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A tale of two situations

Posted on November 30, 2015 by

To mark the day that we both appeared in the Herald’s “Power 100” list of “The leading Scots who shape our lives” – and she had another go at trolling us – we’d like to dedicate this wonderful tune sincerely to the popular children’s author JK Rowling:

We’ll try to understand her problems more sensitively in future.

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106 to “A tale of two situations”

  1. Kenny says:

    She seems so bitter, it is rather sad.

    Come on, JK, get yersell doon tae the next “Hope over Fear” rally, yell have a braw time!

    P.S. Happy St Andy’s Day, everyone!

  2. Clootie says:

    …it appears she will do her best to stop others getting benefits.

    Well done Rev!

  3. Ken500 says:

    ‘Can’t live with you, can’t live without you’. Fascinated or boring JC.

  4. jimnarlene says:

    That’s not a very flattering synopsis of you, in the “power100”. That and at number 80, surely some mistake or more likely political leaning.

  5. bobajock says:

    Whoa. There is a power 100?

    Wheres the scumbag 100?
    1. Unionist ‘No’ rioters in George Square.
    2. The Three (now one) Amigos.
    3. Vow man Brown
    4. Bru man Murphy.
    5. ….

  6. Fran says:

    Now I understand. JK is afraid of the vast resources that she now has, so S……d should also be afraid to control its vast wealth of resources.

    I think your being too hard on the quine Rev, she knows how tough responsibility is and only wants to protect us from it.

    If only the SNP had put a paragraph in the White Book about asking Oprah for advise, then we would have strolled Indy Ref.

  7. Achnababan says:

    Rowling is such a fraud! Worst writer I have ever tried to read… could not past the first page 3 times. Never watched ony o her pictures either….

  8. Achnababan says:

    Jings, crivens… thats no Lady Mone at 76 is it? Rev – pull yer socks up man – that embarrasing

  9. Daisy Walker says:

    Anyone who’s ever been to the elephant house in Edinburgh and ordered a coffee will know that it takes so bloody long to come you could write the odd book, or 7.

    Hey ho, wings is brilliant, JKs sad and a hypocrite.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Ot. There’s a really Good program on bbc alba I player about scottish women hospitals in ww1. The Serbs still honour the contribution they made, even today. Real ambassadors, in the best way possible. One bit of decency at a time, resonates through history.

  10. Ken500 says:

    It will be fine when Scotland gets tax raising powers. To tax, £Millionaire tax evading Tories who voted NO. So vulnerable people aren’t sanctioned and have to use food banks.

  11. Petra says:

    ”She found her wealth very frightening.”

    One way to get rid of the ‘too much money fear factor’ is to give it all away. Supply poor children in Scotland with free porage oats / cornflakes / milk and buy them coats and boots.

    Did anyone else hear that she pinched someone’s story line? Maybe that’s the underlying component to her feeling so feart!

  12. Chitterinlicht says:

    I cannot believe jk tweeted you with that graph.
    Seriously needs to get out more and enjoy her cash.
    Well done on making the list.

  13. TerryMac says:

    Oh my God. Who knew that oil prices fluctuated or could be manipulated? Does she have any other graphs she can share? Perhaps one showing how the deficit looks with all these austere cuts. Or how many government jobs are being lost in Scotland since the referendum.

  14. heedtracker says:

    I don’t get why Rowling’s trolling with that “Scottish Oil and Gas revenue forecast” chart.

    Not Scottish oil’s never been Scottish, never been controlled by Scotland and most of its been invested in England. And Rowling paid a million quid to help keep it that way too. Its nice that she’s drips malice though.

  15. heedtracker says:

    Rowling thinks her obscene wealth from plagiarised storytelling, makes you someone like, Einstein, Steve Jobs and the Beatles, is what’s “I enjoyed this.” What did Scotland ever do to deserve her?

    J.K. Rowling ?@jk_rowling 1m1 minute ago
    Speaking as someone who would never have succeeded if she hadn’t first failed on a grand scale, I enjoyed this.

  16. Dan Huil says:

    Unionists in Scotland, whether the likes of Rowling or the bbc, are getting desperate. I see it as a good sign for the cause of Scotland’s independence.

  17. Mosstrooper says:

    Hmmm.. According to the bio at number 80 I see that you failed to supply receipts and invoices and got fined. Naughty, naughty. I mean the Herald wouldn’t have got that wrong would they? or tried to throw a bit of mud?

  18. Bob Mack says:

    She is only someone who created a fairytale world.

    Unfortunately for her, she is living in it.

  19. heedtracker says:

    I see it as a good sign for the cause of Scotland’s independence.

    Its heartbreaking though. A super rich English women trolls with an oil and gas industry that Scotland has never controlled, let alone seen much if any of the vast bounty in our seas. Yet here we are jeered and sneered at by a UKOK unionist who probably has no concept whatsoever of why Scottish oil and gas is in such a mess. Only in their Scotland region, struck oil, got poor.

  20. snode1965 says:

    I’m sorry, but other than the size of her bank account, why is JK the SIXTH most powerful person in Scotland?

  21. Sinky says:

    Writing fiction becomes addictive

  22. heedtracker says:

    why is JK the SIXTH most powerful person in Scotland?

    A magical ability to turn ripped off shite into cash money.

  23. cearc says:

    Ah, the rich wee lassie.

    Where did it all go wrong? All that money spent on keeping the empire and she didn’t even get a peerage.

  24. Ken500 says:

    There are thousands of people losing their jobs because of the 75% tax on Oil sector by Westminster even though the Oil price has more than halved. More Oil and gas has to be imported. Putting up the balance of payment deficit and the debt.

    Families will be struggling at Christmas. Vulnerable people are bring sanctioned and having to go to food banks. Some extremely wealthy people are ridiculing them. That is not acceptable.

  25. heedtracker says:

    There are thousands of people losing their jobs because of the 75% tax on Oil sector

    Douglas Fraser ?@BBCDouglasF 12h12 hours ago
    HS2 “on track to arrive ahead of schedule”, as John Cridland, exDG of @cbitweets takes over in the driver’s cab:
    View summary 2 retweets 1 like


    HS2 Birmingham to Crewe link planned to open six years early

  26. Wuffing Dug says:

    If her wealth frightens her so much there’s a solution to that.
    What a ridiculous statement.

    To say that in the current climate, so out of touch, misguided, malignant, narcissistic.

    Imagine gloating about a situation that’s costing thousands of people their jobs.

    She is one sick individual.

  27. Valerie says:

    I’m always a bit aghast that someone who made money from every sphere of society reading her crap, is such a pernicious wee harpy.

    A real life example of money not making you happy. Otherwise, why is she such an attention whore? Why is she not doing something nice with her scary money?

  28. Have to say her books got my nieces away from watching the mind numbing goggle box same as Mark Twain saved me from being a slave to the damned box.

    And I have nothing against immigrants coming to Scotland and contributing to the advancement of the country.

    But to come here,be welcomed,made to feel safe, a part of Scotland and then like some 5th columnist who attacks from inside,she puts her fortune and worldwide fame behind a bunch of heartless liars and conmen that wanted to stop Scotland from freeing itself from the corruption of Westminster rule,was a slap to the face of her many Scottish fans.

  29. mealer says:

    She looks more like Barbara Cartland every day.

  30. Cadogan Enright says:

    Kezia at 10

    ha ha ha ha ha – surely Moan has made a bigger impact?

    looks like a UKOK wish list

    Lets write to the National and bring out a real 100

  31. Marco McGinty says:

    So, UKOK Rowling has decided to poke fun at Indy supporters because of falling tax receipts from oil.

    That’s nice of her to make fun of an industry that has lost thousands of jobs in recent times, because the UK system that she has proudly defended, the same one that promised to protect such industries, has failed them all.

    Ah well, never mind unemployed oil workers, Ms Rowling has so much money, it scares her.

    Such a lovely unionist attitude.

  32. ArtyHetty says:

    Oh it would be so great to have a magic wand, abracadabra JK, and every last penny you ever had is redistributed to the poor of whom there are soooo many, too many for a modern civilisation in 2015 ffs!

    Her books were appallingly boring,I tried reading to my kids when they were little and gave up after 6 pages, to be exact.

    Don’t get her bittertogether stuff, and what on earth is her gripe with WoS? It could all have been so
    civilised, but no.

    Love that song, thanks for reminding us, and not being sarky there! You’ve got to tolerate…la la la.

  33. Proud Cybernat says:

    JK, here’s a challenge for yae.

    You bring your graphs. The Rev brings his graphs. And we have a big graph-off to see who wins.

    And none o’ yer hocus-pocus expelliarmus mallarkey, JK.


    No? Thought not. And that’s ’cause it’s no’ just yer wealth yer feart of, lassie, is it?

  34. heedtracker says:

    On the eve of another UKOK war, curl up with a good book. So nothing by Rowling then.

    Once upon a time in a land far far away, UKOK went a bombing and each bomber cost a million pounds per mission. Some bombs cost much more than others children. Some are nearly a million pounds each. Some are only £22,000 each. But don’t worry children, you’re nice a safe in the security of teamGB.

    From the last great British war in hot countries too far away to retaliate, ofcourse

    “According to a Ministry of Defence report to Parliament in 2010, each Tornado flight costs £35,000 per hour.

    Typically, two Tornados fly each mission, lasting anywhere between four and eight hours.

    So let’s land somewhere in the middle: a six-hour mission costs a basic £210,000.

    Then we have to consider the cost of the missiles.

    The expected payload would be four Paveway bombs, £22,000 each, and two Brimstone missiles, £105,000 per unit.

    So let’s say that’s £508,000 per aircraft in total, just a smidgen over £1m per mission.

    If they carry Storm Shadows at £800,000 a pop, then the cost rises considerably.”

    At “a pop.” How frightfully UKOK.

  35. Grouse Beater says:

    You have to see the high ‘walls’ she has built around her property to understand how she protects herself.

    but as with all billionaires there comes a time when the walls tumble down.

    On her support of Project Fear:

  36. Dr Jim says:

    C’mon Jakey donate lots of dosh to Kezia so she can fight the Yoony fight on your behalf and trounce all of us nasty Nats

    I double dare you, go on you know you want to

    The least you could do is write Kezia some new Scripticus Noticus for First Ministers Questicus and supply us all with more Entertainimus

    I know serious writing’s not really your field but you could give it a wee Shoticus

  37. Gerry says:


    Interesting exchange underneath this article.

  38. Petra says:

    I was just having a look through the tweets and see that JKR posts one chart and then jiggers off. Hoping that someone will post something really nasty that she can then use ….. run off to the newspapers with?

    There’s something altogether VERY strange about her behaviour. Surely she has better things to do with her time? She may have loadsa money but she comes across as being twisted and bitter …. maybe even lonely and sad? No genuine friends? Just a load of cow-towing strangers on Facebook and Twitter?

    Sad that her Party is going down the stank? Twisted and bitter because she can see that she’s not going to get her own way ….. million pounds or not …… that we will get our Independence?

    We’re living on a Planet where millions of children can’t access an education and have no recourse but to drink filthy water. In war zones children are being tortured, raped and murdered day and daily. Her Labour Party cronies are preparing to vote on unleashing even more misery in the Middle East and she sits in front of her computer tap tapping away trying to aggravate people and stir things up.

    I just don’t get. Maybe she’s spent too much time living in fictional, fantasy land? If so it’s high time she woke up, saw the light and got real. Found something constructive to do with her time and money such as helping the hundreds of thousands of poverty stricken children living in the Country she professes to love. Aye right! Labour supporter right enough. All talk (SNP Baad) and no action.

  39. Petra says:

    @Gerry at 1:12am …….

    I’m just having a laugh at some of the comments on there Gerry such as ”the will of the Scottish people was NO”. So that’s it then? Democracy in the making! If they are Labour supporters I suppose it will be alright with them if we just don’t bother having another Election in 5 years time? The will of the (English) people and all that.

    If you’re a Scottish Tory that’s alright too. 45% of Scots voted for Independence. Around 12% of Scots voted for the Tories but we’re stuck with them? Just shut up and get on with it?

  40. Dr Jim says:

    These Yoons never get anything right do they,It goes, the will of the Scottish people was

    “No the Now”

    Which means something entirely different

  41. bookie from hell says:

    MATT CARTOON nails labour party position on Syria

  42. Capella says:

    J K may have to troll about the Scottish fishing industry too.

    ‘Imperial’ submarine exclusion zone will destroy Scottish fishing jobs, MoD told

  43. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Much as I enjoy the Rev. having a wee bit of fun at the expense of JK Rowling, a lady who, I believe, only sees jokes by appointment – this has, I feel, taken away something from proper evaluation of The Herald’s Power 100.

    Yes, there are several worthy inclusions in the list, but, this list is, after all, one cobbled together by journalists on a newspaper. As such, it will meet its primary purpose, as “Clickbait” for the paper’s website.

    But, as a genuine and sensible run-down of the 100 most-influential people in Scotland. Aye Right.

  44. john king says:

    While I like James Kelly I struggle to understand why a man with a name like his allows a creature like GWC to monopolise his blog while others scream the place down for him to be blocked, but GWC reached a new low with this,

    “St Andrews Day is based on a myth like all the various saints conjured up by man tae keep the idiots in line.”

    I told James that until that knuckle dragging bigot is barred I won’t be back on Scot Goes Pop

  45. john king says:

    Sorates MacSporran @6.17

    I couldn’t agree more
    that became obvious when on of “the influential people” turned out to Michelle Mone, hahahahah
    the only thing she influences me to do is to check out her rack, for the purposes of political discourse ye unnerstaun?

  46. john king says:

    sticky bloody keys damn

    Ireallyneedtogetanewkeyboard. 🙁

  47. Dorothy Devine says:

    Now just you all be careful what you write , otherwise you’ll just be nasty wee cybernats bullying a delicate wee flower – like Lady Moaning and non lady Rowling.

    The comments on the Herald get fewer and fewer as far as I can see – and very excellent that is too.

    I look forward to the day when it contains only the frothings of those such as yon labour cooncillor and the Ozzie smart ass – it appears to have lost the ubiquitous OBE

  48. john king says:

    Alex Salmond says
    “the removal of the Peterhead carbon capture Scheme funding “makes no sense”

    Really Alex?
    It makes perfect sense to me,
    if you were David Cameron would you allow Scotland the opportunity to provide the world with a means to cure most (if not all) of the world’s carbon emissions problems, imagine a China with carbon capture installed in its coal-fired power stations? it would cure at a stroke China’s air pollution, and we cant have China seeing wee insignificant Scotland as being a more valuable ally that the UK noo can we?

  49. john king says:

    Dorothy Devine
    “Now just you all be careful what you write , otherwise you’ll just be nasty wee cybernats bullying a delicate wee flower – like Lady Moaning and non lady Rowling.”

    she’s got a fantastic rack
    look. 🙂

  50. Ken500 says:

    The tornados are going up and down buzzing the people every day. They are costing £Millions/Billions. That’s all they do. Take off and land needlessly. 365 days of the year. Add on the illegal bombing bombing campaign causing the deaths of vulnerable innocent people at home and abroad, the world over. Westminster causing more carnage, is just unjustified.

    HS2 is a total waste of money. It will make journeys through Britain longer. It does not have the business case to justify the cost. Another ‘white elephant’ Not enough passenger base. It will always be subsidised by taxpayers money. The cost £70Billion? will always be subsidised putting up the debt and debt repayments. It is non stop? So can’t pick up passengers. Any time gained will be lost by onwards travellers having to get off and get on anther train. It would make journeys longer throughout Britain longer.

    More people in London S/E will drive it will be cheaper, adding to the congestion on the roads. More people in the North will fly – quicker but dearer. It would be better, cheaper and quicker to improve and electrify the present rail line for a better service. Electrify and connect the Cities in the North and in Scotland, for a much quicker better service. The train is a much more relaxed journey, than hanging about in airports.

    Japan has 100Million people, a relative small island. The most densely populated country in the world. That’s why they need bullet trains.

    Hinkley Point nuclear plant doesn’t justify the cost. £25 Billion. It will be over-budget and over-time. It will always be subsidised for 7% electricity needs. Every other source of fuel and energy would be cheaper and safer. They are exporting unsafe nuclear waste to Africa.

  51. Macart says:

    Heh, a prime example of Great British double standards. Apparently when the ‘great and the good’ troll or intimidate its simply righteous commentary.

    The price of everything and the value of nothing.

  52. Morgatron says:

    I am heartbroken not to see my pin up girl and political heavyweight Jackie Baillie not on the list. Though im sure none of the 100 ever got a name check onbthe 70s cartoon the Arabian Knights , i remember clearly one of the brave knights saying ” the size of the Baillie’ or i may have eaten to much cheese!

  53. Macart says:

    A power 100 list of leading Scots who shape our lives. If ever there was a phrase which had every fucking thing wrong with it, that’s the one right there.

    ‘People who shape our lives.’

    You choose your friends and those whom you invite into your life and yet there are those who shape our lives for good or ill without that invitation. Frankly the thrawn in me doesn’t like the idea of having anyone shape my life. Yet billionaire and millionaire self interested folk keep on making decisions for us based on the fact they simply can.

    Careerist politicians who aspire to hob nob with great and the good undermine and use our public services as political footballs and consider themselves an ‘influence’ in the world. More than one of those has made the ‘power 100’ list I see.

    My Scotland doesn’t need a power 100 list of people who shape our lives. In my Scotland each and every person living there is part of a power five million who SHARE each others lives and take responsibility for shaping their own future.

  54. David says:

    I always assumed that someone else wrote the Potter books as JK herself would still have the main character living under the stairs and being grateful for it.

    Perhaps if the money is such a burden she could help fund the war her pals are so keen to drag us into, it is the British way.

  55. Tackety Beets says:

    Oooo lucky me never touched a book or seen a film of JK .

    She thinks fiction
    She writes fiction
    She support fiction
    She lives fiction

    Hey ho ,she even tweets Fuc£tion !

    A Naw niece posted on FB a right old moan about the state o pavements with ice etc

    I only just managed to keep my FB reply polite.

    For me it reinforces my view that many voted NO were very much under informed and may not actually understand the “mechanics of the Union”
    As many have verified “they do not know what’s what with the 2 Parliaments”

  56. ScottieDog says:

    Oil bla, bla, bla. I thought as an oil importer with oil in decline and all that surely low oil price would be a good thing.

    Anyway, here’s a couple of graphs to put the country’s debt into perspective. You’re every day Rowling and other daily mail, telegraph types trumpet the establishment mantra about the UK govt debt.

    Here’s an historic graphic of the UK govt debt as a proportion of GDP. Notice the huge post war infrastructure investment resulted in a steep drop off due rising GDP.×424.png

    Now look at Osborne’s logic. Reducing govt spending by getting us to borrow more. Here’s the graphic for private debt as a proportion of GDP.

    So the question is – do we have a PUBLIC debt crisis or a PRIVATE debt crisis.
    It’s a tough one for Mail readers.

  57. Dan Huil says:

    Have there been any opinion polls reflecting the views of people in Scotland concerning Cameron’s desire to bomb Syria?

    Cameron’s war, I believe, will once again expose the increasing social and political differences between Scotland and England, especially if [when?] the war ends in even more chaos in the Middle east.

  58. Haggis Hunter says:

    Currently Scotland gets 0% of the oil, so JK’s post doesn’t stand up, 100% of the oil is better than 0% even if its not currently booming, which it isn’t world wide

  59. Macart says:

    @John King 7.04am

    Heh, I suspect Alex got there long before the rest of us. 🙂

  60. Breeks says:

    Oil predictions made simple:

    If you didn’t have any oil, then discovered some, would it be good news or bad news for your economy?

    Answers written on an owl…

  61. ronnie anderson says:


    Wee Appeal on behalf of the Campers at Holyrood, their in need of kindling/logs/bottled gas ect ect.

    I would suggest anybody visiting them (as I will be)to take some food stuffs such as easy cooked Noddles/Tin’d Meats/Pasta/Rice.

    And make a donation for the Daily items Milk/Bread/,daily record ,(sos strike that last bit).

    Keep it going Moira, Jordi, & everybody involved, sees you,s soon.

  62. galamcennalath says:

    JK Rowling in Telegraph 11th June 2014 ….

    “Whatever the outcome of the referendum on 18th September, it will be a historic moment for Scotland. I just hope with all my heart that we never have cause to look back and feel that we made a historically bad mistake.”

    Does she have enough evidence around her to now ‘look back’ and agree a NO vote was ‘a historically bad mistake’?

  63. Greannach says:

    Has the beatifically smiling one got a new product to sell? Maybe advertising her upcoming gig with r1D?

  64. dakk says:

    Meanwhile Norway’s sovereign wealth/oil fund generates more annually than actual oil revenues.

    Scotland,as governed by the UK has staggering UK debt to service.

    JK Rowling has no vision for Scotland other than poverty and dependency.

    Scotland’s big problem is that she is hardly alone.

  65. Ken500 says:

    The bombing of Syria is just an attempt by Cameron to deflect from the terrible mess he is making of the UK economy. Sanctioning and killing innocent people at home and abroad. ‘The Land of Hope and Glory’ projects are just a camouflage to hide the failures of his government.

    ‘To save ‘our’ country from terrorists’ The way he repeatedly says that, is so annoying. The major threat to our country is Cameron. A psychopath. Sanctioning and starving people to death, worldwide.

  66. Dorothy Devine says:

    John King , fingers beyond my control clicked on that and have to agree – that is a loverly rack!

  67. Ken500 says:

    Liking the piece Camp at Holyrood. Looks like there might be another wee saltire hut. Rising like a phoenix, as the DR goes down the tube.

  68. Giving Goose says:

    JKR is after a Peerage, or gong in the honours list.
    You’d be surprised how attractive a gong is to people.
    The desire for a gong makes people abandon common sense and common decency.

  69. paul gerard mccormack says:

    apologies – slightly O/T

    I don’t give a shit about JK Rowling – she’s truly irrelevant.

    What i do find obscene is that the labour party would rather save themselves than vote against bombing innocents.

  70. ahundredthidiot says:

    JK Rowling, proof if ever it was needed that money doesn’t always make you happy

    A million to no campaign, funny if it weren’t so unattractive

  71. Ruby says:

    It’s very weird that J K Rowling spends her time flame-baiting on Twitter!

    J K Rowling has shaped my life as has Kevin Hague but probably not in the way that they hoped!

  72. asklair says:

    All my kids have enjoyed her books along with me. I think the films were great and was it not agreed to film them all in the UK. From what I read and see in the MSM and her comments she has decide to entered the world of political party politics for power and she can not hack it. What brings bile to my throat is how a highly successful writer is using her talents to twist honest words from individuals into hate along with the help of the MSM.

  73. Ruby says:

    Do you think JK Rowling & Kevin Hague are more interested in England than they are in Scotland?

  74. Ghillie says:

    Well done Rev Stu! That must have stuck in their craw!!

    As for JK Rowling, that woman needs to take a long hard look at herself.

    (ps Grouse Beater’s open letter to JKR dated June 2014 is well worth a re-read now! Clearly never read by herself. Not the sort of reasoning that any intelegent or empathic person could ignore. Guess that says it all.)

  75. Andrew McLean says:

    First I should say I don’t get twitter, what’s it for?

    But looking at the responses from JK’s army of defenders they do look a curious bunch. Lets start with the use of language when confronted with an opposite view, do they use logic to defend their position, and mostly no they resort to insults, like prick, bloody 2 year old and zoomer. It’s almost as if their ability to retort is confined to using vocabulary like it’s a magi kum spell, sign of a poor education if you ask me!

    But it’s a exemplar of the WOS types that we don’t generally resort to personal insults, unless provoked by idiots.

    But this is also something I don’t understand why is JK is politically acting this way? As a author of children’s books she is no better qualified to comment than most, so why act if what she had to say was of paramount importance to political discourse in Scotland. It just isn’t, its verbal garbage using commiseration as sole asset in her argument. And sorry if your love of her books has limited any dialectic ability, but this is the most debase grounding for acceptance of your argument imaginable. Childlike in formation, naive in comprehension, contemptibly wrenched in delivery.

    Then there are the personal reasons, no Knighthood for you’re good works, nose out of joint when you see some so poorly deserving of elevation rewarded, whilst you are ignored? To be fair to JK she is deserving of recognition for the her work, so why not, is it because she is not quite business like, and literary snobs look down on her work, so falls between the gaps?
    So all she has left is to provoke the adoration of her fans to ease the loneliness she exhibit’s in her discourse, as you see from her tweets this is not a conversation she is having.

    So in the end she did provoke a response in me, only sadness for her as heart felt as can be from one human being to another regardless of politics, or ideas of nationhood. I truly hope she finds solace in her life.

  76. Petra says:

    How come Willie Rennie, of the bad debtor party, is number 94 on the list? Mr Rennie and his party are so concerned about Policing in Scotland that they just don’t bother to pay their bills. They should send out an armed patrol, stop and search Willie Rennie and retrieve our £800,000 in an attempt to regain public trust.

    ’94 Willie Rennie: ….. ‘but Mr Rennie is a clear voice in the Holyrood debates. One issue where he has repeatedly proved his influence is Policing. The Scottish Liberal Democrats were opposed to the creation of a single police force from the start, but Mr Rennie has kept up the pressure on stop-and-search, armed patrols and public trust.’

    ‘Police Scotland brand LibDems and Tories ‘bad debtors”

    @ Capella says at 5:57 am ”J K may have to troll about the Scottish fishing industry too. ‘Imperial’ submarine exclusion zone will destroy Scottish fishing jobs, MoD told

    An MoD takeover in Scotland Capella. Creep, creep creep! The Clyde, Faslane, Loch Long and now Applecross and Raasay!

    ‘Scottish National Party (SNP) MP Ian Blackford has tabled an Early Day Motion claiming the MoD has failed to look adequately at the potential economic fallout of a submarine firing range around Applecross and Raasay in western Scotland …….

    “They are just turning the place into a Navy base. This could be the death knell of this way of life in this place.”

  77. Petra says:


    A MUST read.

    ‘Stop debating Indyref2 timing: Unionists are campaigning already’ G. A. Ponsonby

    ”Newspapers and broadcasters are back to the old habit of scratching each other’s back. This week BBC Scotland has been swamped with pro-Union journalists and non-elected peers providing their analysis of political events. David Clegg of the pro-Labour Daily Record and SNP critic David Maddox – who has just jumped ship from The Scotsman to the “Scottish” Daily Express – were just two who were only too keen to air their views on Natalie McGarry.

    Clegg has been invited onto BBC Scotland political programmes three times in eight days. Michael Forsyth, John Reid, Jeremy Purvis, Jim Wallace and Menzies Campbell have all been allowed to air their views on BBC Scotland. None are elected representatives. All are Unionists.

    The campaign against independence is up and running. Everything is seen through the prism of the second referendum. Unionists know it is coming and the media is a reflection of Unionism.”

  78. ArtyHetty says:


    Just read the RT article on ukok intensions to destroy yet more of Scotland regards fishing jobs, communities and the environment. I can’t see this being reported in the unionst rags anytine soon.
    The part about the ‘whistle blower’ and nuke subs is an older report?
    I wasn’t sure, but if it’s anywhere near true, and why would anyone tell porkies about something that important, then live each day as it comes really. The interviewer says they are ukok’s nukes, when in actual fact are they not US nuke ps stored in Scotland, an Occupied territory.

  79. Bob Mack says:

    The ironic thing about Rowling is that on her return from Potugal she lived on welfare,and was almost destitute. She was fortunate enough to have some “skill “as a writer.

    In supporting better together she has helped create a scenario where the Tories have free rein to inflict even more damage to those dependent on welfare, just as she was herself.
    They will probably be in power for many years

    Considering this,I wonder if she has the ability to see how a true story unfolds rather than the fictitious one she probably had in mind when she handed over her million British pounds to those who oppress.

    JK Voldemort more like.

  80. ArtyHetty says:

    Excuse the typos, got another cold.

  81. Brian Powell says:

    Multi-multi millionaire tells people you are in deep, deep shit and you should be grateful to the people who put you there, because without them you would be in deeper shit, according to a guy with a pet shop in Edinburgh.

  82. John H. says:

    I wish JK would use a magic wand and make herself disappear.

  83. Skooshcase says:

    JK TRowling; JoKa TRowling; JaKey Trolling… take your pick.

  84. Grouse Beater says:

    A bunch of no hopers who sold a country to gain illusory status:

  85. galamcennalath says:


    Yes, good article.

    BT2 is up and running. One of the things the article highlighted was the extent to which the whole anti-Indy is media driven. I also thing they are getting better at it – more subtle and using omission far more.

  86. So making millions of pounds from writing books for children about fantasy characters such as wizards has made JK Rowling an expert on the oil and gas industry has it?

  87. Petra says:

    JK Rowling has some brass neck posting that oil chart. Making a meal of a situation that NO ONE could have predicted: That no one foresaw at all.

    The brass neck label relates to the fact that it was her party, the LABOUR Party, …. that has been heavily involved in robbing the Scots of hundreds of billions of oil related pounds in the most devious of ways. Carried out of course in conjunction with their ‘Better Together’ pals the Tories.

    We now know that it was Harold Wilson, Labour, who deceived the Scots. Followed by Tony Blair, Labour, who was also aware of what was going as no doubt were many other Labour politicians and Civil Servants over time.

    People like JKR obviously think that the Scots are too wee, too poor and too stupid to run their own Country when in fact it is the Party that she supports, the WEE ignorant, narrow-minded Labour Party, that is so obviously (too) STUPID and driven by personal greed and venom that has led to Scotland being too (so) POOR …. bl**dy poverty stricken in fact.

    She may say that the situation has changed since Harold Wilson’s day and reckon that what the Unionists are doing now is right for the time, but she is wrong and worst still must know that she’s wrong. MANY experts Worldwide state that Scotland is still an energy rich Nation (with many other resources and assets besides) that has the potential to be one of the wealthiest Countries in the World and that it’s an absolute disgrace that a quarter of Scottish children are living in poverty on a par with the under-classes of Slovenia and the Czech Republic. The latter fact lies at the door of the Labour Party. The Party that the Scots supported wholeheartedly for over a hundred years and got nought from in return … just stabbed in the back and robbed blind.

    Take the case of Norway versus Scotland. Norway is wee like us, was once poor like us (poorer than Scotland) and produced very few inventors and innovators unlike us, but THEIR Politicians, Labour and Tory, were far from being self-serving and stupid … note the key factor in this … Politicians.

    The Labour Party / donors, in concealing Scotland’s MASSIVE wealth, past and present, along with their current behaviour will go down in (non-fictional) history as being one of the most abysmal acts ever to be carried out against a most decent Nation of people and wont read well … unlike (if you like her books) Harry Potter fiction.

    Some facts:

    NORWAY: Found oil in 1969. Population 2015 ….. five million one hundred and forty two thousand.

    SCOTLAND: Found oil in 1965. Population 2015 ……. five million two hundred thousand.

    A ‘must watch’ for JK Rowling:

  88. ScottishPsyche says:

    JK is the Enid Blyton of our time – massively successful but of little literary value. She is also being seen to have the same monstrous ego and equally dubious political views.

    Time will not judge her well.

  89. schrodingers cat says:

    I couldn’t care what jakey thinks

  90. heedtracker says:

    So making millions of pounds from writing books for children about fantasy characters such as wizards has made JK Rowling an expert on the oil and gas industry has it?

    Everytime she puts the UKOK boot in, her awfull shite gets plastered across UKOK press, tv radio. Talk about free advertising. SO, she’s actually pretty shrewd, business wise. Just another chancer feeding off Scottish democracy

    YES Scots have become walking billboards for shysters like Rowling but what can you do.

  91. Grouse Beater says:

    Reprise: my letter to JK – she never replied, not even to my invitation to meet her. Can’t think why.

  92. Macca73 says:

    We are on the brink of yet another bombing mission in far off lands with no endgame in sight and unionist parties all at sea but voting on it because it appears to be “The right thing to do” (yeah make money and profit from war)

    This is pushing us further and further away and people if they couldn’t see it before are continually waking up to it by Thursday morning.

    Makes you wonder where JK’s head is at when this is all she can think about is trolling Wings? The murmurs will turn to shouts and might even force a UDI event at this rate because asking for troops on the ground is something nobody in Scotland wants. We’ve seen it enough and I don’t want to be listed a target just through the actions of a parliament that ignores us.

    So do you know what JK Rowling?… We’ll still have the OIL and quite possibly manage it better than the wastemonster government. Specto Petroleum!

  93. Cuilean says:

    Dear Christ, not Jakey Rowling again!

    I never think about Jakey until she is forced onto me, rather too regularly, by MSM & today, by the Rev, of all people.

    Jakey’s scared. Christ, we are all fucking scared of something.

    “O Death! the poor man’s dearest friend,
    The kindest and the best!
    Welcome the hour my aged limbs
    Are laid with thee at rest!
    The great, the wealthy fear thy blow
    From pomp and pleasure torn;
    But, oh! a blest relief for those
    That weary-laden mourn!”


  94. Petra says:


    ‘The Desolation of Labour’ Craig Murray

    ”Ian Murray, Scotland’s remaining MP, is a particular weasel. He is voting against airstrikes not to alienate his constituents, but is doing so on the grounds he thinks Britain should also send in ground forces – going the “full Blair”. Murray has called for Livingstone to step down as joint chairman of Labour’s defence review, and is brimming with fury and indignation at Livingstone’s departure from a line acceptable to the media. Murray is quite possibly the most weasely and dishonest politician in the Labour Party, but that is a very strong field.”

    Westminster dictatorship team, including Jack Straw, trying to block the CorpMedia propaganda machine. ‘’Downing Street routinely deletes e-mails after 3 months.’’

    ‘Editor-in-Chief of the Press Association on the Freedom of Information Act’

    ‘Cover up? Syrian father accuses US of bombing home, killing 6 children.’

    ‘Employment checks now including MI5 ‘intelligence.’ MI5 keeping a beady eye on you (us).–337618/

    ‘Why we’re bombing Iraq and Syria: Obama and Cameron clear up any confusion.’

    In the immediate aftermath of the Paris attacks, share prices in arms companies went through the roof. One example:

    ‘QinetiQ shares surge in wake of Paris attacks with defence contractor set to join battle against terrorists’

    ‘Islamic State’s grip on Libyan city gives it a fallback option, analysts worry.’

    ‘Peter Hitchens On Cameron’s ‘Delusional’ Case For War … Government of Fantasy.’–120456

  95. schrodingers cat says:

    Russia makes deal with YPG,
    YPG to declare cease fire with Assad’s Syrian army
    Rojava (kurdish syria) will now be supported by Russian airforce and ground based S-400 will be deployed in the region/

    Turkey just lost any influence in Northern Syria, Al Nusra and other Wahhabist Jihadis rebel groups had their only supply root closed by the Russians. an independent Kurdish state was created today in northern Syria and there is nothing the turks can do about it.

    usa supports kurds in northern Iraq, even alex salmond now supports arming the peshmerga.

    the gap between rojava and the peshmerga, along the Turkish border is also about to be closed.

    oh dear, it was all looking so promising for the new ottoman empire, I bet they are regretting shooting down the Russian plane.

    the kurds in southern turkey are kicking off as well, they now see their goal of a Kurdish state becoming a reality.

  96. cirsium says:

    @schrodingers cat, 12.13

    Interesting development. I’m a Wings veteran so can you post the sources?

    Speaking of links, I haven’t seen any from Nana lately. Is she OK?

  97. liz says:

    Agree abt JK living in a fantasy world.

    Her HP books were a massive success and she will struggle to replicate that, hence after – I will never write another HP book, she has recently got an HP play on in London.

    I exchanged tweets with her before the indy ref vote as she was talking rubbish about Scotland’s NHS, thought she could speak with authority because her hubby is a GP.

    That exposed me to her twitter timeline and OMG, small kids saying – I love you my queen, you are dealing with these horrible cybernat people with grace blah blah, you are beautiful my queen etc etc – it was horrifying.

    More worrying is this MOD exclusion zone – another blow to Scotland’s finances and resources.
    We have to get out of this place.

  98. R says:

    @snode1965 says: 30 November, 2015 at 11:08 pm:

    “why is JK the SIXTH most powerful person in Scotland?”

    Oh! That’s an easy question to answer, Snode1965.

    It is because she has told more utterly boring fictitious fantasy stories than Gordon Brown, Alastair Darling and the entire Westminster establishment put together.

  99. Fred says:

    As Frankie Boyle says, she’s a dragon guarding a pile of gold made from kids pocket money. Bitter & twisted, money can’t buy you love!

  100. Anagach says:

    You have to feel a little sorry for JK.

    If Labour had won it would Lady Rowling of Hogwarts and not Lady Mone of Mayfair.

    Worse for JK, Mone did not have to sink a £1m into donations. Pay to play and all that.

    Although I am sure her turn will come.

  101. Chic McGregor says:

    Don’t forget the self-appointed Slabberer-in-Chief who has been McTernan an new one on Jeremy Corbyn all week.

  102. Petra says:

    @ Chic McGregor says at 2:00 pm ”Petra .. Don’t forget the self-appointed Slabberer-in-Chief who has been McTernan an new one on Jeremy Corbyn all week.”

    I know Chic as Craig Murray would say: It’s difficult to figure out who is the ”most weasely and dishonest politician in the Labour Party now, as it has such a very strong field” to choose from. McTernan, Murray, Baillie, Dugdale … the list is endless in fact.

  103. K1 says:

    cirsium, was wondering about Nana too, been on my mind last few days.

    Hope you are okay Nana 🙂

  104. Skooshcase says:

    @Fred at 1:48 pm

    “As Frankie Boyle says, She’s a dragon guarding a pile of gold made from kids pocket money.

    Thanks for that, Fred. Hadn’t heard that one before – what a belter! Frankie Boyle nails it once again!

  105. crazycat says:

    @ John King if you’re about

    James Kelly can’t block people with the set-up he has.
    He either has to individually delete posts (too time-consuming), or would have to change hosts (or some such) and have to pay for it.

    I agree that GWC spoils things – that’s the intention, presumably, since none of his/her posts actually contributes anything.

  106. Petra says:

    @ K1 says at 4:38 pm ”cirsium, was wondering about Nana too, been on my mind last few days. Hope you are okay Nana.”

    Yes I’ve been thinking of Nana too and really missing her posts. Maybe she’s off on holiday? If not I hope all’s well with her.

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