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An open letter to the Rainbow Greens

Posted on April 28, 2021 by

Hi lads. This website has, we’d be the first to admit, made some pretty strong criticisms of you fellas in the last week or two, but we’re pleased to note that you finally HAVE actually manned up and released your “minifesto” tonight.

We’ll let readers judge it for themselves, but we do have one question.

It’s about this line:

We couldn’t help noticing the phrase “ALL genders” in there. Now, if you’re going to recognise ALL genders without leaving any out, it stands to reason that you must have a complete list of all the genders that there are. Otherwise how could you be sure that you were including everyone, right? Obviously. Your manifesto would be a complete nonsense if you didn’t, and we’re certain smart dudes like you guys wouldn’t make such a basic error.

So, a genuine question: is there any chance you could share it with us all?

The last time we counted we found a total of 178, but we’re terribly old-fashioned and bigoted and out of the zeitgeist loop and whatnot so we’re sure there must have been at least a couple of dozen more discovered since then. If you could let us know the complete list, we’ll do our very best to educate ourselves to be better people.

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    140 to “An open letter to the Rainbow Greens”

    1. David says:

      Suffering fuck! What are you doing…..
      Have you any idea of the feelz they’ll hurt if they leave someone out!


    2. steelewires says:

      Neuter gender is not on the list. The truth is that nouns and pronouns have gender. People have sex, male and female with a few intersex people.

    3. Morgatron says:

      Jesus H ..

    4. Graeme Hampton says:

      “manned up” ?

    5. John Martini says:

      I am asexual and agender. I do not recocgnise gender or sexuality.

      Will the rainbow manifesto protect me? I am starting to feel oppressed and note you did not supply a trigger warning on your manifesto.

    6. Graeme Hampton says:

      That question mark was supposed to be an emoji. Hey ho

    7. Ian says:

      I’m surprised they didn’t call it a mxnifesto.

    8. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      More like a MENifesto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    9. Karen says:

      Good to see UK passport application has “Gender: Female … Male …” and that’s it.

    10. Helen Yates says:

      I just counted and LGBT+ is mentioned 46 times in that manifesto, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re a tad obsessed.

    11. Random Biologist says:


      It is even more simple than that because every intersex person is either male or female. The term “intersex” is a euphemism to describe conditions that cause variation in sexual development. Intersex does not literally mean “between sexes”, although TRAs get a lot of milage out of lying that it does. People have a sex, male or female.

    12. Tommo says:

      Perfectly valid as usual from the learned Editor- however I would also have massive concerns re ‘access to health care for trans minors with parental or guardian consent’;
      Physical and mental health care is surely as of right with or without ‘consent’ of ‘responsible’ adults; what more do the authors perhaps seek to introduce under their vague term?; if -as seems quite possible in the world that Scotland seems intent on building- it becomes fashionable to have a ‘transitioning’ child, can the parent/s (Or perhaps Social Services ‘Guardian’) require ‘Interventions’?
      A minor in Scotland is I think under 16; I am aware of no lower age limit
      Heaven forfend

    13. Wulls says:

      It’s an ongoing struggle.
      I am really confused whether to call these Arseholes Mr Arsehole, Mrs Arsehole, Miss Arsehole, Mz Arsehole or some other pronoun Arsehole.
      Can anyone help ????????

    14. Astonished says:

      Light blue touch paper …….

      P.S. This is another horrific stitch-up that nicola planned that hasn’t turned out the way she thought. Good.

    15. PacMan says:

      From my understanding of Queer theory where this is coming from, anything that even slightly deviates from heterosexuality is deemed a gender.

      It means anything can be a gender so when you put into law an open ended concept with no definition like all genders, it is opening up a potentially dangerous can of worms due to the ‘law of unintended consequences’.

    16. Cuphook says:

      Anything in their manifesto about environmentally friendly nappies? And have you counted nonce as a gender?

    17. Republicofscotland says:

      Browsing through the absurd 178 genders, I realised that whoever created them is really just taking the piss.

    18. MrRocknRoll says:

      Wow, just discovered that ‘two-spirit is a third gender exclusive to native American cultures.’
      Is that like having a double whisky before you get tarted up?

    19. Stephen says:

      Must cause all kinds of confusion for those going on a first date when they are searching for a compatible partner.

    20. Bill Halliday says:

      Ashamed of my past heterosexuality, I now identify as a butch woman who is attracted to women who are feminine, I will continue to dress as a very butch woman, in fact I will be so butch you would genuinely take me for a man. In fact I want my pronouns to be he him, just to help affirm my butchness.

    21. Molly's Mum says:

      I’ll say it then – the multi-gender Emperor is wearing no clothes

      I await Humza’s Hate Crime Squad

    22. Jim Tadgercock says:

      Well i’ll be dipped.

    23. Sweep says:

      @steelewires 7.53pm

      I identify as a sub-aquatic salamander. That makes me newter gender.

    24. shiregirl says:

      There are two biological sexes.
      No spectrum.
      No third sex.
      It’s binary.

      Bonkers stuff.

    25. Cenchos says:

      I DEMAND Cthulhu-gendered is added to the list, or else I will feel excluded, threatened, mis gendered and hated upon.

    26. true scot says:

      If there is an SNP majority – or a coalition with the Greens it will be clear that regular voters have not been paying attention. The Hate Crime Bill got royal assent last week. Hardly a murmer anywhere. And yet many of us on this thread are now on dangerous ground. 5 more years!

    27. PacMan says:

      true scot says: 28 April, 2021 at 9:02 pm

      If there is an SNP majority – or a coalition with the Greens it will be clear that regular voters have not been paying attention. The Hate Crime Bill got royal assent last week. Hardly a murmer anywhere. And yet many of us on this thread are now on dangerous ground. 5 more years!

      I had posted an article in the previous thread about one of these high street bible thumpers getting arrested down in England for saying there was only two genders even though they don’t have a HCB.

    28. Meg merrilees says:

      Wulls @ 8.13pm

      Arseholes are non-gender specific as we all have at least one!

    29. Random Biologist says:


      Re: “two-spirit” people. The reality is really interesting, and this is yet another example of TRAs taking an actual concept and twisting it to fit their ideology. In this case it is classic cultural appropriation (in the correct meaning of the term, rather than just stuff that so-called progressives don’t like).

      Two-spirit people were an actual “third gender” in a small number of First Nations cultures. With only a handful of exceptions (that are usually well publicised by modern gender identity campaigners) it was used for men who did not associate with traditional gender roles. Two-spirit was only found in those cultures that had extremely and rigidly defined sex stereotypes for the roles of men and women in society. Essentially it was designed as a way of dealing with gender non-conforming men *by groups that actively enforced rigid roles for both sexes*. Most First Nations cultures were more egalitarian than this and did not have this category at all.

    30. Big Jock says:

      Karen – The passport Male/Female. Tells you that you can only have 1 of 2 biological sex identities.

      Because unlike all the nonsense going on elsewhere. The real world only accepts 2 sexes exist. Otherwise the passport system couldn’t work.

    31. Aunty Flo says:

      Bill Halliday says:
      28 April, 2021 at 8:33 pm

      “Ashamed of my past heterosexuality, I now identify as a butch woman who is attracted to women who are feminine … ”

      Oooh Bill – be still my beating heart!

    32. Meg merrilees says:

      Daisy – I commented on your final post on the Horses for Courses thread.

    33. Daisy Walker says:

      There’s a Mascfluid gender – snigger – nicname’s Tipex.

      Oh and there’s one for Lorry drivers…

      Tachigender. Every 4 hours, they’ve to pull over for a rest, in case they lose their licence.

      Cisgender – identify as being the gender they were assigned at birth – 100% female.

      Males – get to be 100% identifying the gender they were assigned at birth – 100% male.

      So how come they’re not ‘cis’-males ? Hmmm. Sexist bastards.

      Anyway, I’m looking forward to the exam? Please, please, MSM please ask any of the MP’s and MSP spouting this crap to rattle off the names of half a dozen of these so called ‘genders’. Please.

    34. steve says:

      My pal has multiple personality disorder and each of the resident personalities manifests as differently gendered. Because it is impossible to know which personality is dominant at any one time (there are no outwardly visible signs) we have agreed that I should just call him Him and Name him Fred as that is his natal sex. They have agreed not to allow themselves to become overly offended on those occasions when I do (inevitably) mis-gender the currently dominant personality. Thanks goodness he is not as sensitive as some of the activists in the rainbow greens. But then he is imaginary…

    35. Daisy Walker says:

      They’ve got BIGENDERS. Hmmm wonder what their nickname is?

      I think I might be a BIGENDER. Still I’m on a diet, hopefully work it off soon.

      They haven’t got a picknmix. I’m terribly disappointed in that.

    36. Elmac says:

      Whilst I can feel sympathy for people who feel “different” the fact is that the vast bulk of the population are heterosexual. We do need to protect minorities but not to the extent of promoting their interests to the point where the majority are disadvantaged which is what is happening now. There has to be a balance and the GRA is demonstrably a bridge much to far. The effect of ramrodding through a policy which the bulk of the population do not agree with will in time serve to alienate the majority of the population and increase tensions with minorities.

      GRA in its current form is idiotic and would be a sure vote loser for the SNP if the electorate were fully informed of the pros and cons. Given our corrupt, unionised MSM and their support for Sturgeon this will not happen and there will be no proper debate before the GRA becomes law. The SNP have been virtually emasculated by the gerrymandering of power within their ranks and normal sensible voices have been neutered. To some extent you could blame the influence of the Greens but the driving force for their perverted gender politics emanates from the leadership in the shape of Sturgeon and Murrell. An odd couple if ever there was one.

    37. PacMan says:

      I’m trying to get my head round this multiple gender thing but since most of them are basically how feminine or masculine an individual is, it sounds like they are basing it on these old fashioned gender stereotypes that we see in these films from decades ago?

    38. PacMan says:


      Drop Dead Fred reference?

    39. Kevin Cargill says:

      The sentence that says it all, does the most damage and displays a deep rooted misogynistic hatred of 50% of the population is “we recognise trans women are women”! No they’re fucking NOT!

    40. Daisy Walker says:

      Anogender – fades in and out but always comes back to the same feeling. I had a lurcher dog a bit like that once.

      Anongender – a gender unknown to yourself or others

      Antegender (as yet there appears to be no Unclegender) – A Protean Gender – potential to be anything, but formless and MOTIONLESS!!! and therefore does not manifest any particular gender. ( I see a built in flaw in this definition, can anyone else see it).

      Venngender – when 2 genders overlap creating an entirely new gender – like a venn diagram.

      I’m really starting to wonder if there are hidden cameras waiting to be revealed informing us we’ve all be Candid Camera’d, and this has all been an April Fools Hoax that got out of hand.

    41. Liz g says:

      In the name o the wee man …. Jesus Mary Joseph and the wee donkey..
      They are makin a right bloody fool of our Politics and themselves.
      I feel so sorry for the kids today who are having to negotiate those kind of phscyo babble word salads with a straight face….

    42. Mark Boyle says:

      Am I the only one beginning to think that all this “non-binary/genderqueer” mental gymnastics is little more than a euphamism for “politically correct incel”?

      Beginning to get nostalgic for ten years ago when they all just said “it’s complicated” as their get out clause.

    43. John Main says:

      Looks to me like most posters BTL here are not able to make the connection between green policies and genderwoowoo.

      Green activists want to save the planet from the damage caused by human activity. The most important thing any green activist can do is work to reduce the human population.

      Genocide and euthanasia currently have a mostly bad reputation (for perhaps the first time in human history). So what’s left?

      Simples. Do everything you can to stop adult biological males and adult biological females doing what comes naturally by encouraging every other kind of alternative behaviour that guarantees no pregnancy can result.

      Once you realise that all of this seemingly bizarre behaviour is simply intended to reduce the birth rate, the picture clicks into focus.

      I would like to go further and explain what all of this has to do with Scottish Independence, but frankly, I’m stumped.

      Spoil 1 Alba 2

    44. robbo says:

      Liz g says:
      28 April, 2021 at 9:58 pm
      In the name o the wee man …. Jesus Mary Joseph and the wee donkey..


      Watch it Liz g

      The phrase is Jesus ,Mary,-mother of Joseph. You don’t want the self identifying transgender Catholics getting you in the dock for mis gendering or blasphemy law or sumit.

      There must be a gender in that 100 odd genders for that surely ?

    45. Daisy Walker says:

      Is Tom Lehrer still alive, he could do a wee song about it, to the tune of Pirates of Penzance.

      If they get expert counselling is that person called the Gender Mender.

      And quite legitimately if its a ‘cis’ female, they could shout, Send’er to the Gender Mender.

      Anyway, since there’s no picnmix, I’m carting my bigender off tae ma bed. Leaflets tomorrow.

    46. Tannadice Boy says:

      You are pushing the boat out to the ill defined extremities. A brave call but you know people have your back. Keep going at least until May 6th. I got a fright today I decided to drive to Rouken Glen today in Linlithgow and heard Oor Nickla was on the Campaign trail at Rouken Glen. Luckily for me and her she was at the Glasgow centre. Major diplomatic confrontation avoided.

    47. Salmond dindunuffin says:

      We were doing this Tumblrina vs 4chan, “as many genders as varieties of Heinz Soup in the Facebook drop down menu vs I-identify-as-an-attack-helicopter” thing in 2016. How passe it all is! Why are we still having this grindingly pointless “debate” which is just playing whackamole with different excuses for narcissism puffed up as varieties of vain nonsense.

    48. John Mc says:

      I remember a discussion about gender at University back in the early 80s- God, we were right on!

      One rather fiesty female friend was asked her opinion on gender, to which she replied rather loudly, “I don’t have gender, I have sex!”

      and she did…

    49. steel wires at 7.53

      Intersex is now better known as DSD
      Differences/disorders of Sexual Development.

      DSD people are either male or female – their presentation is due to changes in stages of development. Emma Hilton @FondOfBeetles is well worth following for this stuff…

    50. kapelmeister says:

      They can’t leave out nextontheagender.

      That’s a gender that feels connected to endless meetings.

    51. kapelmeister says:

      Then there’s periperigender.

      A gender that’s too chicken to decide what it is.

    52. robbo says:

      robbo says:
      28 April, 2021 at 10:15 pm
      Liz g says:
      28 April, 2021 at 9:58 pm
      In the name o the wee man …. Jesus Mary Joseph and the wee donkey..


      Watch it Liz g

      The phrase is Jesus ,Mary,-mother of Joseph. You don’t want the self identifying transgender Catholics getting you in the dock for mis gendering or blasphemy law or sumit.

      There must be a gender in that 100 odd genders for that surely ?


      Sorry Liz g

      I got that wrong, didnae check b4 posting

      It should be Jesus, Mary (mother) and Joseph.

      My auld may used to use it back in the day. Basically meant I had done something very wrong. She used to say that a lot when father’s of girls came to my door. lol

      “You better not have got that lassie pregnant ya wee gnaff”! lol

    53. robbo says:

      auld “ma”

    54. This whole transgender ? gender debate is a Trojan horse to let perverts and peadophiles get legal access to vulnerable men,woman and children,

      A summary of Dentons,the law firm that is facilitating this globally,

      `A major international law firm has helped write a lobbying manual for people who want to change the law to prevent parents having the final say about significant changes in the status of their own children.

      That manual advises those lobbying for that change to hide their plans behind a ‘veil’ and to make sure that neither the media nor the wider public know much about the changes affecting children that they are seeking to make.

      Because if the public find out about those changes, they might well object to them.`

      Dentons,the biggest law firm in the world, wrote a 65 page report on how to lobby,infiltrate and take over political parties and bring about law change,

      there aint nothin a lawyer won`t do for cash.

    55. Clavie Cheil says:

      Is that what you call a gender-less fisto?

    56. P Jackson says:

      I’m not Scottish, but I would be interested to know what people out in sticks feel about this?

      Scotland is known for wise, God-fearing, hard-working sensible people.

      Surely this is just a city thing?? A few crazies getting above themselves…..

    57. ScotsRenewables says:

      I demand that Vulcan gender is recognised. I feel Ponn Farr coming on.

    58. Lorna Campbell says:

      truescot: heard/read somewhere that a woman has been visited by police today concerning alleged transphobia. No details. Under the Hate Crime legislation. They didn’t waste a fraction of a second, did they, if true?

    59. wull says:

      After the election, will whoever the new government please publish a correct figure for how many genders are now represented in the parliament? It sounds like quite a lot of people are going to be left unrepresented.

      Especially if the article’s out-of-date figure is 178 genders, and counting. There are only 129 seats in Holyrood.

      How can we rectify this repulsive discrimination against the ‘left out’ genders that is about to hit our whole political process? Shouldn’t Polis Scotland get ‘right in’ there and arrest all 129 of the newly ‘elect’ for the Hate Crime of gender discrimination?

      Surely this situation cannot be constitutionally correct! How can our parliamentary representatives treat some of us as if we simply don’t exist? Are we being air-brushed out of history?

    60. Wobbly says:

      I identify as president of the United States (POTUS) gender, why not? It’s my choice to identify as or what I want and no amount of scientific facts can take that right away from me. What do them pesky scientist know anyway? I can paint myself orange and talk shit all day long (I can’t play golf but I could put on a dress if it helps?). So if they will give me my own air force 1 & Marine 1 then I’m in!

    61. kapelmeister says:

      In the culture section of the Greens manifesto it states that they will set up an agency to tackle disinformation.

      Tackling disinformation sounds innocuous enough, until you think about it. Then it seems decidedly Orwellian.

    62. Career Politician says:

      The Green Party has become a menacing cult.

      Remember when it was all about environmental policies, and protecting the natural world?

      Where did it all go wrong?

      I think the answer is that the voting system changed to mean that they might actually hold some power, and that, as power often does, attracted a sinister bunch of opportunists that have made it what it is today.

    63. Geoff Anderson says:

      I’ll start – TWO!

    64. Red says:

      Lorna Campbell says:
      28 April, 2021 at 11:07 pm
      truescot: heard/read somewhere that a woman has been visited by police today concerning alleged transphobia. No details. Under the Hate Crime legislation. They didn’t waste a fraction of a second, did they, if true?

      Might be worth reminding people that you should never, ever talk to the police under any circumstances unless you’re reporting a crime or have a solicitor present.

      They’re not on your side, they’re hoping you’ll incriminate yourself, and you have literally nothing to gain and plenty to lose from volunteering any information or opinions to them.

      Lots of people assume that because they haven’t done anything wrong, that means it’s ok to explain themselves to coppers. They’re wrong.

      Lots of people assume that they’re clever enough to “win” a discussion with plod. They’re wrong.

      Lots of people assume that because they’re respectable middle class professionals the police will treat them fairly. They’re wrong. If Alex Salmond and Craig Murray can be treated like criminals, none of us are safe.

      Just say no. If they’re going to arrest you, they’ll arrest you, then you’ll get a lawyer to deal with them. Until that point, nothing you can possibly say to them will help you in any way.

      NWA were right.

    65. Patrick Jones says:

      Shame on anyone even considering Voting SNP.

      Sturgeon is ready to back these Freaks up to the hilt with this Supermajority you SNP zoomers want to give her.

      How can any woman or man want to hand Sturgeon a Supermajority, knowing what she is going to do with it?

      Hang your heads in shame.

      Or better still, don’t vote SNP.

    66. Fireproofjim says:

      This thread has been fun and funny.
      Laughter is the best antiseptic to the gender pandemic.

    67. Patrick Jones says:

      This Trans mob are using the SNP the same way the Orange Order use the Tories.

      The Trans mob know Sturgeon has their back, hence the mouthy bravado.

    68. Anton Decadent says:

      I was aimlessly strumming some chords on the guitar yesterday and realised I’d accidentally sussed out Lola by The Kinks.

    69. boris says:

      Keep it simple add “Us” and “them” to the legislation. Solved.

    70. true scot says:

      Hi Lorna – I read it was over transphobic tweets but I can’t find it now. However I think the legislation will be abused to the point that it will ultimately be reformed. It’s a shooting gallery for those with an aze to grind. Governments can’t (or at least shouldn’t) simply silence debate by publishing doctrine that the people must adhere to.

      The trans debate is just that: a debate.

      It’s far from over. Biological sex is not a fiction, nor should it be seen as something hateful to transexuals. It’s not a statement of hate against a transwoman to believe that a woman born a woman is a woman. In fact – it’s quite the reverse for me, these labels that have been created – ‘people who menstruate’ ‘people with a womb’ and so on – I find those quite hateful. They seek to remove a sense of dignity from biological sex in the same way that the derogatory term ‘breeder’ does. And don’t get me started on ‘cis’.

      Can I prosecuted for this belief now?

      I honestly don’t know. I’m not transphobic – I worked with a pre-op transexual woman (man transitioning) and treated tham as I would treat any colleague. My concern is more about how the rights of a small group with an extreme belief (i.e. that evolutionary biology is frankly bollocks) is now steamrollering over other groups beliefs (especially women) and actually tranforming society – but not in a positive way.

    71. Bevrijdingsdag says:

      A transgender who lives in Dunoon.
      Took a lesbian up to its room.
      They argued all night, as to who had the right.
      To do what, and with which, and to whom.

      Apologies Matt McGinn.

    72. douglas says:

      Would it be possible for the Greens to arrange a hustings with 178 speakers – one of each type – each clearly identified so that laggards like me can easily recognise them when we find them in the toilet?

    73. Robert Graham says:

      I really used to think Alice in Wonderland was a fairy tale ,

      I didn’t realise it was a fkn Instruction manual

      This is what happens when the Adults stop paying attention it’s the same when you leave children to their own devices they all follow the most disobedient one and mimic what they do these weird and disturbed people are just copying each other and are keeping up through social media a whole new section of damaged individuals are out there and letting everyone know it’s look at me , me me me

    74. Frazerio says:

      178 genders.
      Only 129 MSPs.

      How will we ever get a fairly balanced & representative executive???

      We’re gonna need a bigger parliament!!!!!

    75. Tom Robertson says:

      You had me at “Hi lads”, brilliant!

    76. Liz g says:

      Robbo @10.50
      Aye Robbo but whit did ye Ma have tae say aboot the wee donkey ?
      That’s whit Ah really want tae know … LOL…

    77. PacMan says:

      Just wanted to say I thought the comments on here were funny and a temporary respite to the grimness of the subject. I loved the one from Mark Boyle about these new gender constructs aimed at politically correct incels 🙂

      The serious point form John Main needs to be remembered. He is right that the Greens are against a lot of things that most ordinary people take for granted and one of them is the right to reproduce.

      They justify it as a way to reduce population growth to protect the environment but they cynical use of TRA both to get this aim and to give them the means to gain political power makes them very dangerous indeed.

    78. Willie says:

      There needs to be a fight back against these freaks, and they are freaks. They are against most normal people’s way of life.

      Yes we can all tolerate all types but when these freak types, and yes that should be the accepted non pejorative term, impact on us, we should tell them to clear right off.

      And as a start we should do so with the Greens.

      I for one do nor want freaks like the reported Green member Eileidh Martin who blogs about being a man who likes being attired in young girl dresses wearing squishy diapers and giving commies for mommies.

      This guy apparently comes from Bonhill and about a mile from where Patrick Harvie was brought up. With things like Martin I can’t see why anyone would vote Green.

      And would you put your children anywhere near Martin given his reported Twitter feeds and selfies.

    79. Wee Chid says:

      Stephen says:
      28 April, 2021 at 8:28 pm
      “Must cause all kinds of confusion for those going on a first date when they are searching for a compatible partner.”

      I don’t know how anyone can risk going on a date these days when traditional chat up lines are now considered offensive and in some cases regarded as “sexual abuse”.

      I’m told the way to go is “internet dating” – Whoopee shit.

      Thank f**k I’m on my way out and not a teenager trying to navigate these murky waters.

    80. John McNab says:

      And there it is! At 12.07 am, only some 15 hours after the thread went up, the obligatory, irrelevant, pretendy-clever reference to the Orange Order. What’s the obsession with that?

    81. TheSNPLeftMe says:

      Going on past performance I guarentee that the gender limit of 178 will not stand. The driver is always “I’m different”, so the number will rise and rise.

      I still cannot understand why politicians are falling over themselves trying to appease a tiny aggressive minority of the population who will never be happy.

    82. Kiwilassie says:

      Rev Stu Said
      The last time we counted we found a total of 178, but we’re terribly old-fashioned and bigoted and out of the zeitgeist loop and whatnot so we’re sure there must have been at least a couple of dozen more discovered since then. If you could let us know the complete list, we’ll do our very best to educate ourselves to be better people.

      That made me laugh out loud. That is me to a tee. I’m old fashioned & I will be seen as a bigot as I don’t believe men in dresses are women.
      I have however do have respect for Gays/ homosexuals, lesbians & true transsexuals who have gone through the correct medical procedures to help them with their transition.

      The sleazy chicks with dicks that we have been seeing on social media sites of late, are just perverts who want access to women & girls private places & I find that threatening to our safety.

    83. Stuart MacKay says:

      This gender stuff is just a distraction so the virtue-signalling classes can have something to virtue-signal about when they take their rescued greyhounds for a walk in the park – after all the homeless have been cleared out by the police.

      I’m believer in traditional values, like fighting poverty and helping others….

    84. RouterAl says:

      I downloaded a book called
      The Transgender-Industrial complex by an American author called Scott Howard it’s available from Antelope Hill press in the US for the princely sum of $4.99. It details the billions of dollars (yes that is billions) that have been channeled in to promoting this agenda to attack western civilization over the last few years
      the web site is at

      for you naive folk who think this was an organic grass root’s agenda well go on you can afford $4.99 to have your naive illusions shattered , mine were confirmed that this was an evil agenda, the shear scale of the operation was a shock however. For example why would Elton Johns AIDS charity be pumping money in to this cause?.

    85. Captain Yossarian says:

      Back in the 50’s, three guys attended Cambridge University and went on to become the greatest engineers of the 20th century. They were all from different nationalities, but were all in the same class at Cambridge. One of them went-on to design the Sydney Opera House a few years later when he was still very young. One of the others opened a company which is now one of the biggest engineering companies in the world.

      Neither was a Scotsman, although all of them worked with many, many Scotsmen over the years and realised their value. 10-years later though, our George attended Strathclyde University and quickly became Scotland’s finest engineer. He was on a par with these three, they just never worked together.

      The Holyrood parliament was designed by one of them. He’s dead now but I’m sure he would be wondering how a great country like Scotland managed to fill its parliament building with such a bunch of vapid duds who just want to cover everything up.

      Back again to the school that’s sinking into the mud…out of the 4No great engineers mentioned above, three of them have now checked this building. Two of them checked it back in 2018 and George checked it a fornight ago. So-far everything has been covered-up by Holyrood. Maybe it’s about time to let us all know? What do you think?

    86. Mia says:

      “which sets out the specific aims ‘our’ MSPs will fight for”

      I apologise for being this incredibly dim, but who are the Rainbow Greens exactly? Is the same Green party under a different name or is it some subgroup or sub-party within a party?

      Because if it is just a subgroup or sub-party, what do they mean exactly by “our” MSPs? They are not “their” MSPs, they are the Scottish Green MSPs, no?

      In other words, who the hell are we expected to be voting for, the Scottish Greens or this Rainbow Greens’ thingy? And how does the Rainbow Green’s manifesto affect the Scottish Green party manifesto which voters are expected to vote for?

      If this Rainbow Greens have a manifesto of their own and they talk about “our” MSPs, shouldn’t they campaign separately as an independent party?

      Are they attempting to deliberately confuse the voters by keeping this group as a separate entity so they can continue passing all this unscientific nonsense under the radar? Because that would be incredibly dishonest.

    87. PaulaJ says:

      Wow, just discovered that ‘two-spirit is a third gender exclusive to native American cultures.

      Yet another opportunity for the rest of us to indulge in some cultural appropriation, then?

    88. PaulaJ says:

      Captain Yossarian says:

      “The Holyrood parliament was designed by one of them. He’s dead now but I’m sure he would be wondering how…”

      … it managed to cost £440m instead of £40m? (An overspend of c. 1000% if my arithmetic serves.)

    89. Ottomanboi says:

      Now children what shall we play today? said Mistress Murrell.
      GOD they chirruped.
      Love it!, retorted Mistress M.
      The freak shall inherit the Earth….get creating!

    90. Vronsky says:

      The Greens complain about a ‘resurgence of transphobia’. If true, it is entirely a problem of their own invention. Prior to the Greens and SNP deciding to stir this particular form of mental illness into everyone’s tea, nobody knew anything about transsexuals and cared less. If transexuals suddenly find they have a problem they know where to lay the blame.

    91. PaulaJ says:

      If the Greens do get to hold power (ha!) and carry through their intention to have a department tasked with rooting out misinformation, perhaps they’ll start with TWAW?

    92. Kenny says:

      If I lived anywhere near Edinburgh, I would volunteer to leaflet for Bonnie Prince Bob.

      As Alex Salmond says, it is normal to have lots of different parties under the d’Hondt system, as in the Scandinavian parliaments he referenced.

      Parliament needs less party discipline, more independents, more mavericks. I would always like to see Tommy Sheridan in Parliament, even George Galloway (for all that I completely disagree with latter on everything).

      I think the Harassment Committee sessions opened everyone’s eyes to just how much deadwood there is at Holyrood, especially on the nats benches. The SNP members of the committee did not look in any way or form to me like good “representatives” or the type of people capable of taking any nation to independence.

    93. Tom says:

      could some bright spark please give us a link to the archive of Iain Macwhirter’s ‘premium’ Herald article (I think it was) yesterday?

    94. Stuart MacKay says:


      A ‘resurgence of transphobia’ is a necessary part of their plan. To fuel sympathy for their cause and dupe “fair-minded” people into sympathising, agreeing and supporting their agenda. No transphobia, no takeover.

      The Hate Crime Bill is an integral part of this as hate mandates action to suppress it as women defending their existence are finding out a mere 5 days after the law received royal assent.

      It’s a very successful strategy employed by groups and nations all over the world.

    95. Patrick Jones says:

      John McNab. 6.45am

      John, the Tories and the Orange Order of Scotland have a very strong relationship and the members of this Order would never vote for any other Party. Even when Thatcher was at the height of her powers, all Orangemen in Scotland still voted for the Tory Party.

      So the Tories would try to accommodate them as much as possible.

      The same as the Freaks in the Chicks with Dicks Party, they know Sturgeon has their back and will support them as much as is legally possible, or even as illegally as possible.

      John, can you tell me the colour of the order that all members of the Ulster Unionist Party are in?

      The same UUP that got the massive back hander from the Tory Party.

      That is why I made the comparison, the SNP will do similar favours for every freak show in Scotland, ahead of any Party pushing for Independence.

      So the easy way around this is simple.

      Don’t Vote SNP or Greens.

    96. Mark Boyle says:

      @John McNab says:
      29 April, 2021 at 6:45 am

      And there it is! At 12.07 am, only some 15 hours after the thread went up, the obligatory, irrelevant, pretendy-clever reference to the Orange Order. What’s the obsession with that?

      If a bunch of attention seekers demanding their right to parade down the busiest streets wearing frilly sashes isn’t transgender rights, then what is?

    97. Bill says:

      Stu: if a party said “we welcome people of all colours and all races” would you be demanding a list of these too? Surely the statement is another way of saying that they are inclusive.

    98. Kiwilassie says:

      Do people remember the named person bill that SNP tried to pass into law a couple of years ago? It was thrown out.
      I recon it was tied in to what’s going down today with the trans gender nonsense.
      Was it a way for SNP to have access to vulnerable children?
      Is what is going on just now a way to cull the population, taking out the weakest in society, those that are mentally & physically ill.

      I have heard the SNP are looking to bring something else in similar to the named persons bill that will give the state more access to young children.
      Maybe they have started it via the questionable sex education young children are taught from primary through to college.

      I remember there was a bit in what I read about children if they are unhappy at home being able to report their parents. I remember this more for the fact, most pre adolescents & teens going through puberty most often have disagreements with parents on boundaries set by parents to protect their growing child.

      Can you imagine how much harder it will be for parents setting down house rules, knowing that their adolescent can report you to the state.
      Keep an eye open in the future for any bill brought up in parliament that is similar to the named persons bill that was thrown out.

      You know Nicola, even when she’s wrong about something, she still goes ahead hell for leather for what she wants to do.
      I believe she is a danger to all young people & the family unit.
      I would now seeing how unhinged she has become let her near my children, let alone hold a baby.
      Sounds harsh, but she really is no longer fit for public office.

    99. PaulaJ says:

      Kenny says:
      The SNP members of the committee did not look in any way or form to me like good “representatives” or the type of people capable of taking any nation to independence.

      Unfortunately, I think you were being far too kind there…

    100. Andy Ellis says:

      @Bill 9.09am

      I suspect Stu – and others – would be demanding evidence if people started self identifying as one of several hundred colours and races which were figments of their imagination, recognition of which they demanded absolute acceptance and non-acceptance of which they deemed cause for abuse, othering, no-platforming and ultimately prosecution for hate crime.

    101. Ruby says:

      Tom says:
      29 April, 2021 at 9:05 am
      could some bright spark please give us a link to the archive of Iain Macwhirter’s ‘premium’ Herald article (I think it was) yesterday?


      Iis this what you want Tom?
      Iain Macwhirter: Voters will twig that Sturgeon is kidding about indyref2

    102. Effigy says:

      The Holyrood build cost when up 11 fold because Labour were in power.
      The same thing happened with Labour managing the Edinburgh Trams.

      A business man by the name of Beattie sponsored Lord McConnell to get
      him into power. He gave lucrative jobs to family members of Labour MPs.

      Lucky enough companies he was connected to picked up lots of the work
      on the Holyrood project.

      The types of mistakes that helped Beatties pocket involved puting lots of plant like
      Cranes etc on site months before they were required and I understand they still remained on
      on hire a full year after they were required.

      The Tories are even more corrupt but better organised and far less likely to get caught.
      Well that was until their massive majority let them give Billions away in corrupt emergency contracts.

      Corruption within the SNP is the lesser evil and more focus has been placed on persecuting the
      innocent and letting Men into Women’s toilets and familiarising primary school kids with Drag Queens. All less expensive but equally unacceptable.

      The path to independence involves stepping into the shallowest pools of shit.
      When we get to the end of the road we can go back and power wash it all away.

    103. Cenchos says:

      Could be doing with a countermovement with the involvement of old school trans to speak up against the current of transwoke seeds-of-Thatcher cultural narcissism.

      Transwoke is so interwoven with consumer capitalism that something broader might be needed though. Like if Labour hadn’t whored themselves and their kids off to middle-class Blairism…

    104. 100%Yes says:

      I see that Ofcom has rejected Alba Party complaint over the BBC coverage, these institutions are just pointless.

    105. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ruby 9.21am

      Thanks for the link; interesting stuff from Macwhirter who is always worth reading. I find it difficult to disagree with the main thrust of his argument, although it’s always disappointing when people uncritically accept the economic proposition that post independence Scotland would have an unmanageably large deficit, or even if they’re not supporting that they fail to point out the counter argument.

      The proposition advanced is the same as that advanced by Project Fear and only goes to show that you can’t kill a bad idea. How on earth can they insist Scotland’s finances don’t stack up when nobody knows what proportion (if any?) of the UK national debt we will assume post indy, what the monetary value would be of the Scots share of UK assets, what taxes Scotland might raise or lower compared with the current UK rates, what spending areas would give instant opportunity savings and of how much – defence for instance could instantly deliver savings of £2 billion per year.

      None of these questions are ever asked, let alone answered and yet we are asked to simply accept that it is a truism that Scotland would be in a huge fiscal hole without the UK. It’s just so simplistic and one sided.

      Indeed, the logic of Macwhirter’s argument is that in a post brexit environment the pro-EU parties should be pointing out that an independent Scotland outside the EU would surely have more freedom of action than it would have had if independence had happened in 2014 when the UK was still in the EU. He’s right that things have changed: Alba’s suggestion of joining EFTA deserves serious consideration. The party needs to develop a different approach from the SNP and set out its stall showing what Scotland will look like post independence, as the SNP and Green vision is not necessarily one people are going to find attractive or persuasive.

    106. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Effigy – At the end of the day the Holyrood building is safe. Some might not like the look of it but it is safe. At least one of the schools that Holyrood is responsible for building is not safe. I know this and can prove it and many at Holyrood have known about it for the full term of this parliament.

      So, what I’m saying is that this parliament, whatever it cost, doesn’t work and that shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone, should it?

    107. true scot says:

      Hi Bill – colours and races are pretty quantifiable – and (totally serious point) now that the Hate Crime Bill is law, it could be useful to have that definition of protected gender characteristics to ensure we don’t end up interviewed under caution, or worse for saying or writing something ‘wrong’. Ignorance is no defense in those circumstances.

    108. Ebok says:

      TheSNPLeftMe says:

      ‘I still cannot understand why politicians are falling over themselves trying to appease a tiny aggressive minority’

      I think that the term for this is ‘political expediency’. They don’t actually give a monkeys for minorities, but when so many individual results are on a knife edge, hoovering up minority votes can be crucial. Hence Sturgeon strutting around in a Hijab, for instance.
      It’s all a numbers game and they never miss a trick.

    109. Ruby says:

      I will not be voting for the Rainbow Greens?

      I have zero respect for the Rainbow Greens.

    110. Stuart MacKay says:

      Macwhirter is essentially right, but what’s this fear of borders. We already have situation where food standards might differ across the UK. So different regulatory regimes are cards on the table today. That was what the Internal Market Bill was all about – stop the devolved nations from saying no to things that Westminster deem are good for us – like chlorinated chicken.

      The flaw in the article, as is the case in all articles on the subject is that they add up the negatives while ignoring all the positives. If a border means that things don’t get in without checks then it also means that things don’t flow out of the country without being accounted for either. Similarly a border allows differentiation. With a reputation for quality, a border might actually help farmers and fishermen by pushing up prices, particularly with regard to trade with the EU. All that fish and shellfish wasn’t heading south because teams of drivers loved sitting in lorry cabs for 48 hours at time.

    111. Effigy says:

      Capt Yoss,

      You may remember Holyrood was evacuated when one of the main
      supports failed and it took weeks to rectify.

      Safe doesn’t do enough for me when the corrupt build costs increase by 1100%.

      I read with interest about the sinking school and I agree someone should be held
      responsible and lessons learned but it is small when compared to the incompetence
      and blatant corruption achieved by the Unionist parties.

    112. Red says:

      Ebok says: Hence Sturgeon strutting around in a Hijab, for instance.

      I would prefer Nicola in a burkha.

      I think you’re missing something though. Woke pandering isn’t popular, and only succeeds when the political class and their media allies manufacture consent. People don’t actually like being falsely accused of sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

      If they were playing the numbers game the HCB/GRA would be mere fever dreams of would-be gender commissars shouting at JK Rowling on Twitter.

      It’s more like politics is an increasingly closed shop, and the people who run it are driven by hostility towards normies. Virtue signalling isn’t really about eking out a few extra votes, it’s about shibboleths that demarcate them – the tolerant, enlightened, progressive shiny happy people – from you, the regressive, backwards, bigoted thicko proles who probably don’t even know your gender times tables.

      The Rainbow Greens, for example, are convinced they’re better than you. They’re not alone in this delusion.

    113. Soda says:

      We need to call this out for what it is. Its a fetish. Almost all of these men who say they are trans women are playing out their sexual fetishes. Its nothing more.
      They simply want to be indulged in something everyone else prefers to keep to themselves, their partners and the privacy of their own bedrooms.
      They are in your face exhibitionists and they are attempting to make it a legal requirement that everyone else has to have their faces rubbed in it also.

      They all just need to get to fuck.

    114. Socrates MacSporran says:

      What’s all this fuss about borders anyway. Given the number of countries they’ve invaded, when has England ever recognised a border?

    115. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Effigy – I remember that incident well. The chap who was held responsible was a friend of mine. The beam that came-out of its connection was even heavier than it looked and comprised of laminates of oak and stainless steel.

      The Presiding Officer at the time was Alex Ferguson and the beam swung loose suddenly during a Thursday FMQ’s. Alex made light of it and said something like: ‘that will waken you all up’.

      Needless to say he got a message in his earpiece to clear the joint quickly. If that beam fell on anyone’s head it would have killed them instantly and it was directly above many MSP’s.

      That was an example of a mistake in construction. They happen all the time and when they do happen we should offer protection to those that step forward to warn us about them. They do that all over the world but not here in Scotland.

      The school that is sinking into the mud is an example of such a mistake. Did anyone step forward to warn them? ‘Yes’. Did they listen? ‘No’.

      The point I have been making is that lessons are not being learned. Instead, we have cover-up after cover-up. So, it is not small in comparison at-all is it? 450No pupils and teachers attend this school which is more than attend FMQ’s. Agreed?

      I would value the lives of school kids and teachers as equally important as MSP’s and I’m sure you would agree.

      No more ‘lessons will be learned’ skitter. Just publish the results. Is this school safe or not?

    116. mel says:

      @ random biologist

      intersex describes people who have – to various degrees – both male and female sex organs and therefore there really do fall between two stones.

      Though most intersex people are assigned a sex when the condition has been diagnosed, usually at a very young age.

      I have a relative who is intersex, discovered at just 2 days old, immediately the hospital decided that ‘he’ was a ‘she’, even the baby cards were removed and replaced with the pink cards, the child was listed as female on the birth certificate, her name was changed and she had surgery to remove her outer organs at about 18 months of age.

      The upside is that there has never been any problem with her gender, and therefore no legal problems, the downside being that characteristically she has displayed more male attributes throughout her life, but has female attributes as well. As well as being on drugs all her life, for her mental well being, complications are many, and would certainly have scunnered a less well adjusted person. The upsides and downsides of these decisions might are many, and I have no idea if intersex people are dealt with any differently today. I would doubt that there is an ideal way.

      I do know that her family has been fully supported by the NHS throughout her life, but of course the NHS is not God.

      Whilst I can’t begin to describe this persons journey, as an outsider but involved from the birth, I have seen it has been, in so many ways, a harrowing journey, she is so unlike the people who are promoting this whole woke gender scenario. In fact she and I both believe that intersex people are not of any import to these people, though very very small in number – perhaps 100-200 people in the UK – they don’t seem to be even a consideration.

      At the end of the day though, assigning a gender from the beginning was crucial. I think the implications of swapping and changing gender at whim will come back and bite those who are concerned more with their right to do as they wish, rather than consideration of whether or not it is actually a good idea.

    117. Mark Boyle says:

      @Stuart MacKay says: 29 April, 2021 at 10:15 am

      All that fish and shellfish wasn’t heading south because teams of drivers loved sitting in lorry cabs for 48 hours at time.

      Excuse me [best Hermione Granger voice and hands on hips], but how do you know these “fish” and “shellfish” are fish and shellfish. Just because they were assigned fish or shellfish at birth doesn’t necessarily make them so.

      What if some are vegan and self-identify as asparagus?

      It’s all a bit shellfish of you to think otherwise!

    118. Alan Thoms says:

      Agent Sturgeon is well on course to complete her mission. Latest opinion poll shows desire to stay in the union in the majority.

    119. Ottomanboi says:

      Scotland will return to the straight path to independence when its leaders cease the contemplation of their respective fundaments. Motherhood and apple pie are easily promised when it is not within your capability to provide either.
      The Scottish body politic needs to look in the mirror. Its BMI, bullshit mass index, is becoming too high.
      Scotland is a relatively powerless region of the British state….oops! a bit too realist for some.

      The German Greens went in hijab to Holocaust denying Iran. Green is nothing if not a nuanced colour.
      The Scottish Greens support the authoritarian «Kurdish state» in northern Syria. They do seem to have yen for political BDSM.

    120. crazycat says:

      @ Bill at 9.09

      In addition to what Andy Ellis posted at 9.20, “inclusion” is problematic.

      It sounds splendid – tolerant, courteous, thoughtful.
      But many of the more extreme trans rights lobby groups are fond of the mantra “inclusion without exception”.

      That means not only fetishists, but also paedophiles, now conveniently re-badged as Minor Attracted Persons – in a world of “inclusivity” they can argue that this is “just another sexuality”. Indeed, this is already being argued.

    121. Mark Boyle says:

      Today in “but there’s no problems in allowing people to self ID and it isn’t just a fetish you know”:

    122. Stuart MacKay says:

      Mark Boyle

      Oh dear, my latent crustaceanism was on display for all to sea. I’m also sorry to all the prawns and seaweed I will have offended with my insensitive remarks.

      I do have a question though. Are we being exclusionary by not eating dolphins?

    123. Mark Boyle says:

      Stuart MacKay says: 29 April, 2021 at 11:15 am

      I do have a question though. Are we being exclusionary by not eating dolphins?

      The Japanese eat dolphins, but the market’s collapsing because they’re one of the few species which can suck up massive amounts of mercury in the oceans before it kills them or even sends them loopy. The result is it has turned them inedible to most right minded sharks, but not to silly humans.

      The irony is for once human pollution may have saved a species.

    124. Ottomanboi says:

      In a universe in which you can have a vegetarian butcher and vegan chicken a semantic shift to some hairy guy’s meat and two veg being just an outward sign of inward femininity is not a logical fallacy.
      Yes, Cinderbutchfella you shall go the ball. Size 47 glass slipper was it?

    125. steelewires says:

      I would be grateful is you would post the source of the list of genders.

    126. Stephen says:

      Mark Boyle
      Japanese fisheries have also been badly affected by the Fukushima accident which led to large amounts of radioactive isotopes entering the food chain in the Pacific.

    127. PaulaJ says:

      Captain Yossarian says:
      “At the end of the day the Holyrood building is safe.”

      If you discount those large beams that were coming adrift from the roof shortly after it was inaugurated…

    128. John McNab says:

      Patrick Jones:

      “Even when Thatcher was at the height of her powers, all Orangemen in Scotland still voted for the Tory Party.” As it’s a secret ballot, and I’m willing to bet you didn’t canvas a single Orangeman, never mind the entire membership as to their voting record, I’ll treat that statement with the contempt it deserves.

      The Thatcher era was, however facilitated into being by the SNP. That can be proven. You and your bigoted ilk have been trying to wriggle out of that one for forty-odd years, so you’ll forgive me if I find what you write questionable, at best, disingenuous at worst.

    129. PaulaJ says:

      Socrates MacSporran at 10.50am:

      You must admit that, whenever they were out and about crossing borders and invading places, the English usually availed themselves of help from a Scottish regiment or two.

      Not that I’m insisting that’s guilt by association.

    130. PaulaJ says:

      In other news, the man who protested at Edinburgh Airport that ‘Englend’ should stay out of Scotland (to prevent spread of Covid) is being charged with a hate crime.
      This is where the current HR government has led us. I doubt whether any of my friends or relatives in England would demur at this man’s right to express a robustly-held opinion, but Police Scotland must have decided that someone, somewhere must be upset.
      You couldn’t make it up; but, nowadays, you don’t need to – it’s the new reality.

    131. Alex Sneddon says:

      ‘access to health care for trans minors’ – who in the name of fuck is going to end this madness.

    132. Rikali says:

      Mark Boyle says:
      29 April, 2021 at 11:13 am
      Today in “but there’s no problems in allowing people to self ID and it isn’t just a fetish you know”:

      Will the Plod record it as a crime committed by a Lesbian?

    133. McDuff says:

      Yeah it funny that this guy is charged with a pathetic hate crime yet the PM of England when editor of the Spectator thought it was ok to publish a poem describing Scots as vermin and should be exterminated.
      I hope Alba do really well in the election and we can eventually replace those craven SNP MP/MSPs who are a disgrace to their country.

    134. Donald Anderon says:

      It’s they transformers I’m worried aboot.

    135. JonBoy says:

      ….and the wee donkey!!!

    136. Ebok says:

      @Red 29 April, 2021 at 10:36 am

      You’ve managed to pack quite a number of thought-provoking topics into those few sentences.
      I’m not persuaded that it is not a numbers game though, nor that alienating some has not been factored into calculations. Politics is no longer (if it ever was) about good or bad, right or wrong, moral or amoral, it’s all about numbers. The prolonged Brexit debacle at WM surely proved that.

      And now that divide and rule has been taken to the nth degree, with the HCB now in place, and with MSM, as you say, under full control of the establishment, they don’t care what a minority of thinkers, bloggers, or readers of these pages write, say, or think. Just as long it isn’t discussed with the general public.
      Obscurantism rules, OK.
      I fully agree with most of your entertainingly presented points, but if I’m missing something, you may find it here: –

      All Vegetarians Are Nazis Posted on December 30, 2020,
      31 December, 2020 at 1:56 pm.

    137. David A. says:

      Stuart the problem here is that you don’t understand the true agenda here. It can be 178, then 350 and then a million. Why not once you allow hundreds? You can’t start denying one over the other after you open that door.

      Their true goal is to ABOLISH all sexes (or “genders”, to use the bizarre modern fabricated anglo-sphere concept). They want to flood the language and culture with infinite numbers of these terms to make it more and more meaningless until you agree it means nothing in the first place and therefore doesn’t exist anyway. This is simply another step in their salami tactics. Communists had similar goals in the past of breaking down the family and making people into some kind of “human worker units”, with an example of this in the making in the novel 1984. It was attempted to an extent by them in history but unsurprisingly doesn’t work well in reality.

    138. Nicola Sturgeon’s proud claim to be a serious leader chimes with the serious jockin’ that Sleepy Dreamer listens to on BBC radio, there is nothing of substance, no interruptions allowed and a quick move on, no answers given, to the next unconnected material with lots of slogans and noise. Serious jockin’, there are no projections of what our incomes will be in the new Jock republic, no indication of what currency, if any, will be used, no major bank to serve the new nation (RBS intending to move to London if independence happens), no clear indication of who will be entitled to Scottish Citizenship regarding Scots living in the UK. Serious Jockin’ is no joke. It affects our fundamental rights and freedom wherever you live in the UK. Who will pay your benefits and pensions? Make room for the government snooper in your home.
      The other fishy one, of the Heedrum Hodrums, has just declared no acceptance of any share of national UK debt – well that is a move that will cause both international opprobrium and delight, as well as probable disqualification from the usual lenders, though this fishy one has contacts with Russia and China, and was credit worthy for TV air time and rental of pandas. This does not look good, did he contract Covid19 and go quietly mad? More serious Jockin’. He claims all Scots are enslaved, funny I have never thought of myself being a slave. I had better ensure I have more free time (an hour alone spells freedom for the slave).
      Three hundred and odd years ago Scotland and England shared a bed together, driven to consummation by the Darien disaster and resultant massive money loss in Scotland, forming a huge Empire in time, with all the woes and woeful progress involved. Is Scotland, though some strange symmetry in History, about to re-embrace national poverty, poverty of wealth, poverty of creativeness, poverty of freedom of speech, poverty of foresight in a self inflicted new Darien disaster, completely of a Nationalist Government’s making? Serious Jockin’, the SNP government has accomplished nothing much through its terms of office and now wants to share more of the same through ill timed, inadvisable independence at any cost. Serious Jockin’. Welcome to the new Darien, Caledonia on her knees. All hail the Jock republic, and hold up your state provided begging bowl. Serious Jockin’, the return to the age of Darien.

    139. wee monkey says:

      “Given our corrupt, unionised MSM and their support for Sturgeon”

      I’d like to take issue with that, The press and MSM in Scotland are NOT “unionised” in any way and form.

      Explain why no one but the SNP gets a word in on the news ? go on then.

      Quote “I’m very sorry for the mess in Glasgow, it is my responsibility. Now where’s my shoes catalogue”

      That’s about as FU’d as the subject of this thread. And that is a VERY FU subject.

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