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Everything Changes But You

Posted on December 10, 2023 by

Less than six months passed between these two comments.

And the weird thing is that the strategy in both cases was/is the exact same. Huh.

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  1. John Main


    I’ll summarise your 8:56 post in three words.

    Just have faith.

    It would be great if just occasionally, you would extend the courtesy towards those posters who observe that is not enough for many Scottish voters, of accepting they may have a genuine point.

  2. Pat Blake

    Dan, I fully sympathise with wanting to bring accountability closer to home – which ironically was what Brexit was all about. MPs hated the idea because for ages they’d blamed every failure on the EU not letting them do stuff. They’ve still not given up on it but they’ve fewer excuses. There is and always will be the courts which revel in doing the opposite of what governments want. Civil Servants too seem to spend their time preventing public will. But those are the realities of both of our countries.

    The worst part of the Brexit campaign was about having more money to spend. I’d have rather heard that we’d have less money to spend but could use it more wisely.

  3. Geri

    Pat Blake

    You keep banging on about *legitimate referendum* but fail to recognise that route has been deliberately denied regardless of various mandates.
    So how do you suggest we have one?

    Scotland is already beating the pants of England in outstanding services & it’s doing it within budget & at a cost of over £600 million mitigation against cruel Tory policies we don’t vote for. We’re not permitted to go over our spending money. Our overlords don’t allow it. The money Scotland spends is Scotlands to spend as it pleases. It’s not Westminsters money.

    Scotland has more to offer it’s citizens than just oil.

    SNP didn’t come up against reality. It didn’t even try. It became more interested in it’s self & maintaining their own position.

    England have to grow up. They’ve cut off a referendum like a abuser would to a partner who is leaving. They’ve done the same on immigration – block safe passages of travel & then greet like fuck people arrive *illegal* Who swallows this endless woe is me shite?

    Elections are legal & legit. Ignore it & see what happens. A country won’t be held against it’s will.

    You talk of Brexit & the EU..

    A few questions..

    Imagine if they’d said no to a referendum?
    Imagine they said you couldn’t leave without their permission.
    Imagine they put a % & a time frame on it?
    Imagine they held all your country’s money & control of all your assets & gave you peanut pocket money in return.
    Imagine they had the whole EU vote on that referendum too.
    Imagine they demanded a full future breakdown of your future economic plans?

    I think you’d agree it was fucking insane..

    That’s yoonland I’ve just explained..

    Scotland is a sovereign nation. How she conducts her country is of no concern to nosy neighbours. Improve your own land. Start by campaigning for a devolved parliament & an independence referendum. You’d certainly win.

  4. Geri

    It’s ironic

    You don’t even live here yet you are telling a Sovereign Nation they can have a referendum mibbies in 11 years LOL!

    What’s Scotlands constitution to do with you anyways? Why be involved?

  5. Pat Blake

    Geri, I’ve told you, if Scotland leaves I want it to be successful. Loads of people in England have Scottish ancestry and don’t want to see it fail.

    I doubt that it will achieve success with the mindset I see here. However, since you don’t think that having persuasive plans to present to future voters is important, I am unlikely to find out how Scotland will fare on its own.

  6. Geri

    There is already persuasive plans.
    None more so than being in charge of our own decisions & what we choose to spend our own money on.

    Yoons want to see accounts – guaranteed future economic plans & with guaranteed future outcomes. See Westminster – they won’t hand over the true accounts. They stopped recording them in 1921 because it was too embarrassing for them that Scotland was funding England in full.

    It’s just a Yoon delay tactic & everyone knows it.
    Scotland is already 50% +
    We already vote for independence.
    We already know we’re a wealthy country.
    We already know we need no one’s permission to leave the union.
    We already know there is no Better Together remaining in the Union because we’re already in it & or we’re not.

    What part are you missing?

    I could have ancestry in Timbuktu – I wouldn’t give a fck what their country voted for in a legitimate election if I didn’t even live there. It would be nothing to to with me.

    You still haven’t answered any of my questions. Another Yoon tactic. Answer a question by asking another question.. Zzzzz

    You need to spend more of your time on the Englands accounts & future economic plans – they don’t look good.

  7. John Main

    @Pat Blake 3:47

    Just have faith.

    If that doesn’t work, just have more faith.

    That’s what I’m always told.

    BTW, don’t pay any heed to the “you don’t live here so wheesht” argument. That’s only ever selectively deployed if you present unanswerable arguments.

    There’s plenty of regular posters on here deploying the “Sean Connery” defence – they love Scotland so much they’ve fecked off – usually cos they love paying lower taxes even more.

  8. Geri


    You don’t have any unanswerable questions. You simply don’t like the answers.

    & There’s a huge difference between people who don’t live here having an opinion – to people imposing rules, timelines, percentages & all manner of criteria for a country to jump through to appease them. That’s electoral interference.

    & Scotland fecks off because the UK is absolutely shit. Their own prospects are extremely limited & their own country is being turned into a fucking retirement home for yoons snapping up property & to scrounge off the system we provide.

    Learn to know the difference.

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