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Big Bruvver

Posted on July 19, 2014 by


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    1. 19 07 14 11:15

      Big Bruvver | Scottish Independence News

    115 to “Big Bruvver”

    1. goldenayr says:

      Encapsulation is an art form in which you master Chris.

    2. Finnzz says:

      Ross Kemp? Was he not with Spandau Ballet..

    3. R-type Grunt says:

      They don’t do irony, do they? Brilliant Chris.

    4. MajorBloodnok says:

      Grant (Mitchell): You go near our mum again, old man, and you’ll be eating soup through a straw.
      Johnny (Allen): I love it. Good thug, bad thug. Brilliant.

      Johnny there neatly encapsulating Better Together’s entire independence campaign strategy.

    5. EdinScot says:

      London rules eh. But hopefully not for much longer. Two months and counting!

      This picture speaks a thousand words. Nice one Chris.

    6. galamcennalath says:

      Kemp was married to Rebekah Brooks until 2009, so I suppose he moved in the same circles as Darling.

    7. gillie says:

      Ross Kemp loves Scotland so much that he was too afraid to visit when he was rector of Glasgow University.

    8. dennis mclaughlin says:

      Who the F$ck voted him to be Rectum oops! rector.
      Freudian slip.

      remember, we’re all Alex’s anti – English rabid SNP supporters.

    9. ronnie anderson says:

      But, but Peter Kilfoyle’s sending us lots of genuine luv,no fluff. Well done Chris,kin u no make Danny mair gowkie lookin,ah mean we dont want people thinking he,s a statesman lol.

    10. heedtracker says:

      Eddie Izzard got that betttertogether vote naw video going but its just his “Sweaty socks wanted democracy but I closed it dahn, so vote Izzard for London Mayor because he’s really hilarious and loves Landan mate.” Quite catchy.

    11. caz-m says:


      This just reinforces the opinion that the Better Together management are all sociopaths.

      “Do as I say, not as I do”.

    12. heedtracker says: Bettertogether Eddie running against future PM Bojo, who thinks ‘A pound spent in Croydon is far more of value to the country than a pound spent in Strathclyde’ So does Crash and the Flipper but we’ll see lads.

    13. galamcennalath says:


      In SLab’s case, certainly more sociopath and socialist.

    14. galamcennalath says:

      Sorry … Than socialist …sheesh

    15. Jim Marshall says:

      Ross Kemp? Uncanny resemblance to Uncle Fester.

    16. biggpolmont says:

      Ah a true London eastender spreading the love for Scotland.
      doesnt have a clue where it is but its up Norf somewhere!
      Isn’t he wonderful! Does Darling and Cameron really believe that the opinions of a has been from a second rate soap will really change the minds of Scottish voters ?

    17. The Man in the Jar says:

      Sorry for the early OT but I’m on my way out.

      I received an email from the BBC this morning “BBC Trust Review of BBC television services” I took part in a survey some time ago!

      Apparently these are the results. Some of you may wish to plough through the findings. No doubt that according to this they are the epitome of truth and enlightenment! There is bound to be some comedy gold in there somewhere.

    18. Jim Marshall says:

      But then Flipper looks like Gomez.

    19. heedtracker says:

      Its not just vote no Eastenders has beens guv, my Slovene girlfriend Prof Jezereena Tomkins at Glasgow uni, says its also a dictatorship and yes votes are fascists, very very stupid ones too

    20. Luigi says:

      Ross Kemp loves Scotland so much that he was too afraid to visit when he was rector of Glasgow University.

      He knew GU was in Scotland somewhere, but he couldn’t find Scotland on the map.

    21. MajorBloodnok says:

      galamcennalath says: Kemp was married to Rebekah Brooks until 2009, so I suppose he moved in the same circles as Darling.

      I do hope that’s not a euphemism.

    22. gordoz says:

      Great cartoon again Chris ;

      O/T >

      Must read from NY Times – just wished the reporters name had been included.

    23. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Oh Major you *are* awfully naughty. tee hee

    24. Boorach says:

      @ Ronnie, hate to correct you but it’s Darling nae Danny!

      @ Chris… Superb, even this old grump smiled!

    25. Robert Peffers says:

      Brilliant again, Chris.
      Here’s a verse, (To the tune of Clementine).
      Perhaps posters can add another verse or two.

      Oh! A Darling. Oh! A Darling.
      Oh! A Darling’ lying clype.
      When ye’ve loast yer gone forever,
      They’re yer type,
      Sae gang doon there.

    26. ronnie anderson says:

      @Boorach, always open to correction,I was swithering on who it was,but with sleepy stanes in the eye,s it was hard to tell, do u think Rory wuld like some o they stanes.

    27. stonefree says:

      @ galamcennalath says: 9:44 am
      “Kemp was married to Rebekah Brooks until 2009”
      Was it not alleged by Private Eye that Ms Brooks had given what’s known as a “shoeing” to Mr Kemp possibly on several occasions
      If I’m honest the load of them Izzard and the lot of are sad non-entities

    28. dennis mclaughlin says:

      How do I get a fancy avatar like Kendo ?.

    29. Edward says:

      gordoz – Article shows the reporters name as NEAL ASCHERSON 🙂

    30. caz-m says:


      BBC Scotland GMS were discussing how prosperous Germany has become.

      You have to ask how Germany and Norway have risen up to be two of the wealthiest and healthiest nations on earth.

      And they have three things in common with each other.

      They don’t have any aircraft carriers.

      They didn’t invade Iraq.

      And they don’t any have Weapons of Mass Distruction.


    31. Iain MacDonald says:

      @Jim Marshall
      Ross Kemp? Uncanny resemblance to Uncle Fester.

      Actually, uncanny resemblance to William Hague (in the cartoon anyway).

      Great work, Chris. It really captures the duplicity of the No campaign.

    32. Thanks to gordoz for the link to the NY Times article by Neal Ascherson. A very-readable and cogent piece from one of Scotland’s top journalists.

      Pity though, the NY Times house style called for a point between each letter in SNP and NHS – but, that’s the Yanks for you: English is a foreign language to them, except, I don’t think they put in the points when writing CIA and FBI, strange.

    33. heedtracker says:, NYT journalist, Eton, Cambridge, London based academic votes YES!

      Wiki says “Ascherson has lectured and written extensively about Polish and Eastern Europe affairs” so a debate with this sneering phoney Slovene wackadoodle would be interesting

    34. Robert Peffers says:

      @ronnie anderson says: 19 July, 2014 at 10:45 am:
      “I was swithering on who it was,but with sleepy stanes in the eye,s it was hard to tell, do u think Rory wuld like some o they stanes.”

      Weel, Ronnie, ye micht look at the eyebroos afore onythin else. Onywey, that’s no you sayin Rory disna hae ony stanes, is it?

    35. Cindie says:

      Another great cartoon, Chris, Thank you.

      Thanks to @kendomacaroonbar for the parcel of goodies this morning. The badges and trolly-tokens will be going to good homes.

    36. Davy says:

      Thats a cracker, well done Chris keep them coming.

    37. MajorBloodnok says:

      Ross Kemp: “Oi, Jockland, leave it aht. Vote No, you slag.”

    38. mogabee says:

      I laughed at the ‘toon and I laughed at the comments!

      Great Chris.

    39. ronnie anderson says:

      Robert Peffers 10.41


      Oh!! a Darling Oh! a Darling

      Oh! a Darling’ lying clype

      when ye’ve loast yer gone forever

      they’re your type

      sae gang doon there


      Doon the stank where the effluient flows so free,

      yer up tae yer neck in it

      but soon you’ll flip it

      anither Dez Res fur free.

      @Robert noo look whit you hiv started, where,s Ninja

    40. Free Scotland says:

      Has it never dawned on Izzard and Bowie that Scottish voters (men and women) do not like being told what to do by men who prance around in stiletto-heels, wear make-up and paint their fingernails? And their case does not become any more meaningful to the highly intelligent Scottish electorate just because they throw in a token knuckle-dragger like Ross Kemp, well known for his part in the most depressing soap ever offered as entertainment to BBC licence payers.

    41. Grouse Beater says:

      It’s them fackin’ Scotties again livin’ orft our sweat ‘n toil, innit? Toss ’em a fried Mars Bar ‘n they’ll quieten down. Easy to please, is Scotchland.

    42. Helena Brown says:

      Gordoz, thanks for the Neil Ascherson piece, just passed it on to friends in the States who are very interested in our Referendum.
      Great Cartoon as usual and can I assume that the shoeing is another word for what is called domestic abuse, though this was never proved, between the “tough” Mr Kemp and his ex Wife Rebekah.

    43. heedtracker says: Greatest David Bowie Scotland don’t leave us video, ever!

    44. ronnie anderson says:

      Sheesh Dont tell Rory the Tory of the ( the Dim wie Dave team GB ) there’s STAINS in Essex.

    45. Grouse Beater says:

      I’m convinced Salmond is over-the-moon about Kilfoyle’s change of heart and his enthusiasm for photo shoots, but for a lot more than his political support.

      Standing next to him, Kilfoyle makes Salmond look super-slim!

    46. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @dennis mclaughlin says:
      19 July, 2014 at 10:48 am
      How do I get a fancy avatar like Kendo ?.

      Dennis, go onto a web site called and seek an ‘hourlie’ for graphic artist (in my case ‘simpsons’) pay the 20 odd quid then upload the pic/graphic/logo or whatever on your wordpress profile.

    47. Robert Peffers says:

      @heedtracker says: 19 July, 2014 at 10:00 am:
      “Bettertogether Eddie running against future PM Bojo”. </i

      That made me think of the first Scottish Elections after we win the Referendum.

      Picture the list of constituency battles.
      Lady Rammy of Stair Heid vs Ms Nicola Sturgeon.
      Lord North of Brown Britain vs Mr Alex Salmond.
      Sir Wee of Willy vs Mr Chick Brodie.
      Sir Danny of Alexandria vs Jackie Baillie.
      Ms Johann Lamont vs Lord Flipper of Darlington.

      It will be absolutely hillarious and the combinations of who else would be standing against each of the above pairs doesn't bear thinking about.

    48. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Robert Peffers 11.29 The permutations there would have Ladbrooks in a spin.

    49. heedtracker says:

      @ Robert Peffers, all of that Labour in Scotland line up are heading for the House of Lords if we lose. So by 2020 they’ll all be titled peers, troughing it like crazy in teamGB for social equality n shit eg.

      Check out all the bishops in the Lords that God voted for presumably,

    50. Colin says:

      Anyone seen the guardian this morning? I thought I had been transported to another website.

    51. Tattie-bogle says:

      Darth Spamheid the apprentice of the sith lord darth blinky

    52. bipod says:

      OFF TOPIC but I have just got the Referendum “news”, NO thanks paper through my door. It has some choice quotes that I think you all may enjoy:

      “We live in a large interconnected world and are constantly told to expand our horizons. Only AleX Salmond wants us to think smaller and put up barriers”.

      “We can have a strong Scottish parliament, with the guarantee of more powers for Scotland, backed up by the strength, security and stability of being part of something bigger”.

      “Our NHS doesn’t recognise borders but separation could put that at risk”.

    53. heedtracker says:

      NO thanks paper through my door was hardly going to have headlines such as, Vote NO and keep paying for London, or Vote NO, they need our oil, or Vote NO future PM Bojo says A pound spent in Croydon is far more of value to the country than a pound spent in Scotlandshire” suckas!

    54. galamcennalath says:

      Question: How many BetterTogether politicians does it take to change a light bulb?

      Answer: They won’t tell us, but do warn there will be no more replacement light bulbs after Independence.

    55. GrahamB says:

      MitJ at 10:09
      Your link returns an internal error 500 which may be due to volume of traffic or maybe they just don’t want us to read the findings.

      Still on the BBC, PQ3 Sunday 27th – IMPORTANT
      Contrary to an earlier posting they are populating the space at PQ with event ‘furniture’ as well as their pop-up studio next to STV so the only space available will be at the side between the PQ building and the river edge.
      Also for access from north of the river, both Bell’s Bridge and the bascule bridge are closed to the general public for the duration of the Games as is the walkway along the north of the river. The only nearby access will be over the Squinty Bridge, however the Games marathon route uses SB on that Sunday so it will be busy but there will be TV cameras showing pictures round the world!

    56. MajorBloodnok says:


      I did this one on twitter but no one noticed:

      How many Danny Alexanders does it take to change a light-bulb?
      Well, based on his calculations, about 2.5 billion.

    57. Jim Marshall says:

      GrahamB 12.01

      Thanks for the access info. Very helpful.

    58. Muscleguy says:

      @dennis mclaughlin

      One way to get a non generic avatar is to sign up to and upload the picture you want. Then put your link in the website section of the login fields.

      This has the advantage that you can take that avatar all over the net, not just via WordPress.

    59. Robert Peffers says:

      @caz-m says: 19 July, 2014 at 10:58 am
      “You have to ask how Germany and Norway have risen up to be two of the wealthiest and healthiest nations on earth”.

      It is even far more simple than you think, caz-m.

      Post WWII the allies, (mainly the Yanks), poured money into Germany, (and Japan), to repair and replace the infrastructure they had bombed the hell out off.

      Britain had been bombed to hell too but had to pay for her own repairs by herself. Not to mention that the special relationship we have with the USA meant we had bartered many former British World-wide bases to the USA for arms and supplies during the war.

      We also had to repay for the Lend/Lease gear we got as the USA DID NOT come to fight their corner but SOLD the gear to us.

      Think I’m kidding? Check it out – both the Cash & Carry Act and the Lend/Lease Act of the USA begin with these words, “In Defense of the US”, so they knew it was their fight too but decided to haul themselves out of the Great Depression THEY caused by not fighting and selling us gear. Note they only came to fight their own corner AFTER Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and Hitler declared war upon the USA.

      Then they rubbed salt into the wound by bragging they came to save us. Every claim I make here is verifyable with documentary proof.

      Then the UK militray rebuilt and restarted such German industry as the VW group and the Allies maintained a large military presence that we paid rents for and the staff spent their wages in Germany.

      Norway had oil but no UK to steal it from them.

      Simples! And true.

    60. The Man in the Jar says:

      @Graham B

      Try this. It has a search facility and I selected “Scottish Independence” which I think is the bit that you will be interested in. (Hope it works)

    61. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      In Ross Kemp’s case I hope it is through his arse, where his teeth would reside.

    62. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Just BBCspeak tractor stats.

      Worthless except for recycling.

    63. The Red Tories must be the most vile gang he has ever met.

    64. The Man in the Jar says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Just to add. Germany and Japan were banned from developing or producing arms after WWII.

      The UK set about a program of “Rearming” spending lots of money on Vulcan bombers and Chieftain tanks etc.

      Germany and Japan had no option but to produce cars, TVs, Hi-Fi`s. You know stuff that people actually wanted! The rest is history.

      It is worth remembering that after WWII a certain Mr. Honda started out by fitting lawnmower engines into pushbikes to provide cheap transport. Where did that get him?

    65. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Robert Peffers says:

      After WW2 the UK insisted that Germany be recast as a federal republic with economic and political matters being devolved through Laender.

      This was also to ensure that Berlin was not to be a monster black hole to the politics and economics on the new democratic Germany. They also set the banking system to be equally diffuse and locally focused to aid local regeneration and local re-indutrialisation. The banks and laender were encouraged to take shares in these new businesses as the entrepeneurs had no capital and needed the stability of a long term investor with no short cut and run term objective.

      We now see that Germany has still an industrial base and outperforms other models.

      This is what will need after independence, loads of smallish localised banks and an entrepreneurial spirit in these banks, the national bank and universities. The teaching of languages needs to be restored as compulsory also.

      Derek Bateman will be broadcasting some of this on his next podcast.

    66. YESGUY says:

      Good stuff Craig

      keep the pics as a screensaver and send off to friends. You very good at this.

      More please and many thanks.

    67. The Man in the Jar says:


      I know!

    68. Robert Peffers says:

      @Colin says: 19 July, 2014 at 11:41 am
      “Anyone seen the guardian this morning?

      I got as far as that old bird McDermid who claimed the Yes campaign can’t answer her question of which currency Scotland would use.

      I don’t know a single YES supporter who isn’t blue in the face telling anyone who cares to listen that Scotland will use her own currency THE POUND STERLING and there is nothing whatsoever in the world that can stop them doing so.

      If their former United Kingdom partner, The Kingdom of England, (all three countries of it), are totally foolish enough to NOT enter into a currency union the most certain result will be a Scottish pound, (fueled by oil & gas profits), hardening against the English pound which, minus the Scottish revenues and exports values, will soften even further.

      They will come with cap in hand pleading for Scotland’s forgivness and begging for a currency union. When a trio of total numpties swear blind The UK won’t enter into a currency union we know that when the bipartite United Kingdom disunites the legal status quo ante is a return to the immediate pre-Treaty status.

      History shows that pre-Union status is a monarchy wearing two independent kingdoms crowns and two independent parliaments disputing the English Kingdom’s claim that William & Mary were the monarchs of Scotland just because England deposedTHEIR monarch. That dispute ended only in 1745 – 38 years after the forced Treaty of Union.

    69. crazycat says:

      @ Robert Peffers

      If you had read on, you would have seen that she also said “So, with a degree of trepidation, I’m going to nail my colours to the mast of aspiration and vote “Yes”.”

    70. Nana Smith says:


      Can I just highlight another peaceful protest

      Highland protest planned over BBC ‘bias’ on independence referendum

      2pm outside the BBC newsroom at Culduthel Road in Inverness on Sunday 27th July.

    71. seanair says:

      heedtracker/ Robert Peffers
      How about YES Scotland producing a pamphlet listing all the Labour, Tory, Libdem Lords, with their names and their titles, and with that photo of tipsy Foulkes chortling his guts out. Could also list the next contenders waiting in the wings (Lamont, Davidson etc.).
      Simple wording at the top: Do you really want to keep paying for these ——-(choose word). If not vote YES.

    72. Restlessnative says:

      “Question: How many BetterTogether politicians does it take to change a light bulb?

      Answer: They won’t tell us, but do warn there will be no more replacement light bulbs after Independence.”

      Think I’ve got most of the coffee off the keyboard and hopefully no lasting damage. Belter.

    73. Robert Peffers says:

      Bugger (the Panda) says: 19 July, 2014 at 12:40 pm:
      ”After WW2 the UK insisted that Germany be recast as a federal republic with economic and political matters being devolved through Laender.”.

      Just by chance there is an item of how British Military put VW back on its feet post WWII, in the Daily Wail : –

    74. Andy-B says:

      I could’nt find BT’s new website last night here it is.

    75. Bob Sinclair says:

      Successful morning at the YES stall in Shawlands considering the weather.

      Something very interesting and also quite concerning came to light though. Was chatting with an American guy who was getting some window stickers etc. and said to him that there was no doubt which way he was voting. He said ‘I can’t vote because I’m not Scottish’. Now, the thing is this guy was an intelligent person who was obviously engaged and interested in what is going on. He has lived here for 7 years so we assured him that yes, he can vote.

      It’s quite clear from this that the message re who can and cannot vote is not getting out to some people.

      If you have friends, work colleagues etc from abroad please make sure they know that if they are resident here they get to vote.

    76. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry for going O/T but someone yesterday was asking about where to get a pole to attach their Saltire to for PQ3. Well we’ve just bought a 4 metre extending pole from Amazon for £12.99. The top metre is a bit flimsy, apparently, but we’ll still have a 3 metre pole to use which should be more than enough for what we want. Check out the Amazon site here.

    77. pete says:

      Ross Kemp is a balloon, sprouting his pish about Scottish soldiers having good relationship with there English soldiers mates ,Well of course they will, !! They are kids from just down the road,
      that speak the same language, stuck in a hell hole war zone,
      Ross Kemp, could pack his bags an fuck off out of there any time he liked, unlike the young men striving to stay alive day in day out. Ross kemp I dare you to visit any Scottish mothers that have lost there son’s, and see if they had a chance to stop there child from going to an illegal war!!! I bet I know what the
      answer would be…

      answer would be… STOP AND THINK WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

    78. Iain says:

      Bob Sinclair

      My wife is American and has lived here for over 40 years, paying tax and working, bringing up our family. As an American citizen, she cannot get on the Electoral Register and therefore cannot vote. If she paid to become a British Citizen it would be different.

    79. NODROG says:

      Thanks GORDOZ. Fantastic article , I agree it would be great to know who the writer was.

    80. heedtracker says:

      Longest faux intellectual attack on SNP, Yes voters and devo max begging, in ghastly Graun and did you know the SNP is fascist and wanted Hitler to win.

      Also my Slovene girlfriend Prof Tomkins sets out in Graun CIF the various BetterTogether legal challenges headed our way if Yes majority isn’t big enough for rule Britannia Britnats like Adam, I mean Aliesadabas.

    81. R.Peffers and MitJ, I think in Japans case, W.E.Demming had a lot to do with it.

    82. CameronB Brodie says:

      Just had a very strange meeting with a rather odd individual, campaigning for the Communist Party and Naw. Apparently he didn’t have a problem with Naw’s Tory backers, venture finance backer, nor international oil, and suggested that his enemy’s enemy was his friend. And the main reason for his position was that he did not want to be frog-marched into the EU.

      It’s a funny old world.

    83. cearc says:

      Nana Smith,

      Shame it is a sunday or I would combine it with a trip to Harbro for grain,

    84. gordoz says:


      someone found it – Neil Acherson 🙂

    85. Vestas says:

      @ heedtracker

      You may have some fun with the “Slovenian” professor if you report his rants as off-topic as that applies to roughly 40% of them 😉

      I find you just need to pick the right reporting category & a lot of unionist astroturfers get a forum “holiday”.

      For example pointing out libellous comments and also stating that now its been reported then the paper is jointly & severally liable for the comments has been quite productive in terms of removing “noise” 😉

      YMMV of course….

    86. Robert Peffers says:

      @crazycat says: 19 July, 2014 at 1:00 pm
      “If you had read on, you would have seen that she also said “So, with a degree of trepidation, I’m going to nail my colours to the mast of aspiration and vote “Yes”.”

      That is neither here nor there, crazycat. My point is the uncorrected misinformation that the article has allowing to be promulgated. Fact – Scotland, if independent, will continue to use the Pound..

      There is no excuse for anyone from Queen Elizabeth herself and down to the last person who is not deaf, blind and cannot read to claim there is any doubt about what currency Scotland will use. All these false BT claims of lack of information are stark downright lies. Their whole ethos is based upon wishful thinking, misinformation, ignorance and chicanery.

      Worse still their hecht heaid ains actually know it but are happy to play upon the ignorance, lack of education, sheer apathetic, uncaring, disinterested attitude of their most loyal followers. These will often tell anyone bothered to enquire, “Ma Grandfaither an ma faither aa voted, (insert BT party of choice), sae that’s guid enouch fir me.

    87. heedtracker says:

      @ Vestas, the good Professor Tomkins teaches law and knows how to use it, if that’s your point:D

    88. Robert Peffers says:

      @Restlessnative says: 19 July, 2014 at 1:16 pm:

      “Question: How many BetterTogether politicians does it take to change a light bulb?”.

      Answer: No one knows. The last YouGov poll surveyed 600 of them and got 598 different answers and no two of them would own up to agreeing with someone else.

    89. SquareHaggis says:

      Big eye-brrozer meets big bruiser, nice sketch.

    90. Vestas says:

      @ heedtracker

      Oh I know but he does go so far OT he’s over the horizon & the mods will deal with some of the Slovenian “history lesson”.

      Re the libellous comments reports – had a fair bit of success with foreign aircraft, ex-pats in the med amongst others 😉 Helps if they’ve done it before of course as the paper starts to become more liable when they know the poster has been libellous multiple times in the past and continue to let them post unapproved comments.

      YMMV as I say but what else can you do with the trolls?

    91. MajorBloodnok says:


      Did he happen to be quite tall, English, cadaverous and somewhat similar in appearance to Will Self?

    92. heedtracker says:

      @ Vestas, I hear your “OT he’s over the horizon”, which is true and he/she pops up here today because the topic is rank bettertogether hypocrisy. Its that simple. Prof Tomkins problem is he has gone too far meaning he’s either an idiot, and academia does have its fair share of them or he is mentally ill, maybe both.

      Whats really interesting about pricks like Jezereena and indeed a lot of uk journos is their lack of power to really cause trouble because we all know these “estates” have certainly done it in the past and in other countries. The reason they’re failing is because our referendum is not about nationalism but democracy and that’s why its all very peaceful and with lots of faux Slovene clowns at Glasgow to make us all laugh.

    93. Vestas says:

      @ Heedtracker

      Yeah to be fair nobody can possibly have read more than 10 of his posts – I think I got to about 3 before I started to wonder about his English. At 6 I realised he was obsessed if not delusional but meh anyone who takes any notice of his posts is just as delusional.

      Every time I see a detailed reply to one of his rants I just cringe because here we go again 😀

      Amusingly he does appear to be getting more angry of late.

      You can get other stuff removed though – just got one sub-thread removed from Lib’s weely round-up with an idiot trolling the “Salmond loves Putin” line so I think the paper is perhaps beginning to recognise the damage which has been done to their reputation during the “Severin Carrell” period of coverage.

      Either that or they’ve suddenly worked out that they may just be on the wrong side – in every respect 😉

      As ever, we’ll see…

    94. Robert Peffers says:

      How many light bulbs does it take to throw some light on a better together political claim?

      Answer: I’m in the dark about that. Could somone illuminate me?

    95. john king says:

      Just had a go at a Morrison s manager about the dearth of Saltires in support of the commonwealth games when the chain had every spare piece of wall and ceiling festooned with union flags in support of Britain’s got talent a bloody tv programme
      making sure I was heard by other shoppers, a few of whom voiced their agreement!

    96. john king says:

      email just sent to Morrisons
      I was disgusted to find Morrisons had festooned their stores with union flags and the excuse was “in support of Britain’s got talent” give me a break,
      but when were approaching the start of the commonwealth games, what do we see, not a single Saltire, for a shop that professes its desire to keep out of the independence debate your doing a great job for the YES campaign because your showing just how biased the major companies in Scotland really are,
      Morrisons really need to think long and hard about how they are being perceived because after a YES vote their continued existence in Scotland will be called into question !

    97. heedtracker says:

      @ Vestas, we shall see. What Prof Tomkins really does and completely unwittingly, is demonstrate that we should never take fanatics seriously, in anything, ever.

    98. Vestas says:

      @ heedtracker

      I can’t help wondering what his students/colleagues think of his behaviour.

      Bizarre is probably the kindest word.

    99. Jeannie says:

      @Cameron Brodie

      Cameron, he sounds awful like a guy in the audience at a night I was at in Waterstones in Glasgow. George Kerevan was doing a talk, plugging a book he’s written with Alan Cochrane. He was taking questions from the audience and this odd-looking guy spouted something along the lines you described. I’m trying to remember what he looked like and I think he had long hair – might have been in a pony tail, but can’t remember exactly. It just stuck in my mind that he sounded and looked quite odd.

    100. Jeannie says:

      @Cameron Brodie

      Oh..and he definitely said he was a communist.

    101. CameronB Brodie says:

      That’s the one. I finally got along to the Meadows Yes stall today and had quite a bit of fun winding him up. At least I think I made our team laugh, as even though he towered over me I was still jabbing my finger towards him, accusing him of working for the Tories. 🙂

    102. Jeannie says:

      Ah….I don’t think the one I saw looked anything like that – much more squat. Must be two of them.

    103. CameronB Brodie says:

      Yep, for forty years, so he said.

      Do you think he is Special Branch?

    104. Croompenstein says:

      @johnking – Daily Retard had a coupon in it today to claim a free saltire with braveheart printed on it and it was Morrisons who were giving them out!!

      I thought oh yeh they are responding to oor johnkings complaint about teamGB go john. But were they not on display? hidden under the counter like old dirty mags!

    105. CameronB Brodie says:

      Wall Street Funded the Bolshevik Revolution – Professor Antony Sutton

    106. MajorBloodnok says:


      I think that cadaverous guy is just some obsessive who views the world through the cracked prism of communist theory.

      His opening gambit to me a few weeks ago was “Well, you realize that with Scottish independence the Tories will get in permanently in England: but that’s probably what you want. You clearly haven’t thought these things through.” At least he got the gratuitous insults out of the way first.

      But anyone who thinks that we should put eveything on hold until we have a communist state spanning the entire world and that Scottish independence is just some capitalist distraction, is clearly unaware of what we can do practically under the circumstances.

      Seems that he’d rather dream of some unobtainable utopian state than actually try to do something about it in the here and now.

    107. handclapping says:

      It was Uncle Joe that went for Socialism in one Country and bumped off Trotsky for sticking with the Internacional.

      If he was in charge there would be no doubt about a Yes vote, only if it was going to be over or under 99%

    108. Mark Coburn says:

      If there are any latecomers wishing to contribute to the fundraiser for the Maryhill foodbank, you can do so here:

    109. Taranaich says:

      Biased as it is to ignore a Labour politician while talking up comedians, the fact that BT consistently use the “he’s English, he has no vote, he is irrelevant” excuse for THE PRIME MINISTER OF THE UNITED KINGDOM makes this look practically balanced.

    110. Paula Rose says:

      Taranaich honey – this must be the most exciting revolution ever, the best people are doing it for everyone.

    111. CameronB Brodie says:

      Alex Salmond, stop this Scottish independence crap! – The Revolution Will Be Televised – BBC

    112. CameronB Brodie says:

      Further to Wall Street Funding the Bolshevik Revolution, I was getting my George Bernard Shaw(sis) (Fabian), mixed up with my H. G. Well(sis) (Fabian), the other day. 😉

    113. Peter Macbeastie says:

      As usual, incisive artistry from Chris Cairns.

      With ref to Major Bloodnok and CameronB Brodie, I find the ‘Tories will rule England forever’ line to be particularly amusing since it’s clearly rubbish; a basic ability to count proves it. Scotland returned the same number of Labour MP’s in two elections on the trot but somehow we went from Broon’s cheerless grin at No. 10 to Cameron’s patronising mush.

      Clearly something changed there, but it wasn’t Scotland.

      It is funny how some of those who support communism don’t support a more socialist Scotland departing the union where the larger partner is distinctly capitalist in leadership with absolutely no chance in at least the mid term of being anything else remotely socialist. But support the union, comrades, because it might happen one day.’

      Clearly won’t, or it would have happened by now.

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