enright wrote:
    “Managed to turn my bit of the North of Ireland ‘orange’ on my own”
    Hurr hurt

    So you’re the guilty one! I’ve been keeping an eye on progress over there. It’s slow but sure! 🙂

  345. Rock says:


    “Now it is simply a battle to determine who gets to retain the name “Labour”.”

    I hope it won’t be the ones who have hijacked it.

  346. mike cassidy says:

    So the massive Johnson has just been reinserted!

  347. Thepnr says:

    Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary?????

    Switches light off, shuts door behind me before walking under a bus.

  348. carjamtic says:

    The Parting Fuds of May

    Eiderdown oan

  349. defo says:

    Our wee Dutch boy had better get the extra large tube of lube !

  350. Macart says:

    Boris in FO eh? If I were a cynical type, I’d suspect he’d been sent there to fail. Didn’t look the happiest of campers when leaving Downing Street and he’s such an obvious bad fit for the post its beyond ludicrous. Then there’s Fox’s posting in international trade? Seriously?

    I reckon May’s culling the brexiteers by putting them into positions in which they are near guaranteed to fail. Either that or our new PM is utterly barking, bat shit nuts.

  351. Thepnr says:

    I thought the UK was already a laughing stock. But no, we had to have our new Prime Minister prove we were a laughing stock just to remove any doubt.

  352. DerekM says:

    Jings even the alien space fleet just went wtf,i know lets put a guy who has messed up everything he has touched in charge of the treasury.

    Aww nice of them to send bojo to all the big functions he will make a great clown to entertain vlad maybe a top secret mission black project operation make vlad piss himself laughing until dead.

  353. Marcia says:

    Boris Johnston is the bull you would put into a china shop.

  354. Thepnr says:


    I support the “utterly barking, bat shit nuts” theory.

  355. Fo says:

    Making Boris Foreign Secretary is about as intelligent as the BBC and STV taking Scotland 2016 and Scotland Tonight off the air at such a critical time in Westminster politics.

    Although we do not have to suffer perceived bias, it’s now London news the whole way.

  356. schrodingers cat says:

    mike cassidy
    So the massive Johnson has just been reinserted!

    look out ruthie, he’s behind you

  357. call me dave says:

    SSEEU: Sec State Exiting European Union.

    Deal maker hopeful and won’t press the Brexit button soon as he needs to get all his dominoes lined up!


  358. heedtracker says:

    How is Foregign Sec BoJO meant to do anything with the 27 countries he’s just told where to go and shove their union?

    This is a huge gross mismanagement thingee from a nutcase that thought billboard vans with “GO home or youre nicked” on them driving around, was a good idea.

  359. defo says:

    Werrity digging out his passport

  360. Sassenach says:

    If we cannot get independence following these appointments, then Abandon Hope all Ye who enter here!!

    Time to start distributing Wee Black Books!

  361. Macart says:


    😀 LOL

    They have been known…

  362. Luigi says:

    mike cassidy says:

    13 July, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    So the massive Johnson has just been reinserted.

    Aye, now Ruthie has two to contend with.

  363. gordoz says:

    After all the one Nation speech guff, that the media fawned over, her cabinet seems to be very loaded in Tory right wing heavies.

    All hawks & nae doves with the obvious stand out circus clown Foreign Secretary (seriously ?)

    May was supposed to be a calculated non nonsense operator but she obviously likes village idiots.

  364. call me dave says:

    Phillip May (The Rock) Honest! Aye Get tae Gibraltar! 🙂

    Mundell in his goonie and bedhat noo with empty ovaltine cup on the bedside cabinet, sleeping soundly, expecting the status quo in the morning. 🙁

    I suppose Sturgeon and Co will be having a wee look at the chess board tonight. Our move soon… castles queen side probably.

  365. Inbhir Anainn says:

    “May I say at the start of the Parliament,” said Mr Bercow, “that the convention that we do not clap in this Chamber is very, very long established and widely respected, and it would be appreciated if Members showed some respect for that convention.

    “They will get their speaking rights from this Chair – of that they can be assured. They will be respected, but I would invite them to show some respect for the traditions of this Chamber of the House of Commons.” Aye right!

  366. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Poor Ruthie’s face must’ve been a picture when she saw that news.

    Mind you, Bojo’s been known to crack a few one-liners in his time. They’d make a rerr double act, eh?

    ‘I thought you’d withdrawn!’
    ‘Ruth, my dear, you know you can’t keep a good Johnson down!’

    Can’t wait to see the cover of tomorrow’s The National…

  367. Onwards says:

    schrodingers cat says:
    13 July, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    the next big wave will hit the moment the brexit button is pushed. we will find out exactly what the eu, scotland and the ruks position is after about 20mins. no free access to markets without open borders.


    I think the question of remaining in the single market is the clincher. I think Sturgeon would settle for that in the short term.

    It will all come down to freedom of movement and whether the EU is prepared to compromise on that. Personally I don’t think they will. Nigel Farage alone put a lid on that prospect when he stood up and mocked the EU parliament.

    So if out really means out, there is a massive opportunity for Scotland in a second referendum, faced with the prospect of years of undiluted Tory rule.

    The UK could then threaten border controls, but the Irish situation will be a precedent. No-one will put up with border posts there. And why would people *want* to be in a union that threatens Scots if they leave ??

  368. Luigi says:

    60% for independence by tomorrow morning, methinks. 🙂

  369. mike cassidy says:

    On the ‘know your enemy’ principle

    a profile from 2013 of our new Home Secretary

    They do like their whippingnannies in the Tory Party.

    She is the fourth child of a self-made stockbroker and an upper-class mother, a born-to-rule Tory with a black book so impressive that she had a gig as “aristocracy co-ordinator” for the party scenes of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

  370. jimnarlene says:

    Boris FO, I don’t think that stands for foreign office.

    I see “Labour” have suspended ALL local party activities, until the “contest” is over…arseholes…bye bye “Labour”.

  371. gordoz says:

    Rumoured Scarface was on in background when May was at palace ..

    … Breaking online, that if you zoom in close at Mays speech you can see a trace of white powder residue near her nose.

    Cabinet making some sense now

  372. Richardinho says:

    For all the Jockie Thistles in the HoP who don’t understand the clapping procedure:

    The shadow Foreign Secretary makes a speech calling for bombing of Middle Easterners : ALLOWED.

    A failed Prime Minister who has brought the UK to the brink of disaster makes his last appearance at PMQs: ALLOWED

    One of your party’s new intake of members delivers a successful maiden speech: ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN!

  373. call me dave says:

    Jings! Overlooked news: Another resignation.

    Well that’s it it seems for tonight.

  374. gordoz says:

    What Scotland thinks of Labour at this time is pretty clear.

    WTF must the folk of England and Wales think of such idiots at this time making it so easy for the Tories.

    Can anyone really see a way back from such a mess ?

    Complete madness all round and an insane measure of hubris from the Blairites.

    The left must find another way.

  375. Graf Midgehunter says:

    More lapel badges – Scotland/whatever you want


  376. Phronesis says:

    How very challenging- how does one present oneself to the nation and maintain the façade of stability when Scotland has turned its back on ‘one nation’ conservatism and UKOK is turning to dust?

    What comforting jingoism and slogans can one’s speech writers come up with to re-assure everyone that we’re not heading for a recession, the precariat class will never escape their poverty straight- jackets and the UKOK is becoming an insignificant isolated entity that no-one wants to talk to?

    Perhaps ‘Putting Britain Right Ahead’ might work (Heath 1965)

    or ‘Built to Last’ (Conservative Party 2006)

    How about getting ‘Back to Basics’ with our ‘Big Society’? One has many slogans that one can refer to ‘It’s the Standard of Living that Counts’ ‘Stepping into the Future’ (1955), (best avoid ‘Rivers of Blood’, Powell 1968- the MSM can do something with that) ‘Talking Europe’ (1985)- oops perhaps not we’re not really on speaking terms.

    How can one follow one’s political beliefs- less public spending, pro tax-cuts, deregulation, anti-immigration, laying waste to considerable tracts of industrial production, pushing spending cuts that affect poorer areas disproportionately, widening inequalities without the public noticing? One’s assault on the state sector through privatisation must continue unhampered along with centralising power to Whitehall towards greater marketization.

    One can’t even use the ‘Building Great Britons’ line anymore, not when one is committed to pushing more children into poverty than ever before.

    Didn’t Heath go to the polls in 74 asking ‘who governs’- shouldn’t Scotland be asking now who governs Scotland? Dearie me the union isn’t really unified is it – a slogan that one can believe in is Independence for Scotland- Inevitable.

  377. defo says:


    Queen bashes Bishop ?

  378. carjamtic says:

    IanB @8:58


    Another, ‘”The hardest ‘job’ in politics”




  379. Luigi says:

    PM Mayhem may have to add another new cabinet post soon:

    Minister for saying goodbye to Scotland

  380. heedtracker says:

    Toryboy’s of the Scotland region either hiding behind their sofa and or panicky as feck.

    alexmassie Retweeted
    Cazique of Poyais ?@distantcities 2h2 hours ago
    Can no one see Boris has been given this job in the hope that he will fail, and thus not be a threat in 2020? Boris will certainly see it
    25 retweets 19 likes
    Reply Retweet 25

    alexmassie ?@alexmassie 2h2 hours ago
    I see everyone is pretending the Foreign Office (especially when stripped of EU stuff) is a much bigger job than it really is. Come on.

  381. Luigi says:

    I’ve got the BREXIT shakes. I think I am suffering from a massive political overdose. Too much jaw contact with floor and too much popcorn – bad for the heart. I can’t take much more of this – things really need to settle down, but the end is not in sight. 🙁

  382. Smallaxe says:

    Their coming to take me away ha ha to the funny farm where
    life is beautiful all the time and those nice young men in their clean white coats are coming to take me away ha ha he he ho ho
    ….ffs Whit’s Gon oan.

  383. Truth says:

    And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I don’t pay my TV licence. I’m not paying for offensive rot that passes as journalism under BBC standards.

    Interestingly, I had my first visit. I wasn’t in and got a scribbled form through my door. Open immediately it said. Nah, I just added it to my 7 year collection of letters.

    Don’t pay for this people.

  384. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Onwards @ 20:58,
    schrodingers cat @ 20:13

    the next big wave will hit the moment the brexit button is pushed. we will find out exactly what the eu, scotland and the ruks position is after about 20mins. no free access to markets without open borders.

    I think the question of remaining in the single market is the clincher. I think Sturgeon would settle for that in the short term.

    Listening to May and Fluffy this afternoon, I think it’s worse than that. I can see with horrifying clarity what May’s upcoming strategy in Brexit talks will be:

    + Make the necessary compromise with the EU over open trade, “reluctantly” accepting the consequent open borders.

    + For home consumption, to appease all the fervent control-freak Leavers that this compromise is necessary because of Scotland, which voted to Remain, in order to preserve “our” precious Union. This is a two-pronged attack. It deals with those who thought that voting Leave was going to change things re immigration, and also makes a nod to Scottish sensibilities to try to deflect an indyref2, or at least make it harder to win, due to all the easily-satisfied wavering Scot-Buts.

    + The vilest aspect of it is that Scotland is going to take the blame from all the English Leavers for the “EU sell-out”.

    Sturgeon needs to be very smart to avoid this trap and take to a public offensive as soon as it becomes clear – as it inevitably will – that we will lose all our other EU privileges and be dragged out of the EU along with the rest of the UK unless we stand fast to full independence and nothing but.

  385. heedtracker says:

    From the greatest living Englishman in Scotland? Ruthie babes and her blue collars! Teresa Thatcher’s blue collar husband’s a top exec of Capital Group, California based £1 trillion hedge fund. Bet Teresa loves washing his blue collars.

    Adam Tomkins MSP ?@ProfTomkins 26m26 minutes ago
    Low Anthem are in town. See you later x
    0 retweets 1 like
    Reply Retweet

    Adam Tomkins MSP Retweeted
    Ruth Davidson ?@RuthDavidsonMSP 4h4 hours ago
    Tremendous statement of intent from @theresa_may – the Union, equality of opportunity and social justice. Blue collar Conservatism is back.

  386. Legerwood says:

    I did not realise that Ruth Davidson had been made a Privy Councillor.

    This just gets more and more surreal.

    I think I’m going to sign up for the first space flight out of Prestwick.

  387. heedtracker says:

    BetterTogether Slovenia branch manager not impressed. Low Anthem’s show probably best place for toryboy’s in Scotland now.

    Theresa May unveils cabinet, with Hammond and Johnson in top jobs

    13 Jul 2016 21:49
    1 Recommend
    With the unelected PM Theresa May appointing Boris EU-is-like-Hitler Johnson as the foreign minister, the Brave New Independent UK has launched an ultimate insult on 440 million people of the EU-27.

    No chance of any amicable negotiations or any concessions from the EU-27 to the UK now.

    You better check the WTO trading rules. (Hint: They do not include EU passporting for the UK financial services. And anyway the UK will have to negotiate with the 160 WTO member states to sort out its WTO status in the first place.)

    Bye bye. Have a nice life on your isolated islands full of hatred.

  388. E.A. Cameron says:

    Schrodingers Cat said at 8.13

    “the next big wave will hit the moment the brexit button is pushed. we will find out exactly what the eu, scotland and the ruks position is after about 20mins. no free access to markets without open borders.
    at that point nicola will have no choice but to launch indyref2, regardless of the polls”

    There could be an alternative choice. The SNP MPs in Westminster could all resign in protest at Brexit. The by-elections that would follow could in practical effect form an Extraordinary General Election in Scotland.

    The SNP could contest that election on a manifesto which says an SNP vote is a mandate to commence immediate Independence negotiations with a view to Indyref2 being delayed till after the negotiations.

  389. call me dave says:

    Just went to Wheeler Dealers (bubble gum for the mind) for a rest 🙂

    Ordered one of these. Ultimate survival vehicle for the ‘end of days’.

    Night all!

  390. G4jeepers says:

    Parliament Channel.

    During nearly 3 hours of waffle in a half empty Lords chamber, I think the word “Scotland” has been mentioned once!
    We don’t exist.

  391. schrodingers cat says:

    the point i was making was that the negotiations were a delaying tactic by sturgeon, waiting for yes support to reach 60%. the second the brexit button is pressed, we will know very quickly what everyones options actually are and nicola will have no choice but to announce indyref2. this may happen sooner rather than later, and i think we are only at 55% yes,

    this game is being played for very high stakes with very small margins

  392. Famous15 says:

    Michelle Moan as Secretary of State for Scotland.

    Hush,do not jest it may give May ideas.

  393. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This one: when you have nightmare neighbours who put you through the mill, let their dogs and cats shite in your garden, shout abuse at your grandparents and friends and frighten the life out of your weans, but many years later, at family get-togethers, you recall the ‘funny bits’?

    That’s happening right now, in reverse…

    Boris’s appointment is the ultimate punchline, and it won’t get any funnier, so –

    Please, NS, AS, and any other representatives of Scotland – at whatever level of government you’ve been elected to – please, please get us out of this.

  394. Onwards says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    13 July, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    + Make the necessary compromise with the EU over open trade, “reluctantly” accepting the consequent open borders.

    + For home consumption, to appease all the fervent control-freak Leavers that this compromise is necessary because of Scotland, which voted to Remain, in order to preserve “our” precious Union.

    That could well be the case, and it would explain why preserving the union was up front in her initial speech.

    But if we end up back in the single market with the full freedom of goods, services, capital and people, then I think it makes a second independence referendum a harder sell when it comes to the EU question.
    We will have retained the 4 main freedoms of Europe, and Scotland won’t be able to cash in on business vacating London.

    The best strategy then might be to wait a few years, and then campaign for independence using our energy resources as a huge selling point. Maybe part-nationalising the oil industry. I think there were EU competition laws getting in the way before, but if the Scottish government promised a national energy company, and subsidised gas/electricity for homes and businesses in Scotland, that would be a huge selling point.

    We have a huge advantage in that we are self-sufficient in resources, and England isn’t. There should be a way to take advantage of that politically.

  395. Still Positive. says:

    My son just asked me if I knew who the SNP spokesman is opposite Boris – I worked that out as soon as Boris was announced as FS.

    Fun and games in HoC follows.

  396. G4jeepers says:

    Nice one channel4 – visits CMDs constituency including his butcher

  397. HandandShrimp says:

    It is an eclectic mix that May has tossed together.


    Can we leave now?

  398. Wull says:

    The new PM announces her commitment to ‘the Union’ but she does not know what it is. She thinks it’s a 4-nation Union, something it has never actually been. The 4 ‘nations’ being England, Northern Ireland (what kind of nation is that?), Wales and Scotland.

    She is not the first to use this kind of language in an attempt to change the nature of the Union. It is a trick which is becoming increasingly entrenched in Unionist discourse. Especially, but not uniquely, among leading members of what she reminded us is properly called ‘the Conservative and Unionist Party’.

    Strange that she remarked that most people don’t know that that is the real name of her Party. Most people in England, maybe?

    Well, we know the name in Scotland, and we all know what it means. And what it stands for.

    Maybe Mrs May didn’t know the name herself, or had forgotten it, until her script-writer (or Ruth Davidson) pointed it out to her.

    I don’t know what they teach people at Oxford, where Mrs May was apparently educated. Not much, it seems. I seem to remember Cameron saying something about the USA standing alone against Hitler … Everyone else – that is, everyone who hadn’t studied at Oxford – thought it was the UK!

    This ‘Union of four nations’ is a way of denying history, and deliberately so. It subverts what the UK really is, and ignores the various steps by which it came into existence.

    The history of Wales, especially in its relation to England, cannot be compared in any way with that of Scotland, or with Scotland’s relation to England. There is no resemblance, and not the slightest symmetry, between what happened to Wales in the 13th Century, at the hands of the dreadful Edward I, and what happened between Scotland and England in 1707.

    It doesn’t matter how you interpret these events, or what you think of them, they cannot be reduced one to the other, or treated as if they are all just the same thing. Each entity in the UK has a different relation to each other entity in it, and England’s relation to each part of it is sui generis, in its own right.

    Scotland’s relationship to England is very different from Wales’ relation to England, and Northern Ireland’s relation to England is not at all the same thing as either of these other two. How England sees the other parts is something particular in each case, and quite different from how they see England. A ‘Union of four nations’ my foot!

    How ‘Northern Ireland’ came into existence, as a specific component of the UK, is another story altogether.

    The purpose of talking up this entirely invented and fictitious ‘4-nation Union’ stuff is to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes. Imperialism is a mind-set, and England is an imperial nation. Scotland should have been the anti-imperial country par excellence, but somehwre along the line we failed in our duty. Though not completely … and we are beginning to get the hang again of who we really are. Of who we are meant to be, that is.

    Our tragedy and our shame, and indeed the cause of our downfall (which thankfully we are just about to rise up from) was that we tried to become imperialists ourselves. Think of the Darien scheme, at the end of the 17th Century.

    That ill-fated dereliction of our destiny, of who we really are (or are meant to be), played a big part in our being ambushed into the Union. To our shame, we also learned gradually to profit from that ambush … flying on the coat-tails of our imperial neighbour as its project went world-wide.

    That whole (imperial) history is currently being undone, and finally laid to rest. For that reason, the (imperial) Union, of which we were once part, is unravelling in front of our eyes. The ‘4-nation UK’ discourse is meant to cover this up, and prevent us from seeing it. ‘Just close your eyes, and repeat after: “I love our 4-nation Union”, and keep repeating it until you believe the lie is true.’

    This ‘4-nation’ fiction is actually a denial that the real Union in which we find ourselves – the one between Scotland and England – ever existed in the first place. It is an attempt to sanitise it, and turn it into some innocuous thing that it never was.

    And for what purpose? So that England, now unshackled from the European Union, that mighty project much greater than herself, can continue on its old imperial way, untramelled and uncontrolled, and, of course, ‘free’! … Free, that is, to do whatever it wants, or whatever suits it … Free to do whatever it thinks is right … Free to do what it wants, and to pretend that what it wants is right … Free to do whatever damage to others it thinks it ought to do, just because it is ‘right thing to do’ … Free to pursue its own definition of what is right, and ignore everyone else’s.

    All this, moreover, as if the world will still put up with Olde England’s ways … Humouring its nonsense, like a beloved but eccentric Uncle …

    All this as if the world has not changed irrevocably in the meantime … All this as if the pirate nation cannot be charged with being a rogue state, a failed and undemocratic war-instigator, an unaccountable perpetrator of armed crime …

    Make no mistake, this was the England the Brexiteers voted for. This is the England they loved and lost, and want to get back … As if old corpses never die, and can be revived …

    An England free and unfettred, able to carry out its imperial destiny on the world stage without hindrance or defeat …

    And, imagine, this vote for Brexit was cast, and re-cast this imperial-reviving fantasy, just as Chilcot was about to demonstrate beyond all doubt that the one thing this less than jolly England – this unfettred, free and joll-roger England – needs more than any other thing is precisely this … namely, to be fettered, chained and physically held down, by being tied to something much bigger and more powerful than herself …

    To be held in check, so that she may never again unleash unlawful havoc, arbitrary, unjustifiable and murderous … Only when she is controlled by being part of a bigger whole will civilians the world over be safe from her self-righteous, ill-informed assurance and aggression.

    And Scotland? We have our share of (historical) guilt in all of this, and we shouldn’t deny it. We have nothing to feel superior about. We have a moral duty to get out of our collusion in all these crimes, and to free ourselves from our own internalised colonialism.

    The thing that was created, by fair means or (mainly) foul, in 1707, needs to be faced, and all its consequences acknowledged. England couldn’t have done it without us! The time has come to put an end to that Union – the real one, not the anodyne non-existent 4-nation fantasy – once and for all. It need to be undone. And it is up to us to undo it. In order – to quote, however reluctantly, a certain Tony Blair – ‘in order to make the world a safer place.’

    We have to weaken irrevocably the imperial state of which we allowed ourselves to become so much a part. It is up to Scots to break the Union, no one else can or will do it. We have to learn to hold our neighbour in check again, as once we did, in the Middle Ages, but now by peaceful means. We have to rediscover our vocation as full members of that wider future vision, which is Europe in the making. We must break from our own and England’s recent past (300 years is not a long time!), and finally fulfil our historic destiny to be, yet again, what we always were intended to be – the anti-imperial nation par excellence.

  399. Capella says:

    Why is Ruth Davidson a member of the Privy Council?


  400. handclapping says:

    England is going to need Trident with Boris at the FO

  401. tartanpigsy says:

    Best we get prepared

    there’s a whole pile of UKOK madness coming our way

  402. Lenny Hartley says:

    Don’t believe a word you hear on the BBC!
    Tonight Laura Kinsburg BBC political editor promoted to that position for lying to the Scots during our Indy Ref said twice that David Cameron had paid off the deficit and then that his government had paid off 2/3rds of the deficit. She is saying that so that people think that the UK Government is reducing the National Debt , it isn’t, the National Debt is rising every year.
    What they have done with smoke and mirrors is reduced the annual deficit to about 70 Thousand Million pounds per year.
    That means the Debt is increasing by 70 Thousand million pounds per year. It is likely to go higher as they got the annual deficit down from a staggering 130 Thousand million pounds per year by taking over the liability of the royal Mail pensions, which had 30 billion assets but liabilities of 70 billion pounds and got the Bank of England to repay around 20 billion pounds of interest it had received from the Government.
    So the BBC is trying to pull the wool over your eyes and trying to get you to believe that the National Debt is being paid off.

  403. Elmac says:

    Can’t believe my ears. Did I just hear Laura Kuuenssberg, BBC political editor, state at 10.30pm that the deficit had gone down, but had not been totally eliminated, under the Cameron administration? Am I to believe she is totally stupid and incompetent or simply a liar, because that is the choice. The problem is that many people will accept what she said as fact and conclude therefore that the Tories must be doing a good job on the economy when the truth is that the deficit is continuing to increase. It may be at a slower rate that what they managed to rack up in recent years but it continues to increase at an alarming rate.

    Please, I may not be a celebrity, but get me out of this stinking corrupt lying union!

  404. Robert Louis says:

    Capella at 1038pm

    A VERY good question. Just why is Ruth Davidson a member of the privy council?

  405. mike cassidy says:

    Amber Rudd

    Just loving Scotland.

  406. Liz Rannoch says:

    O/T Kinda quiet on the real O/T so I’m taking the risk of hammers asking for some help here.

    A local petition is asking for help with identifying the graves of Scottish royals at Dunfermline Abbey (Little Westminster would you believe!)

    I live in this area and only knew of Bruce, Malcolm and Queen Margaret. As I think we in Scotland should know more about our history, can you help? The woman running it has got about 2000 signatures but the web site says it needs 500 and only has about 370.

    Could/would you like to overwhelm whoever deals with this? My ‘auld grey toon’ has suffered greatly from ‘centralisation’ to Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes in the past decade or so and I’d like to help get some pride back here however small. Thanks.

  407. Famous15 says:

    Michelle Moan appearing more and more frequently on tv.What are they bigging her up for?

    I think the establishment think she will be a good attack dog if Nicola calls indyref2.

    I was only joking that she may be new Secretary of State for Scotland as fluffy compliant as he is to all things Unionist may resist being reduced to a minister of state to front the Scottish Office in the Commons.

  408. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This, right here, is where we are:

    ‘The Thing’ –

  409. Onwards says:

    schrodingers cat says:
    13 July, 2016 at 10:09 pm

    the point i was making was that the negotiations were a delaying tactic by sturgeon, waiting for yes support to reach 60%. the second the brexit button is pressed, we will know very quickly what everyones options actually are and nicola will have no choice but to announce indyref2. this may happen sooner rather than later, and i think we are only at 55% yes,

    I think it could be a while to find out what our options are.
    There are 2 years of negotiations after notice is given, and that can be extended.

    Can’t see Nicola calling a quick second referendum until we actually know if we heading out the single market or not.

    And this mythical 60% figure has never been officially confirmed by the SNP. IMO setting targets like that is just making a rod for our backs.

    When the Tories won the GE pledging an EU referendum, Brexit support was polling in the low 30’s. It only improved dramatically during the course of a campaign.

    Personally, I don’t subscribe to the notion that losing a second referendum is final. It would be off the table for years, but it all depends on how close the result is.

  410. Kenny says:

    O/T I am having difficulty understanding how much still needs to be raised for the Orkney 4… £6000?

    If so, I will gladly donate whatever is the current cost of the Pravda TV tax… and some!

  411. Breeks says:

    Right now England is like Rip van Winkle in reverse.

    One man has stayed awake and 53 million of them have gone to sleep for 20 years.

    The rest of the world must be scratching their heads wondering HTF these clowns ever ran an empire. Boris Johnston at the Foreign Office? And put his foot in it with Nicola already???

    I feel lost and all at sea. I don’t have words to adequately describe how seriously screwed up this all is. It’s like a hallucination that just doesn’t end when you pinch yourself. I need to recalibrate my yardstick for stupidity by screwing another foot and a half onto the length. (that’s 450mm for all us Europeans), but I’m filled with indecision because I’m just not sure that’s going to be long enough.

    Is it even possible to have a whole country sectioned under the mental health act? Not totally crazy, but just needing a serious time-out and some quiet space to get their shit together… Don’t worry England, we’ll look after the dog, and we will come and visit you. Honest.

  412. heedtracker says:

    Another absolute disgrace of a tory BBC 2 Newsnight again, all toryboys, no opposition, complete and utter farce.

    C4 news teatime tonight had 2 hard core tories air heads against leftie progressives like Ken Loach and ever uglier tory Fraser Nelson looked like he’d got his face slapped, every time Loach disagreed with him. Its an ex rancid The Graun ed that’s running Newsnight now and he’s an even bigger toryboy place man than the last one, who was also a rancid The Graun twerp.

    Dark days ahead of democracy in the UK, as Labour go down the UK pan.

  413. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Labour, NEC-related probs etc…

    We’ve all become accustomed to watching politicians being ever-so ‘friendly’ with their interviewers. Here’s Jim Callaghan with Robin Day in 1971 –

  414. Ken500 says:

    Labour own BBC. When will BBC Scotland own up.

    Labour owns the Record. When will the Record be shown up.

    Does Labour still own the Scottish Criminal Justice System? The verdict will tell.

    After tge Chilcot Verdict. Blair will be sued for all his wealth. The Ministry of Defence is going to be sued and brought to account. Will Scarlett be exposed as well. Held to account in the proceeding, on oath. The Defence Budget should be cut and the money should be used to reconstruct Iraq and the other countries Westminster has illegally attacked. .

    When will the 29 Tory seat where Electoral fraud took place be investigated? 25 seats were won. The Tory majority is 12. If there are By-elections and over twelve of the seats are lost.The Tories do not have a majority. They should not be in power. The SNP would have held the balance of power. None of the complete and utter chaos would have happened. The Westminster Gov is an absolute farce.

    There should be another GE. Or the Scottish Gov should plan enough IndyRe as soon as possible. They have to be are prepared again. Especially when Article 50 is triggered. That woud be a disaster for Scotland. Losng the right under European Law of self determination, to hold another IndyRef for Independence. A Tragedy. The Tories are already damaging the Scottish economy in every way possible. By using Scotland as a nuclear dump wasting £Billions. They are sanctioning and starving vulnerable people. They are despicable.

  415. Lenny Hartley says:

    eMac @1043

    The Deficit is the amount that has to be borrowed each year, the overdraft if you like.
    The Debt is what increases each year due to the UK running a structural deficit

  416. Tam Jardine says:


    17 million people voted to close the drawbridge so I think retaining the 4 freedoms is impossible, no? UKIP have been very quiet on the possibility of backsliding but if it becomes clear HMG have no interest in ending immigration by doing some kind of deal with the EU there may be unpredictable, dangerous consequences.

    Pro EU Scotland and anti-immigration England and Wales are pulling the union apart. There is no negotiation before Article 50 is triggered- such is my understanding of the EU’s position.

    So the sequence of events will be May triggers Article 50 and FM launches indyref2. Then we get a barrage of bullshit telling us that somehow we are going to get everything from the negotiation – free movement, an end to unfettered immigration, single market access, continued EU funding, access to Scotland’s biggest export market (England) etc etc etc.

    It will be a pack of fuckin lies, contradictory and nonesensical but that is how they operate. Think Gove’s ‘Scottish immigration’ lie and multiply it by every newspaper and yoon politician.

    They will try to keep us, to break us but they will not succeed.

  417. People carrier says:

    Ruthie tankmeister is on the privy council because it makes it sound like she is an important voice of Scottish opinion. The SoS for Scotland position no longer has any gravitas, but she is in the Scottish Parliament and thus is the ‘real’ voice of anti-SNP Scotland, which is greater than the SNP itself. Expect lots of references to same in the coming year. It’s an astute political move, giving her some cover for any pontification on Scotland. Ask yourself this – all the mince she produces regarding indyref2, ……….as if she has any mandate to determine what we want to do…….. Addition to the privy council simply helps bolster her position to be heard, however cosmetic it may be. We know it’s a nonsense, but the BBC will play it for all its worth…………………..’she really is that good you know, future leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party don’t you know’. Utter pish. But they are playing to an audience still reticent about independence.

    Just makes me want to get blindingly drunk. Boris FFS, and Ruthie. I’m so glad there are more strategic minds at work to counter this utter, utter pish.

  418. galamcennalath says:

    The Norway Solution to allow free trade has to have free movement of labour. OK, so the May government ‘weakens’ and accepts an open border version of Brexit.

    BUT, Norway also net contributes almost as much per head as the UK does. This aspect never gets mentioned.

    Do WM really think they can get free trade in return for just free movement?

    I expect the EU to put a package on the table for WM with a take it or leave it price tag.

    UKIP and the hardcore Leavers won’t accept the likely package. I have the feeling exit will mean exit!

    Which is fine, from a Scottish perspective.

  419. Big Jock says:

    There is another scenario. What if May point blank refuses Sturgeons request to take part in the Eu negotiations.

    Is that grounds for immediate divorce?

  420. Famous15 says:

    All this talk about blue collar conservatives is a confused view of where May may lie on the left/right scale.

    I think the correct term is red neck conservatism or better yet brass necked conservatism.

  421. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Wull (10.38) –

    Thanks aplenty for one of the very best posts I’ve ever read here, or anywhere else.


  422. Kenny says:

    Does anyone know what has happened to the samba girls, who were at so many YES demonstrations and street meetings?

    Would be good if they could reform for indyref2!

    And it might also be a good idea for the various local YES groups to get some sort of European dance, music, singing whatever groups going, as indyref2 will have a definitely European flavour. Lithuanian choirs, Polish dancing, whatever…

    Maybe some groups might like to come over from Europe? After all, we had to suffer countless Labour MPs from England campaigning for no in indyref1…

  423. Grouse Beater says:

    You watch media hacks running around gripping microphones like starving squirrels with acorns, each mouthing banal opinion, and suddenly you realise they’re creating work for themselves, tasks that don’t really constitute a job or service, making it up as they go along as if it’s of tremendous international importance, all to keep the salaries and fees and camera time flowing.

    And out of their hyperbole and the shadows steps a baggy eyed Mrs Grey to promise us she will mould a ‘better Britain’, and the sheer familiarity of that cliché fills you with an overwhelming sadness, an anti-climax, a heavy sense of deja vu.

    If there’s anything that can cause a person to question the meaning of their existence it is a politician claiming by their elevation all has changed for the better yet your every sense tells you nothing has changed for the better. Today is as bad as yesterday and will be worse tomorrow.

  424. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Next Glasgow rally should be interesting.

    Are we meeting at the usual horse’s arse?

  425. Andrew Parrott says:

    So far Mrs May’s cabinet is from Maidenhead, Runnymede and Weybridge, Uxbridge and Ruislip South, Hastings and Rye, Sevenoaks, Somerset North and Haltemprice and Howden. No-one from north of the Thames Valley apart from David Davis in Haltemprice and Howden in East Yorkshire.

  426. Stoker says:

    For those questioning the appointment of Yon Dim Ruth to the Privy Council, her appointment is perfectly understandable and was only to be expected, especially when you see the calibre of its membership. It includes people with the highest levels of integrity and trustworthiness don’t you know, such dedicated greats as Liar Carbuncle and the Alexander brothers, Fanny & Danny.

    List of current members of the British Privy Council

  427. People Carrier says:

    Breeks 10.57pm

    Lost for words at sea – a song for independence –

    Guide us, find us, save us.

    It is indeed a song for independence by the trad Scottish band deaf shepherd. It was in a compilation SNP album many years ago.

    Thought you might like the list for words connection 🙂

  428. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Onwards @ 22:22,

    Yes, an EU trade agreement may make a second independence referendum a harder sell. Except for three other non-trivial issues, one of which I touched-upon in passing:

    + We would lose all our other rights (eg. E111 card). These are not nothing, and affect ordinary people directly.

    + The entirety of EU legislation embedded in Scots Law would have to be untangled just as it will have to be in England. This is a complete bureaucratic nightmare of giant proportions. For which read giant expense for no gain whatever!

    + Irrespective of the particular issue of the EUref, the nature of the result revealed starkly for all to see that Scotland’s wishes are always going to be held ransom to England’s, and no amount of repeated sweet talk about “respect” or faffing about with empty promises of “federalisation” is going to alter that unpleasant reality one whit. When England goes to war we will still have to go to war, and when England signs a TTIP treaty with the USA, it will be forced on us too. (This is one issue incidentally that Scottish lefty Leavers have so far entirely failed to understand.)

    What the timescale for this is hard to see right now, but a referendum is coming, I have no doubt about that. And for which we must avoid being sucked into a mire of qualifications over Brexit that will be used by the Unionists to try to sow confusion and uncertainty.

  429. Ken500 says:

    The deficit is £75Billion. With a £20Billion black hoke (for growth that never happens). When Osbourne did his budget every year. When it didn’t balance he just put in a figure for growth, that never happened. fraudulent accounting.

    When Labour were in power £600Billion was raised in taxes and they borrowed, £120Billion = £720Billion. The debt was not so large.

    The Tories are raising £515Billion a year in the UK and borrowing £75Billion = £590Billion. Much less but putting up the debt. Cutting Education and NHS and not supporting vulnerable people and essential services.

    Scotland raises £54Billion (without Oil revenues). Scotland had to pay £4Billion in debt repayments on money it dosen’t borrow or spend. Scotland has lost on average £4Billion a year on Oil & Gas revenues when the price had fallen. Osbourne was taxing the Oil sector 60/80% when the price had fallen 75%. Losing thousands of jobs in Scotlsnd

    Don’t give ACC even more taxpayers money to waste. Building a grotesque, carbuncle. Costing £Millions. Against the majority wishes and the public interest. Then claiming there is not enough money for essential services. They are wasting public money on non mandated projects. There are 138 teachers short. They are not funding Education properly but destroying the Cuty centre and wasting £Millions/Billion.

  430. Morgatron says:

    Must be a typo regarding Wee Ruth? surley must be the Privot Council?

  431. Connor McEwen says:

    Capella 10.38.
    Privy , slang for toilet ergo talking shite for better together and firing great dollops aforesaid from her armoured vehicle on Scotland while appearing to help Scotland.In reality helping herself only and purring into the Queens milk

  432. People Carrier says:

    Grouse Beater says:
    13 July, 2016 at 11:21 pm
    “You watch media hacks running around gripping microphones like starving squirrels with acorns, each mouthing banal opinion, and suddenly you realise they’re creating work for themselves, tasks that “…………………………

    This. Absolutely.

    Laura is herself the news……, me, me, me, me me,me…………..LOOK AT ME……….cut to relevant camera angle.

    What do we do? The media is killing intelligent discourse. What do we do, without infringing any fundamental freedoms?

    What about a need for all commentary to be evidence based? The need, in law, for commentary to be substantiated by evidence?

  433. heedtracker says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    13 July, 2016 at 11:15 pm
    @Wull (10.38) –

    Thanks aplenty for one of the very best posts I’ve ever read here, or anywhere else.


    Nice catch! Its a great post. I listened to the PM May’s coronation speech at teatime and she did keep bashing away with her love and respect for the “precious precious bonds” of her 4 nations. Its sounded rank and Wull explains exactly why.

  434. Almannysbunnet says:

    Over 500 privy councillors to advise the monarch. I have no idea what they actually do. I suppose if Queeny doesn’t like Alex or Nicola’s advice they can ask Ruthie. Another good reason to vote yes and get us out of this crazy theme park!

  435. gordoz says:

    Is it just me or does this new Tory PM coronation and assembly of her cabinet have something of the Dark Chrystal about it ?

  436. msean says:

    Aye,people seem to be forgetting that the actual union of the parliaments was a two nation deal between the independent nation states of Scotland and an England that had both Ireland and Wales already in it’s grasp. Two nations at that time,not four.

  437. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Grouse Beater –

    I don’t often get to watch ‘live’ msm news, but it’s striking how little it has changed over the years. Same faces, formats, contrived drama.

    But now it’s gone beyond – well beyond – what any of them were trained to deal with.

    The ‘squirrels’ you mention have cut their teeth and plied their trade inside an impenetrable bubble which can only exist with the compliance of elites. They all know it.

    What’s happening now is so beyond their ken that they cannot behave differently. The only thing which might burst the bubble is if the players – on either side – start voting with their feet. It would be such a tonic to see a major name just throw in the towel, saying ‘Game over. I’ve had enough.’ Plenty of politicians and meeja-types have done so, but their departure was not acknowledged, no tears were shed.

    Watching this ‘passing show’ is a tragedy we all must bear until the final acts are played out. Many msm media high-heid yins and well-kent faces are facing an existential crisis, and THAT is the real story they cannot, dare not cover.




  438. Grouse Beater says:

    Ne’er cast a clout till May be out!

  439. Effijy says:

    Can believe Bugling Boris who lied throughout the Brexit campaign, before running away, is to deal with the Johnny Foreigner types that he doesn’t like.
    Could it be a cost saving exercise where Boris uses his Zip-Wire to cross the Channel?

    Liam Fox previously resigned for corruption, but he can back now that the English Electorates span elapses every other day-

    Borra Kuntsburg on EBC news feeling sorry for incompetent
    Millionaire Cameron’s children having to leave No 10.
    It could have been easier if Sugar Daddy didn’t become the first ever PM to rent out his “real” home while making use of rent free Downing St.

    They are probably little Boarders at Eton anyway.

    I’d love to know how many pig’s heads the removal men took out from under Cameron’s bed. DisGRUNTled

  440. Swami Backverandah says:

    Has it been pointed out elsewhere?
    McTurpid tipped Gove for Foreign Secretary.

    #that’s some unbroken record right there.

  441. msean says:

    Is the privy council thing not because she was elected as head of the opposition in Scotland? Don’t know if previous heads of opposition in Scotland got that title.

    Maybe its just a Tory wheeze,like a parting gift from Mr Cameron to make the loser in the Scottish election feel better.The same way a US President gets to give out pardons and stuff when his term is over.

  442. defo says:

    Great comment wull. That one’s worth going above the line Stuart.
    Managed decline ? If only. As you infer, it’s Imperialism all the way down.

  443. Stoker says:

    BBC Scotland currently has 10 reports on its text news service and of those 10 reports there are 2 good news reports which are placed way down the list in 9th and 10th place, right after Yon Dim Ruth’s visit to the privy.

    In 9th place we have: “Huge economic boost forecast from Open”
    This informs us of the expected huge economic impact from this week’s Open Golf championship where 170,000 golf fans are expected.

    In 10th place we have: “Pledge to train 1000 new paramedics”
    This informs us of the Scottish government’s commitment to spending millions over the next 5-years to train new paramedics. This years starter will see £5million spent on 200 new recruits.

    Still, nice to see the BBC has its priorities in order, eh!
    I mean, Ruthy’s Privy appointment is far more important, right?

    Night all, sleep well!

  444. Still Positive. says:

    msean @ 12.01.

    Think that is highly likely. But don’t know when Alec Salmond became a member of Privy Council.

  445. Indigo says:

    Almost certain that Boris as Foreign Secretary is his rehab, a means for him to demonstrate that he’s prime minister material before the next general election in almost 4 years time.

    Theresa May is a caretaker fixer upper PM, she’ll sort out the mess and then step down due to health problems and election winner Boris will take over.

    We need to be gone by then, this is a stitch up of the highest order, yes Brexit took the establishment by surprise but there’s a new plan afoot now and unless we escape Boris is being lined up to be our next PM.

  446. call me dave says:

    There may be trouble ahead right enough.

    New Act of Union Bill published

    Alyn Smith will stand for SNP deputy leader

  447. Iain More says:

    Am I in the Twilight Zone because I can scarce believe what I am reading, that clown Boris is to be the UKOK FO.

    Somebody please tell me that I am hallucinating!

  448. defo says:

    Good night, and good luck. :-0

  449. clan rossy says:

    it has started from the herald

    New Act of Union Bill published to create a federal UK and stave off Scottish independence

    well i say f@ck them its there last throw of the dice
    time to get out of this corrupt union now

  450. call me dave says:

    The sovereign may appoint anyone a Privy Counsellor,[21] but in practice appointments are made only on the advice of the Her Majesty’s Government, and generally consist only of senior

    The British Privy Council, as a whole, ceased to be a body of important confidential advisers to the sovereign; the role passed to a committee of the Council, now known as the Cabinet.

    Members of Parliament, the Church of England and HM Judiciary.
    There is no statutory limit to its membership at January 2012, there were about 600 members, which rose in number to over 650 by June 2015.

    However, the members have no automatic right to attend all Privy Council meetings, and only some are summoned regularly to meetings (in practice at the Prime Minister’s discretion).

    We have a few SNP on the Privy Council: (black colour on list)
    List here.

  451. Dr Jim says:

    You become a member of the Privy Council if you become First Minister as is Nicola Sturgeon and previous First Ministers

    There’s a whole swearing in thing before judges and a wee signing in on a jotter that you’ll be good and uphold Queenliness and keep the secrets of the ring of power from Sauron and like that

  452. Meg merrilees says:

    I love my fellow Scots… the new Act of Union was published by the herald 33 minutes ago and already there are several comments – all defending Scotland’s point of view!!!!

    Again the question.. Why are they so desperate to keep us?

  453. Still Positive. says:

    CMD @ 12.24.

    As an SNP member I will be voting for Alyn Smith. Much as I admire Angus Robertson I feel we need our man in Europe rather than our man in Westminster.

    Angus will have a place in our independent Scotland.

  454. North chiel says:

    ” Robert j Sutherland” at 0950 pm ” hits the nail on the head” with this post. Perhaps a Chris Cairns
    ” cartoon” would ” highlight” the probable scenario. ie .TM sitting directly across from A M with a revolver in her hand pointing it at NS sitting on her left and saying to AM ” give me what I want or she gets it”.

  455. Robert Louis says:

    msean at 1201,

    Although the media constantly refer to it, there is in fact no such thing as ‘leader of the opposition’ in Holyrood. It is just casual London centric thinking on the part of the media, assuming Holyrood is the same as Westminster.

    I do not doubt that Davidson phones her old chums in pravda BBC, to tell them she IS’ leader of the opposition’, but such a position does not exist.

    The privy council is for MPs and Lords. That is why people are unsure of why Ruth is in it, as she is neither.

  456. carjamtic says:

    Wull @ 10:38

    Cracking Post.

    Desperate stuff from UKOK.

    The Leaning Tower of Theresa…..won’t need much to topple it now,the damage is already done,most of it recently self inflicted.

    A co-ordinated wee push,would be all it needed,they are already on a major defensive initiative (Bojo/Ruthie as ballast)they ken what’s coming,I trust our FM,if she says bide yer time,…even though my Jedi senses are telling me….this is the quickening….I will bide until they are ready.

    Magic post Wull.


    (Wonder if Mr and Mrs Carney fancy a wee change of scenery ?)

  457. Sandy says:

    Boris is ‘Phil the Greek’ of this government.

  458. Robert Louis says:

    As regards this new ‘Bill for a new union’ which has been published, it is a nonsense. Akin to constitutional change on the back of a fag packet. I can’t see it being appreciated by any in England. never mind here. It is just a bit too daft – and badly written.

    As others point out above, the treaty of union was between just two kingdoms, that of Scotland and England. It is a bilateral treaty between two kingdoms, not four countries. N.Ireland only joined the UK in 1922, upon the partition of Ireland.

    Wales was annexed to England in 1542, long before the treaty of union between Scotland and England in 1707.

    The union of 1707 was formed by an act of the English parliament and an act of the Scottish parliament. There are therefore TWO acts of union between Scotland and England, not one. The treaty is effectively notional, being created by the passage of those acts.

    As it is a bilateral treaty, either party can end it.

    As to why the treaty (acts) does not mention Wales, well at that time, it was quite the thing for England to use the term England meaning England and Wales, and that is what they did in the treaty of union. It is important to also remember that the acts of union do not contain the word ‘country’, rather what is talked about is the kingdom of England and the kingdom of Scotland.

    This won’t stop the BBC pravda crew from spouting rubbish about the four members of the union etc.. etc.. as theresa thatcher did yesterday.

    As regards the daft new bill, I genuinely still cannot fathom the desire many in England have to keep a hold of Scotland. The only thing I can think is it a kind of colonial possessiveness. They see Scotland as something that they own – which is actually pretty offensive.

  459. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    call me dave @ 00:24,
    clan rossy @ 00:33,
    Robert Louis @ 02:25

    It may be called a “Bill” by its authors, but to my understanding it’s merely a fanciful pie-in-the-sky shopping list produced by a rancid coterie of decaying members of the Has-Been Club of the Palace of Westminster (a.k.a. the House of Lords), and is not anywhere near even being properly submitted to either House of that rotten establishment, let alone being passed.

    It’s most immediate purpose may be to keep the remnants of the North British Labour and FibDem faithful in denial by lulling them into thinking there is still hope of a “third way” solution to an irretrievably-crocked UK. (i.e. whistling Dixie on the deck of a sinking Titanic.)

    But make no mistake though, it is an evil “poison pill” designed specifically to chain Scotland permanently to rUK by preventing any subsequent indyref. Ever. It is endless Scottish subservience to English domination writ large. Penal servitude with no remission. If anyone at WM is foolish enough to attempt to foist such a vile 4-way referendum on the Scots, there will be hell to pay. I can see Scottish UDI coming straight from that.

  460. yesindyref2 says:

    @clan rossy
    It gets curious. From an article by the ex communications director of the conservative party: “Mr Cameron also understood the SNP landslide meant the Labour devolution model of simply sticking an assembly on top of the duties of the old Scottish Office was effectively bust, again in the teeth of bitter opposition from the likes of Michael Forsyth and despite Ruth Davidson’s position in her successful leadership campaign.

    Forsyth is one of the patrons of the CRG, the shower behind the new act of union, which would take back control over income tax and the half of VAT recently devolved.

    Strange things are happening in Scotland and I think “I like that”.

  461. yesindyref2 says:

    @call me dave
    Alyn Smith for me now, with Brexit. Indy ref 2 will have the EU as its driver this time, and the action will be “over there”. The more muscle Alyn Smith has, the louder his voice, and the better the chances of EU accomodation. The only importance of Westminster is to get the Section 30 before the Ref, and the negotiations after the YES, and those negotiations won’t be in the HoC, just the final yea / nay by the MPs.

  462. Macbeda says:

    This really begs the question

    “What does Scotland have that the English want.”

  463. Macbeda says:

    This really begs the questions.

    What does Scotland have that England wants?

  464. jockmcx says:

    What does Scotland have that England wants?

    That’s easy.


  465. jockmcx says:

    And your weans.

  466. Anagach says:

    Macbeda says:

    This really begs the question

    “What does Scotland have that the English want.”

    Resources that can be transferred.

  467. jockmcx says:

    Kunta Mckinti

  468. Lix Rannoch says:

    @ carjamtic 2.03am

    Agree about Wull’s post.

    Wished I’d stayed up a bit later for the introduction of Vow 2. So this is what May was talking about with her ‘country’ speech. I knew they would fling in something like this and think the devil will be in the detail – joined together forever and ever. Aye right!

    Nicola seems to be continuing the good work with the Standing Council on Europe meets today. Anybody else think she’s got a good few things up her sleeves?
    I’m beginning to feel ‘the quickening’ (great description) too. It’s gonnae be hard calming my jets till the trigger is pulled.

    BTW Don’t know if anybody’ll remember my shock at my sister and b in law on 24/6 surprising me by saying they’d probably vote Yes next time? Had a long talk with her last night and they’re definitely voting Yes next time. Yaahoadddy!

    ps me @ 10.45 the number has gone up by 20+ votes overnight – thanks if any of them are down to you guys.

  469. Undeadshaun says:

    Does anyone think the new more right wing cabinet will now make indyref2 a bit easier?

    They are more right wing, so it an be pictured as thatcher mk2 going forward if we stay.

    With labour in disarray it will be right wing tories v snp, green, maybe Scot lab or agnostic scotlab and Willie Rennie going weeeeeeeeeee.

  470. Ken500 says:

    The Brexit deniers. The unelected House of Commons and House of Lords. Cheats, liars , embezzlers and murderers. Electoral fraudsters. Just a bunch of arrogant, incompetent lying thieves. It will be over within two years. These incompetent, arrogant ignoramouses will not last long enough to make any changes.

    What a bunch of arrogant, foolish conceited lars, Thry ave already deestroyed the world economy and now these unelected mucked up bankers want to do it again. So they can tax evade £Billion and starve the vulnerabe to death. They are despicable. It ain’t going to happen. They have no rights to rule anything,especially in Scotland. ‘Psycho bastards’. The SNP will hold the balance of power and they will be dancing to a Scottish jig’. Cinderella May not got to the Ball. Prison is the best place for them.

    The ‘Psycho bastards’ in the HoL are best ignored. The liars who shafted Scotland and the rest of the world. Forsyth -Thatchers henchman, who destroyed the Scottish economy covering up Thatchers murdering lies which were hidden under the Official Act. Hain, Blair and the Labour/Unionists liars who covered up the McCrone Report. Blair has been exposed as the murderng liar as the crooks at Westminster try to cover up. The LibDems lars backing Cameron and inflicting evil on society. Cameron lied and commited Electoral fraud to annihilate them. He didn’t get away with it but destroyed the world economy, because of the LibDem liars. Killed and maimed innocent people.

    They will not get away with it. Taking £Billions out of Scotland which could be better spent and ruining the Scottish economy, starving the vulnerable to death, so they can illegally tax evade, and ruining the world economy. Westminster is a total illegal, illegitimate farce. The sooner they sink into oblivion the better. Never trust a Tory or any of the Westminster sycophants.

  471. Ken500 says:

    Davidson lost more votes than Cameron. Exiting in disgrace. The Tories are 2nd rate rejects, especially in Scotland. They lie and commit electorral fraud to win elections and destroy the world. Sanction and starving vulnerable people. How much longer can this farce last?

  472. Liz Rannoch says:

    Going by several comments during the past couple of days I definitely think that something along the lines of ‘WHY does West Minster want to keep us?’ should be the slogan of Indyref2. It will get people talking, wondering and asking questions.

    It’s not ‘anti-English’, it’s not just a statement like – Stronger for Scotland (and make sure it’s not a copy of a Thatcher one!) It cannot be seen as greedy ‘It’s Scotland’s Oil’. It’s something that can be USED at any time in a conversation.

    Would it work?

  473. Breeks says:

    It’s strange, but when Theresa May got PM, I had a twinge of sympathy; you reach the pinnacle of your career just as your predecessors have made the position virtually untenable. You walk into your new office with nothing on your desk except a blue button with Article 50 written on it. You press that button, the world changes. Not really much in the way of a honeymoon period.

    The instant she appointed Boris, I mean the nano second after I heard, all sympathy evaporated.

    As for Ruthie? I dunno. What kind of prism must you be looking through to see Ruthie as having any positive contribution to make towards anything? I don’t mean that in a flippant nasty way, I mean it quite objectively. I just can’t see Ruthie making ANY problem go away, even Unionism gains marginal, if any, advantage. “Look at me! I can shout! I have all the grace I need to further my career by sitting on this buffalo for pictures”. Like I say. It’s some rare prism that’s for sure.

    No doubt the Unionists will be thinking we don’t like Ruthie because she troubles us, and strikes fear into our hearts. Sorry to disappoint Unionists. Ruthie is grim news for all of us because with Ruth in ascendency, we know the chances of constructive and positive dialogue towards finding common ground between us just took a hit below the waterline.

    It’s the same bullshit.

    Just press the button Theresa.

  474. Tam Jardine says:

    Re the piece in the herald on the new ‘act of union’. This is pure fantasy. Firstly, as one of only 2 participants in the union Scotland appears to have dropped from a 50% stake to a 25% stake. Thanks herald for not challenging this!

    Second- you rely on Westminster reducing it’s power significantly. How did the vow work out? Remind me how many SNP amendments were voted down?

    Thirdly- the first principles are all wrong. They start from the assumption that the union should continue and the purpose of this ‘act’ is therefore to kill Scottish Independence. Why- because Michael Forsyth and Ming Campbell say so?

    It is as if they are in terminal denial of the brexit vote. Ming Campbell, pro-EU former lib dem leader wants Scotland to give up her place in the EU and be ruled by this right wing gang in perpetuity with a spot as a diminished member of a new 4 party union. We don’t use the tractor word here but sometimes it is appropriate.

    Good luck getting this act of union passed- not sure how it will work with the new England and Wales federation

  475. Breeks says:

    Oh, and as for our new Act of Union?

    They ARE taking the piss aren’t they? They’ve obviously lost a bet with the chaps at the club and and the forfeit is to present this idea to the Scottish public. Isn’t it?

    You know, if you turned Unionism arse for elbow, and put Federalism at the heart of the U.K. Policy 40 years ago, and Westminster had allowed Scotland to become the rightful and worthy counterbalance for the gravity of London, then right now, I think the UK might have been in pretty good shape.

    But that didn’t happen. Scotland has suffered 40 years of toxic Westminster government and plundering of our resources in exchange for endemic penury and BBC filth poured in our ears.

  476. dramfineday says:

    Mmmmm….I wonder how Ruthie feels this morning having had her “massive Johnson” reinserted?

  477. scottieDog says:

    I’m reading more and more economic articles saying austerity is dead in the aftermath of brexit.
    If this was true it would reverse 40 years of political and economic ideology. Can anyone see the tories engaging in fiscal stimulus?
    Of course they may do so to get them over the next 12 months but will it be back to even worse servings of their rectitude after this?
    Interesting times

  478. Ruby says:

    Why are English Tories fighting with every fibre of their being to keep Scotland in their Union?

    IndyRef2 looks as if it could be a Scotland v England debate.

    The English side are going to have to spell out exactly why they are so desperate to keep us!

    In view of the fact that taxpayers in England believe Scotland is an economic basket case subsidised by their hard earned cash it seems very strange that they are so keen to vote for politicians who fight with every fibre of their being to keep Scotland.

    It’s equally strange that No voters in Scotland are happy to scrounge off the English taxpayers!

  479. Edward says:

    Just heard on GMS that Hammond stated that Scotland will have ‘access to the single market’ being part of the United Kingdom and will NOT have any special deal allowing Scotland to remain in the EU

    Hammond tried to gloss that having access to the single market is somehow is the same as being in the EU

    Take it from me that the UK Government will proceed with Brexit, with a UK Government’s ‘best position’ for all of the UK as having ‘access to the single market’

    That does not mean the same as the current free circulation of goods, without customs. Access to the single market of the EU, will mean that all goods will have to go through complete customs control on either side of the ‘UK/EU’ border IF there is a trade agreement then UK manufactured goods will have preferential duty rates (usually 0%).

    But goods manufactured outside the UK (such as China, Hong Kong etc) that has been previously imported into the UK, will still be liable to the full rate of duty on entry into the EU, so in effect paying duty twice. This effects mainly companies that don’t manufacture but distribute products.

    Also should be noted that Scotland within the UK, outside the EU, will not have free movement of people, such as students who wish to study

    Its clear from this right wing UK Government that includes the racist Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, has no intention what so ever of including Scotland in any negotiations

  480. Ken500 says:

    By the time a Brexit is planned the Tories will be gone. So will Scotland. Within 4 years. Independence is guaranteed. A prosperous, fairer more equal Scotland within Europe. That is the bright future. The political system will have to be improved so 2nd rare rejects are not included for stronger Goverment.

  481. Ken500 says:

    @ So ‘2nd rate rejects are not included’.

    Predict text typos. Corrected but reverts back. Gremlins in the system and the HoC.

  482. Stoker says:

    @ Tam Jardine (7:56am): Good post Tam but all this is news to me, WTF is going on? What’s all this ‘new act of union’ all about? Will someone please enlighten us lesser mortals without posting direct links to BUM rags? Hope Stu does a piece on it!

  483. Tam Jardine says:


    See Call me Dave 12.24am

  484. Ruby says:

    UK must leave European convention on human rights, says Theresa May

    “So regardless of the EU referendum, my view is this: if we want to reform human rights laws in this country, it isn’t the EU we should leave but the ECHR and the jurisdiction of its court.”

    The home secretary, who is seen as a potential future Tory leader, used the speech to express support for membership of the EU, but also to reach out to the Eurosceptic wing of the party.”

  485. Macart says:

    Heh, ministry of misinformation in full swing I see. Clocked some of those releases from Hammond and the nonsense piece on ‘new acts of union’.

    1. They are desperate to have no Scottish representation anywhere near Brexit talks. They still wish to use our resources as a bargaining tool and that includes EU nationals living in Scotland. Our citizens, real living breathing people reduced to bargaining chips.

    Having said that, this release comes from the government who promised the Scottish electorate faithfully that Scotland’s place in Europe would only be secure under their stewardship. That worked out well then.

    2. Acts of Union…. Its Ming FFS! Then of course again we’ve experienced first hand how Westminster deals with vows n’ such. That really didn’t work out terrribly well either. Road signs and partial ‘responsibility’ for tax gathering. THAT is the reality of the most powerful devolved parly this side of the Orion Nebula.

    Two instances of downright deception and the morning has barely begun. We know the worth of these releases already. They’ve been made before and they’ve been broken before. If any reader is willing to give them credence yet again, I have a bridge I’d like to sell them.

    For new readers, Project Fear 3.0 has begun because the Union’s arse is hanging over a cliff edge and they know it. Folks on here know the drill by this point. Listen to the news and sift the dead tree, bring back here and to other indy sites to dissect, deconstruct and assess. Where we find holes, misinformation or downright lies, we point it out and spread far and wide. Rinse and repeat till the message gets out.

  486. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Euan McColm on CallKaye right now, bigging-up Boris and assuring all that May will deliver social justice.


  487. Onwards says:

    Chris Hoy on the TV. Of course the Olympics are coming up to provide a handy boost of TEAM GB patriotism. Going to be milked for all it is worth. One nation.

    I wonder how many more athletes we could send as a Team Scotland competing in our own right. And how much more tourism and business we could drum up with the global publicity we would have as a normal country.

  488. Ian Brotherhood says:

    …and he’s no sooner delivered that assurance than LPW turns up and boots his baws.


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