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Contrary to the facts

Posted on January 18, 2021 by

After something of a quiet spell (we gather for personal reasons), we’re delighted to note that the excellent Gordon Dangerfield – a highly experienced Scottish solicitor advocate – is back blogging, in particular with regard to the Fabiani inquiry.

His piece today, of which the above is but a tiny snippet, is a must-read.

It’s probably best digested alongside Craig Murray’s latest, which is no less packed with horrifying revelations, if you want to keep up to date with the shady machinations of Scottish justice and find out just how much effort is being gone to to conceal the truth of the Alex Salmond affair from the eyes of the public.

Alternatively, of course, you could just wheesht for indy.

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82 to “Contrary to the facts”

  1. Pilloried by “wheesht for indy” punters on Twitter

    What kind of iScotland do these blinkered folk want?

  2. Robert Dickson says:

    Jeannie McCrimmon says:

    “Pilloried by “wheesht for indy” punters on Twitter

    What kind of iScotland do these blinkered folk want?”

    A tartan version of Westminster.
    If that’s what it comes down to….count me out.

  3. Milady says:

    Only a personal observation but I feel the ‘wheeshters’ on Twitter, be they the TWAW folk or the ‘Nicola is the victim’ folk, aren’t as loud as they were 6 months ago. There is, I suppose, only so much overwhelming evidence you can actually ignore before some facts seep into your consciousness.

  4. Mjack says:

    The difference for me of having our parliament in Edinburgh though is WE can change that at any time but i couldnt/wouldnt go to london to change that government.

  5. wee monkey says:

    You think that you would be allowed to do anything of the sort?

    Scot gov/parliament are well beyond the control of Scottish citizens..

  6. Davie Oga says:

    Regime support is dissipating. If it weren’t for the constitutional issue the key players in this farce would have been out on their arses months ago.
    McLetchie went for taxi reciepts
    McLeish went for maxing out expenses by renting to his party (they all do it as well)

    Yet people are content to tolerate a government involved in serious criminality, a criminal enterprise, as it were?

    Unionist, Nationalist, Gay, Black, White, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Athiest or Jedi. Non of these labels will offer protection if tricky Nicky’s government of horror sets its sights on you.

  7. Republicofscotland says:

    Read Gordon’s article, he has the knack of spelling out the legalese in easy reading layman’s terms, so that more folk can understand just how deep in the shit Sturgeon and her vile clique really are.

  8. Mighty S says:

    Try raising the subject on FB…OMG. You get piled on from a great height for the mere suggestion that St Nicola may not be entirely genuine.


  9. Frank Gillougley says:

    Not that I matter, one jot, but fuck it, I’m voting ISP/SIP 1 and 2 (Detail of party nomenclature to be confirmed nearer the time) This’ll be my last vote.

    I, like countless others, have had enough. The tipping point has been well overreached. There’s no way I could possibly lend these bastards my vote. It’s all I have.

  10. paul says:

    To paraphrase a bladerunner character:

    Deckard: [getting up to leave] I was quit when I come in here, Bryant, I’m twice as quit now.

    Bryant: Stop right where you are! You know the score, pal. You’re not copfs, you’re little people!

    [Deckard stops at the door]

    Deckard: No choice, huh?

    Bryant: [smiles] No choice, pal.

  11. Ian Mac says:

    What’s the point of being ‘wheesht for Indy’, when there is no prospect of Indy at all under the current ruling clique’s plan?

  12. Captain Yossarian says:

    Alex Salmond has chosen not to give legitimacy to the Holyrood Inquiry by attending.

    Civil-servants can attend, be coached to lie and carry that-out with impunity. Alex Salmond cannot do that.

    Anyway, the real investigative journalism is getting done right here. All Alex needs to do is sit in a chair and let everyone read, think and make their minds-up.

    It’s a slightly slower process but, once they do that, Nicola Sturgeon and the Victoria Quay St Trinians girls are finished.

    It’s what to do with James Wolffe and Peter Murrell. That’s the vexed question, isn’t it.

  13. Effijy says:

    Many thanks to Mr Dangerfield and as always to Craig and the Rev.

    It just hit me that the name Rev could be short for revelation?

    Now will the enquiry committee be able to understand the blatant corruption across
    Scotland now that it’s in black and white without joined up writing.

    Not only sacked and publicly humiliation of those involved but a custodial sentence,
    that they had wished to serve on an innocent man should inherently be theirs.

    Pensions should be stripped from these individuals too.

    I thought that among such a strong police task force who asked so many questions of so many
    individuals over so many years they could have asked the Alphabet Group if they wished to proceed?

  14. Gregor says:

    Just an observation.

    Under rotten banana Scotland, SNP’s snowballing ‘misogyny phenomenon’ appears to manifest inextricably, in lock-step with revelations of Salmond facts and evidence, state transparency, and judicial rulings under court of law (ultimate judicial rulings wherein such an insubordinate and detached phenomenon cannot perceptibly accept ‘Rule of Law’ as legitimate): Scotland’s fundamental Right for Salmond truth, accountability and justice (being normal & healthy)….

  15. David R says:

    The fact that so many are happy for this to go on in the name of independence makes me wonder what they’d support without question if it happened. An indy Scotland would have the same problem with piss poor politicians and hangers on backed up by unquestioning supporters.

  16. Astonished says:

    I do feel the wokeratti are getting more and more shrill. Good. They know they are losing.

    There are really not that many science-denying misogynists in the SNP. But they are LOUD and have multiple online personas. They are very well organized lobbyists.

    The good news is MSPs are now beginning to fear for their jobs. Some will be speaking out – I predict before Friday.

    P.S. Murrell should be suspended immediately. NEC are you listening ?

  17. Sylvia says:

    O/T Trade body BANS Charlotte Street Partners over Lord Duncan hire.

  18. Margaret E says:

    They are maybe getting more shrill but I do not think that they are in the afraid. It is not only the tone, but the actual words that they use, which are absolutely unacceptable. One of them called Mark Hirst and Craig Murray scum. Craig Murray scum? Never mind what he is actually enduring at the moment. And the woman’s officer, Kaye somebody, says almost the same thing. The SNP woman’s officer?????
    It is not remotely possible to be in the same room as these people, far less to vote for a party that reveres them.
    I am literally sick to my stomach when I read these posts. So why do I read them? Because one has to know the depths to which these people will descend.
    How could they even begin to be part of future negotiations?
    At thia poibnt qords fail me so I had better stop.

  19. Margaret E says:

    As you can see, words really did fail me in the last sentence. I intended to type just that. At this point words fail me. Thank god words don’t fail the Rev. Nor Mr Murray. Nor Mr Hirst.

  20. wullie says:

    Scotlands history repeats again and again. Those who see themselves in power over Scotland and the Scottish people once again stab the country and its people in the back. How many more times will we be sold down the swanny.

  21. Kenny says:

    Just wondering how much more damning evidence is necessary before a country’s corrupt First Minister is required to resign?
    There’s been a conveyor belt of horrific revelation after horrific revelation yet still she is there? When I say ‘she’, I mean all of them involved – from the very top down.

    The only plausible explanation for Sturgeon’s brazen refusal to fall on her sword is that she continues to get such an easy ride from the Press? Take James McEnaney as a sordid example; anyone see his desperate ‘I’m not responsible for plunging a knife into an innocent man‘ Twitter attack on Craig Murray?
    The cold fact remains; as in Murder On The Orient Express, all of them are responsible for plunging a knife into Salmond, and all of them are haunted by it.

  22. Margaret Lindsay says:

    I’m honestly at a loss how allegedly sane independence supporters can defend their position. After wanting independence since the age of fourteen, some 47 years ago, I’m out if they prevail.

  23. Breeks says:

    I know Gordon Dangerfield has more to come, but I thought Andy Wightman did well catching out Evans when she claimed she hadn’t gone to the police to report on Alex Salmond, but she’d gone to the Crown Office, who had themselves then gone to the police.

    Andy Wightman pointed out that her own Complaints procedure stipulated in black and white that evidence of criminality should go to the police, so by going to the Crown Office instead, Evans was skiing off piste and not using the correct protocol.

    It’s not just a minor goof. Surely evidence of criminality, (and we’re talking serious sexual assault allegations remember), would need investigation by the police, it would need to be given a police incident number, and any potential evidence and witnesses collected and interviewed. It would, I think, be for the police and their inquiries to decide whether there was anything worth sending to the Procurator Fiscal to then be pursued further. (I don’t know, I’m guessing). Evans going straight to COPFS seems like jumping the gun, is a departure from protocol, and outwardly appears to be attempting to do the actual job of the police.

    This would seem to be confirmed to some degree by the COFPS then referring the complaint to the police, presumably to investigate the accusation rather than simply take Evans’ word for it…

    Something stinks about all of this.

  24. Sweep says:

    @Captain Yossarian, 5.45pm

    I’d prioritise Murrell over all others. Have him removed in disgrace (i.e. sacked, rather than allowed to resign) and preferably charged with AtPtCoJ.

    Sturgeon will crumble. Completely. The others will follow.

  25. velofello says:

    Chanced upon a comment on Twitter by an SNP womens’ officer, Kat Cary. “Who cares about Alex Salmond” is the essence of her message.And in response another womens’s officer jumps in introducing misogyny to the ‘discussion”.

    Now I confess, I only learned of the word misogyny some 5 or so years ago.And actually I’ve never witnessed misogyny.A sheltered life? I’ve been round the blocks many times, father, grandfather, worked and travelled to many countries.And yes, I have witnessed boorish male behaviour that was quickly dealt with by other males in the company.

    The existence and need for sheltered accomodation for women to be protected from inadequate men is a given. That society has misogynists is a given, and the most active does appear to be the trans-type people against women.

    A lifetime of voting SNP, and come May, given the opportunity I will consider voting for an non-aligned independent candidate for the constituency, and ISP for the List slot.

    If the SNP want my vote, and canvassing support then asap sort yourselves out.The Salmond affair stinks. Delaying and redacting passages in the reports provided to the investigating committee stinks.How much time does a new treasurer require – a few hours- to identify the ‘ring-fenced” indy campaign fund?

  26. BLMac says:

    Astonished said

    ‘There are really not that many science-denying misogynists in the SNP. But they are LOUD…’

    It reminds me of the science deniers in Indiana USA, who decided the value of Pi was too inconvenient, and nearly got a more convenient figure adopted, I think 3.2

    They were just stopped in time before the bill became law.

  27. Kenny says:

    Capt Yoss;

    Sturgeon will crumble. Completely. The others will follow
    I don’t see her crumbling much at the moment, she has the demeanour of untouchable. Personally, I don’t want to see her resignation – although it would bring an obvious satisfaction – I’d much rather witness her being arrested, hand-cuffed and frog-marched right out of whatever building she occupies at that moment. That’s what this one deserves.

  28. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Sweep – I agree but who will sack him? I reckon we need a heavy-metal newspaper story on this. The Daily Telegraph or The Times. It may not be too far away, you know.

    He will not be smiling for long once they get a grip of him.

    As far as the Holyrood Inquiry goes…..I think we all take a leaf out of Alex’s book and ignore these spoofs.

  29. Strathy says:

    Gordon Dangerfield, Craig Murray and of course, Stuart Campbell, together with a few others: –

    for example.

    Valiant providers of the truth (with evidence) despite the ever present threat of being relieved of their electronic devices, an enormous amount of cash and even, their liberty.

  30. Kenny says:

    I’d like to add, too, that my vote will most definitely not be going to SNP in May – unless the guilty are gone before then. Why would I condone and perpetrate the behaviour of the criminally out of control? I’ll be emailing my MSP to inform him of this.

    The behaviour of this government is wholly unacceptable, and the seeming compliance of our MPs and MSPs to this is extraordinary and equally unacceptable.

  31. Gregor says:

    What a travesty of justice.

    Leading the forefront of investigative journalism should never get anyone banned, nor instil an overarching looming fear of being banned and destroyed.

    Hang your head in universal shame: rotten British/Scottish banana State (world laughing stock).

  32. Stiggy boy says:

    Type SNP and the FM name into news now and apart from a piece in the holyrood with its own particular stance nothing comes up explaining the revelations that are coming thick and fast .this media control and vice like grip on all the institutions that now all have everything to loose means I fear that Scotland is now held by a closed shop of elitist party officials .watch out for the new private lanes for there cars and dachas in the highlands and a few shops were you can only use the currency .Opposition will be rounded up and put to work on Elisa Craig and carving curling stones

  33. Roddy Macdonald says:

    It is now blindingly obvious that the ‘procedure’, which Evans seems to view as Holy Writ as soon as it was signed by the FM on 20 Dec 17 despite having just been cobbled together by Evans herself and a small coterie of colleagues, was designed solely for the purpose of pursuing Alex Salmond. Poor Ms A and Ms B, who initially raised their concerns solely to inform the development of the new procedure and had no wish to take matters any further, found themselves thrown to the wolves. The early assurances of no police involvement without their express consent was diluted to knowledge/consent, one of the oldest tricks in the legal book to get a dupe to read it as knowledge AND consent when, in fact, it means knowledge OR consent – in reality we’ll tell you after we’ve decided what’s to happen with or without your consent.

    What prompted Ms A & Ms B to move from informing the procedure for the future to raising formal complaints in January 2018? I suppose we’ll never know for sure as the inquiries are currently constituted. However, it’s not beyond the bounds of probability given the cosiness of the coterie and the timing of the later nigh-on joint referral to the police by the SG and SNP HQ that the women were informed of information held by SNP HQ and, given the #MeToo hysteria prevalent at the time, shamed into proceeding as many of the later Moorov complainants to the police were shamed into proceeding with their non-events.

    It’s now 3 years since the Holy Writ was found to be unlawful. Is anyone aware what the current procedure is? Surely, given the urgency of developing the procedure in late 2017, once it was found to be unlawful it must have been replaced tout-de-suite given the professed concern for the welfare of female staff. The impression I got from Evans’ last evidence to the committee was that the procedure was still extant and, unsurprisingly, no other women have volunteered since to leap into the wolf pit and make a complaint.

  34. Lennie says:

    If Murrell, as claimed, wanted to put pressure on the police to charge Salmond after they stated not enough evidence, who was the messenger of this pressure? Would it be absurd to think this was done via one of the close knit cabal namely justice minister Humza Yousaf? Does he have more to answer than has been asked to date?

  35. Cath says:

    Chanced upon a comment on Twitter by an SNP womens’ officer, Kat Cary. “Who cares about Alex Salmond” is the essence of her message.

    American, only arrived in Scotland long after the referendum. Apparently ex US army and seems to have done the same international politics course as Liz Lloyd. I’m sure she’s an excellent independence campaigner though. Thank God people like her are pushing out life long SNP members and campaigners.

  36. twathater says:

    One of the reasons I have always supported independence is due to having the various yoonionist parties in government over my 70 years , NON of them gave a shit for Scotland or Scots it was ALL about doing the maisters (england ) work for them and the trinkets and baubles they would receive in return

    I ALWAYS wanted a government of our own that if they didn’t do what we asked or what was good for the people we could just kick their arses out and install better ones

    However the SNP and Sturgeon have totally ruined that idea and dream , we are in a worse state than we were after the 2014 debacle , there was such hope and promise and very little division , which only came from the yoonionists , and yet after 6 years of failed promises (as highlighted by yesterday’s post by Stuart) we are further away from gaining independence

    It is inconceivable that the Sturgeon cabal and the uncivil service have such control over Scotland’s population that they can corrupt the justice system with impunity and literally use the forces of law as a private security force.

    And yet people are actually willing to vote for these rancid individuals and are encouraging others to do likewise , in the hope that they will suddenly grow a conscience and once they are elected for a further 5 years they will immediately rush to independence and cast aside their reviled GRA and HCB policies

    Can these proponents of SNP votes point out the SNP representatives who you all claim are decent hard working individuals who are vociferously speaking out about this egregious usurpation of our legal system one of whom is actually a senior member of said system , and the lies being espoused daily yet are ONLY CHALLENGED by ordinary members of the public (bloggers)

    Joanna Cherry , Kenny MacAskill , Angus B McNeil , Chris McEleny , Phillipa Whitford and ANY other representative with a conscience , I IMPLORE YOU EXPOSE the rank corruption within the snp hierarchy and get JUSTICE for Scotland and it’s people. REMEMBER all it takes for EVIL to triumph is for GOOD people to do NOTHING , and to do nothing means you are COMPLICIT

  37. Ian McCubbin says:

    I left twitter and cut all NS fans from my facebook for being intimidated by the wheesht for Indy Murrell fanclub.
    Time they were rooted out of office.
    Let’s hope more of these two accounts reach MSM.

  38. Gregor says:

    Public thought Scotland-MAX (e.g. free press-MAX; democracy-MAX) was a ScotGov/SNP fundamental.

  39. Steve davison says:

    years of letting the SNP off the hook for dismal performance in gov because independence was all that counted has made them think they are indestructible and can do what they want .To many years at the trough to long believing their own PR and what have you ended up with a corrupt infrastructure of leadership in gov and the civil service .press controlled feed the masses endless it’s the UK that’s done this to us were trying to free Scotland messages .Try finding any reporting the current revelations via mass media news now shows nothing

  40. Davie Oga says:

    Margaret E says:
    18 January, 2021 at 5:46

    ” One of them called Mark Hirst and Craig Murray scum. Craig Murray scum? Never mind what he is actually enduring at the moment. And the woman’s officer, Kaye somebody, says almost the same thing. The SNP woman’s officer?????”

    She’s the womans officer for Edinburgh Central. Didn’t even live in Scotland when Salmond was FM. American Democrat abroad.
    Perfectly qualified to lead us to freedom, lol

  41. Mist001 says:

    Where are the ‘good’ MSPs in all of this? I read of them frequently but never actually see any of them sticking their necks out and saying this is wrong.

    As far as I’m concerned, if they don’t condemn it, then they condone it and if anybody votes for a party like that, then they’re arseholes by giving them the go ahead and continue as they are.

    Politicians are no smarter than anybody else. It’s just that generally, politicians are more prepared to be scheming, lying little shits in order to get they positions that they hold, that’s all. They operate from a completely different set of morals than the majority of people.

    Basically, if your an arsehole and you vote for an arsehole, then you’re as complicit as they are.

    So, don’t give the SNP your vote. Take the pain, you’re not getting independence anyway with this current shower, so why vote for them? Vote for someone else, spoil your ballot, do what you can to remove the SNP from power because that’s the only way that they’ll change. Nothing else will change them other than a loss of power and to get independence, the SNP have got to change.

  42. Gregor says:

    It is evidently:

    PUBLIC v ‘THEM’, & who/what (hierarchy) holds ‘THE POWER’

    “…It’s about power structures and influence, and I think you will find that you and many of your cohort have far more in that regard….I think we need some sort of inquiry into how vulnerable our internal democracy is to outside interests….They have huge influence on our movement and this barely coherent article shows exactly the threat they pose…bloggers and their followers are now in direct conflict…”.

    To hell with inclusive society: onwards and upwards (& downwards)…

  43. Gregor says:


    Well said, if SNP doesn’t find its spine (ethics, morals & values), and stands-up: it, endorses it: OWNS IT.

    Over to you: SNP…

  44. Liz says:

    Didn’t realise the WO for Edin Central was American, conveniently now installed as a pro NS, no doubt pro Angus R office bearer.

    This stinks to high heaven. The current SNP seem to become more pro Yank fanatics by the day.
    Wonder if there’s a Cinton connection

  45. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I’ve a strong feeling that one or other of the first two complainers were high enough, status-wise, in either the SNP or the civil service, to believe that their ‘invulnerability cloak’ was enough for them to give Ms Evans a nod to go ahead and inform the COPFS, knowing that the COPFS would refer it to the police for investigation.

    That wee nod, and Alex being acquitted, may come back to bite their bum…

  46. Gregor says:


    Couldn’t agree more, I perceive ‘This SNP’ as having an uncanny resemblance to rotten US Democrats.

  47. Republicofscotland says:

    “Sylvia says:
    18 January, 2021 at 5:42 pm
    O/T Trade body BANS Charlotte Street Partners over Lord Duncan hire.”


    Charlotte street in Edinburgh is the equivalent of Tufton street in London with regards to shady lobbyists and dark think tanks.

  48. Robert Hughes says:

    The cumulative effect of reading Robin MacA , Craig M , Gordon D in succession, interspersed with WoS posts and commentary is absolutely devastating .

    Still actually quite difficult to take in , a part of one’s mind is trying to find alternate ways to understand the behaviour of the protagonists in this – in truth , compelling, unfolding drama

  49. Robert Hughes says:

    …..and failing to do so

  50. Hatuey says:

    Lol @ “Fabiani inquiry“

    We should have probably done that much earlier.

    Although there’s a case for calling it the “Sturgeon Inquiry” since it’s really all about her misdeeds.

  51. Davie Oga says:

    One of the people whose testimony was considered untrue is using the anonymity ruling to continue the defamation of Alex Salmond. This person also named one of the other complainers to a third party against their express wishes.

    These people have no morality or ethics.

  52. Iain Lawson says:

    The plot is now being dissected and exposed on a broad front. As to the tirade of abuse that falls upon anyone who supports the truth I wear it as a badge of pride. I always try to back my arguments up with facts, as does the Rev. This infuriates them even more as they cannot dispute them which makes even more obvious their weakness when their sole response is swear words, name calling and abuse. It is an admission of their weakness in huge capital letters. Have heart, we are winning!

  53. Hugh Jarse says:

    Having documented evidence of the procedure being changed, yet again, AFTER the fact, to ‘allow’ the SG to notify Police & PF AGAINST the wishes of the complainants…

    Another Smoking gun, to add to pile!
    There’s more than a few people who could end the fiasco by coming clean.

    Hang together?

  54. Davie Oga says:

    While most of the public sector has seen little to no pay increases since the dawn of austerity, one of the people whose testimony was judged to be untrue received
    an inflation busting 25% pay raise of around 20 000 per annum. They are still in the same position. Doing the same job.

  55. Carol Neill says:

    If anyone I know votes snp under this lot , don’t ever speak to me again .

  56. Iain More says:

    I quote from Craig Murrays latest contribution.

    “(d) Communications from Ms Ruddick about her visits to a number of locations,
    including the Glenrothes area, and including in conjunction or discussion with
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx. These communications detail their unsuccessful attempts to find
    witnesses who would corroborate allegations of inappropriate behaviour against
    Alex Salmond. They include a report of a meeting with young people who were
    small children at the time of the incident they were seeking to allege, who did not
    provide the corroboration sought.”

    The attempt to stitch up Alex Salmond on kiddy fiddling charges disgusts me even more than I am already disgusted. I am actually more than disgusted I am horrified.

    Yet no heads have rolled in the SNP or the Civil Service and why arent the Press and Media running with this. I am sick to the pit of my stomach.

  57. Astonished says:

    Will the discredited lord woolfe be the arbiter of whom is charged with perverting the course of justice ?
    I assume he will be acquainted with them all.
    Like most I think our justice minister – humza useless- is in this up to his neck.

  58. Gregor says:

    SNP’s cyber social media militant realm (dare to venture there at your peril public), is having an absolute meltdown.

    God help humanity (& ‘This SNP’)…

  59. Stuart MacKay says:

    This must be a pivotal moment for some of the alphabet women. Now that it is clearly demonstrated that their cases were taken to the police without their consent this is the chance they need to step forward and put some distance between themselves and the conspirators.

    There must be immense pressure or coercion for them to stay silent. I would imagine, that in order to close this sorry chapter once and for all, they could be offered clemency for speaking up. If this chance is not taken then they only have themselves to blame, again.

  60. Gregor says:

    I’m with Mike Lindell: PARDON JULIAN ASSANGE (public revelations of truth):

  61. Helen Yates says:

    I look at Sturgeon every day at the update for 5 mins and this is for no other reason than to see if she looks strained in any way, I would have expected by now she would be showing some strain but on the contrary she looks fresher and more confident each day, just to say this concerns me greatly.

  62. Mist001 says:

    That’s what I said here last week, despite the deatils and knowledge that we know of on here, she must be privy to some other information of which we’re not aware because like you, I noticed that she is showing absolutely no signs of being under the slightest strain or pressure.

    She has something up her sleeve that we don’t know about and that’s why I maintain that she’s bulletproof and going nowhere anytime soon.

  63. Al says:

    A few comments have mentioned the position of Sitting MPs/ MSPs. I find it baffling how few of them have said anything at all on the subject.

    Yes Pete Wishart has criticised SNP bad bloggers – but actually hasn’t addressed the substance.

    If – and still a big if – what Wings/ Craig Murray/ Gordon are posting does lead to Nicola Sturgeon having to resign – then all those at the top of the party – even Swinney – are going to be able to deflect and say ‘we didn’t know – can’t believe it’.

    I think that is one of the most tragic parts of this whole thing. Heck would anyone be surprised if Angus Robertson was to be next SNP leader?

  64. Sylvia says:

    Liz at 7:08 pm You are very, very warm.

  65. Gregor says:

    Good God!

    ‘…I’m so far left that people think I’m communist…’:

  66. velofello says:

    “Lies are only words”, my chairman said to me as I refused to relate a bunch of lies to our client.I didn’t lose my job, but I was ready for it.

    That I believe is the position SNP MPs and MSPs find themselves. By saying nothing they are complicit in the stitch -up of Alex Salmond.

    The issue of the stitch-up of Alex Salmond is much bigger than any individual’s career, it is about basic core integrity. The integrity required of each of us. The integrity required of Scotland and it’s administration of governance and law.

    You are judged by the company you keep, and unless/until there is a resolution to this stitch-up I will not support the SNP.

  67. robertknight says:


    How is it that these individuals are at liberty to walk the streets let alone remain in post and daw a salary?

  68. Dan says:

    Re. EHRC guidance on handling sexual complaints.

  69. Mc Duff says:

    Why isn’t the National reporting all this as these events are backed by facts, they are the truth and highlight a government that is almost satanic. And why are the majority of MSP/MP`s remaining silent when they must be aware of what is going on.

  70. Gregor says:

    Public and State are interdependent.

    Under cohesive society, civil liberty requires justice (e.g. due process).

    Systematically trash such fundamental pillars at your peril: Insubordinate (& blinded ?) fools…

  71. Wings blocked list, the gift that keeps on giving

    This from blocked SNP Women’s Officer Kat Cary

    “no one cares about alex salmond, except for *maybe* craig murray. it’s not and has never been about salmond. at best he is a proxy for the ‘good old days’, and at worst he is a vehicle for others’ political ambition.
    move on with your life.”

  72. robertknight says:

    Thanks @Jeannie…

    Stupid…stupid…stupid… stupid!!!

    Me, that is.

    I stupidly went to check out who Kat Cary is by looking at her Twitter feed.

    If I wasn’t done with the SNP before… I’m DONEx10 now.

  73. ARN says:

    So you believe that the Crown Office is actively conspiring against big daddy Salmond too? Come out and say it then.

  74. A Person says:

    Interesting to read about this Cary character. Seems the epitome of modern SNP thinking.

    Liz at 7.08-

    I also think Sturgeon is like Hillary Clinton- who, inexplicably, she named as her hero. Decades in and around power, a cult following, huge media and chattering class hype- and absolutely bugger all in the way of substantial achievements.

    H.H. Asquith, a significant prime minister, said that “the office of prime minister is really just what the holder wants to make of it”. This is very apt in the case of both Sturgeon and Clinton.

    Others may disagree but I am ever more sure that Sturgeon will be like Clinton in another way: hyped up by the media, she will be eaten alive in the campaign and will somehow contrive to lose to a terrible opponent. I’m no longer sure I want to be wrong about that.

  75. Andybhoy says:

    My take on ` wheesht for indy ` is that someone high inside the SNP knows exactly what is coming down the incline in the tunnel towards the light and that it isn’t good for NS, her high command or the SNP in general. It reminds me of when a child unexpectedly starts doing things they always argue about, without being asked so you think of them in a good way. Just before you discover what mischief they have been up to.

  76. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “So you believe that the Crown Office is actively conspiring against big daddy Salmond too? Come out and say it then.”

    Of course it fucking is, and if you didn’t already know that then you clearly arrived at this site, and possibly Planet Earth, for the first time today.

  77. Mac says:

    That Gordon Dangerfield article is excellent. I think he has got it right. As said above the whole thing is a must read but one paragraph that resonated with me in particular…

    “In November and December 2017 and in January 2018, it was never anticipated by any of them that a report to the police and consequent criminal investigation would be necessary for them to achieve their principal aims of establishing beyond all doubt their Me Too credentials while insulating the First Minister entirely from any criticism that might come from ruining beyond repair the man whom she herself called her mentor and person closest to her of anyone outside her family.”

    In the off chance that you are reading this Nicola could I just say most sincerely that you are a vile human being. You and your coven of bare faced liars truly deserve jail time.

  78. Jm says:

    Kat Cary sounds like one of Uncle Sam’s steering spooks for the SNP sisterhood.

  79. Graham says:

    Why is there a conspiracy to ruin Salmond?

  80. StuartM says:

    The 2 original complainants were Ms F and Ms K in the parlance of Salmond’s criminal trial, not Ms A and B. See Craig Murray’s post here

    “Woman K is one of two women whose complaints about Salmond prompted the original Scottish government inquiry back in early 2018, just months after the Harvey Weinstein story broke.”
    “The allegation from Woman K was that, after a dinner at Stirling castle, Alex Salmond grabbed her buttock while they were having their photo taken together. The circumstance was that everybody at the dinner had their photo taken with Alex Salmond one by one, by a professional photographer, on the rampart of Stirling Castle with the Lion Rampant flying behind them.

    Two witnesses, Alexander Anderson and Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, had both been in the same small group as Woman K on the ramparts with Alex Salmond. Both had also had their photos taken, and both testified they had watched Woman K have her photo taken with Alex Salmond from just a few feet away. Neither had seen anything happen as Woman K described. They did not see Alex Salmond grab her buttock, they did not see any strange reaction or sense of discomfort in Woman K nor any change in her attitude or behaviour. In other words, Woman K’s account was not only denied by Alex Salmond, it was refuted by two close eye witnesses.”

    Note that there were photographs taken of Ms K and AS at the time of the alleged buttock grab – a professional photographer would not just take a single shot. Presumably the police also obtained the photos and interviewed the photographer. Since neither were produced in court by the prosecution they clearly didn’t support the allegation. Conclusion: the police and COPFS knew the allegation was a lie but went ahead anyway.

    “Woman F – the other original complainant, …. is in a different category. An incident undoubtedly happened. She was working late on the ministerial box with Alex Salmond in Bute House and a few drinks led to a cuddle on the bed, which Alex Salmond acknowledged at the time and acknowledged at the trial, ought not to have happened and was inappropriate.

    She did indeed raise the issue at the time, and received a formal apology from Alex Salmond and an offer to transfer to another job at the same level. She accepted his apology and chose to continue working with him and did so happily for a substantial period. Ms Garavelli is accurate that Woman F had never wanted to go to the police. She was badgered into it once the decision was taken to eliminate Salmond, as Woman F’s story was the little grain of fact around which they sought to create their pearl.

    The interesting point is that Woman F’s original complaint said nothing about Salmond attempting to grope under her underwear. Those details were added later in a series of increasingly salacious statements once the police and the Leslie Evans process started sexing up (literally) the allegation. Under pressure, I believe Woman F became confused herself as to the truth of events.

    Defence Counsel in summing up used the memorable phrase that Woman F’s account had “grown arms and legs” over the years. That is undoubtedly true from successive statements, and I think that is why the jury found it did not amount to sexual assault. I do not accuse Woman F of lying or scheming.”

    Note that MsF is the only one of the Alphabet Sisters of whom the jury found her allegation Not Proven whereas the other charges were Not Guilty. Clearly the jury did not want to brand her a liar as they did the other complainants.

  81. twathater says:

    @ StuartM 1.27pm well laid out and convincing Stuart , as you finished with the not proven verdict and a credible reason as to why that verdict was reached , however it doesn’t indemnify the complainant from derision as there was NO requirement to participate in ANY investigation as the matter had been dealt with previously and she accepted his apology , also as was noted both were willing participants in the cuddle

  82. StuartM says:


    The bulk of the credit is due to Craig Murray as the text in quotes marks are lifted direct from his blog post. My brief contributions are the text outside the quotes. Craig does have a gift for lucid writing, just wish I could do as well.

    Re Ms F I think the coven had worked on her to the point that she genuinely believed their narrative of attempted rape. “Oh K you poor thing, that horrible man Salmond was really trying to rape you, I’m sure of it.” Memory is a rather flexible thing, it’s affected by what happens to you afterwards. I read a comment by a historian that interviews with WW1 veterans 50-60 years later are so contaminated by decades of antiwar propaganda as to be worthless – that they just morph into the same homogenous story that differs markedly from accounts written during and shortly after WW1, sometimes by the same individuals.

    I do think that it’s a bit hypocritical of the woman to make a formal complaint about consensual behaviour, as if she had no part in the whole business, instead of just having a quiet word with Alex the next day. OTOH it’s probably just as well since without the evidence of the previous mediation hearing Alex may well have got banged up on the attempted rape charge.

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