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Quoted for truth #51

Posted on May 08, 2014 by

    76 to “Quoted for truth #51”

    1. john king says:

      Where do I sign?

    2. Sandy says:

      Oh yes.

      Can’t wait to fill in all my postal votes for the cause !!!!

    3. Adrian B says:

      The South East of England will not bother bother voting Labour when they can keep the original Neoliberal Tories in power at No. 10 & 11 Downing Street for a further 5 years. Labour are kidding themselves.

    4. manandboy says:

      The Labour & Unionist Party

      busy transforming themselves

      so that they can soon amalgamate with

      The Tory & Unionist Party.

      Dave, Ed, Georgie and Johann – Better Together

    5. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Aye STU Huraaa Huraaa for NuLabour MkII

      Now were did I leave my Monkey… will have to dig it out so that I can stick a red rosette on it… win win all the way!

    6. heedtracker says:

      “The Tories and their allies are determined to fight a campaign based on fear and despair:” So what’s Project Fear all about then?!

    7. Jim Marshall says:

      Roll_On_2014 5.48

      Hey you, leave monkeys out of this. Us Orang-utans,chimps,gorillas,bigfoots,yetis and other assorted monkeys are all for indy.

    8. Democracy Reborn says:

      All good material for a piece by Torcuil in the Daily Record?

      Doncha just luv what ‘broad shoulders’ and ‘pooling & sharing’ brings us?…

    9. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Jim Marshall at 5.54

      Hey you, leave monkeys out of this. Us Orang-utans,chimps,gorillas,bigfoots,yetis and other assorted monkeys are all for indy.

      Nay disrespect meant to your tribe intended. In fact many of your tribe are more sensible than the cabal of NuLabour politicians.

      My monkey is a cardboard cut-out, after all is that not what NuLabour usually stick up at elections.

    10. galamcennalath says:

      If we vote NO in Sept, it won’t be a Labour gov in Westminster, it will be a triumphant we-saved-the-Union Tory gov. And God help us.

    11. Jim Marshall says:

      galamcennalath 6.05

      The next Uk or rUk (delete as applicable) will almost certainly be a Tory/UKIP coalition.

    12. heedtracker says:

      Even their video is awful but if the increasingly unlikely Milliband/ not going to be any different from the Con/Dems, what’s the joke?

    13. Davy says:

      So the choices are vote red-tory or blue-tory or a shitey type of yellow tory.

      It’s really is hard to choose mmm I think I will go with independence.

    14. Davy says:

      Sorry I forgot to add the very shitey purple-tory.

    15. Andy-B says:

      No surprise there then, certain papers are pushing a false Labour agenda, some are even claiming Labour will privatise the rail network, you couldn’t make it up.

    16. Andy-B says:

      Sorry previous comment,mean’t to say “Nationalise” not privatise.

    17. Croompenstein says:

      Labour really needs to demonstrate it has a coherent set of policies that deals with low wages, the housing crisis, a lack of secure jobs, a bailed-out financial system that carries on as before, tax justice, public utilities run by profiteers and a lack of affordable childcare

      Eh! they don’t..

    18. Taysideterrier says:

      Posted this on an earlier thread but maybe more on topic here.

      Had Labours “EU” election card through the door today.
      Its basically a propoganda leaflet for the referendum and nothing to do with the euro elections.
      In fact im sure it only mentions Europe twice in the whole thing, and thats on the back page.
      Are they using money that will be allocated officially for the eu elections to get referendum campaign material out? Possibly in order bypass spending limits or other rules from the electoral commission? Surely something not right there? Also says its from “Scottish Labour”

    19. JimnArlene says:

      I’ve never voted Labour, never trusted the buggers. I have always voted SNP, for the following reasons; they were and are the only party, geard up to: help, run and lead Scotland, to a better future.

    20. Clootie says:

      I’m old enough to remember what the Labour Party once stood for.

    21. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Jim Marshall says:
      8 May, 2014 at 5:54 pm

      Roll_On_2014 5.48


    22. Papadox says:

      O/T John McKay and stv scottish news.

      IMO the lead story re A@E waiting times was heavily spun by stv to the point of complicity in the apparent propaganda in this story. Very worrying! 1984 Orwell and all that.

    23. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Red Tories
      Blue Tories or
      Yellow Yight.

    24. Murray McCallum says:

      Maybe I am wrong in thinking that Owen Jones, if he had a vote, would still vote for those same Tory policies rather than for an independent Scotland wishing to do something different.

    25. Bill Walters says:

      Labour are far from perfect at Westminster, but I still vote for them. I’d rather have a party tangentially committed to the working class than one which has no link to them whatsoever.

      I’d support independence from a simple pragmatic standpoint, but if we don’t get it I’ll support Labour for the same reasons at Westminster (because it’s the best option available). Voting for the SNP in Westminster elections is a complete folly as far as I’m concerned.

    26. Andy-B says:

      Looks like Labour may also drop the “New Labour” label, though they’ll still be the red Tories.

    27. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Bugger (the Panda) at 6:54 pm

      Red Tories
      Blue Tories or
      Yellow Yight.

      Aye BtP but you forgot Purple Tories. If you mix all those colours together you get a turgid pool of Brown shoite.

      After Jim Marshalls prompt above can I also add that I do not disrespect colours, and most certainly not brown.

    28. call me dave says:

      Labour’s dilemma is trying to win the key marginals in England against the tories while pretending to be first cousins to old labour values in Scotland.

      No way!

      Just for a laugh in America! Put down your hot drinks before watching.

    29. Andy-B says:

      For those of you who are thinking of voting no, and hoping that Labour will get into power in 2015, think again, even Ed Miliband’s advisors,and senior figures,think Labour will be wiped out, south of the border, at the next general election.

    30. Paula Rose says:

      Vote Green darlings and get the policies most people want – I’d post the poll evidence but I’ve got some papers to fold.

    31. goldenayr says:

      If you want quotes for truth..

      “The persuasiveness of this argument prompted many first-time activists to come along. A 20-something barmaid had been planning on voting No, but changed her mind after discovering that 1,200 sick people had died when the (Westminster) government had them declared fit to work and revoked their social security. “I kind of felt that I’ve got blood on my hands if I stay in a union that is basically saying that that’s OK, to treat the sick that way. It used to be that the working class were the people that got persecuted, but now it’s the poor, it’s the sick, it’s the elderly, the infirm. Everyone’s getting it from all angles. I want better for my country.”

      It was taken from this.

      Wish I’d found this when VNB were still taking comments.Would’ve blown their pathetic mewlings for staying in the union oot the water.

    32. caz-m says:

      Does anyone know if the Darling debate in Edinburgh is being filmed?? TA!

    33. call me dave says:


      Not on this schedule. But it’s useful for planning ahead and also watching debates that you have missed.

      Good link to sign up to.

    34. caz-m says:

      call me dave

      Has Darling banned the cameras?? Pity.

    35. Faltdubh says:

      Even if we vote no, and it is a Labour-Lib coalition next year.
      There’s still going to be no major change to what is happening. Don’t Labout back the benefits cuts already.

      We deserve everything we get if we vote no.

      Just reading The Courier’s referendum roadshow (and fair dues to them, for getting on the road). I’m hoping they only met the blue rinse squad, but if not, we are looking at a 55-45 loss at best according to those small polls done around “The Heartlands”.

    36. Lesley-Anne says:

      Ah Labour, dear dear Labour. What can we say about dear dear Labour?

      Well, as we all are well aware Labour in Scotland is at the forefront of the fight to save the N.H.S. in Scotland. Well that’s what they keep telling us right?

      I mean Labour, the party of the people for the people must surely be led by an inspirational leader head and shoulders above all other leaders, right?

      Well I can confirm that we are all, erm how can I put this, WRONG!

      Let’s face it, anyone who slams the current waiting time over 4 hours as the worst ever in Scotland whilst at the same time being a member of the Scottish government who ACTUALLY hold that record does take one hell of a brass neck.

      For the year 2012/2013 there were 103,782 instances where patients were waiting for >4 hours out of a total attendance of 1,618,610.

      For the year 2006/2007 there were 125,753 instances where patients were waiting >4 hours out of a total attendance of 1,342,737.

      Now I don’t know about anyone else but according to my maths, which apparently ties up with that of the First Minister, the figures of those waiting MORE than 4 hours for A & E in 2006/2007, under the last Labour/LibDem government, was GREATER in 2006/2007 than it was in 2012/2013. Not only was this figure greater but the number of those attending A & E was actually FEWER in 2006/2007. Excuse me for being stupid here but I think these figures kind of dispel Lamont’s ridiculous accusation that the 2012/2013 figures are the worst ever. What was Lamont’s response, oh nothing great just to accuse the First Minister of being complacent!

      Will someone…ANYONE just take Lamont away to a desert island and dump her there. She is clearly the absolute WORST political leader in Scotland by a country mile! 😛

    37. Ken500 says:

      Voting for the SNP in Westminster elections is the best policy. They could hold the balance of power. A powerful position.

    38. call me dave says:

      @Bill Walters


      Look around any urban environment in Scotland and tell me labour are the answer. Sorry Bill I wish you were right but I’m voting YES.

      After the YES win then game on in Scotland! SNP the first time in and labour, if it has a better team, after that.

      Heard from neighbour Scotland won’t get into the Olympics is this a story today?

      Looked this up.

      The Olympic Charter requires there to be at least five national sporting federations, recognised by the international federations of an Olympic sport, and currently only the Scottish Football Association and Scottish Rugby meet that criteria.

    39. joe kane says:

      A few weeks ago the Labour Party buried a report it had commissioned disabled people to write on poverty and disability. Labour published it but with no publicity and in a format which many disabled people won’t be able to access. The authors were left to publicise the report themselves. Some of those involved in writing it are Labour members and are disgusted and horrified at the way they have been treated.

      Here is well-known disability activist and writer Kailya Franklin on her blog Benefit Scrounging Scum –
      Actions speak louder than words – Labour publish Poverty & Disability taskforce report

    40. colin young says:

      The bird as the SNP Pinneypedes are Labour + Tory, good video on this blog

    41. Paula Rose says:

      @ call me dave – don’t we have a curling thingy, and I’m a dab hand at tiddly-winks if that’s a recognised Olympic sport.

    42. liz says:

      @Bill Walker – I have to disagree with you about Labour bring better than the rest as I think they are worse.

      They sell themselves to poorer people but they implement the same policies as the tories.

      If folk stopped voting for them in large nos in the ‘traditional’ labour areas, they would have to change their ways.

      The only hope for a proper Labour party is the likes of Alan Grogan and LFI.

    43. caz-m says:

      O/T John McKay and stv scottish news.
      “IMO the lead story re A@E waiting times was heavily spun by stv to the point of complicity in the apparent propaganda in this story. Very worrying! 1984 Orwell and all that”.

      I also emailed the STV scumbags and told them we are aware of their grand plan, and of the joint all out attack by the whole of the media against the Scottish Government.

      In very colourful language, I told them we will win this Referendum with or without them.

    44. ronnie anderson says:

      O/T I,m catching the 13.44 From Glasgow to Dundee tommorrow

      anyone else traveling early.

    45. Croompenstein says:

      caz-m – I think their are some Wingers at Flipper’s debate so hopefully reports to follow, still gutted it’s not on livestream though

    46. liz says:

      @ call me dave – The Pacific island nation Nauru (NRU) competed at the Summer Olympic Games first in the 1996 games in Atlanta. The country has made subsequent appearances in Sydney in 2000, in Athens in 2004, and in Beijing in 2008.

      It has a population of just over 10,000 – do you think they have 5 national sporting associations?

    47. Paula Rose says:

      @ liz – we don’t have national sporting associations because we make up 8.4% of the UK ones, just saying like.

    48. joe kane says:

      If there is no point sending SNP MPs to Westminster then there is certainly no point sending Scottish Labour MPs either. The Westminster Government is decided in England not Scotland.

      Still, I prefer sending SNP MPs to Westminster whose party support for the British welfare state is impeccable and almost unique at Westminster. It is also more in-tune with British public opinion when it comes things such as re-nationalising Royal Mail, anti-Trident, pro-renewable energy, anti-nuclear power. Which is more than can be said for the neoliberal Labour Party and its ever rightward traverse, currently holding party positions well to the right of the hated Maggie Thatcher in her day.

      References –
      Why Labour doesn’t need Scotland

      The silenced socialists

    49. call me dave says:

      @Paula Rose 🙂

      It’s been a while since I tiddled my wink but that is not defined as a sport. Anyhoo, in spite of all the uncertainty and volatility I’m sure we’ll be allowed in to make up the numbers.

      On a Serious note though, when independent, I hope the SG strikes a new Gold, Silver and Bronze medal for every Scot’s winner who has represented the UK in the Olympics and puts them on public display somewhere.

    50. Paula Rose says:

      call me dave – I made my serious point at 8:21 xx

    51. Chic McGregor says:

      OT Can’t remember who suggested the “Don’t Blame Me, I voted YES’ T-shirt on here, but I made a slightly animated version of it as a page in our window loop in Kirrie ‘Yes’ shop.

    52. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      I had the misfortune of watching Scottish Questions in Westminster last night. Really was quite appalling how the Labour, Liberals and Tories all supported Carmichael and his views on down playing and ridiculing Scotland. Especially the Labour support from across the floor of the house – Quite bizarre.

      However, it made me quite fearful if the result is a No. We will be shafted for years for having the temerity to question Westminster power.

      We had better win.

    53. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Have just noticed the number of comments is now 200,681. (On Off-topic alone it’s nearly 800 after just 5 and bit weeks.)

      Wasn’t it just yesterday it went over the 200k? These numbers are mental – how many comments must WOS now be averaging daily?

    54. scottish_skier says:

      Voting for the SNP in Westminster elections is a complete folly as far as I’m concerned.

      Any Labour politician reading this post will rub their hands with glee thinking ‘Gullible fool – brilliant!’.

      In days gone by, a vote for the SNP was a possible vote for the Tories by the back door under the UKGE FPTP system. Not any more. If people in Scotland vote SNP under FPTP now, this happens:

      (2011 FPTP constituency vote)

    55. caz-m says:


      I am not on Twitter, so if anyone is getting twittered or tweeted about Darling, please let us know.

      I know what you mean, I was looking forward to this debate all day.

    56. smithie says:

      Croompenstein, try here ,this guys sending in some and a couple of pictures.

    57. Croompenstein says:

      @smithie – Looks packed, usual soundbites from Flipper, best of both worlds part of something bigger, Flipper’s ermine desire is palpable..

    58. lumilumi says:

      The Labour party have to try to appear as the “revolutionary” smallfolks’ party that they perhaps once were.

      Nevermind their Tory policies, they’re trying to appear less Tory than the Tories.

      They’re fighting for the swing seats in the fabled “middle-England” to gain POWER for power’s sake.

      Who cares about Scotland, they take Scottish safe seats as granted so they don’t need to do anything for Scotland. Just take all Scotland’s natural and human resources to benefit the union (read: London and SE England).

      God, I hate the Tories, but at least they’re honest about what they are, nasty rich bastards.

      Labour are worse. A bunch of nasty, lying hypocrites.

      At least in Scotland, grassroots Lab people are trying to reclaim their party. Labour for Independence is taking their party back from the spivs and Westminster troughers.

    59. Graeme Doig says:

      Dr J M Mackintosh

      No doubt if we don’t have the bottle to take this chance we will suffer at the hands of a corrupt and deceitful English establishment. To be honest we will probably deserve it.

      The battle will continue, however, for those of us who believe in the talents, ability and wealth of our country and can see through the ways in which we have been kept ‘in our place’ for too long

    60. Greannach says:

      Andy B at 6:32

      On UK Newsnight last night Labour spokesperson John McTernan, with a dismissive wave of the hand, announced “That won’t happen” when a Liberal mentioned the cost of renationalising the railways. Like Alistair Campbell during the Blair period, Mr McTernan gave the impression of being very much at the heart of things and in the know. He might just be an office boy with grand ideas.

    61. lumilumi says:

      Oh, goody!

      Alistair Darling has come out of the bunker to defend the union in a debate with SNP MSP Jim Eadie! (Thanks for the links, everybody!)

      So how did our Darling respond to the pensions thing? (Yet another plank of his BT boat falling off. They must be bailing like mad and grabbing for their life jackets by now.)

    62. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Hmmm…before we get detailed reports, let’s guess how Darling will react when someone asks him about Ian Davidson’s crystal-clear demand for confirmation on pension security…

      ‘I haven’t had time to look at that particular Committee session in detail, so I’d rather wait until I see it in full before commenting, but let me just say…’

    63. caz-m says:

      Greannach 9.16pm

      This is McTernan on Newsnight last night,

      Starts 26.30 mins

    64. caz-m says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      That is what I must see on film.

      I want to see his reaction and answer to the pensions question.

      Surely somebody has a video of this “gotcha” moment.

    65. Granpa Broon says:

      I also listened to Scottish Questions from Westminster. These MP’s have no idea about life up here. The sooner we get out of there the better.

    66. Democracy Reborn says:

      If you were thinking about tuning into Scotland Tonight….don’t bother.
      They’ve just trailed “Ed’s plans for increased powers for Holyrood in his first Queen’s Speech”.
      The propaganda & fantasy continue….

    67. Mary Bruce says:

      People on twitter are saying that tonight Darling was again pedaling the lie that Scotland would be forced to join the Euro.

      I don’t know how anyone can stand up in front of a crowd of people and lie through their teeth like that. Especially where half the audience know that it is a complete lie and they know that we know it is a lie.

      These people disgust me. They have no shame.

    68. Greannach says:

      What’s the point in sending Scottish Labour MPs to Westminster if they only vote to support Cameron’s government? For example, 32 Scottish Labour MPs voted to support the Tory-Liberal cap on benefits spending on 26 March. 20 of them represent constituencies where at least 1 child in 5 already lives in poverty. Willie Bain, Anas Sarwar and Margaret Curran represent constituencies where more than 1 in 3 children live in poverty and they supported Cameron/Osborne/Duncan Smith. What is the point of them?

    69. Greannach says:

      caz-m Thanks for the link. This is the lad who manage to lose Julia Gillard’s campaign for her in Australia. A real winner!

    70. Democracy Reborn says:


      There is ZERO chance of Labour re-nationalising the railways, Royal Mail or anything else.

      Taking the railways back is only one ‘option’ they’ve discussed. There was a piece last week in the Guardian about it. Balls isn’t keen – how can he be when he’s pledged to stick with Tory spending plans? At best it might be an ‘aspiration’, just like that to take Royal Mail back into public ownership. In other words, not a pledge but simply a euphemism for ‘we’d like to do it, but we won’t’. The nauseating thing is that these ‘aspirations’ are being pumped to the public by Labour organs as pledges. And, no doubt, many will believe them…

    71. Greannach says:

      Democracy Reborn – I know, sadly. I’ve never really expected anything much from Labour. All they ever seemed to want was what the Tories had but keep it for themselves. I know they created the NHS but wasn’t that based on an Asquith plan that could never be implemented at the time? Pity they chose that model rather than Bismarck’s earlier one.

    72. Aidan says:

      The alternative was spelled out by Nicola Sturgeon in Beith the other week. For those who weren’t there, you can watch it here, courtesy of Clan Destiny:

      I did think Nicola was good but she soared in my estimation after this event. Most of the time was given over to Q&A and she appears to speak from the heart in response to all kinds of questions, with humour, honesty and realism.

      A relative of mine attended a similar event elsewhere in the country and went from ‘Don’t Know (but leaning toward Yes)’ to ‘It Absolutely Has to Be A Yes’.

      The Sturgeon Effect. 🙂

    73. O/T Radical Independence Campaign are organising a welcome for UKIP on Friday.

      Its outside the Corn Exchange, 6pm,and the green party and scottish socialist party are attending.

      This will be a well organised protest,so leave the eggs at home,but go along and support it if you can.

      Tell Farage that his party is not welcome in Scotland!

    74. Tam Jardine says:

      Bill Walters

      Check out Scottish Questions from Westminster last night on the bbc iplayer. It is a real eye opener. To be honest Bill, I watched it and it did not inspire me to vote SNP (though I will). It made me realise what a colossal waste of time and money the whole bloody place is – irrelevant to this century, to the ordinary people of Scotland in particular, and the wider UK public. It confirmed for me what a disaster a vote of confidence in Westminster, what a disaster giving them a mandate to rule us indefinitely would be.

    75. Truth says:


      I kinda think it would be funny for him to turn up this time with all his minders and for nobody to be there. Just ignore him.

      Good luck anyways.

    76. john king says:

      Why do I get the feeling my post is going to suddenly appear half a dozen times, it seems to have been held up at the border.

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