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Come on, Labour voters

Posted on February 08, 2014 by

    103 to “Come on, Labour voters”

    1. C J Caldwell says:

      That could be more than offset by all the droves of people flocking here from England to escape Tory rule. 😉

    2. alexicon says:

      Millions of Scots have had to move out of Scotland because of Westminster’s economic policies.
      Why should I care if people want to move out of spite.

    3. Paul says:

      Well did we not hear all that guff if Blair got elected all the Tories that were going to emigrate Paul Daniels etc I say good riddance these people have helped drag this country down with their greed “so long and thanks for all the fish”.

    4. Dave says:

      All part of the Salmond-Cameron master plan. rUK exports a block of Labour MPs and imports a bunch of Tory voters.

    5. Annibale says:

      That’s win-win for us – we get rid of some Tories and gain lots of intelligent folks!

    6. X_Sticks says:

      On the other hand there are many of us considering leaving if the vote is No. I don’t think I could live with the embarrassment or the inevitable destruction od Scotland that WILL come from westminster should we vote No.

      New Caledonia looks very nice.

    7. JLT says:

      Damn right. I know quite a few English folk who are voting Yes. They don’t see this as a Scotland v England thing, and are actually quite annoyed about it.
      At the start, I found a couple hesitant as they thought it might be that (Scotland v England), but once explained (and told to come here), they were put at ease.

      If Scotland does finally breakaway, then what happens next in England could be just as volatile as it was in the 16th and 17th centuries. Will England explode in rebellion and anger at what Westminster has done to the UK? Will London secede from England? Will Cornwall and Devon be next? Just how will the North react?

      Interesting times should Scotland gain independence!

    8. heedtracker says:

      Its always weird listening to people like this saying how much they love Scotland but Scottish democracy 2014 and they are going back to England. Very puzzling.

    9. theycan'tbeserious says:

      I’ll come down to the border and wave them off! It might take them a while to get past rUK border guards. I’ll bring my tartan flask.

    10. Dougie Douglas says:

      Sounds like a good trade to me.

      Bye bye to small minded bigots and hello to open minded, liberal new countrymen.

    11. Norrie says:

      Are we love bombing the rest of the UK?

    12. Croompenstein says:

      How great would it be waving goodbye to the ‘stick wer independence up wer arse’ morons

    13. gordoz says:

      In fairness those 16% threatening to leave are no real loss if thats the case and would be easily replaced with 16% incomers of goodwill from our southern cousins, (going by the Ask and ye shall receive thread).

      The emigre would probably consist of the corrupt Tory Elite / Bankers / Union officials / Jimmy Hood & Ian Davidson Labour non socialsit Westminster die hards & Lords / Barons. Whats not to like ?

      Come on Labour supporters; you know it makes sense – do the right thing ! Come out; be different and vote YES to a new transformational, equal, inclusive vision for a nation.

      Strong, confident, democratic and forward looking. Dare we whisper it, a commonwealth of Industry, socialism & community.

      Scotland; a beacon of opportuniy for all (and our home).

    14. Ericmac says:

      One thing that has surprised me in the debate that is emerging in England, are the people who query the possibility of a Scottish Passport. They naivly imagine that there will be a border and you will need a Scottish Passport to reside here.

      The day after independence, there will be free movement between Scotland and England, exactly the same as today.

      1. Some residents of Scotland will keep their British Passports. They will be permanent residents of Scotland and pay tax in Scotland.

      2. Some of us will keep our British Passports and apply for a Scottish one. They will have a form of dual nationality’. We will pay tax where we reside.

      3. Others will apply for a Scottish Passport and throw their British one.

      There will be a free right of access both ways. Scottish will be allowed to work in rUK as they always have and English will be allowed to work and be permanently resident in Scotland.

      This is regardless of EU membership. It doesn’t matter if Scotland or rUK are in the EU for the purposes of Passports and free movement of people between Scotland and rUK.

      This is the ONLY scenario.

      There will be a migration of people from the South to the North after Independence. There will be a multitude of reasons.

      1. Getting away from London and Westminster control.
      2. Being part of something new and exciting.
      3. NHS and University.
      4. Smaller, more vibrant economy.
      5. Better values around equality and social justice.
      6. Overcrowding in the South versus a New Scotland with a progressive government.

      Need I go on? The English are already wakening up to the possibility that it might be good to get in ‘on the ground floor’ of a new country, especially a country with the brand and the advantages of Scotland.

    15. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      The appropriate response to anybody who says they are going to leave is to offer them a tennner towards their bus fare.

      And exactly the same response to any business person talking the same nonsense. Tell them to go now. There are plenty of inventive, energetic and ambitious people looking for the opportunity to fill their shoes.

    16. MajorBloodnok says:

      Would be even better if that 16% left before the vote, just in case.

    17. Papadocx says:

      Good, let these freeloaders who think themselves a cut above the ordinary working people of Scotland, their imagined status in society has caused a lot of the inequality and poverty in this country. The same goes for anyone else who wants elected into the gold ring of the political casino called Westminster politics, to skim their fortune and have a comfortable life, at the expense of the rest of the ordinary folk.

    18. gordoz says:

      No is an unbearable thought.

    19. Croompenstein says:

      O/T At Murrayfield today we will sing Flower of Scotland with great gusto especially the heart wrenching line ‘be a nation again’ so if the naysayers drag us down I would imagine we will never sing this song or that line again so if it’s no they will have to sing something different at ‘Twickers’ next year..I’ll go for I’ve got a loveley bunch of coconuts..any other ideas?

    20. Jock says:

      To the 16% I say “oh well, ta-ra then. If any of you need a lift just give me a shout. I’ll even stand on the north side of the bridge at Coldstream and wave goodbye”

    21. Ericmac says:

      @heedtracker They love Scotland on their terms, in the knowledge that they are still part of the establishment in the South.

      There are many people living in Scotland who came here to take advantage of the property differential and to get away from the overcrowding in the South.

    22. Marcia says:

      I doubt if any will leave as Michele Mone is still here despite her empty threats.

    23. gordoz says:


      That’ll be the highlight ’cause we can’t play Rugby to save ourselves.

    24. gordoz says:


      Crowdfund ticket for Mone?

    25. Molly says:

      Slightly O/T but talking of Labour voters, I see Aberdeen Council (along with Dumfries) are to break ranks with COSLA. Paranoid maybe , but is this the rearguard action. The aim certainly appears to be for Labour to bypass Holyrood, is there plans afoot re the Councils?

    26. Jimsie says:

      Coventry seems like a good place to send them.

    27. Seasick Dave says:

      Imagine selling up and moving south of the border to take the full force of the austerity cuts when you could stay and be part of one of the most buoyant economies in the world?

      Talk about cutting off your nose (crooked or otherwise).

    28. Ericmac says:

      Oh and by the way, very few will leave after Independence. A change in how Scotland is governed will not impact people here, to the extent that it is worthwhile moving. It is a complete nonsense and toys-out-the-pram.

    29. Marcia says:


      I would offer her my free packing service.

    30. Jimsie says:

      On second thoughts. I”m sure they”ll be welcome on the Shankhill Rd.

    31. Seasick Dave says:

      Anyone had the phone call yet?

    32. gordoz says:


      If it came to it, I think we would carry her all the way if need be.

    33. JLT says:

      Seasick Dave,

      You are so spot on there!

      Which is why …no-one, but no-one …will move South the day after independence. My parents (unionist) have come out with this comment, but I keep my silence as I know they will not follow through.

      People like Michelle Mone will regret daft outbursts like that as they will continually be taunted, or reminded, as to when they will move south.

    34. Marcia says:

      Seaside Dave

      None, not even the relatives.

      Hello Bexleyheath! Hello Poole! Hello London! Tunbridge Wells I am in until 2!

    35. G H Graham says:

      Will Michele Mone be driving one the coaches? I like to keep abreast of developments.

    36. JLT says:

      Seasick Dave says:
      Anyone had the phone call yet?

      Nope …and most of my family (as well as the wives) are English. No one chasing me to stay in the Union, though they do ask us to try and move the border down to Watford!

    37. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      can imagine the north of england people welcoming the exodus from scotland as they march south chanting, ye can stick yer independence up yer arse, rule brittania ya bastirts.

    38. HandandShrimp says:

      I think once there is a Yes vote, few would actually leave. You get this every time there is an election. If the Tories/Labour/SNP get in I am leaving.

      How many left when the SNP got a majority? There will always be emigration and immigration. There is a distinct possibility that Scotland’s population might actually rise not fall.

    39. Helena Brown says:

      Molly, one of the thing Labour want is that they get their own budget from Westminster and bypass Holyrood, but then this I thought was after a NO vote. Sounds like they are thinking about this seriously.
      Can I also say sorry to all the Daves here, I got so fed up with people calling David Cameron aka Crooked Nose, a Dick yesterday, as someone who is an adopted member of that illustrious, okay maybe not, Family. I agreed that Dave should be used instead. So apologies again.

    40. a supporter says:

      “640,000 people”

      Most of them will be English carpetbaggers.

    41. frankieboy says:

      Ha! They think they will be welcomed in England? Tolerated, perhaps.

    42. Alex Taylor says:


      How many wives do you have JLT. And do they know about your bigamy/polygamy?

      Some folk have got really interesting private lives. Actually, we were friends with a lovely couple who appeared to be in the most loving of relationships. It turned out the husband had another wife where he worked away during the week. Made the papers as well.

      Never would have guessed in a million.

    43. jingly jangly says:

      Got this from a pal in Lincolnshire, after I had posted on FB and sent an email to say I was sitting by the phone

      “Yes, we heard our eminent leader’s glorious speech but I’m afraid you won’t be getting a call from me. I just wish we could be rid of the useless bastards as well. “

    44. Papadocx says:

      If the vote is NO there will be a lot more people having to leave Scotland to find a future. These people will be the able and educated ones that have been written off by the ESTABLISHMENT IN LONDON. More Grist for the London mill, the chaff will be left to vegetate in North Britain!


    45. heedtracker says:

      @ Ericmac, most of it is good old territoriality. Thanks to Scots oil, uni etc half my family is English and they know full well they can come and go as they please no matter what happens, just like a million English people now live in Spain say or Australia and so on. The fact is a lot of English people simply do not want Scotland to exist as a nation state or even more simple, we’re now in the full blown “who do you think you are anyway” time.

      eg. “you want your haggis and eat it Mr Salmond” from the twerps at Channel 4 last night.

    46. alexicon says:


      I wonder if chairbob will be here on Monday?
      They kept this rather quiet did they not.
      Maybe they’re afraid of a little demonstration outside, or inside, the building.

      Anyone going?

    47. farrochie says:

      So where will these folk emigrate to: rUK, France, Ireland? Wherever it is, they’ll find they have moved to an independent country.

    48. Mealer says:

      Haste ye back.Not.

    49. turnip_ghost says:


      Apologies for going OT but I was wondering if anybody knows how UK Reasearch grants for research are allocated…having a discussion about it and it’s not exactly my strongest point…

      Do we know if they fund research in other, foreign, countries?


    50. call me dave says:

      Helena Brown.

      Thanks for that, but we can take it. 🙂

      Labour voters edging towards a YES is key and so are SNP voters who claim to be undecided.

      Two good weeks for YES despite the constant recycling of scares in the MSM.

    51. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Interesting wee exchange between Cosgrove and Cowan earlier on Off the Ball. One of today’s themes on the show is ‘guys called Dave’. (It’s some form of tribute to the recently deceased actor who played ‘Trigger’.)

      Anyway, Cosgrove said his favourite ‘Dave’ right now is Cameron, after yesterday, because he’s now made a debate with Salmond in Scotland inevitable.

      Clearest indication I’ve heard so far that Cosgrove is onside.

    52. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I was wondering when we’d get the first tit joke. G H Graham at 12.03 gets the coconut. Hopefully all the Better Together knockers will go south after a YES vote.

    53. torquil houghmagandy ffflufington smythe says:

      A quaint old Scottish saying favoured by the Pater when he was being dunned for payement of long outstanding bills:—
      “Threatened folk leeve lang”

    54. Croompenstein says:

      @alexicon – it’s chairchoob

    55. EdinScot says:

      alexicon says – Millions of Scots have had to move out of Scotland because of Westminster’s economic policies.
      Why should I care if people want to move out of spite.

      Exactly this and worth repeating.
      O/T, Going to Murrayfield today with my lion rampant at the ready. Croompenstein makes an interesting point re Flower of Scotland and losing right to sing it in the aftermath of a no vote in that ‘failing to rise now and be a nation again’. So will be singing this with extra gusto come 5pm, and there is something in the air this week with the Unionists in full panic mode that makes me even more sure of a yes vote.

    56. I presume those wishing to leave Scotland because they abhor the spread of genuine democracy will demand welfare support to buy boats and dinghies so they can get about in the south.

    57. moujick says:

      @Edinscot howsabout a wee change of lyrics for FoS, instead of “we can still rise now” sing “we can vote YES now”?

    58. Geoff Huijer says:

      I got a phone call from England!

      A nice man from Vodafone called me to discuss the
      possibility that I might like a new phone if I renew
      my contract in June.

      Vodafone – remember them? The company that inverted
      their logo to replicate the English flag in support
      of England at a World Cup (or Euro event).

      Him: What’s your date of birth?
      Me: 1964
      Him: Oh, I’m 1962. My brother was born in 1964
      Me: Er…all the best folk were born in ’64 eh? ha ha
      Him: But ’66 was the best year for us eh?
      Me: Maybe for you it was…

      Result: No renewal of contract.

    59. gordoz says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      He’s been on YES side for years.

    60. As my auld granny used to say “Watch the door disnie hit yie on the arse on the wiy oot”

    61. The Man in the Jar says:

      Taxi for 64,000!

    62. Papadocx says:

      We’ll need to have traffic control at the border. The losers leaving Scotland should leave via berwick.

      Those returning to Gods chosen people should come via Carlisle, just follow the welcome signs.

      Things are improving already!

    63. gordoz says:

      O/T Sorry –

      Pleased to see Daily Record digging up GLASGOW CALEDONIAN UNI Principal Pamela Gillies over Brand logo emblazoning Camerons propoganda delivery lectern at Olympic velodrome.

      Perhaps not the best publicity for a Scottish inner Urban institution.

      Unwise to be played do easily and get invovled with fearty PM’s politico misdirection smoke & mirrors.

      Daily record spotted it so will others .. with good memories. Watch the honours list for future Dames folks !

    64. Mosstrooper says:

      Can anyone link to that old Peter Cook and Dudley Moore song

      Goodbye, goodbye we’re leaving you gooodbye

      Afraid I am stuck in dinosaur mode or so my children tell me so unable to do it. Ta nicely

    65. Naebody’s phoned me yit! Anybody get wan?

    66. EdinScot says:

      Like it moujick. So altogether now 1 2 3 – ‘we can vote YES now and have our democracy again’ to the tune of Flower of Scotland.

    67. Croompenstein says:

      There are good and bad individuals all over the place but it’s the collective conscience of the nation which is being asked to vote and yes the nations of the UK are different so Aaranovitch is wrong, o/t didn’t really like Lesley’s article on NNS as soon as I see Bill Walker’s name I tend to switch off

    68. memaw says:

      My husband, very English and ardent YES voter, and I lived in the South of England,in various Counties for 15 years.
      In Devon my 80 year old neighbour and I used to chat over the garden hedge. One day, in all seriousness, she said she enjoyed our chats and she thought it was wonderful that she could understand every word I said- considering I was a foreigner.
      In another village an Italian ex POW who had married a local woman commented that I was very lucky to be accepted, considering that they didn’t like foreigners in the village. This pattern followed me everywhere I went. So if that is how they felt then, let us be a real Foreign country.
      One of our children stayed behind and has to put up with a lot of snide comments at the present time.She is married to a very nice Englishman too who also would vote yes if they lived here.

      And, by the way, they have not phoned me to tell us to vote No.

    69. Dick Gaughan says:

      The key to understanding people like Aaronovitch is to remember that we live on the north side of a one-way mirror.

      We look south and see a distinct and different society.

      They look north and see their own reflection.

    70. X_Sticks says:

      The Man in the Jar says:

      “Taxi for 64,000!”

      Perhaps the artist taxi driver?

    71. Dick Gaughan says:

      Oops, wrong thread! (blush)

    72. Ken500 says:

      AC clown Labour dominated council, are breaking from Labour dominated Cosla, to try and get more monies from Holyrood. After refusing a £80million gift to pedestrianise the City centre and spending £33 million to destroy the Art Gallery.

      Holyrood gov are funding £400million AWPR (due to start in Oct), the £25Million Olympic Pool/Sports village, along with donations etc.

      AC clown Council would cause trouble in an empty room. ‘Vacant coupons’.

    73. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @gordoz –

      re Cosgrove.

      Aye, but how often does he or Cowan ever refer to anything even vaguely political on that show?

      Later they got into a discussion with the guests (one a Scottish rugby player, the other an English footballer now living in Scotland) – the fence was bending, all of them on it simultaneously, but you have to wonder how long it’ll be before it’s impossible to keep rubber-earing the referendum. It’s just too important, for every facet of society, and fitba’s no exception.

    74. ronnie anderson says:

      @Molly 11.56, The brianchild of Tom Clarke Lab MP.It was known as THE Convention of Scottish Labour Athority,s,
      long past its sellby date,another talking shop,not needed,
      look at how much it cost,s for councilor,s to attend & claim exspence,s.

    75. ronnie anderson says:

      My duaghter in law has just left my house she,s away home to phone her Mum in Lincoln,she never got a call from any of her 7 family member,s, I have no cal,s from my 2 brother,s nor any from my neices /nephew,s & their children
      that,s about 30 people living in England,I dont blame them
      does Big Davy pay their phone call,s. I you diddna think that awe the wie through Davy.

    76. Croompenstein says:

      AC are just the same as all Labour councils in Scotland, they cannot get over the fact that the SNP won a majority in Holyrood and will do anything they can to try and make negative headlines for SG but the truth is that they are showing themselves for what they are – a shower of self serving trough swilling bastards who care more about their obsessive hate of the SNP than their own constituents.

    77. ronnie anderson says:


      JOY ADAM,S, Want,s her 3 LION,s Back, their gettin their

      Freedom to.

      See what You started Davy, left withoot the preverbile

      pot tae piss in.

    78. Molly says:

      Yes Ronnie but call me suspicious but why now?

    79. Croompenstein says:

      O/T Glasgow Caledonian University online enquiry currently offline mmm I wonder why?

    80. ronnie anderson says:

      @Molly,its been mentioned some time ago, it,s a diversion
      tactic, they cannot act on their own authority, under a devolved or most certainly a Independent Scottish gov.
      empty vessel,s.

    81. Kenny Ritchie says:

      I’ll show them their passports.

    82. Greannach says:

      It’s nice to get some good news on a rainy day 🙂

    83. alexicon says:


      With pleasure.

      @Croompenstien. Cheers! Glad you’re awake. 🙂

      My English brothers living in England, or my relatives down South, haven’t phoned me today.
      I take it’s a no from them Cameron.

    84. Colin Dunn says:

      “Hopefully all the Better Together knockers will go south after a YES vote.”

      I think you’ll find it’ll be a bust on the day.

    85. bald eagle says:

      tree of liberty

      heavy breathers does that count

    86. Mosstrooper says:

      Can we do without Michele Moan’s Support?

    87. Vronsky says:

      Bad news is that the drones who promise to leave if we do something never actually do. We should try to get something from them in writing.

    88. Taranaich says:

      if Alex Salmond achieves his dream of breaking up the United Kingdom

      You know who I want to emigrate most of all? The people who keep up with this shite.

      Just cannae be bothered with the ludicrous, laughable, self-evidently-idiotic treatise that if Alex Salmond didn’t exist, NOBODY would want independence. They refuse to see how stupid it makes them look, because they somehow think it’s TRUE.

      Alongside the “Scotland subsidy” and “Labour needs Scots” myths, nothing gets my goat quite like “It’s all Alex Salmond’s idea.” I’m glad nobody’s said it in my presence, because I would most certainly cast a stormy expression in their general direction and a good stern talking-to.

      Bit of a berserk-button for me (or since I’m of Gaelic ancestry, a riastradh-button)

    89. Marcia says:

      The Youth of the future;

    90. Vronsky says:


      “She thought it was wonderful that she could understand every word I said – considering I was a foreigner”

      I was at a party in San Diego with my sister. Says a guest to my sister: “You’re Scatch? Gee, you sure speak good English”

      Says my sister (head of English in a big Glasgow school): “I’m afraid I can’t return the compliment”

    91. Woah there cowboy. I remember that video of the ‘brain trust’ teaching us all a thing or two about Salmond and how if it wasn’t for the royals you’s all’d be living oft a dole o’ whatever.

      They said they’d be heading dooooon ta Wayls. No thanks mush. You keep those Rangers fans. We don’t want them. Although they probably don’t even vote so would it matter?

    92. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      FFS. I feel like I’m in that film with the Bill Murray chap, Groundhog day. The whole Fear factory is churning out the same shite on repeat mode.

    93. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      They never write, they never phone …

    94. rab-the-doubter says:

      It makes me ashamed to be a graduate of Glasgow Caledonian. I think their agenda is pretty clear – in the event of a no vote its goodbye to ‘free’ education.

    95. kininvie says:

      @ rab

      The universities’ problem is twofold:

      They are worried they will lose access to UK-based research grants.

      They are worried they will lose the fees from English students.

      It’s not an area where Yes has been particularly convincing, and I think they need to do some work here.

    96. call me dave says:

      Another one of Cochrane’s musings. Apparently pontificating to Scotland from an empty arena was rather a good wheeze.

      He admits to a tightening of the of the polls, but nothing to write home to your mother about, so no comfort to us then.

    97. Clootie says:

      When the union was formed in 1707 Scotland had 20% of the population. Only in the last few years have we seen a rise in our population after 300 years of decline.

      An independent Scotland will retain and attract people. We are at the fork in the road and I only hope I have the chance to live in a fairer society. It would be nice to see my tax being used to help people instead of paying for WMD and force projection. Investment in the NHS instead of nuclear power stations and bloody high speed rail. I would like to see a re-industrialised Scotland led by renewables (income and training opportunities for generations to come)

      Why would you leave?

      I think the first decade post a YES vote is going to be very exciting 😀

    98. Tartan Tory says:

      Headline Says: “Conservative voters were the most likely to say they would think about emigrating or moving to the rest of the UK.”

      Don’t make the mistake of alienating all Scots whose politcal impulses are right of centre. There are more of us than you might think! I can’t claim to speak for all, but a YES vote is more important to me than money in the bank or even food in the fridge. I don’t know who made-up that stupid poll, but they sure as hell didn’t ask me! There are only three things that would make me consider leaving my beloved Scotland:

      1. A NO vote in September.

      2. Johann Lamont becomming First Minister.

      3. London MP’s and Lords coming back here (post independence) looking for jobs in Holyrood.

    99. Brian Mark says:

      Cosgrove and Cowan the 90 minute patriots,if you can stand it just have a wee listen to Off the Ball that love fest of footy tripe from Radio Scotland.

    100. Oneironaut says:

      I wonder how long after independence it will be before all the No voters start moving back up, realising they made a BIG mistake!

    101. Don Cameron says:

      If the people of Scotland vote no to independence, one has to ask the question, WTF were these people thinking, when throughout the world, people are sacrificing their lives to gain their freedom. I could understand a unity between Scotland and England if there were true equity between the two nation. But there is no real equity, one only has to look to where all the money and power is located. One way England could show its desire for equity is to move the capital of the UK an equidistance between London and Edinburgh, say to a place like Leeds. We did it here is Australia when we federated in 1901, and made Canberra our capital; six sovereign colonies became one united nation.

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