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Where we’re at

Posted on March 05, 2021 by

It’s not a parody account, we checked.

Your guess is as good as ours, folks. Perhaps all other women were unavailable.

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78 to “Where we’re at”

  1. Ryan says:

    Come and learn how to be a complete and utter incompetent by the best in the industry!

  2. stonefree says:

    Just how deep is the barrel?

  3. Mags says:

    At least she is an actual woman i guess…

  4. Kevin Cargill says:

    If I put on lipstick and call myself Kathy can I register please?

  5. Michael B says:

    She’s supposedly non-partisan now, don’t you know.

  6. Jon Drummond says:

    Head hits desk. Continues through said desk and hits floor. Ends up in the cellar and continues trajectory to the centre of the fucking Earth.

  7. stonefree says:

    I assume the SNP Students are infected by “Wokism”

  8. Jim Tadgercock says:

    I would like to second Cathy please.

  9. kapelmeister says:

    Is she donating her fee to her favourite charity?

  10. sog says:

    Will she be eating grasshoppers? I might join up for that.

  11. Dorothy Devine says:

    Haud me back!

  12. Great idea. Listening to someone tell them how useless their country is should reinforce their belief that Nicola’s right not to have a referendum any time soon.

  13. James Kerins says:

    And so my incredulity is stretched that little bit further. That barrel scraper must be awfy long.

  14. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Is Members money being used to pay for her appearance and if so did they agree to the payment?

  15. Cath says:

    The unionists have basically taken over the SNP in a coup. And anyone active in the SNP and paying attention over the past few years will have a very good idea how they did it. They will bring about some kind of “new union” but it will not be independence or anything close. In fact it will be devolving further problematic, burdensome and expensive problems while Westminster retains all the levers of state and economy. Of course, the Nicola acolytes will cheer it all on as great progress.

  16. Bob Mack says:

    By them time she has finished they should all be regressed to primary 2 level.

  17. Mia says:

    “Your guess is as good as ours”

    Well, here is my guess:

    Scotland is and has been since 14 November 2014 in a one party-state that has only one objective in mind: to frustrate the will of the people of Scotland and derail independence.

    The day Mr Salmond stepped down from the SNP, this party ceased to exist as an anti-establishment and pro independence party. It became another tool of the British establishment.

    What we have now is the same political product presenting under different brands and rosettes to create an illusion of choice.

    There is only one choice: independence.

    No plebiscite? No vote. Either we vote for independence or we should not bother voting at all.

  18. Cath says:

    And anyone active in the SNP and paying attention over the past few years will have a very good idea how they did it

    And, for those not paying attention, it explains why corruption is now rife and only the weakest nodding dog non-entities and careerists get on. Probably also explains why Scottish Labour were so much like that too. It’s time we seriously addressed the issue of party politics in Scotland.

  19. Stuart says:

    I hope she remembers to press her button to join the debate.

  20. Jimmy Hutton says:

    Students learning from an incompetent……we’re just NuLabour wi’ a yelly badge now ?

  21. Corrado Mella says:

    Don’t be so hard on Kez.

    She’s had to deal with her Dad and Mum as SNP activists for all her life, to be rejected – twice – by her local SNP branch and she’s engaged with an SNP MSP.

    She’s been closer to the SNP than many of the other goofballs and woke wahabis lurking in the NEC today.

  22. Ruby says:

    Arranged by her partner?

  23. Bob Mack says:

    Special guest speaker Priti Patel. Lol

  24. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Anyone know if she’ll be getting paid for this gig?

  25. Something stinks in Holyrood says:

    A Dugdale speech and Q&A session with the twittler youth is now the norm in the SNP and that shows you how far we have came under the teflon queen.

  26. Giesabrek says:

    I guess Sturgeon is a little too distracted and occupied to have accepted the invite as guest speaker 😉

  27. Fionan says:

    every time we think there is nothing more that can shock us…

    It will take forever to scrape my jaw off the floor now, I think!

  28. Bob Mack says:

    @Corrado Mella,

    Was her dad not a Tory till he changed to SNP?

  29. Claire says:

    This person helped shape the transgender policy in Scottish schools it is deeply disturbing ..She is certainly not advocating women’s rights .

    Many of the organisations she leads are heavily funded by the Scottish Govt . and the views that she campaigns on infiltrates Scottish health , education , prison reform , GRA etc …

    Take a look at these policies this Scottish Govt are pushing ahead with .. Independence is the pawn !
    NS has not advanced the cause since AS departure .. her politics is divisive , it incites hates and is oppressive and eroding women’s rights .. she silences debate at branch level ..

  30. Lothianlad says:

    And some folk still think that the current SNP are pro indy!

    Unionist guests for a womens day and the nature deniers are influential.

    What a fucked up party sturgeon has created.

  31. Robert Graham says:

    I don’t , I can’t, I see stuff and immediately think WTF, I really need to have a close look at some of these pills I am taking to reduce high blood pressure , I can’t be thinking straight,something’s wrong the world is changing and I haven’t been invited to join in , I am truly confused .

    I sometimes get stories from Source Direct some I agree with others not so much , yesterday’s one made some sense of Team Sturgeon and warned against believing that politicians were our friends they were on our side they were the good guys because they wore white hats and had SNP badges

    The one this morning has Blackford carrot in hand as usual saying we could at a push have a Indy ref2 before the end of the year , the author probably tried to keep a straight face while they were typing it , just as well I wasn’t drinking anything hot at the time , yep another WTF moment I really need to try and stop this bad language habit I seem to have got into sometimes it’s embarrassing

  32. Dan says:

    SNPStudents? Are they studying the SNP or this just yet another attempt at herding and segregating weak minded folk who lack the self confidence to just be their fucking selves and learn to fit in to wider society with every other type of person that exists within it.
    What next SNPDogWalkers, SNPDishWashers, SNPUnionists…

  33. Sharny Dubs says:

    Wait a mo!! I thought the SNP did not have that kind of person (can’t bring myself to say a hate word!!) only persons who ministrate, or are they minstrators, shit I’m confused!!

    Any deeper in the barrel and they’ll come oot the bottom

  34. Jim Bo says:

    Do they mean “International People Who Menstruate Day” or SNP’s version I wonder.

  35. Josef Ó Luain says:

    In my day, this would’ve been pretty close to the equivalent of inviting Peter Mandelson along to speak about Scotland’s future as an independent state.That said, at least Mandy would’ve been capable of stringing a coherent sentence together.

  36. Neil in Glasgow says:

    And I bet not one will be sitting at the back whispering “But was she not the Labour leader?”

  37. A better idea would’ve been to get somebody like Lesley Riddoch or Ruth Wishart who could’ve talked some fkin sense into them.

  38. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Mibbe they could do SNP Students Amateur Dramatics Day*, with special guest George Galloway.

    *Bring your own fedora and/or leotard.

  39. Cooper says:

    maybe she’s finally made it to the right side

  40. newburghgowfer says:

    Is it a Under 5 years age event so that Kez can understand the questions?

  41. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth” – Dawn of the Dead. Guess Hell is finally stappit fu, metaphorically.

  42. katherine hamilton says:

    This is consistent with the SNP’s direction of travel. It can’t celebrate womanhood because in essence that no longer exists in and of itself. Womanhood is now merely a state of mind. If you have a sense of being a woman you are one.

    Maybe you’ll have a mole in the Q&A session you don’t know about yet, Rev,and we can find out how much of the discussion is actually about the glory of inclusion, trans rights and the broad tolerant church the SNP is.

  43. Giesabrek says:

    Bob Mack says:
    5 March, 2021 at 12:16 pm
    @Corrado Mella,
    Was her dad not a Tory till he changed to SNP?

    Not sure Bob but I know from his Twitter feed he’s an unapologetic Sturgeonista 🙁

  44. Eddie3dugs says:

    Absolutely ducking shocking!
    I pure gie up!!!!!
    The dug who said
    “Vote tory to keep the snp oot”

  45. Hatuey says:

    I just watched the Scottish Tories’ video featuring Nicola saying she didn’t know the answer to questions 50 times whilst in front of the Inquiry… quite astonishing really. This isn’t over.

    I can’t remember AS saying he couldn’t answer a question once when he was there.

    If the meeting of the 29th of March was arranged by the FM’s office to discuss the Salmond investigation – arranged by government officials, to discuss government business, in government offices – then Hamilton has never had an easier job to do.

    No minutes, no record of the meeting in the official diary, no recollection of the meeting and what was discussed…

    Smouldering crap.

  46. Effigy says:

    A certain Mr A Hitler wanted go to Art School when he was young.
    He was rejected and it upset him that Jews were on the board and
    impressionist we’re getting in before traditionalists like him.

    If only they could have known how his entry could have changed the world.

    Our Dippy wanted to do great things in the SNP but they rejected her.

    If only they could have put her in charge of leaflets or something then she
    wouldn’t have carried the can for being the worst North Accounting Unit ever
    and escaped the embarrassment of a judge declaring she doesn’t understand
    big words.

    Is her role at university that of look at what you shouldn’t do if you go into politics?

    Any sign of that charity money she pledged years ago?

    Wonder if her SNP bedfellow put in a word to get her an invite?

  47. Graham MacQueen says:

    Do SNP Students know who she is? ????

  48. Clavie Cheil says:

    I was kind of hoping to hear that there had been some essential resignations and sackings and that a delegation of high profile Nats had been to see Sturgeon to tell her that the game was up and to go. What I see instead is that the zombies have taken over the colleges and universities.

  49. Effigy says:

    Reading about John Smith’s daughter, chief
    political psycho on BBC Scotland has apologised
    On Twitter for lying on peak time BBC to say that
    Alex Salmond asked the First Minister to resign.

    That doesn’t cut it for me.
    The BBC should be apologising for continuing to
    employ this serial liar.

    Both parties should be sued in court for these actions.

  50. kapelmeister says:

    Any associates of Daddy Smith among the organisers of this august event?

  51. EdinScot says:

    This proves the SNP arent the solution and are in fact part of the problem. They’ve in no shape or form been preparing Scotland for independence these last six years. Coupled with Niklas’ 3 million bung to the unionist press and you can see where their interests lie and its certainly not in our future aspirations. Lesley Riddochs’ Estonia film was a real eye opener and points tothe way it should be done. Captain Blowhard saying again we ‘could’ have indy ref this year…It reminds me, must get that 1lb carrots from the local veg shop. Con artists and charlatans abound.

  52. SilverDarling says:

    It seems the establishment is closing ranks now. The Blairite influence is strong.

    Centrist gradualist wokedom on offer come May courtesy of the think tank for suppressing change in Scotland.

  53. Famous15 says:

    I have a vote in Edinburgh West and I might vote Tory as they are the only party standing here which still believes that biology is a science.

    Dross MP on BBC Scotland says he has a dodgy hamstring while discussing the budget. Have they moved on from calling it pork barrel?

    Mr Sarwar now having a love in interview on BBC so no change there.

  54. Clavie Cheil says:

    I hear that the Greens will not support the Tories on the No Confidence in Sturgeon Vote. I wonder what that will cost the SNP Govt and SNP generally.

  55. colin lees says:

    what appears to be overlooked(currently)is the remit given by john swinney for the ministerial code investigation.alex salmond disclosed this in his written submissions to the recent enquiry.this could be a reason for the first ministers apparent confidence in its outcome.alex salmond expressed his concerns many times where even he suggested the ministerial code based on the remit would not be broken.(your comments please)

  56. Confused says:

    if it’s womens day, it should be WOMXN, for inclusivity

    or if you are a TERF nazi bigot, you need to rename it

    International Menstruating Uterus Owner Front Hole Day

  57. John Gibson says:

    I’ve voted SNP at every election since the early Seventies, bar one (Blairs first term – don’t ask).

    The next election, whenever it is, will be the second. Scunnered.

  58. Ramis Jenkins says:

    I think the SNP are starting to enjoy taking the piss. She’ll probably turn up in dungarees, large red shoes and nose, fake moustache, spinning bow tie and a flower full of water, while self identifying as a director.

    As for the both enquiries; a few slapped wrists, a please don’t do this again, several recommendations to be implemented, haggis suppers all round washed down with a glass of Chianti!

    Yours truly,
    SNP TransSorority

  59. Robert Graham says:

    I wish I could return to the day of the Vote in 2014 so many enthusiastic people all with hope this was our time we were about to witness a great point in history , as we were reminded the hours between the polling places opening and closing we were in charge and it was up to us all of us to choose what happened next ,
    Fast forward to the present day who in their right mind would have predicted the place we have ended up in , half of Scots want to stay with the Union , the other half are split down the middle arguing with each other who is to blame , we are all supposed to be going in the one direction but the bus our bus has developed engine trouble that was fixed now it’s got flat tyres that’s no sooner fixed when the radiator springs a leak some of the passengers suspect the driver is either drunk or doesn’t want to go in the same direction as the passengers so they all start fighting again,

    This is much to the enjoyment of the unionist onlookers,
    The futures bright a pity about the fighting it’s ok the management will soon sort this wee tiff out
    Oh fk I really need a drink at least if I am drunk this might just all disappear and the world will return to normal, the way I remembered it ,

  60. winifred mccartney says:

    Now I am certain – the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  61. Graham King says:

    Well, Kez is an International Woman.

    She spent time in Australia, dontcha know?
    (Proceeds toward a shared hoosie. Just some to the promised charity.)

    And was there not a wee jaunt to the great U S of A in interesting mixed* company (* both sexes and parties).. as covered in WoS?

    Nothing wrong with that trip in itself, of course: great opportunity for networking. Getting to know one another. And making common cause.

    Yes, as an International Woman, Kezia I’m sure has a lot she could say.

  62. winifred mccartney says:

    Sarah Smith also on the ten o’clock news last night said NS had appeared at the Alex Salmond committee – this is now the fourth time she has – MIS-SPOKEN – in my world she lied.

  63. frogesque says:

    Jenny Gilruth is my MSP. Her sleeping partner is Kezia Dugdale.

    Im running out of nose pegs.

  64. Kiwilassie says:

    So will she get self IDing women coming along to her event?
    That will be interesting. I hope she doesn’t talk about menstrual periods, birthing or menopause.
    Maybe the men should pause & take good bloody look at themselves. LOL
    Kezia will be accused of being discriminative making these self identifying women feel more detached to biological women

  65. msdidi says:

    I have just sent an email to my MSP (John Swinney) my 7 list MSP’s and I also copied in Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar, Willie Rennie, Partick Harvey and Lorna Slater. The email was written in response to FOR WOMEN SCOTLAND who are requesting we all get our voices heard when the Hate Crime Bill is debated and voted on next Wednesday in Parliament! “We want to press for ‘sex’ to be added to Part 1 of the Bill and, since the freedom of speech protections remain weak, we will also be calling for Part 2 to be scrapped”. Personally I think it should all just be scrapped/shelved and that the way the SNP are trying to push this through before the election is outrageous.
    I am getting quite good at writing to MP’s and MSP’s with my views – it gets easier with practice! Do they even listen though? The last time my emails were about the amendments to the same Bill at stage 2 and the only one who sent me a reply was Murdo Fraser! He said, “My own view on the matter, and that shared by my Scottish Conservative colleagues, is that we need to have the maximum protection for our free speech. I also remain very concerned about Part 2 of the Bill in its entirety. Unless this is removed altogether, or substantially amended, it would be my intention to vote against the Bill at Stage 3. Whilst we do need to take tackling hate crime seriously, we cannot afford any further restrictions of free speech in Scotland today”. No other replies – yet. In fact I have NEVER had a reply to emails on any subject sent to SNP.

  66. Dinny Vote SNP says:

    Quick question, is there anything left that is remotely Indy related or focused in the SNP, or have they totally been cored out by the Woke. Perhaps S stands for Sham.

  67. Alastair Naughton says:

    Dugdale’s partner is of course an SNP MSP. Not that that in itself is a crime, even if it is, shall we say, unusual. But you can be quite sure Dugdale is not being asked there in the hope she’ll be converted to the independence cause!

  68. Robert Louis says:

    Woman whose father was Labour leader, and who as Scottish branch office manager, fought tooth and nail against Scottish independence and the SNP, invited to speak by SNP.

    FFS, SNP students, what freaking planet are you on? Do you actually know a single thing about Kezia (aside from the spin and hubris of her current role). I mean, students, you DO realise she was truly one of the worst labour ‘scottishy’ branch office managers ever, don’t you? You do know she opposes the SNP and all they stand for, don’t you? You do know her father was leader of the British Labour and unionist party, don’t you?? You do know she worked together with the Tories to ensure a NO vote to independence in 2014, don’t you??

    for example,

    QUOTE from 2014, “..on 5 September, when STV hosts its second live debate which will feature two panels of three prominent figures from each side. Speaking for Yes are Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP, and actress Elaine C Smith. The No team will be Labour shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, and Kezia Dugdale, Labour MSP.” [my bolding]


    Oh, and here she is vehemently saying NO to indyref2, just a few years back.

    So, this is the person the SNP are pleased as punch to invite. I despair. Slow hand-clap for the cognitively-challenged SNP students.

  69. Sir Fortescue Wankworthy says:

    I say,

    I am very much reminded of the garden party over at Felchington Manor, when the Alpha male baboon, “Saturn,” escaped from the menagerie.

    Terrible business, within five minutes he had bullseyed Lord Felcher with a handful of excrement, plucked out Sir Rodney’s glass eye and abducted one of Contessa Faustenloch’s dachshunds.

    Last we saw of Saturn he was racing for the hills with Sir Rodney’s glass eye in his teeth and the dachshund held at the high port.

    Now, what were we talking about? Ah, yes, Kezia Dugdale.

    Now good day to you.

  70. Cudneycareless says:

    Is it better to have her there and give her pelters or to “no platform” her?

  71. MorvenM says:

    Kezia Dugdale – another dunce who doesn’t realise a man can’t become a woman.

  72. 100%Yes says:

    Will the SNP be changing the name of the party to The Once In A Generation Party.

  73. PacMan says:

    Cath 5 March, 2021 at 11:54 am

    The unionists have basically taken over the SNP in a coup.

    It had occurred to me lately if any smart Unionist looking at the toxicity of the unionist parties both at Westminster & at Scottish level as well as seeing how the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon are kicking independence in the long grass but be pragmatic enough to support and contribute to the SNP. They would inevitably go through the motions of saying the will fully support independence but if a referendum did happen, they wouldn’t vote for it, meekly citing the reasons giving by their unionist brethren.

    I know people would feel angry and bitter about the cynical and Machiavellian way of taking such a position but if the SNP have turned into a party of devolution, not independence then why shouldn’t people take such a position if their position can’t be taken forward by any other party?

    In short, the SNP has a lot of useful idiots in the independence movement who don’t t realise they are being used. Maybe, that suits these individuals who are stuck in a comfort zone thinking it is still 2014 and don’t want to move on and taken the cause forward?

    To the rest of us, it is just another depressing fact of that state of the independence movement.

  74. Gregor says:

    Don’t forget the US Democrat factor.

  75. Karen says:

    Me and my family of 3 other adults each recieved an envelope today with a coloured letter from NS and a photocopied postal vote request form. If we assume each letter cost 25p, and there are 4 million voters, then that mailshot cost the SNP £1 million, yet mine went straight in the bin. Are members happy that this is how their money is spent?

  76. Kcor says:

    “They looked from pig to man and from man to pig” George Orwell in Animal Farm.

    Dugdale’s partner is an SNP MSP.

    The SNP has been taken over by the wokeists and careerists.

    It cannot be saved from within.

    Anyone who tries to will face the same fate as Corbyn.

  77. Coinneach says:

    That’s unfair to genderless people, sexist against anyone but women.

    What are these students coming to?

    A bite of Carpet anyone…

  78. Ruby says:

    My favorite color is blue red!
    My car is blue.

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