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The words SNP members long to hear

Posted on March 05, 2023 by

“We’re working with GCHQ on the election.”

We don’t know about you, folks, but we’re not all that reassured.

Full story:

To be honest, we’d probably rather Putin counted the votes than Peter Murrell. Out of the two he’s definitely the more neutral.

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0 to “The words SNP members long to hear”

  1. FionaN says:

    So now we can rest assured that Yousafs election as leader is completely above board and has been verified by the independent observers in GCHQ. Thank goodness the Ruskies wont get the chance to elect Regan for us so we can all just relax now till the next election in 50 years time to gain another mandate for an independence referendum. Of course by then Humza will have made sure that the indy vote is approaching 30% again.

  2. Aulbea1 says:

    Humza it is then.

  3. Geoff Anderson says:

    The SNP Approaching GCHQ is like Ukraine inviting Putin to oversee elections in the Donbas region!

    It just confirms what the SNP are!

    Humza for a year and then Angus Robertson steps in to save us….

  4. Eddie Munster says:

    So if their preferred candidate doesn’t win,.its interference by the russians, if for some reason see a vote in independence before 205 and it’s a yes vote, its down to interference by the russians to destabilise the UK.

  5. SusanAHF says:

    This sounds ominous for the transparency and credibility of the election

  6. Republicofscotland says:

    GCHQ is no friend to Scotland its there to monitor communications and it will help Westminster and the House Jocks prevent Scottish independence, it has no real accountability.

    “In May 2014, Privacy International and seven communications providers filed a complaint with the UK Investigatory Powers Tribunal, asserting that GCHQ’s hacking activities were proscribed under the UK Computer Misuse Act. Rather than face this legal challenge. In apparent response, on June 6 2014, the UK government introduced the new legislation via the Serious Crime Bill to allow GCHQ, intelligence officers, and the police to hack without criminal liability.”

    All the UK security agencies are in reality enemies of Scottish independence, mind you they needn’t worry this time around their House Jock Peter Murrell, will make sure the only real independence candidate Ash Regan doesn’t win.

    We even have a House Jock as head of Mi5 that’s how deep the treachery goes.

  7. Mr Blue Sky says:

    “And the winner, with 17,332,567 votes is…………”

  8. gregor says:

    Guardian (2013): GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians’ communications at G20 summits:

    “Foreign politicians and officials who took part in two G20 summit meetings in London in 2009 had their computers monitored and their phone calls intercepted on the instructions of their British government hosts…”:

  9. Garrion says:

    Holy fuckaroo. That’s gaslighting on an international scale.

  10. Beauvais says:

    Now spooks as well as crooks trying to get Yousaf elected.

  11. Dave Hansell says:

    Maybe its a trial run for the upcoming local elections in May; as a prelude for the General Election; and all future elections?

    What could possibly be amiss or go wrong with an arm of the Security State overseeing any kind of ballot?

    If the electorate does not do as its told you simply ignore it and create your own.

    Just by way of a suggestion: This would surely provide a few leading questions in future polling exercises which are periodically undertaken by this site?

  12. gregor says:

    Independent (2015): British intelligence service spying on MPs in defiance of laws prohibiting it:

    “British intelligence agencies have been spying on MPs and peers in contravention of a decades-old convention prohibiting surveillance of politicians’ communications, a tribunal has heard…”:

  13. Geoff Anderson says:

    GCHQ Mission Statement. Reading that would suggest Independence is a threat. If they are involved it is from a UK interest perspective.

  14. Liz says:

    Ah the Brit Nat media’s obsession with the Russians.
    Whatever happens, it’s all their fault.

  15. Ron Clark says:

    Genuine question,

    How did the members vote before computers?

  16. Confused says:

    you can’t have other people trying to rig the vote when you are trying to rig the vote yourself

    makes sense

  17. gregor says:

    Edelman Trust Barometer (2023):

    “Government and Media Fuel Cycle of Distrust, Seen as Sources of Misleading Information”:

  18. Graham says:

    @revstu Any ideas for an ‘exit poll’ type of thing? If all SNP members who voted forbes/Reagan can register that fact with Wings, at least we’d know for sure it’s a sham?

  19. WingsSurFrance says:

    Apologies for going O/T so early but I need to share this. I’ve been living in France for the last eight years but this week I’m in Scotland for a weeks holiday. I went to Falkirk today, the town that was a mecca in my younger days. Please excuse my French but what an utter shit-hole it’s become. A once bustling High Street full of independent shops is now a bin-fire. Countless hairdressers, nail bars & charity shops but nothing with even a smidgen of character. I went into a well kent bar and, not being fully up to date, asked the laconic 12yo behind the bar what Scottish dark beers he had. His reply? John Smiths. I pointed out his error and he shrugged and said “well naw then”. I had the Smiths and didn’t get a how are you today or even a thank-you. Independence is never going to happen as long as this level of apathy is allowed to continue. To be honest I’d return to France tomorrow if I didn’t already have a return ticket for Saturday. Really, really depressing. But I’ll still do whatever I can to deliver independence because that’s the enabler. Again, apologies for going O/T so soon but since I got my latest Twitter ban this is my only means of expression. Hail Alba.

  20. Wilson McBride says:

    The SNP will only blame the Russians if Yousaf doesn’t win.

  21. Ian McCubbin says:

    It just gets more bizarre by the day this leadership contest.

  22. John H. says:

    Surely even the Wee Ginger Duggers can see through this.

  23. Bob Mack says:

    At least they have taken advice to stop those pesky foreigners fiddling with the result. This will be an entirely “home grown” fiddle instead.

    How reassuring

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    I certainly wouldn’t use BT communications equipment if I was involved with a political party that was seeking to dissolve this rancid union.

    “Whenever GCHQ wanted to tap a new fiber optic cable, they called engineers from BT (codename:REMEDY) to plan where to physically connect to the taps to the cable, and agree how much BT should be paid.”

  25. Chic McGregor says:

    Is now the time to change the party name to The Scottish Independence Party?

    Just to remind people, especially those elected, what it exists for.

  26. ScottieDog says:

    I’m pretty sure GCHQ have a number of ‘guardians’ ensconced within the party. I’d have thought that would be enough.

  27. Big Jock says:

    The only one doing the hacking will be Murrell himself. I don’t think skyware can protect you from yourself!

  28. Colin Spalding says:

    If he gets in then they lost my vote. Let fucking unionests in for all I care now. Arsholes!!!

  29. robert hughes says:

    HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaFUCKING HA !

    DeMOCKracy Brit State/ Nu SNP style .

    Why don’t they just announce their puppet – Yousap – the * winner * now n be done with the whole pantomime ?

    And people STILL think a Referendum on Scottish Independence could be won by the YES side .’ kin hell . What more evidence do people need to be convinced there is not the slightest possibility Scotland can ever win – anything – until it totally abandons it’s ties to the English ( Security ) State . And ANY Party that continues to play by the rules created by and enforced by that English ( Security ) State

  30. James Che says:

    Legally The answer is obvious,

    Scotland does not run the British parliament devolved legislated FOR Scotland by Westminster.

    Counties in England have also been devolved by Westminster.

    This Westminster legislation should tell you all you need to know why GCHQ is running/monitoring Scotland Elections to UK,s benefit.

    Scotland does not have a Scottish parliament since 1707, but then the 1707 Scottish parliament has not been in the treaty of union either, since England entered the treaty of Union by it self.

  31. PRJ says:

    I’m more worried that the SNP cannot guarantee the accuracy and security of their own voting system. They have less than 100,000 members, a number that can be easily audited yet GCHQ is now involved. A question I would like answered is why the SNP have gone to the British state for help.

  32. barelybare says:

    Not a very useful article as it focuses on interception between client (voter) and server (Mi-Voice system presumably) and that seems highly unlikely.

    DR has a more informative article at

    which at least details the reality that HQ has always previously had access to voting results during voting. And raises the issue of ex member ghost voters.

    But, from the level of real investigation so far, it looks like Murrell has nothing to worry about. Winner can be whoever he decides.

  33. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Alyn Smith would be the ideal point of contact, his constituency staff includes a Senior Case Worker who spent 27 years working for GCHQ Cheltenham, finishing as a Senior Executive Officer.

  34. dandydons1903 says:

    Like having the fox run the hen-house.

  35. Kevin Cargill says:

    But how much credence do you give to a story written by a Spanner?!

  36. PhilM says:

    By all means have a laugh at this story chaps but we should be asking some serious questions about this article.
    1. How did this particular paper get the story or does this journalist have sources leaking information from her Whitehall correspondent days?
    2. There are no people mentioned at all in relation to the crux of the article. Senior intelligence chiefs, plural? A spokesman for the SNP (also ‘the spokesman’)…who exactly is this spokesman? Does this spokesman really require anonymity in this instance?
    3. By all means let’s take the piss about the cyber threat from foreign powers such as Russia, however what possible evidence could there be behind the fear of security chiefs that ‘the result could be skewed by hackers favourable to one of the candidates’? Are they actually serious about this as a possible threat? Really?
    4. Why is this story coming out now when there’s seven to eight days before voting even begins? Sturgeotti resigned without any warning on February 15th i.e. 18 days ago…the independent firm to run the vote was announced less than a week ago, yet all of this behind the scenes activity has occurred within this short period of time and this article must have been ready by last night and when allowing for some preparation time, it seems this journalist or the Mail must have been privy to what’s been going on very, very early in the real-life genesis of this story? Hmmmmm…
    5. The spooks and the SNP are working together ‘to reduce any possibility of the ballot being hacked’…no mention of the independent firm running the vote…Georgia Edkins has given us this story that has now not named the security chiefs, the spokesman nor the ‘independent firm’. Why is there so little concrete information in this article?
    6.If all the ‘necessary cyber safeguards’ are now in place according to the SNP, why do we even need to know about this ‘threat’? Do they in a paternalistic sort of way think we need some before-the-event reassurance?
    All very strange…but also no way to add or uncover anything of substance to such a weird confection of an article…strange, strange, strange…

  37. smitty says:

    Here is a story about a SNP voter fraud involving the Pakistani community and SNP.

    Humza’s bit on the side; Anum Qaisar, the thick-as-mince spoilt brat MP, first tried standing for selection in 2015 for Edinburgh Eastern against Ash Regan. Humza has a cousin in Edinburgh who went off and signed up 400 members of the Edinburgh Pakistani Edinburgh community and registered them as postal votes. When the selection opened his cousin went round and collected all the postal votes. The postal votes can also be used to vote online, so off he went and spent a day or two voting for Anum. Stupidly, the ISP address was captured and HQ were informed that there was voter fraud going on. Regan still won by a handful of votes and Anum was kicking up a stink that she had not won, until she was pulled aside and told that fraud had been detected. Of course SNP said fuck all about t as her father is a big donor to the party. Anyway I am not saying Humza is directly involved, however his cousin had arranged voter fraud at a lot of expense to get his thick girlfriend selected to be a MSP.

    If this election is open to voter fraud, then it will be, but no doubt they clueless fuckers involved will make an absolute arse of it just like they did when trying to interfere with the National’s poll recently.

  38. ronald says:

    Kevin Cargill 2.29.

    If the Rev’s such a spanner why do U bother visiting his blog

    Don’t let the revolving door hit U on the way out .

  39. gregor says:

    Square One (2018): Double Bind: City of Spies (live):

    (CreativeScotland: “Featuring Young Scottish Jazz Musician of the Year, Joe Williamson…”):

  40. Oneliner says:

    Dae it tae me – ah’m daft.

  41. robertkknight says:

    I recon it’s a pretty safe bet that GCHQ have more people working in their “Scottish Independence” section than the SNP have working in theirs.

  42. James Che says:

    Not one bit surprised Scots do not have control of their elections in their Country,

    I remember Boris johnstone on a tv interview a year or so back stating that the Ruskies had interfered with our 2014 election for Scottish independence,

    Having discovered that our election had been officially knobbled by the prime minister of Britain himself.

    One would have expected the British government to allow a re-run,

    Maybe Boris Johnstone was lying and he had Ruskie mental indoctrined paranooia on his and UK governments thoughts as a prelude to start proxy wars.

    Says a lot that The Western and Europe world wants to stop RUSKIE FOR ITS LACK OF DEMOCRACY, When Britain seems to be the biggist Offender towards Scotland in the same manner,

    Selective Electioneering.

  43. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Some of the clues that agents for the UK government are already actively present within the SNP are hardly subtle. It’s (not only possible but) likely that a substantial portion of the fee paying members eligible to vote in a members only ballot like this are virtual profiles concocted, financed and controlled by a small military unit through a terminal somewhere in Berkshire. It’s unlikely any political party isn’t being monitored by at least a few of those kind of cyber-members. Press agencies probably have a few set up, as well. You can be damned sure the BBC’s ‘Local Democracy Reporting Service’ does. The potential to use such a presence to influence as well as monitor what goes on in a political party will not be lost on certain agencies.

    It was a curious comment made by an SNP spokesman, recently, that equal numbers of new memberships were being created to replace those being lost in protest at the GRR Bill. I wondered at the time from where these new memberships were being imported. Probably Berkshire.

  44. gregor says:


  45. SusanAHF says:

    Smitty isn’t that normal behaviour for certain sections of society?

  46. Ian P says:

    Use a simple paper ballot. All returned to an independent polling company. And counted with scrutineers from each of three candidates present. No hacking. Otherwise no one will will ever believe it to be fair and accurate.

  47. James Che says:

    There is less chance of voter fraud if we return to the old system of voting,

    Where people went to the polling stations themselves, The votes were not transported miles away to be counted in the middle of the night, with no observers,

    Keep the vote counting local with many Countries along with Scots are invited as overseers of the process,

    Digital voting and postal votes are the corruption to elections and the gateway for bigger entities like the GCHQ to decide when and what votes are valid for Scotland,
    They are deciding your vote outcome, Not us.

  48. Martin says:

    Peter Murrell shouldn’t be counting these votes. It’s to shifty looking and considering there is a live Police investigation underway involving the Murrells it stinks.

    When the national newspaper added their live poll it was quite alarming to see how easy it was to be hacked but more surprisingly it appeared to be hacked in favour of Yousaf. Let’s hope the same hackers don’t fiddle with the SNP online system. Maybe it’s a good thing that this poll will have hacking intelligence monitoring it?

  49. Jacqueline says:

    Reassured. Reassured. Ffs. I fart out my elbow. That’s reassuring to me and everyone else. Well done supporters of nicoliar. In it up to your tranny necklaces. Disgusted

  50. Name (required) says:

    so when boris win the ‘leadership’ contest of the SNP do we act surprised ?

  51. James Che says:


    Legally there is,

    But Scotland is still asleep. Mumbling in its dreams and nightmares.

  52. Mac says:

    Is this not the exact same GCHQ cyber security unit that was ‘helping’ Stewart MacDonald after he had been hacked by ‘the Russians.

    This really smells super fishy.

    Sounds like there setting up their excuse for them to go in and pretend to stop the hackers while in actual fact they are the hackers.

    A very unbelievable story. Just as with Stewart MacDonald.

  53. Breastplate says:

    I thought Kevin Cargill was talking about the author of the Daily Mail story.
    Perhaps I’m wrong.

  54. Iain More says:

    GCHQ rigged the Referendum, rigging the SNP leadership election is easy by comparison when aided and abetted by the Murrels and all the others ("Tractor" - Ed)s they have something on. I would now be shocked if Useless Yousaf wasn’t the next leader of the SNP.

  55. James Che says:


    It is Scotland that could have the great ( reset) of its own, if it studied legal matters,

  56. Garavelli Princip says:

    Makes sense I suppose.

    Given their deep involvement in the referendum – especially postal votes, but also the other branches of BritSpook in disappearing/ rematerialising ballot boxes – it is just normal practice for them to ensure that the right Humza gets to do as he is told for them.

    Why would we be surprised?

  57. gregor says:

    Pamela Thornton – Senior Caseworker to Alyn Smith (SNP) MP:

    Work Experience:

    “GCHQ. Aug 1973 – Jan 2001 27 years 6 months.”:

  58. Gordon Hastie says:

    Once upon a time one would expect the MSM, gatekeepers of democracy and all that, but without a doubt opposed to Scottish independence, to have made at least something of the blatant, Eastern Europe-style corruption of this election, but these days it isn’t all that surprising when they don’t. Puff pieces by the likes of Garavelli, but nothing as far as I can tell about the latest SNP criminality.

  59. Derek says:

    Ha, I clocked that headline this morning, but wasn’t going to buy the Heil to find out about it…

  60. Doug says:

    The British establishment would prefer Yousaf as SNP leader and a wounded Yousaf engulfed in gerrymandering allegations would be even better for the establishment.

  61. Republicofscotland says:

    Apparently today’s SNP leadership hustings won’t be livestreamed.

    “Today’s hustings are not going to be livestreamed. It had been inferred after the controversy on plans to hold all events behind closed doors they would all be broadcast but The National understands this does not apply today.”

  62. Garavelli Princip says:

    “6.If all the ‘necessary cyber safeguards’ are now in place according to the SNP, why do we even need to know about this ‘threat’? Do they in a paternalistic sort of way think we need some before-the-event reassurance?”

    Good question. But misses the point (probably knowingly?):

    The point of this story is to let all us poor daft Jocks know that what we do and how we vote up her matters not one bit.

    It’s just another way of letting us know WHO IS THE BOSS.

    And we can do what we like, but they will ensure we are in Hotel California for ever.

    So just fuck off Jock and do as you are told like a good little colony!

  63. Anton Decadent says:

    Re all the talk of Russian election interference, Private Eye No 1582 had an article with regard to a spyvan for hire operated by Israelis and which was up to no good in Cyprus and Greece. In response the Cypriot government accused of “populism” anyone who complained about citizens, MP’s and journalists being spied on.

    Quick on the draw The Guardian caught up with this story about four and a half months later, about two weeks ago.

  64. Ottomanboi says:

    OMG, the chicken liaising with the slaughterer.
    Are these people thick?
    Or is there indeed SOMETHING ELSE going on…..

  65. gregor says:

    @James Che

    Positively, emotivity is being human. People will wake up, regardless (no failure option).

    Systematic chaos will only accelerate as it meltdowns, while the rank corruption and unmitigated deep-state subversion will become ever more prominent and visible to the masses (dead-ends require desperate measures).

    Scotland’s public will have to pick up the pieces, and its role (e.g. legalities), influence and power – will enhance and strengthen (as reality takes control).

    Your (people of Scotland/human) efforts are making a significant impact on discourse and events – right now (NWO loser is terrified of you).

    Keep doing what you are doing (driving/winning:)…

  66. Garavelli Princip says:

    “Pamela Thornton – Senior Caseworker to Alyn Smith (SNP) MP:

    Work Experience:

    “GCHQ. Aug 1973 – Jan 2001 27 years 6 months.”

    What kind of SNP MP has a GCHQ caseworker?

    One answer might be “all of them”.

    But not all of them employ them in their office!

    Kind of explains Daddy Bear’s pro NATO-aggression attitudes!

  67. James Che says:


    Have you read the 30 by 30 agenda of the WWF, whereby 60 % of what was the ocean, (not owned or under any treaties has just been agreed to as belonging to WWF, under Climate Change agenda,

    This treaty converts freedom of the sea’s to now being owned and will have a big impact on fishing rights,
    Part of this treaty will also include land. A hundred Countries are under this treaty,
    The people are loosing the food resources fast, from farming to fishing,
    You will eat bugs and be happy apparently.

  68. Ottomanboi says:

    No one «owns» the planet except by appropriation, sequestration, conquest etc.
    Property obtained by theft.

  69. ronald says:

    Breastplate 3.28

    On reading Kevin Cargill’s post again there can only be one interpretation he’s referring ( spanner ) to the Rev , if not he could make a correction

  70. gregor says:

    Jay Bhattacharya (04/03/2023): Twitter:

    re. Dec. 2020. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock:

    “When do we deploy the new variant?”:

  71. Karen says:

    *squirrels*. I doubt GCHQ could teach PM anything about cyber security.

  72. shug says:

    GCHQ !!!!!

    Ha ha ha ha

    what result are they expecting

    WE could end up with Boris getting elected head of the SNP

  73. Dan says:

    @ ronnie

    I read it that the “spanner” reference may be to Euan McColm who penned one of the pictured articles, it was suggested he may be behind the Brian Spanner nom de plume.

  74. David Hannah says:

    Listening to through a Scottish Prism. Fantastic commentary as ever.

    These candidates need to speak to the people and not the party to win.

    Ash Regan needs to speak to the country and tell them she’ll be the woman to lead her country Scotland to the United Nations.

    Statues and Street party’s await you.

    I hope she wins.

  75. gregor says:

    @James Che

    I’ve read enough to know that WEF’s fundamental aim (unprecedented power/ownership-grab) is to crush national sovereignty and human autonomy (human will) – ruin vital infrastructures, cultures and identities – by mutilating and dissolving the human species (systematic murder of human consciousness/soul), via engineered societal chaos and destruction – public disharmony and division –

    Presented as a golden-opportunity for humanity and powerless (equality and social justice) – in the name of democracy – Justified by perpetual crisis/regressive public harms:

    (e.g. ClimateEmergency; EnergyCrisis; CostLivingCrisis; DisinfoScourge; HealthCareCrisis; SystemicRacism; LGBTDiscrimination, etc).

    We see you (NWO) loser…

  76. Ian Morrison says:

    Rather than indulge in conspiracy theories, perhaps getting Ash Regan some media training and getting her to develop responses to policy questions might be a fruitful option.

  77. President Xiden says:

    Humza is perfect for the age of fuckwittery. Clown World.

  78. robertkknight says:


    “What kind of SNP MP has a GCHQ caseworker?”

    Is “caseworker” just a euphemism for “handler”?

  79. President Xiden says:

    The votes for Humza are just ‘resting’ in Murrell’s ballot box.

  80. Republicofscotland says:

    This is what we’re fighting for, never forget it.

  81. Effijy says:

    Wow! Murrell, GCHQ, Russia and the Chinese.

    Looks like the new leader is Nicola Boris Rasputin Mao Tse Tung

  82. Jim Hawkins says:

    The you tube video a complete misrepresentation of the realities of present day Scotland under the SNP. Failing schools,NHS collapse, highest drug deaths per head of the population in Europe. Not to mention lowest life expectancy in cities like Glasgow. A couple of highland cattle and a castle don’t cut it.

  83. gregor says:


    Keep reminding us/keep showing us.

    We won’t win this existential battle with politics and words (we require everything/Scotland).

  84. Alastair Campbell says:

    Being a post WW2 child I never thought in my lifetime-

    Tomatoes – rationed
    Eggs – rationed
    Honest politicians – rationed

  85. gregor says:


    “Someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something.”

    “She has been an inspiration to us all.”

    “One of the main inspirations for me in my party is the concept of one nation.”

    “Let us do so by reflecting our greatest human inspirations, otherwise we will seem like decision-makers who have no grasp of the reality of matters.”

  86. Big Jock says:

    Humza is like the hapless son of Sturgeon. The child she tries her best with, but he always fucks up. When he tries to speak he is reminded that he is only in the job because of Sturgeon.

    The tragedy is that so many MPs etc are endorsing him. They have been telt obviously. Because there is no other way anyone would back him. I don’t think he even likes himself.

    A wholly loathsome character.

  87. gregor says:

    Scotsman (2013): Scottish independence: ‘GCHQ needed if independent’:

    “…“Here is a modest proposal … an independent Scotland could simply allow GCHQ to spy on its citizens’ communications, then share the intelligence with the Scottish Government. This way, GCHQ would be spying on foreigners, the Scottish government could legitimately say that it does not monitor its own citizens’ electronic activities, and the UK security services would avoid the terrifying Gretna scenario.”…”:

  88. Jm says:

    Naturally GCHQ would know the SNP was going to call them..

  89. highlander says:

    FionaN says:
    5 March, 2023 at 12:09 pm
    will have made sure that the indy vote is approaching 30% again.


    Only 30% of (total) voters vote snp.

  90. Maxxmacc says:

    The MI5 department for preventing Scottish independence would be a very interesting place to have a nosy around. I saw quite a few obvious agents in my time in the SNP and also a few who hid in plain sight (A. Hunter).

    But how many agents they have at the top of the party now would probably be a surprise to the membership. ‘Completely captured’ would be my guess, and unless there is a ‘night of the long knives’ in the party, it will continue to decline and move independence farther and farther away.

  91. Ron Clark says:

    Someone mentioned up thread the name:-

    “The Scottish Independence Party”.

    I think ALBA should change their name to that.

    It is a name that tells you exactly what their aim is, Scottish independence.

    And a vote winner in my opinion.

    Worth thinking about Alex.

  92. SusanAHF says:

    Gregor that is a special deal the UK has with the US already

  93. Effin says:

    Jim Hawkins

    Scotlands failings?

    Scotland provides much more free nursery time than England.

    Many English schools close early on Fridays as they can neither find teachers or afford them

    They can’t afford the rise in heating bills and maintenance.

    English students having to pay £9,000 per annum leave with £40K of debt and the interest rate just went up by the Tories.
    English Tories have produced the first and second ever junior Doctors strikes.
    The first ever Nurses and Paramedics strikes

    The Tory party decided the Clapped Nurse Hero’s some who gave their lives working without PPE the people who saved the life of leader Boris a 1% pay rise.

    I know only of Tories abusing the vaccines and testing to queue their families, give contracts to FRIENDS to provide PPE and major drug supply contracts to companies Hancock and Zahawi’

    Our NHS outperforms any other in the U.K. we have more medical staff per head of population’

    I read this weekend that NHS England has hit 2.4% of its cancer treatment targets
    They have over 20,000 excess deaths since the strikes began and the Tories are happy for it to continue.

    Let’s agree drug deaths here are appalling so why isn’t it allowed to be devolved?

    Can we compare our deaths by shooting and stabbing compared to

    Our failures are no where near Englands catastrophe

  94. Rocksie says:

    This is extremely worrying.These idiots could end up making Scotland an International laughing stock . The winner of this selection contest become the FM of Scotland .The election therefore must be fair and beyond reproach.If Murrell screws this up or stitches this up .It makes us no different from an authoritarian state a banana republic .

    Assuming or hoping that even Murrell will not fix the result.
    I believe that everything must be done to stop Yousaf winning.He will be a disaster.The polls align with my own conversation with people which is that the punters don’t like him.

    Elect him and we will be gifting Labour 20 seats at the next UKGE.Wether we like it or not the SNP are linked in the public’s mind with Independence and if they mess up it will damage the Yes movement.

    Also if he wins it will be no change . Sturgeon was good at winning elections but done nothing to broaden support for Independence and has blown a winning position.

    Unfortunately Ash just ain’t s strong enough candidate.She won’t win but I will vote for her because she is against the GRR and a good showing by her will highlight that a section of the membership want action on Indy ..

    I will give Forbes my second vote she is purely a damage limitation vote for me and she will do a lot better at the ballot box than Yousaf and leave a situation that could be recoverable.An added bonus is that the tranny mob are threatening to fuck off if she wins which is a result.

    I had lost faith but never got round to cancelling my membership and join Alba but at least I got a vote in this election.

  95. stuart mctavish says:

    This looks to be excellent news on several levels:

    GCHQ self identifying that all advice/ assistance provided to political parties is now in the public interest is probably a much bigger story than its being given credit for, not least because its the general communications arm of UK intelligence across the spectrum.

    Presumably, as a minimum, it removes all FOI exemptions in respect of security service involvement in Conservative, Labour and liberal party leadership elections over the years.

    Hopefully it also paves the way for clarity over intelligence service failures to provide the government and/or the public with coherent intelligence in respect of coughid

    Furthermore, unless and to extent the all that gaslighting can be explained away as some sort of faustian/Christian pact between say, Putin, Humza and the wee frees, it may even open door to clarity over the reasoning behind its involvement (if any) in indyref1 and aftermath – and, if interventions did occur, who gave the order(s) and who got the reports (S30/ Edinburgh agreement means it cannot lawfully have been David Cameron or his government)

    Better yet, GCHQ is now free, some might say obliged, to identify the favoured candidate of the international spy community (with or without S30) such that Pete can cancel the hustings and appoint them directly.

    And finally, since no such concerns were published in terms of the election/ appointment of the current Alba, Green or even Scottish liberal, labour or conservative leader, any members or parliamentarians intolerant of such appeasement remain free to switch allegiance to their favoured party with reasonably high hopes of it winning list seats at an even earlier Holyrood defacto referendum* than might hitherto have been planned.

    *Continuity candidates, by definition, being obliged to adopt the policy endorsed by FM, her predecessor, and her predecessor’s predecessor (ie that the next election is a defacto referendum),

  96. David Holden says:

    Ron Clark changing Alba to the Scottish Independence Party could lead to confusion with the Independence for Scotland party ISP which is already registered. I think Alba was also chosen as on a ballot paper they tend to list parties in alphabetical order so Alba will appear at the top or near it on any ballot paper.

  97. Robert Louis says:

    I see Ash Regan, the pro independence candidate for SNP leader has said she would refuse consent for the stone of destiny to get taken to London for the English coronation. Good.

    Honestly, refusing permission is such an easy political win for Scotland. If refused, we all know the arrogant barstewards in London will just take it. But think this through and you see, it then raises questions of Charlie boy himself. How could he claim to be king over Scotland, when he knows permission for the stone to be used was refused.

    Of course the English corontaion would go ahead, and of course the English would STEAL it AGAIN from Scotland, so THEIR king could sit over it (true colonialism) on their ENGLISH throne, for his coronation. But, that simple act of refusal would really dispel the myths about consent, and Scotland’s role in this cursed, unwanted, undemocratic, so-called ‘union’.

    Whilst England refuses democracy in Scotland, and carries on stealing our resources, money and assets on a daily basis, that stone should stay where it belongs, SCOTLAND.

    That stone, symbolic as it is, belongs to the people of Scotland, not some Tory w*nkers in England, or for that matter, some jumpewd up, aristocratic English ‘king‘.

    Well done Ash Regan. Not sure what the two ‘establishment’ candidates would do.

  98. Christopher says:

    I work in cybersecurity and use the advice and guidance from NCSC. What their advice and guidance can’t do and can never do is to protect you from an “inside job”.

  99. Dorothy Devine says:

    Robert Louis, I think the answer to your last musing is ‘bugger all’.

    You are right the stone will just be taken – some part of me knows that the King to be has a great love of Scotland and is probably happiest here – his first wife apparently detested the place, though that might have been due to the company. Don’t know about his second.

    That said I am a republican – didn’t used to be as was brain washed from the previous coronation to believe that the Queen was some super human whom we all had to admire and kowtow.

  100. sadscot says:

    @ Robert Louis
    Ash was complaining about people calling her the “Salmond sock puppet” in this contest. It doesn’t help that she announced her view on the stone not long after Salmond had said it shouldn’t be sent to London for the coronation.

  101. Breastplate says:

    Jim Hawkins @ 10:45pm,

    If you’re suggesting we need radical change, I agree with you.
    It really is time we made our own decisions, the sooner the better.

  102. Ron Clark says:

    David Holden 6.07am

    I get your point about naming it Alba would put it top of the election ticket due to alphabetical order.

    But the point I was making was about the blandness of the name Alba.

    It should have a name with a more direct link to what the Party is all about.

    That is why I was suggesting the name:-

    The Scottish independence Party.

    Others names are possible.

    Alba need something to UP their profile.

    (I am a founder member of Alba).

    And regards the ISP, their profile is even lower than Alba’s.

  103. gregor says:


    What’s the status (level/depth – depravity) of that special deal, now.

    The quality on show is excruciating.

  104. Breeks says:

    Ron Clark says:
    6 March, 2023 at 9:10 am

    Alba need something to UP their profile.

    (I am a founder member of Alba).

    And regards the ISP, their profile is even lower than Alba’s.

    It wouldn’t make any difference to ALBA’s profile whatever they called it. The low profile is thanks to our Unionist “media” doing their best to airbrush ALBA out of existence, or thoroughly smeared whenever it breaks the surface.

    That Sturgeon’s Cabal contributed to this malignant smear campaign with so much enthusiasm is quite despicable, but ALBA has been working it’s socks off for Independence. ALBA’s “Supermajority” in Holyrood was inspired thinking which seized the initiative and could have taken hold of Independence by the scruff of the neck, and we wouldn’t have spent the past few months looking on in horror at the grotesque Perverts Charter making purchase from OUR Independence mandates.

    ALBA is the Gaelic word for Scotland, so I’m terribly sorry if you find it bland, but personally I think it’s fine and well named. I actually think ALBA’s profile is much closer to an extension of the 2014 YES iconography which was tremendously successful, whereas the SNP’s patented multi-coloured re-invention of the YES logo is simply horrible and a corruption of very straightforward ideals. How prophetic I suppose, but ALBA’s branding is much more savvy in my opinion. ALBA is trying to build a nation, not a party.

    When the truth comes out, and it will, I firmly believe everybody and their brother will be claiming to be stout and loyal friends of ALBA from the beginning.

    Maybe it’s a paradox, but Scottish Independence isn’t a popularity contest. the SNP has been riding the crest of the wave for popularity since Alex Salmond set it on that stellar trajectory… What did Sturgeon’s crew achieve with it? Worse than nothing.

    Keep faith with ALBA is my advice. It’s where the good people are.

    There is only one candidate who can save the SNP, and that is Regan; the only candidate seeking reconcilation with the wider YES Movement which Sturgeon’s SNP dedicated themselves to destroying.

    ALBA does need a higher profile, yes, but so does SALVO, so does a Convention of the Estates, so does the Claim of Right… Don’t change the names, if anything, change the broadcasting media and strengthen alternative ways to get the message out.

    We need to waken up the spirit which the SNP has dedicated the last 8 years to putting to sleep.

  105. Colin Alexander says:


    1. Refuse / renounce oath of allegiance to King Charles III. Assert the Scots are sovereign in common, not a King or a parliament.

    (N.I. politicians don’t need to swear allegiance to KCIII.)

    2. Refuse to take seats at Holyrood and WM until has Scotland freedom to hold an indyref.

    3. Sit at a Scottish Convention instead and stay at home serving constituents (now there’s a novel idea).

    Will ANY politicians do that? No. How no? £££££££££££££ and they want to be on the telly.

    Fame and fortune.

  106. Dave Hansell says:

    To adapt the analysis of Caitlin Johnson in May last year:

    “The UK doesn’t have political parties, it has narrative control ops disguised as political parties. One of them overtly promotes capitalism and imperialism by appealing to the ’ worst impulses of its subjects, the other covertly diverts healthy impulses back into capitalism and imperialism.

    Marionettes with different coloured rosettes stuck to their chests fight in a puppet show and the crowd cheers for one or the other while thieves who bankroll these charlatans [or as the Chinese have it: ???????? (W?men bùshì n? de bi?o zi). Look it up] pick their pockets. And when people start to notice their wallets are missing, they’re told they can stop the pickpocketing by cheering louder for their favorite puppet.

    People ask why Britain;s political elite never codified its constitution, and the answer is, because that’s not their job. Their job is not to enact the policies you elected them to enact. Their job is not even to win elections. Their job is to keep you staring at the puppet show while these incompetent freaks have their way with the world.”

  107. sog says:

    I guess the Electoral Reform Society didn’t pick up their phone for that one call.

  108. Colin Alexander says:

    Now it’s established the Holyrood parliament cannot hold an indyref, Holyrood is a British colonial administrators’ sinecure.

    So it is absurd that MSPs or MPs who swear allegiance to the UK head of state should be considered leaders of the independence movement or indeed any part of it.

    They are only British colonial administrators.

    More collaborators than liberators.

  109. robertkknight says:


    “There is only one candidate who can save the SNP, and that is Regan”

    I’m afraid I disagree.

    Sturgeon’s rancid SNP consists of:

    i) Wee Ginger Fuds, stuck in a devolutionist trance whilst worshiping at the High Kirk of St Nicla.

    ii) Rainbow warriors and social anarchists, seeking to erase societal norms and conventions, only to replace them with a gender-neutral Woke-utopia.

    iii) Professional troughers, carpet baggers and snake oil peddlers, willing to sell their moral, ethical and political souls in return for some loose change from the public purse.

    Not even Jesus, let alone Regan, could “save the SNP”.

  110. DJ says:

    Nailed it Colin!

  111. Matt Quinn says:

    In reply to Ron Clark. – As something of an outsider; one of those disaffected, disillusioned, dyed-in-the-wool ‘small n’ Scottish nationalists – who used to vote SNP; but stopped voting at all (I send in spoiled papers, in the absence of a vote blanc option, if I happen to be passing a pot box that is)…

    The name ‘Alba’ is only just beginning to drop with many; especially as it registers in the minds of the average gadgie (like me) that an attempt was made to frame Salmond; and for the most appalling of crimes. – And indeed what other horrors lurk within the SNP.

    – Changing it now would be a step backwards. …And with hopes of independence damaged (probably beyond repair in my lifetime) by the SNP, there needs to be clear blue water between them and any real pre-independence alternative. – Branding 101; it takes a while for the touchpaper to ignite the rocket.

  112. richard mcintosh says:

    As someone pointed out earlier,”the King comes to the stone” not the other way around, that is the Scottish tradition, if Charlie boy doesn’t like then tough. the man should show some respect ffs!

  113. Garavelli Princip says:


    “What kind of SNP MP has a GCHQ caseworker?”

    Is “caseworker” just a euphemism for “handler”?

    Without a doubt, Robert!

    GCHQ is dedicated to maintain the ‘realm’ – the Brit State.

    It is the avowed enemy of Independence.

    All this does is to prove that the SNP has been thoroughly penetrated right to the highest levels

  114. ronald says:

    How many distractions do we need

    GIVE it a rest with changing ALBA’S name we know what ALBA stand for INDEPENDENCE same with ISP .

  115. Breeks says:

    robertkknight says:
    6 March, 2023 at 10:25 am

    I’m afraid I disagree.

    Sturgeon’s rancid SNP consists of:….

    ….Not even Jesus, let alone Regan, could “save the SNP”.

    I’m ambivalent about the SNP, (never been a member), and I’m ambivalent about Holyrood, (I actually would impeach it), neither are essential for Independence, but common sense suggests we cannot ignore that core vote which backs the SNP because they think it will deliver Independence.

    “That” SNP, the core vote, is the unfortunate baby currently still to be found in the SNP bath water.

    I think Regan can maybe give that core vote even an appropriate introduction to SALVO, and the Convention of the Estates route to Independence, and “wean” them off 8 years of SNP Koolaid and Sturgeon’s asinine agenda.

    IF Regan’s SNP can bury the hatchet with ALBA, not “in” ALBA, then all kinds of options open up again.

    Given that the SNP will have a new leader, you have a choice of three… Ash Regan would be mine.

    Also, who is the most toxic to the Transgender infiltrators and thus most likely to induce them to fk off and wreck some other Nation’s chances of sovereign Independence?

  116. ronald says:

    Richard McIntosh 10.33

    Yes the NuSnp ( Murrell’s ) would love that Scotland & its People excepting charlie 111 as their king F Off .

  117. shug says:

    It so comforting to know that the security services will now be running with an up-to-date list of the SNP members and the value of their contribution, which ones are active and which ones are less so.

    Did anyone give the SNP permission to share their data with the security services.

    Oh Mr Murrell what a rotten egg you are.

  118. Ron Clark says:


    Let’s hope Alba has a change of fortune since the resignation Sturgeon (I will never speak that man ever again).

    She really did demonise Salmond.

    And I do think the SNP can be saved, if Ash Regan wins the leadership race.

    She is saying all the right things, and is willing to work with other Indy Parties.

    But as with the Alba Party, Ash Regan is failing to pick up the required support. All due to arch Unionist Sturgeon still pulling the strings in the background.

    There surely has to be some kind of pay back due to that bastard Sturgeon.

  119. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Ash Regan has made it into the German news magazines. Her rejection of sending the “Stone” to prop up Charlie III’s bum is welcome.

    Send it through Google translater for your English version.

  120. John Main says:

    @Robert Louis says:6 March, 2023 at 7:12 am

    That stone, symbolic as it is, belongs to the people of Scotland, not some Tory w*nkers in England, or for that matter, some jumpewd up, aristocratic English ‘king‘.

    Oh shit and fuck. I have been mahoosively ripped off when I bought my history book.

    It says that James 6th, the rightful and unchallenged king of Scotland, toddled down to London to take over the throne of England too. That was in 1603 BTW.

    Then it’s just been King this and Queen that, all the way to the present day.

    I guess though, that as we can so easily re-write biology in Scotland, history is just whatever we say it is.

    Two months to go, Bob. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t peak too early – you will burn out.

  121. Republicofscotland says:

    This SNP leadership contest is an absolute farce, WTF is the membership doing about it, they nee to get their f*ckin finger out and stop this.

    “GCHQ are the enemy of the movement for Scottish Independence. #RememberWillieMcRae
    That the SNP establishment regard them as allies is everything you need to know about what happened to the SNP under Sturgeon and Murrell.”

  122. Jimmy Boyd says:

    Anyone with a vote should film their actual voting process using their mobile. Record the process and store the file. Should fraud be suspected, then the police can get involved via some independent arbitrator or solicitor.

  123. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (06/03/2023): Twitter:

    “If what they want are pretty pics & heart emoji’s, I recommend Instagram. It’s great for that, please go there.

    Instagram reminds me of Cloud Cuckoo Land. Everything seems super nice on the surface, but it’s actually hell.”:

  124. gregor says:

    LGBT Youth Scotland: Instagram:

    “We are Scotland’s national charity for #LGBTI young people, working with 13-25 year old…”:

  125. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (07/03/2023): Twitter: re. Jan 6th video footage:

    “This is crazy. The public was misled.”:

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