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Burning down the house

Posted on February 04, 2021 by

In a surprise development, we made Pete Wishart happy today.

And not just him.

Stewart McDonald was quite beside himself.

And his best pal dear old “Dr” Jennifer Jones.

And some purple-hair we’ve never heard of.

And basically all of the Twitler Youth (Proper Scumbag Division).

So what exactly was this “glorious”“spectacular” and “magnificent” triumph that had merited such an outpouring of spitejoy? Alert readers may recall this story from last spring, in which one of the rapey-looking women-haters of the SNP’s misogynist youth wing (who’s now actually quit the party in a big sulk because it still didn’t hate women enough) demanded we pay him for using his Twitter selfie in another article.

He actually filed a court claim for it, and today he proclaimed a MIGHTY VICTORY by tweeting a redacted version of the court’s decision.

He’d been seeking a total of £950, made up of four pictures at £75 each, for which he demanded double payment for “flagrancy”, and £350 for his legal costs.

But as well as the addresses, in his great excitement he’d accidentally blacked out the amount he’d been awarded. So we’ll fill that bit back in for him (click to enlarge):

Now, we’re completely perplexed by the award. Creepy McRapeyface had no case at all, because Twitter’s terms and conditions clearly stipulate that by using the service you grant them a universal copyright licence to any sort of content you post, and that Twitter also grants that licence to anyone else to use the content anywhere they like.

If you think about it, Twitter couldn’t possibly function any other way, because (among many other things) every retweet or quote tweet is technically a copyright breach. If the judge had really ruled that those T&Cs didn’t apply, Twitter would have to close down immediately – because it would be the publisher of literally billions of copyright infringements every single day – and that’d be quite a story.

But in fact we have no idea whether the judge ruled that or not, because the Simple Procedure Order came with no explanation of the judgement at all. The original claim had no figure of £50 anywhere in it, so we don’t have a clue what it’s actually for.

(We suspect it may be because we told Mr Blench and his lawyer to sod off in a rather flippant way on receipt of their original complaint, because it was so plainly ludicrous, but the sheriff hasn’t deemed that a sufficiently constructive good-faith response and has made the £50 award as a mild rebuke to us. If so, fair enough – that’s the sheriff’s prerogative – but we’re only guessing about it. We’ll find out if at all possible. In the meantime we’ve set up a fundraiser for the cash, since you asked us to.)

So we’re really not at all sure why so many of the Rainbow Stormtroopers above are claiming that it somehow demonstrates a factual inaccuracy of some description.

What we DO know is that young Mr Blench just spent £350 buying a £50 note, leaving him £300 down on the deal. If the Bedwetter Gestapo want to carry him shoulder-high for that, we wish them all the very best of times. They’ve paid for it.

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138 to “Burning down the house”

  1. Davy Smith says:


    Outstanding re-definition of ‘Pyhrric victory’! ?

  2. Morgatron says:

    I think Purple eyed Pete , with his Cosy Slippered Feet (as Bolan sang) seat , seat
    seat- repeat , needs to be targeted at the next election. I for one one would stick in a wedge to support a willing and able candidate.

  3. stonefree says:

    Would I be correct in that it cost him circa £70 to lodge the action , so he didn’t even get that back
    He would be better and cheaper to have put 25 quid in a charity box

  4. Sue Varley says:

    Stu, thank you. That last paragraph made my day.

  5. kapelmeister says:

    What does Pete Wishart do all day other than play on social media?

  6. Craig Macinnes says:

    These folk are just not right in the head. What the hell are they celebrating?

  7. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Oh God what a bunch.

    Just seen coonsoloor oh mine on there. Silly lass.

  8. Liz g says:

    Well we’re no having the Indy fund £50 quid down Rev .
    Put up a crowdfunding so we can replace it

  9. Ruglonian says:

    Absolutely outstanding Stu!

    I can’t stop laughing 😀

    Does this mean that it only costs £50 to legally tell one of the hoodlum brigade to fuck off now?
    Am I getting that wrong? 😉

  10. holymacmoses says:

    Well that has cheered me up Mr Wings. I’m well pissed off about Murrell don’t you know. The order against Mr Salmond must have been put there because Murrell was forced into going back to lie. I’m sure there must be a way of making him pay for his lies because he’ll do it on camera. Surely a question worded in the right way and given to the right person to ask

  11. El Mariachi says:


  12. holymacmoses says:

    BTW I see you’re soon going to become a millionaire:-)

  13. Chris says:

    But he won against the evil, he has proved his righteousness before the true believers;)
    Bow down before his mightyness.

    Be interesting to see the courts explanation.

  14. Fairliered says:

    kapelmeister says:
    4 February, 2021 at 11:46 pm
    What does Pete Wishart do all day other than play on social media?

    Fight for independence?

    No, you’re right kapellmeister. What does he do all day? Rearrange his slipper collection?

  15. holymacmoses says:

    so it’s ruling for Martin Keating tomorrow

  16. greyskies says:

    Congratulations to you, Stu. But please – as a survivor of rape (at the extreme, stereotypical, end of the spectrum), please do not refer to anyone as Rapey McRapeface. The word ‘dog’ doesn’t bite, but the word ‘rape’ does lacerate. I’m not thinking of him, but of myself. It is offensive to me and, I imagine, any other victim of rape.

  17. holymacmoses says:

    Please let is be positive – just this once

  18. holymacmoses says:

    I feel we should be lighting fireworks:-)

  19. Dan says:

    Craig Macinnes says: at 11:47 pm

    What the hell are they celebrating?

    I suspect it’s the ongoing Scottish trend where all existing money ultimately ends up in the hands of the legal establishment…

    I’m getting ahead of the curve on this and am currently doing everything I can to reduce my income and wealth so there will be less economic benefit for them should they come after me.
    Currently filing the corners off my 50pence coins to convert them into 10pences. 😉

  20. Hugh Jarse says:

    And that is a million!

  21. holymacmoses says:

    Currently filing the corners off my 50pence coins to convert them into 10pences. ?

    I’ll give you an address for the shavings OK

  22. Neil Forbes says:

    Will gladly chip in a couple pence for the fundraiser. If we all do likewise, I’m sure we can get you oot o this hole.

  23. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Well we’re no having the Indy fund £50 quid down Rev .
    Put up a crowdfunding so we can replace it”


  24. wee monkey says:

    They really are desperate to shut you down Stu.

    However, on the funnier side, it seems that “slippers” has a fixation about you, reacting instantly to the written word.

    Pity he can’t provide the same level of service to his constituents, especially the ones he blocked from some list or other..

  25. cynicalHighlander says:


    Liar it is just so they roll better be honest.

  26. holymacmoses says:

    Thanks a million for all your hard work. Hope you make as much in cash as in comments ….eventually.

  27. Normski says:

    I remember a long time ago (basically one of the first things the SNP did on getting elected in 2007) – when fue duties were scrapped, I got a letter from the “fuedal landlord” saying they were entitled to compensation of £170 (or a similar such amount, can’t accurately remember) – which they actually were entilted to under the terms of the Act to comply with ECHR terms.

    I looked to see who my local councilors were – I noticed one of them was a Sandra White (whose interests listed included Chair of the William Wallace Appreciation Society).

    I phoned Sandra for advice.

    I explained the situation to her.

    Her reply was: “LOL. If they contact you again, tell them to Fuck Off – naebody is going to chase up a debt that costs more to recover than it is worth. And if they do contact you again – get back in touch”.

    I never heard from them again.


  28. Liz says:

    Well its certainly bought a whole bunch of them out into the open to be blocked on twitter. Thanks for that.

  29. Neil Forbes says:

    5 quid minimum? I’m nae made o money. Better go check the couch…

  30. A McMaster says:

    Could the money be paid in 1p coins or bitcoin perhaps?

  31. somerled says:

    Well done Stu, I remember that story from last year.

    So many of the SNP Transgang in those tweets including Hunter the Munter but where is Mammoth Twat, Big Tit Jordan, Mennie the female toilet fiend?

  32. Fiona says:

    All this seems to demonstrate is that they are desperate to pretend that their claims that your site is unreliable have some basis in fact. That this is the best they have shows precisely the opposite. But watch them build it up: it will be funny.
    They do take a keen interest in you, for people who routinely say nobody should read here, though. Watch what they do, not what they say.

  33. Bob Mack says:

    Well the way the SNP has been spendin our money this would seems to them to be like a victory.After all they at least got something back. A bit like winning half a tennis racquet.

  34. Goggs says:

    Are jelly babies now exotic? That’ll be the Brexit bonus then.

  35. Andybhoy says:

    Got to laugh at Mr Davidson making a comment against Wings. The boyman who spends almost every minute pushing trans issues, slagging off Alex Salmond, Wings,Joanna Cherry et all not in team Sturgeon, took exemption to a comment I posted on his FB page yesterday telling the wokes that when they had grown up and got a bit of life experience they would realise that the old duffers had once been their age and that shouting and bawling doesn`t get you anywhere. If you want to make progress, consultation and compromise achieves more than confrontation. Suddenly Mr D posts that he is ” 37 for goodness sake “, my almost instantaneous response was ” well start acting it “. Almost immediately I was blocked from posting on his FB page.So what I learned was that it is okay for him to fire literary missiles at all of his enemies, but as soon as he starts taking incoming he can`t handle the flak. Yeah, very mature, I was half expecting his mum to send me a nasty rebuke message later on. But his blocking of me was to be expected because the wokes and their supporters make a lot of noise, but when challenged you quickly realise that they actually aren`t all that smart.

  36. David Caledonia says:

    Ha ha ha, three hundred and fifty quid to buy a fifty quid note, its done all the time, and not just by a fluffy brained eejit like him, its so funny and never fails to amuse me how the two brained celled wallapers keep behaving, comedy gold lol

  37. Neil Forbes says:

    It’s been an arduous time recouping this loss but I think the target may have finally been met.

    Have a drink on me, Stu. I don’t live in Scotland anymore but be assured I’m keeping my folks informed about everything going on and that’s all thanks to you, Craig Murray and a few others.

  38. David Caledonia says:

    Somebody was on his facebook page and got blocked

    Question one, why are you on his facebook page

    Question two, why are you on his facebook Page

    Question three, why are you on his facebook page

  39. cynicalHighlander says:

    I see Pete Wishart has donate well done sir.

  40. Craig says:

    Pete Wishart has donated????

    Either that is someone taking the mick or he really has donated to Rev’s crowdfunder of £50….

    My sides are hurting too much.

  41. Alan Mackintosh says:

    There you go, a wee something for a small libation. Cheers Dec!

  42. cynicalHighlander says:

    This is easier than poker but not as much fun or is it Stu!

  43. Saffron Robe says:

    I think it’s just the judicial version of a swear box!

    And amplifies how hollow their “victories” are.

  44. Does Weak Fishtart charge board and lodgings for you living inside his head.

  45. PhilM says:

    Isn’t this one of those rare happy occasions for collecting all those 1p coins gathering green mold and sending them on to a grateful new owner?

  46. PhilM says:

    Read ALL the comments first idiot!!!

  47. carjamtic says:

    The anti-intellectualism is on full display from our elected officials, the SNP Shadow Leader’s twitter account once again, raises it’s very ugly head and it’s still uglier voice.

    To be fair to the rest of the minor talents, the Master of Wit and Repartee has obviously been coaching them, however can we suggest the Shadow Leader needs to practice his Shadowing techniques a little bit more.

    To be a bit super critical, that looks fuck all like a Clown by the way, more like half pissed old has-been, a downgrade…do you remember them glory days ? yea them good old days, a Twitter champion I was, back then, when nobody really used it and I was in a….where was I again ? yea still got it though, showed they Indeplance slupporters bliggas a flub-a dub dub ZZZZzzzzzz.

  48. cynicalHighlander says:

    No cartoon this weekend as Chris Cairns has bunged in a weeks salary less overheads.

  49. Sue Varley says:

    Well my £10 contribution was certainly money well spent – thanks for the laughter therapy.

  50. Lawrence says:

    These Sturgeonista bastards need sorted out.

    Maybe Glen Campbell of the english broadcasting sewer will run an undercover story on them.

  51. cynicalHighlander says:

    Your next taxi trip to the dentist is now assured.

  52. F. McRae says:

    Thank you!! I swear that’s the first time I’ve laughed out loud in three days!!! Rainbow Stormtroopers! ????????

  53. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Aye yir some entrepreneur Stu, I’ll gee yi that. Lol

    570 quid to cover 50 in half an hour.

    Well done man!

  54. Lawrence says:

    If this is all the Greens and the SNP have to offer in May, then I’ll be voting for any other Party who isn’t promoting all these Trans policies.

    Harvie and Sturgeon should start up there own new Party where it could be known as Weirdo Central.

  55. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Jesus Christ. Speaking of surreal highbrow financial comedy (notice sarcasm):

  56. Kat says:

    They’ll all have a riddy when they read your blog & see all he got for his trouble. Keeps your readership figure up though 😉

  57. Al-Stuart says:

    At last, some strangely good news.

    A Wings fundraiser at last.

    Am delighted to pay 50% of Declan’s award.

    With good grace and it made me smile.

    Will also be donating the same amount to Edinburgh Zoo as there was a helluva beautiful Orangutan in the enclosure I got a photo of it too.

    It’s only fair that this £50 fee for pictures of these strange looking wee beasties is spread around to all of these beauties.

    Only one question Stu. How much Turkish Delight can you buy for £1,000?

    I suspect Declan Blanched will have turned his £300 into a £50 note…

    AND your £50 into a £1,000. Quite a talent for a deeply unpleasant person such as Bluntvisog.

  58. Jim Bo says:

    Pete Wishart attempting to donate £5 anonymously- thanks for the chuckle Pete!

  59. Bob Mack says:


    You can put any name you like as long as your bank details are ok. Fun eh?

  60. Lawrence says:

    The Unionist end of the political scale in Scotland are doing more to help us win our INDEPENDENCE than the SNP or the Greens.

    If the Tories can bring down Sturgeon, then I might even consider giving them my vote.

    What strange times we are in.

  61. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Can I self identify as Stuart Campbell please and claim the prize?

  62. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Just saw Liz Lloyd donating there…

    ‘Magnanimous’ doesn’t even cover it.



  63. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Ian B, well she did get a mahoosive pay rise, One could almost call it a reward for services rendered… Nice to see she spreads it around a bit

  64. Al-Stuart says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ….

    Pete Wishart donated £5
    “Where’s the tick box to make the donation anonymous?”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Thank you Pete, Laughter is the best medicine 🙂

    P.S. I am not on Twitter. PLEASE can someone post this link on all of the above Twitter Youth account…

    That should help them see how Declan Blanch was so embarrassed at burning £300 for a £50 award that he redacted it. Pete Wishart might bang I. Another £5 🙂

  65. Ian Mac says:

    I’ll chip in 50p so he can buy himself a bag of chips to celebrate this epic victory, because the whole saga made me laugh so much. Evidently he thought he’d scored a belter against the man who regularly exposes their machinations, especially by hiding the amount he’d ‘won’. Apparently it didn’t occur to him that the Rev could simply demonstrate he was in fact £300 down and had not demonstrated any wrongdoing. That’s exactly the kind of ‘victory’ these nitwits celebrate daily, in their determination to avoid the Scots knowing about what is going on in their super secret inner cabal. It hasn’t occurred to them that open government and transparency would solve all of their supposed ‘problems’ with the stream of revelations about their sordid behaviour. Lol, what dimwits.

  66. David Ferguson says:

    I missed the million by a bawhair! Well about 64 actually….

    Serves me right for sleeping.

  67. vlad (not that one) says:

    Still laughing.

  68. 100%Yes says:

    Pete Wishart 20+ yrs at Westminster what single thing has he achieved for the Scots or Scotland, nothing. Well know better the next time he’s asking for us Scots to go out and vote and his cronnies.

  69. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Apparently it didn’t occur to him that the Rev could simply demonstrate he was in fact £300 down and had not demonstrated any wrongdoing.”

    The fun part is that he’s bragging the £50 will go to Scottish Trans Alliance. He could have just sent them £300 and still been £50 better off. He’s basically robbed them of £250.

  70. Ian Mac says:

    If this is their idea of success, can you imagine what their definition of success is for Scotland’s future? OK, England, so we’ll give you £X billions, fishing rights, oil, energy – you give us a bridge and some Boris buses. Cheers.

  71. LaingB French says:


  72. Tambo says:

    Pete Wishart should be sacked and replaced by Brian Hurren. It worked a treat for Runrig.

  73. Lawrence says:

    Rev Stu 1.13am

    “The fun part is that he’s bragging the £50 will go to Scottish Trans Alliance. He could have just sent them £300 and still been £50 better off. He’s basically robbed them of £250.”

    Rev, you do realise that the Trans Alliance could have purchased 10 sets of wigs, dresses and makeup for the next shindig at Daddy Bear’s House with that money.

    They’re not going to be happy with their, not so bright Buddy.

  74. David Holden says:

    Well Stu you little scamp thank you for that. At lights out I went to bed angry and wake up to this which has genuinely made me laugh out loud. Laughter is the best medicine they say. Enjoy your drink and will pop into the fundraiser over the day so see how many more of the great and good of the bed wetting wing of the party have chipped in. Have a good one.

  75. PhilM says:

    Poor Declan…the vexatious hath been truly vexèd…

  76. Lollysmum says:

    It would seem that your latest brand of fundraiser doesn’t like my card so I’ll try it on the main site instead tomorrow with Privacy Badger & Ghostery switched off.

    Thanks for the laugh Stuart really needed that. Well worth £20.

  77. Stuart says:

    This has made my day. Declan is one of the most extreme and intolerant TRAs in Scotland, who ex-communicates anyone who so much raises any questions about gender identity theory, adding any gender critical dissidents to Terf Blocker. Well done Stu.

  78. MrMilkshake says:


    After a difficult few days, This has cheered me right up 🙂

  79. Thathater says:


  80. Kevin Cargill says:

    Ask Twitter to pay it for you. After all it’s in their best interest to take this further so they can clarify the position on public use of Tweeted images. They don’t won’t their customers charged every time they use a pic lifted from their publicly available platform. Meantime here’s a fiver on top of my monthly sub just for making me laugh!! ????

  81. twathater says:

    AW that’s no fair I heard Deccy was going to set himself up as a financial advisor once he got past the 5 times table , but the pandemic has kept him out of school

  82. Pixywine says:

    A pyrrhic victory. The poor sods are supping a thin gruel. I wonder why the Twitler Propaganda Ministry don’t mind Nicola Sturgeon ramming them with flim flam.

  83. K8 says:

    Thank you for opening my eyes to what has been going on in “the name of independence “. Feelings of shock, horror, disappointment but tonight laughter.


    Have you read this? What the fuck is the SNP ‘spokesman’ on about?

  85. Pixywine says:

    You should give him a tip.

  86. shiregirl says:

    Some of the anon donations are worth a read…lol.

    When you are munching your large bag of mojos/chelsea whoppers/retro sweet of choice, think of them… flouncing and chucking a strop at the gleeful irony of this situation.

  87. David Holden says:

    I see young Declan is claiming a moral victory so that is that sorted then.

  88. Dickie Tea says:

    You should use the donations to appeal which will cost Rapey even more to defend

  89. Dickie Tea says:

    Cosy Feet Pete has plenty of time to spend on social media because he does nothing else.

    His constituents see him once every 5 years when he comes begging for their vote and then disappears. he has done zilch for his Perth constituency which is going downhill rapidly

  90. Lulu Bells says:

    Nice to have something to laugh about this morning Mr C. Actually, just to say some of your ‘one-liners’ BTL make me laugh out loud quite a lot. I often wish there was a like button!


    Go Joanna Cherry, acht I have questioned her strategic prowess but getting ”Stalinist” in, well played. Aye I know he killed millions but he oversaw the construction of mind blowing tube stations in Moscow, aye I went to the Soviet Union, when Leningrad was still Leningrad. The Matisse room in the Hermitage, WOW.

  92. Robert Louis says:

    I see pension Pete, is right in there, cheering on the stupidity. Telling us all we need to know.

    Hard to understand the venom of these clowns from the twitler youth. Very pathetic, narrow-minded people. Imagine celebrating getting 50 quid, after forking out several hundred. What a clueless bunch of self-entitled, nacissistic we brats.

    Mind, it’s the same kind of folk who celebrate when ACTUAL human rights fighters like Joanna Cherry recieve threats of physical violence. Talking of which has NS said anything about the abuse of her female MP, Joanna Cherry yet?

  93. Robert Louis says:

    Am I correct in thinking the Martin Keatings section 30 judgement is issued this morning??

  94. Bob Costello says:

    Mind you , the SNP might very well think that a good application of funds as they seem to have spent at least three quarters of a million pounds on pursuing an innocent man and miss appropriated a similar amount of yes supporters money

  95. Anonymoose says:

    What a splendid article to arise to in the morning.

    After all the other news this week, it seems there is still such a thing as good news, what a fitting end for a tumultuous week.

  96. Hugh Jarse says:

    E&W local elections are set to go ahead in May!

  97. Robert Louis says:

    I think folk on here will find this article, the linked article (if you can access it – I couldn’t) and especially some of the comments in response, especially in relation to Glasgow University.

    This is, after all, how England maintained it vice-like grip all over the world for a very long time. I just do wonder how far up the chain it goes WITHIN the SNP.

  98. Robert Hughes says:

    Maybe this financial whizz-kid is angling for a job as SNP Treasurer , an aspiring Gordon Glaikit , a reverse King Midas whose touch turns everything of value into shit .

    Is the vocabulary of these quarterwits limited to around 5 words ?

    Me . Bully . Me . Transphobe . Me

  99. Effijy says:

    Just donated and we are short of £1,000.
    Get out of bed and get £1,050 within 8 sleepy hours.

    Let me just check I’ve got this right.

    Immature Trans Guy doesn’t like the Rev for printing the truth.
    Wants to give money to a Trans Group, so spends £350 taking
    the Rev on, completely oblivious that anyone can use Twitter pics,
    as indeed the Rev did but gets £50 because the judge didn’t like a swear word?

    So the demented dress guy only deprived the Trannies of £300 instead of £350.
    He looks even more stupid because he had no idea how Twitter worked.

    The SNP Transcuntinental Group leap about as though some kind of victory occurred
    as they hate having the Wings mirror held up to their face, their idiocy just lost them more
    members fees and more votes and they are celebrating.

    Lots and lots of them have time to post comments about this but are too busy
    to offer support to a colleague, Joanne Cherry, who has had her life threatened
    for making a comment that the vast majority of the country agree with?

    Obviously when they see the Rev just made a thousand pound profit, they will post on here and
    tell us which parts of the story that I’ve got wrong?

    In the current joke format that the Scottish legal system is operating in
    can anyone advise if the Rev had used the B word along with the F word
    would the fine have been £100?

  100. Mac says:

    Yes he ‘accidently’ blanked out the fact it was 50 quid. lol.

    Imagine provoking a pile-on of that magnitude only to make an such a glaring tit out of everyone who joined in.

    I guess when you are really, really desperate for any kind of ‘win’ this is what happens. Pathetic and hilarious in equal measure.

    Spending 350 to get 50 back. And the 50 was really a voluntary contribution. Fundraiser at nearly a thousand to pay a bill of 50 quid.

    Aye that was some victory… if you are a moron.

  101. Helen Yates says:

    Oh what a great start to my day, well worth the money just to be able to have another laugh at the clowns. Ive gladly repaid that 50 myself simply for the entertainment value.

  102. Graham Alexander Fordyce says:

    I think it’s high time you quit with the rudeness, Stu. It detracts from your well-earned reputation for honesty and forensic analysis of Scottish politics. It’s unnecessary and is a distraction from the point of the exercise.

  103. Ananurhing says:

    Stu could maybe use some of this money to reach out.
    Perhaps send Daddy Bear a bunch of flowers (Lilies), a bottle of cherry liquer, and a packet of soor plooms.

    That’ll stick in his craw.

  104. bjsalba says:

    Would Twitter be interested in taking action against someone who breaches their terms of account by making such a claim.

    By allowing the judgement to stand don’t they set a precedent? That could be very bad for business.

    Just askin’.

  105. Muscleguy says:

    i hope you leave the crowdfunder up for a while there Stu I’ve just become an employed person, no start date yet so I’m not yet in funds just deliriously happy. So if it’s still up when I’m in funds I will donate in lieu of you coming round and helping me empty a barrel of my truly excellent homebrew (I’m not kidding). Wine and cider (which may be mulled) will also be available.

  106. Tony Hay says:

    Just had a read at the last 3 days comments on WGD….the lack of self awareness of the contributors is amazing,covid,covid and of course the one last push for indy dreamers are well to the fore.

    Their belief in the FM and her government is practically Stalinist in its fervour.
    As Jack Nicholson said in a few good men “you want the truth,you can’t handle the truth”.

  107. TNS2019 says:

    “This is not personal, it’s business”

    The action that we are taking against John Swinney is designed to expose corruption and force a change not only in the working proactices but the culture of government.
    We are genuinely frightened by what has happened to Scotland and rather like the Rangers administrators are not going to be cowed into acceting injustice just because the authorities believe that they can lie their way out of trouble.
    I doubt that Swinney will survive a successful court action because not only was he responsible for those who caused so much harm but because it all happened just 15 mins from his constituency office.
    Our Head of School (who did nothing wrong) is still being pursued because he has been instrumental in exposing misfeasance in public officer.
    Very strange! Being patriotic makes you an enemy of the state.

    Of course, if Swinney does go, it will open-up opprtunities to make the SNP a genuine party of independence.

  108. Wee Chid says:

    Tell them you are donating all your crowdfund money to the “Joanna Cherry for FM” fund – and that it’s all thanks to their publicity. -Maybe better not – the NHS is under enough strain at the moment. Heads exploding might push them over the edge.

  109. X_Sticks says:

    Worth it just for the block list of wokerati responding to the loser Declan. 🙂

  110. Astonished says:

    The wokeratti are really not very clever. Is that why they can do no wrong in Nicola’s eyes?

  111. Jontoscots20 says:

    Just wondering why is the scumbag who threatened Joanna Cherry with sexual violence being allowed to remain anonymous? I am raging at this police state for the principled and client courts for the connected and protected. Lawyers?

  112. Roger Gough says:

    For an aged Covid prisoner in the South, the Campbell/Murray blogs and the comments they elicit are, truly, my primary sources of news and entertainment each day. Intelligent, densely plotted and highly informative, the BBC should look to their (ancient) laurels. Only too glad to pay my licence fee. Keep up the good work and every success. Best regards.

  113. Boaby says:

    Transgenders, a bunch of perverts trying to convince normal people that their perversion is normal.

  114. Republicofscotland says:

    Wishart and McDonald, both BritNat lackeys for Westminster will hopefully, if we’re still tied to this horrendous union, come the next GE, not be reelected, as folk now know exactly what they are.

  115. mike cassidy says:

    You have to donate the ‘surplus’ to something that will annoy the shit out of them

    Maybe the Sarah Phillimore fundraiser

    They must have a big file on you as well!

  116. mike cassidy says:

    Sarah Phillimore case here

  117. Peter says:

    Have you considered having the £50 delivered to him in one pence coins?

  118. Saorsa Cat says:


    And we know, they will all be reading this blog, and his “win” will be exposed, how cringey.

    Well worth a wee fiver of my cash.

  119. Mia says:

    “What we DO know is that young Mr Blench just spent £350 buying a £50 note, leaving him £300 down on the deal”

    ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

    It really says a lot of what actually move these people when money is not objection for them when it comes to attempting to smear or get one on who they perceive as “the enemy”.

    It seems to follow the same philosophy used to “justify” an unlawful and biased case brought against Mr Salmond and the ridiculous wastage of millions of taxpayers’ funds for it caused.

    It would be really interesting to find out what the £50 pounds are for. Could it be that the sheriff awarded them half of some administrative charge they had previously paid in full?

  120. Mia says:

    I think it is appalling, dishonest and unprofessional that MPs get involved in this. It belittles them and the constituents paying their wages. They are not paid those enormous salaries to waste their time in twitter with nonsense like this.They are paid to represent their constituents in serious matters. It says very, very little about their impartiality and even less about their common sense and professionalism. They, like Blackman often when she tweets, appear to be stoking more division rather than attempting to heal it.

    Those tweets above make me question the judgement of Wishart and McDonald as I have often questioned the judgement of Blackman. As I am convinced the genderwoowoo is in fact a mask for a team of professional psyops trolls acting to stoke division and derail the SNP and the cause of independence, the backing of Wishart and Mcdonald of such an stupid action encouraging others to waste their money like this, makes me wonder on what side of the Yes/No divide those two MPs really are and who they are really working for.

  121. Meg merrilees says:

    I’ve heard of ‘selective hearing’ but this takes the game to a whole new level – ‘selective comprehension’ or selective stupidity’? Not sure which?

  122. BLMac says:

    Just checked the Go Fund me. £5,200 !!!!!

    I expect to hear of purple faced wokeists exploding on tonight’s news….

  123. holymacmoses says:

    “What we DO know is that young Mr Blench just spent £350 buying a £50 note, leaving him £300 down on the deal”

    With the whoops of joy displayed at such arithmetical calculations, it does give one pause for thought about handing over the running of the economy of Scotland to the likes of Wishy and is Washouts – doesn’t it:-)

  124. crazycat says:

    @ Alison Balharry at 3.21

    That article you linked to contains the interesting admission that “Joanna Cherry was removed from the front bench”.

    I thought (no, I didn’t) that it was “just a reshuffle” to “give people the opportunity” to experience new roles.

  125. Unlimiter says:

    My understanding is that Simple Procedure replaced the Small Claims Court system about 4 or 5 years ago. As with its predecessor, its purpose is to provide a speedy, inexpensive & informal way to resolve disputes. Crucially, it is inexpensive due to the fact that there is no requirement to employ (usually costly) legal representation, although you can choose to do so at your own expense. As it seems young Mr Blench did indeed use a brief, I wonder if his legal fees have also been incorporated into this £350 figure?

  126. Chris Darroch says:

    Anyone else having difficulty donating through the gofundme link?

    I have filled in the donation debit card information several times and clicked Donate each time….but to not apparent effect. Unless I have actually donated five times unbeknownst. GULP

  127. Patsy Millar says:

    Great fun seeing the names of some of the contributors!

  128. Cod says:

    Cost to raise a Simple Procedure for amounts above £300 is £106. Cost for a Sheriff to serve the claim form on the recipient is £13. Total £119.

    Solicitor costs, if one is employed, are extra, and not insignificant.

    Expenses incurred can be claimed back but these must be asked for on the original claim form. For claims greater than £300 but less than or equal to £1,500 (where this claim, at £950, lies) the expenses awarded by the sheriff may not exceed £150

    Regardless of the reason for the award, the claimant has spent considerably more on raising the action plus legal costs if he did not represent himself, than he has raised in award from the Sheriff.

    With that level of economic acumen he should clearly be in charge of the Exchequer in Westminster.

    The £50 awarded may therefore have been in lieu of expenses rather than an award against the defendant per se.

  129. Brian says:

    So he didn’t win. He’s proven to be another fucking idiot just like Kezia.

    Also the Sheriff needs investigating. utter bollocks judgement.

  130. Del G says:

    Stu, if your costs are anything like Mr Blench’s then the case has cost him (net) £300; and it has cost you £400. Irrespective of who claims to be the winner, neither of you are, it seems.
    Let’s imagine a very different case:
    An art gallery puts up a tweet about a very famous painting, including an image. Twitter demands they grant the right to retweet etc and hence that includes the (technical) right to the image, otherwise no-one can possibly retweet anything including images.
    Someone decides to download the image and subsequently makes and sells postcards based on that image. Copyright still applies. The gallery can sue the pants off whoever did it. Twitter click-rights don’t apply, because they grant permission for re-use within the same context on twitter.
    So where does your case fit?

  131. Lothianlad says:

    Dear stu’ this is perhaps the funniest post I’ve seen for ages. Your turn of phrase and your use of language are a real talent.

    It creates a clarity that immediately uplifts and educates at the same time. As well as have folk in hysterics. Well done sir!

  132. Derek says:

    @Del G says:
    5 February, 2021 at 6:38 pm

    An art gallery puts up a tweet about a very famous painting, including an image. Twitter demands they grant the right to retweet etc and hence that includes the (technical) right to the image, otherwise no-one can possibly retweet anything including images.

    You’d watermark the image, wouldn’t you?

  133. Jm says:

    Declan obviously applying the Fred Goodwin economic best practice model.

  134. Unlimiter says:

    Del G says:
    5 February, 2021 at 6:38 pm
    Stu, if your costs are anything like Mr Blench’s then the case has cost him (net) £300; and it has cost you £400.

    I would imagine that Stu’s costs in this are £0 (aside from the £50 award). There is no requirement for the defendent to engage in the Simple Procedure process and given that Stu has confirmed he advised Mr Blench and his counsel to go fuck themselves then I presume no engagement was forthcoming (and no legal costs incurred). In fact, it would be interesting to see how the £50 award would be collected. What are they going to do against a man who has had no income for the best part of a year? Arrest his wages? Of course, Mr Blench could employ another expensive legal representative to reclaim his 50 quid.

  135. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Stu, if your costs are anything like Mr Blench’s then the case has cost him (net) £300; and it has cost you £400.”

    It’s cost me fuck-all, mate. I acted for myself.

  136. Unlimiter says:

    Cod says:
    5 February, 2021 at 4:46 pm
    The £50 awarded may therefore have been in lieu of expenses rather than an award against the defendant per se.

    My guess is the 50 quid boils down to the sheriff thinking “what is the least amount I can assign to this to get this shite off my desk so that I can get on with the next thing I have to do”. One could argue about the ins and outs of copyright law, etc. but that is way beyond the scope of a simple procedure. I think this needs to be accepted in good grace.

  137. Al-Stuart says:

    Indelible evidence from the mouth (or arse) of Declan Blench.

    The TwittlerYouth OutForIndy don’t give a flying fuck about 99.6% of the YES movement wanting independence for Scotland.

    Blanch is the poster boy/girl/adult female of the trans cult.

    Their major trait is selfish, me, me, me, and his self obsessed selfie photos of when he was 22 years old or photos of him at 7 or photos of him, him, him…. that is the nature of the 0.4% trans lobby who have stolen the SNP leadership by dishonest means.

    If in doubt, here is what Declan’s says, and it says it all…

  138. Al-Stuart says:

    Declan, just so you know your letting the cat out of the bag can never be deleted…

    When the full narrative of what you and your ilk have done to kill of Scottish Independence is writ., your words and deeds will be there for all to see.

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