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You do it to yourself, you do

Posted on March 31, 2021 by

Yes Pete, we did check.

What happened was that there wasn’t a second indyref. And that’s how we know that leaving it to the SNP alone doesn’t work.

Please vote Alba, readers, or we’ll see you here again in another five years.

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    106 to “You do it to yourself, you do”

    1. wulls says:

      FFS how stupid is slippers ???????
      How stupid is it possible to be ??????

      I would love to say I am surprised at that tweet but I’m really not.

    2. Patsy Millar says:

      He doesn’t improve with age, does he?

    3. Michael B says:

      Don’t vote for change, because that would be gaming the system.

    4. TheSNPLeftMe says:

      “This time it will be different, one more mandate, one more fundraiser, right after the hate bill,GRA etc”

      the SNP don’t want to act on Independence so let’s give them a spine.

    5. Calum says:

      Wow, the lack of any sort of self awareness is astounding.

    6. solarflare says:

      An astonishing lack of self-awareness from Mr. Wishart there. D’oh.

      Are we expecting more MP defections to Alba still, out of interest?

    7. EdinScot says:

      He loves the smell of bisto. Must be election time!

    8. Lady Lyon says:

      I really don’t need to repeat what an embarrassment this man is and also an affront to independence but I do enjoy seeing him open to retorts like this.

    9. Grahame Case says:


      Yes. There is apparently a “shopping list” of defectors

    10. Sandra says:

      Who needs tories campaigning for no indyref when Pete does it for them.

    11. Graeme Hampton says:

      There we go, Wings checking Comfy Pete’s Twitter timeline so no one else has to. You are a saint sir. Thank you for your efforts.

    12. Wee Willie says:

      There is talk of an election pact between The Conservatives and Labour. They may stand candidates down in certain SNP constituencies. This could really hurt the SNP. They may also try and do some sort of deal over the list voting. It’s all getting darker and darker.

    13. Stoker says:

      Now that’s what i call holding his comfy feet to the fire. So close his slippers have disintegrated. Short and to the point. LOL!

    14. Winifred Mccartney says:

      And if left to SNP alone they will be saying it at the next election.

    15. somerled says:

      Stu, do you really believe Alba will change anything?

      They might get a dozen or so MSPs but will still be powerless as Sturgeon & the SNP will refuse to work with them on Indy or Women’s rights?

      I agree its better than not voting but you’ve been telling us that Boris will keep refusing to agree to Indyref2 and a wildcat referendum wont be supported by Councils.

      A majority at Holyrood still might not mean a majority of population voted for i dependence when actual votes are counted per person.

      Do you agree with Salmond about protests or UDI which I dont think will won’t work either as they will be ignored by Westminster & EU?

      What do you suggest?

    16. Graf Midgehunter says:

      IOW, why are the Tories saying NO to another Indy2 when the Snp have no intention or the means to hold one..?

      It’s all a bit pointless, bit like Pete actually.. 🙂 🙂

    17. tartanfever says:

      This is the bizarre thing, even the Tories agree (again) that an SNP victory means another Indyref.

      If your platform is ‘No to Indyref’ and you lose, then conversely the winners have a mandate for a referendum.

      Why haven’t the SNP done this ? The Tories are actually helping them.

    18. Stoker says:

      Seen a good one on Twatter this morning. When SNP activists ask you who you’re voting for on the lists just tell them “Nobody, don’t want to be accused of gaming the system.”

      I know most folk will probably have heard it already but i thought it was worth repeating. LOL!

    19. Alan McHarg says:

      How to highlight your own parties failings and hypocrisy with no remorse.

    20. Feliks says:

      Wee Willie @10.55

      Not even Keir Starmer would be stupid enough to make any pact with the Tories.

    21. Sharny Dubs says:

      Shot himself right through the baffies what a tit.

    22. Ian Brotherhood says:

      “He’s got fireside-tartan on his toes’ would be a good lyric, if sumbdy could be bothered writing the rest…

    23. alzyerpal says:

      Nobody is one word, Wishart, you useless qunt!

    24. Republicofscotland says:

      Yeah Wishart has a lot to say for himself for a long term Westminster trougher, whose done zero to forward Scottish independence but lined his own pockets nicley for decades, this is the the man who actually wanted to become Speaker of the House, talk about settling in.

      Wishart should remember there’s only one person with a track record of actually leading Scotland to an indyref, and its Alex Salmond, NOT Nicola Sturgeon.

      All those great Runrig songs ring hollow now, in the face of what Wishart has become pity.

    25. solarflare says:

      “Grahame Case says:
      31 March, 2021 at 10:53 am

      Yes. There is apparently a “shopping list” of defectors”

      Good to know, thanks!

    26. Breeks says:

      3 mandates delivered!… by the Tories in minority opposition.

    27. paul says:

      tartanfever says:
      31 March, 2021 at 11:00 am

      This is the bizarre thing, even the Tories agree (again) that an SNP victory means another Indyref.

      If your platform is ‘No to Indyref’ and you lose, then conversely the winners have a mandate for a referendum.

      Why haven’t the SNP done this ? The Tories are actually helping them.

      The current SNP are far too collegiate and sophisticated to take that line.

    28. McDuff says:

      Can you imagine this man with the brain of an knat trying to negotiate the logistics of separation.
      That God we now have Alba with people dedicated to independence and not to large Westminster luncheons.

    29. Marie Clark says:

      Good old Pete. the record never changes does it. Problem is, Pete seems to think that we are all as stupid as he is. We see you Pete.

    30. Bob Mack says:

      Same old trope before every election.

      Same old failure after it.

    31. Cudneycareless says:

      McDuff says:
      31 March, 2021 at 11:07 am
      Can you imagine this man with the brain of an knat trying to negotiate the logistics of separation.


    32. Fionan says:

      OT just managed to pay membership of Alba party. I am number 4395.
      I remember someone recently posted the membership numbers for each of the parties in Scotland and the libdums were around the 4000 mark. Anyone know if we ( the Alba party) have now overtaken them?

      Poor Pete, he must be so worried that his party is losing its members so quickly, just when he thought he was guaranteed his cosy slippers green leather seat followed by a cosy slippers red leather seat so he would be cushy for life.

    33. McDuff says:


    34. kapelmeister says:

      Those Tories..always saying no to an indyref, election after election..hahaha……oh.

    35. Mia says:

      I want to make clear to Mr Wishart, to Ms Sturgeon, to Mr Swinney, to Mr Yousaf and to the rest of the SNP amoebas sitting in Holyrood that after their attack on females’ rights, their attack on freedom of speech, their vicious attack on justice by attempting to get rid of court juries, after leading us on to nowhere for SIX YEARS, after acting as a profoundly undemocratic party that refused to deliver our democratic mandates, after colluding with Westminster to denying us our right to self determination and to foist on us, against our will and interests, a brexit we never gave consent for, I have absolutely no reason whatsoever left to vote SNP. None. They don’t longer stand for anything I identify with. In fact they now stand for things I find totally unpalatable and completely unacceptable and I would gladly see the party out of Holyrood.

      But if I am voting SNP in the constituency ballot in May, which I have now decided I will, it will be EXCLUSIVELY because I trust Mr Salmond when he says that we need a supermajority to legitimise the beginning of negotiations for Scotland’s independence, and not because I believe a word that comes out from the SNP careerists, self-serving hypocrites, the political trojan horse woo woo they welcomed into the democratic structures of the party to create havoc and their propaganda drones.

      So Mr Wishart, Mr Yousaf, Mr Swinney and Ms Sturgeon, please bear in mind that while you indulge in unprofessionally and unjustifiably smears against Mr Salmond seemingly at every opportunity, it will be Mr Salmond the one you will have to thank for my vote because if it was only because of your actions, hell would freeze before I would endorse your toxic policies, you apathy for independence, your utter contempt for democracy and our popular sovereignty, your disgraceful attack on females’ rights and freedom of speech, your embarrassing actions attempting to suppress incriminating evidence from the public and the totally unnecessary and grotesque wastage of much needed millions of taxpayers’ pounds in a judicial review, criminal case, malicious prosecutions and completely blown out of proportion police investigation to hunt down Mr Salmond, presumably to stop him doing what he is doing now:

      once again, being the better person that is leading us to independence and as others quite accurately have stated in this blog, leading the SNP to victory even from outside the SNP itself. And why do I think Mr Salmond is doing this?

      Because you could not be arsed to do that yourselves even when you have had not one, but a whole collection of opportunities during the past 6 years.

      I wish you take into account this when you dare criticising Mr Salmond and ALBA again and claiming credit for all the constituency votes the SNP is going to get in May, because you do not deserve that credit. Those votes will not be endorsing you or what you have done to the SNP. They are an endorsement to Mr Salmond and his commitment to independence. And rest assured, that if ALBA was not running in the list, you would not be getting my constituency vote either.

      I thought I should point that out to avoid misunderstandings.

    36. ScotsRenewables says:

      somerled says:
      31 March, 2021 at 10:58 am
      Stu, do you really believe Alba will change anything?

      They might get a dozen or so MSPs but will still be powerless as Sturgeon & the SNP will refuse to work with them on Indy or Women’s rights?

      Sturgeon and the ultrawokes are damaged. Their power will be greatly reduced with ALBA in Holyrood. Disgruntled members will have a new home to go to.

      And with a supermajority of pro-indy MSPs, calling a plebiscitary election is always a possibility.

      No, the only thing we have to worry about is ALBA not getting enough seats.

      Game On!

    37. Rob says:

      Never mind “fire in the belly’ etc. the SNP have spent/lost the cash to fight a referendum campaign, haven’t they?

      If we get a majority SNP government and an effective Alba+others indy-combo to keep it honest, how hard dare they push? I kinda worry about Ms. Sturgeon pulling the plug on the SNP before she sees any Indyref2 under way. Or am I now paranoid?

      I suppose we’ll see shortly just how badly she’s crippled the SNP.

    38. Bob Mack says:

      What difference would Alba make?

      I imagine pushing for Independence to which the SNP would put up resistance of one type of another.Folk will begin to wonder why that is.

    39. Ottomanboi says:

      Unionists reminding the SNP leadership of its purpose is just too embarrassing.
      Mr Wishart has in the past admitted to getting things « disastrously wrong » on social media

    40. Cudneycareless says:

      McDuff says:
      31 March, 2021 at 11:17 am

      For a moment I was wondering if it was the Kilmarnock Nationals you were abusing instead of the loving small flies which have achieved a bad name because of small brains and weak beer.

    41. Mark Boyle says:

      Quick heads up (hello Ruby!) for those who have said they’ve been unable to read Wishart’s Twitter page or other ones links have been posted to on here.

      If you are getting “This Is Not Available To You” appearing, just hit refresh twice/thrice and you should find the page you actually want will now appear.

    42. Bob Mack says:

      Idiots on the internet still thinking Nicola has a secret Masterplan to be revealed.

      Is it any wonder politicians have led folk by the nose for centuries when you have people like this? Trust nobody but yourself.

    43. sarah says:

      Everyone: This campaign is now a Yes campaign. Rouse up and out the Yessers and the voters, because an emphatic statement on May 6th is a message to ourselves about what we want Scotland to be. In effect it is a plebiscite election especially with the Unionists helpfully standing on a “No referendum” slate.

      The current obedient MSPs will have a home to go to if the SNP leadership doesn’t start effective moves to independence. [I understand from Grousebeater that Nicola said half a dozen times last night “no referendum until after covid/crisis..”]

    44. Mia says:

      “What difference would Alba make?”

      For starters, the SNP would never get my constituency vote again if ALBA did not exist.

    45. Pete Roberts says:

      Mia @ 11.26

      You speak my thoughts better than I could. Thanks.

    46. Kerfuffle says:


      Spot on, the SNP will gain voters as a result of ALBA lots of people will turn out to vote for ALBA as well as give the SNP a final roll of the dice. These folk wouldn’t have voted otherwise. For years the SNP have taken the indy vote as a vindication of their crap legislation. No more. They claim some women aren’t safe around Salmond while throwing all women under a bus (a metaphor nobody is advocating throwing actual women under an actual bus). Also Salmond seems a bit safer than Derek Mackay who they openly tolerated.

    47. James Horace says:

      I think you missed the chance of calling him Peter.

    48. Thistle's Bristles says:

      somerled says:
      31 March, 2021 at 10:58 am
      Stu, do you really believe Alba will change anything?

      They might get a dozen or so MSPs but will still be powerless as Sturgeon & the SNP will refuse to work with them on Indy or Women’s rights?

      I agree its better than not voting but you’ve been telling us that Boris will keep refusing to agree to Indyref2 and a wildcat referendum wont be supported by Councils.

      A majority at Holyrood still might not mean a majority of population voted for independence when actual votes are counted per person.

      Do you agree with Salmond about protests or UDI which I don’t think will won’t work either as they will be ignored by Westminster & EU?

      What do you suggest?

      Has anyone considered how we might incentivise Councils to back a so-called wildcat referendum?
      I mean, if that course of action were to be the evident will of the people (evidenced through the MSPs and parties elected this May)?

      It’s not too long till the 2022 local government elections. A mass of communication to councillors to the effect that ‘if you block a referendum we want, you’ll be out next year’ might focus their attention.

      I lived through the time under Thatcher when protests (especially widespread withholding of payment) scuppered the notorious ‘Poll Tax’.

      What would happen if council tax were to be withheld (or be threatened to be withheld) by all Independence-supporting Scots, if councils refused to facilitate a wished-for referendum?

      Just a wee thought-experiment, there!

    49. Dorothy Devine says:

      Kerfuffle, did Stairheid Rammy no advocate Mr Salmond should be hit by a bus?? ( I have forgotten the charming Labour wummin’s name)

      Maybe I should alert Tom Gordon – he obviously would take a great interest in all these off the cuff ‘threats’.

    50. Andy Ellis says:

      Aw, Pete mate…the last time someone as befuddled as you was in the public eye they made him POTUS:

      “Fool me once, shame on ….. shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.” G.W. Bush, Nashville 17/09/2002.

      Perhaps like Bush were misunderestimating #cosyfeetPete? 🙂

    51. McDuff says:

      Once again we are treated to England v Poland WC shown on STV while our national side who are playing the Faroes is shown on SKY which has to be paid for.
      Now why is it that the England game which is a far more lucrative prospect for Sky is being shown on terrestrial tv when it normally bids aggressively for the rights to such games. Is some sort of deal done somewhere with the aim of promoting England into rUK living rooms re inforcing it’s position as the UK.
      That is no doubt this is about buring out National pride and identity, and can you imagine the outcry in England if the positions were reversed.

    52. P says:

      Wishy is clearly rattled, he can’t stop tweeting about Alba
      And when that’s pointed out to him, he blocks.
      So is he panic blocking, or is it just spite.
      Over to you Wishy wifie.

    53. Meg merrilees says:

      Cudneycareless @11.33

      Clearly you do – or you wouldn’t have corrected the spelling of GNAT.

      I.E. clearly you do care – or you wouldn’t have corrected the spelling of GNAT…..

      Maybe time for a name change?

    54. oneliner says:

      Possibly mentioned already on these pages – The Peter Principle

      Incompetence on a grand scale as demonstrated by messrs Murrell and Wishart

      (Apologies to my pal Pete to whom it never could apply)

    55. AYRSHIRE ROB says: IT dept

      Please can you address the donate link errors? Tried one off donate payment as I’m already a member so I can check these receipt no # and it does nothing?

      Tried on chrome and Microsoft edge and nowt.

      When is the contact button going to be live on site ?

    56. Pete Roberts says:

      My only reservation about SNP1 Alba2 is that our local tory is DRoss and so far he seems to be doing more to bring about Independence than everybody in the SNP put together.

    57. Grahame says:


      If you are on Twitter a tweet to @kirkjtorrance should get that sorted

    58. Daisy Walker says:

      Very well said Mia.

      I too will now vote SNP 1 – for the awful Swinney. Before Alex started Alba – I was determined not just to not vote for him, but actively vote elsewhere to get him out.

      And that’s having voted SNP all my adult life.

      If Alex – after all he’s been put through, can say, bigger things first – so can I.

      I understand those who say, that if we get a supermax, and the Leadership of the SNP refuse to play, then we are no further forward.

      I disagree, we were no further forward when the good guys and gals within the SNP had nowhere else to go, and the argument was – we have to have an established, reputable party to elect and negotiate for us – but Alba provides both. The Gatekeeping and bottlenecking is over.

      Think I read last night that Dougie Chapman the SNP Treasurer has confirmed he will not decant to Alba – whew, is all I can say, given his complete lack of progress re the ring fenced moneys. Kind of telling when 3 others stand down on principle and you remain, looking up at the stars and whistling… oh and not replying to Wings.

    59. Red says:

      Pete Wishart Retweeted
      LGBT Youth Scotland
      ? Today is #TDOV: Trans Day of Visibility ?????

      For trans young people in Scotland, visibility can be a complicated, multifaceted thing. We asked 10 young people what “visibility” means to them and what they want the public to know about them.

      We’ll thread their thoughts below

      Pete cunningly courting the vital gender-confused demographic. It’s all the rage in Pitlochry.

    60. Meg merrilees says:

      Mia @ 11.26
      I totally endorse everything you have said about the SNP . I have been a committed SNP activist for many years, tramping streets at dawn, dusk, in rain , hail and shine, delivering leaflets, stuffing envelopes, donating to an independence fighting funds which may have disappeared and only recently resigned my membership in despair at Nicola Sturgeon and her behaviour during the Parliamentary enquiry. That was the last straw for me, as I hoped beyond hope that the SNP would somehow deliver the freedom for Scotland that we all desire.

      The SNP has treated women with scorn and disdane. The Hate Crime bill is seriously flawed and will come to be reviled. The corruption at the core of this party will be revealed to be huge.

      For the first time in my life I was seriously considering not voting or possibly spoiling my ballot paper until the brilliant moment that I heard that Alex Salmond had risen above all the muck scraping and corruption to put Scotland first.
      Nicola, please stop all this false outrage and posturing, behave like a grown adult and graciously accept that YOU and your government let down any women involved in bringing claims against AS; he has been to court and tried by a jury of his peers so it is time to accept that judgment and move on. You are behaving like a petulant school child, not a grown adult and defintely NOT like a true leader who should be setting an example to your followers.

      ‘SCOTLAND before PARTY’ should be your slogan for this election but sadly you are behaving as though it is ‘I’m with Nicola’ or even worse ‘Nicola and the SNP before Scotland’.

      Wad the power the Giftie gies us tae see oorsels as ithers see us.

    61. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Stu, do you really believe Alba will change anything?”

      I think they’ve got their work cut out, but if they hold the balance of power then there’s some hope. I don’t think a “supermajority” is at all significant, but if the SNP get any kind of majority either alone or with the Greens, all is lost.

    62. Stephen says:

      Wishart’s tweet is typical of the SNP under Sturgeon.
      They will talk independence but have no intention, nor give the impression, of following through as they are afraid it will put people off voting for them.
      For the SNP holding onto power is the most important thing.

    63. Meg merrilees says:

      Pete Wishart writes: For trans young people in Scotland,

      Surely he means:

      For young trans people in Scotland?

      Unless of course the SNP is now allowing people to trans from young to old after all if you can change gender then why stop there?

    64. Robert Graham says:

      Well let’s hope if anyone from the SNP management or Nicola sturgeon supporters reads MIAs post @11:26

      That one post I believe encapsulates the feelings of most Wings contributors, and if they are reading it don’t just read it , digest the content that just wasn’t a good post it was a warning ,your last one.

    65. Daisy Walker says:

      Poor Wishy, he really isn’t very bright.

      For example, when he was going full radge at Wings, telling everyone not to visit his site or read his articles – he would very helpfully link whatever WoS article was bothering him at the time, so that everyone could immediately go and see for themselves.


      Anyway, not even for Alex will I vote for Wishart again. For the good uns still in the SNP – best find your spines, or your P45’s. This chance Alex is giving you, really is the last one.

    66. somerled says:


      I agree in part as i think Sturgeon & SNP will be wounded but will still have the largest number of MSPs. If there is a Hung Parliament anda Coalition is needed then she might turn to Labour as Sarwar is a bit wishy washy on Indy and seems more keen to attack Tories. SNP, Labour, Greens and Libs all agree with Hate Crime Bill and support GRA Reform & dont care about women’s rights.

      We know most would sell their granny for a few Government posts in a Coalition & principles fly out the window. Those parties have more in common than the Alba Party or Tories, & I maintain Sturgeon will refuse to acknowledge Salmond. Mackaskill or Cherry would be better leaders of Alba but i still see them as being powerless not power brokers.

    67. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      Grahame @ 12.08 pm

      Grahame ,

      Me on twitter? Lmao I wouldn’t last 10 mins on there pal. Maybe someone should have a word with Kirk for a number of people who seem to have intermittent IT issues. A contact button would help for starters.

    68. SilverDarling says:

      I remember Pete making a speech during a ‘debate’ with the Tories where they were all braying and laughing. He pointed out to them how off-putting their behaviour was and how Scottish people were watching. He rammed it home how damaging their derision and scorn was. Some had a moment of realisation, you could see it.

      He was obviously not aware of the quote ‘Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.’

      Of course they still bray and boo and catcall but something subtly changed then, they became more serious about stamping the Union flag everywhere to get into our heads. They make clear the distinction between Scottish people and the SNP most of the time. Pete drew their attention to it and they are now aware. Even Gove has toned down the ungrateful Scots rhetoric for a while. Whereas before it was the Scottish people should be grateful it is now all centred on the SNP and how their largesse is only possible due to the Union dividend.

      All this may have come about anyway but I remember at the time thinking wtf are you doing? ‘Don’t tell them your name, Pike’.

      He is utterly hopeless

    69. Effigy says:

      Yes Pete, who do the Tories think they are stopping
      another Scottish referendum?

      That’s your job isn’t it.

    70. Annie 621 says:

      Th@t arse anagram ever.

    71. John Martini says:

      Whilst looking for a charging spot for my electric car it came to me. Judging children’s genders by the standards of the past denies them their unique individuality and the expression of their culturally distinct identities. Oh well, as long as the frankenfood corporations can keep making a profit hey?

    72. Kiwilassie says:

      somerled says:
      31 March, 2021 at 10:58 am
      Stu, do you really believe Alba will change anything?

      Even as a worst scenario, if ALBA got only 6 MSPs Alex would be there amongst them.
      Scotland’s independence is Alex’s first & only reason he has spent his life in politics. You can be well assured he will change things in Holyrood to achieve his objective.
      People just need to get behind him & support his cause.

      If you want Independence, stand by the man who will achieve it for you.
      The question here now is.. Are you men & women fighting for your country & the future of your children. Or are you individually a Man/woman or mouse?

      Expecting one man to fulfill your dream of a free country, is rather selfish & cowardly. You have also to fight for what you want for yourselves & your family.

      Two weeks ago everyone was depressed & had been for a few years. Alex came on the scene & everyone now has hope.
      You guys & lassies need to wissen up. He is but one man doing his best for Scotland. You all need to be in the fight with him.

      He has just come out of a horrendous stitch up of his character & yet he still fights for Scotland’s Independence.

      I’m a Scot living overseas & for me he is a Scottish hero.
      I am well versed with the politics in Scotland & the UK so saying that is not lightly.

      Time the people of Scotland started to take responsibility for their own lives & how they are governed.

      It amazes me the amount of the society who wants better for themselves but they vote against what they want.

      Look at the yes movement, they walk streets for hours waving flags for independence, yet when they get the opportunity of voting for it they reject it.
      The cult SNP followers are the flag wavers, they are not the people who truly want independence

      I’m saying this now , but I do believe by the time the election is upon you in 5 /6 weeks the Yes family will be on board.
      For all yes people no matter how they vote. t is & will always be for Independence.
      The Yes family is stronger than any political party. They just need to hear the truth. Unfortunately the SNP with their Vote SNP1&2 isn’t it.

      I really hope the Yes family realise the new SNP is but a step down from WM colonization. The don’t want Independence , they want devolution.

      Big hugs to Alex for trying to save Scotland yet again. You are a giant among men. Scotland need more men such as you.

    73. Robert Hughes says:

      Mia @ 11 26 .

      Spot-on . My thoughts completely .

      I thought I would be home by now and had concluded I would – reluctantly – vote SNP 1 ( the thought of The Moray Eel as FM was just to horrific to contemplate ) : I’m not home yet so won’t be able to vote but your rationale for changing your mind is 100% sound and one I would have shared , had I been voting .

      The advent of ALBA has given us hope just when it looked like the pretenders would slither in again , just like they seem to have slithered out of any consequences for the abuse of the law and the mayhem they have left in their malicious wake .

    74. Red says:

      Meg – Tbf Pete didn’t write that, he retweeted it for asspats.

      But I completely agree with you. If a man is a woman because he says he is, there’s literally no reason why I shouldn’t be the muscular, gold-chains-fancying, African-American, mohawked toughie I have always dreamt of becoming.

      I pity the fool who disagrees.

    75. tartanfever says:


      ‘The question here now is.. Are you men & women fighting for your country & the future of your children. Or are you individually a Man/woman or mouse?’

      – You do realise that those two options – country and children – are viewed by many as mutually exclusive because of the SNP’s gender driven aims ?

    76. Rikali says:

      Wee Willie says:
      31 March, 2021 at 10:55 am
      There is talk of an election pact between The Conservatives and Labour. They may stand


      I’m expecting an election pact, lead by Nicola, with the Conservatives, Labour, LDP, Greens and the SNP against those radical democrats who want Scottish self determination!!

    77. Andy Ellis says:

      @Rev Stu 12.16 pm

      One potential significance of having a supermajority would be the ability to call a new election. Assuming Boris says “now is not the time” again, as a founder member I’ll certainly be pressuring Alba to make it a condition of any support for a minority SNP administration that any request for a S30 Order for #indyref2 Sturgeon assures us will happen in the first half of this session is accompanied by a guarantee that if the S30 is refused, new Holyrood elections on a specifically plebiscitary mandate will be called.

      Of course that might be dependant on the ordinary SNP members putting their big boy pants on and (politically) defenestrating the Sturgeonistas.

    78. Alastair Naughton says:

      I think Pete needs to take some basic English lessons before he takes to Twitter and exposes himself as an even bigger twit:

      It’s ‘nobody’ NOT ‘no body’!!!!!!

    79. cirsium says:

      What a comment, Mia (11:26). Thank you.

    80. tartanfever says:

      AndyEllis @ 1.10pm

      What if the SNP don’t want to use a ‘supermajority’ as such ?

      What if, as looks likely, they simply refuse ?

      Labour and the Lib Dems and probably Greens would all be happy to support an SNP minority govt. on domestic policy support.

      In that scenario, the Alba party would be powerless, and Sturgeon would be quite happy with that.

    81. BuggerlePanda says:

      Pantoufles, pipe and pension Pete.

    82. BuggerlePanda says:

      “ AndyEllis @ 1.10pm

      What if the SNP don’t want to AndyEllis @ 1.10pm

      What if the SNP don’t want to use a ‘supermajority’ as such ?”

      If it gets to that stage, many of the ordinary members and members of Parliaments would walk and hidden stuff would surface, first of all from outside Scottish Legal jurisdiction and then all over the net.

      I would not condone that and would never participate it but…..Australia and South Africa could see an unveiling site

      All the afore would be an Apocalyptic denouement.

    83. katherine hamilton says:

      We have to take what Alba will mean in the Scottish political landscape one step at a time. What they may do or not do in the new Parliament will depend on the numbers, obviously. Supermajority, as Mr. Salmond has stated as his objective, offers a lot of possibilities. Just “being there” in other circumstances is just an unknown quantity.

      First things first. A humungous cat has just been set amongst the Holyrood pigeons. All of them. SNP are shitting themselves. The rest see a lot of seats disappearing. Job done.

      Next step is getting them there, and if the Rev’s support of Alba’s launch is anything to go by, the SNP alienating WoS proves they are stupid c***s. This site has more influence than they care to admit.

      With a fair wind we have everything to gain.

    84. Ian Mac says:

      The shallow posturing and hollow promises are what people now associate with the SNP. What is as bad is their pathetic need to cry “ooh, the tories, aren’t they horrible” as if that represented a policy or a reason to vote for them. We know that, numbnuts Pete, but it doesn’t follow voting SNP is any way a solution for the tory problem. It just tells me how stupid you think the electorate are, and that they will fall for the same old tripe again.

    85. tartanfever says:

      Buggerle Panda @ 1.40pm.

      Equally so, if Sturgeon does then try to use a supermajority along with Alba’s list MSP’s, won’t that very same scenario be unleashed by the unionist parties ?

      This site has for months been highlighting almost daily why Sturgeon must go because she is so heavily compromised. That works both ways you might argue, both for and against independence, but in the end, compromised politicians usually end up working in favour of their opponents.

      In Sturgeons case, I’d think it would work in favour of unionism.

    86. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Mia 11:26

      What she said yup covers what I think.

    87. Cudneycareless says:

      Meg merrilees says:
      31 March, 2021 at 11:54 am
      Cudneycareless @11.33

      It’s called irony and I know it does not come across too well in print and I am sure that the few posts I make will ultimately change the world.

    88. somerled says:

      I wonder if Alex Salmond will really become an MSP to sit as a backbencher and do usual weekly constituency stuff like sorting bin collections. Even if Alba form a pact or coalition with SNP, there is no way he will be given any Government role. He is at retirement age and writing his autobiography. Has he only put his name to Alba to attract votes, get publicity etc? If Alba win List seats, will he step down and let someone else on their list be the MSP with him as Leader of the Party? He might be one of the finest Scottish politicians there has been but he is a politician after all and they always put themselves first and lying & deception come naturally to all of them.

    89. Andy Ellis says:


      Hence my hope that the few responsible adults who have had the stomach to remain in the SNP will stage an intervention. If they don’t, and the Sturgeonistas refuse to deal with or Cooper in any way with Alba, then we’re not really any worse off than if Alba didn’t exist are we? The only positive will be that those who now don’t trust the SNP will see that they aren’t serious about delivering indy in any reasonable timescale. The gradualists will have nowhere to hide when their S30 Order gold standard fails.

    90. Andrew F says:

      One of Australia’s greatest leaders, Gough Whitlam, had a devastatingly quick wit and profound intellect. And he was an extremely decent man.

      No idea why this quote suddenly came into my mind, but it’s a classic:

      A rural long-time conservative member of parliament was rambling on in a debate and shouted “I am a country member!”.

      To which Whitlam loudly interjected “We remember.” Loud applause and cheers from both sides of the house followed, apparently.

      This world really needs more properly functioning machinery of democracy, even if for no other reason than to bring life back into how we are ruled over.

    91. Pete Roberts says:

      Somerled @ 3.04

      There are honest politicians. True they don’t seem seem to be a majority especially as they climb the ladder but even there they do exist.

      Corbyn, Cherry and Salmond are examples that spring to mind. The whole narrative about “All politicians are crooks” has been deliberately put about by the corporate and government controlled MSM to try and attack the few honest politicians that exist.

      Nothing terrifies the establishment more than honest politicians who put the people first. They can’t be bought or blackmailed. Don’t forget that the Scottish police had 20 officers working full time for 2 years interviewing anybody who had had any contact with Salmond, (about 400 women?) and all they could come up with was a handful of women who either never wanted to go to court or who were OK with committing perjury. Speaks for itself for me.

    92. P says:

      Has anyone seen that Private Eye have picked up on the missing ring fenced money?

    93. 100%Yes says:

      Sturgeon wouldn’t be talking about Independence she’s being forced into talking about Independence by the Unionist, on Debate Night the Lib-dem stated correctly Sturgeon doesn’t want to hold a referendum now or in the future and he was right on nearly every single point he made. You can either like or loath Alex Salmond or his Alba Party but if your daft enough to think Sturgeon is interested Independence then your daft enough to believe the planets flat, but the rest of us who do want Independence and are bothered about Scotland knows that the Alba Party is probably the most important party right now in Scottish politics.

    94. somerled says:

      Pete, I’m sure there must be some honest politicians in every party including Tory but how do the general public know who to trust?

      I’m not sure about Corbyn – I don’t think he was very believable with regards to meetings & funerals he attended with known terrorists.

      Alex Salmond probably honest, i agree but was he honest with his wife & marriage vows?

      Similar with Nicola Sturgeon – is there anybody that believes her marriage to Peter Murrell is genuine. I have been told both are gay which is why the party is so obsessed with LGBT.

      Joanna Cherry should be honest too as a QC and while she is good on women’s rights, i’m not sure about her tbh -I was told by one of her constituents & supporters that when he asked for help regarding investigating baby rapist Jamie Rennie & LGBT Youth, she refused and said his crimes were ‘unfortunate’ and wouldn’t help so childrens safety doesnt appear high on her list of priorities, i guess Brexit and independence matter more?

    95. Dave Llewellyn says:

      Apparently he doesn’t like being called Peter.

    96. A Person says:

      -Andrew F at 3.36-

      In similar light-hearted vein:

      In 1977 Roy Jenkins left Parliament to go and work for the European Commission and the deeply unpopular MP David Marquand also went to Brussels to be Jenkins’ deputy.

      Jenkins, who famously couldn’t pronounce his Rs, was making his valedictory speech to the Commons and said, “I am pleased to say I will be leaving the House without rancour”.

      To which Dennis Skinner shouted out, “I thought you were taking him with you!”

    97. Mist001 says:

      Is the ‘no body’ bit intentional and trying to be a bit clever, or was he just pished and meant to write ‘nobody’?

    98. maureen says:

      Holyrood 2021: Alex Salmond’s Alba Party publish full list of candidates

    99. Lorna Campbell says:

      It is the implication that they have been sweating their wee googlies off to get independence that makes you want to laugh. They have done zilch, nada, nights, rien, nothing to even take the first tentative step or we wouldn’t be here, in 2021, still waiting.

    100. Derek says:

      @P says:
      31 March, 2021 at 3:56 pm
      Has anyone seen that Private Eye have picked up on the missing ring fenced money?

      Not yet, haven’t opened it. Will have a look later.

    101. Derek says:

      Nothing happened last time.

      This time, however, something might – just – be different…

    102. Al Ba says:

      SNP’s Pete Wishart has been an embarrassment for a long time now. I told him so – was I blocked?

      My tweet >> “Keep going, Pete, you’re hardly “building bridges” by continuing to destroy the SNP by your tone & attitude. You’ve failed the SNP, its MSPs +Scottish people. You proud of your behaviour? #justleave

      (ps- my name/handle has been in use for >20 years, not related to Alba Party)

    103. Kcor says:

      Mia says,

      “I want to make clear to Mr Wishart, to Ms Sturgeon, to Mr Swinney, to Mr Yousaf ———I have absolutely no reason whatsoever left to vote SNP.”

      But you are dead against the one option available to get rid of Sturgeon.


    104. Kcor says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says,

      “I think they’ve got their work cut out, but if they hold the balance of power then there’s some hope. I don’t think a “supermajority” is at all significant, but if the SNP get any kind of majority either alone or with the Greens, all is lost.”

      Will voting SNP 1 not give the SNP a majority?

      To avoid the SNP getting a majority, some SNP seats have to be lost.

      The solution is to vote tactically against Sturgeon, Swinney and all ministers and against Robertson in the constituencies.

      Only then can ALBA hold the balance of power.

      With the added advantage of the most obnoxious SNP MSPs out of the way, except the ones who can sneak in through the backdoor.

      We await your detailed number crunching to decide the best way of voting.

    105. Peter A Bell says:

      The argument that we should vote Alba because the SNP is bad has no more substance than the argument that we should vote SNP because the Tories are bad.

    106. Albert Herring says:

      “Only then can ALBA hold the balance of power.”

      A few post-election defections can do the trick.

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