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Yet another warning from history

Posted on May 13, 2014 by

The Scotsman, 24 March 2007:

Brown: I will save the union

Gordon Brown last night revealed he was placing himself at the heart of Labour’s Holyrood election campaign, declaring it was his ‘duty’ to save the Union from the SNP.

In an exclusive interview with Scotland on Sunday, Brown pledged to spend the six weeks before polling day ‘explaining and exposing’ the Nationalists’ ‘disastrous’ plans.

The Chancellor ruled out any plans to give more power to the Scottish Parliament saying it was not necessary.”

How (some) things change, eh readers?


But there’s a serious side to this fun wee nostalgia trip too.

“The Chancellor conceded the Nationalists had been hard to pin down so far in the campaign. He said: ‘It takes time for the argument to become clear because the SNP don’t want to talk about independence. The SNP want to avoid difficult questions.’

He also claimed his increased role did not mean he was to take over the campaign. He insisted that Jack McConnell was ‘the leader of the campaign’. However, he then set out the party’s plans to oppose more powers for Holyrood.

He said: ‘The issue for the parliament and the election manifesto of the Labour Party is how existing powers are better and best used.’

He went on: ‘What Labour is looking to is greater partnership between the devolved parliament and the UK government.’

Brown’s words reveal the lie at the heart of Labour’s constant claims to be the “party of devolution”, always seeking to give Holyrood more powers. Labour only EVER gives Scotland more powers when it feels under threat from the independence movement.

In 2007, as we see (although it’s never mentioned nowadays in the media), Gordon Brown insisted that the party resolutely opposed any such idea. Yet Alex Salmond had barely got his backside into the First Minister’s chair when Labour and its Unionist allies decided they’d been wrong all along, and formed the Calman Commission to see how little they could get away with promising for the future.

When Calman’s feeble proposals failed to stop the SNP winning a second election in 2011 – and even as the watered-down Scotland Act implementation of them was still working its way slowly into being (it’s not due to be fully in effect until 2016) – the threat of independence panicked all the London-based parties into yet MORE devolution commissions.

Labour’s has already delivered its meaningless and shambolic “Devo Nano” plan, along with a promise from Douglas Alexander to talk about the constitution for the next TEN YEARS. The Liberal Democrats, who’ve been promising “Home Rule” for the last century, had Sir Menzies Campbell (who was there at the start of that period) come up with the bold idea of having a conversation about it after the referendum.

And while we’re still waiting for the Tories’ Strathclyde Commission to report, it’s probably safe to say that we’re not exactly holding our breath in excited anticipation of its recommendations.

In 2012, BBC broadcaster Andrew Neil – not a noted nationalist – told a charity dinner in Scotland what everyone already knew:

“Devolution, the Calman Commission, the Scotland Bill, the Edinburgh Agreement, all of this and more you have, is because Westminster parties are scared of the SNP. If you vote ‘No’ you massively change the balance of power and they will not only give you nothing, but will probably take powers away from the Scottish Parliament”.

It’s difficult to know how much more evidence could be required to illustrate the truth of his comments. Westminster (and especially Labour) only relinquishes any of its powers grudgingly, and only when it absolutely has to.

A No vote in September will remove the threat of independence, which drives all of those concessions, for a generation. And the consequences of that could be sobering. Johann Lamont actually campaigned against devolution in the 1979 referendum. Many of her colleagues and friends in the party still oppose it today.


So anyone intending to vote No in the belief that the UK parties will be falling over themselves to devolve more power to Scotland as a reward would perhaps do well, for once, to remember Gordon Brown’s words.

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    87 to “Yet another warning from history”

    1. Gillie says:

      There is no chance that Westminster, of whatever hue, will vote through more powers for a Scottish parliament, even Scottish Labour MPs concede that point.

    2. heedtracker says:

      But how do you connect with the most powerful BetterTogether propaganda machine out there that produce endless vote no or else stuff like this?

    3. Brendan says:

      Every day the situation is becoming clearer and clearer as the NO parties realise that the Scottish people are not falling for their half-truths , falsehoods and deceptions. What can they do now?

    4. Labour are going to lose the 2015 election because they offer no alternative to brutal cuts and austerity.

      Vote NO = Vote TORY

    5. Kenzie says:

      It’s very east to tell when Johann Lamont is telling porkies; her lips move.

    6. heedtracker says:

      And this massive vote no BBC big up for Labour’s five FACTS? They must be FACTS because the BBC is impartial and unbiased.

    7. Robert Kerr says:

      “Power devolved is power retained!”

      It is total nonsense that any act of WM is irrevocable in future.

      No matter what the future may hold the only way for the Scottish Parliament to be safe and secure is Independence!

    8. Ken500 says:

      It’s definitely a landslide YES. It’s in the bag.

      Scotland saves itself from Tax evading, dishonourable, corrupt, lying Westminster cretins, like Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown is a national disgrace.

    9. heedtracker says:

      Even just these two BBC sentences sum up their “just how stupid are they out there” stuff. There’s never a byline to any of it but this kind of gibberish has to be from the boss, Douglas Fraser. What a dude for the vote Labour, anti independence spin.

      “MSPs would also have the powers to increase the higher rates of income tax, giving it the ability to tax richer citizens more.

      However, Labour has said top rates may only be cut if all rates are cut, to prevent Scotland launching a tax competition with Westminster.”

    10. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

      Those quotes from Labour stalwarts are depressing. Especially Tam Dalyell’s and Michael Kellys’. The positive case for the union, eh?

      I’m glad I eventually saw through Labour lies. I hope in the event of a Yes vote that Labour for Independence take a grip of the Labour party in Scotland and consign these dinosaurs to history.

    11. Free Scotland says:

      How can Brown claim that the SNP don’t want to talk about independence? Is he maybe confusing them with VNB? And, as for his suggestion that the SNP want to avoid difficult questions, that is just evidence that his brain is completely fogged up and he can’t think of anything to say. On his recent visit to Scotland to lecture us on pensions (you know, the field about which he knows so much, having been largely responsible for devaluing them when he was in Downing Street), he, just like Ed Milliband, was whisked away in a taxi so that he could avoid any questions, not just difficult ones.

    12. Dr Ew says:

      The “Party of Devolution” quote may have had some credibility when uttered by a John Smith or a Donald Dewar, but when mangled by anti-devolutionist Chohann Lamouth…
      or drawn like a bad tooth from bitter has-been Gordun Broon…
      or robotically repeated by paranoid android Dalek Zander… or s-stuttered by dull dullard Asleastaswecangetawaywith Darling…
      well, let’s just say it has more than a hollow ring.

      And it sounds hollower still when you remember they’re all working in hand in glove with Auld Ming, Holy Wullie, Slasher Gideon, Dapper Dave and wee Ruthie.

      Devolution – nano, medium or max – is no longer good enough.

      And even if that is what you really, really want, tell me this – would you trust ANY of them to deliver?

    13. iheartscotland says:

      Your best article yet Rev, I dare a No voter to read this and not change their mind.Labour are so much more unionist than the Tories.They genuinely despise Scotland.

    14. Macart says:

      Its not like their trying to hide their intent is it?

      I mean their message has been pretty consistent over the period. Vote NO and we’ll make damn sure we’ll cripple your parliament. They will either roll back powers, hand over responsibility without power or trash the Scottish parliament altogether (see direct quotes above). Short of them simply saying vote no for the continued degradation and denigration of your society and culture I’m not sure how much plainer they could be?

      Maybe just me, but I’m not seeing what’s so attractive about voting no.

    15. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      An outrage?

      Your given name tells me you should be able to work a few out.

    16. Croompenstein says:

      @Rev Stu – for the last century, had Sir Menzies Campbell (who was there at the start of that period)

      Thanks Stu, tea and crumbs splattered all over the screen and keyboard.. 😀

    17. Fergus Green says:

      O/T Salmond to speak at Dundee University 5 Million Question event on 3 June.

      Tickets available:

      Ali Darling speaking 2 weeks earlier if anyone fancies posing an awkward question or three.

    18. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Heedtracker

      He will become a Househusband after the YES vote.

      Izzy will wear the drawers.

    19. iheartscotland says:

      @Dr EW, They’ll be unelectable for a lifetime regardless of the outcome of the referendum.So many lies,so little room to move. They will be held to account by the Scottish folk.

    20. iheartscotland says:

      @Dr EW,
      They’ll be unelectable for a lifetime regardless of the outcome of the referendum.So many lies,so little room to move. They will be held to account by folk in Scotland.

    21. Croompenstein says:

      Didn’t Kelly state that if Yes wins then SLab MPs would work against Scotland in any negotiations?

    22. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      One we can be certain of is that in the event of a No vote things WILL definitely NOT get better.

      So maybe the the slogan should be

      “Vote No and get worse”

      “Vote No for a hole in your pocket”


      “Vote No to be ripped off”


      “Vote No for poverty”

    23. iheartscotland says:

      Aaargh….sorry for the double post..

    24. Vronsky says:

      Gordon Brown makes a loose cannon look like a sniper rifle. He rates himself very highly, and the rest if us not at all (classic Dunning-Kruger syndrome). I give him a month before BT are at defcon 1 again and desperately trying to hook him off the stage.–Kruger_effect
      The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias which can manifest in one of two ways: Unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their …
      ?Illusory superiority – ?Anosognosia – ?Anton–Babinski syndrome

    25. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      Darling of The Tories being sacked by Cameron, according to The Daily Hate.

      Cabinet not releasing details of a poll that has cost the tax payer £46,500, according to various sources.

      Canon Kenyan Wright voting YES and admitting that the Devolution convention made mistakes and its principles aren’t worth a can of beans, with regard to a sovereign Scottish.

      Never mind, I’m sure Lord Reid of self-preservation land will save the day!

    26. Vronsky says:

      O/t Rev, are you doing any more on No Borders apparently using actors as their ‘ordinary people’? I thought at the time that they sounded scripted.

    27. a2 says:

      @Thomas William Dunlop

      actually thomas your first line had most ring to it.

      “in the event of a No vote things WILL definitely NOT get better.”

    28. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Vronsky

      In English, he is a fruitbat?

    29. cearc says:

      Makes a change from saving the world.

      I wonder if he will do as well in this new saviour role.

    30. Free Scotland says:

      Just looked at the countdown timer on the Yes Scotland website and realised there are only 128 days left before the big day. Then I worked out that I spent about 18 hours online last week reading indy-related articles and comments, and I thought: “What if we wake up on 19th of September to find that we’ve missed the opportunity of independence because I and others who love Scotland spent so much of our time in a bubble of self-encouragement instead of getting out there and working for a Yes vote?” Last week, I convinced a young guy at work (an entrenched No voter) to switch to Yes; our conversation took less than ten minutes. Yesterday, I spoke to a woman who just wasn’t sure, but felt a bit suspicious about the way politicians from south of the border seem so desperate to hang on to Scotland. We spoke for 5 minutes at the most, and then I scribbled down the following link for her: Her mind is now made up: she’s voting Yes. And that took less than 15 minutes of my time. Am I a skilful speaker or a forceful type? Not at all. My friends and those who know me best would probably describe me as shy. It’s just that the case for Yes is so compelling. The secret of successful campaigning is to stop thinking of No voters and Undecided voters as the enemy, and to start seeing them as potential beneficiaries with us of an Independent Scotland.

    31. galamcennalath says:

      There are some hardcore No voters, but most are ‘soft’ and not so strongly committed to the Union. I would class all VNB ads as portraying No voters who don’t really understand what the Union has done, or perhaps more importantly, will do. These are the people BT is fighting hard to keep onside.

      The weakness in this strategy, is that most No voters believe a win for No means status quo. Nothing changes. “If it ain’t broke why fix it?” The underlying believe with this statement is firstly there is little wrong with the status quo, and secondly a No win will mean things continue as usual.

      That view couldn’t be further from reality, as the Rev’s article articulates well.

      Their current No backing could be shaken by critcising the past performance of the Union and explaining how things could improve with independence.

      However, a simpler tactic to shake their confidence that No is right for them, is to make clear to everyone what a No win actually means.

      We can be fairly certain a No win means:-

      Reductions in Scotland’s block grant
      More cuts in services
      Pressure to partially privatise NHS Scotland
      A Tory win in 2015
      Westminster policies to appease UKIP
      No more powers to Edinburgh
      No removal of WMDs
      Trident replacement on the Clyde
      … and more

      I am certain these are not what ‘soft’ No voters believe they are voting for!

      What No actually means needs to be hammered home.

    32. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Vronzky – If you have a look at this website you will photos of some of the folk used. Same names but different poses. I guess these are for sale under copyright laws. They seem to be accorded to Jack who must be a freelance photographer in Scotland.

      Interesting to note that on Claire Borley’s client list is Acanchi. Does that name ring a bell?

    33. Benjamin Rae says:

      Great stuff. Really are doing good work

    34. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Ah, unionists. Strikes me the only honest comment out of all those quoted comes from Brian Wilson, bitter little Labour fella he is he’s still apparently allowed to be right sometimes even if he’s wrong for most of it.

      Gordon Brown is well past his most effective, if indeed even he knows when that was. His stint as chancellor, when he rather stupidly proclaimed boom and bust had been ended, was typified by ever rising borrowing and selling off gold stocks before the market started to rise dramatically.

      As Prime Minister he inherited something of a shitstorm and for a while I had some sympathy. But of course, he was no better as Prime Minister than he was as Chancellor. The comedy moment of moaning about a ‘bigoted woman’ while still hooked up to microphone then having to apologise when half the country actually believed he was right… just a bit stupid to leave the microphone on…

      He’s right up there with other luminaries you presented here. Tam Dalyell, occasionally talks sense, but that line’s a corker.

      Kelly. No words required. He is the best advert I’ve seen for a man who should be ignored.

      And Johann Lamont. She must know she’s wrong. She cannot be as stupid as she appears and still remember to breathe in and out. It does worry me, though, that she herself says she got into politics by accident. And it worries me more that this intellectual giant was once a teacher. I would say she should go back to her former career but I wouldn’t want to think someone so ill-capable of leadership should be put in front of a class of children.

    35. Marcia says:

      The idea of getting Douglas Alexander instead of A Darling esq to front the No campaign is a good move, for Yes. Always a ray of sunshine on TV.

    36. Gillie says:

      I don’t think Darling will turn up at Dundee Uni after being dumped by Better Together and replaced by Alexander. That would be too embarrassing for the former Chancellor.

    37. Chris Silver says:

      Any new powers that are given will be the likes of Labours devolved tax plans, where no Scottish government would implement unless it was to undermine Holyrood by punitive taxes.

    38. call me dave says:

      Here is that Daily Fail story. Darling no more?

      Where is this story about the suppressed opinion poll, or is it a figment of our imagination?

    39. anton le grandier says:

      “Vote No get Nothing” should be a campaign banner.Ohh,it already is.fair enough.

      Seriously,its so simple.YES is the ONLY answer to the referendum that offers any options for the future.Thats it.No bollocks.

    40. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Vronsky at 12:50 pm

      Gordon Brown makes a loose cannon look like a sniper rifle.

      Do you mean this Jimmy Broon?

    41. Marcia says:

      anton le grandier

      “Vote No and get even less” might be a better slogan.

    42. heedtracker says:

      @ Bugger (the Panda), talk about odd couples the Fraser’s.

      One has professional integrity, the others an anti independence spin doctor.

      When they teach political propaganda BBC style at school and college, this will be exhibit A, BBC vote no FACT no.1,
      What does this actually mean class and what is the writer of this propaganda trying to get you to think? Discuss.
      “However, Labour has said top rates may only be cut if all rates are cut, to prevent Scotland launching a tax competition with Westminster.”

      Meaningless bettertogether vote no or else BBC crap.

    43. heedtracker says: I want this guy to stand for election here in Aberdeen, Scotlandshire, NOW!

    44. Finnz says:

      Browns plan, and wee Dougies, is to ensure that the Scottish people never, ever have the chance to hold an independent referendum again. Brown will tie both countries together in a web of controls that will be impossible to separate. Scotland will truly become North Englandshire..

    45. HandandShrimp says:

      Given everything the Coalition has done I think one of the most unnerving thing the No camp face is the latest poll that shows the Tories 2 points ahead of Labour. In the face of this Ed seems to have gone into promise over-drive. I think he may have gone too early to quote Coleman.

    46. frances says:

      Archie [not Erchie] says:
      13 May, 2014 at 1:11 pm

      Interesting to note that on Claire Borley’s client list is Acanchi. Does that name ring a bell?

      Archie, what an amazing find. All of the VNB participants from the advertising campaign are there!

    47. Desimond says:

      In the Game of Thrones of the Independence Referendum, Gordon Brown is Hodor!

    48. Murray McCallum says:

      Unable to post a comment. This is a test.

    49. heedtracker says: How come I recognise everyone voting no in those Daily Record ukok adverts yesterday, on this web site? Like Elizabeth Glasgow and Karen M Glasgow and Paul G Paisley. Strange.

    50. George Bowie says:

      More worried about their club membership at Westminster, nice little earner plus expenses and their house in London than what happens in Scotland. Parcel of rogues!

    51. cearc says:


      He’s great isn’t he?

      I do hope people go to meet him on the 24th. I wonder if he will still be in Glasgae for the 30th., he could go to the CH do.

    52. Democracy Reborn says:

      Stu, great poster.
      It should be advertised in every constituency in Scotland with a sitting Labour MP.

    53. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:
      I want this guy to stand for election here in Aberdeen, Scotlandshire, NOW!

      Inspirational! This guy should be appearing at Yes events!

    54. Colin says:

      I wonder if the Yes side will be afforded the same TV time and press space as Broon to dispel his lies and scaremongering?

    55. heraldnomore says:

      Yes Balloon campaign relaunched. Let’s get it soaring this time, ropes untethered, soaring above Scottish politics as they say around here.

    56. Craig P says:

      Interestingly (or maybe not), Claire Borley’s image gallery no longer displays the faces of the VNB ad campaign who have yet to appear in the press.

      I shall look forward to seeing the likes of Peter Farmer and Sophie Fife anew in the near future!

    57. Thomas William Dunlop says:


      How about this iteration-

      “in the event of a No vote things WILL definitely NOT be better TOGETHER.”

    58. seanair says:

      Sorry O/T, but in papershop, checked a funeral notice in the Hootsman, but paper fell open at a page showing an absolutely vile so-called cartoon portraying Nicola Sturgeon as a disreputable character. Don’t click on Hootsman to give them points, but you have to wonder at the mind of the cartoonist to show a hard working ELECTED and dedicated politician in this light. I hope he
      is ashamed of himself but what on earth is the Editor thinking of? Also the Political Editor Peter McMahon (ex-Labour Party employee). “Smears are Us” and no mistake.

    59. Oneironaut says:

      I’m not sure Brown will even survive until the referendum.

      I’ve seen 80+ a day chain-smokers who look healthier than him!

    60. handclapping says:

      Ah, my MP, the ex-politician, don’t you just love him. He signed the Covenant, sold the gold, buggered our pensions, saw off the SNP challenge in 2007, abolished boom and bust, and then saved the world.

      Truly a legend in his own shaving mirror, he now wants to save the Union for a second time. “Once more unto the breach …”, I won’t go on as it gets a bit gory about our English dead and I won’t have my fellow countrymen traduced.

      It does shew the quality of government from Westminster that he and Douglas Alexander can be considered big beasts of the Labour party that might make the UK Government in 2015.

    61. X_Sticks says:

      Free Scotland says:

      “What if we wake up on 19th of September to find that we’ve missed the opportunity of independence because I and others who love Scotland spent so much of our time in a bubble of self-encouragement instead of getting out there and working for a Yes vote?”

      Yup Free Scotland – we all need to get out and do our bit. Keyboard warriors are all very good, but nothing beats real actions.

    62. Defo says:

      great work. Totally busted VNB claims to credibility re. ordinary people. Stock photo’s, with a London script.

    63. Vronsky says:

      Oh dear, I think I’m going to have to speak slowly. As researched by the Rev (or one of his secret tribe of salacious informers, scattered all across the globe and undermining basic human decency everywhere) the principal players in the No Borders videos are in fact models for a PR Agency. Their earnest little confessions of childlike faith in the spotless divinity of the Union were just actors reading lines.

      If so, that is sensational and hilarious. All this work done by the Rev (or his dark familiars) I’d expect to be celebrated in a leader article. That was all.

    64. Ken500 says:

      Too much jet lag pickles the brain.

    65. Ken500 says:

      Fradge media supporters must be PR Company’s employees. The tax evading Con games to dupe the public.

    66. Meindevon says:

      Sorry O/T but did anyone else (Rev?) here in England see the English Democrats PPB last night?

      Apart from showing lots of clips of war memorials implying only England won the war, they were advocating Independence for England and English jobs for English people. I ask you, Independence for England! So it’s ok for England, but not for Scotland.

    67. TheItalianJob says:

      This is further evidence of a coordinated approach, from afar (London based), that was exposed by Wings on VNB the first day of their launch.

    68. YESGUY says:

      And the lies go on go on and go on.
      Get out there everyone and keep up the great work you all do. I was once a No voter and 10mins on W.O.S and ……. BANG got me . I couldn’t believe what i was reading . Now i am so angry for being duped.

      Not everyone can get online although twitter and the like gets to many on smart phones, so its shank’s pony and a wee word here or there and watch the reaction when they are shown facts and thats the job done. The doubts people have will grow on their own . No need to shout or swear although i wouldn’t blame anyone if they did.

      I go to their house and put Wings , Bella and the like in their bookmarks and don’t forget Facebook. It’s getting the word out too. 128 days and we will finally be free , oops getting a wee bit loud even while typing this.

      Well don Rev keep shredding the lies and we will get it out to the people.

    69. Alex. Walker says:

      When “Yesterday`s Men” are dusted down to first, last and always, save their ain jobs at Westminster we can have zero reason to trust any thing that slabbers out the corner of their treacherous and lecherous lips.

      Brown and Darling, plus all their Scottish Labour Shleep bought the dodgy dossier that took and killed heroes in their illegal war in Iraq.

      Have voters lost all sense of outrage versus these duplicitous scheming rats.

      Half the leadersip of the scottish labour party (anus sarwar) is dependent on his millionaire family whose nepotism supplied him with his Westminster seat.
      Like his uncle, when things get tough, sarwar can fcuk off to Pakistan.

      Let`s trust him.?? Aye, right.

      Brown used a platform he shared with Johannzilla only two days before last month`s scottish (?) labour patsy conf. to Promote ” DEVO-MAX “. Lamont agreed with grubbin` gordo.

      Now we witness their “Dance of the Hours” (Disney) where the hippos and corkerdiles take on the trappings of ballet dancers – complete with pink tutu`s.

      Keep up the good work Rev. Stu. -and- if there is a god, he`ll put wee yella wheels on you.
      No better tribute.

    70. Defo says:

      Isn’t attributing statements to individuals, and publishing them as fact getting pretty close to fraud ?
      Maybe some of our contributors are police or lawyers, and could enlighten us. It would only need someone to then make a complaint to Police Scotland..

    71. dennis mclaughlin says:

      It disnae matter who they put on the horse now, the games up for all these BT Shysters….and good riddance to the whole rotten bunch come September.

    72. Andy-B says:

      Mr Brown claims its his duty to save us from the SNP, well Mr Brown,its our duty to save Scots and Scotland from the likes of you, and Westminster.


      The despicable unionist rag the Daily Record, trying their utmost to divide and conquer.

    73. Alex. Walker says:

      brown darlin,lament anus – starring in “Fantasia”, the cheaper cut-out cartoon version.

      I seem to remember an early 1960`s comedy version of “Dance of the Hours”

      # Hello mother, hello father
      here I am at Camp Granada
      camp is very entertaing
      and they say we`llhave some fun
      when it stops raining #

    74. No no no...Yes says:

      I like to keep tabs on what the SLAB are spouting on their website. On the blog page there is a heading , “Watch Gordon Brown outline Labour’s progressive case for a strong Scotland in the UK.”

      The video only lasts 1 min 10 seconds, probably the right amount of time for an anti-Scottish ex-PM to set out his his case, only he doesn’t. It is merely a rant about Salmond, the SNP, and wait for it, the cybernats. There is one guy who looks like Ken Macdonald (BBC half decent reporter) who is not applauding and fawning to Gordon’s gossip. He obviously doesn’t get the message.

      Hopefully Gordon will patronise us with this latest message and the YES vote will increase even further.

    75. According to the latest opinion polls, my forecast of vote No and get David or Boris, plus Nigel, is looking good.

    76. Luigi says:

      Gordon Brown, him of lost reputation, desperately wants to go down in history as “the man who saved the union”. A small compensation for the former, unelected, disgraced PM who bottled it in 2006 and then got trashed by the weakest ever tory opposition in 2010.

      The man who saved the union? Yet another nasty Brown scheme that is guaranteed to end in utter failure.

      David Cameron has that accolade reserved for himself, should the people of Scotland be daft enough to vote no in September.

    77. Andy-B says:

      David Cameron’s due to visit Scotland, he’s just waiting on Whitehall’s latest analysis papers to show Scots that a yes vote is not on.

    78. Andy-B says:

      For those of you thinking of voting no, and hoping a Labour government gets into Westminster, think again?. Mr Miliband isn’t even that popular south of the border, never mind north of it.

      Only a YES vote will change thinks for the better.

    79. Robert Kerr says:

      O/T Sorry Rev.

      From the West Midlands via email from an English friend

      PS. Last night Party Political broadcast was for The English Democrats. I was amazed, they are basically the BNP but also hate anyone who in not English (ie. Irish, Welsh, Scots. I did wonder how they felt about the cornish, scoucers etc.). They also stated that anyone north of Hadrians Wall was not English. I didn’t think people like that existed, especially not in the establishment. Scary.

      I have walked sections of the Wall with her so she knows the Geordies live partly to the north.

    80. Harry says:

      Please think before posting links to the Daily Record. Any clicks and they get money from advertisers. I think we can guess what that rag contains so there really is no need.

    81. Capella says:

      @ Archie [not Erchie]
      What a great find – those agency photos. Why not hire them Rev and run some different texts? e.g “only kiddin”

    82. Robert Graham says:

      if the people who are eligible to vote in septembers referendum haven’t got it by now havent seen through all the lies and lets face the daily drip drip drip of total utter rubbish pouring out of this no not ever lie machine they shouldn’t have a vote and the united nations really need to have a close look at what’s happening with our media apart from wings and a few other sites if you don’t have access to the internet there is no truthful alternative news outlets and shame on the BBC for leading this deception

    83. Vronsky says:


      Why not hire them Rev and run some different texts? e.g “only kiddin”

      What a very naughty thought. Hope the Rev is reading it…

    84. Walter Scott says:

      if Labour could turn the clock back there would be no scottish parliament today. Sometimes we forget that so many major figures in the Labour party are STILL dead against devolved government. Some, even Labour MSP’s still use the snide title of the Executive to describe the SG

    85. Dubai_Scot says:


      I’m not too sure about Labour being more Unionist than the Tories, my gut feeling is the unity of Labour party, and their domination of Scotland is taken as being a God given right. I seem to remember the Labour MSP’s oath of office (?) went Queen, Party, People. Says it all really.

    86. WantonWampum says:

      The “Sunday Herald” Letters page showed us that we have friends across the world in America,Canada, Oz, N.Z., etc..

      What is it about the American State of Michigan?

      The renowned documentarian – Michael Moore was born and raised in Flint, Michigan.

      David W. McAuslin of Wyoming, Michigan, took time and his dollars to write to the “Sunday Herald” to offer support for our cause.
      He runs a facebook website called ” MICHIGANDERS SUPPORTING AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND “.

      There are many devout christians who support us in our righteous cause for freedom but must be appalled, or at least dismayed by the vile and venal language being employed by a few of our contributors.

      When you would not use that bad language when speaking to your mother, don`t do it here.

      Rev. Stuart Campbell manages to get his message across without using vile words.

      Let`s lift the bar versus venal language

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