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You should watch this now

Posted on May 08, 2014 by

If you’ve ever been ill, or might ever get ill, or know anyone who might ever get ill.

“In five years England will not have an NHS as you understand it, and if we vote No, in ten years neither will we.”

Philippa Whitford is an NHS surgeon from Ireland, working in Scotland. Don’t listen to us when we tell you – as we constantly do – that what’s happening in England now is what will happen five years into Scotland’s future if it stays in the UK. Listen to her, because she’s living it, and decide if you think she’s lying.

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    115 to “You should watch this now”

    1. Alexandra-M- says:

      This is one of the most compelling arguments for independence. We need this amazing woman on TV!

    2. heedtracker says:

      But but honest Eleanor Bradford of the BBC says vote no Scotland, you’re crap at health care anyway. England is leaving us Scotland behind etc etc

    3. Doug Daniel says:

      That was good. Let’s have more speakers like Philippa – confident, knowledgeable, engaging and passionate. Imagine how good TV debates could be if there was more of this and less of the Question Time aping pish.

    4. Desimond says:

      People actually knowing Scotland NHS is a seperate organisation with seperate legislation would help.

      Funny how we were never told such things in school.

      Would have been much more relevant topic in the sunny 1980s Gorbals studying Modern Studies rather than “New York – A Melting Pot or Salad bowl”

    5. Macandroid says:

      Very persuasive.

    6. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      The YES campaign have to produce a fact sheet and get this information out to every household in Scotland!

      I believe retaining the NHS in public hands is THE most important issue for the vast majority of Scots.

      The SNP should get this on their website and keep it on until referendum day.

    7. heraldnomore says:

      I think I’m right in saying this was at the Women for Indy/Yes Clydesdale event at Strathaven last week, in front of a busy hall.

      But it’s a message that needs a much wider audience; wider even than can be obtained here.

    8. Gaavster says:

      I saw Dr Whitford speak at a Yes meeting in Symington, Ayrshire about a month ago and thought at the time, it would be great if she could play a more prominent role in the campaign…

      She really was excellent…

      She brought up some really salient and original points about the EU’s reaction to the re-unification of Germany too which could also do with reaching a wider audience.

    9. Alfresco Dent says:

      You just can’t beat professional insight. Philippa is a great speaker too.

    10. Alfresco Dent says:

      @ Desimond

      I have to confess that I wasn’t aware Scotland’s NHS was a separate body until during this campaign.

    11. heedtracker says:

      Just watched the newsnet link I posted and its just a giant advert for BUPA, from Eleanor Bradford, on no ads BBC, in Scotland.

    12. Colin says:

      We should find a way to get this out to a wider audience. If people knew what they were voting no for, it would change their minds.

    13. Gillie says:

      The ‘Not So’ National Health Service

      “Women from Northern Ireland are not legally entitled to free abortions on the NHS in England, the High Court in London has ruled.”

      Angela Jackson, lawyer representing a client, “Why should women from Northern Ireland have to pay for this health service in England despite being UK citizens? And what are women in Northern Ireland who need terminations supposed to do if they cannot afford to pay privately for the service in England?”

      Better Together, “One of the great things about the UK is that if you or your family need specialist treatment you can get it anywhere in the UK, free of charge on the NHS.”

      Try telling that to women in Northern Ireland

    14. TheItalianJob says:

      Yes caught this earlier on another post by Stu.

      Excellent speech and straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

      Agree, this needs a wider audience.

    15. Lesley-Anne says:

      This video should be watched by everyone. Anyone who is voting NO should then be asked to explain why they are still voting NO.

    16. clachangowk says:

      Philippa has been a regular speaker at Yes events and debates round Ayr and south Ayrshire. You just know that she knows what she is talking about.

      Though she was talking without notes, we need essence of her talk in print for distribution to folk who won’t bother to look at the video piece

    17. Chani says:


    18. Murray McCallum says:

      What a terrific speaker. I like her hand signals too. Not often you get a very smart person that is so clear and passionate.

    19. Heather says:

      She is wonderful! Very eloquent and articulate, whilst speaking directly to the layperson. She should be given more prominence.

    20. Betty Boop says:

      You should hear everything she has to say – a real asset to our local group. Fantastic!!!

    21. Ravelin says:

      Ain’t it funny how the YES campaign can produce such a diverse set of speakers that can speak with authority and passion on a huge variety of subjects. Yet BT, when they do speak, are devoid of any sort of rational argument. It’s so frustrating that the quality of the YES message isn’t getting the universal exposure it really should be getting.

    22. Helena Brown says:

      I would urge people who have access to Facebook, which I do not have to post this. People need to be informed about what they are throwing away. A National Treasure according to J. Lamont, who will not treasure it, she is wants it thrown away because her Masters in London and A. Darling have their money invested in Private Medicine. If people do not believe that then they need to look up Members Interests.

    23. Nigel Mace says:

      Brilliant. I have been arguing for some time that if Scottish voters, perhaps particularly older, more cautious and apprehensive voters, could be got to realise what is being done, deliberately, to destroy the English NHS, they might reaslise that a ‘No’ vote is a chance they cannot afford to take with their own future healthcare. This makes it so clear that only a YES in September will allow Scotland the means to preserve the NHS, the service that once made so many of an older generation proud to be part of a civilised Britain, that is already being dismantled from the top at Westminster. YES is our only way to a fairer country – in some respects the one that older voters may still believe that they inhabit, but which only a YES vote can now preserve and develop further.

    24. Truth says:

      This is the calibre of people we have on our side.

      Then you look at VNB and their videos, and without wanting to be too harsh, they have ignorant fearties.

      For goodness sake people, listen to what these learned, capable, confident, and brave people are asking us to do and vote YES!

    25. Xander says:

      Let’s fight for our Scottish NHS and always remember what is happening in England-

    26. Clootie says:

      An outstanding speaker. First class argument well presented.
      Yet Labour continue to support the English NHS model and they still argue that it should be put in place in Scotland.

      A NO vote is going to destroy Scotland.

    27. Kenneth Thompson says:

      Wonderful speaker. Level-headed, passionate and clear.

      Hope she does more.

    28. David Baxter says:

      Somebody , put her in charge of the country please.

    29. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Ah yes, ‘Health’ Correspondent Eleanor Bradford.

      Her remit appears to be to criticise, nitpick and shout about problems. This is where the public perception of a failing NHS in Scotland primarily comes from; the constant drip, drip, drip of ‘this is going wrong’ from media sources.

      On a plus note, her voice just makes me switch off. Nearly as much as the lass who reads the news bulletin at seven in the morning.

      No one here doubts that NHS Scotland, in spite of being entirely separate from NHS England and Wales, will end up going the same way, because cuts to the Scottish block grant will eventually impact on everything. The Scottish Government would be left with no choice but to make changes. And whilst the media, Yes Scotland and SNP seem curiously reticent to mention it, Osborne stated months ago that the primary cuts to the Scottish budget would come in fiscal year 14/15.

      Vote no, watch them continue in 15/16, 16/17…. you get the idea. Vote yes; they stop.

    30. Kenny says:

      Someone’s already been to the future and sent us back a warning…

    31. heedtracker says:

      England is privatising their NHS like the USA but its certainly not about value for money. UK health care spend just on OECD average but US spends well over twice as much with colossal profits all round. Another well hidden fact of present and future health care in teamGB.

    32. gordoz says:

      No way this woman will be allowed anywhere near the State Broadcasters or Jackie Baillie – she’s way too good.

      Sad to say many in the NHS Scotland are still rock solid central belt Labour / Union members and will stupidly vote NO, (talk to them).

      Their so daft they think Labours goin’ to ride to the rescue – seriously. (Bit like old folk & pensions)

      Hope Philippa can put the ones who’ll listen straight with this material.

    33. joe kane says:

      That was excellent Rev.
      What a fine public speaker, and an expert in her field who knows what she’s talking about.

      When it comes to reporting on the on-going destruction of the British welfare state for ordinary taxapyers, WOS blog journalism can’t be beaten.

      You just need to look at the US private health system, run for the benefit of private medical companies and private medical insurance giants, to see the hundreds of thousands of patients who die from treatable and preventable health conditions, but who don’t have the necessary private health insurance to cover the costs, to see what’s coming down the road towards people in England and ourselves in Scotland if we don’t escape the grip of the neoliberal Westminster elite.

      Reference –
      U.S. Ranks Last in Preventing Deaths from Treatable Conditions—January-14–2008/U-S–Ranks-Last-in-Preventing-Deaths-from-Treatable-Conditions.aspx

    34. heedtracker says:

      So currently it looks like Westminster is heading for at least at 50% private for profit health care share similar to the US with UK at approx 15% at present. With the BBC in Scotland currently trying to convince Scotland our NHS is terrible and must be privatised, its looking pretty tasty for Branson and co.

    35. joe kane says:

      The Onion satirising the American health system from the patient’s point of view, which isn’t a million miles away from what patients are put through in the UK these days in order to qualify for assistance from the DWP –
      Delighted Health Insurance Executives Gather In Outdoor Coliseum To Watch Patient Battle Cancer,35289/

    36. goldenayr says:

      Topical with the earlier A.Johnstone story and this one.

      Sorry,you’ll have to scroll down to 15 Jan 2010.Perhaps we should remind Mr Johnstone of what he said and ask him to compare it with the testimony in the vid?

      We could then ask why we should believe a damn thing he or any Westminster devotee says?

    37. George Gebbie says:

      Glad Wings published this. I’ve already tweeted this video and put it on Facebook. Hugely compelling speech.

    38. SheepOnFire says:

      Came across Philippa Whitford an Irish NHS Surgeon on MunguinsRepublic yesterday.

      Great speech, Great speaker, you’ll vote YES after listening.

      Eleanor Bradford BBC Scotland Health Correspondent is constantly commenting negatively on the Scots health!

      Everytime she’s on I know whats coming, putting down the Scot’s health, Scotland’s Health professionals, Scot’s food and diet!
      Blaming the Scots for their poor health circumstances!

      Just like the ruling British Empire blamed the Irish for the Irish potato famine 1million deaths!

      Just like ruling British Empire blamed the British Raj Indians for 10million famine deaths in Bengal!

      famines in British India…The first, the Bengal famine of 1770, is estimated to have taken the lives of nearly one-third of the population of the region—about 10million people

      pps. Where’s NewsnightScotland’s Raymond Buchanan these days! Has he jump ship, been sacked, promoted to London or in Bedlam!

    39. HandandShrimp says:

      I am sure that Eleanor Bradford is quite knowledgeable about Health matters but I just feel like I am listening to the Shadow Minster for Health* rather than the BBC Health correspondent. Something I find disconcerting.

      *To be fair a role she is far better at than the actual Shadow.

    40. Nemo says:

      Remember, Philippa is a more than full-time NHS Scotland Breast Cancer surgeon who freely gives her time to professional committees to further the cause of cancer treatment, not just in Scotland but in the UK.

      She is an acknowledged expert in her field, and she runs Women for Independence meetings in her own local YES group, as well as being on the YES activist group.

      Spread her message and video as widely as possible. Everyone with grandchildren, children or elderly relatives needs to understand her message about the consequences of a NO vote for health care in Scotland.

      Well done Philippa!

    41. Maid_in_Scotland says:

      Today whilst driving and listening to Radio Scotland, the main item was the ‘huge’ increase in waiting times at A&E since 2009 – a threefold increase for the ‘over 4 hour’ slot. Some reasons were given (aging population, major increase in norovirus in winter 2012 etc).

      An hour or two later I heard the same news repeated but this time a Dr Martin McKechnie was giving his view. Dr McKechnie is apparently the Consultant in Emergency Medicine, NHS Lothian. He agreed with the figures BUT then went on to clearly state that the Scottish Government had been EXTREMELY HELPFUL, and had provided EXTRA FUNDING to help alleviate the situation, so, he said, things were looking much more positive. By the next bulletin which I heard, however, Dr McKechnie’s contribution had been dropped and replaced with a rather insipid – ‘the Scottish Government has said it has provided extra funding’. Move on.

      Don’t you just feel so helpless with these MSM people? I believe the usual ranting also went on in some newspapers (Scottish Express), but there will be no follow up.

    42. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent stuff.

      A lot of NO voters are ‘soft’, they are not really hardcore unionists. Ones I’ve come across have some weak excuses … the legendary ‘I don’t like AS’ … or, ‘we can’t afford to be on our own’.

      Most importantly, the NOs I’ve encountered think NO means status quo. They naively believe it will be business as usual, nothing much will change when they vote NO.

      They seem to have no idea what will happen, and the NHS is something close to most people’s hearts, yet they just don’t appreciate the threat it’s under.

      A NO win will bring huge changes and disruption to Scotland as we know it.

      All those ‘soft’ NOs represent a big opportunity, if only they can be educated. Every NO voter should watch this for starters!

    43. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’ve just tweeted a link to the video to BBC Scotland News,STV News,Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News and SKY News and asked as they didn’t report on the important news items of yesterday, pensions in indy Scotland safe, then perhaps they will report on this one.

      Don’t hold your breath folks, I am not holding mine!

    44. heedtracker says:
      Its interesting watching neocon USA attack Obamacare in much the same way Elaonar Bradford attacks Scottish health care on bettertogether BBC news. Private good, public v v bad, or as Jojo Lamont says “no more aye thone freebies, ya bastirts”

    45. iain taylor (not that one) says:

      Aye, she’s good.

    46. wingman 2020 says:

      OT …Help Help…. listening to some guy saying that Alex Salmond is less popular than Lamont…Unbelievable. And wants evidence to demonstrate otherwise….

      Where are the recent WOS articles that showed ‘Order of popularity’ … I looked but cannot find. Arghhhh

    47. Greannach says:

      I saw this earlier on Munguin’s Republic and watched it again here. What a fantastic speaker and speech, and what a pleasure and eye-opener to listen to an expert explain things so clearly. I wish I had facebook so I could spread this more widely. Maybe every local Yes Group could put it on their website, twitter or facebook?

    48. Desimond says:

      And if you think he danger is just Tory MPs and their Directorship Friendly Conglomerates, well be afraid, be very afraid…

    49. wingman 2020 says:

      My wife just went to the dentist for a filling. Because she is pregnant she gets it for free… except that the decent (and recommended) composite is not free and it cost her £85.

      Further reduction of NHS in Scotland is simply a type of ‘stealth tax’ … It shifts the burden away from the wealthy and onto the poor. It makes sense to think of the NHS as a ‘wealth shifter’ … and in a democratic country the same care should be affordable to all.

    50. iain taylor (not that one) says:

      The MSM covers up what happens to the NHS in rUK
      The MSM slags off the Scottish Govt all it can about the NHS in Scotland.
      Scotland votes No.
      WM takes over NHS in Scotland (and/or abolishes Holyrood) because Scottish Govt can’t manage
      Scottish NHS goes the same way as rUK
      WM’s pals cash in
      WM MPs & Lords get their cut.

      See how it goes?

    51. Les Wilson says:

      We should email the link to all our friends and relations, particularly those who are NO, or don’t knows.
      Most will not be on facebook, or twitter.It needs to get out there.

    52. wingman 2020 says:

      @iain taylor

      You missed a bit.

      Then there are riots.

    53. John grant says:

      Scary stuff, it must be yes , I will need to do more to ensure that is a yes sept 18

    54. Gus says:

      What a great speaker she is and very knowledgeable on the subject.

      O/t. I went to the Courier Referendum Roadshow in St Ninian’s Square, Brechin today. It was supposed to be from two to four as per their website here:
      I arrived at three but there was no sign of them anywhere so I came home again. I have since discovered that they were in the High Street which I didn’t go near. So as well as the Courier not reporting on the pension story they now don’t want people to turn up at their roadshows.

    55. Garry Henderson says:


      Try this one;


    56. heedtracker says: Usual sneering jeering at Scots NHS, Holyrood, “Sometimes parliamentary questions are tough. Sometimes they are pimps. Let me draw your attention to one of the latter.” Charming chap.

    57. Garry Henderson says:

      Sorry – @Wingman…


    58. wingman 2020 says:

      @Gary Thanks

    59. wingman 2020 says:

      There was one with Salmond as well?

    60. annie says:

      What inspirational women we have in the wider Yes campaign, it all bodes well for a future independent Scotland. What went wrong with Johann Lamont and Jackie Baillie and co. It must be the years of Labour Party indoctrination.

    61. TheItalianJob says:

      A no vote consequences.

      1. Big austerity cuts, including reduction in Barnett formula.
      2. NHS eventually privitised possibly partly/fully.
      3. SG gets blamed for cuts in public service.
      4. SNP voted out in SG.
      5. SLab gets voted in blames SNP for all the ills of austerity.
      6. Much reduced powers for Holyrood.
      7. More power over Scotland back to WM.

    62. orkers says:

      What a brilliant woman.

      I had a tear in my eye at the end of that speech and she’s a ‘foreigner’ too.

      She’s one of us.

    63. Gavin Barrie (Jammach) says:

      I had the privilege of speaking alongside Philipa at a Yes Troon event in Muirhead a few weeks ago. She is tremendous 🙂

    64. TheItalianJob says:

      @orkers at 5.12pm

      Funnily, that had the same affect on me when I viewed this too.

      Very emotional, when you think what is at stake for our country.

    65. No no no...Yes says:

      Truly inspirational video and deserves an even wider audience.

      On the subject of a publicly owned NHS and competition in the private sector, one of “Labour big hitters” and member of the House of Lords, is an Association Member of BUPA:

      An association member is defined thus:

      “..they can be genuinely independent and free from personal interests in deciding what is best for Bupa.”

      The NHS is safe with Labour!

    66. galamcennalath says:

      TheItalianJob says:
      A no vote consequences.

      …… And / Or ….

      Income tax powers given to Holyrood at same time as Barnett disappears, so future Labour gov in Scotland has tax for everyone higher than England. And I don’t mean higher tax for better services (most Scots could live with that ), I mean higher tax and worse services!

    67. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Good stuff. Will share with folk I know in NHS.

      P.S. Non-Twitterers are missing out today – check this belter from Duncan Hothersall:

      ‘Seems clear Yes campaigners plan to circumvent #indyref funding rules by pretending they aren’t co-ordinated. Electoral Commission must act.’

    68. manandboy says:

      Eleanor Bradford of the BBC – spokesperson for Health & the NHS

      So yesterdays news.

      Mouthpiece of the Unionist Establishment.

      If I wanted to watch puppets on TV

      I’d switch to CBBC.

    69. Roll_On_2014 says:

      If you thought the ‘MP’s Expenses Troughers’ episode was bad enough, after reading the following compilation I feel sure you will agree that ‘you aint seen nothing yet’.

      Compilation of Parliamentary Financial Links to Private Healthcare.

      MPs and Lords are able to vote on legislation, even when they have a direct financial interest. This happened with the Health and Social Care Act, which saw the NHS being forced into a world of an external market. The legislation was written for industry, by industry and is part of the overall plan for its demise and the eventual takeover by private health insurance companies.

      I am certain that within five years England’s NHS will not be ‘Free at the point of need’ but ‘Expensive at the point of greed

      If Scotland votes NO I agree with Philippa Whitford that within ten years Scotland’s NHS will be the same.

    70. galamcennalath says:


      Puppets on CBBC … like it …. it could be said of a lot of Unionists and MSM

    71. Snowy bottles says:

      Ms Whitford has been a hero of mine for over 20 years; ever since she successfully operated on my mother, who is still with us today. After watching this video, I am now aware over her political views and she is now my Superhero. Respect.

    72. heedtracker says:

      “The Tories and their allies are determined to fight a campaign based on fear and despair:” Eh? If only oor Owen had heard of Bliar MacDougal, his Project Fear stuff or even had a wee chat with vote NOGuardian fearmeister in chief Severin Carell.

    73. TD says:

      Phillipa is very persuasive (if you still need persuading) and several comments above make the point that this should be seen by a wider audience – e.g. on TV. I agree 100%, but how do we make this happen? The conspiracy by the mainstream media to make sure that the No campaign’s position is well represented while the Yes campaign is effectively suppressed means that very few people (other than Wings readers) will ever see this video, or any of the other material that backs up the Yes campaign. The arguments for independence are so compelling that they – the media – dare not let them be aired. My worry is that there is a real risk that No will win directly because of the bias in the media. The truth will gradually emerge after the referendum but it will be too late. We will all then be bitter about the result and wondering what might have been. Does anyone out there have any ideas about how to break out of this situation before it is too late? This site is doing a great job, but is it enough?

    74. Marcia says:

      Philippa will be on the list of people not to appear on BBC TV or Radio programme debates. She is a very good speaker.

    75. Andy-B says:

      Very eloquently said, and oh so true, lets not Americanise our NHS, or send it back to pre-1948, a YES vote,is a must.

    76. Fortbill says:

      Can you just imagine how many YES votes this would generate with just one showing in prime time telly! If only we could!

    77. jon esquierdo says:

      I use the demise of the NHS in England, Virgin health care and Circle health care all the time when writing my articles in the papers. Did you know that NHS Plymouth gives you three options on admission 1 the NHS ward 2 a room at the end of the ward at £110 per night or an off ward ensuite at £220 per night. Yet people who work for NHS ayrshire and arran still tell me they are voting no. Do they not realise they are voting for a wage cut when it is privatised?

    78. jon esquierdo says:

      TD We must get the Scottish government to put pressure on Westminster to introduce neutral observers. I have written to the Scottish government back in April suggesting this but have never received a reply. It is essential that neutral people monitor whats going on in the debate

    79. JimnArlene says:

      One of the most compelling arguments, I’ve ever seen. For the love of your fellow Scot and beyond, for f#@ksake vote YES.

    80. Croompenstein says:

      Wonderful speech summed up beautifully ‘We are the generation with the Honour, the Opportunity and the Responsibility to vote Yes and take that Power into our own hands’..

    81. Mealer says:

      I think this highlights why its so important to take an undecided or NO voter along to one of the many meetings taking place around Scotland.We have Philippa Whitford.They have Alex Johnstone.

    82. TD says:

      jon esquierdo – good idea. Pity the SG did not respond. For me this is the most critical point in the whole referendum. It’s not about the arguments anymore – Yes has won the argument hands down. It’s about doing what we need to do to win, because only winning will liberate us from centuries of oppression. Dare I suggest that all Wings readers write to the SG as jon has? I am going to. We need to get SG to demand neutral observers. The fact that in this “democracy” we need to even think about this is shocking in itself, but we are where we are. Let’s do it.

    83. Betty Boop says:

      Gus at 4.59pm 8 May 2014

      “What a great speaker she is and very knowledgeable on the subject.”,i/>

      Gus, she is a very knowledgeable speaker on a range of issues and not only good at presenting, but, also very capable in a question and answer situation. People listen to her and she puts them at their ease. I’ve seen the “lights switch” on during those meetings.

      There may well be other really capable, erudite speakers out there and I would suggest that we need to get them on film, like this, and on to sites like Wings.

    84. No no no...Yes says:

      Roll_On_2014 says:
      8 May, 2014 at 5:40 pm

      “Compilation of Parliamentary Financial Links to Private Healthcare”

      This adds to the scandal:

      MONDAY, 14 APRIL 2014 £15,997,200,000.00 – That is the amount NHS Cameron has offered to Private Health.

      We must Vote YES to stop this happening in Scotland.

    85. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      @ Alfresco Dent

      “I have to confess that I wasn’t aware Scotland’s NHS was a separate body until during this campaign.”

      Neither was I – and I am a Doctor..

      Amazing what you learn on Wings !

    86. Taranaich says:

      Don’t listen to us when we tell you – as we constantly do – that what’s happening in England now is what will happen five years into Scotland’s future if it stays in the UK.

      The idea of UKIP rising in Scotland fills me with complete and utter revulsion – and I’ve seen it happening. Last week, I saw half a dozen UKIP posters – no doubt trying to get the word out for the European Election – which were often situated right next to BT’s Pensions/Jobs/Pound posters.

      UKIP posters. In GREENOCK.

      You can see even now UKIP gaining ground. I doubt it’ll ever get to anywhere in Scotland, but the very idea of it replacing the Conservatives is bad enough for me. It blows my mind how the Conservatives with their *single MP* can have the leader be one of the three major voices in the Parliament. Having an MP is fine, but it’s artificial inflation of the Scottish Conservatives’ importance in Scotland – with everyone getting more and more disenfranchised with the Tories even after their collapse in Scotland, I can see UKIP taking Davidson & Mundell’s places. And FMQ will be even more ridiculous.

      Really, UKIP reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons where Homer runs for Sanitation Commissioner, and wins using completely ludicrous non-sequiturs and nonsense:

      Patterson: Sorry I’m late, everyone. Somebody tampered with my brakes.

      Homer: Well then you should’ve been there early.

      Patterson: Oh, come on, people. This man has promised round-the-clock trash pickup, that impossible!

      Homer: Not if we hire more men, and my men’ll do all your messy jobs. They’ll wash your car, scrub your shower, air out your stinkables!

      Patterson: I can’t believe what I’m hearing!

      Homer: Well you better turn up your hearing aid, Pops.

      Patterson: Pops? I’m only two years older than you!

      Homer: Do we want Old Man Patterson here with his finger on the button?

      Patterson: WHAT BUTTON!?! What the hell are you talking about?

      Homer: “What? What? What? What button? Where am I? Who took my false teeth?”

      Patterson: All right, fine. If you want an experienced politician, vote for me. But if you want to believe a bunch of crazy promises about garbagemen washing your cars and emptying your kitty litter, then by all means, vote for this sleazy lunatic.

      Says “crazy promises” key to victory

    87. frazer allan whyte says:

      After watching this video I could only go “Wow!” – with people like this how can Yes! lose? but it can if people don’t hear it.There are lots of non-liners, especially older folk who will never come across this message. Can’t someone come up with a brochure with this wonderful woman’s smiling face and a short summary of her words and then stuff it in every pensioner’s mailbox?

    88. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Finally managed to get my kids of wifi so I could see it.

      Phillippa is a great speaker and an inspiration.

      This is the real magic about the Yes campaign.

      Not politicians slagging each other on trivial issues but real people from all walks of life describing how we can build a better country.

      That is why we can win and will win!

    89. Xaracen says:

      One possible way that video could be shown on primetime TV is as part of an SNP Party Political Broadcast or a Yes Campaign Broadcast after the teatime news during the official referendum period.

    90. Horseboy says:

      Horseboy Says:

      I concur, we need to get our voting youth pop music tv crowd, and our oldie soap tv crowd to become aware of what’s going on!

      My sojer pal said the Establishment is happy to be in control of terrestial TV, only. Control by means of threats, ‘D’Notices and compliance to censor the information to the public!

      He kept going on about StrangeWays Prison Riot, as a distraction technique used by the Establishment! I couldn’t figure it out.

      I’m trying to go extra mile, this is only moment we’ll get.
      If we don’t all push now, THEY won’t allow this to happen ever again.

      For starters, I’ve bought 500 YES badges and waiting to re-order 100 YES wristband(out of stock) to hand out in Aberdeen. I’m printing 1000 YES WoS flyers(A5) to hand mailshot every letterbox in my election ward , and to handout in street.

      I want to send a shot across STV News bow. Started to notice slight negative reporting, nothing like Biased BBC.

      I’ve idea there are 10,000 Cybernats, and maybe 600,000 YES supporters, and in 2011 SNP won majority of votes!

      What are the EXACT NUMBERS?

      BetterTogether businesses who’ve come out as “NO” are taking a huge financial risk, annoying YES supporters.

      YES can vote with their feet and boycott these businesses!

    91. Alex. Walker says:

      Having only just viewed the LECTURE on common-sense by Eleanor – after 16 years of Genetic Heart Disease, too many times resuscitated by the wonderful staff in the Cardiac Care Unit of the Western Inf., I have survived many years longer than my father, Grandfather,and etc., and this wonderful woman has brought home to me, more than any other, the many reasons WHY WE, in Scotland, MUST defend and Protect our N.H.S..


      Has anyone calculated THE CUTS IMPOSED by the careless and UNCARING tories and lib,dems. (Scots ?) since 2010. when an Unelected con.dem.govt.stole our RIGHTS in Scotland.

      After and during this wake- up call to Reality – before Lamontable publishes her huge CUTS by her CUTS COMMISSION in Scotland – by her Scottish sheep in socialist clothing – versus our N.H.S., Scotland must Decide.

      After watching Eleanor – I wept.

    92. lumilumi says:

      She’s brilliant. No script, just speaking from her expertise and experience. (I love the way she gestures to make her points 😀 )

      What’s more important, she’s telling the uncomfortable truth.

      Every NO voter should see this. People in Scotland have no idea what’s going on south of the border, all they get is BBC propaganda and Elinor Bradford (BBC Scotland) rubbishing the Scottish NHS followed by slab-slib-scons rubbishing the Scottish NHS at FMQs.

      People need to understand how the block grant works. Less money for public healthcare in England = less money for healthcare in Scotland.

      The Scottish government can only do so much to protect Scottish people from Tory/Lib cuts (and Lab cuts, should they be elected into government in 2015 – Lab has already pledged to continue austerity and implement savage cuts.)

      SG mitigating the bedroom tax is just one example. It’s already taking money out of other budget lines.

      If Scotland votes NO it’ll become unsustainable because the Barnett formula will be scrapped, the Scottish budget will be slashed and even less Scottish tax money will be “granted” back to Scotland.

      So vote NO for the Queen and… er… the war dead? Well, the war dead at least won’t suffer. (Unless DWP private arm Atos ressurects them and declares them fit to work.)

    93. yerkitbreeks says:

      I left the English NHS at the first possible moment – why, given that for 41 years I always thought it was a vocation and privilege to work in healthcare.

      As a tertiary surgeon ( GP = Primary ; local hospital surgeon = Secondary ) I had referrals from far and wide for reconstructive work. The new targets involved channelling money into cancer work, so for A YEAR I sat on my hands each week with clinics but no operating. As my referrals were often from a distance this meant problems for relatives visiting so I offered to drive off to teach surgical colleagues my techniques so the service could be offered more locally.

      Permission refused as this would be ” helping the competition “. I should mention I continued on full pay for the last year of my tenure.

    94. Red Squirrel says:

      NHS in England is in a dire state with total collapse of GP services in some areas highly likely. We’ve only been protected because of devolution but a NO and reduced Barnett formula will force some pretty unpalatable choices.

      The fact is, not only does it make more sense for health care colleagues to cooperate, it’s safer & cheaper too. We should be very proud of our NHS Scotland.

      As for BBCS A&E wait…total and utter crap. New money has allowed expansion of A&E consultant numbers and 94% folk seen within target. If we could only do something about cheap alcohol it would make an enormous difference!

    95. Croompenstein says:

      There wouldn’t be an A&E dept at Ayr Hospital if wee Jack had won the 2007 election, it was going to be closed the only reason it is still there is because the SNP Government over ruled to keep it open.

    96. Yongibongi says:

      Just to support what she is saying, the BMA (England) Annual Conference has two separate motions involving the recognition that GPs should start charging £25 per visit. Certainly nowhere near the NHS I joined 40 years ago!

    97. Steve T says:

      Put this on 20 foot screens on a loop in the middle of Scotland’s cities. People will soon take notice!

      Where do I find out when these meetings are on? I live in Strathaven and knew nothing of this. There doesn’t seem to be a listing of these events on the Yes Scotland web-site, either…

    98. Steve T says:

      Just a thought, after reading about the saving of the A&E at Ayr, wasn’t the Monklands Hospital in Coatbridge saved from closure by the current administration?

    99. Garry Henderson says:

      @Steve T

      Events are advertised on the Yes page;

    100. Bill Oliphant says:

      Steve T…

      The event was run by Yes Clydesdale Women for Independence. The entire town was leafletted a week before the event. It’s entirely possible that some houses were missed, yours included. Also posters were put up in as many shops etc as would accept them.

      The event was publicised in all of Yes Clydesdale’s Facebook pages and it’s website. Unfortunately we don’t yet have a FB page for Strathaven.
      The event was exclusively for women.

      I was one of the few males allowed to be there (I shot the video on my iPad). Our role was to lug the presentation equipment, make the tea and man the stall but, generally, keep out of the way.

      More meetings, including a number exclusively for women, are being planned by Yes Clydesdale. The sites listed here will keep you up to date.

    101. Bigbricks says:

      It’s so important to make sure that as many people as possible see this clip. Many of those working in the NHS in Scotland will be only too aware of this issue. I know from contacts with professional colleagues in England just how different the system there now is. Hospital care is fragmented, and driven at a local level by what Trusts require to do to balance the books. Although there may be national plans for service provision for e.g. cancer treatment, because the service now functions at Trust level, there is no system by which a strategic plan can be implemented.

      When it comes to Primary Care (i.e. GP services), to say that it’s a dog’s breakfast makes it sound considerably better than it is. It simply cannot ensure necessary care is provided. Foundation Trusts happened on the Labour Government’s watch. In the unlikely event that a Labour Government gains office at the next General Election, the current spending levels on healthcare will be maintained, and there is a presumption that NHS changes would be rolled into Scotland.

      Many healthcare professionals in England are in despair at the dysfunctional environment in which they are expected to provide care. The increasing involvement of private healthcare companies is not only driving down standards, it is also increasing costs. Since most of the current cabinet (and also some Shadow cabinet members) have financial interests in private healthcare, it’s naive to assume that they will not drive this as energetically as they can. After all, their next Ferrari may depend on it.

      The UK still spends slightly less than the OECD average on healthcare (compared to other EU states) and this comes after decades in which we spent not much more than half of the OECD average. If we wish to provide good healthcare for our citizens, we need to make decisions about spending priorities. Voting YES gives us the opportunity to do that. We won’t suddenly be living in a land of milk and honey in an independent Scotland, but we will be in control of our own destiny, and I would venture to suggest that getting rid of Trident and reducing our defence budget to a level similar to other EU countries gives us some leeway on spending on health, education and other infrastructure. The referendum gives us choices which we simply will not ever get from Westminster. Let’s do it on September the 18th.

    102. Craig Brown says:

      I’m surprised this video clip hasn’t had more comments. I hope it’s been shared by all, I’ve converted three people with this video alone!!

    103. John says:

      Best of luck Scotland if the YES campaign wins I hope Wales will follow we will be able to learn from and avoid your mistakes.

    104. Susan Goldwyre says:

      Why would someone who knows better, state that prescription per item would cost her 10 times £8 per month when she knows fine well the the annual cap was £80? Is she, dare is say it, scaremongering?

    105. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “the annual cap was £80”

      Citation, please.

    106. Susan Goldwyre says: £104 it was latterly. I remember it being £80. Still a big difference from her figure.

    107. Susan Goldwyre says:

      Ask her why she is out by a factor of 400%, and she is a surgeon! Help.

    108. Suzanne K says:

      @Susan Goldwyre

      If you read the pre paid charges correctly you’ll find that the charge for a 12 month script is for ONE item over that period.
      Philippa clearly stated that she took 10 items every 8 weeks. Now going by her number of £80 every 8 weeks, gives you £80 x 6.5 times which equals £520 per annum.
      If you pay via the pre pay method, the cost would be £104/item times 10 items which equals £1040.
      So it seems that in fact Dr Whitford was in fact underestimating what the cost could be if you chose to pay in advance as you suggest.

    109. Susan Goldwyre says:

      Suzanne K, don’t be ridiculous, no one with 10 items and a pre payment paid any more than the annual charge in Scotland. I speak from experience with 4 items per 2 months. Why don’t you check with your own doctor what it used to be. It was £104 for the year no matter the number of items. The surgeon is mis leading the people on this site. I wonder why?
      His is the link from 2009 from the Scottish NHS, a devolved power within the NHS if you recall a previous WOS post clarifying that.

    110. Susan Goldwyre says:

      “His” should read “Here”.

    111. Susan Goldwyre says:

      I have re listened to this, I still believe it is scaremongering. The Scottish NHS is a devolved power already and the scrip charge was never matched to the English system. By voting No she is suggesting that we will be adopt NHS scrip charges, but that’s not the case, is it. Because it’s a devolved power.

    112. Susan Goldwyre says:

      With some time to look into it, here is one of the best sites to explain scrip charges. It’s £104 per annum in England.

    113. Susan Goldwyre says:

      This link covers everything. It’s £104 per annum in England no matter the number of items and cancer treatment drugs are free.
      Still think the presentation is accurate? I don’t.

    114. Matt Rodgers says:

      Competent orator ,but none more competent than Mr Salmond himself . After 45 years as a nurse ,I am not about to accept such predictions . Based on little . We have a separate NHS in Scptland . We have indicated as a population that we want more and more ,m,but not to,pay for it. Already the yes campaign are committed to funds well in excess of our ability to,pay . Pleas do not mislead the public by this scaremongering . That is precisely what it is . The Scottish government are able to spend whatever it likes on the NHS . The small issue of the public picking up,the tab is what is crucial. To the public .,, ypu have had the NHS on the cheap since a input on my nursing uniform in 1965. …the story was always the same …no money to pay staff .At the age of 68 I remain a registered nurse ……my contribution ,I trust will be at least as valuable as Dr Whittons ?

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