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You know how it works by now

Posted on October 22, 2018 by


But that’s only fair, because after all – oh:


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    1. 22 10 18 14:56

      You know how it works by now | speymouth

    66 to “You know how it works by now”

    1. Fergus Green says:

      Fergus demands to see secret Tory files on dark money!

    2. winifred mccartney says:

      Brass neck does not even begin to cover it. They keep what they don’t want us to know secret even for 100 years sometimes but if they want to know something they ‘demand’ and the msm including bbc will back them up, the bbc is after all the voice of the government especially when it comes to Scotland, and many labour, tory, libdems etc are complicit just remember McCrone.

    3. bill glen says:

      As soon as the Tories release the Dark Money Payments, Quid Quo Pro

    4. Mogabee says:

      Oh don’t we just!

      And totally thought I was immune from this crap but you know what? Tories jumping in the sea would be a wonderful sight.

    5. Davy says:

      The Tories are demanding !!! I personally thought they were just f-ing annoying two faced, backstabbing GIT’s.

      They are entitled to sweet F A.

    6. bobajock says:

      Aieeee – the grass sure is ‘greener’ in Tory UK.

    7. ronnie anderson says:

      Fergus there’s no such thing as Tories Dark money its sitting on a deck chair in the shade in a offshore account .

    8. Sinky says:

      From the party that kept the McCrone Papers on Scotland’s Oil wealth hidden for 30 years.

      Will we get the papers on how the Tories and Labour failed to get a Scotland deal over the Common Fisheries Policy or how they transferred 6000 square miles of Scottish waters to England just before devolution took place?

    9. John Munro says:

      These SNO/SG files are so secret that a simple FoI request makes their existence clear. Big Wowee!

    10. Three words, “The McCrone Report”.

    11. Skintymcginty says:

      The level of irritation involved here will keep Glaxo’s Montrose plant in business for a long time.

      It’s clear that being a lying hypocrite suits Roothie, but should the SNP not pursue the Named Person scheme to protect whatever she produces?

    12. robert alexander harrison says:

      Oh well the secrets out I guess and a lot thought the snp had given up on this my old mum was correct when she said the snp was upto something surprised it took the stupid britnats this long to notice.

    13. Proud Cybernat says:


      Indy poll in online Evening Times right now. YES 68% NO 32%

      You know what to do peeps.

    14. Astonished says:

      I used to buy the herald every day. Stopped in 2007,never regretted it. The herald will follow the scotsman.

    15. remo says:

      Jings crivens – the very government which has a mandate for Indyref2 is working on it. How dare they? The SNP which is all about independence is still working on it. Who’da thunkit? Hee hee hee. The Britnats are desperate to know the when of the next Indyref so they can spike it. Don’t tell them a thing. The Herald is a rag. It was my chosen paper for years – stopped buying the trash many, many moons ago.

    16. orri says:

      They know that legal advice is exempt. So exempt that revealing it would break the law. So the story is that the SNP refuse to commit a crime.

    17. Jim Thomson says:

      @Proud Cybernat 2:17pm

      It’s crept up to 75/25 since you posted (and I added a vote).

      Wonder what caused that.

    18. Proud Cybernat says:

      ITV censured over inaccuracies in interview with Nicola Sturgeon

      They claim it was an “error”. Wis it, aye?

    19. Robert Peffers says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon says: 22 October, 2018 at 3:01 pm

      ” … Indy vote now at 83%/17%.”

      Now at 84%/16%

    20. geeo says:

      Thats because i voted…yayy

    21. Petra says:

      86% now.

    22. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      Shameless, brainless Scottish tories. Even the unionist DR can’t defend them anymore

    23. auld highlander says:

      The treachery of the tv, the press and the tories knows no limits.

    24. Lanarkist says:

      Do as I say not as I do.

      What is yours is ours, what is ours is ours.

      Heads I win tails you lose.

      There will be new rules tomorrow!

    25. Luigi says:

      My, the BritNats are certainly getting nervous. They don’t have a clue what is going on but they can sense something big is about to break. You can smell the fear. Not long now, folks. 🙂

    26. Dr Jim says:

      Funny though that Daily Records David Clegg attempting to defend transparency, I mean David Clegg the Daily Record


      Defend that Ya Bastirt

    27. galamcennalath says:

      Why do the Tories what to know about IndyRef2?

      Is this to give them plenty of time to prepare that highly elusive Case for the Union?

      Nah! That is something the Tories will never publish.

    28. sassenach says:

      How does Clegg ever manage to run a ‘news’paper – he’s never off the BBC, pontificating!

    29. sassenach says:

      Luigi @ 3-47pm

      I’m sure you are right, the Britnats are trying everything – but to no avail.

      It is coming, being patient is very hard for us, but we need to trust our Leaders at this critical time.

    30. Ronnie says:

      On a related note I look forward to reading the full story of who was involved and exactly what happened at Dunblane when the files are released in 2096…..

    31. geeo says:

      So…tories unhappy about FOI exemptions now, and are actually demanding the FOI governing body tell them what they are not allowed to know!

      Not quite what the media reported, who knew?

      Didn’t someone once say, “the headline is always a lie”….hmm!

      Must be really eating them up, knowing it is coming, not knowing when…soon my leedel tory chums…soon.

    32. galamcennalath says:


      It is coming

      As Russell Crow says near the beginning of the movie Gladiator, “On my signal, unlease Hell!”

      YES2 will be absolutely overwhelming. Dozens of individual organisations fighting for a single outcome. From a BritNat viewpoint, destruction of their blessed UK must indeed seem like Hell.

    33. Dr Jim says:

      That’s another thing, what kind of twisted minded governments keep files a secret only to be read 30 years after half of us are dead and the rest don’t care or have forgotten

      Talk about covering their lying backsides

      We want the truth! They can’t handle the truth!

      I couldn’t resist a wee Tom Cruise there

    34. Andy-B says:

      Tories always going on about independence, but never attending to the day job. Tell them nothing.

    35. Dr Jim says:

      New facility just been opened by the FM in Montrose specialising in the fabrication of ingredients for respitory inhalers, only one of two worldwide and yet she is monstered by British Nationalists for pandering to the unhealthy and sick

      These British Nationalists must be in such incredible fearsome health and wellness that they never have to worry should they ever become ill, because if they do they certainly won’t want any part of Scotlands health provision service will they

    36. Dr Jim says:

      Respiratory, what’s wrong wae me?

    37. Jock McDonnell says:

      @Dr Jim
      I admire much of your work- but that line belongs to Mr Jack Nicholson

    38. shug says:

      simple answer


    39. Maria F says:

      The SNP was voted into Holyrood in 2016 with a mandate to call an independence referendum should Scotland was forced against its will out of the EU by the UK government. The UK government triggered A50 without the consent of Scotland and that activated the SNP mandate.

      The parliament of Scotland voted in favour of an independence referendum, therefore it is not surprising that the Scottish government is preparing for such an event. Frankly what would be surprising is that they were not.

      Any government that is worth its salt will endeavour to go as many steps ahead of any significant event as it is possible to be able to elaborate contingency plans and flexible strategies. The worst a government can do is not going steps ahead but going well behind, as the tories are doing with brexit. A government that goes behind rather than ahead is a government that reacts rather than acts, and this is very very poor and unreliable leadership. A government that reacts rather than acts cannot be trusted to generate adequate budgets and even less to manage them. A government that reacts rather than acts is unable to do adequate pre-planing and unable to generate adequate contingency measures.

      Those tory idiots that placed such FoI request stating the obvious: a competent government that acts by going steps ahead, are comparing it of course with the worse possible “standard” one can think of: the tory government. A government that made no preparations whatsoever for potentially the most economically, socially, diplomatic, environmentally, democratically and constitutionally destructive political move in modern times.

      So, considering such information request is not throwing any “news” here, I think those tories should be demanded to pay the bill for all the time civil servants have wasted processing such inane request. I don’t see why it has to be taxpayers who have to pay for the incompetence of the tories and their inability to act as a proper opposition when rather than actually request information that matters, they waste time and taxpayers’ resources demanding information that is so obvious that even a primary school child would have guessed it.

      Now, taxpayers’ resources and civil sevants’ time would be put to much, much better use if those tory “researchers” requested instead FOIs regarding the dark money funding Scottish tory MPs and MSPs, the vested interests of those behind SIU, the names of those behind CRC and of course the full information contained in the UK gov brexit impact reports, and why not, who authorised Ruth Davidson to be present at the opening of the postal ballots BEFORE the counts of the electoral ballots were completed on 18th September 2014 and of course who authorised the leak of Mr Salmond’s confidential information under the care of the civil service. Now those would be FOI requests worthwhile of the civil servants’ and our time.

    40. defo says:

      Well said Maria.
      ‘Tory is, as Tory does’.

      Was that Tom Cruise?

    41. call me dave says:


      Did you or did you not order a code red?

    42. mike cassidy says:

      Was that Tom Cruise?

      No. It was Tori Amos!

    43. Clootie says:

      Will anyone ever make “Brexit the Movie”?
      Who would be in the cast 🙂

    44. ALANM says:

      @Proud Cybernat

      Scotland’s airwaves have been polluted for decades with naked propaganda broadcast into our homes from studios in London. This propaganda is occasionally interrupted by more targeted propaganda produced and broadcast from BBC and ITV outposts in Glasgow.

      Some might argue that the SNP has no choice but to play the game in accordance with London rules and just pretend that everything is fair and above board. I say the time has come to end all cooperation with these phoney public service broadcasters. Don’t lend them credibility by agreeing to appear on their programmes and deal with freedom of information requests in exactly the same way the BBC does.

    45. Muscleguy says:

      The Tories are scared shitless about indyref2 as this shows since they know the game is up due to Brexit and so their only hope is to stop indyref2 but we can test whether the Edinburgh Agreement gave us ongoing permission or just turn the next Holyrood election into a plebiscite on the List vote. Unlike in Catalonia they cannot stop us voting.

      If the People having given Holyrood permission for Independence if Westminster declines to negotiate we threaten to unleash the chaos of UDI on their arses on top of Brexit. British pragmatism will win out and they will turn up expecting to monster us, except they will find EU observers there keeping them honest. With Big Aunty Frau Merkel at our backs they will have to play nice or no nice trade deal with the rest of our EU mates.

      The frothing about how dare the Irish will be as nothing when we flex our European muscles at them. They will soon realise they are the new poor man’s Switzerland, surrounded. Actually Andorra is probably a better analogy. Can’t use Luxembourg they are too prosperous. Andorra it is. rUK will be about as Ruritanian as well.

    46. They know they will not get of with their lies and broken vows a second tlme so they are running scared and so they should be they are about to lose their cash cow and all that oil and gas

    47. geeo says:


      I like your postings, but i have a slight niggle with calls for UDI.

      This is written with no offence intended to you or anyone else.

      For me, to have UDI is to admit Scotland is a REGION looking to ‘break away from a greater ‘state’ or country.

      We are neither and nor should we ever wish to be.

      We are looking to DISSOLVE the Union (and since the Uk is a union of Scotland and England ONLY, we would also be dissolving the United Kingdom). *copyright RP*

      We can dissolve the Union in 2 clear ways now.

      1. By referendum, agreed by Section 30 legally binding WM to the result, although, legally, due to a referendum being the ultimate expression of Scots Sovereign will, ANY referendum of Sovereign Scots, is legally binding, with or without a Section 30.

      All a Section 30 ultimately does, is gives WM a say in the referendum debate.

      2. By dissolving the Union at Holyrood.

      A simple motion to dissolve the Union (and uk) presented to Holyrood and voted on by simple majority.

      We of course, have the numbers to carry such a motion.

      There are 2 scenarios which could lead to a dissolution motion.

      1. Scots law is subjugated on issues where it has legal primacy.

      For example, on Devolved competences.

      Like say, the EU Continuity Bill, which makes legal claim to those 111 returning powers from the EU upon leaving.

      All 111 powers fall under devolved competences, and the Devolution (Scotland) Act is EXPLICIT when it says…


      That means, that Scotsgov cannot lose the Supreme Court case currently awaiting resolution.

      If the SC makes a POLITICAL decision and sides with the WM gov, they will, by their own legal incompetence, have illegally amended the Act and Treaties of Union, which says that Scots Law is protected “in perpetuity” (forever).

      Ruling with WM would be a legal judgement that the terms of the Act and Treaties of Union have been completely changed and Scots Law has been allowed to be SUBJUGATED by WM.

      That is a fatal breach of the Act and Treaties of Union, and actually ENDS the Union before Holyrood does !

      If the SC makes the only legally competent judgement and finds with Scotsgov, then not only do ALL 111 powers come directly to Holyrood, ALL Negotiation on stuff like, access to Scottish fisherides by the EU fleet must be negotiated BY HOLYROOD and the EU.

      WM would have zero authority to intervene as ALL Fishing in Scotland would be devolved.

      Imagine that impact on the WM / EU brexit trade deal ??

      Brexit brings me nicely onto point 2.

      2. Brexit for Scots is SUBJUGATION of the Setted will of the legally Sovereign Scots People.

      Despite claims, you cannot have a “uk wide vote” AND Scots People’s Sovereignty.

      As Sovereign power, Scots people expressed by 62% – 38%, a desire to remain IN the EU.

      If Scots are then removed from the EU by weight of Non Scots votes, then the Sovereign will of the Sovereign Scots People has been SUBJUGATED by WM.

      And again, that is contrary to the Act and Treaties of Union, and is therefore a fatal breach and requires just a simple dissolution vote at Holyrood to end the Union.

      Now, there is one more aspect to all of this.

      Because Scots are Sovereign, and dissolution motion would be required to be caveated by a pledge to hold a plebiscite (referendum) AFTER the political dissolution, to uphold that vote at Holyrood.

      However, the Dissolution motion WILL END the Union, so the Question put to the people would be rather different to 2014, and could/should, look more like this….

      “Do you, the Sovereign People of Scotland…

      A. wish to confirm the political vote at Holyrood to dissolve the Union with England.

      B. seek to instruct Scotsgov to enter into a new Union with WM on terms acceptable to the people of Scotland ?

      Option B would clearly require a WM referendum of English voters to agree to “having Scotland back” and on better terms (for Scotland) than we Scots previously had.

      Now THAT would be some hard WM sell….after hundreds of years of calling Scots “subsidy junkies” .

      In reality, the affirmation plebiscite would never happen, as Scots would soon realise, while awaiting the agreed terms of a new union, that actually, having full control over our resources/political and societal direction in the meantime, is actually rather better than what we had in the Union, which would be fully exposed for the binding chains holding Scotland back. .

      So, there you go, for me, UDI is a non starter, we have MUCH BETTER options available to us should WM try deny us a referendum when we demand it, on OUR TERMS.

      If any of that is technically wrong/not possible, I am more than happy to be corrected, better to be accurate than not.

    48. twathater says:

      Attention , Attention. guys and gals and Dr Jim , indy car Gordon Ross over on yatube is highlighting a poll taking place Tomorrow re Scottish independence on CLEARPOLL an App for phones and tablets , this is a block chain voting system that will hopefully be used in forthcoming elections , this is a trial run sort of thing .

      Now don’t all you people spoil it by voting for indy

    49. galamcennalath says:

      Clootie says:

      Will anyone ever make “Brexit the Movie”?

      A cross between Carry On England and Life of Bryan. Total farce from beginning to end.

    50. Robert Peffers says:

      Gordon Ross IndyCar- this one is a must read and it needs us all:-

      It is about a blockchain on-line demo.

      It takes the form of a YES/NO indy poll.

      Just a demo but with the right result could be a game changer and put the fear of death right into Westminster.

    51. ronnie anderson says:

      Clootie The Brexit Movie kin ah git the part of the frightened rabbit , ah’ll even provide ma ain rabbit pellets ( well currants but naebody wull know the difference ) unless they want tae taste them lol.

      Ok ah know its shite but thats aw ah hiv in ma repertoire , ok ok ah’ll git ma coat .

    52. Referendum1707 says:

      That SIC fundraiser, started with a bang slowing now could do with a boost. Though I think it would help if it was explained more in depth exactly how the funds would be used to translate into actual boosting of support for indy.

    53. Phil says:

      twathater says: 22 October, 2018 at 5:52 pm

      “indy car Gordon Ross over on yatube is highlighting a poll taking place Tomorrow re Scottish independence on CLEARPOLL an App for phones and tablets , …”

      On its website ( is a desktop version which I suppose is for Windows web browsers.

    54. Capella says:

      An added bonus is that this puts to bed all the complaints that the SNP/SG is sitting on its hands and doing nothing about Indyref2. 13 papers have been prepared.

      Voted – and YES currently at 83%

    55. Terence callachan says:

      I would,like to see the secret government documents about how they fiddle the postal votes in Scotland because we all know there just are not that many people in Scotland who vote by post so how do the government do it ,what is their illegal hidden arrangement

    56. Andrew Davidson says:

      Big difference between those two positions as well:

      1. A government which has a mandate for a policy but which has not yet committed the government to it, is getting research on the policy before enacting it as circumstances have changed (since 2016);

      2. A government which has already committed a country to a course of action and then decides to do research to find out what that course of action means after enacting it.

      One is sensible planning, one… isn’t.

      Of course the first is also policy research for planning and why would that be made public? Second is government research for actions under way and why wouldn’t that?

      I know I’m totally partisan but I think the above is fair. If it’s not…. well I am totally partisan.

    57. Andrew Davidson says:

      And that’ll teach me to write a post when not awake. I was responding to something else I saw rather than this; the UKGovt not releasing under FOI the planning for Brexit impacts. I’ll go hide now.

    58. Ian McCubbin says:

      Ah already covered this on twitter.
      Basically they can see the files if Ruthie will give names, amounts and to whom all the dark money was paid. Oh and admit they broke the electoral commission rules on fund spending.
      If that is a no deal then the Tories can fuck of with seeing the files.
      End of.

    59. schrodingers cat says:

      Wings Over Scotland
      Verified account

      22m22 minutes ago
      We just published the 800,000th reader comment on Wings. We’re almost at our 7th birthday, so that’s about 315 a day, every day.

    60. Cactus says:

      Let’s a get together an feel aweright.

      Except the spooky tories.

      Indy Scotland.


      You still know how it works by now…

      It’s Lovely Magic!

    61. twathater says:

      Phil @ 7.03 pm clearpoll also has apps for tablets and phones , I signed up today and also linked in my desktop to vote
      If you check out Gordon Ross indycar yatube Rob Peffers has supplied the link he explains it better ,

      come on wingers never mind BC get yir vote in

    62. Graeme says:

      Phil says:
      22 October, 2018 at 7:03 pm

      On its website ( is a desktop version which I suppose is for Windows web browsers.

      Works equally in Firefox on Linux

    63. Moonlight says:

      I’d like to take part in the ClearPoll, but my phone tells me it has no space for the app. I need the app to get the code for my computer.
      Not fully thought out yet.

    64. Gav says:

      Moonlight says:

      23 October, 2018 at 9:04 am

      I’d like to take part in the ClearPoll, but my phone tells me it has no space for the app. I need the app to get the code for my computer.
      Not fully thought out yet.

      It’s more likely you need to either move some apps to your SD card, or delete some stuff. Sorry if you knew this already!

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