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You’re kidding, right?

Posted on January 27, 2015 by

We’re pretty sure the Daily Record is just trolling us on purpose at this point.


Wait, Labour pushed for a what now?



There was a vote on a fracking moratorium in the Commons yesterday. Of 40 Scottish Labour MPs, just THREE voted to support it.

We can see why nobody wanted their name on that one.

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  1. 28 01 15 01:42

    You’re kidding, right? - Speymouth

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  1. RogueCoder says:

    Ever seen the Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman film Wag The Dog? I feel like I’m in the third reel right now.

  2. David Agnew says:

    I am of the opinion that the independence referendum changed Scottish politics forever. I am also of the the opinion that the the no campaign unhinged the Scottish MSM, and it is now institutionally insane.

    This is way beyond swivel eyed dishonesty. It is utter madness for labour to be proclaiming a victory when what they did achieve was absolutely nothing. The fracking law will pass and here comes labour insisting that they have dealt a body blow to the Tory party, but getting them to agree to tough regulations. This is the same Tory party, labour have been telling us, can’t be trusted.

    Labour deserve to lose in 2015, because quite frankly they’re shite. I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the idea that the SNP could be propping them up. I don’t think working with this party is worth it.

  3. Lanarkist says:

    Tell a big enough lie often enough and get a ‘Newspaper’ to amplify the message for you, et voila, wreck two institutions at once!

  4. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    At this rate, the Daily Record will have Murphy and Dugdale saving the Scottish oil business and stopping all fracking in the World by May 7th.

    They are really talking the piss now.

    I really think Labour policy is now to run Scotland down as much as possible in order to blame the SNP Government.

    Time for the SNP to get into these SLAB lies at every possible opportunity.

  5. Nana Smith says:

    O&GUK have confirmed the labour party are pro fracking

    Slab and the Scottish media are trying to con Scots as usual.

  6. BJ says:

    Overheard someone today apologising to his friend for buying the record “I only buy it for the fitba”
    Plenty still on the shelf untouched at tea time. Losing their customer base I hope.

  7. Cadogan Enright says:

    Lets hope there is no-one at the Daily Record capable of feeling shame, otherwise one would almost have to feel sorry for them.

    I remember my father saying to me 40 years ago that if a country or political party has to have the word ‘democratic’ in their name – they probably aren’t

    Looks to me like the Daily Record is of a similar hue – how much better their journalism would be and how much more interesting to read if they did their job of holding the establishment to account and exposing the likes of

  8. Thepnr says:

    We all know that Jim Murphy will ban fracking in Scotland, because he has told us so.

    Maybe the carefully chosen word “moratorium” used by the Record actually meant the less well known meaning.

    “a legally authorized postponement of the fulfilment of an obligation”

    There you go, sorted. The “moratorium” Labour sought was just to delay Jim Murphy’s obligation.

    Finally, just why is the writer “eager to get the drills in the ground”? Fracking Record!

  9. HandandShrimp says:

    I seriously doubt that the Record “political journalists” ever bother to look at who votes for what. They just type whatever they are passed by the Labour Party HQ

  10. Dr Jim says:

    The only drilling being done is into folks heads
    The Labour Party must get people to believe LIE is the new Truth

  11. Barontorc says:

    Dim Jim’s turkeys are all coming home to roost.

    Al Megrahi was used by Blair to make an oil deal for BP – it went belly up because Blair couldn’t make such a deal with a foreign national held in a Scottish prison – the USA went through hoops to make it happen and pulled every trick in the book to then discredit the SG and Alex Salmond in particular – Murphy was involved up to his scrawny Secretary of State for Scotland neck – the BBC was atrociously anti-SG and Raymond Buchanan in particular was well outside normal journo duties to make untrue points. These are all facts beyond doubt.

    Blair’s lies to make war with Iraq are coming down the line like a very, very, heavily braking freight train, but come it will and our ‘hero’ Dim Jim, is, yes you guessed correctly, one of his fellow travellers in this major atrocity too.

    So well done Mr Toxicity – no tears being shed for you here.

  12. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Found this – even the BBC are reporting the fracking moratorium – you know – the one that Labour abstained on.

    However, it is not reported on the BBC Scotland website at all – I suppose it it just because we are not that interested in fracking in Scotland. We just give our oil away to be frittered away by a Westminster so Scots are obviously are not interested in that vote at all.

    They also forgot to mention the vote against devolving fracking powers to Scotland. Hey ho – what do you expect from our impartial BBC.

  13. yesindyref2 says:

    Labour really are like a rudder drifting without a ship.

  14. manandboy says:

    George W Bush in 2002 referred to Iran,
    Iraq and N Korea as an ‘axis of evil’.

    Twelve years later and now here in Scotland,
    there is a new ‘axis of evil’.
    I refer to the Labour Party, the Conservative Party and the BBC.

    It’s just a shame ‘Dubya’ isn’t around for his take on it.

    Then again, maybe not.

  15. Chic McGregor says:

    Haud on there! 50 Labour MPs voted against it but only 3 of the Scottish Labour MPs?

    That means 47 of the rUK’s Labour MPs rebelled against their Red Tory leadership – A much higher proportion of Labour MPs there than did in Scotland, yet Murphy claims Scottish Labour will stop it.

    And that claim is championed by the MSM (minus The National).

    My head is reeling from this bizarre parallel dimension which SLAB and the MSM cabal occupy.

    El verity has left the building.

  16. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    Scotch whisky brings in £5B to the economy. Who knew?

    Nice report – shame about the timing BBC and SWA – post Indyref but pre budget?

  17. Ghengis D'Midgies says:

    Press Complaints Commission? FWIW.

    There is something evil about the Labour party and its media place people.

  18. Dr Ew says:


    You think the monkeys at the Record type?!?!

    They trained them to cut and paste Labour press releases is all!

    Even if they had an infinite number of them working there they still couldn’t type a word of truth, much less King Lear.

  19. Grant says:

    Struggling with this fracking bad, north sea oil good concept?

  20. Macart says:

    ‘Scotland’s Champion’

    Making things up as they go along so you don’t have to.

    Right up to and including rewriting history.

    Who’d a thunk it? 😮

  21. fin says:

    It is quite worrying the kind of lying going on in Scotland. It is beyond deception its about dividing scotlands people and it hasn’t stopped for about a year and a half in the mainstream media and the major parties. These lies are an attempt to damage those that see it the way this website does and each lie puts distance between us and the people who will have read a bit in the newspaper on this and come to their own conclusions. This if raised in a conversation between these two differently informed people makes each person come from the debate for want of a better word feeling annoyed confused uncomfortable and probably likely to dismiss each other’s view and haveno more debating any time soon. They are fucking with our heads with the old throw so much shit that it sticks. we need to treat eachotherwith respect and not let this turn to some rangers celtic hatred that they drew up in the board room in westminster probably all in on it together, scary shit

  22. frankieboy says:

    One of Labour’s biggest supporters has always been the NUJ. They back them financially and in media. Helen Liddell was a past president of NUJ if I remember correctly.

  23. Clootie says:

    I wonder more and more about just how many of the things I have read in my early life have been true. Two TV channels and newspapers with circulations of millions. A population who read with great loyalty one newspaper and trusted it. Even major events around the World took days to be reported. The manipulation must have been of a magnitude I am only just coming to terms with. How much of history can I really trust?

    A simple review of the reporting from Vietnam through the Cold War to Iraq gives a simple example of the public waking up to this information control. It is no coincidence that this coincided with the explosion in communication technology.

    The governments and MSM still live in that World of “control”. This simple example of a vote taking place at Westminster which is fully documented and recorded being turned on it’s head is an insult.

    This is not an issue limited to Scotland and Politics. This is a wake up call. We are being “kettled” as effectively as any street protest.

    I really am living in George Orwell’s “1984” ????

  24. john king says:

    The papers up to their usual disgusting stirring up the natives
    Today its “millionaire” Katie Price coming under attack for costing the tax payer (millions?) for taking advantage of her sons (I’m sure she just loves the fact her son is profoundly disabled and she can use him for her own selfish ends) disabilities and having us hard done by tax payers pay for a private taxi to take him to school and back,

    Now that might on the face of it be a hard one to swallow, a millionaire taking money from the public,
    but strip out the personal feelings any of us might have about that and we see a tax payer getting what she is entitled to,

    Disability benefits are either universal or they are not, if she pays taxes she’s entitled to expect the same help as anyone else in society, if there is an argument against universality it should be based on a test which asks, does this person pay taxes that are owed or do they hide behind smart accountants and pay bugger all? THOSE people should be excluded from any and all benefits the public at large WHO DO PAY THEIR TAX can take advantage of.
    I cant believe I’m saying this(I don’t particularly like her),

  25. Truth says:

    Maybe they did push for a moratorium. I don’t really know.

    One things for sure. When they were given the opportunity to vote for one they didn’t.

    So the Record may be factually correct, but morally wrong for omitting material information

  26. caz-m says:

    Channel 4 News:-

    The Labour Party and Sinn Fein,

    “SINN FEIN. They don’t take up their seats in Westminster. But intriguingly I hear that hasn’t stopped Labour shadow cabinet members wooing them and testing the water to see if they could be persuaded to sit in the Commons if it helped to keep the Tories out of power.”

    “Pat Doherty MP tells me he is regularly badgered by Labour shadow cabinet members on the question and he says he consistently replies that the republicans won’t shift their position.”

    Vote Labour and get Sinn Fein. That’s going to go down a bundle with all those Labour Party Unionist Orange Order Rangers fans.

    Explain that wan away Murphy while playin keepy-uppy with Sir John Grieg.

    Another day and another Labour Party policy exposed.

  27. bmc875 says:

    They are simply using a tried and tested technique that works. That is understandable.

    What is being done by the Scottish Government to counter this. Playing by the rules does not work.

    ‘I may have lost, again, but at least I can hold my head up high’ Not for me.

  28. sinky says:

    Did I miss the BBC MSM taking Murphy to task for missing fracking vote for football photo op?
    Heid the ba standing up or turning up for Scotland aye right

  29. Good Morning Scotland on the ‘reliable’ BBC has just broadcast the headline “Jim Murphy urges the Scottish Government to do more to stop fracking”.

    If I knew little about this, I would take from the headline and subsequent news item that the SNP Government were all for fracking and the Labour opposition were against it.

    Similarly, a couple of weeks ago the BBC gave a similar skewed view on the oil price ‘crisis’
    – SNP doing nothing while Labour urging action.

    Labour hold the Scottish electorate in contempt for 2011 and lying is Murphy’s default setting.

    Problem is they have the might of the BBC on board. Recent conversations with a few no voters evidence the power of this – where misinformation on the BBC was quoted back as fact.

    Scottish independence will never be achieved while the BBC continues as it is.

  30. Scotspine says:


    The Daily Record are a bit like Helen Lidell in respect that they get down on their knees in a toilet in front of yheir political masters for their own furtherance – allegedly. ……

  31. heedtracker says:

    Its a free country, the Record can say anything it likes. Its when the Record is wheeled out on BBC Scotland trying to make him credible, is the serious democratic deficit/nightmare. BBC currently plugging their own “Modern MagnaCarta” thing.

    Its a history of England basically or teamGEnglandB but nowhere do they mention how the BBC did so much to destroy Scottish democracy last year. The Record editor is just a spivy little con artist compared to these guys.

  32. ScottieDog says:

    Got to remember folks, your average daily record/ sun reader thinks a moratorium is a place where folk go when they die.

  33. Macart says:

    For those just dropping in for a visit this’ll help you play catch up.

    An earlier post by our host.

    In short Labour did what they always do – bottled the big vote which pretty much gives fracking the green light. If you were really cynical, you’d believe that their heid bummers were actually in favour of fracking and well and truly in bed with corporate interest. Moving onward, they then lied about both their intent and their action to claim a victory of some kind which in point of actual fact does not exist except in the minds of Labour spads and their good buds in the media.

    That should just aboot cover it.

    Labour – that would be the name you avoid putting a cross next to in May. I don’t think we could stand much more of the bang up job they’ve managed to date representing our interests in Westminster and I mean that literally.

  34. manandboy says:

    Michael Fallon, Defence Secretary, continues his one man privatisation of MoD assets.

    Sales by the MoD of land and property have realised £380m in recent years.

    These includes polo fields, country houses, and the Old War Office in Whitehall, which is now owned by property developers.

    Another World War Two command centre, the former Brompton Road Tube Station taken over by the MoD after its closure in 1934, was sold last year for £53m.”

    “The defence secretary will also highlight examples of equipment disposals such as last September’s sale of 123 surplus armoured reconnaissance vehicles to the Latvian Army for £39.4m”.

    I was just wondering – in all these disposals, I wonder who Mr Fallon would phone first, about cut price deals on state owned assets. It wouldn’t be family and friends of government ministers, or supporters of the Tory party, would it?

    BTW, I would have taken one of those 123 armoured reconnaissance vehicles that went cheap to Latvia – I’m certain I could have found a use for it, shopping, school run – and if not I could have sold it on to David Cameron – he buys lots and lots of those kinds of vehicles.

    But there you go – another day in the life of UK Corrupt Plc.

  35. Iain says:

    Some time ago I saw a TV programme about a deputy editor of the Record who had suddenly been made redundant after umpteen years working for the paper. Instinctively, and instantly, I felt sorry for him, but somehow less so, after reflecting on how much deception and dishonest journalism he had been party to, and must have written himself.

    I know two people who were telephoned by the Record in respect of matters it wanted to print as ‘news’. They both declined the invitation to comment, and were met by the same response: “You might as well, because if you don’t, we’ll just make it up anyway”.

  36. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “One of Labour’s biggest supporters has always been the NUJ. They back them financially and in media. “

    I’m 99% sure that the NUJ – my union – does NOT pay a political levy to Labour.

  37. manandboy says:

    Tories and Labour frack together.

    Although there has been no official announcement as yet,
    close friends of the couple have known for a while that they are very much an item.
    Who ? Oh, the Tories and New Labour of course !

    From now on, the happy couple will be very supportive of one another
    as their Big Day in May approaches when they will formalise
    their Union in the traditional manner – in a coalition!

    We know why Fracking went through without any opposition from Labour.
    Look out for more ways in future, when the couple co-operate in other projects.

    Both parties have however decided that they will not display in public,
    any overt signs of affection like hugging and kissing.
    Just smiles and winks and those sorts of things.

    No surprises there then – well, they have been sleeping together for a couple of years.

  38. God, slow news day for the nats, eh? It’s perfectly obvious what the DR is referring to here, and that’s Murphy’s stated policy of local referenda wherever drilling is proposed. Or are you opposed even if the local population give the go-ahead? I suppose you could always push for a rerun wherever you don’t get the result you want, seems to be the nationalist MO …

  39. caz-m says:

    Another very important decision is being made in Lancashire regarding fracking in the UK.

    “Come and join us at County Hall, Preston, 28 January.”

    “On Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th January, Lancashire County Council will be deciding on whether or not to approve two of the largest fracking tests ever contemplated in the UK.”

  40. ScottieDog says:

    They absolutely knew that the vote would go through if they abstained. Abstention is the same as pro-fracking when you know that the Tories will throw their full weight behind the vote. labour are supposed to be called the er, opposition, yet they don’t oppose anything, well apart from the SNP.

    Labour have been in the pockets of the city for the last 20 years. The Labour Party that represented the worker is long dead.

  41. Garmony says:

    Bmc875 says ” playing by the rules does not work” and I have to agree. Aside from the National which has seen sales fall significantly, and the Sunday Herald, again a small readership, there is no msm which captures Scottish and national interest. The Record and BBC get away with lying because they can. What can the SNP government do about it? Forget the Press Complaints Commission. As toothless as Steptoe. The Scottish government is caught between a rock and a hard place. Trying to maintain decorum in a dog eat dog world is a non starter. Surely there has to be some legal avenue to pursue, even through the European Courts if need be. If not, then play by the same rules you are up against.

  42. manandboy says:

    If a colony of Emperor penguins can huddle together for 3 months and thereby withstand the worst an Antartic winter can throw at them, while at the same time keeping a bloody great egg between their knees, then the Independence Movement can stick together, no matter what the Axis of Evil throw at us over the remaining months.

    Till May then, we’ll keep warm all our hopes and aspirations for GE15
    when, hopefully, a new generation of SNP MP’s will emerge.

  43. Macart says:

    @ Scottie Dog

    That’d be my guess. Explains why St Jim was playing keepie uppie and shirt hopping rather than supporting his supposed flagship policy of putting an end to fracking in Scotland.

  44. ScottieDog says:

    I’m assuming you’re a relation of the great jim murphy, you know the jim murphy who is calling on the scottish govt (on the bbc) to do more to stop fracking. If he wants it devolved to local level why is he asking for intervention at govt level?

    If he did want to do more to stop fraking why didn’t he even bother to turn up to the vote in the commons?

    Think you need to engage that single neuron mr murphy – guess it runs in the family though.

  45. No no no...Yes says:

    The Labour Party strategy is clear for all to see. They make it up as they go along and BBC Scotland and the MSM will dutifully report it without any serious challenge. Come on fellow indyScots, if the Greeks can do it, so can we.

  46. caz-m says:

    manandboy 8.43am

    If English Labour and English Tories are the husband and wife, then Scotland must be the naughty child. Never doing what she is told.

  47. Calgacus says:

    @ jesuischarliemurphy,

    soz cannae be arsed talking to an obvious supporter of out and out liars.


    Is Jim Murphy a war criminal? What part did he play in the illegal invasion of Iraq?

  48. ClanDonald says:

    @CharlieMurphy, is that you, Duncan? Seems like your twisted logic. Do you plan on giving Labour councils the power over everything? You’d love that, wouldn’t you? All laws and policies decided by your keep-the-SNP-Out Labour/Tory council coalitions so you can privatise health and education and introduce student fees as well as fracking, to make sure that Scotland catches up with England in delivering services for the locals. Nah, you can shove it.

  49. manandboy says:

    @caz-m says:

    If English Labour and English Tories are the husband and wife, then Scotland must be the naughty child. Never doing what she is told.

    Actually, caz, we’re fostered, but only for the maintenance payments.

  50. Macart says:

    @ Charlie Murphy

    Yes we will be pushing for a re run. No one said we wouldn’t.

    Believing in independence isn’t just for christmas as it were. Unlike unionist politicians and apparently your namesake, we don’t change shirts every time a camera pops up.Its up to unionists and the Westminster government though as to just when that rerun occurs. Deliver the promised home rule/near federalism promised and you may get that twenty years or you may find that it will be longer.

    Don’t and it may be a damn site sooner.

  51. tartanarse says:

    Grant at 2.03am

    “Struggling with this fracking bad, north sea oil good concept?”

    Allow me.

    North sea oil extraction doesn’t knock down your house or poison your drinking water.

  52. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Charlie Murphy
    Is that the Murphy that was up playing about with a football in Aberdeen when Labour abstained on a anti fracking moratorium vote put to Parliament in London? A defeat of this vote effectively allows fracking to go ahead – and indicates that Labour is pro fracking.
    (Or most of Labour to be accurate because Katie Clark, Cathie Jamieson, Mark Lazarowicz and Ian Davidson voted with the SNP for the moratorium.Perhaps you can contact them to get the correct position sorted out)

  53. Nana Smith says:


    Scottish cabinet secretary to give evidence on inter-governmental relations

    Wednesday 28 January in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

  54. Les Wilson says:

    People are sick to death of all the lies we get fed.
    The SNP should grasp the nettle and pass a law in Holyrood, that would penalise SMP’s if found to be lying or presenting false information to voters.

    A scale of penalties could be installed, ie 1st lie proved= a warning is they are found lying again, perhaps £1000.
    That would cover 1 and 2.

    4.Banned for a month from Holyrood debates.Or option of a £5000 fine.

    Something like this is what they also SHOULD have in Westminster. Voters would love it, Unionists would hate it,
    as they would in Scotland. No chance of passing in Westminster, as it is certainly not in their interests.
    However, voters down south would applaud Scotland for such an action, and may start pushing for the same down South.

    If adopted in Scotland it would go a long way to restoring trust in politicians, who would now have to tow the line, or accept personal loss. Westminster would scream, shout, but shiver violently.

  55. Les Wilson says:

    Politicians having to tell the truth, now surely, that is innovative!

  56. MochaChoca says:

    Why did I think there were 41 Labour MPs with Scottish constituencies?

    Anyhoo, the fact that Murphy was ‘busy’ that day doesn’t mean he’s off the hook. As the alleged leader of all Labour’s representatives in Scotland, he presumably either told them to vote for the moratorium and thirty odd rebelled, or he told them to vote against and three rebelled.

    Surely a great leader like Murphy would never advocate abstaining to vote on a major issue, so maybe his order didn’t get though and the clowns genuinely didn’t know what door to go through.

  57. Robert Peffers says:

    @Grant says: 28 January, 2015 at 2:03 am:

    “Struggling with this fracking bad, north sea oil good concept?

    Ye can stop struggling now Grant, I’ll explain it for you. The difference is they don’t extract North Sea oil & gas,( nor even Scottish oil & gas from West of Shetland), from underneath your house and garden without your permission.

    Nor do they do so by use of a cocktail of toxic, carcinogenic, chemicals that might just escape into your drinking water. Not to mention that the chemical soup is not brought back out afterwards. BTW: there is also the fact that during the extraction of gas/oil there is a known leakage of harmful gasses into the atmosphere. Not to mention that Scotland stands upon several geological fault lines and fracking is known to cause earthquakes.

  58. Fred says:

    I’m aquainted with guys who confess fo buying the Record “just fur the racin”, so that paper seems to be widely sold but not widely read.
    It’s relentless anti-independence campaign failed in its home town Glasgow where folk voted YES. 🙂

  59. Caroline Corfield says:

    because I had to read the Hansard report for a discussion on facebook I can tell you that despite voting Aye for the two failed amendments, Cathy Jamieson is not listed as having voted in the moratorium amendment.

    I can’t comment on the rest, but feel free, it’s not quite as long and boring as it looks…

  60. Nana Smith says:

    At 2.40pm today Fergus Ewing will make a Ministerial Statement on Unconventional Oil & Gas fracking

    Watch live at @ScotParl

  61. Robert Peffers says:

    @john king says:28 January, 2015 at 6:35 am:

    ” … Disability benefits are either universal or they are not, if she pays taxes she’s entitled to expect the same help as anyone else in society …

    Bang on the money there, John. May I amplify that a bit, though?

    There is a blind spot in people’s perceptions of what constitutes, “The Taxpayer” nowadays. It is no longer the PAYE payer. The Nulabour Party began the change from direct, (on earnings and wealth), towards indirect, (on goods & services). The reason they did so may be obscure to some until they realise the implications.

    The main direct tax is PAYE, (Pay As You Earn), or Income Tax. Then such as corporation tax and such like. This is taxing those who can most afford to pay as they make money. The change to indirect taxation introduced VAT on goods and services so everyone is taxed on what they spend.

    These indirect taxes now include such as Road Fuel Duty, Alcohol Duty, Betting Tax, Tobacco Duty and a whole range of other tax and duty that everyone has to pay. For example a person who doesn’t run a car pays Road Fuel Duty as the sellers of goods pass on the cost of Road Fuel Duty to their customers. Then when you fill your car at the forecourt pump you are not only paying Road Fuel duty but you are paying VAT on the Road Fuel Duty you have already paid. That all indicates the main burden of tax has moved from the rich to the poor and figures prove the poorest 15% of the population now pay the biggest burden of tax and the richest 15% the least. Do you think that was just accidental? Ask the modern Labour Party.

  62. Cuilean says:

    Watching the Scottish news (5 mins every half hour) between 6 – 9 am on BBC1 this morning, it repeatedly stated that labour was to ask Scottish Govt to get tough on fracking laws in Scotland, yet not once did the Scottish News section mention the Commons vote this week on devolving powers re fracking to Scotland which all labour Scots MPs (bar 3) voted AGAINST, so that power remains with Westminster, & the same Labour MPs also ABSTAINED from voting for a moratorium on fracking! BBC Scotlandshire are again distorting the truth to prop up a false image of Labour in Scotland. I phoned and complained about this to the BBC (BBC complaints telephone no 03700 100 222) and spoke to a lovely lady in Belfast. She took all my details. I also complained that Scotland 2015 programme has still not mentioned the Commons vote on fracking in any programmes this week. Now, imagine if it had been the SNP MPs who had betrayed Scotland, as the Labour MPs betrayed Scotland this week in the Commons! it would be BBC headline news! It would be shouted loudly from the rooftops by Sarah Smith ‘et al’, ‘ad nauseum’. I’ll let you know what response I get from BBC Scotland ‘news’ (i.e propaganda in favour of Labour) dept.

  63. G H Graham says:

    Forget the facts or the evidence; you are witnessing the latest chapter in the British Nationalist narrative that is working to undermine the SNP by whatever means.

    The possibility that Scotland will have a powerful block of SNP MPs of such a high number that they might even negotiate a cabinet position within the next government horrifies the British Establishment.

    That fear never arises from Northern Ireland because Sinn Feinn has made it policy not to even sit in the House of Commons. As far as London is concerned, this is ideal. The Republican argument will remain then, physically & spiritually in Northern Ireland.

    However, this is exactly the scenario that may well play out this May with regard to Scotland’s argument. For the first time in over 300 years, the people of Scotland will have real influence over the British State, not just some compliant mouthpiece with a nice title and a generous expense sheet paid for by the Scottish Office.

    Hence, Jim Murphy’s pervasive attempt to distinguish Scottish Labour from London Labour. The party is desperate to maintain the status quo, with its power base firmly cemented in London, by London, for London.

    The collapse in support for Labour in Scotland is thus perceived as a potential threat to the British Establishment as Scottish Nationalists will be able to agitate from within Westminster.

    Better Together my arse.

  64. Cuilean says:

    mocha choca

    Re why U thought there were 41 Scots Labour MPs? It might be that there were 41 Scots Labour MPs, until 2012, when Eric Joyce, Labour MP for Falkirk, was suspended by his party, after being arrested on an assault charge. Joyce later resigned, March 2012, from Labour but he carries on with his ‘gravy train’ MP job, as an independent, although he’s never at Westminster these days (a bit like Jim Murphy in that respect). Joyce is just doing what comes naturally to Labour, ‘milking it’ for all he can get, until he’s finally booted out, on 7 May 2015. I don’t think it can come soon enough for his Falkirk constituents, to let Joyce know what they think of him.

  65. Keith Farrell says:

    i am a SNP supporter. I believe we can only change this country if we can get a strong SNP in WestMinster. What ever happens, we have to go for the max, hope we get all 59 WestMinister seats. If we can see aassive landslide in the next Scottish election, over 75% just maybe, we will see radical change and self determination. Or home rule. Somehow I feel the independance debate was not lost, stolen. The only way to prove it was is by the massive landslide in both votes

  66. Robert Peffers says:

    @manandboy says:28 January, 2015 at 8:21 am:

    “Michael Fallon, Defence Secretary, continues his one man privatisation of MoD assets.

    Sales by the MoD of land and property have realised £380m in recent years.

    I wonder how many of the large tracts of MOD owned land in Scotland he has returned to the people of Scotland? Now remember that under Scots Law the people of Scotland , not the monarchy, are sovereign. That means in the Kingdom of England the Monarchy legally owns everything including her Majesty’s Subjects but that right was taken over by the English Parliament in 1688 during their Glorious Revolution.

    In Scotland the Declaration of Arbroath of 1320 established the legal fact that the Monarch is the protector of the people’s sovereignty and there is nothing that legally transfers our sovereignty to the subsequent Union Parliament of 1706/7.

    So what of the Solway Firth firing range the MOD has contaminated with depleted Uranium? What of the Sherriffmuir MOD area? Cape Wrath. et al?

    Please Sir can we hae oor ain sovereign land back?

  67. Robert Peffers says:

    @manandboy says:28 January, 2015 at 8:43 am:

    “No surprises there then – well, they have been sleeping together for a couple of years.”

    Yer calendar is rinnin afu slow, manandboy. Yon couple, (a.k.a. The Establishment), hae been a weel kent couple syne the United Kingdom wis first born. (They were winchin tae, lang afore that).

    BTW: The term, “couple”, originally stems from a sexual joining, (coupling), together.

  68. woosie says:

    Insane lies from DR to you and I, but unfortunately the referendum anti-indy press proved that staunch unionists don’t need verification or small print; if a headline tells them what they want to hear, it’s onboard. If anything, the press now know they can say practically anything- if we swallowed that “vow” nonsense, we’ll absorb any headline, as long as there’s some celeb gossip or amusing picture in a column nearby!

  69. liz says:

    What is happening here is beyond shocking.

    I despise BBC Scotland, they are allowing the Lab apparatchiks carte blanche to lie repeatedly and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

    We have complained, protested, cancelled license fees, what the hell is to be done?

    Lab will lie from now until May and will be grabbing all the headlines, the SNP gov needs to do this and that,

    We are spending so much time highlighting their lies that the SNP message is in danger of getting lost.

  70. Ali says:

    I feel like I have missed the story where Jim Murphy personally liberated Auschwitz

  71. arthur thomson says:

    Exposing the lies put out by the establishment is one of the things that Wings does really well. Will our fellow Scots seek out the truth on every issue? Not likely but my hope is that increasing numbers will now realise just how toxic the MSM and the Tory parties are. When people become aware that a source can’t be trusted then that source probably becomes a lot less influential. As to the SNP challenging the lies that are put about, I think it is in our interests that the SNP are seen to be based on integrity, that they can be trusted and that they will not degenerate to the toxic level of the opposition. How many people in Scotland trust NS?

  72. MochaChoca says:

    Cuilean, Thanks, I forgot about the bold Mr Joyce.

  73. woosie says:

    Switched on to BBC2 Daily Politics. 3 unknowns with Andrew Niel, didn’t even wait to hear who they were, after seeing giant backdrop picture of all the main GE party leaders. Well, almost!
    Clearly SNP are now excluded from the election.

  74. Chic McGregor says:

    Les 9:37

    Been calling for something like that for many years.

    An extension of the law of perjury to elected representatives knowingly making erroneous factual statements on any public platform.

    After all, the lifetime of a parliament, is in every respect other than scale, the equivalent of a trial.

    Counter evidence and arguments are presented by ‘experts’ and witnesses upon which the jury (electorate) must eventually decide.

    Justice, as in the case of the law courts, can only be served if the jury is presented with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    All elected representatives should be made to make that affirmation as part of their swearing in oath.

    If anything, justice is even more dependent on truth being enforced for an election campaign than for a trial because, at the risk of being tautological, legislators actually make the laws of the land.

    Note that within the chamber reasonable questioning based on nothing more than hearsay and rumour should still be allowable.

    It is up to the judge (Speaker, Presiding Officer) to decide whether the jury should be instructed to disregard them, as again, is the case in court.

    The police should be empowered to arrest any elected representatives they think have knowingly lied and bring them to trial for sentencing.

    Of course the difficulty is in proving the ‘knowingly’ bit but a lot easier these days with emails, social forums. phonecams etc.

    The mere threat of a potential custodial sentence would work wonders for the democratic process, especially in Scotland.

  75. Big Jock says:

    Ed Balls previously said he feared an SNP coalition with Labour. Why? Because they might have to actually do something for Scotland. Other than devolving speed limits and a minority of useless taxes.

  76. Nana Smith says:

    Saw the front page of this morning’s Scottish mail and wondered if perhaps Westminster are attempting to foster bad blood between the Welsh and Scots. Doubt they want it any more than us.

    After all why dump trident anywhere other than on the Thames so the politicians who worship it can gaze adoringly upon it each day.

  77. Chic McGregor says:

    The decoy value of Faslane, as a first strike target, is obvious. In the event of nuclear attack, its destruction might just give them enough time to surrender and save their own precious hides before London is vaporized.

  78. crazycat says:

    @ Caroline Corfield (10.07)

    Thank you for pointing out that Cathy Jamieson did not vote for the moratorium; unforunately she is listed as having done so on the otherwise very effective graphic that someone has produced.

    Even more unfortunately, she’s my MP (for a while, at least)!

  79. ian says:

    Should the SNP acheive a large number of seats in the next election ,they should take up residence in the commons on mass in every discussion/vote. I’m sure they could “filibuster”many bills which Tory/Labour/Lib Dems would like to see implimented.Give them a taste of what they call democracy it would have the added advantage of ensuring the attendance of many like Murphy who cannot be bothered to attend.

  80. Gary says:

    Are newspapers allowed to print deliberate lies?? Oh wait, yes…

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