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A fun quiz!

Posted on February 12, 2013 by

The passage below comes from the lead story in the Scotsman’s politics section today. We’ve highlighted a few of the more interesting bullet points.

“An independent Scotland will have to impose strict limits on spending and agree borrowing curbs with the rest of the UK to avoid the wrath of the financial markets, advisers to the Scottish Government have said. The advice also states that austerity will continue to bite “irrespective” of whether the country votes Yes or No next year.

However, the Fiscal Commission, set up by the SNP government last year to study the economics of independence, said the restrictions would be outweighed by the “flexibility” of independence, which would allow Scottish ministers to pick a way through the financial crisis facing western countries.

The 221-page document, commissioned by the Scottish Government, recommended that an independent Scotland should keep the pound and the Bank of England, and sign a pact with the UK on financial stability. Such policies would provide a mix of “autonomy, cohesion and continuity”, chairman Crawford Beveridge said yesterday. The pro-independence former Scottish Enterprise chief insisted: “Scotland has the clear potential to be a successful independent nation.”

So here’s the quiz: guess which one formed the headline.

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    20 to “A fun quiz!”

    1. Keef says:

      I was right and why was I not surprised?

    2. Doug Daniel says:

      Aww man, I was SURE it was going to be the last one!
      Incidentally, I see Crawford Beveridge is described as “the pro-independence former Scottish Enterprise chief”, as a subconscious “well, he WOULD say this, wouldn’t he?” I don’t recall Professor Tomkins or other confessed unionists being described as “the pro-union blah blah blah”.

    3. Norrie says:

      Though they might have gone with  ‘ North England will be told what to spend’.

    4. Morag says:

      Right now, I’m left with the impression of two cars at a red light.  One is revving up furiously at a standstill, in a cloud of blue smoke.  The other one is just sitting there.
      Who can guess which car will be first off?  Who can guess which car will reach its destination?  You can’t.  But my money’s on the one that isn’t revving at the lights.

    5. pa_broon74 says:

      I rather thought it would be the one about austerity.

      Is the Scotsman falling down on the job?

    6. Morag says:

      That was my guess too, Pa Broon.

    7. I got the answer right and claim my prize.

    8. simon says:

      Yes! A orize! We wants a prize!

      Is it just me who doesn’t see how this is a problem anyway? Scotland would have to have strict limits on spending, whereas the UK can spend ridiculously more than it can afford knowing that someone else will pick up the tab 10 years down the line?

    9. CameronB says:

      Me too, so where’s me coconut? Did the Scotsman not think it slightly inappropriate to run these two articles together? Or are they deliberately trying to get a rise?

    10. Davy says:

      Is there a competion going on for publishing pish that we dont know about ? The MSM appears to be trying to outdo themselfs each and every day with more and more ridiculous stories.

    11. Robin Ross says:

      Not quite OT, but the Newsnight exchange last night seems to boil down to the Tories telling us through our only MP that independence might be quite difficult to organise.  Rennie has already explained that all the paperwork will be a hassle, and Lamont has said nothing.  So now we know that a Yes vote will demand some careful thought and negotiation. Thanks for the blinding glimpse of the obvious.  In other words, the unionists are now accepting that independence is perfectly feasible, though it will require thought and management – issues will be there to be solved, not to stop the process in its tracks.  And maybe I’m reading too much into it but the newspapers seem to be acknowledging this too – these recent articles seems to be flailing around to find the killer blow, but it’s all a bit half-hearted as if the realisation has dawned that a debate on the substantive issues of independence require more than incoherent bluster about the perfidious SNP. Scottish (and English) journalism might rediscover some professional pride and realise it could do better.


    12. Amanayeman says:

      You ARE the Rev. Stuart Campbell and I claim my Independence. OH! wrong contest

    13. Inbhir Anainn says:

      Aye and a richt bluidy cheek ana.  Our’s is the government that can balance their books year on year unlike some that we could mention.  Of course like others i plummeted for the richt answer.

    14. Dcanmore says:

      Robin Ross says:
      12 February, 2013 at 12:16 pm
      “So now we know that a Yes vote will demand some careful thought and negotiation.”

      Yeah, but the Unionist strategy is to tell us that we can’t quite manage careful thought and are incapable of negotiation … too stupid.”

    15. muttley79 says:

      @Robin Ross
      Scottish (and English) journalism might rediscover some professional pride and realise it could do better.
      The problem is more that the media are generally working with the British state, more than it being a lack of professional pride (there is that as well) in my opinion.  There is a co-ordinated campaign going on, although it does appear that all is not well in the No camp…

    16. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      The Better (for Scottish MP’s) Together bridage are pretty quiet today regarding the content of their paper. Let’s examine why?
      Some of the main points are:
      1. The SNP’s timescale for Independence is realistic (ouch!)
      2. Scotland could join the UN without difficulty (ouch!)
      3. Scotland would negotiaite EU terms from within the EU(ouch! ouch!)
      4. The number of treaties would not be a major problem (ouch!)
      Before proceding it’s worth noting that if the YES campaign made those statements they would be subject to ridicule, especially Alex Salmond. No doubt be accused of lying.
      In addition to the above the opinion states that Scotland effectively ceased to exist after 1707. Hardly an inspiration for being Scottish and British, nor being part of an equal union. Britain means England! (ouch! ouch! ouch! and jolly fechin ouch!).  The consequences of which are Scotland would not be entitled to any shared assets, such as oil from Falklands water etc. Then logically, Scotland would not be liable to any of the UK’s national debt!  
      To cap it all, Michael Moore stated that the UK government had no plans to extend devolution. He also cited the reasons for voting NO are the Olympics the BBC and the NHS. Is he having a laugh?  The NHS? vote NO to privatise it!!!
      What a faux pas!

    17. Craig M says:

      Couple of points.

      First of all, I don’t think we should bother terribly much about what the Scottish Press says. Hardly anyone reads it. The Scotsman is just the mouthpeace of someone who wants a gong in the honours system.

      Which brings me to my second point.

      The bulk of the leadership of the Better Together group, and their colleagues; Darling, Murphy, Alexander (both versions), Lamont, Rennie, etc etc, are only trying to secure careers, future influence and honours. As far as they are concerned, from their individual perspectives, certain sacrifices are justified. If you are Labour, then more poverty, losing free tutition fees, and privatisation of the health services are balanced against a seat in the Lords or heading up a Westminster department. If you are Lib Dem, then it’s a throwing away of all your principles for power. What you are dealing with are individual people who are sociopaths. There is simply no other explanation that fits. That probably explains the incomprehensible behaviour, the terrible language and the sheer selfishness.

      And you don’t require the Scottish Press or the BBC to highlight this fact. We have modern media, so use it. Don’t waste time on talking about the press. Use the energy and time to talk about the opposition in personal terms. They have no insight into their behaviour and the possible and potential outcomes that may result (poverty, sickness, unemployment etc). Frankly they don’t deserve queensbury rules, as they put themselves beyond ordinary peoples personal values. 

    18. Inbhir Anainn says:

      Leas-Phriomh Mhinistear na h-Alba (Deputy First Minister of Scotland) Nicola Sturgeon’s radio exchange with James CRAWFORD and John HUMPHREYS.
      Plus what she thinks of it.
      Hail Alba vote YES 2014.

    19. Inbhir Anainn says:

      Apologies Fiscal Commission’s Report.

    20. The Man in the Jar says:

      I remember Michael Moore on TV just the other day listing some of the organisations that Scotland would have problems joining. One of them was the Commonwealth. Sounds like desperation to me!

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