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A letter to Humza Yousaf

Posted on May 18, 2020 by

As we still haven’t received any response from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, we sent this letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice today. Some passages have been redacted in accordance with contempt-of-court law.

We hope he’s listening.

16 May 2020

Dear Justice Secretary,

I wish to raise with you the gravest concerns regarding the conduct of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), for which you are ultimately responsible.

It is my belief that COPFS is acting in a manner which risks bringing the entire justice system of Scotland into serious disrepute, by carrying out its duties not only incompetently, but with undisguised partisanship and nepotism.

In early April of this year, I reported to COPFS and to Police Scotland a number of instances where Scottish newspapers and their websites had published a piece of information which very clearly enabled the jigsaw identification of one of the complainers in the highly-publicised case of HM Advocate vs Alexander Salmond, specifically [REDACTED].

The most prominent and widely-shared of the articles was published by both Tortoise Media (online) and Scotland On Sunday (print and online). It was written by the freelance Dani Garavelli and contains the following paragraph:


That piece of information enables anyone to very easily identify the complainer as [REDACTED].

I have personally shown the paragraph to several friends in England with no knowledge whatsoever of Scottish politics, giving them no other clues, and asked them if they were able to find the name of the woman concerned. Without fail, every one of them has been able to correctly do so within a matter of seconds, and is prepared to testify to that fact.

It was not possible to identify [REDACTED] before the articles by Garavelli and the five others, because [REDACTED].

But it is so easy to do so once armed with the new information published by Garavelli and the others that one need only Google the obvious words [REDACTED]. She is the only person it could possibly be. Indeed, the words [REDACTED] alone will achieve the same result.

Yet one of the authors of the articles containing the new information apparently felt so safe from prosecution as to tweet last month that “anyone… who puts into the public domain information that aids jigsaw identification [of the accusers] deserves the jail sentence they will undoubtedly get for contempt of court”. And sure enough, no action appears to have been taken in respect of my report.

The case of the blogger and former UK ambassador Craig Murray demonstrates that the COPFS is still managing to operate despite the restrictions of the COVID-19 crisis, so it seems extraordinary that such blatant breaches would have gone entirely unpursued, and that none of the publications involved have even been told to remove the paragraphs enabling such simple identification of the protected witness.

This is doubly so given that apparently the police regard all of the complainers in the case to be in such danger should their identities become known that they’ve been issued with alarms:

and given that the journalist Mark Hirst has been charged with threatening behaviour towards the women, even though their identities are still NOT officially known to the public.

The only characteristic shared by Mr Hirst and Mr Murray, but not shared by the other six journalists, is that they have been publicly supportive of Mr Salmond. The impression therefore unavoidably given is that COPFS is only interested in prosecuting those politically sympathetic to Mr Salmond, while those critical of him are apparently above the law.

This impression is significantly amplified by the fact that when I pressed COPFS for an update on my report I was directed to, and then fobbed off dismissively and rather rudely with a generic form reply by, its grandly and apparently ironically-named Head Of Strategic Communications And Engagement, one Graham Shields.

Prior to taking that post Mr Shields was the editor of the Evening Times, one of the two flagship titles of the Glasgow-based Herald And Times Group. While he held the position the group’s other main title, the Herald, was edited by a gentleman by the name of Graeme Smith, with whom it is reasonable to assume Mr Shields would, by choice or necessity, have been a close colleague.

Mr Smith, by a remarkable coincidence, is the husband of Dani Garavelli.

While making no allegations, I trust I do not have to spell out why that, to coin a phrase, “puts a smell on” Mr Shields’ actions in attempting to deflect legitimate press enquiries from an accredited professional journalist, or why other anti-Salmond journalists who are also likely to be personal and/or professional associates of Mr Shields apparently feel able to break the law with such certain impunity that they can demand prison sentences for others while committing the same crime themselves.

It is now several weeks since I asked COPFS to state for the record whether it considers the articles to contain identifying information – which they obviously and demonstrably do – and why (a) the authors have not been acted against, and why (b) at a bare minimum it has not required the publications involved to remove or edit the articles in question to remove this information. (All of them continue to feature the relevant passages at the time of writing this letter.)

I still await a meaningful reply. This is plainly unacceptable and indefensible – it is a straightforward question which cuts to the most fundamental responsibility of the Office in determining whether contempt of court has been committed or not, and its important duty to inform the public about what it is and is not permissible to say. The only conceivable reason not to answer is that COPFS would then be forced either to uphold the law equally for both supporters and opponents of Mr Salmond, or to explain why it was refusing to do so.

As Mr Murray has pointed out, it would not constitute a legal defence for him if accused of robbing a bank to point out that other people had also done so and gotten away with it. An affirmative answer therefore would NOT prejudice his trial.

But such a blatantly one-sided prosecution of one person while six others go completely unpursued for the same offence places such obvious and wholly justified suspicion over COPFS’s impartiality and propriety to any fair-minded observer that even your own party colleague and predecessor-but-one as Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill – who I’m sure you will agree is no tinfoil-hatted internet conspiracy theorist – has been driven to publicly cast serious aspersions over the conduct of the case, alleging that senior Scottish Government members and officials were/are involved in an “orchestrated campaign” against Mr Salmond and his defence team.

We must of course also view these actions in the light of the outcome of the enquiry into the intial investigations of the proven-false allegations against Mr Salmond. The Scottish Government has already admitted that that enquiry was “unlawful” and “tainted by apparent bias” against him.

You were not the Justice Secretary of the Scottish Government when that happened, but you are the Justice Secretary now, and that orchestrated campaign of unlawful bias against Mr Salmond – which appears to have not only continued unabated but increased in its intensity and determination despite those findings – now reflects directly and personally on you, and may of course in itself constitute a very serious crime. (That will be presumably determined by the pending inquiry into the matter.)

I urge you, therefore, to exercise your duties and instruct COPFS, in the first instance, simply to answer my questions properly, fully and without the evasion and equivocation it has deployed until now. The Scottish public deserve to be told clearly and unambiguously whether the information revealed in my report constitutes contempt of court or not. If it does not, there will clearly be ramifications for Mr Murray, whose liberty is currently at stake as Mr Salmond’s was. If if does, there should and must be ramifications for Ms Garavelli and the others, and you must instruct COPFS to execute its responsibilities in a fair and transparent manner, in the name of justice.

If answers are not forthcoming, it will be impossible to avoid the conclusion that not only COPFS but also your own office and by extension the Scottish Government as a whole are indeed still engaged in the orchestrated and unlawfully biased campaign to which it has previously admitted.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. A continued avoidance of this very important matter will place the integrity of the Scottish Government in serious question.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Campbell
Wings Over Scotland

We will of course keep readers informed as to any developments.

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296 to “A letter to Humza Yousaf”

  1. Den Cairns says:

    That’s me up to speed….again!! Excellent Rev.

  2. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Good on yi!

  3. Dave Robb says:


  4. Millennium says:

    Yousaf,,,,, another Sturgeon dud.

    She is surrounded by them.

    He is just another nodding dog in the Sturgeon Dictatorship

    I wouldn’t expect any radical reply from him

  5. Andrew Davidson says:

    That is a belter.

  6. Bob Mack says:

    Well done Stu. You carry the mantle of justice admirably. If only the media had a fraction of your integrity we would all be in a better place.

  7. Helen Yates says:

    This is dare I say it delicious, can’t wait for Humza’s response. brilliant and I applaud you.

  8. Ian Hart says:

    I wouldn’t be holding my breath for an answer if I were you.

  9. Joemcg says:

    Wow. A blatant conflict of interest there. How corrupt is that? Absolutely shocking.

  10. dan macaulay says:

    big tick in the ‘like’ box

  11. Julia Gibb says:

    Unfortunately I suspect you share my doubt on getting any response. I find it astounding that those who obviously identified complainants remain free while others who are obviously innocent of blatantly concocted charges are threatened.

    The truth will come out! Not through our legal , political system or media but through social media. They can only delay the inevitable.

  12. Karmanaut says:

    This is really good work. The reply, or lack of one, is going to have quite long-term repercussions.

  13. Rab Dickson says:

    I wouldn’t hold your breath for a reply.
    He’s a nodding dog.

  14. Breastplate says:

    On the subject of Craig Murray talking about, it’s not a defence to say ‘other people have robbed a bank so that entitles me to do it’, (I’m paraphrasing).
    There’s more to it than that.
    It’s more like the security guard allowing people he knows or likes to rob a bank and only trying to stop people he doesn’t like robbing the bank.
    He knows it’s against the law for anyone to rob the bank and he becomes complicit by enabling the crime.

  15. liz says:

    This is excellent. Humza is another one who has turned out to be a serious disappointment.

    He appears to be another one putting career before country.
    I’m getting sick of the SNP acting like they now own Scotland and can get away with anything.
    It’s partly due to the appalling opposition

    Like Christina McKelvie, remit, equalities and older people, increasing funding for LBGT groups, why? She also mentions a commitment to GRA reform. Is it because her son is trans? Are laws getting made to suit politicians own families and friends?

    Think about it, older people are the ones dying in huge numbers, why aren’t they getting increased funding?
    It will be very interesting to see if he replies.

  16. susan says:

    Once again you cut to the chase clearly and concisely Stu. I await the reply eagerly ( but won’t hold my breath). This whole episode stinks and I ask myself are the SNP FIT to govern in a post Independence democracy.

  17. Mist001 says:

    I don’t know if starting the letter with ‘It is my belief’ was a good idea because that’s the same as ‘it is my opinion’.

    Humza Yousaf is likely to look at it and think ‘Well, it is my belief otherwise’.

    Then nothing is achieved.

  18. lothianlad says:

    FANTASTIC Stuart!!!

    Watch, how he like all the others, will squirm, avoid, deflect, hide and run from the ultimate truth, like the so called Scottish Government has done and is still trying to do!

    People should be in no doubt that that we are seeing the absolute abuse of power by the Scottish Government, civil service, justice system and so called media here in Scotland!

    It makes me boak to see how the SNP has changed and become this vile, and I do not exaggerate… UNIONIST Party, led by the betrayer!

    Thank you for exposing their actions,.
    The truth will not be silenced!

  19. lothianlad says:

    Without lying, I found out the Identity of the complainer by following Garavelli’s post in a matter of minutes.

    From there I could piece together the identities of other alphabet women from their social media accounts.

    Not only did they try to get Alex jailed, but they are not too bright despite their high public salaries.

  20. PRJ says:

    Whatever way you look at this the Scottish government can’t win. If they interfere they’ll be accused of interfering with the courts. If they don’t interfere then they risk the integrity of Scottish law. You now have a choice of headlines, “SNP interferes in the Alex Salmond court cases” or “Scottish legal system in disarray as SNP…..” The media are now preparing the front pages to use in the future.

  21. Peas says:

    Humza won’t reply, will he?

  22. Colin Alexander says:

    I suggest pepople living in Scotland copies the article to their UNIONIST MSP and asks for a response to it from Mr Yusaf via their UNIONIST MSP as an SNP MSP won’t want to rock the boat.

    Stu does not have an MSP.

  23. Craig Evans says:

    Hi Fev,

    Have you a typo here at Paragraph 17?? Mr Smith, by a remarkable coincidence, is the husband of Dani Garavelli.

  24. clem fandango says:

    Just, excellent.

  25. Lollysmum says:

    See you’ve not lost your touch Stuart.

    Excellent letter which has probably already been parked in the After Covid bin whilst someone is tasked with thinking up some arse-covering story which will be forensically demolished within an hour of receipt.

    Pleased to see you’re keeping your hand in despite still being on ‘holiday’

  26. Kenny says:

    Seems like COPFS have painted themselves into a dingy corner of which, as far as I can see, they have no other option but to back down and remove the trumped-up charges from Murray & Hirst- or hammer a fair phalanx of their media friends.

    All the clever pals, all working together, making an arse of it together, losing together, shamed together.

    Great work, truly good and just, Mr C.

  27. ahundredthidiot says:

    Mist 001 ‘then nothing is achieved’

    try to read the whole article, Mist

  28. Graeme says:

    This failed stitch up of Alex Salmond has to be the most amateur political stitch up in the history of political stitch ups

  29. Dougie says:

    Brilliant ?

  30. hackalumpoff says:

    As it is a matter of Principle and the Minister’s fundamental responsibility, I can’t wait to see which MSP of Independent mind raises the issue at FMQs.

  31. Martha Chisholm says:

    This is good…we can’t let this story go-so supporting the Rev on this is crucial. If necessary we can crowdfund any costs that may need to be incurred.

  32. Mist001 says:

    I did read the whole thing and didn’t criticise it. I pointed out that starting a letter with ‘It is my belief’ invites the other party to disagree immediately and think ‘It is my belief otherwise’.

    And let’s face it, that’s likely to be Humza Yousafs immediate reaction when he sees who wrote the letter. I’m pretty sure that will be the common reaction throughout Scotland when anyone receives a letter from The Rev.

    As he states himself in his opening; “As we still haven’t received any response from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.”

    That’s not because he’s bamboozled them, it’s just that this site is detested amongst those types of offices and people and is not considered worthy of any reply or serious consideration.

    So if one party says ‘It is my belief’ and the other party thinks ‘It is my belief otherwise’, then tell me, ahundredthidiot, what is achieved?

  33. fillofficer says:

    superb, revstu
    i suspect nowt will be forthcoming tho
    we are governed by unaccountable liars
    protected by the corrupt MSM

  34. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @hackalumpoff –

    If I had to bet a tenner I’d stick it on Kenny Gibson. He had the balls to chin the FM about a TRA-related topic some months ago and she didn’t like it one wee toty bit.

  35. lothianlad says:

    @ Graeme 12.46

    Definitely a failed stitch up.. However, given that the Brit secret service tried extensively for years to halt the push for independence, it does seem strange they left this to the cunning of the alphabet women.

    They really are not the sharpest tools in the box! They have been found out though.

  36. Kenny says:

    Mist001 says:
    18 May, 2020 at 12:29 pm

    “I don’t know if starting the letter with ‘It is my belief’ was a good idea because that’s the same as ‘it is my opinion’”..

    Oh, I think there’s more than enough meat on the bones of that open letter, I wouldn’t expect such a minor detail could justify the continuation of whatever is going on to go unaddressed.

    This whole matter is relentlessly spiralling into a ‘gate’ – COPFSgate/Murraygate/Whatevergate – what’s done can’t be undone, they’ve pushed too far with this, I think they’re about to be burned. Hearts in mouths for many.

  37. SOG says:

    He may chose not to respond, right up to the time The Rev posts readership numbers.

  38. Newburghgowfer says:

    Be interesting to see how he will squirm out of this or will he go running to Nanny Sturgeon and her legion of gobshites for advice.
    My money is that you will be ignored and the general public will still be none the wiser to the shenanigans behind the closed door of the New Yellow Order.

  39. hackalumpoff says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood “Independent mind” was attempted irony. Whatever, it’s an open goal for the opposition but they have as many skeletons in the pile as SNP. Shame Margo passed away, I think she would have had a pop.

  40. Muscleguy says:

    Is a judicial review a possible next step in this odious saga?

  41. jfngw says:

    GRA, ill thought out hate crime bill, doubts about the impartiality of the criminal justice system. The MSM will be noting these and when the independence campaign starts they have a backlog of issues to throw at the public. If it requires throwing a few unionist media types under a bus the British owners of the MSM will have no qualms.

    You can only sweep so much under a carpet before the people start to notice.

    If there is no reply I would expect the National to pick this up, we can’t have skeletons threatening any future vote.

  42. Republicofscotland says:

    I doubt very much you’ll get a satisfactory reply, one of we’ll be looking into other journalists activities surrounding the complainants, then it will be a lacklustre attempt to do anything meaningful by the police, meanwhile Hirst and Salmond will feel the full weight of the law brought down upon them, as the same journalists who did actually jigsaw identify some of the women write disapproving and condemning columns about them in their pro-friendly unionist shitrag “newspapers and blogs.

    As for Humans Yousaf, I have very serious doubts about him he’s blocking, or at the very least, delaying judges in Scotland having to declare their interests outside the courtroom, and I don’t mean pastimes or hobbies.

  43. Margaret Lindsay says:


  44. liz says:

    @Muscleguy I’d like to have seen that.
    Part of the problem at Holyrood, apart from the crap opposition, is that very few in the SNP ranks pull NS up.

    A few brave souls like Joan McAlpine do, who you will notice is not in the cabinet.

  45. Terry says:

    Just brilliant!

    I didn’t think Alex was guilty when it first came out – but what would I know as I don’t personally know Alex? However Humza’s bit in the Herald in October 18 about how Alex had encouraged him into politics and it was “heartbreaking” cast a niggle in my mind. Why did he say that? He must have known at the time (like we all do now) that it was utter trumped up nonsense.

    I still shudder when I think what they have put their former leader through – most of them would be nowhere without his guts and hard work which got the Snp and Indy so close. It’s like Brutus and Caesar or a plot from Shakespeare. I still have to pinch myself that this is happening – God knows how he and his family have held up.

    Which brings me on to you Stu – they’ve tried it against you too. They will be constantly after you – but I think you are too smart, too incorruptible and too honest for them to catch. Likewise Crag who is fearless – but I worry that without a jury trial they will stick him in jail – horrendous. They would be foolish to do so as the outcry on this would be massive.

    Thank you again for doing this. It’s very disturbing knowing this is going on and they need to be brought to task.

  46. Republicofscotland says:

    “Isuggest pepople living in Scotland copies the article to their UNIONIST MSP and asks for a response to it from Mr Yusaf via their UNIONIST MSP as an SNP MSP won’t want to rock the boat.”


    That advice is akin to asking the Palestinian people to write to the Knesset complaining of unfair play towards them by the Israeli judiciary.

  47. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “It’s more like the security guard allowing people he knows or likes to rob a bank and only trying to stop people he doesn’t like robbing the bank.
    He knows it’s against the law for anyone to rob the bank and he becomes complicit by enabling the crime.”

    Very good point.

  48. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Have you a typo here at Paragraph 17?? Mr Smith, by a remarkable coincidence, is the husband of Dani Garavelli.”

    What’s the typo?

  49. Pete says:

    Well done.
    I wish you every success.

  50. Ron Maclean says:

    Well done RevStu.

    These are serious allegations. The lack of questioning from within the justice system and the government is worrying. Where’s the opposition? Where are the honest SNP mps and msps?

  51. David Rodgers says:

    The MSM and government are merging or have merged already. This phenomenon was mentioned on RT last week as having already happened in America with Russiagate (although that is to do down a sitting President). Here it’s to keep AS oot of the scene.

  52. Ron Maclean says:

    Where’s The National?

  53. Robert says:


  54. Tony O'Neill says:

    Well done Stu.keep on the scheming bastards.

  55. Yona says:

    Thank you. This is one of the best letters I’ve read in a long time.
    You have left them no ‘wiggle’ room. Well done.?

  56. deerhill says:

    lothianlad says:
    18 May, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    @ Graeme 12.46
    Definitely a failed stitch up.. However, given that the Brit secret service tried extensively for years to halt the push for independence, it does seem strange they left this to the cunning of the alphabet women.”

    Perhaps the Brit secret squirrels aren’t so daft.
    No doubt they knew of it but steered well clear as they could see that it would go breasts skyward, as it did, and the Scottish conspirators would be exposed.

    The Scottish administration wouild take full blame and no fingers could be pointed at Whitehall. Job done!

  57. Effijy says:

    Wonderfully constructed letter Rev.

    Wouldn’t change a single word.

    The ball Is very firmly in Humza’s Court
    It’s Big, It’s Bright and it’s Ringing Alarm Bells.

    Let’s give him until the end of the month for at
    Least a preliminary response agreeing on the
    The conflict of interest, laws being applied only to a
    Selected group and the refusal to provide the public
    With transparency and clarity on procedural matters.

    I cannot wait for the next enthralling episode to be revealed.

    This letter has been more welcomed by me that the light Andy Dufrain
    Saw at the end of the Shawshank sewage pipe!

  58. Colin Alexander says:

    Stu Campbell

    The Scottish Govt aren’t answerable to a private citizen or journalist blogger living in England, such as yourself.

    Then again, they aren’t answerable to anyone in Scotland either: they are only answerable to their Imperial Masters in England.

    But, thanks for trying.
    So, anyone in Scotland gonnae send it to Humza yousless via their MSP?

  59. Golfnut says:

    Brilliant letter, the Justice Secretary doesn’t really have wriggle room with this and I have absolutely no sympathy for his predicament. Good governance of the COPFS is his responsibility and he has failed miserably, as has some of his predecessors.

  60. lothianlad says:

    @ deerhill

    Good point

  61. SilverDarling says:

    Gatekeeping access to justice depending on whether it is your side is not on.

    Many defenders of the Garavelli article are quick to emphasize the defender’s personal opinion of her citing her credibility and how long they have known her. None directly address the article itself and the jigsaw identification. They are quick to denigrate and smear differing viewpoints based on where it comes from.

    This vomit worthy thread typifies the circle jerk that is MSM Scotland –

    Nice touch with, to coin a phrase, “puts a smell on”.

  62. Breeks says:

    Graeme says:
    18 May, 2020 at 12:46 pm
    This failed stitch up of Alex Salmond has to be the most amateur political stitch up in the history of political stitch ups…

    I’m not so sure. The jury returned the correct verdict, and thank god they did, because without that verdict, Alex Salmond would have been smeared forever, possibly even jailed, and the rotten Conspiracy would have been a largely unchallengeable success.

    Even now, the Conspirators are free to entrench themselves and cover their tracks. They are not acting as though in fear of retribution from Alex Salmond either. It seems fair to assume they think they can yet weather the storm…

    It seems a racing certainty that Alex Salmond’s book will be challenged with Contempt of Court violations, unless there is some way around naming the conspirators explicitly or by jigsaw associations. The Conspirators must fancy their chances.. and looking at Craig Murray and Mark Hirst, perhaps we have only seen Phase 1 of the Conspiracy… although I would still rather be in Salmond’s shoes than the conspirators.

    If Mr Salmond’s lawyer was indeed set up on the train footage, I would be anxious to learn how much those who set him up knew about his movements. Maybe the Conspirators have a spy in the camp… Mr Salmond should still be very careful… a wounded animal is at its most dangerous and all that…

  63. mogabee says:

    Bloody marvelous Stu.

  64. Effijy says:

    A friend in the Glasgow Shipyard texted to say they are to return to work.

    You may never have seen a passageway on a Navy Ship but let me assure you
    That it is impossible to keep 1 meter away from anyone walking in the opposite

    Workers are forced to have tea breaks on the ship itself so the washing your
    Hands regularly for 20 seconds isn’t going to happen as there is no water supply
    During construction.

    Unions like the GMB seem only to exist to be anti- SNP
    as its all they ever have to say fir themselves.

  65. McDuff says:

    Great letter rev.
    In the event of a fob off reply what would be the next move. Clearly the semi pro independence National will not raise this very sinister and serious matter and bring it to the attention of the general public.
    Could it be raised with the U.N. commission on human rights?

  66. Roderick Laing says:

    Well done Stuart an excellent piece.

    It seems the journalists that stabbed Scotland in the back for so long are deserting the sinking ship of MSM and are now receiving their 30 pieces of silver with jobs in government which does not bode well for truth and integrity.

    Whatever happened to transparency in the Scottish government.

  67. katherine hamilton says:

    This is a tricky one for our friends in the MSM. The juiciest SNP bad take for a while, but they’ve got to finger their pals.

    I expect they’ll leave it alone. Come on, National, time to step up to the plate.

  68. stonefree says:

    Mist001 18 May, 2020 at 12:29 pm

    I don’t know if starting the letter with ‘It is my belief’ was a good idea because that’s the same as ‘it is my opinion’.

    Humza Yousaf is likely to look at it and think ‘Well, it is my belief otherwise’.

    Then nothing is achieved.

    I disagree, using the phrase, in that form provokes the response, If it is not contradicted with a corrected and includes the true facts(if they exist )
    Effectively the Cabinet Secretary is cornered and has to respond.
    I have seen this being done many times, one sector of business, only had one response….they didn’t reply.
    That I don’t think is an option in this case ..The Cabinet Secretary has to answer, Failure to do so, places the position he holds , the Office he holds , very badly

  69. Colin Alexander says:

    Stu Campbell

    I have written to one of the UNIONIST MSPs that represent my area; the SNP MSP being a complete waste of space, in my opinion, as he did not answer my previous letters.

    I have included your article and asked for permission to share any responses.

    I will update you in due course, if I get a reply.

  70. Joe says:

    @ Everyone

    Would just like to appologise for being a tad too confrontational. Despite many on here throwing around derogatory names to anyone who steps out of progressive line of thought its still not acceptible.

    I find something extremely frustrating however:

    – we have a party in charge of Scotland who are of seriously questionable intent (for me its no question, Im certain of their intent)

    – this party holds as its key policy that it wants Scotland to be an open borders country with rEU and anyone who comes to Scotland is ‘Scottish’ like any the rest of us.

    – this party is pushing anti-science and totalitarian laws powered by the votes of people who keep hoping it will actually get to the work of independence.

    – this party now states that it is looking at UBI options.

    Without being too insulting a political party that holds both an open borders all-are-welcome stance while also making noises about UBI is either 1 of 2 things – they are lying or they want to destroy Scotlands economy. Economically this is as realistic as their gender nonsense.

    That’s not even the worst part.

    With the numbers that support both UBI and EU style open borders anybody who wishes to push for independence with their own party will have the option of A: speaking the unpopular truth B: having their policies dragged in that direction also, despite both these positions being impossible to hold at the same time.

    I am amazed, ashamed and down heartened that we have a Scottish Independence movement that is this uncritical. Coupled with the general attitude to totalitarian measures regarding the China Virus (Covid-1984) im left pretty much with the conclusion that Scotland is a lost cause.

    It appears by all indications that if left to our own devices the popular will would turn this country into a disaster of the highest order.

    The single glimmer of hope I can see is the A.Salmond situation bringing about such a shocking revelation that the inner machinations of what the SNP is and who they work for snap people out of their stupor. Cheers

  71. Ian Foulds says:

    Knockout article.

    You and the other real independent contributors are on fire, mainly because you seek truth and demonstrate the many shortcomings of those opposed to the route to political independence.

    Many thanks.

  72. deerhill says:

    Could all this “contempt of court” malarky be leading up to a declaration of mis-trial?

    Get A. Salmond Esq. back in the dock and lets not have any of this “trial by jury” nonsense. Juries can’t be trusted.
    After all, this suspension of normal practices would be an excellent time for a rerun!

    Now which judge would be ” a safe pair of hands” to produce the “right verdict”?

  73. Colin Alexander says:

    Stu Campbell

    My letter to my MSP:

    “Dear “MSP”

    As one of your constituents, I would be grateful if you would bring the article entitled: “A Letter To Humza Yousaf” to the attention of the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

    I personally am also deeply concerned that media reports may have facilitated jigsaw identification of people involved in the Alex Salmond case, as explained in the above article but the COPFS have apparently ? turned a blind eye to these allegations where it involves mainstream journalists.

    I politely request that, on my behalf, you raise the issues highlighted in the article with the Cabinet Secretary For Justice, Humza Yousaf, and request him to address the very serious issues highlighted.

    I would also like to highlight a potential of “conflict of interest” or potential for bias mentioned in the article, and I request you question whether it was appropriate for Mr Shields to be involved in handling complaints about this matter.

    E.g. If Mr Shields of the COPFS (former editor of the Evening Times) was ever personally acquainted with Mr Smith (former editor of The Herald) or his wife (Ms Garavelli) it creates a clear conflict of interest”.

  74. Capella says:

    Good letter. A palpable hit. I wrote to Humza Yousaf a few weeks ago about the Hate Crime Bill. I have yet to get a reply. But I don’t have a blog read by 250,000 readers.

  75. Sharny Dubs says:

    I would not expect the opposition to carry this ball any further, remember they are quite happy with the SNP and want to keep the status quo.

    Same goes for MSM and the secret service etc.

    No one wants to rock the boat

  76. lothianlad says:

    I have said in the past, that the IRA was infiltrated by the brit secret service at its highest levels.

    Hard line republicans knew this and were quick to try and expose the spooks/ informers but often this was contained within the movement.

    To this day many believe that through bribery and blackmail that senior republicans , who steered the movements direction, were themselves working for the British state.

    This may not have been their initial motivations for joining the IRA or its political wing, but that is how it turned out.

    The brit secret service were quite literally able to start a war within the movement and watch it tear itself apart. they are masters at this.

    Psychological warfare deployed with devastating effect.

    What could be more beneficial, having the leaders of your enemies organisation working for you and destroying the enemy from within.

    It would be criminally naïve not to think that the SNP leadership has not been infiltrated the same way. Ireland reuniting is far less damaging to the UK than Scotland declaring Independence.

    Is it beyond possible that a young NS could have been assisted to the top of the SNP??

    The fire and passion was undoubtedly there, however, if you charted her rise through the ranks, media coverage etc and her influence this was not due to determination alone.

    At the critical time, the brit secret service could deploy their weapon i.e the SNP leader to cause havoc to the Indy cause.

    lets not forget who she has surrounded herself with and how difficult it is to remove the entrenched supporters from branch level up.

    Her record on delivering Independence as highlighted by Stuart in his post ‘ the betrayer’ gives ample evidence of lack of progress towards Independence despite the mandates.

    Then there is the division caused in the party due to her management, and failure to keep to the goal. Not unlike the IRA situation, the british secret service is doing one on the SNP and its happening right before our eyes.

  77. Allan Watson says:

    Excellent letter.

    Should this not go to the Chief Constable as they are duty bound to investigate alleged incidents that break the law??

  78. Bill Boyd says:

    Excellent, Stu. Look forward to seeing the response. So much riding on this, both in terms of justice and the independence movement.

  79. Vivian O'Blivion says:

    Yousaf has the taint of the Atlanticist, Deep State about him. He is a graduate of the US State Department’s, International Visitor Leadership Program. You can await a response. My advice; ah widnae haud ma breath.

  80. Robert Black says:

    A very powerful letter. But the Cabinet Secretary for Justice has no responsibility for COPFS. It is a separate department of the Scottish Government and its responsible minister is the Lord Advocate. The Justice Secretary has no power to issue instructions regarding COPFS functions and I’m pretty sure that any reply by Humza Yousaf to Stu’s letter will simply point that out. The Scotland Act 1998, section 48(5) refers.

  81. Patsy says:

    Excellent. Looking forward to the answer (if any!)

  82. Proud Cybernat says:

    Nice to see Friends of Wings have this article all over Twitter.

  83. callmedave says:

    Good letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

    I don’t think there is any latitude there for him.

    It manoeuvres him nicely into a very awkward spot hardly any leeway there unless he’s contracted corona virus and lost his olfactory senses.

    Difficult to place said letter on the back burner.

    Excellent! 🙂

  84. robbo says:

    Joe says:
    18 May, 2020 at 2:58 pm
    @ Everyone

    I am amazed, ashamed and down heartened that we have a Scottish Independence movement that is this uncritical. Coupled with the general attitude to totalitarian measures regarding the China Virus (Covid-1984) im left pretty much with the conclusion that Scotland is a lost cause.


    Is that right Joe?

    Maybe you could ask Mr Trump who was responsible for the so-called ‘Spanish flu’ next time you meet eh!

    He seems blame his crap response on covid on everyone but himself- China, WHO, Barack Obama, the Democrats, every man and his dog.

    On Spanish flu(American flu),patient ZERO was an American .

  85. Gordon Keane says:

    I had reason to contact COPFS last week over a matter relating to the Glasgow Fines Payment Office being closed, and the difficulties it was causing someone I know, who is unable to pay over the automated telephone system, or online.
    I was not too impressed by the lady the other end of the phone!
    And I have not been too impressed with much in relation to those concerns I have, with e-mails I sent out to Scot Govt. Still waiting a reply from the Courts Service, at present.
    Simple questions, and it gets us nowhere!
    However, this vendetta against Alex Salmonnd supporters, and ignoring other journalists who have clearly broken the Law here, is on another level completely.
    And some wonder why we want another Party of Independence!?!
    We wait with interest any reply the Justice Secretary sends to Wings.

  86. Andy Ellis says:

    @Joe 2.58pm

    If you don’t want people to take you for a bam, mebbe stop acting like a bam?

    Talking about the ‘China Virus” makes you sound like the worst king of Trumpian nutter. Keep it for Gab where it might be appreciated more, huh?

    As for your point above, again you’re being hyperbolic. As folk here will know I’m hardly uncritical of the SNP, but what you’re saying is just such bullshit. There’s a long way from here to introducing UBI, but even ‘IF” those sunny uplands are reached, post indy the borders won’t be open. We don’t even know if and when indy Scotland will be in the EU, and if so on what terms.

    Even if it rapidly becomes a full member, Scotland (like any member state) will be able to dictate who does and doesn’t qualify for residence. The fact the UK signally failed to do what other EU member states have done with respect to whether nationals of other countries (including EU members) could stay and claim benefits doesn’t mean we can accept your ridiculous assertion that we’re going to be swamped.

    As folk never tire of pointing out, one of the biggest differentiators between modern Scottish nationalism and nationalism elsewhere (like Hungary at present for example) is that it is civic, not blood and soil. ‘New Scots’ won’t be excluded from the benefits of UBI any more than they would be excluded from current benefits, provided they are entitled to them – why would anyone reasonable think they should be?

    You’re entitled to your views of course, you’re not entitled to have us accept your doom laden scenarios for anything more than what they are: assertion and supposition.

  87. Annie 621 says:

    A penetrating and vital slice of real journalism..the best investigative journalist since Paul Cook X

  88. Ron Maclean says:


    Cabinet Secretary for Justice
    Current role holder: Humza Yousaf MSP


    The Cabinet Secretary is responsible for:

    police; courts, sentencing; justice system and criminal law procedure; violence reduction; criminal justice social work victims, witnesses, female offenders; human rights; prisons and prisoners; reducing offending; security; youth justice.

  89. defo says:

    Neat work Stu.
    Can we do a fob off ‘bingo’ please?

    Here’s a couple or 3 from Humza’s reply.
    “..not in the public interest..”
    “..compromise ongoing investigations..”
    “..protect the identities..”

  90. Breeks says:

    Open question to all…

    Have you seen ANY Scottish MP or MSP, either on TV, Radio, webcast, podcast, newspaper interview or statement delivery,… in ANY circumstance you can think of, have you ever seen any one of them EVER properly confronted about the ramifications of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and the popular sovereignty of the people?

    Even after Ian Blackford utters the very words in Westminster debate, have you EVER seen the significance of Scotland’s sovereignty examined and scrutinised in any way, by ANY facet of the media? Have you ever seen the concept even being queried?

    I’ve written letters, emails, BTL comments, don’t do Twitter or Facebook, constantly asking for clarification on the issue, but I’ve never once had the courtesy of getting an answer.

    So come on all you web hosts, blog hosts and podcasters… get yourselves a scoop the next time you’re getting face time to chat with an SNP politico. Ask them if they consider Westminster’s small ‘c’ constitution for Holyrood, (the 1998 Scotland Act), to be the superior constitution that is higher up in the constitutional hierarchy than the sovereign Constitution of the Scottish Nation as prescribed by the Declaration of Arbroath, which stood unchallenged for centuries before the 1707 Union…

    Hopefully do it on video, so we can all watch them squirm out of giving you a straight answer.

    There is a conspiracy of silence when it comes to Scotland’s sovereign constitution, and it is such a big elephant in the room that the floor joists are buckling under the weight of it…

    Make me proud one of you… or better yet, all of you. Let’s sort the men from the boys…

  91. Habib Steele says:

    Thanks for the update Stuart! This continuing bias does not surprise me given that the Alphabet women, perhaps except one, so clearly committed perjury, and conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice, but have not been prosecuted.

    For justice to be served the Alphabet women must be prosecuted.

  92. Golfnut says:

    @ Callmedave.

    Olfactory, nice one.

  93. callmedave says:


    Subtle change in the way the red scrolly thing on the BBC news reports deaths in Scotland as opposed to Wales or N. Ireland

    “The number of deaths in Scotland rises to 2105”
    Maybe the number 2 is too low to be mentioned. 🙁

    Curiously for the ‘n’ day in a row no reporting of deaths in England.

    Hancock and Co will report only on UK deaths as a whole and voila job done at the daily update. So it goes!

    BBC figures today

    N. Ireland…………06……….Total…….482…BBC
    England………….*122……….Total……no data *SUN
    UK…………….today….no data……Total.*about 35000..*SUN


  94. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Colin Alexander says:
    18 May, 2020 at 12:38 pm
    “I suggest pepople living in Scotland copies the article to their UNIONIST MSP and asks for a response to it from Mr Yusaf via their UNIONIST MSP as an SNP MSP won’t want to rock the boat.”

    I would suggest that you give your SNP MSP/MSP’s the benefit of the doubt and ask THEM what THEY intend to DO about this sorry state of affairs.

    You will after all, soon have to make a decision as to whether Him/Her remaining an MSP is in your opinion neutral, beneficial or detrimental to the cause of Scottish independence.

    Mine is something of a fence-sitter, so I will have to make it clear to him that, “That’s a can of worms that is best left unopened” does not count as a valid answer – Unless followed by a resolution to drive out the nest of vipers who’s names are printed on the label.

    You can contact the blighters via :

  95. Mike d says:

    Lothianlad 3.09pm. Yes the IRA were infiltrated at the highest level. Which is why Gerry Adams brought in the 4 person ASU’s. A need to know only basis. Without doubt the SNP have been infiltrated at the highest level. Can the rats be weeded out? Only time will tell.

  96. jfngw says:

    I think we may need to keep this one high profile as I suspect the first response will be to try and ignore it in the hope it will go away. If the response ends up as deflection we then need a review into the running of the COPFS because it does have a smell about it.

    I see the Times has run a piece, they have dropped the too wee, too poor, we are now just too stupid to run our own country. Apparently it needs to be left to the intelligentsia that is Boris Johnson. This is of course written by one of his ex-speech writers (when I see ex associated with Johnson I always think there must be a pregnancy involved), I wonder if it they were like the Frankie Howard scripts with all the oh, Ah and mumbles written in.

  97. Bipod says:

    I see there have only been 2 additional deaths recorded today, I am sure it will go up tomorrow but surely we are now past the point where any of the imagined benefits of lockdown (that lockdown reduces transmission of the virus throughout the population has no scientific evidence to back it up) are outweighed but the disastrous effects of the lockdown. The original reason for the lockdown was to save the NHS and allow them to build capacity, well that happened the NHS is half empty and they have more capacity than they know to do with. The second reason was because of the “catastrophic second peak”, still no sign of that in any of the countries that have began lifting the lockdown but I’m sure it’s right around the corner. Now we can’t end the lockdown because of the R number, but she didn’t mention that there is no way she can possibly know what the R number is given the total lack of testing in the community.

    Tomorrow I’m sure the reason will be something like we don’t have the necessary test and trace infrastructure setup yet so we must wait for that or some other nonsense. Stop moving the goal posts Nicola and end the lockdown now and admit this was a wild overreaction.

    If we can devise a convoluted system where everyone’s movements are tracked and where we need to show our digital papers in order to access public spaces, then why can’t we just allow everyone who is not at risk back out and say to everyone who is vulnerable that they should voluntarily self isolate themselves so that they don’t catch the virus. This isn’t complicated but it would involve admitting that this isn’t quite the deadly pandemic that the panic mongers have led us all to believe.

  98. Les Wilson says:

    Brilliantly put together Stu, if there is no answer what then ? I smell another crowd fund coming on perhaps.

  99. Frank Gillougley says:

    So then Humza, from one human being to another (not that I matter), I for one am interested to see by your reply to this first class piece of investigative journalism, just how cheaply your principles can or will be bought for, because I am getting to that stage where, like many others, I too will cease to cast a vote. Go on, prove me wrong.

  100. Mike d says:

    Lothianlad. Prior to the SNP first coming to minority power in the 2007 elections, mi5 would have had their plants well inserted. Money! The root of all evil.

  101. stonefree says:

    @deerhill at 3:00 pm
    “Could all this “contempt of court” malarky be leading up to a declaration of mis-trial?”
    I don’t think you can have a mis-trial in Scotland”.there is Not Proven…….but that’s not applicable as AS was found Not Guilty, and that leaves Option of a re-trial,which is again not available as you can’t be charge for the same offences twice if found Not Guilty, leaving Miscarriage of Justice………the PF would look seriously stupid if their office tried to argue that one( look at the time that was involved by the PF)
    The question of perjury then arrises,
    Did somebody commit the offence?
    then in that case
    I’m sure ,of course,all involved are honourable people

  102. Iain More says:


    Re Callmedave

    I have also been told that the EBC News cant contain its dripping hatred for Scotland today as it reports that Covid 19 deaths in Scotland have risen. It doesn’t point out they rose by just 2 whilst 122 have died in Engerland in just hospitals.Got that from a mate who was on the phone otherwise I might have been covered in spit due to his fury.His mother is in a care home in Ingerland as well.

    The EBC are also curiously failing to report that some 38% of care homes in Engerland now have Covid 19 cases allegedly.

  103. Mike d says:

    The usual BS letter will come back from humza’s department. Nothing else to see here,move along.

  104. Iain More says:

    On Topic.

    Humza is part of the problem and not the solution obviously. He is another that needs to be cleared out.

  105. Mike d says:

    Deerhill I think any declaration of an Alex Salmond retrial would/should lead to serious riots in Scotland.

  106. Jim Bo says:

    Absolute belter Rev. Should have a few folk squirming and rightly so.
    One wee uncharacteristic typo near end ‘ If if does, there should and must be ramifications for Ms Garavelli and the others’

  107. callmedave says:

    BBC figures today official now.

    N. Ireland…………06……….Total…….482…BBC
    England………….122……….Total……no data ???
    UK…………….today….160……Total.34796.. WM update.

    No Grand Total for England (what a surprise)on the BBC so far.
    Work it out folks. 🙂

  108. Ron Maclean says:

    From SNP Latest

    Last week the Social Justice and Fairness Commission was established by Nicola Sturgeon tp consider options for independence, but also action that could be delivered now, to make Scotland a better place to live for us all.

    Answering Stuart Campbell’s letter would be a good start.


  109. Angry Weegie says:

    Great letter. Might be an idea for everyone to remind Humza Yousaf regularly on social media about the need for a response.

  110. Cuilean says:

    Humza always meets Nicola when she arrives at Election Count Results in Glasgow. They hug enthusiastically.

    If he is not within the inner sanctum of the SNP leadership cabal, I would be very surprised.

    I seriously doubt that Humza will jeopardize his Cabinet career by challenging COPFS or be seen to champion Wings, the misogynistic elements within the SNP’s bete noir.

    The Misogyny Tendency within the SNP loathe Wings so much, they had him blocked by Twitter.

    Still, these days, being blocked by Twitter should be worn as a badge of honour, as Twitter and the SNP ‘Misogyny Tendency’ which has infiltrated the SNP seems run by men who like their women to be (a) silent or (c) complicit or (b) men.

  111. ronnie anderson says:

    I had a vision of the Revolving Doors of the Edinburgh Sheriff Court/Court of Sessions when no answer is forthcoming .

    I’ve had my disagreements with Craig Murray but I will defend his right to justice , to that end I contributed to his legal funding as I will contribute to any legal fund that you may to set up should there be no reply to your letter .

  112. CameronB Brodie says:

    I really do fear for Scotland’s democracy, as the potential for due legal process appears to be under concerted attack. If the membership doesn’t sort out the leadership, the SNP will make justice impossible in Scotland.



  113. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “the best investigative journalist since Paul Cook”

    The drummer from the Sex Pistols?

  114. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “It is a separate department of the Scottish Government and its responsible minister is the Lord Advocate”

    Well, that’s annoying. Thanks for the info, just in case Mr Yousaf doesn’t pass it on I’ll send it to the Lord Advocate too.

  115. callmedave says:

    Looks like children do not transmit the virus as much as they do with flu and are not a big driver of the virus!!

    Says Jonathan Van-Tam a British specialist in influenza, including its epidemiology, transmission, vaccinology, antiviral drugs and pandemic preparedness at the WM update just a minute ago!

    Bold words….bold words indeed!
    Gallus even! 🙁

  116. Capella says:

    Perhaps he means Paul Foot?

  117. thingy says:

    I know I shouldn’t be flippant about such a serious matter, but I expect your letter will be dealt with all the grace, dignity and courage of the six-fingered man when Íñigo Montoya finally catches up with him.

  118. Sandy says:

    Who on here would expect Nicola to get involved in a slagging match with all the ‘experts’ on this blog.
    The sooner the pubs open, the better & the many ‘shit writers’ on here can get back to their previous/preferred forum.
    Rev, you’re allowing a lowering of a once respected site to become a place where bigots/know-alls can throw gutter type insults at those with whom they disagree.
    Nicola has a country to run with one hand tied behind her back. And to all you ‘shit writers’, she is ultimately responsible for YOUR health & welfare.

  119. twathater says:

    First , Well done and Thank You Rev for attempting to ALWAYS put honesty and integrity at the forefront of your considerations for your country of birth and OUR drive to independence

    Unfortunately I am rather depressed and sickened that a party who supposedly has the future welfare and responsibility to enrich Scottish people’s lives and future is behaving and acting exactly like the corrupt and reviled WM establishment we are SO eager to free ourselves from

    WE the people of Scotland deserve better than this , if we accept a mirror of the fetid , corrupt London establishment then we deserve the condemnation and denigration that the world will think of us
    If the justice secretary ignores this situation or refuses to investigate OUR valid complaints then he will have proven without doubt that the SNP SG are BETRAYING not only justice but the Scottish nation

  120. ahundredthidiot says:

    Mist 12:52

    I would suggest the second last paragraph. I would further suggest that a fudge would result in some of the Party faithful on here to question their allegiance as that would test their sense of right and wrong.

    Nothing is ever in vain. Certainly not in an information war for hearts and minds. It may not achieve anything for you, but maybe for others.

  121. Colin Alexander says:

    Roger Cook was an investigative journalist.

  122. ronnie anderson says:

    Post 3.45 FURK RIGHT OFF with We Work for You site We might as well contact UK Gov .com

  123. Colin Alexander says:

    Humza Yousaf is a graduate of the American programme: “In 2008, while working as an aide, Yousaf took part in the IVLP programme, an exchange that is run by the US State Department”.

    Question: how many of the SNP’s politicians have been “educated” by the USA Govt?

    And what’s in it for the USA? Of course, it’s all altruistic haha.

  124. ahundredthidiot says:

    Sandy @ 5:45

    ‘….She is ultimately responsible for YOUR health & welfare.’

    Do you actually mean ‘shut the F up and respect our great dear leader’?

  125. hopper69 says:

    Wings has become the main opposition at Holyrood.

  126. June Maxwell says:

    Bravo Stu Campbell for having the courage of your convictions. There aren’t many willing to put their head above the parapet on such issues these days. As we’re all too painfully aware, those who do risk careers and perhaps freedom itself. We’re lucky to have someone of your intellectual calibre and political nous on the side of Indy (and justice). Also, as a woman, thanks for your continued support against the GRA dangers and sorry for all the abuse hurled your way as you do so, although I’m sure you don’t heed the braying of those asses. ?

  127. callmedave says:

    Isle of Wight ‘trace and track app’ trial not complete and now behind schedule admits Dominic Raab.

    Well these things take time. 🙂

    Quarantine rules are again altered by Boris to include ‘any’ countries citizens who are coming from a ‘low risk virus country’

    Nailing a jelly to the ceiling kinda stuff with the Tories.

  128. CameronB Brodie says:

    Due legal process is simply not possible, if the judicial system insists it is physically possible to change sex. And insist it is a hate crime to defend the biological differences between the sexes. If the SNP doesn’t adopt a rational approach to the law, there really isn’t much hope for democracy in Scotland.

    The protection of fundamental human rights in criminal process
    General report

  129. Elmac says:

    They will not respond to the Rev’s letter or, if they do, it will be another exercise in arrogant stonewalling. In truth they cannot really properly respond or they would be commiting Hari Kari. They are up to their fat little necks in this and the only way forward is to have a revolution from within the SNP or clear the lot of them out at the ballot box. In the meantime Stu, please keep up the pressure and keep making it public. Maybe enough of the electorate will wake up and extract their heads from their aholes to make a difference.

  130. callmedave says:

    More than 200 residents die at HC-One care homes in Scotland

  131. Noticed that Humza had been on the International Visitor Leadership Program,

    The International Visitor Leadership Program is an exchange program funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

    The mission of IVLP is to offer current and emerging international leaders the opportunity to experience the `richness of American politics`,

    the exchange brings up to 5,000 professional emerging leaders from around the world to the United States each year,

    nearly 400 heads of state from around the world have been in the program,

    some other Scots that have been indoctrinated,

    Blair,Brown,John Reid,George Foulkes (is he Scots ?),

    very Estabishment,

    Humza has been chosen.

  132. Effijy says:

    How many have died in HC-One Care Homes in England?

    I am a long time familiar with UK Media and Trolls comparing
    Everything that might show England doing better than Scotland
    So on that president demands England I’d doing worse.

  133. Colin Alexander says:


    My personal opinion:

    EU Law is supreme over English or Scots Law where it’s engaged whilst the UK continues to be bound by EU Law.

    But the UK was ultimately sovereign, in that it was able to resign from the EU and EU Law at any point without the EU’s permission. But, whilst agreeing to be part of the European Union it is bound by EU Law / rules. (Also, during the transition period by mutual agreement).

    Similarly, whilst wholly agreeing the people of Scotland are sovereign, for as long as the people of Scotland agree to be bound by the UK Parliament, the people of Scotland voluntarily submit to the English / UK convention of UK Parliamentary sovereignty (Crown in Parliament).

    Also, like the UK’s relationship with the EU, at any time the people of Scotland can declare Scotland’s Union with England, the UK, is dissolved. So, no longer bound by UK conventions or the laws of the UK.

  134. robertknight says:

    Excellent work! Be sure to come back with a response – assuming you get one. If not, we’ll draw our own conclusions.

  135. Mike d says:

    Priti Patel just now on BBC 6pm news saying that its been 4yrs since the ‘British ‘ people voted for independence from Europe. These barstewards really really think that England equates to britain/england/ the country. dont they.

  136. jfngw says:


    Says someone by throwing insults in a know-all way to the posters on here.

    I’m not really expecting Nicola Sturgeon to join in the BTL comments, but Alex Cole-Hamilton well possibly (he may be Pete for all I know).

  137. Marshall Adair says:

    A great letter and a subject that has to be kept alive but some of the comments on here might wreck the chances of a meaningful reply. If Mr Yousaf takes a look on here (if he isn’t a regular already, of course), he’ll likely recoil at the bitter hatred of some posters, starting with “Millenium”, which is only the fourth one down. If he sees guff like that, why would he bother to reply? I wouldn’t. For God’s sake, he’s only just been sent the letter today, and hasn’t even seen it yet. Give him a chance!

  138. Bob Costello says:

    I have written to my MSP Joe Fitzpatrick asking that he look into this and ensure that Humsa Yousaf deals with this. I have also made it plain that coming up to the elections next year, this whole affair will play a big part in the campaigning I will do and also could have a bearing on the candidature for the election

  139. Sandy says:

    Ahundredthidion @ 5.57pm

    NO. Although I’d normally refrain from answering any of your contributions, I’ll make an exception for once. It’s your bigoted idiotic statement(s) that is indicative of your chosen name.
    God help us if there are another 99 of you around.

  140. Pete says:

    A bit worrying that the rate of testing in England is 3 times as high as in Scotland.
    Why are we so far behind?

  141. Sensibledave says:


    You wrote “ Also, like the UK’s relationship with the EU, at any time the people of Scotland can declare Scotland’s Union with England, the UK, is dissolved. So, no longer bound by UK conventions or the laws of the UK.”

    And, as happened in 2014, the people of Scotland can declare its continued Union with England. It’s all a bit one sided isn’t it. Either way, whatever the outcome, England gets the blame! Hey Ho.

  142. CameronB Brodie says:

    The International Visitor Leadership Program trains those with a potential to influence society, to view the world through Anglo-Amrerican goggles. It isn’t simply the preserve of conspiracy theorists to voice concern over this unhealthy influence, as Anglo-American justice is prone to narrow legal parochialism that is blind to human rights and the international rule-of-law.

    The Craft of Due Process
    ….As Professor Israel notes, the Court at times has suggested that the proper frame of reference for determining the fundamental nature of a procedural right is a broad one, the universality of the right to all civilized systems.’ At other times the Court has suggested a narrower frame of reference for determining this issue, whether the right has been recognized within the Anglo-American common law tradition3

    ln 1968, the Court in Duncan v. Louisiana4 appeared to have resolved this ambiguity by adopting the narrower of these standards – “whether … a procedure is necessary to an Anglo-American regime of ordered liberty”5 – as the appropriate touchstone for due process analysis. To what degree does this choice ossify American criminal procedure?

    Does the choice of an Anglo-American standard for due process analysis effectively insulate a troubled American criminal justice system from reforms inspired by continental systems outside the Anglo-system from reforms inspired by continental systems outside the Anglo-American tradition?6

  143. Andy Ellis says:

    @ Marshall Adair 6.29pm

    Don’t be ridiculous. He’s a politician, and a senior one, in the Scottish government. Given that and the fact he’s from an ethnic minority it’s unlikely he’ll be phased by a few randoms throwing abuse around on someone else’s blog. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a deafening silence in response, but it won’t be attributable to his hurty feelz that bad cybernats were nasty to him on BTL comments on Stu’s article.

    I don’t know if Stu sent it electronically as well as hard copy (it is 2020 you know….we don’t have to rely on parchment and quill pens) but vanishingly unlikely he’s unaware of Stu’s piece. Wings may be the commentator they love to hate but you can be sure they’re all reading or being briefed.

  144. Lothianlad says:

    IVLP And yousif has been on it too?
    No way the Americans would put that together without wanting influence/ payback.

    Our independence party has been overtaken by spooks! They control the party and those who were placed in positions of power must toe the line.

    We need to rid the party of this lot

  145. Mike d says:

    Breeks 3.35 PM. People down here in England say they wish they had nicola sturgeon as their prime minister. I wish Scotland had Mary Lou McDonald as our first minister.

  146. Robert Louis says:

    THIS is what the so-called ‘journalists’ in Scotland simply refuse to do, actual freaking investigative journalism. Rev. Stuart Campbell should be commended for pursuing this. It goes without saying, that it stinks to high heaven.

    Meanwhile, Stu should perhaps avoid long trips to the countryside or folk carrying dodgy looking umberellas.

  147. Marshall Adair says:

    Andy, I’m not talking about “hurty feelz”, as you put it, I’m talking about utterly stupid comments cheapening an argument and making it easier for Mr Yousaf to dismiss the letter (as described on the second line of this article, in case you missed it). I’m well aware of the date – parchment or no parchment – there’s no need to be patronising.

  148. Colin Alexander says:


    If UK Parliamentary sovereignty over Scotland is just convention, arguably like the devolution Sewel Covention it can be breached without legal redress being available to the UK state.

    As Conventions are not legally enforceable.

    In other words, Scotland’s elected representatives could have rejected UK Parliament’s vote to leave the EU. Rejected the convention of UK Parliamentary sovereignty without ending the Union.

    Just like breach of the Sewel Convention has not ended devolution. It continues with the convention breached.

    According to EU Law, Article 50 had to be triggered in accordance with the constitution of the UK.

    Sturgeon as a Minister, has direct access to the EU. She could have said to the EU, Scotland is not bound by UK Parliament, it is convention only.

    She could have told the EU, Scotland’s people are sovereign and can refuse to be bound by UK convention at any time.

    She could have argued the people of Scotland voted Remain, so as FM of Scotland’s parliament she is representing the constitution in that Scotland’s people have decided to Remain in the UK and UK Parliament CANNOT overrule the people of Scotland when the people of Scotland have made a sovereign decision for themselves.

    But, the FM did none of this. She was servile. She made no attempt to reject the Crown in Parliament sovereignty convention.

    No attempt to challenge Brexit using the unique UK constitution of convention and Union of two countries with different constitutions and legal systems.

    She even accepted Scotland receiving a discriminatory second-class deal compared to Northern Ireland in her discussions with the EU.

    Whilst in Scotland the SNP pretend to oppose the Irish Backstop UK Withdrawal deal.

  149. Lothianlad says:

    I wish we had Alex Salmond back as first minister.

  150. Colin Alexander says:

    Correction: Scotland’s people voted to Remain in the UK AND EU.

  151. Golfnut says:

    @ Pete.

    Maybe have a quick look at the Guardian Pete. The testing program doesn’t start till the end of the month, recruitment has been stopped according to the recruitment agency, blaming the government, government, Gove saying it isnt, despite being well short of the target.
    Who to believe eh.

  152. Andy Ellis says:

    Marshall, you’re doubling down on your original flawed point. Stupid BTL comments neither should, nor I’m pretty sure could, cheapen the argument. Stu isn’t responsible for the quality of otherwise of what folk choose to post. The argument stands on its own merits.

    The idea that Humza Yousaf would dismiss the letter because he objected to 3rd party comments about it is frankly bizarre. He may well ignore it, but no sensible person who knows anything about Scots politics today would believe your angle. If you don’t want people to point and laugh at what passes for your argument, up your game don’t bleat about being patronised.

  153. ahundredthidiot says:

    Sandy @ 6:31

    there is another 99 out there and you’re one of them.

    every hundredth idiot tends to get the answer right and then convinces himself he’s a genius. Although, actually, if truth be told, I don’t often get things wrong (like you being a nob), but when I do get it wrong I put my hand up rugby style – unlike your precious SNP politicians, selling Scotland out and running around like a bunch of power crazed dictators over COVID.

    and for the record, In the almost 40 years I have been permitted a vote, I have voted for no other Party than the SNP – I now regard myself without a Party and a vote. So, who exactly are you and your Party appealing to if you are losing the likes of me?

    That was rhetorical – please stick to your guns in not answering the likes of me.

  154. Allan Stewart says:

    I feel like the only stupid person in the room. I’ve read the offending articles and am still non the wiser who these women are.

  155. CameronB Brodie says:

    Allan Stewart
    That makes me feel less stupid, as I haven’t a clue, though I’ve not exactly tried to put the pieces together.

  156. deerhill says:

    Scot Finlayson says: George Foulkes (is he Scots ?),

    Yes, I’m afraid he is, though nowadays he’s 90 proof Scotch.

  157. Republicofscotland says:

    “Colin Alexander says:
    18 May, 2020 at 6:52 pm
    Correction: Scotland’s people voted to Remain in the UK AND EU.”


    If I recall correctly a majority of Scots voted yes to independence but our EU citizens and other UK residents did not.

    I think now the EU citizens which the UK government made it difficult for them to remain the UK post Brexit, would now vote yes. I’m not so sure about other UK residents who live in Scotland.

    The problem is that Sturgeon has no intention of pushing for an indyref, oh she talks a good game, but that’s it.

  158. Robert Louis says:

    Lothianlad at 651pm

    Yip. Had that been the case, I think Scotland would be independent by now, and still in the EU.

  159. Tinto Chiel says:

    Absolute zinger of a letter, Stu. I suspect the SG might need to get help to understand the language and the issues involved.

    I’m going to add “Might prejudice any future judicial review” to defo’s SG reply bingo @3.34.

    Utter horseshit of course but wotyagonnado?

  160. Bill Craig says:

    Although Humza Yousaf must have an interest in this situation, I see this on Wikipedia:

    “The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is headed by the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General for Scotland, and is the public prosecution service in Scotland. It also carries out functions which are broadly equivalent to the coroner in common law jurisdictions. Incorporated within the Crown Office is the Legal Secretariat to the Lord Advocate.”

  161. jfngw says:


    Quite a night on STV, 90 minutes of old has been England footballers, some news (mostly from England), rerun of an England football match then a repeat of the has been England footballers. It really is ETV isn’t it.

    I’ll be on Netflix tonight, 4k, high quality, most UK TV is dire in comparison (has anyone watched the brain dead One Show).

  162. velofello says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is indeed the First Minister of Scotland and bears the duty to protect Scotland’s people and institutions.

    The GRA fiasco; the Alex Salmond trial and the Alphabet women; the Craig Murray charge; the Mark Hirst arrest – do not give me cause for confidence that our welfare is being best protected.

    The film clip and audio of Gordon Jackson speaking whilst on a train did call to mind a similar clip used against Tommy Sheridan, although the possible(?) audio dubbing has much improved since then.All conspiracy supposition on my part I suppose.

    The treatment of Julian Assenge in England should be ample reason for us here in Scotland to be alert and concerned.

    Well done Stu.

  163. terence callachan says:

    I don’t think the SNP are behind this or NS or HY

    This whole thing has the hallmark of Westminster all over it

    The power to control the media set up ten women to bring charges
    Set up criminal lawyers and judges and people in the Scottish procurator fiscal office and the police it’s all too much for the likes of the SNP or NS or HY

    This is a BIG player at work

    It’s Westminster without a doubt

    Time will tell but their powerful group has just about sent AS to jail
    Turned longtime supporters against SNP and NS and each other

    Oh yes this is Westminster’s work

    If you know your history … will know it’s all been done before
    Get them from within
    Money does it

  164. Bill Craig says:

    Walter James Wolffe QC has served as Lord Advocate since 1 June 2016.

  165. Gregor says:

    Thanks for acting in the public interest.

    Scotland is going to find out what ‘Scottish justice’ and Scot Gov’s integrity is made of…

  166. Mike d says:

    Terence callachan 7.48pm absolutely spot on.

  167. CameronB Brodie says:

    So it’s the Lord Advocate who would preside over the introduction of anti-foundational legal practice into Scots law? That won’t look good on their resume.

    Contempt of Court, Reporting Restrictions
    and Restrictions on Public Access to Hearings

  168. jfngw says:

    @Robert Louis

    He certainly would have noised up Westminster a bit more if he had the 56 MP’s. And I’m pretty sure he would have been more forceful on Brexit when we voted against it. In my opinion obviously, but water under the bridge now, it’s going forward from here that counts.

  169. The sozzled Brutish Nationalist git is deffo 90% of the time 90% proof,

    but not to sure it`s scotch,

    his bio says born in England and went to The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in Englandshire,

    a list of Old Haberdashers alumni includes,

    David Baddiel,Sacha Baron Cohen and Leon Brittan.

  170. Bill Craig says:

    Just to underline the point, Walter James Wolffe QC has served as Lord Advocate since 1 June 2016, and is in charge of the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal service.

    Appointed by the Queen, on the advice of the First Minister.

    My conclusion is, therefore, that this dirty business is all down to Westminster and the UK state.

  171. Mike d says:

    Jfngw 7.47pm. Oh I dunno the yoons will be rapturously glued to it in pure adulation of their betters. A bit like the old upstairs downstairs with Gordon Jackson.

  172. CameronB Brodie says:

    So it’s an agent of HMG, Walter James Wolffe QC, who would preside over the introduction of gender ideology into Scots law. A picture appears to be forming in front of me, one where Westminster waves the rules, as per, and Scotland gets shafted. As per.

    Just or Unjust? Problematising the
    Gendered Nature of Criminal Justice

  173. Sandy says:

    Who appoints the senior civil servants in Scotland? Who has the final say? Has anyone a veto?

  174. CameronB Brodie says:

    I wonder if Walter James Wolffe QC obtained his qualifications in a cereal box?

    Gender in the criminal justice system assessment tool

  175. Sorry that was in reply to

    about the nationality of the Brutish Labour Lord Foulkes.

  176. Republicofscotland says:

    Interesting stuff.

    “May 16, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A team of Australian scientists has produced new evidence that the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is optimized for penetration into human cells rather than animal cells, undermining the theory that the virus randomly evolved in an animal subject before passing into human beings, and suggesting instead that it was developed in a laboratory.”

  177. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my 8.43pm comment bear in mind that Australia and China are now at loggerheads over the virus, so much so that trade and relationships has now been damaged between the nation’s.

  178. Morgatron says:

    Been looking forward to reading this since it was posted. Poured a gurner, feet up and as true blue Archie (Weetabix Heid) McPherson once said – ‘whoosh’!! Back of the net Stu a screamer of a letter. I really do hope you get a sincere ,open and honest reply to this blatant injustice to all concerned. Cheers Stu.

  179. Calgacus says:

    The SNP have become pigs. They have betrayed Scotland. They are worse than Labour, worse than the Tories. They know why.

  180. Bill Hume. says:

    Dear Rev, I suggest that holding your breath might not be the best strategy for now.

  181. Asklair says:

    Just got to say, keep going on this.

  182. Willie says:

    The Rev’s letter brings into sharp focus how utterly rotten the Crown Office and Police Scotland are.

    No one can have any trust in justice in Scotland. It is simply not a place where democracy operates. Like 1930s Germany the police and fiscal are operating a policy of destroying those who they consider are a political opposition.

    Apartheid South Africa, the War against the Independence Movement in Rhodesia, Kenya, Cyprus, Bahrain and Oman, Northern Ireland ……..need I go on.

    The fiscal in a scotland is corrupt. So are Police Scotland. We would do well to all remember that.

  183. CameronB Brodie says:

    The sad truth is, Westminster and Brexitanian justice simply do not respect the human rights of those living in Scotland (see Brexit). Without a legally defensible identity, it is simply not possible to make effective claims to human right. The British legal establishment appear determined to protect a state of legal exceptionalism that is clearly prejudiced against those living in Scotland. And the SNP appear to be helping them.

    Magna Carta: Muse and Mentor
    Due Process of Law

  184. callmedave says:


    France and Germany propose €500bn recovery fund

  185. CameronB Brodie says:

    It should be a matter of extreme concern to Scotland’s public, that at least one of Scotland’s judges rejects a legal respect for the human genome, which underpins contemporary human rights. The twat is probably a Tory and supporter of (white) British nationalism.

    Handbook for Monitoring
    Administrative Justice

  186. dakk says:

    Good luck to you Stuart.

    Taking on the powers that be,wherever they emanate from is going to require a bit of that.

  187. You’re the cheekiest Journalist on the Planet! You’re also the best. Thank God we have you!

  188. Mike d says:

    CameronB brodie ‘ probably a Tory and supporter of (UNIONIST) British nationalism’. Fixed that for you CameronB.

  189. John Thomson says:

    Any chance this gets into the National.

  190. Mike d says:

    Republicofscotland 8.43pm. If there’s any truth to this, there needs to be payback. Any country experimenting with bio weapons needs to be ostracised completely after this is all over. There will never be any winners in this type of scenario. It’s all MAD.

  191. CameronB Brodie says:

    Mike d
    They’re pretty much interchangeable. 😉

  192. dakk says:

    8.43 Republic of Scotland

    Thanks for that link.

    Backs up what I’ve thought right from the off.

  193. jfngw says:

    Despite out despondency the MSM must be certain there is a referendum coming. Why else would the BBC correspondent be effectively encouraging the people in Scotland to ignore the Scotgov on staying at home. They are so petrified of the Scotgov being seen to be handling the current crisis better than WM and the Scots realising they could do that with everything.

    Then there is the Herald and it’s rabid reporting, verging on lying (being kind here), a rag with slightly less integrity than the Sunday Sport about factual accuracy (just waiting for the British Haggis found on the Moon story). And the Scotsman with its Yoon Howlers.

  194. Effijy says:

    How does a nasty piece of work like staunch Unionist
    Sarah Smith get away with Stating the Scotland’s First
    Minister is enjoying playing at politics by not following
    Boris’ Covid procedures?

    She is putting forward her own speculation formed with
    Hate for anyone who is working towards independence
    And a media free from bias and corruption.

    I really think she should be taken to court for slander.

    Anybody post anything that would prove NS is playing
    Politics for pleasure during this crisis?

    At the very least bar her from any SNP questioning directly
    Because of this.

    Hope her Labour Party comes 6th in the next election!

  195. Old Pete says:

    Odd SNP being hammered by the Tory media, Tory supporters, Tory government and sites like this that claim to be mega Scottish Independence supporters ?
    “A house divided against its self, cannot stand” a famous US president said, seems like our hope of Scottish independence is going down the pan. Without the SNP you can forget any chance of Scotland regaining its independence, or was that the Tory plan all along ?

  196. cynicalHighlander says:

    Old Pete

    Yes Pete but we aren’t sheep willing to make women 2nd class citizens and subserveant to a legal entity that appears to be acting illegally as you want us to be.

  197. CameronB Brodie says:

    Old Pete
    I do hear what you’re saying, but “administrative justice” isn’t possible if constitutional law is ignored (see Brexit). So I’d appreciate it if someone in the Scottish government would start respecting international law, instead of British constitutional convention.

    Mark Elliott and Christopher Forsyth: A right to administrative justice?

  198. Willie Hogg says:

    Republic of Scotland 8:43
    It’s nice to hear that evolution is still working, though I would rather it wasn’t so effective on viruses.

  199. Sensibledave says:


    … Every second of Scotland’s, recent appearances in European and World Cup football finals has also been shown on the bbc, itv, sky and bt!

  200. ElGordo says:

    Can this be printed and posted through every door of his constituency?

    How much?

  201. Al-Stuart says:


    That is an exquisite disection of the disrepute into which the COPFS is being brought. Thank you for your work on this.

    You might want to join the Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC., alongside Humza Yousaf into your correspondence. I believe Alex Salmond may have wise counsel on crucial specifics as it was Alex Salmond who sought to de-politicise the office.

    It is unlikely a voluntary reply other than fob-off on steroids will come from the office or orifice of Humza Yousaf.

    Lord Wolffe may take a different view and possibly display genuinely honourable judgement about the legal system being brought into disrepute.

    Perhaps even display courage akin to Lady Hale with her breath of fresh air and brave resolution on prorogation of Westminster parliament.

    Lord Wolffe may choose to get a grip of COPFS anent matters in your missive on this thread. One can live in hope. I would be a lot happier with the Lord Advocate, than a “here today, gone tomorrow” politician such as Humza Yousaf.

    If the Lord Advocate fails to trigger some form of legal cleanup, and reputational restoration At COPFS, then we need to dust off the Greshornish House Accord.

    Stuart, you will already be three moves ahead in this forensic pathway and that will be a fascinating series of articles and actions to read and study during the next few weeks.

    But might I venture a little lateral thought today?

    With a mainstream media so chronically hostile to Scottish Independence…


    To paraphrase your narrative, the temporary inhabitants of ScotGov and the Sturgeon McWoke groupies already “have the aroma of rodent” about them.

    One way or another, the truth will out.

  202. susan says:

    O/t I know but it just occurred to me: If the GRA Reform Bill had been passed men would be allowed to self-ID into female spaces. If the new “Hate” Crime Bill is passed, with it’s section on “gender identity” women will be unable to raise the issue legally as they might face up to 7yrs in prison for a “hate crime”. This seems all so orchestrated, no coincidence.
    As and afterthought, the Social Justice Commission could be just a way to re educate us along woke lines…

  203. Stephen Mckenzie says:

    Effijy 10:37

    Yes Sarah Smith now puts forward her own bitter views as fact. She is however turning into a figure of fun, another BBC House Jock.

    She lives in her own bubble, admiring her own comments and views, she is really a nothing and never will be anything of substance, living off her Dads reputation at very best.

  204. Doug Buchannan says:

    If anyone needed further evidence this site and its contributors live in a fantasy world, read the above.

    It’s painful and distressing to see what this site has become!

  205. CameronB Brodie says:

    The proposed changes to the GRA could be described as criminal incompetence, though I reckon criminal malfeasance is more appropriate. Biological women have already been ethically defined in law, so the proposals lack coherence with the fabric of existing law.

    In order to overcome this legal obstacle to the proposals, the Scottish civil service had to be ordered to stop following a gender-critical approach to policy design. I don’t think the person responsible for this has the best interests of Scotland in mind. More like they were seeking to undermine the potential for justice in Scotland.

    Sex Equality, Sex Differences, and the Supreme Court

  206. CameronB Brodie says:

    If Scotland wants to stop getting pumped from both ends, then we need the Scottish government to start respecting international law, and not the legal pseudo-science of British constitutional practice.



  207. SilverDarling says:

    What an absolute disgrace Sarah Smith was tonight. Jackie Bird was a piece of work but she just read out the words. Sarah Smith puts real effort into a minute or so of speculation, insinuation and bias.

    Was there any information in that item? What if that was your only access to what is happening in Scotland?

    BBC mission statement is “to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain.”

    Seems like Sarah Smith only read the brief from number 10.

  208. Capella says:

    @ susan – the Hate Crime Bill is a pretty transparent move to silence gender critical women. Then the GRA can be reintroduced. Anyone who says that woman = adult human female could be imprisoned for 7 years.

  209. CameronB Brodie says:

    Could a member of the SNP please try to this gets in front of the Justice Minister? TA.

    Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

  210. David R says:

    As some have mentioned, don’t hold your breath waiting for a response, just be grateful you’re in Bath or you’d be getting a knock on the door from the Salmond squad.

    I don’t expect the unionist opposition and the tame media to push this, the GRA or Hate legislation. It’s too soon and everyone has bigger worries. As we start the run in to next years election they’ll be like a dog with a bone especially with the GRA and corruption close to the leadership. Would be surprised if they go with the stop indy 2 as it’s what the SNP will be falling back on to get elected.

  211. CameronB Brodie says:

    Here’s the “Administrative Justice Council”, who are responsible for overseeing administrative justice in the UK. I wonder what they have to say about Scots being Brexited and stripped of our EU legal identities, and access to our inalienable “Right to Development”?

    Or the Scottish administration’s ambition to defy international human rights law re. the GRA proposals?

    They have a Scottish branch. 😉

    Administrative Justice Council
    The Administrative Justice Council (AJC) is the successor body to the Administrative Justice Forum which was abolished in April last year.

    The Council is the only body with oversight of the whole of the administrative justice system in the UK, advising government, including the devolved governments, and the judiciary on the development of that system. The AJC will assume and build upon the role of the Administrative Justice Forum. It will have the following aims:

    to keep the operation of the administrative justice system under review

    to consider how to make the administrative justice system more accessible, fair and efficient;

    to advise the Lord Chancellor, other relevant ministers and the judiciary on the development of the administrative justice system;

    to share learning and areas of good practice across the UK;

    to provide a forum for the exchange of information between Government, the judiciary, and those working with users of the administrative justice system;

    to identify areas of the administrative justice system that would benefit from research; and

    to make proposals for reform.

  212. twathater says:

    @ Old Pete ,Doug Buchannan and others who want to criticise Stu’s post and the comments relating to the post , instead of berating people and the comments can you genuinely point out where in this post and the previous one where he is wrong

    Do you consider that the actions taken against Craig Murray and Mark Hirst are fair and just , yet persons and newspapers who presented jigsaw identification are ignored and supported

    Do you consider that the COPFS have acted correctly in their response to SC , and if not do you think that SC acting in Scottish citizens interests should not approach the minister for justice in seeking a proper official response or investigation into our concerns
    To allow or permit miscarriges of justice without challenge is an affront to democracy and freedom ,WHO NEXT WILL THEY COME FOR
    TBH I am increasingly sickened by the people who sycophanticly excuse any misstep or mistake that NS and the SNP SG make , this adoration and acceptance is what has allowed the woke brigade to take over the SNP and destroy our drive to independence accompanied by the lunacy of the GRA and Hate Bill

    Instead of complaining about a person who has supported independence unstintingly and at personal cost telling the TRUTH why not direct your complaints to the persons and source of this egregious situation

  213. Liz g says:

    Twathater @ 2.51
    Well said
    Are people seriously suggesting the Rev gives all this a pass?
    Ignore and don’t report….because that’s exactly what we all complain the British media does..and why we all finished up here.
    Going forward…or…backwards… to and independent Government for Scotland,do we really want to be kept ignorant of what’s going on in our Parliament?
    Or .. do we want to know, and do we want them, to know, we know ?

    I was all for not running with criticism of of the SNP/Scottish Government as criticism, and the manufacturing of criticism, was ALL the British media did….we didn’t need to be adding to it…
    But our indulgence of that position has been taken as a shield behind which much has gone on.

    That’s unacceptable,and shinning a light on when the people of Scotland are being lied to,is Exactly what we asked the Rev to do, and we put no exemptions on it.

    When we take all the powers back to Holyrood, we need to know who is wielding that power and those in Holyrood need to know that we, will, know it.
    No hiding place no exceptions….We’ll leave blind loyalty to those who need it to cling to…but for my vote…I’ll need only,and, nothing less than, unvarnished truth.

  214. Willie says:

    A very good letter.

    Brings into sharp perspective the utter difficulty the the Crown Office and PF are going to have.

    Indeed, asking the questions lays bare how rotten and corrupt the law agency of Scotland is. These are questions that one would not expect in a functioning democracy. A compromised public prosecutor hand in hand with state police. Makes you realize too why Police Scotland was created.

    But that is where we are. A Crown Office and police unit persecuting selected individuals. A state hit squad. And if they will try and incarcerate political opponents what else will they do, and or are already doing.

    We live in very dark times and it is all of our duty to resist this abuse of power.

    Well done Stu for asking these questions, and for highlighting a corrupt police and prosecution service.

  215. Graeme says:

    I think Humza will have to respond to this, there’s too much light on him not to, The COPFS could well have tried to fob you off longer but I don’t think he can.

    There is clearly deep rooted corruption in the Scottish establishment at the highest levels of government and the judiciary and it’s telling that the unionists aren’t all over this, this has to be the biggest SNP bad story they’ve ever been presented with and their silence is deafening.

    This highlights to me why we need another Indy party in opposition at Holyrood, we need a party in there that will stand up for us and ask the questions the current opposition obviously don’t want to (which in itself speaks volumes),

    I hope we get behind the IfSP, prepared and battle ready for the next Scottish elections, not just to increase the indy majority or clear out some of the dead wood but to hold the SNP to account and pressure them to honour their election promises

  216. susan says:

    Well said @Twathater and @Liz g. Too much is going on behind the shelter of ppls desire for Independence. Criticism is both needed and merited.

  217. Robert Louis says:

    I see the BBC in Scotland has allowed their so-called ‘reporter’ Sarah Smith to spout her biased opinions to camera, instead of reporting events, yet again.

    That she has not been sacked a very long time ago tells us all we need to know about the colonial mentality within pacific Quay. Of course, it is always useful to remember, that Sarah is a the daughter of a former Labour party leader.

    All part of the colonial establishment, trying to control Scotland (England’s las colony) on behalf of England. For London’s gold they are bought and sold…

  218. Arthur says:

    Absolutely fantastic article! Thank you Stuart for pursuing this matter, it’s very much appreciated. Cheers.

  219. Sinky says:

    Prof Jim Gallagher on Radio Scotland plugging Better Together

  220. winifred mccartney says:

    So glad someone else noticed Sarah Smith’s personal opinions being presented as news. Absolutely furious – complaint in to BBC about 6pm national news and lo and behold there she is again on 10pm national news this time in the dark but the same biased opinion piece and certainly not news. I really don’t know how she gets away with it but of course she now presents mostly to national news and not reporting Scotland.

  221. Breeks says:

    susan says:
    19 May, 2020 at 7:10 am
    Well said @Twathater and @Liz g. Too much is going on behind the shelter of ppls desire for Independence. Criticism is both needed and merited…

    I would go further, and say that SNP people leaping to the defence of Nicola Sturgeons leadership have played their part in allowing this whole situation to fester, while escaping an appropriate level of scrutiny for much too long.

    The numerous defences, many of them quite vociferous, as far as I could judge, came people who were ultra-loyal to the SNP, which I am perfectly fine with, but they absolutely wouldn’t entertain any criticism of Nicola or her mythical master plan, and in my humble opinion were not being objective in addressing the grievances people were raising.

    Again, in my opinion, people who were being critical of the SNP, myself being one of them, were not seeking to damage the SNP, but steer the SNP away from troubled waters which we could see ahead, but which they evidently couldn’t.

    I would much rather I had been listened to over the past 4-5 years than castigated as an SNP bad-mouther who just hated the SNP. Incorrect. I simply wanted the SNP to be doing a much better job of defending Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and the integrity of Scotland’s Remain mandate, which buckled the Union and left it untenable.

    Instead, the SNP has steered us up a cul-de-sac where we have seen Scotland subjugated by Brexit, our Constitutional Sovereignty usurped and overruled, our democracy, (make that sovereign democracy), has been erroneously overruled by Holyrood, not even Westminster! And progress is now paralysed because the constitutional illiteracy of the SNP under Sturgeon has surrendered the principle of Scotland’s National Sovereignty upon the alter of the colonial Scotland Act, which enshrines Westminster Government as an upper house and constitutional superior to Scottish democracy.

    Before the usual culprits start whining “meh, SNPbad, what would you do, who else ya gonnae vote for?”, I would ask them first to say where I am wrong. Where was Scotland’s backstop? Why didn’t we have one?

    Brexit, and subjugation of Scotland’s sovereign democracy which is required to allow Brexit to happen, presented Scotland with a golden ticket to terminate the 1707 Union on the basis that Westminster had flouted it’s every condition and torn the Union to shreds by it’s reckless and unconstitutional misadventure.

    The Scottish Government didn’t even contest Brexit, but sat mute in the passengers seat, doing NOTHING to hinder Scotland’s unconstitutional subjugation. All the people of Scotland were hollow platitudes and empty words of no consequence. The ONLY defiant voice prepared to act was Joanna Cherry, but even her bold and remarkable constitutional precedents were simply swept under the carpet and ignored.

    Scotland would now be free of the Union, our resources would be entirely under our control, and we would still be an EU Nation in control of our ow international affairs, and free to close our airports when we considered it necessary. Instead, Scotland has been bound and gagged, and surrendered to Westminster, to be held hostage indefinitely through a Section 30 Agreement which Westminster has the acknowledged power to veto, but which we have never once required as a constitutionally sovereign Nation. That’s quite a bizarre accolade for a “pro-Independence” SNP Government.

    Well, not in my name. There is something rotten at the heart of the SNP, and it has been there for some considerable time, denigrating the relevance and importance of Scotland’s robust Constitutional Sovereignty.

    Things will only improve for Scotland once we return ourselves to our proper and lawful constitution. The people of Scotland are sovereign, and the UK, neither Westminster nor Holyrood, have ANY lawful mandate to subjugate Scotland or Scotland’s sovereign democracy. If Scotland is Brexited by unlawful default, then the 1707 Union will be deemed to be at an end. So sayeth the law and sovereign principle.

  222. Famous15 says:

    I want to say something sharp and disapproving about Sarah Smith BBC saying Nicola Sturgeon . I cannot bring myself to repeat it.Sarah,you have tarnished your father’s memory. I cannot forgive you.

  223. Graeme says:

    Famous15 says:
    19 May, 2020 at 9:09 am

    I want to say something sharp and disapproving about Sarah Smith BBC saying Nicola Sturgeon . I cannot bring myself to repeat it.Sarah,you have tarnished your father’s memory. I cannot forgive you.


    I’m sure her father would be quite proud of her he was a unionist house jock no different from the rest.

    What Sarah Smith did was nothing short of a personal insult on the FM but the question is what will Nicola do about it, my guess is nothing, I actually think this is an opportunity for Nicola to publicly embarrass Sarah Smith, but sadly Nicola’s too nice for that

  224. Dorothy Devine says:

    Just caught up with that appalling piece by Ms Smith on BBBC news . I take it they’re alarmed by the complimentary pieces in newspapers down south and the btl comments of those who wish she was theirs – much like every nation wishing that Jacinda Ardern was theirs.

    How bloody dare she!

    Time for some action against these devious , manipulating liars – time to sue bigly or at the very least make known the displeasure and demand an apology. Whatever happened to that rebuttal unit?

    I generally avoid watching the news from any part of the UK . Al Jazeera ,RT , French , German ,Ozzie newspapers , infinitely more honest and giving a broader perspective.

    I’d really love to know the viewing figures for their news and political output – sadly the political one would be boosted by the FM’s press conferences and those of us who are running a wee competition to award the Most Inane Question Cup to the churnalists.

  225. winifred mccartney says:

    Am I thick or what of course that is why Sarah Smith is now on national news with her ‘opinion pieces’, Nicola Sturgeon is getting too much good press down south and showing the tories up big time.

    I do think her father would be ashamed, much as he was Unionist through and through he would I think have debated and argued the case not thrown mud. Though I realised mud is all she has now – the case for indy is unarguable.

  226. Republicofscotland says:

    As the establishment wheels out the “Messiah” Gordon Brown yet again to give us his tuppence worth on what to do about Covid-19, Colonel Ruth Davidson, remember her? Reveals that she can never thank Johann Lamont enough, remember her as well (Scots are too stupid to handle their own affairs) for helping her through 2014 and keeping Scotland subservient to England, via the 2014 indyref.

    Labour and the Tories, eh, two cheeks of the same arse. Let’s make sure we use the list vote to rid ourselves of people like this next year at Holyrood. Don’t waste your list votes on the SNP, who received over one million of them which returned only four seats at Holyrood, the rest went to unionists.

  227. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile true to script Johnson is lining up a fall guy/s for his abysmal handling of this pandemic that saw the UK have the highest death rates from it in the world after the USA.

    Johnson according to media reports wants the unionist backstabbing Civil Service to take the fall for it, and in particular its head Sir Mark Weddell, of which its claimed that he isn’t liked very much by the Tories.

  228. jfngw says:

    The Sarah Smith piece was not aimed at Scotland, the BBC doesn’t give a shit what Scotland thinks, it never has. The BBC has one objective to promote the benefits and keep the SE of England under the impression that all that is good in the UK is confined to that area. The present government is destroying the myth, even in London I suspect, hence they have been tasked to go on the attack against the enemy. Remember Boris Johnson called it a war and when he pops out of his bunker uses war rhetoric e.g. the campaign.

    The BBC is obliged to have the stations outside London but it would rather not, they are seen as a necessary irritant (going to London is a bit like a COBRA meeting, you are really an observer only), expected to stay in line and keep out of areas they see as ‘National’. It is a bit like devolution, long before devolution happened, but places outside London were always reminded the were just like local councils and better remember it.

  229. Sinky says:

    Sarah Smith repeated the “enjoyed” quote twice in separate interviews so it wasn’t a slip of the tongue. Even her feeble excuse of “I should have said “embraced” opportunity to do something different from Westminster is a travesty as Wales and Northern Ireland also did something different.

    BBC’s complaints link here (for what it’s worth);

    The latest opinion polls plus

    has got the Unionists spooked and will use any smear just like Ian Murray.

  230. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my above comment its Sir Mark Sedwell, predictive text can be pain sometimes.

    So the ennobled leader of Labour Sir Keir Starmer has been slated for his position that the divergence on exiting the virus lockdown ( mainly at Scotland I presume) is harming the response to the virus. This is the man who cleared all the Met police officers of any wrong doing on the brutal killing of Charles re Menezes.

  231. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Old Pete ‘ a house divided cannot stand’

    My house has many rooms – of which the SNP is but one.

    Very few Independence movements have ever had the luxury of a single party to lead them to the promised land – mainly due to the Brit Nat establishment infiltrating and corrupting it from within.

    We need credible people to vote for, who will push forward for Indy. If we insist that can only ever be the SNP – then quite literally – we put all our eggs in one basket and make it easy for our enemies to destroy or divert it.

    I’ve seen people here quote ‘the art of war’ many times to suit their arguments, however, when circumstances change, so must tactics, and when tactics change we need to change our footwork to fit.

    There are some things – facts – which we need to face, and questions we need answered, especially if within the SNP

    1/ What happens when we are taken out of the EU against our will and lose the back up of the ECof Justice. To whom will we legally appeal when WM breaks its treaties with us? And for how long will Holyrood continue to operate in any meaningful manner in those circumstances.

    2/ What happens when WM continues to say No. And how long will the SNP vote hold up in those circumstances.

    3/ The SNP’s success means it fails to take much in the way of List seats, unlike the Unionist position. In what way can the Yes movement (with tactic support from the SNP) rectify this position.

    4/ The GRA is a vote loser, for those who really support it, can you wait to push it after Indy, or will you throw Indy under a bus on a principle.

    And lastly with regards the Rev’s above article – leaving aside his desire for Indy – he is an Investigative Journalist – he absolutely needs to know where he stands with regards what he, and cannot publish. That it appears to be the case that some can and some cannot, is a breach of EU law, clarifying that position is incredibly important not just for him, but for all of us in one way or another.

    Kind regards to all (its a big hoose).

  232. Bob Mack says:

    Justice appled ,good or bad to a select group only, is no justice at all. The Rev is absolutely correct.

  233. Sinky says:

    BBC Radio Scotland 10 am news had no mention of Sarah Smith’s apology.

    Also, has Call Kaye programme given up on asking people with Scottish accents to appear on the show as contributors?

  234. Millennium says:

    Sky News at 10am reporting new UK total for virus deaths us nearly 43,000

    Not a peep on BBC yet if this breaking news

  235. susan says:

    Total agreement @ Breeks and @ Daisy Walker.

  236. Millennium says:

    BBC updating now,,,but there is no shock horror in their reporting

    Probably been nobbled by government to keep it low key

    There are some other reports coming out that the real UK total now is around the 60,000 mark

  237. susan says:

    I also feel let down that all the talk of “keeping her powder dry” and having a secret plan proved to be just lies. The only plan is to ask for an s30 every so often to pay lip service to Independence while getting on with the real job of radical social engineering against an unwilling population. By any means necessary. I feel betrayed and have a right to be critical of the SNP.

  238. callmedave says:

    Sarah Smith’s unforgivable lapse of judgement last night may be career-defining

  239. Millennium says:

    And don’t expect to see world wide deaths graphs on the BBC or Sky,

    The UK government stopped showing them last week once it became clear the UK was shooting ahead of the rest of the world , bar the USA. And our english run media duly followed.

    They swept this under the carpet hoping nobody would notice.

    Boris and his gang of numpties actually think we are are daft as they are.

  240. Millennium says:

    And unemployment fugures getting near Thatcher’s totals.

    But in time will surpass even the Wicked Witch’s figures

  241. Patrick Roden says:

    Pete says:

    A bit worrying that the rate of testing in England is 3 times as high as in Scotland.

    A bit worrying that someone who reads Wings would believe the numbers that the media is telling us about the numbers being tested in England.

    The Tory’s are reporting ‘Tests Done’ knowing that people will think that this is the number of people being tested, when in fact ‘Test Done’ refers to the number of tests carried out altogether, so when someone is tested to see how the virus is progressing, this is counted as a ‘test done’

    Piers Morgan was speaking to some Tory recently and asked him how many tests were ‘done’ and the response was something like 120,000, but when the follow-up question of how many humans were tested, after a bit of mumbling and erming, the number was less than 60,000.

    My advice to you Pete is the same advice I offer to anyone…


  242. Millennium says:

    “What about Scottish Independence First Minister?”

    …the sound of tumbleweed can be heard blowing past Bute House.

    The silence is deafening.

  243. callmedave says:

    Here’s that story:

    Almost 40,000 have died with COVID-19 in England and Wales, ONS says

  244. Pete says:

    It was 80000 (equivalent to 100000 today) back in 68/69.

  245. dakk says:

    Sky News was at it last night as well.

    Wee Jimmy Mathew’s was given a few minutes to try make something of the old Nike conference non story.

    They also chose to show a clip with the Scottish cmo arriving on stage with his suit jacket tail tucked into hos trousers.

    Just another day of english propaganda broadcasting.

    Anything to deflect from their own Covid killing fields.

  246. Patrick Roden says:

    For those advising Rev not to hold his breath:

    I understand this feeling very well because it has become the go-to response from politicians faced with difficult questions, but isn’t it about time we didn’t accept politicians choosing to ignore us like that?

    We have seen Ruth Davidson and Boris Johnson both going into hiding when the going gets tough, and we rightly slate them for this but if Humza Yousaf basically does the same with this letter we have further proof that the different kind of politics we all thought we had in Scotland, is not so different after all.

    We have all mused why the English still vote for a party that treats them like shit and have often patted ourselves on the back as Scots because we don’t vote Tory like ‘them’ so isn’t this a defining moment for the SNP?

    They are pushing through legislation that the vast majority of Scots have consistently said they oppose in any polls.
    They are pushing through legislation clearly designed to silence anyone who dares to stand up to the trans ideology.

    The SNP have been branding us as idiots/trash/extremists/ blocking us snearing at us on Twitter for months and while I know that this has only been a few MP’s, MSP’s and councilors, the leadership have taken no steps to stop them.

    And are they going to ignore this letter?

    What do they have to do until we say enough is enough?

    If you are a member, write to the SNP and ask the them to ensure that they reply to the revs letter in full.

    If they ignore you and you remain a member, then you are a member of an organization that treats you with contempt.

  247. Millennium says:

    With us stuck in this stinkin Union for ever more and in the middle of a virus pandemic AND getting dragged out if the EU , the fight to provide decent employment in Scotland has become all the more difficult.

    If you could imagine the UK being a huge filter, and any potential employment entering the South East of the UK first, then it filters down through the rest of England, and by the time it reaches Scotland there are no extra employment prospects left.

    Scotland will be an afterthought when it comes to dishing out the jobs in this new world we are entering.

    Because you can bet your bottom dollar that any new companies wishing to set up in the UK will be setting up in England NOT Scotland.

    That is why Sturgeon has to start mentioning the “I” word and prepare us for indyRef2 sometime in the very near future.

    If she refuses, then tell her in no uncertain terms to shift her arse out of Bute House to make way for a new leader who DOES GIVE A FUCK.

    Your choice Sturgeon.

  248. The Isolator says:

    With regard to the Sarah Smith angle,someone needs to ask her about her faither and the infamous Monklands Mafia.The truth of the matter is that the SNP are riddled with the same British Labour infiltrators as illustrated in the letter linked below.
    Things are changing though I’m sure.

  249. jfngw says:


    It’s doubled since the last time you posted then, 40,000 now 80,000. Strangely the report of 1969 stated just over 4,400 died because of influenza in 68/69. The excess deaths were around 46,000 for the 4 month period.

  250. jfngw says:


    The excess deaths in the last 8 weeks are over 50,000 and the last week will be lower as it included the VE weekend extravaganza only effectively recording 3 days worth of deaths for that week.

  251. Ron Maclean says:

    Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Humza Yousaf, is an SNP politician. The aims of the SNP are to obtain independence for Scotland and the furtherance of all Scottish interests. When there are doubts about the integrity of the Scottish justice system shouldn’t the Cabinet Secretary for Justice be required to seize any opportunity to put its probity beyond question as he helps prepare us for independence?

  252. Allan Watson says:

    During the BREXIT process Boris Johnson (with the compliance of big business supporters and a subservient media) was on every media outlet in the UK several times a day extolling the virtues of leaving Europe.

    During the COVID-19 he is nowhere to be seen. His cabinet and civil servants are being lined up to be the fall guys on this unmitigated disaster. Rumours abound that the men in grey suits are plotting his removal.

    Johnson is out of his depth as is Gove, Hancock and the rest of this incompetent bunch.

    If Scotland does not get out of this arrogant, incompetent, self serving racist union we deserve all we get.

  253. lothianlad says:

    On reflection, as a previous poster has mentioned, the SNP Scottish Government have entrenched themselves in the Scottish establishment perhaps even worse than the unionists did previously.

    I have no doubt that the british secret service have achieved their goal of infiltrating, influencing and causing havoc to the SNP. They do this with all enemies of the brit state.

    However, The Scottish Government and by default the SNP are going to be so discredited when the truth comes out that the Independence movement could suffer hugely.

    The Scottish Government think they are being clever, getting the Judiciary, parts of the media, ( certainly in regard to Alex Salmonod ) on their side, thinking they are protected by the establishment. They are in for a shock!

    Down side is that its the same establishment that will turn on the independence movement with ammo supplied by the SNP SG.

    Said it before… NS is controlled by the brit secret service.

  254. Millennium says:

    Sturgeon already has her end of year speech written.

    She will tell us that she has been up to her eyes in it with this Virus and had no time to even think about Scotland becoming an independent nation.

    Bull fuckin shit Sturgeon

    If you can’t handle two major issues at the same time then are in the wrong job hen

  255. Ottomanboi says:

    The British state is being turned into a geriatric care home. The obsession with death and disease, health and safety in certain quarters is sinister. The controlling state messing with citizens’ heads.
    Some people do need to focus on living.

  256. callmedave says:

    Try and make head and tail of this from the BBC?

    Even draws Scotland into the story and then tries to bamboozle the reader with alphabet spaghetti figures.

    A triumph of clarity in BBC speak.

    Coronavirus: Nearly 10,000 deaths in care homes

  257. Sinky says:

    Excess deaths in England well above of Scotland but don’t expect MSM or BBC to mention this…. well they didn’t at lunchtime TV news

    Meanwhile those pesky separatists the DUP diverging from England on lockdown regulations I am sure the fragrant Arlene enjoyed that.

  258. Millennium says:

    So if the SNP have been infiltrated, then surely some of them from within have not all signed up to this gradualist approach.

    Surely one or two of them have the balls to speak out against the road we are heading down

    There have been thousands of jobs been created off the back of the Yes Movement’s actions.

    There are MPs, MSPs, councillors, office staff of one kind or another.

    All these jobs created from the voluntary, unpaid work of the hundreds of thousands within the Yes Movement.

    Since 2012 we have been marching up hills and down hills. We have been delivering leaflets in the middle of snow storms, we have been driving and walking to thousands of meetings all over Scotland and all for what???

    We are no further forward now than we were 8 years ago.

    All I see is a leader who is not interested in Independence and an enormous amount of troughers at the back of her becoming richer by the month

    And some people ask why I am furious with the present SNP administration.

    We have been taken for mugs ladies and gentlemen.

    Smell the coffee

    Will the next leader of the Political Wing of the Scottish Independence Movenent please, please step forward.

  259. shug says:

    Sarah Smith has tweeted out an apology after saying the First Minister has “enjoyed” making lockdown decisions by “mistake”. Later says she said meant to say “embraced”.

    I am not sure one indicates a lesser intention. This is confirmed by no mention of it on the BBC website.

    Sarah Smith is mouthing the Mundell and that other chap’s (I can’t remember his name) comments about Sturgeon using the virus to promote independence.

    Cleary if she was any sort of journalist she would realise Sturgeon in under internal pressure for not pushing independence.

    Also obvious is her lack of comment about Westminster breaking step with the UK in interesting in terms of her view of the world.

    Parroting the conservative line can only mean that she may be the daughter of a former Labour minister/leader but she has a conservative heart.

    Interestingly can remember John Smith saying to Ravenscraig workers you can’t ask Labour to defend Scottish jobs at the expense of English jobs! Yep I was there.

    The farmers and fishermen are about to discover you can’t expect Westminster to put fishing and farming in Scotland on par with jobs in London.

    Natural selection is a very interesting process.

  260. Sinky says:

    The Excess death rates in

    clearly show that England peaked at 42.75 now at 19.56

    Scotland peaked at 15.57 now down to 7.70

    Yet idiots like Ian Murray claim Scotland has twice as many deaths in care homes than England

  261. Millennium says:

    Those were the days my friend.

    Edinburgh Agreement 2012.

    And look at where we are now.

    I am now without a Party

    Without any kind of leadership

    Without any kind of hope

    Surely the only way is up, because at this moment in time I can’t get any lower.

  262. CameronB Brodie says:

    Some please save Scotland from nationalist ideology and legal parochialism.

    A Manual on Human Rights for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers

    Major recent developments (2003-07)

  263. CameronB Brodie says:


    The Oxford Handbook of Gender, Sex, and Crime
    Biological Perspectives on Sex Differences in Crime and Antisocial Behavior

  264. gus1940 says:


    While my hair now resembles the ridiculous look of the Wetherspoons cretin I can’t help noticing Matt Hancock’s immaculate coiffe as if there has been no growth since the start of lockdown.

  265. ahundredthidiot says:

    It’s not all bad news folks, I mean, influenza has either been completely eliminated or left the planet cos no one is fucking dying from it anymore.

    Happy to be corrected if someone can produce flu death figures that DONT mention COVID or SARS within.

  266. gus1940 says:

    Nicola had hardly stated with today’s statement when the BEEB switched to WM for statement and debate with Hancock.

    Is this a new ploy by WM to make announcements when Nicola is normally being covered with her daily statements.They must be worried at her steadily increasing popularity south of the border compared with the shambles of Boris and his band of useless idiots.

  267. Robert Louis says:

    Millenium at 1231pm,

    I totally agree. I simply cannot see a way forward now. May or thereafter next year, will simply be too late. Brexit will be finished. Trade deals will have been forced upon Scotland in such a way that it would be hard to leave.

    With each passing day the route out of this odious unwanted undemocratic union. gets shut down.

    I simply do not understand the SNP’s intransigence on this.

    I can only assume that right at the very, very top, their is simply no desire whatsoever to achieve independence. NS has done NOTHING to move indy forward, and that os why I’d like to see her and her cloying, careerist sycophants booted out of the party. Right now is when they should be literally finalising their plans, so they can launch indyref within a couple of months. But they do nothing.

    But the SNP seem happy to literally sleepwalk hand in hand with Johnson’s murderous Tory cabal, over the brexit cliff edge.

    Next year is too, too late. The window of opportunity will be gone.

  268. Bob Mack says:

    There are ample figures giving excess deaths due to the factors other than Covid19. Suppose you will have to interpret them.

  269. Pete says:

    About 3 or 4 weeks ago the ONS estimated that about 10000 of the excess deaths at that time were due to people not getting normal treatment by the NHS – cancer, hear attacks, strokes, etc.
    Don’t know what the current figure is.
    The longer lockdown goes on, the greater this figure will become and could well get higher than Covid deaths.
    Worth considering.

  270. jfngw says:

    I see some (on twitter) claiming patient confidentiality was not important for those attending the Edinburgh Nike conference. I suspect they would have the opposite view if it had been some event they had been attending and their details had effectively been made public. Those same people that worry about their personal data being held by governments.

    Can’t really put up with hypocrites even if they are independence supporters.

  271. Clapper57 says:

    Perhaps John Nicolson could have Sarah Smith over for Tea again…as he has ‘enjoyed’ her company and has ’embraced’ their friendship………you can take the man out of the BBC but you can’t take the BBC out of the man….

  272. Gary45% says:

    GE/ Scot Par, gets called tomorrow? who would you vote for?
    Don’t say WoS party at this moment in time there isn’t one.
    So you have the pick of the current crop.
    So who’s it going to be?
    Like yourself I am now at the stage of (nearly) being without party, but if it was called tomorrow, there is only one party, although it would be through gritted teeth.

  273. Tinto Chiel says:

    @The Isolator and shug: yes, timely reminders about John Smith, so sainted by the MSM that he was interred beside Scottish kings on Iona. His Ravenscraig remark showed he was a typical BLiS______d type who knew where his bread was buttered.

    Politically, Monklands was a toxic sump of corruption and he must surely have known about it, along with other Labour stars from the area like (Lord) John Reid and (Baroness) Helen Liddell (aka bag-carrier to Robert Maxwell), those great tribunes of the proletariat.

  274. Robert Louis says:

    Gary 45% at 111pm,

    Actually I am not so sure I would vote SNP, if voting tomorrow. Unless their manifesto was a full on commitment to ending the union by whatever means possible, and NOT requiring Londons’ permission, then, sorry no they would not get my vote.

    They have had electoral mandate after mandate. They had every single MP in Scotland bar 1, yet still they dithered and procrastinated about this, that and the other. Any excuse to do nothing. The SNP track record, post Salmond, on pursuing indy is terrible. They have quite literally done nothing, despite massive support.

    So, let’s say they were re-elected tomorrow, would you actually believe they would try to gain independence, no matter how hard, or how many obstacles their were? I wouldn’t. Not until NS is booted out. The dithering (or, as it really now seems) deliberate blocking of pursuing indy, comes right from the top. She has no place in the SNP or indy movement.

  275. robbo says:

    Gary45% says:
    19 May, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    Don’t expect an ans to that Gary45%.

    Im sure the Mellennium rebels are ready to go. cross bows and wooden bow and arrows they’ve made from a birch tree down the wids when they’ve finished playing cowboys & Indians or sodgers !

  276. Keith fae Leith says:

    Pete @ 1.04

    I see adverts several times every day from NHS Scotland pointing out that it is business as usual. If you need treatment, inoculations for kids, a Drs appointment, minor injuries, A&E practically everything apart from dentistry.

    This has been since the start of the advised restrictions. Stay home has never meant away from medical care.

    If you don’t understand this then you’re an imbecile who shouldn’t be allowed out without a carer.

    If you do know this, then perhaps you can make your point (People aren’t dying from CV19 it’s everything else), back it up with verifiable data, what’s recorded on death certificates perhaps & then link it back to the discussion.

    Pretty simple right?

    Until you can prove that the significant numbers over the 5 year average are caused by what you claim, then there should be no consideration of this as an argument.

    ahundredthidiot @12.53 You are aware that influenza is seasonal right? I have no data on whether people are dying of it just now, so can’t answer your query. Perhaps you would be kind enough to show us the data that backs up your argument instead?

  277. Iain mhor says:

    I await a response with interest.
    Of course, the implication of requiring such questions, is that no-one is aware that such an issue exists, Or, that such an issue does not exist.

    Those inform the questioning. My personal experience is that questions should be presented individually. A lengthy process, but Janet & John usually achieves better results than flinging bees to be swatted.
    The focus is primarily on whether there is an issue and if not why not. Only then can one look to the question, of who is ignorant of the issue (if it exists) and why they are ignorant.
    Further, who is aware of the issue (if it exists) and why they are not perceived to be addressing it.

    As the previous paragraph implies; that where an issue exists, the answers result in ignorance & incompetence respectively – which is anathema to Government. Therefore, the initial question must be answered by it, as showing no issue exists.
    That will be the interesting defence. Naturally, that is a legal defence and therefore something to be adjudged.
    The answer must then be, that it has been adjudged there is no issue. One can then query the judgement and its particulars.

    Very good luck with that – or perhaps, very deep pockets.
    We have already seen a judgement has been made and the result of the judgement, is apparently that no issue exists.
    The correct individuals have been identified for prosecution, for the correct reasons.
    If there is an omission, then the adjudicators have been ignorant and incompetent. All the very best pointing that out to m’learned friends.

    Of course, a private individual has no reasson to query, or correct a judgemnt; for there are a plethora of learned in law, who would be better placed and competent to correct the judgement. It is incumbent on them to so do, as custodians of law. That they do not, means they do not recognise an error, or that an issue exists. – therefore, it does not. All quite simple.

    One could engage m’learned to act on one’s behalf, to argue an error of judgement. But of couse, they would be doing so from a position of (apparently) not believing, or understanding an issue exists – or they would themselves, have already brought it to the attention of their cabal of judiciary…

    Yes, not the most comforting of thoughts when one is to place trust in their competence to act.

    Tl,dr – Answer: There is no issue. The courts have already deemed there to be no issue.

  278. Gary45% says:

    Robert Louis@1.22
    Totally agree with most of what you wrote,but the slightest sniff of any and I mean any disquiet, and the “Yoon controlled unbiased media??”, would have their very own “world cup win”.
    Christ they even make up the garbage, SNP civil war anyone?
    Kick Sturgeon out tomorrow makes no sense, they way she is conducting herself through this crisis, has opened the eyes of some who previously wouldn’t have given her the time of day.
    Each day more are seeing the ability of the Scottish Government, yes the failings in the promises of staying in the EU by Blackford and the current (what seems)lack of drive towards Indy is rightly pissing us off, but simply feeding the Yoon establishment is like scoring own goals.

  279. Iain More says:

    Has the SNP asked for Sarah Smith to be sacked yet or have they cringed slavishly yet again?

  280. Dorothy Devine says:

    Iain More , can you imagine if the SNP asked for her to be sacked how it would be handled in the media?

    Would it be ,’ Quite correct she should resign forthwith as she has breached our hard and fast rule of impartiality’
    Or ,
    ” the SNP makes an unprecedented attack on the BBBC , accusing it of being unfair in its exemplary scrutiny of their policies’
    and EVERY bloody newspaper would carry the tale ,pretending the more in sorrow than in anger routine.

    Every possible TV outlet would have a weeping and wailing Sarah Smith appearance – and all would be reminded of her wonderful father etc etc etc.

  281. Iain More says:

    Re Dorothy 2.46.

    The EBC wont sack her but it is just plain gutless not to ask for her head. The idea that Sturgeon is enjoying this Virus is disgusting. Smith should be sacked and to hell about her lamenting about her falsely deified Father.

    The very least the SNP could do is kick the rabidly Scot hating EBC from its briefings but they wont. I am tired after years if not a decade now of the SNP resorting daily to the good Scots but gutless cringe.

  282. CameronB Brodie says:

    Are folk forgetting that the BBC in Scotland are under the obligation of royal charter, to promote Britain’s cohesion?

    Innovative Media for Change
    Opportunities and Challenges
    of Media Collaboration in
    Transitional Justice

  283. callmedave says:

    Yes keep on digging. One little weakness might bring down the house of cards once found.

    Michael Forsyth Baron & Lord Forsyth of Drumlean on the Economic Committee in the HoL on big Auntie now quizzing the chancellor Rishi Sunack.

    The Lord looks a bit tight lipped but lobs a wee keppy to the chancellor who takes the question without a blink or an opening pause to think and waffles an answer. Next! So it goes. 🙁

    The Isle of Wight app news from last night has been updated on radio 4 suggesting it’s ‘crude’ and doesn’t tick all the boxes.
    Needs reprogrammed with more sophisticated software and more options. It don’t talk to the UKGov hub yet or helps in getting tracing done. ! Imagine… 🙁 These thinks take time eh!

    It was supposed to be up and running by now.


    Pisst off!… Today is steam cleaning the bathroom and that wee on-suite both full of glass and ceramics and I am just finished thank goodness! 🙁 🙁

  284. CameronB Brodie says:

    The BBC has a purpose and that purpose forms part of the organisation’s “ecological psychology”. Hoping for balance from them is like trying to force square pegs into round holds. It simply isn’t rational.

    The History and Philosophy of Ecological Psychology

  285. CameronB Brodie says:

    Would someone in the SNP please advise the Justice Minister, that gender-ideology insists human beings are defined by human psychology, which is formed through the interaction of the individual’s BIOLOGY with the natural/social environment. So rejecting a legal respect for biology IS NOT ONLY IRRATIONAL, it undermines the foundations of administrative justice.

    Behavior Analysis and Ecological Psychology: Past, Present, and Future. A Review of Harry Heft’s Ecological Psychology in Context

  286. Stoker says:

    Ron Maclean wrote on 18 May, 2020 at 1:49 pm:”Where’s The National?”

    Propping up its stablemate The Herald. 😉
    jfngw wrote on 18 May, 2020 at 1:22 pm:

    “GRA, ill thought out hate crime bill, doubts about the impartiality of the criminal justice system. The MSM will be noting these and when the independence campaign starts they have a backlog of issues to throw at the public.”

    My thoughts exactly. Someone mentioned the “media” ignoring this Shaggergate corruption etc etc etc. Oh no they’re not. You can bet everything you’ve got it, along with other issues, is being put in cold storage for a rainy day. Nothing surer!

    Right now they see 2 or 3 issues causing the pro-indy movement great concern and a lot of infighting and bickering. If i seen my enemies doing all that there’s not a snowballs chance in hell i’d do anything to stop or jeopardise that gift.

    I see some folk *still* going on about what the Britnat media might do or say if we do this or that. FOR FECK SAKE! GET REAL! They are our No1 enemies and it is their job to attack us at every single opportunity in every single possible way.

    If we waste time humming & hawing about what the BUM rags & the bbc might say about us then we may as well not get out of our beds. Do yous honestly think other countries who have told London to GTF stood contemplating & worrying what the “media” might say about them?

    Know this: Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. It’s a fact of life in Scotland and that’s what we’re fighting to change. We must always do what’s right for Scotland and to hell with Britnat churnalism.

    If what the Brit propaganda outlets may or may not say concerns you then may i suggest you take up a more sedate hobby? Something along the lines of balloon bending, it’s safer. It will not get you anywhere but it is safer. Meanwhile the Britnat media will still be pumping out all sorts of anti-indy lies & deceptions.

  287. Ian Foulds says:

    Capella says:
    19 May, 2020 at 12:22 am
    @ susan – the Hate Crime Bill is a pretty transparent move to silence gender critical women. Then the GRA can be reintroduced.

    Does that men gender critical men can protest on behalf of gender critical women?

  288. No wonder Scottish politicians don’t like, and deride you, Stu. You actually try to make them do their jobs. Of which many are not capable.

  289. Al-Stuart says:

    Doug Buchanan,

    You state that it is painful to see “what this site has become”.

    Have you actually read and understood the progression of the current SNP high heed yins?

    Doug, by implication you agree that it is alright for Police Scotland to spend millions of pounds (criminally) wasting police time interviewing/soliciting complaints from 400 women in an effort to imprison Alex Salmond.

    You agree that it is okay for the SNP to be taken over by toxic fifth column “Out For Indies” and their likes.

    You accept the evident COPFS bias seeking to prosecute and jail Craig Murray whilst leaving D. Gravielli free to do what she does with corrupt impunity.

    You are happy that Nicola Sturgeon has been given countless mandates to hold IndyRef2 yet has utterly failed to keep her promise, nor do her job in securing IndyRef2.

    You accept Nicola Sturgeon’s inner circle efforts to get rid of Alex Salmond, by putting him through purgatory with the prospect of life in prison.

    His REAL sin? Alex Salmond has been the best and most effective First Minister that Scotland has ever had.

    “Doug Buchanan” you are a new name here and appear to be a Troll or member of the 77th Brigade.

    Nobody said Scottish Independence would be easy.

    What we have here is a Stellar Bourach as the old establishment of the British Empire have infested the SNP in an effort to neuter it for the next 20 years.

    What this WoS site has become is an effort to clear out the infestation of 77th fifth column plants and sleepers in the SNP and either get the SNP to do what it says on the box: achieve Scottish Independence, or make way for someone who can.

    Doug, your lot of backstabbing Sturgeonites had its chance. You blew it. You have been rumbled.

    You failed to jail Alex Salmond.

    You best batten down the hatches as the SNP might be riding high in the polls just now courtesy of Covid unity, but when the stench of what you and your amadans have done seeps out into the mainstream, then we really will be in a world of the “new normal”.

    After Covid, Boris Johnson will be had up for making the U.K., the second deadliest place in the world for Covid deaths. The Union will be a busted flush. He will take Nicola and her coven of alphabet Witches to the House of Lords or some other impotent sinecure.

    Then, Scotland will have a fair chance at becoming independent.

    Doug, please don’t reply, unless you can explain this bit of what you say you have read on this site…

  290. Polly says:

    “Is it beyond possible that a young NS could have been assisted to the top of the SNP??”

    Since Alex Salmond himself was the principal one to help her reach the top and she operated under his wing so long I refuse to believe any other type of help was needed. But given the imputation in the post, which I’m sure more than a few have considered for themselves, most probably discounted any such imputation because to do otherwise would implicate Salmond too.

    Yet, still we are left with the odd situation where a very able, clever, politically adroit and seemingly honest and earnest First Minister who has wanted and worked for independence for so long could sit on so many mandates at a time when open goals were there for the taking, who despite all her cleverness and adroitness led a government which after judicial review had to pay costs to her
    mentor for failings in its treatment of him which she instituted, who led marches for lgbt and remain yet never attended and rarely even mentioned Indy marches, who supports women into cabinet yet steams ahead with self ID. She seems a walking contradiction.

    Whatever she is at heart no one can doubt she’s not been good for independence.

    Oh and someone above talked of us still being encouraged to go to GP or hospital if needed so lockdown will not impact health. Screening though has been stopped even for people in risk categories. I know two people, one a cancer survivor who has yearly screenings, the other still living with cancer being kept in check by drugs who normally has one every few months, both have been told they’ll be contacted later. Who knows the impact that delay will have?

  291. Hugh Meikle says:

    Copied your letter (hope that is ok) and sent to my MP, Lisa Cameron and my MSP Aileen Campbell, asking them “Could you PLEASE ensure that the below letter, sent to Humza Yousaf (Justice Secretary) gets a speedy answer.

    This is getting very interesting and i love the way your mind works.

    I await the next salvo across their bows with great anticipation.

    Knowledge is power.
    Ignorance is bliss.

  292. Cynicus says:

    Mr (Father?) Campbell

    Have you read the contribution from Robert Black at 3.18 PM on 18 May?

    I assume he is Professor Emeritus of Scots Law at the University of Edinburgh and not the paedophile serial killer of that name.

    You are addressing the wrong guy. You should be putting your questions to the Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC.

    Be careful!

  293. Cynicus says:

    Thanks Dan

    Sorry I was late to the feast and missed the Reverend Stuart’s reply

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