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A surprising convert

Posted on November 22, 2018 by

It’s always the ones you least suspect, isn’t it?

Of course, there are differences between the UK and Norway:

At some point they had to put two and two together, we suppose.

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    93 to “A surprising convert”

    1. galamcennalath says:

      With BritNats you can never tell whether it’s unintended irony, or just the usual hypocrisy?

    2. jimnarlene says:

      That clip should be played on massive public screens 24/7.

    3. Hamish100 says:

      When the British fishermen from Grimsby ( England) and further down their coast starts taking the fish from the North Sea and Atlantic will the British nationalists scream its Scottish fish or will the suck it up?

    4. Ken500 says:

      The Tories are just lying imbeciles. They have been illegally and secretly taking £Billions out of Scotland. Ruined the fishing industry, the farming industry, ruined the Oil sector. Now trying to ruin the Scottish economy taking Scotland out of Europe against it’s will. Never, ever trust a Tory, especially in Scotland.

    5. Geoff Huijer says:

      He’s talking about the UK isn’t he?

    6. Welsh Sion says:

      “inter allia [sic]” – between allies? 😉

    7. I notice the phrase ‘inter allia’ (sic).
      That should be ‘inter alia’, which is a standard Latin phrase, meaning ‘among others [among other things]’.

      I am I being too fanciful in imagining that the writer had heard it used and assumed it to be spelled that, because of mistakenly believing that the phrase meant ‘among/between allies’?

      Is this the level of ignorance and arrogance of an MP – to use a phrase he does not understand and cannot spell, believing himself correct in so doing, and not having bothered to check?

      Of course, it could just be a careless prolonged pressure on the ‘L’ key, and not looking at wht he had written..

    8. I notice the phrase ‘inter allia’ (sic).
      That should be ‘inter alia’, which is a standard Latin phrase, meaning ‘among others [among other things]’.

      I am I being too fanciful in imagining that the writer had heard it used and assumed it to be spelled that, because of mistakenly believing that the phrase meant ‘among/between allies’?

      Is this the level of ignorance and arrogance of an MP – to use a phrase he does not understand and cannot spell, believing himself correct in so doing, and not having bothered to check?

      Of course, it could just be a careless prolonged pressure on the ‘L’ key, and not looking at what he had written..

    9. Welsh Sion says:

      Graham Peter King @ 6.25 pm – “Snap!”

    10. Gary45% says:

      A Tory with morals??
      Aye Right.
      Ross Thomson prove me wrong, and truly stand up for Scotland,
      “Ah hae ma doots”, methinks he is trying to get the Fluffmeisters job.
      “Look at me sticking up for Scotland unlike those nasty SNP Nationalists”.
      Time will tell. (I wont hold my breath.) Tick Tock.

    11. Terence callachan says:

      ROSS is upset for UK ,not for Scotland, as we already know in the mind of a Tory UK just means England
      He’s playing to the Tory crowd
      What he actually means is UK waters will now be sacrificed for a trade deal that England needs to achieve Brexit in his mind there is no such thing as Scottish Irish or Welsh waters around the coast of UK it’s all British which as we know means English

    12. Andy-B says:

      Would we even want scary eyed Thomson on our side? Of course many Britnat conversations about sovereignty being Britain’s main goal in all fields, is interchangeable swap out Brirain for Scotland.

      However the thought of an independent Scotland fills them with fear and loathing.

    13. Legerwood says:

      There is a lot of talk about fishing rights and practically all of it seems to be in terms of the East Coast fishermen. There is an important West Coast fishing industry that exports to Spain and other EU countries.

      The West Coast fishermen were, if I remember correctly, pro-remain. The EU as a market, the ability to get its product’s to that market without delay and funding from the EU for various projects are very important to the viability of the West Coast industry yet it does not seem to be on anyone’s radar when it comes to discussions on fishing.

      This short article gives some idea of its importance to the local economy

    14. It’s all going according to plan,chaps.
      May is toast.

    15. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, as I kind of said on The National 5 hours ago 🙂

    16. jfngw says:

      ‘England expects every man will do his duty’, Mundell complies.

    17. DerekM says:

      haha just when you thought this ridiculous man could no longer surprise you with his complete nonsense and gibberish.

      Poor Ross trying so hard keeps tripping up and ending with his nose in the BS.

      Hmm might need to build a new prison or maybe call it a mental deficiency unit for all these barking mad tories they really are losing the plot that is if they ever had a plot to start with.

    18. Muscleguy says:

      Of course if Thomson seriously meant Scotland there the Tory party would kick him out. Oh except with the withdrawal of the DUP from the confidence and supply agreement they will need even his vote.

      To have to rely on Ross Thomson AND Kirstene Hare in a crisis. That could only happen to the Nasty Party. Karma can be a bitch sometimes.

    19. starlaw says:

      Wonder if he was in the Roseburn area of Edinburgh today with an armful of rocks ?

    20. Artyhetty says:

      Scotland’s being sold down the swannie as we speak. When was the ‘North Sea’ first named? It should be the Scottish Sea, or the Scottish Channel? The Scottish North Sea? North Sea is too owning, too woolly, too wishy washy.

      Scottish waters have been plundered, are there any fish left?

      The Britnats have claimed Scotland’s waters for their own, stolen Scotland’s oil ( from Scottish waters) for absolutely decades, totally squandered the £billions if not in fact £trillions, and kept Scotland poor and begging all at the same time. Bob’s your uncle, win win for Britnats. They have laughed all the way to the bank and be in no doubt they still are, on the back of Scotland’s oil.

      I see that rich Ineos guy is still keen on taking Scotland’s resources, I mean, stealing and squandering Scotland’s oil, again.

      You have to remember there is a myth that Scotland has profited from the oil from the ‘North Sea’, among many people especially those in England. ( A family friend from North of England, re Scottish independence, ‘aye, but you’s have got nae oil left have yous!’).

      They just cannot accept that the English run government has been siphoning away Scotland’s oil and sending a few crumbs back while calling Scotland a ‘subsidy junkie’. You could hardly make it up, they are a cunning lot these Britnats and their US pals. People don’t put two and two together, if they did wouldn’t they be saying, ‘but wait, why is Scotland not like er, really really rich where did they put all that oil money’? Duh!

      The unions creating strikes in Scotland among public workers, is a classic tactic. If you want to take a governemnt down, especially a more democratic and/or left wing one, you use the workers via the so called unions to create dissent, which spreads like muck. (sh**e). It creates a level of faux discontent, it makes others view the legitimate government as rogue and anti the workers. A very useful and handy ploy.

      Public sector workers are being used in Scotland, they should be very careful though, because when the Britnats and their pals in the unions, have finished with them, they will happily throw most of them onto the scrapheap.

      Be careful teachers, you could be signing your own jobs away by falling for the Britnats faux dissent. They really just want to control the workers, in order to control the narrative in order to control the government in Scotland. They will clip your wings and those of your students as soon as they have taken control. ( I know I have been watching too much ‘Gotham’ again, lol!). Put nowt past the powers that be though the real powerful are not interested in your lives or freedom or wages being decent, or that of your decendants more importantly.

      I’ll stop ranting now! 🙂

    21. Cubby says:

      As sure as the sun will rise in the morning the Tories will sell out the stupid fisherman. Sick of seeing that ” no surrender Bertie ” on the telly. He is becoming Scotland’s Farage. Tories and betrayal go hand in hand. It is their stock in trade.

      Britnat Tories from all over the UK have turned the UK into a laughing stock across the world. The very fact that significant numbers of people in Scotland are happy to be governed by these plonkers shows the power of hundreds of years of brainwashing propaganda.

    22. Legerwood says:

      Mundell being interviewed on CH 4 news tonight was given a bit of a roasting – to which he was clearly unused to such treatment.

      Interestingly Mr Mundell also used the phrase: ‘independent coastal…’ Can’t remember if he said state or nation but for him, Thomson and the other Tory MPs in Scotland they ain’t referring to Scotland

      Worth a watch if it is on CH4 news website

    23. ScottieDog says:

      We’ve now got MPs in Scotland like the hawkish right wing zoomers in the states. How on earth did that happen!?

    24. Heart of Galloway says:

      Re legerwood @ 7.18.

      You are bang on the money my friend.
      In my neck of the woods scallops are a BIG earner both for dredger crews and processors on shore.
      I was told today by an industry source that 70 per cent of shelled scallops caught here is exported to France.
      And the entire industry is nervous because seafood – surprise, surprise, is outside the so-called ‘customs union’ in the draft withdrawal agreement.
      That means Scottish-caught fish and shellfish could be subject to crippling tariffs if negotiations on EU access to to Scottish waters hit a reef.
      Which won’t happen to Northern Irish registered boats, because they have been handed an exemption from duties to ensure alignment with the Republic.
      So access to out vital EU markets could be kippered.
      Either that, or we have a new version of the CFP.
      Mundell’s excruciating C4 interview on the issue 30 minutes ago is pure comedy gold. A must watch as a serial liar is exposed.
      All of which begs the question – when is the pleading for Scotland’s rights going to stop and the asserting of them going to start?


    25. doug_bryce says:

      Ross Thomson never fails to amuse.
      Definition of self serving Tory.

      If you want a laugh check out the angry constituents on his facebook page. Aberdeen south voted something like 72% remain….

    26. Robert Louis says:

      I have just watched the interview by CH4 news of Mundell. Surely, in modern history, David Mundell, is the most shameful of any secretary of state for Scotland. Red line after red line, completely ignored by Westminster.

      Even if he is a tory, surely a man with a scintilla of integrity would have resigned at this point. Instead he blusters on, looking to most folks, like a pathetic, silly wee man.

      Political views aside, their is a point at which any man of integrity or self respect would resign, but NOT David Mundell.

      The Tories have literally sold out Scottish fishermen AGAIN and spat in his face, yet still he springs to the defence of his Westminster Tory masters. Here is Mundell’s brexit plan for defending Scotland’s fishing fleet;

      Theresa May: ‘JUMP! David’

      Mundell: ‘oh, eh how high Theresa, Hmm, how high? Hmm, will this do? Hmm. hmm? I have red lines you know, hmm, how high theresa hmm.. will this do??’ Can I lick your shoes Theresa? Hmm..

    27. Robert Louis says:

      With brexit, Britain will become an independent coastal state. But not you Scotland, for you independence is bad, very, very bad.

    28. yesindyref2 says:

      @ScottieDog “We’ve now got MPs in Scotland like the hawkish right wing zoomers in the states. How on earth did that happen!?

      UKIPpers pretended to be Conservatives to get elected.

    29. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I now feel Mundell Must Stay. For me, the sooner Nicola calls Indyref2, the better. I would like to think we could get it done by 29 March, but, faiing that, we have to have it before 2021, while the successful Holyrood motion is still active.

      When it happens, Mundell and Davidson will need to lead the No campaign, and they should be our best chance. There will be no soft questioning from their BBC Shortbread pals, their duplicity and lies will be exposed, they will crack and we will win.

    30. Dr Jim says:

      See it’s not about fishing though is it, because really fishing in itself is nothing, what the England government have done once again is prove

      They’ll do anything to Scotland anytime they want because they can, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Tories or Labour or even Liberal Democrats or monkeys who are in charge

      Scotland is the foodbank the money bank the oil bank the water bank the electricity bank the brain bank and a nice wee place to go your holidays so you can say you’ve been there and you understand all the little Jockys and their wee feelings, Aww wee shame but come on Jocks are inferior beings and don’t count

      And still we have a country full of white uncle Tams who disgrace us all

      Stop being polite to the Bastirts they’ll shaft us as often and as much as they want and laugh about it and if we complain they’ll be hostile towards us and threaten us and still there are people who say be nice because they might…


    31. Cubby says:

      Decided to have a look at the Mundell interview on C4 as it was recommended to be a good laugh. Yes it certainly was. Jon Snow and his colleague had a great big smirk on their face at the end and you could imagine them laughing their heads of during the commercial break.

      The guy is lost when it is not Scottish media interviewing him. C4 must have refused to give him a copy of the questions beforehand.

      Mundell and Leonard cannot stop twitching when they speak. It is bloody painful watching them. Is it a psychological thing related to perpetual lying?

      They are both prats who the longer they stay in their position the better it is for independence. Who in their right mind would want to be governed by them.

    32. galamcennalath says:

      While we all understand Mundell’s place and purpose within the Tory party and government …. he apparently doesn’t!

    33. jfngw says:

      If you wondered what the people that sold Scotland to line their own pockets in 1707 looked like. Just have a look at the current Secretary of State for Scotland. He would sell his soul for the approval of his betters down south, a man with no morals.

      Good to be see him taken apart by the C4 reporter, no doubt there will be some BBC staff along soon to bolster him and transmit one of his handouts telling us how he stood up for Scotland.

    34. Dr Jim says:

      SNP to challenge Theresa May on misleading parliament

    35. Andy says:

      Somebody should explain to the Tories that there is more to Scotland than fish. They have got the bit between their teeth fighting for their millionaire fishing quota owners and seem to forget there is a whole country here just about to be savaged by their policies. Bastards the lot of them, and Ross Thomson is one of the biggest, and thickest. He can’t see past his big hero Boris and will do his best to please him. I cringe every time he opens his mouth as you know a whole load of meaningless sh**e is going to come out of it. He’s an embarrassment to Scotland but, with his big pal, a dangerous one.

    36. Gary Cullen says:

      he is too dumb to notice what he has just said typical ross

    37. Clootie says:

      Well done all those who gave Tories a seat. All those hard working SNP politicians and you decided that the Tories deserved a go.
      A special mention to the tactical voting LibDems and Labour voters who thought this would teach the SNP a lesson.

      I despair for Scotlands future with this level of idiocy.

    38. galamcennalath says:

      Dr Jim says:

      SNP to challenge Theresa May on misleading parliament

      About time someone did!


    39. Terence callachan says:

      So it’s highly likely that Theresa Mays Brexit deal is set to be rejected by Westminster it puts UK in a worse position than it was before Brexit started which is not what England wanted then or wants now.
      A crash out Brexit is unlikely there are too many in Westminster who would not allow it.
      So it’s now likely Theresa May will lose her job and there will be a general election .
      I think the Tories will still win in England and I guess Labour will be closer se in England and will be hoping that Wales and Scotland will continue to support them .
      Wales will.
      But will Scotland ?
      I reckon all those unions hard at work persuading people to go out on strike is part of Labours plan they want SNP to reject 10% pay rises then get as many people on strike as possible and then campaign for everyone to vote for Labour in the hope that they can be elected to Westminster and topple the SNP in holyrood at the same time.
      The Tories in Scotland will of course change their usual tune and be in favour of 10% pay rises in Scotland if it does a bit of harm to SNP .
      I think SNP should go straight to the point and say 10% pay rises will be given if people vote for Scottish independence because it’s the only way that the Scottish government can be in control of all of its finances.
      As long as Englands Westminster control and allocate Scotlands budget there is no manoevreability.

    40. HandandShrimp says:

      Frogs and buckets springs to mind. The quality of candidates for the Conservative party leaves much to be desired.

    41. galamcennalath says:

      Brian Doonthetoon says:

      This is dynamite!

      ” Why is the Prime Minister so desperate for a deal that she is willing to humiliate her country in this way? “

      That seems to have a straightforward answer. So why do they never face up to it?

      The Tory right cannot have the Brexit they want without endangering the Union. May is putting the integrity of the UK first. She is delaying the hard decision, possibly indefinitely.

      If the UK moves too far from the EU, NI must be left behind. Also, clarity for such a hard Brexit would lead to Scottish independence. May appears unwilling to go this way. Her solution is to kick the can way over the horizon.

      The hard right (I guess) are basically English Nationalists who would dump NI, and it necessary Scotland too, to achieve their vision for England.

    42. twathater says:

      BDTT @ 9.32 pm WOW Brian you are not kidding , this Brexshit agreement is even worse than our treaty of union , at least if we can get enough of our idiots to vote for independence we will get it , but treeza needs the permission of the EU for the UK to leave

    43. Brotyboy says:

      inter alia.

      one ‘l’

      Knew it didn’t look right.

    44. Boris says:

      For many Scots including myself the hurt is still raw. and the abuse of our young men continues unabated.

    45. Confused says:

      Just read the Guardian article by the Glorious Leader.

      Pretty good, Nikki could even have gone for some real humour – her accidental meetings in the corridors with Jacob and Boris could be pure Thick Of It comedy.

      But she’s too sensible for that. She’s like Lisa Simpson, in many ways. Always doing the right thing, even when no one will give her any credit for it. The Guardian also use a less flattering older photo, her fringe a little severe – such things are rarely accidental.

      Unlike most articles these days, the Guardian has a completely open comments policy for this one, and by fuck – the level of retardation is spectacular – its like the Daily Mail or even brit/pol/ except in the Guardian everyone thinks they’re a fucking writer and – cannot get to the fucking point.

      This is why I hate ALL UNIONISTS with an equal loathing, but the “liberals” … they come as your friends, which makes it worse.

      Personally, I would like to say, were I FM : FUCK THE PEOPLES VOTE – not my problem. Hard Brexit is fine by us – it adds 5% to support for independence.

      I would then tweet memes, photos of
      – the worlds smallest violin playing
      – afred e neuman smirks “what! me worry?”

    46. Lenny Hartley says:

      O/T Revs Twitter feed, Secret Oil fields announcement expected tomorrow, guess they are wanting to suck the Clyde dry before we vote for Indy… , huge squirrel to take mind of Brexit, will takes years to develop by that time we will be Independent.

    47. George Davie says:

      OT Come on Stu. Can you not do an article on the lies regarding the “unacceptable 3%” pay offer offered to teachers?

      I’m a teacher at the top end of the pay scale and I will get a 5% rise.

      Those on the bottom end (i.e newly qualified teachers) will get 11%.

    48. Legerwood says:

      Apologies. In my post at 9.28pm about Ms Sturgeon’s article in the Guardian I did not notice it was the full link I gave rather than the archived link. Here it is

    49. Golfnut says:

      I know this probably pretty obvious to everyone, but I’m going to say it anyway. The continual furore about fishing is smoke and mirrors.
      Was there not a story recently about UK oil being the big bargaining chip and how it would save them, England that is.

    50. Sinky says:

      O/T “McSmörgåsbord” is well worth a read at 7.99 or on Kindle

      What post-Brexit Scotland can learn from the Nordics
      By Lesley Riddoch & Eberhard Bort
      ISBN: 9781912147007

    51. Boris says:

      David Duguid, Scottish Conservative The fishermen’s friend

      said “Our fishing industry here in Banff and Buchan needs an MP at the heart of government in Westminster, not one in opposition shouting from the sidelines. The UK is entering crucial negotiations on our future relationship with the EU and we need to ensure that the interests of our coastal communities are represented. I will be a strong and influential voice for our fishermen, who are rightly determined to make the most of the huge opportunity afforded by the Brexit vote.

      I have signed the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation’s Brexit pledge and I would challenge the SNP to do the same. I do not believe that this industry should ever be considered expendable and I will ensure that the views of our fishermen are heard at the highest levels of government. I will stand up for the interests of our fishing and farming communities as we navigate our way out of the EU.”

    52. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Watching QT through my fingers. What a total shambles. We must get out

    53. mike cassidy says:

      Brian Doonthetoon

      If this gets through parliament

      gammon heads will explode all over England like a scene from Scanners (18 certificate!!)

      And Westminster will have to ask for a section 30 if they want to leave!

    54. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      George Davie at 11.02

      Well said. John Swinney will stick to his guns. There is no sympathy for the teachers on the ground. Eveybody I have talked to think this is out of order (I’m a retired teacher).

    55. call me dave says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill

      I’m was listening to QT on the radio….I second what you said! 🙂

      I’m also an ex-teacher and see the manipulation by ‘Scottish’ labour unions in the education dispute. Ian Gray demanding an apology from Sturgeon on how it’s been handled….Ppffftt!

      Listened to the Greens P Harvey on a recruiting drive at FMQ’s today aimed at the teachers blatantly showboating and demanding that the offer be increased.

      How the FM keeps a civil tongue is frankly beyond me.

      The opposition in Holyrood and WM policy is setting out to empty the Scottish pocket money piggy bank as fast as they can before the end of this parliament….and they’re pretty dam near to succeeding along with help from our friends in the media who a running a daily Scotland is shit show on the news.

      It’s going to be a close run thing in the end. We must win and timing is crucial.

      Just clocked the flags in Downing Street office (WOS twitter) tells Scotland all you need to know.

    56. Ann Forbes says:

      Re the above I did not type question mark. It was a ? emoji.

    57. Ann Forbes says:

      Re the above, there are gremlins at work!

    58. Dr Jim says:

      The challenge is being brought by Kirsty Blackman and others

    59. Famous15 says:

      I demand Indepndence now.

      But I can be patient

      FCS gonnae go NOW. I trust the view you have.

      Nicola do what you need to do. Just get us out of this lunacy.

    60. AndyMcKangry says:

      Patrick Harvey is a weasel!!
      I’ve said for ages that if he was offered his green agenda within the UK he would ditch his support for Independence.
      You are either for or against Independence on principle, not for it if you get your own way or against it if you don’t.
      The greens consistently voting with the unionist coalition on all manner of topics against the Scottish Government shows their true colours.
      How so many public sector workers can be so thick never ceases to amaze me.
      Do they ever stop to think how shit it would be to have the Labour Party, the party that scuppered Independence and helped the Tories do it, in charge of Scotland and implementing English austerity.
      This love affair that people, especially in the west of Scotland, have with the Labour Party is mind boggling. I know people who would consider themselves intelligent who still believe all the shite they tell them and are totally surprised when confronted with the truth.
      I honestly believe sometimes that Scotland will need to get royally shafted before it dawns on most of them.
      I absolutely trust Nicola to Do the right thing but the longer she waits the more of this crap we have to take.
      Get the process started and engage the people. Until we have a process to get into the general public will be more interested in the tosses in the jungle.

    61. AndyMcKangry says:

      Tossers!! In the jungle, doh!

    62. Cubby says:

      Hey funny how these Britnat politicians never say to the Scottish government to borrow more to pay for their spending or pay increases demands. If there is a £13billion Scottish deficit what’s a few more quid.

      The reason is there is no Scottish deficit. GERS is a pile of Britnat propaganda mince. The Scotgov has very very limited borrowing powers.

      Britnats lie and they lie all the time.

    63. Returnofthemac says:

      O/T having vented my spleen on Union Jackery, I am now turning my attention to every time “that” flag appears behind Teresa is it me or is it folded in the most precise manner to exclude almost all blue and show only red and white? I am losing it……..

    64. Cubby says:

      Essexexile as requested.

      Unionist blackjack Sat 17/11 12.23pm

      You previously had suggested I and others were gammons for disagreeing with your post and you specifically said I could not understand what your words meant. I asked you to explain what they meant.

      Try and do it in words that I will understand this time and not in any secret code.

    65. Cubby says:

      Question : does the Kingdom of England have a veto over the Kingdom of Scotland terminating the Treaty of Union 1706/7.

      I think we all know the answer to this question. We do not need Westminsters approval to terminate the UK. We just need a majority of our elected representatives to say enough is enough the Treaty is bring terminated. That is the simple but supremely important reason the Treaty is never mentioned like some dark family secret. It is Scotlands legal route to leave the U.K.

      A majority of Scotlands representatives took us into the Treaty and a majority can take us out.

      Note to thepnr: I am not peddling UDI. Your previous comment was uncalled for.

    66. Kangaroo says:

      RE: The Scottish Continuity Bill (SCB) court case.

      Why is it taking so long? I profer my humble opinion.

      The UK Supreme Court (SC) has been asked what, on the surface, looks like a very straightforward question; Is the Scottish Continuity Bill competent? You would think a simple Yes No would be in order here; but you’d be wrong. For to answer this question the SC must first grapple with the sticky question of Sovereignty. Specifically whom or what holds the Sovereign power in the UK.

      When our Scottish Parliamentarians signed the Treaty Of Union in 1707, the Kingdom of England (KoE) assumed they had signed over their Sovereignty and have acted accordingly ever since, indeed all Scots Unionists aver this truth. However as the Kingdom of Scotland’s (KoS) Sovereignty rests with its people as asserted in the Declaration of Arbroath and subsequent restatements in the various Claim of Right Acts over the years, this was not true. The KoE Sovereignty has always rested with the the Monarch, sometimes it is asserted that it has been delegated to Parliament and whether or not this is still the case given the dissolution of the English parliament in 1707, it makes no difference to the essence of the case. So we have a situation where there are in fact two Sovereign powers in the UK. So how is this resolved? Quite easily actually. At Westminster there are 59 Scots MPs representing KoS Sovereignty (SS) and the balance of MPs represent KoE Sovereignty (ES) so when votes are taken it needs to consider this fact. Acts of Westminster are only lawful when both Sovereignties align. If there is disagreement then either one or other compromises or the Act fails. If ES overrides SS then that is a descision which could and would #DissolveTheUnion, no Ifs no buts. The only exceptions to this would be the Powers held by Holyrood and the procedural trickery of EVEL which prima facie allow the exercise of separate Sovereignty for issues directly pertaining to the domestic agendas of the respective Kingdoms. Even here, there is an issue, as reductions in budgets in purely KoE expenditure have been used to justify reductions in the KoS Block Grant.

      Let’s apply this logic to the SCB case.
      The Scotland Act 1998 delegated powers to the Scottish Parliament and it did so with the approval of both ES and SS at Westminster.
      The Scottish Parliament passed its SCB but prior to achieving Royal assent it was challenged by Westminster at the SC. Westminster subsequently passed its UK EU Withdrawal Bill (EUWB) which became an Act having received Royal assent.
      There are now two conflicting statutes, what does the SC do?
      Well if you follow the logic in regards to Sovereignty the answer is straight forward.
      If the EUWB obtained approval of both SS and ES then the SCB is unlawful, as the powers that were legally delegated are legally removed, otherwise the SCB is lawful. In this regard then Westminster holds the supreme power.
      With respect to this case there is no need to answer the question of the legitimacy or status of Holyrood. However the elegance of the solution puts on notice that both Kingdoms hold an effective veto over any Act which affects the whole of the UK as opposed to one which affects only one of its singular parts.

      It’s taking so long because they are desperately trying to find an elegant alternative and there isn’t one.

      This is a massive blow to the cushy Westminster cabal where the bobsy twins of Tory and Labour take muggins turns at power in a faustian pact to deceive the people into believing they have a choice. Now with SS correctly established in Westminster it is possible for the Scottish MPs to completely disrupt proceedings and prevent any and all business being done.

      Throw into the mix then the A50 case due at the European Supreme Court (ECJ) next week, when it is likely that the ECJ will agree with Lord Kerr’s assertion that A50 is revocable. The UK has then a clear choice with full knowledge of the consequences, revoke A50 and remain or brexit and #DissolveTheUnion, it cannot have both.

      In the event that either party is unhappy with the solution, they can always appeal to the ECJ. ?????

    67. Kangaroo says:

      She seems determined to stick the Kingdom of England’s head in a noose.

      If she succeeds then it will be schadenfruede after 300+ years of shit.

    68. Petra says:

      @ Brian Doonthetoon says at 9:32 pm …. ”This is dynamite!”

      Thanks for that Brian. Well worth posting again.


      ‘Edinburgh 10th out of 100 global cities for job opportunities.’


      ‘“We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation” Voltaire ‘Too many’, ‘a sizeable number’, ‘forced’, ‘stuck’! BBC Scotland goes number-free second time around.’


      ‘25% more pupils in decent school buildings.’


      ‘Record Scottish Government funding for affordable homes in Midlothian.’

    69. Petra says:

      Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: ‘Why hope will defeat fear to win our independence.’

      …”There are two ways to negate such fear tactics. The first is to engage, educate and inform. We must avoid arguing which engages the amygdala, the gland that introduces fear into the brain in stressful situations. Insightful, calm, reasoned and non-confrontational conversations are powerful antidotes to those who are open to independence but are worried about the hyped-up risks the media have bombarded them with.”..


      ‘Former BNP member pictured working with Scotland in Union.’


      ‘Nuclear expert warns of Chernobyl-like disaster at Hunterston.’


      Lesley Riddoch: ‘Four years on, The National has become the beating heart of our movement.’

    70. Petra says:

      WGD: ‘David Mundell hasn’t resigned yet.’


      ‘Theresa May has delivered an Idiot’s Brexit, but the idiots will not stand for it.’

    71. Simon Curran says:

      George Davie @11.02
      Teachers in England would bite your hand off for a deal like that. They would be ecstatic. I shall email my union and Angela Rayner to see why they aren’t supporting similar pay claims for teachers in England. If I get a response I’ll let you know.

    72. Petra says:

      ‘Scottish team reveals potential cancer treatment breakthrough.’


      ‘Michael Matheson tells of childhood strife which shapes his politics.’


      ‘Letters: Come and make history at Gathering 2 this weekend.’

      ”I am now looking forward to the second such event – Gathering 2 – which takes place on Saturday. The venue, once again, is the Albert Hall, Stirling and registration is from 9am.”…

      ”I cannot stress enough how important these events are to the Yes movement and the cause of independence. Our strength lies not in great wealth or charismatic leadership, but in grassroots numbers and our ability to find leadership where and when it is required.”..

      ”This is the very first grassroots-run consultation to be officially sanctioned by any Scottish party of government. It’s a historic moment for Yes.”…


    73. Luigi says:

      Well, at least we know that BritNats, like us, believe in national independence and the accountability of elected representatives.

      The only difference (and it’s a biggie):

      They just don’t consider Scotland to be a proper country. Their country is the artificial construct of the UK. Stupidity on stilts to us, but for them it’s ingrained. It’s part of their BritNat belief system.

    74. Petra says:

      ‘Letters: John McLean was called mad for backing independence’ by Donald Anderson, Glasgow.

      ”Following Kevin Brown’s article in the Sunday National (In memory of the most dangerous man in Britain, November 18), much still remains to be said of Scotland’s other national “saint“, Scottish Republican Socialist John MacLean, who died on St Andrew‘s Day, November 30, 1923, not 1922.

      Sir Basil Thompson, head of security in Scotland, instructed his agents to put it about that John MacLean and his supporter, Sylvia Pankhurst, were both “mad”. Those responsible for sacking him from his teaching post, sentencing him to hard labour, force feeding him, and following him 24/7 had the cheek to say he was “paranoid”.

      Nothing new in this, in Stalinist or Tsarist Russia and Imperial Britain, or American advertising formulas, where heaven is with the right toothpaste and playing with the boys in the band. Instead, hell is not being in the right party, where all is heaven and light.

      MacLean was appointed Soviet Consul by Lenin and the Bolsheviks for his courage in opposing the rival imperialists of World War One in the face of extreme jingoism and warmongering. His Consul Office in South Portland Street, Glasgow is still unmarked, as was his auld hoose in Netherauldhouse Road, where he continued the Consul Office after being barred by the British state.

      Incidentally, Allan Pilkington, founder of the US Union spy system and former radical republican chartist, had his faimily hoose, also in South Portland Street, opposite the sheriff court and now occupied by the procurator fiscal. It is also unmarked.

      The Post Office refused to deliver to the consul and MacLean refused to travel illegally to see Lenin, demanding full recognition for his office. Others took the back road through Finland, including Syndicalist Willie Gallagher. Lenin recognised him as the envoy to accept Moscow gold, instead of MacLean of “England”, to found and fund the Communist Part of Great Britain (CPGB). They never saw the irony of such an imperialist title. Churchill later said that if Uncle Joe ordered them to take over the railway stations they would all buy a platform ticket first. Lenin said of the ex-CPGB that it would not live and would not die, despite heavy subsidies.

      According to the testimony of Jim McLean, folk impresario and his brother, who visited Gallagher on his sick bed in Paisley, Gallagher said he was sorry for telling lies about MacLean and he wished he had backed independence.

      MacLean’s English socialist counterpart, the aristocratic Hyndman, who wrote Merrie England, not only supported World War One, but advocated a stronger English Navy. Today’s Brit Nat left are just as vitriolic when it comes to Scottish Independence and supporting the British State and are in the same Bitter Together camp as; the Lib, Lab, Con, UKIP, BNP, NF, EDL and HM Queen.

      MacLean advocated independence 20-odd years afore the formation of the SNP, founded by other socialist such as RB Cunninghame Grahame and Dr Clarke, who also founded the short-lived Scottish Labour Party – which was light years away from Corbyn’s British national party, who also find John MacLean “mad” for supporting Scottish independence.”

    75. Luigi says:

      Kangaroo says:

      23 November, 2018 at 4:19 am

      Throw into the mix then the A50 case due at the European Supreme Court (ECJ) next week, when it is likely that the ECJ will agree with Lord Kerr’s assertion that A50 is revocable. The UK has then a clear choice with full knowledge of the consequences, revoke A50 and remain or brexit and #DissolveTheUnion, it cannot have both.

      OMG – if you are correct, Kangaroo, then this is huge.

      Popcorn ordered. 🙂

    76. Shug says:

      I dont think he is smart enough to u derstand the irony

    77. Nana says:

      Alyn smith on the latest fudge flavour

      Social media is now equal to mainstream TV. Time for Scots to increase investment in start-up social mefia tv shows

      Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell is challenged by Channel 4 News

    78. Nana says:

      Thread by @DavidHenigUK: “So, the Political Declaration between the UK and EU. Like an addendum to the Withdrawal Agreement saying “and we all lived happily ever afte […]”

      Danske whistleblower criticises UK over money laundering

      ‘It’s not a good deal’: Email blunder reveals doubts within the CBI about Theresa May’s draft Brexit agreement

      Madrid threatens to ‘stop the clock’ on Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement

    79. Nana says:

      Brexit: a vassal’s charter

      Caroline Nokes, humiliated in committee.

      Shorter version: your license fee money is going to foreign funded groups who lobby to privatise the BBC and abolish the national health service. This really deserves a full inquiry

    80. Nana says:

      Ministers flogged the loan book to get a £1.7bn quick fix – but sacrificed £3.3bn of future repayments down the line

      Oil flows from BP Clair Ridge development off Shetland

      #EU Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen quoted this morning ; ‘The future relationship will be much worse than the relationship between the EU27 member states at the moment…this will be the first time ever two parties have negotiated how to make things worse,”

    81. Cubby says:


      I refer you to my post above @1.03am

    82. Ottomanboi says:

      Independent, a term which must taste of broken glass when employed by Scottish Unionists.
      The ref to Norway suggests the man is plainly suffering. I smell rotting fish heads.
      Iacta alea est, O Ross!

    83. Nana says:

      Jeane Freeman’s been named Scotland’s Politician of the Year. The Health Secretary’s just five months into the job

      Some good news for a change

      Black Friday

    84. Les Wilson says:

      This UK-EU agreement is so bad for all of us, which leads me to think that is meant to look like that by the UK.
      Theresa is a good actress, but we need to remember her husband is a fund manager like Mogg, but kept in the background.

      So is all this an almighty con?,where the deal was constructed by the UK to be challenged by all other parties except the Tories? Was it designed to fail by making it so bad for the rest of us?
      Then the hard brexit that the elites want will be delivered with all the misery involved.

      We know the Tories and that they have no care for anyone but their wealthy subscribers.
      Is this hard to imagine? Maybe it is, but there again it may not be, they have form.

    85. Fred says:

      How come a failed teacher/polititian like Ian Gray was ever allowed anywhere near weans?

    86. Cubby says:

      Ross Thomson = total Tory Bampot .

      Only Britnat bampots could vote for this idiot.

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