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Duncan Vs. Reality

Posted on February 27, 2019 by

Lordy, is it that time again already?

Let’s leave aside the most toweringly and obviously cretinous aspect of that insanely illogical claim for a moment – namely, if the McCrone Report was such a smoking gun proving independence would be bad, why did the UK government suppress it for 30 years rather than sending a copy to every home in Scotland and shouting it from the rooftops every single day? – and just quickly look at what it actually said.

God, he’s right. Huge surpluses, lower prices, higher wages, regeneration of cities, a more stable economy less prone to boom and bust (not just for Scotland but for our neighbours and friends in the rest of the former UK too), full employment, better and cheaper housing, a much stronger voice in Europe. It sounds dreadful.

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  1. 02 03 19 14:04

    The McCrone Report another missed opportunity for the YES movement - Independent Scot

593 to “Duncan Vs. Reality”

  1. Tackety Beets says:

    As we see Blubber Blair & other yoons out in force this week.

    iRef2 might be best seen as an opportunity for Scotland to re-affirm its love of ALL things UK. eh naw!

  2. Dr Jim says:

    Murdo says, well you know what Murdo says

    Now we’ll see months of Britnat stupidity making up even more stupid names for the new Scottish currency

    We could use an old name like The Guinea and have fun listening to them trying to ridicule a denomination of currency they used to use, of course we might probably do away with the one pound one shilling silly bit

    Or have a schools competition to name it, involve the yougsters in their own future money, now that’s lovely and democratic, I like that

    Do that FM get the kids in on it, offer a prize, start it now, make the Yoons even more mental than they already are

  3. galamcennalath says:

    I think the work done by Led by Donkeys is superb. John Swinney seems to agree …

    … wonder if that was in Scotland? Some here would be great.

    Also on that thread is a brilliant example from BetterTogether that should definitely be on billboards all around Scotland!

    What is the process for removing our EU citizenship? Voting Yes.

    That should make folks very angry indeed! And don,t get angry, vote YES instead.

    Someone with the know how and contacts needs to get a campaign of this type going here.

  4. Capella says:

    @ CameronB Brodie – Britain has always been a police state, even before it became Britain. I once read a bio of Walsingham, Elizabeth Is spy master. He ran an astonishing number of spies, running into thousands, all over Europe including Russia.

    Secured the execution of Mary Queen of Scots.

    If you’re paranoid you need to know what everybody is up to 24/7.

  5. SilverDarling says:


    Remember the anti-BBC campaign?

    It wasn’t well supported by all sides of Indy at the time but made a bit of a splash.

    I’m sure another broader campaign looking at the lies told by Leave and BT would get more support now.

  6. Republicofscotland says:

    Theresa May to point blankly refuse permission for a second independence referendum.

  7. Marcia says:

    The Claim of Right vote in the HoC last year gives sovereignty to the Scots not number 10 Downing Street. We are not a colony or are we Mrs May?

  8. ronnie anderson says:

    Scot Finlayson We hiv ah scots version of Gaslighting he’s cawed the Leerie Manny and many’s ah Lampost he lit up .

  9. Lenny Hartley says:

    Re Person of Special Interest, think i was on the list in the dim and distant past, no idea why other than being a card carrying member of the SNP , i have never been a member of any other political organisation, although I have been a member of a few cultural and fraternal organisations over the years. In a previous life I used to travel internationally quite a bit on business, even coming in from Europe though the EU gate several times I was stopped and my bags searched. Once arriving in Glasgow from somewhere in Europe , I was taken aside by Special Branch and asked “you do know its illegal to bring firearms into the UK “ I said off course I know thats illegal as they proceeded to search my bags and me. I probably deserved it as I spoke to Donald Anderson at a couple of Marches (only joking Donald 🙂 tothis day I have no idea why they were targetting me, but they eventually lost interest.

  10. Lenny Hartley says:

    Forgot to say that unfortunately will not make Saturday, have a good one guys n gals.

  11. @ronnie anderson,

    Nick Eardley,Scotland`s own `Fanny by Gaslight`.

  12. stewartb says:


    The BBC has made much of telling us that Scotland will have a record number of athletes in the British team at the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow over this weekend. The number is nine – yes nine out of all the ‘serious’ athletes in Scotland will have the opportunity to experience participation in such a big international event.

    So is this a big number for a country of c. 5.5 million people? Well, for a bit of fun you can see how many athletes from other European countries – that is from independent European countries – are having the opportunity to participate by using the search facility at: (fill in the country).

    Malta will have 9 athletes in Glasgow; Iceland will have 10 athletes; Ireland will have 75 athletes. OK so there may not be that many medals from these countries but the opportunity their athletes have to participate in this big international event is so much greater than that open to Scotland’s best. Or does Scotland suffer from having athletes (other than nine) that are too slow or too weak relative to these other countries to even qualify?

  13. ronnie anderson says:

    Lenny Hartley sos tae here that Lenny , no doubt weil meet again in the near future .

  14. stewartb says:

    Re my post @ 8:30 pm

    Apologies. Irish team consist of only 16 athletes according to an Irish source ( ).

    The source I gave is misleading – at least for me.

    Once again apologies.

  15. ronnie anderson says:

    stewartb its a cynical attempt to get the Scottish Public to support the British team by including 2nd class Scots , if those Athletes delved into the way the British empire treated Scots they would run alright as far away from anything british as their legs could carry them .

  16. john boy says:

    Please Mrs Englander, can we have a referendum???

    Shut yer mooth Scotland and eat yet porridge.

  17. Albert Herring says:

    “Or have a schools competition to name it”

    Poundy McPoundface it is then.

  18. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Republicofscotland @ 19:49,

    I’m not sure Dis-May dare flat-out refuse a formal request for a S.30, because of the possible political repercussions. (More prevarication, perhaps, but a definite denial, less sure.) A formal request that hasn’t been made post-2014 yet, remember, and with a very clear and specific mandate behind it. So one suspects nervous anticipation of an imminent request and an attempt to dissuade by means of fairly transparent threats.

    In the circumstances, this supposed “private polling indicates a hardening of resistance to IR2” sounds very much part of that attempt. Personally I find it hard to credit, especially if it’s tested.

    Yet more English exceptionalism in evidence. In denial about Brexit, in denial about Scottish independence. And brittle as a pencil lead.

    Nicola & Co hopefully have a Plan B ready as well, though. There should be no stopping or stalling this time.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    Oh I think the FM has a plan and it’s not the wait till Holyrood elections for a majority plan or let’s see who wins the next UK General election plan, because whoever’s the next Prime Minister’s going to say *now is not the time* just the same as the last one

    The FM’s no dummy and to do any of that would just be dumb so my guess is the constitutional and legal route, sneaky’s best and I feel like there’s something brewing in the SNP kettle, and it’s a lot more than tea, maybe some French Coffee and German Schnaaps topped of with some Dutch Cream and Belgian Chocolate accompanied by maybe UN pointy finger sandwiches

  20. jfngw says:

    It’s irrelevant what is announced about the currency Scotland uses, either a independent currency or a currency union (between Scotland and anyone) will be declared unworkable by the BritNats and their press cohorts. Scotland will be the only place in the world that is incapable of having any currency, unless it is the pound and we are held prisoners by WM. It is best just to ignore them.

    my preference is for a Scottish currency launched immediately, with a dual currency running on independence day, which I hope is asap.

  21. twathater says:

    Republicofscotland 7.49pm I made the mistake of looking at some of the comments which unusually the bogus broadcasting cabal has permitted , I blame snatcher thatcher for shutting down the insane asylums and giving us the care in the community , this is what happens when you let the lunatics take control
    I can ALMOST ( not really ) forgive the english commenters because they have been brainwashed to believe that we Scots are a shower of unkempt , uneducated subsidy junkies who sit about bevvied out of our brains every day

    But I CANNOT forgive the Scots commenters who refuse to see the truth that we have been used and abused for 300+ years by english only focused exceptionalists , we have only ever been considered as canon fodder with resources to be exploited , stolen or used for their benefit

    These cringing tractors who demean and deride their nation and their fellow citizens in an effort to curry favour with their maisters deserve nothing but contempt .

    They continually assert that the dreaded SNP SG are ruining Scotland in every way imaginable , yet they NEVER ever consider the total clusterfcuk that successive unionist governments have caused to the whole of their wonderful uk

    Brain deid is a horrible affliction thankfully it is restricted to unionists

  22. Thepnr says:

    It has to be obvious that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have anticipated the possibility that their request for a Section 30 order prior to conducting a second Independence referendum will be refused by Westminster.

    That’s not to say it definately will be refused only that before requesting such a thing then the SNP will be prepared for a refusal.

    That has to be the case so you can immediately expect a counter measure to thwart this refusal. I’ve no idea what this might be but there definitely is one and the SNP leadership will be prepared to go all the way.

    It doesn’t have to be this way of course but you can almost guarantee that with this lot in power led by May you are going to get obstinacy. They’ll fuck it up again just as they’re doing with Brexit and we will just laugh at them.

    The next few weeks are going to be great entertainment, I love looking at May’s face when Ian Blackford tears her a new one in Westminster. She looks like an evil imp getting her bum spanked lol.

  23. yesindyref2 says:

    @Dr Jim
    Most of the time I agree, there is a plan and it has nothing to do with elections, but sometimes like some others on this forum, I despair. It depends on the weather!

    Or more precisely on such articles as were in The National this morning, and 3 resolutions from Brown and Mackay, 2 of which are “we will suport Independence” – eh? You what? and the third of which at least has some meaning, though not a lot – it doesn’t even state that a currency will be set up in the first parliament, just that they’ll think about it. Such articles do bring about a certain amount of desperation.

  24. Nuggets O'Pish says:

    Petra says:
    1 March, 2019 at 1:19 pm
    “This is a resume of today’s (some of) Nana News:”

    Brilliant! When you see this stuff side by side, the chaos comes rushing in. Please do this again when you have the time.

  25. Legerwood says:


    CH4 news tonight and Michael Crick’s report on Chris Grayling and the £33 million payout.

    It seems from what was said in the report that the Government paid the money in order to stop the case because they believed that the judges were going to rule that all, or the bulk, of the Government’s contracts set up to ensure delivery of goods post Brexit were illegal. This might have put a stop to no-deal Brexit.

  26. yesindyref2 says:

    I think Rev’s getting a bit pissed off as well with this talk of a 2021 election!

  27. Liam says:

    I love looking at May’s face when Ian Blackford tears her a new one in Westminster. She looks like an evil imp getting her bum spanked lol.


    Oh gods! I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. Thank you very much!

  28. Lenny Hartley says:

    Cheers Ronnie unfortunately no make it me and my dug are gonna be movie stars on the sunday so i need to be on Arran, i think the plot involves me dressed as a cowboy shouting abuse at a britnat , dont think i need much rehearsals for that 🙂

  29. chicmac says:

    “chicmac do you have any other docs or information showing any polling stats on the indy proposition from 2006 to 2014?”

    Erm, kinda.

    There was a couple of significant changes which occurred at the start of that period.

    Actually, it is a little complicated and needs some pretty convoluted background information first.

    To be as succinct as I can I will resort to an itemised list.

    1. The preferred SNP indy question up until 2006 was ‘Indy in Europe’.

    2. Due to anti-EU hysteria dialled up by the Bringlish Nationalist media at that time until the needle broke off at eleven, any mention of Europe had a very negative effect. Straight bananas and all.

    3. In Independence First, we knew that to be beyond doubt on the question of independence. Not only had we discovered the existence of those straight Y/N question polls, but in two cases, both an ‘Independence in Europe’ type question and a ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ type question was asked with very different results from the same respondants at the same time.

    4. A little surprisingly, but then again perhaps not *, it seemed that our MSPs were unaware of those straight Y/N poll results. So we sent the results along with links to the polling organisation’s on line archives to all MSPs so that they could check for themselves.

    5. We received little response beyond a few ‘Very interesting’ type replies. However…

    6. … A few weeks later Alex Salmond announced a new ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ preferred indy question and included it in the new manifesto heading toward 2007.

    7. He also commisioned a new poll with that question which as in previous polls returned a 54% Yes when DKs were ignored.

    8. Another similarly questioned poll done by the Sunday Times gave another similar result which blew the gaff in England and a 2nd by the SNP, ditto.

    9. Proff Curtice was wheeled out to explain. He said he was aware of those historic polls, which surprised me because I had never heard him mention them before, but it was all down to the wording of the question etc. etc.

    10. Then the Electoral Commission became involved, should maybe put allegedly there, and said that question would not be allowed. That, as it turned out, was bollocks because the question which finally ended up on the ballot paper was in fact very similar. However, at that time, acting on the alleged legal advice, the question was changed to something like ‘I agree that the Scottish Government should start negotiations with Westminster on independence.’

    11. I knew immediately that that would result in an instant apparent drop in support for indy because I already knew some fundy nats who said that they would vote ‘Do not agree’ in protest because they thought there should or could be a no negotiation clean break. That was a naiive stance of course, not entirely dissimilar to those ultra hard Brexiteer MPs who want an immediate no deal clean break with the EU.

    So, in the following trend graph which was an on going polling trend based on face to face interviews carried out by TNS-BRMB using this new preferred indy question, you see an immediate ‘drop’ in indy support to around 41% (ignoring DKs) from 54%. Over the course of 2007 and early 2008, this ‘recovers’ to parity, where, IMO, ‘recovers’ means the fundy nats, who in reality would always vote for the indy option in a real referendum, gradually realised the error of their ways.

    However, from mid 2008 onwards we had a genuine impact on indy due to the bank crisis and Brown and Darling successfully portrayed as a ‘bad Scottish banks’ event despite the ‘good English bank, Barclays’ being excused from simlar public humiliation while clandestinely taking more than twice the bail out loans from the Fed, the BoE and the ME than HBOS and RBS put together. But however contrived, that did, sadly, have a real on going impact on indy support, as opposed to the unreal one caused by the monitored question change.

    * It may seem improbable that MSPs were unaware of those polls but they were, effectively ‘buried’ by the SMSM and I myself, sad fuck that I am, read minutes of a briefings to MPs in Holyrood which covered indy support. They were told it was around 30 % citing those polls with things like ‘Europe’ attached to indy or which were from multi option polls.
    They even quoted the independence in Europe result from one of those polls where respondants were also asked the ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ question, but only the indy in Europe result was given and the ‘Europe’ bit was conveniently not mentioned to boot.

  30. yesindyref2 says:

    Great posting, thanks, from what little I know I agree.

  31. Dr Jim says:

    The up and down nature of this is because we all know what’s going to happen, we all know the rehearsed arguments the Britnats will deploy, we all know the ridicule they will try and subject us to and you know what, that’s why we’re ready for them because they’ve got nothing and they know it so what’ll they do? that’s right we know what they’ll do but they don’t know what we’re going to do and that’s what makes them mental

    I do firmly believe I’m right, Oor wee barra FM’s got a strategy or my name’s Boris the Clown

    Don’t hold me to the Boris thing

  32. yesindyref2 says:

    Just to add to that as I posted before, if Wendy Alexander had been supporter rather then moved somewhere else, Salmond would ahve been forced to go for the Indy Ref round about 2010, and it would have lost about 70% NO to 30% YES – no matter how good the campaign (I think). Hence the “second half of the next term for Indy Ref” he said shortly before the 2011 election, to give the economy time to recover – both UK and Scotland (and the world).

  33. K1 says:

    ‘It has to be obvious that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have anticipated the possibility that their request for a Section 30 order prior to conducting a second Independence referendum will be refused by Westminster.’

    The last time this was ‘seriously’ being imminently considered and Nicola was about to make a statement wrt to our referendum, the ‘now is not the time’ pish was bandied about immediately followed by the ‘snap’ GE being called. It is as you say ‘obvious that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have anticipated the possibility that…will be refused…’. Cause we’re in exactly the same timewarp we were back in 2017 in this regard. The ‘deflection’ at that time succeeded in redirecting our focus and energies onto the GE et al.

    So I’m with your outlook on this farce unfolding again; ye couldnae make it up.

    But they are continuing in much the same vein as they are doing wrt the ‘backstop’, i.e. that it’s possible to make that disappear and irrelevant whilst the facts remain as they have always been; ye cannot destroy the GFA as a means to an end. By the exact same logic ye cannae tell the sovereign Scots in Scotland that they cannae huv a referendum on independence without ‘everyone’ then seeing the second party to the Acts of Union being treated as if they are not in fact the co founder of the very Union that you are ‘apparently’ protecting by ‘not allowing’ that co founder to have a say on how they will proceed on the back of the outcome of UKexit negotiations.

    They clearly think we are a bunch of ignorant mugs much like they think of the Irish people and the other EU26 as being exactly the same.

    Surely any ‘deflection’ will be seen for what it is, ‘if’ a similar ‘ploy’ emerges in response to our seeking the section 30 order arises in the next few weeks?

    A bliddy well hope so.

  34. yesindyref2 says:

    The unionists don’t have a clue which way to turn. Half of them are still running Indy Ref 1, but whichever way it goes, IR2 is already very different. And a good few contradict themselves in different postings, or even some times in the same one. If there are a lot of diversions going on which is quite possible, the Unionists are running round in circles following all of them. Personally I react normally and genuinely to the lot of them, it’s genuine but it certainly helps to stir the pot and add some chilli powder and ginger.

    Want some beans with that?

  35. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    K1 @ 22:24,

    Well, some of it at the moment may be bluff and counter-bluff. If for example there is the threat of another UKGE as deflection, in repeat of 2017, that would be a tacit admission of desperation by UKGov. And the counter-threat is obvious: make the GE a referendum by proxy by stating in advance that in the circumstances, a majority of SNP MPs in Scotland is a de facto declaration of independence à la Thatcher. I’m not so sure the UKGov would like those odds.

  36. Robert Peffers says:

    @ … Thepnr says: 1 March, 2019 at 10:15 am:

    ” … The SNP WILL propose a new currency for an independent Scotland.

    Today we reveal that the party leadership want to adopt the vast majority of Growth Commission’s recommendations – but will ask spring conference to back a quicker transition to a Scottish pound – with a vote during the lifetime of the first independent parliament.”

    Are you sure about that reading thing, Thepnr?

    Read it again – This bit for example, ” … but will ask spring conference to back a quicker transition to a Scottish pound.

    Got it now? ” … to a Scottish Pound … “

    As I keep pointing out here on Wings we already have a Scottish Pound Sterling and have had it since 1707. It is agreed in the Treaty of Union and the pound sterling is thus every bit as much the Scottish currency as it is the English currency but we always have had distinctively different bank notes.

    So, as I said it is not a question on a new currency but of separating the Scottish and the English Pound Sterling. The question then is do the then two separated kingdoms link their currencies or do they not.

    As I pointed out already, and referring to the McCrone Report, it isn’t Scotland that is going to have problems it is England.

    McCrone reported that the Scottish economy would become so hard as to be, “embarrassingly strong”, for England. That is even much more true today than it was when McCrone wrote his report.

    It wont be Scotland’s economy suffering from being tied to the English pound but the English pound being embarrassed if it is linked to the Scottish pound. The point is that the two pound sterling currencies need not be linked in the first place.

    There are many countries that, for example, use the Dollar. They may or may not link to the USA Dollar. Both Canada and the USA use the Dollar and there is no problems.

    So why this great urge to have Scotland pay to change to some other currency for doing so would cost us dear.

    As The McCrone Report points out the Scottish currency will harden to the extent of embarrassment to England – let England worry about it and bear in mind we need not agree to allow England to link the English pound to the Scottish pound.

    Scotland will have the whip hand after we end the union – why the hell do you imagine they are so set upon holding onto us?

  37. Thepnr says:

    @Robert Peffers

    You’ve caught up and read it now then. Which bit of the proposal is it that you don’t think is “good” as I said in the first place and thanked Nana for the link to the article only to have you pull me up on saying I thought it was a good idea?

    I still think it’s a good idea, do you?

  38. yesindyref2 says:

    From Rev’s feed thing:

    David Davis
    ?Verified account @DavidDavisMP

    The Government has been right to help the NHS with No Deal Brexit planning. It’s very regrettable that Eurotunnel seems to have tried to block this from happening.


    I mean, WHAT?

    Disconnect, much?

  39. yesindyref2 says:

    You can disagree with me all you like, but you can’t force me to disagree with you.

    So there, mneerrrrr.

  40. K1 says:

    Yeah, I don’t think UKgov would like those odds too Robert, completely agree we have ‘the’ counter to another ‘snap’ GE and though there are no guarantees on the outcome of a GE as a proxy indyref campaign, it would be the only route available under those circumstances.

    It’s safe to say they wouldn’t be keen on honouring that outcome either if we won on that ticket. Tricky times ahead…but…what’s new eh? 🙁

  41. john boy says:

    Brexit is costing us a fortune.

    Not a peep from the Scottish Tories.

    Hypocrisy of the highest order.

  42. mike cassidy says:

    Are the unionists just gaslighting us into questioning our sanity?!

  43. chicmac says:

    ” Salmond would ahve been forced to go for the Indy Ref round about 2010, and it would have lost about 70% NO to 30% YES – no matter how good the campaign (I think).”

    Maybe not quite as much as that, but otherwise, Yes.

    OTOH if MSPs were aware that indy support was 54%, or thereabouts, between 2000- 2007 ???

  44. yesindyref2 says:

    I was pretty aware of that (I think!), and they did try to get the Ref going before the bank crash, so perhaps they knew too. And their vote went up 10% in 2007 from 2003, with all to play for.

    I remember thinking “this is it” in 2007, and followed the online National Conversation forum, with mostly good posters below the articles. Not really excited to be honest, it had been coming even while the Devo Ref was on, and was “certain” to follow. Onwards and upwards was about all I thought about it.

    Look what happened!

  45. chicmac says:

    If the true support for indy had been made known, support for the SNP, Greens and at that time SSP would have soared, IMO.

  46. yesindyref2 says:

    Just thinking back, and a feature of the early years of Devo was a “feelgood factor”, not just in Scotland but in the rest of the UK too. Things were good, credit was plentiful! The bank crisis put a stop to that, though not straight away (I’d clock it as happening more in 2009-10).

    Then Brown made a hash of the GE in 2010, made a further hash of getting Labour back into power as a coalition government, the Tories took over and put a stop to the feelgood factor completely. And probably deliberately, the plebs need to be kept in our place – down at the bottom of the heap. It worked, so next GE the Tories got in with an overall majority. The UK is full of serfish masochists who aren’t happy unless they’re miserable and complaining about everything.

  47. yesindyref2 says:

    Very possibly. I can’t remember what the general populace’s idea of support for Indy was, so can’t really comment! I do remember that even then Independence was down the priority list, having a holiday or two a year, and getting a new car took precedence with many, or of course, just surviving with others.

  48. yesindyref2 says:

    That “Feelgood Factor” by the way is something the YES campaign could perhaps address “Put the Feel Good Factor back into Scotland”.

    Keith Brown and others are right austerity has to end, it’s a busted flush when it comes to the economy anyway, automatically reducing the economy by cutting public expenditure when there’s no real need.

    One last thing, it’s going to be interesting watching the STUC when it comes to Indy Ref 2. They were not against Indy last time, quite close I think. With Brexit they might just take a plunge and support a YES vote – conditional on austerity ending and a very quick start with our own currency (they didn’t really like the currency union).

  49. manandboy says:

    At no time during the entire Brexit process, lasting nearly 3 years, have the Tories been very smart. But now, we are all supposed to believe that this Tory Government has got it all worked out and that the UK’s best interests will be served, to the benefit of everyone in the UK.

    I’d sooner believe that pigs can fly. But sadly, I’m in a minority. Such is the power of UK Unionist propaganda.

  50. boris says:

    Smoke and mirrors over the Oct 2017 management buy out of Tinopolis from the control of the offshore Bermuda based Vitruvian Partners. Two Vitruvian Partners are still on the management board of Tinopolis.

    Many millions of Scottish licence fee revenue is still being transferred to a commercial company, notionally based in Wales, who take it and run without paying UK tax on their profits.

    Scottish production companies, wholly registered in Scotland, should be awarded contracts from BBC (Scotland) so that Scottish licence fee payers can be assured their financial contributions are being used to retain and develop Scottish based workers and enterprises.

    That was the purpose of the transfer of programme production to Scotland some years ago and Scotland is being defrauded from the franchise commitment entered into by the Westminster government and the BBC Trust.

  51. defo says:

    For those of us feeling a tad jittery, consider a couple of things.

    The longer this brexit fiasco goes on, the longer it gives the 30% or so of the people we’re trying to convince independence is the lifeboat time to absorb a smidgen of wtf is actually going on.
    The rest are pretty much spoken for.

    Secondly, and not unrelated.
    Who’s looking out for their interests generally, and who isn’t.

    Accelerated Gradualism.

    Just as the last Holyrood election was twisted by our enemies into almost exclusively a single issue of “no more referendums” (with a smidgen of FTP ok on the side), NS has more than likely already drafted The Speech, heavy on the brexit repercussions of retaining the status quo, which will gain us the trust of more than enough of that expanded reachable.

    A v good friend of mine, well off, well educated and a decent sort, a soft No , took less than 24hrs after Brexit was announced to become stridently Yes, and a party member within the week!
    But she’s smarter than yer average bear. 🙂

  52. defo says:

    I wonder if, in the bleak years to come the English will mark March 29th in a similar fashion to Nov 5th, with effigies of Banks, Farage and Co as the ‘Geisers’.
    Englands parcel of rogues.

  53. Cactus says:

    Is this a pre-sketch aye see afore thee?:

    When our independence day arrives, it’s gonna be fucking massive! (and very awesome!)

  54. Cactus says:

    Or if not a Cairnstoon… it may be something else…

    OR BOTH!!


  55. yesindyref2 says:

    Well spotted. Is that pocket money? Mmm.

  56. Cactus says:

    Aye indeed yesindyref2, exciting times, if yer thereaboots Glasgow City ra day… come and join us.

  57. Cactus says:

    NB Did anybuddy see Countdown on a guest tv yesterday? They almost had the letters for “H O T H E R S A L L” picked out oh ha ha ha oh he he hey.

    (Minus ee’s last “L” for nine)

    And Rachel… that’s some hugging dress yer wearing missy, shapes.

    Susie Dent is still me Dr Sara Tancredi, likey Lovey X


  58. Cactus says:

    Hey Duncan…

    Congratulations like…

    You’ve just been trimmed!

  59. Cactus says:

    Who thought that was a bit of of fluff on the “t” at first?

    Aye did.

  60. Cactus says:

    PS Hothersal…

    Ah ha ha haaa!:

    Then they fight us…

    Then we laugh….

    Then we WIN.

  61. Cactus says:

    We have come full circle.

    iScotland is ready.

    Dundas St.

  62. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    chicmac: “It may seem improbable that MSPs were unaware of those polls…”

    I wouldn’t say improbable – rather, risible.

  63. Alex Waugh says:

    No wonder the thieving, conniving bastards in London kept this hidden for so long. McCrone should be at the centre of the next independence campaign – send a summary to every household, along with a copy of any documents in which the WM government ordered its suppression. Put it on billboards. Then let anyone who is against leaving the union try to argue that Westminster is to be trusted in any way; that we are better off governed by liars, cheats and thieves who resent and envy us so much that they would ignore the fact that their own beloved England would also benefit from Scotland’s success. Trumpet the evidence that the privileged thugs in Westminster are happy to shaft the English just to damage the Scots – so desperate are they to hold on to power and their sense of feudal superiority. Let the electorate see for themselves how Scotland – and England – have been cynically fleeced for decades.

    Time for the SNP to stop playing nice. They should shout from the rooftops the depth of WM’s dishonesty, corruption and, yes, even evil – for what else can you call it when one ‘partner’ stops another from flourishing out of greed or spite? When some has-been ‘celebrity’ is trotted out to snivel about how much Britain loves Scotland, mock them: scorn their vapid drivelling with this proof of how the flaccid scions of a long line of robber barons who govern their beloved Britain deliberately conspired to prevent Scotland enjoying prosperity and growth. I am actually so angry that I can’t even fully express it, so I’ll stop now before I begin to howl in rage.

  64. Nana says:

    Dirty tricks we must watch out for

    Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, is to lead a major new report focussed on how Scotland’s universities can improve their engagement with industry and boost their contribution to economic growth.

    Scots to get a new Scottish Pound after we leave the Brexited UK.
    Plus a Central Bank to guarantee the value of currency and to monitor the supply of going and notes in circulation.

  65. Nana says:

    Profits fall at STV as boss backs it to thrive as independent

    Trump tells May to abandon ‘unwarranted’ food standards for Brexit trade deal

    Crushing legal defeat for govt could finally kill off the Hostile Environment

  66. Nana says:

    Right. It’s Friday. A quick #Brexit sitrep, as I understand it, with chats from both sides.

    The British government has expressed anger after the EU offered tentative support for Spain’s territorial claim over the land on which Gibraltar airport is built.

  67. Nana says:

    Brexit: damage limitation

    From the ferry firm without ferries to the prisoner book ban, the Tory Transport Secretary nicknamed ‘Failing Grayling’ is either responsible for an absolute clusterfluff – or he’s the unluckiest minister in history

  68. Nana says:

    First they orchestrate a piece of clumsy theatre and then think to scare Russia. They are mad to think we take them seriously. Just wasting OUR tax money. UK Defence Ministry Set to Reopen Five Military Bases Due to Skripal Poisoning:
    Article here

    The madness, anxiety and absurdity of a full-English Brexit

    Exclusive: Internal report by German Parliament warns that #Brexit extension beyond May EU election breaks EU law. Legal action against U.K. only one possible consequence

  69. Nana says:

    Will not archive

    “If Chris Grayling woke up every morning determined to be as incompetent as possible, he would struggle actually to be this incompetent.”

    Week in Review: A govt coming apart at the seams

  70. Macart says:

    Cheers Nana. 🙂

  71. Nana says:

    Morning Macart 🙂

  72. K1 says:

    Thanks for the links Nana.

  73. Nana says:

    You are welcome K1, late today but better that than never 🙂

  74. Phronesis says:

    Brexit will hasten the demise of the NHS, Scotland will not be immune unless Scotland is in charge of its economy, lock ,stock and whisky barrel.
    The death of the NHS in real time- greatest of betrayal of the democratic process- put that on the side of a bus.

    ‘The immediate issue is the supply of medicines, medical devices and other essential products. But a ‘no deal’ exit would also have serious implications for the availability of staff in care and research settings, the arrangements governing reciprocal healthcare, the regulation of medicines and devices, and the UK’s involvement in pan-European research and innovation and in public health and prevention initiatives. All of these would be affected over an indefinite period of time. The most disadvantaged in society would be likely to be most at risk’

    “I have never seen the NHS in such a bad state as it is now, and it upsets me a lot.”…“We haven’t got enough staff now, we haven’t had enough budget since 2010 to train staff, we haven’t got any workforce strategy.”

    ‘David Lock has found that Clinical Commissioning Groups are trying to get Multidisciplinary Teams to change/downgrade their assessment of patients’ Continuing Health Care needs and entitlements. And this is unlawful…A further aspect of the legislation is to “provide more flexibility in developing new payment models”. The new flexible payment models seem to be about ending national tariffs/pricing and resorting to local prices for local NHS services. In other words the total fragmentation of the NHS…

    For us the issue has always been that
    Accountable /Integrated Care is about replacing the NHS with a copy of the USA’s Medicare/Medicaid system that only provides limited publicly-funded healthcare for patients who are too poor and/or ill to get private health insurance. And this primary legislation is entirely designed to enable the completion of this sorry project.

  75. Dan says:

    Nana says:
    2 March, 2019 at 10:09 am

    “Trump tells May to abandon ‘unwarranted’ food standards for Brexit trade deal

    That’ll bring new meaning to the Fairytale of New York song by the Pogues.

    The lyrics “Ya scumbag, ya maggot, ya cheap lousy faggot” will now be sung to describe a poor quality imported American meal.

  76. Nana says:


    I’ve now got an ear worm…..

  77. Nana says:

    A few tweets from my trawl around the interwebby

    Deary me, remember how “you can’t use our pound” was the mantra of the unionists

    The Prime Minister should halt the Brexit process and set up a judge-led inquiry to investigate disinformation and allegations of dodgy funding in the Leave campaign – it’s what both Leave and Remain voters deserve.
    Reply from TM in the video

    This analysis of Theresa May and racism by @mrjamesob is devastating.

    Thread: We shouldn’t be surprised the US Ambassador @woodyjohnson4 wants the UK to embrace chlorine washed chicken as part of a post Brexit FTA but we should tell him where he can stick it. Because, contrary to what he says, it’s risky stuff.

  78. Dan says:


    We could form a band and sing a duet!

    But is the world ready for DaNanarama…

  79. Nana says:

    I reckon we’d be a hit, then again maybe a miss 🙂

  80. Thepnr says:


    A lot to get through for today, even being selective I’ve spent an hour reading them and still have half a dozen open tabs to get through yet.

    Thanks very muchly 🙂

  81. Nana says:

    It’s a pick and mix bag of links Pnr, choose a flavour 🙂
    but I promise this is the last for today.

    The Tories’ response to raging Islamophobia? Turn a blind eye

    Nicola Sturgeon not ruling out SNP-Labour coalition at Westminster

    What Alistair said

    To everyone going to the wings gathering this evening, have a good one.

  82. Nana says:

    Phew! think I need a holiday 🙂

  83. CameronB Brodie says:

    Reluctant Nationalist
    What I find risible is the suggestion that your judgement is sound.

  84. CameronB Brodie says:

    Reluctant Nationalist
    Not biting today? Let me be more direct. As far as I’m concerned, your posts have suggested your a bit of an anti-Semitic racist. As such, your judgement should be considered tainted by prejudice, and not worth a sook.

  85. yesindyref2 says:

    So Blair McDougall is sayiny “It’s oor poond”.

    He’s defintely Dougal from the magic Roundabout.

  86. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    yesindyref2 @ 12:52,

    My reaction also.

    Though you put it so much better than I would have! =grin=

  87. Dan says:

    Vince says:
    1 March, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    “Dan @ 5.08
    I looked in to employment levels within shipbuilding between Scotland and Norway and conservatively 4 times the number of people are employed in shipbuilding and more likely 8 times the number. Some of it due to the advantages of Norway’s industry not being tied to the whims/generosity of n MOD”

    Cheers for your response Vince, I guess your post was held in moderation and took a while to appear.

    That is interesting.
    How can we forget the recent vows and also the Defence Secretary on number of ships to be guaranteed to be produced in our yards.
    I’m sure we will all remember this interview with Mr Fallon (and his aide) being evasive with Mr Ponsonby.

    My mates run small garages and it’s hard enough for them to keep up with the ongoing costs of running their businesses with tools, equipment, and software requiring constant upgrading to carry out their work.
    The financial implications of keeping an entire shipbuilding yard functional and viable when build orders are are not consistent will be on another level.

  88. JLT says:

    Hothersall is another one of those ‘I’m proud to Scots …but’ characters. He just absolutely detests nationalism, and yet, when out and about in other folks company, he probably rattles of Scotland’s achievements without even thinking twice about it.

    Honestly, I’ve absolutely no interest in what Hothersall has to say, let alone protest. The only good thing is, outside of the political anoraks, no-one knows who he is. I could drop his name within my section tomorrow; even stating his (so-called) profession of journalism, and I’ll be greeted with blank stares. No-one cares for Hothersall’s opinions.

    The British State is about to enter a period of what is literally the unknown. No-one knows what is coming next; not Theresa; certainly not Jeremy; and probably not even Whitehall, let alone the MPs. This is almost like betting each stage of Brexit over these next four weeks (if there are stages) on the toss of a coin. England is so polarised with politics that no matter if it’s ‘heads or tails’, half of that country will growl in fury.

    And for Scotland …we just sit and watch, and then look at the other half of our countrymen quietly asking ‘…you guys happy with this?’ And the thing is, we don’t need to win all the No’s over – roughly 10 to 15% of that roughly 50% will do fine. As soon as a percentage of them do, others will follow, leaving only the Orangemen, the ‘Proud, but’ types and those of the older generation who have hazy fantasies of an empire long gone. That last lot make me shake my head, for they envision a timeless memory of rolling fields, warm days, and quiet villages …when in reality, it never existed; instead, it was primarily tenements, poverty, destitution and low wages.

    So let a Hard Brexit happen. Let the Orangemen have their Hard Brexit and the belief that an independent British Union is about to begin …only for it to then crumble and fall apart before their very eyes rather quickly. And when that begins to happen …that’s when we’ll make our move, irrespective of Westminster’s nonsense of ‘No! Now is not the time’.

    …because ‘aye it is …and we bloody well will!’

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