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Accountable to you

Posted on February 13, 2014 by

The man the No campaign want to keep in charge of Scotland’s finances:

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    134 to “Accountable to you”

    1. I love the violent subtext.

    2. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I saw it. It does more damage to Better Together than all the words in the world. The whole pantomime was designed to be relayed only by a supportive media.
      Well done, Bernard Ponsonby.

    3. Seventyone says:

      To be honest don’t have a lot if sympathy for “this channel” as the as much the unionists friend as the BBC, but it soes illustrate a couple of thinks. First and foremost the content Osbourne and his chums have for us, and secondly just how much of a plaything the BBC is for BT and Westminster!

    4. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Looks like someone is a wee bit pissed. 🙂

      Does this mean I wonder Bernard will be more vigorous in his questioning of Better Together then? (not that I watch STV, don’t receive it down here in the borders and always forget to go to iPlayer :()

    5. AlexMci says:

      Wow Wee Rona on STV is giving Danny boy it tight.

    6. Jim Mitchell says:

      At last someone has asked one of the questions that we have to keep pushing, what will it cost the rest of the uk?

      The other is, if Scotland votes YES, what’s the unionist plan B?

    7. HandandShrimp says:

      He isn’t likeable is he. I couldn’t think of a better person to give this speech.


    8. Wullie B says:

      time for a wee story , A man and wife are together , they both work and buy stuff together but the man just gives her pin money out of her wages which are pooled together ,the wee wumman decides enough is enough and is for the offski after listening to Patsy , anyway the lawyers are arguing about the assets and the house on the suburbs ,anyway the man wont let the wee wumman ti have anything but hey realises he cant afford the mortgage ,does her lawyer a )Advise agree to pay as long as she gets the 60″ state of the art widescreen ,PS4 and home cinema system ,b) Pay a share but not recieve anything or c) Tell him to sling his hook and walk away without nothing but the closthes on her back , after which she wins the lottery ,buys a big mansion and watches him in cardboard city ,,

    9. Alba4Eva says:

      Alex Salmond was cool, calm, collected and completely competent on Newsnicht there.

      How a leader should be… take notes Osbourne!!!

    10. David Agnew says:

      I could’t believe that they would be so stupid. But they were. What Osborne said today was that Scotland is not and has never been a net contributor to the union. In 300 years we have been nothing more than a burden. We have been allowed to use the pound out of the kindness of their hearts. We are scroungers and wasters who have been living off English wealth for a long time, and if we choose to leave, well we can forget about getting any pocket money. They are going to cut us off.

      BT had done a real hatchet job on Scotland within the union. But this stabs Scotland’s place within the union right in the heart. This is goes deeper than simple traducing of a nation and its people. Its more damaging than the damage it has done to the UK as well as Scotland. It is a naked threat to Scotland. “Vote for independence & we will destroy you”.

      We are living in interesting times. We are witnessing the last dying days of the Union. Yes or No – the Union is going to end. There is no way any unionist party is going to be able to sell this while talking bollocks about Better Together or Best of both worlds. That threat is going to hang over everything they do from now on. They couldn’t make a case for union now if their life depended on it. Nor will they be able to sell an alternative vision for more powers. Not after this. It doesn’t even matter if its just a calculated political bluff. They can never say that it was just a bluff, that they never meant it that way. It would make them look weak. They will all have to take part in the lie and help it fail.

    11. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Salmond is the best modern example of the consummate statesman. He’s capable of playing with anyone from the lads you meet down the pub right up to the world leaders. As much as I trust any politician, I trust him to at least be doing what he believes is best for Scotland at all times even if he doesn’t always get it right. Just proves he’s human, far as I’m concerned.

      Look around the current crop of politicians in the UK, not just Scotland, and see which other people you could say the same about. Damn few, I would contend.

    12. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      A currency union will be bad for Scotland and bad for England.
      We are presently in at currency union.
      I presume it is bad for Scotland and bad for England.
      If not why not?

    13. Robert Knight says:

      STV, not violently unionist enough for Gideon’s liking.

    14. gillie says:

      Westminster arrogance on display in Scotland’s capital.

    15. Les Wilson says:

      It is BLACKMAIL, Scots do not like that at all, the MSM will keep it alive, the population will shut it out, we are all fed up of the mince we get from Westminster, who are in Panic mode. They are aghast that if we do not get a share of the assets, we could then not take any of the UK debt. Huh!

      They, as always do, it is based on their wants and our money.

    16. KillieBoab says:

      Had Gideon arranged to meet Iain Gray in Subway?

    17. Greannach says:

      Bernard might once have stood for the SLibs but it sounds like he’s getting rattled. Maybe Osborne-Balls’ advisors thought anything with S in the title (like STV) is Scottish, ergo pro-independence.

      Just seen Salmond on BBC News night with Wark who is getting shriller by the day when interviewing the Government. Like Thatcher with an acceptable Jock accent. Wark really hasn’t forgiven Salmond for beating her old pal McConnell in 2007, has she. The defeat of Malawi’s putative Governor General must really have buggered up that summer’s holiday plans for the Wark/Clements and McConnell families. How the trivia matter!

    18. HandandShrimp says:

      Thought Alex was very relaxed and clear with Rona tonight, missed Danny’s stint. Osborne took a fair bit of stick again for refusing to take questions. As far as I can see Alex said all the other options including using Sterling are still on the table so Alistair is talking pish once again.

      I can’t quite believe Johann is going to do a full debate. I guess she is going to go into full scowl mode and simply no agree. That or take a leaf out of Anas’ book and wave fake bits of paper about whilst babbling incessantly.

    19. twenty14 says:

      Sorry O/T – watching Newsnight Scotland -But Can I sue Michael Kelly for defamation of character – sorry but what a prick

    20. mogabee says:

      Oh man. Never mind the popcorn, I’m hitting the hotdogs!

    21. rab-the-doubter says:

      Nice balanced panel on QT tonight. Who’s the idiot who keeps referring to the English Pound.

    22. twenty14 says:

      where’s Marcia _ what’s been said in tomorrow’s Herald’s front page

    23. Calum Craig says:

      Em, am I seeing right on Twitter? Tomorrow’s Daily Heil’s front page- Salmond ducks out of TV interviews. He was on Newsnight and Scotland Tonight though, right??

      Are they not even bothering to aim for a semblance of reality now?

    24. James123 says:

      The BBC build up this announcement for two days, then parrot what Osborne says without any scrutiny or questioning of the man himself before heaping all the pressure on the SNP. Make no mistake this has been a carefully orchestrated and planned attack by the BBC and the UK government.

      On the issue of the ongoing attack on WOS. I usually use Chrome to check out this website but there hasn’t been updating of comments for over an hour. I go on Firefox et voila, there they are.

    25. KillieBoab says:

      Michael Kelly tells Newsnicht that he is an economist and then goes on to say that joining the Euro is the likely option. Some economist!

      PS: Why no Herald front page?

    26. Wp says:

      Re QT. what a horrible person that UKIP woman is. And well said the guy who silenced them by stating the Bank of England propped up the Irish banks. Not one of them had an answer. Brilliant.

    27. Alba4Eva says:

      Ivan McKee superb also.

    28. Desimond says:

      Saw Bernards barbed round-up at end of STV 6pm News. His wording like “They have been very careful in exactly what they have said today” said it all and you could see his anger at no questions at the Speech itself.

      Hell hath no fury than an ex Lib-Dem candidate scorned.

    29. twenty14 says:

      Herald front page – anyone

    30. Wullie B says:

      time for a wee story , A man and wife are together , they both work and buy stuff together but the man just gives her pin money out of her wages which are pooled together ,the wee wumman decides enough is enough and is for the offski after listening to Patsy , anyway the lawers are arguing about the assets and the house on the suburbs ,anyway the man wont let the wee wumman ti have anything but hey realises he cant afford the mortgage ,does her lawyer a )Advise agree to pay as long as she gets the 60″ state of the art widescreen ,PS4 and home cinema system ,b) Pay a share but not recieve anything or c) Tell him to sling his hook and walk away without nothing but the closthes on her back , after which she wins the lottery ,buys a big mansion and watches him in cardboard city ,,I know which one is for me

    31. Jimbo says:

      Just heard Labour’s Michael Kelly say on Newsnight Scotland, that if Scotland votes YES, Labour MPs will (to a man) work against Scotland’s best interests.

    32. Les Wilson says:

      KillieBoab says:

      Ah no, he will have ate his Subway in his car quickly speeding out of Edinburgh.

    33. HandandShrimp says:

      QT rightly dealing with the floods for the most part and the very reasonable anger of the people of Scunthorpe who got no help when they had flooding. The attitude of the main audience questions on currency was pretty friendly towards the Scottish position and pretty hostile to the Tories. The politicians closed ranks and refused to see that it was bullying or that it would annoy the Scots.

    34. Wullie B says:

      repostem mine because all comments had disappeared using firefox but then they loaded up after posting second time round sorry Rev

    35. bunter says:

      Kelly on Newsnicht, what a bitter and twisted wee man. Soo Scottish Labour.

    36. Alba4Eva says:

      Saw that too Jimbo… Ivan was pissin himself laughing at the old git and firmly put him in his place.

    37. John H. says:

      I watched a bit of QT at 11.10 but had to change channels. Arrogance and ignorance in equal measures. The sooner we vote for independence and get this crowd off of our backs, the better.

    38. Thepnr says:

      I’m sitting here laughing. Their losing it, and it’s good to watch. Imagine any Scots listening to a towel folder like Osborne. A millionaire with no cares while we have people going to food banks just to survive.

      These people just don’t get it and never will.

      Scotland, please listen this is your one and only chance. Don’t let your fellow Scots down.

    39. John H. says:

      Changed channels in disgust I meant of course.

    40. Mary Bruce says:

      Sorry, off topic,have you all seen this, bloody hell:

    41. James123 says:

      Another balanced report by Alan Little on Newsnight. The interview with the business woman who supports staying in the Union was hilarious. She said that she welcomed the clarity from Osborne and that the SNP now had to come up with a plan B. She then went on to say that she would support a currency union in the event of a Yes vote as its the best option. Sorry, what! Her reasioning was that at least Westminster would have come control over Scotland. Wow you’ve really got some faith in your own people.

    42. kininvie says:


      Herald: Illegible, apart from header, but best I can find so far:

    43. Les Wilson says:

      What is very apparent is that the Unionists are desperate to find out IF there is a plan B, they are asking to be told about it at every turn. Good reason to say nought!

      There is certainly something that is seriously bothering them as it is a concentrated effort to be pre warned about it.

    44. John Lyons says:

      I can only assume the UKIP wifie who wants the best and the brightest from around the world is pursuing a policy that will ultimately see her out of a job.

    45. Desimond says:


      ‘Warnings from senior Coalition figure’

      The Herald avoiding the word Tory by any chance?

    46. rab-the-doubter says:

      Please tell me thats photoshopped. If not then I think we need to bring in some UN Peacekeepers.

    47. Murray McCallum says:

      Michael Kelly is a proud Scot ultra extremist.

      His starting point is to compare Scotland’s economy to that of Greece. There is no factual basis whatsoever to start with that. How on earth is this man possibly getting on the TV where the objective is to inform the viewer!

      As Jimbo posted at 11.25pm, Michael Kelly said that in the event of a Yes vote, Labour MPS “to a man” would back Ed Balls’ plans to block an independent Scotland from sharing the pound.

      They would wholeheartedly back a plan that damaged Scotland. WTF!

    48. ronnie anderson says:

      was I hearing things or did Curtice say some thing about ( what would happen to the bbc after the Referendem,& their,s me thinking they were there to talk about a currency union.What is he frightend of no pension top up.

    49. CameronB says:

      For all those who were wondering whether Osborne is the type to be ‘passively’ aggressive to others? Does he have a vote?

    50. twenty14 says:

      Rev – sorry O/T but I want a Wingsmarch
      I want to march at some point this year before the Referendum and meet new people, rally around the same cause, get pissed, rejuvenated – about 2 months before the vote.

      There is only one place I can imagine that could organise this in a short space of time and its here. Feck we can arrange about 100 + people ( probably more ) to check out BT leaflet giver outers in the space of 24 hours.
      Ian of the B will end up filling the Kings Theatre for a piss up just by asking the question.

      Lets march and get 100,000 there . There was around 30,000 last time. Combine Wings, Bella, National Collective, Derek Bateman, Newsnet, Business for Scotland and all the rest

      Shit we could crowdfund it in a fortnight

    51. Murray McCallum says:

      Michael Kelly was, of course, referring to Scottish Labour MPs.

    52. Alba4Eva says:

      James123… I was obviously so gobsmacked at that womans remarks, that it only really just sunk in reading your post. Wow eh!

    53. CameronB says:

      I don’t watch TV, but this running commentary on the end of an empire is riveting stuff. Pip pip.

    54. Desimond says:

      The quality of people who have to be called up to represent the Unionist Parties in Scotland says it all.

      We have heard folk like Henry McLeish totally slam the utterances from Squeaky and Chums and then laugh as BBC Scotland try and get some on-message comment and are forced to bring in Michael Kelly.

      I think we will all sleep well tonight.

    55. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I wonder does the Labour party think putting Michael Kelly on the telly is a good idea
      If they do they are even stupider than I thought.

    56. Open this link in a new tab and you can zoom in and read tomorrow’s Herald front page. If the unionists were on the up today, they’ve royally fucked it with this:

    57. Doug Daniel says:

      I’ve posted a bigger version of the Herald front page on the other thread.

      Och, here it is actually:

    58. twenty14 says:

      Thanks Kininvie and Roddy Mac – oh dear oh dear- now what do they know that they’re not telling us. They must be shitting it 🙂

    59. heedtracker says:

      Why on earth would George Gideon Oliver Osborne want to speak to Scotch tv but if I was that bawbag, I certainly wouldn’t be hanging about on any street in Scotland either.

    60. Papadocx says:

      Jimbo says:
      13 February, 2014 at 11:25 pm
      Just heard Labour’s Michael Kelly say on Newsnight Scotland, that if Scotland votes YES, Labour MPs will (to a man) work against Scotland’s best interests.

      Is this the confirmation of a fifth column being set up by treacherous Scots against the.Scottish government and people by the English Labour Party in Scotland.

      Everyone in that Shambles today with Osbourne, Balls and Alexander not a man amongst them spineless reptiles or a hunting pack of rats thoroughly reprehensible who could vote for any of that lot of morons.

    61. Desimond says:


      OMG!…Breathtaking,irresponsible and contemptuous..and them some.

      Mike Settle of the Herald just at least added 5-10% onto the YES vote with that story.

      You will get what your given!

      Truly unbelievable.

    62. ronnie anderson says:

      All aboard the Street car Named DESIRE looking for plan B.

    63. Thepnr says:

      Sorry Doug, still unreadable for my poor eyes. But are they suggesting civil war?

      They’ve lost the plot, seriously what are Scots going to think now? Democracy is dead unless we follow orders.

      About time they got real and accepted Scotland WILL be an Independent country. Whether they like it or not.

    64. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Blair Jenkins was superb on the radio today.
      This has probably been posted before, but if you haven’t read it, it’s worth a look.

      The Daily Record doesn’t hold back in describing Frank Roy’s discomfort as he and Blair Jenkins address the recent Referendum meeting in Motherwell.

    65. Doug Daniel says:

      It’s looking like UDI is actually a viable option now.

      Does the UK government realise what they would be saying to the world if they refused to let Scotland be independent? They’d be the international pariah state, not us.

    66. Richard Lucas says:

      Clearly Osbourn knew his jive was so threadbare it wouldn’t survive a couple of pointed questions

    67. James123 says:

      Here is a readable version of what the Herald says on its front page.

    68. HandandShrimp says:

      The Herald story makes UDI seem like a viable alternative. This individual has replaced Osborne’s moment of glory with an incredibly disturbing anti-democratic headline. FFS this is not Ireland 1919.

    69. Murray McCallum says:

      What a headline in the Herald. What kind of a moron would say such things?

      In the eyes of Westminster it would seem we are a conquered colony.

    70. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Thepnr says:
      Sorry Doug, still unreadable for my poor eyes. But are they suggesting civil war?

      OK Cybernats, get ready to form a line on Hadrian’s Wall and all link hands …

    71. rab_the_doubter says:

      “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they come to fight you, and then you win.”

      Looks like we’re at stage 3 then.

      Just trying to remember what the official UK stance is on Governments who fail to honour democratic decisions. Anybody?

    72. Indy_Scot says:

      “Yes does not mean Yes”

      Seriously, we have to break free from these nutjobs.

    73. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Somebody Tweet that Russian ship if it is still there …

    74. Les Wilson says:

      There were 2 links on here for the Herald front page on Twitter that said a top coalition politician has said
      a YES will not be a YES.
      I copied the photo of it, but not too readable, but the links I took it from on here are now gone????????????????????????

    75. Tasmanian says:

      How easy would it be to PhotoShop the vans into Subway colours?

    76. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Munguin’s has it up on his site twenty.

    77. Thepnr says:

      @Calgacus MacAndrews

      I had you down for a post tomorrow so you’ll have to wait. That headline in the Herald is ridiculous it guarantees a Yes vote which says “Bring it On”.

      Project Fear has imploded and is now scared of itself, the only thing left is threats. Blair Macdougall, Alastair Darling, David Cameron, George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith.


    78. Cindie aka CR says:

      Large print version of the Herald front page is here: – just click on it to enlarge and read

    79. James123 says:

      @Les Wilson

      If you aren’t able to enlarge the link above try this.

    80. kininvie says:

      Comment updating really playing up now. Maybe the powers that be are more frightened of the community input than of the actual articles?

      What are your hosts saying, Stu? Can this attack be fended off?

    81. Flower of Scotland says:

      Saw that with Michael Kelly . He seemed very annoyed about something !
      Watched Andrew Neil . He Is actually anti Scottish ! He is a nasty man , him and his transplanted barnet !! Said something degrading about the SNP and then said there was no more time to talk about it !

    82. Thepnr says:

      Hahahahaha British Democracy what to make of it???

      Seriously though, they realise they are fucked without a currency union and this is just more bollocks.

      Guys, keep calm and keep the faith. Vote Yes in 2014.

      This is much more interesting than 1979 because this time we’re winning and they are shittin it. Don’t know about you but I’m enjoying it. Keep mocking them they can’t stand that.

    83. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “What are your hosts saying, Stu? Can this attack be fended off?”

      Meeting them tomorrow.

    84. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Remember this?

    85. scotchwoman says:

      Bernard Ponsonby took George Osborne to pieces the last time he interviewed him on a trip to Scotland. That won’t have been forgotten.

      Anyone able to track down and post a clip of it – it’s worth seeing again.

    86. Jim says:

      This is a “must” for sharing on social media. Every house-hold in Scotland and elsewhere should see it. Well done Bernard Ponsonby and STV.

    87. kininvie says:

      Dear God, the only way I can get an update is by posting a comment. You’ll just have to bear with me, folks…

    88. Morag says:

      Meeting them tomorrow.

      I remember when you migrated the blog from the old hosts, where it kept falling over just from the normal trickle of traffic it had back then, you said you were choosing carefully because you needed a host with backbone.

      I think they’ve done well so far given what’s been going on, but maybe more precautions are needed given the way this is going.

    89. Arbroath 1320 says:

      My head is starting to spin uncontrollably. 🙂

      First we had Cameron doing his Love bomb thingy.

      Next we had Tory Rory Stewart talking about his plans for a flaming torches parade along the top of Hadrian’s wall.

      Then we had Ozzy Osborne meandering his way up to Edinburgh to tell us that he and his bested mates Red Ed Balls and Danny “Beaker” Alexander, will deny us the ability to enter into a currency union with rUK.

      Next we have Westminster telling us we can’t have a currency union but we can do the M.O.D. a big favour and store all the nuclear waste from the rusting hulks in Rosyth etc at Chapelcross.

      Now we have a “senior coalition source” telling the Herald that a YES win does not necessarily mean a YES win cause if talks don’t go smoothly the ‘status quo’ will remain in force.

      Is there anything left that Westminster can out with that will continue my head spinning or will I now get a chance to slow my spinning head down? 🙂

    90. Osbourn should read the story of Brer Rabbit and the tar baby

    91. Appleby says:

      Surprised but very pleased at Bernard’s highlighting this very poor showing by Osborne and co. You can almost feel the contempt they have for the Scottish media and people radiating off Osborne, a supposed public servant. He acts more like he’s a feudal lord.

      I hope Bernard remembers that day and keeps it in mind when he’s expected to give the Tories and unionists another round of softball questions and treatment. It is an insult to the people of Scotland and to the media that says the Westminster government feels they are untouchable and have no need to be accountable or even explain their rulings to the “peasants”.

      You can expect the spin doctors and the cheerleaders like Duncan to make excuses for the inexcusable as usual.

    92. Thepnr says:

      @Arbroath 1320

      Not surprised your head is spinning, probably in all directions at the same time.

      My advice would be not to worry, don’t be taken in. Relax for it is all bullshit. I offer a 25 year year guarantee on that statement for only £1.99/month too!!

      Don’t miss the offer, you only have 24 hours to accept.

    93. Jill P says:

      So WM insisted that they wouldn’t discuss independence until after the referendum. No matter what YES campaign did WM still kept insisting that they wouldn’t get involved until after the referendum.

      And then we arrived at last week when DC’s epiphany occurred. “I know what will stop them going on and on. I’ll persuade all the rest of UK to tell their Scottish family and friends that we love them and want them to stay.”

      I bet he was surprised at the reaction. Not quite what he was expecting.

      So I’m not quite sure what reaction WM expected from today’s little exercise. But I suspect it wasn’t what they got.

      Since I began to look at the independence campaign more thoroughly I have learned things I could never have imagined. I asked what I thought was a fairly simple question. “What does NO mean? What will happen if we vote no?” They were genuine questions and I innocently thought there would be an answer. I couldn’t quite grasp that nobody could give me any positives about staying in the Union.

      But now it is becoming clearer. I recently asked an important contributor, “If they are so keen to keep us why are they not trying harder to persuade us to stay?” I was stunned by the answer I got.

      They haven’t got anything they could use to persuade us, they only have negativity. If they offered more devolved powers MPs from other areas of rUK would vote against it. WM cannot offer anything.

      But WM are petrified that we will vote YES. That would have a real detrimental effect on their balance of payments. Nothing is about what’s good for Scotland. It is all about what is wrong for rUK. And they just have no idea how to deal with it. Today’s 3 party approach shows how desperate they are. They are floundering. Whoever thought that threats from all 3 moneymen would make us vote NO needs to think again. That behaviour will just lead to a higher YES vote.

    94. Les Wilson says:

      James123 says:

      Thanks James, fffing unbelievable!

    95. kininvie says:

      @ Arbroath

      Plenty yet to come:

      UK will veto Scotland’s EU application, despite fact Scotland already in EU

      UK claims Scotland owns 8.4% of Trident, so is responsible for looking after it.

      UK claims that since Scotland is not a country, it can’t by definition be a democratic country and thence cannot have a democratic mandate

      UK claims that, since John Balliol did homage to Edward 1st, all subsequent events are irrelevant and England remains Scotland’s legal overlord.

    96. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I’m heading up to Glasgow tomorrow to suss out McGinn’s, late afternoonish.

      If it’s not suitable or unavailable I’ll go awander and see where else might do. It’ll be a relatively ‘dry’ run, can’t stay oot that late, but it’d be great to meet, however briefly, and swap notes on how surreal it’s all become since that night in the Horseshoe.

      If you fancy meeting, and you’re a name I already know, please drop me a line at ian [at] stevenston4 [dot] fsnet [dot] co [dot] uk and we can sort details.

      I’d prefer not to meet anyone who’s non-WoS for obvious reasons, and whether you know me or not, please don’t approach me with a jaggy-looking umbrella or I’ll have to knock every tooth out of your heid.

    97. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Don’t worry Thepnr I think I’ve got it sussed, I’m going for another visit to the “Darkened room” 🙂

    98. Thepnr says:

      @Jill P

      That was a powerful post. From the heart.

    99. Les Wilson says:

      Notice in the Herald debacle, “One of Cameron’s Senior Members”


    100. Arbroath 1320 says:

      kinivie, the 8.4% of Trident doesn’t worry me, no honestly it doesn’t cause on day 1 of independence circa March 2016 we put OUR 8.4% of Trident up for sale on E-bay! 🙂

    101. Thepnr says:

      Ian we could always switch the meeting to Dundee say. Just to confuse them like. Nobody in Dundee likes people with fancy camera or brollys. LOL

    102. Les Wilson says:

      Ian Brotherhood says

      Can’t do, as I am at the other side of the country, but I like your style LOL!

    103. Patrick Roden says:

      You know something, I’m not sure at what exact point it happened, but over the past few days I suddenly began to believe that a Yes vote is a forgone conclusion.

      I don’t just mean that the behaviour of Osborne et al, will drive No’s and DK’s to Yes, (but they most certainly will)

      What I mean is the whole media circus and Westminster elites behaviour, has made me feel that THEY expect a Yes vote and it seems to have rubbed off on me.

      Which is nice 🙂

    104. west_lothian_questioner says:

      The trickle to YES may well become a flood after this beauty…

      alternatively I may awake in the shower tomorrow and it’ll all have been just a dream…

      This stuff is unmake-uppable.. if that wasn’t a word before.. it is now :-/

    105. cearc says:

      Wow, what a day!

      Hope that Herald comment gets into the international press. Westminster are really trashing any good reputation that they may have had.

      I can only get a new refresh about once an hour. Both on my pc and hunched over the flickering laptop in my bedroom (with my badge on of course).

    106. Thepnr says:

      Had a guy complain the other day on one of the newspaper websites while I was cybernatin the that my handle was unpronounceable. He doesn’t know yet what is coming his way so he is forgiven.

      Thepnr means “The Point Of No Return” today we are at that point. Lets not fold.

    107. Morag says:

      One of my favourite Babylon 5 episodes.

    108. cearc says:


      I’m a couple of hundred miles north, don’t come down that often but should be there on the day.

    109. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Valentine’s Day smacker to all Wingers – mmwwwwah!

    110. kininvie says:

      Another updating comment: please ignore

    111. Les Wilson says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:

      Ian, I will pass on that one LOL!

    112. cearc says:

      Ooooh, Valentine kisses.

      It’s ok Les I’ll have yours as well!

    113. Patrician says:

      Is that Herald front page real? It isn’t a photoshopped windup is it?

    114. Appleby says:

      Good pick, Morag. It was a classic.

    115. Weedeochandorris says:

      I don’t know, after watching this cuffufle, is it just me but I really think they actually WANT a Yes vote. If I were them, and that was the goal, I’d be doing everything and saying everything that they are. It’s bizarre, they seem to be pushing us toward that. I just feel they are up to something more, what I don’t know but it’s just weirrrrdddddd.

    116. Appleby says:

      He couldn’t have done any better to win votes for Yes unless he stood up on the car bonnet and started giving the finger to everyone and telling them he hated them.

    117. majestic12 says:

      I was just thinking the same, and have done for a while, that this Conservative government wants a YES vote.

      On the other hand, I was also thinking, and have done for much longer, that an Ian Smith-style UDI may be the last resort to which we may have to resort. There would be something immensely satisfying in that, at an emotional level.

    118. Frankieboy says:

      Gideon’s trip to Scotland resembled a politician’s trip to Camp Bastion. I just wish instead of a flack jacket they had all worn kilts and ‘see you, Jimmy’ hats’

    119. JLT says:

      Ponsonby’s been quite one sided in this debate, and has never really attacked the ‘No’ campaign, while scourging any Nationalists who came his way.

      But, I’ll say this much for Bernard last night, you could see he was completely livid. He didn’t hold back his punches or his contempt as he named and shamed Cameron, Osborne and Hague for refusing to answer questions, while he praised the high heavens out of Carney, as well members of the ‘Yes’ campaign.

      I hope Bernard now has the bit between his teeth, and is determined to get answers from the ‘No’ side. This is what infuriates people of the ‘Yes’ persuasion as well as quite a few DK’s. The lack of attack on the ‘No’ campaign over answers that we need answering; What are the new powers in the event of a No vote? Will Barnett be ended? What happens to Scotland in the event of the rUK pulling out of the EU?

    120. Derick Tulloch says:

      I think we can assume that the false flag operations will be on the cards shortly. They were always going to get dirty, but it is a surprise that they are ramping things up so early.

      Ian Hamilton is correct: Westminster is very very afraid.

    121. JLT says:

      Hand and Shrimp,
      I can’t quite believe Johann is going to do a full debate.

      Mate, when I read that yesterday, I absolutely fell about the place p***ing myself laughting.

      Rev, we will need that Jurassic Park video clip again, this time with even louder sound effects. I think we REALLY need to hear the roar and screeches of the attacking velociraptor while the poor defenceless creature screams in terror!

      This will be a key moment, for we now get to see the ‘real’ Johann Lamont. She gets away with it at FMQ, because Salmond never has to ask her any questions. With an audience of at least a million (seriously, who won’t watch?), heat of the lights, burning seething glare from Nicola, and Rona smiling wickedly at her, Lamont will be more terrified than a bleeding man in shark infested waters.

      She will have no advisors to whisper in her ear, and for the first time, she will be put under real pressure. ‘Answer the question! Answer the question!’

      In all seriousness, this could hard viewing because I expect Lamont to go to absolute pieces, and when that happens …when someone who is truly out of their depth and everyone knows it, and the person is finally exposed in the harsh reality of it all, then there is no pleasure in it. Make no bones about it. It will be a blood frenzy. Nicola will annihilate her.

      To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulled out on the day. I can see her advisors pulling her if she can’t hold a mug of coffee without spilling it everywhere due to her nerves!

    122. john king says:

      “Somebody Tweet that Russian ship if it is still there …”


    123. john king says:

      “FFS this is not Ireland 1919.”

      No it isnt but I would swear they are trying to provoke a violent reaction to justify a rerun of George Square 1919

    124. john king says:

      “All aboard the Street car Named DESIRE looking for plan B.

      Good one Ronnie,
      except it’ll be Westminster that will be dependent on the
      kindness of strangers 🙂

    125. john king says:

      “You can expect the spin doctors and the cheerleaders like Duncan to make excuses for the inexcusable as usual.”

      Hothershall got a wee mention by “help me Rona” last night when was doing a reprise of tweets quelle surprise

    126. john king says:

      “I was also thinking, and have done for much longer, that an Ian Smith-style UDI may be the last resort to which we may have to resort. There would be something immensely satisfying in that, at an emotional level.”

      but not so cool when the British army are pumping depleted uranium shells through Holyrood,
      maybe Alex can do a Boris Yeltsin?

    127. SquareHaggis says:

      Look at the size of that windae, it should have been egged!

    128. Seasick Dave says:


      Excellent link about Frank Roy in the DR!

      I loved Frank Roy’s quote:

      “There’s not a bone in my body that thinks Scotland will be better off as an independent country.”

      That’s right Frank, better stay under the control of the government that has got us in debt to the tune of £1.5 trillion while squandering some of the richest oil reserves in the world all at the same time as our Labour representatives grinning for photo opportunities at the opening of food banks.

    129. HandandShrimp says:


      I think Johann’s team know the dangers if she tries to ski off piste. She will be well briefed to stick to a few sound bites and I think she will dig her heels in as she did over Atos. It will be grim viewing but I think she will hold onto the safety rails. If she does ski off piste then we will have talking points for weeks to come 🙂

    130. Neil MacGillivray says:

      Did Michael Kelly actually say the things I heard him say on Newsnight last night? We should use thr dreichma for we would become the economic equivalent of Greece- did I hear correctly? Then he said that Scottish Labour would vote against an independent Scotland using the pound -even if it was in Scotland’s best interest. Maybe I dreamt it!

    131. Grant says:

      Westminster will default on the Edinburgh agreement.

    132. SquareHaggis says:

      The lovebomb epiphany was in fact the releasing of the hounds.

    133. Ken says:

      After the last time Ponsonby interviewed Osborne I am sure his advisors decided to keep him as far away from Bernard as possible. His rabbit in headlights performance that day will stick long in my memory. Run George, run!

    134. Dick Gaughan says:

      Osborne’s attitude to Ponsonby was more revealing than his lack of answer. The body language and the failure to even acknowledge the existance of the questioner spoke very loudly of how he regards us. “I’m here to threaten – I’m far too important to waste my time being questioned by the likes of you.”

      He should be more cautious, hell hath no fury like …

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