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Boys Who Rape

Posted on March 06, 2023 by

Last month this site ran an article entitled “All The Nice Greens Love A Rapist”, and two days ago the Scottish version of the party officially confirmed it.

But just like their counterparts in England and Wales, the Scottish Greens’ fondness for turning a blind eye to rape isn’t new.

The Occupy movement of the early 2010s (an offshoot of the anti-austerity movement) was rife with rape and sexual assault. The “Occupy Glasgow” camp in George Square in 2011 very quickly become an unsafe place, not so much a protest as somewhere for people to congregate and drink at night. Feminists raised issues about the camp’s safety from the start, which were roundly dismissed.

14 minutes into this video of an Occupy Glasgow rally in George Square you can watch Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie’s speech, with Ross Greer onstage behind him looking busy and important.

Four days after that speech, in the early morning of 25 October 2011, a 28-year-old homeless woman, who was seven months pregnant, was raped by several men at the camp, surrounded by tents full of anti-capitalist activists who would later blame her and deny that the attack had happened.

I’d met her once when I visited the camp previously. She was clearly vulnerable and should have been signposted to services that might have helped her find suitable accommodation. But, heavily pregnant and lacking any support, she braved the cold October weather to stay with her boyfriend, who had decided that the camp was a great place for some after-hours boozing.

Many appeals were made to the campers to shut the camp down after the incident. My own efforts to organise a night-time vigil (high-vis jackets, torches, whistles,) to prevent a reoccurrence failed.

This letter was written to the occupiers by a group of feminist activists:

“In light of the gang rape that took place on Tuesday, we condemn the decision to continue with the occupation. Not only does the rape itself constitute reason enough to end the protest, but the reaction in the days which have followed has only convinced us further.

Allowing rape apology, victim blaming, and accusations of ‘fabrication’ or ‘conspiracy to bring the occupation to and end’ to be voiced in statements both on the official Occupy Glasgow facebook page and at General Assemblies without question demonstrates a complete failure of those involved to grasp the severity of the incident.

There has been insufficient effort to make necessary changes to the physical space or the safer spaces policy following the attack.

Women remain at high risk at Occupy Glasgow, and openly voiced this at the women’s meeting on Friday 28th October. Prior to Tuesday, verbal and physical intimidation had been reported by occupiers to the group, yet these issues were not addressed.”

The occupiers’ reaction to the event was for many unforgiveable. The campers denied any responsibility for the event, denied that the camp was unsafe, and downplayed the attack. I was told by one occupier that she had brought it on herself by “going into guys’ tents wearing lipstick”.

It was even speculated that she was a secret agent sent to destroy the camp’s reputation and that she had made it up for attention or “to get a house”. She was cruelly dehumanised by the mostly middle-class campers.

One of the placards from the camp took on a horribly ironic note.

The occupiers released a video statement, with almost inaudible sound, in which they called the rape “alleged”, but also issued one “unequivocally” condemning it:

Rather than acknowledging how badly the victim had been failed or “highlighting the issues” faced by women (there was, of course, no engagement with feminist groups), this “vigil” was arranged with the sole intention of clouding the narrative and reframing the occupiers as victims standing up to their oppressors.

The “hate crime vigil” in George square (also advertised as a “solidarity vigil”), held on the exact spot where the woman was attacked, was well attended: there must have been 100 people there. The event was organised, I recall, by Ross Greer.

A gay man from the SWP spoke vaguely about homophobic hate crime. Another speaker talked about racist hate crime. Martha Wardrop, a Scottish Greens councillor who had not been involved in the camp, was the only woman to speak. She thanked the occupation for taking a stand against capitalism and hate crime in general. Not a single mention was made of the horrific crime that had occurred in that spot only days before. The victim was simply erased. I and other women left in disgust.

(Wardrop’s blog post advertising the event didn’t even mention rape in general.)

In the end, the camp had to be shut down by the council, whereupon they moved to Kelvingrove Park, where feminist campaigners continued to beg them to shut it down over continued safety concerns.

When I recently asked a few friends from the time if they had any memories or stories from the camp, one of the messages I got was this one:

“Oh yes! Very many! From men behaving like 5-year-olds when feminism was mentioned, to the gang rape of the pregnant homeless women who “occupied“ one of the dicks’ tents only for her bf to go score and two dealers raping her, standing outside the tent asking if “anyone else wants a go” to the statement made next day about how the homeless, pregnant rape victim wasn’t a “part of the Occupy movement”, just a random street urchin.

That was only the start of the chaos. I do remember specifically some of the same middle-class third-wave feminists, laughing and joking with each other online how they had infiltrated the women’s library and gone into the computer system and locked these older women out and literally locked them out of their own library system.”

Ross Greer was heavily involved in the occupation from its inception to the shameful “hate crime vigil”. I don’t believe he has ever publicly expressed regret, acknowledged responsibility, or shown that he learned any lessons from what happened at Occupy Glasgow. That Greer could walk away from something like this unscathed when he’s since made a career out of denouncing left-wing women as bigots, is unconscionable.

Harvie and Wardrop gave their explicit support to the camp in the days preceding and, worryingly, following the gang-rape. The Scottish Greens now dismiss ordinary women and working-class people fighting for change in their communities as dangerous bigots, but the events of Occupy Glasgow revealed their attitude years earlier.

Back then, they dismissed feminist concerns in order to be able to portray themselves as radicals and they’ve been failing to learn their lesson ever since.

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0 to “Boys Who Rape”

  1. McDuff

    It just gets worse and worse. Its anarchy.
    What the hell are the police doing tolerating these people.

  2. Lorna Campbell

    Almost everywhere that men and women congregate together runs this risk. Predatory men will always seek out opportunities, and daft lassies supply them because they believe that they are among friends, and, therefore, not prey. The Greens at Holyrood are an odious lot of piggy-backers. Few of them were elected with anything like enough votes to justify their elevation to the government front bench, but they strut around like the power-hungry, power-mad wee boys and handmaidens that they are.

    Having said that, the Greens are no different from any group whose activities lead to bad outcomes for some. People who know they have opened the gates to the Trojan Horse always try to justify their actions or non-actions and blame those who have been harmed – especially if those harmed are female. The same happened with the Flower Power movement in America: a happy-clappy, singing and music-making festival of goodwill turned into just another opportunity for predatory males to inflict pain on innocent women. Rapes and sexual assaults were rife. Of course, it was a minority; it always is. However, that minority inflicts pain and harm on people, and women have no way of telling whether they will or not just by looking at them.

    That is always the point, Mr Harvie, Mr Greer and all your wee Green acolytes, and the SNP sycophants and virtue-signallers are no better: we cannot tell who is a predator and who is not, which is why female spaces, etc., are reserved – or were, till recently – for females who were born, not larping men who could be predators or not. Better safe than sorry, as the old cliche goes, and if women and children are not safe, we’ll make you sorry, very sorry. We’ll see to it at the next polls – or sooner, if the opportunity arises. You can bet your GRRB and your bottle return scheme on that.

  3. SusanAHF

    Laura Jones that is truly awful and another reason not to vote Green. The hypocrisy and callousness is off the scale

  4. Geri

    I’m speechless. That poor lass & pregnant too.

    & a fking vigil, for themselves? WTAF!?

    Appalling. I’d never have thought those places were unsafe. Jeez oh..just something that’d never crossed my mind.

  5. Robert McAllan

    Lorna Campbell; Are you seriously suggesting the victim of this heinous crime of rape, a pregnant, VULNERABLE, homeless young woman was one of your “DAFT LASSIES”? HOW DARE YOU, HOW ABSOLUTELY DARE YOU. Your UTTER SHAMELESSNESS I cannot believe!!

  6. Jeremy Wickins

    The Greens are a group who, by their very existence, want to regress society to a pre-industrial, semi-civilised state oh existence in which men dominate.

  7. lothianlad

    Thank Goodness for Wings over Scotland. Otherwise all this vile crime would be hidden and dismissed.

  8. James Che

    And all that is wicked will continue in Scotland as long as we have a british colonising parliament in Scotland.
    With GCHQ running it and tampering with our votes, so the horrors and Chaos will also deliberately continue, the forever “No” vote is secured for the future,
    The devolved parliament is not newly infiltrated, it was their conception from the Start, working, and being managed under the pretence of being Scottish.

    The greens weren’t even voted in Scotlands last election, but we got them, same goes for all those years of tories in Scotland,
    And we wonder why we never get what we vote for, Well now you know.

    Infiltration and managing Scotland is more than just awful politics of the faux SNP, and greens.
    The infiltration includes, plans to psychologically guide your thoughts and speech, to keep you away from talking (of) independence to talk in a never ending loop about the failures of a particular political party instead.

    And judging how many newbee’s are here to keep our attention on ” party” politics instead of independence of the Country, I would suggest GCHQ are having rather a successful year and a half with people on their pay roll.

    This is what makes It is “easy to distinguishes the genuine Scots wanting independence” of their Country, from those whom avoid the “ways and means topics” but keep that party shenanigans conversation going as a deploy for as long as possible.

    Most of the Scots you are trying to out talk, are not commenting here anymore, they have got wise to the GCHQ trolling, and keep it under their hats, and find alternatives.

    For GCHQ engineering the conversation here, you have been sussed out a while ago,
    Just a observation, but the methods you use do not quell the rebellion of wanting Scottish independence, but actually encourages it to live on due to the Colonial methods you use.

    If you have not succeed in the last 300 year or so, when you thought you had it nailed, perhaps a rethink might improve the situtation.

    Every country that was ever colonised never forgets the way they have and are being treated,
    The people only forget when they are being treated well and with respect that includes their country, and their people
    Other wise you can wait another 300 years.

    Speaking to you directly is better than pretending you are not there, and perhaps the suggested rethink of your programme might bring better solutions,
    You make Martyrs in Scotland, and the dream lives on,
    You bully and use force, and martyrs never die,

    That means the wish to gain “independence” in Scotland, and ( every) other Country around the world That was ever forcefully taken thinks the same.
    You make a rod for your own backs around the Globe,

    And we see the world protesting and fighting back,
    All the people realise that “their governments” have gone rogue, all around the world.
    The focus on Scotland is the least of your worries.

  9. Andrew F

    Until the crime has been proven and determined in Court, the correct term is “alleged”.

    I note the BBC story above states it as a fact, whereas all media usually are careful about inserting “alleged” – most especially about the rich and powerful.

    All over the world there were occupy protests. We dropped in to the local one here in Australia several times and found them to be in the vast majority decent people with a range of views concerned about the state of the world and wanting to make positive changes.

    There were definitely infiltrators and “wreckers” trying to destroy or re-direct it. But we never saw any depravity or obvious danger, in fact almost everyone was fastidious about keeping things clean and orderly.

    Thanks to the internet we were also able to check in on the other occupy camps around the (western) world.

    What became immediately obvious was that the establishment media in each country was running the same stories about rape, public defecation and drug use in every camp all around the world.

    What a depraved lot they are! Was the clear message.

    Just run some words through your internet search of choice using your imagination and you will decide that there was either (a) a common depravity to all the protests around the world, or (b) a common establishment media coordinated attack using the same ‘talking points’.

    Quick example:

    Just did the search and found:

    Guardian, 26 April 2013, “Anonymous UK founder accused of rape at Occupy London”.

    But then: BBC, 2 May 2013, “Occupy London activist cleared of rape at St Paul’s camp” – (it’s the same man, and he was cleared by a jury).

    I don’t know anything about the Glasgow case and I hope the, alleged, perpetrators are brought to justice and if found guilty after a fair trial are punished accordingly.

    PS: Not that it matters or is relevant, but I detest the current “Greens”.

  10. SusanAHF

    I think I agree with that view Jeremy. They’ll have us eating insects and algae too

  11. Gordon Hastie

    Jeremy Wickins – the Greens are a group that used to have a lot of great ideas which did not necessarily mean going back to the Middle Ages etc etc, and did not mean men ruling over women. The Greens were way ahead of other parties re party democracy. WTF has happened to the Greens, when, and how, is a very interesting and pertinent question.

  12. Mark Boyle

    No surprise to those familiar with the Comrade Delta saga in the Socialist Workers Party.

    The far left has long had terminal problems with misogyny, thuggery and toxic masculinity in general atypical of the “might makes right” neanderthals.

  13. SusanAHF

    They’ve been infiltrated by mra’s and perverts, that’s what’s happened to the Greens. They should be unelectable

  14. Bob Mack

    Funny how these folk find their way into groups of supposed do gooders like these and the Scouts and churches or any organisation which deals with disadvantaged members of society. Not all victims however are of that ilk.

    In fact anywhere they can meet or find vulnerable potential victims. I am unashamedly always wary when I run into them.

    Experience has taught me that much. I was taught by a religious order at school, and being a boy from a pretty rough working class area, I was no fool.

    When sent to the headmaster for punishment he would offer some offenders a spanking on their bare bottom rather than the cane on the palms of the hand. Some actually accepted to their eternal regret. Most of those from the order teaching, we quickly marked out as deviants and we treated them as such.

    It is pervasive.

  15. Gordon kennedy

    The Green Party Agenda 2030 Climate Scammers are nothing more than lying,deceitful carpet bagging parasites, no worse than their colleagues in the NU SNP,Tories & Labour who also grandstand the CO2 lie in order to facilitate taxation on the people under the illusion of the 50 year old Scam of ‘Global Warming’,that by no coincidence had to change its brand to ‘ Climate Change’ after the scam was exposed to the public by the Telegraph no less, look under ‘ Climategate’ for details
    That’s the fact of the matter,if anyone disagrees they need only to educate themselves on the subject,it’s not exactly a secret
    PS ..Great work Rev

  16. gregor

    Black Hole Recordings (2018): The Stupid Experts: For Alice:

    (“…duo originating from the small town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders”):

    Pure Progressive Club Mix (@we see you):

  17. James Che


    That is what the re-wilding programmes across countries is about.

    It removes farm land and water sources and fishing as peoples food sources.

    You will eat bugs, algae and synthesised food only.

    Like Dan says, where you can grow your own, learn how to re-seed your own plants, because newer ones are genetically modified,

    Use pots , bins, or any water proof container, window ledges, porches, balconies, or your garden patch if you have one,

    The options are not good if you rely on super markets as they will eventually withdraw products from the shelfs when the time comes.

  18. John C

    My experience in left wing activism during the 90s reflects a lot of the attitudes on display here. There’s a seriously deep stream of woman-hating men in leftish politics and activism that (I thought) hit a peak with the Occupy movement.

    I wasn’t in Scotland at the time, but saw how Occupy groups across the UK and Europe had serious issues in regards not keeping women safe. In the US there were dozens of reports of assaults and rapes, many of which were left unresolved for again, many of the same reasons in this article as left wing men (and some women) happily covered up rapes or made such an investigation near impossible due to the transient nature of many involved in the protests.

    I’d thought though that Occupy was the last straw and that most had learned their lesson. Oh what a naive arsehole I was for thinking that as half a decade later the Trans/Queer movement gave them a way of not only attacking women without any repercussions at all most of the time, but being praised by ‘progressive’ types for standing up against ‘bigots’.

    If ‘Beth’ Douglas had been working for most companies he’d have been suspended, and probably sacked as the evidence is all there in gory detail. The Greens in a decent world should be putting as much distance as possible between them and him but nope, not a chance. He’s an abuser, and one clearly connected to power so he stays so with him you also get the abusive men in his friend group.

    And this is where we are a decade or so after Occupy. Men like Douglas are lauded by so-called left wing men and women who know exactly what a woman is, how Trans/Queer is hurting women as a class, and how people in poverty or disabled are at the bottom or just ignored now by ‘progressives’ in Scotland as they’re too interested in getting paedophiles, abusers and AGP’s into women’s spaces or to make sure privileged white males take pride of place in the Oppression Olympics.

    People like Harvie and Greer have turned the Green movement (one that was genuinely needed to help raise the fact we’re destroying our planet) into one where people like ‘Beth’ get placed on plinths as some sort of priest of the Queer religion while women are thrown to the ground and the planet burns.

  19. David Ritchie

    All of this will bring the system crashing down some day

  20. John C

    The Green Party Agenda 2030 Climate Scammers are nothing more than lying,deceitful carpet bagging parasites, no worse than their colleagues in the NU SNP,Tories & Labour who also grandstand the CO2 lie in order to facilitate taxation on the people under the illusion of the 50 year old Scam of ‘Global Warming’,that by no coincidence had to change its brand to ‘ Climate Change’ after the scam was exposed to the public by the Telegraph no less, look under ‘ Climategate’ for details
    That’s the fact of the matter,if anyone disagrees they need only to educate themselves on the subject,it’s not exactly a secret

    This is complete and utter rubbish. The science is clear, the issues regarding climate change are around us, and the lobbies suggesting it’s a ‘scam’ are either conspiracist loons or industrialists looking to ruin the environment as they see the Earth as just something else to exploit for money.

    If you don’t understand this I suggest understanding how science works, look at the evidence and realise that we’re ruining the planet for future generations.

  21. James Che

    Gordon Hastie,

    NWO, Greens, SNP, Labour, and Tories are all in it, following the same programmes across the World, wether in Germany or France or timbooktoo.

    You will find very similar policies at different stages, but all are to the detriment of the people in their Countries.
    Scotland is just one of many Countries with parties and governments going rogue.

    There is no safe place, no safe harbour in any Country unless you decide you want break away from World politics and go your own chosen path.

    Only the top echelons have a place carved out for themselves, they will drive cars, fly around the world, eat good food, by pass laws of the land, and have political protection,

    Any employee, white collar or blue collar will be catorgrised as lower class, along with manual low paid labourers,

    Universal credit is the for runner of this,

  22. Stravaiger

    @ James Che

    Quite the reverse. rewilding is about ensuring that you will have an environment diverse enough to support the growth of all the things you need to survive. It is overfishing and the overly intensive use of the planet for food crops (and the excessive global population that is driving it) that is leading to the inevitable drive towards insects, algae, genetically modified foods and lab grown meat.

    If you don’t want your children or grandchildren to grow up eating that stuff then stop breeding and get rewilding.

    (For the sake of clarity, the Greens are a bunch of ****s but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater please).

  23. James Che

    Gordon Hastie,

    NWO, Greens, SNP, Labour, and Tories are all in it, following the same programmes across the World, wether in Germany or France or timbooktoo.

    You will find very similar policies at different stages, but all are to the detriment of the people in their Countries.
    Scotland is just one of many Countries with parties and governments going rogue.

    There is no safe place, no safe harbour in any Country unless you decide you want break away from World politics and go your own chosen path.

    Only the top echelons have a place carved out for themselves, they will drive cars, fly around the world, eat good food, by pass laws of the land, and have political protection,

    Any employee, white collar or blue collar will be catorgrised as lower class, along with manual low paid labourers,

    Universal credit is the for runner of this, all on credit if you behave.

  24. SusanAHF

    James Che that’s what I reckon too, only the privileged few will have access to real food. Rewilding is a recipe for dystopia, and the news that the world’s oceans now belong to WWF is ominous.
    On a selfish note, as I am a diabetic on benefits I find that what I can most easily afford, carbohydrates, is bad for my blood sugar control. Fresh veg is expensive and I don’t find them filling, except for the starchy ones, which kinda defeats the purpose. I seem designed to eat meat, a small amount eg 2 lamb chops alone will fill me up for the night. But alas meat is even more expensive. And that’s just what they’re trying to do away with, in favour of frankenfoods. No thank you!

  25. Shug

    Is there anyone out there happy with the SNP sharing all your details with GCHQ as part of securing the vote.

    If you are not happy with this I suggest you get onto Murrell right away.

    The SNP has no right to share details of members votes with the UK security services.

  26. gregor

    NationalScot (06/03/2023): Joanna Cherry ‘reported to SNP HQ’ over Wings Over Scotland retweet:

    “…Hunter said Cherry’s retweet – which appeared to make no reference to the content of the Wings over Scotland post – was an “incendiary act” and accused the MP of wanting to “derail” the leadership contest…”:

  27. Gordon Kennedy

    John C says
    ‘This is complete and utter rubbish. The science is clear, the issues regarding climate change are around us, and the lobbies suggesting it’s a ‘scam’ are either conspiracist loons or industrialists looking to ruin the environment as they see the Earth as just something else to exploit for money’
    Indeed John, the science was so ‘Clear’ over the covid vaccination, how has that fiasco turned out my friend, I’m down 3 family members to date and no doubt more to come in the future
    Maybe you start being skepticical as, to what politicians & scientists in the pocket of vested interests tell you

  28. Ron Knee

    Just when you thought Scotland could sink no further into its social/ political cesspit it goes even deeper. Scotland seems hell bent on destroying itself.

  29. Doug

    The only thing Cherry wants to derail is the loco mentality of SNP’s continuing coupling with unionism.

  30. James Che

    John C.

    You are the conspiracy science theorist. You are selective in your science propaganda on climate change.

    The global warming mantra is because of humams,

    The biggist offenders are the big corporations and war mongerers, blowing up the planet for wars, mining cobalt for lithium batteries using child labour, industrial mining for the minerals and metals to make wind turbines,
    And denying what land fill site will be poisoned when it comes to the end of the lifespan of solar panels.
    The deforestisation for palm tree oil that first has to kill the animals in their natural habitat.
    The big pharma use of land,
    Selective propaganda.

    Where were you or your loud voice on here, when Nord Stream was blown up destroying life in the oceans.
    Where were you or your loud voice when the chemicals from East Palastine train derailed in America.
    Where were you or your loud voice when the UK, America, and Europe send War weapons to blow and destroy animals, plants and Humans in UK – raine! Afganastan, etc, etc,

    And to top of the conversation,
    where were you when climate change Global warming turned Ice Age Britain into a Tropical Country,
    And finally where were you when climate change turned Britain into a wet and windy Country,

    Or did that Climate change happen naturally as part of the never ending cycles of the planet that alternate naturally with out Humans.

    And if you are more concerned than us, go live in a hut without electric of internet, And remember to throw away your phone, washing machine, cooker, and house which is full of unnatural products and get rid of your synthetic shoes and clothes while your so concerned.

  31. Liz

    Only people trying to suppress info, call people conspiracy theorists.

    The Earths climate is dynamic.
    Our temperature is controlled by many things we have little command over.

    Sunspots, solar flares the gulf stream.
    Co2 is plant food.
    One of the fundamental life cycles on the planet, is the Carbon Cycle.

    The arrogance of humans to think they have power over the world.

    The big problem we do contribute to is plastic waste.

  32. James Che

    Climate change come under control change,
    As does trans gender change,
    Energy Crises,
    Defund the police,
    Men against women.
    15 minute Cities,
    Programming fear into lockdowns.
    Reducing age of consent of children.
    Policing free speech.
    Climate change endorses de- structuring Social society As do all these new agendas being bought in by legislation by our governments.
    All of these and many more, destroy people, Communities and citizen connections as a deviding factor.

  33. gregor


    “Behaviour that hides your real feelings or intentions.”

    “Was she really upset or was that just an act?”

    “One of a set of short performances that are parts of a show, or the person or group who performs one of these parts.”

    “A circus act.”

  34. Geoff Anderson

    It’s simple!

    When you Vote Green….this is who you are voting for.

  35. Republicofscotland

    What an insidious bunch the Greens are, come 2026 we MUST vote these harmful to society people out of office.

  36. James Che


    You believe what you are told to believe, or perhaps have a income from what you believe,

    However you are not convincing enough for me to have no skin in the game,
    Wether Records and history, others scientist along with geologists, archaeologists, and astrological events disprove the latest climate change propaganda,

    It is your choice to be manipulated and dumbed down, but do not ask me to join you in de-education, for a global agenda that holds many falsehood,

    I am sure they would stop blowing this planet to pieces if they held genuine concerns, and the countries spouting Climate change will not give up dangerous nuclear weapons.
    Climate change or War heads.
    They have shown us which of the two agendas is more important to them.
    So stuff and nonsense,
    Climate change is to control people through fear.

  37. James Che


    Telling Scots to stop breeding in their own Country that does not have a high population is really something as a comment coming from you.

    I see you follow the elites agenda for de- population of the planet, GCHQ by any chance?
    Boris Johnstones father Stanley Johnstone wrote a book on this theory and ideology that was interesting to say the least,
    He spoke about depopulating ( US) the people, not the higher politicians or world leaders,
    Since then I have watched members of the WEF promoting the same thought processes along with Davos.
    Non of this group of people were elected by any Countries,
    And may one day be accountable for crimes against humanity.

    We note were you stand.

  38. gregor

    Elon Musk (06/03/2023): Twitter:

    “Civilization is going”:

  39. Michelle

    “She was wearing lipstick”? A grim reminder of the 1976 female-vigilante film. Here we are in a new millennium and women still get blamed for men’s crimes.

  40. SusanAHF

    If controlling population is an issue just look at Pakistan it went from a population of 45million on partition to a current population of 220million. That is absolutely irresponsible. Kenya has a similar trajectory. Maybe we should stop food and medical aid until they get their birth rates under control. Lots more countries in a similar situation

  41. Gordon Kennedy

    Bravo James Che… Well said

  42. Brian Doonthetoon

    “Global warming” seems to have become an umbrella term, taking the blame for the ongoing period of global erratic climate. Lets call it “climate upset” instead.

    It’s nothing new. There have been around 25 of these periods over the past 2 and a half million years, at the end of each interglacial period.

    The cycle is around 90,000 years of glaciation (ice age) and around 10,000 years of interglacial. At the end of each of these interglacial periods, there were 50+ years of “climate upset”, resulting in an increase in volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, wildfires and so on. Also, at the end of each historical interglacial, there was a sharp rise in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    It is now almost 12,000 years since the last ice age and the start of the interglacial period in which we live.

    Does the planet halt its glaciation cycle, in deference to humans, or does it carry on regardless?

    Quotes from the link below:
    Dr. John Hamaker discovered a link to soil nutrition and the 100,000 years glaciation cycle. According to Dr. Hamaker, “The natural system of soil remineralization calls for glaciation to start up every 100,000 years” (17).

    Life on its terms depletes the soil nutrition as life expands during the 10,000 years of the warming period. Once the soil depletes, the glaciation completes the same cycle once again to put the minerals and nutrients back into the soil so that life can explode again. While this happens, humanity “has compounded the problem by rapidly removing carbon from the crust of the earth…

    Not just fossil fuels have been removed, but our agricultural soils have also been stripped of carbon” (17). The nutrition of the soil erodes day by day. The loss of nutrition in the soil causes plants to die and not grow very well in a toxic environment. Therefore, the reaction of the Earth to heal itself is to kill itself enough to start the process of glaciation to provide the soil with nutrition to bring forth an expansion of life.

    The process has already begun with the extreme amount of forest fires, ocean acidification, droughts, extreme hurricanes and tornadoes, extreme animal deaths, melting ice caps, halting the ocean’s ability to transfer weather, and extinctions are the warning signs of an impending ice age that will heal the chaos to restore order and rejuvenate life.

    There is an exit from this climate change debacle, and that is to realize that climate change is not preventable. Instead of spending time and money on resources on solutions that are not going to correct climate change, humanity needs to spend that valuable time and money on solutions that will prepare humanity for climate change.

    The first step to change is to become consciously aware of the wrong situation and understand how to correct the situation. The human effect on climate change is minimal compared to the natural causes of climate change.

    Since climate change is the Earth’s way of healing itself, there is no need to disrupt the healing process. Humanity is not the culprit in the climate change debacle for the Earth demonstrates that on its own. As the old saying goes, no matter what nature will always win.

    See also,
    “The Survival Of Civilization” by John D. Hamaker (1982)

  43. James Che


    The one thing is you can not blame anyone for whom knows this information! Is non other than your own side.
    Whom have been over-confident with their plans for humanity for a long time, they have written books, been televised and videoed making and boasting of these agendas, they have not been quiet or able to contain themselves in their enthusiasm for the long term program.

    It is your own people that should be reprimanded if they did not want the world to know. They should have waited until your network was further ahead in its goal.
    However People all over, and I do mean all over the world, do now know, the cat cannot be put back in the bag, the leaks cannot be unleaked,

    Your biggest tattle tales is klaus Swab, Stanley Johnstone etc, and of course the committees meetings, and groups like davos, wef, wwf, who, and the many smaller groups that infiltrated our governments as Klaus Swab boasted when he spoke of justin trudue , etc,
    The people are blameless,
    It is your leaders that are your problem.

  44. President Xiden

    The climate ‘emergency’ is another fabricated piece of nonsense designed to allow politicians to weld more power over us than what we would normally allow. Can’t beat a good ‘emergency’ you know.

  45. wullie


    Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline Audible Logo Audible Audiobook – Unabridged
    Darrell Bricker (Author), John Ibbitson (Author), Robert Petkoff (Narrator), Hachette Audio UK (Publisher)
    4.2 out of 5 stars 354 ratings
    See all formats and editions

    A radical, provocative argument that the global population will soon begin to decline, dramatically reshaping the social, political and economic landscape.

    For half a century, statisticians, pundits and politicians have warned that a burgeoning planetary population will soon overwhelm the earth’s resources. But a growing number of experts are sounding a different kind of alarm. Rather than growing exponentially, they argue, the global population is headed for a steep decline.

    Throughout history, depopulation was the product of catastrophe: ice ages, plagues, the collapse of civilisations. This time, however, we’re thinning ourselves deliberately, by choosing to have fewer babies than we need to replace ourselves. In much of the developed and developing world, that decline is already underway, as urbanisation, women’s empowerment and waning religiosity lead to smaller and smaller families. In Empty Planet, Ibbitson and Bricker travel from South Florida to Sao Paulo, Seoul to Nairobi, Brussels to Delhi to Beijing, drawing on a wealth of research and firsthand reporting to illustrate the dramatic consequences of this population decline – and to show us why the rest of the developing world will soon join in.

    They find that a smaller global population will bring with it a number of benefits: fewer workers will command higher wages; good jobs will prompt innovation; the environment will improve; the risk of famine will wane; and falling birthrates in the developing world will bring greater affluence and autonomy for women. But enormous disruption lies ahead, too. We can already see the effects in Europe and parts of Asia, as aging populations and worker shortages weaken the economy and impose crippling demands on health care and vital social services. There may be earth-shaking implications on a geopolitical scale as well.

    Empty Planet is a hugely important book for our times. Captivating and persuasive, it is a story about urbanisation, access to education and the empowerment of women to choose their own destinies. It is about the secularisation of societies and the vital role that immigration has to play in our futures.

    Rigorously researched and deeply compelling, Empty Planet offers a vision of a future that we can no longer prevent – but that we can shape, if we choose to.

  46. James Che

    Gordon kennedy.

    Much appreciated Gordon, the comment needed calling out for what it was,
    nice to know that a larger amount of people all around the world are becoming more aware of what is happening to them, through no fault of their own,
    Chaos and division of the people won many a war in the past,
    It is now Time to recognise this subliminal method of war on the people.

  47. Tom Kane

    @Robert McAllan 2-51
    That’s a very Catherine Tate response to Lorna’s post… The word daft has a lot of connotations, we all go daft at different times, very often when in love, or when we trust someone we shouldn’t… And we go all in.

    Robert Burns talks about… Bright wines and bonie lasses rare, To put us daft.

    Lorna has been warning for years of such dangers, and proposing that society is cautious and protective of women in dangerous spaces. I for one have learnt a great deal from her posts and her humanity.


  48. James Che

    Brian doonthetoon.

    You are correct and said it better than I,

    There is a multitude of papers and links from Scientists, archaeologists, and geologistsb through out our history of records from scientists not paid for the global climate change agenda,
    That back up the cyclic nature of global climate change as a natural phenomena,

    This information is recorded by geologist findings in the structure of our planet, from history records of when people starved due to crops failing in the dark age Britain,

    The only purpose of fear mongering the people is for ultimate control of the people by 15 minute cities, lockdowns and restricting our farming and fishing.

    As a added influence one has to ask about the trials carried out in The Vietnam war on Cloud seeding to change their climate over their Country to make it impossible for them to move in floods and soft ground.

    They America did this from planes above vietnam.

    Its amazing The things we are (not told ) until FOI is released years later,

  49. John Main

    @Shug says:6 March, 2023 at 4:38 pm

    The SNP has no right to share details of members votes with the UK security services.

    It’s the UK security services, Shug.

    They already have all our details, and will have any new details we add in the future, every day until we die.

    Every single detail.

    They know who everybody is, Shug. Your data is harvested and stored. Software automatically processes and analyses everything.

    And flags up to a human for investigation anything that looks interesting.

    The Chinese lead the world in this stuff.

    The US and UK come in a commendable joint second place.

    Every call you make, Shug. Every text. Every tweet. Every site you visit.

    Every post on Wings.

  50. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi James Che.

    This is the song that sums up our planet’s situation…–zw

  51. John Main

    @wullie says:6 March, 2023 at 7:06 pm

    It is about the secularisation of societies and the vital role that immigration has to play in our futures.

    Jeezo and FFS.

    Scotland is about to get Yousaf as FM. He’s about as far from secular as it is possible to get. If he does flirt with secularisation, somebody will declare a fatwa.

    Scotland eh? Wha’s like us? Too wee, too poor, and now too deficient in immigrants to ever be a going concern.

    Let’s rebuild our nation and culture with a few million foreigners. Yeah, that will work.

  52. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi John Main.

    Sorry. I couldn’t resist this proof of your hypothesis…

  53. Geoff Anderson

    I don’t think McKenna is far from the truth!

  54. John Main

    @Brian Doonthetoon says:6 March, 2023 at 6:48 pm

    I am always greatly intrigued by “scientists” who refuse to believe the evidence of global climate change that is being assembled from first-hand, real-time measurements on the ground, in the oceans, in the air, and from space.

    I am always greatly amused when these same “scientists” earnestly claim that they can speak with total confidence about the climate 1,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, 100,000 years ago and even millions of years ago.

    It’s quite a giggle.

  55. akenaton

    I see the devious Miss Cherry has weighed in on the FM debacle
    “no conspiracies and a very transparent process” SNP to the core, if she had any principles she would have resigned over the Salmond stich up. Not to be trusted!

  56. Geoff Anderson


    Oh! Piss off!

  57. ronald


    Seconded An piss of further .

  58. Doug

    If, Yousaf, the loyal [party before country] Sturgeonist “wins” Scotland will lose. Never mind Tampon Charlie’s coronation britnats in Westminster will be bumming up the bunting if their puppet Yousaf becomes FM.

  59. Dan

    Hey akenaton, is that the same type of devious as you directly naming a supposed Salmond accuser btl on this blog the other day.
    I thought that was pretty fucking devious behaviour to post what you did when there is an anonymity order in place.
    And especially so when Stu has expressed that nobody should name or engage in conjecture of who the Alphabetties are btl.

  60. Gordon Gekko

    The greatest trick the ruling class and capitalists pulled over the last 50 years was convince the working class and middle class they were capital. When the truth was always they were labour.

    They brainwashed blue collar workers to talk like capital, walk like capital and act like capital. GB News is a perfect example of such brainwashing on show and the BBC and ITV and Sky.

    Let’s say private healthcare was taxed until the pips squeak to ensure that they were forced to release both the skills and real resources the NHS needs. After all that’s what taxes are for to free up and move skills and real resources around the economy.

    All that would happen is

    a) A transfer of jobs out of private healthcare into the NHS.

    b) Taxes would rise significantly in private healthcare capital.

    But GB News and all the mainstream media and voters who suffer from battered wife’s syndrome would scream taxes would have to go up on everybody. They would mimic capital that has been affected by the tax increases.

    Same with the toll put on the Skye Bridge or idiots who say the EU funded projects in Scotland that us Scots couldn’t fund ourselves.

    Those defending the toll put on Skye bridge or the absurd notion the EU funded projects that we couldn’t fund ourselves as an independent nation with our own free floating currency. Would be blue collar working Scots walking like capital, talking like capital and acting like capital. Brainwashed out of their tiny little minds.

    First of all they would try and convince everybody that EVERYBODY’S taxes would have to rise if the Skye bridge was built by government spending instead of bank lending and the rent seekers putting a toll on the bridge.

    Then they would try and convince EVERYBODY the EU spent Euro’s to fund things in Scotland as we ran out of money and because it was Euro’s it was not inflationary. That it would be inflationary if our own government did it. But never inflationary if Brussels did it. Ignoring the fact that you can’t spend Euro’s in Scotland they need to be exchanged into £’s first. Just ask any tourist or try it yourself. Those that accept Euros will get a calculator out and offer you an exchange rate.

    Since taxes are used to free up both skills and real resources and don’t fund anything. If there was enough skills and real resources to build the Skye bridge and nobody was hoarding them. Then government spending and a spending Bill passed by n parliament using an index finger and computer keyboard would have built the bridge free to cross and taxes wouldn’t have needed to rise.

    If there was not enough skills and real resources and other capitalists were boarding them. Then taxes would have been risen in those people to force them to release them. The brainwashed blue collar workers would have done their bidding by lying saying taxes would have to have to be raised in EVERYBODY.

    The reason capital who fund GB News ( The American right) and all of the corporate media are so furious about lockdown was it exposed their myths about deficts, debts, tax payers money and the simple fact that 90% of private sector activity adds about as much real value to the UK economy as a government furlough payment did. Exposed the just in time supply side economy for the farce it always was.

    The reason capital who fund GB News ( The American right) and all of the corporate media are so furious about climate change is the rent seekers are at risk. More risk than they have been for 50 years or more.

    Between 1935 and 1943, the WPA literally built the infrastructure of modern America, including 572,000 miles of rural roads, 67,000 miles of urban streets, 122,000 bridges, 1,000 tunnels, 1,050 fifty airfields, and 4,000 airport buildings. It also constructed 500 water treatment plants, 1,800 pumping stations, 19,700 miles of water mains, 1,500 sewage treatment plants, 24,000 miles of sewers and storm drains, 36,900 schools, 2,552 hospitals, 2,700 firehouses, and nearly 20,000 county, state, and local government buildings with unskilled workers. They built modern day America.

    All using people that the free market tooth fairy rejected. As there was no capital sitting with the cheque book open ready to hire them.

    All using an index finger and computer keyboard to find the funds after a spending bill was passed.

    Capital are completely terrified the green transition is carried out like this. Which by the way, most workers on the WPA who learned new skills on the job instead of sitting at home doing nothing. Got bored by the private sector afterwards or set up their own businesses with the skills they learned.

    What capital wants is the green transition to be funded like the Skye bridge instead. So the rent seekers can privatise everything and find yet another monopoly perch from which to extract rent. Allocate both the skills and real resources via bank lending instead.

    Privatise the green transition in a way that will generate profits for the new owners, along with interest for the bondholders and the banks that fund it; and also, management fees. Most of all, the privatised enterprises should generate capital gains for the stockholders as they jack up prices for these public services. Wall street, the city of London and Paris and Frankfurt will allocate the skills and real resources instead of elected government.

    Of course why the neoliberal globalists in Brussels want free movement of capital and impose deficit and debt rules on captured nation states. Why the EU uber alles mob in the SNP have built all these bright and shiney new banks along the Clyde.

  61. John Main

    @akenaton says:6 March, 2023 at 8:54 pm

    “no conspiracies and a very transparent process”

    I will tell you what would put all of this to bed.

    Ballot boxes. SNP members rolling up, on the day, membership card in hand, to verify their identity and fill out their ballot paper. Just like we used to do it when we were all unenlightened, knuckle-dragging, regressive, neanderthals.

    It’s Scotland, not Australia. It’s a wee place, even allowing for outlying islands.

    Just how many ballot boxes would be needed to ensure that nobody has to travel more than 20 miles to reach one?

    Just how many potential voters would really be unable to travel 20 miles for a once-in-a-decade opportunity to set a new course and direction for the SNP?

    Electronic voting? My arse. It’s a cop-out, and a recipe for fraud. Already it stinks, and that stink will stick to the eventual winner, even if he goes on to outlast Sturgeon.

  62. gregor

    Elon Musk (06/03/2023): Twitter:


  63. Robert McAllan

    Well Tom Kane I have no interest in whatever Catherine Tate might have expressed. I too am familiar with commentary by ‘lorncal’ on a range of issues that she has expressed opinion on.’lorncal’ is by her comment casting aspersions on a young woman of whom she has no personal knowledge and in so doing is insinuating that because in her opinion she might possibly fit the ‘daft’ criteria that young woman wilfully contributed to her fate in being raped. Rape is a heinous crime of the most extreme order and there can never be mitigating factors regardless of any ‘connotations’ which you might wish to apply in support of ‘daft’!! RESPECT OF AND FOR WOMEN!! THINK ABOUT IT!!

  64. John Main

    @Gordon Gekko says:6 March, 2023 at 10:29 pm

    taxes are used to free up both skills and real resources

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Raise taxes high enough and people stop working. That frees up their skills all right.

    Tax resources high enough (like oil and gas) and they will be left in the ground.

    It’s a global economy. People move about. Businesses relocate. Companies (and individuals) who wish to work, migrate to places where working is worthwhile.

    The percentage of companies and individuals who are prepared to work in order to benefit others and not themselves is miniscule.

    People are generally out for what they can get. Harness that and any government has cracked it.

    Harness that, by showing Scots how Indy would benefit them, and Indy would be a shoe in.

  65. Gordon Gekko

    Apart from the paradox of productivity what else is fundamentally flawed with the Green (EU uber alles) economic policies ?

    With their deficits can’t be above 3% of GDP and debt can’t be above 60% of GDP shit show. With is nothing short of colonialism and anything but independence. They control your spend and then tax from the get go.

    Something Scottish Remainers need to learn and learn quickly

    2008 is the only lesson you need.

    It’s probably time for Remainers to learn the hard way yet again. Demanding increased taxes and government expenditure reduction to force a balanced budget or budget deficit below 3% of GDP, and then watch as the overtaxing drives the country into the ground.

    Why is this ?

    Vet simple – It doesn’t necessarily mean there is more bank lending to replace what government is draining out of the economy in taxes. That depends upon whether there is sufficient desire to borrow and sufficient real collateral to back it. Along with Sufficient effective demand.

    Eventually you end up with the pushing on a string problem.

    The whole purpose of ‘balanced budgets’ is to push more private loans and boost the finance sector income. That continues until there is a Minsky Moment. The problem is that there is no structural control mechanism to recover from a Minsky Moment, just a mechanism to cause one.

    The dynamic instability happens in the horizontal circuit ( bank lending ) when people who want to pay off loans can’t get enough circulation to do so – due to excess saving that can now only come from bank lending as government spending has been nuetured.

    2008 taught everyone that, but here we are. Sunak pushing on a bit of string. Sounding exactly like neoliberal globalist Brussels.

    Osborne and Hammond also found this out as they chased budget surpluses and increased private loans on households and businesses. I guarentee there will be an increase in loan adverts on your TV and radio and social media algorithms. As they want loan growth to outstrip the tax drain from higher taxes. They will look to alter your behaviours and the blue collar workers that walk like capital, talk like capital and act like capital will dive in head first.

    So why does it go horribly wrong for the neoliberal globalists and their banking friends and the EU uber alles brigade ?

    The typical arguments/ myths are at play: The narrative and framing goes like this we have heard it for 50 years.

    Government Debt is not financially sustainable, crowding out effect, deficit spending is inflationary, more debt now means more taxes or less spending later because the debt needs to be repaid.

    ALL THE THEORETICAL AND EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE FOR THESE ARE WEAK. Japan has destroyed every one of them for decades.

    The truth is The fiscal position of the government is mostly a REACTIVE variable because of the automatic stabilisers. That is, the government has very limited control over its finances. What drives the fiscal position of the government is The desire of other sectors of the economy to be in surplus ( net save )

    The domestic private sector, households and businesses and the rest of the world want to be in surplus ( net save ) so the government must be in deficit. Why the government is almost always in deficit and if it is not either households/ business or rest of the world ( external sector ) must be in deficit. Not everyone can record a surplus it is impossible between the issuer of the currency and users of the currency are polar opposites.

    Sunak and EU uber alles on behalf of the banks is asking the government to put its finances in order like any businesses or household, he lies by saying that government finances and private finances are the same thing. They are clearly not.

    Government issues the currency, it has no solvency or liquidity concerns unlike any other part of the economy as in households and businesses. It does not have to balance its books and doing so actually hurts businesses and households because their income falls. Higher taxes and lower government spending = lower private sector income.

    Yet, here we are Sunak pushing Remainers Osborne and Hammond’s City Of London ideology. Replacing government spending with private loans. The only 2 places you get currency from. Which we have all seen before leads to a Minsky moment.

    It’s disgusting the British public are going to fall for this neoliberal globalist scam twice. Even more so Scottish blue collar Remainers who walk like capital, talk like capital and act like capital and shout for open borders whilst not grasping the paradox of productivity. Are in lockstep with Tory deficit reduction because they think the government deficit is like that of a household.

    Makes you wonder if the Greens have actually read an EU convergence program. Considering they are all on line for every country wishing to join The neoliberal globalist bankers but club. The Tories could have written them.

    Don’t believe me pick any EU convergence program written for each country wanting to join. Osborne and Hammond seep and ooze from every page of the document. Just like the Scottish growth comission.

  66. gregor

    NationalScot (06/03/2023): Humza Yousaf: Joanna Cherry’s leadership race claims are ‘desperate’:

    “Humza Yousaf has called SNP MP Joanna Cherry “desperate” after she claimed the “party machine” were backing his leadership campaign…”:

  67. gregor

    The Fratellis (2017): Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied: Desperate Guy:

    “Pleased to meet you baby, I’m your fool
    I’m the patron saint of the cruel
    There’s a dark room in my soul
    When I hear your name baby, I lose control…”:

  68. Gordon Gekko

    John Main

    Lets say the economy was chugging along at full employment and I mean true full employment.

    The only skills and real resources available was to be used to

    a) Build a strip joint with a casino attached


    b) Build a public school

    Who decides?

    And our elected representative in their manifesto promised to build more schools.

    We have planning laws for a reason.

    The libertarians on GB News want all of this scrapped and move us all back to the Wild West were one big land owner who owns all the guns and the railroad and the sheriffs office and the church can build his strip joint with the casino attached. Where the corporate Sunday service in his church tells us all to be happy as his slaves while he takes a strol l down the town dressed as Mussolini or Franco.

    The blue collar workers in the town the landowner owns will do his bidding for him. Walking and talking and acting like capital the biggest con trick he ever pulled by brainwashing the blue collar workers to shout the tax payer money myth, the deficit and debt myth and government finances are like a household myth.

    At the moment we are living in a world were even though our elected representatives promised to build more schools. They would happily build the strip joint with the casino attached with the skills and real resources we had. As long as their was something in it for them.

  69. Gordon Gekko

    John Main,

    And of course private healthcare shouldn’t be allowed to horde skills and real resources just so rich people can jump the Q.

    We don’t have the staff. We don’t do the training. And the private sector in the UK is no better. It’s the classic British disease.

    There is no magic in private competition. For it to work at all and not to descend into a Rentier oligopoly you need excess capacity to supply. Don’t have that and it doesn’t work – as we’ve seen over the last six months in energy.

    ‘Social Insurance’ is just a privatised taxation scheme that pays profit to insurance companies for no reason whatsoever. Or it is a way of trying to hide reduced healthcare provision for poorer people in a weltanschauung of free market gobbledegook.

    Yes the NHS healthcare provision system is moribund and entropy ridden. But so is the private system – for the same reasons.

    Large swathes of private sector activity adds about as much value to the economy as a government furlough payment. Is normally feeding or built around a government funded project.

    Those who work in the private system *are* the people who work in the NHS. They have shifts in both systems. So the more private there is, the less hours will be suppled to the NHS.

    The root cause of the problem is not enough medical staff. Ask yourself how many medical schools in the UK are run by private hospital chains. How many training places do private hospitals and private medical practices provide to the medical schools? It’s the same fundamental problem the UK has had for generations – nobody wants to do the training work.

    Do you think the cost of repairing a car is cheaper if the insurance pays, or the individual pays?

    Insurance systems just tie up more and more people doing pointless coding tasks that pushes more and more paper around achieving no benefit. That gets charged to the end customer in higher premiums. It’s an extra task that doesn’t need doing.

    Competition isn’t magic. It relies upon excess capacity to supply to work. There isn’t enough medical capacity to go around. That’s the issue.

    Paying more just means rich people jumping the queue ahead of poorer people. That is neither fair nor reasonable – and is why such systems across the world always end up with poorer people having worse health outcomes.

    The NHS should be free like the Skye bridge is now. The rent seekers using the brainwashed blue collar workers tuned into GB news and that idiot coast guy. Want it privatised as they are stupid enough to believe their taxes fund it. Think by taxing people blue collar workers nurses and doctors will magically appear out of the pavement.

  70. Ron Clark

    What the fuck happened?

    An avalanche of words from that I never read from,

    Gordon Gekko
    John Main

    I hope to fuck they are away to their beds.

  71. gregor


    “To look at words or symbols and understand what they mean.”

    “Your handwriting is so untidy I can’t read it.”

    “Some children can read (= have learned the skill of reading) by the age of four.”

    “Children love to have stories read (aloud/out) to them.”

  72. gregor

    The Third Wheel (2014): Gregorsong:

    “I’m really fast and really strong
    I’ll fight you if you’re doing wrong
    This ditty here is Gregor’s song
    It’s easy if you sing with me…

    My moral compass points due north no matter what we face
    My actions are exemplary to all the human race…”:

  73. SusanAHF

    Scotland is underpopulated, better to support indigenous Scots to have more children than to import cultural aliens

  74. Achnababan

    Gordon Geckos post is worth a read…identifies the fallacy behing the right wing narrative regarding privatisation

  75. PhilM

    @Gordon Gecko
    Why are you writing this kind of stuff on this website particularly this article?
    Very few people will be able to follow it and you what you have said is so truncated in its explanation I’m not sure who you can possibly think you’re communicating with.
    As for certain things you say about the NHS, I’m not convinced you know what you’re talking about. You say not enough people to do the training work but there was a significant expansion of medical training centres in the 90s but what you cannot get medical students to do is to stay the course…first of all to continue all the way through a long degree, then the training placements and then the early years career progression and so on through the gradations until they finally reach the point of being a consultant. There is also the problem of somewhere between 40-45% of medical students have a parent who was a doctor and a further problem of many medical students who have never done anything else, both of which mean they have no perspective when their mental or physical health suffers.
    Anyway it’s getting late…and this is the wrong subject on which to get me started…

  76. Geoff Anderson

    Green Minister misled Holyrood….what a surprise

  77. John Main

    @Gordon Gekko says:6 March, 2023 at 11:35 pm

    I will be honest, I don’t understand much of your arguments.

    Here’s something I know. Virtually every country in Europe has better health services than us.

    Better outcomes, shorter waiting lists, more rapid GP appointments, etc. etc. Virtually every country in Europe expects their citizens to make some payment for their treatment, either in cash, or via insurance.

    As Peter Hitchens says: If our NHS model is so fucking good, how come no other country in the history of the world has ever copied it?

    Regarding your rich person jumping queues. If she doesn’t, she may well end up dead. Diseases, illnesses and serious injuries can’t wait about until some receptionist deigns to answer the phone, or some ambulance driver returns from the latest mass walk-out.

    I would love to live in a country where the ideologically pure kill themselves in maintenance of their purity. But I don’t. They impose third-world health systems and third-world education on us while virtue-signalling their omnipotent goodness. Then they send their own kids to private schools and join BUPA, ticking the “private room only” box as they do so.

  78. Gordon Gekko


    ” Why are you writing this kind of stuff on this website particularly this article? ”

    To show inept and confused the Greens and EU uber alles brigade is.

    By the way the 90’s was 30 years ago. The NHS was working fine until the Tories won again and slashed the funding every year.

    Starve it of funds using the tax payer money myth and we have run out of money myth and transfer the skills and real resources into private healthcare and what do you think was going to happen.

    People stay if it fully staffed and funded and a nice place to work. They leave if their working conditions are constantly under attack.

  79. robertkknight

    What were once organisations with straightforward missions, Indy in the case of the SNP and saving the planet in the case of the Greens, have somehow morphed into something completely different.

    Both have been hijacked by zealots hell-bent on social reengineering on behalf of groups making up less than 1% of the population.

    How have the SNP and Scottish Greens become the natural homes for those dubious individuals who we see all to often filling article after article here on WoS?

    Strange times…

  80. McDuff

    John Main
    Our NHS was good and it has been wrecked by the Tories who are determined to privatise it at all costs.
    Its started with dentistry where its now almost impossible to find one that will take NHS patients.

  81. Breeks

    akenaton says:
    6 March, 2023 at 8:54 pm

    I see the devious Miss Cherry has weighed in on the FM debacle
    “no conspiracies and a very transparent process” SNP to the core, if she had any principles she would have resigned over the Salmond stich up. Not to be trusted!

    Joanna Cherry is one of the very few SNP remnants that actually can be trusted… assuming of course your priority is Scottish Independence, not Transgender Extremism.

    She has more integrity, and more ability in her little finger, than the pack of adolescent whelps who see any public mention of her name as an open invitation to start a pile-on, throwing more of their muck and peurile derision.

    If discipline within the SNP hadn’t dissolved with Sturgeon’s coronation, these ten-a-penny whiners would have been guided on how to conduct themselves properly, and possibly pass themselves off as adults with a modicum of integrity. Instead they were handed the keys.

    Joanna Cherry might then have got the recognition she properly deserved, and still deserves, for giving Westminster and the whole UK Establishment two black eyes over Article 50 and Boris Johnston’s prorogation of Westminster.

    Name me one other person in the 317 years of accursed Union who has taken Westminster’s system of arbitrary unwritten convention by the scruff of the neck, met with the Establishment’s full ferocity, and made it bow to a resolute principle of Scots Law and Scotland’s Court of Session, effectively trouncing the false principle of Westminster Parliamentary Sovereignty? Cherry is one of the best “bonnie feighters” Scotland has produced in a long, long, time, yet the SNP turns on her? Madness. It is actually a fkg outrage.

    Any “diligent” Party of Scottish Independence should have hailed Cherry’s Constitutional victory to the rafters, and then exploited the gap opened up in Westminster’s defences, and built upon the essential constitutional initiative which Cherry had begun.

    Instead she is sacked, humiliated, ostracised, and has a target painted on her back to assist the Children of the Corn with their target identification and smearfest. I’d call it a tragedy if I wasn’t so fkg angry about it.

    These douche-bags are a cancer on the YES Movement, and now their “chief Mammie” (cringe, cringe, cringe), has been put out to grass, (thank god, hallelujah!) there’s a slender hope this poisoned ivy stangling the YES Movement will now wither under it’s own inate toxicity, and maybe, maybe there will be something left of the SNP for Ash Regan to salvage.

    Personally, I lack the patience to wait. I am sick to the back teeth of watching the eight year long slow motion self-immolation of the SNP and it’s utter betrayal of Scotland and Scottish Independence, especially when it was there, right in front of us to be won.

    Had Scotland’s “Government” introduced the wider world and Michel Barnier in particular, to Scotland’s 62% Remain mandate and Scotland’s Constitutional Claim of Right (as conceded by Westminster), then Scotland would have had a Backstop in 2016 that was stronger than the Northern Irish backstop, and capable of halting Brexit dead in it’s tracks, and leaving the UK’s Treaty of Union untenable.

    All Scotland required was what the SNP singularly failed to deliver… a moderate level of competence and constitutional acumen.

    The SNP are “in it” for themselves. They don’t give a shit about Scottish Independence, it is simply regarded as their meal ticket and the vehicle “taken without consent” from the YES Movement in order to force through their deranged Pervert’s Charter.

    Joanna Cherry is one of the very few bright lights still burning in spite of the SNP’s plunge into darkness, and if the SNP ever recovers it’s self awareness and objective perspective, then it will be owe Joanna Cherry the mother of all apologies, second only to the apology they’ll be owe to Alex Salmond.

    … Aye, but don’t hold your breath. And Scotland, my advice to you all is to draw up contingencies for a Convention of the Estates to be convened with a hostile Holyrood and wilfully disruptive SNP, once again shored up by Union TV.

    Holyrood can be impeached. It can also be circumvented and ignored. Our Nation is not enslaved by the colonial Scotland Act. If Holyrood has determined it is, then fk Holyrood and it’s twisted SNP Gauleiters, and fk the Vichy Assembly of Edinburgh.

  82. Dorothy Devine

    Breeks , round of applause from me!

  83. FionaN

    You hit the nail on the head again, Breeks 9.40am

  84. John Main


    We’re oot the EU. Get over it.

    We might go back, once we are telt hoo much it will cost us in terms of lost sovereignty and hard cash.

    If that happens, then everybody who ever denied we were too wee and too poor to go it alone as an independent, sovereign nation will owe the rest of us the mother of all apologies for their non-stop lying through the years.

    Do you really believe Michel Barnier is ignorant of the EU Referendum voting figures breakdown within the constituent parts of the UK? Do you really believe he is unaware that as the UK joined the EU in the first place, it had to be the UK that left?

    Regarding JC, if she’s that great a stateswoman, and so dedicated to the future of Scotland, why is she still in the SNP and not in Alba?

  85. Lorna Campbell

    Breeks: I’ve dithered on Joann Cherry, deeply disappointed at her staying in the SNP, but, perhaps, she has stayed for very good reasons and she will outstay the lot of those barstewards. I hope so. Her endorsement of Regan is a boost, as is Michael Russell’s, if they are both sincere. We simply cannot go back to another Sturgeon dressed in male attire, as Humza would be: their time is over. I’m not sure about Kate Forbes. I like her, but she is definitely middle-of-the-road – which might be a good thing for swithering voters – but she could have voted on-line as others on maternity leave did.

    The only one that would actually give the SNP and the independence movement as a whole a good adrenalin shot is Regan. She seems to be willing to work with ALBA and the other independence parties, and has endorsed SALVO’s and SSRG’s work on the constitutional for an international bid on independence alongside a domestic political, and that is a first for this regime. She has courage and guts, and whoever challenges Westminster now will need them. She will need the very best minds in the independence now, though, to help steer a course through the dense undergrowth of ordure that has been crippling a party almost completely sucked dry by sycophants, devolutionists, insane ‘trans’ warriors and other parasitical elements intent on feeding off the living corpse.

    I certainly do not believe that Humza can possibly push through a challenge on the S35, and any more pushing of the GRRB as it is, will be met with a massive pushback which would not only cripple, but destroy the SNP. Kate Forbes may be tougher than she seems, and she will need to be tough to stand up to the Greens and the ‘trans’ warriors in her own and the Green party. Joanna Cherry is certainly head and shoulders above most in the intellectual stakes; of that, there can be no doubt. Michael Russell is another intellectual – and doesn’t he know it! – who can see the wood from the trees. I hope he doesn’t let us down again.

  86. Lorna Campbell

    Robert McAllan says: “… Lorna Campbell; Are you seriously suggesting the victim of this heinous crime of rape, a pregnant, VULNERABLE, homeless young woman was one of your “DAFT LASSIES”? HOW DARE YOU, HOW ABSOLUTELY DARE YOU. Your UTTER SHAMELESSNESS I cannot believe!!… ”

    Aye, Robert, I’m likely to say that, eh? I was saying no such thing, as you should know if you know anything bout my posting history. The woman in question was allegedly gang-raped. I was referring to the very dangerous policy of the ‘trans’ lobby, for which the Greens are the soapbox nowadays, abandoning their credentials as environmental warriors. The daft wee lassies who hang around this ‘trans’ movement have allowed themselves to be co-opted into an anti female movement in which they cannot do other than become objectified and potentially harmed, if only psychologically. They believe they are among friends, but those friends, who may indeed be friends, also harbour predators. That was my point. Predatory males hunt alone or in packs, and are to be found at every large social gathering of, mainly, youth. Glastonbury and other music festivals, for example, are reported year-on-year as having young women raped or sexually assaulted.

    I can only assume that this young woman thought that she was safe, that security existed, and that her partner would be around. In no way would I ever say that any young person deserved to be gang-raped or raped by one man, let alone several, because they were “daft, wee lassies”. If you want to be pedantic and literal, then I am saying that women are far too trusting for their own good, and many have their trust abused. It actually hurts me and many other older women that young women believe they can escape the consequences of trying to be “just like men”.

    They can’t, because they will pay for that assumption, as we all know too well, and they can never trust security either. Females will always be blamed for being female and, therefore, vulnerable to attack by those considerably stronger that they are. I am deeply disappointed that you would even think me capable of such callousness towards my own sex, Robert, and your OTT rebuke was patronising in the extreme, especially from a member of the sex that is unlikely to be subjected to sexual assault on anything like the scale that the female sex is. I thought it was a cliche that men rarely listen to women, but, obviously, I was wrong.

  87. Breeks

    Lorna Campbell says:
    7 March, 2023 at 12:01 pm

    …. I hope so. Her endorsement of Regan is a boost, as is Michael Russell’s

    If I’m not mistaken, I think it was JC who actually lodged Ash Regan’s nomination for the leadership.

    I suspect folks are maybe reading too much into Mike Russell’s endorsement… as I see it, Russell has endorsed a strategy which only Regan is advocating, so it’s only an “indirect” endorsement of Regan herself… but ssh! I’m saying nothing. Lol

  88. McDuff

    SusanAHF 2.33
    Quite agree.

  89. SusanAHF

    Hah! Just saw on WoS twitter a retreat from a deviant who says that it’s transphobic for a “cisgender” lesbian to back out of sex with a trans identifying man. So wrong on so many levels. Most importantly a woman can say “no” at any point, ignore that and it’s sexual assault. Also only a very young inexperienced lesbian would not clock a trans identifying man well before they got to sex. These photos you see online are all heavily filtered, never mind the fact that men, however they present, act totally differently to women. Of course the hands like shovels, feet like boats and Adam’s apple are also giveaways lmao. These men are delusional incense. Trancels is such an apt name for them.

  90. Dan

    John Main says: at 11:20 am

    Do you really believe Michel Barnier is ignorant of the EU Referendum voting figures breakdown within the constituent parts of the UK? Do you really believe he is unaware that as the UK joined the EU in the first place, it had to be the UK that left?


    And a following post with text of Article 48.


    Declaration of independence from a state arising from a member state’s secession or dissolution following a democratic process.

    Notification of succession, from a European Union member state by the state emerging from a member state’s secession or dissolution. This act would notify of the new situation as well as the new state’s wish to succeed the predecessor state as a European Union member as a new state complying with the principles and conditions required for being a Union member with a model of market economy and required administrative capacity. The new state would commit the in accepting the entire flow of the European Union, and would want to immediately initiate the process of adaptation intended to ensure that European Union law is brought into line with the new situation, together with the commitment to adopt all acts that allow it to fulfill all the international obligations assumed by states as European Union members.

    Act adopted by the European Union to recognise a new state’s succession arising from the secession or dissolution of another European Union member state as a Union member. This would mean the recognition of the predecessor state, if it should continue to exist and of the successor state(s) as members of the European Union and would have to contain the initial provision needed to guarantee the operation of the Union.

    Establishment of the transitory arrangement:
    — Application of the principle of continuity in acts not requiring changes
    or amendment to the acts of secondary law to enable:
    — The continuity of uniform application of the material provisions of the
    European Union’s legal system throughout the new state’s territory.

    Obviously that option has past due to the lack of political nous and / or will from Scotland’s elected representatives to push for it at the time.

  91. John Main


    I stand corrected.

    I guess that Michel Barnier must have known that Scotland could have declared Indy and elected to remain in the EU as the UK’s successor state.

    If only the EU Referendum question had been phrased in such a way that the outcome of different votes within the different UK countries would have resulted in breakup of the UK.

    If only the SNP had gamed the different permutations of result in advance, and told us Scots what would have been the consequences of voting differently from England.

    The question wasn’t phrased that way though. We weren’t told that different permutations could be anticipated. We all believed the fix was in, and that it was a dead cert for Remain.

    I still don’t have any sympathy for those who have convinced themselves they were voting to retain Scotland in the EU. They were voting to retain the UK in the EU.

    That’s the question that was on the ballot paper.

    Maybes a million or so Scots will pay better attention the next time they are asked to vote on anything.

    Maybes the SNP will have less faith in the elite’s ability to fix things the next time around.

  92. akenaton

    Been working. Quite a number taking offence at my opinion of Cherry, well you can just wait till she proves me right in the not too distant future.
    If you are offended then that’s your privilege but we are all big boys here, allegedly?
    Regarding naming people on this forum, utter bullshit, and a blatant attempt to shut me up. Please reprint the cause of your allegations or an apology.
    My reference to “alphabet people” was Stonewall and LGBTQFL+++++++, the major cause of strife and double dealing in Western politics. All causes take second place to their crazy ideology. Grow up.

  93. Lorna Campbell

    Breeks: yes, indeed it was, but that is still an endorsement, no? My point was that two big hitters, at least, are behind her. That they are also two of the smartest is a bonus and, perhaps, after a stasis of over eight years, signals a return to intellectualism in the SNP, sorely lacking for so long. Not being elitist. It’s just that we need the very best minds, from all disciplines, focused on independence and should be giving no more credence to the foot-draggers, devolutionists and the equivalent of the flat Earthers, but with sexual motivation. They have hindered real progress in the SNP which is now a regressive entity. I could wish that Michael Russell would have shown his connection to reality a bit sooner.

  94. gregor

    World Economic Forum (2021): Agenda: Scotland just blew up its last coal-fired power plant – as the country transitions:

    “…Nicola Sturgeon pushed the button on a controlled explosion…”:

    NationalScot (07/03/2023): Coal power stations placed on ‘standby’ for energy crisis fired up:

    “Two coal-fired power stations placed on “standby” during the energy crisis have begun producing electricity for UK homes for the first time this winter… run by French energy giant EDF…

    It came as strikes in France reduced the amount of electricity the country could supply to Britain…”:

  95. gregor

    Elon Musk (07/03/2023): Twitter:

    “So many guys who got MeToo’ed went woke for the moral cloak”:

    EuroNews (2018): Scotland’s ex-leader accused of sexual misconduct after MeToo review:

    “Scotland’s former leader has been accused of sexual misconduct while in power as part of a wider review inspired by the MeToo movement…”:

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