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Every one a gem

Posted on October 30, 2014 by

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    448 to “Every one a gem”

    1. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Beezer and true to Jonah McTernan’s home goal average.

    2. muttley79 says:

      With this poll I assume we can expect the MSM, with the delightful and unbiased BBC, leading a propaganda drive like the did they produced during the referendum campaign?…

    3. donald mac says:

      This just made my day! 🙂

    4. Drew McMorrin says:

      He is a spin doctor who needs a doctor in white coat.

    5. Soda says:

      So what do the UDI naysayers have to say about this?

    6. Doug Daniel says:

      I like that just over 50% of the vote would see the SNP get a near clean sweep of the seats. I bet the unionist parties wouldn’t be so keen on First Past The Post then, eh?

      I also like that of the four Labour MPs Electoral Calculus predicts would remain, one of them is Willie Bain, and none of them are Jim Murphy, Margaret Curran, or Wendy’s brother.

      I’m a bit sceptical, though. It remains to be seen whether Anne Begg would really lose Aberdeen South & North Kincardine, for example. I would love to finally have an SNP MP, though.

    7. uilleam_beag says:

      Classic. That pie chart is a beauty – even though my democratic heart still rages at the imbalance caused by the FPTP system.

      (It’s a good test of your objectivity, to seen whether you’re still upset when the unfair advantage goes your way; 92% of seats on 52% of votes is just WRONG.)

    8. Training Day says:


      Aye, I’m sure Curtice is being installed in the BBC Murphy studio even now to proclaim that ‘Labour have a mountain to climb’..

    9. iain taylor (not that one) says:

      “Jim’ll fix it, Jim’ll fix it…”

      C’mon folks, sing along with me!

    10. jim arnott says:

      No. YOU keep these gems coming Stu

    11. Andy Nimmo says:

      Guess we’re now going to get the Daily Record in Scotland VOWING to save the Labour Party while the media in England will be VOWING to discredit it.

    12. farrochie says:

      This is what McTernan would call “framing” the argument. It’s based on assertion, strawman argument and rhetoric.

      For those of you who think there’s a real world, consider this:-

      “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do. [Bush aide]

    13. Lollysmum says:

      GE 15 can’t come soon enough. Seven months of fun & games. Just can’t wait-bring it on 🙂

    14. Doug Daniel says:

      soda: “So what do the UDI naysayers have to say about this?”

      That the SNP wouldn’t get anywhere near 52% if they said “a vote for the SNP is a vote for UDI”.

    15. Donald MacKenzie says:

      If Jim gets the branch chairperson’s job and then loses his seat in May, who will they turn to next?

    16. Jiggsbro says:

      92% of seats on 52% of votes is just WRONG.

      It is indeed. I’d still take it, though.

    17. Richard says:

      ’nuff said

    18. muttley79 says:

      @Training Day

      Is James Cook still claiming to be a journalist after his crawling piece on Murphy? When are these people going to admit that they are propagandists, and dispense with the formalities?

    19. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      That poll would be fabulous for a Holyrood election, never mind a GE.

    20. Roberto Esquierdo says:

      The man is an idiot

    21. heraldnomore says:

      Bugger, I’ll need to get a new T shirt – the 2011 one doesn’t have enough yellow on it.

      Much work to be done in next six months. We can do better than that prediction.

      And I see the BBC are banging on about Armed Forces Day again, ignoring the financial contribution of any other events that may have been on in the area at the same time. Better go and check out RT UK.

    22. PictAtRandom says:

      If the SNP stood at 52% then you could only qualify a clean sweep by saying that a couple of the LibDems would have big personal votes. Seems too good to be true.

      P.S. How about Salmond for Aberdeen South (or North)?

    23. James says:

      Correct Doug – absolutely correct. UDI works where all else fails and the majority of the popular vote expresses a wish in its action. That, my friends, does not yet exist in Scotland. We will get our independence. And when we do I want history to record that it was because more 50% of Scots decreed it so.

    24. Paula Rose says:

      And if you add the 6% Green vote to the SNP 52%?

    25. Kenny says:

      Do Scotsman journalists live in a completely parallel universe? Or do they just hate their own country and their fellow countrymen and women?

    26. Claire McNab says:

      This needs a headline.

      “Disaster for nats as polls predict only 90% of seats to fall to SNP.”

      “Crisis for Sturgeon as crucial seats out of reach”

      “Separatists reach their limit”

    27. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Does anyone have a spoon large enough for McTernan to eat a deservedly big piece of humble pie?

    28. Mae Carson says:

      A classic example (although it grieves me to say it in this case) of why FPTP is both unrepresentative and undemocratic. However for the sheer pleasure of seeing J McT’s face it’s BRILLIANT!

    29. desimond says:

      Turn that graph on its side and its PACMAN

      Fun and games indeed!

    30. HandandShrimp says:

      I am not sure John is even fooling himself. He certainly isn’t fooling anyone else.

    31. Granpa Broon says:

      Before the SG was created the only way to gain Independence was for the SNP to get a majority of seats at Westminster. So if they succeed in gaining 54 seats then that alone is a clear Mandate for Independence. No Referendum needed. We can do this.

    32. Training Day says:


      Indeed so. Cook’s piece, allied to Brian Taylor’s canonisation of Murphy on GMS this morning, makes a mockery of any of their claims at impartiality. They are stooges, ventriloquists’ dummies and sock puppets, and nothing more.

      That’s why I’m irritated to hear Salmond praise ‘the fine journalists’ from the Scotsman at FMQs. I understand why he has to say it, but it sticks in the craw nonetheless.

      Incidentally, can we assume that the Oxbridge, London-based trainees who came up to Pacific Quay for work experience in Scotland-bashing during the referendum campaign are now suitably equipped for a career in London-centric trashing of North Britain safe in the confines of Broadcasting House?

    33. desimond says:

      Im sure the Press photographers will be all set up to get lovely picture of Jimbo Jetset entering and leaving the Scottish Labour Partys shindig tonight.

      Hope he doesnt fall over the foodbank collection!

    34. Luigi says:

      52% – no way!

      Must be the highest ever – is it?

    35. gillie says:

      That will spoil the BBC’s day.

      Jim Murphy better start looking for a safe seat in England.

      Can you imagine the look on all those Labour worthies at the Grand Central Hotel tonight.

      It will be like a feckin’ wake.

    36. Kenny says:

      But what this poll DOESN’T take into account is that the SNP is a whole lot richer now and has tens of thousands of willing new members, eager to get out onto the street…. and target these four Red Tory seats! Come on, we must take Kirkcaldy at the very least, we can maybe leave East Renfrewshire to the Blue Tories.

      Even better, if that pie chart were to be reproduced for May 2015… and the Blue Tories win in England… that would be another VERY interesting argument for Scottish indy. While my heart is very much for UDI, I have always said that my preferred way is to vote for the Abolition of the Treaty of Union 1707 in Parliament.

      I know one thing, if the Blue/Red/Purple Tory vote splits in England and the SNP sends anything above 40 MPs to WM, it will be payback time for all the BBC and other media lies, the SNP will delver a death by a thousand cuts that will have the three (four?) Tory parties of WM begging to be rid of these “unruly, ungrateful Jocks”.

    37. Claire McNab says:

      James says:
      We will get our independence. And when we do I want history to record that it was because more 50% of Scots decreed it so.

      Yes, yes, yes to that. There must be a clear and unambiguous mandate.

      UDI after an election has an mandate only if UDI was clearly on offer in that election

    38. Doug Daniel says:

      PictAtRandom: “P.S. How about Salmond for Aberdeen South (or North)?”

      Salmond’ll go for the Gordon constituency, because it’s essentially the same constituency as his Aberdeenshire East constituency, and Malcolm Bruce is retiring so he won’t be standing against an incumbent.

      (Although I would absolutely LOVE for Salmond to stand in Aberdeen South & North Kincardine…)

    39. I will be amazed if Labour’s support sinks as low as a mere four seats come May. I will not, however, be amazed, if a mini-bus could take the Labour Party’s North British Branch representatives to Westminster for the re-opening of the House, post-election.

      I reckon the SNP could well hold more than half of the Scottish seats in the new parliament, which will probably be a “hung” one. Just imagine the Labour and Tory party representatives trying to put together a government and needing SNP support; knowing, their promises and bribes will not be believed unless delivered, written in the blood of David Cameron or whoever replaces Ed Milliband after Labour doesn’t win.

      Things are just getting interesting.

    40. joe kane says:

      No principles. No policies. No activists. No money. No leader. No support.

      Would the last person to leave the Scottish Labour Party please switch off John McTernan on the way out?

    41. Kenzie says:

      Wendy’s brother St Dougie the Diminutive would indeed be a sad loss -for his wife and weans at least, not for anybody else.

      I am heartily sick of those MPs who follow their fathers as if they have some divine right to take their place on the gravy train; people like Anus Sarwar.

      It’s comin yet, for a’ that……….

    42. Luigi says:


      Ach the poor souls will be choking on their caviar and smoked salmon tonight. What a spoiler.

    43. Ali says:

      Seen the latest IPSO MORI poll? “When you hear the noise of the Scottish National Boys we”l be comin’ doon the road” 😉

    44. yesindyref2 says:

      scotlandvotes shows just Willie Bain left for Labour. Poll still not on BBC website.

      I expect we’ll see Curtice saying that the SNP may pick up a handful of seats but due to the high majority hurdles to get over, the Labour Party will rejoin the BBC and all hold hands singing “Kumbaya” at the gala dinner tonight. Shame someone can’t make up some napkins with the poll results on, and substitute them. Or the menues …

    45. ben madigan says:

      with regards to getting the pro Scotland vote out for the 2015 general Election, please support the scot2scot initiative – it’s using modern means of communication and will connect up people who were yes supporters but were/are not affiliated with any particular party . remember polls can change and so can a lot between now and the spring .

    46. Rigmac7 says:

      @ No no no

      Nah, I think you’re spot on there. That’s why the momentum has to be maintained from our side, the people on the ground and social media.

    47. AuldA says:

      Uh. If I need someone to scry my future, I won’t try this guy. 🙂
      However, there are still more than six months to go, so no anticipated elation.

    48. fuzzynavel says:

      Where are the Tories?? dead at last?

    49. muttley79 says:

      Why don’t BBC Scotland journalists not go the whole hog, and just admit they write and publicise SLAB’s press releases for them?

    50. Kenny says:

      Let’s bear in mind that things can change when Tory and LibDem activists quietly work for Labour candidates in marginal seats, or when “national” leaders debates don’t include the party that, on current form, could hold the balance of power at Westminster. When the MSM treat the SNP as an irrelevance and tell people it’s a wasted vote because only the Tories or the scumbags can form a government (and particularly that only a vote for Miliband’s lot can stop the Tories), the SNP vote will take a hit.

      There needs to be a decision made quickly about ways to circumvent that problem. My plan would be not just a Yes Alliance, but a UK-wide alliance. Get the English and Welsh Greens, maybe whatever English socialists can be brought on board, Plaid Cymru and possibly even the Alliance Party in the north of Ireland. Stand on a platform of developing a written UK constitution (including a clear method for any countries to declare independence), abolishing the House of Lords, extending devolution to the nations and regions as far as possible, unilateral nuclear disarmament and maybe one or two other issues. The rest of their “manifesto” can be very simple – members will vote with their consciences or for their own party agendas but will act in mutual support wherever possible. I really believe a platform like that could make an impact and would put paid to the “not a national party” issue that all those parties face.

    51. Luigi says:

      Professor Curtice will be saying that things look dire for the SNP because they failed to reach 80%.

    52. Ali says:

      See you all in Kirkcaldy. Gordon’s the worst of the lot of them

    53. velofello says:

      It’s Cameron’s switch from – we are a family of four nations – during indyref. To his EU referendum stance- we are one UK and the majority vote wins.
      Wot dunnit!

      Yes I suppose there are lots of other reasons but his words and reasoning are just so insultingly crude and – undemocratic doesn’t seem the appropriate word – enslaving maybe?

    54. gillie says:

      Seismic shift in voting intentions.

      Labour will lose a lot seats in Scotland. The SNP will gain a significant number. Ed Milband will lose the UK general election. Lib Dems will be wiped out. UKIP will win seats in England. Tories will probably be the largest party at Westminster.

      Interesting times.

    55. Geoff Huijer says:

      He’s writing in The Scotsman. Preaching to the converted, myopic & gullible. How many readers do they have?

      If any pro-Independence Party takes Kirkcaldy in May I will happily run along Pettycur beach starkers.

    56. boglestone says:

      Good news if its true. I have my doubts. I’m just too paranoid after Project Fear to take these at face value. Could the purpose of any promising polls be to artificially inflate hopes of an SNP rout, only to have it averted by Labour’s Saviour Jim Murphy? I hope not, I really do. Nothing would make me happier than to see Labour wiped out in Scotland. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much after Indyref. Perhaps Labour hope this will create some apathy, that its already in the bag, that they are beaten without us even trying. We can’t allow that to happen. Some of the Glasgow Labour seats are VERY safe indeed and will take a monumental effort to overturn. Not saying it can’t happen, just that we have to work at it to make it happen. We should take nothing for granted.

    57. Soda says:

      I just dont understand why UDI is such a dirty word. As Paula Rose just said, add the Green vote onto the 52%, that would be more in favour of Indy than were against it at the referendum. Would the SNP or anyone else have to declare that UDI was their intention before the election?

    58. Luigi says:


      I really like the idea of a UK-wide “Democratic Alliance” against the old order (ie red, blue and yellow tories). The MSM would not be able to ignore it.

      The only thing is, how do we deal with UKIP, who seem to be the main, anti-establishment party in England at the moment?

    59. gillie says:

      John Curtice will argue that because of FPTP the SNP will have to poll 125% to win one additional seat.

    60. Helena Brown says:

      Oh Dear, did the STV people not tell him what the outcome was with their poll, how absolutely shocking here I was thinking all the media were pooling and sharing.

    61. Swami Backverandah says:

      That’s the settled will of the people. 🙂

    62. Luigi says:

      Ali says:

      30 October, 2014 at 3:57 pm

      See you all in Kirkcaldy. Gordon’s the worst of the lot of them

      Aye, but they are still weighing his vote there, unfortunately.

    63. Helena Brown says:

      I tend to go with those that say that a day is a long time in politics. We have seen what damage was done in a week to the YES campaign, we have to hope that by the time of the GE people will have taken a tumble to themselves and realise they were had, or we will be. I would like to hope that Tribalism will not rear it’s ugly head but not that hopeful.

    64. Haggis Hunter says:

      Wow, this will give the pro-England Seperatists something to think about

    65. gillie says:

      Jim Murphy is going to need more than Irn-Bru crates.

    66. Finnz says:

      But this can’t be right, McTernan did say he was very good at what he does.

      Anyone know what it is he actually does do??

      Oh and can Salmond stand in West Aberdeenshire. The old Tory and Lib Dem stonghold needs a good sweep out…

    67. Alt Clut says:

      Another thing to consider in the 29+1> seats followed by UDI argument is the simple, brutal fact that the UK government has state power and we do not. They’d use it against us if they ‘had to’!!

    68. Seasick Dave says:

      Tonight’s Labour gala denner is going to be full of cheer 🙂

    69. frankieboy says:

      Ipsos Mori inadvertently confirmed that McTernan is a fud, with a 0% margin of error.

    70. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Come on Eggman! Come on wee Ed!


      “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

      They’ll be dancing at the ‘scottish’ Labour gala dinner tonight. 😀 😀 😀

    71. muttley79 says:


      I just dont understand why UDI is such a dirty word. As Paula Rose just said, add the Green vote onto the 52%, that would be more in favour of Indy than were against it at the referendum. Would the SNP or anyone else have to declare that UDI was their intention before the election?

      Why do some people think UDI is a good idea? I am genuinely baffled by it. It is a complete nonstarter. If you really want to achieve independence, then UDI should be the last tactic on your mind.

    72. Swami Backverandah says:

      @ Luigi et al,

      Curtice will then go on to add that polls are fundamentally flawed when attempts are made to display the results according to these types of charts as results of Union-wide polling factoring in the psephologically accurate PicklesBrown weightings, show that only 73% of pies are round.

    73. Martin McWhirter says:

      Brilliant news….However as a Burntisland resident within Gordon Brown’s constituency, it sticks in my craw that he looks like being re-elected on the basis of that map.

      He simply cannot be re-elected as he is a waste of space and is a pathetic excuse of a man. If he was re-elected, I would be so annoyed and that would override my feelings if that prediction of 50+ SNP MPs became fact.

    74. malky113 says:

      You do know that 3 of the 5 seats the SNP are predicted NOT to win voted YES!!

    75. Kenny says:

      Luigi – Someone posted here a good idea about a loose “Alliance” party (A is a good letter to have at the start of your name!), which would be UK-wide and basically be Alliance-SNP in Scotland, Alliance-Green in England, Alliance-PC in Wales… not sure about NI, as Sinn Fein refuse to sit in WM…

      Things are even tougher in England, it should be the Greens who are the alternative party, but because of the media stranglehold they are not given a look-in. It is slightly easier for us in Ecosse, because being Scottish gives us an identity…

      Of course, the UK media stir up racist thought and then plug UKIP to keep people’s minds on that, rather than have people rationally look at policies and maybe seeing that the Green Party is the way to go.

      I had also even thought of fielding “SNP for England” candidates in the north of that fair country, i.e. offering policies such as banning the bedroom tax, nuclear weapons, creating a sovereign wealth fund, no privatisation, renationalisation… But I suppose the SNP has its work cut out getting indy for us…

      I am always a little suspicious of folks like Russell Brand, Max Keiser, George Galloway who try to work outside the system, talk of “revolution” (albeit not the 1789 kind). I have noticed that WM don’t like it up em, i.e. when we ourselves work INSIDE the system. That is what the 45% is doing right now and I am convinced it is the way to go…

    76. Neil says:

      Whilst its only a single poll it raises some interesting questions / hypotheses. Have the one third of the Labour support which voted YES in the referendum moved permanently to the SNP? And how many NO voters have also moved? As Mr Phil Collins would no doubt croon – I feel it coming in the air tonight…

    77. Ron Burgundy says:

      The poll is great news. But I am passed off that slab are on as high a mark as 23%.
      From that we can take it that they have bottomed out at lets just say 25% for the sake of argument. Fucking 25%!!! They should be in single digits. I don’t want to piss on the parade here but……
      In common with others we can expect a media onslaught led by the BBC and the Daily Record working in tandem to boost for Murphy. It is already happening. The telegenic Murphy is exactly what Boothman and co. Have been craving for to replace the hapless Lamont. We have to be on guard to exploit every mistake, every tension in slab, every mis-step and internal criticism because when the divisive Murphy gets under way, there will be howls if protest at the way he operates.
      Strangely I am less concerned by NO voting Tories deserting the SNP – they will stick with us to elect SNP members to stop slab.

      2. Tactical voting by Tories

    78. Luigi says:

      muttley79 says:

      30 October, 2014 at 4:29 pm


      I just dont understand why UDI is such a dirty word. As Paula Rose just said, add the Green vote onto the 52%, that would be more in favour of Indy than were against it at the referendum. Would the SNP or anyone else have to declare that UDI was their intention before the election?

      Why do some people think UDI is a good idea? I am genuinely baffled by it. It is a complete nonstarter. If you really want to achieve independence, then UDI should be the last tactic on your mind.

      Agreed. Remember we have to take the people with us on this (not just a narrow majority). The only, only circumstance I could see UDI being feasible would be if Westminster refused another referendum agreement, one was held informally and at least 70% voted YES, and Westminster tried to ignore it. Anything less and you are on shaky ground.

    79. the only way is up for labour, so any improvement on 4 will be looked on as a gain! LOL actually don’t give a fig for labour – make sure everyone in Scotland remembers all the way to May what they’ve done in selling us out to London rule.

    80. No no no...Yes says:

      Rigmac7 says:
      30 October, 2014 at 3:52 pm
      @ No no no

      “Nah, I think you’re spot on there. That’s why the momentum has to be maintained from our side, the people on the ground and social media.”

      Can someone check this out- my post appeared was timestamped at 3:43pm and Rigmac has commented about it. I’ve done a refresh and my post now seems to have vanished?

    81. Ron Burgundy says:

      The poll is great news. But I am pissed off that slab are on as high a mark as 23%.
      From that we can take it that they have bottomed out at lets just say 25% for the sake of argument. Fucking 25%!!! They should be in single digits. I don’t want to piss on the parade here but……
      In common with others we can expect a media onslaught led by the BBC and the Daily Record working in tandem to boost for Murphy. It is already happening. The telegenic Murphy is exactly what Boothman and co. Have been craving for to replace the hapless Lamont. We have to be on guard to exploit every mistake, every tension in slab, every mis-step and internal criticism because when the divisive Murphy gets under way, there will be howls if protest at the way he operates.
      Strangely I am less concerned by NO voting Tories deserting the SNP – they will stick with us to elect SNP members to stop slab.

      2. Tactical voting by Tories

    82. Robert Louis says:

      Marvellous picture above..and yet, despite all this, only one (a weekly) newspaper in Scotland is not anti SNP.

      Given that media magnates like to believe they are hard-headed capitalist businessmen, it truly beggars belief, that as pro unionist Scottish newspapers die a slow long lingering death, they hold on to historical and wholly outdated anti SNP/anti Scotland editorial policies. The mind truly boggles.

      A bit of coffee sniffing and waking up might be required amongst Johnson press and newsquest shareholders.

      N.B, in the last ten years, the JP share price has fallen from 1.24 to 35pence. Meanwhile Sunday Herald (pro independence/devo max) circulation is up 64% over the last few months. This really is NOT rocket science, when you look at the polls.

    83. Luigi says:

      Ron Burgundy @ 4:37 pm

      Remember that BBC Labour pulled out all the stops to prevent an SNP victory in 2011. Result – a majority that wasn’t supposed to be possible.

      When the people are ready, it will happen.

    84. farrochie says:

      Never underestimate the trickery that Westminster, and its propagandists in the media, can and will bring to bear when it comes to GE2015. FPTP gives us a big hurdle to overcome; scare tactics is what they’ll use. Be assured, they’ll be working on their strategy and scare tactics now.

    85. Kenny says:

      I too am convinced that this poll could be skewed a little to give the SNP a higher percentage, just in time for Murphy’s “coronation”. The next poll would show a drop in SNP support, headlines like “Labour set to mop up a 25% increase in seats” (over their last poll showing, i.e. 5 seats in Scotland!), talk of a “Murphy bounce”…

      And I am also convinced that the USA has the ultimate say courtesy of the NSA. Think about it. They have the technical means and an enormous black budget. They have their fingers in the pies of every country since 1945. With all the possibilities that they have at their disposal, would they really NOT see that all was well in their Trojan horse in Europe and the UN Security Council?!? It is all one big chain of command: SLAB-UKLAB (RED TORY)-BLUE TORY-USA…

    86. TYRAN says:

      Yes, this is clickbait we are seeing. The man knows what he is doing. Maybe.

    87. Robert Louis says:

      Ben madigan,

      The Scot2scot thing looks interesting, but we need to know a helluva lot more about those behind it, before we know it’s true intention.

      Many people rushed into signing the 38 degrees petition, only to see it gifted to Gordon Broon. So, before I get involved in new ventures I like to know who the people are, why they are doing what they are doing etc..

    88. Luigi says:

      FPTP is indeed a big hurdle, but think of it this way:

      The SNP is sitting pretty at second place in 90% of the seats in Scotland. When the tipping point is reached, it becomes unstoppable. I’m not saying it will happen next year, but when it does, it is truly all over for Labour.

    89. Linda McFarlane says:

      My dream is coming true

    90. Luigi says:

      No matter how clever the black ops are, sooner or later they will screw up. And when they do – show time!

    91. Andy-B says:

      Sound like McTernan, has lost the plot, the Scotsman newspaper on its uppers London Labour’s Scottish branch is in melt down, but Mad McTernan, thinks the SNP are in trouble.

      I wonder if McTernan has missed his real calling in life as a comedian.

    92. DownButNotOut says:

      I hate to blow my own trumpet but once in a while it has to be done. At the beginning of October I did an analysis of the referendum results and projected them onto Westminster constituencies, with the intention to see what would happen if everyone who voted for independence in the referendum went on to vote for the SNP in the 2015 General election.

      And guess what? I found the SNP had a chance of winning 55 seats, which includes their existing 6 seats. With it being just one shy of the IPSOS MORI poll results, I think that’s not a bad bit of work. You can see for yourself here:

    93. bookie from hell says:

      House of Lords Devo Debate

      Baroness Liddle of Coatdyke(labour)

      “My Lords more than 2 million people in Scotland voted NO,almost two to one,that is where the mandate lies”

      “frankly it is the worst election ive ever seen devisive,aggressive,….orchestrated Salmond,Sturgeon”

      “one lady put YES stickers on her car because she was frightened getting a stone thru windscreen despite the fact she was voting NO”

    94. Alt Clut says:

      Have I dreamed it or isn’t there something pending about Murphy and ‘expenses’ ?

    95. Les Wilson says:

      Jim Murphy was reluctant at first,you got to wonder why the turn around. I think he has had assurances the BBC and MSM will work to project him as some kind of battle hardened hero ( the 100 days ) and the man like no other, who can save the whole of the labour movement.

      Then maybe also a whisper of Ermine!
      He will be every where in the press, on the TV especially the BBC, who have started already.While denying the same to others, principally the SNP.
      They will again employ bias to the hilt to con Scots again. Question is, have we learned our lessons? Oh I hope so.

    96. Les Wilson says:

      McTernan is a weasel, I turn off the TV or radio when he comes on, same old, same old. Bitter, and poisonous, one on yesterday’s men.

    97. annie says:

      McTernan – definitely one of the dinasaurs that Johann was referring to.

    98. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Skelly Eyed Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke

      No it wasn’t 2 to 1

      It was 11 to 9.

      Big difference!

      I think she failed her O level maths; honestly.

    99. Willie Galbraith says:

      I live for the day Scotland is a Tory free zone.
      Loosing Labour and the LibDems is just a bonus.

    100. One_Scot says:

      The man is just an arse for the sake of being an arse.

    101. yesindyref2 says:

      I’ve been watching BBC News (503) still nothing there or on the website. Well, it’s a dirty stinking job but someone’s gotta do it. Pooh.

    102. Valerie says:

      Mr McTernan obviously has his finger on the pulse….. of a corpse!!!

      Sky news have reported the poll, referring to the Slabbers leadership as being a bit irrelevant in the face of the poll.

      What makes me smile about the Yougov poll, is that then only ones working at it are Labour, SNP has just maintained work as usual.

    103. Onwards says:

      @Training Day says:

      Aye, I’m sure Curtice is being installed in the BBC Murphy studio even now to proclaim that ‘Labour have a mountain to climb’..


    104. Sinky says:

      BBC Radio Scotland has just mentioned the STV poll but has Eleanor Bradford to follow.

      However as with referendum BBC Radio Scotland had the odd favourable pro indy report but it would never see the light of day on the main prime time TV news bulletins which are far far more influential.

    105. Marcia says:

      Read the headline poll figures and then faints. OMG

    106. One_Scot says:

      The McTernanPredicts almost makes me wish I had a Twitter account.

    107. Macart says:

      Does he do stand up? 😀

    108. Fred says:

      Step 12, somebody folds up Murphy’s parachute at Holyrood & shows him where the lavvys are.
      Remember “Murphy’s Law”. If something can go wrong……..:)

    109. David says:

      I see a lot of people making the sensible point that a lot can change given our recent experience with the referendum and politics (and the media) being like it is.

      However the tactics employed by Westminster and the pro Westminster parties are largely the cause for an increased support for pro independence groups.

      If after the referendum they had even bothered to try to look like the give a damn about it they would have some kind of a position to work from.

      My advice if i was a an adviser to David Cameron would be – do something, anything, to improve ordinary peoples lives. Do it now or you will lose the U.K one way or another.

      The only threat to Scottish independence in the long run is if these arseholes actually start doing their job properly,fairly and competently. But then there wouldnt be an issue

      What concerns me is the needless mess that could be caused by their senseless crap.

      Greedy evil bstds i can understand. Stupid, out-of-touch and inept leaders are generally more dangerous for everyone and Westminster is packed with people who fall into both of the above categories.

    110. yesindyref2 says:

      It’s very important the SNP continue to keep supporting Smith fully, extract the maximum powers while saying they are prepared to compromise, and go into the GE 2015 on a platform of forcing those powers to be delivered “holding feet to the fire”.

      That will be helping get some % in the poll, but just as importantly it won’t put off NO voters from giving their votes to the SNP. Plus 14% of SNP voters in 2010 voted NO.

      Personally I think if Smith delivers anything else than Devo-Max in its reports, the Lab, Con and perhaps Lib will continue to fall in the polls, which STV say will now be regular in the run-up to the GE.

      It also occurs to me that Miliband might be forced even more to the right to get more votes in England to compensate. And that the Tories aren’t going to worry about losing 1 Tory cmpared to the whole 41 Labour MPs. More traps on the way perhaps.

      7/5/15 – Ken?

    111. Truth says:

      Do you know what is great? I haven’t watched the BBC for 4 years. I’ve not listened to radio Scotland frankly ever.

      All those going on about them canonising Jim Murphy, give it up. Don’t give them the licence money and don’t even listen to them. Don’t visit their website either.

      Starve them. Make them truly irrelevant. It’ll do your blood pressure good as well.

      When someone asks if you saw x on BBC, calmly tell them you don’t watch it any more and why.

      There’s no need to keep an eye on the enemy any more. There are others out there doing that. We have to do our part in killing the beast. And the best way to do that is to make them irrelevant to you AND others.

    112. nigel says:

      Was in Inverness yesterday-first time in yonks-was amazed to see the YES shop STILL open and a few folks inside!

      Must stop by for a few car stickers………

    113. seanair says:

      Another view of Scottish Labour from Thomas Docherty MP on blog site
      Not a happy bunny!

    114. Gods Country says:

      Just saw a DR advert on Channel 5. Has anyone seen a DR advert recently. Are they in trouble I wonder?? I fookin hope so.

    115. nigel says:

      Reading a book about Gough Whitlam-the Aussie PM who attempted home rule for aussieland in the 70’s.

      He ultimately failed, but I was struck by not a few eerie similarities to our own situation here.

      One being that the press issued lie after lie (such as we have had to put up with here). The main difference was that it so incensed the newspaper journalists that they went on strike!

      The Aussies obviously have more balls that our shower of “journalists ” in Scotland!!

    116. David Stevenson says:

      I think the Largs Yes shop is also aiming to stay open for business and are seeking financial help to do just that. There is a by-election today in the North Coast ward which includes Largs and Cumbrae. On the basis of that poll, the SNP candidate should be looking to win and maintain the balance of power in North Ayrshire council. Here’s hoping.

    117. yesindyref2 says:

      Ha, Curtice has been forced to be honest as it’s from the STV.

    118. steve andrews says:

      what happened to all the excited talk of a pro-Indy newspaper and tv channel (admittedly on other websites)? IMO we’ll never counteract BBC and DRecord propaganda without our own mass information outlets.

    119. Free Scotland says:

      Blow For Sturgeon As Heroic Labour Stalwarts Foil Clean Sweep. Love it.

    120. Stoker says:

      This is a first for me. I don’t normally pay much attention to polls because i am always deeply wary of them.

      Enjoy the moment folks but there is a very long way to go and a helluva lot of work still to be done.

      Lets not get complacent and lulled into a false sense of security.
      There is still 5 seats up for grabs

      Remember, complacency is the enemy of success.

      Meanwhile – ((((( READ IT AND WEEP SKELETOR )))))

    121. galamcennalath says:

      All begs the question …. Exactly what does it take to get the MSM to abandon a sinking ship and switch to supporting the winning team?

    122. joe kane says:

      Livestream internet coverage of tonight’s protest outside Labour’s celebratory Gala Dinner in Glasgow tonight which some are calling The Last Supper after today’s opinion poll news –

    123. Haggis Hunter says:

      Listening to BBC Better Together radio North Britland and radio North(Brit)Sound there looks like an orchestrated attack on the Scottish government on the NHS.
      The media prevented Scotland’s independence, they are making their next move with their poster boy, Skeletor

    124. YESGUY says:

      Brilliant Stu.

      The polls only show what we see around us everyday. There have been many Labour voters who openly state they would never vote for them again. I believe them.

      As we all know, folks up here know the political score. There are many meetings going on and so far every thing is pretty good.

      After Xmas i expect the GE energy will kick on. Rested and better prepared.

      So the polls show great news so enjoy it all. They thought we would quietly fade away. Everyone in Scotland will know of the poll. Doesn’t matter what they say the figures tells the story.

      No Tory’s at all by that poll !! 🙂

      What a nice Xmas present

    125. galamcennalath says:

      Just reading what Curtice is saying. He thinks Labour figures may be depressed because of the Lamont resignation, but doesn’t understand why Tories are so low. He therefore casts some doubt on the figures.

      There is another effect he is ignoring. This is through lack of imagination, or because of bias. He isn’t taking account of the possibility that a lot of No voters (essentially Lab/Con) a thoroughly pissed off at the back tracking of the offers/promises/vow! The Unionist submissions to Smith are well known and don’t match their rhetoric in the last 10days of compaigning.

      It would be nice to think this poll has detected a backlash from No voting DevoMaxers!

    126. Marcia says:

      from a comment on John Curtice’s site:

      Tom Bradby, Political Editor of ITV News, tweets:
      Apparently, MORI was so shocked by this Scotland poll result it did the research again with a bigger sample – and got the same answer.

    127. heedtracker says:

      The only way to save their skins is the Blue Tories voting Red Tory. They all coalesced into a Scottish Lab/Scottish Tory triumphant pile of puke and with the BBC bashing away for them.

      So come on Tory Scotland, your Red Tory teamGB saviours need you, vote Labour and save the Labour in Scotland freak show, led by you know who:D

    128. T222Deracha says:

      I seem to remember that the Romans always ended their speeches to the Senate with the declaration”Carthage must be destroyed!”. The Lumper Party are trying to pull the same stunt in spin. 🙂

    129. Ron says:

      “BLOW for Salmond and Sturgeon as popular support for Nats soars to an all time high” – tomorrow’s Scotsman headline.

    130. G. Campbell says:

      Reporter Laura Bicker just called Jim Murphy “our new candidate” on Reporting Scotland.

    131. abystander says:

      I would love to be at that Gala Dinner thing.

      Is Johann outside at the protest?

    132. Roughian says:

      Laura Bicker outside Central Hotel on Jim Murphy “our new leader” oh dear!!!!!

    133. yesindyref2 says:

      Ah, finally on LBC Scotland (L=Labour). Kind of passed off a bit as “now of course that’s not how the Labour vote works”.

      Ah, right, every vote a winner!

      Still not on the LBC website.

    134. heedtracker says:

      BBC R4 PM show did actually have a quick report on this end of days poll but it was a BBC in Scotland ligger taking a long hard weewee over it all. He ended with Labour/BBC say they may lose a few seats so dont worry teamGB, its all fine here in Pacific Quay.

    135. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh I do love a good love story (BBC falling over themselves to fall at the feet of the latest incumbent, in a long line of incumbents, for the Labour leadership branch office. 😛

      I took the figures from the STV article and plugged them into the Scotland Votes site. Unfortunately it only takes percentages for Labour, Tory, Lib Dems and the SNP so the figure used is 91% and not the full 100%. That said it still does make for a very pretty picture non the less. 😉

      If you add the 6% Green vote to the SNP and split the remaining 3% across the three unionist parties it becomes a clean sweep for the SNP bar the Orkney and Shetlands that remain Lib Dem.

      Adding the 6% Green vote to the SNP and the remaining 3% to the Labour vote results in 1 LibDem, 1 Labour and 57 SNP MP’s. Oops! 😛

    136. Ken500 says:

      What!’s happened to Livestream. An account is needed for access. Even though folk have donated.

      If folk want to raise donations could they detail the a/c holder name as well as account no. To make sure it goes to the right account.

    137. Marcia says:

      ‘Is Johann outside at the protest?’

      – she is cooking.

    138. twenty14 says:

      Just got in and catching up – it’s like fecking groundhog day – we’re just gearing up for a referendum

      Happy Days

    139. One_Scot says:

      Laura Bicker, her Labour bias will never show.#McTernanPredicts.

      I know, just wanted to feel a wee part of it.

    140. Marcia says:


      I have gone straight to the live stream of the protest without having to register.

    141. yesindyref2 says:

      Ah right, the poll is on the LBC website, snucked away in an article saying Jim Murphy vows to end

      labour losing streak

    142. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’ve just read this over on my Facebook page. I wonder if the UKIP news reporter Laura Bicker actually realised that she let slip her political leanings during that report. 😛

      Reporting Scotland, 5 minutes ago, Laura Bicker outside Ed Milliband’s dinner in Glasgow, quote “within the last few minutes Jim Murphy, OUR new candidate to be leader of the Scottish Labour Party, braved the crowds, walked through them and left a bag of food…….”. Sorry Laura “OUR” new leader?? “OUR”?? You are a supposedly impartial journalist working for the BBC, NOT part of the Labour party!!! They just keep getting away with it!!

    143. heedtracker says:

      Also this could all be down to Nicola Sturgeon taking up leadership role as she has and the shock of voting NO has already hit people really hard, as in THE VOW is clearly a giant teamGB fraud. People are so politicised now, getting the likes of Jacky Bird to monster Sturgeon and Scottish democracy just won’t work after what they’ve done.

    144. msean says:

      Can’t believe we ever thought our news wasn’t biased, the indyref surely has opened the peoples eyes. Supposed to be balanced.

    145. Colin Church says:

      Labour Bricker, sorry, Laura Bicker – what a performance. Dear oh dear.

    146. Mark Coburn says:

      Folks need to calm down here. 7 months to go and they come out with this. Be wary of this stuff. Remember how we were all criticizing the polls the week before the referendum. For this to become anywhere near a reality we have to make this work. We have to make the Labour Party unelectable. They need to be seen as the Jimmy Savile of Scottish politics.

    147. Colin Church says:

      Labour Bricker, sorry, Laura Bicker. Dear oh dear…

    148. Ken500 says:

      It’s OK got Livestream maybe

    149. PictArRandom says:

      What if Skeletor had decided to “throw the interview”? He was doing his duty, marching to the aid of his Scottish “colleagues” but got swept away in a Nat tidal wave. So no chance to succeed/fail in such a plum job. But of course there are consolations — seats on the fringes of the English West Midlands far from pesky Nationalists and the roar of the UKIP seaside loons. Red Malcolm Rifkind, anyone? And when Eddism fails…

    150. Ken500 says:

      Left a bag of food. A doggy bag. Egg’m. What a hypocrite. Hope they choke. A lot of folk would like to help. The food banks. These criminals started the sanctions and the attacks on the most vulnerable.

    151. heedtracker says:


      Laura Bicker @BBCLBicker · 20m 20 minutes ago
      The bag of food @jimmurphymp donated outside Gala dinner has been returned by protesters

    152. Michael McCabe says:

      I am pretty sure Laura Vicker on BBC Reporting Scotland talking about Jim Murphy Said our new Leader. Am I hearing things or did anybody else pick that up. Hope they are all choking on there Gala Dinner.

    153. Ken500 says:

      @Marcia 30 October at 6.59 pm

      Live stream connection – a bit strange.

    154. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’ve typed it before but, once again, I have to thank Rev Stu for teaching me how to analyse news stories to detect bias; not so much in what is said or written but what is left out.

      The BBC national news at 6 o’ clock on BBC1 had a story about Spud Murphy throwing his bunnet into the ring as a candidate for the leadership skirmish to be manager of the Labour Party (Scotlandshire Branch).

      Sophie Raworth went as far as saying, “The latest poll suggests Labour is losing support in Scotland…”, before she handed over to Lorna Gordon. Ms Gordon kept the secrecy going by divulging that, “But polling suggests that voters are deserting Labour in their masses.” Absolutely no mention of the SNP or who did the poll, or what the figures were.

      It wasn’t until Laura Bicker did her piece on Reporting Scotland (after Brian Taylor had also managed to neglect any mention of the SNP) that the BBC (seemingly reluctantly) let dab that the SNP were on 52% to Labour’s 23%. (Hasn’t Laura Bicker got lovely eyes?)

      The BBC obviously has an inherent reluctance to mention the very existence of the SNP. It’s gonna be up to us 60 odd thousand new and rejoined members to spread the truth to the woman/man in the street, coz, sure as hell, the BBC and the Scottish daily rags aren’t gonna do it.

      The question of UDI.
      Unnecessary to even mention it! If you vote SNP, you are voting for the aims of that party. Refer to the SNP constitution and you find,
      “Aims 2.
      The aims of the Party shall be:
      (a) Independence for Scotland; that is the restoration of Scottish national sovereignty by restoration of full powers to the Scottish Parliament, so that its authority is limited only by the sovereign power of the Scottish People to bind it with a written constitution and by such agreements as it may freely enter into with other nations or states or international organisations for the purpose of furthering international cooperation, world peace and the protection of the environment.
      (b) the furtherance of all Scottish interests.”

      No need to even promote the idea of UDI in advance – which a number of peeps suggest would turn former NO voters off. I agree. Keep it schtoom!

      “Reporting Scotland, 5 minutes ago, Laura Bicker outside Ed Milliband’s dinner in Glasgow, quote “within the last few minutes Jim Murphy, OUR new candidate to be leader of the Scottish Labour Party, braved the crowds…”

      SHOOT! Missed that! My excuse is that it so so normal to hear that sort of bias on the BBC that you don’t actually notice it any more.

    155. davidb says:

      What a lovely colour our country looks in that graphic.

      UDI would frighten the horses. 50 odds MP’s would be certain to hold a balance of power, and be a mandate for a federal settlement. There is no chance of either wasteminster arse cheek getting a majority anywhere near 50. It would only be a matter of years after we ran our own country that even the No numpties would see we had nothing to fear from being fully independent.

      I do believe it will happen in my lifetime.

    156. Dr Jim says:

      @bookie from hell.
      Yep i sat through the whole Lords debate, and tossers does not begin to describe it, what would we Scots do with more powers?, we would need wiser heads than ourselves to handle this responsibility, some Noble Lords for example to give us a Constitutional Convention, a Grand Committee,
      at the very least people who were smarter than us, because make no mistake about it we’ll get ourselves into a mess just like Ireland, and Lord Salmond…I mean Mr Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon will lie to us again, and make us want Independence OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL
      They want to do away with this Noble House They’re MAD….

    157. Lesley-Anne says:

      Don’t worry Mark we don’t take polls too seriously on here … honestly. 😉

      We just like taking them out and about for a wee walk now and again, you know like a pet dog needs a regular walk so too it is with polls. We just take ’em out and play around with them for our own self gratification. If nothing else it gives us something to do on these dark and wintery nights … it keeps us all out of mischief so to speak. 😛

    158. STARLAW says:

      Agree with Mark Coburn need to calm down, this could well be a Murphy poll not a Mori one. Jim takes over, polls look better, hail the conquering hero! If the polls are right then campaign for the other four seats and a higher majority in the ones SNP takes.

    159. liz says:

      What can be done about E Bradford?

      She is on a one woman crusade to destroy the NHS in Scotland.

      There must be NHS workers out there who are getting pissed off with her.

    160. john king says:

      Bang on Mark,
      they threw a bone our way a few days before the referendum and everyone believed it,
      don’t fall for it folks its a ruse!

    161. Lesley-Anne says:

      heedtracker says:


      Laura Bicker @BBCLBicker · 20m 20 minutes ago
      The bag of food @jimmurphymp donated outside Gala dinner has been returned by protesters

      I just love it when a plan comes together HT. 😛

    162. john king says:

      Michael McCabe says
      “Am I hearing things or did anybody else pick that up”

      No your not hearing things she did say “our candidate”

    163. Robert Kerr says:

      FoI request re E Bradford’s private health insurance and who pays for it.

      Is she actually a BBC employee or a “contractor”?

    164. Colin Mccartney says:

      There is a food bank collection outside the Labour Party gala dinner at central hotel. Ed Milliband sent out a bag to be donated containing – wait for it – oatcakes, tunnocks tea cakes, shortbread, baxters soups and porridge oats. Taking the piss or just really stupid?? It was opened live on Indepedence live on live stream, so im sure it will be on Youtube very soon.

    165. davidb says:

      Oh, and Murphy’s food bag? Was that what he got in B & M when spotted by another poster a few days ago? Maybe he shopped there because he was going to break with tradition and pay for it with his own money rather than put it on expenses.

    166. Gary45% says:

      As Muttley 79 says watch out for the BIASED media going into overdrive with even more LIES,DRIVEL and PISH.
      The Yes shop is open in Inverness at a different site from the last one.
      I was out the country for a few weeks with no internet,I really missed the wings site but had a few interesting discussions with some english friends about the referendum. When I told them about the way the media had lied and gave a one sided view, they could see the country was cheated.
      One daft woman from Scotland did say she voted no because “it was only poor people who voted yes??????????

    167. john king says:

      Brian Doonthetoon says
      “(Hasn’t Laura Bicker got lovely eyes?)”

      Like this you mean?

    168. Annette says:

      Ah, Jim Murphy, Whit’ll ye dae when the wee Malkies come?

    169. Luigi says:

      Colin Mccartney says:
      30 October, 2014 at 7:52 pm

      There is a food bank collection outside the Labour Party gala dinner at central hotel. Ed Milliband sent out a bag to be donated containing – wait for it – oatcakes, tunnocks tea cakes, shortbread, baxters soups and porridge oats. Taking the piss or just really stupid?? It was opened live on Indepedence live on live stream, so im sure it will be on Youtube very soon.

      You have got to be kidding!

    170. liz says:

      @Robert Kerr -Yes good idea.

    171. Colin Mccartney says:

      I know, but seriously I watched it live

    172. Colin Mccartney says:

      but there was some pasta and a jar of pesto !!!!!!

    173. Kenny says:

      I am sending this article to a friend in Iran to ask if the Iranian government would be capable of such blatant black-is-white and white-is-black loony Orwellian propaganda.

    174. Derek Henry says:

      Comon weal have given their opinion to the Smith commision. Read it it is excellent!

      I’m going to one of their first meetings in Glasgow.

      Get your tickets- They are holding meetings all over Scotland.

    175. gillie says:

      “Our new leader”

      BBC Scotland at its best/worst.

    176. Swami Backverandah says:

      re Milliband’s food bank donation

      I was watching the Livestream when they were going through the contents of the bag on air.

      In the comments section that accompanies the video, where viewers add their comments, there was a troll called i….something (sorry can’t remember name) who wrote that they had sent it as a joke.
      I don’t know if the foodbag actually came from Milliband (I wasn’t watching when it was delivered) or whether some troll sent it as a joke.
      Did anyone else see it delivered? Maybe need to check.
      The contents were indeed a pisstake – but it could be authentic.
      Needs verifying.

    177. gillie says:

      Will Jim Murphy claim the shopping on his expenses?

    178. robertknight says:

      Did Skeletor get taken out his box to spout froth about the STV poll? Or is he the exclusive toy of the great and powerful Pacific Quay; to be used only when an opportunity to give the SNP a statistical kicking can be fabricated.

      Can’t wait for Jim ‘the Mouthpiece’ Murphy to be announced as Branch Leader. NS won’t need to do a thing at FMQs other than to bring a first aid kit to help dress SLAB’s self-inflicted wounds.

    179. One_Scot says:

      Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like Scotland is finally waking up.

    180. Annette says:

      I agree that it’s too soon to celebrate and that the establishment will pull out all stops. But in the end, in the voting booth people do as they please. What is therefore needed is to convince people, truly convince them. A person who is convinced becomes immune to propaganda. At the moment, the Enemy if doing much of our work for us by pissing people off left, right and centre, possibly enough to turn most soft YESes into solid YESes. Let’s build on that and work on the soft NOs.

    181. Quinie frae Angus says:

      @ Derek Henry

      Thank you for that link – it is indeed excellent and hugely important.

    182. SquareHaggis says:

      Well folks, that’s 6 weeks since the referendum and at the stroke of midnight there will no longer exist any recourse for a judicial review.

      Expect the cuts as WM will be in the clear.

    183. Chitterinlicht says:

      Disappointed to see Gordon Brown Kirkcaldy still red. Need to see about that.

    184. Husker says:

      In a recent interview, Nick Clegg compared Alex Salmond, and by association everybody who voted for independence, as a Japanese soldier fighting on after the war has been lost.

      However, I would like to make a WW2 Far East analogy towards the Labour party in Scotland in light of the Ipsos Mori for STV that said Labour would face an electoral wipeout if the UK General election was held tomorrow.

      There is a famous WW2 film called Bridge on the river Kwai. Taken from wiki, here is condensed detailing of the plot relevant to this post.

      In World War II, British prisoners arrive at a Japanese prison camp in western Burma.[5] The commandant, Colonel Saito (Sessue Hayakawa), informs them that all prisoners, regardless of rank, are to work on the construction of a railway bridge over the River Kwai. The senior British officer, Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness), reminds Saito that the Geneva Conventions exempt officers from manual labour.
      At the following morning’s assembly, Nicholson orders his officers to remain behind when the enlisted men are sent off to work. Saito slaps him across the face with his copy of the conventions and threatens to have them shot, but Nicholson refuses to back down. When Major Clipton (James Donald), the British medical officer, intervenes, Saito leaves the officers standing all day in the intense tropical heat. That evening, the officers are placed in a punishment hut, while Nicholson is locked in an iron box.

      Nicholson refuses to compromise. Meanwhile, the prisoners are working as little as possible and sabotaging whatever they can. Should Saito fail to meet his deadline, he would be obliged to commit ritual suicide. Desperate, Saito uses the anniversary of Japan’s victory in the Russo-Japanese War as an excuse to save face and announces a general amnesty, releasing Nicholson and his officers.

      Nicholson conducts an inspection and is shocked by the poor job being done by his men. Over the protests of some of his officers, he orders Captain Reeves (Peter Williams) and Major Hughes (John Boxer) to design and build a proper bridge, despite its military value to the Japanese, for the sake of maintaining his men’s morale. The Japanese engineers had chosen a poor site, so the original construction is abandoned and a new bridge is begun downstream.

      Meanwhile, Nicholson drives his men hard to complete the bridge on time. For him, its completion will exemplify the ingenuity and hard work of the British Army for generations. When he asks that their Japanese counterparts join in as well, a resigned Saito replies that he has already given the order.

      The commandos parachute in, with one man being killed on landing. Later, Warden is wounded in an encounter with a Japanese patrol and has to be carried on a litter. He, Shears, and Canadian Lieutenant Joyce (Geoffrey Horne) reach the river in time with the assistance of Siamese women bearers and their village chief, Khun Yai. Under cover of darkness, Shears and Joyce plant explosives on the bridge towers below the water line.

      A train carrying soldiers and important dignitaries is scheduled to be the first to cross the bridge the following day, so Warden waits to destroy both. However, at daybreak the commandos are horrified to see that the water level has dropped, exposing the wire connecting the explosives to the detonator. Making a final inspection, Nicholson spots the wire and brings it to Saito’s attention. As the train is heard approaching, they hurry down to the riverbank to investigate.

      Joyce, manning the detonator, breaks cover and stabs Saito to death. Aghast, Nicholson yells for help, while attempting to stop Joyce from reaching the detonator. When Joyce is shot dead by Japanese fire, Shears swims across the river, but is fatally wounded as he reaches Nicholson. Recognizing the dying Shears, Nicholson exclaims, “What have I done?” Warden fires his mortar, mortally wounding Nicholson. The dazed colonel stumbles towards the detonator and collapses on the plunger, just in time to blow up the bridge and send the train hurtling into the river below. Witnessing the carnage, Clipton shakes his head uttering, “Madness! … Madness!”

      In the recent referendum, Labour sided with the Tories to campaign for the union because they are universally hated here in Scotland. However, towards the end the campaign, when it was tipping towards Yes, the Tories were that desperate that they enlisted Gordon Brown and their media chums built him up as the saviour of the union as well as producing the now infamous ‘Vow’.

      Like Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson in the film, Gordon Brown along with the Labour party fought for the union on behalf of the Tories so they could maintain their version of the United Kingdom very much like the Bridge which Nicholson helped build to show to the Japanese as a sign of British ingenuity as well as show of defiance towards them.

      However, he was obsessed with this that he didn’t realise until the very last minute that rather than defying the Japanese, he was helping them and on realising this, he said ‘What have I done?’ With the electoral Meltdown, I can’t help but think Gordon Brown and others in the Labour hierarchy must be having a similar collective cry of ‘What have I done?’

    185. Albaman says:

      Was going to suggest that the very first thing the Labour Party in Scotland should do to regain some credibility would be to ditch these old worn out “spin doctors”, such as Simon Pia. (?) , John McTernan, ect, but then why should I, let them carry on with the old guard, they are made for each other!, like two groups clutching at the same life jacket, and with their combined weight they’ll both go down, serves em right .

    186. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I posted this at 3:43, but it seems to have disappeared”

      It disappeared because it broke comment rules on formatting. We don’t say “please read the comment rules page first” just for laughs, man.

    187. caz-m says:

      Has anyone told RT UK about this latest poll result. The more of us who contact the studio, the better chance it has of getting a mention.

      They are the best chance we have at the moment of getting worldwide recognition. They also don’t mind embarrassing the UK government.

      Good one for the desktop. Or your mobile.

      RT UK link:

    188. muttley79 says:

      Hopefully Rev Stu will be on to the alleged quote by Laura Bicker. BBC Scotland have been a disgrace for years, they need to be exposed.

    189. yesindyref2 says:

      Don’t forget that when Laura Bicker said “our new candidate” with such hero worship, she thought she was talking to just Jackie Bird …

    190. john king says:

      Colin Macartney says
      “but there was some pasta and a jar of pesto !!!!!!”

      Aye but it was BAXTERS pasta and pesto
      oot o a chicken?
      noo that’s clever! 🙂

    191. yesindyref2 says:

      Anyway, what is also interesting is that electoral calculus is becoming Mainstream with the MSM, with STV and the Herald and Scotsman mentioning it (and BBC I think).

      Ever since Capella posted it and others carried on talking about it in other forums.

    192. Blair paterson says:

      I critised Bradford and curtice on here a few days ago and I was accused of being a troll and anti English I was in fact only stating the truth

    193. Footsoldier says:

      Blow for Salmond as he has to settle for Deputy Prime Minister following the landside to the SNP at the 2015 General Election.

    194. SB says:

      Hi, I did this poll yesterday evening by telephone, first time ever asked to do a poll.

      A couple of things that struck me having read various information about polling during the referendum was that

      1) the only question asked about previous voting was “how you voted in the referendum?”. Therefore, weighting is based on this vote rather than any previous vote for Westminster / Holyrood elections.

      Does this mean a significant chunk of No voters are now voting SNP?

      2) There were also a number of questions along the lines of “would you support a further referendum in specific circumstances”
      a) within 5 years
      b) within 10 years
      c) if the Tories win the 2015 GE
      d) if the UK votes out the EU in 2017

      Also asked the question “Are you satisfied with Johann Lamont’s leadership of Scottish Labour!”

    195. Albaman says:

      Hay Rev Stew, do you remember on the 19th, when you said to yourself, ” well, what now”, aye well, you’ve got your hands full now eh?, we all said to you that the fight is not over so don’t think of winding down, glad that that time off recharged your battery’s, your going to need them, ’cause this is going to run and run.

    196. Footsoldier says:

      Blow for Murphy as he finds voters do not like him.

    197. gillie says:

      “oatcakes, tunnocks tea cakes, shortbread, baxters soups and porridge oats”

      Posh Unionist food.

    198. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Surely that “Jackie Bird” was of the “Sally Magnusson” species?


    199. Mealer says:

      A few days before the referendum 53ish percent of folk said they wanted independence.Is it so surprising that a majority of Scots in one opinion poll said they would vote for independence supporting partys? The fear factor won’t be in play in this opinion poll or in the general election come May.

    200. TJenny says:

      BBC news just announced Anas Sarwar is standing down as Deputy Slab leader in Scotland.

      Has he seen the writing on the wall with this poll or is he just leaving the post open for Ms Boyack to step into. JM and SB worked hand in glove on a review of the Labour party reform.
      (posted @ 20.42)

    201. muttley79 says:

      Serious question here: what would it take for a BBC Scotland journalist/presenter to get fired for comments on Scottish politics?

    202. yesindyref2 says:

      Folks, it’s an Ipsos Mori poll not just reported by STV, but commissioned by them. STV in my opinion, were fairly straight during the ref, it was ITV were errrr, not.

      Nobody remember Ponsonby totally irate at Osborne’s evasion?

    203. HandandShrimp says:

      So Anas Aarwar is going to step down too. I see the Murphy dream team is being mooted as Murphy/Dugdale….that is definitely a blue cheese before bedtime dream.

    204. Paula Rose says:

      re “Milliband’s food bank donation” – do not be so bloody stupid mes amis, that was a joke, now do not allow it to grow wings.

    205. boris says:

      Sir Jeremy Heywood – European Surveillance – Drone Technology Introduction. Is There A Drone Watching You?

      US influence in Europe and the UK has the aim of constructing a Federal model as in the US and USSR. In this model Parliament is a weakened part of the constitution and pays lip service to democratic principles whilst unelected bureaucrats create and implement policies. The UK plays it’s role in the European construction, but without the full knowledge of the general population. Policies are imposed by the Cabinet Secretary, Sir John Heywood, on the basis that they contribute to the EU mission.

      There has been a rising chorus in the political press that the Civil Service, of which the Cabinet Office is the top and the Cabinet Secretary shares the lead Civil Service role, has become politicized and it’s neutrality compromised. The notion of the “politicization” of the Civil Service is, however, vague not having reference to a particular political party. The Civil Service under Sir Jeremy Heywood has not favoured the political aims of one or other Party at Westminster. It has however, confirmed the political aims of the EU Commission in Brussels and the implementation of it’s political European projects in the UK, and in that sense the Civil Service has both lost it’s neutrality and has become politicized by the actions of Sir Jeremy Heywood. This is a significant point in constitutional terms because the checks and balances of the unwritten UK constitution have become unbalanced and they begin to mirror the European model which is being imposed in an underhand and secretive way.

    206. Piggy says:


    207. Robert Peffers says:

      @Socrates MacSporran says: 30 October, 2014 at 3:48 pm:

      “I reckon the SNP could well hold more than half of the Scottish seats in the new parliament, which will probably be a “hung” one. Just imagine the Labour and Tory party representatives trying to put together a government and needing SNP support

      Imagine, (a more likely scene), of the SNP at Westminster with the balance of power and refusing to form a coalition with either the red or blue Tories. Remember too that there are various other factions besides the LibDems at Westminster including UKIP.

      So the SNP not only hold the balance of power but, by treating every matter on its merits, dictate not only what is best for Scotland but what is best for the United Kingdom. (Note that I said for the UK, as Westminster is not Britain).

    208. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi John King.

      Marty Feldman??? You do Ms Bicker a disservice, you cad!
      This is who I see (in my fevered imagination) when I see Ms Bicker.

    209. One_Scot says:

      I think there is a real chance that sometime in the near future most people in Scotland will know that BBC Scotland is effectively a Labour media outlet.

    210. Kenny says:

      While I am sceptical this will actually play out in May (I will be happy with over 30 SNP MPs!), if this were to hold true, one person who would be seriously worried is Dave Cameron. The Blue Tories know they are nowhere in North Britainshire, so they are happy for the Red Tories to keep out these nasty Nats.

      Another poll like this and Ruthie Davo may also be hearing murmurings about stepping down, possibly because in such dire times we need Murphy to take over the Blue Tories in Scotland as well (although he may be a bit too right-wing for them), so that all decent-minded fowk can come togethe in a “Grand Anti-Nazi Alliance” to stop Scotland becoming a wasteland in which people wearing “No Thanks” stickers are stabbed in the street…

    211. bookie from hell says:

      Breaking: Anas Sarwar to stand down as @scottishlabour deputy leader

    212. Training Day says:


      Tear up a Labour manifesto on air? Fabricate anti-Union comments from EU Foreign Ministers? Introduce pro-independence supporters as ‘neutrals’?

      Just some of things they’ve done the other way.

    213. No no no...Yes says:

      A bit O/T but worth it:

      Looking at BBC Laura Bicker’s Twitter feed regarding her Sarwar tweet there is a shot of Glenn Campbell looking in disgust at a Saltire flag in the BBC Holyrood office. Maybe someone took his Union Flag?

    214. Roughian says:

      Anas Sarwar what’s happened to your Labour family now?????

    215. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      If you’ve been following the YouGov daily updates over the past week, you will know, that in the Scottish subsets, the SNP have varied between 36% and 49%.

      The STV poll isn’t too far off the mark, given that the subsets have a + or – of 7%.

      GAME ON!

    216. Albaman says:

      Like I said yesterday, the sacrafiscal lamb does not know it yet, but he does now!!, and it’ll get more dirty yet especially with Spud around.

    217. Valerie says:

      Wow at Anus standing down! He wont even hold the fort??

      Just gets better, like how he waited until the London boss was up at the dinner!

    218. heedtracker says:

      muttley79 says:

      30 October, 2014 at 8:42 pm
      Serious question here: what would it take for a BBC Scotland journalist/presenter to get fired for comments on Scottish politics?

      Saying out loud, “sometimes I worry we may have lost all credibility and made ourselves a laughing stock in Scotland, like what the rest of the media did”

    219. Lesley-Anne says:

      HandandShrimp says:

      So Anas Aarwar is going to step down too. I see the Murphy dream team is being mooted as Murphy/Dugdale….that is definitely a blue cheese before bedtime dream.

      Oh Jeez HS you really can tell them can’t you? 😛

      Murph the Smurph and Dugdale. Hell Nicola will be chewing them up and spitting them out BEFORE she has had any cereal for breakfast for goodness sake. 😛

    220. gillie says:

      With Sarwar gone that means Murphy can stay on at Westminster.

    221. Tamson says:

      Regarding Murphy’s mysterious visit to B&M: there’s no mystery about it.

      He goes there around this time every year to get a new mask.

    222. SqueuedPerspextive says:

      I assume this means Eggy Jim Wins and Jackie Baillie (or your best guess) will be the sole runner for replacement deputy.

    223. No no no...Yes says:

      So Anus is oot, makes sense in the big carve up:

      Big slim Jim is a banker as leader, so they need an MSP to deputise at Holyrood until May 2015 when Big Jim stands as an MSP somewhere(safe??)

      Deputy runners will all be females:
      Boyack-No chance failed Leader
      Marra- No chance
      Dugdale will get the nod as they think she does well in the media.
      However, Dugdale will get gubbed every week by Nicola in the run up to GE2015 and Scottish Labour will not improve their terrible poll ratings.

      More popcorn anyone?

    224. Desimond says:

      No one mentioning the lovely sight of the big Wings banner outside Central Hotel.. right behind ‘Our’ Laura

      Bravo wingsters insitu!

    225. Johnny says:

      Muttley79 @ 8:42pm

      A moderately positive comment about the SNP?

    226. Bob Mack says:

      It is highly likely that this poll could be a “straw man”, but I don’t really care. The public have seen it and will have been influenced by it in any event If they had any doubts about Labour it may tip the balance.. Shot themselves in the foot again if it was a ploy to make Murphy look better further down the road.

    227. Tamson says:

      Sarwar has IMO taken the fall to reduce the pressure on Murphy to resign his Westminster seat. The Labour rules merely state the Scottish leader has to try to become First Minister, not that he/she actually has to be an MSP. Now Murphy doesn’t have to try too hard to win a seat at Holyrood, if they can get a Deputy who is an MSP.

      In fact, I suspect this has all been timed/corodinated to smoke out ambitious MSPs and put them in a bind, allowing Murphy’s chosen candidate for Deputy to steal a march on them.

    228. gillie says:

      “Our new leaders” as BBC Scotland would say.

      The dream ticket Murphy and Dugdale.

    229. Stoker says:

      I’m reading a lot of comments here, on this thread, about that hound Laura Bicker stating (whilst working for the BBC) the words
      “our new leader”.

      The BBC should now be flooded with complaints and the watchdog contacted.

      This is not as trivial as some may think, she has seriously broken rules and must not be allowed to get away with it.

      It is a serious breach of “neutrality” rules – she is not working for the tabloid press.

      People, myself included, constantly go on about the biased Unionist media machine. This is our opportunity to start nipping it in the bud and letting them know that we will not tolerate it any longer.

      Lets flood them with complaints regarding this matter.
      If we do nothing it will increase ten-fold.

      NOTE: You do not have to be a licence payer to complain.
      I’ve already sent my complaint.
      There was only 2 dodgy questions which are simple to answer:
      (1)-Q:How did you watch said programme.
      A: iplayer.
      (2)-Q:What’s the first part of your post code.
      A: voluntary, you don’t have to answer.
      There is NO personal details required on the online complaint facility.

      Lets put a stop to this ignorant bunch of cretins.

    230. Alistair Sheehy Hutton says:

      Well, don’t I look a fool. I told you all not to get excited by subsamples and that I thought the next Scotland specific polling would show something along the lines of

      SNP: 35%
      Lab: 32%

      I was comprehensively wrong

    231. Desimond says:


      Only thing Anas would have taken is a deal where he profits somehow. I wonder how comfy wee Mags is feeling tonight as the Scottish roles run out

    232. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “Inevitably this will heighten speculation that Sarwar is being lined up for a job in the Westminster Shadow Cabinet in an upcoming reshuffle – especially as he announced his resignation at an event attended by Ed Miliband [sic], who he had spoken to in advance.”

    233. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      What if the Eggman doesn’t win? How big a twat will Sarwar look then? For that matter who’s to say they won’t elect somebody far less right-wing or from the Brownite wing to curb the Eggman if he looks like winning? The possibilites just grow more and more amusing by the second. 😀

    234. Truth says:

      If Sarwar has gone, then Dugdale will be deputy.

      You heard it here first.

    235. Albaman says:

      I almost feel sorry for the David Clegg’s of the Daily Record, since they thought up the “vow” they just cannot keep up with the turn of events, almost feel sorry, naw I lie, as I have actually never bought or fully read it, I’m happy for it to follow The Scotsman into oblivion !.

    236. gillie says:

      A Labour coup folks. That must be clear to everyone now. Planned, plotted and executed in London. Lamont undermined and forced out, Sarwar bought off.

    237. Desimond says:

      Labour once more employing the “COPY SNP” tactic.

      Get a westminster based leader and holyrood experienced woman as deputy primed for later lead role. As ever no original thought or outside of the box mentality.

      Once again they only think ‘SNP’ rather than Labour and more importantly Scotland.

      Damned yet again

    238. Baheid says:

      Watched the scenes outside ‘banquet’ in Glasgow, (The Last Supper), on Independence Live.

      Milliband and Murphy’s bags for foodbank collection were filled with Tunnock’s tea cakes, Walkers shortbread, Baxter’s soups etc.

      How clever are those guy’s, FFS

    239. Ken500 says:

      Independence Live Demo – Brilliant

      Thanks Glasgow. Thousands more there in sprirt.

      Those Polis are shocking Glasgow/Police Scotland are out of control. They arrest the innocent and put them in cells and let the guilty go free. Disgraceful. Wasting public money on corrupt Politicians and political ‘show’ trial. Tommy Sheridan should be admonished and compensation should be given.

      Tommy Sheridan got warrant sales abolished. An attack on the poor. Credit agency are now going after people who registered to vote for ‘debt’ people aren’t even due. Hassling people, especially young people and those who do not know their rights.

    240. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      For those commenting on BBC Murphy. Of course the BBC are acting that way. They are controlled by a bunch of out of touch westminster bubble idiots every bit as much as SLAB are.

      More to the point though, GOOD! We WANT the Eggman as leader. The media was absolutely rife with speculation about Murphy becoming leader since the Labour party conference. This poll was taken during that rampant speculation that Murphy would become leader. Does it look like ANY sort of vindication for wee Ed Miliband’s choice for the branch office of London Labour?? Does it fuck.

      The Eggman will not save them and having a right wing ultra-Blarite as SLAB ‘leader’ is about THE most stupid move they could make right now, save for trying to force Blair himself into the job.

    241. caledonia says:

      off to read about this important news on bbc scotlands site that represents the people of Scotland

      oh wait a minute cant find anything

    242. Ken500 says:

      Murphy is being side-lined, they want rid of him. He is being set up to fail. He will have had no choice. He would have got an offer he could not refuse, to get rid of him. He is going nowhere in Scotland. A expendable caretaker.

    243. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      How big a rise do we expect there to be in the London Labour’s branch office membership if the Eggman get’s the job?

      They only need about 70,000 more to get back in the game after all. 😀

    244. yesindyref2 says:

      Brian Doonthetoon
      Ooops. There’s a difference?

    245. Baheid says:

      The Last Supper

      These guy’s must of booked the venue months ago, they must of thought they were going to walk in with the cheers of their grateful supporters ringing out around them.

    246. Kn500 says:

      Goodness that Map looks great. Even better total wipe out. Is it too early to dream. What a compensation that would be 7/5/15. Can’t wait.

    247. Mealer says:

      Lalands Peat Worrier raises a pertinent point.Check it out.

    248. Pentland Firth says:

      Hilarious. The Labour Gala Dinner is like a Mafia convention, except Ed is no Godfather. Don’t you just love the Labour Party in North Britain. It’s the best laugh I’ve had since the IPSOS Mori poll.

    249. chalks says:

      Scotland yougov poll has us on 47 seats…lab 10.tories 1 lib dem 1

      Snp 43%

    250. Ken500 says:

      Murphy Dugdale, the worst combination. Two naive, useless troughers who have never had a job in their lives, which shows very time they open their mouths. The experience SNP will win by . Miles. The thought of that two running Scotland will give people shudders and nightmares. Halloween right enough. Ahhhh The ghosts in the detail.

    251. Desimond says:

      The Caledonia Sleeper buffet car is gonna be a laugh-riot tonight

    252. Proud Cybernat says:

      It’s all happening at Glasgow Central tonight. Jimbo enters to rapturous applause, escorted between those 2 unionists stalwarts, Archie McPherson and Derek Johnston. Ed Miliband going round all the tables introducing himself to those that know him and those who don’t. Not present, Jola, henry Mac and Jack C. Will try convey more later.

    253. caledonia says:

      we need to bombard facebook, twitter and every forum and talk about it in the streets as the BBC will hide this great news

    254. caz-m says:

      Does Kesia Dugdale remind you of Ozzy Osbourne out of his head on drugs.

      Or is that an insult to Ozzy Osbourne.

      And a wee tip for Scottish Labour. I would go easy on the Referendum victory speeches. The very people you are trying to win back are the very people you defeated in the Referendum.

    255. handclapping says:

      Well well Murphy Dugdale well well 😀

      At least Gray had walked the killing fields and Lamont faced a class, just what of real life do the MurDug know?

      I’m sure Margo could have used SLab as an exemplar for her Assisted Dying Bill. The only thing they haven’t done is expressed a clear intent, action alone is not enough.

    256. Mealer says:

      I wonder if succulent lamb was on the menu at the gala dinner the nicht.

    257. De Valera says:

      Regarding Mt McTernan’s article, is he suggesting that Labour campaign to introduce tuition fees in Scotland?

      Even by Labour’s own standards, this guy is something else.

    258. laukat says:

      Anyone seen the film “Downfall” about the goings on in the Fuhrer Bunker at the end of WW2? Geobels, Boring, Himler etc squabble over who holds what office in the German Riech oblivious to the fact that there will be no Riech

      Is the Central Hotel, Glasgow Labour’s Fuhrer bunker?

    259. Stoker says:

      Further to my post @ 9.22pm.

      Laura Bicker actually states “our new candidate to be”.
      And doesn’t state “our new leader”.

      She states it around 4 minutes 58 seconds into tonights programme
      Reporting Scotland on BBC Scotland iplayer – you do not need a licence to watch it.

    260. JimnArlene says:

      It may have been sacrificial lamb, with a serving of spud.

    261. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’ve just seen this is on Twitter. 😉

      BREAKING: YouGov Scottish Westminster intentions:
      – Con: 15
      – Lab: 27
      – Lib Dem: 4
      – SNP: 43
      – Other: 11

    262. arranc says:

      anus sarwar to step down 13th dec.

    263. muttley79 says:

      Can somebody get the clip of Bicker saying what she is alleged to on here?

    264. Desimond says:


      Tomorrows headlines

      Murphy/Dugdale dream team shows 9% swing as SNP slide from 52% to 43%

    265. caz-m says:

      Move along please, nothing to see here. BBC 10 O’clock News, they reported on Murphy but not a mention of the poll result or how it would affect the number of Labour MPs that would lose their seats in 2015GE.

      It’s not just the lies the BBC tell you that are a disgrace, but it is also what they DON’T tell you that is equally disgraceful. They don’t want England knowing that those Nats are on the up.

    266. muttley79 says:

      Laura Bicker says on twitter that she was talking about Scotland when she said “our new leader?” I don’t really understand that at all, given that it is the Scottish Labour party’s leadership election. Why say our new leader? Bizarre…

    267. chalks says:

      Murphy has an approval rating of 24%….9% more than ed and 5% more than cameron.

      Im beginning to think I should put a bet on the tories getting more votes than labour in scotland

    268. Grouse Beater says:

      Anas Sarwar quits.

    269. Robert Peffers says:

      @muttley79 says: 30 October, 2014 at 4:29 pm:

      “Why do some people think UDI is a good idea? I am genuinely baffled by it. It is a complete nonstarter. If you really want to achieve independence, then UDI should be the last tactic on your mind.”

      In the first place Scotland is unique in that under the independent law of Scotland the people of Scotland are legally sovereign. That is a well established legal fact. It is obviously recognized by Westminster.

      It was the historic reason that when the crowns of the Kingdom of Scotland & the Kingdom of England ended upon a single person’s head that person could not form a United Kingdom. The law in the rest of Christendom at that time was Divine Right of Kings which decreed that a a monarch who defeated another annexed the defeated monarch’s realm.

      In 1603 The Kingdom of England had annexed Wales in 1284 & Ireland in 1542. However the monarchy then were acting as if it was a united Kingdom until, in 1688, the English
      Parliament deposed their monarch and imported King Billy & Mary of Orange. As both kingdoms were still independent this began the Jacobite Uprisings as most of Scotland did not accept King Billy as their king.

      That is the real reason for, “The Treaty of Union”, which is a bipartite union. As the Scottish people are sovereign and thus Scotland is not legally a Constitutional Monarchy with Westminster holding legal sovereignty then a majority of properly elected Scottish members of the Westminster Parliament are democratically and legally within their rights to declare the Treaty of Union ended and return to govern Scotland from Scotland.

      It is not UDI – just a legally democratic choice of the democratically elected representatives of the sovereign people of Scotland. Really just a rejection of the Treaty of Union. BTW: The old Scottish Parliament was never formally ended. It was Prorogued. If fact when Winnie Ewing opened the first session, (in the presence of the Queen of Scots), she declared the Old Scottish Parliament RECONVENED.

      This, in spite of Her Majesty’s presence has never been disputed.

      Care to show where my argument is flawed?

    270. bookie from hell says:

      the poll @fter smith commission publishes its powers will be interesting

    271. Gary45% says:

      I am embarrassed to say there are certain parts of this fantastic/amazing country of ours that is Scotland, that you could even put a red labour t-shirt on a turd and the masses would still follow it, i.e Kircaldy e.t.c. maybe it is because they are accustomed to the smell that emanates from their leaders’ mouths.

    272. Cadogan Enright says:

      if I was able to watch live BBC2 tonight I might watch and see what that gobshite Jim Murphy has to say about stopping the a YES coalition 59 in 2015 campaign

    273. Colin Mccartney says:

      gillie says:
      30 October, 2014 at 8:37 pm
      “oatcakes, tunnocks tea cakes, shortbread, baxters soups and porridge oats”
      Posh Unionist food.

      True, but sadly thousands of Scots would gladly take it to stave off the pain of hunger 🙁

    274. Clootie says:


    275. Roughian says:

      Laura Bicker earlier. I got it wrong she said “our new candidate to be leader of Labour in Scotland” about 5mins into Reporting Scotland 6.30 tonight. Somebody should be able to grab a clip off iplayer. I’ve sent complaint into EBC and licence is up tonight so can’t watch live anymore.

    276. wullie says:

      Order Of Moridura Blog had some info very shortly after the ref, it said 0ver 50 percent of the indigenous people of Scotland voted YES. Where as some 73 percent of people who had moved to Scotland from other parts of the UK had voted NO sorry I can’t find the article.
      Declare the Union ended.

    277. Bob Sinclair says:

      Just watched the live stream – does Murphy have any self awareness?

      Good to see the Wings Banner prominent. I would have been there but still working away. Thanks everyone who turned out, these labour puppets really need the message hammered into them.

      I wonder if Anas got as far as the after eight mints before getting ‘resigned’

    278. Stoker says:

      muttley79 says:
      30 October, 2014 at 10:28 pm
      Can somebody get the clip of Bicker saying what she is alleged to on here?

      She states it around 4min 58secs into the programme.
      (If you don’t live in the UK you will not be able to view this)

    279. Croompenstein says:

      I can’t wait to read this Command Paper being published tomorrow as part of the vow timetable. Should be good

    280. muttley79 says:


      Not sure what do make of it. It depends how you interpret what Laura Bicker means by “our.” Did she mean Scotland, as she that was what said she meant, or was it a our as in SLAB? Comes down to interpretation.

    281. muttley79 says:

      Cheers for finding the clip Stoker by the way.

    282. caledonia says:

      I am fed up of the SNP pussy footing about
      lets play these cretins at their own games

      simply poster and party political broadcast campaign with


      simple and to the point

    283. Mealer says:

      Laura Bicker should have said “their” new candidate not “our” new candidate because “we” the viewers don’t get a vote.Murphys candidacy is for a Labour Party election,not a Scottish election.
      Why do none of the interviewers ask Murphy how many members Labour has in Scotland?

    284. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Yes, yes. The BBC are dipshits. We knew that. Fuck em. 🙂 They can no more put a gloss on the London Labour branch office meltdown than the Eggman can. The polls are as excoriating for them as they are for the Eggman and ‘scottish’ Labour. Being out of touch and stuck in a westminster bubble is the BBC’s terminal problem just as much as Miliband’s.

    285. Mealer says:

      We’re at the stage now where the more biased the BBC is the better.

    286. caz-m says:

      I have heard Gordon Brown is retiring from politics at the next election. So I would think Kirkcaldy would be a straight forward win for the SNP.

      It was Gordon Brown who won all the votes in Kirkcaldy in the past, not the Labour Party.

      And does that mean that the Labour party in Scotland are down to three seats if we can take Kirkcaldy as well.

    287. Annette says:

      If Lib Dem is 4% and “Other” is 11%, and we know that most of that is split between UKIP and Green, then surely either UKIP and Green need to be named, or Lib Dem needs to be summed up under “Other”?

      You know, folks, all of this reminds me of East Germany in the autumn of 1989. The SED in full denial of reality, Honecker saying that the Wall will still stand in a hundred year’s time, big celebrations of 40 Years DDR, the party-controlled media eulogised them. And then all of a sudden they were gone, the Iron Curtain was being dismantled. They talked as if they were rock solid in their position, right until the moment it all collapsed.

    288. No no no...Yes says:

      The Labour Party gig was also a fundraiser. Do we have any idea if there were any corporate sponsors/attendees? It would be interesting to know who is funding them.

    289. caledonia says:

      email from SNP local branch

      We have a local council by-election in Troup Ward (Macduff-Gardenstown-Rosehearty-Sandhaven area) on 27 November. Our excellent candidate is Ross Cassie from Macduff, who some of you will have met during the Referendum Campaign. This is a Conservative-held seat and we have a great chance here to take a seat off the Tories and continue the momentum of the Referendum.

    290. caledonia says:

      @ NO no no..yes @11.44pm probably the BBC

    291. Stoker says:

      muttley79 says:
      30 October, 2014 at 11:15 pm

      Not sure what do make of it. It depends how you interpret what Laura Bicker means by “our.” Did she mean Scotland, as she that was what said she meant, or was it a our as in SLAB? Comes down to interpretation.


      I sent my complaint in anyway as i believe it was subtle, deliberate but subtle, bias – or possibly a Freudian type slip.

      No matter, it lets the b@ss@s know that we’re watching their every word and they’re not getting away with it anymore.

      The more of us that do it the more the BBC Trust is likely to be keeping a very close eye on BBC Slabber.

      After-all, there are Conservative, Liberal, Nationalist and many other types of licence payers in Scotland and they need to be made aware of what their money is being used for in Scotland – to prop up the rancidly corrupt Slabber branch.

    292. Tackety Beets says:

      Beeb complaint lodged . It struck me straight away as ” not neutral. ” I get the “interpretation” of what she said but , yea but no but yea but .

      I really can’t see many being endeared by Jim “sport socks 2 for a pound” Murphy .
      Some have posted before how he deliberately slows , softens and lowers his speech when being interviewed , oooo creepy @@@@ !
      Clearly JoLa was correct about Interference from doon soof , JM confirmed it by repeated retorts about how he won’t be told or influenced by anyone etc They just keep digging .

      They still don’t get it . SNP have become popular because they are acting at all times in the interest of Scotland .

    293. Annette says:

      Woah, hold your horses, caledonia! “VOTE ANY OTHER PARTY AND YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM” – The Scottish Greens and the SSP would object to that!

    294. caz-m says:

      Annette 11.38pm

      Don’t forget that the Socialist Parties have increased their memberships, therefore would have an important part to play in tactical voting, hopefully for SNP.

    295. Marcia says:

      Times front page tomorrow – their Yougov poll;

    296. manandboy says:

      Funding the SLab gig? Apart from the unions? Hmm.

    297. Valerie says:

      Just on the issue of UDI, as its being discussed. Someone on here who lives in Nicolas constituency gave a good report back from a branch meeting she attended, and Nicola was there. Nicola said under no circs would she support UDI.

    298. caledonia says:

      SORRY ANNETTE my mistake exclude them of course

    299. Alex Clark says:

      “Labour faces election wipeout in Scotland”

      This is very funny.

      “He told politicians and activists at the Scottish Labour Gala Dinner: “I will fight with you with every fibre of my being over these months to show how we can change Scotland.”

      Sounds a wee bit like Cameron before the referendum LOL.

    300. yesindyref2 says:

      I agree. A poll showing Labour with only 4 MPs is far bigger news I’d say to the punters in Scotland, many labour or ex-labour voters, than Murphy being so kind as to put himself forward. But the news would get out there anyway, it’s big.

      STV covered it right, BBC disgraced themselves as always by snuffling it in passing. Anyone watching the BBC would learn about it tomorrrow from friends or family who’d be asking “why, didn’t you know?”. Or via social media.

      BBC is as terminally suicidal as Scottish Labour is, same organisation yippee.

    301. SqueuedPerspextive says:

      @Robert Peffers

      In theory can the Scottish MPs (as per Article 22) not just repeal Article 3 of the Act of Union with England for Devo Max?

      It would also need to be passed by the Scottish Peers(Article 23).

      But would that not leave us without monetary union (article 16);
      shared Military (Article 5) and in all the treaties EU,Nato etc(Article 24) and free movement (Article 4)

    302. caz-m says:

      I see Israel is about to kick off again. How is Murphy going to find the time to run Scottish Labour.

      He is part of the cult movement “Friends of Israel” and therefore will be campaigning against those upstart Palestinians.

      He will also be helping run the London Labour election campaign AND the Scottish Labour campaign.

      He is going to be busy, isn’t he.

    303. Marcia says:

      Local by-election news;

      SNP hold North Coast and Cumbraes on North Ayrshire Council.

    304. Scotspine says:

      Complaint about Bicker off, along with complaint about a BBC journo this morning saying words along the lines of “WE will have a new leader”.

      They are below contempt.

    305. ronnie anderson says:

      @Alex Clark well milliband better no try that special K between that & indy groups , he,ll be shiting himself for a year ha ha .

    306. JPJ2 says:

      “Marcia says:

      31 October, 2014 at 12:07 am

      Local by-election news;

      SNP hold North Coast and Cumbraes on North Ayrshire Council.”

      Any word on the actual figures, Marcia?

    307. Taranaich says:

      Got these numbers from Councillor Chris McIleny’s Twitter:

      SNP 38.7
      Ind 22.8
      Con 21.5
      Lab 13.2
      Ukip 3.6

      Apologies in advance for colourful language, but it’s the only way I can express my amazement…

      SNP gets 50,000+ new members following what was supposed to utterly destroy them. Holy shit.

      SNP wins Oban by-election with more votes than New Labour & Tories combined. Holy Shit.

      SNP gets massive support in Ipsos-Mori poll. HOLY SHIT.

      SNP wins Largs by-election with more votes than every Unionist party combined.



    308. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Big respect to Graeme Doig – he made a long journey to get to the Glasgow Central gig earlier, and didn’t even have that much time to enjoy a pint before heading back home, along with a certain ‘Mister Anderson’ and Patrician, also of this parish. Well done chaps – it was important that the Wings banner be seen there tonight.

      Murphy can kid himself on all he likes – when he’s in the Green Rooms of BBC or STV getting his make-up done – that he’s some kind of a ‘leader’, but tonight, albeit just for twenty seconds or so, we provided him with a genuine glimpse into how ‘ordinary’ Scots feel about him.

      He declared too soon – later tonight, when he’s alone, trying to sleep, he’ll remember the solid noise he had to walk through, and will wish he’d held off making the decision for just one more day. He must know that, from now on, he’s going to face that rage each and every time he shows his face in any public place in Scotland. Even his ‘100 Days’ tour cannot have prepared him for what he is about to receive.

    309. Robert Peffers says:

      @SqueuedPerspextive says:
      31 October, 2014 at 12:06 am:

      In theory can the Scottish MPs (as per Article 22) not just repeal Article 3 of the Act of Union with England for Devo Max?

      It would also need to be passed by the Scottish Peers(Article 23).

      But would that not leave us without monetary union (article 16);
      shared Military (Article 5) and in all the treaties EU,Nato etc(Article 24) and free movement (Article 4)

      Not really sure of whether they could pick and choose what articles.

      While the reason for articles is to have separate legal agreements it might not be legal to choose to keep some and drop others. I’ll try and put that another way. Ending the Treaty disunites the two kingdoms. Choosing to drop & retain articles is renegotiating the Treaty. If so we could renegotiate a currency union too.

      Mind you there is nothing to stop disuniting the Union and negotiating a looser but far more equal treaty of co-operation but co-operating as independent nations/kingdoms.

      I didn’t mention in my earlier comment that the old, three country, English Parliament sat and wound itself up.

      Anyway I’m off to bed – when it gets to midnight my wee papillon bitch starts to cry and won’t stop until I switch off the computers and go to bed. The wee dug is a right nagger – far worse that any wife. So good night all.

    310. Rock says:

      Paula Rose,

      “And if you add the 6% Green vote to the SNP 52%?”

      Unless there is a Yes Alliance, the 6% Green vote counts for zero in the undemocratic first past the post system.

      But the SNP getting 92% of seats on 52% of the vote would be extremely sweet revenge, beating Westminster at its own game.

      The four red and one orange dot on the map look like nasty “viruses” and hopefully we can even find a cure for that in time.

    311. HandandShrimp says:

      Grace got about 38% on the first count I think and after all the stages won by about 280 votes over an a local independent, Tories third, Labour fourth and UKIP distant fifth.

    312. weedeochandorris says:

      SNP win another N Ayrshire council by-election:SNP: 38.7% Ind: 22.8% Con: 21.5% Lab: 13.2% UKIP: 3.6% Well done Grace McLean 🙂

    313. SqueuedPerspextive says:

      @Robert Peffers
      When you have had a sleep consider this…

      The Treaty of Union was a Treaty. The Act of Union with England passed (by the Scottish Parliament) that into Law when matched by the The Act of Union with Scotland (by the English Parliament).

      The Parliament of the newly formed Great Britain has subsequently amended their Act of Union with Scotland – could Scotland not now do similar ?

    314. Rock says:


      “And does that mean that the Labour party in Scotland are down to three seats if we can take Kirkcaldy as well.”

      I am sure Tommy Sheridan could beat Ian Davidson or Willy Bain.

    315. Rock says:


      “And does that mean that the Labour party in Scotland are down to three seats if we can take Kirkcaldy as well.”

      I am sure Dennis Canavan and Tommy Sheridan could beat Ian Davidson and Willy Bain.

    316. Rock says:

      With 59 SNP / Yes Alliance MPs at Westminster, WE wouldn’t need UDI.

      The Westminster unionists would be forced into passing the Independence of Scotland Act. They would have no mandate whatsoever for governing Scotland.

      Morag, will they let us elect 59 SNP / Yes Alliance MPs without rigging the vote?

    317. Narrow Shoulders says:

      On the live feed I noticed Murphys reaction to the jeers was to blow a kiss to the protesters. They edited out this bit of his entrance on BBC and STV.

    318. Stoker says:

      Marcia says:
      31 October, 2014 at 12:07 am
      Local by-election news;
      SNP hold North Coast and Cumbraes on North Ayrshire Council.

      Thanks for that good news, Marcia.

      Taranaich @ 12.31am – Hilarious.

      weedeochandorris says:
      31 October, 2014 at 12:42 am
      SNP win another N Ayrshire council by-election:SNP: 38.7% Ind: 22.8% Con: 21.5% Lab: 13.2% UKIP: 3.6% Well done Grace McLean

      Thanks for those figures – Splendid.

      Scotland must rid herself of the red tory plague – vote SNP.

    319. joe kane says:

      Brilliant video on Glasgow’s Needy Facebook of the red tory scabs being confronted at their posh fundraising gala dinner tonight inside Glasgow’s upmarket Central Hotel by grassroots anti-austerity campaigners.

      Glasgow’s Needy –

    320. Michael McCabe says:

      @ Stoker 9:22pm Took your Advice Complaint just been Lodged

    321. Michael McCabe says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood and all who braved the cold to give Murphy and all the other Troughers the welcome they deserved, Thank You.

    322. K1 says:

      I liked this…they simply have no idea what’s coming down the road. They will no longer ‘shape’ the agenda. No amount of manipulation of their data is going to alter the information…We Have Had Enough.

      tom bradby @tombradby  ·  8 hrs 8 hours ago
      Apparently, MORI was so shocked by this Scotland poll result it did the research again with a bigger sample – and got the same answer.

    323. SqueuedPerspextive says:

      I think my earlier argument is overturned by
      Edinburgh & Dalkeith Railway Co. v Wauchope (1842) 8 Cl & F 710, where Lord Campbell pronounced:

      ‘…all that a court of justice can do is to look at the Parliamentary roll: if from that it should appear that a bill has passed both houses and received the Royal Assent, no court of justice can inquire into the mode in which it was introduced into Parliament, what was done to it previously being introduced, or what passed in Parliament during the various stages of its progress through both houses of Parliament.’

      Which in itself is wrong and should be over turned by article 19 of the Act of Union of England which states that any argument regarding such a dispute should be resolved by Scottish Courts not English-however justice was not upheld and so I suggest my argument stands – but would that require appeal to the ECJ.

    324. SqueuedPerspextive says:

      soz my last post should have begun @Robert Peffers

    325. Stoker says:

      Michael McCabe says:
      31 October, 2014 at 1:06 am
      @ Stoker 9:22pm Took your Advice Complaint just been Lodged

      Excellent, well done Michael, and others, the more the merrier.

    326. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @joe kane –

      Great link, great video. Many thanks.

      The man at the very end (outside the hotel) mentioned an ATOS-related event tomorrow? Can you confirm any details of that, or know someone else who can? (Not that I can’t hear what he said, but those details need to appear here, and they need to come from those organising the event. Know what I mean?)

      @Michael McCabe – Cheers mister, but it wasn’t even cold! (Just slightly damp.) I hope you caught a glimpse of my ‘evil pig’ on the banner along the railing, in the ‘Labour Your Tea’s Oot!’ banner – plumped for the ‘red-eyes’ after all, and it looked okay. When we arrived, unfurled it, half a dozen bored camera crews instantly turned their lights upon it, so it’ll surely crop up somewhere…on RT, Al-Jazeera, you know, one of those ‘foreign’ stations.

    327. r baxter says:

      poll figures. could that be something to do with the VOW being a SCAM.

    328. yesindyref2 says:

      Good result North Coast and Cumbraes, SNP hold (after Alex, Grace’s husband, sadly died of cancer in August). It means the SNP also keep control of NAC as the 1 majority No Overall Control.

      Drew Cochrane the Independent was ed of the wee paper for 40 years, very well known, and Toni Dawson Conservative is very popular, so it’s an excellent win / hold for Grace McLean.

    329. Alex Clark says:

      @joe kane

      Great to see young Darren from the George Square gig keeping up the pressure. Excellent and young men like that make me confident of the future.

      Don’t let up! Turn the screw and keep the pressure on!!

    330. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, a labour supporter from the Herald calling the demonstrators outside Central “rabble”. Says it all for Labour these days.

      He used to be a quite good poster until the ref polls got too close, then a panic set in I think. Sad.

    331. Alex Clark says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      The guy you are asking about is called Shaun and can be seen in the video below from Day 3 of the Glasgow Needy protest.

      Maybe Thistle could tell you about tomorrow?

    332. Alex Clark says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Shaun tells you in the video, the protest against ATOS will be at 12:30 tomorrow at Cadogan Street. Think I might come.

    333. Cactus says:

      Cool to catch up again with y’all Wingsteam at The Grand Central Hotel in iGlasgow tonight, then onwards to The Drury for afters.

      I went west-end for a bit then got the last outer underground back into Buchanan Street for a walk down recent memory lane..

      So as I was passing by The Grand Central Hotel (nearing midnight), who walks out the front door by himself.. none other than Anas Sarwar. His ‘colleagues’ shouted over “You coming to The Garage (Sauchiehall Street nightclub) Anas?” to which he completely dinghyed them then headed off on his ownsome.

      I met him eye to eye and felt.. absolutely nothing. I later learned he had quit.

      Happy Halloween Scotland.. here’s a dedication for Jim and co.:

      The Monster (Murphy) Mash

    334. Alex Clark says:


      Saw you pass by on Indy Live tonight. No hat! Did you lose it? 🙂

    335. Alex Clark says:


      Your video link sums up the Last Supper to a Tee.

      “For a monster from it’s SLAB began to rise” LOL

    336. Cactus says:

      Cheers Alex, no hat tonight, saving myself for the weekend 🙂

      Merry wishes to you and iDundee.. see you on da flip-side dude.

    337. Rigmac7 says:

      C’mon c’mon c’mon, it’s 9.33 here in Kampala and I need my fix for today 😀

      Please tell me Murphy is the love child of one of the crows from Dumbo and Shergar’s mum. Or even that there’s a new video out called “Dugdale Does a Dozen Dundonians” (I’m not going to commit as to what she actually “does” to them, that’s one for the LBC to choreograph.

      Looking forward to the updates from last nights troughing

    338. boris says:

      My post yesterday gave warning about the introduction of Drones into Europe.

      31 October 2014: France’s security fears over mysterious drones seen flying above nuclear plants

      France has launched an investigation into unidentified drones that have been spotted over nuclear plants operated by state-owned utility EDF , its interior minister said on Thursday. Seven nuclear plants across the country were flown over by drones between October 5 and October 20, an EDF spokeswoman said, without any impact on the plants’ safety or functioning. ‘There’s a judicial investigation under way, measures are being taken to know what these drones are and neutralise them,’ Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told France Info radio yesterday – without specifying the measures. The drone sightings may renew concerns about the safety of nuclear plants in France, the world’s most nuclear-reliant country with 58 reactors on 19 sites operated by EDF.

    339. boris says:

      I wrote about this scandal at the beginning of October. It is murkier than first thought. We need to get an independent judge in from Canada to chair the inquiry. otherwise this one wil roll on and on without conclusion.

      30 October 2014: Home Office helped rewrite child abuse probe boss’s letter 7 times over links to Brittan

      The head of the Government’s child abuse inquiry re-wrote a letter to the Home Secretary seven times in order to play down her links to Leon Brittan, it was claimed yesterday. Fiona Woolf is already under pressure to resign because of her personal relationship to the Tory peer, who is at the centre of allegations of an Establishment cover-up of sex abuse claims in the 1980s.

    340. Ken500 says:

      Anyone can get a drone and operate it seemingly. Witness the drone that started the trouble at a recent football match. A riot. They must be available on the Internet. Spy on your neighbour kind of outfit. Governments refusals to protect human rights, a right to privacy and non surveillance.

      Government’s want the right to free drone of speech but the want and do censor others.

    341. john king says:

      Brian Doonthetoon
      Why couldn’t you have said she looked more like this little guy
      “Its an injustice”
      would have made more sense.

    342. john king says:

      Stoker says
      “I’m reading a lot of comments here, on this thread, about that hound Laura Bicker stating (whilst working for the BBC) the words
      “our new leader”.”

      Well if your going to complain don’t give them the excuse of throwing your complaint out for misquoting her,
      She said “our candidate”, which if you think about it is worse than “our leader”, implying he is the BBC’s favoured choice.
      I remember complaining about James Martin stating Yorkshire was quoted as the best (cant remember) in the world (as voted for on “Lonely Planet”) when in fact it was Scotland, and the BBC tried to worm their way out of it by saying something about the exact wording he used,

      Unfortunately for them I had the recording of the programme the statement was made in and was able to recite word for word what he said and the point in the programme he said it and more importantly the context in which it was said, the response was,

      “Weelll yes he did say that but it was artistic licence”
      or some such crap! dont let them weasel out by misquoting them.

      The point is they are not infallible, the response I originally got from them was palpably and provably wrong because they didn’t think I was smart enough to press record on my sky+ box,

      Lesson one NEVER underestimate your enemy!

    343. boris says:

      Murphy blog updated

      No Scottish Labour politician draws more opprobrium from nationalists than Murphy. To some in the party, this is proof that he is the one they fear the most. However, SNP sources deride this as wishful thinking. “He’s pro-[tuition] fees, pro-Iraq [war], pro-Trident, which are three of the things now embedded as part of the SNP’s moral and political identity,” one told me. “All of the worst aspects of Labour politics from an SNP perspective are wrapped up and embodied in Murphy. His election would hand the party a gift on a plate.”

    344. Ken500 says:

      The free trade agreement between EU and US is to prevent US protectionist Market. The US (Multinationals) want to freely trade in the EU rest of the world but operate a protectionist market to stop companies from other countries trading in the US. The free trade agreement prevents the US gov from putting attificial barriers to stop EU companies in the US or they can sue the US Gov.

      No company can sue a Gov and win. It’s not possible but it means the US Gov must give EU companies access and license to operate as US (multinationals) do in the EU. The protectionist measures to keep EU companies out of fair trading in the US. The EU Market is 500million people. The US Market us 300million people,The agreement is especially beneficial to Scotland and can create jobs from trade in Scotland . There is a large Scottish disporia in the US. Millions of people who want Scottish music, tartan Whisky, food stuffs, holidays, a tourist Market. Scotland earns many$dollars of foreign currency from the US Market, especially from those who want a piece of their heritage.

      Firms can’t sue the Scottish Gov for access to free Market tenders for Hospital tenders. If no free market contractsc exist. The way to stop that is to make sure no Scottish Gov exists that would do that, by voting SNP/Alliance. The majority of the elderly and English people in Scotland will not
      vote YES (they can be out voted) but they will vote SNP.

      No corporate can sue a Gov and win. Government always have more resources. They make the Laws and grant the licences. Governments can be bought but that’s a different situation. Corruption, secrecy and lies that’s supposed to be illegal. Criminal politicians should be in jail. On trial at the Hague. Vote them out. The lot of them. Unionist Politican free by 2015. Vote SNP/Alliance.

    345. Ken500 says:

      The Westminster child abuse dossier was destroyed by William Hague. Criminal activity. Criminal activity Thatcher turned a blind eye and said, ‘Boys will be boy’s. The evil cow.

      Is that why Hague is retiring, before the full facts come out.

    346. john king says:

      Alex Clark says

      Saw you pass by on Indy Live tonight. No hat! Did you lose it? ”

      Ask Major Bloodnok Cactus
      He has a penchant for collecting hats. 😉

    347. Ken500 says:

      Murphy is being put up to fail. He is detested in Westminster and in Scotland. The Party can’t sack him but can get him voted out. He is too daft to realise or had no choice. The failed fall guy. He will be revenged for Lamentable performance. In the real world criminals should be in jail.

      Unionist politician free by 2016. Vote SNP/Alliance. Independence by 2020.

    348. Caroline Corfield says:

      I’m fairly certain attempts have already been made to sue countries

    349. chalks says:

      So on the day that the papers SHOULD be full of Murphy standing etc…..they are instead FULL of the SNP destroying Labour all over Scotland.

      In the words of Admiral Ackbar, they can’t ignore polls of that magnitude…

      Wonder if someone at STV doesn’t like Murphy…

    350. AuldA says:


      Flying drones in France has been heftily regulated over the last years. The only case you can fly a drone absent any conditions is indoors. Otherwise, you have to pass some kind of licence, and operate within line-of-sight. The only exception is if you hold a full-fledged aerial pilot licence.

      Now, this story is strange. There is almost nothing to be seen outside a nuclear power plant. Besides, the standard aerial/satellite photographies show already everything.

      Appalling resumé.

    351. galamcennalath says:

      Sarah Boyack and Neil Findlay on GMS wittering about policies of social justice etc.. They seem reasonable enough people but they just don’t get it. They must have their eyes and ears closed. Don’t they realise SLab have just campaigned hard against improving social justice. Everything they said they would like to see is what Independence would bring. By constrast, their Labour party increased inequality while in office.

      I sincerely hope the polls reflect what will happen to this twisted entity which Labour has become.

    352. bookie from hell says:


      “Jim’s parents put him in the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers in his cot – a classic log cabin to White House story,” his friend and former adviser John McTernan says.


    353. galamcennalath says:

      YouGov poll. Similar pattern including Tories down too, but not so much as Mori.

      I would like to think this drop in all Unionist parties is a backlash against the promise/offers/vow which won’t materialise. Unionist Smith submissions make that clear. It may mean No voting DevoMax backers are seeing the light! Better late than never.

    354. Ken500 says:

      The German Gov already had existing contracts with the Swedish company. The contract already existed. They sued for breach of contract not for the right to a contract. The solution was acceptable it still meant the Gov could decline the nuclear industry for a lesser sum. The German Givernment could have just change the Law or change the the goalposts, (they often do) and told the Swedish Co. to go to hell. There could be other solutions.

    355. Ken500 says:

      It’s just another irrelevant Unionist politician circus. Who cares who they elect. They are all just the same. Duplicitous amoral liars who will say and do anything for personal gain.

    356. Ken500 says:

      No wonder people are turned off politics.

    357. SquareHaggis says:


      Take one Jim Murphy and get a sharp needle.
      Make a small hole in the top of said Murph.
      Next, lay the Murph in a warm place for about a week.
      Now you’ve got a rotten egg that will only smell when you break it.

    358. No no no...Yes says:

      O/T watched a recording of Alex Neil, the Health Secretary, getting interviewed by S.Smith on Scotland 2014.It is one of the best interviews I have seen in recent times. She tried to interrupt a couple of times and had a really negative agenda. His answers were detailed and full of facts all of us can use when speaking to non -indie voters. Excellent job!

      I think that SLAB and the BBC will keep thrashing away at the SNHS, so lets be prepared for the campaign.

    359. One_Scot says:

      Read a comment saying, ‘seems like the cybernats don’t like Jim Murphy – that’s when you know we have a winner on our hands’.

      I think they are getting the word ‘winner’ and ‘gravy train abuser’ mixed up. To be fair, that is probably an easy mistake to make when you have a Labour mindset.

    360. MochaChoca says:

      Looks like the referendum has caused politics in Scotland to largely switch to constitution mode.

      It’s long been the case that 60 to 70% want Full Fiscal Autonomy for Scotland. So this poll, with 58% intending to vote for either of the parties proposing FFA, is simply beginning to reflect the settlement that the voters actually want.

      Keep the constitutional debate to the fore for the next 18 months and we win big in both Westminster and Holyrood. And if FFA has not materialised by then a second snap indy ref would be pretty much guaranteed to get a YES.

    361. Ken500 says:

      Murphy also lived in South Africa and saw how an apartheid State operates at first hand. He still supports the apartheid Israeli State of murdering amoral thugs. Policies now being enforced with the support of a few emige Russian neo fascists, in ‘Israel’. Destabilising the Middle East and causing migration to Europe. The migrants who can speak English, they learn it at school, often head for Britain, London S/E where there are jobs. Westminster economic policies mean there are higher public funding spent there.

    362. AuldA says:

      @Caroline Corfield:

      I’m fairly certain attempts have already been made to sue countries

      It’s fairly paradoxal for a Swedish company named ‘Waterfall’ to operate in the nuclear sector… But yes, a contract, even signed by a state, has to be honored, and the law, normally, binds only for the future, not for the past. No retroactivity.

    363. gus1940 says:

      Given that The SNP usually perform far better in Holyrood elections than in Westminster ones I would love to know what the poll results would be if the question asked was ‘What party would you vote for if a Holyrood Election was to take place tomorrow.

      I’m dying to see what poison Brian Wilson conjures up for his weekly column in The Scotsman.

    364. chalks says:

      Philip Morris is suing Uruguay

      It’s believed the result of that will set the corporate agenda for years to come.

    365. desimond says:

      Last nights This Week was pretty funny ( in a sigh laden way) with Jim Murphy getting lauded as ‘I think hes great’ by Alan Johnstone ( who looks likes hes channelling Danny la Rue these days) and Michael Portillo saying “Finally Scottish Labour have a real heavyweight for first time since Donald Dewar( you could picture Lord Mcconnell,Henry and Jola wince while watching)..but its too late to save a GE rout”

      When asked about the catastrophic Poll figures, Allan Johnstone could only mumble “Might be about the Vow but I dont know why WE’RE getting the flak!” like a wee hurt child.

    366. Ken500 says:

      The US government puts a lot of resources into research and development. The developments are issued with a (worldwide) US patent. This creates a monopoly for US companies (a protectionist Market backed by US Gov) These US Companies/multinational can then charge and do what they like with impunity, not pay tax etc. Thev US gov puts up trade barriers/rules that prevent non US firms to access the US market. The US/EU trade deal is an attempt create an equal fairer Market, lower prices, to benefit EU companies. Rather than imposing trade barriers with the US.

    367. Sinky says:

      Worth looking at latest YouGov poll findings particularly regarding politicians ratings

      Also YouGov UK Westminster voting intentions show Tories ahead of Labour

    368. boris says:

      This is the background to the recently rejected bid which, had it gone ahead would have been the largest ever corporate takeover of a company. It would have brought about the destruction of scientific research in the UK.

      Just let me ask the wife says Sir Jeremy – Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood advised the Prime Minister on what view to take on the Pfizer takeover bid for its British rival AstraZeneca. As it happens, his wife had written a report, circulated to politicians, advising pharmaceutical firms to restructure, including mergers with rivals, ‘to navigate turbulent times’. Although the Pfizer bid has now been withdrawn, some wonder if Heywood should have been involved given that he might be suspected of sharing the view of Lady Heywood and her employer, McKinsey. husbands/wives?

    369. Flower of Scotland says:

      Thanks all the guys that went to the Slab Gala Dinner to tell them what we really think of them. I watched on Independence live till the end. It was much better than any TV programme!! They were amazing!

      Sky news asking if it’s time Milliband stepped down. He could be the next to go!! Think that he would have to be pushed!

    370. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      @No no no…Yes

      “I think that SLAB and the BBC will keep thrashing away at the SNHS, so lets be prepared for the campaign.”

      They will indeed. We’ve known they were going to throw everything at using the NHS in England at the GE so it’s a confirmation they are going to try to do the same in scotland. I doubt they have thought it through as it is blatantly obvious the scottish public are going to remember all the warnings from the Yes campaign on the privatisation agenda. It’s going to look just a touch incredible for wee Ed Miliband to jump on that bandwagon after he rubbished it when we all pointed it out. Not to mention all the proof we have of Labour being the ones who introduced the privatisation agenda in the first place and indeed all those westmisnter MPs with shares in private healthcare companies as well as Darling and others getting paid tens of thousand from them to speak and promote them.

      It’s not as if they were trusted much anyway but they definitely won’t be trusted on this after they palled up with the tories at the indyref to deny it.

    371. Marcia says:

      Party leader ratings from the MORI poll;

      Salmond 65%, Cameron 24%, Clegg 19% and Miliband 18%

    372. Sinky says:

      @ Marcia

      You Gov poll for Sunday Times shows following results:

      Sturgeon 41% Trust rating
      Salmond 40%
      Brown 34%
      Darling 34%
      Cameron 26%
      Miliband 25%
      Murphy 24%
      Lamont 23%
      Davidson (Ruth) 23%
      Rennie 13%

      When asked “How well do you think Labour represents Scotland’s interests?”

      Badly 65%
      Well 22%

      UK wide Westminster voting intentions

      Con 33%
      Lab 32%
      UKIP 15%
      Green 7%
      Lib Dem 7%
      SNP / Plaid 5%

    373. Grouse Beater says:

      Murphy “Slept in a drawer of a chest of drawers,” his cot as a kid.

      Back then we were all poor. Today the rest of us don’t get almost £200,000 in expenses a year and a ton of allowances.

      Jim Murphy MP – grousebeater

    374. msean says:

      I saw that moan by Alan Johnston on this week. I can’t believe they don’t know why they are getting the flak,its another one of those “he’s Spartacus” moments lol. Imperial masters etc,they all had an opinion or something to shovel in during the indyref,even though they didn’t have a vote. Now doesn’t want to say about Scottish leadership as he doesn’t have a vote lol. Different rules for party elections it seems.

    375. chossy says:

      10:30 he does really well 🙂 excellent strong finish. I love interviews like these…..

      interviewer : ‘You guys are rubbish’
      interviewee : ‘No we aren’t and heres’ why’
      interviewer : ‘…….. thanks for coming’
      interviewee : ‘pleasure’

    376. Robert Peffers says:

      SqueuedPerspextive says:31 October, 2014 at 12:46

      “The Treaty of Union was a Treaty. The Act of Union with England passed (by the Scottish Parliament) that into Law when matched by the The Act of Union with Scotland (by the English Parliament).

      The Parliament of the newly formed Great Britain has subsequently amended their Act of Union with Scotland – could Scotland not now do similar ?”

      The trouble is that we are not really in any kind of Treaty or Act of Union now. That ended when Westminster brought in devolution. This had two rather drastic effects neither of them not in any way related to either the Treaty or Acts of Union. The Treaty & Acts of union clearly formed a United Kingdom, (That is a single joint Royal Realm), and it also formed a completely new joint UK parliament.

      What devolution effectively has done retain unchanged the joint Royal Realm of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. However, it has totally changed the original set up of, “The Parliament of the United Kingdom”. That is, the joint parliament of the only two kingdoms that signed the Treaty of Union.

      What we now have is a quadratic union of four individual countries and even that is a deeply flawed concept. Westminster was retained for itself the position of a de facto parliament of England. It does so without the membership of that Parliament of England being elected as a Parliament of England. In effect it is an, unelected as such, Parliament of England manned by members elected as United Kingdom members from English constituencies.

      These members now legislate for England and tag wee bits onto bills to accommodate the devolved parliament countries. They fund England as the United Kingdom directly with United Kingdom funds and supplement that with funding for, (particularly), London infrastructure from Government reserves instead of from, for example, DEFRA. They then further regulate the devolved parliaments spending with Barnett Consequentials.

      This is in effect the Parliament of the country of England, now acting as the master race, running the Westminster Parliament as the Parliament of England and thus devolving English powers to three subservient countries parliaments.

      Note that in 1706/7 the Kingdom of England that signed the Treaty had already annexed Wales in 1284, (Statute of Rhuddlan), and Ireland, (Crown of Ireland Act), 1542. What devolution has done is effectively now annexed, (for the country of England), the former Kingdom/country of Scotland.
      The only person in government who has properly articulated the real facts was David Mundell who gave us the way The Westminster Establishment views the set-up now in force : –

      “The Treaty of Union extinguished the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as The United Kingdom”. Mr. Mundell based his claim upon a document published by the Government that contained this – “For the purpose of this advice, it is not necessary to decide between these two views of the union of 1707. Whether or not England was also extinguished by the union, Scotland certainly was extinguished as a matter of international law, by merger either into an enlarged and renamed England or into an entirely new state.”

      Note the usual Westminster misuse of English language there? They do not distinguish between Kingdoms, Countries and States. These three words are not synonymous one with another.

    377. handclapping says:

      I know Guido goes on about Gordon being Jonah but you cannot put Labour’s Westminster representation from Scotland being reduced to Willie Bain (Scotland Votes : Ipsos Mori) down to Milliband / Lamont. It has to have had deeper roots and the Capo di Tutti in Scotland since Smith’s death in 1994 has been Gordon.

      And yet the good people of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath swarmed to re-elect him in 2010. Will they be so keen in 2015?

    378. Jim Mitchell says:

      It’s getting clearer by the day, Mr Arwar steps down, one of the two msp’s get his job, they handle things in Holyrood.

      Labour announce it a the perfect answer and so do the media!

    379. desimond says:

      @Grouse Beater

      The Murphy child

      The Murphy child lay in a drawer
      Then grew up, voted for war
      Uni For 9 years, but no degree
      Then got a job, voted for Fees
      Arms Junkets and large expenses
      Home comes The Murphy child,
      And Heaven help us

    380. Flower of Scotland says:

      There is a video on Facebook from last night,s Slab dinner. It was Glasgow Needy. Andrew Carnaigie who runs a foodbank. There were two or three of them and had a room in the hotel.

      The Slabs were going mad at them as they shouted about the price of the meal and about children who were starving! Slab called the police and four Officers threw them out! ( sorry! Escorted them out! )

      Well done those guys. If you are on Facebook it’s well worth a look.

    381. Marcia says:

      If we look at the two polls it would seem that if have an association with the Tories you get punished by the wider electorate. LD in the UK Coalition and Labour for their involvement in the No campaign that was funded in the main by Tory money.

    382. ronnie anderson says:

      Grouse Beater Murph (slept in a drawer) ah the cunts listened to us aulder wans, ah hud a drawer as a cot, wans Mrs Armstrong kickstarted me into life, upside doon an a skelped erse,pity they did,na shut his drawer, saved us a lot of bother,ah coffins waiting on the Murph noo.

    383. Author_Al says:

      Jim Murphy, idolised in the Grauniad. Read it and puke. Comments are most revealing.

    384. Mealer says:

      What is usually the first Scottish constituency to declare a result in a Westminster election?

    385. SqueuedPerspextive says:

      @Robert Peffers
      31 October ,2014 at 10:47

      Thanks for your detailed reponse.

      And while I agree that is how WM acts likes to believe I invite you to have a read of this very interesting take on things by David M Walker was Regius Professor of Law in the University of Glasgow.

      I am no lawyer but it certainly raises some interesting points…

    386. heedtracker says:

      Graun liars lying for this nonsense union. Fact is virtually no one gave a hoot about Murphy and his 100 towns farce but this ligger says

      “As the only candidate in the leadership contest without a seat in Holyrood – a member of “London Labour” in the language of the SNP – Murphy will face a tough fight. But friends hope his 100-town tour, when he faced down taunts of being a ("Tractor" - Ed) from Yes supporters, show he is the sort of street fighter who can revive Labour.”

      Another day, another pack of UKOK lies from teamGB.

    387. Doug McG says:

      Yesterday morning on the Radio Scotland call in programme , they had a call from a woman from Ayrshire who had some complaints about her recent treatment at the hands of the Scottish NHS , the relevant parts of her long complaint were dealt with by Alex Neil and he promised he would take up the management issues with the hospital and get back to her as they were not acceptable if true.This seemed reasonable , the Health Minister could not be expected to micro manage all treatment in the NHS after all. Eleanor Bradfield was on hand in the programme to keep the anti SG pot boiling.
      Last night , on 2014 , who should appear in her douce Ayrshire home with the same story of NHS neglect , cruelty and incompetence but this time being interviewed by the sainted Eleanor. This time there was no reply from a minister.
      No opportunity will be missed by the BBc to plant negative propaganda on the SNP.

    388. Marcia says:


      One of the Hamilton/South Lanarkshire seats.

    389. Jim says:

      What are those two red blemishes on the map, seriously, get it cleaned up.

    390. one less day says:

      J. Murphy was born in 1967 and he slept in a drawer, unless he was such a greetin faced git his mother shut the drawer with him in it so that she didn’t need to listen to him, I don’t believe a word of it

      I know this was common at one time just as bairns sleeping in bed with their mother was, but the last time I saw it was in the 1950’s so I very much doubt it was still necessary at the end of the 60’s

    391. AuldA says:


      Does anyone know of a transparent or anonymous proxy in the UK to watch the BBC videos?

    392. fred blogger says:

      Flower of Scotland
      i posted it above, under “ain’t it grand”.

    393. joe kane says:

      Thanks Alex Clark and Ian Brotherhood.

      I think the guy in the Glasgow’s Needy Facebook video advertising an anti-Atos protest, whose unethical interrogation bloc is just around the corner from the Central Hotel on Cadogan Street, is Sean (Shaun) Clerkin of Iain Gray and Subway cafe fame. He was also the person who asked Lamont a question at some kind of public meeting and she famously took the huff for all to see in a video and deliberately ignored him and his question.

      Here is a Telegraph video of Sean recently in action. Contains images of George Galloway that some will find offensive –
      Danny Alexander heckled and George Galloway ‘threatened with a bullet’ at independence rally

    394. heedtracker says:

      “cruelty and incompetence but this time being interviewed by the sainted Eleanor. This time there was no reply from a minister.
      No opportunity will be missed by the BBc to plant negative propaganda on the SNP.”

      Never change a winning game, my old PE teacher told us. SO Bradford’s BBC are going to annihilate Scottish NHS and they better get be ready for far worse to come.

      Who can stop them? thanks again, proud Scot buts.

    395. Dorothy Devine says:

      One less day , my first born (1967) was sleeping in a drawer for the first couple of weeks of her life basically because she was premature and the carrycot had not arrived – on order from Embassy coupons , I’m ashamed to say.

      Well done to all those who made it a memorable meal for the Labour party.

    396. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ AuldA

      It unblocks and it lets you VPN in USA too.

      Costs about €5 per month.

    397. Rigmac7 says:

      @one less day

      It’s very implausible, but not impossible that he did sleep in a drawer. I remember my dad telling me that during the 70’s when canvassing in Faifley he was invited into a house by a very nice family who had an old sleeper from the railway lines balanced on a pram frame, being slowly fed into the fire.

      I’d probably say that there could be kids just now sleeping in similar, if not actually in drawers. It’s no kudos to him, it’s just a simple fact of life that Scots use their drawers for multi purposes (socks, weans, cold porridge), and shows our inventive nature.

      The thing that takes away any type of empathy for him is the simple fact that it’s a McTernan story, fabricated purely in an attempt to make him a child of the people, one of “us” (and win the hearts of some of the pensioners who certainly remember it being quite a common practice).

      Frankly the detail of the story is likely to be 99% SLAB propaganda pish, but drawers did and do have multi purposes.

      Wouldn’t mind him doing a reconstruction now, as long as someone is on hand with a hammer and a few nails.

    398. muttley79 says:

      Ghastly and vomit inducing article by Nicholas Watt on that socialist and progressive champion, eh Jim Murphy… The only sources used for this cringe worthy puffiest of a puff piece are John McTernan, and Catherine McLeod, who used to be adviser to Alastair Darling, and who is in general a professional Scottish unionist. Horrible propaganda piece.

    399. Rigmac7 says:

      Apologies for posting EBC crap, but I thought these two messages sent into their website at 11.03 pretty much summed things up;

      James Martin, Glasgow: All I ask is for Labour MPs, MSPs and MEPs to tell me: what is the purpose of the party, what will you do for Scotland, how and when? The fact Labour do not answer these questions but use every answer to bemoan the SNP or Tories is beyond pathetic. Talking down the other side but not giving a solution yourself is not going to get votes.

      Sinclair, Falkirk: If the polls are anything to go by, as a party with little support, why are Scottish Labour getting so much coverage?

      Now, if only EBC would take the viewing public seriously and structure their content to realistically reflect the political climate in Scotland. Oh wait, I just made a boo boo didn’t I?

    400. desimond says:

      This is ridiculous, thats 48 hours and George Galloway hasnt endoreses Jim Murphy yet…surely some mistake!

      Does anyone know if Jim Murphy has a flat in Edinburgh that he can rent out to another MSP while he goes elsewhere and tries to charge living expenses to Holyrood? It worked out fine in London!

    401. K1 says:

      One less day, have to disavow you a little re sleeping in drawers, I was born in ’64 and siblings ’66, ’68 respectively, we all of us as babies slept in the big drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe. It was common place if you were poor, we didn’t ‘think’ we were poor, we thought it was ‘normal’. 🙂

    402. MochaChoca says:

      The North Ayrshire by-election result, in terms of party vote (ie ignoring the independent candidate) has SNP on just over 50% and Labour on 17%.

    403. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Does Murphy sleep in his drawers, or has he got a big skeleton onesie?

    404. Free Scotland says:

      Jim Murphy slept in a drawer? Get real, the guy’s only 47. That sort o’ stuff died out long before his time. Now, if somebody told me his body was taken from a deep-freeze drawer, like the ones in the mortuary in CSI Miami, and that he was then brought back to life like Frankenstein in time for Halloween, I would have no difficulty believing that. Mind you, there is a difference: Frankenstein widnae complain tae the polis if somebody pelted him wae a couple o’ eggs.

    405. Lollysmum says:

      O /T

      Nichola Sturgeon speech Edinburgh 29/10/14-first roadshow audio only but well worth a listen. Includes Q & A session after her speech.

    406. desimond says:

      Nicola Sturgeon has admitted that she did NOT sleep in a drawer as an infant.”A drawer?” exclaimed the future First Minister, “No me, i used to dream of a drawer as i nestled inside the cistern in the ootside toilet”.

      Ms Sturgeon continued “I mind asking my mum if I could get a skelf for my Xmas and watching the tear come to her eye as she said “One day my wee darling, one day!”

    407. Mealer says:

      Our drawer was full of parritch.

    408. fred blogger says:

      a drawer was standard issue in them days, and very cosy i must say.

    409. Lollysmum says:

      @ AuldA

      Ixquick-offers a chice of viewing via proxy or normalWhere your IP address is recorded). I signed up with them after Snowden revelations about spying on everyone.

    410. fred blogger says:

      Free Scotland
      47? oh! i thought he was about my age 62.

    411. GrahamB says:

      I see it hasn’t taken JoLa long to move on to the next stage in her career. She’ll soon be appearing in Cinderella at the SECC with Barrowman and Ian Tough.

    412. Not being of the generation that slept in drawers or kept porridge in drawers , was this common practice and was it only children that slept in drawers and was the drawer closed to keep people falling out .
      Sounds like a Monty Python Sketch.

    413. desimond says:

      Daily Record running a Poll

      “Would Jim Murphy make a good Leader of Scottish Labour?”

      32% Yes
      62% Sane

    414. desimond says:

      68% Sane!!


    415. fred blogger says:

      Scot Finlayson
      older yes voters slept in a drawer on a bed of porridge, no voters slept on a bed of cereal.
      the drawer was kept on the dinning table.

    416. HandandShrimp says:

      The Murphy hagiography in the Guardian is remarkable. I think Boyack and Findlay will be looking askance at the Labour machine in London. Another example of how Miliband wants to control things and ensure that Labour stays firmly to the neo-liberal right.

    417. Croompenstein says:

      Any sign of the command paper, a game changer #McTernan predicts

      World Flat #McTernanpredicts

      Pompeii residents don’t worry nothing will happen #McTernan predicts

      Rock & Roll a passing phase #McTernanpredicts

    418. Clarinda says:

      Wasn’t it reported that Mr Cameron’s daughter, Florence, slept in a box after her premature birth? This could turn into the famous Monty Python sketch as I slept on a tin lid in the middle of a field and was lucky to survive on rainwater. I hope Mr Murphy’s hardship claim is true and not a deceitful mocking attempt to inveigle himself into garnering sympathy with those who have and still do suffer.

      In the early 70s I worked with District Nurses in Edinburgh where there were places of real poverty – living on piles of grubby blankets, dreadful diet, heating from a fire in the middle of the room from wood taken from the walls under the plaster – truly shocking.

      As the Labour race for the pretendy leader and sub-leader branch competition reaches previously unknown levels of insincerity and vacuity – the gala (“sumptuous social pleasure”) dinner last night must be the most ironic gala of all time.

      How many nuts/soya cubes did Mr Murphy consume for the cost of £200 per diner? Perhaps he saved the nuts for those pesky squirrels.

    419. AuldA says:

      @Marcia, BtP, Lollysmum:

      Thanksso much to all of you, but:
      • Marcia: some of the software the web page you mentioned ask to install are Windows only and I’ve got a Mac;
      • BtP: “” is a newspaper?
      • Lollysmum: the proxy feature of ixsearch removes Javascript snippets so I can’t see the video (it is no more possible to click on the image to launch the video).

      Uh. Still trying to unravel the skein! 😉

    420. AuldA says:

      @BtP: Okay, ‘t was Installed. Works like a charm. Thanks so so so much. I add another bamboo sapling in my stash for you.

    421. joe kane says:

      Labour in meltdown.
      Rabid SNP-hater Ed Jacobs sticks his rubber knife into Miliband –
      “I voted for Ed Miliband to be leader believing that he stood the best chance of reconnecting Labour with a public that had become increasingly weary of 13 years of Labour rule. Today, with a heavy heart, I admit that I was wrong…

      Sadly, Labour’s best hope is that it gets lucky somehow between now and May, because at the moment the good ship Labour is, tragically, resembling the titanic – about to hit an iceberg without enough time to turn the ship around.

      What’s is happening in Scotland is symptomatic of a deeper problem
      Left Foot Forward

    422. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just made a cup of tea there, and went to get a spoon – there was a wee toty Jim Murphy in the cutlery drawer, cuddled up with the spoons. I lobbed him into the back garden and a crow made off with him.

      If only it was that easy…

    423. Fred says:

      Doubtless young Murpht even shat in the drawers, he’ll be back to his old habits after reading the opinion polls. 🙂

    424. Rigmac7 says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      I was right then about Jim being the offspring of Shergar’s mum and one of those crows from Dumbo. Although I would have thought said crows would have been long gone by now. I guess the family resemblence was enough to kick in the sympathy vote.

      Alternately, I’m going to have to report you to the RSPB for the trauma you’ve potentially exposed that crow to.

    425. Stoker says:

      So Skeletor slept in a drawer as a bairn, eh.

      Ah no he’s an ugly fecker bit iz dat no jist ah wee bit extreme.

      Yes, i can remember as if it were only yesterday how Thatcher was fond of playing the Hovis card and felt the constant need to try and patronise us all with her “grocers daughter” stories.

      Anyone else seeing the similarities here? Red tory ("Tractor" - Ed)s.

      Listen, Skeletor, many people were forced to sleep in similar conditions, and worse, depending on circumstances, just go and ask those people who come from our old mining communities. The very same people Slabber abandoned long ago.

      Aye, many were forced to sleep in far worse conditions but not everybody turns into a ("Tractor" - Ed) who needs to be investigated for dodgy expenses claims.

      BTW, ya sac-o-smoulderin-sh!te, away and donate some of yer ill-gotten gains into Scotland’s homeless and poverty groups. Then eff off back to London with yer Warminster mates.

      Filthy Slabber ("Tractor" - Ed)s are not wanted or needed in Scotland.

    426. Robert Peffers says:

      @SqueuedPerspextive says: 31 October, 2014 at 1:22 am

      “soz my last post should have begun @Robert Peffers

      I picked up on it all right, SqueuedPerspextive.

      I think the whole point is the entire history of the English Kingdom’s claims of sovereignty over the Kingdom of Scotland runs from the days before Robert Bruce became the rightful legal monarch of an independent Scottish Kingdom. The Kingdom of England never accepted Scotland was ever indeed an independent Kingdom. From the English King’s invitation to mediate in the dispute between the Bruce family and the Comyn family over the Scottish Crown. The English crown saw their chance to assume English sovereignty over Scotland. Note :- The Ragman Rolls : –

      “Ragman Rolls”, refers to the collection of instruments by which the nobility and gentry of Scotland subscribed allegiance to King Edward I of England, during the time between the Conference of Norham in May 1291 and the final award in favour of Balliol in November 1292, then again in 1296. The latter record, contained the various acts of homage and fealty extorted by Edward from Balliol and others in the course of his progress through Scotland in the summer of 1296, followed in August at the parliament of Berwick. This in spite of the Papal acceptance of the Declaration of Arbroath at a time when the Pope in Rome was the Leading authority of the whole of Christendom. In effect the Pope’s word was international law.

      When the Pope first excommunicated Bruce he did so under the belief that Scottish law followed the norm in Christendom at that time, “The Divine Right of Kings”. In which the monarchy was sovereign and owned everything in the kingdom and that included the people who were the monarchy’s subjects. That not only meant Bruce himself was excommunicated, (so thus could not have Divine Right and become monarch), but so also were the people of Scotland as subjects. In fact history records that all English church meetings were to begin by cursing Scotland. This was the inspiration for the reasoning behind the Declaration Of Arbroath. It had, in fact, a very tenuous connection to previous documented Scottish history.

      The whole point of the declaration was to get Bruce of the hook preventing him from being legally accepted by Christendom as the monarch of Scotland. The declaration was that Scotland was indeed an independent Kingdom and under Scottish Law, it was the people who were sovereign and the monarch was only the appointed, “Protector of the people’s sovereignty”, and that if Bruce failed to do his job, under Scots law, he could be replaced by someone who would. Now history records that the Pope accepted the terms of the Declaration of Arbroath, (it did help that the Monarchy of England had in the meantime fallen foul of the Papal leader). Thus in 1320 the Pope accepted Scotland as independent and Bruce as Scotland’s Monarch.

      The next significant matter was the Edinburgh-Northapton Treaty of 1328. This was a peace treaty, signed in 1328, between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. It ended the First War of Scottish Independence, (begun when England invade Scotland in 1296). It was signed in Edinburgh by Bruce, on 17 March 1328, and ratified by the English Parliament at Northampton on 1 May.

      Under the stipulated terms it stated that in exchange for £100,000 sterling, the English Crown would recognise:
      1 – The Kingdom of Scotland as fully independent;
      2 – Robert the Bruce, and his heirs and successors, as the rightful rulers.
      3 – The border between Scotland and England as those recognised under the reign of Alexander III (1249-1286). Note too that Scotland was using Sterling in 1328).
      So Scotland in 1706/7 was an independent kingdom and England was an independent, three country, Kingdom.
      The Treaty of Union is thus a bipartie agreement and can be disunited by either party leaving. There cannot thus be a legal rUK.

    427. YESGUY says:

      Auld A.

      You can put a proxy add on , on your browser and it should allow you to get the iplayer.

      Or try

      It has most channels on. Hope it helps.

    428. Robert Peffers says:

      @Gary45% says: 30 October, 2014 at 10:49 pm:

      “I am embarrassed to say there are certain parts of this fantastic/amazing country of ours that is Scotland, that you could even put a red labour t-shirt on a turd and the masses would still follow it, i.e Kircaldy e.t.c. maybe it is because they are accustomed to the smell that emanates from their leaders’ mouths.”

      Ye mean lik yon, Gary45%?

      The Boy in the Train

      Whit wey does the engine say ‘Toot-toot’?
      Is it feart to gang in the tunnel?
      Whit wey is the furnace no pit oot
      When the rain gangs doon the funnel?
      What’ll I hae for my tea the nicht?
      A herrin’, or maybe a haddie?
      Has Gran’ma gotten electric licht?
      Is the next stop Kirkcaddy?

      There’s a hoodie-craw on yon turnip-raw!
      An’ seagulls! – sax or seeven.
      I’ll no fa’ oot o’ the windae, Maw,
      Its sneckit, as sure as I’m leevin’.
      We’re into the tunnel! we’re a’ in the dark!
      But dinna be frichtit, Daddy,
      We’ll sune be comin’ to Beveridge Park,
      And the next stop’s Kirkcaddy!

      Is yon the mune I see in the sky?
      It’s awfu’ wee an’ curly,
      See! there’s a coo and a cauf ootbye,
      An’ a lassie pu’in’ a hurly!
      He’s chackit the tickets and gien them back,
      Sae gie me my ain yin, Daddy.
      Lift doon the bag frae the luggage rack,
      For the next stop’s Kirkcaddy!

      There’s a gey wheen boats at the harbour mou’,
      And eh! dae ya see the cruisers?
      The cinnamon drop I was sookin’ the noo
      Has tummelt an’ stuck tae ma troosers. . .
      I’ll sune be ringin’ ma Gran’ma’s bell,
      She’ll cry, ‘Come ben, my laddie’,
      For I ken mysel’ by the queer-like smell
      That the next stop’s Kirkcaddy!.

      Mary Campbell Smith

    429. K1 says:

      Aye ye have a way with words Stoker, I think a ‘parcel ‘o rogues’ can now be brought right up to date with the interchangeable ‘sac-o-smouldering shite’. Thus conveying exactly the same meaning in deed and action of those conniving, self serving, backstabbing, greedy bastards who have sold their souls for a shiny button; and whose intent it is to continue their life long habit of feathering their own rancid nests at the expense of the people of Scotland. Murphy is a perfect fit. He’s the Tories fagboy.

    430. Arabs for Independence says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 1:07

      That was very funny. I am getting some strange looks from passing Norwegians for laughing at my phone 🙂

    431. desimond says:

      Every night I sleep in my drawers, does that count?

    432. SquareHaggis says:

      A drawer is similar in shape to a trough. Funny that…

    433. Robert Peffers says:

      @SqueuedPerspextive says: 31 October, 2014 at 11:08 am:

      “And while I agree that is how WM acts likes to believe I invite you to have a read of this very interesting take on things by David M Walker was Regius Professor of Law in the University of Glasgow.
      I am no lawyer but it certainly raises some interesting points”

      Indeed it does raise interesting points but what I have been getting at is that as a Treaty of any kind it is probably illegally to actually have come about in that form in the first place. Here are English Kingdom assumptions that are in fact total lies, (even under English law). English history claims that there was a, “Union of the Crowns”, in 1603, when in fact no such legal union ever took place.
      First of all the Kingdom of England annexed, (not united with) the Princedom of Wales in 1284, (The Statute of Rhuddlan) This after the English King defeated the Prince of Wales and thus, under Divine Right of Kings, added Wales to his own realm. Then, in 1542, (Crown of Ireland Act), after the English King defeated the Irish and claimed to be Lord Of Ireland the act by the Parliament of Ireland placed the crown of Ireland upon the English Kings head. In all three realms the existing law was, “Divine Right of Kings”. So legally The Kingdom of England was then composed of three countries.

      Then, in 1688, when the Parliament of England deposed James I of England during, “The Glorious Revolution”, it removed the monarch from only the three country Kingdom of England but not Scotland as Scotland had remained an independent Kingdom since the Pope declared it so in 1320 and the Kingdom of England agreed to it in 1328 in the Edinburgh- Northampton Treaty. This is why James VI did NOT become James I of Britain but was designated James I & VI. It was also the action that sparked the “Jacobite Uprisings”, in 1688 that continued even after the Treaty of Union, until 1745. Yet in England they still teach in their schools that it was a “Jacobite Rebellion”, but you cannot rebel against a monarch who is not your own and in 1688 Scotland was still an independent Kingdom. That, “Glorious Revolution”, had another significant result. The Parliament of the Kingdom of England removed from their imported monarchy, (King Billy & Queen Mary of Orange), their royal veto over the Parliament of the Kingdom of England. Thus making that three country Kingdom into, “A Constitutional Monarchy”, but not Scotland as Scotland was still an independent country & Kingdom.

      That was the real reason that the Kingdom of England really needed a Treaty of Union in the midst of a Jacobite uprising and the other little matter of being up to debt to their ears. This was due mainly to, “The English Navigational Acts”, that caused wars with the Dutch and other European Kingdoms. It also led to the American War of Independence. These acts were applied also to Scotland. So picture the scene. William Paterson, a London Scot, instigated a subscription scheme to raise money to bail out the deeply indebted Kingdom of England, (this led to the setting-up of the Bank of England, in 1694). Also, in 1693, Paterson was in Edinburgh setting up, “The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies”. This marked the beginnings of the disastrous Darien Expedition.

      Also in Edinburgh at that time was Paterson’s close friend, Daniel Defoe, author and English Kingdom undercover agent, working to get the rich landed Scottish parliamentarians to sign-up to both the Darien Scheme and the Treaty of Union. By the time the underhanded work had bankrupted those parliamentarians there was an English fleet lying of the coast of Scotland and English armies ranged across the Scottish/English Borders. In short it was a scam to whack all scams and certainly was not a freely entered treaty by the Sovereign people of Scotland.

    434. Scav says:

      @Doug Daniel

      Anne Begg *should* lose her seat though. She campaigned for No alongside the fucking National Front. That crosses a line.

    435. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      If Murphy slept in a drawer, it was this one.

      Go to 1 minute and 30 seconds to see the actual drawer

    436. Ken Mair says:

      While we are on the “Black is White” reporting and analysis of the SNP record by deluded reporters/commentators look at how this single word alters the reality of the the massive rise in SNP membership “SNP has been recruiting in droves”
      Colin Blain (spel?) for BBC. As I understand it recruiting involves a great deal of effort to persuade people to enrol
      in your organization.

    437. Croompenstein says:

      FFS I must have missed this…sorry folks I should pay more attention…

    438. RMAC says:

      I have just had a quick look through the command Paper that Croompenstein linked to, no huse surprises, its a drink from the poison chalice as expected from what I can see

    439. Croompenstein says:

      Don’t feel so bad now Munguins missed it anaw 🙂

    440. Caroline Corfield says:

      Mr. Murphy may well have slept in a drawer, but he may well have done so while visiting relations as a baby. He might have actually been put to bed in a drawer, and why not, it’s quite adequate for a baby. I spent the first two years of my life in a tenement with a toilet on the half landing. What’s not so ok is that I returned to such a dwelling as a student in the eighties at Paisley. In twenty years the labour controlled west of Scotland had still failed to irradicate unsuitable accommodation. There were families in our ‘student’ accommodation and some of them were employees of the college.

      I agree this just smacks of Monty Python and he’s too stupid to have noticed.

    441. SqueuedPerspextive says:

      @Robert Peffers 31 October 2014 at 1.53pm
      @Robert Peffers 31 October 2014 at 3.51pm

      Thanks for that excellent summary of the History of Scotland & England relations.I am better informed.

      No wonder it was written “Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!”

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