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The three non-Yorkshiremen

Posted on September 26, 2015 by


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  1. 26 09 15 10:45

    The three non-Yorkshiremen | Speymouth

189 to “The three non-Yorkshiremen”

  1. Craig says:

    Accurate as always Chris, I am impressed at how you can sum up the whole story in one drawing

    Keep up the guid work

  2. Visitor says:

    Politicising Death – BBC Scotland is now a national disgrace

    GA Ponsonby’s latest article worth a read.

  3. Craig says:

    Oh and I was meant to add, thanks to Rev for posting a link to your fund raising page, I have just purchased the Platinum reward.

    I can’t wait for the art prints that I will receive.

  4. Luigi says:

    When I were a lad, support for independence were barely 5%, and we had two SNP MPs. 🙁

  5. Tackety Beets says:

    Another Beaut , ehh Rubens !

    The DC Porkies have been a great source of entertainment this week.

    Good luck with the Fund raiser , I’ll get something over @ Weekend.

  6. Lollysmum says:

    Another belter Chris & you’ve captured all three perfectly.

    And now for today’s caption of the day ……

    Imagine NS sitting in that group-what would she be saying?

  7. caz-m says:

    England only have those three Muppets to put up with.

    In Scotland we have to suffer the three branch managers of Dugdale, Davidson and Rennie.

    Excellent Chris.

    I agree with what Nigel Farage said at yesterday’s UKIP conference,

    “Leaving the Union will give us our country back and open a door to the world.”

  8. Marcia says:


    When I was young the SNP didn’t have any MP’s just a few councillors. The thought of having a Scottish Parliament was just a dream. We have come so far since the 1950’s.

  9. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Nive on eChris

    The Three Muppeteers..

  10. Chris Cairns says:

    May I take this opportunity to thank everyone on Wings for their support for the crowdfunder – well done guys (you certainly impressed that libertine Moodie with the speed with which you got us over the target line!)
    Of course, as the Rev says above, you can still pre-order using the crowdfunder – that way you get a signed 1st edition and, if you like, some goodies – badges and prints.
    It’s been a privilege to be your house toonsmith and I hope you all like the book when it comes out next month.

  11. ronnie anderson says:

    Eeny meeny manny moe whit wan of thaim is first tae GO.

    Well done Chris, as always Great Toon.

  12. Macart says:

    Neatly done Chris. 🙂

    Three individuals on borrowed time. As for the middle one of the three stooges, the character lead in Hogback Mountain, what can you say? His class of monied, political elite have always been and always acted this way. Always considered themselves beyond the moral, ethical and social behaviours of the rest of society.

    Its been fun having a laugh at this articles expense this week, but damn, its strange what we consider makes a bod unfit for office. This pillock has lied, back stabbed, robbed, oppressed, signed off on military actions against the wishes of parliament. He’s defrauded the Scottish electorate and perpetrated the UKs greatest smash and grab act on a democratic process. He plans to exclude the UKs nation partners from the Westminster parliament’s decision making process using EVEL, yet he allegedly sticks his bits in a dead pig’s mouth and NOW the press have a field day?

    How screwed does a democracy have to be that considering all of the vile things this creature has perpetrated against his own electorate, the meeja rate bothering dead farmyard animals the height of his offences?

  13. Alastair says:

    BBC to make new comedy based on David Cameron – Only Fools and Porkers.
    But will still have the Trotters.

  14. gordoz says:

    Scotsman staff could strike as third of production team face axe ?

    Apart from these 3 guys anybody seriously bothered ?

  15. Paula Rose says:

    I’ve just watched “Artsnight” on the BBC iPlayer – it is excellent and well worth watching. Looking forward to seeing lots of you this evening – having my nails done now.

  16. caz-m says:


    Scottish UKIP fruitcake David Coburn will be speaking at the UKIP Conference shortly on the BBC Parliament channel.

    I wonder what endearing description he will bestow upon our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

  17. john king says:

    Luigi says
    “When I were a lad, support for independence were barely 5%, and we had two SNP MPs. When I were a lad, support for independence were barely 5%, and we had two SNP MPs.”

    You dont your alive some o you people
    In my day you used to have to walk 50 miles through snow int bare feet being stoned all the way by jeering crowds
    and when we arrived we were crucified,

    I wouldn’t have minded but we had to do that every day!

    Now that were REAL hardship!

  18. Al Dossary says:

    And just who exactly is yanking the chains of Cameron ? Perhaps it is a warning to the rest of his party what can happen if they step out of line.

    Or is it a demonstration that project Brainwash the British people has succeeded. The story since breaking has been quickly forgotten by the newspapwrs owned by the billioanaire, tax exile owned newspapers. How fortunate that they do not control the socual media or the alternative media.

    The security services (allegedly) have/had all sorts of dirt on numerous figures in power.

    Saville, Heath et al. Thatcher knew about the indiscretions of many of her cabinet and only today John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) is claiming he was banned from the BBC over his comments about Saville UN 1978.

    Those who do speak out or have the potential to rock the boat very often meet sudden and unexpected deaths.

    Michael Grade at the BBC who just so happened to be the cousin of Lew Grade. Lee Grade by all accounts was notorious for his love of (very) young male actors and controlled the entire show scene in London

    Let’s not forget the young MI6 officer who miraculously zipped himself into a hold all and suffocated in Pimlico.

    The whole London establishment and security services stink to hell.

  19. galamcennalath says:

    Well done, as always.

    Really does highlight the awful state WM is in … and why we need to bu99er off out of it, asap.

  20. ronnie anderson says:

    Blatant plug REV for Wee Ginger Dug.

    Pauls in the middle of Signing & getting Books Posted. I will try & get Copies for the Raffle tonight at Wings Nite out Witherspoons West George St Edinburgh.

  21. Bob Mack says:

    Have I really understood this morning that the great new Socialist Party is giving it’s support to Osborne’s fiscal plans until a surplus is achieved in 2020.?

    Oh dear Jeremy. Your principals did not last very long did they? The people and pjblic that backed him must be tearing their hair out this morning.

  22. sandycraig says:


    Nicola would be thinking like Mrs Brown ” what a bunch o fekn muppets”.

  23. Grouse Beater says:

    With the usual forbearance of Wings – here’s this week’s essay for weekend reading: the global free market system at work:

  24. schrodingers cat says:

    @john king

    when I were a lad, we were glad for the price of a cup of tea….a cup of cold tea, without milk, or sugar or tea… a cracked cup at that,,,,

  25. handclapping says:

    @John King
    Hyperbole, total hyperbole!

    I remember Miss Stewart saying it was only ‘cos you were late and hadn’t done your homework, again.

  26. INDEPENDANT says:

    Chris or anyon!!! What is the e-mail for pre-ordering/purchasing

  27. Albaman says:

    Sorry but I’m going O/T ,
    I’m not sure how to put my anger into words, l will leave that up to others .
    I’ve just read that that were wifie (the Queen) is going , on Monday , to rename what was R.A.F Leuchars, as —————“Waterloo Barracks”!!!! , I hope that wee wifie “thinks very carefully ” on her actions.
    What do think fellow posters?.

  28. caz-m says:

    Ronnie Anderson, 11.58am
    “Wings Nite out, Witherspoons, West George, St Edinburgh.”

    If you are in the Edinburgh area, why not call in for a wee drink and meet some of your fellow Wingers.

    I am assured that you are in for a fantastic night out.

  29. manandboy says:

    Another Chris special. Well done!

  30. DerekM says:

    hehe nice one Chris and so true.

    Well looks like we got rid of two numpties only for the britnats to replace them with even bigger numpties though i have to say i never thought that was possible.

    The tories are jostling for position and Cameron is not strong enough to hold back the hoards and with a rise of leftism sprouting in England and us pesky, thorn in the side of all things tory neo liberal, Scots ,and the rumours if true or not have stuck he can only resign.

    No chance of him seeing out this term as PM he is a lame duck PM and we arnt even in 2016 yet.

    What a shower of backstabbing treacherous lowlifes this westminster is, the sooner we are out the better.

  31. gus1940 says:

    Re this week’s threat of an army mutiny there was a similar situation in the 70s during the strike-ridden Wilson/Callaghan era with a far right organisation led by a General Walker threatening a coup.

  32. caz-m says:

    Bob Mack 12.13pm
    “Oh dear Jeremy. Your principals did not last very long did they? The people and public that backed him must be tearing their hair out this morning.”

    Totally agree with you Bob. This Labour Party Conference is going to be interesting.

    I can see, in the not too distant future, hundreds of thousands of new Labour Party members screaming for their £3 membership fee back.

    It was all a total con.

    New Labour will prevail.

  33. Bob Mack says:

    Brilliant as usual Chris. My good lady has also informed me she has purchased the Gold package as part of my Xmas.
    Well chuffed.

  34. heedtracker says:

    Have they just emptied the bar snacks bowl of

    2 pints of lager and a packet of smokey bacon crisps please, will never be the same again. Have one yourself barman.

  35. heedtracker says:

    There is real UKOK meeja comedy out there, apart from Hootsman charmers getting the chop.

    Wonder who’s been completely left out of rancid The Guardian’s women and politics thing, covers women and politics around the world too?

  36. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

    @ John King, Schrodingers Cat, and all the other moany ‘Yorkshiremen’ out there…
    Well, I heard that when she was a wee girl, Nicola had to get up half an hour before she went to her bed, work 25 hours a day, then go home to a bowl of gravel for dinner. So parties? Ha, luxury!!

    (Looking forward to the trip to Edinburgh later 🙂 )

  37. yesindyref2 says:

    The Chris Cairns fundraiser still goes up above its target of £7,500, and it would be interesting to see more detailed proposals re numbers of hardcopies and paperbacks being planned. Fund currently at £8,740.

    Cartoons are an easy thing for people to buy, the annuals used to be traditional gifts around Christmas, no idea if they still are! I wonder if there are any plans to get Chris’s paperbacks in the booksellers, even the chains like Menzies (who are also newspaper distributors) around Scotland, in time for Christmas? It’s a way of getting the different take on Indy news, out there, where it counts.

  38. dakk says:

    Schrodingers cat

    ‘Wnen I were a lad we were glad of the price of a cup of tea’

    Spoiled brat.

    I know of one man who as a child slept in a drawer,ended up glue sniffing as an adolescent,and being pelted with egg(s) by Nazis as an adult.

    Where is he now,poor soul ?

  39. Doug Morrison says:

    #Lollysmum: how about this?

    NS: “My party’s outside: I couldn’t get them all in here.”

  40. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Derek M Whits wie th Duck

    (No chance of him seeing out this term as PM he is a lame duck PM and we arnt even in 2016 yet.).

    Dont you mean Trotter, sorted that fur ye, nae need tae thank me Am ah Proud Pedant, BrianDTT gave me the Badge lol.

  41. yesindyref2 says:

    There’s an article by Mhairi Black in the National comparing the media biasing against Corbyn to what it did (and still does) against YES.

    It got me thinking and checking, after the Herald’s slant against Corbyn’s popularity this week. So compare the IPSPS MORI reasonably put description of the results of its poll, with the already slanted Reuters article, and then it progresses in even more slant to the Herald article.

  42. ronnie anderson says:

    @ dakk Chest ah minit there ah hud ah drawer long before Smurph mine wiz a four drawer Chester. But when ah growed up ah didna indulge in they ither things (sniffin oonything).

    So U now know of twa people who hud ah drawer as ah Cot, but ah think Smurphs misstook he meant Caught Oot ( differant speilin).

  43. yesindyref2 says:

    @Lollysmum (NS caption)
    “You call that a Party? THIS is a Party!”

  44. Davy says:

    What’s the difference between Cristiano Ronaldo and David Cameron ? well Ronaldo ‘hogs the ball’ and Cameron ‘balls t&& &&g’.

  45. ahundredthidiot says:

    Other than an independent Scotland, I’d like……

    ……..TV commentators to shut the fuck up when the ref is talking to his assistant ref/tmo

    Scott Hastings…….almost as thick as is brother

  46. Brian Powell says:


    Wasn’t it Prince Rupert and the Prussian calvary coming in toward the end of Waterloo who swung the battle to a victory for the Allies? They were going to lose otherwise.

  47. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes, commentary is rubbish, there was some guy gibbering on there about total garbage while the game was going on. I’d like the option to watch the match and totally switch off the stupid idiots who witter meaningless rubbish about their childhood or something (for all the sense it makes).

  48. Lollysmum says:

    Indy Live broadcasting live from Catalonia now

  49. Bill McLean says:

    Brian Powell – it was Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshall) Blucher who brought the Prussian army to Waterloo and rescued the situation for the Britishl.
    PS don’t tell them – they think like the 2nd World War that they won it on their own. Remember “England stood alone”!
    Apologies to you and Albaman for intervening but I’m just a sill old history buff in the mould of the great Robert Peffers but not as knowledgeable.

  50. Robert Peffers says:

    @yesindyref2 says: 26 September, 2015 at 2:28 pm:

    “You call that a Party? THIS is a Party!”

    Ye missed oot a bit, “I would have asked them along – but we haven’t stopped counting them yet”.

  51. Brian Powell says:

    Bill McLean

    Thanks for that, don’t know where I remembered Prince Rupert from! Guess I should remember my own advice, if in doubt check.

  52. EddieMunster says:


    Oh to have tea in a cracked cup!

    Luxury, pure luxury!

    You kids nowadays don’t know how bad we had it.

  53. Bill McLean says:

    Brian Powell – Prince Rupert of the Rhine led royalist cavalry in the English Civil War – your memory’s not so bad.

  54. asklair says:

    Dam, I clicked on the fund raising link, I always promised my self the book if it ever came out, and it has, YES. Early winter solstice present.

  55. Albaman says:

    Brain Powell,
    That may be true, but what gets my ” goat”, is the way the M.O.D., aided and abetted by Westminster and Whitehall no doubt, completely disregard the feelings, opinion, or how we Scots may view such a naming.
    They may as well be done with it and call the “new” barracks, “The Duke of Cumberland Barracks”,
    After all, since his murderest intervention in the 1745’s, Westminster, and it’s M.O.D. have been rubbing our noises into the dirt ever since, (lest we forget)!.

  56. msean says:

    So three leaders from the four largest parties.Labour,torie and the lostdems. Very funny though 🙂

  57. Gary45% says:

    Nice one Chris, another classic.
    The Rembrandt of the cartoon world,
    they say a picture paints a thousand words, your cartoons paint a novel each time.

    As for the Hootsmon laying off staff, its quite sad when people lose their jobs, but if you peddle shit it will come back and bite you.
    They had their chance, I shed no tears.

  58. Chic McGregor says:

    Compo, Cyril and Cleggy in ‘Last of the Summer Whine’

  59. yesindyref2 says:

    I think the name “Waterloo Barracks” reflects the history of the Royal Scots Dragoons who captured the flag at Waterloo. So though perhaps a little insensitive, it’s probably legitimate army naming. There was also a Waterloo Barracks in London, no idea if it was theirs ar one time.

  60. Ken Clark says:

    I read that Wellington wasn’t too pleased when he saw the properly scaled museum model showing the climax of the battle at Waterloo.

    He saw clearly the impact the arrival of Blucher’s forces had, and insisted that many of the Prussian figures were removed, diminishing their presence to bit part players.

    I mean no disrespect to the British forces who stood up to Napeleon’s Grande Armee, but Blucher turned his forces around after a damaging defeat, force marched them to support Wellington, and deserves better treatment by the egotistical British establishment.

    As for Leuchars, is anyone surprised?

  61. yesindyref2 says:

    To be precise it was the The Royal Scots Greys who captured the flag, they were amalgamated into the RSD.

  62. Ken Clark says:

    I read that Wellington wasn’t too pleased when he saw the properly scaled museum model showing the climax of the battle at Waterloo.

    He saw clearly the impact the arrival of Blucher’s forces had, and insisted that many of the Prussian figures were removed, diminishing their presence to bit part players. !

    I mean no disrespect to the British forces who stood up to Napeleon’s Grande Armee, but Blucher turned his forces around after a damaging defeat, force marched them to support Wellington, and deserves better treatment by the egotistical British establishment.

    As for Leuchars, is anyone surprised?

  63. louis.b.argyll says:

    I remember when all this was factories…

  64. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Yesindyref2, Sergeant Ewart of the Royal Scots Greys, captured the standard, but its not a flag. It was a golden eagle which was subsequently used as their capbadge. And it is now the capbadge of the amalgamated regiment Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (RSDG)

  65. thomaspotter2014 says:

    louis.b.argyll @6.43

    I remember when the Labour Party weren’t a complete stooge of closet tories doing the bidding of their Grand Coalition buddies and telling the plebs that they’ll follow George Osbourne’s lead FFS.

    How long are we going to put up with the disgrace that is Westminster Establishment Rule.

    The situation now is beyond acceptable.

    No taxation without representation -are you fucking kidding me?

    Does that apply to Scottish tax paying for HS2?

    Trident-you uppity jocks are getting Trident stuck up your arse-
    it’s already decided so suck it up?

    This needs to end very soon.

    Independence or subjugation?


  66. john king says:

    Ken Clarke says
    “I mean no disrespect to the British forces who stood up to Napeleon’s Grande Armee, but Blucher turned his forces around after a damaging defeat, force marched them to support Wellington, and deserves better treatment by the egotistical British establishment.”

    Oh cumon noo, a statue o Blucher at the end o princes street at North bridge?

    Folk’d Awe be gaun WHO?

  67. john king says:

    louis.b.argyll says:

    I remember when all this was factories…

    nothing! 🙁

  68. Alan Mackintosh says:

    And the regiment stationed at Leuchars is RSDG, so actually an appropriate name for it, as it is no longer an RAF base.

  69. Brian Powell says:

    Leuchars, renaming the Southern General; desperate papering over the cracks of the wee UK empire. Of course they need a garrison in case the Jockistanis get uppity.

  70. john king says:


    I would like to see this, post an independence vote with that bloody statue

  71. john king says:

    thomasspotter2014 says
    “This needs to end very soon.”

    Eh…I agree.

  72. yesindyref2 says:

    @Alan Mackintosh
    Yes, it is an appropriate name for the barracks, but not for the base as a whole – that should remain Leuchars not just for its own sake, but for the airmen who were in the front line of the aerial “battle” of the Cold War!

    Yes, standard not flag, sorry.

  73. john king says:

    “that should remain Leuchars not just for its own sake, but for the airmen who were in the front line of the aerial “battle” of the Cold War!”

    It also had a leading part in the defence of Britain during the 2nd world war,
    lest we forget!

  74. Tam Jardine says:

    Amazing times we live in friends. Watching, from a safe distance as the 2 towers, that so dominated the landscape for ever, an enormous toxic, empty hulk that has caused so much harm and has outlived it’s use finally all comes crashing down.

    But enough about Westminster – wasn’t it exciting seeing Cockenzie demolished the day!

    En route to the Bell x

  75. mealer says:

    Here’s wishing all the best to the people of Catalonia for tomorrow.

  76. john king says:

    If Biggin hill had become an army base would they have changed its name?

  77. caz-m says:

    I cancelled my membership of the GMB Union because they stood against Scotland becoming an Independent country.

    Since then, their leader Paul Kenny has been Knighted and is now known as SIR Paul Kenny. (I always thought that Unions were all about equality).

    But I now see that he will be voting for Trident renewal at the Labour Party Conference and the £100Billion pound price tag that goes with it.

    I suppose he has to vote for Trident renewal, otherwise how could he ever look his fellow troughers/Lords in the eye ever again.

    The reasons for wanting to get out of this Union grow stronger by the day.

  78. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Somebody told me today that the Scottish Tories have said they are going to drive any independence supporter out of the Tory party.
    Has anybody heard this?
    Would be good news indeed. Would make the battle ahead very simple – Scotland against the Tories

  79. john king says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says
    “Somebody told me today that the Scottish Tories have said they are going to drive any independence supporter out of the Tory party.
    Has anybody heard this?”

    like this you mean? 🙂

  80. galamcennalath says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill

    “THE Scottish Conservatives have confirmed that any member who voices support for Scottish independence will be asked to surrender their party membership.”

    It will be particularly useful is Lab and LibDems are genuine in their suggestion that they will be officially neutral, allow members to support both sides. Though, I’ll believe that when I see it!

  81. Cal says:

    Go for it Catalonia!

  82. galamcennalath says:

    Cal says:
    “Go for it Catalonia!”

    I know! Looks like the pro-Indy parties will get a majority of seats. To be have a strong case, they need over 50% of the votes and from what I see it will be close with that.

    It must scare WM because if Catalonia achieves independence it will set all sorts of international and European prededents which WM won’t welcome!

  83. Ken Clark says:

    @John King. No e in Clark you naughty man. I love my beer, but I don’t wear Hush Puppies.

    The Iron Duke, by Aberdonian Sir John Steele, in bronze, is part of Edinburgh folklore, but I would love to see a statue of the stubborn bugger Blucher anywhere in Edinburgh.

    I believe he lay under his dead horse for hours after the battle of Ligny, but reinforced by bathing his wounds in brandy, he rallied his troops in good order to make a decisiveness impact at Waterloo.

  84. galamcennalath says:


    An interesting Irish Times perspective on Catalonia. The author puts much of the blame for the current situation on the arrogance and insensitivity of Madrid. A lot of parallels with our situation.

  85. scotspine says:

    @ Galamcennalath

    I will laugh like a drain when Catalonia votes for Independence and The EU allows them in as a member state.

  86. Ken Clark says:

    @John King. No e in Clark you naughty man. I love my beer, but I don’t wear Hush Puppies.

    The Iron Duke, by Aberdonian Sir John Steele, in bronze, is part of Edinburgh folklore, but I would love to see a statue of the stubborn bugger Blucher anywhere in Edinburgh.

    I believe he lay under his dead horse for hours after the battle of Ligny, but reinforced by bathing his wounds in brandy, he rallied his troops in good order to make a decisive impact at Waterloo.

    He was nicknamed ‘Marshal Forward’ by his men, as flawed a character as you could find anywhere, but I wish we could find a Scottish granny somewhere. 😉

  87. john king says:

    “@John King. No e in Clark you naughty man. I love my beer, but I don’t wear Hush Puppies.”

    Freudian slip

    your right though a more honest country would have given more credit to Blucher,
    same at it ever was. 🙁

  88. galamcennalath says:

    Waterloo…. From Wikipedia

    The Allies:

    Prussia: 50,000
    United Kingdom: 25,000
    Netherlands: 17,000
    Hanover: 11,000
    King’s German Legion 6,000
    Brunswick: 6,000
    Nassau: 3,000

    … enough said!

  89. Ken Clark says:

    @John King. When Clarke was Health Secretary my doctor wouldn’t speak to me. When Clarke became Chancellor, no one would.

    Enjoy your posts and links. They cheer, even on the darkest days. 😀

  90. john king says:

    Thanks for that Ken.

  91. msean says:

    Yes Catalonia. Don’t listen to the ‘canny dae it’ mob. You should know that they are copying the Westminster campaign,be positive.

  92. john king says:

    Wales in front

  93. john king says:

    Oh Jings…
    wales won! 🙂

  94. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Wales win.


  95. john king says:

    English commentator (Wales v England)
    “Its the biggest win EVER against the old enemy!”
    I thought WE were the auld enemy?
    have they been cheating on us?
    I feel durty!

  96. Famous15 says:

    “England are clearly the better team”. Says Johnny… Ooops?

  97. cearc says:

    Well done Wales!

  98. heraldnomore says:

    And now back to the studio where three Englishmen will talk amongst themselves whilst a token taf listens. It’ just like watching BBC.

  99. Polscot says:

    O/T – loved the comment from the Daily Heil report of the Ingerland v Wales game underneath a pic of Wills, Kate and Harry together at the rugger:

    piedujour, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2 minutes ago
    Slap, knickerless and half brother on a freebie no new news there. Half brother a total merchant standing with arms folded during Welsh anthem….if anybody done that during The Dirge aka God Save Granny Snake Eyes he would have gone and told daddy……whoever he is.

  100. Robert Louis says:

    I see Catalonia is being subjected to the same sh*t we in Scotland were subjected to last year. If they vote for independence, apparently all the banks will leave, and to top it all, the Spanish football league will kick out Barcelona (something which is very hard to believe, considering the revenue earned by both Madrid and the league itself, every time both teams play). Oh and the sky will fall down. Probably.

    Just as with Scotland, nobody is arguing why Catalonia should stay tied to Spain, so we can only assume ,that just as with Scotland, there are no benefits of the union. Project FEAR! Spanish style.

    Catalonia, just look at how Scotland has been betrayed since voting NO, and just cast your votes to make Catalonia independent again.

    Oh, and very well done Wales, beating England. Wales put up a helluva fight. Happy times. 🙂

  101. caz-m says:

    That was some game of rugby.

    Well done Wales.

    If England don’t beat Australia next week then they go out of the tournament.

    C,mon Australia!

  102. Robert Peffers says:

    @john king says: 26 September, 2015 at 9:53 pm:

    “Oh Jings… wales won!

    Indeed they did, John, and came from the back to do it.

    Then STV put on their self-ad with a wee snatch of Flower of Scotland. I’m no fan of Rugby but I just love to listen the English TV oiks making their summing ups and crying in their beer.

  103. Chic McGregor says:


    Waterloo…. From Wikipedia

    The Allies:

    Prussia: 50,000
    United Kingdom: 25,000
    Netherlands: 17,000
    Hanover: 11,000
    King’s German Legion 6,000
    Brunswick: 6,000
    Nassau: 3,000

    Again we are faced with yet another Brit myth.

    Napoleon’s, like Hitler’s attempt at European domination was doomed to failure by his assault on Russia.

    Although the battle of Borodino was a technical French victory it proved to be Pyrrhic. Things went rapidly downhill for the French after that culminating in the battle of Leipzig, the largest battle in recorded history until then and until WW I, where the the Russian contingent in the army of the 6th coalition was by far the largest. This was by far the battle which ended Napoleon’s attempt at European domination.

    Napoleon was exiled to Elba.

    On his escape and return to France he did garner support but the number of troops he managed to raise was less than half of that which he had commanded in his previous campaign.

    So the ensuing battle of Waterloo was never really any more than a swan song at most. Had, by some miracle, Napoleon won it, the Russians were still ready to administer the final coup de grace.

    Yet in Brit mythos Waterloo is the decisive battle.

  104. Stephen McKenzie says:

    I believe Her Majesty is to make an address to the Commonwealth before the England v Australia takes place next week..

  105. Gary45% says:

    Someone mentioned earlier regarding the title Sir etc.
    I have this theory we all breathe the same air and drip the same colour of blood.

    I am no different from anyone else, therefore I will NEVER bow, give more respect to so called gentry etc.

    I wish the country would realise “they” are no better than the rest of us.

    Brenda, The establishment and your extended parasites F OFF.

    You don’t own me.

  106. Robert Peffers says:

    @Marcia says: 26 September, 2015 at 10:13 pm

    “Sunday Herald front page;

    Thanks, Marcia, that’s a real belter.

  107. kininvie says:

    I take slight issue with you here, Chic. Waterloo was decisive in that the French army effectively disintegrated afterwards, and there was no comeback. A French victory there would not have meant an ultimate win for Napoleon, but probably would have meant a much stronger position in peace negotiations…
    I also think ‘…by some miracle…’ is to underestimate what happened. Napoleon at his best would have won that battle – probably fairly easily. It was his to lose – not Wellington’s to win. And he lost – through his own errors.

  108. yesindyref2 says:

    @Chic McGregor
    Basically speaking Russia did for Napoleon, and then did for Hitler. England, sorry Britain, claimed the credit.

  109. @Robert Louis
    Temor Proyecto in Catalonia,

    Michelle Mone has threatened to move to Catalonia if they get Independence.

  110. bill fraser says:

    The original Three Stoogies were far more entertaining

  111. Chic McGregor says:

    “Basically speaking Russia did for Napoleon, and then did for Hitler. England, sorry Britain, claimed the credit.”

    That is about the size of it.

  112. Gary45% says:

    The cover of the Sunday Herald.
    Fu*k me Dave Vanian has let himself go.
    I can’t work out which one is Captain Sensible, as they are all pretty dim.

    Vote SNP get SNP

  113. caz-m says:

    Polscot 10.05pm

    Re: Prince Harry and who his dad is.

    Princess Di’s Ex lover, Captain James Hewitt, is surely got to be in with a shout.

  114. yesindyref2 says:

    Sunday Herald cover. Is this a spoof or the real thing?

    If it is real, what are they trying to do? Encourage people to vote YES? I don’t think so. Encourage those who liked or had some respect for any of the 5 leaders to say, well yeah, Independence is so cool, the people who support YES are fun and nice people. Errr, no, not with that cover.

    Encourage Dugdale to stick to her guns and declare her party neutral come the next Ref? Really? By “demonising” her?

    The only good thing about it is that it might make some of the senior SNP bods realise that more powers, a better deal for Scotland, and Indy, won’t be done by constantly having a go at Labour, when it might be better for the SNP and Labour to work together against the real demons in the UK, Cameron, Osborne, IDS and those of “that ilk”.

    34% of Labour voters voted YES, and that’s no including those for whom the Labour party left them. Why the fuck antagonise them?

  115. Cadogan Enright says:

    galamcennalath 9pm

    Irish Times despite its name is a traditional unionist paper and would be hostile to Irish unity or Scottish independence

    Prob not too keen on Catalan independence either

  116. Chic McGregor says:

    One hundred years to the day from the death of Keir Hardie.

    Hopefully the current hiatus in Labour’s seeming inexorable shift to the right, however temporary, has allowed him to tone down the rev count I am sure he has been spinning in recent years.

  117. Polscot says:

    caz-m says:

    Re: Prince Harry and who his dad is.

    Princess Di’s Ex lover, Captain James Hewitt, is surely got to be in with a shout.

    That’s not a bad suggestion, but then again, there’s a few other options – whatever happened to bumface Carling?

  118. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    yesindyref2 at 10.56

    You’ve lost me entirely with that comment. The 34% of Labour supporters who voted Yes would mostly seem to be SNP supporters now if polling figures and elections are anything to go by.

    The only thing that seems to have offended them is the useless Labour Party and its procession of useless leaders

  119. yesindyref2 says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill
    It’s from Ashcroft’s poll immediately post-Ref, so yes some of those voters (2010 or 2011) will have not voted Labour last time for the GE 2015. But some will have, and some may next time.

  120. Stoker says:

    A wee tribute to all our Welsh friends

    I was going to make a wee advanced tribute to Australia by playing Advance Australia Fair, written by a Scotsman btw, but i don’t want to be seen as being too good at predicting the outcome of sporting events. It’s an offy burden tae carry!

  121. Papadox says:

    Well done Wales what a show, never give up, hold yer heads up high. Nay luck Engerland mmm!

  122. Capella says:

    Like the cartoon. But I don’t understand the “Three Non Yorkshiremen” title. Sorry to be so dense but can someone explain?

  123. Dave McDave says:

    @capella it’s a take on a Monty Python sketch in which some rich, successful Yorkshiremen regale each other with ridiculous tales of how tough they had it as kids. Each tries to out-do the others.

  124. Grouse Beater says:

    Why the fuck antagonise them?

    Yesterday Scotland’s sworn enemy, today our best friend?

  125. handclapping says:

    There is a famous Monty Python sketch of Yorkshiremen bragging how hard their lives were. These 3 are not Yorkshiremen though like Dave I’m fond of a bit of York ham.

    @Call Me Dave
    You won in tonights raffle; Vol 1 of the collected Yaps of WGD. Will you be @ Julie Ford’s do on Thursday? If so I can pass it on then.

    It was a good night at WoE, great to put faces to names. I missed John King, but then I’ve never been good at darts 😀

  126. yesindyref2 says:

    @Grouse Beater – “Yesterday Scotland’s sworn enemy, today our best friend?”

    That’s politics for you.

    I did say before I was an Independence prostitute 🙂

  127. ronnie anderson says:

    Alexander Graham Bell Pub Edinburgh , Wingers night out. there was a great cry of Pish as I sat down,Paula Rose had given me her seat, (Naw she didnae,she’s a Lady) people missing their mooths & spilling their drinks on the seating, Nae Wingers would make that mistake lol.

    Nice to meet Auld & New faces & those Wingers posted missing were there in spirit.

    Many Thanks to the Wingers who provided prizes for the Raffle, & Thanks to Betty Boop & Jim Thomson for taking charge of the raffle £150 donated to Scottish Kidney Federation ( PeteTC will correct me if I have got the name wrong) .

    Another great night under our belts & next one Invergowrie.

    Another shameless plug for Paul of Wee Ginger Dug fame . Book Launch at YES bar Drury St Glasgow 7pm.

  128. john king says:

    Handclapping says
    “It was a good night at WoE, great to put faces to names. I missed John King, but then I’ve never been good at darts ”

    I couldnt go because its a school night,
    off to work this morning. 🙁

  129. ronnie anderson says:

    Note to self Dont hit the submitt button to the post is completed.

    Wee Ginger Dug Book Launch Yes Bar Mon 28th Sept 7pm Drury St Glasgow.

  130. john king says:

    Capella says
    “Like the cartoon. But I don’t understand the “Three Non Yorkshiremen” title. Sorry to be so dense but can someone explain?”

    this 🙂

  131. john king says:

    Huv you no been tae bed Ronnie?

  132. john king says:

    46% of people in the UK would SUPPORT boots on the ground in Syria!!!

    anyone got a calculator?
    way to go guys slanting the news to suit the agenda!

    Its only a year ago since they declared 55% to 45% a “decisive victory” now apparently 46% seems to be a majority?

    btw had the news on for over half an hour and not a cheep about Catalonia!

    I wonder why?

  133. Capella says:

    @ John King , Handclapping
    Thanks for the explanation. Love that Monty Python clip!

  134. Ken500 says:

    Brilliant as always. Genius. Thanks Chris & Rev Stu. All the best.

  135. john king says:

    Its amazing how easy it is to spot the agenda when you know what your looking for,

    on the BBC about Catalan independence the word “NONSENSE” is highlight and in quotation marks and reading on its attributed to Rahoy, who you would expect would say that, wouldnt he?

  136. Ken500 says:

    In the Referendum 85% voted. 3.6million. In the GE lower turn out. 60%? 3million voters. In GE 16/17 are not allowed to vote. Different.

    In Ref 2Million voted No – 1.6Million voted YES – higher turn out 85% (Included 16/17 year old)

    In GE 1.5 Million voted SNP – 1.5Million voted Unionist – 60%? Turnout. Less eligible electorate. 16/17 not allowed to vote? FPTP

    Holyrood Election PR system. 16/17 allowed to vote? Polls SNP on 60%?

    Ashcroft/other Polls are flawed unreliable. Making £Millions out of Polling. (Deliberately) inaccurate. Bookie’s friend.

    The only way is up.

  137. Louis.b.argyll says:

    Europe is a mess, when there are ideas out there to move us away from this corporate disaster.

    Free thinking is being scorned.

    Ideas are not welcome in the boardrooms and cabinets of our business and political leaders.

    The future is bleak without independent thought.

  138. Ken500 says:

    Compared to the Ref. The GE loses a portion of the voters eligible to vote (in Ref) -16/17 year olds. Otherwise 59 out of 59 SNP MP’s? It would have been a clean sweep. People get more conservative with a small ‘c’ as they get older. They look for perceived security.

    Full fiscal autonomy/Federalsm/Home Rule/Independence is coming. People can smell it. It’s in the air. The only way is up. Scotland was cheated and has been cheated for years in an unequal, corrupt, bankrupt Union.

  139. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Am I alone in thinking, the Master Race losing to an inury-ravaged Welsh XV is surely a significant change.

    We don’t want to be associated with a nation which loses from a winning position – that has long been our divine right.

    Independence now.

    Slightly O/T – as a rugby player, Wales and Lions prop Adam Jones was a wee, fat, cheating bar steward, badly in need of the services of a good barber. But, I did like his post-match tweet: “David Cameron, Wayne Rooney, Gary Barlow, Martin Johnston – your team took a hell of a beating”.

    On a sad note for us Scots, what a pity the game was on ITV rather than EBC, I’d love to have seen Jeremy Guscott’s sour puss and hear his moaning, as he damned Wales with faint praise.

  140. Ken500 says:

    The situation in Europe has been caused by UK/US French foreign policy. The Europeans have to bear the burden.

  141. louis.b.argyll says:

    Yes, was good to see Wales triumph over the English ‘public school’ system.

    If England ‘go out’ early, someone somewhere will get the pigs head treatment.

  142. Famous15 says:

    Cochrane of the Tory Telegraph stumbling and mumbling to Gordon Brewer how he saved “Alistair”
    By not publishing things negative to better together.

    Wee whiny Brewer asking “But is that good journalism?”

    Cocrane replies incoherently. Has he a diction problem or is he pust jissed?

  143. Ken500 says:

    Labour/Unionist supporting Cochrane works for right wing, criminal non-dom tax evaders UKIP supporters who damage the Scottish economy. Cochrane is a liar. Supporting killing and maiming vulnerable, innocent people worldwide.

  144. louis.b.argyll says:

    Indeed Ken 500..

    Europe is bereft of progressive politics, ministers preferring to hide behind the US / military / corporate models.

    All these ‘Rememberences and anniversaries of battles lost or won’ mean nothing in politics.

    As the same ‘leaders’ then go back to their cabinets and prepare the next generations, to accept that WAR is somehow inevitable.

    It is a pathetic time for the human race, embarrassing.

  145. louis.b.argyll says:

    Ok Corbyn..

    If you can’t pass a motion to ban the bomb…

    You could try to at least ‘ban bombing other people’s houses and infrastructure’

    It’s a no brainer, therefore allowing Labour to be just about intelligent enough to grasp.

  146. Ken500 says:

    Europeans are more progressive than UK/US/French politicians. Anti war. The 11WW demolished their countries economy. The majority of European countries (Eurozone) have more successful, better economies than Britain and are wealthier, more equal and happier.

    Criminal Fradge is back. The criminal, embezzler tax evader should be in jail. Protected by Tory Grandees,

  147. Ken500 says:

    Cochane saved Darling? Delusional. They demolished their Party. They destroyed their Party to save themselves. Self interest. Honour among thieves.

    Was David Miliband smiling behind Corbyn being serenaded at Brighton?

  148. louis.b.argyll says:

    That most European countries have better social foundations than little succour, when EU ‘LEADERS’ MISREPRESENT OUR IMAGINED FUTURES.

    Selling out through trade deals is not what we voted for in the EU ELECTIONS.

    What the hell is going on..?

  149. galamcennalath says:

    Ken500 says:
    “Europeans are … more equal and happier.”

    … and that is the most important measure of success. It is where the UK has totally lost the plot over the last 40 years. We are among the most unequal countries in the developed world, almost as bad as the US.

    We can make a better Scotland!

  150. HandandShrimp says:

    Listened to the long form interview with Cochrane on the radio this morning.

    He is an odd bundle of contradictions isn’t he? Zany comedic relief is definitely the right category for him. He is a fervent Unionist but he would like to leave Scotland because he hates living here now.

    A hell of a victory there Mr C.

  151. galamcennalath says:

    Corbyn on Marr. Says he, Dugdale and Labour will oppose independence in IndyRef2. That isn’t what Dugdale has been saying, is it? I thought she was now for a ‘free vote’?

  152. heedtracker says:

    Why is BBC propagandist Sir Brewer interviewing a torygraph propagandist anyway? Is it the first in a groundbreaking new and exciting BBC series on UKOK media hammers of the Scots that’ll run and run for ever. Next week, Nic Robinson’s my struggle, then Jim Naughty, my struggle, then Libby Carrell, my struggle, etc? calling it, “Getting to know your bare faced liars of the UKOK press what won it.”

    Sir Gordon could do national UKOK propagandists then local Bettertogether propagandists, although the Hootsman interviews might be a bit thin. I hear some of them are off to do proper jobs, in the real world.

  153. ronnie anderson says:

    To all our Welsh Friends have a extra Dram on us Slainte.

  154. HandandShrimp says:


    It is a series, he has interviewed Blair Jenkins, Lesley Riddoch and Johann Lamont on the independence campaign. Not sure but that might be it. 2 from each side. Cochrane’s contribution has been the least illuminating and surprisingly light. The interviews with Lesley and Blair were very dense with a lot packed in.

  155. Flower of Scotland says:

    I quite like folk from Yorkshire. These three are definitely not from Yorkshire!

    Great Wingers night in Edinburgh. Nice to have met old friends and made new ones.

    Left before the end of the rugby so had a nice surprise when I heard the news at home. Well done Wales! Some funny “stuff” on Facebook about the result.

    Thanks to BDTT for the badges, to X Sticks for the beautiful bracelets, to Ronnie for the iScot mag. and to Call me Dave for the lift to the park and ride.

  156. Grouse Beater says:

    The fresh face of Labour – “we all for democracy” – has Corbyn telling Marr democracy is not about flags.

    In other words, only a Union Jack counts for anything.

    Another arrogant Englishman intends to civilise Scotland.

  157. Dr Jim says:

    Scottish journalists all agree the attacks in the newspapers on Jeremy Corbyn are nonsensical hilarious rubbish

    But when these same newspapers attack the SNP it’s all true

    The united Labour party is totally disunited on how to unite the parts of the party which aren’t united and so will pursue their default position of confusion on anything thus enabling deniability of everything

    I think it’s called the Jim Murphy solution as practised by Kezia Dugdale (practised, not perfected)

    The truth is out there (somewhere)

  158. Robert Peffers says:

    @caz-m says: 26 September, 2015 at 10:44 pm:

    “Princess Di’s Ex lover, Captain James Hewitt, is surely got to be in with a shout.”

    You are not wrong, caz-m. In fact there are other photos on the web that show the likeness between the two and they leave no doubt whatsoever.

    It is actually hard to tell which photo is Harry and which one Hewitt in some cases if it were not for the captions. The photos of Charles looks like neither of them.

    The compliant press choose photos of the three when they are different ages and from different perspectives and chosen because they look different. Quite obviously they are attempting to prove there is no resemblance but real objective investigation with an open mind show otherwise.

    Photos of Hewitt and Harry, from a similar perspective and when they the subjects were roughly the same age show far too striking a likeness to just be a coincidence.

  159. Ken500 says:

    EU/US Trade deal. Equal playing field. No US trade barriers against EU which will result in increase business and jobs in Europe. Increased prosperity. The EU (pop 500Million) not being ripped off by large Multinationals from other (non democratic) Continents, worldwide. Power to protect EU interests.

    US Multinationals through patents and trade tax barriers creating monopolies and evading tax laws worldwide. Either equal playing field between US and EU or damaging trade barriers. i.e. Trade agreement.

  160. Dr Jim says:

    Why does it take a quarter of an hour for Kevin McKenna to get out one sentence, in between the lipsqueeks, the coughs, the sniffs and snorts, and then, whatever his intent was, was meaningless anyway

    Do you think that’s what’s called self absorption

  161. Ken500 says:

    Universal suffrage in Fance 1946, in Italy 1946. Etc

  162. heedtracker says:

    HandandShrimp says:
    27 September, 2015 at 10:23 am

    Oh I see. But logic dictates, its Bliar MacDougal and a whole army of vote NO journos instead of Cockers, that should have been on Brewer show.

    Cockers didnt really do that much at all to save their union, compared to say gorgeous pouting Gordon Brewer. Cockers even brags about burying bad Bettertogether news for the Flipper.

    Sevrin Carrell, The Guardians foreign correspondent in Scotland produced vast amounts of Vote NO or else Project Fear stuff, way beyond anything a mad old drunk at the Torygraph ever did. Maybe Carrell is just too modest to be on television, not really his media of UKOK greatness.

    Up next, BBC Gordon Brewer talks to BBC Gordon Brewer, Brewer’s UKOK insight, Brewer’s UKOK genius, and above all else, Brewer’s honesty and integrity, sponsored by Gordon Brewer, UKOK.

    Viewers in Scotland may have their own ideas, but fcuk em.

  163. tartanarse says:

    Brian Powell, 3.45pm on 26th

    Yes it was but it is impossible for Brits teach this to school kids. Germans helped us win a war.

    We all know that England won all the wars on their own. The footy fans regularly sing this much by way of confirmation.

  164. Louis.b.argyll says:

    Their blood ancestry runs richer in Hannover and Saxo mac thingy ma bob.

  165. galamcennalath says:

    Grouse Beater says:

    Corbyn telling Marr democracy is not about flags.In other words, only a Union Jack counts for anything

    It’s like a religious belief. The UK is the only true country/nation/system, all others are just false entities. And, they are all so blind in their beliefs that they fail to appreciate that there are alternative, and equally valid, ways of organising ourselves.

    The UK is the norm, and everything else is deviation from the norm.

    Corbyn is no different from the rest of the London Bubble.

    He was asked about being a Unionist. I’m coming to the conclusion that Scottish (and Ulster) people supporting the Union, are Unionists. They genuine wish to be part of a UK wide Union. Those darn souff aren’t really Unionists, they are Imperialists.

  166. Ken500 says:

    Don’t watch/listen to the EBBC or as little as possible. No viewer/listeners, no power, no programmes. Talking to themselves. £2Billion compulsive budget. Overpaid and overrated.

  167. Ken500 says:

    The Unionist Politicians/Parties are a bunch of illegal crooks who do not have people’s interest at heart. Self serving greedy hypocrites. Scotland outvoted 10 to 1. The ‘Socialists’ who are not social but devious parasites. The Tories Conmen who are a threat to National security. Comedy Gold.

  168. Grouse Beater says:

    Galamcennalath: Corbyn is no different from the rest of the London Bubble.

    Correct – and to make matters worse he told two porkies about Scotland because he’s an ignorant sod, brainwashed into assuming England is the mother country.

  169. caz-m says:

    Robert Peffers 10.47am

    Re: Lady Di,

    In a way you have to have some sympathy for Di. The whole Royal Family/Establishment turned against her. And in that fight there was only going to be one winner.

    Do you think the way she died was an accident?

  170. galamcennalath says:

    Grouse Beater says:

    … brainwashed into assuming England is the mother country.

    Yes, nail hit firmly on head. An excellent turn of phrase.

    It’s a classic colonial mindset.

  171. Grouse Beater says:

    Those darn souff aren’t really Unionists, they are Imperialists.

    Correct again.

    And its about time be called ‘Unionists’ for what they really are – Imperialists.

    This written three weeks ago: The Corbyn Effect-

  172. Jack Murphy says:

    OT.FILM released TODAY.
    ALTERED STATE: Reflections on Scotland’s First Independence Referendum.
    “Part 1 reflects on the conduct of the BBC and HM Treasury during Scotland’s Independence Referendum during the final days of the campaign………..”
    20 minutes of fascinating viewing. 🙂

  173. Lollysmum says:

    ALTERED STATE-Part 1 published today & looking at the Referendum

  174. caz-m says:

    I have just listened to Jeremy Corbyn on the Andrew Marr show. I think he has just snookered himself regarding Scottish Independence.

    He was asked about Independence for Scotland and his reply was the usual Unionist crap that Gordon Brown would come out with.

    He was then asked what he thought about a United Ireland and surprise surprise, he was all for it.

    So, he thinks Independence for Northern Ireland is OK but Independence for Scotland is a no no.

    You cant have it both ways Jeremy, you cant be a Unionist when it comes to Scotland and a Republican when it comes to Northern Ireland.

  175. Macart says:


    Heh, naw Heed Sev simply wouldn’t be stupid or ignorant enough to brag about his contribution to the union. The same goes for most of the press and their commentators. They still like to play to the pretense that their opinions were somehow informed or objective. That any perceived bias was simply down to how right the union is and how wrong those nasty separatists were.

    It couldn’t possibly be that the press were hopelessly corporately and politically compromised, that they are in point of fact, fully paid up members of said system of government. That would imply responsibility for people’s lives, for cause and effect… consequences for actions taken and they can’t have that, can they?

    Naw, they leave it to drunken auld bufoons to blow their bum trumpets individually.

  176. galamcennalath says:

    Grouse Beater says:

    its about time be called ‘Unionists’ for what they really are – Imperialists.

    Imps perhaps!

    Shame it diminishes the fond memories of those little Hillmans, though 🙂

  177. heedtracker says:

    Macart says:
    27 September, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Alan Cochrane, just one more useful idiot and now he wants to leave Scotland. Funny that.

  178. Grouse Beater says:

    Imps perhaps

    Colonel Blimps. 🙂

  179. Grouse Beater says:

    When Andrew Marr fails to contradict Jeremy Corbyn’s falsehoods about Scotland, by what yardstick does the BBC claim to be impartial?

  180. galamcennalath says:

    Grouse Beater says:

    Andrew Marr fails to contradict Jeremy Corbyn’s falsehoods about Scotland

    Marr, despite his origins, is just another Bubble-dweller. I doubt if the has enough knowledge about Scottish affairs to know that Corbyn was talking nonsense! And, in a London studio there would be not clued up researcher to whisper prompts in his ear.

    Widespread ignorance gets right up our noses, however, it also reinforces the the arguments to unshackle ourselves from all this bollocks.

  181. Pam McMahon says:

    Jack Murphy and Lollysmum, thanks for the links to this video, which should be compulsorary veiwing for everybody who voted in the last referendum and who might vote in the next one.

    I recommend it to you all.

  182. Tinto Chiel says:

    We shouldn’t be remotely surprised by UKOKian Andrew Marr’s behaviour. He may have been born here but he attended three private schools and then went “up” to Cambridge: completely divorced all his life from Scottish Reality.

    Cringer extraordinaire.

  183. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ken500 says: 27 September, 2015 at 8:36 am:

    ” … Scotland was cheated and has been cheated for years in an unequal, corrupt, bankrupt Union.”

    Scotland has been royally robbed and cheated for precisely 412 years. When they falsely claimed there was a, “Union of the Crowns”, in 1603. There could be no union of the crowns at that time as, “Divine Right of Kings”, aws of England, Wales & Ireland differed from the Scottish law which has the people as sovereign. Note that it was under the, “Divine Right of Kings”, law that the English monarchy annexed first Wales then Ireland.

    Thus James VI of Scotland could not just tag the Three country Kingdom of England to his Scottish Realm as the English had done with Wales and Ireland and that is why he could not form a, “United Kingdom”, in 1603. It is also why he upped stakes from Scotland where not sovereign and decamped to England where he was. Yet the English have stuck with the,”Union of the Crowns”, scam ever since.

    James was thus robbing Scotland while Scotland remained an Independent Kingdom. The English assumed the English had full sovereignty over Scotland and when they deposed the Stuarts and imported King Billy & Queen Mary of Orange in 1688 they assumed this also applied to Scotland and thus began what they still call, “The Jacobite Rebellion”. However, as Scotland was still legally an independent kingdom the Scots could not rebel against a monarchy not their own.

    The English, (1688), Glorious Revolution also removed from their new royals their veto over the English parliament but leaving the Royals legally sovereign and thus their Kingdom became a, “Constitutional Monarchy”, but Scots law has not changed. So we had the two kingdoms in a war the English still call a rebellion. This was the reason for the English parliament to seek a union of the parliaments that they claimed was a, “Treaty of Union”.

    While the Jacobite Uprisings continued with many bloody battles the English were using spies and underhand tactics including military force to bring Scotland into line. This included the London Scot, William Paterson, who had set up the subscription system to bail out the English Parliament and led to the formation of misnamed, “Bank of England”, which actually was a private company that the English Government banked with.

    It was the same London Scot who set up the disastrous Darien Expedition that bankrupted the wealthy Scottish landowners who were also the Scottish parliamentarians. The kingdom of Scotland itself was neither bankrupt not had a big national debt. Now Paterson’s friend was none other than author Daniel Defoe that history records and proves was an English spy in Scotland who had the ear of those parliamentarians and was sending letters back to England of how he was setting them up for everything from blackmail to bribery.

    So with all this skulduggery and military might the English were forcing the Scots into a Union that the people of Scotland did not want. Now remember the Jacobite wars went on for another 39 years AFTER The Treaty of Union. In short the Treaty was a forced and abusive marriage and it still is. If it was not so, why were the English still slaughtering Scots at Culloden in 1745 almost 40 years after the Treaty of Union?

    Now, today, they still claim sovereignty over Scotland but Scots law remains independent and is based upon the people of Scotland’s sovereignty – which the Scottish people have never legally agreed to nor indeed have ever been officially asked to give up. In fact there has been several Scottish Claims of Right stating exactly the opposite and prominent signatories to the last one includes Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Donald Dewar.

    So there you go, Ken500 a 412 year well documented robber by the Kingdom of England upon the Kingdom of Scotland only made possible by, (wait for it! Wait for it!


    Or more correctly, “Establishment propaganda”. Sadly the Scottish education system has been guilty of teaching lies to Scots since who knows when? All I know is that when I attended school it was dominated almost 100% by Oxbridge Educated Scots who, with few exceptions, were ready to lead their pupils to believe totally false history.

  184. Fred says:

    Anent the Scots Greys at Waterloo, their commander, Colonel James Inglis Hamilton lead the Grey’s famous charge. A poor boy from Glasgow’s Gallowgate, he was adopted by the Hamilton laird of Murdostoun and became his heir. He had both his arms cut off but still continued with the reins between his teeth until shot through the heart, thus thwarted in his intention to “stick the heid” on the enemy!

  185. Chic McGregor says:

    “I take slight issue with you here, Chic.”

    Yes I over egged it a bit, but Napoleon was still outnumbered.

    He tried to win a decisive victory before the four major power’s commitment to put 150,000 troops each in the field could be implemented.

    His hope that this would bring a significant peace deal favourable to France was rather optimistic IMV, if anything I think it would have redoubled their efforts to get rid of him.

    It was a lost cause, if it can be called a cause.

    Any justifying notion that he was spreading the ideal of French Republicanism evaporated when he made his brother king of Spain.

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