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All quiet on the forgotten front

Posted on May 02, 2020 by

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  1. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’d rather be an arsetroll than a right-wing science denier. 😉

    Critical realism as a philosophy and social theory in information science?

  2. Breastplate says:

    Not at all CBB,
    I do believe though, one can come to the conclusion you expressed without any knowledge of the Precautionary Principle.

  3. jfngw says:

    Just looking at a talkingupscotland story on his site comparing death rates in various countries. Most are recording figures between 42% – 57% (Scotland is 39% the last time I looked), England apparently it is only 16%, anybody smell shite with their recording of deaths?

  4. Dog biscuit says:

    ‘Right wing science denier ‘? You must have the whole world pigeon holed. A braod brush approach to life and humanity. By the way some on the right of politics are also netvous of unrestricted Government powers. Now Cameron, I dont want to patronise you but sometimes people of differing political persuasions agree on some stuff such ad fundemental rights and freedoms .Magna Carta ?Youll argue mindnumbing detail Ill argue for the spirit of it.

  5. CameronB Brodie says:

    Agreed. All you really need do is to apply common sense and empathy for other, to the rationally moral drive for self-preservation. Putting it in legal terms simply makes thing legal. 🙂

  6. Dog biscuit says:

    Cammo,the least empathetic poster on Wings .The sympathy sponge.

  7. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dog biscuit
    I’m a critical realist, so I observe and report. I try not to judge but I’m only human. So I’ll strike out at those who threaten my well-being. That’s you that is.

  8. Gary45% says:

    Dog Biscuit@4.44
    A “braod brush” is that what your master uses to groom the fleas from you?
    Change your name to “Dog chasing a stick”, you are so predictable.
    Start firing your garbage at me and give the site a rest.

  9. Of course we need anew party or a radical change in the leadership of the SNP l would be happy if A.S. Became the leader again the fact that the unionists tried to destroy him proves they know how dangerous he is to their cause yes if Alex., and Stu., and Craig Murray and people of that ilk took over the SNP we would have a better chance to gain our freedom I know Nicola and the SNP have done great things for the Scottish people and I thank them for it but the main goal still eludes us FREEDOM

  10. Sensibledave says:

    Dog Biscuit

    I fear for your mental health if you continue to communicate with CBB!

    The problem you have is that you are attempting to have rational and logical debates with someone that is neither logical or rational. CBB will quote irrelevant links to you as if they are irrefutable, unarguable “truths”. He doesn’t understand the concept of “opinion” either in law, in academic circles or on science. If he sees a paper, it’s true! If a lawyer writes something, An academic writes something or a scientist writes something … that there will, often, be other lawyers, academics and scientists that have written contrary opinion.

    In addition, even when you land a slam dunk, CBB will resort to profanities and then seamlessly carry on having accepted, conceded or learned … anything.

    Best leave him to boring the pants off others with his endless irrelevant links (that no one ever follows).

  11. CameronB Brodie says:

    Brexit denies the moral foundations of British democracy, turning the constitution in to legal pseudo-science. A state that is detached from the moral law, can not be considered a social democracy. So is Scotland going to allow her culture to be eradicated by trans-activism and a right-wing coupe in Westminster (see Brexit)?

    Historical sociologists on critical realism
    Critical realism took its origin within the philosophy discipline, arising at the time that there was profound debate over the adequacy of logical positivism as a basis for the philosophy of science. Carl Hempel represented the fruition of positivist philosophy of science, with his hypothetico-deductive model of confirmation, his deductive-nomological model of explanation, and his covering-law model of historical explanation.

    These all amount to the same idea, of course: that scientific knowledge takes the form of a set of general theoretical principles or laws, a set of empirical statements about existing conditions, and a set of deductions from the laws and statements of consequences for the observable phenomena.

    There was a strong reaction in the 1960s to the orthodoxies of logical positivism and Hempelian philosophy of science by philosophers such as Norwood Hanson, Paul Feyerabend, and Thomas Kuhn. Compelling criticisms were offered of the strict distinction between observation and theory, concerns were raised about the putative coincidence of explanation and derivation from general laws, and more nuanced theories of scientific rationality than the hypothetico-deductive method were offered….

  12. mike cassidy says:

    I’d like to say here’s Notsopriti Patel explaining to Yvette Cooper why there have been no checks at UK airports.

    But ‘explaining’ would presuppose she has a clue.

  13. callmedave says:

    No condolences expressed at the WM briefing to the relatives but maybe Hancock misread his script.

    The graph showing all deaths UK V hospital deaths must have been so alarming that it has only been shown once never again.

    Antibody tests got a shout out by Hancock and he referred to the
    great work done by the Swiss company Quotient. 🙂

    He obviously did not want to mention that the tests have been developed in Edinburgh by a Swiss/ Scottish team

    I quote from the article in ‘The National’

    Franz Walt Chief executive:

    “This is an outstanding performance by out teams both in Edinburgh and Switzerland”

    Figures today:

    Wales…….deaths today…..14……….Total….997. (all)
    N. Ireland..deaths today…..06……….Total…387. (all)
    Scotland….deaths today…..05……….Total…1576. (all)
    England….deaths today… fig……Total…no fig
    UK………deaths today…..228………Total…28734. (all)

    The England hospital deaths today is 204 therefore the deaths in the community in England is 288-204 = 84.

    But the BBC mix the 84 across the UK total value and give it as 288 spread across the UK as a whole.

    England only totals, which are never now mentioned, as an actual number Hence not in the table.
    Auntie & WM cant alarm the natives hand in glove puppet together.


    Remember England do not count any care home and other community deaths as corona virus deaths where a corona virus test has not been carried out. But Scotland will if mentioned as a contributory cause on a death certificate.

    So to those who believe the figure is low…well probably!

    Off to wash the dishes and a bit of ironing too! 🙁

  14. Dan says:

    @mike cassidy

    She’s less Pretty Woman, more Pretty Vacant… 🙂

    There’s no point in asking
    You’ll get no reply
    Oh just remember a don’t decide
    I got no reason it’s all too much
    You’ll always find us
    Out to lunch

    Oh we’re so pretty
    Oh so pretty
    We’re vacant
    Oh we’re so pretty
    Oh so pretty

  15. Joe says:

    Just to clarify. I consider myself to be ‘on the right’ purely because my politics are of the ‘leave me alone’ principle. Im not responsible for you and you are not responsible for me in most instances. I don’t want anything to do with your big ideas on equality, fairness, diversity or whatever other neo communist bullshit poison the twisted leftist academics want to marinade the minds of our youth with.

    But here’s the thing – what we are all trying to avoid, one way or another, is the construction of corrupt, power based hierarchies that are not answerable to ordinary folk. On the one side is the corporate hierarchy and on the other is the state hierarchy. The sweet spot in the middle where people have minimal restrictions but with basic social responsibility is never in one particular place and is difficult to pin down for long.

    The biggest problem we have is when both corporate and state power becomes one. When that happens, blood flows. Every. Single. Time. Communism or fascism. Take your pick. It is exactly the same shit in the end.

    We have in the world today the closest we have ever come to the combining of these on a fully global basis.

    Perspectives have become deliberately twisted. Education has become mind poison. Issues dear to peoples hearts are being used to slip in totalitarianism via ballot box. ‘Nationalists’ support globalist (neoliberal) institutions that get rid of those pesky sovereign borders to corporate influence and leave the centre of power as far away from ordinary people as possible.

    We have a situation where both mainstream right wing and left wing thinking leads in 1 direction – excessive power for a very few and damn you to fucking hell if you should object.

    The argument being deployed against people who question the safety of vaccines hastily made by ruthless corporations is to pretend that they are anti science and anti public health. In an eerily similar way to the trans-activists who deny all science and pretend to be the spokespeople of science.

    Its like saying you avoid MacDonalds food and someone calling you anti food for it.

    So, lets say this is all above board. The WHO isn’t unduly influenced by the people with the money. The CCP isn’t a murderous and corrupt institution. Vaccines aren’t treated as just another vehicle of profit but are for the enlightened good of all human beings. Lets pretend corporations such as Bayer Pharmaceuticals haven’t fought lawsuits for deliberately selling AIDS tainted medicine rather than lose money. Monsanto ISNT currently fighting off lawsuits because it hid for decades the independent research proving that its Glyphosate products are highly carcinogenic and have, as a matter of record, destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of farmers in India. Johnson & Johnson DIDNT have to fight lawsuits for putting asbestos in its baby powder for decades. I could go on and on.


    But at what point DO we start to think critically about the motives of such groups? How many have to die? How many times do they get to sweep this shit under the rug with the help of a mostly complicit media, slimy political class and bought-and-paid for judges before ordinary people get pissed off and treat them with the contempt they deserve?

    Faulty cars can be recalled. Faulty vaccines cant.

    Im not getting ‘vaccinated’. Full stop. I’ve already prepared my family that my decision is final. I am not fucking complying.

    Anyway, ive ranted too much. Its good to see a lot of people not buying this crap. Don’t let the bastards wear you down. Cheers

  16. Tinto Chiel says:

    Breathless Head Girl Laura Kuenssberg from Boris Johnson’s Rara Team was all over the BBC today to tell us things will never be the same in The New Normal (top tip: start to get worried).

    Reasssuring to know it will be the Tories who will shape our Brave New World, and fear is a very powerful tool, of course.

  17. Breastplate says:

    Agreed Tinto,
    I’m guessing the “New Normal” doesn’t come with extra civil liberties for us all but the exact opposite.
    Obviously for our own good, though.

  18. dakk says:

    Callmedave said
    ‘England only totals, which are never now mentioned, as an actual number Hence not in the table.
    Auntie & WM cant alarm the natives hand in glove puppet together.’

    How I pity the people of England.

    Not only because England is the established true red zone for this pandemic.

    It’s the disdain which their government and news media have for them.

  19. mike cassidy says:

    For those complaining about being in lockdown at home

    How about those who are in lockdown at work

  20. Dorothy Devine says:

    CallmeDave, the Scottish news said there were 2,000 plus deaths in Scotland in total – the tracker by John gives your figure .

    Is STV ‘confused”?

  21. robbo says:

    Joe says:
    4 May, 2020 at 6:42 pm

    Im not getting ‘vaccinated’. Full stop. I’ve already prepared my family that my decision is final. I am not fucking complying.

    What about a cup of tea then ?

  22. CameronB Brodie says:

    You’ve just admitted you’re an anti-social individualist. You are not in the middle, you are on the right. You admit to such before claiming to be in the middle. I’m not sure if you’ve thought this through properly, so would you like to go and do so?

    After postmodernism: critical realism?
    Critical realism and political ecology

    Why a realist political ecology?
    Much discussion of critical realism and environmental issues has focused on philosophical debates concerning the dichotomies of nature/ society, people/ animals, or women/ men (e.g. Benton, this volume; Jackson, 1997). Yet in addition, critical realist arguments are also relevant to debates concerning environmental degradation and the management of ecological resources.

    The aim of critical realist research on environmental degradation is to highlight how scientific explanations of environmental change provide only partial insights into complex biophysical processes, and that existing models of explanation reflect the agendas of the societies that created them. Such explanations are problematic as they may only address certain aspects of biophysical change. Moreover, they may not represent the interests of social groups not included in the science process, particularly in developing countries….

  23. terence callachan says: come you’re not sensible

  24. bipod says:

    Swedens health agency just published a study of its estimated R number for the covid 19 outbreak there.

    It is estimated to be sitting around 0.85~, and this was with just advisory social distancing. Compare that to the uks R value of about 0.8~ and thta was with a full lockdown wrecking our economy and ruining lives in the process.

  25. callmedave says:

    @Dorothy Devine

    Here is the official SGov website numbers. Total 1756.

    The numbers are the numbers but I’m more concerned about the BBC not telling us all the truth, only the bits they deem we should know. It’s not called Auntie for nothing.

    Forgot to mention that’s the third day in a row that the magic 100,000 tests in England which morphed into the UK overnight has not been met.

    Only about 70,000 to 80,000 are being ‘done’.
    ‘done’…… may even be those posted but not returned.

    OH! I noticed that even the Welsh FM has the gall to stand in front of the two biggest Welsh Dragon flags you’ll see in his daily update.

    Hancock has his two union flags

    We on the other hand have a 300mm X 250mm sticky backed Saltire
    on the wall……. WTF! 🙁

    Decided to leave the ironing till tomorrow, she’s not pleased! 🙂

    Hey it’s my clothes I’ve been ironing my clothes since I was 16yrs old.

  26. Colin Alexander says:

    Re discussions about an independence party.

    Right now, I see no point in voting for any colonial administrator so they can swear allegiance to Empress Elizabeth of the British Empire and help administer Scotland’s subjection, under the cosh of the UK state, in a mickey mouse colonial parliament.

  27. Breastplate says:

    Mike Cassidy,
    For all those complaining about the effects of lockdown look at these other effects of lockdown.
    That seems to be the point I’ve picked up on but I’m sure that wasn’t your intention.

  28. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Breastplate 6.59: yes, irrespective of which scientists lay people want to believe over Covid, they need to understand the Establishment will not miss the chance to tighten their grip while people are frightened and confused.

    “Whatever we say: accept, conform, obey.”

  29. Pete says:

    Just seen an article about the Asian flu pandemic in 1968 which claimed 80000 UK lives.
    Strangely, nobody bothered too much and just got on with their lives with no disruption.
    Hardier souls back then!!

  30. mike cassidy says:


    It was a joke – of sorts.

    If you hate being in lockdown at home

    Imagine yourself being in lockdown at work.

    Well I thought it was funny.

    Like Jackietroll disappearing and Joetroll reappearing.

  31. Liz g says:

    Jfngw 4.12 & 4.12
    Can’t disagree with that jfngw…
    I’m looking for a Constitution in which every article in it leads back to or flows directly from Our Sovereignty…

    EG…. The proposals I’ve seen so far state that any change to the Constitution requires a two third majority in Holyrood.
    Eh Naw..
    Any change in OUR Constitution should require a two thirds majority in Holyrood to put the proposed change to a Referendum of the Scottish People…. WE’LL say if it’s to be changed or not.
    After all it was a Holyrood majority that took us into this bloody union in the first place.
    When it comes to any and all Unions a sun set clause of 30year’s should be in the preamble it’s self.
    Every 30years any Union Scotland is a part of must be ratified by the people or it ends by default.
    There is nae point in living through the Indy year’s and Brexit if we didn’t learn anything… And a fail safe for the Sovereignty of the Scottish People should be lesson number one!

  32. robbo says:

    bipod says:
    4 May, 2020 at 7:23 pm
    Swedens health agency just published a study of its estimated R number for the covid 19 outbreak there.


    Sweden eh!

    Think they maybe storing for a hellva wake up call, who knows?

  33. Golfnut says:

    @ Liz g.

    Gets my vote.

  34. dakk says:

    Tinto cheil said
    Keunsberg said
    ‘things will never be the same in The New Normal (top tip: start to get worried).’

    When I heard yesterday Warren Buffett has sold Berkshire Hath’s entire holdings($4bn)of airline stocks that confirmed it.

    Doesn’t matter if a vaccine arrived tomorrow.

    They’ve decided.

    I guess life had become just a tad too decadent for a few too many plebs in the eyes of Bilderberg.

    Let the shakedown commence.

  35. mr thms says:

    callmedave @ 6:22 pm

    The total number of Covid 19 deaths in hospital for England are in this ITV News article, but you need to scroll through to find it.

    “Of the latest UK coronavirus deaths, NHS England reported 204 new deaths among patients who had tested positive for Covid-19.

    The latest figures bring the total number of confirmed reported virus-related deaths in hospitals in England to 21,384.

    From the 204 new fatalities announced by NHS England on Monday, 54 occurred on May 3, 108 occurred on May 2, and 24 occurred on May 1.”

    This figure omits several thousand Covid 19 deaths in care homes in England.

    There should be new weekly figures for Covid 19 deaths in England’s care homes tomorrow.

  36. Liz g says:

    Golfnut @ 8.40
    🙂 Thanks my friend x

  37. Confused says:
    – this one is a bit brodie-esque, but read the part
    Bio-Warfare Tests: Americans Testing on Americans
    – we are all debt slaves now
    – we’re in the money, well, not YOU obviously, the people who matter

  38. CameronB Brodie says:

    Infamy, infamy…. 🙂

  39. twathater says:

    @ Liz g 8.12pm Liz you’re starting to soften I remember you proposed 25 years I think you should stick to that , but otherwise I agree that ANY constitution MUST be put to the electorate , personally I am sick of politicians THINKING they know best and we all know they don’t live in the real world so haven’t a clue , GRA and hate laws anyone

    When we get indy we cannot go back to the way it was , we have the opporchancity to form a NEW nation and elect people that we trust to care with compassion and empathy for our people old and young alike

  40. CameronB Brodie says:

    The paradigm of hegemonic neo-liberalism is already a zombie philosophy that threatens human existence, but will it persist in blighting humanity. We now have a decisive challenge to the incessant bio-politics and monetisation of human existence, it might be time to tell our politicians who they work for. Humanity can’t afford a return to the old ways.

    Full text.

    The future of international relations post COVID -19 pandemic

  41. Liz g says:

    Twathater @ 9.41
    🙂 Aye it varies Twathater ah widnay trust it LOL…
    To be honest I can never mind the election cycles for Holyrood off the top of my head…
    The theory is though no Scot born into any Union should be stuck in it,but I don’t think 16 year’s is credible for joining things like the EU NATO ect…although the judge still out on Starfleet 🙂
    So 25/30 year’s seems fair….
    Not only do we avoid any thing like Farage going forward If we joined the EU,but it also heads off any reunification campaign with Westminster as soon as the Constitution is in place…

  42. dakk says:

    @ Cameron 9.45

    Nice one Cammy.

  43. bipod says:


    Sweden already seems to be past there peak as the figures indicate. The point is in the UK we were told by people like nicola sturgeon (and we are still being told) that bodies would be piling up in the streets if we didn’t have a lockdown, but in places that didn’t implement a lockdown that hasn’t happened. Could it be that lockdowns are not actually that usefull.

  44. dakk says:

    ‘Could it be that lockdowns are not actually that usefull.’

    They are if a government runs a failed acceleration herd immunity policy and is then has to u turn.

  45. christine500 says:


    You can add to that the mass killing by Servier Labs with their poison called Mediator prescribed to diabetics.They knew early on that the drug was lethal but carried on selling it (it was banned early on in Switzerland and never made the licence in Germany),covering their tracks and silencing whistleblowers.Aided by thousands of GPs turning a blind eye.
    Watch the true to life film about it called La Fille de Brest.Still no compensation for all the victims.

    Add to that Prozac (British Lilley Labs),which makes 10% of patients taking it even more depressed than they are (and suicides…) or turns them into violent criminals.It is now forbidden -or was- in the US to young people under 25 after an arduous prosecution that took years to half all about it in the book “Side Effects”, made into a sensationalized film starring Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

    The scandal of Dr Nicole Delepine ‘s clinic closure because she was curing cancer victims the hospital authorities wanted to shove onto palliative care wards (lots of experimental drugs there),explained on her website.

    More currently, the catastrophy unleashed by statins prescriptions, not least the fact they favour diabetes.
    See Michel de L’Orgeril blog for the arguments.

    He has also written a series of booklets on various vaccines and vaccination campaigns, without preconception.(He’s neither for nor against) and did not like what he found.

    Not to mention the corruption around HRT, exposed by a Commission in france in 2006.

    On top of all the victims of Agreal all over Europe= banned solely thanks to the women victims lobbying through social media in Spain and elsewhere.

    The mini Pill, the acne Pill, killing with blood clots.Roaccutane, triggering suicides.

    And on and on.My own Gp prescribing an antibiotic for a benign infection ,it turns out it is extremely dangerous and as good as banned in France.”we give it to everybody” he says to justify himself.

    There is no reason why it will be any different with the Virus business.

    In france parents were against the massive programme of vaccination “recommended” for babies and toddlers .Result: it is now compulsory.The ex Health Minister’s husband, himself director of a state research institute, found to own shares of drug companies.

  46. robbo says:

    bipod says:
    4 May, 2020 at 11:29 pm

    You think there at peak do you ? Oh well

    So it’s only by people like Nicola Sturgeon is it? Dearie me, the bitterness gets through in every post.So all the nations of the world where there’s lock downs it’s Nicola’s fault ! righty o

  47. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    RE: the tracking app.

    The one or three pics I’ve seen of it show the NHS England logo (y’ken, slanted).

    So, why should I, living in Scotland, having spent less than 50 minutes in A&E in Ninewells Hospital on Sunday afternoon, leaving with an (up to now) working solution, install an NHS England app?

    I won’t be. GIRUY Boris.

  48. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Liz g

    When can we see a final draught of this “Peoples” Constitution of yours – I’m sure it will be an improvement on this Lawyer and Politician centered effort.

  49. Still Positive says:

    Just read in the iScot magazine that Murray Foote -then editor of the Daily Record – 2 days after publishing the vow voted Yes.

  50. Liz g says:

    Col Blimp the fourth ….@ 12 32
    I don’t believe I’ve ever said that I had a draught Constitution…
    I’ve certainly read some of them..
    But,as I’m sure you’ll agree… It’s a moot point just now!
    I promote and campaign, as far as I reasonably can,for what *I* think should form Our Constitution..
    But I’m not a person in any position of power.
    I warn of switching off from politics after the Yes Vote!
    I explain what I think is Best.
    You needent agree with me..of course you needent!
    All you have to do is….show/demonstrate/persuade Scotland of a better way….Aye …or compete with my view…
    What’s yer pleasure!

  51. Liz g says:

    Me @ 2.27
    Col Blimp the forth..
    I think your link might be one of the ones I was talking about??
    View…. The judiciary
    Or Constitutional Change….
    Even the assumption that we’d keep the electoral system imposed by Westminster…
    We (Scots) don’t have to do this… We never did..
    Make it it what ye will…But make something of it

  52. Effijy says:

    Very Interested to read that Murray Foote votes YES
    while Editor of the Daily Record.

    Wasn’t it he who took the credit for compiling the Lie that was the Vow?

    If he did believe in Independence you would think that he wouldn’t go
    Beyond the call of duty from the owners of the paper to promote their own agenda?

    If Murray now wishes to cleanse his soul I’d really like to have the names of those at the top
    Who are demanding that the journalists mislead the public by only promoting the Unionist
    Perspective, covering up pro Independence stats and basically lying.

    All UK newspapers of the time, I believe 37 were pro unionist.
    We had numerous situations where unrelated papers adopted the
    Same propaganda piece on the same day.
    Who coordinates such actions for them?

    I recall the fundinundally Dim Murray, savour of the London Labour North North Accounting Unit,
    appeared with his rabid ramblings in 5 major titles were they each added a photo of Jim with lighting
    Added behind his head to give him a halo type effect that does physiologically impose a saintly
    Impression of a complete Dud.

    My thanks to Prof John Robertson for explaining this long standing propaganda tactic that was used in 1930’s Germany.

    Unless Murray is in fear for his families well being for blowing the whistle, I can’t understand why
    The full reveal isn’t in his best selling biography?

  53. Effijy says:

    Very interesting story about the many corrupt Health Insurance companies,Doctors and Politicians.

    I recall a documentary from 10 years ago filmed in the US.
    People who needed very expensive life saving drugs prescribed
    By their GP were suddenly stopped for bogus reasons.

    As Female Doctor who had found God decided to purge her soul
    And reveal that the Insurance company paying for these drugs offered
    The GP 10’s thousands not to prescribe a drug the could cost a 6 figure
    Sum over the extended life of the patient.

    She also declared this was common practice and most of the Doctors she
    Knew had taken these bribes.

    The show went on to reveal others who died much sooner than they had to
    due to expensive life saving drugs being stopped when they were functioning well.

    One of the reasons I can’t believe a word from any of the Tories Scientists or Medical Chiefs.

    I look forward to being sick when this dodgy crew line up for Betty Gongs.

  54. Ottomanboi says:

    With casual talk of ‘contact tracking’ we step into the age of CoronaFascism.
    That piece is from March, situation much more ‘suppressed’ now.
    Give authorities a mm they take a couple of metres.
    What next, track a subversive ScotNat? They do have the technology.

  55. Breeks says:

    Can anyone explain to me why having my sympathies rest with Alex Salmond is considered a festival of misogyny?

    I happen to find it utterly despicable that a group of people can conspire together to fabricate a string of false accusations to discredit and jail a separate individual, admit their conspiracy was done for political ends, and grossly abuse their influence and position to make their conspiracy a reality.

    It is equally disturbing that the conspiracy should be pursued all the way through to trial by jury, and when the jury found the accused not guilty, that is by literal definition innocent, the Conspirators are unrepentant and set about the same conspiracy of defamation against the same individual using the media as judge and jury, because the real judge and jury pulled the wheels off their conspiracy.

    In what warped mind is registering disgust at this grossly improper conspiracy deemed to be misogyny? There is no prejudice against women in my anger and contempt, but quite proper and appropriate disgust at a despicable attempt to conspire and defame a high profile figure, and done from a position of anonymity so as his capacity to defend himself is diminished.

    Far from misogyny, if there is any prejudice in relation to sex, I would say it was the conspirators choice to fabricate accusations of a sexual nature against their male victim which was deliberate and premeditated, and designed to maximise the damage to their victim’s reputation and heighten his personal embarrassment. That not only betrays it’s own prejudice against men, but worse still, betrays a deeper malignancy, whereby the Conspirators would readily sink to false innuendo and latent prejudice to bolster the credibility of their contrived “where there’s smoke” conspiracy.

    The biggest disgrace is that the perpetrators of this undone conspiracy are still in their jobs and positions of influence, still protected by anonymity, and still free to abuse and misuse their positions to malign their intended victim yet further with smears and innuendo which were found to be groundless in a Court of Law.

    Now they claim that any attack upon them is misogyny??? These individuals should not only be removed from positions of influence immediately, but I think they need a period spent in calm reflection, in custody, behind bars, to contemplate their misconduct and recalibrate their moral compass.

    They’re women? Who knew? So what?

  56. Ottomanboi says:

    More on the structures which enable social tracking.

  57. `A recent (2018) Johns Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors.

    Other reports claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000.

    Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.`


    `Dollars for Docs is part of an ongoing investigation into the influence of drug company payments on patient care.

    Our list of 43 doctors earning more than $200,000 is based on reports from seven companies that have publicly disclosed such payments to date—GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and Co., Pfizer, Cephalon, Merck & Co. and Johnson & Johnson.`


  58. Ottomanboi says:

    Huxley, Orwell, Wells, Forster got it so right….creepy!

  59. Fireproofjim says:

    Agree 100%.
    And Leslie Evans, who has cost the taxpayer at least a million pounds in legal fees and damages, should have been forced to resign.

  60. Willie says:

    And so the track and trace app is just about with us.

    What a wonderful tool to be able to track and trace everyone, where they have been who they have met. Needed initially for the virus, to maybe allow us to move about freely, isn’t it a fantastic development.

    But isn’t it helpful to have record of where everyone was. Who they met. Splendid for dealing with the virus, but just think what else it would be useful for.

    Knowing where you’ve been. Most certainly helpful to police, DWP, insurance companies, HMRC. And who you’ve met – even better. Or what about border control.

    But hang about. How do you get everyone to start and have a smart phone. Well in the first instance it’ll be all about altruism. Folks wanting to help constrain the virus. But then if folks don’t want to help protect society, theming society might have to protect itself and restrict movement unless the non participants fail to ‘ volunteer ‘ to take the app.

    Soon one suspects it could be mandatory to carry RFID type smart tracking on one’s person. I mean what honest decent person would want to object unless they had something to hide.

    Better still, technology could develop an implant that every one could have inserted. Then access to areas of the country, immediate identification be it for police, tax, banking, access to services and or the recording of one’s social and economic standing could be available.

    Ye haw, I’m all for it Nicola. Only a criminal underclass could disagree with a development like this. It’s the future, we chip cattle from birth to slaughter, we chip our dogs, we track eagles, so why not humans. Let’s embrace it!

  61. Breastplate says:

    I quite agree.
    It is simply a crude tactic to label anyone a misogynist who dares sides with Alex Salmond.
    They certainly don’t want people in general to believe or support him as that would make it near impossible to remove him from politics, which is their stated reason for these accusations.

    “Those whom the Gods would destroy, first make mad”.

  62. jfngw says:

    Pete Wishart appears to be a bit thick, he can’t understand the difference in the meaning of a statement ‘we need a Nigel Farage’, he thinks it means ‘we need Nigel Farage’.

    It means we need somebody that can deliver a result, the dogged ambition to get there, nothing to to with his policies but his ambition and delivery has left many in the SNP looking impotent.

  63. Willie says:

    Oh yes, and whilst we’re at technological advantages, what about recording everyone’s DNA.

    For health reasons of course. Their health reasons. Would allow their detailed body particulars to be available in an instant. Why would anyone want to object.

    And then as an aside, there would be a data base of who is compatible with who. You know the thing, soarer part surgery. Racked and stacked we could in an nstant know who has what bits that could go with someone else.

    Now I know that the Chinese apparently execute criminals and harvest their parts. Isn’t that so morally good. Putting criminals to good use, only the squeamish could object, or should I say only the criminally minded people could object.

    It’s all about attitude really. I mean look at the folk here who wouldn’t donate their organs. Well we’ve changed the law haven’t we to presumed consent. Just shows you how folks can be made to realis3vwhsts good for them.

    Ah the possibilities of goodness are endless. Mandatory DNA chipping, tied inbwith track and trace. Who could seriously object?

  64. Sensibledave says:

    …. it is the certainty with which some folk express opinion with 20/20 hindsight that amazes me.

    As a layman, I rely upon the experts and government to introduce policies, that based upon the information available at the time, they believe are the right path.

    A couple of months ago, When we all watched the tv pictures of events unfolding in Italy, with the overloaded hospitals, the Italian doctors and nurses, crying and appealing for help, were you certain that a lockdown was abuse of human rights back then? Were you?

  65. Breastplate says:

    We’ve always been nothing more than cattle or cannon fodder to the powers that be.
    That will never change, at least now we get to be branded.

  66. Capella says:

    re track and trace tool -I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Note that the English Health Board logo is on it (thx BDTT). Note too that the UK Gov have rejected the app the Irish Gov favour i.e. one that (supposedly) doesn’t retain personal data. Note thirdly that they insist on referring to track and trace but ignore isolate. The benefit of “test, trace and isolate”, WHO advice 3 months ago, is that it would have stopped the epidemic in its tracks if used at the beginning.

    Now I think we have to assume that everyone you meet is potentially a carrier, symptoms or no symptoms. Wearing a face mask in public is a reasonable precaution to take.

  67. Dorothy Devine says:

    Breeks , absolutely with you and those who claim to be victims of nasty cybernats and play the ‘poor me’ card in the discredited media of Scotland really piss me off and enrage me so much.

    How come our Scottish police are so keen to protect them but go hell for leather after Craig Murray and whoever else might disagree with the establishment.

    I have long given up on the media as a source of honesty and fairplay and their bleating is just an irritation.

  68. Tinto Chiel says:

    The Alphabet Sisters are, of course, being very misogynistic towards the female members of the jury who acquitted Alex Salmond.

    I’m just astonished they can continue to peddle their smears against him when he has been completely cleared of all charges. Can this not be construed as contempt of court?

  69. Capella says:

    @ Breeks @ Dorothy Devine. I agree. This farce has gone on long enough. Whoever is a member of this bizarre cult in Scottish public life, journalist, civil servant, prosecutor, SPAD or MSP, will have to be called to account before the poison will stop. I do expect both Alex Salmond and Craig Murray to take legal action.

    The consultation on the Hate Crime Bill is open for public to comment. I hope everyone who is truly opposed to misogyny will speak out against this bill’s proposals which protect transgender women form hate crime but not biological women.

    MSPs say that they won’t include “sex” as a protected characteristic in this bill because they will draw up a better bill in the future. Yes, of course they will.
    They have included “transgender identity” and “varied sexual characteristics”, which are not protected characteristics under equality law, but excluded “sex” which is protected.

    Why are transgender women in need of protection from prejudice but biological women are not?

  70. CameronB Brodie says:

    Scotland won’t enjoy democracy until it can find leadership that respects the rule-of-law. So not the current FM.

  71. Mike d says:

    Ah well wont be long till friday, VE day ,another speech by betty along with vera lynn singing there’ll always be an england. All on bbc. I’ll have to dig my greatest irish rebel hits cd out to entertain maself.

  72. CameronB Brodie says:

    In fact, I doubt the current First Minister could have harmed Scotland’s democracy any more that she has, by disrespecting international law.

  73. Millennium says:

    Breeks 8.45am

    Why do we live in a world of faceless heroes and villians???

    I wouldn’t know this Evans woman from Eve.

    I wouldn’t know Craig Murray from Adam.

    The last time I saw the Rev was outside a boozer in Edinburgh in 2012/13 just before a march started. (He was handing out badges that day)

    Why have we not got a leader, in every sense of the word. Who is organizing this new team to push for Independence?

    Why hasn’t this new team got their own website for the footsoldiers?

    Why is this new charismatic leader not appearing on STV every other night?

    I know there is a virus, but surely our new leader can walk and talk at the same time.

    Where is our new leader with the charisma to turn even the most ardent Yoon into a mad Indy supporter?

    Less secrecy and mystery and more openness and honesty. More straight talking in front of the WORLD media.

    So whoever this new leader is, has to come out from the shadows and show the World who you are and tell them what you stand for.

    Yes,,,a Farage type.

    Stop being so fuckin shy FFS!!!

  74. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Lesley Evans has form on costing the tax payer money with impunity @Fireproofjim says at 9:49 am and has apparently been a Scottish Government Civil Servant since Lab/Lib Coalition Government days!

    “The initial cost was £80m+, after the contract was signed it was £107m+, it is now estimated at £395m+ total. Mostly all going to large tax-avoiding companies, and a German bank.”

    “An FOI revealed an email from 25 July 2005 from Jane Broderick (a reasearcher in the civil service) to Sandy Rosie (who was the senior official in charge of the FPU) asking about a meeting, re NAC PPP deal, between a civil servant – Leslie Evans – and the Chief Executive of NAC. Rosie’s reply was that the FPU was ‘handling business in this case’ and ‘the less said to the council the better!’.“

    I suspect that LE knows where a lot of ‘bodies that the Scottish Establishment don’t want found are buried’ hence the total protection offered from all Establishment angles most notably the Media and Criminal Justice System (there will be ‘bent coppers’ etc from back then who will be more senior now!

  75. Republicofscotland says:

    Excellent article from Wee Ginger Dug in the National today. The gist of the article is, that the SNP must use next years Scottish elections as a springboard to independence.

    No more excuses, as folk are fed up with inaction on the indy front. The Dug adds that a Westminster rebuttal on no you can’t have a S30 order must be countered.

    We’ll see if Sturgeon is serious or not on pushing for independence beginning next year. The Dug also says that Blackfords outburst in the House of Commons, (Scotland will not stand for this, or Scotland will not accept that) are now laughed upon as empty gestures, I tend to agree.

  76. mike cassidy says:

    The headline is misleading.

    They missed out ‘referendum’ at the end

    Wee Ginger Dug: SNP have only one final chance to deliver independence

  77. Millennium says:

    Capella 10.19am

    Your rant about “wanting something done” regarding SNP policy making never included one critical word against Nicola Sturgeon.

    And there lies the root of the problem with this modern hip new SNP inner circle.

    There is not enough critisisum or protest towards Sturgeon from within.

    And so on and on the Murrell’s bus will run.

    Picking up a huge joint salary between them, along with a lavish lifestyle.

    If no one around them is willing to kick them out, then they will continue to just sit there..

    Your move Capella (and others like you).

  78. Breeks says:

    Dorothy Devine says:
    5 May, 2020 at 10:03 am.

    ….How come our Scottish police are so keen to protect them but go hell for leather after Craig Murray and whoever else might disagree with the establishment.

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s me being naive, but are we sure this is down to the police or somebody else pulling strings and using the police to do their dirty work. I don’t know to what extent you can keep a police investigation going by feeding it titbits of information which may or may not be evidence of a crime.

    I like to think we have Scotland’s police under attack from “them” rather than “their” police conspiring to bring about our downfall.

    It’s hardly a rare phenomenon for all the juicy posts and directorships in Scotland to go to UK Establishment cronies. The bigger question is the extent to which the organisation is influenced by bias from the upper echelons of place-men and appointees.

    With Craig Murray, I have the distinct impression the pot is being stirred by the Prosecution Team of the Alex Salmond trial, rather than the Court having any axe to grind itself. That doesn’t make life easier for Mr Murray, nor the charges less important, but at the same time, if it is more malicious mischief being stirred up to make a stink that injures high profile Indy supporters, we should recognise this as a usurpation of Scottish Institutions being orchestrated by Establishment forces rather than an institutional bias or Unionist leaning in the Institution itself.

    Come the revolution which delivers Scotland’s freedom, I choose to believe the Scottish Police and Scottish Courts will be heartily joining in the celebrations, with or without management approval…

  79. Republicofscotland says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker @10.29am.

    The Rev put up The Only Game in Town II in here last year it was jam packed with corruption and deceit, LE got a mention in it as well. So yes she has the goods on many officials/politicians in Scotland. Which of course will now reside in a cabinet file in the bowels of Whitehall.

    Combine that with the volcano that will go off under the SNP once Salmond reveals all, and you’ll find that the rats will be too busy trying not to drown on the listing ship that will be the SNP (for a time) that independence will just become a sideshow, to curry favour with the public to win votes again, once the eruptions have abated.

  80. mike cassidy says:

    Come on, guys.

    No need to have a go at Vera Lynn.

    She even recorded an album in Nashville.

  81. CameronB Brodie says:

    The SNP clearly thinks their approach to the law is adequate and sufficient to the needs of defending Scotland. Unfortunately, the SNP appear to think Scotland will achieve justice through the dysfunctional legal system that imprisons Scotland. So, they are powerless to defend Scotland, as British constitutional law is ditched from the Natural Law.

    Until the SNP finds a proper respect for the rule-of-law, they will only serve Westminster’s interests.

  82. Sharny Dubs says:

    Breeks @8:45.

    Not only are they unrepentant but now seek to change the legal definitions of “hate crime” to retro alter and undermine the ruling of a court.

    Make no mistake, our freedoms are under attack and who would have guessed from within as well as without.

    SNP apologists need a red pill moment.

    And somehow the membership of the SNP have to make a stand to get this rot out, either that or watch the organisation wither and die.

  83. Millennium says:

    Mike Cassidy 10.53am

    It was Engerland what won the War, was it not?

    Not even England, but the South East of Engerland what won it.

    Infact, it will go down in history as London Town what won the whole world war.

    They even defeated the Japs.

    We are so privileged to be located so close to such an almighty, all conquering City such as London.

    And on Friday, boy they will not let you forget what they done to save the World in 1945.

    So show some respect Mike, all together now:-

    “There’ll always be an england…”

  84. CameronB Brodie says:

    If they don’t improve their approach to the law to include a proper respect for international law, they are unable to perform their legal duty of care towards Scotland.

    The Precautionary Principle in the European Environmental, Health and Food Safety Policy

  85. CameronB Brodie says:

    If the SNP is serious about defending Scottish culture from an expansionist form of English nationalism, then they need to start learning how to respect the rule-of-law.

    Full text.

    Precautionary principle, its interpretation and application by the Indian judiciary: ‘When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less’ Humpty Dumpty

  86. Millennium says:

    Ronnie Anderson 10.50am

    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on Sturgeon kicking up a storm.

  87. Scozzie says:

    The final paragraph of the Wee Ginger Dug article – FFS really?
    So what will change? I think the SNP have shown their true colours already – YELLOW!

    I can’t conceivably see what difference just one more mandate would make – they don’t intend to deliver on independence that much is now clear.

    I can’t conceivably see how the gradualists are going to step aside for the independence radicals.

    I can’t conceivably see how the SNP inner circle are going to loosen their grip on their pet projects such as GRA, hate crime bill etc.

    I can’t conceivably see how the entryists, sycophants, and general nutters are going to be driven out of the party.

    I can’t conceivably see how potential new and true independence candidates will even get past the first stage of the SNP vetting process.

    I can see 5 more years of smoke and mirrors. As the saying goes, their teas oot! At some point people need to realise we’re flogging a dead horse and, to be frank, getting the pish ripped right out of us!

    To my mind the only way the SNP will be dragged kicking and screaming towards independence is if we have a true independence list party to hold their feet to the fire. TBH I’d go the whole hog and advocate for an independence party for both constituency and list but doubt there’s appetite for that.

    The 2021 HR election needs to be on a declaration of independence manifesto pledge with a confirmatory vote on conclusion of independence negotiations.

  88. mike cassidy says:

    Well, that’s the facemask issue dealt with.

    GOP Ohio state lawmaker refuses to wear face mask because faces are the ‘likeness of God’

  89. Millennium says:

    Check out this picture of a flight from Belfast to London yesterday.

    “Packed in like Sardines” springs to mind.

    Social distancing???

  90. Capella says:

    Kremlin backed RT or Russia Today as the BBC call it – publishes stats for UK covid-19 deaths. Highest in Europe. There’ll always be an England massaging the figures.

  91. K1 says:

    For those of us not on twitter, in answer to the question posed that Stu retweeted on his timeline earlier: would you back an Alex Salmond led indy party? Not verbatim obv, the answer from me is an unqualified Yes.

  92. Willie says:

    And whilst we are thinking about the future, does anyone see employment being tied in to being able to display an immunity certificate. Or maybe travelling within the country and or out of the country. Could that too be covered by an immunity certificate, immunity passport.

    Lot of big questions coming up about personal freedoms, but of course only criminals or people with something to hide would object.

  93. Millennium says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is our very own Grand Old Duke of York.

    She marched us up to the top of the Hill (Calton Hill) and then marched us all the way back down again.

  94. Scozzie says:

    K1 @ 12.04pm
    I didn’t see that tweet but a million YESSES from me for an Alex Salmond led indy party.
    That probably explains why Pete Wishart is doing an opinion piece on a 2nd list party – they must be getting squeeky bums!

  95. Ottomanboi says:

    Sequencing the NovSoc (NewSocialOrder) virus.
    Sadly the SNP is up to its woke eyeballs in this.

  96. CameronB Brodie says:

    Gonnae no be such an irresponsible twat?

  97. MaggieC says:

    I see that skinny Malinky long legs is promoting Alistair Union Jack’s column from the Daily Fail and some of the Scottish replies are good .

    And here is Union Jack’ s column being pushed on the Uk gov website on archive ,

  98. Millennium says:

    Why has Sturgeon not got two big in yer face Saltires standing proudly at the back of her during her daily news confrences???

    These confrences are broadcast all around the world.

    Another missed opportunity to promote Scotland around the globe.

    If any of her inner circle are reading this, then please have a word in her ear.

    From press interviews to promoting Scotland, the SNP have become the most inept Political Party in the UK.

  99. CameronB Brodie says:

    Yes we are being marched into a state of authoritarian capitalism, but that has been on-ging since Thatcher. Neo-liberalism hasn’t crushed humanity entirely though. Some ways are more effective at fighting it than others.

    The Evolution and International Acceptance of
    the Precautionary Principle

  100. Capella says:

    @ K1 – voted for an Alex Salmond led party. It was at over 55% a few minutes ago.

  101. Ottomanboi says:

    Should an alternative to the compromised SNP appear in the near future there is only one name suited to its purpose, The FREEDOM Party. No need for Scottish in the title, its goals should be self evident.
    Never has there been a greater need for such.

  102. Confused says:

    if there is to be a coronavirus app, I think the Grand Theft Auto lads should make it; they could make it augmented reality, so, in the real world, you are actually social distancing, but in the game, you are whacking your “bottom b1tch” with a baseball bat for holding out on you …

    – it could also pre-emptively invoke “social credit” as well, for example you can score “good citizen” points by – virtue signalling on issues, taking quizzes to see how correct your opinions are, and e.g. take a selfie with a nice black person – antiracist +1 pts, and so on; photo a woman and Not-R4pe, +1, but then kick her head in for being a “terf” +10 pts.

    public score boards, with local champions can be placed in town squares and also, “deplorables”, vilified; a 2 minute hate at 8pm every night

    low social credit scores result in a gradual removal of access to public services, like the fire brigade, or an ambulance

    saudi arabia / iran has its religious police, scotland can have its “opinion inspectors” (cf Viz The Bottom Inspectors) who can pay home visits.

    drone swarms with facial recognition technology can scour the land, harassing “enemies of the people”

    NB “satire” = 2 years from now, no kidding

  103. MaggieC says:

    Just to give this another push for Lyndsay Bruce to help support him to keep Ayemail going through this lockdown –

    And this is an excellent interview with Lyndsay on Independence Live –

    Please promote this as much as possible as we Yes folks need to support Ayemail .

  104. CameronB Brodie says:

    If the SNP hope to serve Scotland’s interests, they will need to institutionalise a legal respect for biology in their constitution. So no more trans-activists in the party. And certainly new management.

    Full text.

    The International Right to Health: What Does It Mean in Legal Practice and How Can It Affect Priority Setting for Universal Health Coverage?

  105. William Macvean says:

    what do you think of utube video on peak prosperity on origin of virus

  106. jfngw says:

    Number of deaths in England and Wales deaths (ONS data) are 38368 above the 5 year average since the first recorded virus death and 24th April (7 weeks).

    Only 27328 of these allocated to the virus, that leaves 11,040 (1577/week) unexplained. Also the preceding 8 weeks, prior to the first virus death, the number of deaths has been below the average (the first week of the virus was also below average but there was on 5 virus deaths so not really a useful measure).

    I don’t do the Scottish ones as I can only find a PDF that doesn’t have the numbers in a format that is easy to work with.

  107. Breeks says:

    Scozzie says:
    5 May, 2020 at 12:20 pm
    K1 @ 12.04pm
    I didn’t see that tweet but a million YESSES from me for an Alex Salmond led indy party.
    That probably explains why Pete Wishart is doing an opinion piece on a 2nd list party – they must be getting squeeky bums!

    I’ve noticed too that Rev Stu is being set up as the villain of the piece for raising the possibility of a Wings party, but if my memory serves correctly, the first discussions about having a List Party took place much earlier, when there was speculation about politicising YES into a List Party way back in 2014/15

    So before the talk of a Wings Party, there was similar talk about a YES Party, and strangely, I don’t recall anybody being apoplectic and bitchy about those discussions.

    And on the subject, you do realise don’t you, that a List Party is by definition a Holyrood Party, and thus bound for office in a devolved assembly beneath Westminster in the pecking order?

    List Party my arse. I don’t want some lame wee pressure group shoring up an even lamer SNP Party of do-nothing’s, I want a proper alternative Indy Party which doesn’t give a shit about devolution or the colonial Scotland Act and Sewell Convention, but instead respects the ancient Constitutional Sovereignty of the Scottish Nation as it’s governing ethos and binding protocol.

    Worried about a Holyrood majority? How quaint. I’d volunteer to drive the bulldozer through Holyrood if it dared to interfere with Scotland’s sovereign government. All the chokers in the SNP should be more worried about their impeachment for abandoning Scotland to colonial subjugation over Brexit than worrying about their cosy re-election in 2021.

    One more last chance for the SNP? Nope. That day came and went, 31st January 2020, the black day when the SNP meekly capitulated to Scotland’s unconstitutional Brexit… and be aware, that ISN’T a subjective viewpoint. That was the watershed, when the SNP changed from being one thing, into being a different thing.

  108. CameronB Brodie says:

    Without a legal respect for biology, the Scottish government is unable to respect international public health law. The Scottish civil service has been instructed to follow an approach to the law that is incompatible with a legal respect for biology. So the Scottish government’s ability to govern Scotland effectively, has been effectively nobbled from within.

    Full text.

    International Law, and Public Health Policy

  109. K1 says:

    …when the SNP changed got caught in the headlights, exposed for all to see them as the frauds they are. from being one thing, into being a different thing

  110. Scozzie says:

    Breeks – My post at 11.27am I think covers your sentiment –

    “TBH I’d go the whole hog and advocate for an independence party for both constituency and list but doubt there’s appetite for that.
    The 2021 HR election needs to be on a declaration of independence manifesto pledge with a confirmatory vote on conclusion of independence negotiations.”

    But if I had to settle – at least an Alex Salmond List party has some chance of holding the pretendy independence SNP to some sort of action – I do hope. Coz I need to be a realist and although I’d go all gung ho on a new independence party, I don’t think we have the groundswell yet for that.

    But I’m of the opinion we can either do more of the same (vote SNP) and sink ever deeper in quick sand, or we can at least try to do something else to drive forward independence. If that means a new party – it has my support.

  111. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breeks (2.29) –

    Hear hear, for the umpteenth time.

    Any chance you would consider standing for the new party?

  112. Scozzie says:

    ….I should clarifyI don’t think there’s groundswell for a constituency and list party. But I think list can be a goer.

  113. robbo says:

    If he could tell me his address i’ll happily dump in his garden.

  114. Sinky says:

    Kate Forbes on Scottish Parliament TV outlining all the Covid-19 help for local authorities and business.

    No BBC TV coverage, No tweets by SNP Media and probably no coverage by our partisan MSM or Scottish BBC or STV news bulletins.

    No wonder so many Scots are ignorant of what the SNP is doing.

  115. Col.Blimp IV says:


    “I don’t do the Scottish ones as I can only find a PDF that doesn’t have the numbers in a format that is easy to work with.”

    This might help :

    Click –

    click – Data & Charts Exel

    click – Fig. 6 Excess Deaths…

  116. Haagsehighlander says:

    K1 @ 12.04
    Thats a YES, from me.

  117. Daisy Walker says:

    A question.

    Does the SNP in its current form and with its current leader have a deep divide among a significant chunk of support with regards its perceived credibility for working to achieve Independence?

    Or, to put it more succinctly – do a large chunk of its voters no longer believe in them?

    If you think the answer to the above is yes, and you are someone who still believes in Nicola and co – how will you address this issue.

    I seriously doubt shouting, ‘just one more mandate, just one more, that’ll do it,’ or ‘trust Nicola, she’s very clever, she must have a plan that she can’t be expected to share with us plebs’ is going to cut it anymore.

    So, for those who still believe the SNP is the only vehicle towards Indy, and it has not been compromised, in what way are you going to address this very serious haemorrhaging of support.

    And, if you have some constructive ideas to address this, well done, it would not surprise me. Does it concern you that these ideas are coming from yourselves and the senior management appear not interested and are not pushing these initiatives (or the urgent need for them) themselves?

  118. cirsium says:


    Very well said

  119. Capella says:

    @ Dorothy Devine – I don’t know where you’re getting evidence for the very serious haemorrhaging of support. A recent Yougov poll puts the SNP on c 53% for Holyrood which would give them an outright majority with c 6 list seats. That’s an increase of 8%. Nicola Sturgeon is also riding high in the popular leader polls too. See Scot Goes Pop for poll results.

    I think the average voter is quite oblivious to the internal wranglings and criticisms that are aired on these pages. Nor do they suscribe to the conspiracy theories about Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP being anti-independence. Most ordinary voters would regard that as ludicrous IMO.

    The views expressed by some commenteers here, and by Stu and Craig Murray, are a minority opinion. But no doubt the MSM will amplify every split and criticism come an independence campaign.

    As an SNP member I intend to respond to the Hate Crime Bill and let the Justice Committee know how angry I am about this utter waste of time and energy. I will attend my next Branch meeting whenever that may be. I will continue to contribute to the various fundraisers for independence campaigns and for legal challenges by our leading campaigners.

    Meantime, we are in the middle of a nasty pandemic which is piling up evidence every day of the sheer incompetence of the UK government and the need to take charge of our own affairs. It really is futile to demand that the SNP launch a campaign at this time. Simply recording the data is enough.

    People seem to have forgotten that it was only in February – 2 months ago – that the Referendum Bill went through Holyrood and got Royal Assent, that the Electoral Commission was asked to test the referendum question and that a referendum in September was scheduled with a campaign starting after the Alex Salmond trial, probably coinciding with the Declaration of Arboath celebrations.

    Obviously that timetable has been disrupted temporarily. Keep on keeping on. 🙂

  120. starlaw says:

    Daisy Walker 3-33
    The support seems to be haemorrhaging up the way, wonder what she’s doing right ?

  121. Dorothy Devine says:

    Capella , I think your reply is intended for another!

  122. callmedave says:

    Exclusive: ‘Wobbly’ tracing app ‘failed’ clinical safety and cyber security tests

    BBC have figures for all 4-UK countries as follows.

    Scotland ………..44………Total…..1620
    N. Ireland…….today…..16………Total……404
    England……….today…*366………Total…*21750 *Hospitals

    You can see that there is a widening gap in the totals which will be deaths reported ‘out of hospital’ settings.

    Out of hospital death s will be added later.
    Already >30000 deaths reported in many MSM sources (not official)

  123. Pete says:

    80000 uk deaths in Asian flu of 1968/69.
    Puts it into perspective.

  124. CameronB Brodie says:

    You are unfortunately correct, my respect for the rule-of-law does appear to be a minority position within Scottish political parties, and the Scottish government.

  125. CameronB Brodie says:

    You need to expand your capacity for practical reason. That’s putting it mildly. Please at least try to keep up. 😉

    Critical Realism, Environmental Learning and Social-Ecological Change

  126. Capella says:

    @ Dorothy Devine – I do apologise! I did, of course, mean
    @ Daisy Walker. Sorry. 🙁

  127. Willie says:

    The SNP can get as many electoral mandates as they want but at the end of the day they just squander them.

    They had no right to concede on Scotland being taken out of the EU. They were not elected to protect England. They had no mandate. The mandate of Scotland was a 62% vote to stay in the EU.

    Likewise they have no right to disregard Scotland’s right of sovereignty.

    Bought and sold for English gold is as true today as it was all those years ago.

    And that is why they have to destroy Salmond, oppose Cherry, pursue Murray, and organisers of the wider Yes / AUOB

  128. Capella says:

    @ CBB – it’s who makes the law that counts. Do you respect bad law? Me neither.

    The Hate Crime Bill will be stupendously bad law. But it is not alone. I regard Labour’s 2004 GRA as also extremely bad law. It enshrines a scientific shibboleth in law. It is not possible to change sex, for a man to become a woman. It is impossible to contain the contradictions, as many in the House of Lords pointed out at the time.

    It appears that the current Hate Crime Bill retains elements of a previous crime bill from 2009 which is where Transgender identity was given protection from hate (but not sex). So the Scottish Government seeks to supersede one bad law with an even worse one.

    The main beneficiaries will be the Transgender activists seeking to get the GRA reform through Holyrood. If the Hate Crime Bill passes, it will become a criminal offence to say what I just said two paragraphs ago. The offence carries a seven year sentence.

  129. All we want is the basic laws of humanity Freedom but we are denied it by a country who claims to champion it and by msps who claimed to champion it but are now silent but I will quote something that I made up in 2014 sometimes late at night when I think of Scotland’s plight I shed a silent tear but come the dawn the fight goes on we will beat them yit nae fear STAND FAST

  130. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Don’t you think it strange that on the day the UKs Covid-19 fatality numbers are officially the worst in Europe we get the following from Union Jack, Westminsters Colonial Governor of Scotland:

    “….. where differences have been more substantial, the Scottish Government have not made good decisions. Using Scotland’s share of extra UK Government funding for business support, they created a system that put many firms at a huge disadvantage compared with south of the border. Even now – after a U-turn forced by an outcry among businesspeople – levels of support for the hard-hit retail, hospitality and leisure sector falls well short of what’s on offer in England. The Scottish Government has also failed to justify their decision to shut down all building sites apart from hospitals.”

    Usual BritNat Propaganda in defence of ‘The Precious’.

    1. Claim “Scotland shite ‘cos EssEnnPeeBaaad” without evidence or right to reply

    2. Distract from Westminster mismanagement (actively and by omission)

    3. Rinse and repeat by/in BBC/MSM, BritNat NonDom owned Press, Online Bots/77th Brigade/Useful morons with 1690 in their names etc!

  131. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    It isn’t strange!

  132. CameronB Brodie says:

    No I don’t but the SNP do, apparently. So they are harming the fabric of international human rights law. That’s what you get from expecting too much from solicitors, I suppose. 😉

    Normative Foundations of Global Health Law

  133. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Just 300 passengers who arrived in UK from coronavirus hotspots quarantined out of 18 million, new figures show”

    And yet we are all socially isolating (basically under house arrest but having committed no crime!)

  134. Stuart MacKay says:


    I can’t wait to see if ridiculing the bearded ladies will be considered a hate crime.

    What’s happens to fair comment and satire? Are they to be classed as hate crimes also?

  135. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Stuart Mackay –

    ‘…ridiculing the bearded ladies will be considered a hate crime…’

    If Spike Milligan was still alive he’d by Public Enemy Number 1.

    But it wouldn’t stop him laughing at it all.


  136. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘be’ public enemy…



  137. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    I’m a terrible influence. 😉

  138. CameronB Brodie says:

    I must try harder to do better. 🙂

    Human Rights, International Economic Law and
    ‘ Constitutional Justice ’

  139. Capella says:

    @ Stuart MacKay – yes. A hate crime will be whatever people in the protected category deem to be a hate crime. There are women in England currently being prosecuted for putting up a poster saying “Woman = adult human female”. English police are hounding people for hate incidents. For example “misgendering” a man with a beard by calling him “him” when it should be obvious that he is a she.

    Billy Connolly would be in chokey for 7 years for most of his material. “Insulting” people will be a crime. Who decides what is insulting? The protected species.

    You will be relieved to know that biological women won’t be protected. You can insult and threaten us as much as you like.:)

  140. dakk says:

    There’s big raf airbus prop from Brize Norton circling around Glasgow just now.

    Really weird.

  141. callmedave says:

    Well that WM briefing went well FGS!

    All unraveling now big time…. too little too late.

    Testing was stopped after 2 weeks as there were not enough tests or personnel to do it, nothing to do with scientific advice.

    Not enough stocks of PPE even though they knew about it in December /early January.

    Lots of gwaffs all glossed over with a light WM touch and the one with UK the worst in Europe ‘might be dodgy’ says the medical woman so don’t read too much into it. 🙁 Really!

    Boris absent once more and Prof Chris Whitty CMO (who claimed 20,000 deaths would be a good result) withdrawn from public gaze as the stand ins take the uncomfortable heat at the update in true Tory style.

    Shambles…. a bit like my efforts below. 🙁

    I was listening to it through open doors as I was under the urinal replacing another dreaded toilet seat, she wanted a self closing lid model. 🙁

    As usual the fixings were nuts on bolts all rusted up etc etc and hardly any room to get in a spanner except at an ackward angle.

    Thank goodness for WD-40 and a 12mm goose neck ring spanner it was a dirty job but someone had to do it! 🙂


    She gave it a full inspection before I got the nod of approval.

  142. jfngw says:

    @Pete @4.13

    You need to add some context, over what period are these 1968 deaths, were they all within a 6 week period, this is the period of what is actually over 40,000 in the UK. Was there a lockdown and a prediction of over 500,00 deaths in 1968, obviously not.

    You are not comparing anything similar here. Unless you don’t believe the 500,000+ prediction, but there is no way to prove that except to let it happen.

    If the virus continues at the same rate, flatlines at the current levels and no increase in death rate, then that still has almost 300,000 dead in a one year period.

  143. Capella says:

    @ callmedave – sterling work on the plumbing. I too heard the Westminster briefing on R4 pm. Even Evan Davies couldn’t stand it and tuned out. Woeful.

    And if that didn’t make you puke, see this jingoistic video put out today. I cant believe this isn’t a spoof, “Our Finest Hours” Are they?

  144. Fireproofjim says:

    No comments for four hours – testing

  145. Fireproofjim says:

    All OK

  146. jfngw says:

    ‘Look ma’am we’re top of the world’, Boris Johnson delivers his latest ‘White Heat’ weekly audience with the Queen corona virus summary.

  147. dakk says:

    3 times this big beast has circled round.

    Strange times.

  148. Daisy Walker says:

    Capella, you make a fair point and I sincerely hope that when meetings are allowed again, you get to put your point across at Branch level, and it makes a difference.

    Many had hopes of expressing their disappointment at NS’s speech on 31/1/20 at the annual Spring Conference, only for it to be postponed to June, and moved to Aviemore, and finally cancelled due to Corona.

    The decision to postpone to June was taken in December time, if memory serves.

    I fully support those who stay with the SNP and try to keep them on track.

    For me, however, I see a real need for a second Indy party to keep them honest and ensure all our eggs are not in one basket.

    I do not look forward to post Brexit, post Covid, post 2021 election with the current SNP in power, lockstep with WM…. 5 years out of Europe, with an SNP party failing to ensure our democratically, Sovereignly expressed will is protected (EU election), and the terms of the Treaty of Union are unilaterally ripped up under an England First directive, with Ian Blackford bellowing out time and again, ‘the people of Scotland will not be…’

    At the moment they can justifiably say, ‘we are the only party that can mitigate the worst of the WM tory governments’.

    Its not exactly fire in the belly stuff.

    Kind regards

  149. CameronB Brodie says:

    I see the BBC are pumping our jingoistic nostalgia in support of right-wing populism. There can be no doubt now that Brexitania is heading for failed state status. Just like there partners in the Anglo-American pact.

  150. Capella says:

    Oops – that didn’t link to the video – I’d hate you all to miss it. Our Finest Hours

  151. Confused says:

    – its obviously spraying us with the virus, having stolen all our PPE for use in flatland
    – then it had a missile exchange with a ryanair
    – now its just completed a bombing run of the west end
    he might be trying to draw something

  152. CameronB Brodie says:

    “Their” ffs. 🙂

    The SNP need to sharpen up on their appreciation of the law, or else HMG civil service will continue to rip the piss out of them.

    Public Health Law as Administrative Law: Example

  153. jfngw says:

    You can always find an amusing tweet that isn’t as ridiculous as you first thought.

    ‘What we need is an app that tracks where Boris Johnson is hiding during this crisis !’

  154. CameronB Brodie says:

    And whoever the SNP’s legal advisors are, they are seriously ripping the piss out of the SNP.

    Global constitutionalism, applied to global
    health governance: uncovering legitimacy
    deficits and suggesting remedies

  155. CameronB Brodie says:

    Oops, I’d already posted that.

    Neither Brexit or the proposed GRA reforms, or the Hate Crime bill, can be considered “proportionate”. So they are bad proposals, as they undermine the potential for justice.

    Constitutional Justice and the Principle of Proportionality

  156. Capella says:

    @ Daisy Walker – I am still hanging on as a member – just. As for keeping them on track, not really succeeding. The members aren’t driving many of these policies. A small cabal of civil servants and lobby groups are the real drivers. IMO unionist plants. Maybe one or two MSPs or Ministers come into that category.

    I’m hoping Alex Salmond can flush them out. But they are very well connected. The MSM and the CPS appear to be involved. Dani Garavelli has doubled down with her scurrilous Scotsman article attacking Alex Salmond supporters, Craig Murray and Kenny McAskill.

    Hubris will likely get them in the end. But the ball is in the other court atm.

    New balls please.

  157. Sandy says:

    Border control UK responsibility?

    Should the English (EVEL) government decide to lift the lockdown in England, shouldn’t Nicola be entitled to close the border. She is, after all, responsible for the welfare & health of her country’s population. What other means will she have to prevent the influx of fleeing masses from the death-watch English region?

  158. dakk says:

    @ Confused said
    – its obviously spraying us with the virus,

    Ah, that’s a relief, it’s just a wee winter chill anyroads.

    Thought maybe they were looking for aliens after nasa released that footage of UFOs last week.

  159. mike cassidy says:

    The Pandemic has now reached the bread counter.

  160. Effijy says:

    For Alistair I’m all right Jack.

    Go fuck your self with we are all in it together crap.

    Your Tory MSPs and MP travelled during lockdown but
    Only the best qualified medical epidemic Officer is forced to resign?

    When our nurses and doctors needed test your grovelling wee creep
    If a colleague Gove gives priority to his daughter over them.

    There was no shortage of PPE for idiot Bojo when he had a team of doctors
    Looking after him.

    That’s Bojo that stated he hates Scots by the way.

    Do nothing in step with an England that has produced the worst Covid Death figures
    Outside of the US.

    Scots have never given the Tories a majority in 70 years and they will never
    Accept your fascism for our Sovereign Nation.

    Scots buy for from England than we sell to you and that’s by England’s design to hold us back.
    When we send you packing we won’t be taking your oil, your Whisky exports or your fishing waters.

    We will be trading in the worlds biggest market called the EU.

  161. Sensibledave says:

    Dakk 6.17

    It’s no mystery Dakk.

    It’s a conspiracy theory detector aircraft.

  162. Great Brutish Empire overtakes Italy as worst-hit country in Europe,

    — Another 693 patients have died, bringing UK’s total death toll to 29,427
    — Italy’s death toll currently stands at 29,315.

    what an absolute second rate shambles the Conservative and Unionist UK Government have made of this

    Johnson,Gove,Hancock,Raab,Patel,Mogg,BBC/MSM,supposed experts and their boss Cummings should all be ashamed at their performance during this crisis.

  163. Confused says:

    I kept thinking about the F18 pilot who did a naughty drawing in the sky

    – the police helo seemed to follow him for a bit – what if he can’t get the wheels down? That A400 is a fatty, doing a belly flop no fun.

  164. Stuart MacKay says:

    29502 FFS

    Britain wins again. Once more, good old Blighty shows that we can do things, quicker, cheaper and more thoroughly than Johnny Foreigner.



  165. mike cassidy says:

    Scientists say a now-dominant strain of the coronavirus appears to be more contagious than original

  166. CameronB Brodie says:

    Brexitania is certainly not a social democracy, and it is only those who align with British constitutionalism who are keeping it in existence.

    Introducing Global Health Law

  167. Sensibledave says:

    Effijy 7.10

    Hmmm .. was that your attempt at an intelligent, balanced and non partisan summary??

  168. CameronB Brodie says:

    Given the SNP’s blindness to international law and ethical jurisprudence (see Brexit and GRA), it is clear the SNP are being given bad legal advice. So I hope they sort their shit out before BoJo lets covid rip through England.

    Responding to the justice and rights implications of the COVID-19 pandemic

  169. Tinto Chiel says:

    @jfngw 6.34: just in case the Young ‘Uns didn’t get the reference wot you done mention…..

  170. CameronB Brodie says:

    OK, as I’ve suggested, the SNP’s tolerance of trans-activism makes them incapable of respecting public health ethics, and places them in political opposition to the World Health Organisation. And we hope the SNP will lead Scotland to constitutional justice, when they are clearly incapacitated by limited legal awareness?

    I just want someone who understands justice to have some input into Scotland’s governance.

    The Normative Authority of the World Health Organization

  171. CameronB Brodie says:

    So would the FM please improve her legal understanding, or get out of the way?

    UPDATE: Research Guide on Global Health Law

  172. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Capella, well done for hanging in and doing your best.

    I am a firm believer that no go deed goes unwanted, it lays the groundwork for tomorrow so to speak.

    There are many in the SNP who I trust and admire, but not the current leadership. And that is the crux for me.

    Re the reporter Dani whatshername… Craig Murray wrote a very good exposure of a list of churnalists with connections to NeoCon backers and she was on it…

    But also, and I’m surprised more people haven’t seen/commented on it was Kirsty Hughes of the ‘lets all stay in Europe think tank’ which appeared overnight, with no apparent funding challenges.

    Kirsty was very big on, Scotland needs to help England stay in Europe, and comes across as one of those terribly nice and sincere English/British Nationalists – they want the same thing as the nasty ones, they just recognise that if you do it slower and with better PR you’re less likely to get thrown out.

    She is definitely one to watch.

    Kind regards again.

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