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The St Valentine’s Day Massacres

Posted on February 14, 2014 by

Can’t wait to read these two stories in the morning.


Goodnight, readers.

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    131 to “The St Valentine’s Day Massacres”

    1. heedtracker says:

      G’night Reverend! Great to see such bettertogether melt down.

    2. CJ says:

      Nicola was great on every channel today, calm and clear in her message. Where was Gideon after upsetting the hornet`s nest? Hiding under the rock he crawled out from!
      Bernard Ponsonby was great in bringing up the fact that these unionist better together lot make big statements then quite literally disappear. They simply don`t want to debate anything because they know the media will give wall to wall coverage of their message with as little scrutiny as possible.
      Michael Kelly, Jesus F Christ. What a deluded, lying little man he is. He is the Labour parties hatred of the SNP personified! They should get him on more often because his utter disgust at the thought of Scotland having any aspirations beyond his British Nationalism is surely a vote winner.
      What a day!

    3. scotchwoman says:

      Herald story is a game changer (I hope!), especially with its perfect timing following on from the Osborne lecture.

    4. Geoff Huijer says:

      The Daily Mail flat out lying…again.

      Ho hum…

    5. Arbroath 1320 says:

      What can I say? 🙂

      With regard to the Herald I’m thinking that we are on the verge of a deluge of people moving from being a Don’t Know or NO voter straight over to becoming a YES voter! 🙂

      Now what is there to say about everyone’s favourite paper, the Daily Mail. Well for starters we are all well aware that this paper NEVER tells any lies so I’m guessing the First Minister was never on any news programme tonight. Oh wait a minute, I’m sure I read comments earlier on tonight that he was in fact on Scotland Tonight on STV and also on Newsnight. How could the Daily Mail have gotten this so wrong?

      I’ve figured it out. The Daily Mail is printed in the middle of the flood plains in Somerset and as such do not have any electricity so their T.V. wasn’t working, obviously, and they have been using the “force” to get their stories out! 🙂

    6. X_Sticks says:

      Goodnight Rev Stuart Campbell. Sleep well. Thanks for your commitment to the cause. You deserve a medal.

    7. Taranaich says:

      Talk about yer cliffhangers!

    8. CameronB says:

      I want to joke about this situation and the MSM’s response as it is totally bizarre, but it is also definitely not funny.

    9. TheGreatBaldo says:

      Lets see between the hours of 10:30pm and midnight on Thursday February 13th we had…

      Danny Alexander’s car crash with Rona

      Gideon dodging Bernard

      Michael Kelly saying Scottish Labour MP’s would vote to ‘a man’ against a Currency Union if their own constituents vote YES even if it was the best option

      A Welsh Labour MP on QT talking about ‘The English Pound’

      And by all accounts Eck giving Kirsty Wark a complete shoeing on Newsnight (as well as a stonkingly good interview wi Rona).

      Tonight even tops Sturgeon vs Carmichael-Moore in terms of a telly visual massacre for BT

      Oh and Limmy spotted this….

      We REALLY are a foreign country to Westminister and it’s media.

    10. Patrick Roden says:

      The great thing about the Herald headline, is the picture of Osborne pointing.

      Do what I tell you, you filthy Jocks!

      Can you imagine what it must feel like for any ‘Self Respecting’ Labour/BT activist today?

      How would you feel as some Labour MSP/MP was telling you to get out there and spread the message,

      …’Westminster won’t allow Scotland to use its own pound’

      …’Westminster won’t allow us our independence, if they don’t like the way the negotiations are going’

      I just read one guy on twitter say that he had just handed back his Labour Party membership, because he can’t support any party who backs Osbornes stance.

      He certainly won’t be the only one making this decision.

      George Osborne, Ed Balls, Danny Alexander, BBC,

      I salute You!!!

    11. Morag says:

      The tragic thing about the Mail headline is it doesn’t matter that it’s 200% untrue. People will read it and think, he ran away.

      What on earth are they on about, a duck pond, anyway?

    12. Les Wilson says:

      Here is an american link, where one woman stands up to government harassment it is worth a watch and shows that people who get really upset, will fight all the way.

      Coming here sometime soon.

    13. mato21 says:

      Site really bad now Has got progressively worse throughout the evening

    14. Les Wilson says:

      Michael Kelly
      How come labour has so many of these arseholes????
      Do they go through a ” be nasty little bastard school” to become a Slab MP/Msp ?? Really wonder what labour voters think about these rabid people who claim to represent them.

    15. Calum Craig says:

      No comments for an hour (even at this time), something fishy still happening?

    16. Calum Craig says:

      Oh, sorry, they all appeared after I posted (I did refresh).

    17. James123 says:

      Osborne trying to avoid AS in Edinburgh today.

    18. west_lothian_questioner says:

      The comments section is playing up badly reverend… appearing and disappearing at (apparent) random.

    19. Thepnr says:

      I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Get in there wi the head down. We’ve won. Start spreading the news, night all.

    20. Vulpes says:

      Oh! Free Lego!

    21. Wayne says:

      “A Yes vote in the referendum would be the start of a process, not the end of one. We would start negotiations. But if Alex Salmond made impossible demands, we would not just roll over and agree to everything he wanted. If we could not reach agreement, the status quo would be the default option.”

      I honestly can’t believe anyone could have been so stupid as to say this. This is outrageous. The barest whiff that if rUK decides it doesn’t like our negotiating stance it will renege on the referendum and make us stuck with the status quo (the union) as default is going to be nuclear with Scottish voters.

      Whoever briefed this, all I can say is, well done you incompetent imbecile. There is what you think in private and what you say in public, and the art of a good politician is making sure the two never converge.

      I’d expect some panicky back-tracking denials on this tomorrow. If anyone goes on camera and says this well that would be all our prayers answered at once. Surely no-one could be that stupid?

    22. The Man in the Jar says:

      I am looking forward to the next opinion poll. Should be very interesting.

    23. Patrician says:

      Is the Herald front page real? Is it a photoshopped windup?

      a tip for some people have the webpage not refreshing, try holding down the ctrl key and the pressing F5.

      For more details have a look at:

    24. Weedeochandorris says:

      I don’t know, after watching this cuffufle, is it just me but I really think they actually WANT a Yes vote. If I were them, and that was the goal, I’d be doing everything and saying everything that they are. It’s bizarre, they seem to be pushing us toward that. I though they loved us and wanted us to stay. I just feel they are up to something more, what I don’t know, but it’s just weirrrrdddddd…..

    25. Weedeochandorris says:

      I don’t know, after watching this cuffufle, is it just me but I really think they actually WANT a Yes vote. If I were them, and that was the goal, I’d be doing everything and saying everything that they are. It’s bizarre, they seem to be pushing us toward that. I just feel they are up to something more, what I don’t know but it’s just weirrrrdddddd.

    26. Weedeochandorris says:

      Agggggghhhhhhh. Sorry my post disappeared ages ago and I reposted it! Now they’re both there!

    27. Appleby says:

      We’re through the looking glass with this one.

      I’d love to know what the international opinion was now on this and the situation here.

    28. Marker Post says:

      Yup, the gloves are off now…

    29. ronnie anderson says:

      good morning Wingers what has the day in store for us,
      joy of joys I hear the Angels singing, hear hud on a minit
      is there a altatude limiter on Wingers Rev.

    30. Dal Riata says:

      Ah, tis now Valentine’s Day, that day when amourousness and affection is expressed between couples, enamoured, captivated and smitten by the love they hold for each other…

      So… Will there be a whole fuselade of Valentine lovebombs cascading upon the people of Scotland from those in Westminster and the UK’s press and broadasting media who hold Scotland so dear to their hearts?

      Or… Will Westminster now act like a spurned lover and do something vengeful, vindictive and spiteful to show their hurt and anger of being ever more snubbed by the politically reawakened people of Scotland who have had enough of the attempted bullying, scorn, sneering and lies and now see independence as the way forward, escaping the abuser and setting themselves free?

      Postie, postie, do not tarry…!

    31. ronnie anderson says:

      Where,s the great chieftan o the skelpit face

      come oon out in jign yer brethern

      awe thegither yer gittin a leatherin

      were fue sic wie awe yer blaberin

      stay fawr south wie ower the border

      we,ll sent fur you,s in richt quik order

      hey your passport,s ready at the border

      strip searches fur you lot is a standing order.

    32. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Where’s the F5 and ctrl keys on my iPad?
      I need refreshing …


    33. Grant says:

      Is Osbourne a cybot?

    34. Bunter says:

      It was well handy yesterday that the Scot Gov just happened to have that nicely timed opinion poll on opinions south of the border on a currency union with an indy Scotland. It was used in debates to good effect and I cant help thinking that the Scot Gov saw this Unionist move coming.

      This was highlighted last night on Radio 5 Live sometime after midnight where expert John Peinar seemed taken aback by two callers from down south who firmly supported Scotland, and using different arguments, plus a gruff Scot from Lanarkshire who took it upon himself to ”educate” Peinar on currency unions.

      A while later, there was a hugely entertaining joust between a bizarre elderly plummy accented anti Scottish caller versus a retired Scottish army officer.

      Worth a listen if you can find it on iplayer.

    35. Graeme Purves says:

      BBC Good Morning Scotland still quoting the good Dr. Kelly as an expert on currency matters this morning! lol

    36. Juteman says:

      Hud me back. Wings seems to be working normally for me!
      Maybe tripping over that huge pile of envelopes behind the front door, and dropping the laptop helped.

    37. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Dave and George don’t seem to know how to do the hegenomy thing very well when it comes to Scotland.

    38. Luigi says:

      I just received another batch of 500 YES newspapers last night.

      I would personally like to thank George Osborne for inspiring me to get out there, in the middle of February, and deliver them as fast as possible.

      Much appreciated.

    39. scottish_skier says:

      If this is true, then the Tories are aiming for a Yes vote.

      There’s no way they can get a solid no, so a solid Yes is the better option. Done and dusted.

    40. Juteman says:

      This announcement that Westminster won’t recognise independence is a gift. It is forcing folk to think about their options, and we all know what happens when folk start looking for information.

    41. Croompenstein says:

      7:30 disreporting Scotland had FM refuting the wasteminster stance but guess what clip was wheeled out for the last word..Kelly FFS, no mention of Ivan shooting this old uncle tom down on newsnicht oh no it’s the BBC!

    42. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Appears that Guideons excursion into Scotland yesterday is the beginning of the onslaught of SHOITE that the Scottish people will have to endure for the nexy 6-7 months.

      I was especially draw to the last paragraph:

      The SNP has promised to remove Britain’s nuclear deterrent from its base at Faslane on the Clyde. UK ministers fear this could make the cost of renewing Trident, already £25 billion, unaffordable. They hope Alex Salmond would use Trident as a bargaining chip, possibly in return for the UK Government’s support for Scotland joining the EU and Nato.

      FFS who do these knob-heads think they are.

    43. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Grant says:
      Is Osbourne a cybot?

      He’s a Cyberprat

    44. Fergus Green says:

      Poll in the Courier asking for voting intentions following news about the pound showing 42% YES and 33% NO:

      Still open for votes.

    45. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Good to see that negotiations are now well underway.

    46. MochaChoca says:

      Someone by the name of Kate Higgins on the radio, supposedly on the YES side talking utter drivel about it being up to Westminster to tell us what our currency options are….. STFU you are making the YES side sound stupid.

    47. bunter says:

      Naughtie on GMS was unbelievable, trying to put words into Salmond mouth, making semi personal accusations, really horrible tone to his questioning and so obviously partisan.

      Tune in to the second part later which will be a love fest with the Unionist beaker!

    48. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland GMS Jim Naughtie trying to draw a “Plan B” answer out of Alex Salmond this morning,

      “For the third time Jim…”


    49. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      George Gideon Oliver Osborne

      What can I say. Once a Bullingdon Man, always a Bullingdon Man.

      He came to Scotland did his best to trash it and then ran away.

      The Bullingdon Club normally sends a cheque to the place they trash. This one is going to bankrupt your piggy bank, Georgie Boy!

      If he had any brains he could be dangerous.

    50. Macart says:

      Heh, this has turned out quite well. Cameron’s phone a friend and tell Scots we love them seems to have fallen on deaf ears as expected.

      Even Severin’s blog turned into a 4K hate fest.

      Said it before and I’ll say it again. Their propaganda went too far and worked to successfully ON THE WRONG TARGET. Those idiots in Westminster and the media have stirred up so much ill feeling toward Scotland, they’ve actually lost control of it.

    51. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland desperate to know what “Pan B” is going to be.

      Rev. there has to be a joke in there somewhere.

    52. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Does anybody not believe me now, that Cameron AND Miliband want Scotland out? Who cares about the Liberals, not Clegg.

    53. caz-m says:

      Johann Lamont’s mate “Call Kaye” will be discussing the currency union at 8.50am this morning on GMS in her phone-in.

    54. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      At the rate things are moving, Plan B is that Cumbria and Northumbria can join us if they want …

    55. Jim Mitchell says:

      Re Mr Kelly, can anyone tell me why we should listen to anything anybody says just because they are an ex Glesca cooncilor?

    56. Paul Wilson says:

      Westminster has lost the right to bargain tell them to remove them the day after the yes result or we will tow in to the middle of the Atlantic and sink them.

    57. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      All we need know is for Boris to be let out of his cage to back up his Bullingdon Club mates.

      3 in a row, very soon, just mark my words.

    58. redcliffe62 says:

      Suspended on twitter 6 times in 7 weeks, I must be heading for the record. something I said perhaps.
      I had the lateral idea we could peg currency to Isle of Man and/or Jersey pound as that would show the stupidity of the Treasury and UK Govt argument, as they have EU and UK issues which are very relevant surely? Same rate of course and that is all that matters?

    59. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Paul Wilson says:
      tell them to remove them the day after the yes result or we will tow in to the middle of the Atlantic and sink them.

      Or we wait until Scotland gets ratified as now occupying the former UK seat on the UN Security Council, then we do the towing and sinking.


    60. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Bunter, you were up late last night. Aye she was hard work yon one…

    61. Another Union Dividend says:

      Alex Bell exposes the falsehoods of the UK Treasury letter on Call Kaye at 8.50 this morning.

      The Unionist BOA constrictors, Balls, Osborne and Alexander will generally live on their own Westminster bubble, and do not interact with others.

      These snakes cannot see very well, causing them to be more defensive than it might be otherwise.

      Their bite can be painful, especially from large snakes, but is rarely dangerous to humans who think through the currency options.

      Like all snakes, Boa constrictors that are moulting can be more unpredictable when faced with a YES vote.

    62. R Whittington says:

      On a serious note. What do you guys think Alex’s strategy should be now? Is it time for an official plan B or better to keep any contingency he may have secret?

    63. Desimond says:

      Looks like the Great Big Unionist plan didnt quite pan out as expected.

      Gideon, Danny and Ed’s big threat only made a tiny section on Page 9 of the Metro today, not exactly ground shaking news then.

    64. Indy_Scot says:

      No matter what angle I look at this whole debacle from, once the dust has settled, who are the majority of the Scottish public going to believe, Alex Salmond or George Osborne.

      There is only ever going to be one winner.

    65. Gillie says:

      In effect the UK government have ripped up the Edinburgh Agreement and declared war on Scotland.

      The next time a Tory minister comes a calling to Scotland we should make that a very unhappy experience.

    66. alexicon says:

      Where’s the F5 and ctrl keys on my iPad?
      I need refreshing …

      Calgacus there is no F5 key on ipad (well not that I’m aware of)
      If you touch (hit, not too hard)the cross on the address bar at the top centre you will see the refresh symbol appear, then you can refresh your page.

      Hope that helps.

    67. Luigi says:

      A fair number of new YES voters on Call UKay this morning, particularly Labour voters who seem to be apoplectic this morning.

      Not so much anger at the tories, who are expected to be nasty. The fury seems to be directed at their own (Labour) party, for ganging up against Scotland. Bad move, Mr Balls.

    68. Seasick Dave says:

      Dick Whittington

      Any thoughts of how all of this will affect RUK?

    69. alexicon says:

      The Herald headline is a threat to blackmail the Scottish Government by westminster so Scotland would accept a share of the westminster’s debt.
      I’m sure AS and Co are bidding their time to counter this act of aggression to the Scottish people by westminster.

    70. The Man in the Jar says:

      I followed your link to the Guardian. I do enjoy a chuckle at the comments.

      One person in particular amused me. He/She was saying that the UK government should sever Scotlands internet connection if we refuse the debt.


    71. Luigi says:

      I’m sure AS and Co are bidding their time to counter this act of aggression to the Scottish people by westminster.

      Indeed. HMG have shown their hand far too early.

      AS won’t make the same mistake.

    72. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Ah, the Daily Mail. Ever the martyr to ridiculous headlines. Less said about them the better.

      I genuinely believe Osbourne and his wee chums in the ‘other’ parties have badly, badly misjudged this one. Even with the compliant BBC immediately switching onto ‘so what’s your plan B, Mr Salmond,’ it’s still not had the impact he wanted. In point of fact I genuinely believe it’s had exactly the opposite impact and when the fallout stops that’s what’s going to be shown.

      It plays to Scotland as another example of Westminster saying nothing about what you can do, but everything about what you supposedly can’t do. Never mind that we all know this will impact on rUK businesses as well; if carried forwards it is a great example of chopping aff yer nose tae spite yer face.

      Eck gave James Naughtie the performance he was completely and utterly asking for. James is not Paxman; he should stop trying to pretend he is. If he’s going to continue, he best not try it on Eck again until he’s better at it.

      The best result of all this? Alex Salmond et al have stopped the defensive routine and now respond to attack with attack. It is very, very gratifying to see our leadership taking the offensive.

      Incidentally, only caught a bit of it, but was that the guy from Business for Scotland on Newsnight Scotland last night? If it was him, he’s really very, very good. Similar interview technique to Salmond and Sturgeon; don’t rise to the bait no matter how stupid it is, always respond in a calm and measured fashion. Our side have very, very good people.

      Almost a shame that the other side can’t say the same. Almost.

    73. Macart says:

      @R Whittington.

      Nope I’d continue to be captain reasonable for a while yet and let Westminster run their mouth off and continue to do what comes naturally to them. They’ll dig their anchors in and make it plain for all to see just what their nature is and it sure isn’t love and family.

      I’d make it plain though by drip feed that there are other perfectly viable options, but that I’d be loath to use them unless I had to. It really is in everyones best interst north and south, but if not, then not. Introduce to the Scottish electorate that whatever Westminster says, Scotland always has been and always will be just fine without the nanny state telling us how to conduct ourselves.

    74. HandandShrimp says:

      Listened to Salmond on GMS being interviewed by Naughtie who sounded quite petulant about the Herald story. If the Herald is correct and that quote is from a senior source in the Coalition you would think a real political journalist would be interested. I take it Naughtie is just a BBC frontman rather than a genuine journalist.

    75. Patrician says:

      @Calgacus MacAndrews

      for an iToy 😀 the Safari application must be completely shut down prior to clearing any history, cache, cookies, etc.

      First select the Settings icon, normally located towards the middle of your iPad Home Screen.

      Your iPad Settings menu should now be displayed.

      Select the option labeled Safari.

      Safari’s Settings should now be displayed on your iPad.
      To continue deleting the browser’s cache, select the option labeled Clear Cache.

      A confirmation message will now appear on your screen.

      To continue with deleting Safari’s cache, select Clear. To terminate the process, select Cancel.

    76. Another Union Dividend says:

      Dick Whittington

      Have you read the Scottish Government fiscal commission report on the currency options for Scotland?

      Thought no. Go to page 3 on

      The Scottish government’s preferred option has been known for a year but contrary to the Edinburgh Agreement the UK government has refused to discuss currency or any other areas of agreement.

    77. Doug Daniel says:

      Just goes to show how they think Scotland is a possession. We’re not negotiating our independence – as soon as we vote Yes on the 18th September, that decision is made. The negotiations are just to decide how we divvy up the possessions. If Westminster decides to be an arse about it, then we simply do a Unilateral Declaration of Independence and be done with it.

      And if anyone thinks that means we’d be kicked out of the EU, it’s worth bearing in mind that Kosovo did that to become independent from Serbia, and they’re still being asked to apply for membership status.

    78. Gillie says:

      The Herald story shows the level of contempt Westminster has for Scotland.

      To them we are just Uppity Jocks who need to be taught a lesson.

    79. Macart says:


      Yep, a real hate fest. I’ve been posting that link on several sites. The more people get to see the real nature of being Better Together, the sooner we start getting on with discussing what kind of country we want.

      Gideon, Balls and Alexander have done us a real solid. Westminster and the media went too far and their propaganda has effectively demolished any feeling of unity in Britain from one electorate to the other. Dave’s speech was a waste of time and money apparently.

      Who knew this would be the fall out from two years of misinformation and propaganda?

    80. Mary Bruce says:

      Happy Valentines day, gang of Wings!

      That numpty, Alan Cochrane, over at the Telegraph, re-tweeted the Daily Mail cover last night then instantly got an ear-full.

      He doesnt seem to regret his faux pas, however, and has continued with the theme in his column, “case of the disappearing Prime Minister.” So much for being The Scottish Editor, he hasn’t a clue what is really going on in Scotland, and doesn’t appear to want to either. The fool.

      Sorry, Rev, don’t know how to archive on the tablet.

    81. HandandShrimp says:

      I did think Jim Sillars made a good case for an independent currency but as that is not reliant on third party negotiation it is an option that does not have to be taken until much closer to the point of actual independence. I think Salmond is right to stick to his guns. If Osborne is bluffing then they will have to talk at some point. If Osborne i snot bluffing then there are several perfectly workable options that do not need Westminster agreement as outlined in the Fiscal Commission.

      Better Together don’t give a toss about a plan B. If one was articulated their immediate response would be “Oh Noes!!!11 We are doooooomed!”

    82. bunter says:

      Lots of NOs now YESs going by call kayyyyeee this morning.

    83. Luigi says:

      Valentines Day 2014.

      The day Labour became toxic in Scotland.

    84. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Having listened to Naughtie’s contributions, his home thoughts from abroad, I have come to the conclusion that his true home is on Radio 5 Live, as a stand-in for that Nolan man.

    85. Edward says:

      Listening to Kaye Adams this morning and majority are for Yes and interestingly some are converts to yes due to Osborne’s utterances
      plus a couple of Labour supporters also going for yes including a former councillor called Deirdre
      If your reading this Deirdre , welcome on board. As a life long Labour supporter can appreciate your journey
      As you stated its not voting for the SNP, its about Scotland’s future

    86. John H. says:

      Whoever is carrying out these attacks on Wings is obviously having some success. On a day like today I would have thought that there would have been well over 100 comments by now. Some regular posters seem to have gone missing.

      I’m finding that comments are appearing and disappearing constantly. Let’s hope that normal service will resume soon.

    87. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:


      Thanks for sharing the 5live tip. How well did that ex-Army man keep his cool?!

      It is on iplayer if anyone wants to listen and is in the last half hour of the show.

    88. Clootie says:

      Why would you play this card so early?

      The only possible reason is that they have information on the true state of Scottish intentions regading a YES vote.

      If this is the case why are the polls not yet reflecting it – I can think of only one reason “jiggery-pokery”

      The ED Balls sales pitch on keeping the union so all workers share the risk and reward appears to be conditional on doing what you are told!

    89. Patrick Roden says:

      R Wittington says: “On a serious note. What do you guys think Alex’s strategy should be now? Is it time for an official plan B or better to keep any contingency he may have secret?”

      Good question, Whatever Alex does, I can assure you it wont be in response to the bullying by Gideon/Balls.

      You can be assured that Alex wont release any statement that can be interpreted as a response to Westminster’s bullying.

      He will bide his time and just allow all those lovely don’t knows and even some no’s to keep shifting to definite Yes, as a result of Westminster bullying of Scotland.

      Once things have died down he will make his statement.

      You could describe this as an international ‘kick the bully in the balls’

      Well, better Together have been crying out for certainty,

      One things for sure, Scotland will certainly not be bullied by Westminster.

    90. Papadocx says:

      What do the proud PSUDO middle class ScotBrits think of this not so veiled threat to democracy and the real Scottish people. I do not want to stay in a police state, are they going to put troops on the streets, create a situation like Northern Ireland, search through our pockets and remove all English monies found in our possession.

      This love bombing, is it going to turn into real bombing. These NO nut jobs are unhinged, undemocratic and very dangerous. What have we done to deserve this bunch of weirdos, what planet do they come from.

      We have quietly gone about trying to get our truth out to the people, in the face of HMG lies, misinformation and propaganda delivered from their state controlled MSM & broadcasters. Suppression and distortion of the independence message by HMG is not a free and open country that I was brought up to believe I lived in.

      Whatever the result of the referendum things have changed, the genie is out of the bottle and it ain’t going back in.

      For anybody who supports this perversion of freedom and democracy YOU NEED TO BE PITIED AND HELP BEYOND MY ABILITIES. THERE IS NO GOING BACK.

    91. Peter Macbeastie says:

      I thought Jim Sillars came across quite well this morning, and made a good deal of sense without appearing to be simply saying it to belt Alex Salmond. His view on what an independent currency could be like is much the same as mine, and I see it as a completely viable option. I do, however, believe currency union is probably a better option in the short term, but if we take wee Georgie at face value that’s not going to happen. So, the next option is, I believe, quite clear. Scottish currency, unattached to the pound, and developing our own credit status.

      As well explained by Doug Daniel yesterday; the Euro is not a day one option anyway, and any suggestions that it is should be laughed at.

    92. faolie says:

      Reading that Herald story (archived here), it quotes a source close to DC saying:

      Dismissing the SNP Government’s 18-month timescale for completing negotiations as “totally unrealistic”, the source said: “A Yes vote in the referendum would be the start of a process, not the end of one; we would start negotiations. But if Alex Salmond made impossible demands, we would not just roll over and agree to everything he wanted. If we could not reach agreement, the status quo would be the default option.”

      Bollocks surely that is. Come a Yes vote we are a de facto independent state are we not? Independence Day is the day we are a de jure state. Or am a wrang?

    93. Flower of Scotland says:

      I have to go through Facebook to see latest comments ! I have cleared my history through Safari but I am not getting comments after 9.05 .
      They can hack all they like we,ll try anyway to get to Wings ! Great job your doing Rev !

    94. Fergus Green says:

      Poll now showing 47% YES and 30% NO. Still open for votes.

    95. Kendomacaroonbar says:

      @R Whittington

      Proposing a ‘Plan B’ assumes that the original plan is somehow dead in the water. It isn’t, but I can see why you are pushing/trolling this issue ad nauseum.

    96. Luigi says:

      Some utter twit on Call UKaye regurgitating the too poor, too wee routine, was put on the spot by Ivan McKee, and suddenly let slip with “our generous benefactors”.

      Our generous benefactors

      That’s the unionist mindset for you.

    97. Alex Grant says:

      To follow the currency debate and other issues re the referendum tune into Edinburgh’s Black Diamond FM new political programme ‘Scotland , Aye Right’ from 1300 to 1600 today and hear Derek Bateman and Ivan McKee being interviewed. Available everywhere via the net

    98. Fergus Green says:

      Listening to Call Kaye and hearing an unprecedented proportion of ‘YES’ callers. Ivan McKee is also playing a starring role.

    99. fairiefromtheearth says:

      cmon people wake up Democracey only works when you vote the Establisment in.

    100. Robert Kerr says:

      The Herald “Yes is not Yes” is also carried by the Independent.

      Comments are very favourable. The English peoples’ sense of “fair play” has been touched already.

    101. Papadocx says:

      As the Labour current sound bight goes:


    102. heraldnomore says:

      Interesting range of comments on Kaye’s rallying call. Gaun yersel’ Ivan; doing a grand job.

    103. Ian Brotherhood says:

      SSP doing stall lunchtime today at Bridegate, Irvine.

      Looking forward to hearing heartfelt reaction (i.e. creative expletives) from all and sundry.

    104. Seasick Dave says:

      F5 doesn’t work and Ctrl F5 doesn’t work for me either.

    105. Les Wilson says:

      Yup, calling Kaye is full of YES voters/converts, definitely looks like Scots feel insulted by Westminster and are expressing it. Some very good YES contributions, from women, who knew what they were talking about, more of it please.

      Note also ,the labour converts who are astounded at labour’s stance are feeling very angry at the party, especially the “proud Scot” contingent who are actively acting against Scotland by upholding Westminster’s interests.

    106. Fergus Green says:

      Poll now showing 48% YES and 30% NO. Still open for votes.

      As good Dundee folk would say: ‘E’hm pure lovin this’

    107. Jim Mitchell says:

      how they must long for the good old days when if the natives got restless all they had to do was send a gun boat now a days they don’t even have the gunboat!

    108. Ericmac says:

      “All 3 Neoliberal parties are full of shit.


      Alistair Darling, chair of Better Together, has said in Nov quote it was “logical and sensible” for there to be a common currency with England after independence. You will not find any economist, politician or serious commentator who has seriously suggested otherwise unquote.

      Think about it. English citizens would not want to have to change money when they visit Scotland. Companies would not want to pay transaction costs every time they exported goods to and from Scotland. The banks would not want to have to go to the expense of setting up standalone subsidiaries trading as separate entities. For all these reasons and more, the easiest thing would be to keep the pound.

      Lib Dem:

      Danny Alexander on the 18th April on STV News. Quote “Maintaining a stable currency union within a divided UK could be very challenging. Maybe not impossible, but extremely challenging.” unquote
      Even though he is a member of a party, the LibDems, who favour a federal reform of the UK and membership of the European monetary system, which involves complex currency and regulatory issues.


      From their own Economic affairs committee they set up in the House Of Lords

      Our starting point is that the rest of the United Kingdom would keep the Bank of England and that would be for the rest of the United Kingdom’s economy.

      The UK Government’s report Scotland analysis: Devolution and the implications of Scottish Independence goes on to say

      POINT 57: Open to representatives of an independent Scottish state to seek to make use of arrangements now operative within the UK should they so wish, although any proposals would need to be considered carefully and may not be straightforward or necessarily in the interests of the continuing UK … Proposals for a formal currency union or for an independent Scottish state to have recourse to the Bank of England’s functions could form part of independence negotiations should representatives of an independent Scottish state want to table them.

      POINT 59: Then goes on to say
      The benefits of using sterling in a currency or monetary union are clear. The avoidance of exchange costs, the elimination of currency risk, the continuation of existing contracts written in sterling and easier price comparison between products all minimise transaction costs and foster competition. The high degree of economic integration and mobility of capital and labour between Scotland and the rest of the UK is best maintained if they use the same currency.

      Then POINT 60 of the debate in the House Of Lords says
      If an independent Scotland used sterling, its monetary policy would continue to be determined by the Bank of England. While the Scottish and the rest of the UK economies remained similar there is no reason why they could not be both served by the same monetary policy.

      They all talk shite and all 3 parties are saying the opposite to the economic affairs committee. A strategy they have decided to use because the Yes campaign was gaining momentum. The usual project fear shite to scare and divide a nation like always. The neoliberal mantra of bull shit.

      Not once in the whole Devolution and the implications of Scottish Independence report above published in April 2013 ( and which the 3 have based their arguement on) does it say how it would effect the rest of the UK. Every paragraph suggests Scotland would be a basket case without the pound and yet not one word on how it would effect the pound that is left with the rest of the UK once we had left. As if by magic the pound that was left would still be as strong once the 2nd best performing economy after London left the union and took its oil revenues with it.

      I’ve said for many a year on here that the UK government over the last 40 years has turned into a sham roled into a circus. The last few days highlights what a bunch of self interested lying bunch of neoliberal sociopaths they are.”

      The Middleground Guardian

    109. Fergus Green says:

      Poll reached 48% YES and 30% NO before the Courier replaced it with a question on whether or not dogs should be muzzled in public.

      Fun while it lasted and thanks to George Osborne for a massive shot in the arm for the YES campaign.

    110. chalks says:

      Now BBC are mentioning that the currency union stance would change if SG made a commitment to it for 40-50 years…….negotiating in the open ain’t easy is it.

      This is why we were right to tease the other options available to us.

    111. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Wonderful woman on Morning Call a few minutes ago shooting from the hip on why she’s not a nationalist, but she’s voting YES.

      Ivan on too and brilliant as usual.

      Feels like an eerie scarcity of NO callers …

    112. faolie says:

      Interesting. Seems we’re not alone in thinking that HMG is threatening us. Quite a lot of Europe and South America (eh?) thinks so too.

      Archived here: As Others See Us: World Press on Osborne’s Currency Gambit

    113. mato21 says:

      My tally this morning for Call Kaye was approximately 3 to 1 in favour of yes

      The most articulate and passionate yessers were the ladies

      Sorry Gideon you have called this one wrong again just like the fear and the love It does not work

    114. Robert Kerr says:

      Many WoS people have wondered on the timing of this whole business.

      I recall that a week ago the Herald carried a piece on a statement expected “in a few weeks” from the Europeans re iScotland’s admission to the EU.

      That was a week ago. “A long time in politics indeed”

    115. Linda's Back says:

      Another Union Dividend says: at 9.04 am

      Balls Osborne and Alexander, Boa constrictors.. I like that.

      The British Establishment’s gun to Scottish voter’s head has backfired and could turn into a St Valentine’s massacre for Labour as many of their disgruntled supporters are now voting Yes.

    116. Sunshine on Crieff says:


      Bollocks surely that is. Come a Yes vote we are a de facto independent state are we not? Independence Day is the day we are a de jure state. Or am a wrang?

      We know that the Scottish legal system has taken into account the ‘considered will’ of the Scottish people in the past, thus recognising that Scottish sovereignty lies with its people and limiting the idea of English contitutional law regarding the sovereignty of (the Westminster) parliament.

      I think that on a Yes vote, that decision will become recognised by our courts and power will naturally start to transfer to Scotland. On the date of independence, regardless of the state of negotiations, independence will becom legally secure. The legal principle that sovereignty lies with the Scottish people, exercised through through its elected parliament in Edinburgh, will be in effect.

      The reality could be messy, though – the rUK could still have troops loyal to them stationed here, for example – but it is in everyone’s interests, surely, to get it right.

    117. Desimond says:

      @Jim Mitchell
      You win Quote of the Day…bravo.

    118. Dal Riata says:

      We, here, knew that the lovebombing was completely false, a total farce and nothing but a cynical marketing ploy by Better Together.

      Hopefully, now, after Westminster’s bullying and aggression has become so apparent, the Scottish electorate will see the true angry face and hear the true threatening voice of those who seek to undermine and undemocratically influence their vote in September’s referendum.

      As I’ve mentioned, the ‘Fuck it! Let’s do it!’ attitude will be prevalent among voters on the day of the referendum. The way Westminster and its MSM propaganda oulets behaved yesterday and in the days leading up to ‘The Threat Announcement’ will only have helped to increase the numbers with this attitude ever higher.

    119. Ananurhing says:

      I was out last night and was genuinely surprised at peoples reactions to Osborne’s chest puffing. He’s really got peoples puggy up. Even normally apolitical, badly informed folk. I was gobsmacked by two DKs saying for the first time that they actually quite like the idea of independence, with the usual ” but I don’t know enough about it.”

      Now I know these guys and know when to back off when they glaze. For the first time ever they were asking relevant questions and making the effort to understand the economics of independence. More importantly they looked pretty pleased with themselves at getting a handle on issues like national debt, QE, GERS, etc.

      I’ll guarantee they’ll be talking to their families about it today, with a new found grasp of the issues. It wouldn’t have panned out like this without Osborne’s overt aggression yesterday.

      Fighting talk always gets a Scotsman’s attention.

    120. liz says:

      Fergus I cant see the vote for independence in the courier – the only one I can see is about dogs being muzzled.

      What section is it in?

    121. Fergus Green says:

      Never enjoyed a Call Kaye show so much. When is the next opinion poll published?

    122. Fergus Green says:

      Reply to Liz at 11.30

      The poll reached 48% YES and 30% NO before the Courier replaced it with a question on whether or not dogs should be muzzled in public.

    123. Hotrod Cadets says:

      Here comes the love-bombing:

    124. Jamie Arriere says:

      It is quite stark to any casual onlooker that Westminster are pronouncing on what they would do (or not do) after a YES vote, rather than give positive reasons or incentives for staying in the Union.

      I wonder if they think they have lost already.

    125. Edward says:

      Alex Grant – Just tuned into Black diamond FM, the community radio for Edinburgh

      Unfortunately they have just launched and its obvious they havn’t done any apparent ‘dry runs’ will stick it out and hope they iron out there stream of glitches

    126. Edward says:

      Alex Grant
      Now Black Diamond has settled in to a good discussion
      and if anyone from BDFM are reading – All best wishes on the launch 🙂
      No mention though of Derek Bateman taking part?

    127. bald eagle says:

      postie postie do not tarry

      wee johann will soon be larry

    128. Dick Gaughan says:

      Edward says:
      Alex Grant – Just tuned into Black diamond FM, the community radio for Edinburgh

      Unfortunately they have just launched and its obvious they havn’t done any apparent ‘dry runs’ But will stick it out and hope they iron out there stream of glitches

      Not quite “just launched” – I’ve been doing a show on Black Diamond for 2 years (9pm Weds, “Crossroads”) and it was in operation quite a while before that. The problem with it is that it is a wee community radio station run by volunteers so when something breaks (inevitable), it can be a while before it gets fixed.

      And it’s more “Midlothian and South Edinburgh” – based in Newtongrange, you’d be hard pushed to get it in Edinburgh north of Princes Street. Of course you can just listen online 🙂

    129. sneddon says:

      Listening to Radio Black Diamond this morning. I live in Gilmerton so good reception. DJ free music…bliss

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